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02/16/2006 10:57:14p Witness stands firm on his lies
02/16/2006 10:57:04p States want info about drugmakers' gifts to doctors
02/16/2006 10:57:01p USA tries to be less daunting to foreign visitors
02/16/2006 10:56:43p Die-hards hold out as film fades
02/16/2006 10:50:11p Nike sues Adidas over shoe patent
02/16/2006 10:48:30p Australia may raise rates to curb inflation
02/16/2006 10:12:44p Jakarta up 0.25% to 1,240.91
02/16/2006 10:12:34p Colombo up 0.02% to 2,175.53
02/16/2006 10:12:24p Seoul up 0.85% to 1,325.49
02/16/2006 10:12:19p Kuala Lumpur down 0.19% to 926.38
02/16/2006 10:12:09p Bangkok up 0.21% to 736.71
02/16/2006 10:11:54p Hang Seng down 0.05% to 15,442.50
02/16/2006 10:11:44p Nikkei down 1.58% to 15,790.25
02/16/2006 10:11:34p Karachi up 0.29% to 11,210.87
02/16/2006 10:11:14p Mumbai down 0.04% to 10,119.88
02/16/2006 10:11:02p Sydney closes down 0.35% at 4,803.90
02/16/2006 10:08:41p Witness Skilling Directed Me to Mislead
02/16/2006 10:08:38p What newsletters think of housing stocks
02/16/2006 10:08:23p Strong Japan economic growth data lift region; Nikkei f
02/16/2006 10:08:12p Check out online accounts to beat passbook savings
02/16/2006 10:08:02p Constellation Brands reorganizing international wines
02/16/2006 10:02:28p Nike sues Adidas over shoe patent
02/16/2006 09:56:38p Rate risk ahead, RBA chief warns
02/16/2006 09:56:35p DaimlerChrysler has better result
02/16/2006 09:43:26p Tesiro unveils sparkling diamond strategy
02/16/2006 09:43:21p Motor prices expected to drop further in 2006
02/16/2006 09:42:58p ChemChina to invest US8.93b in project
02/16/2006 09:42:50p Sinopec gets cracker upgrade nod
02/16/2006 09:42:01p New accounting rules may prompt big profits
02/16/2006 09:41:26p 1st Chinese shopping center in L. America opens in Chile
02/16/2006 09:41:17p Bank of China sells 5% stake before IPO
02/16/2006 09:41:11p Lenovo turns to Olympics to boost profile
02/16/2006 09:41:08p ICBC hopes to raise US9.9 bln IPO in HK
02/16/2006 09:41:05p Domestic vehicle production, sales thrive
02/16/2006 09:40:51p Flash-memory maker files lawsuit in US
02/16/2006 09:40:46p US firms thriving in China
02/16/2006 09:40:17p LG's int'l standard showroom opens in Kathmandu
02/16/2006 09:40:11p Technology imports surge in January
02/16/2006 09:40:05p Hitachi opens new centre in Shenzhen
02/16/2006 09:39:45p Computers sales lifted by small, medium businesses
02/16/2006 09:39:36p Overseas firms boost number of trade unions
02/16/2006 09:39:26p China aims for recycled cars
02/16/2006 09:39:21p Steel makers urged to help price iron ore
02/16/2006 09:39:06p Gome prepares for Macao launch
02/16/2006 09:39:01p Energy standards set for buildings
02/16/2006 09:22:59p Protests mount in US over P&O-Dubai port deal
02/16/2006 09:21:28p On the Hot Seat at Daimler
02/16/2006 09:08:53p Judge Orders Release of Spy Docs
02/16/2006 09:01:21p Thai PM escapes business inquiry
02/16/2006 08:09:34p Britons face £3bn jump in gas bills
02/16/2006 08:08:20p Business stress levels 'double'
02/16/2006 08:07:55p Date set for Brown's Budget
02/16/2006 08:04:57p Westfield to buy 15 Federated US store sites
02/16/2006 07:57:46p Havens | Ruidoso, N.M. The Biggest Attraction Is Just Outside the Back Door
02/16/2006 07:57:35p Living Here An American Classic
02/16/2006 07:51:39p Dow Hits New 4 1/2-Year High on HP Earnings
02/16/2006 07:51:21p Netflix Mulling Revision to Settlement
02/16/2006 07:50:49p Passengers urged to be patient as new SA terminal opens
02/16/2006 07:50:47p Mortgage Rates Hit Two-Month High
02/16/2006 07:49:49p Diageo profits rise despite Irish drinking less Guinness
02/16/2006 07:49:27p ASX announces record profit
02/16/2006 07:48:02p Housing Construction Soars in January
02/16/2006 07:45:38p Fair pay chief outlines role
02/16/2006 07:45:32p Santos warned over delay in burial site action
02/16/2006 07:44:12p Woodchip export terminal up and running
02/16/2006 07:43:00p Sale of port company worries lawmakers
02/16/2006 07:42:16p Analyst predicts demand for Australian coal to stay strong
02/16/2006 07:41:56p Next rates move likely to be up, says RBA chief
02/16/2006 07:24:16p Dell net up; shares slip after revenue outlook
02/16/2006 07:20:32p Banks give borrowers more leverage RBA
02/16/2006 07:04:53p Nike says suing Adidas for patent infringement
02/16/2006 07:04:46p Dell net up; shares slip after revenue outlook
02/16/2006 07:00:47p White House in compromise on eavesdropping
02/16/2006 07:00:44p Industry faces 90% increase in gas prices
02/16/2006 07:00:32p Venezuela puts pressure on Opec to cut its output
02/16/2006 07:00:26p Icahn and Time Warner in settlement talks
02/16/2006 07:00:02p Deal on ballots hands Préval victory in Haiti
02/16/2006 06:59:52p Coastal Vacations Sales Center Credits Retiring Baby Boomers for Aggressive Growth
02/16/2006 06:59:48p Japan economy races ahead on broad-based growth
02/16/2006 06:59:22p 20 Stocks From High-Growth Sectors
02/16/2006 06:59:12p White House dismisses UN claim of torture
02/16/2006 06:56:29p Europe's gas and electricity companies face a crackdown on anti...
02/16/2006 06:52:52p Stocks Climb on Profits, Housing News
02/16/2006 06:52:35p S&P Upgrades Sirius,Cuts Barclays
02/16/2006 06:52:30p Plug 'N' Play Pianos
02/16/2006 06:52:06p Boot Up The Band
02/16/2006 06:52:01p P.A. Semi P.A. Semi CEO Dobberpuhl Elected to the National Academy of Engineering
02/16/2006 06:51:55p Singing Beyond The Shower
02/16/2006 06:51:50p Your Very Own Hit Factory
02/16/2006 06:51:45p Walt Disney Company Mount Everest Rises in New York City
02/16/2006 06:51:14p Dell Delivers
02/16/2006 06:51:00p Datameg Datameg Corporation Names Lehman Bros. Managing Director to Its Board of Directors
02/16/2006 06:50:50p A New Twang For Six Strings
02/16/2006 06:50:45p Atlantic Records James Blunt Scores Two BRIT Awards
02/16/2006 06:50:30p Technical Analysis Nasdaq, S&P Push Resistance
02/16/2006 06:50:24p Learning Music, Yawn-Free
02/16/2006 06:48:56p Diageo toasts impressive rise in first-half profits
02/16/2006 06:43:42p Tesco California Dreaming?
02/16/2006 06:43:37p China's Enduring Free-Speech Advocates
02/16/2006 06:43:17p Can't Drink Just One
02/16/2006 06:32:10p NEW Retail development booming in the Alamo City
02/16/2006 06:30:55p Arcelor strengthens takeover defence with 66% income rise
02/16/2006 06:25:04p Boymelgreen bids 47 million for Assuta property
02/16/2006 06:25:01p Clal scales back insurance to Tiv Taam suppliers
02/16/2006 06:24:49p Of connections in high places and in hospitals
02/16/2006 06:24:34p Bidder spat sends price of Tel Aviv project sky high
02/16/2006 06:24:24p Market retreats for third consecutive week
02/16/2006 06:20:21p Salivating at 1m new US drinkers a year
02/16/2006 06:18:58p Don't overlook the investment interest deduction
02/16/2006 06:18:52p EU antitrust chief threatens energy suppliers with investigations
02/16/2006 06:18:29p Nike files suit vs Adidas-Salomon over cushioning technology
02/16/2006 06:17:39p Medical Properties quarterly dividend record date March 15
02/16/2006 06:17:27p Dodge's small car
02/16/2006 06:17:19p Medical Properties ups qrtrly div 17% to 21c/share
02/16/2006 06:17:13p Con Ed Chairman McGrath to retire; Burke named as successor
02/16/2006 06:17:07p Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Gap on tap for earnings
02/16/2006 06:17:01p Medical Properties ups quarterly dividend 17% to 21c
02/16/2006 06:16:59p Constellation Brands sees FY06 EPS 1.33-1.36
02/16/2006 06:16:56p Constellation Brands sees FY07 EPS 1.58-1.66
02/16/2006 06:16:53p March crude trading at 59.08, up 62c from NY close
02/16/2006 06:16:50p Dell, Time Warner, Intuit, Nvidia
02/16/2006 06:16:41p Pulte Homes unit sells Mexico mortgage bank investment
02/16/2006 06:16:38p Brazil stocks jump on investor tax break
02/16/2006 06:16:35p Barrier Therapeutics says FDA approves Vusion ointment
02/16/2006 06:16:32p Nike files patent infringement suit vs Adidas-Salomon
02/16/2006 06:16:21p Mutual Funds Weekly - Feb. 16
02/16/2006 06:16:06p Medical Properties quarterly dividend payable April 12
02/16/2006 06:16:03p Realty Q&A Did property flipper oversell data?
02/16/2006 06:15:57p XM's loss widens
02/16/2006 06:15:54p Spot gold quoted at 546.50 in Asia trade
02/16/2006 06:15:51p Honeywell to change accounting policy for some incentives
02/16/2006 06:15:48p Navistar Progress made on FY05 10-K; controller reassigned
02/16/2006 06:15:37p H-P's gains may not be Dell's losses
02/16/2006 06:15:31p Fund program to aid small businesses
02/16/2006 06:15:23p House panel may revisit credit-rating agency regulation
02/16/2006 06:15:17p Bush seeks additional funds for war and hurricane relief
02/16/2006 06:15:14p Sapient posts higher quarterly profit, revenue
02/16/2006 06:15:11p Report Icahn Abandons Time Warner Bid
02/16/2006 06:15:05p Constellation Brands sees FY05 EPS 1.19
02/16/2006 06:15:02p Nike Files Patent Lawsuit Against Adidas
02/16/2006 06:14:58p Salesforce's net seen up on surging sales, subscribers
02/16/2006 06:14:52p Higher oil prices propel Canada markets forward
02/16/2006 06:14:47p Reinsurer PXRE imperiled by storms, loss of A ratings
02/16/2006 06:14:42p Constellation Brands reorganizes unit, sees 55M charge
02/16/2006 06:06:16p Axeon pays £1.5m for power
02/16/2006 06:06:08p WPP chief betrayed me, says Benatti
02/16/2006 06:05:55p Sacked Bowleven chief hits back at 'misconduct' gagging order
02/16/2006 06:05:34p Sir Lindsay leaves L'Oreal looking to recover its glow
02/16/2006 06:05:31p Gaydamak under the floodlights
02/16/2006 06:05:20p Channel Tunnel link could be derailed by bid, warns Holden
02/16/2006 06:05:14p Daimler sees cheer in the headlights
02/16/2006 06:05:11p Do-it-for-me is the new do-it-yourself
02/16/2006 06:05:05p Flat European market takes sparkle from Diageo growth story
02/16/2006 06:05:02p Deutsche Post to sell niche courier
02/16/2006 06:04:56p Icahn in talks with Time Warner, preps slate-sources
02/16/2006 06:04:53p Mittal takeover bid sparks legal changes in Europe
02/16/2006 06:04:39p Premium spirits give Diageo a lift
02/16/2006 06:04:33p £400m redevelopment of BBC flagship building suffers further delays
02/16/2006 06:04:30p Skyepharma chief attacks 'opportunist' coup attempt
02/16/2006 06:04:21p Congressmen launch fresh attack on web betting
02/16/2006 06:04:18p Households facing £3bn bills penalty
02/16/2006 06:04:16p Hong Kong group eyes Character
02/16/2006 06:04:13p LSE doubles cashback to £500m to try to fend off Macquarie bid
02/16/2006 05:59:20p Britain faces additional £3bn gas bill rises
02/16/2006 05:57:05p Briefing Notebooks and cost cuts help lift HP income 30%
02/16/2006 05:51:50p National Grid expands further into US with £329m gas deal
02/16/2006 05:51:04p Kingfisher warns of further pain for B&Q
02/16/2006 05:50:55p Dow hits new 4½-year high in cautious trading
02/16/2006 05:48:21p Alternative minimum tax could hit 23 million next year
02/16/2006 05:47:46p Bush discusses trade with Latin America's Uribe
02/16/2006 05:47:37p Administration questioned on China trade policy
02/16/2006 05:40:41p Domestic auto production up 52% Jan.
02/16/2006 05:40:34p ICBC hopes to raise US9.9bln in Sep.
02/16/2006 05:40:17p Top investment bank eyes listing next year
02/16/2006 05:40:03p Price of LPG cylinders down
02/16/2006 05:40:00p ST to build 500mln factory in Shenzhen
02/16/2006 05:31:11p National Grid buys Rhode Island gas business
02/16/2006 05:30:03p RBA gloom on interest rates
02/16/2006 05:27:03p Report Icahn abandons Time Warner bid
02/16/2006 05:26:18p Consolidation is expected to follow
02/16/2006 05:23:18p Brussels warns of clampdown on European energy giants
02/16/2006 05:20:20p Home Builders Lure Buyers With Incentives
02/16/2006 05:18:49p Arcelor lifts payout to fight off Mittal bid
02/16/2006 05:16:24p Japan's economy running at 5.5%
02/16/2006 05:09:39p Orange targets small businesses with mobile apps
02/16/2006 05:09:21p Stickam With Your Web Cam
02/16/2006 05:08:57p Surfers Just Wanna Have Fun
02/16/2006 05:08:54p First OS X Worm in Wild
02/16/2006 05:05:09p Icahn eyes smaller Time Warner board slate source
02/16/2006 05:04:43p Date set for Brown's Budget
02/16/2006 05:04:35p Business stress levels 'double'
02/16/2006 05:01:49p Business stress levels 'double'
02/16/2006 04:59:46p Mortgage Rates Hit Two-Month High
02/16/2006 04:54:01p Dr Reddyâs acquires pharma major Betapharm
02/16/2006 04:50:29p Warm Weather Allows Gains For Homebuilder Stocks
02/16/2006 04:47:18p Mortgage Rates Hit Two-Month High
02/16/2006 04:43:49p Oil Production Cut as Royal Dutch Shell Battles Blaze at Niger Delta Well
02/16/2006 04:43:38p New OECD Head Says Expansion Not Top Priority
02/16/2006 04:40:28p Health-Care Provider Uses IT To Find New Business Opportunities Faster
02/16/2006 04:39:59p Dell Net Rises On Business Computers, Non-U.S. Sales
02/16/2006 04:30:47p XM Director Quits, Warns of 'Crisis'; Loss Deepens
02/16/2006 04:30:21p Profits doubled at Dell Computer
02/16/2006 04:30:07p J.C. Penney, Target Profit Rises
02/16/2006 04:29:34p Dell Earns 1.01 Billion in 4th Quarter
02/16/2006 04:28:39p Philly Fed Factories Recovered in Feb.
02/16/2006 04:27:53p Priceline's Q4 Profit Falls 24 Percent
02/16/2006 04:27:23p UAE Takes Stake in Time Warner; Hires Icahn Outfit
02/16/2006 04:26:47p Ex-AIG Execs Plead Not Guilty
02/16/2006 04:25:49p Guess Stock Down on Sales Growth Warning
02/16/2006 04:25:43p Bernanke Appears Before Senate
02/16/2006 04:25:31p Treasury notes climb on Bernanke remarks
02/16/2006 04:24:41p Loews Profit Down 74 Percent
02/16/2006 04:21:43p Diageo rethink as tastes change
02/16/2006 04:20:13p EU threatens energy giants with inquiry
02/16/2006 04:19:28p Crude oil stages a small rally 1st Update
02/16/2006 04:15:44p Business stress levels 'double'
02/16/2006 04:15:38p Nvidia's quarterly profit doubles
02/16/2006 04:13:53p Energy firms 'holding back gas'
02/16/2006 04:13:03p Profits doubled at Dell Computer
02/16/2006 04:12:38p Stocks gain again
02/16/2006 04:12:27p Mine giant settles pollution case
02/16/2006 04:12:06p Intuit profit up, but 2006 view disappoints
02/16/2006 04:12:03p Report Icahn giving up fight for Time Warner
02/16/2006 04:11:38p India's Dr Reddy's buys Betapharm
02/16/2006 04:11:14p Burger King files for 400M IPO
02/16/2006 04:11:09p Rice cooked at Enron trial
02/16/2006 04:11:00p Talks to revive MG car production
02/16/2006 04:10:57p Dell quarterly profit jumps 52 percent
02/16/2006 04:10:55p Dell beats the Street
02/16/2006 04:10:41p Eurostocks hit 4-1/2 year high
02/16/2006 04:10:33p Cholesterol drugs can save stroke patients' lives too
02/16/2006 04:10:27p MasterCard delays IPO, CEO has cancer
02/16/2006 04:04:50p Intuit profit up, 2006 view disappoints some
02/16/2006 04:04:44p US stocks jump on HP, JC Penney; Dell slips late
02/16/2006 04:04:11p Profits doubled at Dell Computer
02/16/2006 04:04:04p Energy firms 'holding back gas'
02/16/2006 03:59:04p Despite Loss at Mercedes, DaimlerChrysler's Profits Rise
02/16/2006 03:57:22p India’s Outsourcing Industry Is Facing a Labor Shortage
02/16/2006 03:56:33p 'First' Suburbs Growing Older and Poorer, Report Warns
02/16/2006 03:54:42p Arcelor SA boosts dividend 85 percent
02/16/2006 03:47:57p Reserve bank to be grilled on interest rates
02/16/2006 03:46:57p FBI wants businesses' help to fight cybercrime
02/16/2006 03:44:26p Photos FBI director looks to businesses
02/16/2006 03:44:05p U.S. Brands Lose Favor With Teens
02/16/2006 03:43:59p Arcelor planning to integrate Dofasco next week, days after takeover closes
02/16/2006 03:43:14p Dow closes at new 4 1/2-year high
02/16/2006 03:43:11p Solid company profit makes positive impact on Wall Street
02/16/2006 03:42:56p Sartor backs smaller Sydney Airport retail complex
02/16/2006 03:41:53p Hewlett-Packard recovers from Fiorina era with strong first quarter
02/16/2006 03:41:39p Minimum wage raise takes effect
02/16/2006 03:40:23p MasterCard IPO sidelined by CEO's cancer
02/16/2006 03:40:09p White House defends sale of port operations
02/16/2006 03:30:14p Dell 4Q Profit Soars 52 Percent to 1.01B
02/16/2006 03:29:57p Verizon, AT&T seek entry to TV markets
02/16/2006 03:29:29p XM Posts Wider 4Q Loss; Director Quits
02/16/2006 03:29:19p Dow Closes Up 62, Nasdaq Finishes Up 18
02/16/2006 03:29:12p Indian drug firms go global on M&A trail
02/16/2006 03:26:31p Four Ex-Insurance Execs Plead Not Guilty
02/16/2006 03:24:14p J.C. Penney, Target Report 4Q Earnings
02/16/2006 03:23:53p Deutsche Telekom Unit to Cut 1,500 Jobs
02/16/2006 03:21:42p China dollar holdings 'no risk'
02/16/2006 03:11:56p Weight Watchers net profit falls, sales up
02/16/2006 03:11:47p Nvidia says quarterly profit doubles
02/16/2006 03:11:43p Burger King files for 400 mln IPO
02/16/2006 03:11:34p HP shares surge to five-year high on strong profit
02/16/2006 03:11:28p Dell net up as business sales grow
02/16/2006 03:11:25p UAE company takes stake in Time Warner, hires Icahn
02/16/2006 03:11:13p Mine giant settles pollution case
02/16/2006 03:10:23p Ask the expert Paying off debts.
02/16/2006 03:10:17p Soaring energy demand spark Indian fears
02/16/2006 02:50:51p UPDATE 2-Dell net rises on non-US sales, business computers
02/16/2006 02:47:05p Man Builds Log Cabin, Waits 74 Years to Get Paid
02/16/2006 02:42:55p Hedge funds see the best returns for five years
02/16/2006 02:42:45p Skype use may make eavesdropping passe
02/16/2006 02:42:40p Sathnam Sanghera It's a jungle in here
02/16/2006 02:42:30p UK companies face gas price shock
02/16/2006 02:42:25p Contracts for February 16, 2006
02/16/2006 02:42:21p Google makes mobile internet connection
02/16/2006 02:42:15p Commodity indices down 10% this month
02/16/2006 02:42:11p London stocks rally as BOC bid talk builds
02/16/2006 02:42:05p Nanjing to switch MG Rover plant to Coventry
02/16/2006 02:41:50p Giving form to the structureless
02/16/2006 02:41:45p US under mounting pressure over Guantánamo
02/16/2006 02:41:40p Gilts sale highlights pressure on rates
02/16/2006 02:41:30p French 'poison pill' to protect against takeovers
02/16/2006 02:41:20p EU energy groups face antitrust crackdown
02/16/2006 02:41:10p Thirty-year mortgage rate hits a high for 2006
02/16/2006 02:40:50p Playtech plans to raise £175m in IPO
02/16/2006 02:40:40p Hewlett-Packard powers Wall Street gains
02/16/2006 02:40:35p New Issues Asian demand for Instituto
02/16/2006 02:40:15p Dell profit rises 52%, beats expectations
02/16/2006 02:34:05p Warner Bros. Records Taking Back Sunday Announce Spring Tour Dates
02/16/2006 02:33:50p M-GAB Development Corporation M-GAB Announces Transaction With Dalian Runze Chemurgy Co., Ltd
02/16/2006 02:33:40p FinancialContent Inc. FinancialContent to Restate Financial Results for Fiscal 2004 and 2005
02/16/2006 02:33:34p LogLogic LogLogic Adds Major Security Awards to Growing Arsenal
02/16/2006 02:33:25p S&P Cuts Barclays Shares to Sell from Hold
02/16/2006 02:33:15p Health-Care Provider Uses IT To Find New Business Opportunities Faster
02/16/2006 02:32:45p Energy & Engine Technology Corporation EENT Targets West Coast for AXP 1000 Technology
02/16/2006 02:32:42p IBM Pumps 1B into Information Management
02/16/2006 02:32:01p ARCELOR Arcelor Dividend Payment on May 29th, 2006
02/16/2006 02:31:44p eProject eProject OnDemand PPM Gains Strong Foothold in Professional Services
02/16/2006 02:31:09p Maisonette International Enterprises Total Home Solutions To Report Un-audited Financials For 2005
02/16/2006 02:30:59p SM & A SM&A Reports Financial Results for 2005
02/16/2006 02:30:54p, Inc., Inc. Filing Against Apple Extended to March 20th
02/16/2006 02:30:24p Stocks Slightly Higher on Profits, Econ Data
02/16/2006 02:30:19p Joystar, Inc. Joystar Names Charlie Lee Sr. V.P. Asian Markets
02/16/2006 02:29:59p MaggieMoo's International Ice Cream Cupcakes Have Arrived at MaggieMoo's Treateries Nationwide
02/16/2006 02:29:54p Oracle Takes HotSip
02/16/2006 02:23:03p Dow hits new 4½-year high in cautious trading
02/16/2006 02:18:33p Judge's Ruling May Decide Airline's Fate
02/16/2006 02:08:29p US earnings picture improves; HP helps tech sector
02/16/2006 02:08:20p Nvidia posts higher quarterly profit
02/16/2006 02:08:12p Priceline quarterly profit falls 24 percent
02/16/2006 02:08:03p Intuit 2nd-qtr profit up on Quickbooks sales
02/16/2006 02:07:56p US stocks jump; HP, JC Penney earnings beat Street
02/16/2006 02:07:51p Dell net rises on non-US sales, business computers
02/16/2006 02:06:34p Indon outlook strong if reforms continue
02/16/2006 02:06:31p FBI wants businesses' help to fight cybercrime
02/16/2006 02:03:51p Grasso pay package trial to start Sept. 30, judge says
02/16/2006 02:03:45p Netgear quarterly income rises
02/16/2006 02:03:40p FCC seeks 1mln fine to Behringer for ignoring testing rules
02/16/2006 02:03:37p Bernanke doesn't flesh out rate stance
02/16/2006 02:03:31p Bratz dolls maker MGA eyeing an IPO, CEO says
02/16/2006 02:03:26p Compass execs adopt plans to sell some shares
02/16/2006 02:03:23p FCC says Behringer marketed untested audio devices for years
02/16/2006 02:03:17p Burger King files to raise up to 400M in IPO
02/16/2006 02:03:14p FCC proposes 1 million fine against Behringer
02/16/2006 02:03:08p Taiwan ADRs on a tear
02/16/2006 02:03:03p Sapient shares up 14% at 7.35 in after-hours trading
02/16/2006 02:03:00p Red Robin quarterly profit dips; rev rises 19%
02/16/2006 02:02:54p THE MORNING MEMO Merrill Lynch, Japanese trading error, Delphi union, IRobot shares
02/16/2006 02:02:48p China TechFaith affirms outlook for year ending Dec. 31
02/16/2006 02:02:45p Intuit set for higher profit as revenue rises 13%
02/16/2006 02:02:40p Personal Finance Daily - Feb. 16
02/16/2006 02:02:34p First Advantage agrees to buy Accufacts for 5M
02/16/2006 02:02:29p Brocade Communications quarterly profit falls 55%
02/16/2006 02:01:48p China TechFaith names Peter Wei acting CFO
02/16/2006 02:01:45p quarterly profit down 24%
02/16/2006 02:01:38p R.R. Donnelley, Verizon Directories extend printing contract
02/16/2006 02:01:33p China TechFaith Wei replaces Eva Hon
02/16/2006 02:01:27p Nvidia quarterly profit more than doubles
02/16/2006 02:01:24p Outlook slows Espeed, but banks, brokers rise
02/16/2006 02:01:18p Isle of Capri profit, revenue rise
02/16/2006 02:01:15p R.R. Donnelley, Verizon Directories deal terms undisclosed
02/16/2006 02:01:09p OP to hold public hearing on Quintiles? move
02/16/2006 02:01:04p China TechFaith Hon recently resigned to relocate
02/16/2006 02:00:58p Kauffman study says cost not only cause of offshoring
02/16/2006 02:00:52p Silicon Image swings to quarterly gain
02/16/2006 02:00:47p CORRECT Date not yet set for shareholder merger vote
02/16/2006 02:00:44p Four executives plead not guilty in AIG-GenRe case
02/16/2006 01:55:15p Chrysler Group posts 2005 profit of 1.8B
02/16/2006 01:54:45p Dell profit up 52%, sales up 13%
02/16/2006 01:54:35p Skilling Said Wanted Enron Board Misled
02/16/2006 01:54:32p Drug stocks join broader market higher
02/16/2006 01:54:10p Treasurys close higher after Bernanke, data
02/16/2006 01:54:05p SkyWest, Alaska Air gain as index ends in red
02/16/2006 01:53:50p MasterCard to Delay IPO Until 2nd Quarter
02/16/2006 01:53:44p Antitrust threat to open up EU energy market
02/16/2006 01:53:35p Dow, Nasdaq Rise in Lackluster Trading
02/16/2006 01:53:30p Dollar slips slightly after strong data, Bernanke talk
02/16/2006 01:53:25p U.S. Former CA exec altered computer
02/16/2006 01:53:20p U.S. stocks end higher, helped by strong earnings
02/16/2006 01:53:10p Intuit profit rises 26% helped by gain, revenue up 15%
02/16/2006 01:52:50p Wild Oats shares soar on profit report, rosy forecast
02/16/2006 01:52:19p MasterCard IPO delayed by CEO's prostate cancer
02/16/2006 01:49:14p HP shares surge to five-year high
02/16/2006 01:32:46p MasterCard delays IPO as CEO recovers from prostate cancer
02/16/2006 01:32:36p Delta pilots file objection to management severance proposal
02/16/2006 01:31:21p Chrysler group posts profit for 2005, but outlook is mixed
02/16/2006 01:26:45p Goodyear posts quarterly net loss on asset sales
02/16/2006 01:25:20p XM Radio's loss widens, director quits
02/16/2006 01:24:50p Mortgage rates rise to highest level in 2 months
02/16/2006 01:24:20p Food companies hunt for the next big diet fad
02/16/2006 01:22:10p Roche Halts Recruiting for Avastin Trials
02/16/2006 01:19:14p Skilling said wanted Enron board misled