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11/06/2005 06:43:41p Duce Staley back in business
11/06/2005 06:43:16p AFTRA to move headquarters from New York to LA
11/06/2005 06:42:15p Ford, Mazda Minivans Get Poor Ratings
11/06/2005 06:35:22p Reform of pension system demanded
11/06/2005 06:28:31p Pilkington close to accepting revised Japanese bid offer
11/06/2005 06:23:59p Five firms including Man Group to bid for Refco assets
11/06/2005 06:21:43p CBI urges Brown to reduce the tax burden on business
11/06/2005 06:17:44p Parmalat back from the brink
11/06/2005 06:06:05p Reform of pension system demanded
11/06/2005 05:54:40p Analysts forecast a rise in interest rates
11/06/2005 05:52:24p Merck wins key battle over Vioxx
11/06/2005 05:51:39p London talks aim to revive trade hopes
11/06/2005 05:50:54p CBI tells Brown to plug gap in public coffers
11/06/2005 05:41:14p Shareholders demand apology from former wine boss Tate
11/06/2005 05:40:49p MK Litzman makes threats over economics legislation
11/06/2005 05:40:30p ANZ survey points to employment slowdown
11/06/2005 05:39:54p All's good on the home front
11/06/2005 05:39:49p A plague on your business
11/06/2005 05:39:24p Star Night shares soar on police contract
11/06/2005 05:39:19p Delphi Employees Discussing Strategy
11/06/2005 05:39:09p Make way for the next urban Cinderella
11/06/2005 05:38:49p Leumi staff to close branches tomorrow
11/06/2005 05:38:39p Simulated truck crash highlights IR concerns
11/06/2005 05:38:24p Tiv Taam sniffs out potential partners
11/06/2005 05:33:38p Nikkei eases after recent gains
11/06/2005 05:32:52p Business investment to drive economy
11/06/2005 05:31:22p Stocks open higher after jobs report
11/06/2005 05:23:06p Exxon ticks off a loyal customer
11/06/2005 05:12:05p When junior starts to drive, insurance rates skyrocket
11/06/2005 05:04:25p Tax reforms mean sharply higher tax bills for some
11/06/2005 05:04:21p Thirty & Broke
11/06/2005 05:04:10p A Hawkish Successor For Koizumi?
11/06/2005 05:04:00p Rolls-Royce At Your Service
11/06/2005 05:03:36p Is It Still The Grand Oil Party?
11/06/2005 05:03:30p Hands - And Arms - Across The Sea
11/06/2005 05:03:25p Prefab Meets Style
11/06/2005 05:03:20p Private firms race ahead of the stock market
11/06/2005 05:03:15p Listen The Sound Of Hope
11/06/2005 05:03:10p High Season For Raiding
11/06/2005 05:03:00p ITV to shake hands over old pals act
11/06/2005 05:02:55p A Business Kind Of Guy
11/06/2005 05:02:45p Japan Stocks Edge Higher; Dollar Rises
11/06/2005 05:02:40p TV's New Parallel Universe
11/06/2005 05:02:35p Progress On A Merkel Government
11/06/2005 05:02:30p Dell's Edge Is Getting Duller
11/06/2005 05:02:25p Gridlock In Gaza Foils Economic Gains
11/06/2005 05:02:20p Panel declares war on secret derivative dealings in takeover talks
11/06/2005 05:02:15p Lada Can Hear Its Rivals Gaining
11/06/2005 05:01:55p Investors Wonder if Rally Can Continue
11/06/2005 05:01:45p Online Extra The Private-Loan Dilemma
11/06/2005 05:01:40p Hidden Value Let Loose
11/06/2005 05:01:35p Cell Phones For The People
11/06/2005 05:01:25p Shoot The Focus Group
11/06/2005 05:01:15p 'Bully-boy' Tesco targets planning law
11/06/2005 05:01:10p CBI seeks budget cuts to rein in spending
11/06/2005 05:01:05p Cars That Brake When You Don't
11/06/2005 05:00:45p Online Extra Federal vs. Private Loans
11/06/2005 05:00:40p Godspeed, Mr. Oxley. Now Let's Party
11/06/2005 05:00:37p Central bankers see markets cope with tighter money
11/06/2005 05:00:31p Online Extra Personal Finance for Freshmen
11/06/2005 05:00:25p Euro Zone Inflation Fears May Sap the Dollar
11/06/2005 05:00:15p US, China agree on textile imports report
11/06/2005 04:54:33p CBI warning to Brown over £10bn 'hole' in public finances
11/06/2005 04:53:01p Last-ditch effort to put world trade talks back on track
11/06/2005 04:51:30p Macquarie may make an offer for LSE
11/06/2005 04:47:47p Disney's latest offering proves pundits wrong
11/06/2005 04:47:36p All eyes on online gaming results, Sohu rumors, more
11/06/2005 04:47:31p Investment banks target mid-market deals
11/06/2005 04:06:41p Betfair confident of winning more licences
11/06/2005 03:52:05p to sell books by the page
11/06/2005 03:43:16p Harrah's, Starwood, El Paso, Continental Airlines
11/06/2005 03:29:40p Two die during refinery maintenance
11/06/2005 03:23:32p Treasury Secretary John Snow Visits India
11/06/2005 03:22:47p Maffei resigns as Oracle's finance chief after five months
11/06/2005 03:13:48p Williams Upgrades Its Policy On Safety
11/06/2005 03:12:52p When Jobs Move Away
11/06/2005 03:05:56p Minivans tested for side-crash safety
11/06/2005 03:02:28p Gasoline prices fall 23 cents-survey
11/06/2005 02:55:41p Microsoft heads dance card as Time Warner shops AOL
11/06/2005 02:53:22p Gas Prices Return to Pre-Katrina Levels
11/06/2005 02:53:02p Airbus Eyes More Sales in Asia
11/06/2005 02:46:40p Health care sites aim to cure web
11/06/2005 02:46:30p US groups shift their distribution to China
11/06/2005 02:46:10p Steel set for fall as China increases output
11/06/2005 02:45:50p PPR sees the US as strongest luxury market
11/06/2005 02:45:20p Delphi suppliers in court over threats
11/06/2005 02:45:10p PwC advised Refco for more than a year
11/06/2005 02:42:59p Huarong seeks to expand beyond NPLs
11/06/2005 02:41:54p European M&A to reach 930bn
11/06/2005 02:41:35p Americas Summit Is Latest Trade Roadblock
11/06/2005 02:41:30p India rejects Hutchison on China concerns
11/06/2005 02:40:54p Shell's 'hands off' approach pushes up costs
11/06/2005 02:40:35p Former HealthSouth Exec Goes on Trial
11/06/2005 02:29:53p Gasoline prices fall 23 cents-survey
11/06/2005 02:12:00p Treatment of foreign prisoners fuels Washington disputes
11/06/2005 02:02:08p Gasoline prices fall an average of 23 cents
11/06/2005 02:01:58p Olive farm becomes a well-oiled business
11/06/2005 02:01:52p Lundberg Survey Retail Gas Falls 23 Cents
11/06/2005 01:49:55p Refco bidders await auction decision
11/06/2005 01:49:50p 'Make or break' week for draft trade declaration
11/06/2005 01:48:50p Despite Court Win, Merck Outlook Gloomy
11/06/2005 01:47:55p CBI urges Brown to fix £10bn 'black hole'
11/06/2005 01:47:50p Gas Prices Drop an Average of 23 Cents
11/06/2005 01:47:20p ICC indictments 'hinder' relief efforts in Uganda
11/06/2005 01:21:03p Internet job ad numbers fall
11/06/2005 01:08:46p Former CBA boss to head Future Fund
11/06/2005 01:08:31p Chirac pledges to halt riots
11/06/2005 01:07:46p U.S. Farmers Eye China's Growing Market
11/06/2005 01:06:35p Wind Farms Expected to Grow Off Texas
11/06/2005 01:06:10p Winery Tries Personalized Labels
11/06/2005 12:41:52p Berkshire's insurance unit hit by hurricanes
11/06/2005 12:15:58p House leaders face test on spending cuts
11/06/2005 12:15:28p Bush searches for positives in Brazil
11/06/2005 12:01:51p China Antitrust Law Could Alter Landscape
11/06/2005 11:43:08a Treasury Secretary John Snow Visits India
11/06/2005 11:42:55a Bush urges Latin Americans on democracy BusinessWeek
11/06/2005 11:42:47a Taser to Offer Stun Gun Cameras
11/06/2005 11:42:42a Bush Urges Latin Americans on Democracy
11/06/2005 11:41:52a Free trade proposal stalls at summit
11/06/2005 11:29:28a Two die at Valero refinery
11/06/2005 11:04:00a Refco auction decision draws near
11/06/2005 11:03:51a Lucy Kellaway Unstress about stress
11/06/2005 11:03:41a Iran seeks restart of nuclear talks with Brussels
11/06/2005 11:03:36a China and US close in on final textiles deal
11/06/2005 11:03:26a Two workers die at Valero oil refinery
11/06/2005 11:03:15a No, that's not eBay - it's your Uncle Sam
11/06/2005 10:55:53a Iran request for fresh nuclear talks rebuffed by EU
11/06/2005 10:51:24a Porn-to-go Portable sex is big business in iPod era
11/06/2005 10:35:19a Wall Street Gains, but Problems Remain
11/06/2005 10:35:16a China, ROK join hands in animation industry
11/06/2005 10:34:24a Borrowing from a 401k
11/06/2005 10:34:20a Two Workers Die at Oil Refinery in Del.
11/06/2005 10:34:09a Stansky's exit restores relevance to Magellan
11/06/2005 10:31:25a TNC Rajagopalan Summit set back Business Standard
11/06/2005 10:29:39a Dell may be past its best days Barron's
11/06/2005 10:23:36a Refco sale to bring in 850 million
11/06/2005 10:23:02a Chat Transcript Haas School of Business
11/06/2005 10:21:12a Outgoing Polish president warns against radical policies
11/06/2005 09:41:14a Bush Brazil's Silva not yet sold on free trade zone
11/06/2005 09:40:30a Major offensive hits insurgents on Iraqi border
11/06/2005 09:29:33a White House looks to round out Fed board
11/06/2005 09:26:25a A bigger stage for the 'Dieter show'
11/06/2005 09:22:40a Delphi to pay lawyer 835 an hour
11/06/2005 09:21:54a Refco receives five bids for assets
11/06/2005 09:03:51a UN U.S. should repay Iraq 208M
11/06/2005 08:52:36a Bankruptcy Judge Approves Delphi Expenses
11/06/2005 08:39:02a How to raise executive pay on behalf of earnings
11/06/2005 08:37:22a Small doses of inflation can actually help stocks
11/06/2005 08:37:12a Banks get creative with cash advance fees
11/06/2005 08:37:07a Practicality, passion tug at undergrads
11/06/2005 08:36:52a Bush Urges Brazil's Silva on Free-Trade
11/06/2005 08:36:47a Wind energy to serve as major power driver Report
11/06/2005 08:29:35a Stocks may rise on 'retail therapy'
11/06/2005 08:21:46a One small step Ray of light in trade talk
11/06/2005 08:10:12a Bush Works to Convince Brazil on Free-Trade
11/06/2005 08:10:02a Xi'an Declaration adopted at seminar on rural development
11/06/2005 07:58:30a Be hands-on manager of kid's college savings plan
11/06/2005 07:31:23a Businessman offering quake relief
11/06/2005 07:22:24a Euronext, Boerse could discuss merger newspaper
11/06/2005 07:06:32a Banks reaching out to Hispanic market
11/06/2005 06:57:56a Businessman offering quake relief
11/06/2005 06:53:50a Restoring FPL's lines of communication
11/06/2005 06:10:14a Putin amends Russia's 2005 budget
11/06/2005 06:02:36a China culls birds in flu affected area
11/06/2005 05:53:42a Wireless Qualcomm and antitrust echoes
11/06/2005 05:52:57a Tax timeâs easier if records add up
11/06/2005 05:52:12a Talks are set in bid to rescue trade pact
11/06/2005 05:51:27a Google impact widens, provoking anxiety for businesses
11/06/2005 05:39:23a Oils help Europe gain
11/06/2005 05:39:08a Stocks May Climb on 'Retail Therapy'
11/06/2005 05:39:02a FTSE falls after BSkyB disappoints
11/06/2005 05:38:43a On Wall Street Fed has cause to feel smug
11/06/2005 05:38:33a Market Preview BoE faces tough balancing act
11/06/2005 05:35:25a Malaysia warned on pirate CDs
11/06/2005 05:23:37a Judge OKs improved Delphi severance plan
11/06/2005 05:18:24a Bid talk surrounds Scottish Power
11/06/2005 05:14:52a Malaysia warned on pirate CDs
11/06/2005 05:14:37a China orders closedown of Guangdong Securities Co.
11/06/2005 05:03:04a Bid talk surrounds Scottish Power
11/06/2005 05:02:54a Angolan gem challenge to De Beers
11/06/2005 04:51:19a Goldman to advise Macquarie on LSE bid sources
11/06/2005 04:35:54a Angolan gem challenge to De Beers
11/06/2005 04:35:46a Bid talk surrounds Scottish Power
11/06/2005 04:24:15a An Exchange is in the air
11/06/2005 04:22:44a German owner to sell Thames Water
11/06/2005 04:21:59a India to press US for farm subsidy cuts
11/06/2005 03:58:22a Five firms bid for Refco assets
11/06/2005 03:51:55a Amazon's next page earner
11/06/2005 03:40:06a Harvard library is back in business
11/06/2005 03:39:51a US, China agree on textile imports, report
11/06/2005 03:35:25a Five firms bid for Refco assets
11/06/2005 03:21:05a Five firms bid for Refco assets
11/06/2005 03:04:01a Five firms bid for Refco assets
11/06/2005 03:03:47a Prospects Appear Dim for Initiatives In California Race
11/06/2005 02:23:14a Who wins, who loses?
11/06/2005 02:19:20a Telenovelas Miami Opens for Pouting, Scheming, Trembling Business
11/06/2005 02:06:44a Data Mining, Algorithms & High Tech Tools to Increase ROI From Email Campaigns
11/06/2005 02:04:15a New Clients Fuel Rapid Growth for Gordian Health Solutions
11/06/2005 02:03:59a Bernanke Doesn’t Think The Housing Market Is In a Bubble - He’s Wrong
11/06/2005 02:03:44a Optware Corporation of American Chooses Longmont, Adding to Area's Recent Good Economic News
11/06/2005 02:03:04a US Anti-Fraud Authorities Join to Help Lenders Win the Mortgage Fraud Battle
11/06/2005 02:02:44a Tax Relief Company Helps Small Businesses with Payroll and Income Tax Problems
11/06/2005 02:01:14a Colonial is full of hidden potential
11/06/2005 01:58:10a neaclear Employees Run the Chicago Marathon and Help Raise Money for Charity
11/06/2005 01:57:45a Road Warriors in The Fast Lane
11/06/2005 01:57:04a FlowSense joins Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's trade mission to China
11/06/2005 01:55:49a When the selling gets tough...
11/06/2005 01:55:43a Unitus Microfinance Institution Partner in India Surpasses 100,000 Clients
11/06/2005 01:55:33a IT-Lifeline to Present at Stay Connected Business Continuity Expo
11/06/2005 01:54:08a Eighty-Six the Fruitcake Businesses and Individuals Give to Charity Instead
11/06/2005 01:53:53a Meeting Job Insecurity With A Small Business
11/06/2005 01:53:23a Over 80% of Business Brokers Still Remain UnCertified
11/06/2005 01:52:38a Credit Card Rates Rise Slightly, More Increases on the Way
11/06/2005 01:51:41a Stocks are mixed after jobs data
11/06/2005 01:50:12a Mortgage Benefits Corp. bundles Cash Rewards on The MortgageChoice Plan Group Benefit Platform
11/06/2005 01:50:02a BullandBearWise Index Inches Higher This Week
11/06/2005 01:49:52a Real Estate Made Simple
11/06/2005 01:49:32a New White Paper Cites Immense Size of HR Marketplace
11/06/2005 01:48:17a Warner Connect Launches 24x7 IT Emergency Solutions Business Service
11/06/2005 01:48:07a Triple Net Properties Acquires Britannia Business Center I
11/06/2005 01:47:22a 'Saudi Arabia Exposed' Most Important And Revealing Book on Kingdom In Years UPI
11/06/2005 01:46:47a Florida Salary and Benefits Survey Employee Turnover Down, Merit Raises on Slight Rise
11/06/2005 01:46:27a Good Reasons to Share Compensation Information with Employees
11/06/2005 01:46:16a Oh! An Experiential Journey to Tuscany Filled with Romance, Chocolate and Fine Cuisine
11/06/2005 01:45:57a NACM's CMI Remains Virtually Unchanged, Demonstrating Solid Growth.
11/06/2005 01:45:26a KUA Crews Head to South Florida
11/06/2005 01:45:11a PBS Microfinance Documentary Highlights Unitus and ACCION
11/06/2005 01:44:51a Deploy OnBoarding Wins 2005 Top HR Products Award
11/06/2005 01:44:01a, the Employment Matchmaker Forms Alliance with Leader in Occupational Assessment Industry
11/06/2005 01:43:16a Dennis Safford Announces Candidacy for Mulberry House Condominium Board of Trustees
11/06/2005 01:42:26a Mansfield
11/06/2005 01:41:41a Hurricane Woes Can’t Hurt These Businesses
11/06/2005 01:41:36a Capital H Group Expands to Open New York Office
11/06/2005 01:38:21a Free Business Computing Analysis Sweeping the IE
11/06/2005 01:37:56a House Prices Fall
11/06/2005 01:35:24a US Senate rejects Alaska oil ban
11/06/2005 01:35:13a Lottery ticket sales up by £55m
11/06/2005 01:34:57a Buyers get choosy...
11/06/2005 01:34:36a Learn About Safe Shopping and Saving Money Online.
11/06/2005 01:33:30a Lottery ticket sales up by £55m
11/06/2005 01:22:22a All the rage
11/06/2005 01:10:41a An exit strategy? 20-somethings shouldn't leave home without one
11/06/2005 01:10:35a Millionaires feel cash-flow pinch
11/06/2005 01:10:31a Rising rates depress junk bond sales
11/06/2005 01:10:26a G. Chambers Williams III Body double?
11/06/2005 01:10:20a Cash diet may curbbad spending habits
11/06/2005 01:10:16a Q&A Bob Burkhardt; owner, Good Dog Training School
11/06/2005 01:10:11a Visit to San Diego redevelopment area set
11/06/2005 01:10:06a Determining fund's cost basis is not as hard as many expect
11/06/2005 01:10:00a Sharp's boss says a successful team starts with the huddle
11/06/2005 01:09:56a Payouts near for faulty research
11/06/2005 01:09:50a Investments that click
11/06/2005 01:09:46a Wall Street concern Can consumer keep economy afloat?
11/06/2005 01:09:40a Low-risk loan funds draw good yield
11/06/2005 01:09:30a Small business is big business
11/06/2005 12:53:49a Are lenders becoming too aggressive?
11/06/2005 12:40:29a NYSE LSE bid would be if Euronext, DB don't buy Observer
11/06/2005 12:37:59a New standard for drinking water creates big market
11/06/2005 12:37:14a Macquarie may launch hostile LSE bid this wk Observer
11/06/2005 12:36:39a NYSE eyes possible London Stock Exchange bid Observer
11/06/2005 12:36:10a EU to approve St. Gobain hostile bid for BPB The Business
11/06/2005 12:36:04a E.ON 19B Scottish Power bid may be Thursday The Business
11/06/2005 12:35:32a German owner to sell Thames
11/06/2005 12:35:24a No trade deal at Americas summit
11/06/2005 12:35:13a Audit says US should repay Iraq
11/06/2005 12:34:36a Tesco may have to sell off stores UK Observer
11/06/2005 12:27:26a AD WATCH Children's Mercy Hospital
11/06/2005 12:26:26a NEST EGG U.S. savers can rejoice with choice
11/06/2005 12:25:46a BritAm Tobacco to launch 'safer' cigarette UK Times
11/06/2005 12:25:26a PRICE CHECK Firewood
11/06/2005 12:24:45a Rosneft planning 6B London listing UK Times
11/06/2005 12:24:35a GADGET CHECK Computing on the fly
11/06/2005 12:23:30a SHOP TALK Switched-on savings
11/06/2005 12:23:01a HOW I GOT THE JOB Vicki Hipp, 50
11/06/2005 12:22:55a KIDS & MONEY Having it their way
11/06/2005 12:22:10a FREE ADVICE Passwords
11/06/2005 12:22:00a The skinny on the consumption tax
11/06/2005 12:21:40a BritAm Tobacco to launch cigarette in 06 UK Times
11/06/2005 12:21:35a COMING EVENTS College Scholarship and Financial Aid Night
11/06/2005 12:21:29a Homeowners may not like â˜reformâ
11/06/2005 12:20:45a IN BRIEF Last week, looking ahead, check it out
11/06/2005 12:20:25a Play it again, Sam
11/06/2005 12:20:10a Not all fun and games
11/06/2005 12:19:45a IN YOUR CORNER Know what to do in an accident before it occurs
11/06/2005 12:19:40a The Pentagon squeeze
11/06/2005 12:19:25a NEW TO MARKET Thanks-A-Lot Reduced Fat Cartwheels
11/06/2005 12:18:09a BritAm Tobacco cigarette to cut disease risk UK Times
11/06/2005 12:18:04a IN BRIEF Regional focus
11/06/2005 12:17:30a SSE hires CSFB for Scot Power bid advice UK Times
11/06/2005 12:16:54a WEB REVIEW Medicare Part D
11/06/2005 12:16:34a Hustlers' hideaway
11/06/2005 12:05:16a There's a shredder for every security need
11/06/2005 12:05:07a No trade deal at Americas summit
11/06/2005 12:04:36a A brief cheat sheet
11/06/2005 12:04:31a Often, franchising is the best way to expand
11/06/2005 12:04:27a Audit says US should repay Iraq
11/06/2005 12:04:21a Multiplayer games the new wave of video
11/06/2005 12:03:56a Playing for the short term
11/06/2005 12:03:46a It may be cheaper to buy new than repair
11/06/2005 12:03:41a Computers would fix bias in traffic stops
11/06/2005 12:03:36a What's brewing behind the scenes?
11/06/2005 12:03:31a Sex aids targeted to women go mainstream
11/06/2005 12:03:21a No need to worry about gas supply
11/06/2005 12:03:11a Wall to wall Wal-Mart
11/06/2005 12:02:41a All the rage
11/06/2005 12:02:11a For older couples, borrowing to invest is bad idea
11/06/2005 12:01:56a Books valued
11/05/2005 11:35:53p Shreve, Crump & Low It's not your mother's jewelry store any more
11/05/2005 11:35:48p Workers' rights get lost as firms settle US probes
11/05/2005 11:35:23p Number of mobile phone subscribers reaches 376 mln
11/05/2005 11:35:13p Sick of automation? Dial 0 for human
11/05/2005 11:22:24p Harvard library is back in business
11/05/2005 11:21:22p 504 loan can finance construction
11/05/2005 11:07:42p China tops world with 376 mln mobile phone subscribers
11/05/2005 10:54:57p Metro to get safer
11/05/2005 10:40:14p G. Chambers Williams III Hyundai rising
11/05/2005 10:40:01p Diesel prices run truckers off the road
11/05/2005 10:38:08p Females taking aim at the male-dominated video game world
11/05/2005 10:38:04p The Mac Guy Access to some sites may require a Windows PC masquerade
11/05/2005 10:37:59p China Petro-Chemical building new oil refinery
11/05/2005 10:37:14p Jobs Being there when needed
11/05/2005 10:37:08p Global broadcasting
11/05/2005 10:13:53p ADV The Anti-Spyware Center from Web Threats Keep Users Away
11/05/2005 09:53:24p Bike ride nets 23M for cancer center
11/05/2005 09:09:47p News Corp. May Form 'Net Company Murdoch
11/05/2005 09:09:42p Small-cap IPOs lose their luster
11/05/2005 09:09:32p Push your mutual fund to give you cost-basis accounting
11/05/2005 08:19:17p In the market
11/05/2005 08:19:02p US Airways operations chief makes himself at home here
11/05/2005 08:18:42p What they're buying Foreign funds good as market moves sideways
11/05/2005 08:18:32p World focus Egypt
11/05/2005 08:18:12p Airline outlook bullish for '06
11/05/2005 08:17:59p Foreign banks lead bond sales
11/05/2005 08:17:56p Eatery firm goes East
11/05/2005 08:17:42p Large Vegas contracts making builder a sure bet
11/05/2005 08:16:57p With a little foresight, investors can limit risk
11/05/2005 08:16:42p Philanthropist turning to education reform
11/05/2005 08:16:37p Carrier predicts big take from in-flight gambling
11/05/2005 08:16:07p Body double?
11/05/2005 08:12:25p Tesco may have to sell off stores
11/05/2005 08:04:17p Tsang sees HK economic prospects as exceedingly good
11/05/2005 07:51:36p US, China reach tentative deal on textiles paper
11/05/2005 07:40:41p Voter Anger Might Mean An Electoral Shift in '06
11/05/2005 07:39:35p The FBI's Secret Scrutiny
11/05/2005 07:38:55p Yankee in Pr. William Tries for Last Laugh
11/05/2005 07:23:47p Generic Tamiflu is made in Asia
11/05/2005 07:21:31p Trump to sell Ind. casino in 253M deal
11/05/2005 07:00:41p Pirates attack cruise ship off Somali coast
11/05/2005 06:52:58p Wal-Mart maintains sales forecast
11/05/2005 06:37:03p Suits Prodding or Pleading, Charities Hit Jackpots
11/05/2005 06:36:58p Techno Files A Journey to the Center of Yahoo
11/05/2005 06:36:55p Armchair M.B.A. For Some Searches, Google Won't Do
11/05/2005 06:36:48p Economic View Echoes of 1986? Not in Bush's Tax Reform Panel
11/05/2005 06:36:44p Can Hollywood Evade the Death Eaters?
11/05/2005 06:36:38p TS The Sears Catalog of Problems
11/05/2005 06:36:33p Deal Will Put Unicef Cards in Hallmark Stores Year-Round
11/05/2005 06:36:29p He Still Speaks German, but With a Motown Accent
11/05/2005 06:36:23p Consumed So Board
11/05/2005 06:36:15p Essay Reserved
11/05/2005 06:36:09p Investing Today's Energy Stocks May Well Be Tomorrow's
11/05/2005 06:35:43p Market Week The Bad Signs Are All Pointing Up
11/05/2005 06:35:38p The Goods A Flash Drive With a Back Story
11/05/2005 06:35:18p Spending For Rent My Yacht. I'll Throw in the Jacuzzi.
11/05/2005 06:35:13p 1/30 people in Shanghai own private business survey
11/05/2005 06:35:08p Everybody's Business All Right, Already A Second Look at Yale
11/05/2005 06:23:38p Economic View Echoes of 1986? Not in Bush's Tax Reform Panel
11/05/2005 06:11:47p AGL defends 1.4m Hydro deal
11/05/2005 06:11:42p Cheers greet Beazley pledge to tear up IR reforms
11/05/2005 06:10:37p Metcash enters 'second phase' with Foodland purchase
11/05/2005 05:59:06p U.S., China Said to Reach Textile Deal
11/05/2005 05:58:54p Int'l grocery association to set up China HQ in Wuhan
11/05/2005 05:58:40p Novartis to establish global R D center in China
11/05/2005 05:52:02p Another bidder for Refco as deadline nears
11/05/2005 05:51:17p Today's Energy Stocks May Well Be Tomorrow's
11/05/2005 05:23:28p Dollar surges, hits new peaks vs euro, yen
11/05/2005 05:22:23p Stock Scandal Has Mercury Falling
11/05/2005 05:20:53p Feds Look to Tighten Online Banking Rules
11/05/2005 04:54:09p Heathrow and UK flights 'under threat from Open Skies'
11/05/2005 04:53:23p Euronext and Börse plan merger talks
11/05/2005 03:54:01p Hurricanes no big deal Greenspan
11/05/2005 03:39:25p U.N. Audit U.S. Should Repay Iraq 208.5M
11/05/2005 03:23:11p 5 top oil executives to testify
11/05/2005 03:13:50p Summit Leaders Can't Reach Free Trade Deal
11/05/2005 03:12:10p Americas Summit highlights free trade divisions
11/05/2005 03:12:00p Leaders Fail to Agree on Free Trade Talks
11/05/2005 03:08:10p How Long Can Consumers Keep Economy Going?
11/05/2005 02:21:31p RWE to offload Thames Water in switch of focus
11/05/2005 02:16:00p Do The Words Chips And IPO Mean Buy?
11/05/2005 02:15:00p When Receivables Grow Moss
11/05/2005 02:14:50p Growth Stocks Lowe's, Not Google
11/05/2005 02:14:00p 150 Places To Live Rich
11/05/2005 02:13:40p Supersize Your Company
11/05/2005 02:13:30p Sales Lessons For Tongue-Tied Techies
11/05/2005 02:13:20p Customer Service Got You Down?
11/05/2005 02:13:10p Taking A Dislike To Taxes
11/05/2005 02:12:50p Small Biz Bum Alert
11/05/2005 02:12:30p How To Play Online Retailing
11/05/2005 02:04:09p U.N. Audit U.S. Should Repay Iraq Millions
11/05/2005 02:03:38p Merck Wins Battle, Faces War
11/05/2005 02:03:08p Making Waves At Howland Hook
11/05/2005 02:02:38p Offensive Medicine
11/05/2005 02:01:28p Merck's Big Win
11/05/2005 02:00:58p IPorn?
11/05/2005 01:23:38p Spitzer sues Guidant
11/05/2005 01:21:25p Officials prepare for Medicare Part D
11/05/2005 01:10:48p Pirates attack luxury liner off Somali coast
11/05/2005 01:10:09p US, China 'reach deal' on textile imports
11/05/2005 12:51:19p JPMorgan puts life insurance business up for sale-source
11/05/2005 12:35:35p Merck Facing First Federal Vioxx Trial
11/05/2005 12:11:21p Just Googling It Has Companies A Bit Unsettled
11/05/2005 11:57:30a Big ideas for small business
11/05/2005 11:48:08a No trade deal for Bush at Americas Summit
11/05/2005 11:31:56a News Corp may form 'Net company Murdoch
11/05/2005 11:31:53a JPMorgan's insurance biz for sale source
11/05/2005 11:31:43a Big ideas for small business
11/05/2005 11:03:05a Summit Leaders Weigh New Free Trade Talks
11/05/2005 10:52:32a Five Bidders for Remains of Refco
11/05/2005 10:41:01a Just Googling It Is Striking Fear Into Companies
11/05/2005 10:39:51a Programs of Give vs. Take
11/05/2005 10:38:11a Tax-Bill Provisions Would Limit Charity Write-Offs
11/05/2005 10:38:03a Katrina-Related Tax Breaks, and One That Isn't
11/05/2005 10:37:51a When Pay Seems Too Charitable
11/05/2005 10:24:43a Words that don't pair well retirement and borrowing
11/05/2005 10:09:25a Summit leaders deadlocked on free trade
11/05/2005 10:00:18a Car Rules Drive Donors Away
11/05/2005 09:59:59a Cessna airplane crashes at Houston airport
11/05/2005 09:59:49a Immigrants Often Unpaid for Katrina Work
11/05/2005 09:58:38a How We Help
11/05/2005 09:57:19a 2 dead in crash of Cessna Citation at Houston Hobby Airport
11/05/2005 09:56:38a Some Disasters Compel Us to Give
11/05/2005 09:55:23a Berkshire Hathaway 3Q earnings decline
11/05/2005 09:53:08a Abercrombie & Fitch to pull tees after "girl-cott"
11/05/2005 09:42:26a Secret services
11/05/2005 09:30:47a Confection named for Rell keeps business booming at dairy farm
11/05/2005 09:28:46a Judge OKs improved Delphi severance plan
11/05/2005 08:52:16a RWE to sell US, UK water operations
11/05/2005 08:45:16a Sources U.S., China Reach Textile Deal
11/05/2005 08:44:45a Are moms less likely to be hired?
11/05/2005 08:35:20a US Senate approves spending cuts
11/05/2005 08:35:13a Despair at DWP 'revolving door'
11/05/2005 08:33:49a Hidden Biases Thwart Careers
11/05/2005 08:30:28a Business complex gets green light
11/05/2005 08:17:54a Business complex gets green light
11/05/2005 08:04:16a Keeping the bull running
11/05/2005 08:03:46a Hidden Biases Thwart Careers
11/05/2005 08:02:06a Despair at DWP 'revolving door'
11/05/2005 08:01:56a El Paso, Six Flags, Continental Airlines
11/05/2005 07:53:40a Amazon to sell chapters of books
11/05/2005 07:49:39a Hidden Biases Thwart Careers
11/05/2005 07:35:54a Alito nomination process off to good start, Bush says
11/05/2005 07:33:56a Bush promotes Supreme Court nominee Alito in radio speech
11/05/2005 06:35:01a Tax panel could shrink mortgage benefit
11/05/2005 06:34:21a Furniture makers catering to booming market for second homes
11/05/2005 06:28:38a Wal-Mart maintains sales forecast
11/05/2005 06:10:18a Fossil-fuel sectors stumble, but still the best of 2005
11/05/2005 05:51:52a Jobs come up weak
11/05/2005 05:35:04a Credit hope for low-income families
11/05/2005 05:31:54a Credit hope for low-income families
11/05/2005 05:17:01a Automobile sales in Taiwan likely to hit 480,000 in 2005
11/05/2005 05:16:20a Tsang describes HK's economic prospects as exceedingly good
11/05/2005 05:16:10a J&J, Guidant Urged to Compromise
11/05/2005 05:00:27a Recruiters Bring the Interviews to Campus
11/05/2005 04:59:57a Still the Small-Car Value Leader
11/05/2005 04:35:12a 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse
11/05/2005 04:34:12a 2006 at GM It's not all bad news
11/05/2005 03:59:07a Oil down after surging on winter jitters, signs US economy is...
11/05/2005 03:43:21a Policy bank to extend huge loans to Pudong New Area of Shanghai
11/05/2005 03:27:08a Trump says bon voyage to Gary casino
11/05/2005 03:24:57a BUSINESS REACTION Single Business Tax cut a big deal for some
11/05/2005 03:23:46a Job growth resumes in October
11/05/2005 03:22:17a AARP Drug prices still ahead of inflation
11/05/2005 02:23:38a Analyst questions status of Oracle exec
11/05/2005 02:22:53a Make sure a new plan includes your medicine
11/05/2005 02:22:08a Barden gets Trump deal
11/05/2005 02:16:19a Businessman-Turned-Mayor in Houston Hailed
11/05/2005 02:15:40a Businessman-Turned-Mayor in Houston Hailed
11/05/2005 01:53:35a Job Report Falls Short of Forecasts
11/05/2005 01:51:20a Toyota profit continues to grow at expense of Ford, GM
11/05/2005 01:39:05a Office moves pick up as firms call it a year
11/05/2005 01:24:15a FPL can't explain pole losses
11/05/2005 01:21:15a Quarterly Net Rises 2.1% at Toyota
11/05/2005 01:17:44a Businessman-Turned-Mayor in Houston Hailed
11/05/2005 01:10:00a Cytori in stem cell deal with Olympus
11/05/2005 01:09:50a Charlotte Russe profit jumps
11/05/2005 01:09:40a Boeing project could be in peril
11/05/2005 01:09:11a Co. profit falls 19 percent
11/05/2005 01:09:01a U.S. job growth slows to just 56,000 in Oct.
11/05/2005 01:07:40a Late rally pushes stocks up; indexes finish week higher
11/05/2005 01:07:10a '1.5m more' face inheritance tax
11/05/2005 01:06:41a Stock in the news Aon Corp.
11/05/2005 01:06:20a Toyota asks What slump?
11/05/2005 01:06:00a N.J. win may ease Merck's load of Vioxx cases
11/05/2005 01:05:40a Yeast company to close city plant, idle 120
11/05/2005 01:05:10a NexTone gets 4th round of funds
11/05/2005 01:04:10a Circuit board maker now in compliance
11/05/2005 01:03:40a Wal-Mart opens up with show-and-tell session
11/05/2005 01:03:30a Stocks overcome jobs data to make modest advance
11/05/2005 01:03:00a Fund spotlight Pioneer Mid Cap Growth Fund
11/05/2005 01:02:10a Bad-debt manager seeking partner
11/05/2005 01:01:50a Fashion Valley's opulence
11/05/2005 01:00:50a Around Town
11/05/2005 01:00:00a Northwest unions OK concessions
11/05/2005 12:59:40a Job growth turns sluggish
11/05/2005 12:57:20a Experts debate effect of Wal-Mart model
11/05/2005 12:56:17a Under Armour details IPO
11/05/2005 12:55:40a Area officials to unite on job-growth efforts
11/05/2005 12:55:30a 2,000 experts, entrepreneurs attend China private enterprise summit
11/05/2005 12:54:10a Guidant merger status is a mystery
11/05/2005 12:53:25a Trump Resorts to sell riverboat casino
11/05/2005 12:52:41a Energy prices dampen job growth
11/05/2005 12:51:10a Autonomy to buy Verity for 500 mln
11/05/2005 12:34:54a '1.5m more' face inheritance tax
11/05/2005 12:30:52a Business briefs, November 4
11/05/2005 12:28:37a Analysts Vioxx win important for Merck
11/05/2005 12:27:06a Berkshire's net income drops 48%
11/05/2005 12:21:50a U.S. postal law delivers a hot debate on rates
11/05/2005 12:20:29a West Edge project overcomes delays
11/05/2005 12:18:39a Product recalls reach a 10-year high point
11/05/2005 12:18:11a Debating the Wal-Mart effect
11/05/2005 12:17:19a Sunday in MoneyWise
11/05/2005 12:13:59a Late upswing nudges markets
11/04/2005 11:59:01p NStar asks for major rate hikes
11/04/2005 11:58:22p Berkshire's net income drops 48%
11/04/2005 11:58:13p Bank to add 230 jobs in Dorchester
11/04/2005 11:58:01p Eastern Bank will cut 32 jobs
11/04/2005 11:57:22p Couple plead guilty in insider trading case
11/04/2005 11:56:41p Job growth resumes in October
11/04/2005 11:56:31p Italians in couture clash with Chinese
11/04/2005 11:53:16p Oil falls 1 as balmy US weather weighs
11/04/2005 11:31:27p Stottlemyer To Head Business Lobby
11/04/2005 11:25:32p Anti-U.S. Protests Flare at Summit
11/04/2005 11:24:49p N.J. Governor's Race Gets Personal
11/04/2005 11:24:19p Stottlemyer To Head Business Lobby
11/04/2005 11:21:59p Stottlemyer To Head Business Lobby
11/04/2005 11:06:24p Treasury denies preparing Cabinet IR report
11/04/2005 10:54:40p Texas citrus growers expect another good year
11/04/2005 10:52:30p David Hendricks Planners start engineering financing for S.A.-Austin train service
11/04/2005 10:51:10p Business Briefs 2 more states OK SBC-AT&T deal
11/04/2005 10:49:39p Jump in conventions boosts S.A. coffers 11%
11/04/2005 10:40:43p Five Days Detroit Gets Its October Sales Numbers and Winces
11/04/2005 10:40:25p Basic Instincts This Winter, Do Sweat the Small Stuff
11/04/2005 10:38:24p What's Offline Two Guys Talking About Stocks
11/04/2005 10:23:05p Detroit Gets Its October Sales Numbers and Winces
11/04/2005 10:16:38p Spaces Recycled treasures enrich and color a woman's first house
11/04/2005 10:14:18p Bright prospects for stocks - and the economy
11/04/2005 10:12:57p House Rules Keep control throughout homebuilding project
11/04/2005 09:59:02p Vincor chief goes on the attack
11/04/2005 09:55:16p High Prices for Energy Hold Down Job Growth
11/04/2005 09:54:31p Northwest Pilots Agree to Temporary Pay Cuts
11/04/2005 09:52:11p High Prices for Energy Hold Down Job Growth
11/04/2005 09:51:59p APS asks for 20% rate hike
11/04/2005 09:51:49p Quarterly Net Rises 2.1% at Toyota
11/04/2005 09:51:39p Court Nominee Has Paper Trail Businesses Like
11/04/2005 09:51:19p Despite jobless data, markets close up
11/04/2005 09:51:09p Saturday Interview On a Mission to Cajole the Pentagon
11/04/2005 09:50:59p Cellphone users can get help on bills, gripes
11/04/2005 09:50:49p Executive Pursuits The Kind of Shave You Can't Get at Home
11/04/2005 09:50:39p Northwest Pilots Agree to Temporary Pay Cuts
11/04/2005 09:50:09p Markets Move Higher, but Expectations Lose Some Steam
11/04/2005 09:49:59p Boomers love spas for skin
11/04/2005 09:49:48p Cash balance plans cut benefits
11/04/2005 09:49:39p Five Bidders for Remains of Refco
11/04/2005 09:49:19p Your Money Location, Location, Location. Research, Research.
11/04/2005 09:49:11p New Rule on G.E. Board
11/04/2005 09:48:59p Job market struggling after storms
11/04/2005 09:48:49p TS Our Love-Hate Relationship With Wal-Mart
11/04/2005 09:48:38p Estée Lauder Makes a Play for Youth
11/04/2005 09:48:29p What's Online A Pro-Bug Vote on the Court?
11/04/2005 09:48:19p Off the Charts Home Building Loses Its Commanding Lead in Setting Economy's Pace
11/04/2005 09:47:58p RWE Plans to Sell Two Water Utilities
11/04/2005 09:47:38p Working from home trend stays stagnant
11/04/2005 09:47:18p 'Organized stacks' said to make office inviting
11/04/2005 09:47:09p GM increases output as Delphi strike looms
11/04/2005 09:45:59p Coke to End Sales of 3 Slow Sellers
11/04/2005 09:45:48p Tax panel plan could decrease benefit of loans
11/04/2005 09:45:28p Mixed Grade for Wal-Mart on Report Card
11/04/2005 09:44:58p The Shoe Fits, So Giambi Goes Back on the Billboard
11/04/2005 09:44:49p Is Bird Flu Drug Really So Vexing? Debating the Difficulty of Tamiflu
11/04/2005 09:44:39p China, EU hold talks on trade
11/04/2005 09:10:48p Skiers face bill for Kosciuszko upgrade
11/04/2005 09:09:08p Logging contractors urged to cut truck accidents
11/04/2005 09:08:58p Market momentum to propel stocks
11/04/2005 08:44:10p eBay coming to Phoenix
11/04/2005 08:31:21p Rioters Attack Trains, Schools and Businesses in the Paris Suburbs
11/04/2005 08:22:49p BSkyB clears way for News Corp to increase control
11/04/2005 08:11:35p Murdoch lashes out at City investors
11/04/2005 07:58:39p New Jersey verdict may lighten Merck & Co.'s load of Vioxx cases
11/04/2005 07:55:44p CBS to Acquire CSTV for 325 Million in Stock
11/04/2005 07:51:13p Fewer new jobs in October
11/04/2005 07:42:12p Explosion in claims after Guy Fawkes night events
11/04/2005 07:37:26p Court Nominee Has Paper Trail Businesses Like
11/04/2005 07:37:05p Prosecutors Link Enron Fall to 1987 Scandal
11/04/2005 07:35:56p U.S., China Agree On Textile Imports
11/04/2005 07:35:06p Anti-U.S. Riots Flare at Summit
11/04/2005 07:33:46p Nation Gained Few Jobs In Oct.
11/04/2005 07:33:25p Micron to Hire 860 in Manassas
11/04/2005 07:32:35p A Wal-Mart-Brand Symposium
11/04/2005 07:31:05p Microsoft to Offer 100,000 Books Free Online
11/04/2005 07:28:57p Polo Ralph Lauren profit up
11/04/2005 07:28:46p Refco says receives 5 bids for assets
11/04/2005 07:07:00p 60,000 SOEs turn private in 10 years
11/04/2005 07:03:48p 925 brands entitled with Chinese famous brand
11/04/2005 06:55:36p Toyota earnings slip
11/04/2005 06:53:33p IRS Makes Extensions Easier
11/04/2005 06:51:33p Nikkei breaks through 14,000 on banking gainsAluminium and zinc hit new highs
11/04/2005 06:46:23p Fewer jobs in October
11/04/2005 06:36:12p The Boss The Power of Persistence
11/04/2005 06:36:02p FPI earnings fall, CEO resigns
11/04/2005 06:35:22p For High-Level Career Advice, Some Job Seekers Go to Church
11/04/2005 06:33:22p Off the Shelf Sweating the Details of Management
11/04/2005 06:31:52p Beijing posts double-digit GDP growth rate
11/04/2005 06:30:52p Life's Work The Person Behind the Office Image
11/04/2005 06:30:07p BSkyB directors hit out at â˜misguidedâ investors
11/04/2005 06:28:21p XO to sell assets to Icahn-owned firm
11/04/2005 06:27:02p Business comment
11/04/2005 06:24:01p Northwest gets big concession from pilots
11/04/2005 06:12:03p Fewer new jobs in October
11/04/2005 06:11:51p Customers Pay For Lost Cell Calls
11/04/2005 06:09:51p China to become world's largest advertising base
11/04/2005 06:09:40p Refco gets bids from five entities for some or all of assets
11/04/2005 06:08:31p China, Australia discuss FTA
11/04/2005 05:46:47p Applied Biosystems to record 20.4M adjustment in Q1
11/04/2005 05:46:17p Applied Biosystems Arbitrator awards Amersham damages
11/04/2005 05:45:37p URS says Richard Blum has resigned from board
11/04/2005 05:45:07p AIG may benefit from 'flight to quality' among insurers
11/04/2005 05:35:00p Habitats | Greenwood Lake, N.Y. All Their World's a Stage, Except on Mondays
11/04/2005 05:34:21p National Perspectives High Hopes and Worthless Land
11/04/2005 05:34:01p Learning Everything About an Apartment
11/04/2005 05:32:22p The Hunt Sock Hop in Jackson Heights
11/04/2005 05:30:49p Did a Co-op Insist On Marriage?
11/04/2005 05:30:09p Upping the Ante Dog Parks and Outdoor Showers
11/04/2005 05:21:39p Cold weather boosts retail sales in Oct.
11/04/2005 05:03:15p China to improve financial environment
11/04/2005 05:02:45p Card shops deal 'was stitch-up'
11/04/2005 05:01:54p GMB ballots 6,000 British Gas staff
11/04/2005 05:00:15p Furor over oil-industry windfall puts GOP to the test
11/04/2005 04:59:03p BSkyB survives shareholder revolt over buy-back plan
11/04/2005 04:57:44p Singapore poised to join £3bn battle for P&O
11/04/2005 04:57:24p EU cautious in anti-dumping action against China
11/04/2005 04:57:04p BSkyB scrapes home in rules vote
11/04/2005 04:56:14p Australian bank hires big guns in fight for LSE
11/04/2005 04:53:02p Deadline on Guidant-J&J Agreement Passes
11/04/2005 04:52:17p BA warns on cost cuts and £1.4bn hole in pension fund
11/04/2005 04:49:47p Govt urged to prove economic benefits of IR laws
11/04/2005 04:48:16p China, Australia discuss free trade agreement
11/04/2005 04:46:36p Albemarle to raise prices of drilling chemicals
11/04/2005 04:45:56p Postal operator hit as bank junk mail falls
11/04/2005 04:45:16p Guidelines for Gunns's pulp mill plan amended
11/04/2005 04:44:16p New members face delay to adopting euro
11/04/2005 04:44:06p Japan's trade chief makes overtures to Beijing
11/04/2005 04:41:36p Albemarle to raise prices of drilling chemicals by 20%-30%
11/04/2005 04:39:26p Albemarle Chemical price increases effective Nov. 15
11/04/2005 04:28:31p Workers lose in cash balance plans study
11/04/2005 04:28:21p Berkshire profit falls 48 pct
11/04/2005 04:22:22p Murdoch hit by fresh investor rebellion
11/04/2005 04:21:42p Wal-Mart Holds Seminar to Address Critics
11/04/2005 04:20:23p Abercrombie & Fitch to stop selling t-shirts after complaint
11/04/2005 04:18:42p Bovespa falls, fails to match modest U.S. gains
11/04/2005 04:17:31p The week's top news and analysis, Oct. 31-Nov. 4
11/04/2005 04:16:42p Record U.S. trade gap seen for September
11/04/2005 04:15:32p HK Justice Secretary stresses importance of central govt
11/04/2005 04:14:42p R&G Financial cuts 3Q quarterly dividend 25.6% to 9.375c
11/04/2005 04:13:22p Warning on buy-out offers for pensions
11/04/2005 04:13:12p World Capital Market Inc. The China Investor Forum 2005
11/04/2005 04:05:53p GAO Pension Plan Switch Hurts Employees
11/04/2005 04:04:03p Companhia Vale board OKs mine, refinery expansions
11/04/2005 04:01:13p Companhia Vale sees 846M investment in expansion project
11/04/2005 04:00:43p Tax reform How would you fare?
11/04/2005 03:59:13p Harrah's, Starwood to announce joint venture
11/04/2005 03:59:03p Companhia Vale board OKs 846M expansions investment
11/04/2005 03:56:43p Deadline on Guidant-J&J Agreement Passes
11/04/2005 03:54:33p Job market blown off balance by Hurricane Katrina struggles to regain footing
11/04/2005 03:52:12p Berkshire Hathaway profit plunges 48%
11/04/2005 03:51:32p Small Gains Close a Positive Week on Wall Street
11/04/2005 03:51:22p Continental loses 115 million in October
11/04/2005 03:50:22p R&G Financial cuts Q3 quarterly dividend 25.6% to 9.375c
11/04/2005 03:48:52p R&G Financial dividend payable to shareholders as of Dec. 16
11/04/2005 03:48:32p Berkshire quarterly profit drops on hurricane hit
11/04/2005 03:41:17p Berkshire Hathaway 3Q profit falls 48%
11/04/2005 03:40:57p Buca delays 10-Q filing; to restate Q1, Q2 results
11/04/2005 03:40:47p Dana to delay filing quarterly report with SEC
11/04/2005 03:39:57p New York Bancorp NY regulator OKs buy of Long Island Fin'l
11/04/2005 03:38:57p Ford to Help Boost Ethanol Fuel Stations
11/04/2005 03:38:47p Sourcecorp swings to quarterly profit; revenue rises 9.1%
11/04/2005 03:38:37p Continental Airlines CEO hopes Nov., Dec. losses smaller
11/04/2005 03:36:47p Buca expects comp sales to rise 3.2% system-wide
11/04/2005 03:35:47p Calpine sinks after quarterly report, Fitch debt cut
11/04/2005 03:35:37p Buca expects restaurant sales of 63.7M in Q3
11/04/2005 03:35:02p Riots mar Americas summit opening
11/04/2005 03:34:17p Kronos Worldwide Q3 net earns 16c vs 21c
11/04/2005 03:33:56p Buca to delay 10-Q filing for Q3
11/04/2005 03:33:47p Fleet Sales Help U.S. Automakers in Oct.
11/04/2005 03:32:39p New York Community, Long Island Fin'l deal gets NY OK
11/04/2005 03:31:38p Citadel forms new reinsurer New Castle Re, AM Best says
11/04/2005 03:29:47p Kronos Worldwide Q3 rev 292.1M vs 286.1M
11/04/2005 03:28:26p Coke to phase out Vanilla Coke in US
11/04/2005 03:28:20p Tech shares gain
11/04/2005 03:28:16p Technical Analysis Techs Push Higher
11/04/2005 03:26:56p Buca expects to release Q3 results on Nov. 9
11/04/2005 03:26:47p CANOY Legal Action in New York Against REFCO Regulated Companies
11/04/2005 03:26:26p Continental Airlines sees 115M loss for October
11/04/2005 03:25:46p Real Estate Weekly - Nov. 4
11/04/2005 03:25:37p Japan shares positive as Asia shares stumble
11/04/2005 03:25:16p Wal-Mart pledges greater transparency
11/04/2005 03:24:26p Buca to restate financials for Q1, Q2
11/04/2005 03:22:36p Kronos Worldwide earnings fall 20%; revenue rises
11/04/2005 03:22:20p Were French, but not real French
11/04/2005 03:21:47p Berkshire Hathaway quarterly profit drops on hurricane hit
11/04/2005 03:20:46p Online Travel Stocks Take Off
11/04/2005 03:20:36p GM Increases Vehicle Production in Oct.
11/04/2005 03:20:16p The Weinsteins are back, but others may reap awards
11/04/2005 03:18:09p Speaker urged to abandon business ban
11/04/2005 03:17:36p Continental Airlines sees Oct. loss of 115M
11/04/2005 03:11:07p Autonomy Pays 507M for Verity
11/04/2005 03:10:28p Business News Americas Govt Snubs US100 Laptop Program--Argentina, Chile
11/04/2005 03:09:47p Sourcecorp now sees 2005 rev from continuing ops 408M-412M
11/04/2005 03:08:57p US Airways stands out in mixed session
11/04/2005 03:08:07p Sourcecorp Q3 net earns 1.27 vs net loss 4c
11/04/2005 03:06:37p Quick confirmation hearing for Bernanke
11/04/2005 03:02:46p Berkshire Hathaway Q3 net earns 381 vs 739
11/04/2005 03:02:37p Contracts for November 4, 2005
11/04/2005 03:00:57p Washington events for Nov. 7-11
11/04/2005 03:00:26p Sourcecorp Q3 rev 105.5M vs 96.7M
11/04/2005 02:57:16p No fears for Wall St in Halloween week
11/04/2005 02:56:17p U.S. payrolls up by tepid 56,000 in Oct.
11/04/2005 02:53:26p Berkshire Hathaway Q3 rev 18.9B vs 17.79B
11/04/2005 02:46:11p NT targets high-yield tourists
11/04/2005 02:45:12p Telecoms rebound to close higher; UTStarcom gains
11/04/2005 02:44:02p Multi-Fineline quarterly profit rises 21%
11/04/2005 02:43:32p Senate to have oil company CEOs testify at hearing on Nov. 9
11/04/2005 02:42:42p Europe's Glowing Health-Care Sector
11/04/2005 02:42:32p Polish finance minister seeks more social spending
11/04/2005 02:42:02p Hypermarkets 'not welcome' in Poland
11/04/2005 02:41:31p Senate to also have Conoco, BP America, Shell CEOs testify
11/04/2005 02:41:21p Stocks End Modestly Higher
11/04/2005 02:40:42p Amgen stock rises on cancer drug news
11/04/2005 02:39:31p Senate committee says oil co. execs to testify at hearing
11/04/2005 02:39:21p Stocks Edged Higher After Jobs Report
11/04/2005 02:38:41p World Bank to put up 1bn to fight bird flu
11/04/2005 02:38:26p France looks to cash in on nuclear revival
11/04/2005 02:38:08p S&P Ups Verity, Cuts State Street and Lehman
11/04/2005 02:37:41p Dollar at best euro level of year, charges on vs. yen
11/04/2005 02:37:01p Where All the Lines Are Pointing
11/04/2005 02:36:51p Constellation Vincor not maximizing value by rejecting bid
11/04/2005 02:36:42p Multi-Fineline sees Q1 net earns 11M-12.4M
11/04/2005 02:34:31p Bernanke hearing to be held Nov. 15
11/04/2005 02:34:11p Irwin Fin'l Restatement not seen changing 2004 total earns
11/04/2005 02:33:41p Late rally gives Wall Street a modest advance
11/04/2005 02:33:01p Payrolls report leaves US investors at a loss
11/04/2005 02:32:50p Vienna Broker Ready to Lead NAR Into Battle
11/04/2005 02:30:11p UK stock market gets that shrinking feeling
11/04/2005 02:30:01p U.S. stocks end higher; best Nasdaq week in 14 months
11/04/2005 02:29:01p US Airways ends up 3.3% but sector closes mixed
11/04/2005 02:28:58p Tech shares rise
11/04/2005 02:28:52p Stocks End Higher Despite Weak Jobs Data
11/04/2005 02:28:10p Bankruptcy Judge Approves Delphi Expenses
11/04/2005 02:28:07p Oil Prices Fall More Than 1 Per Barrel
11/04/2005 02:27:40p JDS Uniphase shares lead evening trades
11/04/2005 02:27:31p Real Food Daily Real Food Daily Offers Vegan Thanksgiving to Go
11/04/2005 02:27:11p Citadel forms catastrophe reinsurer New Castle Re AM Best
11/04/2005 02:27:01p Market pulls it together
11/04/2005 02:26:41p Multi-Fineline sees Q1 sales 117M-125M
11/04/2005 02:25:51p FCC Expedites DTV Tuner Mandates
11/04/2005 02:24:51p Citadel starts new catastrophe reinsurer, AM Best says
11/04/2005 02:23:40p New Castle Re will have 500M in capital, AM Best says
11/04/2005 02:23:36p Wachovia to begin issuing credit cards
11/04/2005 02:23:30p Oil stocks off at the close, up for the week
11/04/2005 02:23:00p Tech Firm Brings 860 Jobs to Northren Virginia
11/04/2005 02:22:50p CORRECT Moody's may upgrade School Specialty's ratings
11/04/2005 02:22:30p Time Warner Telecom to redeem 200M sr unsecured 9.75% notes
11/04/2005 02:21:50p Multi-Fineline Q4 net earns 44c vs 37c
11/04/2005 02:20:40p Stocks Post Gains Despite Weak Jobs Data
11/04/2005 02:19:40p Irwin Fin'l to correct accounting for incentive service fees
11/04/2005 02:19:21p Verity Agrees to Buyout
11/04/2005 02:19:00p Senate hearing to have CEOs of Exxon, Chevron as witnesses
11/04/2005 02:18:50p Irwin Fin'l Restatement for ISFs to decrease H1 2005 earns
11/04/2005 02:18:40p Time Warner Telecom expects notes redemption to occur in Dec
11/04/2005 02:18:32p Tech stocks close slightly up; Apple falls on downgrade
11/04/2005 02:10:46p Local Government Tells Businesses To Secure Wireless Access
11/04/2005 02:10:37p Stocks slide on weak jobs data
11/04/2005 02:07:47p U.S. stocks end higher; Nasdaq's best week in 14 months
11/04/2005 02:07:16p Syniverse tender offer for notes expires Dec. 5
11/04/2005 02:06:47p Gold/Silver Index ends the session and week modestly lower
11/04/2005 02:05:26p Amex Airline Index ends day flat at 48.21 points
11/04/2005 02:05:16p Small-business workshops to address Wilma issues
11/04/2005 02:05:06p US Airways Group ends day up 3.3% to 28.80
11/04/2005 02:04:26p Edison posts steep profit decline, raises outlook
11/04/2005 02:04:16p Can 'King Kong' save the day for slumping Hollywood?
11/04/2005 02:04:06p TranSwitch, Galazar Networks agree to settle litigation
11/04/2005 02:03:36p Oil stocks end lower Friday, but log gains for the week
11/04/2005 02:02:06p Human Trafficking Growth Prompts Calls for Enforcement
11/04/2005 02:01:26p Who's the next target for a J&J buyout?
11/04/2005 02:01:17p Natural Gas Index ends the week up 0.2% at 386.5 points
11/04/2005 02:01:06p eBay founder starts small biz loans fund
11/04/2005 02:00:55p Syniverse offers exchange for 7.75% sr sub notes due 2013
11/04/2005 02:00:46p Tepid Jobs Growth Worries Economists
11/04/2005 01:59:46p Tech stocks close slightly up overall, yet Apple declines
11/04/2005 01:59:36p Chesapeake Utilities quarterly loss widens; revenue rises
11/04/2005 01:58:32p AMR Corp. closes session up 1.3% to 14.38
11/04/2005 01:57:05p Index ends with small gains; Wild Oats rallies
11/04/2005 01:56:46p Oil Service Index closes the week up 3.5% at 171.76 points
11/04/2005 01:56:19p Syniverse commences tender offer for sr sub notes due 2013
11/04/2005 01:55:46p Amex Oil Index closes the week up 2.7% at 995.62 points
11/04/2005 01:47:06p Chesapeake Utilities Q3 rev 35.2M vs 26.6M
11/04/2005 01:45:27p Nasdaq Composite Prelim Close 3,511, down 12 points
11/04/2005 01:45:06p Syniverse offers to exchange Series B 7.75% sr sub notes
11/04/2005 01:44:47p Watts Water Technologies expects buy to close in Jan 2006
11/04/2005 01:43:27p The Digital Hand Behind the Screen
11/04/2005 01:42:57p Syniverse commences tender offer for up to 175M in notes
11/04/2005 01:40:56p Coke ditches three flavours in US
11/04/2005 01:38:14p Coke ditches three flavours in US
11/04/2005 01:36:17p Oil Prices Fall More Than 1 Per Barrel
11/04/2005 01:36:09p Coke ditches three flavours in US
11/04/2005 01:35:06p S&P 500 Prelim Close 1,220, up 0.12%
11/04/2005 01:33:48p Russell 2000 Prelim Close 658, down 0.67%
11/04/2005 01:33:08p Save your way to freedom
11/04/2005 01:31:05p Aluminium and zinc hit new highs
11/04/2005 01:30:07p Terms of Watts Water Technologies Changsa buy undisclosed
11/04/2005 01:29:04p Tech stocks end higher
11/04/2005 01:28:58p Guidant, J&J holders want compromise
11/04/2005 01:27:36p Stocks end higher, shrugging off jobs data; post weekly gain
11/04/2005 01:27:25p Chávez denounces US policy in Latin America
11/04/2005 01:25:05p Watts Water Technologies agrees to buy Changsha Valve Works
11/04/2005 01:24:56p Another difficult week for government bonds
11/04/2005 01:24:46p Chesapeake Utilities Q3 net loss 12c vs net loss 11c
11/04/2005 01:24:35p Build your future now
11/04/2005 01:24:25p Dollar hits 18-month high against euro
11/04/2005 01:23:45p Solo stores lift Ralph Lauren
11/04/2005 01:14:39p Natural gas posts a loss of nearly 13% for the week
11/04/2005 01:14:09p Amex Airline Index off 0.5% to 47.98 points
11/04/2005 01:13:40p Refco creditors probe millions in pre-IPO payouts
11/04/2005 01:12:18p Dow, Nasdaq Slip on Weak Employment Data
11/04/2005 01:10:48p Middlesex Water Company / CORRECTION Middlesex Water Company Announces Dividend Increase
11/04/2005 01:10:39p HK Justice Secretary stresses importance of central government
11/04/2005 01:09:19p Bernanke nomination hearing set for Nov. 15 in Senate
11/04/2005 01:07:18p Treasurys end lower on the day; fifth weekly loss in six
11/04/2005 01:05:48p Inquiry push may delay Betfair deal
11/04/2005 01:03:18p AMR Corp. up 0.5% to 14.26 as airline index trades lower
11/04/2005 01:03:08p Benchmark Treasurys finish just below 2005 yield high
11/04/2005 01:02:48p Home Properties div payable to shareholders as of Nov. 15
11/04/2005 01:01:58p Bears seen knocking at the door
11/04/2005 01:00:48p WSA WSA Board of Directors Opposes Initiative 912
11/04/2005 12:59:48p Investors catch breath after run
11/04/2005 12:57:18p Home Properties raises quarterly dividend 1.6% to 64c
11/04/2005 12:56:48p Drive off into the sunset, literally
11/04/2005 12:56:23p VARs Dell's Business Model Under Fire
11/04/2005 12:52:01p Job market struggles to regain footing
11/04/2005 12:49:50p E.ON and Scottish Power seen in talks
11/04/2005 12:49:39p Moody's may downgrade Time Warner long-term debt ratings
11/04/2005 12:48:59p 10-year Treasury closes down 3/32 at 96 26/32, 4.66% yield
11/04/2005 12:48:29p 2-year Treasury closes unchanged at 99 19/32, yielding 4.47%
11/04/2005 12:47:09p Material riches fail the happy test
11/04/2005 12:46:49p The biggest stamp deal in 100 years
11/04/2005 12:46:30p Oil prices slide back to 60
11/04/2005 12:46:19p NYSE most active stocks PFE LU Q CPN XOM
11/04/2005 12:45:39p Boom in Boomer Housing
11/04/2005 12:43:59p Toyota's profits fall on factory investment
11/04/2005 12:42:49p Residents point to anger behind French riots
11/04/2005 12:41:59p 10-year Treasury 3/32 at 96 26/32, 4.66% yield
11/04/2005 12:41:09p Energy Prices Stalled October's Job Growth
11/04/2005 12:40:49p Chavez denounces US policy in Latin America
11/04/2005 12:40:39p EBay Founder Gives Back to School, World
11/04/2005 12:39:49p Blindview cut to netural by Janney Montgomery Scott
11/04/2005 12:38:40p Bonds slip, dollar rises
11/04/2005 12:37:09p Nasdaq most active stocks MSFT JDSU ORCL CSCO SANM
11/04/2005 12:36:09p Europe pulls back
11/04/2005 12:35:59p Weak job growth weighs on stocks
11/04/2005 12:35:39p Smoking surcharge may be omen for other lifestyle choices
11/04/2005 12:33:49p Crude down 1%, natural gas down almost 13% for the week
11/04/2005 12:28:36p Coke to phase out Vanilla Coke in U.S
11/04/2005 12:28:21p Stocks dip as wages spur rates worry
11/04/2005 12:27:10p 6-Month Tax Extension Made Easier
11/04/2005 12:26:30p Vest Insurance issues statement to address market rumors
11/04/2005 12:26:21p U.S. stocks trade mixed; market set to post weekly gain
11/04/2005 12:26:11p Middlesex Water Company Middlesex Water Company Announces Dividend Increase
11/04/2005 12:26:02p Home Properties stock buyback now authorized up to 2M
11/04/2005 12:25:30p Dec crude closes down 64c, or 1%, for the week
11/04/2005 12:25:21p GM Boosts Production in Case Delphi Strikes
11/04/2005 12:25:10p Dec crude closes at 60.58/brl, down 1.20, or 1.9%
11/04/2005 12:24:30p Are restaurant IPOs tasty investments?
11/04/2005 12:24:00p Mesaba Aviation Oct. traffic up 0.7% vs last year
11/04/2005 12:23:52p Mesaba Aviation Oct. net capacity falls 6.6%
11/04/2005 12:23:30p Microsoft plays catch-up
11/04/2005 12:23:00p How much is too much in real estate?
11/04/2005 12:22:40p Dec heating oil closes down 5.3% for the week
11/04/2005 12:22:20p US Airways Oct. traffic down 8.2% at 5.21B RPMs
11/04/2005 12:22:00p October's stock sell-off chops 135 billion from market worth TSX
11/04/2005 12:21:10p US Airways Oct. capacity down 6.4% at 6.95B ASMs
11/04/2005 12:20:50p Home Properties expands stock buyback plan
11/04/2005 12:20:30p Wall Street flat after soft jobs data
11/04/2005 12:20:20p Vesta sees stockholders' equity cut by 10.3M from errors
11/04/2005 12:19:30p Dec natural gas ends the week with a 12.6% loss
11/04/2005 12:19:01p On London Takeovers of UK companies no cause for concern
11/04/2005 12:18:04p Insurers welcome tax rule change
11/04/2005 12:17:30p UMB opens full-service bank in Phoenix
11/04/2005 12:17:20p Keeping holiday travel cheap
11/04/2005 12:16:20p Home Properties has 1.9M shares left on previous program
11/04/2005 12:16:06p Home Properties buyback authorization now totals 3.9M
11/04/2005 12:15:51p Vesta Insurance shares down 3.3% at 1.17
11/04/2005 12:15:10p Blogs A new place for spam's same old pitches
11/04/2005 12:15:00p Bonds trim losses after US jobs report
11/04/2005 12:14:50p Dec heating oil ends at 1.7962/gal, down 2% on day
11/04/2005 12:13:59p Mesaba Aviation Oct. traffic rises 0.7%; load factor 70.7%
11/04/2005 12:13:40p US Airways Oct. load factor down 1.5 points to 74.9%
11/04/2005 12:13:00p Oil shares dive as crude futures fall
11/04/2005 12:12:30p Home Properties shares up 22c at 38.27
11/04/2005 12:11:10p Dec natural gas ends at 11.415/mln BTUs, down 2.3% on day
11/04/2005 12:10:29p Who's up for a J&J buyout?
11/04/2005 12:09:49p Mesaba Aviation Oct. load factor 70.7% vs 65.6%
11/04/2005 12:09:39p US Airways Oct. traffic, load factor fall vs year-ago period
11/04/2005 11:53:11a ScanSource's Networking Business On the Rise With Juniper Alliance
11/04/2005 11:45:34a SCP Pool ups share buyback plan to 50M
11/04/2005 11:44:13a SCP Pool ups share buyback from 3.2M
11/04/2005 11:44:03a Calpine shares down 7% at 2.14
11/04/2005 11:42:24a Refco creditors probe 525M in pre-IPO insider payouts
11/04/2005 11:39:53a Fitch downgrades Calpine credit ratings; outlook is negative
11/04/2005 11:39:03a Murdoch fends off investor rebellion
11/04/2005 11:38:23a Job Growth Slows Sharply, Weighed Down by Energy Costs
11/04/2005 11:37:54a ImClone raised to neutral by Janney Montgomery Scott
11/04/2005 11:37:43a Gold futures close with an almost 17 loss for the week
11/04/2005 11:35:33a PW Eagle shares soar; co. swings to 3Q profit
11/04/2005 11:34:23a Dec crude down 1.23, or 2%, at 60.55/brl in late NY trade
11/04/2005 11:33:53a SCP Pool board OKs share buyback increase to 50M
11/04/2005 11:33:14a Tech Wins Big in Senate Budget Bill
11/04/2005 11:29:26a Ohio clears SBC's acquisition of AT&T
11/04/2005 11:28:24a TradeLink may partner with Refco bidders
11/04/2005 11:25:43a Dollar surges on strong US economic data, ECB disappointment
11/04/2005 11:24:47a Arch Chemicals Increases effective Dec. 1, or per contracts
11/04/2005 11:24:37a Dollar rises, gold falls in Europe
11/04/2005 11:24:07a Arch Chemicals ups prices on omadine, omacide, triadine
11/04/2005 11:22:37a Dec gold falls 4 to close at 7-wk low of 457.90/oz
11/04/2005 11:22:17a Manugistics names ex-CEO, chair William Gibson to board
11/04/2005 11:22:07a Manugistics' Gibson is founder, ex-CEO and chair of co.
11/04/2005 11:21:55a Investments, Big Changes
11/04/2005 11:20:47a Dec gold down 16.90/oz, or 3.6%, for the week
11/04/2005 11:20:17a Dec copper up 1.4% for the week
11/04/2005 11:19:27a Personal Finance Daily - Nov. 4
11/04/2005 11:18:57a Benchmark Treasurys capped just below 2005 yield high
11/04/2005 11:18:37a Dec copper up 1.9c to close at a record 1.846/lb
11/04/2005 11:16:47a Trump to Sell Ind. Casino in 253M Deal
11/04/2005 11:16:27a Fitch downgrades Calpine ratings; outlook negative
11/04/2005 11:15:57a Circor sees 4Q earns below current Wall St. view
11/04/2005 11:15:37a Gold futures close nearly 17 lower for the week
11/04/2005 11:15:07a Sanmina-SCI surges as quarterly profit nearly triples
11/04/2005 11:14:07a U.S. payrolls up by tepid 56,000 in October
11/04/2005 11:13:57a Crude futures fall, remain above 61 a barrel
11/04/2005 11:13:47a Weaker after the rally
11/04/2005 11:13:36a Weekly rig count rises by 1.1%
11/04/2005 11:13:08a GM stockpiles supplies on Delphi concerns
11/04/2005 11:12:37a Union appeals ruling involving Delta pilot pension payments
11/04/2005 11:11:57a Manugistics names William Gibson to board
11/04/2005 11:11:46a Ciena Redraws Org Chart
11/04/2005 11:11:17a Suit could be deathblow for Guidant-J&J deal
11/04/2005 11:11:07a Fitch downgrades Calpine senior unsecured notes to 'CCC-'
11/04/2005 11:10:16a Insurers welcome tax rule change
11/04/2005 11:02:21a Northwest Air Oct. traffic falls 4%; load factor 82.9%
11/04/2005 11:01:01a Baker Hughes Weekly gas rig count up 13 to 1,260
11/04/2005 10:58:52a Baker Hughes Weekly U.S. rig count up 16 to 1,496
11/04/2005 10:58:45a Northwest Air Oct. load factor 82.9% vs 80.3%
11/04/2005 10:58:33a Angolan gem challenge to De Beers
11/04/2005 10:57:11a MassMutual names head of annuity sales
11/04/2005 10:55:41a Northwest Air Oct. traffic down 4% vs yr ago
11/04/2005 10:54:51a Baker Hughes Weekly Canadian rig count down 3 to 582
11/04/2005 10:54:08a BSkyB falls as subscriber numbers fall short
11/04/2005 10:53:41a Unilever Unilever announces Transactions in Own Shares
11/04/2005 10:53:24a Payrolls Grow in October; Jobless Rate Edges Lower
11/04/2005 10:52:51a Flat yield curve leads banks to buybacks
11/04/2005 10:49:21a Baker Hughes Weekly N.A. rig count up 13 to 2,078
11/04/2005 10:48:31a Are Government Fuel Efficiency Numbers Pumped Up?
11/04/2005 10:48:21a Baker Hughes N.A. weekly rig count rises by 13 to 2,078
11/04/2005 10:48:11a Northwest Air Oct. net capacity down 6.9% vs yr ago
11/04/2005 10:47:12a Baker Hughes Weekly offshore rig count up 1 to 88
11/04/2005 10:45:00a Oil futures fall 1%, set to end flat for the week
11/04/2005 10:44:51a Stocks Mostly Lower on Weak Jobs Data
11/04/2005 10:44:21a Furniture Cos. Cater to 2nd Home Market
11/04/2005 10:44:01a Electricity, coal lift Teco Energy profit
11/04/2005 10:43:31a U.S. stocks trade lower after jobs report
11/04/2005 10:42:20a Baker Hughes Weekly oil rig count up 4 to 231
11/04/2005 10:39:41a Coca-Cola ends Vanilla Coke in UK
11/04/2005 10:39:33a Insurers welcome tax rule change
11/04/2005 10:39:24a Angolan challenge to De Beers
11/04/2005 10:35:06a N.A. weekly vehicle production seen at 319,610 - Ward's
11/04/2005 10:34:46a Vendors Face Tough Licensing Choices
11/04/2005 10:34:26a Longs Drug Stores to cancel flu shot clinics after Sunday
11/04/2005 10:32:36a Stocks lower on weak job growth
11/04/2005 10:32:16a 20-year-old charged with spreading computer virus
11/04/2005 10:32:08a Mel Karmazin is having Sirius fun
11/04/2005 10:31:26a Novelis to launch new pricing structure effective Jan. '06
11/04/2005 10:31:09a Wal-Mart lowers costs at a price studies
11/04/2005 10:31:06a CORRECT Longs Over 70K have been immunized at stores
11/04/2005 10:30:58a Blue chips dip on rate worries
11/04/2005 10:30:46a Wachovia sets plans to reenter credit-card market
11/04/2005 10:30:37a APS seeks 20% rate increase
11/04/2005 10:30:26a Union Northwest, Pilots Reach Tentative Deal
11/04/2005 10:29:15a Oil falls 1%, set to end flat for the week
11/04/2005 10:29:05a N.A. weekly vehicle production seen down 11% - Ward's
11/04/2005 10:28:35a Apple's shares trimmed as Pru downgrades to neutral
11/04/2005 10:28:26a Union Appeals Delta Pension Payment Ruling
11/04/2005 10:28:05a Novelis to introduce new pricing structure for N.A. products
11/04/2005 10:27:35a Maybe not the best electronics buy
11/04/2005 10:26:28a Stocks Down on Rates, Oil
11/04/2005 10:25:25a Dollar in broad charge; hits best euro level this year
11/04/2005 10:25:15a Constar shares up 3c at 1.89
11/04/2005 10:25:05a Longs Some stores to provide FluMist to eligible customers
11/04/2005 10:24:35a EU warning for euro hopefuls
11/04/2005 10:24:15a Thousands protest against Bush at summit
11/04/2005 10:23:45a Financial watchdog finds 2 billion in suspicious transactions
11/04/2005 10:23:35a Angolan challenge to De Beers
11/04/2005 10:23:25a Market turns mixed, Nasdaq Composite moves higher
11/04/2005 10:23:15a N.A. weekly vehicle sales seen down 11% - Ward's
11/04/2005 10:22:55a Ford Plans to Boost Ethanol Awareness
11/04/2005 10:20:58a Moody's downgrades ratings on Constar
11/04/2005 10:19:15a U.S. stocks mixed as investors mull data
11/04/2005 10:18:16a Moody's may further downgrade ratings on Constar
11/04/2005 10:18:08a Longs More than 77K people have been immunized at stores
11/04/2005 10:16:14a Payrolls Grow in Oct.; Jobless Rate Dips
11/04/2005 10:15:57a Developers quietly cut condo prices for celebrities
11/04/2005 10:15:15a Wal-Mart hurts wages but helps economy, study says
11/04/2005 10:15:05a Oil Prices Hover Above 61 a Barrel
11/04/2005 10:14:55a Moody's outlook on Constar 'negative'
11/04/2005 10:14:05a Longs Drug to cancel flu clinics on Maxim Health shortage
11/04/2005 10:13:57a Dutch 'eye 1.2bn cut' to EU funds
11/04/2005 10:13:05a Moody's lowers Constar ratings; may further downgrade
11/04/2005 10:12:34a Wild Oats profit rises, raises view
11/04/2005 10:12:24a Wal-Mart unveils new weapon in battle with critics
11/04/2005 10:11:45a Longs Drug to cancel flu vaccine clinics after Sunday
11/04/2005 10:11:04a Goodale to deliver fiscal update Nov. 14
11/04/2005 10:04:38a Dutch 'eye 1.2bn cut' to EU funds
11/04/2005 10:04:25a Shoppers Drug Mart earnings up 19%
11/04/2005 10:03:56a N.Y. Times in the mood for Net deals
11/04/2005 10:02:45a Whole Foods High fiber, higher returns
11/04/2005 10:01:55a Northwest, pilots reach tentative deal
11/04/2005 10:01:38a Stocks Decline on Weak Employment Data
11/04/2005 09:59:45a German owner to sell Thames Water
11/04/2005 09:58:25a UK house price growth recovers
11/04/2005 09:56:46a U.S. stocks trade lower; market unsettled by jobs data
11/04/2005 09:55:55a Clarient jumps on news of services deal w/ Pfizer
11/04/2005 09:55:15a Jan frozen orange juice up 0.5% at 1.222/lb in NY
11/04/2005 09:54:55a Sullivan Children's Foundation Sullivan Children's Foundation Golf Tournament to Support Foster Teens
11/04/2005 09:54:35a posts lower profit
11/04/2005 09:53:55a Boyd Gaming's shares rally on strong quarterly results
11/04/2005 09:53:06a PetSmart Santa Claws Is Coming to All PetSmart Stores
11/04/2005 09:51:15a Petro Resources Corporation Petro Resources Corporation Announces Well Results and Operational Update
11/04/2005 09:50:55a IRS Goes After Rich, Makes Record Haul
11/04/2005 09:49:55a Builders hit by home-price data; FTSE ends down
11/04/2005 09:49:15a Jan frozen orange juice futures touch a fresh 7-year high
11/04/2005 09:48:34a Nasdaq Composite up 0.48 pts. at 1,260.78
11/04/2005 09:47:46a KCS Energy 3Q earns fall short of Wall St. estimate
11/04/2005 09:46:54a AMD's Spansion IPO making headway as pricing's set
11/04/2005 09:46:24a Orange juice futures tap highest level since October 1998
11/04/2005 09:46:04a Electronic Arts moves into music downloads, ringtones
11/04/2005 09:45:24a Businesses Pull Back on Hiring in October
11/04/2005 09:44:55a Should Allstate get a helping hand?
11/04/2005 09:43:45a CSFB says beaten-up auto stocks look like bargains
11/04/2005 09:43:34a Study Wal-Mart saved shoppers 263B
11/04/2005 09:42:54a Honeywell announces 3B stock buyback
11/04/2005 09:37:28a Women warned over state pension
11/04/2005 09:37:20a Thales firms in Zuma indictment
11/04/2005 09:37:11a EU warning for euro hopefuls
11/04/2005 09:37:03a UK house price growth recovers
11/04/2005 09:36:55a German owner to sell Thames Water
11/04/2005 09:36:48a Mis-selling of insurance exposed
11/04/2005 09:35:29a Biovail, Labopharm shares jump on U.S. marketing deal
11/04/2005 09:35:08a U.K.'s FTSE 100 ends down 0.2% at 5,423
11/04/2005 09:34:18a Great Atlantic & Pacific shares up 14 cents at 28.31
11/04/2005 09:33:28a Mis-selling of insurance exposed
11/04/2005 09:32:28a McDonald's puts '06 capex spending at 1.8B
11/04/2005 09:30:58a France's CAC-40 gives up 0.07% to 4,498 at finish
11/04/2005 09:29:49a Payrolls expand by 56,000 in October, the jobless rate dips to 5 percent
11/04/2005 09:28:17a Blue chips decline on rate concerns
11/04/2005 09:27:18a Aspen Exploration Corporation Aspen Exploration Drills Ninth Consecutive Successful Gas Well This Year
11/04/2005 09:25:58a Asia hit by new bird flu outbreaks, birds culled in Japan
11/04/2005 09:25:18a Faro Tech disappoints w/ 3Q report, outlook
11/04/2005 09:24:48a SUV backover deaths What can be done?
11/04/2005 09:23:18a Thales firms in Zuma indictment
11/04/2005 09:22:31a Shares slip at BSkyB despite 15% profit rise
11/04/2005 09:21:27a GM sweetens rebates on '05 models
11/04/2005 09:20:17a Great Atlantic & Pacific CFO Mitchell Goldstein steps down
11/04/2005 09:19:40a Great Atlantic & Pacific promotes Brenda Galgano to CFO
11/04/2005 09:19:07a Railroad consolidates unit, names SVP
11/04/2005 09:18:58a Tech stocks little changed as Apple falls on downgrade
11/04/2005 09:17:17a NiSource posts loss, cuts 2005 outlook
11/04/2005 09:17:07a Vincor shareholders told to reject 1.4B takeover bid
11/04/2005 09:16:18a European shares close lower as oil, U.S. weigh
11/04/2005 09:16:07a NYSE most active stocks PFE LU XOM CPN TWX
11/04/2005 09:14:57a Germany's DAX down 0.3% at 4,995 at end of trading
11/04/2005 09:14:47a Nasdaq most active stocks JDSU ORCL CSCO MSFT SANM
11/04/2005 09:14:37a Calpine shares slide after earnings correction
11/04/2005 09:14:07a Insight Comm, Nexstar ink multiyear retransmission deal
11/04/2005 09:13:17a Blue-chips dip
11/04/2005 09:12:58a Gazprom's search for U.S. pipeline and terminals
11/04/2005 09:12:47a Stocks mixed after jobs data
11/04/2005 09:12:17a Insight, Nexstar deal covers analog, digital carriage rights
11/04/2005 09:10:47a Bush pushes for trade in the Americas while demonstrators gather in protest
11/04/2005 09:09:27a Northwest pilot union reaches tentative labor deal
11/04/2005 09:02:40a Westar earnings jump on higher sales
11/04/2005 09:02:20a Coke says Vanilla has no fizz
11/04/2005 09:02:00a US jobs growth weaker than expected
11/04/2005 09:01:30a Compass Minerals CEO to retire at end of 2006
11/04/2005 08:59:56a Stocks Decline After Jobs Report
11/04/2005 08:59:50a Seat and Ford to trim workforces
11/04/2005 08:59:41a Gold futures drop to a seven-week low in late morning trade
11/04/2005 08:59:04a Thales firms in Zuma indictment
11/04/2005 08:58:02a 'Easy Way' insurance isn't really the smart way
11/04/2005 08:56:17a Bush refuses to comment on status of advisor Karl Rove
11/04/2005 08:54:10a All-Digital TV Coming in 2009
11/04/2005 08:54:04a BSkyB reports 1Q profit, revenue growth
11/04/2005 08:53:59a British FTSE directors pay rises by almost 20%
11/04/2005 08:52:29a With Interest Planting the seeds for compromise
11/04/2005 08:52:00a Vincor shareholders asked to reject 1.4B takeover bid
11/04/2005 08:50:50a Oracle shares rise after CFO says he'll step down
11/04/2005 08:50:39a Church & Dwight completes buy of SpinBrush business from P&G
11/04/2005 08:50:10a Treasurys fall as U.S. wage rise feeds inflation jitters
11/04/2005 08:49:59a Pope & Talbot slumps on loss, dividend halt
11/04/2005 08:48:00a Stocks Mixed on Rates, Oil
11/04/2005 08:47:52a Audible, Sina shares trade actively; Net sector mixed
11/04/2005 08:46:59a ATI Tech upgraded to outperform at Friedman Billings Ramsey
11/04/2005 08:45:03a Mis-selling of insurance exposed
11/04/2005 08:44:50a Profit Slumps on Charges
11/04/2005 08:38:23a UN case triggers Compass sackings
11/04/2005 08:38:17a Mis-selling by insurers exposed
11/04/2005 08:38:10a Seat and Ford to trim workforces
11/04/2005 08:35:51a Amgen strength keeps drug stocks in positive territory
11/04/2005 08:34:21a NYSE most active stocks PFE LU CPN XOM NOK
11/04/2005 08:33:11a Weak job growth report keeps stocks mixed
11/04/2005 08:32:56a Payrolls Expand in Oct.; Jobless Rate Dips
11/04/2005 08:32:02a Fortune Brands Profit Down on Spirits Buy
11/04/2005 08:31:41a Automakers lower incentives, analysts wonder if it can last
11/04/2005 08:31:31a Not just Katrina Job weakness spreading
11/04/2005 08:31:01a Dec gold drops to lowest level since mid-September
11/04/2005 08:30:31a Euro losses gain momentum; 1% at May 2004 low of 1.1827
11/04/2005 08:30:01a Telecoms mixed; UTStarcom gains
11/04/2005 08:29:41a Moody's School Specialty now on review for possible upgrade
11/04/2005 08:29:21a KC Southern consolidates unit in KC, appoints SVP
11/04/2005 08:29:13a Polo Ralph Lauren profit up
11/04/2005 08:29:03a Worst 10 states for auto-deer collisions
11/04/2005 08:29:00a GM sweetens cash rebates
11/04/2005 08:28:53a Stocks turn down on rates woes
11/04/2005 08:27:31a Stocks Are Mixed After Jobs Data
11/04/2005 08:27:12a E-Trade selling shares, bonds to finance BrownCo buy
11/04/2005 08:27:01a Seat and Ford to trim workforces
11/04/2005 08:26:51a Euro falls to 1 1/2-year low against dollar
11/04/2005 08:26:43a Stocks in slip
11/04/2005 08:26:14a Dollar at 117.96 yen, up 0.6% from late Thursday
11/04/2005 08:25:20a Dec gold down 5.40 at 456.50/oz after 456.10 low
11/04/2005 08:25:11a ZipRealty reduced to neutral by Pacific Growth Equities
11/04/2005 08:24:20a 10-year Treasury turns lower, as focus remains on wage jump
11/04/2005 08:24:10a Employers Expand Payrolls, Jobless Rate Falls
11/04/2005 08:23:20a Sempra Let's Make a Deal
11/04/2005 08:23:13a Asia hit by new bird flu outbreaks, signs of virus in Japan
11/04/2005 08:23:00a Onex sells remaining stake in Magellan Health Services
11/04/2005 08:22:30a Nasdaq most active stocks ORCL JDSU MSFT CSCO INTC
11/04/2005 08:22:10a Amn Healthcare target upped to 23 by Ryan Beck
11/04/2005 08:21:10a Internet-based marketing exploits drama to hawk products
11/04/2005 08:20:51a U.S. stocks turn lower; market unsettled by jobs data
11/04/2005 08:20:40a Crude back under 60 a barrel; weather in focus
11/04/2005 08:20:10a Moody's affirms School Specialty SGL-3 rating
11/04/2005 08:19:50a Treasurys inch up on payrolls miss; rising wage eyed
11/04/2005 08:18:08a US jobless rate down post-Katrina
11/04/2005 08:18:05a Toyota on Pace for Record Full-Year Profit
11/04/2005 08:16:40a Wal-Mart 263B in shopper savings
11/04/2005 08:16:30a Nasdaq Composite down 1 pt at 2,159
11/04/2005 08:16:10a 10-year Treasury 4/32 at 96 25/32, 4.67% yield
11/04/2005 08:16:01a Edison International gains as 2005 outlook lifted
11/04/2005 08:15:40a MySpace launches record label with Interscope
11/04/2005 08:15:30a Calpine corrects 3Q and year-to-date Ebitda
11/04/2005 08:14:40a Ciena shares down following management shuffle
11/04/2005 08:06:40a E-Trade selling securities to finance BrownCo buy
11/04/2005 08:05:00a Sanders Morris cuts DirecTV price target to 20 from 23
11/04/2005 08:04:50a U.S. stocks edge higher, shrugging off jobs report
11/04/2005 08:04:19a Telewest Global cut to equal weight at Morgan Stanley
11/04/2005 08:04:00a Wal-Mart hurts wages, but helps economy, study says
11/04/2005 08:03:50a Fortune Brands earnings sliced by charges; sales up 19%
11/04/2005 08:03:39a Dow industrials down 1 pt at 10,521
11/04/2005 08:03:19a Gold futures touch 3-day high, then fall; 500 on tap?
11/04/2005 08:02:59a St Jude Advanced Neuro tender offer expires Nov. 15
11/04/2005 08:02:39a Profits Soar, But Stocks Pause
11/04/2005 08:01:49a St Jude Hart-Scott wait expires in Advanced Neuro deal
11/04/2005 08:01:30a Dow industrials decliners outnumber advancers 17 to 13
11/04/2005 08:00:39a Zero? Less than zero?
11/04/2005 08:00:30a Creditors Seek Court OK to Probe Refco
11/04/2005 08:00:22a Stocks Move Higher After Jobs Data
11/04/2005 08:00:19a Crude, natural-gas prices retreat
11/04/2005 07:58:59a DirecTV cut to buy from strong buy at Sanders Morris Harris
11/04/2005 07:58:22a St Jude expects Advanced Neuro deal to close by end of year
11/04/2005 07:57:29a Tepid Payroll Growth In October
11/04/2005 07:56:59a Broadcasters feel effect of ratings, earnings
11/04/2005 07:56:49a Airlines mixed in morning trading
11/04/2005 07:56:10a Dollar perserveres in wake of mixed U.S. jobs report
11/04/2005 07:55:22a Northwest pilots union agrees to pay cut
11/04/2005 07:54:59a Fox Dissenters Unneeded for Trade Zone
11/04/2005 07:54:50a US jobless rate down post-Katrina
11/04/2005 07:54:37a Oil wavers below 60 after US crude stocks rise
11/04/2005 07:54:19a St Jude, Advanced Neuro deal cleared under Hart-Scott Act
11/04/2005 07:53:52a Jury clears Merck in second Vioxx pain-reliever case
11/04/2005 07:53:06a Gate dispute cost BA up to £45m
11/04/2005 07:52:29a Aon shares rally on 1B buyback, organic revenue increase
11/04/2005 07:52:19a NYSE decliners outnumber advancers 4 to 3
11/04/2005 07:51:19a Toyota Sees Sales, Profits Rise
11/04/2005 07:50:19a Assurant target lifted to 48 from 44 by Raymond James
11/04/2005 07:48:43a A Workable Downloadable Movies Business Model?
11/04/2005 07:47:59a Honeywell sets buyback plan for up to 3 bln in stock
11/04/2005 07:47:18a Bonds rise on weak jobs number
11/04/2005 07:46:58a Moody's still mulling downgrade of Alliance Gaming
11/04/2005 07:41:51a Bush tries to improve US image at summit
11/04/2005 07:39:19a Thunderbird struggles to find path to growth
11/04/2005 07:38:18a US jobless rate down post-Katrina
11/04/2005 07:37:55a Tepid Payroll Growth In October
11/04/2005 07:37:42a Profits Soar, But Stocks Pause
11/04/2005 07:37:31a AMD's Spansion sets IPO offering range
11/04/2005 07:37:19a Biovail target upped to 33 from 20 at Morgan Stanley
11/04/2005 07:36:51a Nasdaq most active stocks JDSU ORCL AAPL SIRI CSCO
11/04/2005 07:35:59a Mild start after jobs
11/04/2005 07:35:54a A Workable Downloadable Movies Business Model?
11/04/2005 07:35:09a Oracle upgraded to buy at Rochdale Research
11/04/2005 07:35:01a A Workable Downloadable Movies Business Model?
11/04/2005 07:33:40a Venezuelan leader backs protesters opposing U.S. free trade plan
11/04/2005 07:33:01a Hartford shares raised to outperform at Fox-Pitt, Kelton
11/04/2005 07:32:20a Developers eager for Pinal land listen to towns
11/04/2005 07:31:39a Tech stocks edge up early; Apple falls on downgrade
11/04/2005 07:31:29a Payrolls expand by 56,000 in October
11/04/2005 07:31:19a Senate I want my digital TV, by 2009
11/04/2005 07:31:09a NYSE most active stocks PFE LU NOK CPN TWX
11/04/2005 07:30:52a Talk links Trump, downtown Phoenix projects
11/04/2005 07:30:45a Profits Soar, But Stocks Pause
11/04/2005 07:30:06a France's disaffected Muslim businessmen
11/04/2005 07:30:00a Tech stocks edge up early, yet Apples falls on downgrade
11/04/2005 07:29:49a Surprise's shopping pitch Win spring training tickets
11/04/2005 07:29:29a Puda Coal, Inc Puda Coal, Inc. Provides EPS Guidance for Third Quarter
11/04/2005 07:29:03a Regulators probe Wachovia fund sales
11/04/2005 07:28:52a Northwest union in tentative labor deal
11/04/2005 07:28:44a Tech stocks advance on Sanmina results
11/04/2005 07:28:36a Polo Ralph Lauren earnings up 31 pct
11/04/2005 07:28:31a Pope & Talbot down 8.6% at 8.32
11/04/2005 07:28:28a Snow says China can move faster on forex
11/04/2005 07:25:49a Treasurys nose up on payrolls miss, but wage jump eyed
11/04/2005 07:25:18a Wal-Mart opens center in Goodyear
11/04/2005 07:25:09a Biovail upgraded to overweight by Morgan Stanley
11/04/2005 07:24:58a Wild Oats, Charlotte Russe stand out among retailers
11/04/2005 07:24:43a EPA cites chocolate factory after complaints about smell
11/04/2005 07:24:19a MoneyTV MoneyTV, Week of 11/4
11/04/2005 07:23:29a Phoenix hotel designed as 'sophisticated Southwestern'
11/04/2005 07:23:18a Pilots union at Northwest agrees to 24% interim pay cut
11/04/2005 07:23:03a BSkyB share buyback proposal passes by slim margin
11/04/2005 07:22:18a Knight Ridder's No. 3 investor joins call to sell newspaper chain
11/04/2005 07:21:49a Tourism campaign uncovers Arizona 'treasures'
11/04/2005 07:21:33a Oil eases from Thursday's rally
11/04/2005 07:21:08a APS seeks 20% rate hike
11/04/2005 07:18:38a A Workable Downloadable Movies Business Model?
11/04/2005 07:15:17a Fitch downgrades RadioShack sr. unsecured notes to 'BBB'
11/04/2005 07:14:27a Hartford gains 3% after quarterly earnings top forecasts
11/04/2005 07:14:07a 2006 World Cup spurs Puma
11/04/2005 07:13:27a Hartford raised to outperform at Fox-Pitt, Kelton
11/04/2005 07:13:17a Hartford price target set at 105 by Fox-Pitt, Kelton
11/04/2005 07:13:07a Merck down 1.1% at 29.16
11/04/2005 07:12:37a Dendreon's quarterly loss narrows
11/04/2005 07:12:07a Wal-Mart said to create 210,000 jobs
11/04/2005 07:11:57a Circor International down 13% at 24.31
11/04/2005 07:11:38a United American Healthcare down 20% at 2.64
11/04/2005 07:10:37a Gold prices head higher in morning trading
11/04/2005 07:10:17a Bush Arrives for Hemispheric Summit, Planning to Pitch Free Trade
11/04/2005 07:09:07a ZipRealty down 37% at 8.24
11/04/2005 07:08:56a Telvent wins Madrid, Bilbao metro contracts worth 6M euro
11/04/2005 07:08:37a Continental, SkyWest rise in early trading
11/04/2005 07:08:27a BA profits take off, outlook climbs
11/04/2005 07:07:57a U.S. jobless rate inches down to 5% for October
11/04/2005 07:07:27a Snow China committed to more currency flexiblity
11/04/2005 07:06:57a, Inc. ETLC.PK Provides Update of Status of Audited Financials
11/04/2005 07:06:47a Thales units accused of corruption
11/04/2005 07:06:40a A Workable Downloadable Movies Business Model? /.
11/04/2005 07:06:07a Stocks open higher after weak jobs data
11/04/2005 07:05:57a BSkyB suffers protest vote over buy-back plan
11/04/2005 07:05:16a SNC-Lavalin earnings dip
11/04/2005 07:04:46a Fitch cuts Montpelier financial strength rating to BBB
11/04/2005 07:03:47a Announces Podcast Interview for Cost Plus World Market
11/04/2005 07:03:06a U.S. payrolls up by 56,000 in October
11/04/2005 07:02:27a Oil stocks decline Friday
11/04/2005 07:02:17a China No. 1 for tourism by 2017?
11/04/2005 07:02:07a earnings cut 19M by Katrina
11/04/2005 07:01:47a U.S. stocks open higher after Oct jobs data
11/04/2005 07:01:25a Tepid Payroll Growth In October
11/04/2005 07:01:06a House Panel Approves Data Breach Bill
11/04/2005 07:00:36a QSound Labs down 16% at 2.28
11/04/2005 07:00:32a Plavix for heart attacks could save lives
11/04/2005 07:00:17a Profit Slumps in 3Q
11/04/2005 06:59:26a Corillian Corp. down 19% at 2.50
11/04/2005 06:59:13a Bill Barrett Corp. up 13% at 37.09
11/04/2005 06:59:02a Vodafone raises S African stake
11/04/2005 06:58:11a France's disaffected Muslim businessmen
11/04/2005 06:51:52a Ford Subsidiary May Cut 1,200 German Jobs
11/04/2005 06:51:36a Milacron sees 4%-5% overall growth in 2006
11/04/2005 06:51:15a Vincor Rejects 900M Constellation Bid
11/04/2005 06:49:25a General Maritime upped to hold at Citigroup
11/04/2005 06:49:05a E-Trade to offer stock, notes to pay for BrownCo.
11/04/2005 06:48:55a Milacron sees savings of 15M/yr from consolidation
11/04/2005 06:48:15a Citigroup ups General Maritime price target to 40 from 30
11/04/2005 06:46:25a Lubrizol expects sale to close early next year
11/04/2005 06:45:45a Citigroup sets Mylan Labs price target at 25
11/04/2005 06:45:14a Pelican Financial to be acquired for 6 a share
11/04/2005 06:43:26a Lubrizol Terms of Telene resins business sale undisclosed
11/04/2005 06:42:44a PNM Resources affirms FY05 adj. earns view of 1.56-1.65
11/04/2005 06:42:24a Mylan Labs started at buy at Citigroup
11/04/2005 06:42:14a Builders fall on weaker home prices; FTSE steady
11/04/2005 06:42:05a Chinese Startup YeePay Sees 10-Fold Business Increase Through IBM Venture Capital Partnership Network
11/04/2005 06:41:44a Lubrizol agrees to sell Telene resins business to Rimtec
11/04/2005 06:41:24a Lubrizol All Telene employees offered jobs by Rimtec
11/04/2005 06:41:14a Economists see weakness in Oct. job data as temporary
11/04/2005 06:40:34a Kingsley Coach Kingsley Boosts Print Advertising
11/04/2005 06:40:24a Milacron posts wider quarterly loss, higher revenue
11/04/2005 06:39:54a US Senate rejects Alaska oil ban
11/04/2005 06:37:05a U.S. Economy Adds Fewer Jobs Than Expected in October
11/04/2005 06:36:54a Bush Faces a Fight at Free Trade Talks in Argentina
11/04/2005 06:35:44a Japan's new trade chief makes overtures to Beijing
11/04/2005 06:35:22a US Senate rejects Alaska oil ban
11/04/2005 06:34:06a U.S. stocks set to open higher after Oct jobs data
11/04/2005 06:31:13a Rates on 30-year mortgages increase
11/04/2005 06:29:06a Trump Resorts to sell riverboat casino
11/04/2005 06:28:53a Fortune Brands profit drops 59 pct
11/04/2005 06:28:49a Stock futures point to higher open
11/04/2005 06:28:39a Job growth weaker than expected
11/04/2005 06:27:25a Checkfree target upped to 52 by Ramond James
11/04/2005 06:27:16a Biovail Corp. upped to sector performer at CIBC
11/04/2005 06:26:46a American Fin'l Reds' controlling holders plan to sell stake
11/04/2005 06:26:28a Lawmakers Attack Supreme Court Property Seizure Ruling
11/04/2005 06:26:15a CSFB upgrades auto and supplier sector
11/04/2005 06:26:05a Checkfree upped to strong buy at Raymond James
11/04/2005 06:25:35a Bush Promotes Free Trade in Argentina
11/04/2005 06:24:55a FOCUS Enhancements FOCUS Enhancements Announces Sale of Common Stock
11/04/2005 06:24:15a Glatfelter Q3 adj earnings 9c vs 13c
11/04/2005 06:23:55a U.S. nonfarm payrolls rise 56,000 in Oct.
11/04/2005 06:23:45a Economists say Oct. job market weakness is temporary
11/04/2005 06:23:35a FPL posts 6% profit growth; warns of storm costs ahead
11/04/2005 06:23:05a European shares pressured by U.S. data, strong oil
11/04/2005 06:22:55a Lear Corp. upped to outperform at CS First Boston
11/04/2005 06:22:45a NYSE vote may see legal challenge
11/04/2005 06:21:54a Sugar's sweeter futures
11/04/2005 06:21:34a Superior Indus. cut to underperform at CS First Boston
11/04/2005 06:21:27a UPDATE BSkyB 1Q Net Profit Up, Subscriber Growth Slows
11/04/2005 06:21:05a PNM Resources affirms 2005 earnings estimate
11/04/2005 06:20:36a Economists see no change in Fed hike path from Oct. job data
11/04/2005 06:20:15a Treasurys get modest lift from payrolls shortfall
11/04/2005 06:19:25a U.S. Oct. job growth below trend excluding hurricanes
11/04/2005 06:19:04a American Fin'l could see 15M gain on sale of Reds stake
11/04/2005 06:18:25a United Community Banks, Inc. United Community Bank Breaks Ground in North Hall County
11/04/2005 06:18:14a American Axle upped to outperform at CS First Boston
11/04/2005 06:17:56a M.B.A. Holdings, Inc. MBAH Rescinds Magazine Acquisition Bid
11/04/2005 06:17:44a Edison Int'l lifts FY06 earns view to 2.80-2.90 a share
11/04/2005 06:17:25a Honeywell, Apple, GM, jobs data likely to feature
11/04/2005 06:17:14a Visteon upped to outperform at CS First Boston
11/04/2005 06:16:35a Dollar nicked by U.S. payrolls tally short of forecasts
11/04/2005 06:16:14a Personal insolvency levels hit new heights
11/04/2005 06:15:15a Vishay Intertechnology sees 4Q revs of 570m-590M
11/04/2005 06:14:44a US generates just 56,000 jobs in October
11/04/2005 06:14:34a PNM Resources 2005 First Call estimate 1.56
11/04/2005 06:14:25a U.S. stocks set to open flat after Oct jobs data
11/04/2005 06:13:45a Japan forces inspection of all stock exchanges
11/04/2005 06:12:54a EPIC Media Inc. EPIC Media Launches New and Enhanced Corporate Website
11/04/2005 06:12:44a American Fin'l hopes to close deal this year
11/04/2005 06:12:24a American Financial unit to sell 15% stake in Cincinnati Reds
11/04/2005 06:12:14a PNM Resources estimates 2005 adj net 1.55-1.65
11/04/2005 06:12:04a Pelican Fin'l to be acquired for 6 a share
11/04/2005 06:11:54a American Fin'l to sell 15% of Cincinnati Reds team
11/04/2005 06:11:24a Evergreen Solar shares rise on news of 70M contract
11/04/2005 06:11:04a The Company net income falls on Katrina loss
11/04/2005 05:58:26a Two charged with planning terrorist attacks on Britain
11/04/2005 05:57:48a Chinese billionaires on the rise
11/04/2005 05:55:05a The Graffiti Tracker Graffiti Expert Agrees With Las Vegas Mayor for Harsher Penalties
11/04/2005 05:46:03a Alaska Air, Horizon Air October traffic rises
11/04/2005 05:45:53a COMMENTARY Job may be too much for anyone
11/04/2005 05:45:13a Glatfelter Long fiber & overlay sees rivalry, overcapacity
11/04/2005 05:43:13a NiSource lowers 2005 profit forecast
11/04/2005 05:41:44a Officials Ford May Cut 1,200 German Jobs
11/04/2005 05:41:23a Wild Oats Markets swings to a gain
11/04/2005 05:41:19a Chinese billionaires on the rise
11/04/2005 05:41:08a Powergen admits appalling service
11/04/2005 05:41:02a Vodafone raises S African stake
11/04/2005 05:40:52a US Senate agrees spending cuts
11/04/2005 05:40:15a Celgene target lifted to 70 from 59 by JMP Securities
11/04/2005 05:39:51a Dollar Financial upped to Market Outperform by JMP Securitie
11/04/2005 05:39:35a Glatfelter Q3 adjusted net 9c vs 13c
11/04/2005 05:39:31a Glatfelter Long fiber & overlay papers market challenging
11/04/2005 05:39:17a US Senate approves spending cuts
11/04/2005 05:38:54a Glatfelter Q3 revenue up 2.5% to 146.8M
11/04/2005 05:38:50a Wheat futures options
11/04/2005 05:38:38a Entrecom sees sequential decline in 4Q revs
11/04/2005 05:38:19a GM bracing for Delphi strike?
11/04/2005 05:37:23a Glatfelter Q3 net 8c vs 5c
11/04/2005 05:37:15a KeySpan swings to a profit on electric business
11/04/2005 05:36:52a Mesa Air October traffic 71.7% vs 71.8%
11/04/2005 05:35:53a Glatfelter Long fiber paper unit faces revamp; charges seen
11/04/2005 05:35:43a Vodafone raises S African stake
11/04/2005 05:35:12a Teco Energy profit more than doubles
11/04/2005 05:34:24a Chinese billionaires on the rise
11/04/2005 05:34:12a Glatfelter Q3 First Call est 12c
11/04/2005 05:33:32a Noble Energy 3Q earns 177M vs 83.7M
11/04/2005 05:32:24a Pope & Talbot swings to loss, suspends dividend
11/04/2005 05:32:12a Glatfelter Specialty-papers markets 'remain stable'
11/04/2005 05:30:19a WRAPUP 1-US business productivity stronger than expected
11/04/2005 05:29:04a Small business hiring strong survey
11/04/2005 05:28:53a Stock futures show flat before jobs data
11/04/2005 05:28:45a Fortune Brands 3rd-qtr profits drop
11/04/2005 05:28:39a Polo Ralph Lauren 2nd-qtr earnings rise
11/04/2005 05:28:30a Jobs data may show pick up after storms
11/04/2005 05:24:00a Pope & Talbot suspends quarterly dividend
11/04/2005 05:23:33a New Medicare Plan Presents a Drug Benefit Conundrum
11/04/2005 05:22:59a Alaska Air Oct capacity 1.842 billion ASMs, up 2.2%
11/04/2005 05:22:51a Trinity Biotech plc Trinity Biotech Presenting at Rodman & Renshaw Techvest Healthcare Conference
11/04/2005 05:22:48a BA counts cost of catering row as profits nosedive
11/04/2005 05:22:29a Senate OKs billions in spending cuts
11/04/2005 05:21:49a Honeywell sets buyback plan for up to 3 bln in common
11/04/2005 05:21:18a Wachovia jumps back into credit cards
11/04/2005 05:20:59a Checkpoint Systems earns 36 cents vs. 26 cents
11/04/2005 05:20:49a Senomyx to sell 3.5M shares to raise net 49.7 million
11/04/2005 05:20:19a SOE restructuring effective to reduce laid-offs
11/04/2005 05:20:09a Wild Oats Markets est '05 same-store sales high end 3%-4%
11/04/2005 05:19:59a Wild Oats Markets est '05 net 4c-7c; previous est was 2c-4c
11/04/2005 05:19:49a Teco Energy 2005 First Call est 1.11
11/04/2005 05:19:09a BSkyB Reports 1Q Profit, Revenue Growth
11/04/2005 05:18:49a Polo Ralph Lauren profit beats by wide margin
11/04/2005 05:17:59a Wild Oats Markets 2005 First Call estimate 6c
11/04/2005 05:17:49a CORRECT Pope & Talbot Q3 loss 54c vs earnings 48c
11/04/2005 05:17:19a US Senate backs Alaska oil plan
11/04/2005 05:16:59a Pope & Talbot Q3 revenue 212.7M vs 199.1M
11/04/2005 05:16:39a Fortune Brands revenue rises as adj. earnings hit mark
11/04/2005 05:16:29a Teco Energy ups 2005 oulook to 1.15-1.20
11/04/2005 05:16:09a 3rd round of Sino-Australia FTA talks ends in Beijing
11/04/2005 05:15:59a HouseValues HouseValues to Present at New York Area Conferences in November
11/04/2005 05:15:29a Pope & Talbot Q3 First Call estimated loss 63c
11/04/2005 05:08:18a Jobless rate drops to 30-year low
11/04/2005 05:08:08a Moog sees FY06 earns 1.79-1.87
11/04/2005 05:07:48a Polo Ralph Lauren sees 2006 revs up in low single digits
11/04/2005 05:07:38a Homebuilders lackluster after data; FTSE steady
11/04/2005 05:07:28a Oil Prices Remain Under 62 a Barrel
11/04/2005 05:07:08a Salem Communications cut to neutral by Banc of America
11/04/2005 05:06:38a 180 SOEs seek investors worldwide
11/04/2005 05:06:18a Pioneer Drilling target upped to 21 by First Albany
11/04/2005 05:05:38a Polo Ralph Lauren sees 2006 margins up 400-450 basis points
11/04/2005 05:04:58a Polo Ralph Lauren Q2 First Call rev est 970.3M
11/04/2005 05:04:40a Spitzer sues maker of heart devices
11/04/2005 05:04:28a Toyota's H1 profits fall on capex spending
11/04/2005 05:04:10a FPL Group net gains; Hurricane Wilma to hurt results
11/04/2005 05:03:28a Polo Ralph Lauren 2006 First Call est 2.94
11/04/2005 05:03:18a Icahn Time Warner plan 'baby steps'
11/04/2005 05:01:58a Polo Ralph Lauren Q2 revs 1.027B, up 15%
11/04/2005 05:01:46a Economists predict increase in jobs
11/04/2005 05:01:18a DRS Tech. earns top expectations, outlook falls short
11/04/2005 05:01:08a Polo Ralph Lauren Q2 earns 97c vs 77c
11/04/2005 05:00:29a Radio One earnings fall on special charge
11/04/2005 04:59:58a Mylan sells Apokyn rights for 23 million
11/04/2005 04:59:38a Polo Ralph Lauren Q2 First Call est 90c
11/04/2005 04:58:45a Crude Futures Pull Back After 2 Jump
11/04/2005 04:58:38a Polo Ralph Lauren still sees 2006 earns 2.85-2.92
11/04/2005 04:58:18a Economists Predict Increase in Jobs
11/04/2005 04:58:08a Retail gains, Merck victory in court drive stocks higher
11/04/2005 04:54:15a Subscription slows after BSkyB hikes TV prices
11/04/2005 04:51:34a Report Auto expert destroyed evidence
11/04/2005 04:51:04a First Consulting Group CEO/chairman resigns
11/04/2005 04:50:34a OGE Energy earnings rise on weather-linked usage
11/04/2005 04:49:53a Northwest Pilots OK Hefty Pay Cut
11/04/2005 04:49:34a Morgan Stanley cut to neutral at Merrill Lynch
11/04/2005 04:48:54a European shares pressured as oil holds atop 61
11/04/2005 04:48:34a Westar Energy earns, rev. rise
11/04/2005 04:47:23a Morgan Stanley downgraded at Merrill Lynch
11/04/2005 04:47:14a Merrill cuts Morgan Stanley Q4 earns est. to 1 from 1.25
11/04/2005 04:46:13a Keyspan adjusted earnings 13 cents vs. loss of 19 cents
11/04/2005 04:45:56a First Consulting Group chairman/CEO resigns
11/04/2005 04:44:43a Hansen Natural Agenda item removed for technical reasons
11/04/2005 04:44:34a UK house price recovery continues
11/04/2005 04:44:03a Artesyn Tech earnings inch higher; sales fall
11/04/2005 04:43:53a Hansen Natural removes item from annual-meeting agenda
11/04/2005 04:43:33a PERNOD RICARD PERNOD RICARD Financial Calendar 2005/2006
11/04/2005 04:43:23a Honeywell to buy back as much as 3 billion of common
11/04/2005 04:42:33a Westar Energy Q3 revenue 477.9M
11/04/2005 04:42:03a Ford confirms ethanol alliance with VeraSun
11/04/2005 04:40:45a London stocks in black in spite of BSkyB fears
11/04/2005 04:40:33a Hansen Natural item aimed to lift authorized shares to 100M
11/04/2005 04:40:03a Nikkei breaks through 14,000 on banking gains
11/04/2005 04:39:13a Extreme ski services
11/04/2005 04:39:03a Hansen Natural Agenda item will be reintroduced later
11/04/2005 04:36:12a Adidas looking for a big score after next year's World Cup
11/04/2005 04:35:09a US Senate approves spending cuts
11/04/2005 04:34:59a Greggs shares hit by slow sales
11/04/2005 04:34:51a Customer churn hits BSkyB
11/04/2005 04:34:44a UK house price recovery continues
11/04/2005 04:33:21a Northwest Pilots OK Hefty Pay Cut
11/04/2005 04:32:13a Westar Energy Q3 non-GAAP eaninrgs 1.02
11/04/2005 04:32:01a Westar Energy Q3 earnings 97c vs 70c
11/04/2005 04:31:51a Keyspan Q3 net 13c vs loss 73c
11/04/2005 04:30:02a October Sales Bring Retailers Cheer
11/04/2005 04:29:31a KeySpan Q3 First Call estimate net 9c
11/04/2005 04:29:26a Sky edges closer to 8m target
11/04/2005 04:29:13a Westar profit rises
11/04/2005 04:29:03a Arizona Public Service to seek rate hike
11/04/2005 04:28:55a Ford, Verasun team up to promote ethanol
11/04/2005 04:28:48a Spansion sets IPO at 35.3 mln shares
11/04/2005 04:28:38a Four bids vying for Westinghouse-sources
11/04/2005 04:28:29a Autonomy to buy US software firm Verity
11/04/2005 04:28:18a Alliant third-quarter profit rises
11/04/2005 04:28:08a Stocks set to open flat
11/04/2005 04:28:01a Radio One Q3 revs 101.4M vs 84.4M
11/04/2005 04:27:40a Customer churn hits BSkyB
11/04/2005 04:26:41a US Senate approves spending cuts
11/04/2005 04:26:20a OGE sees 2005 earns 1.65-1.75
11/04/2005 04:24:30a KeySpan Q3 revenue 1.3B vs 975.6M
11/04/2005 04:24:20a Spacetoday Japanese businessman to be next space tourist
11/04/2005 04:24:13a The Senate Medicare Options Serious Savings or Business as Usual?
11/04/2005 04:23:41a Amtrak Settles Race-Bias Lawsuit
11/04/2005 04:23:33a Carrizo Oil & Gas posts 43% quarterly revenue growth
11/04/2005 04:22:30a Honeywell to buy back up to 3B shares
11/04/2005 04:22:10a Advancis Shifts Drug Strategy
11/04/2005 04:21:52a OGE Energy Q3 earns 1.22 vs 1.07
11/04/2005 04:21:23a China's Transformation
11/04/2005 04:21:00a IRS Audits Target Firms And Rich Taxpayers More
11/04/2005 04:18:40a OGE Q3 revs 1.7B vs 1.3B
11/04/2005 04:11:59a Greggs shares hit by slow sales
11/04/2005 04:11:29a Quanta Services profit triples on hurricane restoration work
11/04/2005 04:11:14a Not just for profit, or not just?
11/04/2005 04:11:09a Converium to restate third quarter figures
11/04/2005 04:10:59a GM lifts output in event Delphi workers strike Detroit News
11/04/2005 04:10:19a Progressive Gaming to offer 7.3M shares at 9.25
11/04/2005 04:09:41a Profits at major electronics SOEs plunge in first 3Qs
11/04/2005 04:09:29a Stocks Set to Open Lower on Apple Downgrade
11/04/2005 04:08:28a AMD Outlook on Spansion Inc. joint venture
11/04/2005 04:06:58a Redwood Trust third-quarter profit declines
11/04/2005 04:06:38a BlueScope Steel warns oversupply to hit profits
11/04/2005 04:06:18a Advanced Micro Q4 memory product sales to rise vs Q3
11/04/2005 04:05:58a Progressive Gaming prices 7.3M shares at 9.25 a share
11/04/2005 04:05:38a Toyota brakes in 2Q, zooms on outlook
11/04/2005 04:04:58a Gas prices end week lower
11/04/2005 04:04:08a AMD's Spansion to see sequential sales rise
11/04/2005 04:03:58a Advanced Micro Memory products Q3 book-to-bill 1.4 to 1
11/04/2005 04:03:18a Moodys cuts Unicredito rating to A1 from Aa2
11/04/2005 04:03:11a Progressive Gaming underwriter option 1.1M share
11/04/2005 04:02:23a Strikes 'cost BA up to £45m'
11/04/2005 03:55:37a Merck Wins in 2nd Trial Over Vioxx
11/04/2005 03:42:48a Quanta Services Q3 11c vs 4c
11/04/2005 03:42:38a Fidelity dwarf says he's in demand
11/04/2005 03:42:28a Alliant Energy Q3 cont ops 85c vs 80c
11/04/2005 03:42:18a Alliant Energy sees FY cont ops 1.10 to 1.30
11/04/2005 03:42:08a Crude holds over 61 a barrel; weather in focus
11/04/2005 03:41:58a Redwood Trust Q3 'core' eareningns 1.22 vs 2.29
11/04/2005 03:41:48a GM lifts car output in case Delphi strikes Detroit News
11/04/2005 03:41:38a Alliant Energy Q3 revenue 874M vs 693M
11/04/2005 03:41:18a British Airways Posts Profit Dip on Costs
11/04/2005 03:41:08a Futures dull before payrolls data; Apple downgraded
11/04/2005 03:40:58a Boyd Gaming upped at Bear Stearns, pipeline cited
11/04/2005 03:40:48a Quanta Services Q3 revenue 523M vs 463M
11/04/2005 03:40:28a Quanta Services Q4 seen 6c-8c, revenue 450M-480M
11/04/2005 03:40:10a Charlotte Russe fourth-quarter profit almost doubles
11/04/2005 03:39:59a Puma Profit Rises on U.S. Shoe Demand
11/04/2005 03:39:40a Redwood Trust Q3 2.21 vs 3.18
11/04/2005 03:39:31a Oil prices ease after rally
11/04/2005 03:39:23a BP boss predicts oil price fall
11/04/2005 03:39:14a Bankruptcies rise to new record
11/04/2005 03:39:01a Charlotte Russe Q1 view 17c to 21c
11/04/2005 03:38:41a Equity optimism lifts BBC Global 30
11/04/2005 03:38:38a Alliant Energy third-quarter profit, sales rise
11/04/2005 03:38:00a Battle ahead at Americas summit
11/04/2005 03:37:51a Firefox fanbase reaches new high
11/04/2005 03:37:45a New customers boost BSkyB
11/04/2005 03:37:38a Bankruptcies rise to new record
11/04/2005 03:28:45a Wall Street seen mixed
11/04/2005 03:27:49a Stockholders pressure Knight Ridder to seek buyer
11/04/2005 03:27:04a Sky shares dip as subscriptions slow
11/04/2005 03:24:03a Merck gets first Vioxx victory
11/04/2005 03:23:19a Price hikes keep BA's profit climbing
11/04/2005 03:22:47a Bankruptcies rise to new record
11/04/2005 03:22:33a Hollinger Int'l shows profit in belated report
11/04/2005 03:06:01a Manitowoc cut at Deutsche on execution,recent share strength
11/04/2005 03:05:50a POPstar Communications Inc POPstar VoIP Services With a Difference
11/04/2005 03:04:40a Crude Futures Pull Back After 2 Jump
11/04/2005 03:04:23a Working Wounded Managing Your Boss
11/04/2005 03:04:10a Teradyne upped to neutral at CSFB
11/04/2005 03:04:00a Nikkei ends above 14,000 on stronger chips, banks
11/04/2005 03:03:40a British Airways profit falls 24% on strike, fuel costs
11/04/2005 03:03:20a Eminent domain looks less imminent
11/04/2005 03:02:10a Teradyne upped at CSFB
11/04/2005 03:01:30a Firefox fanbase reaches new high
11/04/2005 03:01:20a Manitowoc Co. cut to hold at Deutsche Bank
11/04/2005 03:01:10a Tech Stock of the Week | Nanogen
11/04/2005 03:00:10a Battle ahead at Americas summit
11/04/2005 03:00:00a Cabot cut at J.P. Morgan on higher raw material prices
11/04/2005 02:59:50a Boyd Gaming upped to outperform at Bear Stearns
11/04/2005 02:52:42a Infineon upped to equal-weight at Morgan Stanley
11/04/2005 02:52:30a Adidas lifts profit forecast
11/04/2005 02:52:22a Delta Apparel first-quarter net income rises to 3.4M
11/04/2005 02:52:12a Computer Sciences cut at Citigroup; growth may slow
11/04/2005 02:51:22a Converium lower on plan to restate earnings
11/04/2005 02:51:02a Morgan Stanley ups Infineon on possible strategic change
11/04/2005 02:50:52a Tesoro cut at Citigroup, negative earnings revision seen
11/04/2005 02:50:42a Northwest Pilots Union Agrees to Pay Cut
11/04/2005 02:50:32a Ford reportedly to cut 1,000 jobs in Germany
11/04/2005 02:50:02a CEO America Inc. VIP Reception Launches MyCommunityTM Program in Santa Monica
11/04/2005 02:49:52a Ikea, the Lifestyle
11/04/2005 02:49:42a The Real Deal on Gizmondo
11/04/2005 02:49:32a Total profits rise sharply as oil prices soar
11/04/2005 02:49:12a Cabot cut to underweight at J.P. Morgan
11/04/2005 02:49:02a BP boss predicts oil price fall
11/04/2005 02:47:41a Delta Apparel sees Q2 sales 54M-58Mm, EPS 26C-30C
11/04/2005 02:47:32a Oil Prices Push Total to Record 3Q Profit
11/04/2005 02:47:22a Computer Sciences cut to hold at Citigroup
11/04/2005 02:47:02a Halifax says house prices stabilised in October
11/04/2005 02:46:22a Tesoro Petroleum cut to hold at Citigroup
11/04/2005 02:45:11a Delta Apparel Q1 net income 3.4M vs 1.4M
11/04/2005 02:44:41a UBS upgrades Shire Pharmaceuticals to buy from neutral
11/04/2005 02:44:11a Apple cut at Prudential on recent appreciation
11/04/2005 02:44:01a Delta Apparel ups 2006 EPS guidance to 1.71-1.80
11/04/2005 02:43:51a Delta Apparel Q1 sales up 11.6% at 60.6M
11/04/2005 02:43:41a Apple Computer cut to neutral weight at Prudential
11/04/2005 02:43:02a Sports MMOGs Open Mobile Horizons
11/04/2005 02:42:31a EA Tank Contest Seeks AI Talent
11/04/2005 02:35:33a 'Many' jobs lost as ferries stop
11/04/2005 02:35:27a BP boss predicts oil price fall
11/04/2005 02:32:24a Catering strike eats into BA profits
11/04/2005 02:29:14a FCC to look at cities' cable, phone deals
11/04/2005 02:28:19a Puma raises outlook after strong Q3
11/04/2005 02:28:07a Total Q3 profits soar on oil price
11/04/2005 02:26:14a Nikkei breaks through 14,000
11/04/2005 02:03:21a Nikkei clears 14,000 on chips, banks
11/04/2005 02:02:22a Securitas sees steady growth next year
11/04/2005 02:02:12a Rising demand at BA offsets higher costs
11/04/2005 02:02:02a UBS ups Amvescap to buy from neutral
11/04/2005 02:01:41a Homebuilders lackluster after new data; FTSE steady
11/04/2005 02:01:22a UBS upgrades Amvescap to buy from neutral
11/04/2005 02:00:25a UBS ups Shire Pharmaceuticals to buy from neutral
11/04/2005 02:00:18a Europe inflation 'to keep rising'
11/04/2005 01:57:39a MBNA investors OK buyout
11/04/2005 01:54:38a A new chapter for Amazon Selling online access to books
11/04/2005 01:53:06a Autonomy to buy Verity for 500m
11/04/2005 01:52:47a Two killed in Wagga factory accident
11/04/2005 01:52:16a HK suspends imports of poultry from Liaoning
11/04/2005 01:51:47a Joyce denies 'rowing with other team' on IR
11/04/2005 01:49:39a Europe inflation 'to keep rising'
11/04/2005 01:48:36a BSkyB adds fewer customers as prices increase
11/04/2005 01:43:29a BSkyB shares slide on viewer data
11/04/2005 01:41:32a CSRC to regulate securities firms
11/04/2005 01:35:01a Eurozone rates stay put once more
11/04/2005 01:34:53a Pace of house price rises quicken
11/04/2005 01:33:12a Automakers lower as oil prices above 61 a barrel
11/04/2005 01:29:40a BSkyB shares slide on viewer data
11/04/2005 01:28:03a Repsol beats forecasts with Q3 net rise
11/04/2005 01:26:36a Higher fares help BA raise profit
11/04/2005 01:26:14a Be the first to comment!"Microsoft bets business on Linux"
11/04/2005 01:25:36a BP chief Oil prices are too high
11/04/2005 01:24:39a BP chief Oil prices are too high
11/04/2005 01:23:50a Toyota Q2 op profit dips, outlook seen firm
11/04/2005 01:20:19a Storm victims ask Where's the money?
11/04/2005 01:20:09a Prometric to move to Canton Crossing
11/04/2005 01:19:59a Retail gains are October surprise
11/04/2005 01:19:49a Online electronics shopping gets a pat
11/04/2005 01:18:19a British Airways profit falls, lifts FY sales outlook
11/04/2005 01:17:49a Greenspan says deficit may cause rate rise
11/04/2005 01:17:39a Pace of house price rises quicken
11/04/2005 01:17:19a BSkyB shares hit by declining take-up
11/04/2005 01:16:59a Futures market dips
11/04/2005 01:16:09a Eurozone rates stay put once more
11/04/2005 01:14:51a Quiet investor shifts to limelight
11/04/2005 01:14:38a Higher fares help BA raise profit
11/04/2005 01:14:29a Microsoft in strategic partnership with British Library-rpt
11/04/2005 01:12:49a Key patent appeal denied
11/04/2005 01:11:59a Crude Futures Little Changed After 2 Jump
11/04/2005 01:11:19a Microsoft in strategic partnership with Briitsh Library-rpt
11/04/2005 01:09:58a Maffei tenure short as CFO at Oracle
11/04/2005 01:09:41a European bourses expected to open lower
11/04/2005 01:09:29a Total, Repsol profits lift by rising oil prices
11/04/2005 01:07:42a Total SA profits soar on oil peak
11/04/2005 01:07:08a European shares open flat; BSkyB loses ground
11/04/2005 01:06:12a Nerves erase oil firms' gains
11/04/2005 01:05:47a This year, price must be right
11/04/2005 01:05:42a Niall Fitzgerald Eternally curious about everything
11/04/2005 01:04:42a Nerves erase oil firms' gains
11/04/2005 01:02:03a Productivity shows another big increase
11/04/2005 01:00:37a Pace of house price rises quicken
11/04/2005 01:00:11a Putting aspirin to test
11/04/2005 12:59:00a Greenspan rings alarm bell ahead of departure
11/04/2005 12:58:51a IRS says 3 had roles in tax shelter
11/04/2005 12:58:14a Economy rises from storms? ruin
11/04/2005 12:58:07a New customers boost BSkyB profits
11/04/2005 12:58:00a Steelmakers Arcelor, ThyseenKrupp weigh on CAC, DAX
11/04/2005 12:57:41a Halifax U.K. house prices up 3.9% annually
11/04/2005 12:57:11a British Airways up 0.4% after upping FY guidance
11/04/2005 12:56:41a French CAC 40 off 0.1% at 4,497
11/04/2005 12:55:11a German DAX 30 eased 0.2% at 5,002
11/04/2005 12:55:01a A new face, a new kind of inflation
11/04/2005 12:54:43a Niall Fitzgerald Eternally curious about everything
11/04/2005 12:54:38a Total SA profits soar on oil peak
11/04/2005 12:52:30a Government finances
11/04/2005 12:52:10a Grain futures bounce back
11/04/2005 12:51:31a Lawsuit could break Guidant deal
11/04/2005 12:50:20a FTSE 100 eases 0.03% at 5,430
11/04/2005 12:49:20a People to watch
11/04/2005 12:48:50a Mortgage rates continue rise
11/04/2005 12:48:41a Stocks fall as oil spike counters retail news
11/04/2005 12:48:30a Stock in the news ImClone Systems
11/04/2005 12:47:40a Merck wins in second Vioxx trial
11/04/2005 12:47:10a McCormick?s GM is used to unusual
11/04/2005 12:47:00a FDA seeks more data from CryoCor
11/04/2005 12:46:50a Puma up 2.2% after raising earnings guidance
11/04/2005 12:46:10a Toyota's H1 profits fall 2.3% on capex spending
11/04/2005 12:45:50a U.S. retailers enjoy a surprisingly strong October
11/04/2005 12:44:10a Halifax says U.K. house prices were flat in October
11/04/2005 12:44:00a BIDDING FOR EVEREST BEGINS
11/04/2005 12:42:20a Good economic reports help stocks post moderate gains
11/04/2005 12:41:40a STARWATCH CONSUMER Sharp drop in auto sales may bring new round of discounts
11/04/2005 12:41:20a Halifax says U.K. house prices unchanged in October
11/04/2005 12:40:30a Total up 1% as oil giant's profit grows
11/04/2005 12:40:01a Toyota Motor second-quarter profit rises 2%
11/04/2005 12:39:30a Bioengineered crop debate hits ballot
11/04/2005 12:39:00a BSkyB down 4.7%, reaches 52-week low on subscriber figures
11/04/2005 12:38:50a Harrah?s gambles on new amenities
11/04/2005 12:37:50a Analysts report U.S. economy recovering from storm setbacks
11/04/2005 12:37:30a This year, price must be right
11/04/2005 12:35:18a UK Vanilla Coke ditched
11/04/2005 12:35:12a New customers boost BSkyB profits
11/04/2005 12:35:02a Gate dispute cost BA up to £45m
11/04/2005 12:33:49a Suit could be deathblow for Guidant-J&J deal
11/04/2005 12:33:31a Tech Stock of the Week| Nanogen
11/04/2005 12:33:12a Job may be too much for anyone
11/04/2005 12:32:29a Sprint to look for venture partners
11/04/2005 12:32:19a Oracle's Maffei is bolting after 4 months as CFO
11/04/2005 12:31:49a Minimum wage only seems good
11/04/2005 12:31:13a Australian Stock Market Inches Up 0.1 Pct.
11/04/2005 12:28:43a Puma Q3 net income beats forecasts
11/04/2005 12:28:35a Total Q3 profits soar 32 pct on oil price
11/04/2005 12:28:25a BA Q2 profit up 6.5 pct on fares, demand
11/04/2005 12:26:43a Crude climbs back over 60
11/04/2005 12:24:13a Founder of Ebay sets up 100m aid fund
11/04/2005 12:24:03a New customers boost BSkyB profits
11/04/2005 12:23:42a Greenspan Economy Sturdy Despite Storms
11/04/2005 12:23:13a to sell books by the page
11/04/2005 12:23:03a Bush's eerie silence on tax reform
11/04/2005 12:21:45a Knight Ridder's No. 3 investor joins call to sell newspaper chain
11/04/2005 12:20:53a Rhodia agrees to sell latex operations to Hexion
11/04/2005 12:20:43a Japan's Benchmark Index Breaks Past 14,000
11/04/2005 12:20:33a Strong Eckerd sales boost CVS results
11/04/2005 12:19:53a Infogrames second-quarter revenue drops to EUR70.2M
11/04/2005 12:19:13a AXA Deal to neutralize dilution from Finaxa deal
11/04/2005 12:18:33a Another major investor opposes Sovereign deals
11/04/2005 12:17:43a UK Vanilla Coke ditched
11/04/2005 12:16:12a If you want electronics, go online
11/04/2005 12:15:32a Gate dispute cost BA up to £45m
11/04/2005 12:14:52a Merck wins key battle over Vioxx
11/04/2005 12:13:22a Rhodia agrees to sell latex ops to Hexion
11/04/2005 12:11:42a Crude climbs back over 60
11/04/2005 12:09:12a AXA buys back 442M euros of convertible to prevent dilution
11/04/2005 12:09:02a Oracle finance chief resigns
11/04/2005 12:08:42a Guidant hid flaw, Spitzer's suit says
11/04/2005 12:07:02a Adidas selling shares to fund Reebok acquisition
11/04/2005 12:00:05a Region's shipbuilding in jeopardy
11/03/2005 11:59:57p Tourism fair ends with 2b worth of contracts
11/03/2005 11:59:54p Gate dispute cost BA up to £45m
11/03/2005 11:59:45p British Airways Oct. traffic up 6.4%
11/03/2005 11:59:36p Defibrillator maker sued on eve of sale
11/03/2005 11:58:57p Toyota Posts 2 Pct. Profit Increase in 3Q
11/03/2005 11:58:37p Autonomy to buy Verity for 500 million cash
11/03/2005 11:58:09p Merck victory blurs forecast
11/03/2005 11:58:05p Toyota's profits fall 3.2% on factory investment
11/03/2005 11:57:57p British Airways Q2 revenue GBP2.21B vs GBP2.04B
11/03/2005 11:57:46p Tourism campaign uncovers 'treasures'
11/03/2005 11:57:35p AXA to buy back 442M euros in convertible bonds
11/03/2005 11:57:15p Another bidder enters Refco race
11/03/2005 11:56:55p Wall Street enjoys another strong day
11/03/2005 11:56:45p Economy displays resilience
11/03/2005 11:56:25p British Airways 2Q profit down, no dividend, ups sales view
11/03/2005 11:55:35p Eagerly awaiting Xbox? More patience required
11/03/2005 11:55:15p NYSE, Archipelago set for merger vote
11/03/2005 11:55:09p MBNA shareholders OK merger
11/03/2005 11:54:55p Visa to revamp board, add 8 independents
11/03/2005 11:54:26p Autonomy to pay 13.50 a share
11/03/2005 11:54:15p 2 friends of Waksal paying 2.8 million
11/03/2005 11:54:05p British Airways still sees fuel costs up GBP525M during FY
11/03/2005 11:53:35p Toyota's 3Q Profits Rise on Global Sales
11/03/2005 11:53:25p British Airways Market conditions broadly unchanged
11/03/2005 11:53:05p British Airways Gate Gourmet dispute impact GBP35M-45M
11/03/2005 11:52:53p Retail Sales Rose 4.4% Last Month
11/03/2005 11:52:35p Greenspan warning to Congress Curb deficit
11/03/2005 11:52:25p B1 talker
11/03/2005 11:52:15p Student loan firm drops as bank refuses to renew pact
11/03/2005 11:52:05p Puma third-quarter net income up 11.5%, ups 2005 guidance
11/03/2005 11:51:36p Talk links Trump, downtown
11/03/2005 11:51:26p Autonomy to buy software maker Verity for 500 million
11/03/2005 11:51:15p FCC to seek public input on creating more cable TV competition
11/03/2005 11:51:05p Bluescope plunge keeps market flat
11/03/2005 11:50:45p Nervous rivals gird for Ikea opening
11/03/2005 11:50:25p British Airways Oct. premium traffic up 6.8%
11/03/2005 11:50:15p IRS is increasing its audits of corporations, the wealthy
11/03/2005 11:49:47p British Airways Q2 fuel costs up 51.3%
11/03/2005 11:49:25p Judge urges mediation in C7 case
11/03/2005 11:48:45p Sinopec to take over subsidiary
11/03/2005 11:48:04p Scottish & Newcastle says on track to meet 2005 expectations
11/03/2005 11:47:45p Total third-quarter profit up 32%, ups interim dividend
11/03/2005 11:47:25p FEMA to Pick Small Firms for 15 Katrina Deals
11/03/2005 11:47:05p BSkyB profit climbs 15% as programming cost rise limited
11/03/2005 11:46:55p New visa will cut apprentices' wages Labor
11/03/2005 11:46:45p Airlines' on-time rate high
11/03/2005 11:34:32p Another bidder enters Refco race
11/03/2005 11:30:58p Risky business for Guardsmen
11/03/2005 11:28:28p Citigroup invests in China firm
11/03/2005 11:25:21p Another bidder enters Refco race
11/03/2005 11:07:51p EU prepares anti-dumping tariffs on China-made shoes
11/03/2005 10:58:52p Rebuilding New Orleans convention industry
11/03/2005 10:58:32p Rig demand pumps up S.A. drilling firm's profit
11/03/2005 10:57:42p Vincor board rejects latest Constellation offer
11/03/2005 10:57:32p Owning your vacation
11/03/2005 10:55:42p PassMark Security PassMark and PostX Partner to Deliver Secure Authenticated Messaging
11/03/2005 10:55:22p Grape growers want a gunslinger to take out the sharpshooter
11/03/2005 10:54:42p Trade With Cuba Steadily Rising
11/03/2005 10:54:32p Top bosses' pay 'up 18% in 2004'
11/03/2005 10:54:15p Prospects for Revising the Guidant-Johnson Deal Dim
11/03/2005 10:54:12p S.A. money manager introduces new CEO
11/03/2005 10:54:02p Andrews expects Joyce will back IR laws
11/03/2005 10:53:02p ABS backflips on collecting workplace contract statistics
11/03/2005 10:52:52p Tesoro's third quarter pleases shareholders
11/03/2005 10:52:42p Lennon stops Racing Board regulating Betfair
11/03/2005 10:52:00p Knight Ridder shareholders in revolt
11/03/2005 10:34:49p Top bosses' pay 'up 18% in 2004'
11/03/2005 10:29:28p 2nd Knight Ridder shareholder urges sale
11/03/2005 10:27:57p Toyota Q2 op profit dips
11/03/2005 10:17:48p Mortgage rates climbing; loan applications fall
11/03/2005 10:17:09p Group to Form Association For Wal-Mart Employees
11/03/2005 10:17:03p Obscure clause used in J& J deal
11/03/2005 10:16:28p Larry Yung Tops New Forbes 'Rich List'
11/03/2005 10:16:23p New Medicare Plan Presents a Drug Benefit Conundrum
11/03/2005 10:14:58p 15 highly risky securities firms closed
11/03/2005 10:13:38p Pressure grows for Knight Ridder to sell
11/03/2005 10:06:53p Profits fall at Chinese portal
11/03/2005 09:58:39p New Jersey verdict may lighten Merck & Co.'s load of Vioxx cases
11/03/2005 09:54:39p Profits fall at Chinese portal
11/03/2005 09:54:08p Crude futures extend gains after 2 jump
11/03/2005 09:52:02p Comcast Posts Flat Profit
11/03/2005 09:51:32p Prospects for Revising the Guidant-Johnson Deal Dim
11/03/2005 09:51:22p TS Pricing Drugs as if They Were Cars
11/03/2005 09:51:12p Bears Have Their Day
11/03/2005 09:50:52p Verdict May Lighten Merck's Case Load
11/03/2005 09:50:42p Macao's exports, imports rise in September
11/03/2005 09:50:33p Youths in Rural U.S. Are Drawn To Military
11/03/2005 09:50:22p MCI Reports Profit, Though Sales Fall
11/03/2005 09:50:02p Northwest Ranked Most Tardy Carrier
11/03/2005 09:49:42p S.E.C. Settles ImClone Insider Trading Suit
11/03/2005 09:49:22p NYSE sets date for Archipelago vote
11/03/2005 09:49:12p Volkswagen and BMW Profits Miss Forecasts
11/03/2005 09:49:02p Tufts Is Getting Gift of 100 Million, With Rare Strings
11/03/2005 09:48:52p Merck Ruling and Two Reports Help Buoy the Markets
11/03/2005 09:48:32p Greenspan Reiterates Warning on Deficits
11/03/2005 09:48:22p SBC Head Ignites Access Debate
11/03/2005 09:48:12p Advertising CBS to Acquire CSTV for 325 Million in Stock
11/03/2005 09:48:02p Senate Passes Plan to Cut 35 Billion From Deficit
11/03/2005 09:47:52p Wachovia Plans Return to Credit Card Market
11/03/2005 09:47:32p FCC steps in to ease phone firms' video plans
11/03/2005 09:47:22p Ford to Subsidize Ethanol Pumps in Midwest
11/03/2005 09:47:12p In Short Order, Oracle Loses One of Three Co-Presidents
11/03/2005 09:47:02p Reorganizing, Sara Lee's Profit Slides
11/03/2005 09:46:52p Small-car interest falls with gas prices
11/03/2005 09:46:42p Bush at Hemisphere Talks Trade Fight Awaits
11/03/2005 09:46:35p Nikkei surges past 14,000 level
11/03/2005 09:46:32p World Bank's Former Chief Will Be Hired by Citigroup
11/03/2005 09:46:22p A New Place for Spam's Same Old Pitches
11/03/2005 09:46:12p A Drug Benefit Conundrum
11/03/2005 09:46:02p At Tokyo Auto Show, a Focus on Fuel, Not Fenders
11/03/2005 09:45:53p VC Nation Excited and Wary, Investors Look at China
11/03/2005 09:45:22p Accounting Board to Vote on Pension Rule
11/03/2005 09:45:12p Broadcasting Ex-Chairman Is Removed From Board
11/03/2005 09:45:02p Greenspan Urges Congress to Offset Any Tax Cuts
11/03/2005 09:44:35p BlueScope tumbles on fire, warning
11/03/2005 09:44:32p Retail Sales Rose 4.4% Last Month
11/03/2005 09:44:23p Firms in Gulf Coast Allege Nonpayment
11/03/2005 09:44:12p Ratings Gratification Is Delayed
11/03/2005 09:44:02p The Greenspan Effect To Fight Rising Prices, Fed Nominee May Need New Weapons
11/03/2005 09:43:42p Crude Futures Extend Gains After 2 Jump
11/03/2005 09:34:52p Nikkei surges past 14,000 level
11/03/2005 09:34:45p BlueScope tumbles on fire, warning
11/03/2005 09:22:49p Playing a practice round of retirement living
11/03/2005 09:22:33p US retail sales warm up
11/03/2005 09:22:19p Tiny Investments, Big Changes
11/03/2005 09:21:29p Bond timers have never been more bearish than right now
11/03/2005 09:21:19p    Table Podcast Growth
11/03/2005 09:19:39p CNN tries yet again to fix primetime
11/03/2005 09:18:29p IRS audits of individual taxpayers rose 20% this year
11/03/2005 09:18:19p Carmakers tap into youthful energy
11/03/2005 09:17:49p At Wal-Mart, it's about change - finally
11/03/2005 09:15:09p A Major Push for Microphilanthropy
11/03/2005 09:14:29p China reports fourth outbreak of bird flu
11/03/2005 09:12:50p Going whole hog for 'Chicken'
11/03/2005 09:12:09p The Triple Play in Communications Gear
11/03/2005 09:05:52p In Paris suburbs, anger wont cool
11/03/2005 09:00:46p Oil prices firm in Asian trade; market awaits fresh demand leads
11/03/2005 08:58:16p Ruling may force BHP to open Pilbara rail line
11/03/2005 08:57:56p Bluescope shares plunge after profit warning
11/03/2005 08:53:59p The Red Ink at Pearson's Pink Paper
11/03/2005 08:49:46p Greenspan warns on U.S. deficits
11/03/2005 08:49:16p US-backed Arab TV network to be investigated
11/03/2005 08:47:36p Rioters Attack Trains, Schools and Businesses in the Paris Suburbs
11/03/2005 08:47:16p Ebay founder takes lead in social entrepreneurship
11/03/2005 08:46:16p The Red Ink at Pearson's Pink Paper
11/03/2005 08:45:16p Sempra Let's Make a Plea Deal
11/03/2005 08:34:30p Merck Prevails in Second Vioxx Case on Heart Attack
11/03/2005 08:33:30p Want To Save Money Online? Learn The Codes!
11/03/2005 08:32:20p Want 'War and Peace' Online? How About 20 Pages at a Time?
11/03/2005 08:25:25p Currencies US economic report sends dollar higher
11/03/2005 08:23:55p Amazon Previews New Approach to Book Sales
11/03/2005 08:22:24p Merck Prevails in Second Vioxx Case on Heart Attack
11/03/2005 08:21:39p Time Warner in talks over AOL sale
11/03/2005 08:13:37p Compass sacks head of UK operation
11/03/2005 07:45:24p Analysts Win important for Merck
11/03/2005 07:45:09p China closes down 15 highly risky securities firms
11/03/2005 07:45:01p Fujitsu signs server deal with EDS
11/03/2005 07:44:55p Oracle loses CFO after four months
11/03/2005 07:44:35p Traders warned of online thieves
11/03/2005 07:43:25p Asia mixed as Japan rises
11/03/2005 07:38:25p Oracle, , KeySpan
11/03/2005 07:37:55p Louisiana lights the 'open for business' sign
11/03/2005 07:37:34p Soon you can buy a book on Amazon, read it online
11/03/2005 07:37:04p Financial Times Editor Quits Over Differences With Owner
11/03/2005 07:28:18p Rolls-Royce plans to boost shipping equipment sales
11/03/2005 07:27:18p Mortgage-backed securities to debut soon
11/03/2005 07:25:48p Oracle loses CFO after reports of in-fighting
11/03/2005 07:25:28p BlueScope says oversupply and fire to hit profit
11/03/2005 07:24:58p No room for complacency on bank reform Zhou
11/03/2005 07:24:28p Regulator to continue new stock issue freeze
11/03/2005 07:21:48p Mining industry to pay for new safety regime
11/03/2005 07:15:40p Executive earning over £1m rises
11/03/2005 07:15:08p NSW Govt 'playing politics' with Boeing dispute
11/03/2005 06:47:44p TBS open to talks on Rakuten link-up
11/03/2005 06:39:23p Productivity Growth Nearly Doubled in the Third Quarter
11/03/2005 06:34:55p Productivity Growth Nearly Doubled in the Third Quarter
11/03/2005 06:34:24p Microsoft Money Small Business
11/03/2005 06:34:05p Oracle loses CFO after four months
11/03/2005 06:30:10p Rioters Attack Trains, Schools and Businesses in the Paris Suburbs
11/03/2005 06:24:22p Merck wins key court battle over painkiller
11/03/2005 06:19:46p BSkyB buyback vote 'could go either way'
11/03/2005 06:18:41p Compass sacks 3 executives over UN contracts
11/03/2005 06:16:31p Poker site poised to skin rival Empire
11/03/2005 06:15:51p Computerworld Australia It's Unofficial Microsoft Bets Business on Linux
11/03/2005 06:12:51p Minister confident Joyce will back IR bill
11/03/2005 06:12:31p Maffei Exits Post As Oracle Finance Chief
11/03/2005 06:07:41p Trump now sizing up downtown
11/03/2005 06:06:00p Equitable ready to drop case
11/03/2005 05:59:03p China Pacific Insurance plans IPO overseas
11/03/2005 05:58:21p Snow sets sights on cutting US budget deficit
11/03/2005 05:56:53p World Bank upwardly adjusts GDP growth
11/03/2005 05:54:19p Traveler program hoped to take off
11/03/2005 05:52:32p Insurers to be allowed to invest foreign cash
11/03/2005 05:52:02p Amtrak's business operations need to be strengthened, GAO says
11/03/2005 05:50:52p Aon Announces Layoffs, Posts Flat Profit
11/03/2005 05:50:32p Republic Cos. Q3 rev 68.5M vs 64.4
11/03/2005 05:46:32p Realty Q&A Clueless on credit scores; L.A. duplexes
11/03/2005 05:46:02p TBS open to Rakuten talks
11/03/2005 05:44:22p Traveler program hoped to take off
11/03/2005 05:41:32p Republic Cos. Q3 net earns 4.3M vs 5.9M
11/03/2005 05:40:12p Republic Cos. quarterly profit falls
11/03/2005 05:40:02p Trump now setting sites on downtown Phoenix
11/03/2005 05:37:02p Pinnacle Airlines Pinnacle Airlines Releases October Traffic
11/03/2005 05:35:32p Republic Cos. Q3 net written premiums 73.4M vs 65.4
11/03/2005 05:30:24p Fujitsu signs server deal with EDS
11/03/2005 05:27:49p Dollar hits two-year high against the yen
11/03/2005 05:27:19p Morgan Stanley still in contempt?
11/03/2005 05:27:10p Hartford beats estimates; variable-annuity outflows up
11/03/2005 05:27:00p PDI earnings fall 23.5%; revenue declines
11/03/2005 05:26:50p Spot gold quoted at 461.10 in Asia trade
11/03/2005 05:26:30p Aleris to close Calif. facility; sees 26M-30M in costs
11/03/2005 05:26:00p House Panel Approves Data Breach Law
11/03/2005 05:25:50p The Bottom Line / And out of Washington shall go forth interest rates
11/03/2005 05:25:40p Callaway, Tour Golf Group form sales, branding alliance
11/03/2005 05:25:19p Nikkei tops 14,000 first time since 2001
11/03/2005 05:24:29p Fidelity 'party dwarf' still in demand for events
11/03/2005 05:23:49p Strum's parting is such sweet sorrow for Alon-Dor, Sonol
11/03/2005 05:23:39p Under Reichman, Tnuva suffers NIS 1.8b debt, poor investments
11/03/2005 05:23:20p Callaway, Tour Golf Group form strategic alliance
11/03/2005 05:23:10p Oracle shares gain ground, Expedia shares surge
11/03/2005 05:22:19p Amazon to sell chapters of books
11/03/2005 05:20:49p New thinking on who should, shouldn't use Roth 401k
11/03/2005 05:20:09p PDI Q3 net loss 30c vs net earns 37c
11/03/2005 05:18:29p Living Here A Liquid Asset
11/03/2005 05:17:19p Are employers' insurance offerings a good deal?
11/03/2005 05:16:00p Terms of Callaway, Tour Golf Group agreement undisclosed
11/03/2005 05:14:49p Wyeth Jurors find in co.'s favor in LA diet diet drug cases
11/03/2005 05:14:39p Aleris to phase out production at Carson facility in Q1 2006
11/03/2005 05:14:19p German cheap flights arrive
11/03/2005 05:13:30p Aleris sees costs from closure of 23M-25M in Q4
11/03/2005 05:12:59p Sony slated over anti-piracy CD
11/03/2005 05:12:39p Einstein on the Beach The Ph.D.'s of Culebra
11/03/2005 05:11:29p Disney to start expensing stock options
11/03/2005 05:11:09p PDI Q3 rev 76.5M vs 92.5M
11/03/2005 05:10:39p Atlantic Records Jason Mraz Returns to Hometown for Special Benefit Show
11/03/2005 05:08:49p M-Systems profits, sales soar in Q3
11/03/2005 05:06:13p Editor of Financial Times Quits; Differences With Pearson Cited
11/03/2005 05:05:18p Dec. crude trading at 61.96, up 18c from NY close
11/03/2005 05:03:49p Havens | Santa Fe High Desert and High Culture in the Old Southwest
11/03/2005 05:02:38p Aleris sees costs from closure of 3M-5M in 2006
11/03/2005 05:01:58p Aon Q3 profit misses forecasts; plans 1,400 job cuts
11/03/2005 04:59:28p Fed chief warns anew on inflation and debt
11/03/2005 04:58:08p Amazon to sell chapters of books
11/03/2005 04:58:05p Vodafone makes £1.35bn move to extend presence in South Africa
11/03/2005 04:56:50p Greenspan warns on U.S. deficits
11/03/2005 04:55:42p Interest rate rises now on the horizon in UK and eurozone
11/03/2005 04:52:41p TriPath sees 2006 rev 20% higher than 2005 outlook
11/03/2005 04:50:11p CORRECT ZipRealty sees '06 pretax income of 40c-45c
11/03/2005 04:47:50p Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline from Alaska to Cost 20 Billion
11/03/2005 04:47:40p Computer Sciences Posts Solid Results
11/03/2005 04:46:20p TriPath expects Q3 earns 5c
11/03/2005 04:45:20p Snow sets sights on deficit
11/03/2005 04:45:00p Bush Heads to Argentina for Summit of the Americas
11/03/2005 04:44:40p TriPath sees 2006 earns comparable to 2005 outlook
11/03/2005 04:44:30p Delta pilots reassemble strike committee
11/03/2005 04:44:20p CORRECT ZipRealty quarterly profit rises; rev grows 61%
11/03/2005 04:43:20p TriPath expects 2005 earns 15c-17c
11/03/2005 04:42:50p TriPath Imaging sees 3Q earns 5c; lowers 2005 rev outlook
11/03/2005 04:42:31p Senate votes to cut spending 36B over 5 years
11/03/2005 04:40:20p TriPath now expects 2005 rev 85M-88M
11/03/2005 04:40:10p Govt makes 'last throw of the dice' in Boeing dispute
11/03/2005 04:39:10p Aleris to close Carson, Calif. mill, coil coating facility
11/03/2005 04:38:30p Cover Letter Essay
11/03/2005 04:38:00p Greenspan warns Congress budget deficits could cause serious economic disruptins
11/03/2005 04:37:20p Cold weather boosts October sales results for many retailers
11/03/2005 04:35:30p Technical Analysis A Star Appears on the Nasdaq
11/03/2005 04:35:00p Boeing receives order for 2 747-400ERs from AirBridge Cargo
11/03/2005 04:34:52p Joyce raises concerns over IR legislation
11/03/2005 04:34:49p Sony slated over anti-piracy CD
11/03/2005 04:34:43p Amazon to sell chapters of books
11/03/2005 04:34:20p Oracle finance chief steps down
11/03/2005 04:33:20p TriPath expects Q3 rev 21.5M
11/03/2005 04:31:50p US Senate Allows Oil Drilling in Arctic Wildlife Refuge
11/03/2005 04:31:20p TriPath had forecast 2005 rev 90M-94M
11/03/2005 04:31:10p UK Information Commissar Reminds Spammers To Target Businesses
11/03/2005 04:27:49p Mutual Funds Weekly - Nov. 3
11/03/2005 04:22:39p US Senate showdown on farm subsidies is threat to trade talks
11/03/2005 04:18:41p Aon quarterly profit misses forecasts; plans 1,400 job cuts
11/03/2005 04:18:17p Oracle losing CFO for second time in eight months
11/03/2005 04:18:02p Sea Containers to restructure ferries division
11/03/2005 04:17:31p Magna Entertainment inks deal to sell Palm Beach real estate
11/03/2005 04:17:22p Sina shares fall as earnings miss on higher costs
11/03/2005 04:17:11p Darden Oct. comp sales rise at Olive Garden, Red Lobster
11/03/2005 04:14:41p Magna Entertainment inks deal to sell Fla. property for 51M
11/03/2005 04:14:31p Senate passes plan for spending cuts
11/03/2005 04:14:01p Asia shares up as optimism spreads
11/03/2005 04:13:01p Stocks Rise on Greenspan Testimony
11/03/2005 04:08:41p Digimarc extends contract with Calif. over driver's licenses
11/03/2005 04:08:13p Analysts Win important for Merck
11/03/2005 04:07:21p Magna Entertainment Sale subject to March 30, 2006, closing
11/03/2005 04:06:40p Wednesday Bond Report
11/03/2005 04:06:33p Comcast results fail to inspire
11/03/2005 04:06:20p MIPS Technologies CFO Kevin Eichler to step down in Q1 2006
11/03/2005 04:05:21p Sea Containers sees pre-tax 157M in restructuring charges
11/03/2005 04:04:00p House bill would force decision on morning-after pill
11/03/2005 04:03:40p MIPS Technologies CFO Kevin Eichler to step down in 1Q
11/03/2005 04:02:30p Bausch & Lomb to delay 10-Q filing for Q3
11/03/2005 04:02:20p Magna Entertainment to sell property to Toll Bros. of Pa.
11/03/2005 04:01:36p TechBrief Vodafone to purchase Vodacom
11/03/2005 04:01:00p Sea Containers forecasts 'very large loss' in 2005
11/03/2005 03:59:30p CORRECT ZipRealty sees '06 rev of 130M-135M
11/03/2005 03:59:00p General Maritime agrees to sell 7 vessels to 2 Greek cos.
11/03/2005 03:58:47p ECB says it may lift rates 'at any time'
11/03/2005 03:58:41p Bausch & Lomb delays filing of 3Q 10-Q over internal probe
11/03/2005 03:58:33p Sea Containers to entertain offers to sell Silja, SeaStreak
11/03/2005 03:58:22p Sea Containers plans to sell Silja non-core ships
11/03/2005 03:58:17p Belltech Small Business Publisher 3.0
11/03/2005 03:55:50p Senate passes bill to cut spending 36 bln. over 5 years
11/03/2005 03:53:22p Boeing 2 planes have list price of 450M
11/03/2005 03:52:20p Boeing Planes scheduled for delivery in Oct. '07, Feb. '08
11/03/2005 03:51:40p Senate Moves Closer to Allowing Oil Drilling in ANWR
11/03/2005 03:50:50p Magna Entertainment Toll Bros. to pay 51M for real estate
11/03/2005 03:50:39p Waksal pals pay 2.8M to settle with SEC
11/03/2005 03:48:29p Boeing gets order for 2 747-400ERs from AirBridge Cargo
11/03/2005 03:41:19p UPDATE 1-Argentine resort on alert for anti-Bush protests
11/03/2005 03:41:00p Transatlantic estimates pre-tax cost of 100M due to Wilma
11/03/2005 03:40:40p Darden Restaurants Oct. Olive Garden comp sales up 8%-9%
11/03/2005 03:40:29p A Weak Tonic for Merck
11/03/2005 03:40:19p Aon Q3 First Call earns est 45c
11/03/2005 03:39:40p Retail sales, strong productivity boost stocks
11/03/2005 03:39:00p Amtrak's business operations need to be strengthened, GAO says
11/03/2005 03:37:30p Pepco quarterly earnings rise 53.2%; revenue surges
11/03/2005 03:37:19p Pepco Q3 rev 2.49B vs 2.05B
11/03/2005 03:36:59p Special Business Bridge Loans
11/03/2005 03:36:09p Novelis All Set To Gain Speed
11/03/2005 03:35:59p Darden Restaurants Oct. Red Lobster comp sales up 2%-3%
11/03/2005 03:35:39p What Makes A Hybrid Hot
11/03/2005 03:35:30p Dear Abby, What Happened?
11/03/2005 03:34:19p Online Extra Sweden's Answer to Sam Walton
11/03/2005 03:33:49p Need A Home To Go With That Sofa
11/03/2005 03:33:31p Libby case leaves Rove in legal limbo
11/03/2005 03:32:19p Ethan Allen Sags
11/03/2005 03:30:50p And Now, A Podcast From Our Sponsor
11/03/2005 03:30:09p Financially savvy kids, human chips and more
11/03/2005 03:30:04p Comcast loses basic cable customers,
11/03/2005 03:29:49p Rivals Are Eyeing Wyeth
11/03/2005 03:29:39p Pawns In The Ring
11/03/2005 03:28:59p Economy shows hopeful signs hurricane impacts may be waning
11/03/2005 03:28:51p The BusinessWeek Best Seller List
11/03/2005 03:28:39p ECB chief warns governments to restore fiscal order
11/03/2005 03:28:02p Stocks rise on Merck ruling, economy
11/03/2005 03:27:59p Searching For The Pod Of Gold
11/03/2005 03:27:48p A Weak Tonic for Merck
11/03/2005 03:27:09p Multi-chip tariff deal set to boost global trade
11/03/2005 03:26:49p When Covers Were Covers
11/03/2005 03:26:20p Supreme Court nominee Alito's Senate hearings begin Jan. 9
11/03/2005 03:26:09p ZipRealty quarterly profit rises; rev grows 61%
11/03/2005 03:24:46p Economy Shows Signs of Life After Storms
11/03/2005 03:24:39p Conquistadors Of European Telecom
11/03/2005 03:24:01p Maffei steps down as Oracle finance chief
11/03/2005 03:23:19p Gain of 100,000 nonfarm payrolls seen
11/03/2005 03:22:19p Libby pleads not guilty in CIA leak case
11/03/2005 03:21:59p Isle of Capri sees quarterly loss 3c-7c from Katrina, Rita
11/03/2005 03:21:48p What A Sweetheart Of A Love Seat
11/03/2005 03:21:18p First Marblehead Solid
11/03/2005 03:20:39p Oil prices rise more than 2 a barrel
11/03/2005 03:18:25p Aon Q3 rev 2.39B vs 2.35B
11/03/2005 03:17:28p Debt Collection Puts On A Suit
11/03/2005 03:16:58p NetZero Dials Up VoIP
11/03/2005 03:16:08p Aon Q3 net earns 36c vs 36c
11/03/2005 03:14:18p Pepco Q3 First Call earns est 70c
11/03/2005 03:14:09p From Faux To Fortune
11/03/2005 03:12:58p Wi-Fi Where It Isn't Needed
11/03/2005 03:11:40p Denny's October same-store sales up 2%
11/03/2005 03:10:58p CORRECT Treasurys end lower, benchmark yield tops 4.6%
11/03/2005 03:10:08p Aon Q3 earns 43c, excluding restructuring expenses
11/03/2005 03:09:38p Transatlantic estimates after-tax cost of 65M due to Wilma
11/03/2005 03:08:58p Symbol Tech report send shares soaring
11/03/2005 03:01:26p EU calls for drugs prices reform to aid poorer states
11/03/2005 03:00:35p Disney to begin expensing stock options starting in Q4
11/03/2005 03:00:15p Alkermes Q2 First Call rev est 31.5M
11/03/2005 02:59:56p Immucor to close Houston manufacturing facility in Dec. 2007
11/03/2005 02:58:25p S&P Ups Symbol Tech, Cuts Elizabeth Arden
11/03/2005 02:57:58p Adidas to ¬640m to help digest Reebok
11/03/2005 02:56:28p Hudson's Bay Co. chops 825 jobs
11/03/2005 02:56:05p Profit and Peril in Emerging Markets
11/03/2005 02:55:55p Expedia Q3 First Call rev est 571M
11/03/2005 02:55:35p Spin Off, Buy Up, Cash In
11/03/2005 02:55:15p Abgenix, Amgen rally on drug news
11/03/2005 02:55:05p Southwest an inspiration for new downtown hotel
11/03/2005 02:54:55p Gemstar swings to gain, but revenue dips
11/03/2005 02:54:43p Business booms, central banks warn on inflation
11/03/2005 02:54:15p Boyd earnings slip but revenue gains
11/03/2005 02:53:25p Hartford 3Q net rises 9%; operating profit tops estimates
11/03/2005 02:53:14p US leads in medical errors - study
11/03/2005 02:52:45p Disney plans to begin expensing employee stock options
11/03/2005 02:52:25p Disney sees after-tax stock option expensing of 2c/shr in Q4
11/03/2005 02:52:15p Powerwave Tech Q3 net earns 11c vs 3c
11/03/2005 02:52:05p Piper Jaffray Ups to Outperform
11/03/2005 02:51:55p Powerwave Tech Q3 First Call rev est 202.9M
11/03/2005 02:51:25p Sara Lee 1Q Earnings Decline 81 Percent
11/03/2005 02:51:17p Agile Software sees swing to quarterly loss
11/03/2005 02:50:45p Sina sees Q4 pro forma earns of 14M-15M
11/03/2005 02:50:22p Govt to probe Volcker charge Business Standard
11/03/2005 02:49:55p Microsoft in deal with British Library
11/03/2005 02:49:28p Sina Q3 gross margin 68% vs 68%
11/03/2005 02:47:15p Merck Wins Vioxx Trial
11/03/2005 02:45:05p Disney plans to start expensing stock options
11/03/2005 02:44:45p Oil and gas ops, legal gains boost Fluor results
11/03/2005 02:44:35p Audible swings to loss for third quarter
11/03/2005 02:44:05p Red Robin quarerly profit falls 8.8%; rev rises
11/03/2005 02:43:45p Powerwave Tech Q3 rev 217.8M vs 138.3M
11/03/2005 02:43:04p Adaptec Adaptec Reports Second Quarter FY 2006 Results
11/03/2005 02:42:24p Sina Q3 First Call rev est 51M
11/03/2005 02:42:05p Disney sees FY05 after-tax stock option expense 8c/shr
11/03/2005 02:39:54p Longs Drug Oct. comp sales rise 1.6%; total sales up 2.2%
11/03/2005 02:39:45p Katrina Will Keep Jumbling Job Data
11/03/2005 02:39:34p Powerwave Tech Q3 pro forma earns 15c
11/03/2005 02:39:24p Powerwave Tech quarterly profit surges
11/03/2005 02:38:54p Expedia Q3 rev 584.7M vs 503.8M
11/03/2005 02:38:06p Aeroflex quarterly earnings fall 19.4%; revenue rises
11/03/2005 02:36:55p Computer Sciences profit falls, weighed down by charge
11/03/2005 02:35:14p Sina sees Q4 rev 51M-53M
11/03/2005 02:34:34p Sina Q3 pro forma earns 17c vs 30c
11/03/2005 02:34:14p Sina Q3 net earns 16c vs 25c
11/03/2005 02:34:04p Sina Q3 rev 49.6M vs 52.5M
11/03/2005 02:32:13p Icahn calls Time Warner buyback plans "baby steps"
11/03/2005 02:31:55p Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 Win2K Svr
11/03/2005 02:31:44p Herley Industries, Inc. Herley Announces Contract Awards Totaling 1.4 Million
11/03/2005 02:31:34p RWE considers merging US arm and Thames Water
11/03/2005 02:30:04p D Telekom workers seek job loss help
11/03/2005 02:29:03p Qualcomm, Ciena lead in mixed close
11/03/2005 02:28:28p Wachovia to retry credit cards
11/03/2005 02:28:21p Stocks up on Merck, the economy rallies
11/03/2005 02:28:06p Airlines relieved as fuel spike eases
11/03/2005 02:27:32p Business news update
11/03/2005 02:23:54p Spitzer to Sue Guidant Over Product Flaw
11/03/2005 02:21:26p Investors put 3.2 bln in stock funds this week
11/03/2005 02:21:06p Agile Software sees Q2 net loss 7c-8c
11/03/2005 02:20:57p Molina Healthcare income drops, lifts outlook
11/03/2005 02:20:37p U.S. stocks end higher on economic data, retail sales
11/03/2005 02:20:27p Oil, industrial ops lift Fluor quarterly results
11/03/2005 02:20:06p Red Robin now sees '05 EPS of 1.71-1.73
11/03/2005 02:19:16p Ameristar profit slips but revenue rises 10.6%
11/03/2005 02:18:36p Benchmark Treasury yields close near year's high
11/03/2005 02:18:16p First Albany CFO Jenkins resigns; names Kutey acting CFO
11/03/2005 02:17:47p Oil stocks' rally extends to close
11/03/2005 02:15:26p Red Robin sees '05 rev of 487M-489M
11/03/2005 02:15:06p Amazon to offer online access to books
11/03/2005 02:14:36p U.S. Automakers Lower Incentives in Oct.
11/03/2005 02:14:06p Check cashing and loan business robbed
11/03/2005 02:13:36p Agile Software sees Q2 pro forma loss 3c-4c
11/03/2005 02:13:06p Audible reaffirms 2005 outlook of rev 62M-65M
11/03/2005 02:11:16p Agile Software forecasts Q2 rev 31M-32M
11/03/2005 02:11:09p Dealing With Damascus
11/03/2005 02:10:26p IRS audits more corporations, wealthy taxpayers
11/03/2005 02:10:16p Computer Sciences profit falls 24% as charge weighs
11/03/2005 02:09:16p Move for Empire starts shake-up
11/03/2005 02:08:46p Greenspan warns of inflation uncertainty
11/03/2005 02:08:36p Europe rallies on rosy earnings
11/03/2005 02:05:16p Aptimus, Inc. Aptimus Announces Third Quarter 2005 Financial Results
11/03/2005 02:04:56p Editor of Financial Times Quits; Differences With Pearson Cited
11/03/2005 02:04:46p UTStarcom loses nearly 403 million in third quarter
11/03/2005 02:03:55p Tech stocks close up, but Oracle declines on CFO questions
11/03/2005 02:03:15p Agile Software forecasts Q2 license rev 10M
11/03/2005 02:03:05p Long-term mortgage rates at highest since June 2004
11/03/2005 02:02:45p GAO Amtrak business practices need help
11/03/2005 02:02:25p Dow Ends Up 50, Nasdaq Closes Up 16
11/03/2005 02:01:55p UPDATE Atari loss widens in second quarter
11/03/2005 02:00:55p Audible Q3 First Call earns loss est 1c
11/03/2005 01:59:26p Big win for Merck in Vioxx 2
11/03/2005 01:59:07p Cold Weather Boosts Retail Sales in Oct.
11/03/2005 01:58:56p Coca-Cola ends Vanilla Coke in UK
11/03/2005 01:57:45p Energy stocks lead TSX higher
11/03/2005 01:57:37p Red Robin sees Q4 comp sales 3%-4%
11/03/2005 01:56:35p Oracle CFO Greg Maffei to step down Nov. 15
11/03/2005 01:56:05p Quantum Bit Induction Technology, Inc. Remington Receives - QBIT Delivers
11/03/2005 01:55:35p Red Robin sees '05 comp sales rising 4%
11/03/2005 01:47:41p Oil rallies above 3% to end at one-week high near 62
11/03/2005 01:47:31p Greenspan warns of budget deficits
11/03/2005 01:47:21p Barrier Therapeutics, Inc. Barrier Therapeutics Announces the Launch of VANIQAR in Canada
11/03/2005 01:45:51p Greenspan warns on inflation, deficit spending
11/03/2005 01:44:31p Walgreens completes buy of Schraft's Specialty Pharmacy
11/03/2005 01:44:01p Computer Sciences likely to lead the late pack
11/03/2005 01:43:41p 2005 farmer income to fall from record 2004, USDA says
11/03/2005 01:42:31p Apollo Investment Corporation Apollo Investment Corporation Announces September 30, 2005 Quarterly Financial Results
11/03/2005 01:42:21p Virgin's Music Stores' Love Affair with Kiosk
11/03/2005 01:39:50p Oracle CFO Greg Maffei plans to step down - WSJ
11/03/2005 01:38:41p Stocks end higher on strong data, solid retail sales
11/03/2005 01:37:51p Aluminium hits 10-year high
11/03/2005 01:37:20p PACES New Horse Organization, PACES, Requires Mandatory Criminal Background Checks for Certification
11/03/2005 01:36:40p Compass sackings in UN case
11/03/2005 01:34:52p NetIQ Corporation NetIQ Announces First Quarter Fiscal 2006 Results
11/03/2005 01:32:20p STATS ChipPAC STATS ChipPAC to Open Gold Bumping Operation in China
11/03/2005 01:32:12p Spitzer to Sue Guidant Over Product Flaw
11/03/2005 01:29:30p China faces EU tariffs on shoes
11/03/2005 01:28:41p Coca-Cola ends Vanilla Coke in UK
11/03/2005 01:28:20p GM to produce more Hummer 3 SUVs
11/03/2005 01:28:16p Time Warner sees Net consolidating
11/03/2005 01:28:13p Comcast loses basic cable customers,
11/03/2005 01:28:03p Time Warner sees Net consolidating
11/03/2005 01:28:00p Sunoco earnings
11/03/2005 01:27:55p Another Refco bidder emerges
11/03/2005 01:26:47p Amgen Cancer therapy slows tumor growth
11/03/2005 01:26:40p Oil rally sends airline stocks mostly lower
11/03/2005 01:25:16p Bird flu could eat into Thai growth this year
11/03/2005 01:24:30p CORRECT Sunoco profit up threefold on strong margins
11/03/2005 01:22:20p Beyond Bulbs, Inc. BeyondBulbs.Com Sheds Light on Disaster Preparation
11/03/2005 01:21:10p From Hacker to Protector
11/03/2005 01:20:19p SEC warns online investors of ID theft risks
11/03/2005 01:17:29p Sara Lee Profits Down 81 Percent, Beats Expectations
11/03/2005 01:08:47p Dec crude climbs 2.03, or 3.4%, to finish at 61.78/brl
11/03/2005 01:06:47p Dec crude closes at one-week high near 62 a barrel
11/03/2005 01:05:47p Tesoro third quarter earnings soar
11/03/2005 01:04:46p Analyst No accounting woes at Oracle despite CFO questions
11/03/2005 01:02:26p Quest Diagnostics plans for growth in KC
11/03/2005 01:00:57p Performance Tech names Michael Skarzynski president, CEO
11/03/2005 01:00:16p Dow, Nasdaq Up in Late Afternoon Trading
11/03/2005 12:59:07p NYSE decliners outnumber advancers 17 to 16
11/03/2005 12:58:21p When corruption comes to call
11/03/2005 12:58:00p Willis profit weighed down by hiring costs
11/03/2005 12:56:56p Crude futures up 3.4%, ends near 62 a barrel
11/03/2005 12:55:26p Performance Tech names Michael Skarzynski pres, CEO
11/03/2005 12:53:45p Warner Bros. fires up to 300 employees
11/03/2005 12:53:36p Investors meet for T-Zero showing
11/03/2005 12:53:06p Another Knight Ridder shareholder calls for sale
11/03/2005 12:52:26p Mutual fund giant IGM Financial sees Q3 income up 15%
11/03/2005 12:51:47p Merck victorious in N.J., stock rises
11/03/2005 12:51:29p Greenspan warns US on budget deficits
11/03/2005 12:51:26p Wall Street party starts to lose steam
11/03/2005 12:50:56p Greenspan Warns U.S. on Budget Deficits
11/03/2005 12:49:26p Calendar girls pack 'em in at Hooters
11/03/2005 12:48:46p Podcasts, haute cuisine help sell high-end homes
11/03/2005 12:47:05p CORRECT Putnam ads push the 'performance' envelope
11/03/2005 12:46:36p Performance Tech Skarzynski succeeds Donald Turrell as CEO
11/03/2005 12:46:26p Demand helps Pioneer Drilling post improved net income
11/03/2005 12:44:56p WMS to buy back up to 20M of co. shares over 12 months
11/03/2005 12:44:16p Alaron says it will bid for Refco's retail business
11/03/2005 12:44:06p Energy stocks continue rebound
11/03/2005 12:43:45p Cinram shares rocket as profit doubles, trust conversion OK'd
11/03/2005 12:41:15p Affordable senior housing in Gilbert breaks the mold
11/03/2005 12:41:06p Business Leader US Must Adapt to Face Global Competition
11/03/2005 12:39:35p Comcast shares hit after forecast lowered
11/03/2005 12:39:25p Rates on 30-year mortgages climb to highest level in 16 months
11/03/2005 12:38:56p Business Leader US Must Adapt to Face Global Competition
11/03/2005 12:36:55p Johannesburg to pitch for listings
11/03/2005 12:36:46p Portugal rains on tax securitisation party
11/03/2005 12:35:12p Compass sackings in UN case
11/03/2005 12:35:02p Coca-Cola ends Vanilla Coke in UK
11/03/2005 12:32:26p Samsung Not Entering Online Music Business After All OsOpinion
11/03/2005 12:29:15p Alaron to bid for Refco's retail business
11/03/2005 12:28:35p Comcast 3Q Profit Flat As Revenue Grows
11/03/2005 12:28:26p Service sector grows, productivity jumps
11/03/2005 12:28:18p Stocks advance; Merck lifts blue chips
11/03/2005 12:28:10p US declines to lift 5.9% penalty duty
11/03/2005 12:28:06p Refco bidders must keep offers open
11/03/2005 12:27:24p Dec heating oil up 2.8% to close at 1.8336/gal
11/03/2005 12:26:33p Dec natural gas climbs 0.7% to end at 11.689/mln BTUs
11/03/2005 12:25:43p Oil jumps back near 62
11/03/2005 12:24:03p Delta Air Lines October traffic, load factor fall
11/03/2005 12:23:53p CORRECT Oracle falls as Goldman questions CFO status
11/03/2005 12:23:39p Poultry imports banned from 14 countries
11/03/2005 12:22:54p U.S. stocks pare gains on spike in oil
11/03/2005 12:22:33p Computer Sciences Keane to succeed as CFO in Feb. 2006
11/03/2005 12:21:33p BusinessWeek tech writer seeks advice regarding switch from Windows to Apple Mac
11/03/2005 12:20:33p Job Losses Rise; Business Productivity Up
11/03/2005 12:20:25p NYSE advancers outnumber decliners up 17 to 15
11/03/2005 12:19:45p Ex-World Bank chief to join Citigroup
11/03/2005 12:18:16p Zone-H US Online Banking and Business Preparing for Change
11/03/2005 12:16:53p International Aluminum quarterly earnings, revenue rise
11/03/2005 12:16:23p Were You the Victim of a Hurricane-Related Scam? Share Your Story
11/03/2005 12:15:23p Gold futures close below 462 mark on dollar's strength
11/03/2005 12:14:43p Priceline leads sector's rise
11/03/2005 12:14:23p Stocks Surge on Retail Sales, Merck Win
11/03/2005 12:14:03p Delta Air Lines October load factor 72.4% vs 74.1%
11/03/2005 12:13:53p Oil Prices Rise Above 61 Per Barrel
11/03/2005 12:13:43p Computer Sciences Level to continue as corporate v-p
11/03/2005 12:13:23p Delta Air Lines October traffic down 2.3%
11/03/2005 12:13:12p Job Losses Rise; Business Productivity Up
11/03/2005 12:12:32p Netflix Settles on Free Flicks
11/03/2005 12:11:43p As oil tops 61, airline stocks trade lower
11/03/2005 12:09:23p Barr Court affirms tamoxifen class action dismissals
11/03/2005 12:09:13p International Aluminum Q1 rev 68.3M vs 60.7M
11/03/2005 12:08:13p Nasdaq advancers outnumber decliners 17 to 13
11/03/2005 12:08:03p Jury Clears Merck in Vioxx Liability Case
11/03/2005 12:07:32p Freddie Mac new director Jeffrey Peek is CEO of CIT Group
11/03/2005 12:04:54p Dow industrials up 35 pts at 10,508
11/03/2005 12:04:05p International Aluminum Q1 net earns 84c vs 71c
11/03/2005 12:03:52p NYSE most active stocks PFE Q LU MRK TWX
11/03/2005 12:03:25p plans program allowing online access of books
11/03/2005 12:02:12p Freddie Mac names Jeffrey Peek to board effective Jan. 1
11/03/2005 12:01:42p plans programs allowing online access of books
11/03/2005 12:01:12p Holiday Outlook Brightens on Sales Data
11/03/2005 12:01:07p New York sues Guidant alleging cover up of flaws
11/03/2005 12:00:02p Greenspan Warns Congress on Threat From Deficit
11/03/2005 11:59:12a 2nd Knight Ridder Shareholder Urges Sale
11/03/2005 11:58:22a Delta Air Lines October capacity flat
11/03/2005 11:58:12a Personal Finance Daily - Nov. 3
11/03/2005 11:57:42a Barr Court affirms Tamoxifen antitrust suit dismissal
11/03/2005 11:57:11a GM Ups Hummer Output
11/03/2005 11:57:02a IRS audits more corporations, wealthy taxpayers
11/03/2005 11:49:34a Roche to Boost Tamiflu Output
11/03/2005 11:48:44a Computer Sciences Michael Keane to succeed CFO Leon Level
11/03/2005 11:48:35a slp3D Presents ZimmerR Revision Hip Arthroplasty From Central DuPage Hospital
11/03/2005 11:45:34a Treasurys dented by Greenspan assessment, data
11/03/2005 11:45:24a Investors to look for fresh clues after Dell's warning
11/03/2005 11:45:04a Vodafone reveals plan for S African stake
11/03/2005 11:44:33a Mentus Mentus Earns Prestigious Nicholson Award for Excellence in Annual Report Communication
11/03/2005 11:44:24a JetBlue Airways down 2.3% to 18.26
11/03/2005 11:43:24a Greenspan sends Treasury yields higher
11/03/2005 11:41:23a Ruby Mining Company Ruby Mining Company Announces Results of Annual Meeting
11/03/2005 11:40:54a Hobbled asbestos lawyer fights on
11/03/2005 11:40:14a US retailers see strong October sales
11/03/2005 11:39:54a Prudential shares rise 5% after results top estimates
11/03/2005 11:39:08a China market sued over fakes
11/03/2005 11:38:58a IRS Upped Audits Of The Wealthy
11/03/2005 11:38:42a China market sued over fake goods
11/03/2005 11:38:32a Who's afraid of the big, bad blog?
11/03/2005 11:38:11a Small pharma, big drugs
11/03/2005 11:37:26a Amex Airline Index off 0.5% as oil prices rise
11/03/2005 11:36:24a Pharma shares rally on Merck decision
11/03/2005 11:36:04a A desalination process that waives the rules
11/03/2005 11:35:53a Amex Airline Index lower as oil tops 61 a barrel
11/03/2005 11:35:05a China market sued over fakes
11/03/2005 11:34:53a Compass dismisses chief of UK division
11/03/2005 11:33:25a Porn may be on the way for iPods
11/03/2005 11:31:49a Merck boosted by Vioxx court win
11/03/2005 11:31:43a Dec crude taps four-session high above 61/brl
11/03/2005 11:29:33a Dec gold closes at 461.90/oz, down 2.70 in NY
11/03/2005 11:29:02a Adidas raises outlook, eyes Reebok
11/03/2005 11:28:53a Citigroup lifts Engelhard over diesel prospects
11/03/2005 11:28:50a Stocks rise; Merck, Qualcomm lead advance
11/03/2005 11:28:44a Greenspan Economy Firm; Inflation Eyed
11/03/2005 11:27:23a Guido Albi Marini Exhibition Opening Guido Albi Marini
11/03/2005 11:26:03a ECB 'could raise rates any time'
11/03/2005 11:25:03a StarInvest Group, Inc. StarInvest's Portfolio Company Miscor Files S-1 Registration Statement
11/03/2005 11:24:16a AOL buys MusicNow subscription service
11/03/2005 11:24:02a Sathnam Sangera The silliness of online dating
11/03/2005 11:23:34a Mannatech, Inc. Mannatech Holds 7th-Annual National Convention in Australia
11/03/2005 11:23:03a Vanguard names 2 new fund managers to succeed Kaplan
11/03/2005 11:22:01a ECB keeps key vigilance theme, stronger on growth
11/03/2005 11:21:52a GM to build more of smallest, thriftiest Hummers
11/03/2005 11:21:43a Gold prices fall to a close under 462 an ounce
11/03/2005 11:21:22a Crude futures tap four-day high above 61 a barrel
11/03/2005 11:21:12a IRS audits increase 20%
11/03/2005 11:20:52a Oracle falls as Goldman questions CFO status
11/03/2005 11:20:42a Mortgage rates jump as 30-year hits 6.31%
11/03/2005 11:20:12a Protherics PLC Protherics PLC announces Notification of Major Interests in Shares
11/03/2005 11:19:52a Baltic States Internet Population
11/03/2005 11:17:52a Internet boosts Comcast numbers
11/03/2005 11:16:42a Dec crude last at 61.35, up 1.60, or 2.7%
11/03/2005 11:16:22a Sara Lee beats forecasts as it unloads brands
11/03/2005 11:15:53a Board of Pilkington rejects Nippon Sheet Glass offer
11/03/2005 11:15:32a Spitzer alleges defect in Guidant's life-saving defibrillators
11/03/2005 11:15:22a IRS increases audits of corporations, wealthy taxpayers
11/03/2005 11:08:35a Merkel reassures business of her reform credentials
11/03/2005 11:08:05a AOL Purchases MusicNow
11/03/2005 11:07:45a Dell's new souped-up machines woo gamers
11/03/2005 11:06:46a NYSE most active stocks PFE Q MRK LU TWX
11/03/2005 11:06:37a Everlast Worldwide Q3 rev 12.6M vs 11.1M
11/03/2005 11:06:25a House Defeats Political Blogging Bill
11/03/2005 11:04:55a The 40-hour workweek fades into the past
11/03/2005 11:04:25a Reader comments
11/03/2005 11:01:55a 2nd Knight Ridder Holder Calls for Sale
11/03/2005 11:01:14a Mortgage rates rise again
11/03/2005 10:56:54a Barr Pharma 300M stock buyback program OK'd in 2004
11/03/2005 10:56:04a Munich Re credit and debt ratings cut by A.M. Best
11/03/2005 10:55:04a Slow reform hampering European businesses
11/03/2005 10:54:58a Tarceva OK'd for pancreatic cancer
11/03/2005 10:54:45a UN debates Iraq mandate extension
11/03/2005 10:54:16a Beating the high cost of healthcare
11/03/2005 10:53:28a Jury Clears Merck in Vioxx User's Heart Attack
11/03/2005 10:53:24a Merck nemesis to file suit in NJ
11/03/2005 10:52:24a Barr Pharma extends stock repurchase program thru Dec. 2006
11/03/2005 10:52:04a Everlast Worldwide swings to quarterly profit; revenue rises
11/03/2005 10:51:54a Congress, VoIPs Move to Delay E911
11/03/2005 10:50:44a Hercules swings to profit, misses the mark; shares fall
11/03/2005 10:50:34a Sabre third-quarter revenue up on travel site buy
11/03/2005 10:50:24a Vanguard manager Paul Kaplan to retire
11/03/2005 10:50:14a Remote-controlled super car climbs walls
11/03/2005 10:49:44a Cinram says profits double; board OKs trust conversion
11/03/2005 10:49:14a Greenspan Economy Firm Despite Storms
11/03/2005 10:49:04a Survey shows Taiwan investors prefer quick-return investment
11/03/2005 10:48:44a Greenspan Hurricanes Didn't Slow Economy
11/03/2005 10:48:34a Pixar's coming attractions
11/03/2005 10:47:24a MasterCard net income rises ahead of IPO
11/03/2005 10:46:54a Everlast Worldwide Q3 net earns 4c vs net loss 8c
11/03/2005 10:46:34a How cellphones may beat computers as a dating service
11/03/2005 10:45:44a Oil Prices Climb Above 60 a Barrel
11/03/2005 10:44:52a Democrats try to eliminate Alaska drilling language
11/03/2005 10:44:24a U.S. Health Care Costs Big Money
11/03/2005 10:43:53a Toys for your ride from Vegas car show
11/03/2005 10:43:44a Fazio rebuked over takeover
11/03/2005 10:43:06a AOL Buys MusicNow
11/03/2005 10:41:34a Open mike AOL now in download biz
11/03/2005 10:40:18a Samsung eyes aggressive expansion
11/03/2005 10:40:12a China market sued over fake goods
11/03/2005 10:40:06a Thomas Pappas to run Vanguard GNMA Fund
11/03/2005 10:40:01a Powergen admits service hitch
11/03/2005 10:39:44a Parson says Icahn's aim short term
11/03/2005 10:32:31a Guidant Stock Hurt By Civil Lawsuit
11/03/2005 10:31:43a Euro slips on Trichet comments
11/03/2005 10:29:51a Compensation 'fears gripping UK'
11/03/2005 10:29:41a Home tax breaks Current vs. proposed
11/03/2005 10:29:01a Jury Rules Merck Is Not Liable for Heart Attack of Vioxx User
11/03/2005 10:28:43a First Marblehead down 24% on student loan contract change
11/03/2005 10:28:32a BMC Software rises after profit surge
11/03/2005 10:28:21a Right prescription CVS net up 37%
11/03/2005 10:28:16a Stocks up on Merck verdict, economic data
11/03/2005 10:28:00a Jury finds Merck not liable on Vioxx
11/03/2005 10:27:21a Nasdaq most active stocks ORCL JDSU MSFT INTC SUNW
11/03/2005 10:26:51a IDT unit to acquire Australian co. Imagine Entertainment
11/03/2005 10:26:25a ANTI-DUMPING DUTY US wonât budge on Thai shrimp
11/03/2005 10:26:21a Greenspan optimistic on economy
11/03/2005 10:26:01a Shares of La Quinta up 5c at 8.50
11/03/2005 10:25:30a Economic fundamentals firm, says Greenspan
11/03/2005 10:24:01a Ex-Cheney aide pleads not guilty in CIA leak case
11/03/2005 10:23:25a Merck cleared in Vioxx drug case
11/03/2005 10:22:40a Harrah's 3Q Profit Rises on Acquisition
11/03/2005 10:17:41a Senate kills effort to strike Arctic drilling from bill
11/03/2005 10:16:50a NYSE most active stocks PFE Q MRK LU CHK
11/03/2005 10:16:20a Stocks on the rise
11/03/2005 10:16:00a Dow hits 1-month high; Merck surges on court win
11/03/2005 10:15:50a Economists see a less aggressive Fed
11/03/2005 10:14:41a Merck shares jump after company wins Vioxx lawsuit
11/03/2005 10:13:40a S&P upgrades La Quinta ratings to 'BB' from 'BB-'
11/03/2005 10:12:50a Stocks Surge on Retail Sales, Productivity
11/03/2005 10:12:40a CBS goes back to school, buys CSTV
11/03/2005 10:11:30a Service sector expands rapidly in Oct.
11/03/2005 10:11:24a Merkel reassures business of her reform credentials
11/03/2005 10:11:00a Ipod girds for porn
11/03/2005 10:08:20a S&P S&P 500 3Q operating earnings up 12.3% over yr ago
11/03/2005 10:07:10a Greenspan Economy Sturdy Despite Storms
11/03/2005 10:07:00a Jury absolves Merck in Vioxx case
11/03/2005 10:05:39a Barr Pharma board to extension stock buyback plan
11/03/2005 10:05:30a Powergen admits service hitch
11/03/2005 10:03:40a Barr Pharma to extend stock buyback plan to Dec. 31, 2006
11/03/2005 10:03:09a Former vice presidential aide Libby pleads innocent
11/03/2005 10:02:20a Dow industrials up 86 pts at 10,559
11/03/2005 10:02:00a Dominion stock up after detailing hurricane effects
11/03/2005 10:01:49a Google Library Open for Business
11/03/2005 10:01:19a S&P outlook on La Quinta 'stable'
11/03/2005 10:01:09a IDT unit agrees to buy Australian co. Imagine Entertainment
11/03/2005 10:01:00a China market sued over fake goods
11/03/2005 10:00:08a MCI Sees 3Q Profit on Tax Reduction
11/03/2005 09:59:51a LSE seeks end to bid speculation
11/03/2005 09:59:37a Delta Asks Court to OK Wage Concessions
11/03/2005 09:57:52a Storm-Related Job Losses Climb on Wilma
11/03/2005 09:55:36a Report examines bird flu's possible impact
11/03/2005 09:54:51a Novell to trim 10% of its work force in cost-cutting plan
11/03/2005 09:50:08a European Central Bank keeps interest rate unchanged at 2 percent.
11/03/2005 09:49:38a BEA Systems acquires SolarMetric; terms undisclosed
11/03/2005 09:49:18a S&P cuts Westwood One equity rating to hold from buy
11/03/2005 09:48:18a GM to invest 20M by early 2006 in La. truck plant
11/03/2005 09:47:47a Outlook boosts Qualcomm
11/03/2005 09:45:11a Bird flu could cost 283bn
11/03/2005 09:45:08a Google opens doors to its virtual library
11/03/2005 09:44:38a Fed Chairman Greenspan voices optimism economy won't be substantially harmed by hurricanes
11/03/2005 09:43:07a Samsung plans to lift R&D spending
11/03/2005 09:42:28a U.S. joins agreement to cut tariffs on multi-chip packages
11/03/2005 09:41:37a S&P sees double-digit growth rate at S&P 500 in Q4, Q1 2006
11/03/2005 09:41:27a Jury absolves Merck & Co. in Vioxx user's heart attack
11/03/2005 09:41:17a FTSE ends higher on earnings from ICI, Tate & Lyle
11/03/2005 09:41:08a Manulife profit edges up despite 198-million hurricane Katrina charge
11/03/2005 09:40:57a Rockwell posts in-line profit
11/03/2005 09:40:07a Samsung executive says company has no plans to start online music business
11/03/2005 09:39:17a GM to invest 20M to increase production at La. truck plant
11/03/2005 09:38:47a Time Warner Telecom inks 3-yr Ovation Data IP network deal
11/03/2005 09:38:37a Legg Mason closes acquisition of Permal Group
11/03/2005 09:38:27a U.S. factory orders down 1.7% in September
11/03/2005 09:36:57a France's CAC 40 adds 1.6% to 4,502 at end of trade
11/03/2005 09:35:58a Oil prices rise above 60 a barrel despite U.S. data showing rising supplies
11/03/2005 09:34:49a LSE seeks end to bid speculation
11/03/2005 09:33:07a S&P S&P 500 was expecting 17% gain in Q3 before hurricanes
11/03/2005 09:31:47a Angiotech agrees to pay 14M for Edwards vascular graft unit
11/03/2005 09:31:27a Sept. Factory Orders Lower Than Expected
11/03/2005 09:31:18a U.S. stocks up on data, retail sales; Dow at 1-mth high
11/03/2005 09:30:46a U.K.'s FTSE 100 finishes up 1.4% at 5,431
11/03/2005 09:30:17a Legg Mason completes Permal acquisition
11/03/2005 09:29:59a AOL buys Circuit City's MusicNow
11/03/2005 09:29:49a October retail chain sales up
11/03/2005 09:29:41a GM to boost Hummer 3, truck output
11/03/2005 09:29:19a Hurricanes cause 521,000 layoffs in US
11/03/2005 09:28:57a S&P S&P 500 Q3 operating earnings up 12.3% vs yr ago
11/03/2005 09:28:47a NYSE, Archipelago vote set for Dec. 6
11/03/2005 09:27:59a Dec gold falls 3.60 to 461/oz, trades near 460.50 low
11/03/2005 09:26:39a Local money management firm gets new CEO
11/03/2005 09:26:28a Time Warner Telecom inks IP network deal w/ Ovation Data
11/03/2005 09:25:26a GM to invest in La. plant to increase truck production
11/03/2005 09:25:06a Time Warner Telecom, Ovation Data ink 3-yr IP network deal
11/03/2005 09:24:46a Dec heating oil up 0.6%; Dec unleaded gas gains 1.2%
11/03/2005 09:24:37a GM to add 3rd paint production shift at La. plant in Q1
11/03/2005 09:24:17a Earnings, U.S. strength boost Europe; ECB holds rates
11/03/2005 09:23:57a Oil stocks pad gains at midday
11/03/2005 09:22:33a Quarantine station to open at Logan
11/03/2005 09:22:16a Vuln IPSwitch WhatsUp Small Business 2004 Report Service Directory Traversal Vulnerability
11/03/2005 09:21:38a Dec natural gas up 6.6c, or 0.6%, at 11.67/mln BTUs
11/03/2005 09:21:07a Samsung executive says company has no plans to start online music business
11/03/2005 09:20:36a Germany's DAX up 1.1% at 5,011 as trading ends
11/03/2005 09:19:37a Greenspan Hurricanes didn't kill economy's momentum
11/03/2005 09:19:26a Kadant Inc. downgraded to market perform by Barrington
11/03/2005 09:18:46a BIGresearch BIGresearch Asks What's on Consumers' Minds?
11/03/2005 09:18:39a S&P cuts Avnet equity rating to hold from buy
11/03/2005 09:18:27a Liquidators of BCCI end £850m Bank lawsuit
11/03/2005 09:18:21a Wired Top Stories Google Library Open for Business
11/03/2005 09:17:56a Dec crude climbs 60c, or 1%, to 60.45/brl
11/03/2005 09:16:04a Vuln IPSwitch WhatsUp Small Business 2004 Report Service Directory Traversal Vulnerability
11/03/2005 09:11:12a Oracle down 2.4% at 12.18
11/03/2005 09:10:02a Jury Merck not responsible for Vioxx user's heart attack
11/03/2005 09:09:43a MBNA shareholders approve acquisition by Bank of America
11/03/2005 09:09:02a BEA Systems acquires SolarMetric Inc.
11/03/2005 09:08:42a Services Industry Increase Beats Forecasts
11/03/2005 09:07:52a WIlliams profit falls, lifts outlook
11/03/2005 09:07:32a Merck Vioxx-case plaintiff Vioxx is a 'poison pill'
11/03/2005 09:06:42a Rockwell Automation operating earnings, sales rise
11/03/2005 09:06:22a Merck cleared in Vioxx drug case
11/03/2005 09:05:15a Output gains ease US price fears
11/03/2005 09:04:52a Merck wins Vioxx liability suit in N.J.; shares surge
11/03/2005 09:03:42a Greenspan Says Economy Will Ride Out Hurricanes' Impact
11/03/2005 09:03:13a Greenspan Economy Moving Forward
11/03/2005 09:02:32a Factory orders for September fall
11/03/2005 09:02:02a U.S. stocks up sharply as Merck rallies on Vioxx ruling
11/03/2005 09:01:32a Spitzer sues Guidant for misleading docs
11/03/2005 08:58:32a Spitzer Alleges Defect in Guidant Device
11/03/2005 08:58:20a Terms of BEA Systems, SolarMetric deal undisclosed
11/03/2005 08:58:07a Nobility Homes started at buy at Sidoti
11/03/2005 08:57:22a Hurricanes cause 521,000 layoffs in U.S.
11/03/2005 08:56:59a Jury Finds for Merck in Vioxx Case
11/03/2005 08:56:12a Deb Shops target lifted to 35 to 37 range by Southwest
11/03/2005 08:55:52a Strong retail sales, worker productivity lift stocks
11/03/2005 08:54:51a Freddie Mac 30-yr mortgage averages 6.31% vs 6.15%
11/03/2005 08:54:42a Powergen admits appalling service
11/03/2005 08:53:12a Sinopec, BP set up acetic acid joint venture in east China city
11/03/2005 08:52:41a Jury Says Merck Properly Warned Patients About Vioxx Risks
11/03/2005 08:52:22a NYSE, Archipelago to vote on merger on Dec.6
11/03/2005 08:51:21a Priceline leads Internet sector rise
11/03/2005 08:51:01a Archipelago and NYSE to vote on merger Dec. 6
11/03/2005 08:50:31a Old Dominion cut to neutral at Sidoti
11/03/2005 08:48:31a Vioxx-case plaintiff Court system 'worked' despite verdict
11/03/2005 08:46:34a Former World Bank chief Wolfensohn to join Citigroup
11/03/2005 08:45:01a Service with a smile! Sector grows
11/03/2005 08:44:51a Placer Dome forms special committee to review takeover offer
11/03/2005 08:43:43a OFT grocery market ruling quashed
11/03/2005 08:43:34a Output gains ease US price fears
11/03/2005 08:43:27a Powergen admits appalling service
11/03/2005 08:43:19a Merck cleared in Vioxx drug case
11/03/2005 08:42:38a Greenspan Economy Moving Forward
11/03/2005 08:41:41a Labor dispute upsets Radio City Christmas show
11/03/2005 08:38:47a Output gains ease US price fears
11/03/2005 08:38:37a Merck cleared in Vioxx drug case
11/03/2005 08:34:25a Merck cleared for Vioxx user’s heart attack
11/03/2005 08:34:15a Wall Street higher on robust retail data
11/03/2005 08:34:05a Spitzer sues Guidant over defibrillator
11/03/2005 08:33:27a Merck wins Vioxx product-liability trial in N.J. - reports
11/03/2005 08:32:14a Makers of Taser stun guns debuts consumer model
11/03/2005 08:32:07a Merck N.J. Vioxx-trial verdict confirms legal strategy
11/03/2005 08:31:54a Oracle off as Goldman analyst questions CFO's status
11/03/2005 08:31:45a Merck 'pleased' with N.J. Vioxx trial verdict - spokesman
11/03/2005 08:31:31a Comcast loses basic cable customers
11/03/2005 08:31:23a Stocks gain on Merck, retail sales, data
11/03/2005 08:31:16a October retail chain sales beat targets
11/03/2005 08:31:07a Jury finds Merck not liable over Vioxx
11/03/2005 08:30:16a Natural-gas stocks up 29 billion cubic feet Energy Dept
11/03/2005 08:29:56a S&P may downgrade Knight Ridder on call for co. sale
11/03/2005 08:29:35a Economic fundamentals still firm, says Greenspan
11/03/2005 08:29:06a Russ Berrie to restructure its domestic gift segment
11/03/2005 08:28:55a Citigroup taps former World Bank chief Wolfensohn as adviser
11/03/2005 08:28:34a Advance Auto Parts profit rises 18%
11/03/2005 08:28:27a Russ Berrie to take related Q4 pre-tax charge 1.4M
11/03/2005 08:27:41a Cold Weather Lifts October Retail Sales
11/03/2005 08:27:35a Merck spokesman About 6,400 Vioxx-related cases filed
11/03/2005 08:26:34a Garth Brooks, Destiny's Child to star in Wal-Mart ads
11/03/2005 08:26:26a Abercrombie's T-shirts offend again this time girls
11/03/2005 08:26:15a Amgen boosts drug stocks
11/03/2005 08:26:04a Merck soars after Vioxx verdict
11/03/2005 08:25:45a SiteWorks Building & Development Co. Site Works Building Opens Bangkok Office
11/03/2005 08:25:37a Merck spokesman Scientific evidence shows Vioxx is safe
11/03/2005 08:24:04a Greenspan says hurricane fallout to be fleeting
11/03/2005 08:23:54a Output gains ease US price fears
11/03/2005 08:23:45a Manufacturers struggling to find skilled workers
11/03/2005 08:21:44a Strike endangers Radio City's 'Christmas Spectacular'
11/03/2005 08:20:54a Court victory for Merck in Vioxx trial
11/03/2005 08:19:24a Russ Berrie Restructuring seen saving 15M/yr, pre-tax
11/03/2005 08:17:44a Morgan Stanley sees turbulence for Lazard
11/03/2005 08:17:15a U.S. stocks gain ground; Merck rallies on Vioxx ruling
11/03/2005 08:17:04a Biotech course mapped for Arizona
11/03/2005 08:16:14a Merck Wins Vioxx Lawsuit
11/03/2005 08:15:54a Merck Next Vioxx trial is slated for Nov. 28
11/03/2005 08:15:03a Conseco earnings up 18%
11/03/2005 08:14:14a Sales surge boosts CVS profit
11/03/2005 08:13:54a Volkswagen brings on the bling in bid for young buyers
11/03/2005 08:13:44a Russ Berrie to take related 2.5M pre-tax charge in 2006
11/03/2005 08:13:38a Greenspan Economy Moving Forward
11/03/2005 08:13:34a Symbol Tech surges on quarterly report
11/03/2005 08:12:23a CenterPoint swings to profit, in line with estimates
11/03/2005 08:11:53a Calpine swings to loss on high natural-gas costs
11/03/2005 08:11:23a BJ's Wholesale Club cut to buy at KeyBanc
11/03/2005 08:11:14a Funeral-assisting firm listed under 'escort services'
11/03/2005 08:09:53a Russ Berrie to rationalize warehouse, dist. facilities
11/03/2005 08:08:53a Dollar lifted by Greenspan's outlook
11/03/2005 08:08:43a Crude climbs, trades back above 60
11/03/2005 08:08:35a Tech stocks rise as several stocks rally on results
11/03/2005 08:07:43a Union Radio City Christmas show must go on
11/03/2005 08:07:14a BMW profit falls 6.5% on write-down, margins
11/03/2005 07:58:38a AstraZeneca cut to underperform at Bear Stearns
11/03/2005 07:57:29a U.S. services sector accelerates in Oct, ISM says
11/03/2005 07:56:38a Merck up 2.1% at 28.94 ahead of NJ Vioxx verdict
11/03/2005 07:56:14a Natural-gas futures gain ahead of U.S. supply data
11/03/2005 07:55:18a Treasurys fall after Greenspan offers upbeat assessment
11/03/2005 07:55:08a Cities' courtship a new thing for Google
11/03/2005 07:54:41a Textile trade talks make progress
11/03/2005 07:54:30a Montpelier Re slumps 24% after big quarterly hurricane loss
11/03/2005 07:54:09a U.S. ISM services index 60% vs. 56.9% expected
11/03/2005 07:53:39a Advance Auto Parts profit jumps 18%; shares rally
11/03/2005 07:52:38a Jury reaches verdict in Vioxx trial in N.J. CNBC
11/03/2005 07:50:18a Factory orders for September dip
11/03/2005 07:50:00a Too high a price?
11/03/2005 07:49:48a CVS shares power index in early going
11/03/2005 07:49:38a Acquisition boosts Harrah's sales, profit
11/03/2005 07:49:28a U.S. Sept. factory orders fall 1.7%
11/03/2005 07:48:48a Guidant shares down 4.6% at 57.62
11/03/2005 07:48:28a Apple Computer continues surge, hits new 52-week high
11/03/2005 07:47:38a U.S. economic fundamentals firm, Greenspan says
11/03/2005 07:47:08a Trade Battle Looms At Summit
11/03/2005 07:46:28a Greenspan Voices Optimism on Economy
11/03/2005 07:46:08a TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. TCS Wins Frost & Sullivan Location Product Line Strategy Award
11/03/2005 07:45:37a NY Atty Gen Spitzer sues Guidant over heart defibrillators
11/03/2005 07:45:17a WestJet earnings up 43% in Q3
11/03/2005 07:45:08a US retailers weather hard climate
11/03/2005 07:44:58a Greenspan Economy OK After Hurricanes
11/03/2005 07:44:38a Millennium hedge fund to settle fraud charges WSJ
11/03/2005 07:43:10a Too high a price?
11/03/2005 07:42:17a Advanced Digital upped to peer perform by Bear Stearns
11/03/2005 07:40:28a Oil stocks rally Thursday morning
11/03/2005 07:39:18a Greenspan U.S. economic fundamentals remain firm
11/03/2005 07:38:47a U.S. services sectors booming, ISM says
11/03/2005 07:37:49a Comcast's flat profit falls short
11/03/2005 07:37:27a AMR extends gains after traffic report; sector rises
11/03/2005 07:37:07a Greenspan Voices Optimism on the Economy
11/03/2005 07:36:57a Quality Media Resources Ethical Challenges
11/03/2005 07:36:27a GlaxoSmithKline upgraded to peer perform by Bear Stearns
11/03/2005 07:36:17a Greenspan wary about inflation
11/03/2005 07:35:58a Spitzer suit seeks Guidant Prizm 1861 profit disgorgement
11/03/2005 07:35:28a Beckman Coulter upgraded to outperform by Bear Stearns
11/03/2005 07:35:21a Women warned over state pension
11/03/2005 07:35:11a Plans to end compensation culture
11/03/2005 07:35:02a US retailers weather hard climate
11/03/2005 07:34:59a Yahoo Upgrades Online Maps
11/03/2005 07:34:57a Textile trade talks make progress
11/03/2005 07:34:27a Comcast 3Q Profit Flat As Revenue Rises
11/03/2005 07:34:17a MCI Sees 3Q Profit on Tax Reduction
11/03/2005 07:33:57a Dollar moves back above 117 yen following upbeat Greenspan
11/03/2005 07:33:28a Tech stocks rise early as BMC, Qualcomm, Symbol, Apple gain
11/03/2005 07:33:26a Older workers urged to stay on
11/03/2005 07:33:18a U.S. stocks rise, but Fed chief remarks cool gains
11/03/2005 07:32:26a France Trade offer goes too far
11/03/2005 07:32:07a Prudential rises 5% after quarterly profit tops estimates
11/03/2005 07:31:47a Morgan Stanley lowers rating on Lazard to equal weight
11/03/2005 07:31:37a Solid Retail Sales Send Stocks Higher
11/03/2005 07:30:28a Stocks rise on output data, retail sales
11/03/2005 07:30:21a Service growth expands in October survey
11/03/2005 07:30:13a Spitzer sues Guidant
11/03/2005 07:30:05a Greenspan sees inflation uncertainty
11/03/2005 07:28:23a Royalties drive net at Qualcomm
11/03/2005 07:28:11a France Trade offer goes too far
11/03/2005 07:25:38a Bonds flat despite labor cost drop
11/03/2005 07:25:30a Dillard's up 9.1% at 22.69
11/03/2005 07:25:08a Deb Shops up 6.1% at 26.95
11/03/2005 07:24:58a Talbot's up 3.3% at 27.97
11/03/2005 07:24:19a Stocks Open Higher on Oct. Retail Sales
11/03/2005 07:24:09a Oil Prices Up Despite Supply Report Data
11/03/2005 07:23:50a CVS powers retail index higher at open
11/03/2005 07:23:28a Quest Diagnostics develops avian flu test
11/03/2005 07:23:18a Congress Looks to Gather Greenspan's Views
11/03/2005 07:23:09a Plans to end compensation culture
11/03/2005 07:22:29a Fed won't go soft on inflation, Ferguson says
11/03/2005 07:22:17a Bird flu 'could cost Asia 283bn'
11/03/2005 07:22:08a Gold futures pull back in morning trading on dollar strength
11/03/2005 07:21:38a Gymboree up 6.7% at 19.35
11/03/2005 07:21:28a Consumers still sold on retailers
11/03/2005 07:20:38a Graftech sees FY05 earns before items of 43-45c
11/03/2005 07:19:28a FDA advisers to consider first do-it-yourself AIDS test
11/03/2005 07:18:29a A strong start
11/03/2005 07:18:12a Older workers urged to stay on
11/03/2005 07:16:40a U.S. trade officials praise Japan for opening markets
11/03/2005 07:16:28a Treasurys in choppy trade, with key yield held at 4.6%
11/03/2005 07:16:09a Government unveils shake-up of corporate law
11/03/2005 07:15:38a Courtship new thing for Google
11/03/2005 07:15:18a Corrections Corp. up 3.5% at 42.17
11/03/2005 07:14:58a U.S. stocks open higher on data, same-store sales
11/03/2005 07:14:50a Nordstrom up 4.5% at 37.36
11/03/2005 07:13:42a Montpelier Re slumps 23% after big quarterly hurricane loss
11/03/2005 07:13:39a Business Productivity Outpaces Expectations
11/03/2005 07:13:17a Iran 'offers shares to the poor'
11/03/2005 07:12:58a Wages slip amid productivity gains
11/03/2005 07:12:28a Bon-Ton Stores up 5% at 21.10
11/03/2005 07:12:18a Elizabeth Arden down 11% at 19.58
11/03/2005 07:12:08a Storm-related job layoffs rise again to total 521,400
11/03/2005 07:11:08a FDA approves Tarceva anti-cancer combo
11/03/2005 07:10:07a Mylan, Pfizer each denied a motion in generic Norvasc case
11/03/2005 07:09:48a Sales, Productivity Boost Wall Street
11/03/2005 07:09:18a Reports Homebuilder Sector Hits Milestone All Time Construction Spending High
11/03/2005 07:08:48a Assurant posts 34% increase in quarterly net income
11/03/2005 07:08:38a Strong earnings send FTSE higher
11/03/2005 07:08:28a State farmers lose workers, profits to border sweeps
11/03/2005 07:08:08a Stocks open higher on data, Oct same-store sales
11/03/2005 07:07:58a DSW Inc. up 6.3% at 22.26
11/03/2005 07:06:47a Retailers' October surprise Consumers kept on spending
11/03/2005 07:05:27a Man sues Home Depot after being glued to toilet seat
11/03/2005 07:03:30a LSE net falls 33% on write-down of derivatives unit
11/03/2005 07:02:46a Legal fight looms after J&J threatens to drop plan to buy Guidant
11/03/2005 06:58:20a Broadwing narrows loss to 41 cents vs. loss of 69 cents
11/03/2005 06:58:14a Vodafone offer hailed
11/03/2005 06:57:20a Dollar firm; ECB comment, U.S. data back rate scenario
11/03/2005 06:57:10a Strong earnings sends FTSE higher
11/03/2005 06:56:52a Vodafone plans 2.4bn Vodacom move
11/03/2005 06:56:39a Wal-Mart Sales Better Than Expected
11/03/2005 06:55:53a Adidas ups outlook on profit jump
11/03/2005 06:55:50a MCI profits on cost cuts, tax benefit
11/03/2005 06:55:39a GrafTech Q3 sales 209M vs 206M
11/03/2005 06:55:20a View Systems, Inc. View Systems, Inc. Announces Additional Orders From Los Angeles, CA
11/03/2005 06:55:14a Oil prices rise as traders digest US inventory data
11/03/2005 06:55:10a Cold Weather Lifts October Retail Sales
11/03/2005 06:54:31a Google launches its library of public doman books
11/03/2005 06:54:19a Wynn Resorts loss narrows but misses Street view
11/03/2005 06:53:40a Peets Coffee cut to hold by W.R. Hambrecht
11/03/2005 06:53:29a Qualcomm shares gain in pre-market on earns, outlook
11/03/2005 06:53:17a Adidas ups outlook on profit jump
11/03/2005 06:53:11a Vodafone plans 2.4bn Vodacom move
11/03/2005 06:52:19a Sara Lee profits sliced
11/03/2005 06:52:09a CSFB cuts Career Ed. price target to 39 from 43
11/03/2005 06:51:39a Courier Corp. raises quarterly dividend
11/03/2005 06:50:09a DirecTV Returns to 3Q Profit, Revenue Up
11/03/2005 06:49:29a Samsung Not Entering Online Music Business
11/03/2005 06:49:19a Business Productivity Outpaces Expectations
11/03/2005 06:47:39a GrafTech Q3 net 15c vs loss 10c
11/03/2005 06:46:59a Hi-speed internet services lift Comcast
11/03/2005 06:46:29a 10-year Treasury turns lower; down 1/32 to yield 4.61%
11/03/2005 06:45:49a Treasurys lose post-data gains, await Fed chief, jobs data
11/03/2005 06:44:59a Weekly Jobless Claims Below Expectations
11/03/2005 06:44:49a Enesco dropped to equal weight at Morgan Stanley
11/03/2005 06:44:09a Career Education cut to neutral at CS First Boston
11/03/2005 06:43:39a Futures point to flat open for Wall Street
11/03/2005 06:43:20a ECB's Trichet maintains interest-rate stance
11/03/2005 06:42:59a UBS sets Fifth Third Bank price target at 40
11/03/2005 06:42:49a Provide Commerce target upped to 40 at W.R. Hambrecht
11/03/2005 06:41:59a Volkswagen Profit Misses Expectations
11/03/2005 06:41:40a Eurozone bonds steady after ECB rates held
11/03/2005 06:40:19a Fifth Third Bank started at neutral at UBS
11/03/2005 06:38:17a Samsung Not Entering Online Music Business
11/03/2005 06:35:16a News International buys website
11/03/2005 06:35:08a US pushes for Americas trade zone
11/03/2005 06:33:24a McData Corp. trims 3Q estimate
11/03/2005 06:33:16a Retailers Post Solid October Sales
11/03/2005 06:33:02a Toyota reported to be eyeing Ontario for new truck plant
11/03/2005 06:32:52a USA Video Interactive Corp. USVO'S SmartMark Logo Deters Video Piracy
11/03/2005 06:32:02a New feature Podcasts
11/03/2005 06:31:53a Wynn Resorts Q3 loss 14c
11/03/2005 06:31:32a O.T. Mining Corporation Silver-Base Metal Mineralization Encountered Near the Ruby Mine
11/03/2005 06:30:52a Reprise Records Eric Clapton Renews Contract With Reprise Records
11/03/2005 06:30:32a Calpine swings to a loss
11/03/2005 06:30:21a Vonage mulls sale as well as IPO WSJ
11/03/2005 06:30:10a Scientific-Atlanta eye sale NY Post
11/03/2005 06:30:05a Revlon trims loss as launches progress
11/03/2005 06:30:02a Broadwing Q3 First Call est loss 48c
11/03/2005 06:29:55a NYSE, Archipelago set for merger vote
11/03/2005 06:29:45a Comcast sales up on high-speed Internet
11/03/2005 06:29:35a America Online buys digital music firm
11/03/2005 06:29:29a Retail chain sales rise, weather helps
11/03/2005 06:29:19a Business productivity beats forecasts
11/03/2005 06:29:12a Williams Cos. net income falls; raises 2005 profit outlook
11/03/2005 06:29:09a Stocks set to open up after data
11/03/2005 06:28:54a Wynn Resorts Q3 adjusted results loss 1c vs breakeven
11/03/2005 06:28:32a Wynn Resorts Q3 net losses 14c vs 26c
11/03/2005 06:28:12a Avian Flu Pandemic could halt Asian growth, ADB Report Says
11/03/2005 06:27:25a Update 1 LSE Keen to End Takeover Bid Offer Period
11/03/2005 06:26:12a Google confirms availability of public domain books
11/03/2005 06:26:06a MSA plans 100M common stock buyback
11/03/2005 06:25:55a Jobless claims decline
11/03/2005 06:25:52a Citigroup ups Englehard price target to 35 from 30
11/03/2005 06:24:42a Dollar Tree quarterly same-store sales dip 1%
11/03/2005 06:24:24a Bout begins to bundle services
11/03/2005 06:23:52a Wynn Q3 First Call estimate net 10c
11/03/2005 06:23:02a Stocks Set to Open Higher on Retail Sales
11/03/2005 06:22:42a Hurricane-related job losses rise
11/03/2005 06:22:32a Frontier Oil earns 1.91 vs. 43 cents
11/03/2005 06:22:22a Wesco started at overweight at J.P. Morgan
11/03/2005 06:21:32a CAE reports a 39 increase in profit
11/03/2005 06:21:02a Wynn Resorts Q3 net revenue 251.4M
11/03/2005 06:20:54a First Albany narrows loss
11/03/2005 06:20:22a Barnabus Energy, Inc. Barnabus Energy Corporate Update
11/03/2005 06:20:02a Sara Lee 1Q Profit Tumbles on Charges
11/03/2005 06:18:02a U.S. stocks to open higher on data, same-store sales
11/03/2005 06:17:21a Hollinger Intl names Stoklosa CFO, replacing Lane
11/03/2005 06:17:01a Servicemaster earnings top estimates
11/03/2005 06:16:51a Clorox profit matches estimate; affirms outlook
11/03/2005 06:16:01a NYSE, Archipelago to vote on deal
11/03/2005 06:15:42a Roche Survey Finds Family Conversation Key to Organ Donation
11/03/2005 06:15:01a CORRECT Assurant net income improves 34%
11/03/2005 06:14:51a Courier ups quarterly div to 12c vs 10c
11/03/2005 06:14:01a Maritrans profit nearly doubles
11/03/2005 06:13:51a Comcast profit flat as revenue rises
11/03/2005 06:13:42a Dollar gains after U.S. data
11/03/2005 06:13:18a U.S. business productivity surges
11/03/2005 06:06:31a Jo-Ann Stores 3Q sales rose 5.8% to 474.2M
11/03/2005 06:06:21a HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc. HQSM CEO to Be Interviewed on MoneyTV
11/03/2005 06:05:31a M-Systems net doubles, earnings and sales view lifted
11/03/2005 06:05:21a CVS Q3 earnings rise 37%; Oct. same-store sales up 5.6%
11/03/2005 06:05:11a Trinity Industries profit soars
11/03/2005 06:05:01a Abercrombie & Fitch same-store sales surge
11/03/2005 06:04:41a BJ's Wholesale expects Q3 earnings at 35c-39c
11/03/2005 06:04:11a Cato lifts 3Q earnings estimate to 11-12c
11/03/2005 06:02:41a Target says same-store sales slightly above target
11/03/2005 06:01:11a Two-way call Vonage IPO & sale?
11/03/2005 06:00:01a Target says settlement to add 2c to earnings
11/03/2005 05:59:51a CVS 3Q Profit Surges on Acquired Stores
11/03/2005 05:59:31a Euro eases fractionally after ECB holds rates
11/03/2005 05:59:01a Revlon posts narrower loss
11/03/2005 05:58:27a Iran 'offers shares to the poor'
11/03/2005 05:58:21a Iran 'offers shares to the poor'
11/03/2005 05:58:13a Powergen admits to poor service
11/03/2005 05:57:24a Warm weather in parts of nation lessens demand
11/03/2005 05:57:01a Harrah's 3Q Profit Rises on Acquisition
11/03/2005 05:56:41a Idacorp profit falls, revenue gains
11/03/2005 05:56:21a Payless ShoeSource Q3 First Call ave. rev. est. 669.7M
11/03/2005 05:55:53a Financial Times publisher sales improving
11/03/2005 05:54:41a AT WORK Immigrants? exits erode U.S. might
11/03/2005 05:54:21a Tarceva OKd for new use by FDA
11/03/2005 05:53:00a Target sees H2 earns 1.50 or more
11/03/2005 05:52:51a Payless ShoeSource Q3 same-store sales up 3%
11/03/2005 05:52:31a Target to receive at least 27M from Visa/Mastercard suit
11/03/2005 05:52:10a Brookfield Asset Q3 First Call estimate 59c
11/03/2005 05:52:00a Sabre Holdings earns top expectations, outlook falls short
11/03/2005 05:51:20a Volkswagen and BMW disappoint investors
11/03/2005 05:51:10a Retailers Post Solid Sales in October
11/03/2005 05:50:40a Target Q3 same-store sales up 5.9%
11/03/2005 05:50:20a Abgenix rockets on Phase 3 study results
11/03/2005 05:49:40a ROO Group ROO Purchases Majority Stake in Online Marketing Agency Factory 212
11/03/2005 05:49:10a Payless ShoeSource Q3 total sales 666.9M vs. 661.4M
11/03/2005 05:45:03a Retailers Post Solid October Sales
11/03/2005 05:44:56a Powergen admits to poor service
11/03/2005 05:44:43a Iran 'offers shares to the poor'
11/03/2005 05:44:35a Eurozone rates stay at 2%
11/03/2005 05:43:21a Gas prices head down the driveway
11/03/2005 05:43:12a Alpha Natl Resources Q3 First Call estimate 31c
11/03/2005 05:42:41a Gymboree October same-store sales up 18%
11/03/2005 05:42:20a Underwriters Laboratories Underwriters Laboratories and Elliott Laboratories Collaborate on EMC Testing Services
11/03/2005 05:42:11a Apollo Data Technologies Five Key Steps for More Effective Target Marketing
11/03/2005 05:41:30a Barclays Capital to open branch in Shanghai
11/03/2005 05:41:00a Dairy Fresh Farms Inc. Dairy Fresh Farms Begins Trading Under DYFR
11/03/2005 05:39:23a Signet Group quarterly same-store sales rise 1.8%
11/03/2005 05:38:41a Dillard's Oct total sales rose 7% to 488.3M
11/03/2005 05:38:28a Eurozone rates stay put once more
11/03/2005 05:38:19a Alpha Natl Resources Q3 net 13c vs 37c
11/03/2005 05:38:06a Wal-Mart sales rise 4.3%
11/03/2005 05:37:58a Powergen admits to poor service
11/03/2005 05:37:50a Golden Telecom Golden Telecom Announces Third Quarter Results
11/03/2005 05:36:51a Universal Compression Q2 revs 181.1M vs 191.9M
11/03/2005 05:36:10a Gap Inc. Oct. same-store sales down 5%
11/03/2005 05:35:57a Secunia WhatsUp Small Business Report Service Directory Traversal
11/03/2005 05:35:52a Bon-Ton cuts forecast on weak sales
11/03/2005 05:34:41a Superior Energy Industries sees 3Q earns 20-22c
11/03/2005 05:34:25a Harrah's third-quarter profit rises
11/03/2005 05:33:40a Universal Compression ups 2006 outlook to 2.25-2.35
11/03/2005 05:32:50a Ann Taylor affirms 2005 view; Oct same-store sales up 1.2%
11/03/2005 05:32:30a Gap Inc. sees Q3 earns 23c-24c vs. First Call ave. est. 24c
11/03/2005 05:31:42a Vonage Holdings debating sale or IPO
11/03/2005 05:30:33a Gap Inc. Oct. total sales 1.28B vs. 1.3B
11/03/2005 05:30:19a European Central Bank keeps rate steady
11/03/2005 05:29:50a Corrections Corp. profit rises, 2005 outlook in-line
11/03/2005 05:29:40a Jackpot Factory Record-Breaking Jackpot Win on Tunzamunni Progressive at Jackpot Factory Group Casino
11/03/2005 05:29:19a Nordstrom October same-store sales up
11/03/2005 05:29:12a Limited October same-store sales fall
11/03/2005 05:29:04a J.C. Penney October sales up
11/03/2005 05:28:58a US stocks set to open flat
11/03/2005 05:28:55a Vodafone in £1.35bn African deal
11/03/2005 05:28:48a Sara Lee 1st-qtr profit falls on charges
11/03/2005 05:28:40a H&R Block keeps eye on rising rates
11/03/2005 05:28:32a Comcast revenue rises
11/03/2005 05:28:24a Wal-Mart same-store sales up 4.3 percent
11/03/2005 05:28:10a Universal Compression Q2 First Call est 54c
11/03/2005 05:27:28a LSE rebuffs takeover bids
11/03/2005 05:27:10a Alpha Natl Resources year-ago Q3 adj net 14c
11/03/2005 05:21:22a CSFB uses up QFII quotas
11/03/2005 05:21:03a Holiday airfares take off Report
11/03/2005 05:20:13a Hedge fund fraud less likely in Europe
11/03/2005 05:19:53a Strong profits at Adidas as World Cup countdown begins
11/03/2005 05:19:13a Signet Q3 sales up 5.7%; same-store up 1.8%
11/03/2005 05:18:42a Wal-Mart October same-store sales up 4.3%
11/03/2005 05:18:23a POPstar Communications, Inc. POPstar Wi-Fi VoIP Phones to Expand Penetration for Wireless Phones
11/03/2005 05:17:53a Michaels Stores affirms 3Q profit view; sales miss
11/03/2005 05:17:43a Sara Lee earns top expectations, but outlook falls short
11/03/2005 05:17:22a Aluminium hits ten-year high
11/03/2005 05:15:52a Ann Taylor still sees 2005 earns 1.17
11/03/2005 05:15:43a Charming Shoppes October same-store sales up 3%
11/03/2005 05:15:13a Signet Q3 same-store sales in U.S. up 6.6%
11/03/2005 05:15:03a ECB holds key rate at 2%
11/03/2005 05:14:22a Fred's same-store sales rise 2.5%
11/03/2005 05:14:02a Sharper Image same-store sales fall 18%
11/03/2005 05:13:46a ECB keeps interest rates unchanged
11/03/2005 05:13:14a Comcast Profit Flat for Third Quarter
11/03/2005 05:13:04a Signet Q3 same-store sales in U.K. down 8.1%
11/03/2005 05:12:32a Eurozone rates stay at 2%
11/03/2005 05:10:12a Ann Taylor 2005 First Call est 1.12
11/03/2005 05:10:04a Roche to Boost Production of Anti-Flu Drugs
11/03/2005 05:09:42a CORRECT Rockwell Automation Q4 adj earns 69c
11/03/2005 05:09:32a CORRECT Rockwell Automation Q4First Call est 69c
11/03/2005 05:09:23a Wal-Mart Oct total international sales rose 11%
11/03/2005 05:08:22a Book 'em! NBC launches Sleuth tv
11/03/2005 05:08:13a Ann Taylor Oct same-store sales up 1.2%
11/03/2005 05:07:42a Expo economy surges
11/03/2005 05:07:32a Elizabeth Arden earnings fall as sales rise 7%
11/03/2005 05:07:25a European markets hold higher after ECB leaves rates at 2%
11/03/2005 05:07:12a Celgene earns drop as administrative, marketing costs rise
11/03/2005 05:07:02a ICI, Tate & Lyle climb, Unilever tumbles; FTSE higher
11/03/2005 05:06:52a Wal-Mart Oct US same-store sales up 4% excluding gasoline
11/03/2005 05:06:42a MCI Swings to 3Q Profit on New Services
11/03/2005 05:00:45a iPayment Q3 revenue up 88% to 175.2 million
11/03/2005 05:00:25a Zale October same-store sales fall a 'disappointing' 1.2%
11/03/2005 04:59:35a Commerzbank profits almost double
11/03/2005 04:58:20a AmerisourceBergen sees FY06 earns 3.95-4.25 a share
11/03/2005 04:57:46a Earnings, U.S. strength boost Europe; ECB's in focus
11/03/2005 04:57:05a Compass executives sacked after probe
11/03/2005 04:56:35a Harrah's Entertainment earns top expectations
11/03/2005 04:56:05a iPayment Q3 First Call est 47c
11/03/2005 04:55:44a Chico's FAS October same-store sales up 17.9%
11/03/2005 04:54:45a DrugMax files to sell 107M in stock
11/03/2005 04:54:35a iPayment Q3 net 45c vs 36c
11/03/2005 04:54:15a Priceline up 16.9% at 22.80 premarket
11/03/2005 04:53:55a Chico's FAS Oct same-store sales up 17.9%
11/03/2005 04:53:44a Pacific Sunwear lifts 3Q earnings view
11/03/2005 04:53:35a Stocks Set to Open Mixed on Retail Sales
11/03/2005 04:53:14a American Retirement swings to third-quarter profit
11/03/2005 04:53:05a DrugMax registers to sell 66.6M shrs
11/03/2005 04:52:54a Dex Media swings to profit
11/03/2005 04:52:14a Kirkland's 13 week comparable sales decreased 3.4%
11/03/2005 04:52:01a MCI swings to 3Q profit on new services
11/03/2005 04:51:55a CORRECT Zale expects Q1 impairment charge of 10c
11/03/2005 04:51:25a Oil doesn't slip, stays above 60
11/03/2005 04:50:34a Westwood One Q3 earnings flat at 24c
11/03/2005 04:49:55a Conseco earnings rise 24% on operational improvements
11/03/2005 04:48:54a Children's Place First Call estimates Q3 88c, year 2.24
11/03/2005 04:48:34a Zale expects Q1 loss 46c-49c
11/03/2005 04:48:14a Citibank launches investor guide book
11/03/2005 04:40:59a Radiation Therapy target upped to 39 by First Albany
11/03/2005 04:40:29a New York & Co. estimates Q3 net high end 2c-5c
11/03/2005 04:39:49a Dex Media Q3 rev. 418.3M vs. 404.8M
11/03/2005 04:38:59a Limited Brands Oct same-store sales fell 4%
11/03/2005 04:38:53a FT editor resigns after dispute
11/03/2005 04:38:47a US airlines seek foreign capital
11/03/2005 04:38:44a High costs eat into BMW profits
11/03/2005 04:37:21a Dex Media Q3 earns 10c vs. loss 23c
11/03/2005 04:35:29a Cost Plus quarterly same-store sales decline
11/03/2005 04:34:59a Shire Pharma Q3 loss 624 million, or 3.74 a share
11/03/2005 04:34:19a Limited Brands Oct. total sales fell 1% to 629M
11/03/2005 04:33:49a Fed nominee Bernanke's a chameleon ... or is he?
11/03/2005 04:33:29a Lionel Barber appointed FT editor
11/03/2005 04:31:21a Stock futures steady with productivity, Greenspan ahead
11/03/2005 04:28:11a Volkswagen profit gain lags expectations
11/03/2005 04:27:58a R.R. Donnelley quarterly profit falls
11/03/2005 04:27:49a Steven Madden target upped to 32 by First Albany
11/03/2005 04:27:46a MCI Q3 revenue fell 12 pct
11/03/2005 04:27:38a Comcast posts higher revenue
11/03/2005 04:26:11a New York & Co. First Call estimates Q3 4c, year 95c
11/03/2005 04:25:38a Shire Pharma Q3 revenue up 9% to 376 million
11/03/2005 04:24:11a Wal-Mart Seeks Unbiased Research - and Gets It
11/03/2005 04:21:59a FT editor resigns after dispute
11/03/2005 04:21:56a Stocks surge on Time Warner, oil prices
11/03/2005 04:19:06a US airlines seek foreign capital
11/03/2005 04:18:42a High costs eat into BMW profits
11/03/2005 04:17:50a Mad Catz Q3 loss 2c, sales 23.7M vs 20.7M
11/03/2005 04:17:19a Google brings first books online
11/03/2005 04:17:09a The News Hounds
11/03/2005 04:16:59a Adidas-Salomon Says 3Q Profit, Sales Up
11/03/2005 04:16:49a Posh Hotel to Rise in Green Zone
11/03/2005 04:16:40a Scientific-Atlanta hires advisers to explore sale N.Y. Post
11/03/2005 04:16:29a 30-year Treasury bonds to debut Feb. 9
11/03/2005 04:16:19a U.S. Plans More Say For Airline Investors
11/03/2005 04:16:09a SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. SciClone to Present at Rodman and Renshaw Techvest Healthcare Conference
11/03/2005 04:15:30a VW 3Q Profit Triples on Improved Sales
11/03/2005 04:15:19a J& J May Cancel Guidant Purchase
11/03/2005 04:15:09a 7 Plead Guilty in U.S. Foodservice Case
11/03/2005 04:14:59a Unilever earnings slide in 3Q
11/03/2005 04:14:49a MCI's quarterly revenue slips 5%
11/03/2005 04:14:39a Overseas Shipholding third-quarter profit up 5.2%
11/03/2005 04:13:59a Color of Money Live
11/03/2005 04:13:51a Hornbeck Offshore's quarterly revenue jumps 41%
11/03/2005 04:13:46a Overseas Shipping Q3 1.82 vs 1.74
11/03/2005 04:13:43a Goody's Family Oct. comp. sales up 2.5%, sees 3Q loss
11/03/2005 04:13:40a Gottschalk's Oct comp sales weaker than plan; year affirmed
11/03/2005 04:12:59a Google Offers Index of Public Domain Works
11/03/2005 04:12:49a US airlines seek foreign capital
11/03/2005 04:12:29a High costs eat into BMW profits
11/03/2005 04:11:49a Goody's Family still sees Q3 loss of more than 2c a share
11/03/2005 04:11:29a Cost Plus same-store sales in Q3 down 4.7%; sees 12c loss
11/03/2005 04:10:59a MCI Q3 82c, revenue down 5% at 4.5 billion
11/03/2005 04:10:49a Scientific-Atlanta hires CSFB and Evercore N.Y. Post
11/03/2005 04:10:39a Euro holds above Y140 ahead of ECB decision
11/03/2005 04:10:29a Goody's Family October comp. store sales up 2.5%
11/03/2005 04:10:19a R.R. Donnelley 3Q profit from cont ops rises, lifts guidance
11/03/2005 04:08:59a Unilever Profit Up on Cosmetics Unit Sale
11/03/2005 04:08:29a Mad Catz Interactive swings to second-quarter net loss
11/03/2005 04:07:49a Overseas Shipholding Q3 TCE revenue up 16% to 195M
11/03/2005 04:07:09a Major Six Flags Holder Backs Snyder Takeover
11/03/2005 04:06:51a Scientific-Atlanta sale may be valued over 4B N.Y. Post
11/03/2005 04:06:41a NTL narrows third-quarter net loss
11/03/2005 04:06:29a Aquila narrows third-quarter loss on 46% higher sales
11/03/2005 04:06:19a Volkswagen 3Q Net Profits Triple on Sales
11/03/2005 03:54:52a Flu Pandemic Could Hurt Asian Economies
11/03/2005 03:52:37a Vodafone seeks increased stake in Vodacom
11/03/2005 03:48:09a Westlake Chemical profit climbs on raised prices
11/03/2005 03:47:59a BMW Reports Drop in 3Q Net Profit
11/03/2005 03:47:39a ADB says flu pandemic could halt Asia growth
11/03/2005 03:47:29a Aquila Q3 loss narrows to 20c vs 44c
11/03/2005 03:47:09a Egl third-quarter profit up 16% on higher sales
11/03/2005 03:46:49a MasterCard third-quarter profit rises 8.2%
11/03/2005 03:46:19a American Tower 3Q loss narrows, approves 750M buyback
11/03/2005 03:45:31a Teen cleared over e-mail salvo
11/03/2005 03:44:48a Awaiting Greenspan
11/03/2005 03:44:38a EGL sees Q4 earnings 38c to 42c
11/03/2005 03:44:29a Oil Prices Stay Near 60 on Supply Data
11/03/2005 03:43:59a Urban Outfitters third-quarter comparable sales rise 13%
11/03/2005 03:43:48a Flu Pandemic Could Hurt Asian Economies
11/03/2005 03:43:38a NW Natural Q3 loss 31c vs 30c loss
11/03/2005 03:43:29a Mothers Work October comparable sales rise 1.7%
11/03/2005 03:43:09a NTL Q3 revenue GBP483M vs GBP499M
11/03/2005 03:42:48a ECI Telecom Q3 5c vs 5c, revenue up 26% to 162M
11/03/2005 03:42:29a NBC, Dreamworks still talking, says CEO
11/03/2005 03:42:08a ECI Telecom's quarterly net rises 3.3%
11/03/2005 03:41:48a Peer-to-Peer Goes Legit
11/03/2005 03:41:28a NW natural third-quarter loss widens
11/03/2005 03:41:23a Putin savages Shell over soaring Sakhalin bill
11/03/2005 03:41:18a Todco swings to third-quarter net profit
11/03/2005 03:40:48a MasterCard Q3 net up 8.2% to 106M, sales up 19% to 792M
11/03/2005 03:39:48a Aquila Q3 revenue 320M vs 219M
11/03/2005 03:39:08a NW Natural Q3 revenue 107M vs 81.4M
11/03/2005 03:38:14a Sony attacked over anti-piracy CD
11/03/2005 03:38:08a Urban Outfitters Q3 comparable store sales up 13%
11/03/2005 03:38:01a Teen cleared over e-mail salvo
11/03/2005 03:37:58a Claire's Stores estimates 3rd-period net beat forecast
11/03/2005 03:36:18a NTL Q3 cont ops loss GBP53.5M vs GBP77.4M loss
11/03/2005 03:29:36a Pier 1 Imports Nov. comp. sales slightly neg-slightly pos
11/03/2005 03:29:19a Vodafone in talks to up Vodacom stake for 2.4 bln
11/03/2005 03:28:56a UK services data reduce likelihood of rate cut
11/03/2005 03:28:49a Wall Street seen flat
11/03/2005 03:28:46a Stage Stores Oct. comparable store sales up 14.9%
11/03/2005 03:28:06a Mothers Work October comparable store sales up 1.7%
11/03/2005 03:27:56a FTSE lifted as earnings please
11/03/2005 03:27:46a American Tower Q3 loss 6c vs 27c loss
11/03/2005 03:27:06a New Century Financial Q3 EPS 2.04, reiterates FY view
11/03/2005 03:26:26a Secured Services Inc. Secured Services Wins Identiprise Contract From International Bancshares Corporation
11/03/2005 03:26:21a India threatens US over shrimp tariffs
11/03/2005 03:25:56a American Tower board approves 750M buyback
11/03/2005 03:25:46a ICI, Tate & Lyle climb while Unilever tumbles
11/03/2005 03:24:26a American Tower Q3 revenue 264.7M vs 180.8M
11/03/2005 03:23:22a NWA attendants agree to cuts
11/03/2005 03:22:18a Spain jobless rise 40,000 in month
11/03/2005 03:22:06a New Century Financial authorizes 5M share buyback
11/03/2005 03:21:47a Travel tips have your say
11/03/2005 03:21:17a UK services sector growth quickens
11/03/2005 03:19:45a Stage Stores to meet or beat upper end of Q3 EPS view
11/03/2005 03:19:15a Circling the wagons against outsiders
11/03/2005 03:18:45a American Tower Q4 revenue seen 298M to 303M
11/03/2005 03:17:16a U.S. may relax airline ownership rules
11/03/2005 03:16:45a Big Lots October comparable sales up 1.3%
11/03/2005 03:13:17a UK services sector growth quickens
11/03/2005 03:13:14a Travel tips have your say
11/03/2005 03:13:11a Spain jobless rise 40,000 in month
11/03/2005 03:10:17a Bear Stearns up GlaxoSmithKline to peer perform
11/03/2005 03:09:27a What's That Car You're Driving?
11/03/2005 03:06:07a Bear Stearns cuts AstraZeneca to underperform
11/03/2005 03:05:37a Ryanair posts 23% passenger growth in October
11/03/2005 03:05:08a Compass sacks three over UN probe
11/03/2005 03:04:40a VW profit up, but below forecasts
11/03/2005 03:04:37a Gowers resigns as editor of Pearson's Financial Times
11/03/2005 03:03:47a Asian markets mixed; Japan closed for holiday
11/03/2005 03:03:07a Bear Stearns ups GlaxoSmithKline, cuts AstraZeneca
11/03/2005 02:59:47a Strike grounds rocket plans
11/03/2005 02:58:14a VW profit up, but below forecasts
11/03/2005 02:57:13a ShopKp four week sales to Oct 29 down 3.2% at 221.5M
11/03/2005 02:56:53a PMI Group Q3 net income 95.7M Vs 102.6M
11/03/2005 02:56:23a LSE to return cash to shareholders
11/03/2005 02:56:03a Free Trade Battle Looms at Americas Summit
11/03/2005 02:55:56a ShopKo Stores four wk to Oct. 29 comparable sales down 2.4%
11/03/2005 02:55:03a Vodafone increases stake in African group
11/03/2005 02:54:53a PMI Group Q3 EPS 97C vs 99C
11/03/2005 02:54:23a Pearson FT editor Gowers resigns; Barber to replace
11/03/2005 02:54:13a WB says China's growth to slow down next year
11/03/2005 02:53:23a PMI Group took 8.9M Q3 charge from Katrina
11/03/2005 02:53:11a Compass sacks three over UN probe
11/03/2005 02:53:03a Ryanair October passengers 3.02M vs. 2.46M
11/03/2005 02:52:13a JoS. A. Bank Clothiers mth to Oct 29 sales up 28.5% at 37M
11/03/2005 02:51:13a Ryanair October load factor 87% vs. 85%
11/03/2005 02:51:03a ShopKo four week comparable sales dropped 2.4%
11/03/2005 02:50:43a Volkswagen profit more than triples on cost cuts
11/03/2005 02:48:35a U.S. Time running out on WTO deal
11/03/2005 02:48:11a LSE eyes end of offer period
11/03/2005 02:48:06a LSE eyes end of offer period
11/03/2005 02:48:03a JoS. A. Bank Clothiers mth to Oct 29 comp. sales up 16.2%
11/03/2005 02:47:43a Pediatrix Medical upped at J.P. Morgan on solid 3Q results
11/03/2005 02:47:22a 80% of HK companies offer pay increase to employees
11/03/2005 02:47:13a PMI Group third-quarter net income drops after hurricane chg
11/03/2005 02:46:13a JoS. A. Bank Clothiers Oct comparable sales rose 16.2%
11/03/2005 02:44:53a Johnson & Johnson may walk away from deal to buy troubled Guidant
11/03/2005 02:44:03a U.S. Praises Japan for Opening Markets
11/03/2005 02:34:55a Compass points staff to door
11/03/2005 02:33:13a U.S. Time running out on WTO deal
11/03/2005 02:32:02a Bird flu 'could cost Asia 283bn'
11/03/2005 02:31:31a Bird flu 'could cost Asia 283bn'
11/03/2005 02:28:01a Volkswagen lags Q3 expectations
11/03/2005 02:27:48a Costco October same-store sales up
11/03/2005 02:27:42a J&J may cancel Guidant buyout
11/03/2005 02:23:56a Dollar waits for ECB, oil holds under 60
11/03/2005 02:23:16a Bird flu 'could cost Asia 283bn'
11/03/2005 02:23:13a Bird flu 'could cost Asia 283bn'
11/03/2005 02:23:11a Infection-control key to US flu plan
11/03/2005 02:22:26a Tough talk for Knight Ridder
11/03/2005 02:18:25a Clorox The Dirt on Innovation
11/03/2005 02:17:55a Pediatrix Medical Group upped to overweight at J.P. Morgan
11/03/2005 02:17:15a Unilever profits dip in difficult European market
11/03/2005 02:16:45a Myers honoured by U.S. business magazine
11/03/2005 02:15:57a ECB tipped to keep rates on hold
11/03/2005 02:15:55a Play-Before-You-Pay Gathers Strength
11/03/2005 02:15:27a European services at 15-month peak
11/03/2005 02:14:55a KarstadtQuelle profits up despite sales fall
11/03/2005 02:13:34a Design Goes Dutch
11/03/2005 02:13:11a European services at 15-month peak
11/03/2005 02:08:11a ECB tipped to keep rates on hold
11/03/2005 02:06:49a Commerzbank 9-mo. net 832M vs 270M euros
11/03/2005 02:06:30a Irwin Moskowitz stepping up activities in East Jerusalem
11/03/2005 02:05:19a Volkswagen profit jumps; revenue ahead of forecast
11/03/2005 02:04:29a Qualcomm upped to buy at Citigroup
11/03/2005 02:04:19a London lifted by ICI and Rentokil results
11/03/2005 02:03:59a Commerzbank 9-mo. op. profit 1.25B vs 845M euros
11/03/2005 02:03:19a Qualcomm upped at Citigroup on reasonable FY 2006 guidance
11/03/2005 02:03:09a Commerzbank Q3 provisions 151M euros vs Q2's 177M euros
11/03/2005 02:02:49a Great West Lifeco cut at CSFB on slowing growth
11/03/2005 02:02:39a Great West Lifeco cut to neutral at CSFB
11/03/2005 02:00:59a Commerzbank swings to 293M euro profit on trading
11/03/2005 01:59:20a BMW profts drop, sticks to outlook
11/03/2005 01:58:24a Nortel upbeat as Zafirovsky takes the baton from Owens
11/03/2005 01:57:39a Home loan applications down
11/03/2005 01:55:23a J&J may scrap 25.4B Guidant deal
11/03/2005 01:53:41a SCOR SCOR First nine months of 2005
11/03/2005 01:53:01a Vodafone to boost S African stake
11/03/2005 01:52:51a More-open skies could follow rules change
11/03/2005 01:51:21a VW 9-month operating profit up 57.8% to 2B euros
11/03/2005 01:51:11a Volkswagen deliveries ex-China up 5.3% to 3.45M
11/03/2005 01:50:31a Volkswagen 9-mo. sales up 5.3% to 69.9B euros
11/03/2005 01:50:21a Car exports up 174% in first three quarters
11/03/2005 01:50:01a Alliance Gaming Restatement carry forward of 15c-17c in 06
11/03/2005 01:49:41a Volkswagen on track for 3.1B euro ForMotion savings
11/03/2005 01:49:31a Volkswagen holds to 2005 outlook
11/03/2005 01:48:14a BMW profts drop, sticks to outlook
11/03/2005 01:48:11a Volkswagen Oil prices to hit automotive consumer confidence
11/03/2005 01:47:01a Alliance Gaming to restate; sees 10-K filing in December
11/03/2005 01:46:21a Alliance Gaming to restate for revenue recognition
11/03/2005 01:44:51a Volkswagen Competitive pressures to increase in U.S., China
11/03/2005 01:44:41a Volkswagen Doesn't see easing in raw materials costs
11/03/2005 01:43:11a Costco Wholesale four wk to Oct. 30 comparable sales up 10%
11/03/2005 01:42:11a Unilever shares drop on Q3 results
11/03/2005 01:34:26a Codenomicon New CEO to Accelerate Global Growth for Codenomicon
11/03/2005 01:34:19a Bourses higher as techs lifted by US Nasdaq
11/03/2005 01:34:16a Deutsche Telekom cuts 32,000 jobs
11/03/2005 01:34:08a Vodafone to boost S African stake
11/03/2005 01:34:01a UN case triggers Compass sackings
11/03/2005 01:32:07a Earnings, U.S. strength boosts Europe; ECB ahead
11/03/2005 01:31:16a A failed business behind him, entrepreneur ready to try, try again
11/03/2005 01:31:06a Profit of Bright Dairy drops 47%
11/03/2005 01:30:35a Breast implant makers see shares advance
11/03/2005 01:30:16a Johnson & Johnson may back out of Guidant deal
11/03/2005 01:29:46a Oil Prices Hover Near 60 a Barrel
11/03/2005 01:29:36a Adidas-Salomon profit climbs better-than-forecast 20%
11/03/2005 01:28:19a EU's trade offer a chance to 'rebalance' talks
11/03/2005 01:28:14a Wilbur Ross plans 3 auto part firms-WSJ
11/03/2005 01:28:11a Unilever shares drop on Q3 results
11/03/2005 01:28:03a Adidas raises outlook after strong Q3
11/03/2005 01:27:58a Unilever pressured by sales figures, increased spending
11/03/2005 01:27:55a Unilever Q3 net dips
11/03/2005 01:27:49a Hulk, telecoms lift Vivendi Q3 sales
11/03/2005 01:27:47a Costco Wholesale 4 week to Oct 30 comparable sales up 10%
11/03/2005 01:27:42a US crude hovers below 60 after supplies rise
11/03/2005 01:25:18a Bankers worry about aggressive lending techniques
11/03/2005 01:24:48a Games push Vivendi sales near 6bn
11/03/2005 01:24:26a Costco Wholesale 4wk to Oct 30 net sales up 12% at 4.26B
11/03/2005 01:23:11a Games push Vivendi sales near 6bn
11/03/2005 01:23:03a Sprint, cable giants hook up
11/03/2005 01:22:56a UN case triggers Compass sackings
11/03/2005 01:20:25a Carphone to expand broadband network
11/03/2005 01:19:56a ADB says flu pandemic could cost Asia 283bn
11/03/2005 01:19:38a Vodafone to boost S African stake
11/03/2005 01:19:05a Pilkington rebuffs Nippon's £2bn approach
11/03/2005 01:18:45a BioProgress PLC BioProgress PLC Change of Adviser
11/03/2005 01:18:05a PartyGaming places a bet on Empire Online
11/03/2005 01:17:15a Samsung Electronics Seeks to Double Sales
11/03/2005 01:10:57a KC?s apprentice takes flight
11/03/2005 01:09:16a ICI climbs 4.4% after forecast-topping results
11/03/2005 01:09:09a Oil holds below 60
11/03/2005 01:09:06a Post-election Sinclair wins
11/03/2005 01:08:38a Earnings help Europe open higher
11/03/2005 01:08:07a Market makes sharp advance on tech, Time Warner profits
11/03/2005 01:07:46a Plentiful crops, low prices
11/03/2005 01:06:16a The box office blues plague AMC
11/03/2005 01:06:06a Airline stocks sought for their paper value
11/03/2005 01:05:37a Grim prospects for strikers
11/03/2005 01:05:06a Voting begins on UAW-GM pact
11/03/2005 01:03:47a Time Warner helps buoy stock markets
11/03/2005 01:03:11a Oil holds below 60
11/03/2005 01:01:06a Rentokil Initial up 3% as sales rise 6.6% in third quarter
11/03/2005 01:00:56a Investor interest in newspaper chain questioned
11/03/2005 12:59:16a London Stock Exchange up 2.1% on cash return plan
11/03/2005 12:59:06a Overheating may cause computer shutdown
11/03/2005 12:58:56a Empire Online up 7.8% on possible PartyGaming bid
11/03/2005 12:58:27a European markets start higher; BMW, Unilever lose ground
11/03/2005 12:58:19a Vivendi Universal up 1% after third-quarter sales figures
11/03/2005 12:58:15a Lawyers ready with tow truck as Guidant and J&J deal stalls
11/03/2005 12:58:12a Earnings help Europe open higher
11/03/2005 12:57:57a Vivendi Universal comparable revenue grows 8%
11/03/2005 12:57:36a Investor Skip Sleyster buys former steel plant
11/03/2005 12:57:30a Strike at Boeing's rocket unit
11/03/2005 12:57:26a Iraq seeks return of some former army officers NYT
11/03/2005 12:57:09a The latest tech irony Wireless cable
11/03/2005 12:57:05a Lathrop law firm keeps site on Grand
11/03/2005 12:56:52a Banking boom boosts Swiss banks
11/03/2005 12:55:46a Adidas-Salomon up 3% after upping guidance, topping forecast
11/03/2005 12:55:26a Sprint, 4 cable firms set alliance
11/03/2005 12:55:14a Investors hope for clear ECB signal on rate hike
11/03/2005 12:54:36a Scientists help speed boarding at America West Airlines
11/03/2005 12:54:29a Novell to lay off 600 as part of bid to save 110m yearly
11/03/2005 12:53:06a BMW down 1.5% as profit on low end of forecast
11/03/2005 12:53:00a Novartis' iron overload drug Exjade given US FDA approval
11/03/2005 12:52:36a DaimlerChrysler starts finance services in China
11/03/2005 12:51:56a Immigrants? exits erode U.S. might
11/03/2005 12:51:16a FTSE 100 up 0.5% at 5,383
11/03/2005 12:49:55a Big search for small results
11/03/2005 12:49:15a The latest tech irony Wireless cable
11/03/2005 12:46:35a Job cuts likely in LabOne deal
11/03/2005 12:45:56a Unilever down 2.5% as profit below forecast
11/03/2005 12:44:26a U.S. charges 7 in plot at Ahold's U.S. Foodservice
11/03/2005 12:42:45a Starwatch Consumer FDA Web site to list information about drug benefits, risks
11/03/2005 12:42:35a End to dispute boosts KC Southern revenue
11/03/2005 12:42:15a Web publisher asks court for protection
11/03/2005 12:39:55a September numbers show gain in KC jobs
11/03/2005 12:39:25a VeriWave VeriWave Enters Taiwan Market
11/03/2005 12:39:15a Compass up 0.4% after dismissing executives
11/03/2005 12:39:07a UN case triggers Compass sackings
11/03/2005 12:38:05a Samsung eyes aggressive expansion
11/03/2005 12:37:57a Block keeps eye on rising rates
11/03/2005 12:37:55a Partygaming in Empire bid talks
11/03/2005 12:33:16a Banking boom boosts Swiss banks
11/03/2005 12:33:10a Samsung eyes major expansion
11/03/2005 12:33:03a Farming incomes see further drop
11/03/2005 12:32:53a Pilkington rejects Japanese offer
11/03/2005 12:32:47a Partygaming in Empire bid talks
11/03/2005 12:31:32a Artes Medical, rival firm settle their patent dispute
11/03/2005 12:31:23a Firms face rocketing power rates
11/03/2005 12:31:16a Business attacks burden of health proposal State plan would force...
11/03/2005 12:31:13a Markets charging at resistance
11/03/2005 12:31:02a Carphone Warehouse first-half net profit rises 33%
11/03/2005 12:29:42a Magazine ranks Boston in top 10 for trade shows
11/03/2005 12:29:32a Imperial Chemical quarterly profit up 7%; names new CFO
11/03/2005 12:29:13a China becomes world's largest market of IC consumption
11/03/2005 12:28:57a NWA unions allow temporary pay cuts
11/03/2005 12:28:53a European bourses seen opening higher
11/03/2005 12:28:15a Vivendi Universal SFR revenue up 7%
11/03/2005 12:28:12a Cable companies, Sprint join forces
11/03/2005 12:27:55a BMW Q3 pretax profit falls 16.9 pct
11/03/2005 12:27:52a Executive in Boston gives hand to La. bank
11/03/2005 12:27:39a Unilever Q3 earnings up
11/03/2005 12:27:32a PartyGaming makes bid approach to Empire Online
11/03/2005 12:26:45a Qualcomm's net income jumps 37%
11/03/2005 12:26:42a Airport will get new radar system
11/03/2005 12:26:25a Businesses brace for pandemic
11/03/2005 12:26:23a Solid Time Warner profits, oil price drop boost market
11/03/2005 12:26:13a Central China more attractive to overseas investors
11/03/2005 12:25:42a 3 top executives quit after options inquiry
11/03/2005 12:25:32a Litigation reduces Sempra's earnings
11/03/2005 12:25:22a Things I learned on my trip to IKEA
11/03/2005 12:25:14a Int'l Power Q3 profit more than triples
11/03/2005 12:25:03a Samsung eyes major expansion
11/03/2005 12:24:32a Quarantine station to open at Logan
11/03/2005 12:23:52a Mortgage applications drop
11/03/2005 12:23:32a Deutsche Telekom plans to cut jobs
11/03/2005 12:23:12a A vision to make Boston a fresh-seafood capital
11/03/2005 12:22:52a 4 top cable providers to branch into cell service
11/03/2005 12:22:42a Pilkington rejects Japanese offer
11/03/2005 12:22:32a Apartment-sector correction seen
11/03/2005 12:22:22a Compass Group to dismiss Peter Harris as part of UN probe
11/03/2005 12:22:13a BMW profit falls 6.5% on writedown, margin
11/03/2005 12:22:11a Samsung upbeat on chip outlook
11/03/2005 12:22:02a Vivendi Q3 revenue up 12% to 4.87 billion euros
11/03/2005 12:21:11a Vivendi Universal Canal+ revenue up 10%
11/03/2005 12:21:02a Vivendi Universal Q3 comparable revenue up 8%
11/03/2005 12:20:52a Net income up at Time Warner
11/03/2005 12:19:21a Vivendi Universal Maroc Telecom revenue up 18%
11/03/2005 12:19:01a Cable providers, Sprint will offer wireless video, phone services
11/03/2005 12:18:42a BMW third-quarter profit falls 6.5%, holds outlook
11/03/2005 12:18:32a J&J threatens to drop Guidant deal
11/03/2005 12:17:52a Vivendi Universal Universal Music revenue down 1%
11/03/2005 12:17:41a Magazine ranks Boston in top 10 for trade shows
11/03/2005 12:17:32a APARTMENT SALES
11/03/2005 12:17:22a Fund spotlight Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index
11/03/2005 12:17:11a Novell to lay off 600 as part of bid to save 110m yearly
11/03/2005 12:17:02a Partygaming in Empire bid talks
11/03/2005 12:16:52a Parents going organic
11/03/2005 12:16:42a The Gulp of Mexico
11/03/2005 12:15:42a Time Warner's profit jumps 80%
11/03/2005 12:14:21a Google set to launch its disputed book service
11/03/2005 12:14:11a Vivendi Universal VU Games revenue up 151%
11/03/2005 12:14:02a Stock in the news MBIA
11/03/2005 12:13:21a Plaintiff alleges Alito conflict
11/03/2005 12:13:16a Taking a risk to fix its image, Wal-Mart hosts a forum on itself
11/03/2005 12:13:02a Lindner selling Reds to Cincy businessmen
11/03/2005 12:12:41a Johnson & Johnson may walk away from deal to buy troubled Guidant
11/03/2005 12:05:31a Imperial Chemical Q3 net profit GBP98M vs. 105M
11/03/2005 12:05:01a Carphone Warehouse plans to unbundle 1,000 exchanges
11/03/2005 12:04:15a Pilkington rejects Japanese offer
11/03/2005 12:04:11a BMW Q3 revenue up 10.5% to 11.72B euros
11/03/2005 12:03:25a FDA Backs Cancer Drug
11/03/2005 12:03:11a Vodafone in talks to up South African stake for 1.35B pounds
11/03/2005 12:01:51a BMW Q3 deliveries up 15.4% to 341,932
11/03/2005 12:00:51a Rentokil quarterly profit drops 21.3%, sales rise
11/02/2005 11:57:24p Union Offers Temporary Fix to Northwest
11/02/2005 11:56:31p Congress Seeks Greenspan's Final Opinions
11/02/2005 11:55:11p Imperial Chemical to recover inflation through higher prices
11/02/2005 11:54:24p Comcast, Sprint team up
11/02/2005 11:54:01p Unilever third-quarter net profit rose 26%, sales up 4%
11/02/2005 11:53:41p Bill would drive business away
11/02/2005 11:52:30p Imperial Chemical says FY outlook in line w/ expectations
11/02/2005 11:52:08p Currencies Higher US rates spur rise in dollar
11/02/2005 11:51:10p Aaron Brown To Leave CNN
11/02/2005 11:50:43p Businesses brace for pandemic
11/02/2005 11:48:40p Imperial Chemical Q3 comparable sales up 6% to GBP1.53B
11/02/2005 11:48:30p BMW reiterates 2005 outlook
11/02/2005 11:48:13p Businesses brace for pandemic
11/02/2005 11:47:30p Pilkington Offer of 150p a share is too low
11/02/2005 11:47:20p LSE adj. op. profit climbs 24%, plans GBP250M cash return
11/02/2005 11:47:00p BMW Q3 net down 6.5% to 448M euros
11/02/2005 11:46:10p Imperial Chemical expects further cost inflation
11/02/2005 11:39:55p Compass to dismiss Peter Harris
11/02/2005 11:39:25p Unilever Unilever announces Third Quarter Results 2005 and Interim Dividends
11/02/2005 11:39:05p Adidas-Salomon now sees high single digs FY sales rise
11/02/2005 11:38:45p Westpac, mining stocks lift ASX
11/02/2005 11:37:45p OFT grocery ruling quashed
11/02/2005 11:37:35p Adidas-Salomon net profit to rise at least 20% in 2005
11/02/2005 11:37:25p Compass Group UN probe has raised improper conduct concerns
11/02/2005 11:37:15p Adidas-Salomon 2006 earnings to rise by at least 10%
11/02/2005 11:36:55p Bush wants to give foreigners bigger say in U.S. airlin
11/02/2005 11:36:35p Randgold Resources Randgold Resources announces Loulo set to ship bullion
11/02/2005 11:36:24p Airports to Get New System To Avoid Runway Collisions
11/02/2005 11:36:04p European farmers try to ease flu fears
11/02/2005 11:35:25p LSE Costs to be flat next year
11/02/2005 11:35:14p 7 locals make 'Aggie 100'
11/02/2005 11:33:44p 'Do not call' phone list Bill shelved
11/02/2005 11:33:25p Int'l Power Q3 revenue GPB558M vs.
11/02/2005 11:32:44p Roche gets FDA OK for Tarceva use in pancreatic cancer
11/02/2005 11:32:34p Industrial real estate sluggish in S.A.
11/02/2005 11:31:55p Invasion of the Stock Hackers
11/02/2005 11:31:44p RV business booms in wake of storms
11/02/2005 11:31:34p Cable companies going cellular
11/02/2005 11:31:20p Aaron Brown To Leave CNN
11/02/2005 11:31:14p Compass to also dismiss Andrew Seiwert
11/02/2005 11:31:11p OFT grocery ruling quashed
11/02/2005 11:31:07p Adidas-Salomon outlooks exclude Reebok integration
11/02/2005 11:31:03p World Bank warns of bird flu cost
11/02/2005 11:30:54p Adidas-Salomon upped view on North America
11/02/2005 11:30:44p Adidas-Salomon 9-mo. LatAm sales up 41%
11/02/2005 11:30:34p Larson declares a win in expanding his low-rent policy
11/02/2005 11:30:25p LSE H1 revenue up 15% to GBP136.1 million
11/02/2005 11:30:04p Adidas-Salomon Q3 op. profit up 12% to 315M euros
11/02/2005 11:29:44p Adidas-Salomon 9-mo. Asia sales up 26%
11/02/2005 11:29:35p Small Business Trauma Close at Hand Motivates Medical Entrepreneurs
11/02/2005 11:28:24p Sprint Nextel's Watershed Deal
11/02/2005 11:28:14p Will November work its stock magic?
11/02/2005 11:28:09p Vonage considering sale WSJ
11/02/2005 11:28:04p LSE to return GBP250 million to shareholders
11/02/2005 11:27:57p Adidas Q3 net income beats forecasts
11/02/2005 11:27:47p Vivendi Q3 sales rise 12 pct
11/02/2005 11:27:44p Love a mystery? It's elementary Tune in to Sleuth
11/02/2005 11:27:34p Adidas-Salomon 9-mo. N. America sales up 14%
11/02/2005 11:27:14p LSE H1 op. profit GBP25.1M vs GBP45.4M
11/02/2005 11:26:54p China's economy to grow 9.3% in 2005 World Bank
11/02/2005 11:25:24p Adidas-Salomon tops forecast with 20% profit rise
11/02/2005 11:25:04p David Hendricks S.A. companies can weigh in on rail study
11/02/2005 11:24:44p Rentokil Q3 pretax from cont. ops down 21.3% to GBP53.3M
11/02/2005 11:23:44p Symantec From Stumble to Stagger?
11/02/2005 11:23:34p    Table Security Flaws
11/02/2005 11:23:14p Westin expects to mark highest December occupancy
11/02/2005 11:22:34p 'Compensation culture' targeted
11/02/2005 11:22:04p Why Microsoft Is Going Live
11/02/2005 11:21:54p Argonaut in the black despite storms
11/02/2005 11:21:44p US cites progress toward China textile pact
11/02/2005 11:21:34p LSE interim dividend 4p vs 2p a share
11/02/2005 11:08:59p Aaron Brown To Leave CNN
11/02/2005 11:03:11p Bank says East Asia growth tops 6%
11/02/2005 11:01:43p Bank says East Asia growth tops 6%
11/02/2005 10:55:02p Cable TV Deal for Cellphones
11/02/2005 10:26:29p Time Warner Reports Improved Earnings
11/02/2005 10:25:44p Novell to cut 600 jobs in restructuring
11/02/2005 10:24:14p Goodbye, My Sweet Deduction
11/02/2005 10:22:43p Cablevision Dividend Plan Moves Forward
11/02/2005 10:21:58p Sprint Nextel's Watershed Deal
11/02/2005 10:18:15p Qantas attacks Emirates 'fiction'
11/02/2005 10:18:12p Samsung sees stable chip prices
11/02/2005 10:13:36p Samsung sees stable chip prices
11/02/2005 10:13:06p Qantas attacks Emirates 'fiction'
11/02/2005 09:56:25p Troubled Maker of Heart Devices May Lose Suitor
11/02/2005 09:54:56p No verdict in NJ trial over withdrawn painkiller
11/02/2005 09:42:46p Time Warner to Buy Back More Stock
11/02/2005 09:42:36p Critics See Ammunition In Alito's Rights Record
11/02/2005 09:41:56p Tasmania denies Betfair deal damages racing
11/02/2005 09:41:16p Internet phone calls on the rise
11/02/2005 09:40:56p 5 Firms to Link Cable and Cell Phones
11/02/2005 09:40:26p World's largest open-cut mine set for SA
11/02/2005 09:39:56p Katrina Recovery Officials Unsure What's Been Spent
11/02/2005 09:31:23p Internet phone calls on the rise
11/02/2005 09:22:08p We've jumped aboard trains like Google before
11/02/2005 09:21:52p Westpac meets mark with 2.1bn net
11/02/2005 09:20:30p Westpac meets mark with 2.1bn net
11/02/2005 09:20:18p So long, October; hello, year-end rally
11/02/2005 09:19:58p Take time off and leave the guilt behind
11/02/2005 09:19:48p Magellan and AOL's Case changed investing
11/02/2005 09:19:08p Only an outright ban of 'soft dollars' makes sense
11/02/2005 09:13:18p Westpac meets mark with 2.1bn net
11/02/2005 09:09:34p Time Warner announces 80% higher earnings
11/02/2005 09:08:35p China Go West, Westerners
11/02/2005 09:07:54p Rolls-Royce, at Your Service
11/02/2005 09:06:35p GM Bracing for a Crash?
11/02/2005 09:05:04p Tourists on the Paths of Heaven
11/02/2005 08:57:49p Oil prices stay just below US60
11/02/2005 08:56:24p Linder selling Reds to Cincy businessmen
11/02/2005 08:36:08p Sprint cuts 'next frontier' deal with cable giants
11/02/2005 08:35:48p Samsung aims to double revenue by 2010
11/02/2005 08:35:08p Asian markets gain; Japan closed for holiday
11/02/2005 08:27:41p Samsung upbeat on chip outlook
11/02/2005 08:24:48p Novell to cut jobs in restructuring plan
11/02/2005 08:21:43p Tax proposal draws strong reactions here
11/02/2005 08:03:24p Boeing machinists strike, satellites could be delayed
11/02/2005 07:55:25p Mercury Interactive CEO resigns
11/02/2005 07:53:11p Time Warner to double buyback after rebel attack
11/02/2005 07:51:31p Foreign policy hits US medical lab in Jakarta
11/02/2005 07:22:21p Qualcomm posts higher quarterly profit
11/02/2005 07:15:02p Firms advised to brace for currency risk
11/02/2005 07:13:12p Broker lending should be allowed top banker
11/02/2005 07:12:03p Suntech Power files with U.S. regulator for IPO
11/02/2005 07:11:52p CSFB seeks bigger investment quota
11/02/2005 07:01:12p Shanghai Pharma seeks Tamiflu license
11/02/2005 07:00:32p Criterions set for banks to select overseas investors
11/02/2005 07:00:22p 1st commercial CBM production begins in Shanxi
11/02/2005 06:59:42p Foreign stakes in banks may be capped
11/02/2005 06:58:12p One-third of consumers to cut back on holiday spending
11/02/2005 06:57:42p Labor focuses on dismissal powers in IR debate
11/02/2005 06:57:22p Retail trade figures worse than expected
11/02/2005 06:54:34p Timeline BCCI case
11/02/2005 06:47:43p China's first commercial CBM production begins in Shanxi
11/02/2005 06:29:46p Dollar pipped by euro as attention swings to ECB
11/02/2005 06:27:52p Univision reports higher quarterly profit
11/02/2005 06:27:41p Qualcomm posts higher quarterly profit
11/02/2005 06:20:44p Warner Bros. Records Big & Rich Is Comin' to Your Airwaves
11/02/2005 06:20:24p Coal imports expected to increase
11/02/2005 06:20:17p Techs power South Korea's rally
11/02/2005 06:17:14p Gentiva Health Q3 First Call rev est 214.2M
11/02/2005 06:15:44p Tas approves Betfair deal
11/02/2005 06:15:24p Gentiva Health Q3 rev 219.6M vs 198.1M
11/02/2005 06:13:04p Fortunes of 'war for talent'
11/02/2005 06:12:54p Gentiva Health Q3 net earns 17c vs 17c
11/02/2005 06:11:53p Shining up a chain
11/02/2005 06:11:46p J&J cools on 25bn deal for Guidant
11/02/2005 06:10:04p Full steam ahead in financial sector
11/02/2005 06:09:53p New Timor Sea gas prospect for Santos
11/02/2005 06:09:34p TB Wood's Corporation TB Wood's Reports Results for the Third Quarter of 2005
11/02/2005 06:08:13p Techs power South Korea's rally
11/02/2005 05:57:11p New Orleans bank offers CDs that will aid rebuilding
11/02/2005 05:51:50p Comcast, Qualcomm, Harrah's
11/02/2005 05:39:28p Seniors' drug costs up 6.1% in year, AARP says
11/02/2005 05:38:14p Gaming's Grand Master BusinessWeek Online
11/02/2005 05:35:38p Dec. crude trading at 59.82, up 7c from NY close
11/02/2005 05:33:23p Little hope for Americas free trade plan
11/02/2005 05:31:53p Full-disclosure CIRT.DK Ipswitch Whatsup small Business 2004 Directory Traversal
11/02/2005 05:31:00p Spot gold quoted at 462.70 in Asia trade
11/02/2005 05:30:18p Warner Bros. studio lays off staff
11/02/2005 05:28:17p AMD Bumps Up Third-Quarter Market Share
11/02/2005 05:25:54p Tarceva drug OK'd for pancreatic cancer
11/02/2005 05:25:37p Cincinnati business group to buy Reds
11/02/2005 05:23:12p Warner Bros. studio lays off staff
11/02/2005 05:16:28p Dominion Resources sees Q4 operating earns 60c-70c
11/02/2005 05:15:48p Landan, execs resign in wake of Mercury's stock option probe
11/02/2005 05:15:37p Cabot Q4 net loss 91c vs net earns 23c
11/02/2005 05:15:25p Two more rebels put BSkyB's buyback in doubt
11/02/2005 05:14:58p Bombay Q3 same-store sales up 2.7%
11/02/2005 05:13:27p Cabot swings to quarterly loss; revenue rises
11/02/2005 05:13:18p Prudential Financial crushes quarterly profit estimates
11/02/2005 05:13:09p Tech, electronics advance Asia shares
11/02/2005 05:12:47p Top foreign brands sue Silk Street market
11/02/2005 05:12:37p Napster subscriber growth soars
11/02/2005 05:12:07p Shellcase becomes Chinese company
11/02/2005 05:10:37p Sunoco Q3 First Call rev est 11.58B
11/02/2005 05:10:28p Weather and candy to dictate October same-store sales
11/02/2005 05:10:17p Dominion Resources Q3 net earns 4c vs 1.02
11/02/2005 05:09:57p Deutsche Telekom plans to axe 32,000 jobs
11/02/2005 05:09:47p Olympic goods win licensing go-ahead
11/02/2005 05:09:17p Textile makers seek offshore bases ahead of new limits
11/02/2005 05:08:47p Bank quits Budapest bidding race
11/02/2005 05:08:27p CORRECT Terms of Knight Ridder's acquisition undisclosed
11/02/2005 05:07:47p Dominion Resources sees 2005 operating earnings 4.11-4.21
11/02/2005 05:07:27p Dominion Resources Q3 rev 4.56B vs 3.29B
11/02/2005 05:07:05p Sunoco Q3 earns 2.60c vs 85c, excluding special items
11/02/2005 05:05:37p Knight Ridder buys Dallas-area jobs, auto publications
11/02/2005 05:05:07p PMO official calls treasury's growth forecast `conservative'
11/02/2005 05:04:57p Ads chief tells of hurt at losing BA
11/02/2005 05:04:37p Talks held with rivals on future of AOL
11/02/2005 05:04:17p Taking Stock Revisited / What kind of company does Amnon Landan run?
11/02/2005 05:03:47p Dominion Resources earnings plunge; revenue rises
11/02/2005 05:03:37p Sunoco profit up threefold on strong refining margins
11/02/2005 05:03:07p Stakeholder mystery for Peacock
11/02/2005 05:02:57p Cabot Q4 rev 556M vs 496M
11/02/2005 05:00:57p Bombay Oct. same-store sales up 0.6%
11/02/2005 05:00:47p Report blames badly-laid rail tracks for cracks in carriages
11/02/2005 05:00:16p Knight Ridder buys free-distribution auto, job publications
11/02/2005 04:59:35p ANALYSIS-Fed focus on energy prices a clear hawkish hint
11/02/2005 04:59:07p Activists miss the point, says drug chief
11/02/2005 04:58:27p Eircom confirms takeover interest
11/02/2005 04:58:19p Ghana's sweet taste of global success
11/02/2005 04:58:08p WebSideStory reports quarterly profit; rev nearly doubles
11/02/2005 04:57:37p Knight Ridder buys SF area's Jobs and Careers publication
11/02/2005 04:57:17p Economist China's economy has landed
11/02/2005 04:56:34p BCCI liquidators drop £1bn BoE case
11/02/2005 04:56:17p Project chief at 'bung' row yard resigns
11/02/2005 04:55:56p I'm not in the mood to play tourist, says Glaxo's Garnier
11/02/2005 04:55:17p No Verdict In N.J. Vioxx Trial
11/02/2005 04:55:07p Bank of England demands £70m after BCCI case collapses
11/02/2005 04:52:03p Report Delphi looks at cutting seven plants, buying Motorola unit
11/02/2005 04:49:31p Teekay Shipping Q3 voyage revenue 425.6M vs 520.6M
11/02/2005 04:48:00p J&J cools on Guidant deal
11/02/2005 04:47:50p WebSideStory Q3 rev 11.3M vs 5.74M
11/02/2005 04:47:40p Eircom confirms takeover interest
11/02/2005 04:47:30p TRADE Business Groups Lobby to Resurrect FTAA
11/02/2005 04:47:00p Entrepreneurs Cream of the    Young Crop
11/02/2005 04:46:12p Harry Potter conjures profits for Indigo Books
11/02/2005 04:44:30p WebSideStory sees Q4 EPS of 10c-11c
11/02/2005 04:43:53p U.S. sees progress in textile talk
11/02/2005 04:43:30p Warner Bros. Fires Up to 300 Employees
11/02/2005 04:43:00p Vectren raises quarterly dividend 3.4% to 30.5c
11/02/2005 04:41:50p Sunoco Q3 net earns 2.39 vs 69c
11/02/2005 04:39:50p Moody's downgrades ratings of RenaissanceRe Holdings
11/02/2005 04:39:40p Teekay Shipping Q3 net earns 52c vs 2.77
11/02/2005 04:39:30p WebSideStory sees Q1 FY06 rev 12.7M-13.5M
11/02/2005 04:38:20p US pushes for Americas trade zone
11/02/2005 04:37:49p WebSideStory sees Q2 FY06 rev 13.6M-14.2M
11/02/2005 04:36:09p WebSideStory sees Q1 FY06 EPS of 6c-7c
11/02/2005 04:35:00p WebSideStory Q3 net earns 9c vs breakeven
11/02/2005 04:34:30p Teekay Shipping quarterly earnings, revenue fall
11/02/2005 04:34:10p Intersil ups dividend 25%, OKs 150M share buyback
11/02/2005 04:33:15p U.S. sees progress in textile talk
11/02/2005 04:33:04p US pushes for Americas trade zone
11/02/2005 04:32:58p Eircom confirms takeover interest
11/02/2005 04:32:39p Administration reports progress in reaching textile agreement with China
11/02/2005 04:32:29p Novell to Restructure Around Linux, Identity
11/02/2005 04:31:42p Moody's no longer looking to downgrade Chubb's ratings
11/02/2005 04:31:19p Sunoco Q3 rev 9.3B vs 6.56B
11/02/2005 04:30:50p Lindner to sell control of Reds to local businessmen
11/02/2005 04:29:09p WebSideStory Q3 pro forma earns 13c vs 8c
11/02/2005 04:27:49p Fitch downgrades RenaissanceRe ratings
11/02/2005 04:27:34p Prudential Financial Q3 profit doubles
11/02/2005 04:27:29p US unveils new stance on control of airlines
11/02/2005 04:25:09p WebSideStory sees Q4 rev 12M-12.3M
11/02/2005 04:17:21p Fiserv acquires Xcipio; terms of deal undisclosed
11/02/2005 04:17:11p SunOpta Q3 net earns 4c vs 5c
11/02/2005 04:17:01p Moody's affirms Chubb, subsidiaries ratings
11/02/2005 04:16:12p SunOpta Q3 First Call rev est 115M
11/02/2005 04:15:31p Moody's Chubb affirmation on underwriting performance
11/02/2005 04:13:01p SunOpta quarterly earnings fall; revenue rises
11/02/2005 04:12:41p American Eagle Air Oct. traffic, capacity rise
11/02/2005 04:12:21p Technical Analysis Dow, Nasdaq Push Some Big Levels
11/02/2005 04:12:11p American Air Oct. traffic, load factor up; capacity down
11/02/2005 04:11:51p Intersil to buy back up to 150M of company stock
11/02/2005 04:11:21p Seasonal workers drinking pub dry
11/02/2005 04:11:11p CNN Ousts Aaron Brown and Gives Slot to Anderson Cooper
11/02/2005 04:10:34p J&J warns on 25bn Guidant deal
11/02/2005 04:10:21p Willis Group quarterly net falls; organic revenue rises 6%
11/02/2005 04:10:11p Intersil ups quarterly dividend 25% to 5c from 4c a share
11/02/2005 04:09:21p Symantec Stumbles on Warning
11/02/2005 04:09:10p News Corp buys UK property ad website
11/02/2005 04:06:51p Moody's no longer looking to downgrade Chubb ratings
11/02/2005 04:05:32p Media, tech stocks boost US market
11/02/2005 04:04:41p Reds to be sold to local businessmen
11/02/2005 04:03:14p J&J warns on 25bn Guidant deal
11/02/2005 04:01:20p Fund investors suffer October surprise as stocks swoon
11/02/2005 03:58:43p Earnings Fees raise earnings 42%
11/02/2005 03:58:03p Aust-Japan free trade talks begin
11/02/2005 03:57:50p SunOpta Q3 First Call earns est 6c
11/02/2005 03:57:00p Intersil dividend payable to shareholders as of Nov. 11
11/02/2005 03:56:50p Big 3 need discounts now
11/02/2005 03:56:41p Support mounts for IR law High Court challenge
11/02/2005 03:56:28p 19,000 jobs will be cut at Deutsche Telekom
11/02/2005 03:55:50p Govt stance on seasonal Pacific workers 'embarrassing'
11/02/2005 03:54:40p Fitch revises Time Warner outlook to 'negative'
11/02/2005 03:54:10p Boeing Undecided on Satellite Launches
11/02/2005 03:53:10p Cable TV groups in Sprint venture
11/02/2005 03:52:42p J&J threatens to drop its deal for Guidant
11/02/2005 03:51:57p FDA requires electronic drug labels
11/02/2005 03:44:20p Seoul doubts Microsoft will pull-out Windows
11/02/2005 03:44:00p Willis Group Q3 rev 487M vs 490M
11/02/2005 03:43:30p Citigroup move highlights importance of China
11/02/2005 03:43:20p Clearer skies for airlines on Wall Street
11/02/2005 03:43:00p Montpelier Re reports 875.1M net loss on hurricane hit
11/02/2005 03:42:50p GlobalSantaFe Q3 First Call rev est 610M
11/02/2005 03:42:40p AGL Resources div payable to shareholders on Dec. 1
11/02/2005 03:42:30p Montpelier Re Q3 net written premiums 237.7M vs 170.9M
11/02/2005 03:41:30p Univision profits rise in third quarter
11/02/2005 03:41:20p American Airlines October capacity down 1.5%
11/02/2005 03:39:30p Contracts for November 2, 2005
11/02/2005 03:39:20p BMC Software rallies on profit surge, lifted outlook
11/02/2005 03:39:12p Qualcomm reports sharp gains
11/02/2005 03:38:43p Syniverse inks multi-year contract renewal with T-Mobile
11/02/2005 03:37:20p AGL Resources raises qrtrly div 19%, to 37c from 31c
11/02/2005 03:37:00p German parties agree to reduce business tax
11/02/2005 03:36:20p China urged to loosen control of renminbi
11/02/2005 03:35:40p Stocks rise on strong Time Warner earnings, falling oil prices
11/02/2005 03:35:09p Mechanics Strike at Northwest Seems Over
11/02/2005 03:35:01p Oil futures fall after U.S. supply report sends mixed signals
11/02/2005 03:34:20p Australia attacks EU on farm subsidies
11/02/2005 03:33:29p Panel proposes ending stake-building timetable
11/02/2005 03:32:29p Former Paris traders seek Refco damages
11/02/2005 03:32:19p GlobalSantaFe profit rises 83% but bottom line hit by storms
11/02/2005 03:28:21p Univision reports higher Q3 profit
11/02/2005 03:28:11p Stocks rise led by Time Warner, tech
11/02/2005 03:27:54p Credit Suisse lifts profits by 42% but 'could do better'
11/02/2005 03:27:29p Skyworks Solutions quarterly profit, rev drops
11/02/2005 03:26:59p Intel workers chipper with plant overhaul completed
11/02/2005 03:26:29p Sears Holdings gives lift to index
11/02/2005 03:25:20p PassMark Security PassMark's Online Authentication System Exceeds New FFIEC Guidance
11/02/2005 03:24:49p EU may toughen rules on energy efficiency
11/02/2005 03:24:39p Willis Group sees '05 operating margin of 21%
11/02/2005 03:24:11p DTE profit hit by accounting issues; lowers view
11/02/2005 03:24:08p Stocks rise led by Time Warner, techs
11/02/2005 03:23:39p American Airlines October traffic up 1.5%
11/02/2005 03:23:29p IEA warns of 50% oil price rise by 2030
11/02/2005 03:22:59p Willis Group Q3 net earns 30c vs 45c
11/02/2005 03:22:49p AGL Resources ups qrtrly div 19%, to 37c from 31c
11/02/2005 03:21:39p Holiday week airfares up 15 percent
11/02/2005 03:20:58p Cable groups enter wireless arena
11/02/2005 03:20:19p Willis Group Q3 First Call rev est 498M
11/02/2005 03:19:59p Stocks Up On Time Warner Earnings, Oil
11/02/2005 03:19:49p American Airlines October load factor 77.1% vs 74.9%
11/02/2005 03:18:49p Intuit to pay 20M for private business services firm
11/02/2005 03:18:32p AGL Resources div payable to shareholders as of Nov. 18
11/02/2005 03:18:15p PSP Media Download Site Opens for Business
11/02/2005 03:17:18p Macrovision profit up; to cut 10% of jobs in consolidation
11/02/2005 03:16:58p Montpelier Re 972M impact from natural disasters in Q3
11/02/2005 03:16:38p Stoudemire gets 4.75 million digs to rest his knee
11/02/2005 03:16:18p CORRECT TeeKay LNG files w/ SEC for public offering
11/02/2005 03:15:18p US to unveil new stance on control of airlines
11/02/2005 03:07:09p Evidence CIA has secret jails in Europe
11/02/2005 03:05:38p Activision swings to loss yet tops estimates
11/02/2005 03:05:09p Novell to cut 600 jobs as it restructures; sees charge
11/02/2005 03:03:59p Panel proposes ending timetable for stake building
11/02/2005 03:03:54p J&J may not complete 25.4B Guidant deal
11/02/2005 03:03:19p Lindner agrees to sell Reds to Cincy businessmen
11/02/2005 03:02:08p Qualcomm profit up, sales target lifted
11/02/2005 03:01:40p Career Education quarterly profit, revenue increase
11/02/2005 03:01:29p BMC Software posts sharply higher profit amid lower expenses
11/02/2005 03:00:29p Nationwide Financial quarterly net income rises 22%
11/02/2005 02:58:08p Middle school will get cameras to thwart vandals
11/02/2005 02:57:49p Mystery Clouds Possible Knight Ridder Sale
11/02/2005 02:57:09p Leggett & Platt ups '05 stock buyback plan to 15M
11/02/2005 02:56:49p Kerr-McGee completes sale of 40% interest in gas facility
11/02/2005 02:56:39p Washington Group, CH2M Hill to manage 1.2B Idaho program
11/02/2005 02:56:28p Jury Deliberates Vioxx Liability Case
11/02/2005 02:56:21p Delphi plans `ruthless` makeover
11/02/2005 02:55:48p Kerr-McGee completes sale of interest to MarkWest for 156M
11/02/2005 02:55:08p Leggett & Platt New buyback plan in effect only for '05
11/02/2005 02:54:51p Sales fall at GM and Ford
11/02/2005 02:53:19p LMI Aerospace, Gulfstream Aero plan 170M parts contract
11/02/2005 02:52:38p Leggett & Platt ups share repurchase authorization to 15M
11/02/2005 02:52:18p DTE Energy net income drops on accounting items
11/02/2005 02:51:49p DTE Energy now expects 2005 earns 3.10-3.30
11/02/2005 02:50:28p Kerr-McGee expects 110M in after-tax proceeds from sale
11/02/2005 02:48:58p Reds sold to local businessmen
11/02/2005 02:48:48p Refco rebuts 362M legal claim from Rogers Funds
11/02/2005 02:48:28p Lindner Selling Reds to Local Businessmen
11/02/2005 02:48:18p ResCare earnings increase 35.1%, revenue rises
11/02/2005 02:44:37p Warwick Valley Telephone Company Warwick Valley Telephone Receives Compliance Achieved Notification From Nasdaq
11/02/2005 02:44:08p Is MBIA off the hook?
11/02/2005 02:41:38p Guess profit jumps as sales pick up
11/02/2005 02:34:51p BMC Software expects Q3 rev 375M-395M
11/02/2005 02:34:09p Federated Department Stores 3Q comp sales up 0.6%
11/02/2005 02:33:38p Good News on Prices? Listen Up
11/02/2005 02:31:29p Northwest Air wants union cuts for delay in labor hearing
11/02/2005 02:30:29p Syniverse renews contract with T-Mobile USA
11/02/2005 02:29:58p BMC Software Q2 First Call earns est 23c
11/02/2005 02:29:38p Blair picks moderniser to succeed Blunkett
11/02/2005 02:29:28p DTE Energy Q3 rev 2.06B vs 1.59B
11/02/2005 02:29:08p Lower oil, sector upgrade lifts airlines
11/02/2005 02:28:38p Drug stocks slip on J&J merger woes
11/02/2005 02:28:28p Nokia Launches 3 New Multimedia Handsets
11/02/2005 02:28:04p CORRECTED Univision posts Q3 profit up
11/02/2005 02:27:56p Prudential Financial quarterly profit up
11/02/2005 02:27:47p Apple hits new high
11/02/2005 02:27:41p DTE Energy Q3 net earns 2c vs 54c
11/02/2005 02:27:38p Stocks rise led by Time Warner, techs
11/02/2005 02:27:28p J&J, Guidant battle seen ending in court
11/02/2005 02:25:58p BMC Software Q2 net earns 19c vs 6c
11/02/2005 02:24:28p Tech stocks flex muscles despite software weakness
11/02/2005 02:24:08p BMC Software Q2 First Call rev est 365M
11/02/2005 02:23:48p Las Vegas Sands returns to profit; Macao booming
11/02/2005 02:22:58p BMC Software now sees fiscal 2006 rev 1.49B-1.52B
11/02/2005 02:22:28p BMC Software expects Q3 pro forma earns 25c-30c
11/02/2005 02:21:18p Sonic Innovations names Samuel Westover as pres, CEO
11/02/2005 02:20:28p Playboy's profit rise largely due to debt refinance
11/02/2005 02:19:14p US warns trade talks could fail
11/02/2005 02:19:11p Weight Watchers reports flat quarterly profit
11/02/2005 02:18:57p BMC Software Q2 rev 361M vs 355.1
11/02/2005 02:18:42p 24/7 Real Media narrows quarterly loss; revenue surges
11/02/2005 02:16:48p Sempra Energy profit dips, but still beats expectations
11/02/2005 02:16:27p Wall Street climbs to one-month high
11/02/2005 02:16:17p Greenspan's Parting Moves
11/02/2005 02:16:08p Macrovision lowers 2005 pro forma EPS view to 79c-81c
11/02/2005 02:15:57p BMC Software now sees fiscal 2006 pro forma earns 97c-1.03
11/02/2005 02:15:48p Industrial Gear Rust Forming?
11/02/2005 02:15:17p Napster quarterly loss narrows
11/02/2005 02:14:57p Fitch revises EDS rating outlook to 'stable'
11/02/2005 02:14:28p Prudential Financial quarterly net profit more than doubles
11/02/2005 02:14:07p Sonic Innovations names ex-pres, CEO Raguskus as chair
11/02/2005 02:13:58p Jobs Dominate Talk at Americas Summit
11/02/2005 02:13:28p Macrovision sees Q4 2M-3M charges for restructuring
11/02/2005 02:12:17p TSX surges 194 points on broadly based strength
11/02/2005 02:12:07p Watson Pharmaceuticals sees uptick in per-share earnings
11/02/2005 02:11:37p Macrovision sees Q4 pro forma earns 28c-30c
11/02/2005 02:11:27p Time Warner Posts Higher Earnings
11/02/2005 02:11:07p Bonds slide, dollar mixed
11/02/2005 02:10:17p S&P Buy Shell, Playboy; Sell Nortel
11/02/2005 02:09:17p Bank of America Cuts Mercury Interactive to Neutral
11/02/2005 02:09:07p BMC Software Q2 pro forma earns 26c
11/02/2005 02:08:57p Dow Closes Up 66, Nasdaq Finishes Up 30
11/02/2005 02:08:37p Dean Foods profit rises but warns on costs
11/02/2005 02:07:57p Good as Gold?
11/02/2005 02:07:48p Iran's president names 'unknown' for oil post
11/02/2005 02:07:37p Men's Wearhouse sales up 6.7%; profits seen hitting target
11/02/2005 02:07:07p Univision lifts earnings, OKs another 500M stock buyback
11/02/2005 02:05:57p Cable Giants Team Up With Sprint Nextel
11/02/2005 01:59:38p Napster Q2 net loss 32c vs 44c
11/02/2005 01:59:08p Airspan Networks Inc. Airspan Networks Announces Results for the Third Quarter of 2005
11/02/2005 01:57:48p Oil falls, lifting airline stocks
11/02/2005 01:57:28p Gen-Probe quarterly earnings jump 47.8%
11/02/2005 01:56:58p Activision swings to loss, tops estimates
11/02/2005 01:55:28p Las Vegas Sands turns to profit; Macao revenue jumps
11/02/2005 01:53:59p Wall Street rallies Wednesday
11/02/2005 01:53:27p Napster Q2 total paid subscribers 448K
11/02/2005 01:52:25p J&J, Guidant battle seen ending in court
11/02/2005 01:52:17p Mercer Insurance Group, Inc. Mercer Insurance Group, Inc. Announces 3rd Quarter 2005 Earnings
11/02/2005 01:52:07p Investors pull 18 billion from money-market funds
11/02/2005 01:51:58p BCCI lawyers end £100m case against Bank
11/02/2005 01:51:50p Harrah's CIO Bets Big On Caesars Merger
11/02/2005 01:51:37p Johnson & Johnson May Cancel Guidant Buyout
11/02/2005 01:51:07p Citigroup appointment embraces China
11/02/2005 01:50:57p Weight Watchers narrows FY05 pro forma EPS forecast
11/02/2005 01:50:27p Comfort Systems declares first quarterly dividend of 2.5c
11/02/2005 01:49:57p Comfort Systems div payable to shareholders as of Nov. 30
11/02/2005 01:49:37p Ammo, Thiokol sales help ATK's 34% profit jump
11/02/2005 01:49:07p Beef Patties Recalled For Possible E. coli Contamination
11/02/2005 01:48:47p Napster sees Q3 rev flat sequentially
11/02/2005 01:48:37p Oil stocks pad gains at the close
11/02/2005 01:48:27p Qualcomm shares trade higher at fast pace
11/02/2005 01:48:18p Don't Let Ego Kill the Startup
11/02/2005 01:47:57p Watson '05 EPS forecast 1.38-1.41; street view is 1.38
11/02/2005 01:47:47p Novell to cut 600 jobs under overhaul; sees 30M-35M charge
11/02/2005 01:46:27p SmallBusinessComputing StarOffice 8 An Affordable, Small-Business Alternative to Microsoft Office
11/02/2005 01:45:57p Bookham, Inc. Bookham Announces First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2006 Financial Results
11/02/2005 01:45:47p Weight Watchers now sees FY05 pro forma EPS 1.91-1.95
11/02/2005 01:45:37p US warns trade talks could fail
11/02/2005 01:45:17p Guess profit pops 75% amid sharply higher sales
11/02/2005 01:45:08p Priceline third-quarter earnings rise
11/02/2005 01:44:37p Amex Oil Index tops 1,000 for the 1st time in three weeks
11/02/2005 01:43:20p CanWest posts Q4 loss amid 51 million writedown at National Post
11/02/2005 01:42:57p Northwest Air willing to extend hearing on union contracts
11/02/2005 01:42:47p U.S. stocks end higher; Nasdaq climbs to one-month high
11/02/2005 01:42:27p Consumer ire grows over oil profits
11/02/2005 01:42:17p Nashua Nashua Reports Third Quarter 2005 Results
11/02/2005 01:40:37p Napster Q2 rev 23.4M vs 9.3M
11/02/2005 01:40:16p US order buoys Tasmanian company
11/02/2005 01:39:57p Symbol Technologies posts 16.7 million profit
11/02/2005 01:39:07p Delta Projects to Be Profitable in 2007
11/02/2005 01:33:10p Blast at UK firms' Tehran offices
11/02/2005 01:33:04p US warns trade talks could fail
11/02/2005 01:31:49p Sun Shares Fall
11/02/2005 01:31:39p Showdown looms on Delta deal
11/02/2005 01:29:39p OSI Pharma, Genentech Tarceva OK'd for pancreatic cancer
11/02/2005 01:29:09p Qwest reports smaller third-quarter loss
11/02/2005 01:27:59p Univision sees higher quarterly profit
11/02/2005 01:27:49p Qualcomm posts higher Q4 profit, revenue
11/02/2005 01:27:42p Symantec tumbles on lower forecast
11/02/2005 01:27:28p Nasdaq closes up 1.4 percent
11/02/2005 01:27:19p Doral Financial shares down 1.5% at 8.36
11/02/2005 01:26:19p Company to Retool Porn for Video iPod
11/02/2005 01:26:00p Oil Prices Slip on News of Supply Report
11/02/2005 01:25:49p Time Warner Earnings Send Stocks Higher
11/02/2005 01:24:48p Mercury Interactive upped to strong buy at JMP Securities
11/02/2005 01:23:53p Yen selling shaping up as the safe FX bet
11/02/2005 01:23:38p OSI Pharma, GenentechFDA OKs Tarceva w/ gemcitabine chemo
11/02/2005 01:20:09p Appeals court hears arguments in Internet case
11/02/2005 01:18:18p Halliburton affiliate acquires Norwegian Process Technology
11/02/2005 01:17:10p OSI Pharma, Genentech FDA OKs Tarceva for pancreatic cancer
11/02/2005 01:16:38p Miami Airport Reopens After Hurricane
11/02/2005 01:15:58p Ogilvie getting down to business
11/02/2005 01:15:28p Crude, product prices close at 3-month lows on supply
11/02/2005 01:14:28p Deliberations Continue in Vioxx Case
11/02/2005 01:14:08p Timeline of Enron's Collapse
11/02/2005 01:13:28p Alito has business-friendly record
11/02/2005 01:12:48p Wall Street likes Wednesday
11/02/2005 01:12:28p Hedge fund deadline fast approaching
11/02/2005 01:11:58p Treasurys end lower; key yield closes above 4.6%
11/02/2005 01:11:48p Doral Financial expects to meet capital adequacy requirement
11/02/2005 01:03:38p AMR Corp up 6.2% to 14.16 after sector upgrade
11/02/2005 01:03:18p Weak October auto sales set stage for grim November
11/02/2005 01:01:21p The business of reform
11/02/2005 12:59:52p Oil prices slip on news of supply report
11/02/2005 12:58:49p Amex Airline Index up 2.9% to 48.34 points
11/02/2005 12:58:34p Gutierrez seeks trade deal before summit
11/02/2005 12:56:51p Symantec tumbles on lower forecast
11/02/2005 12:55:38p Guidant shares down 2.95 at 60.15
11/02/2005 12:55:28p Boston Beer quarterly profit rises; reaffirms FY05 EPS view
11/02/2005 12:54:48p FIFA Gets Record Contract from US TV Networks
11/02/2005 12:54:38p Intuit to pay 20M cash for private business services firm
11/02/2005 12:54:08p CTS to buy back up to 1M company shares
11/02/2005 12:53:47p CTS OKs buyback of up to 1M company shares
11/02/2005 12:52:57p US Airways up 11% to 27.75 on vol 2.27M
11/02/2005 12:52:47p Go green with your mortgage
11/02/2005 12:52:18p U.S. stocks gain ground in final hour of trading
11/02/2005 12:51:57p Fitch revises rating watch on Guidant to 'evolving'
11/02/2005 12:51:47p Bombardier Recreational Products shifting ATV production from Quebec to Mexico
11/02/2005 12:51:18p Dollar flirts with 117 yen; euro steadies ahead of ECB
11/02/2005 12:50:48p Were You the Victim of a Hurricane-Related Business Scam?
11/02/2005 12:50:27p 'Racy' writing Harlequin to publish NASCAR-themed titles
11/02/2005 12:49:57p TSX rallies on broadly based strength
11/02/2005 12:48:38p Elections and Oil Intertwined in Central Asia
11/02/2005 12:48:27p S&P Guidant ratings now on creditwatch 'developing'
11/02/2005 12:47:37p Moody's changes outlook on Hughes Supply to 'developing'
11/02/2005 12:47:17p Oil slips on stockpile build
11/02/2005 12:44:57p Doral Financial had 1.9B cash, equivalents as of Sept. 30
11/02/2005 12:44:07p Airline stocks up, led by US Airways, AMR Corp
11/02/2005 12:43:07p Doral Financial still won't meet Nov. 10 filing date
11/02/2005 12:34:53p Alito's fate rests with moderate senators
11/02/2005 12:34:40p Middleby Corp. cut to neutral by Sidoti
11/02/2005 12:33:30p Microsoft Intros Business Portal Lite Shared-Source Project
11/02/2005 12:32:50p Beazer trumps USA Today story in builder stocks
11/02/2005 12:32:40p Exxon Mobil & me
11/02/2005 12:32:31p Able enters into asset purchase deal with winning bidder
11/02/2005 12:30:59p Ultitek Ltd. Ultitek Ltd. Retains Independent Auditors
11/02/2005 12:30:50p D Telekom to slash 32,000 jobs in Germany
11/02/2005 12:30:39p Mercury Interactive downgraded to sell by Janney Montgomery
11/02/2005 12:30:19p Greenberg Traurig Greenberg Traurig's Neumann Appointed to Hazardous Waste Commission
11/02/2005 12:30:09p Gold futures bounce off a 7-week low to close 4 higher
11/02/2005 12:29:39p Paris rioting inflames presidential hopefuls' rivalry
11/02/2005 12:28:29p 'Racy' writing Harlequin to publish NASCAR titles
11/02/2005 12:28:06p Yen selling shaping up as the safe FX bet
11/02/2005 12:27:59p Volkswagen, Subaru cars get top crash rating
11/02/2005 12:27:57p Companies disclose little on tax break
11/02/2005 12:27:48p Stocks rise, Nasdaq hits one-month high
11/02/2005 12:27:38p J&J, Guidant spar over deal
11/02/2005 12:27:29p Boston Beer sees capex of 15M for FY05
11/02/2005 12:26:39p Able Labs holds auction for company assets
11/02/2005 12:26:02p Stocks look mixed
11/02/2005 12:25:49p Dec crude falls 10c to end at 3-mo low of 59.75/brl
11/02/2005 12:24:59p Crude futures end at a three-month low
11/02/2005 12:24:31p Boston Beer Co. Q3 rev 69.7M vs 60.5M
11/02/2005 12:23:49p Able Labs holds auction for assets
11/02/2005 12:23:29p U.S. stocks pare gains; Nasdaq still paces advance
11/02/2005 12:23:09p 7 charged with conspiracy at Ahold unit
11/02/2005 12:22:14p Business Interests Set for Battle Over Bush Tax Panel Proposals
11/02/2005 12:21:19p Will Tax Reform Affect You? Share Your Thoughts
11/02/2005 12:20:59p Bank shares climb on strong third-quarter
11/02/2005 12:20:19p Cable giants form wireless venture with Sprint Nextel
11/02/2005 12:17:59p STEALTHGAS INC. STEALTHGAS Announces Delivery of Gas Marathon
11/02/2005 12:16:48p Tech shares to grab evening focus
11/02/2005 12:16:38p S&P Guidant creditwatch implications now 'developing'
11/02/2005 12:15:58p Boston Beer Co. Q3 earns 29c vs 21c
11/02/2005 12:15:38p Dec natural gas falls 26c to 11.60/mln BTU, a 2-mo low
11/02/2005 12:14:29p Credit Suisse benefits from stock market rally
11/02/2005 12:13:40p Hanley Wood BUILDER Magazine Celebrates 25 Years of Residential Design Excellence
11/02/2005 12:13:18p Northwest to Cut Flight Attendants' Pay
11/02/2005 12:13:08p S&P Guidant creditwatch change follows J&J deal statement
11/02/2005 12:12:58p Tech flexes muscles despite software weakness
11/02/2005 12:12:18p WMS Industries falls short; hit w/ downgrades
11/02/2005 12:11:28p Home-builder CEOs say land tougher to come by
11/02/2005 12:03:39p Retail index gains nearly 2% to 450.16
11/02/2005 12:03:29p 3 startups to watch
11/02/2005 11:59:03a Americas trade zone is 'stalled'
11/02/2005 11:58:44a The end of an epic
11/02/2005 11:57:28a J&J May Not Complete 25.4B Guidant Deal
11/02/2005 11:54:38a United Natural Foods upped to buy at Adams Harkness
11/02/2005 11:52:58a Wall Street on a tear
11/02/2005 11:52:11a Nortel cuts third-quarter loss, sales surge
11/02/2005 11:51:08a Sorrento Valley outage hits homes, businesses
11/02/2005 11:50:48a New drug said to triple Tamiflu supply
11/02/2005 11:50:08a German parties agree to reduce tax on business
11/02/2005 11:42:25a Swisscom in 'tentative' Eircom move
11/02/2005 11:42:15a Quarles hedge fund regulation ideas not thought out enough
11/02/2005 11:40:55a Eurozone bond yields hit 15-month high
11/02/2005 11:40:45a KfW to adopt Panda
11/02/2005 11:40:35a D Telekom to slice 20% of jobs
11/02/2005 11:40:26a Diamant Art Corporation Diamant Art Corporation Bulletin China Bans PVC Plastic Wrappers
11/02/2005 11:39:05a Gold futures log first gain in four sessions, close up 4
11/02/2005 11:38:45a Credit Suisse follows trend with stellar rise in profits
11/02/2005 11:38:26a International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative Improved Materials Dominate Chip Evolution, Technologist Tells ISMI Symposium
11/02/2005 11:37:45a Rough new-issues-market waters put J. Crew on hold
11/02/2005 11:37:35a Interlink shares plunge on restructuring plan, restatement
11/02/2005 11:36:35a Six Flags Red Zone victory wld undermine efforts to sell co
11/02/2005 11:36:25a Six Flags sends letter to shareholders over Red Zone bid
11/02/2005 11:36:05a Treasury's Quarles says GSE reforms achieveable
11/02/2005 11:34:28a Treasury explores lending options
11/02/2005 11:34:08a No more excuses for arriving late
11/02/2005 11:34:05a Time Warner lifts share buy-back to 12.5bn
11/02/2005 11:33:58a Patti Waldmeir Gamble on US Supreme Court
11/02/2005 11:33:48a Intersections slumps; Citigroup downgrades to sell
11/02/2005 11:32:31a OFT grocery market ruling quashed
11/02/2005 11:31:55a PerkinElmer started at buy at Deutsche Bank
11/02/2005 11:30:14a Dec gold closes higher for first time in four sessions
11/02/2005 11:30:05a Computer Sciences cut to hold at Deutsche Bank
11/02/2005 11:29:45a IVillage shares up 5% on prospect of a sale
11/02/2005 11:28:55a SEC man who smoothed a difficult path
11/02/2005 11:28:34a A rare breed alive and well in Italy
11/02/2005 11:28:25a Smooth Cooking Showcases Celebrity Smooth Jazz Recipes, New Menus and Music Line
11/02/2005 11:28:22a Stocks rally, led by techs
11/02/2005 11:28:13a J&J says may not close Guidant deal
11/02/2005 11:27:56a Dec gold closes at 464.60/oz, up 4, or 0.9%
11/02/2005 11:27:34a Intersections cut to sell at Citigroup
11/02/2005 11:27:04a Greenbrier Cos. cut to market perform at Morgan Keegan
11/02/2005 11:26:55a US insists disputed lab is preparing flu vaccines
11/02/2005 11:26:39a Vioxx Plaintiff Wants Merck to Mend Ways
11/02/2005 11:26:24a DiagnoCure inks licensing deal for rights to 40 genes
11/02/2005 11:26:16a Publicis gets new-business boost, affirms targets
11/02/2005 11:25:51a US auto sales take a dive
11/02/2005 11:25:09a Blue State Blues
11/02/2005 11:24:25a Orange juice rallies; traders mull Wilma orange crop damage
11/02/2005 11:24:04a J&J threatens to back out of Guidant deal
11/02/2005 11:23:55a Washington and London differ over windfall tax
11/02/2005 11:23:37a Delta Air Lines seeks to void pilots' contract
11/02/2005 11:23:24a Six Flags urges shareholders to reject Red Zone proposals
11/02/2005 11:22:49a Guidant says J&J legally bound to deal
11/02/2005 11:22:44a Six Flags asks shareholders not to let Red Zone disrupt sale
11/02/2005 11:22:15a ING in talks with two consortiums on outsourcing 700 jobs
11/02/2005 11:22:04a Quarles group life shouldn't be part of terror insurance
11/02/2005 11:21:34a Global Cash Access started at hold at Deutsche Bank
11/02/2005 11:21:04a Marathon Oil upped to buy at Deutsche Bank
11/02/2005 11:18:44a Nokia anticipates the leap to multimedia
11/02/2005 11:18:04a J&J looks to renegotiate troubled Guidant deal
11/02/2005 11:17:34a DiagnoCure Genes associated with lung cancer detection
11/02/2005 11:17:24a Pyng Medical Corp. / CORRECTION Pyng Medical Corp
11/02/2005 11:17:14a UK tax advisers have reason to thank Brown
11/02/2005 11:16:35a DiagnoCure, Genzyme ink licensing deal for 40 genes
11/02/2005 11:09:23a BusinessWeek How to Save Your Neck in a Four Easy Steps
11/02/2005 11:09:02a Picking the Enron jury
11/02/2005 11:08:42a Insurance Costs from Rita, Wilma Could Exceed 20 Billion
11/02/2005 11:08:22a TSX rallies on broadly-based strength
11/02/2005 11:06:53a Stocks Surge on Time Warner, Oil Prices
11/02/2005 11:05:42a Publicis quarterly revenue rises 7.4% from a year ago
11/02/2005 11:05:32a Real Estate torm Clouds Ahead?
11/02/2005 11:05:12a Scientists help speed boarding of aircraft
11/02/2005 11:04:02a PwC reasserts its position with 20bn revenues
11/02/2005 11:03:52a Kopin shares rally as 3Q earns trounce Wall St. view
11/02/2005 11:02:22a Euro climbs ahead of ECB rate decision
11/02/2005 11:02:02a Office stereotyping, and how it stifles
11/02/2005 11:01:32a CORRECT Publicis Q3 rev up 7.4% to 1B euros
11/02/2005 10:59:02a Wal-Mart documentary debuts with a fracas
11/02/2005 10:58:03a TDC upgrades earnings forecast
11/02/2005 10:57:42a Paris rioting inflames presidential hopefuls' rivalry
11/02/2005 10:56:52a Hurricane hangover still hitting jobs
11/02/2005 10:56:35a Zevex shares top Nasdaq percentage gainers list
11/02/2005 10:56:32a UPDATE 2-D.Telekom to slash 32,000 jobs in Germany
11/02/2005 10:56:28a Europe's late rally
11/02/2005 10:56:21a China's banking watchdog outlines criterions for selecting
11/02/2005 10:54:52a iPod's success isn't sweet music for record companies
11/02/2005 10:54:16a Oil prices slip after US supply report
11/02/2005 10:53:33a Oil taps three-month under 59 after supply data
11/02/2005 10:53:22a Server Central Server Central Introduces WingSix to the Hosting Market
11/02/2005 10:52:45a Boeing machinists go on strike
11/02/2005 10:45:40a National Financial jumps 10% as sales, profit surges
11/02/2005 10:44:29a Bomb adds to pressure on India over Kashmir
11/02/2005 10:43:29a Europe struggles after mixed results
11/02/2005 10:41:36a OFT grocery market ruling quashed
11/02/2005 10:40:16a Real Estate torm Clouds Ahead?
11/02/2005 10:39:18a Powergen inflicts inflated bills
11/02/2005 10:39:13a News International buys website
11/02/2005 10:38:41a Dean Foods Profit Up, but Warns on Costs
11/02/2005 10:38:36a Powergen inflicts inflated bills
11/02/2005 10:38:24a Media sector drives Wall Street gains
11/02/2005 10:31:49a Crude price falls after stockpiles rise
11/02/2005 10:29:27a Nortel 3Q loss narrows as revenues rise
11/02/2005 10:29:00a J&J may not close Guidant deal
11/02/2005 10:28:50a Techs jump on cable venture
11/02/2005 10:27:04a Time Warner sees 80% profit rise
11/02/2005 10:26:24a News International buys website
11/02/2005 10:24:56a Johnson Threatens to Drop Plan to Buy Guidant
11/02/2005 10:21:55a Sun Shares Slip on First-Quarter Loss
11/02/2005 10:20:05a WellCare surges after topping Wall St. 3Q earns view
11/02/2005 10:19:35a FTC OKs deal, but J&J not sure it still wants Guidant
11/02/2005 10:19:15a Moody's revises outlook on Owens & Minor to 'positive'
11/02/2005 10:18:55a S&P 500 up 11 points at 1,213
11/02/2005 10:17:45a As investor pressures Knight Ridder, shares gain anew
11/02/2005 10:17:05a ABC, Univision to pay 425M to FIFA for soccer rights
11/02/2005 10:16:45a EDS results leave analysts bullish on turnaround
11/02/2005 10:16:14a Advanced Digital previous Q4 rev forecast was 110M-115M
11/02/2005 10:16:05a UnumProvident shares hit three-year high on results
11/02/2005 10:15:55a Medical Properties Trust shares down 15c at 8.85
11/02/2005 10:15:44a PG&E Corp. posts higher quarterly results; shares slip
11/02/2005 10:15:15a IBM IBM Sets New Industry Leading Disk and Storage Virtualization Performance Benchmarks
11/02/2005 10:14:04a Moody's may upgrade Owens & Minor corporate family rating
11/02/2005 10:13:04a Investing in tech, rain or shine
11/02/2005 10:12:57a Germany recovers at close; France ends weakly
11/02/2005 10:12:35a MarineMax upgraded to buy at Jefferies & Co.
11/02/2005 10:12:32a CB Richard Ellis gets boost from better than anticipated 3Q
11/02/2005 10:12:30a Deutsche Telekom to Slash 32,000 Jobs
11/02/2005 10:12:27a Iran's president names unknown ally for oil post
11/02/2005 10:11:35a Treasurys flat after key yield stalls near year's high
11/02/2005 10:11:15a S.Korea fears kimchi war with China
11/02/2005 10:11:04a O2 slips, U.K. peers gain; FTSE ends higher
11/02/2005 10:10:44a Capel Rugs Capel Rugs Enters Texas Market Dallas Design Community Recognized
11/02/2005 10:10:15a Australia to rush through anti-terror laws
11/02/2005 10:09:54a Nasdaq most active stocks SYMC SIRI SUNW MSFT MERQE
11/02/2005 10:09:14a Merrill says Time Warner eyes dissident concerns w/ buyback
11/02/2005 10:08:27a Alliant Tech names Cynthia Lesher to board
11/02/2005 10:08:16a Mercury Interactive's shares caught in a nosedive
11/02/2005 10:07:24a Gold futures up 3 in afternoon dealings
11/02/2005 10:07:04a Owens & Minor shares up 56c at 29.69
11/02/2005 10:06:24a NYSE most active stocks TWX LU Q PFE NT
11/02/2005 10:06:14a Dow Jones Industrials up 76 points at 10,483
11/02/2005 10:06:04a Ammo sales help ATK's 34% profit jump
11/02/2005 10:05:44a Medical Properties Trust inks 100M revolving credit line
11/02/2005 10:05:04a Nymox Pharma secures 13M in private equity financing
11/02/2005 10:04:24a Medical Properties Trust Revolver may be increased to 175M
11/02/2005 10:04:04a Google The 400 gorilla
11/02/2005 10:03:55a Powergen inflicts inflated bills
11/02/2005 10:03:04a Wall Street earnings streak to record
11/02/2005 10:02:44a MailFrontier MailFrontier Business Soars in Third Quarter
11/02/2005 10:01:45a Nasdaq Composite up 28 points at 2,142
11/02/2005 10:01:15a Advanced Digital sees Q4 rev exceeding previous forecast
11/02/2005 10:01:06a Treasurys overcome morning losses by midday
11/02/2005 10:00:24a Alliant Tech board now has 10 members
11/02/2005 09:59:04a News International buys website
11/02/2005 09:57:34a Consolidated Graphics rallies on strong 2Q earnings report
11/02/2005 09:57:24a Crude prices drop under 59 a barrel
11/02/2005 09:56:23a Deutsche Telekom to slash 32,000 jobs in Germany
11/02/2005 09:49:52a U.K.'s FTSE 100 ends up 0.3% at 5,358
11/02/2005 09:49:33a Symantec tumbles on weaker outlook as CFO departs
11/02/2005 09:49:03a Stay safe shopping online
11/02/2005 09:48:12a PwC global revenues top 20bn in 2005
11/02/2005 09:47:53a BCE Q3 challenging despite revenue increase CEO
11/02/2005 09:47:25a October layoffs creep higher
11/02/2005 09:47:02a Germany's DAX up 0.7% as trading ends at 4,954
11/02/2005 09:44:43a Fitch may upgrade ratings on U.S. Steel
11/02/2005 09:41:52a RIM BlackBerry 8700c
11/02/2005 09:40:42a RenaissanceRe shares drop after founder resigns
11/02/2005 09:38:21a Ryanair plans in-flight gambling
11/02/2005 09:38:02a S&P Time Warner 'A-2' short-term rating unaffected
11/02/2005 09:37:22a S&P Time Warner long-term ratings on creditwatch 'negative'
11/02/2005 09:36:43a France's CAC-40 down 0.1% at end of trading at 4,429
11/02/2005 09:36:02a Hutton chosen to replace Blunkett
11/02/2005 09:35:52a Can Big Business Improve School Lunch?
11/02/2005 09:35:32a U.S. Steel shares up 66c at 38.25
11/02/2005 09:35:23a Oil seesaws on stockpile build
11/02/2005 09:33:12a SPSS Inc. upped to buy at Sidoti
11/02/2005 09:32:22a Stocks Up on Strong Time Warner Earnings
11/02/2005 09:32:02a Oil reclaims 60 level as traders weigh supply data
11/02/2005 09:31:54a Ryanair plans in-flight gambling
11/02/2005 09:31:22a Dec gold climbs 3.30 to 463.90/oz in NY after 465.10 high
11/02/2005 09:30:05a Discord flares on value of drug ad explosion
11/02/2005 09:29:02a Sprint leads telecom stocks higher
11/02/2005 09:28:57a Cable companies, Sprint Nextel in pact
11/02/2005 09:28:47a Stocks gain on Sprint
11/02/2005 09:28:23a Cigna falls on outlook, subpoena disclosure
11/02/2005 09:27:52a Channel Adoption Supports Online Holiday Sales Growth
11/02/2005 09:27:38a The rise of virtual business
11/02/2005 09:26:01a Analysts mixed, cautious on IndyMac
11/02/2005 09:25:34a BCCI case collapses at High Court
11/02/2005 09:25:31a S&P may downgrade Time Warner's long-term ratings
11/02/2005 09:24:49a Confidential Delphi memo recommends closing Vandalia site
11/02/2005 09:24:04a Time Warner sees 80% profit rise
11/02/2005 09:18:11a Intel shares up 36c at 23
11/02/2005 09:16:50a Pioneer Investments promotes Koenig to CFO
11/02/2005 09:15:19a Stocks gain amid mixed earnings
11/02/2005 09:14:20a Intel re-opens manufacturing facility in Chandler, Ariz.
11/02/2005 09:11:00a 'Unknown' given Iran oil ministry
11/02/2005 09:09:29a Fitch affirms ratings on U.S. Steel
11/02/2005 09:08:59a Intel Facility converted to 300mm, 65nm process factory
11/02/2005 09:07:49a Fitch revises outlook on U.S. Steel to 'positive'
11/02/2005 09:07:43a Blair Ally Resigns in Britain Amid 2nd Scandal David Blunkett resigned from the cabinet today after acknowledging mistakes in the way he handled private business interests.
11/02/2005 09:06:49a Nasdaq Composite up 20 pts at 1-mo. high of 2,134
11/02/2005 09:06:39a Time Warner sees 80% profit rise
11/02/2005 09:06:09a J&J-Guidant Deal Teetering
11/02/2005 09:05:21a The rise of virtual business
11/02/2005 09:03:39a Sector mixed following Microsoft's latest Web push
11/02/2005 09:02:04a VSIA VSI Alliance Announces CTO and VP and New Board Member
11/02/2005 08:59:48a Cable Companies Team With Sprint Nextel
11/02/2005 08:59:29a Hurricane damage 'to total 60bn'
11/02/2005 08:56:29a Cigna profit falls
11/02/2005 08:56:18a Morgan Stanley named advisor for Gartmore
11/02/2005 08:55:39a House to Vote on Political Blogging Rules
11/02/2005 08:55:28a GM to add 3rd shift at Del. plant to build two more models
11/02/2005 08:54:01a Time Warner Raises Buyback; Profit Soars
11/02/2005 08:53:14a The rise of virtual business
11/02/2005 08:52:18a California winemakers see excellent 2005
11/02/2005 08:51:28a Builders say they can grow market share in downturn
11/02/2005 08:51:08a IBM's iPhrase Buy Adds to WebSphere
11/02/2005 08:48:59a Ex-Dynegy exec to get new sentence
11/02/2005 08:41:30a J&J-Guidant Deal Teetering
11/02/2005 08:40:36a 'Unknown' given Iran oil ministry
11/02/2005 08:40:33a GM plans to add 3rd production shift at Del. plant
11/02/2005 08:40:27a Telekom cuts 32,000 jobs
11/02/2005 08:40:20a Time Warner sees 80% profit rise
11/02/2005 08:40:11a Hurricane damage 'to total 60bn'
11/02/2005 08:38:04a Dec crude up 55c at 60.40/brl after 59.35 low
11/02/2005 08:37:05a S&P may downgrade Nabi Biopharmaceuticals on StaphVax
11/02/2005 08:36:43a Crude stocks fall; gasoline stocks rise API
11/02/2005 08:36:23a U.S. crude stocks climb a fourth week Energy Dept
11/02/2005 08:35:58a BCCI liquidators drop case against Bank
11/02/2005 08:35:53a GM plans 3rd shift at Del. plant after first of the year
11/02/2005 08:35:33a Sempra Energy profit dips but still beats expectations
11/02/2005 08:34:53a ScanSource started at market perform at Morgan Keegan
11/02/2005 08:34:26a Boeing machinists go on strike
11/02/2005 08:34:23a Pacificnet, China Mobile call center deal terms undisclosed
11/02/2005 08:34:17a Stocks gain as oil supplies rise
11/02/2005 08:34:13a PacificNet unit wins China Mobile call center services deal
11/02/2005 08:34:03a Tech sector fights off software losses
11/02/2005 08:33:24a Oil stocks higher after supply data
11/02/2005 08:33:13a Equipment and Systems Engineering, Inc. Equipment & Systems Engineering Begins Trading as EQSE
11/02/2005 08:33:03a Moody's raises Meritage Homes ratings to 'Ba2'
11/02/2005 08:32:59a J&J says may not close Guidant deal
11/02/2005 08:32:33a FTC OKs deal, but J&J not sure it still wants Guidant
11/02/2005 08:32:04a Sun Microsystems cut to above average at Caris & Co.
11/02/2005 08:31:13a Time Warner rises on earnings, AOL talk
11/02/2005 08:30:23a Mercury Interactive's shares nosedive
11/02/2005 08:30:13a U.S. stocks trade higher; Time Warner results please
11/02/2005 08:29:57a Jury resumes deliberations in Vioxx case
11/02/2005 08:29:53a Drug stocks climb as King gains on DOJ deal
11/02/2005 08:29:42a J&J May Cancel 25.4B Guidant Acquisition
11/02/2005 08:29:11a Delta wants pilots pact voided
11/02/2005 08:29:02a Sage Software Sage Software Introduces the Next Generation in Practice Management Software
11/02/2005 08:28:12a Magicweb, Inc. Magicweb, Inc. CEO Interview Now Available on
11/02/2005 08:27:02a FTC clears J&J acquisition of Guidant
11/02/2005 08:26:14a Chinese auto maker to export 1,000 buses to Iran
11/02/2005 08:26:11a Viacom reports profits up
11/02/2005 08:25:42a GE hedge probe gets more serious
11/02/2005 08:25:00a J&J-Guidant Deal Teetering
11/02/2005 08:24:32a Jury Resumes Deliberations in Vioxx Case
11/02/2005 08:23:56a Time Warner unveils profits and AOL talks
11/02/2005 08:23:32a Devon Energy posts 44% jump in profit
11/02/2005 08:23:13a Third Wave Tech cut to below average by Caris & Co.
11/02/2005 08:21:32a Dow industrials up 29 pts at 10,436
11/02/2005 08:21:12a Energy official defends meeting SoCalGas exec testifies at trial
11/02/2005 08:21:02a Kos Pharmaceuticals names Kevin Clarke CFO
11/02/2005 08:20:32a Oil rises despite stockpile build
11/02/2005 08:20:22a Deutsche Telekom to slash 19,000 jobs
11/02/2005 08:18:52a Intrado target upped to 19 by Wedbush Morgan
11/02/2005 08:18:12a Time Warner raises share buyback to 12.5bn
11/02/2005 08:17:42a Kos Pharma Clarke previously served at Bear Stearns
11/02/2005 08:17:31a O2 dips as Deutsche Telekom bows out; FTSE weakens
11/02/2005 08:17:22a Pioneer Investments names Tony Koenig CFO
11/02/2005 08:16:22a Music industry blocks BBC download; opera goes airborne
11/02/2005 08:15:12a Home loans swayed by interest rates
11/02/2005 08:15:02a Time Warner tops targets, lifts buyback plan
11/02/2005 08:13:42a Goldman valuation on Time Warner unchanged after earnings
11/02/2005 08:13:33a Sage Software Sage Software Brings Its Customers Added Buying Power
11/02/2005 08:13:02a FTC clears way for Johnson & Johnson to buy Guidant
11/02/2005 08:12:02a Oil stocks remain higher after supply data
11/02/2005 08:11:31a Guidant deal in limbo
11/02/2005 08:11:01a GM to build Saturn Sky, Opel roadster at Del. plant
11/02/2005 08:03:16a Crude prices slip ahead of U.S. supply update
11/02/2005 08:01:35a Kohl's takes charge of index
11/02/2005 08:00:36a Fewest layoffs for any October since 2000 Challenger
11/02/2005 08:00:15a Horizon Lines Q3 pro forma earnings 37c
11/02/2005 08:00:05a Credit Suisse profit up
11/02/2005 07:59:15a Asset Acceptance cut to neutral at SunTrust RH
11/02/2005 07:58:38a NYSE most active stocks TWX LU Q NT CHK
11/02/2005 07:57:56a Dec natural gas down 8c, or 0.7%, at 11.78/mln BTUs
11/02/2005 07:56:22a Global Diversified Industries Global Diversified Industries, Inc. Watches Los Angeles Elections
11/02/2005 07:54:55a U.S. corporate layoffs up 13% in October Challenger
11/02/2005 07:54:05a Million dollar homes
11/02/2005 07:53:25a Gold futures climb for first time in four sessions
11/02/2005 07:52:24a Bellwether tech gains counter software losses
11/02/2005 07:52:15a Energizer profit drops on higher costs
11/02/2005 07:51:37a FTC Sets Conditions for J&J's Guidant Buy
11/02/2005 07:51:35a Sun Shares Slip on First-Quarter Loss
11/02/2005 07:51:04a POPstar Communications Inc POPstar Announces More Custom Solutions
11/02/2005 07:50:46a Oil stocks in modest moming rally
11/02/2005 07:50:34a Gold futures rise, bouncing off a 7-week low
11/02/2005 07:50:25a GM leads auto stocks lower after October sales plunge
11/02/2005 07:50:14a Treasurys slump, sending 10-year yield back above 4.6%
11/02/2005 07:49:24a Nasdaq most active stocks SYMC SIRI SUNW MERQE INTC
11/02/2005 07:48:55a Crude futures modestly lower ahead of U.S. supply data
11/02/2005 07:48:45a Women warned over pensions
11/02/2005 07:47:54a Templeton Foundation Press New Book Explores the Power of Forgiving
11/02/2005 07:46:34a Two thirds of foreign businesses in China make profits
11/02/2005 07:46:24a MBIA shares jump, settlement said near
11/02/2005 07:45:44a Europe edges lower after mixed results
11/02/2005 07:45:14a Bear Stearns upgrade lifts airline stocks
11/02/2005 07:44:44a IVillage considers sale that could fetch 700m
11/02/2005 07:43:04a Oxford Biomedica Plc Oxford Biomedica Plc announces Trovax and Proposed Fundraising
11/02/2005 07:42:34a U.S. corporate layoffs up 4.7% year-to-date at 864,953
11/02/2005 07:42:04a Air Canada parent returns to profitability in Q3
11/02/2005 07:41:44a Halliburton KBR IPO 'attractive'
11/02/2005 07:41:34a Tarrant Apparel cut to hold at Wedbush Morgan
11/02/2005 07:41:18a Dec crude falls 10c to 59.75/brl ahead of U.S. supply data
11/02/2005 07:41:01a U.S. stocks turn higher; Time Warner results please
11/02/2005 07:40:00a Telekom rules out O2 bid
11/02/2005 07:39:58a Women warned over pensions
11/02/2005 07:39:50a Herley Industries Inc. Herley Announces Contract Awards Totaling 5.1 Million
11/02/2005 07:38:24a Wal-Mart to face employee suit in Missouri
11/02/2005 07:37:44a Kudlow joining Ave Maria funds' Catholic Advisory Board
11/02/2005 07:37:34a FTC Sets Conditions for J&J's Guidant Buy
11/02/2005 07:37:24a Wall St opens slightly higher as Mercury crashes
11/02/2005 07:36:00a Flu fight could lead to travel restrictions
11/02/2005 07:35:14a Midway Games cut to sell at Wedbush Morgan
11/02/2005 07:34:44a Rauxa Direct Rauxa Direct Launches Rauxa Roja, a New Hispanic Division
11/02/2005 07:34:33a Cedar Fair upgraded to buy at A.G. Edwards
11/02/2005 07:33:34a Media sector drives modest Wall St gains
11/02/2005 07:33:04a Time Warner rises on earning, AOL talk
11/02/2005 07:32:36a Delphi memo outlines makeover report
11/02/2005 07:32:28a Nortel cuts third-quarter loss
11/02/2005 07:32:19a Stocks edge up as oil dips
11/02/2005 07:32:11a GE says SEC probe now formal
11/02/2005 07:32:03a J&J says may not close Guidant deal
11/02/2005 07:24:45a Bonds still thinking about Fed
11/02/2005 07:24:35a Wilma, Rita could cost insurers 20B
11/02/2005 07:24:25a City Capital Corp. City Capital Names Donahue Chairman
11/02/2005 07:23:45a Dollar flirts with 117 yen, gains against euro
11/02/2005 07:23:06a Internet Commerce Corporation Internet Commerce Corporation Acquires The Kodiak Group
11/02/2005 07:22:15a PG&E Corp. net profit, revenue climb
11/02/2005 07:22:05a J&J says it's not required to close Guidant deal
11/02/2005 07:21:15a Symantec cut to hold at Soleil Securities
11/02/2005 07:20:55a Kohl's, Penney lead retail index higher at open
11/02/2005 07:20:45a Nortel reduces third-quarter loss
11/02/2005 07:19:45a Littelfuse up 3.5% at 25.11
11/02/2005 07:18:46a Teens Ticked About Abercrombie T-Shirts
11/02/2005 07:17:35a Steve Madden up 5.1% at 27.69
11/02/2005 07:16:25a Sinclair Broadcast Group up 6% at 8.90
11/02/2005 07:15:57a U.S. stocks trade mixed; Dow underperforms
11/02/2005 07:15:35a FTC grants conditional ok of J&J/Guidant merger
11/02/2005 07:14:15a FTC Clears Way for J&J Buy of Guidant
11/02/2005 07:14:06a Huntsman down 4.3% at 19.41
11/02/2005 07:13:46a Stocks open lower as weak tech results weigh
11/02/2005 07:13:37a Cox Radio reports higher earnings amid sales slowdown
11/02/2005 07:13:06a Alaska Air, AMR Corp lead airline stocks skyward
11/02/2005 07:12:55a Old Dominion Freight up 3.5% at 37.60
11/02/2005 07:12:15a Intersections down 26% at 9.85
11/02/2005 07:11:05a Boeing machinists strike, satellite launches threatened
11/02/2005 07:10:34a Midway Games down 9.4% at 18.01
11/02/2005 07:10:15a Sprint Nextel Announces Joint Telecom Venture
11/02/2005 07:10:05a Interlink Electronics down 44% at 2.90
11/02/2005 07:09:24a Dec gold up 1.90 at 462.50/oz after three-session loss
11/02/2005 07:09:15a Stocks Open Down After Media Sector News
11/02/2005 07:08:55a Time Warner raises buyback to 12.5 billion
11/02/2005 07:08:14a Six Flags investor Stay on the ride
11/02/2005 07:07:35a Spescom Software Inc Spescom Selected by Aker Kvaerner for Global Deployment
11/02/2005 07:06:14a U.S. to auction 44 billion in Treasurys next week
11/02/2005 07:05:04a Time Warner Raises Buyback; Profit Soars
11/02/2005 07:04:55a Sempra Energy net income dips; raises 2005 outlook
11/02/2005 07:04:16a Microsoft in Web software shift
11/02/2005 07:04:04a Bush Free-Trade Zone for Americas Stalled
11/02/2005 07:03:44a More rate increases expected from Fed
11/02/2005 07:02:44a Lehman fined 500,000 over late trades by NYSE
11/02/2005 07:02:14a Steve Madden shares rally on rising profit, outlook
11/02/2005 07:02:04a Nortel cuts losses, sales surge
11/02/2005 06:55:59a Boeing Machinists Strike After Talks Fail
11/02/2005 06:55:16a Global Cash Access started at hold at Citigroup
11/02/2005 06:54:46a Time Warner Raises Buyback, Profit Soars
11/02/2005 06:53:46a Driving the car of the future?
11/02/2005 06:53:44a Deutsche Telekom walks away
11/02/2005 06:53:26a FTC J&J must divest endoscopic vessel harvesting pdt line
11/02/2005 06:52:59a Greenspan's last act Ending an era of cheap borrowing
11/02/2005 06:52:26a Allergan target lifted to 103 from 91 by Morgan Stanley
11/02/2005 06:51:16a Intuit to acquire Calif., business services co. for 20M
11/02/2005 06:51:06a Building restrictions for duplexes could get tougher
11/02/2005 06:50:56a Coughlin Associates Free Report Puts Perspective on Mobile Storage
11/02/2005 06:50:16a Treasurys lower; no reaction to as-expected auction details
11/02/2005 06:49:56a Firms in neutral on fuel-cell autos
11/02/2005 06:49:46a Website Pros prices IPO at 10 a share
11/02/2005 06:48:46a Lower interest boosts Playboy profit, but revenue flat
11/02/2005 06:48:26a FTC J&J/Novare deal covers proximal anastomotic assist pdt
11/02/2005 06:48:20a Microsoft in Web software shift
11/02/2005 06:48:08a Wal-Mart exec to become Seiyu CEO
11/02/2005 06:47:56a FTC gives conditional ok to J&J/Guidant deal
11/02/2005 06:47:35a Dorel Industries adjusted 3Q earns total 25.6M
11/02/2005 06:47:26a Cablevision Will Pursue 3B Dividend
11/02/2005 06:47:16a Energizer profit falls amid higher expenses
11/02/2005 06:45:06a FTC J&J must end distribution deal w/ Novare Surgical
11/02/2005 06:44:46a IBM Provides On-Site Customer Sales Support to Mid-Sized Business Partners
11/02/2005 06:43:46a Citigroup sets Hansen price target at 72
11/02/2005 06:42:05a Jackpot Factory The Jackpot Factory Group Celebrates Six Years of Great Online Gaming
11/02/2005 06:41:55a Key Blair ally quits amid business controversy Mail & Guardian Online
11/02/2005 06:40:45a Time Warner profits surge 80%
11/02/2005 06:40:06a Suit vs. Wal-Mart ruled a class action
11/02/2005 06:39:45a FTC J&J must grant third-party license for certain stents
11/02/2005 06:39:15a Prudential PLC Prudential PLC Rule 2.10 Announcement
11/02/2005 06:38:55a Europe dips; Deutsche Telekom, Credit Suisse cushion
11/02/2005 06:38:30a PG&E net profit up 10%; aims to hit top end of 2005 outlook
11/02/2005 06:38:15a Wal-Mart exec to become Seiyu CEO
11/02/2005 06:37:55a NeuroInvestment Memory Disorder Treatments Reviewed by NeuroInvestment
11/02/2005 06:36:25a Cost-U-Less October same-store sales off 4.1%
11/02/2005 06:36:05a Wells Fargo unit to acquire L.A. real estate investment firm
11/02/2005 06:35:46a Sprint Nextel to join forces with cable giants
11/02/2005 06:35:37a Hansen started at buy at Citigroup
11/02/2005 06:34:45a FTC stent license will incl. Rapid Exchange delivery system
11/02/2005 06:33:38a Sprint, cable companies in 200M venture
11/02/2005 06:32:42a T-Mobile disconnects itself from O2 running
11/02/2005 06:32:35a Hathaway Corporation Hathaway Corporation Proposes Spin-Off of Its Subsidiary OptiCon Systems, Inc.
11/02/2005 06:32:25a Wall Street seen lower as Mercury crashes
11/02/2005 06:32:07a First Financial Bancorp to buy back 3.25M shares
11/02/2005 06:30:30a Devon Energy earnings jump
11/02/2005 06:30:20a Stocks set to open lower
11/02/2005 06:30:15a PG&E profit up
11/02/2005 06:30:08a Cable companies, Sprint in pact
11/02/2005 06:29:44a Sun Micro narrows its net loss
11/02/2005 06:26:42a Update 1 Most Asian Markets Up As Tokyo Shares Rise
11/02/2005 06:26:28a NYSE fines Lehman Bros. 500,000 over trading supervision
11/02/2005 06:26:18a Phoenix Tech delays release of 4Q, FY05 results
11/02/2005 06:26:09a PG&E Corp. Q3 First Call ave. rev. est. 2.76B
11/02/2005 06:25:48a Principal Financial oks annual dividend of 65c, an 18% boost
11/02/2005 06:25:28a Cost-U-Less Oct. total sales fell 5.6% to 15.9M
11/02/2005 06:25:12a Nortel trims loss on higher Q3 revenue
11/02/2005 06:25:09a Dorel Industries Q3 First Call ests net 66c, revs 436.1M
11/02/2005 06:24:58a Nortel trims loss on higher Q3 revenue
11/02/2005 06:24:38a Time Warner's Parsons confirms AOL talks
11/02/2005 06:24:26a US cable companies, Sprint Nextel in wireless pact
11/02/2005 06:23:48a Boeing Machinists Strike After Talks Fail
11/02/2005 06:23:39a U.S. stocks to open lower; Symantec, Sun Micro weigh
11/02/2005 06:22:59a Deutsche Telekom to slash staff numbers by 32,000
11/02/2005 06:22:56a UPDATE 1-UKs Blunkett, key Blair ally, resigns Reuters
11/02/2005 06:22:48a Large investor urges newspaper chain to sell
11/02/2005 06:22:38a Wells Fargo's Eastdil unit to buy Secured Capital
11/02/2005 06:22:11a £1 billion lawsuit over failed BCCI collapses
11/02/2005 06:22:08a PG&E Corp. Q3 earns 65c vs. 53c
11/02/2005 06:21:58a Teledyne to buy Benthos for 41 million
11/02/2005 06:20:08a Bluegreen Corp. net rises
11/02/2005 06:19:49a U.S. stock futures drop as Symantec falls, yields rise
11/02/2005 06:19:08a Energizer Holdings Q4 rev. 793.7M vs. 756.2M
11/02/2005 06:18:58a U.S. to auction 44 billion in next week's refunding
11/02/2005 06:18:48a Entertainment Properties upped to buy at Decision Economics
11/02/2005 06:18:41a Brinks Co. tops by a dime as revenue jumps 16%
11/02/2005 06:18:30a PG&E Corp. plans to buy back 1.1B more stock by end of '05
11/02/2005 06:18:10a PG&E Corp. Q3 rev. 2.8B vs. 2.62B
11/02/2005 06:17:48a WCI Communities target cut to 30 from 35 by CSFB
11/02/2005 06:17:08a Pepsi Bottling upgraded to buy at UBS
11/02/2005 06:16:58a Duquesne Light profit nearly doubles
11/02/2005 06:16:28a Mercury Interactive's shares plummet
11/02/2005 06:16:18a PG&E Corp. sees '05 earns at upper end of 2.20-2.30 range
11/02/2005 06:15:49a Democrats prompt Senate showdown over Iraq
11/02/2005 06:15:28a Time Warner tops targets, confirms AOL talks
11/02/2005 06:15:18a PG&E Corp. '05 First Call ave. earns est. 2.29
11/02/2005 06:15:08a Cox Radio tops Wall St. earnings view
11/02/2005 06:14:48a J. Crew delays debut in rough IPO waters
11/02/2005 06:12:58a Cost-U-Less Oct. same-store sales fell 4.1%
11/02/2005 06:12:48a Energizer Holdings Q4 First Call ave. earns est. 81c
11/02/2005 06:12:18a Intuit says deal will not impact FY06 earns
11/02/2005 06:11:57a Energizer Holdings Q4 First Call ave. rev. est. 761.5M
11/02/2005 06:11:38a SiteWorks Building & Development Co. Recent Developments at SBD
11/02/2005 06:11:17a Time Warner, Cablevision in focus in pre-open
11/02/2005 06:11:08a Sprint, cable companies in marketing, technology pact
11/02/2005 06:10:18a Volt Info to buy Varetis AG unit for 20.8 million euros
11/02/2005 06:08:37a Trichet running out of hawkish words for Europe rates
11/02/2005 06:08:18a Kansas City Southern profit, sales jump on acquisition
11/02/2005 06:08:07a PG&E Corp. reaffirms '06 earns est. of 2.35 to 2.45
11/02/2005 06:07:37a Lehman violations stem from closing trades
11/02/2005 06:06:47a Intuit to buy My Corporation Business for 20M
11/02/2005 06:00:24a Credit Suisse profits promise bumper bonuses
11/02/2005 06:00:05a New Nokia handsets signal multimedia focus
11/02/2005 05:59:58a Time Warner Profits Jump 80 Percent
11/02/2005 05:59:56a Walgreen same-store sales rise 6.5%
11/02/2005 05:59:51a Inverness Medical Q3 First Call estimate revs 109M
11/02/2005 05:59:17a Brinks Q3 First Call estimate 57c
11/02/2005 05:59:10a Top shareholder wants Knight Ridder sold
11/02/2005 05:58:45a The Money Programme
11/02/2005 05:58:40a Money Programme history
11/02/2005 05:58:38a Contact the Money Programme
11/02/2005 05:58:06a Beazer Homes more than doubles quarterly net income
11/02/2005 05:58:01a Deutsche Telekom cuts 32,000 jobs
11/02/2005 05:56:45a Bemis to move headquarter to Wisconsin from Minneapolis
11/02/2005 05:56:25a HK public welcomes expansion of RMB business
11/02/2005 05:55:05a Ipayment CEO offers 43-a-share bid for company
11/02/2005 05:54:55a Interest rate reaches four-year high
11/02/2005 05:54:44a Brinks Q3 earnnigs cont ops 67c vs 68c
11/02/2005 05:53:55a Wal-Mart completes 1B Seiyu bailout
11/02/2005 05:53:16a Time Inc. gets subpoena in federal circulation probe
11/02/2005 05:52:55a Omnicare adjusted net income hits mark
11/02/2005 05:52:35a Instinet earnings get lift from gain on asset sale
11/02/2005 05:52:05a Southwest Air traffic rises in October
11/02/2005 05:50:55a Meridian Resource lifts earnings outlook
11/02/2005 05:50:04a Mark/Space, Inc. Mark/Space Announces Version 5.0 of The Missing Sync for Palm OS
11/02/2005 05:48:55a Inverness Medical Q3 revs 106.3M vs 96.7M
11/02/2005 05:48:14a SA plan aims to spread the wealth
11/02/2005 05:48:04a Symantec shares tumble on weak outlook
11/02/2005 05:47:54a Mills Corp cut to sector perform by RBC Capital Markets
11/02/2005 05:46:54a Duke Energy earnings fall, but top views
11/02/2005 05:46:14a Convergys get 1.1B, 13-year contract from DuPont
11/02/2005 05:45:54a Inverness Medical Q3 First Call estimate net 4c
11/02/2005 05:44:14a Inverness Medical posts wider loss
11/02/2005 05:43:44a Devon Energy's profit rises 44%
11/02/2005 05:43:34a Oil stays below 60 mark
11/02/2005 05:42:54a Deutsche Telekom to cut 32,000 jobs; won't bid for O2
11/02/2005 05:42:34a Brinks Q3 net income 1.15 vs 68c
11/02/2005 05:42:14a Brinks Q3 revneue rose 16% to 1.4B
11/02/2005 05:41:24a Inverness Medical Q3 losses 25c vs 14c
11/02/2005 05:41:14a Meridian Resource raises Q3 earnings estimate 1c-4c
11/02/2005 05:38:13a Deutsche Telekom rules out O2 bid
11/02/2005 05:34:47a Boeing Machinists Strike
11/02/2005 05:34:18a SA plan aims to spread the wealth
11/02/2005 05:34:10a Deutsche Telekom rules out O2 bid
11/02/2005 05:34:01a Deutsche Telekom cuts 32,000 jobs
11/02/2005 05:33:53a Microsoft hails 'strategic shift'
11/02/2005 05:31:21a Southwest Airlines Oct traffic 5.1B vs 4.5B
11/02/2005 05:31:03a US home loan requests fall
11/02/2005 05:30:57a Delphi memo outlines makeover report
11/02/2005 05:30:51a Deutsche Telekom rules out O2 bid
11/02/2005 05:30:47a Beckman Coulter net falls
11/02/2005 05:30:37a Boeing machinists go on strike-
11/02/2005 05:30:28a Stock futures suggest flat open
11/02/2005 05:30:20a Cigna Q3 profit falls
11/02/2005 05:30:13a Walgreen Oct sales rose 6.5 pct
11/02/2005 05:30:09a Time Warner posts higher profit
11/02/2005 05:29:41a Deutsche Telekom cuts 32,000 jobs
11/02/2005 05:29:23a European bourses edge down on mixed company results
11/02/2005 05:28:53a BASF profits more than double on higher prices
11/02/2005 05:28:41a Southwest Air Oct. load factor 70.4% vs 66.6%
11/02/2005 05:28:21a TradeStation Oct. daily average trades are 52,501 vs 34,736
11/02/2005 05:28:01a Littelfuse profit falls short of Street view; sales beat
11/02/2005 05:26:21a Per-Se Tech earns rise; revenue outlook is cut
11/02/2005 05:25:22a Duke Energy 3Q Profit Slides on Charges
11/02/2005 05:25:02a S&P 500 futures down 1.10 at 1,205.20
11/02/2005 05:24:51a Walgreen Oct sales up 9%, same-store sales up 6.5%
11/02/2005 05:24:30a Waste Industries net moves higher
11/02/2005 05:23:31a Dec gold futures up 90c at 461.50 an ounce
11/02/2005 05:23:21a Playboy improves profit due to interest expenses decline
11/02/2005 05:22:30a Deutsche Telekom slashes staff numbers
11/02/2005 05:21:10a ENLASO Corporation ENLASO to Host Webinar on Exploring ENLASO's Localization Tools
11/02/2005 05:21:00a Walgreen Oct same-pharmacy sales up 7.1%
11/02/2005 05:20:20a Omnicare Q3 First Call est 64c
11/02/2005 05:20:11a Dec heating oil down 1.05c at 1.7945 a gallon
11/02/2005 05:19:51a Omnicare Q3 earns 54c vs 52c
11/02/2005 05:18:21a Dec natgas down 2c at 11.84 per million BTUs
11/02/2005 05:17:40a Farelogix Farelogix Eliminates the Need for GDS Passive Segments
11/02/2005 05:17:11a Crude oil falls ahead of US inventory data
11/02/2005 05:16:41a Republic Services earnings and sales rise
11/02/2005 05:09:07a Deutsche Telekom cuts 19,000 jobs
11/02/2005 05:08:54a Littelfuse expects Q4 charges of 2.5M
11/02/2005 05:08:25a Oil Prices Decline on Mild U.S. Weather
11/02/2005 05:08:14a Deutsche Telekom cuts 19,000 jobs
11/02/2005 05:07:44a Spitzer counters Grasso criticism
11/02/2005 05:07:34a Foundation Coal lifts FY05 earnings outlook
11/02/2005 05:06:44a Steven Madden earns 39 cents vs. 26 cents
11/02/2005 05:05:54a Nortel posts 13% revenue jump, narrower loss
11/02/2005 05:05:14a Symantec cut to hold at Deutsche Bank
11/02/2005 05:05:04a Symantec cut to hold at A.G. Edwards
11/02/2005 05:04:44a Sun Micro down 1.8% at 3.78 premarket
11/02/2005 05:03:54a Sprint, cable firms in wireless deal
11/02/2005 05:03:34a Microsoft hails 'strategic shift'
11/02/2005 05:03:04a Transocean gets 985M in contracts from Anadarko
11/02/2005 05:02:44a MBA Mortgage applications fall
11/02/2005 05:02:34a Littelfuse plans to expand varistor outsourcing to Asia
11/02/2005 05:02:24a Parametric Tech. earns, rev. top expectations
11/02/2005 05:01:24a Littelfuse Q3 sales fell 4% to 131M
11/02/2005 05:00:54a Sprint, Comcast, Time Warner form 'convergence' venture
11/02/2005 04:59:54a Playboy est '05 net, excl 58c charge, to reach 54c-59c
11/02/2005 04:59:24a Littelfuse Q3 First Call estimate 30c
11/02/2005 04:59:04a CBeyond IPO prices at 12 for Wed. debut
11/02/2005 04:58:54a Littelfuse to make further cuts in Ireland ops
11/02/2005 04:58:15a Old Dominion Freight board declares 3-for-2 stock split
11/02/2005 04:58:03a Cablevision Approves 3 Billion Dividend
11/02/2005 04:57:54a Wondering about oil
11/02/2005 04:57:13a Symantec cut to neutral at Susquehanna Financial
11/02/2005 04:56:44a Sinclair Broadcast quarterly results handily top Street view
11/02/2005 04:55:53a Advanced Medical Optics narrows loss, affirms views
11/02/2005 04:48:37a DT net job reduction is 19,000
11/02/2005 04:48:28a Butler International, Inc. Butler International Announces Selection of Grant Thornton LLP
11/02/2005 04:47:57a Stocks Set to Open Down After Media News
11/02/2005 04:47:47a Mitchell International Mitchell Announces Release of Estimate ReviewTM
11/02/2005 04:46:16a O2 dips as bid battle looks unlikely; FTSE edges lower
11/02/2005 04:46:07a Boom boosts Swiss banks
11/02/2005 04:46:02a Microsoft hails 'strategic shift'
11/02/2005 04:45:57a Cigna 3Q Profit Declines 16 Percent
11/02/2005 04:45:27a Symantec down 10.6% at 21.45 premarket
11/02/2005 04:45:07a Warner raises share buyback to 12.5bn
11/02/2005 04:44:47a Bid denial weighs on London shares
11/02/2005 04:44:37a Flotek Industries, Inc. Flotek Industries, Inc. Reports 2005 Third Quarter Results
11/02/2005 04:44:27a Transocean gets 985M of contracts from Anadarko Pete
11/02/2005 04:43:57a Duke Energy earns, rev. decline
11/02/2005 04:43:47a Mitchell International AutocheXTM Premier Achiever Awards Honor Shop Dedication to Customer Service
11/02/2005 04:43:07a SPX Corp. backs FY05 pro forma earns view of 2.60 a share
11/02/2005 04:42:57a Deutsche Telekom says reductions mainly at T-Com
11/02/2005 04:42:36a Duke Energy Q3 ongoing earns 56c vs 36c
11/02/2005 04:42:27a EDS' A.T. Kearney unit to separate in management buyout
11/02/2005 04:41:16a Cincinnati Financial net income climbs
11/02/2005 04:40:56a Cablevision proposes 3B special dividend
11/02/2005 04:40:28a Duke Energy Q3 revs 3.03B vs 5.08B
11/02/2005 04:40:17a Beazer Homes earns, rev. rise above expectations
11/02/2005 04:40:08a Steven Madden to pay one-time 1 cash dividend
11/02/2005 04:39:38a Novavax to offer 4.2 million shares at 4.30 each
11/02/2005 04:39:32a Duke Q3 First Call rev est 6.36B
11/02/2005 04:39:20a Blast at UK firms' Tehran offices
11/02/2005 04:39:12a Sptizer counters Grasso criticism
11/02/2005 04:38:52a Banking boom boosts Swiss banks
11/02/2005 04:38:46a Stamp duty raises £5.5bn
11/02/2005 04:38:43a New leader for SDP in bid to overcome deadlock
11/02/2005 04:38:40a Illegal fishing threat to seas
11/02/2005 04:38:37a UK company law set for shake-up
11/02/2005 04:38:34a Americas trade zone is 'stalled'
11/02/2005 04:38:31a Boom boosts Swiss banks
11/02/2005 04:38:28a Europe lower amid earnings flood; O2 pressured
11/02/2005 04:38:22a Huntsman 3Q loss 29.8M vs profit 21.8M
11/02/2005 04:38:05a Telekom rules out any bid for O2
11/02/2005 04:38:00a BCCI liquidators drop £1bn case
11/02/2005 04:37:46a Dean Foods net income more than doubles
11/02/2005 04:37:28a BioProgress PLC BioProgress PLC announces Grant of Executive and Employee Options
11/02/2005 04:36:57a DT says no compulsory redundancies before 2008
11/02/2005 04:36:46a Deutsche Telekom says restructuring to cost 3.3B euros
11/02/2005 04:36:36a Deutsche Telekom to cut 32,000 jobs over three years
11/02/2005 04:36:07a Deutsche Telekom to Cut 19,000 Jobs
11/02/2005 04:35:56a Wal-Mart Executive to Become CEO of Seiyu
11/02/2005 04:35:16a WHITTMANHART WHITTMANHART Named Strong Performer by Independent Research Firm
11/02/2005 04:35:08a Media in focus amid cash return plans; futures flat
11/02/2005 04:29:21a Six Flags investor says not time to sell
11/02/2005 04:29:13a Cigna Q3 falls as enrollment declines
11/02/2005 04:29:05a US mortgage applications fall MBA
11/02/2005 04:28:56a Delphi memo outlines makeover-report
11/02/2005 04:28:51a Beckman Coulter quarterly profit falls
11/02/2005 04:28:44a Time Warner Q3 profit rise 80 percent
11/02/2005 04:28:30a Wall Street seen mixed; autos pressured
11/02/2005 04:28:25a J. Crew delays 200M IPO to early 2006
11/02/2005 04:28:16a ING to cut more jobs in efficiency drive
11/02/2005 04:27:35a Higher interest rates dampen weekly mortgage applications
11/02/2005 04:27:25a Hiland Partners files 72M share offering
11/02/2005 04:27:15a Blast at UK firms' Tehran offices
11/02/2005 04:27:11a Telekom rules out any bid for O2
11/02/2005 04:26:55a Nexstar Broadcasting quarterly loss widens
11/02/2005 04:26:45a Delta asks court to void pilots contract
11/02/2005 04:26:25a Time Warner tops targets, boosts share buyback
11/02/2005 04:26:05a Steven Madden plan is set for the next 15 months
11/02/2005 04:25:07a Cincinnati Financial Q3 rev. 944M vs. 879M
11/02/2005 04:24:55a Nexstar Broadcasting Q3 loss widens to 31c vs 20c
11/02/2005 04:24:35a Dean Foods Q3 sales 2.65B vs 2.58B
11/02/2005 04:24:11a Postage Putting in 2 cents' worth
11/02/2005 04:23:45a Americas trade zone is 'stalled'
11/02/2005 04:22:44a Circular calls for enhancing quality of listed companies
11/02/2005 04:22:25a Brookfield Properties third-quarter net rises to 33 million
11/02/2005 04:22:14a Nexstar Broadcasting Q3 revenue down 9.9% to 54M
11/02/2005 04:21:54a Delta Asks for Pilots Contract to Be Voided
11/02/2005 04:20:55a New leader for Germany's SDP in bid to overcome deadlock
11/02/2005 04:20:44a Steven Madden to return at least added 15M to holders
11/02/2005 04:20:34a And gas prices keep on falling...
11/02/2005 04:20:24a Telekom rules out any bid for O2
11/02/2005 04:20:15a Bell Canada quarterly earnings, sales rise
11/02/2005 04:19:54a Grasso Case Grinds Forward
11/02/2005 04:19:44a Stamp duty raises £5.5bn
11/02/2005 04:19:08a Time Warner Raises Buyback to 12.5B
11/02/2005 04:18:59a Mercury Interactive says inquiry to delay results
11/02/2005 04:18:34a Dean Foods Q3 First Call estimate 51c
11/02/2005 04:18:28a Dairy strike begins, support unclear
11/02/2005 04:18:14a Judge Limits Wal-Mart Suit vs. Ex-Executive
11/02/2005 04:18:05a Durect prices share offering at 5 a share
11/02/2005 04:17:54a AT Kearney to acquire co from EDS in management buyout
11/02/2005 04:17:35a Iran's president nominates unknown ally as oil minister
11/02/2005 04:17:24a Cincinnati Financial Q3 adj. earns 61c vs. 53c
11/02/2005 04:17:14a Business Environmental Activism
11/02/2005 04:17:05a UK company law set for shake-up
11/02/2005 04:15:34a BCCI liquidators drop £1bn case
11/02/2005 04:15:14a Sprint, Camcast, Time Warner form 'convergence' venture
11/02/2005 04:14:54a Dean Foods Q3 earnings cont ops 43c vs 24c
11/02/2005 04:14:44a Durect Corp. prices offering of 7.4M shares at 5 a share
11/02/2005 04:14:34a Brookfield Properties Q3 FFO steady at 41c
11/02/2005 04:14:15a China to boost business cooperation with Russia
11/02/2005 04:14:04a Mercury Interactive says stock options misdated; execs named
11/02/2005 04:13:44a Sprint/Comcast/Time Warner commit 200M to venture
11/02/2005 04:13:16a Dairy strike begins, support unclear
11/02/2005 04:12:34a Cincinnati Financial Q3 First Call ave. earns est. 56c
11/02/2005 04:11:54a Time Warner 3rd-period net up 80%; buyback lifted by 7.5B
11/02/2005 04:11:34a Bank of China closer to stake sale to Temasek
11/02/2005 04:11:04a Illegal fishing threat to seas
11/02/2005 04:10:44a Bridgestone's Profit Nearly Doubles
11/02/2005 04:10:14a Steven Madden to either buy back or pay divs total 15M
11/02/2005 04:07:50a Americas trade zone is 'stalled'
11/02/2005 04:02:49a Gain or pain ahead for the euro?
11/02/2005 04:02:12a British minister resigns in scandal over private business ... Khaleej Times
11/02/2005 04:02:07a Social audits no help, says report
11/02/2005 03:58:38a Progress to ask for nuclear licenses
11/02/2005 03:56:17a Key Blair ally resigns amid row over business links
11/02/2005 03:53:14a Gain or pain ahead for the euro?
11/02/2005 03:52:36a New McDonald's investor might have eye on land sale
11/02/2005 03:49:28a Liquidators drop £1bn bank case
11/02/2005 03:47:35a Beckman Coulter third-quarter net income drops to 36.2M
11/02/2005 03:46:35a CGI Group Q4 revenue down 3.4% at C904.8M
11/02/2005 03:46:14a Dor BioPharma agrees to buy Denmark's Gastrotech Pharma
11/02/2005 03:45:45a CGI Group quarterly earnings from continuing ops rise
11/02/2005 03:45:35a Bell Canada Q3 revenue up 3.6% to 5 billion
11/02/2005 03:45:25a Beckman Coulter EPS adj EPS down 14.9% at 74C
11/02/2005 03:45:15a Shanxi sees drastic import surge
11/02/2005 03:44:55a Can Open Source Outdo the IPod?
11/02/2005 03:44:35a CGI Group Q4 net cont. earnings 56.4M vs 52.9M
11/02/2005 03:44:24a CGI Group Q4 cont. EPS 13C vs 12C
11/02/2005 03:44:15a SecureD Services Inc. John Lund Named Chief Financial Officer of Secured Services
11/02/2005 03:43:57a Time Warner sees 05 adjusted op income up high single digs
11/02/2005 03:43:35a 1,500 Boeing Machinists Go on Strike
11/02/2005 03:43:14a Beckman Coulter Q3 EPS down 35.6% at 56C
11/02/2005 03:43:04a Credit Suisse says has reserves for possible Refco litigation
11/02/2005 03:42:54a Beckman Coulter raises lower end of 05 EPS, sales forecasts
11/02/2005 03:42:25a In Veritas Medical Diagnostics Inc. In Veritas Key Scientist Forms External Reference Body
11/02/2005 03:42:14a Stock futures a touch lower; media sector in focus
11/02/2005 03:41:34a Time Warner ups share repurchase
11/02/2005 03:40:54a Greenbrier quarterly profit, sales rise
11/02/2005 03:40:28a Stamp duty raises over £5 bn
11/02/2005 03:40:04a Cigna steers 2005 profit outlook higher
11/02/2005 03:39:54a Beckman Coulter Q3 sales up 2.1% at 593.4M
11/02/2005 03:39:34a Past the gloom
11/02/2005 03:39:14a Time Warner earnings move on up
11/02/2005 03:38:35a Citizen Communications swings to third-quarter profit
11/02/2005 03:38:18a Wired Big Rush on Stem-Cell Bank
11/02/2005 03:38:05a Alliant Tech quarterly profit, sales rise
11/02/2005 03:37:54a Bell Canada Q3 48c vs 9c
11/02/2005 03:34:34a BAA shake-up set to cost 700 jobs
11/02/2005 03:34:27a German jobless rate heads lower
11/02/2005 03:34:20a Primark stock destroyed in fire
11/02/2005 03:21:48a France Telecom has no comment on talk of counter offer for O2
11/02/2005 03:18:46a Blunkett looks set to resign from Cabinet David Blunkett looks set to resign as Work and Pensions Secretary following controversy over his business dealings.
11/02/2005 03:18:35a German jobless rate heads lower
11/02/2005 03:14:22a More Cargo Projected for China Ports
11/02/2005 03:14:19a Standard Life sees record quarter for fund inflows
11/02/2005 03:14:14a Output boosts Polish manufacturers
11/02/2005 03:13:45a Nikkei hits 4 year high; regional bourses end up
11/02/2005 03:13:43a Output boosts Polish manufacturers
11/02/2005 03:13:38a US order bouys Tasmanian company
11/02/2005 03:13:33a UK construction sector shrinking
11/02/2005 03:13:30a Pepsi Bottling Group upped to buy at UBS
11/02/2005 03:12:13a Fed move spurs dollar gains
11/02/2005 03:11:12a Andrews puts faith in IR legal advice
11/02/2005 03:11:02a Citizens Communications Q3 11c; revenue 537M vs 539M
11/02/2005 03:10:52a Pepsi Bottling upped at UBS, guidance cited
11/02/2005 03:10:02a Cigna Q3 revenue 4B vs 4.48B
11/02/2005 03:09:43a Cigna Q3 2 vs. 2.26 a share
11/02/2005 03:09:32a WMS Industries cut to neutral at J.P. Morgan
11/02/2005 03:09:13a Blunkett resigns over ill-judged directorship
11/02/2005 03:08:22a Cigna Q3 adjusted income from ops 1.94 vs 1.69
11/02/2005 03:07:52a German jobless rate heads lower
11/02/2005 03:07:32a Amerada Hess upped at Deutsche on Pony development
11/02/2005 03:07:22a DOR Biopharma to issue 9M in shares, plus milestones
11/02/2005 03:06:42a WMS cut at J.P. Morgan; growth drivers seem less solid
11/02/2005 03:06:32a Knight-Ridder upped to hold at Deutsche Bank
11/02/2005 03:06:22a Knight Ridder upped at Deutsche on shareholder push to sell
11/02/2005 03:06:13a Australia PM warns of specific terrorist threat
11/02/2005 03:06:02a Study Drug prices outpace inflation
11/02/2005 03:03:14a UK construction sector shrinking
11/02/2005 03:00:00a Big Three sales stuck in reverse
11/02/2005 02:58:15a German jobless rate resumes fall
11/02/2005 02:57:28a German jobless rate resumes fall
11/02/2005 02:56:59a Unknown named as Iran oil minister
11/02/2005 02:56:28a Few changes seen in ECB statement
11/02/2005 02:53:58a SUSAN TOMPOR Rate increases likely to go on
11/02/2005 02:53:13a Sirius raises bar with Stern appeal
11/02/2005 02:51:43a Computer glitch halts Tokyo Stock Exchange
11/02/2005 02:47:27a DiMasi to revise health plan after business outcry
11/02/2005 02:47:07a Spirent PLC Spirent PLC Holdings in Company
11/02/2005 02:46:57a Warner Bros. fired 250 to 300 employees LA Times
11/02/2005 02:46:17a Massive fire at clothes warehouse
11/02/2005 02:46:07a Warner Bros. fires 250 to 300 employees at studio LA Times
11/02/2005 02:45:37a Canadian Natural Resources Q3 EPS 28C vs 58C
11/02/2005 02:45:27a Tax proposal draws strong reactions here
11/02/2005 02:45:07a Old Mutual backs out of deal over Refco uncertainty
11/02/2005 02:44:47a Energy official defends meeting
11/02/2005 02:44:27a David Blunket resigns over ill-judged directorship
11/02/2005 02:44:17a Amerada Hess upped to buy at Deutsche Bank
11/02/2005 02:43:27a Nabi Pharma cut at Lehman Bros, StaphVax failure cited
11/02/2005 02:43:17a Canadian Natural Resources net income drops after charges
11/02/2005 02:43:08a Canadian Natural Resources Q3 production volumes up 8%
11/02/2005 02:42:36a O2 dips as bid battle looks unlikely; FTSE edges higher
11/02/2005 02:42:17a Canadian Natural Resources Q3 net pft 151M vs 311M
11/02/2005 02:42:07a Sonus gets multi-million dollar contract from T-Systems
11/02/2005 02:41:57a Farmers embark on prices strike
11/02/2005 02:41:36a Canadian Natural Resources sees 6.8B capex in 2006
11/02/2005 02:41:16a Nabi Biopharma cut to equal-weight at Lehman Bros.
11/02/2005 02:40:56a Google opening Manchester office
11/02/2005 02:40:47a Car bomb kills four people in Kashmir
11/02/2005 02:40:27a Izzy Englander in SEC settlement talks
11/02/2005 02:40:16a Bomb outside BA and BP offices
11/02/2005 02:40:06a Canadian Natural Resources sees '06 production up 10% vs '05
11/02/2005 02:39:57a Radical tax-code overhaul proposed
11/02/2005 02:39:18a ING cuts 500 jobs, 2,200 to move
11/02/2005 02:38:23a Unknown named as Iran oil minister
11/02/2005 02:38:14a Few changes seen in ECB statement
11/02/2005 02:33:34a Boeing Machinists Walk Off Job
11/02/2005 02:33:25a Mystery Chinese outfit eyes Exxon
11/02/2005 02:33:17a Google opening Manchester office
11/02/2005 02:33:08a Bomb outside BA and BP offices
11/02/2005 02:33:02a Farmers embark on prices strike
11/02/2005 02:32:56a Massive fire at clothes warehouse
11/02/2005 02:28:32a Small bomb blast near BP, British Airways in Iran
11/02/2005 02:28:20a Mazda lifts op forecast after strong H1
11/02/2005 02:28:15a ING cuts 500 jobs, 2,200 to move
11/02/2005 02:24:06a Blaze destroys Primark warehouse
11/02/2005 02:23:09a Fed kicks up key rate another quarter-point
11/02/2005 02:21:40a Computer glitch halts Tokyo exchange
11/02/2005 02:21:35a German jobless rate 'resumes fall'
11/02/2005 02:20:37a Boeing strike 'threatens launches'
11/02/2005 02:19:54a Sonus Networks gets multi-million VoIP deal from T-Systems
11/02/2005 02:18:20a Boeing strike 'threatens launches'
11/02/2005 02:17:25a Nationwide mulls sale, flotation of Gartmore report
11/02/2005 02:17:14a Old Mutual Asset Mgmt won't acquire ForstmannLeff
11/02/2005 02:17:04a Old Mutual Uncertainty over Refco posed 'challenges'
11/02/2005 02:16:45a U.K. minister Blunkett to resign again Sky News
11/02/2005 02:15:14a Old Mutual was to have bought interest owned by Refco
11/02/2005 02:14:44a Game Room
11/02/2005 02:13:44a UK minister Blunkett to resign Sky News
11/02/2005 02:13:34a Branding, A Job Well Done
11/02/2005 02:08:15a German jobless rate 'resumes fall'
11/02/2005 02:05:26a Boeing Machinists Walk Off Job
11/02/2005 02:05:09a Molson Coors cost cutting ahead of schedule
11/02/2005 02:04:46a O2 drops after Deutsche Telekom says it won't bid
11/02/2005 02:04:30a Deutsche Telekom rules out O2 bid
11/02/2005 02:04:06a Brewers lower amid report of China brewery interest
11/02/2005 02:03:56a New Nokia handsets signal new multimedia focus
11/02/2005 02:03:39a Euronext weighs up whether to bid for Stock Exchange
11/02/2005 02:03:36a Swiss Re to miss target after Wilma and Rita
11/02/2005 02:02:56a Quarterly profits surge at Credit Suisse
11/02/2005 02:02:52a Credit Suisse Q3 profit jumps
11/02/2005 02:01:21a Deutsche Telekom rules out O2 counter-bid
11/02/2005 01:59:52a Placer's appeal lies in growth
11/02/2005 01:59:06a Fed puts up rates again and signals more rises to follow
11/02/2005 01:55:55a Royal & Sun Alliance gets U.S. OK for auto ops sale
11/02/2005 01:55:21a End of an era - Big Three are no more
11/02/2005 01:54:59a Nokia's new devices let users watch mobile TV
11/02/2005 01:54:39a Takeover speculation fuels gains in London
11/02/2005 01:54:19a AB Foods slips lower, says Primark warehouse damaged in fire
11/02/2005 01:54:09a Nokia announces new convergence devices, extends Nseries
11/02/2005 01:53:17a Deutsche Telekom rules out O2 bid
11/02/2005 01:53:14a Boeing Machinists Walk Off Job
11/02/2005 01:53:09a Royal & Sun shares gain; gets OK for sale, agrees settlement
11/02/2005 01:52:59a Associated British Foods Primark warehouse damaged by fire
11/02/2005 01:52:49a Dozens of cars torched as Paris suburb riots spread
11/02/2005 01:52:39a TDC upgrades forecast but remains quiet on bids
11/02/2005 01:52:09a Germany's MAN profits surge after strong quarter
11/02/2005 01:51:59a Nokia launches three new convergence handsets
11/02/2005 01:51:49a Stolt Offshore agrees to sell assets to Cal Drive for 123M
11/02/2005 01:50:49a Credit Suisse joins bank peers in topping forecast
11/02/2005 01:50:39a Supply, demand of labor forces up
11/02/2005 01:50:29a NICOX Merck & Co., Inc. and NicOx extend Research Collaboration
11/02/2005 01:50:19a Govt to create better conditions for bank fund to enter securities market
11/02/2005 01:49:59a Royal & Sun U.S. unit agrees Wilmington Trust settlement
11/02/2005 01:49:09a GM and Toyota said to hold talks
11/02/2005 01:48:19a Royal & Sun unit to pay 11M to Wilmington Trust
11/02/2005 01:48:14a Credit Suisse profit nears 1.5bn
11/02/2005 01:47:59a Nokia's N92 is first mobile device with DVB-H receiver
11/02/2005 01:47:55a Credit Suisse profit nears 1.5bn
11/02/2005 01:33:27a Boeing machinists strike, possibly delaying NASA
11/02/2005 01:31:40a GM and Toyota said to hold talks
11/02/2005 01:31:33a OFT wants firms to blow whistle
11/02/2005 01:31:18a BASF profit more than doubles on higher prices
11/02/2005 01:31:09a BASF warns of Q4 hurricanes impact
11/02/2005 01:29:39a Metro down after Q3 profit dip
11/02/2005 01:27:50a BASF sees weaker Q4 due to hurricanes
11/02/2005 01:27:44a Credit Suisse Q3 profit jumps
11/02/2005 01:27:35a Wal-Mart sets 1 bln rescue for Seiyu
11/02/2005 01:27:32a Stocks dip on Dell, more rate hikes seen
11/02/2005 01:25:17a Panel issues bold plans to overhaul the tax code
11/02/2005 01:24:31a GM, Ford Are Hit Hardest as Auto Sales Decelerate
11/02/2005 01:23:18a BASF warns of Q4 hurricanes impact
11/02/2005 01:19:08a European markets open mostly lower; O2 drops in London
11/02/2005 01:19:00a O2 drops 5.5% as Deutsche Telekom reportedly won't bid
11/02/2005 01:18:30a New models to fuel Mazda profits
11/02/2005 01:18:17a Metro down after Q3 profit dip
11/02/2005 01:17:58a Stocks slip slightly after Fed raises rates, Dell falls short
11/02/2005 01:16:18a Control Break International Control Break International Chooses Summit Partners
11/02/2005 01:15:58a Economic moves fail to impress
11/02/2005 01:15:47a Man profits surge after strong quarter
11/02/2005 01:13:57a Delta files to reject pilots' contract
11/02/2005 01:13:07a OFT wants firms to blow whistle
11/02/2005 01:13:00a Warmer weather keeps oil below 60
11/02/2005 01:12:47a 'Monster mansion' revised
11/02/2005 01:12:27a Trading halt, rally at Tokyo exchange
11/02/2005 01:12:00a Blue chips lift European markets
11/02/2005 01:11:47a Coal production capacity to grow by 300 mln tons
11/02/2005 01:11:37a Deutsche Telekom confirms won't bid for O2
11/02/2005 01:11:27a Henkel climbs 2.7% after Q3 figures
11/02/2005 01:11:07a DT confirms won't launch counterbid for O2
11/02/2005 01:08:57a Europe climbs amid earnings flood; O2 lower
11/02/2005 01:08:15a Warmer weather keeps oil below 60
11/02/2005 01:07:57a New loan program aims at city housing
11/02/2005 01:07:37a Tax reform panel wasted time producing good ideas
11/02/2005 01:06:57a Seiyu Appoints Wal-Mart Official As CEO
11/02/2005 01:06:37a Boeing Machinists Go on Strike
11/02/2005 01:06:17a Internet postings targeted in court
11/02/2005 01:04:37a BASF down 1.6%; profit more than doubles
11/02/2005 01:04:27a European bourses higher on earnings
11/02/2005 01:03:47a New models to fuel Mazda profits
11/02/2005 01:03:37a Stolt Offshore to sell some assets to Cal Dive for 123M
11/02/2005 01:02:27a Metro hurt by poor performance at Real
11/02/2005 01:02:17a 2 Qwest execs due own day in court
11/02/2005 01:02:00a Crude remains below 60 level
11/02/2005 01:01:13a Federal Reserve Raises Key Interest Rate to 4%
11/02/2005 12:59:44a Shareholder urges Knight Ridder to sell
11/02/2005 12:56:49a OFT wants firms to blow whistle
11/02/2005 12:56:43a NJ Jury Begins Deliberating Vioxx Case
11/02/2005 12:55:01a German DAX 30 offf 0.04% at 4,920
11/02/2005 12:54:52a Price increases take toll on index
11/02/2005 12:53:43a Car sales hit the brakes after storms and discounts
11/02/2005 12:53:36a STARWATCH CONSUMER Microsoft announces its latest enhancements for Windows
11/02/2005 12:53:06a It's Bad to Worse at Dell
11/02/2005 12:51:16a Grain movement
11/02/2005 12:51:05a \"The Front Lines\" of Innovation
11/02/2005 12:50:55a Profits up for Waddell & Reed
11/02/2005 12:50:05a Microsoft will launch battle on rivals' turf
11/02/2005 12:49:35a Soybeans, corn on the rise
11/02/2005 12:48:19a Blue chips lift European markets
11/02/2005 12:46:35a Telefónica Rings a Big Bell
11/02/2005 12:45:15a French CAC 40 down 0.2% at 4,424
11/02/2005 12:44:55a Altana 9-month net up 14% to 332M euros
11/02/2005 12:44:17a Man AG up 1.2% after topping forecasts
11/02/2005 12:43:16a Next Fed boss is the anti-Alan
11/02/2005 12:43:07a Ciba Specialty Chemicals third-qtr adj net income drops 12%
11/02/2005 12:42:45a Altana ups FY sales forecast to 9%
11/02/2005 12:42:05a Livestock elsewhere
11/02/2005 12:41:05a FTSE 100 eases 0.1% at 5,338
11/02/2005 12:40:55a Altana sees 2005 earnings up by upper single-digit
11/02/2005 12:40:45a Altana ups forecast, won't auction off pharma division
11/02/2005 12:39:55a Hollis-Eden submits comments
11/02/2005 12:39:25a Fed tightens reins on credit
11/02/2005 12:38:55a U.S. auto sales hit the wall in October
11/02/2005 12:37:45a Panel urges overhaul of tax system in U.S.
11/02/2005 12:37:15a Big Easy trying to ease back into the convention business
11/02/2005 12:36:35a Nominee will watch inflation like a hawk
11/02/2005 12:35:55a Fund spotlight AIM Select Real Estate Income Fund
11/02/2005 12:35:25a Stocks close lower on Dell forecast, interest rate boost
11/02/2005 12:35:05a Unilever Unilever NV and Unilever PLC Transaction in Own Shares
11/02/2005 12:34:35a EA Gaming For Console Domination
11/02/2005 12:33:34a Foreign exchange
11/02/2005 12:33:14a Overland still is being eyed for takeover
11/02/2005 12:33:05a Judge says generator replacement costs should be limited
11/02/2005 12:32:45a Stock in the news Computer Sciences Corp.
11/02/2005 12:32:34a Missouri cash grain
11/02/2005 12:32:15a Agency denies Block client data misappropriation
11/02/2005 12:31:46a Delta asks to impose wage concessions
11/02/2005 12:31:25a Forsee backs stem cell research
11/02/2005 12:30:25a Metro down 2% after lowering FY forecast
11/02/2005 12:30:23a New models to fuel Mazda profits
11/02/2005 12:30:15a Altana FY sales ex-acquisitions up 7%
11/02/2005 12:29:55a Small explosion outside BP, BA offices in Iran Sky News
11/02/2005 12:29:14a Altana 9-month sales up 6% to 2.36 billion euros
11/02/2005 12:28:56a Chicago company to gain foothold in Hotel del Coronado
11/02/2005 12:28:14a Fed rates, Dell news, auto blues nick stocks
11/02/2005 12:27:44a Credit Suisse up 0.4% after topping forecasts
11/02/2005 12:27:34a Deutsche Telekom CFO reportedly says won't bid for O2
11/02/2005 12:27:14a Interstate Bakeries reports flat sales
11/02/2005 12:27:07a MBIA, AIG near settling civil probes-WSJ
11/02/2005 12:25:56a Fed boosts key rate to 4%
11/02/2005 12:25:04a Swiss Re down 1% after saying won't meet forecast
11/02/2005 12:24:24a Panel unveils tax-overhaul blueprint
11/02/2005 12:23:40a Oil prices hold steady below 60 a barrel
11/02/2005 12:22:55a Nation/World Briefs
11/02/2005 12:22:09a Wrong plan, right cause
11/02/2005 12:18:34a Tokyo stocks edge up to new multi-year highs
11/02/2005 12:18:23a TDC Q3 net excluding items up 20.7% to DKK1.279B
11/02/2005 12:14:54a ING sees non-recurring costs of EUR120M
11/02/2005 12:14:14a Metro quarterly profit rises, German sales decline
11/02/2005 12:13:13a Ex-Treasury Secretary Rubin warns over deficits
11/02/2005 12:13:03a P&O agrees to sell cold logistics business for GBP183M
11/02/2005 12:12:13a BASF third-quarter net income more than doubles to EUR808M
11/02/2005 12:10:56a DiMasi to revise health plan after business outcry
11/02/2005 12:10:23a European bourses poised for lower open
11/02/2005 12:10:03a TDC quarterly profit falls; sales rise; lifts 2005 outlook
11/02/2005 12:09:43a Swiss Re warms on 2005 earnings due to 750M hurricane hit
11/02/2005 12:08:03a Credit Suisse tops forecast with 42% rise in profit
11/02/2005 12:04:23a ING to cut 500 IT, operations jobs in Benelux region
11/02/2005 12:03:23a Ciba sees 2005 net income close to 2004 levels
11/02/2005 12:03:13a Henkel profit climbs 7.7%, holds FY outlook
11/02/2005 12:01:53a G8 seeks to heal climate change rift
11/02/2005 12:01:43a ING to cut up to 500 IT, operations positions in Benelux
11/02/2005 12:00:33a Ciba sees business conditions remaining mixed
11/02/2005 12:00:23a Man AG profit climbs 61%, tops forecast
11/01/2005 11:59:53p Ciba Specialty Chemicals Q3 sales up 4% at SFr1.9B
11/01/2005 11:59:43p Ciba Q3 adj net income SFr92M vs SFr104M
11/01/2005 11:58:53p Ciba says fourth-quarter expected to be demanding
11/01/2005 11:58:45p TDC lifts 2005 sales outlook to DKK46.1B
11/01/2005 11:56:43p TDC lifts 2005 net income outlook to DKK4.5B
11/01/2005 11:55:06p Brewer logs drop in Q3 income
11/01/2005 11:54:21p Biz group supports health tax plan
11/01/2005 11:54:17p Nikkei up, as Japan banks firm
11/01/2005 11:47:30p China steps up its bird flu fight
11/01/2005 11:42:23p The best game seats - and beyond
11/01/2005 11:42:13p China steps up its bird flu fight
11/01/2005 11:42:03p More Rate Increases Expected by Fed
11/01/2005 11:41:53p Warning over council tax increase
11/01/2005 11:38:15p Nikkei up, as Japan banks firm
11/01/2005 11:32:50p Metro sees sales growth of 4% in 2005
11/01/2005 11:31:50p Auto Sales Slumped 14% in October
11/01/2005 11:29:26p Mystery Chinese outfit eyes Exxon
11/01/2005 11:29:18p Box office successes boost Viacom
11/01/2005 11:29:13p China steps up its bird flu fight
11/01/2005 11:28:43p Metro share of int'l sales in Q3 at 53.1%
11/01/2005 11:28:13p Citibank Korea disrupted by strike
11/01/2005 11:28:06p Casio says H1 profit up slightly
11/01/2005 11:28:00p Swiss Re holds 2005 dividend guidance of SFr2.50 a share
11/01/2005 11:27:57p Credit Suisse Q3 net rises 42 pct
11/01/2005 11:27:52p Foreign & Colonial policy to limit NAV discount to 10%
11/01/2005 11:27:50p Mazda lifts operating profit
11/01/2005 11:27:44p Bridgestone profit rises on price hikes
11/01/2005 11:27:33p BASF Q3 meets forecasts
11/01/2005 11:26:50p P&O to sell cold logistics business to Versacold for GBP183M
11/01/2005 11:25:54p New labor laws introduced in Australian parliament
11/01/2005 11:25:30p Metro AG Q3 sales up 4.9% to 14.06B euros
11/01/2005 11:25:02p Swiss Re Total claims for Rita, Wilma 750 million
11/01/2005 11:23:40p Swiss Re to use equalization reserves to mitigate claims
11/01/2005 11:23:32p Judge tosses part of Wal-Mart suit vs former exec
11/01/2005 11:21:10p Foreign & Colonial to start new buyback policy
11/01/2005 11:19:59p Metro AG Q3 pre-tax earnings up 18.1% to 248.7M euros
11/01/2005 11:19:10p FDA Protests Firm's Letters About Implants
11/01/2005 11:10:58p Nikkei hits 4-year high
11/01/2005 11:08:48p Credit Suisse Global economy to remain robust in Q4
11/01/2005 11:08:28p Credit Suisse Private banking net up 42% to SFr728M
11/01/2005 11:08:18p Credit Suisse Wealth/asset mgmt net up 237% to SFr101M
11/01/2005 11:07:28p Credit Suisse Higher interest rates, volatility in Q4
11/01/2005 11:04:28p Credit Suisse Oil to see correction in long-tm uptrend
11/01/2005 11:04:08p Interest rate decisions see dollar slide
11/01/2005 11:02:38p BASF Q3 sales up 11.2% to 10.36B euros
11/01/2005 11:00:38p Credit Suisse Q3 private banking net new assets SFr14.3B
11/01/2005 10:59:58p BASF Q3 net 808M vs 366M euros
11/01/2005 10:59:18p Credit Suisse Institutional securities profit SFr612M
11/01/2005 10:58:48p Credit Suisse Corporate/retail net up 33% to SFr264M
11/01/2005 10:55:43p Fed rate hikes through Jan seen a sure thing
11/01/2005 10:51:41p AARP Drug prices zoom past inflation
11/01/2005 10:50:31p David Hendricks S.A. schools, manufacturers build bridge to China
11/01/2005 10:49:51p Oil Prices Hold Steady Below 60 a Barrel
11/01/2005 10:49:41p Westpac reveals record profit
11/01/2005 10:49:11p UAL reports record 1.77 billion loss
11/01/2005 10:49:00p Business Briefs SBC wins approval for TV in S.A. area
11/01/2005 10:48:31p Most automakers report a dismal October as SUV sales crash
11/01/2005 10:48:20p Sun's First-Quarter Loss Narrows Slightly
11/01/2005 10:47:50p Briefcase EDAW, a land-based planning and design firm
11/01/2005 10:47:40p A pioneer quits Time Warner board
11/01/2005 10:47:00p Saudi courts Texas investors
11/01/2005 10:46:50p Dell lowers next growth target
11/01/2005 10:46:30p Houses keep popping up
11/01/2005 10:46:01p Spending, income rises suggest economy healthy
11/01/2005 10:45:30p Investor pressures Knight Ridder to sell
11/01/2005 10:32:24p Greenspan's Parting Moves
11/01/2005 10:24:24p Icahn Investment in BKF
11/01/2005 10:23:04p Wal-Mart Movie Opens With Fracas in Manhattan
11/01/2005 10:22:54p Toyota President, GM CEO to Meet in Tokyo
11/01/2005 10:21:52p The Nuts and Bolts of Tax Reform
11/01/2005 10:07:28p Private sector to invest in state R D program
11/01/2005 10:05:58p In Colombia, Hope and Havoc
11/01/2005 10:05:28p The Nuts and Bolts of Tax Reform
11/01/2005 10:05:17p New aircraft for Olympics promotion
11/01/2005 10:04:28p Israel recognizes China as market economy
11/01/2005 09:57:50p Viacom, Preparing to Divide Itself, Exceeds Profit Forecast
11/01/2005 09:55:34p A Knight Ridder Shareholder Demands That Chain Be Sold
11/01/2005 09:51:49p Jury starts deliberating Vioxx case in New Jersey
11/01/2005 09:43:43p Rising energy, raw-materials prices slow growth in U.S. manufacturing
11/01/2005 09:43:32p How volatile is the stock market?
11/01/2005 09:43:22p Some stores start holiday hires early
11/01/2005 09:42:32p Stocks lower on rate hike, Dell warning
11/01/2005 09:42:12p Retail hub in Scottsdale nets 123 mil
11/01/2005 09:41:42p Delta files to void pilots' contract
11/01/2005 09:41:12p FHA to allow borrowers to finance home repairs
11/01/2005 09:41:02p Housing industry at risk
11/01/2005 09:40:42p Higher bond yields surprise investors
11/01/2005 09:40:22p Building spending a record
11/01/2005 09:39:44p NZ central bank warns on currency
11/01/2005 09:39:12p Panel's income-tax shifts will be hard to sell in D.C.
11/01/2005 09:39:02p The Valley's priciest home sales
11/01/2005 09:37:57p Schools look to expand resources
11/01/2005 09:32:57p Banking sector leads Tokyo shares higher
11/01/2005 09:32:26p Linens N Things closer to deal with Apollo
11/01/2005 09:28:37p Tax panel calls for lower rates, fewer deductions
11/01/2005 09:28:23p Schools look to expand resources
11/01/2005 09:28:15p NZ central bank warns on currency
11/01/2005 09:26:46p IVillage considers putting itself up for sale
11/01/2005 09:26:14p Truly taxing plan for many
11/01/2005 09:16:12p Watching your own TV anywhere is getting easier
11/01/2005 09:14:22p Wheat watchdog claims no knowledge of AWB scandal
11/01/2005 09:12:31p HSBC gets go-ahead for fund management JV in Shanghai
11/01/2005 09:12:01p New anti-drug spots steer away from negativity
11/01/2005 09:11:51p Mother Nature should be Time's Person of the Year
11/01/2005 09:11:32p Unions promise to fight IR laws
11/01/2005 09:08:11p Visa Olympic ads to begin early run on security
11/01/2005 08:53:09p Big Drop in October for Detroit
11/01/2005 08:40:34p Square Feet Trading the Car for the Train
11/01/2005 08:40:25p Viacom, Preparing to Divide Itself, Exceeds Profit Forecast
11/01/2005 08:39:54p Shares Slip on Dell's Forecast of Weakened Earnings
11/01/2005 08:39:43p Medco Earnings Rise 33%
11/01/2005 08:39:24p E.D.S. Shifts to a Profit
11/01/2005 08:38:44p ATA Expects to Stop Flights From Its Hometown in January
11/01/2005 08:38:23p An Elevator to Your Floor, With No Local Stops
11/01/2005 08:38:04p A Knight Ridder Shareholder Demands That Chain Be Sold
11/01/2005 08:37:43p Cox to Sell Cable TV Systems
11/01/2005 08:37:33p Court Nixes Appeal From United Attendants
11/01/2005 08:37:23p Advertising Skewering Tradition to Sell a New Battery to the Young
11/01/2005 08:36:54p Ex-Official at Wal-Mart Wins Ruling
11/01/2005 08:36:33p Marsh's Net Rises While Sales Drop
11/01/2005 08:35:33p Mixed Reports on the Economy
11/01/2005 08:35:23p Big Drop in October for Detroit
11/01/2005 08:34:03p Profit Higher For P.& G. and Colgate
11/01/2005 08:33:43p Revision of 24-Year Prison Term Ordered in Accounting Fraud
11/01/2005 08:33:37p P&G gains uplift from health and beauty sector
11/01/2005 08:33:33p Acquisitions Help to Narrow Loss at Sun
11/01/2005 08:33:24p Judge Deals a Setback to Grasso
11/01/2005 08:32:23p UBS Posts 71% Profit Increase on Rise in Oil-Related Wealth
11/01/2005 08:32:03p Aetna to Pay for Program to Manage Depression
11/01/2005 08:31:24p Video Games Are Facing Soft Demand
11/01/2005 08:31:13p InterActive Profit Off
11/01/2005 08:30:14p Market Place Copper's Recent Declines Stir Talk of Boom's End
11/01/2005 08:28:21p Australia central bank holds rates steady
11/01/2005 08:26:36p Mazda H1 op profit jumps 12 pct
11/01/2005 08:23:05p UBS Posts 71% Profit Increase on Rise in Oil-Related Wealth
11/01/2005 08:22:58p 24-year sentence too harsh, court rules
11/01/2005 08:21:18p Truly taxing plan for many
11/01/2005 08:19:27p Viacom and Sirius weigh Stern effect
11/01/2005 08:19:18p Inflation lifts new I Bond rate to 6.73%
11/01/2005 08:18:48p Mazda Reports 66 Percent Jump in Profit
11/01/2005 08:16:17p Estonian bank, 2 men charged
11/01/2005 08:14:17p Car sales suffer from employee-discount hangover
11/01/2005 08:13:48p LSE suitors given green light to make bids
11/01/2005 08:06:46p Fed Raises Key Rate Again
11/01/2005 08:04:56p Bush Outlines 7.1 Billion in Flu Preparations
11/01/2005 08:04:26p E-mails draw confusing picture of Refco-Rogers deal
11/01/2005 08:04:06p Volcker Warns Inflation May Become Problem
11/01/2005 08:02:06p Nikkei eyes 4-year high
11/01/2005 08:01:56p What Do You Think of Enron?
11/01/2005 07:58:15p Smart move to market bright ideas
11/01/2005 07:57:59p Smart move to market bright ideas
11/01/2005 07:41:22p Beyond Gasoline Taking the Future for a Drive
11/01/2005 07:41:02p Dow Ends Down 33 on Interest Rates Jump
11/01/2005 07:40:02p World Bank Puzzled by Slow Job Creation in Eastern Europe
11/01/2005 07:37:52p The Fed Lifts Rates Again, Despite Rise in Fuel Price
11/01/2005 07:36:12p Knight Ridder Shareholder Urges Sale
11/01/2005 07:34:02p Critics Namibia Land Reform Plan a Land Grab
11/01/2005 07:27:27p Profit Higher For P.& G. and Colgate
11/01/2005 07:24:26p Two-speed Viacom growth rates justify split
11/01/2005 07:22:11p Profits rise by 11% at Imperial Tobacco as chief dismisses ban
11/01/2005 07:19:25p Japanese Stocks Extend Gains; Dollar Up
11/01/2005 07:17:55p Delta Asks Court to OK Wage Concessions
11/01/2005 07:10:11p China bans import of ROK food products
11/01/2005 07:09:01p Australia says has intelligence on terror threat
11/01/2005 07:08:41p Wal-Mart to open 13 stores next year
11/01/2005 07:07:11p Trade Delegation from US State of Nebraska Signs Export Agreement with Cuba
11/01/2005 06:57:23p Imperial chief hits out over Government's smoking policy
11/01/2005 06:54:22p Merger wave puts UBS bankers in line for bumper bonuses
11/01/2005 06:53:37p BAA to cut staff by 700 despite making £366m
11/01/2005 06:53:05p Worries rise over telecom mergers
11/01/2005 06:43:37p Jury Begins to Deliberate Vioxx Case
11/01/2005 06:41:57p Legal worries stoke flu issue
11/01/2005 06:38:47p Bill Clinton Bush making 'grievous error' with deficits
11/01/2005 06:38:38p Nikkei extends four-year high
11/01/2005 06:37:18p B-Schools Ranked on Social Studies
11/01/2005 06:28:36p Mazda sees H2 Europe retail sales up
11/01/2005 06:28:30p Intel reopens upgraded chip plant
11/01/2005 06:28:15p Nikkei extends four-year high
11/01/2005 06:27:19p Fluor settles civil lawsuit for 12.5M
11/01/2005 06:26:33p US Fed raises interest rates again to 4 per cent
11/01/2005 06:22:03p Health insurance proposal attacked Opponents call it â˜jobs tax...
11/01/2005 06:19:57p Dec. crude trading at 59.95, up 10c from NY close
11/01/2005 06:18:47p Business expectations low for economic growth
11/01/2005 06:17:57p Spot gold quoted at 460.80 in Asia trade
11/01/2005 06:17:27p Building approvals surge
11/01/2005 06:16:17p Federal Reserve lifts rates quarter point to 4%
11/01/2005 06:14:57p Stocks End Down On Interest Rate Jump
11/01/2005 06:06:10p Move against local pears sparks concerns
11/01/2005 06:05:30p GE Healthcare invests 37.5 mln in Shanghai
11/01/2005 06:05:09p Shanghai firm applies for Tamiflu licence
11/01/2005 06:04:03p Business expectations low for economic growth
11/01/2005 06:03:50p Dec. crude trading at 59.94, up 9c from NY close
11/01/2005 06:02:39p Lenovo reports jump in profits
11/01/2005 06:01:29p PBOC allows more RMB business in HK
11/01/2005 05:58:45p Oil prices fall again to stay below US60
11/01/2005 05:58:39p Syria upbeat on ability to cope with UN sanctions
11/01/2005 05:58:29p PetroChina to buy back subsidiary shares
11/01/2005 05:55:59p Labor outraged as Govt tables IR bill
11/01/2005 05:54:19p Spot gold quoted at 460.50 in Asia trade
11/01/2005 05:52:09p Intersil Intersil Corporation to Present at Deutsche Bank Global Semiconductor Conference
11/01/2005 05:50:49p Sino-Russian trade to double in 5 years
11/01/2005 05:49:29p Drilling turns up significant gold, silver deposit
11/01/2005 05:47:18p Foreign banks to double growth
11/01/2005 05:37:28p Black January for overdrafts Tighten your belt and think positive
11/01/2005 05:36:08p Man Financial unit in fund claims
11/01/2005 05:35:48p LSE bids cleared but with conditions
11/01/2005 05:35:28p Business owners big risk takers
11/01/2005 05:34:18p MK lobbied for Agrexco after U.S. junket
11/01/2005 05:33:08p Euronext pressed to drop LSE move
11/01/2005 05:32:18p Histadrut threatens public sector strike
11/01/2005 05:32:08p Fed lifts rate to 4pc with more rises likely
11/01/2005 05:31:48p Oil chiefs summoned to Senate
11/01/2005 05:30:28p Chesapeake to make 400M private offering of senior notes
11/01/2005 05:29:49p Delta to Ask Court to Impose Concessions
11/01/2005 05:29:00p Sun Micro loss narrows, shares dip
11/01/2005 05:28:28p Big opportunity for temps this holiday season
11/01/2005 05:27:37p Chesapeake to make 500M private offering of preferred stock
11/01/2005 05:26:37p Railway IPO to finance construction
11/01/2005 05:26:17p Chesapeake to make 600M private offering of senior notes
11/01/2005 05:25:59p Maersk to take stake in Shanghai port
11/01/2005 05:25:48p 'Uber-rich' fuel surge in profits at UBS
11/01/2005 05:24:58p Leumi, First International bank staffers launching protest action this morning
11/01/2005 05:24:10p BAA cuts 700 jobs despite rising profits
11/01/2005 05:24:07p Matalan is praying for a chill wind to do good
11/01/2005 05:23:24p Euronext gets a green light to bid for LSE
11/01/2005 05:22:37p Warning Banks may use old tricks to profit from reforms
11/01/2005 05:22:17p Bad winter may lead to EU emissions opt-out
11/01/2005 05:21:39p Shareholder Urges Knight Ridder on Sale
11/01/2005 05:20:37p Theo Fennell's razzle dazzles investor
11/01/2005 05:16:38p China, Viet Nam firms to jointly explore oil and gas
11/01/2005 05:15:17p Oil may contribute US55b trade deficit
11/01/2005 05:14:47p Chesapeake to make notes, preferred stock private offerings
11/01/2005 05:06:38p Six Flags ups its third quarter outlook
11/01/2005 05:05:38p Kindred Health sees FY05 income form cont ops 2.68-2.75
11/01/2005 05:05:28p Continental Air Oct. traffic rises 7.2% from a year ago
11/01/2005 05:05:18p Continental Air Oct. net capacity rises 8.6% from a year ago
11/01/2005 05:00:06p LSE takeover snail is almost at a standstill
11/01/2005 04:57:50p Unions shocked over BAA plan to axe 700 airport jobs
11/01/2005 04:54:07p RenaissanceRe founder resigns under cloud of SEC probe
11/01/2005 04:53:20p Twelfth straight Fed rate rise
11/01/2005 04:53:17p Kindred Health sees Q4 rev 975M-1B
11/01/2005 04:52:17p Cambrex Nabi announcement does not impact '05 earns view
11/01/2005 04:51:27p Women warned over state pension
11/01/2005 04:51:07p Kindred Health sees Q4 income from continuing ops 42c-49
11/01/2005 04:49:17p Favourable policies assist Taiwan businesses
11/01/2005 04:46:57p Continental Air Oct. load factor 77.3% vs 78.3%
11/01/2005 04:39:22p Looking to control inflation, Fed boosts interest rates again
11/01/2005 04:39:12p Postage Rate Hike Expected In January
11/01/2005 04:38:37p DNA businessman defends Blunkett
11/01/2005 04:38:34p Euronext pressed to drop move for LSE
11/01/2005 04:38:24p Priority Service Register
11/01/2005 04:38:12p Argon updates FY2005, FY2006 forecast
11/01/2005 04:36:52p Kindred Health Q3 rev 973.3M vs 879.1M
11/01/2005 04:36:12p Employee of Man's US arm in failed fund claims
11/01/2005 04:35:02p Kindred Health Q3 net earns 36c vs 37c
11/01/2005 04:34:32p Ladenburg Thalmann offers to buy Fulcrum Global Partners
11/01/2005 04:33:22p Electronic Arts profits fall; results top estimates
11/01/2005 04:32:53p Democrats push for completion of Iraq war probe
11/01/2005 04:31:42p US Interest Rates Rise; Further Increases Expected
11/01/2005 04:31:02p NY chefs get first Michelin stars
11/01/2005 04:30:26p Women warned over state pension
11/01/2005 04:30:12p King SEC staff recommending against enforcement for pricing
11/01/2005 04:29:33p Revenues get boost in October from business taxes
11/01/2005 04:29:12p ExpressJet Oct. load factor 76.7% vs 74.3%
11/01/2005 04:29:02p Investors win powers to sue
11/01/2005 04:28:52p Cryptologic raises quarterly div 40%, to 7c from 5c
11/01/2005 04:28:35p BAA will cut 700 jobs by 2007 to save £45m
11/01/2005 04:28:32p Wall St unmoved by Fed rate increase
11/01/2005 04:28:02p IT security goes by the board
11/01/2005 04:27:16p EA tops estimates, shares rise
11/01/2005 04:27:12p Cutera quarterly profit more than quadruples; ups FY05 view
11/01/2005 04:27:04p Oil holds below 60, but refineries cause concern
11/01/2005 04:26:32p King doesn't expect material adverse effect from SEC probe
11/01/2005 04:26:01p King Pharma to pay 124.1M plus interest to settle suit
11/01/2005 04:25:42p King suit concerned Medicaid, other govt. pricing programs
11/01/2005 04:23:42p Ford consolidates engineering units to cut costs
11/01/2005 04:22:32p International Rectifier board OKs up to 100M share buyback
11/01/2005 04:21:51p Hedge fund may play key role in Peacock deal
11/01/2005 04:21:46p P&G, Colgate profits rise
11/01/2005 04:21:31p ExpressJet Oct. net capacity rises 12.6% from year ago
11/01/2005 04:21:21p Baker Hughes CFO G. Stephen Finley to retire March 31
11/01/2005 04:21:01p King also entering into 5-year corporate integrity agreement
11/01/2005 04:19:11p Skire, Inc. Skire Selected for MGM MIRAGE Project CityCenter
11/01/2005 04:19:01p Governor orders state contractors to ensure hirings are legal
11/01/2005 04:18:31p Big brewers eye Chinese group
11/01/2005 04:17:41p Stamp Prices Going Up Two Cents
11/01/2005 04:17:31p Smart & Final quarterly profit drops on class action charge
11/01/2005 04:16:51p Invitrogen, P&G unit extend research deal through Dec '06
11/01/2005 04:16:21p Emageon acquires Analogic's Camtronics unit for 40M in cash
11/01/2005 04:15:31p Walgreen unit sees acquisition closing later this year
11/01/2005 04:14:54p U.S. October car sales off sharply
11/01/2005 04:14:31p Telefónica's advisers could earn 90m from O2
11/01/2005 04:14:11p Internet stocks keep Asia shares afloat
11/01/2005 04:14:01p Duke Energy's planned buy of Cinergy gets S.C. clearance
11/01/2005 04:13:23p Women warned over state pension
11/01/2005 04:13:16p U.S. October car sales off sharply
11/01/2005 04:12:41p Bad UK winter may lead to EU emissions opt-out
11/01/2005 04:11:51p Dani does the business as Betis beat Chelsea
11/01/2005 04:11:31p Vanguard raises IRA minimums
11/01/2005 04:11:21p ExpressJet Oct. traffic rise 16.1% from year ago
11/01/2005 04:11:11p Walgreen unit agrees to acquire Home Pharmacy of California
11/01/2005 04:09:01p ExpressJet Oct. traffic rises 16.1%
11/01/2005 04:01:35p Opposition maintains push for AWB royal commission
11/01/2005 04:01:25p HCC Insurance quarterly net income halves on hurricane hit
11/01/2005 04:00:25p City National Bank ups prime rate to 7% from 6.75%
11/01/2005 04:00:15p Detroit automakers post lower U.S. sales results
11/01/2005 04:00:05p Dell surprises investors with earnings alert
11/01/2005 03:58:27p Bon-Ton buying group of Saks-owned stores
11/01/2005 03:55:34p Future regional road needs under scrutiny
11/01/2005 03:54:44p Colonial Bank ups prime rate to 7% from 6.75%
11/01/2005 03:53:44p Papa John's quarterly earnings, revenue rise
11/01/2005 03:53:15p Stock in the news Lions Gate Entertainment
11/01/2005 03:53:11p Merck trial on Vioxx liability heading to jury
11/01/2005 03:52:54p Union Bank of California ups prime rate to 7% from 6.75%
11/01/2005 03:51:04p Airgas agrees to sell Rutland Tool to Lawson Products
11/01/2005 03:50:54p Businessman defends Blunkett
11/01/2005 03:50:34p US market falls after rate rise
11/01/2005 03:50:25p DNA businessman defends Blunkett
11/01/2005 03:48:14p Edgar Online Q3 net loss 6c vs 3c
11/01/2005 03:46:24p Novell promotes Ron Hovsepian to president, COO
11/01/2005 03:46:14p Merger news, spending data help stock indexes advance
11/01/2005 03:45:24p Babymooning is booming business
11/01/2005 03:44:53p Smart & Final Q3 gross margin 17.2% vs 18%
11/01/2005 03:42:24p Chiron accepts 5.1 billion Novartis takeover offer
11/01/2005 03:39:54p United Air reaches code-share deal with Swiss International
11/01/2005 03:39:43p Organic Umbrella Organic Umbrella Unfolds in Brooklyn
11/01/2005 03:37:54p Axis reports 468.1 million net loss after hurricanes
11/01/2005 03:37:23p Edgar Online Q3 gross margin 86%
11/01/2005 03:35:23p Smart & Final Q3 same-store sales up 3.3% vs year-ago
11/01/2005 03:35:13p CORRECT Smart & Final net earns 3c vs 36c
11/01/2005 03:35:03p Silicon Graphics to cease NYSE trading as of Nov. 7
11/01/2005 03:34:11p Intrado quarterly profit falls 13%
11/01/2005 03:34:00p Takeover helps Sun narrow losses
11/01/2005 03:33:55p Navigators Group reports 12.7 million third-quarter loss
11/01/2005 03:33:23p Primus Telecommunications swings to quarterly loss
11/01/2005 03:33:02p Takeover helps Sun narrow losses
11/01/2005 03:32:56p DNA businessman defends Blunkett
11/01/2005 03:32:33p Morgan Stanley feels effect of bankruptcy rules
11/01/2005 03:32:23p Fund spotlight Calamos Growth Fund
11/01/2005 03:32:13p Activity fees boost NYSE profit tenfold to 22 million
11/01/2005 03:30:33p LAIKA/house Corpse Bride Animator to Appear at St. Louis Science Center
11/01/2005 03:30:13p Lincoln National quarterly net income rises 15%
11/01/2005 03:29:23p Knight Ridder shareholder urges company to sell itself
11/01/2005 03:28:57p DNA businessman defends Blunkett
11/01/2005 03:28:33p Electronic Arts 2Q Profit Tops Estimates
11/01/2005 03:28:23p Bank of New York ups prime rate to 7% from 6.75%
11/01/2005 03:27:25p Occidental joins other oil companies in posting record profits
11/01/2005 03:25:23p RBA leaves rates on hold
11/01/2005 03:24:38p Fed raises rates, measured hikes to continue
11/01/2005 03:24:23p Edgar Online Q3 rev 3.47M vs 3.23M
11/01/2005 03:23:53p Smart & Final Q3 rev 634.4M vs 603.2M
11/01/2005 03:18:06p Biggest Knight Ridder holder urges company to sell itself
11/01/2005 03:17:26p IBM IBM Provides On-Site Customer Sales Support to Mid-Sized Business Partners
11/01/2005 03:16:26p Gold holds atop 460 after-hours in wake of Fed hike
11/01/2005 03:15:15p Contracts for November 1, 2005
11/01/2005 03:14:55p Dell sheds more than 8% after sales warning
11/01/2005 03:13:05p Papa John's Q3 domestic same-store sales up 3.9%
11/01/2005 03:12:55p Big Rush on Stem-Cell Bank
11/01/2005 03:11:25p RenaissanceRe Chairman and CEO Stanard resigns
11/01/2005 03:10:45p Papa John's Oct. domestic same-store sales up 5.9%
11/01/2005 03:10:05p Northern Trust ups prime rate to 7% from 6.75%
11/01/2005 03:09:25p Plantronics quarterly profit drops; sets 3Q forecast
11/01/2005 03:08:55p Big win for embattled ex Wal-Mart exec
11/01/2005 03:07:23p Equus Resources, Inc. Equus Resources Plans to Acquire Interest in Community Bank
11/01/2005 03:07:06p Jury Begins Deliberating N.J. Vioxx Case
11/01/2005 03:05:35p Pacer Int'l profit surges 29%
11/01/2005 03:05:05p Electronic Arts surprises Street
11/01/2005 03:04:25p XL Capital to transfer some risks to new reinsurer
11/01/2005 03:03:05p U.S. consumer comfort index falls for 2nd week
11/01/2005 02:58:45p Boston FHLB cites debt price pressure among risk factors
11/01/2005 02:58:05p Cincom Systems Marketing and Advertising Donkeys ... Shoot 'Em If You Got 'Em
11/01/2005 02:57:45p EDS swings to profit, agrees to sell A.T. Kearney
11/01/2005 02:57:15p Lincoln National Q3 First Call rev est 1.36B
11/01/2005 02:56:54p ER Urgent Care Centers Kansas City ER Urgent Care Projections Released
11/01/2005 02:56:14p Papa John's now sees Q4 earns 64c-68c
11/01/2005 02:55:55p Lincoln National Q3 First Call operating income est 1.06
11/01/2005 02:54:14p Fannie Mae achieves 30% capital surplus
11/01/2005 02:53:14p ValueClick quarterly rev surges; ups FY05 view
11/01/2005 02:52:05p National Financial quarterly net income jumps 52%
11/01/2005 02:51:05p Elgrande International, Inc. Elgrande Expands Key Account Base With Nordstrom and Kane's Furniture
11/01/2005 02:50:24p Panera Bread sees 54 new bakery-cafe openings in Q4
11/01/2005 02:48:14p Jury Begins Deliberating Vioxx Case In N.J.
11/01/2005 02:47:24p Digene swings to quarterly profit; revenue rises
11/01/2005 02:46:24p UnumProvident quarterly net income falls 69%
11/01/2005 02:44:34p Solectron to buy back up to 250M in stock
11/01/2005 02:43:24p Papa John's now sees 2005 earns 2.44-2.48
11/01/2005 02:42:03p Panera Bread quarterly profit rises 36%
11/01/2005 02:41:14p Dollar holds near 2-year yen high as Fed moves again
11/01/2005 02:40:24p Entergy earnings up 24% despite hurricane effects
11/01/2005 02:39:23p Protein Design reports widened third-quarter loss
11/01/2005 02:39:03p Six Flags sees 3Q rev increase; backs '05 adj EBITDA view
11/01/2005 02:38:33p CompuCredit CompuCredit Reports Third Quarter 2005 Results
11/01/2005 02:35:53p Stocks Fall after Fed Raises Rates
11/01/2005 02:27:57p Others tried to buy Peregrine prior to HP deal, papers show
11/01/2005 02:26:28p Every witch-way
11/01/2005 02:26:07p All college 529 plans are not created equal
11/01/2005 02:25:28p Preschoolers learn lessons about money
11/01/2005 02:23:17p Digene sees Q2 rev 34.5M
11/01/2005 02:23:07p Puda Coal, Inc. Puda Coal, Inc. Announces Largest Client Contract to Date
11/01/2005 02:22:17p Digene expects fiscal 2006 gross margin 82%
11/01/2005 02:21:37p Take 401k with you when switching jobs
11/01/2005 02:19:18p U.S. stocks end lower on Fed rate move, Dell outlook
11/01/2005 02:18:57p Southwestern Medical Solutions, Inc. SWMS in Talks to Extend Marketing & Distribution Reach
11/01/2005 02:18:37p Barrier Therapeutics, Inc. Barrier Therapeutics Announces Third Quarter 2005 Financial Results
11/01/2005 02:17:07p Oil holds below 60
11/01/2005 02:15:47p BIGresearch BIGresearch's October Retail Ratings; Wal-Mart on Top for Women's Clothing
11/01/2005 02:14:47p Marketing strategies for holidays will be topic
11/01/2005 02:12:37p Digene expects fiscal 2006 rev 145M
11/01/2005 02:12:07p XM Satellite Radio ups retail market share to 59% in Q3
11/01/2005 02:10:26p Digene sees Q2 earns 8c, excluding items
11/01/2005 02:10:07p Stocks end lower after Fed lifts rates to 4%
11/01/2005 02:09:57p PNC ups prime rate to 7% from 6.75%
11/01/2005 02:09:27p New Century Companies Inc. New Century Companies Issues Positive Investor Update
11/01/2005 02:07:47p On eve of breakup, Viacom posts strong cable growth
11/01/2005 02:07:36p Rep. Oxley To Step Down in '06
11/01/2005 02:07:27p Franchises & freedom
11/01/2005 02:07:07p GM and Ford still losing sales
11/01/2005 02:06:47p ValueClick forecasts FY06 earns 53c-59c
11/01/2005 02:04:57p Automakers report a dismal October for U.S. sales
11/01/2005 02:02:56p Automakers close lower after reporting sharp sales declines
11/01/2005 02:02:46p EDS improves to profit; strikes deal to sell A.T. Kearney
11/01/2005 02:01:36p Cendant acquires 2 Hawaii real estate brokerages
11/01/2005 02:01:09p Inflation ConcernsPrompt New Fed Rate Hike
11/01/2005 02:00:56p Q&A Roslyn Mancinelli; founder, Innoventure Consulting Group
11/01/2005 02:00:46p Investing time in a mutual fund fantasy league could pay off
11/01/2005 01:59:56p Oil Service Index tops 170 for the 1st time in a month
11/01/2005 01:58:56p Sun Microsystems reports 123 million net loss
11/01/2005 01:58:46p NYSE net income rises to 22 million
11/01/2005 01:58:36p WebMD Health quarterly profit falls 13.3%; rev rise
11/01/2005 01:58:16p EA profits nearly halved; tops profit, sales estimates
11/01/2005 01:56:56p Jury Leaves After Starting Deliberations in Vioxx Case
11/01/2005 01:56:47p Digene expects fiscal 2006 earns 55c, excluding items
11/01/2005 01:56:16p LECG Corporation LECG Corporation Reports Third Quarter 2005 Results
11/01/2005 01:55:16p Digene Q1 rev 33.4M vs 26.2M
11/01/2005 01:55:07p Senate forced into closed session on Iraq rationale
11/01/2005 01:54:26p Inflation Concerns Prompt New Fed Rate Hike
11/01/2005 01:53:46p Treasurys end lower, unable to hold post-Fed gain
11/01/2005 01:53:36p Smart moves
11/01/2005 01:50:48p Barrick bids 9.5bn for gold rival
11/01/2005 01:48:16p Barrick bids 9.5bn for gold rival
11/01/2005 01:45:23p Boost by Fed all but a cinch Atlanta Journal Constitution subscription
11/01/2005 01:44:08p America raises rates for 12th month in row Times Online
11/01/2005 01:05:42p German grand coalition plan in turmoil
11/01/2005 01:05:11p Airline stocks slip after latest Fed rate hike
11/01/2005 01:03:41p Xact Aid Inc. Xact Aid, Inc. Acquires STD Test
11/01/2005 01:03:31p Treasurys reverse early post-Fed gains
11/01/2005 01:03:23p BMW Oct. U.S. sales down 0.01%
11/01/2005 01:02:41p FDIC chief to head hurricane repair
11/01/2005 01:02:31p Haggar to cease trading on Nasdaq after market close today
11/01/2005 01:02:01p Growing problem on Wall Street for Dell
11/01/2005 01:00:41p BMW brand Oct. U.S. sales down 0.08%
11/01/2005 01:00:21p US interest rates rise to 4pc
11/01/2005 01:00:01p Panel Recommends Major Tax Law Overhaul
11/01/2005 12:59:21p Ford and GM see steep drop in US car sales
11/01/2005 12:59:11p BMW posts slight decline in October U.S. sales
11/01/2005 12:58:51p XM Satellite says total industry share for Q3 was 63%
11/01/2005 12:58:40p Stocks lower after Fed raises rates
11/01/2005 12:58:21p Internet forces MyTravel to close outlets
11/01/2005 12:58:17p New Orleans convention business fighting for quick comeback
11/01/2005 12:58:11p BMW Oct. U.S. car sales rise 13%
11/01/2005 12:57:40p IR bill heads for Parliament
11/01/2005 12:57:31p US president unveils bird flu strategy
11/01/2005 12:57:20p CNBC N.J. Merck Vioxx case sent to jury
11/01/2005 12:56:40p PNC Financial upping its stake in merchant alliance to 60%
11/01/2005 12:56:31p Freedonia Group World Window & Door Demand to Reach 125 Billion in 2009
11/01/2005 12:56:00p Haggar Acquisition of co. by investor group completed
11/01/2005 12:55:53p Stocks Lower on Jump in Interest Rates
11/01/2005 12:52:00p US Auto Sales Fall Sharply in October
11/01/2005 12:49:09p Dec crude closes at 59.85/brl, up 9c, or 0.2%
11/01/2005 12:47:59p Kia Motors America Oct. total sales down 10.2%
11/01/2005 12:47:49p Honda October U.S. sales rise 4.2%
11/01/2005 12:47:39p Data Domain Data Domain Speeds Backups for Children's Hospital Boston
11/01/2005 12:47:19p Dell Sees Lower Revenue Than Expected
11/01/2005 12:46:49p S&P Cuts Dell to Hold from Strong Buy
11/01/2005 12:46:19p Futures markets show little change to Fed projections
11/01/2005 12:44:38p Automakers report dismal October
11/01/2005 12:44:29p Retail stocks hold flat line after rate hike
11/01/2005 12:44:18p Rural/Metro quitting unincorporated area Gilbert has eyes on
11/01/2005 12:43:59p Dec heating oil falls 1% to end at 3-month low of 1.805/gal
11/01/2005 12:42:48p Madison Investment Advisors Madison Strategic Sector Premium Fund Declares Monthly Dividend
11/01/2005 12:42:29p Judge Dismisses Part of Wal-Mart Lawsuit
11/01/2005 12:42:19p U.S. stocks ticked up on relief over rate hike strategist
11/01/2005 12:42:08p UPDATE 2-Fed raises US rates, measured hikes to continue Reuters
11/01/2005 12:41:53p Stocks trim losses after rate raise
11/01/2005 12:41:08p Edison unit inks deal to develop wind projects in Midwest
11/01/2005 12:40:49p Fed raises key U.S. interest rate
11/01/2005 12:40:38p Legislature back to business Nov. 16
11/01/2005 12:38:28p N.J. Jury Begins Deliberating Vioxx Case
11/01/2005 12:37:38p Fed hikes rates another quarter point
11/01/2005 12:37:18p Overextended dollar slips as Fed stays on message analyst
11/01/2005 12:36:58p Dollar stays near two-year high after Fed
11/01/2005 12:35:58p New BlackBerry more grippable, screen dazzles
11/01/2005 12:35:48p Kia Motors America October sales 20,631 vs 22,973
11/01/2005 12:34:18p Wall Street takes rate rise in stride
11/01/2005 12:33:28p Telecommuting to a brave new world The rise of virtual jobs
11/01/2005 12:33:08p Final Fed OK to Telecom Mergers
11/01/2005 12:32:58p Fed raises key interest rate to 4%
11/01/2005 12:32:48p Rate hike shows Fed trained on inflation strategist
11/01/2005 12:32:38p Automakers report a dismal October for U.S. sales
11/01/2005 12:32:18p Gold rebounds in electronic trading in wake of Fed hike
11/01/2005 12:32:09p Telecom prices mostly flat to lower
11/01/2005 12:31:28p Dobson shares off; loss widens on preferred stock redemption
11/01/2005 12:31:08p A Struggle for Stocks
11/01/2005 12:30:56p Auto Sales Fall Sharply
11/01/2005 12:30:50p Fed Hikes Interest Rate
11/01/2005 12:30:38p Bond yields climb after Fed rate hike
11/01/2005 12:30:19p Treasurys shed post-Fed gains; 10-year 7/32 at 4.59% yield
11/01/2005 12:29:18p Manufacturing data point to eurozone recovery
11/01/2005 12:28:30p Delphi bankruptcy impact 10 bln study
11/01/2005 12:28:21p Stocks trim losses after rate raise
11/01/2005 12:28:12p Sales at GM and Ford drop 23 percent
11/01/2005 12:28:03p Fed raises rates, signals more to come
11/01/2005 12:28:00p Wells Fargo raises prime rate to 7% from 6.75%
11/01/2005 12:27:48p Dec natural gas falls 2.8% to end at 11.86/mln BTUs
11/01/2005 12:27:18p American Honda October U.S. total sales up 4.2%
11/01/2005 12:26:38p Dollar slips as Fed rate hike already reflected in trading
11/01/2005 12:26:29p Dec natural gas closes at lowest level since late August
11/01/2005 12:25:09p New highs by UBS put focus on sector's buoyancy
11/01/2005 12:24:08p Graham Corp. shares surge on strong 55% sales jump
11/01/2005 12:23:41p Fed funds to hit 4.5%, 10-year at 4.75% in January analyst
11/01/2005 12:23:38p US factory sector slows
11/01/2005 12:23:35p Real-estate trust Vornado buys stake in McDonald's
11/01/2005 12:16:16p Stocks turn around after Fed
11/01/2005 12:16:07p U.S. stocks bounce off lows after Fed hikes rates
11/01/2005 12:15:26p American Honda Oct. total truck sales up 0.3%
11/01/2005 12:15:06p Financial stock indexes tick up after fed hikes rates
11/01/2005 12:14:16p Fed raises US interest rate to 4%
11/01/2005 12:14:06p Fed Pushes Rates Higher - Again
11/01/2005 12:13:56p GM Sales Drop 23 Percent
11/01/2005 12:12:56p NYSE advancers tied with decliners
11/01/2005 12:12:36p Panel Delivers Final Ideas To Rewrite Tax Laws
11/01/2005 12:12:16p Fed lifts rates a quarter point to 4 per cent
11/01/2005 12:11:56p Fed Hikes Interest Rate
11/01/2005 12:11:47p Vornado Buys Stake in McDonald's
11/01/2005 12:10:46p Fed raises rates to 4 percent
11/01/2005 12:10:26p Fed Boosts Key Rate by Quarter-Point
11/01/2005 12:09:46p Fortis posts higher Q3 profit
11/01/2005 12:09:16p Oil stocks steady after Fed rate hike
11/01/2005 12:07:56p American Honda Oct. U.S. car sales up 7.4%
11/01/2005 12:07:46p Gold prices up in after hours following Fed rate hike
11/01/2005 12:07:25p Warner Bros. Records Mike Jones' Flossin' #1 MOST ADDED
11/01/2005 12:07:15p Amex Airline Index rises to unchanged on FOMC rate hike
11/01/2005 12:06:25p Fed Raises Key Interest Rate One-Quarter Point
11/01/2005 12:06:02p Auto Sales Fall Sharply
11/01/2005 12:05:45p Businesses brace for bird flu
11/01/2005 12:05:40p Alitos record shows backing of business interests Pittsburgh Post Gazette
11/01/2005 12:04:56p Merkel vows to form grand coalition despite chaos
11/01/2005 12:03:45p Action urged to curb panic over avian flu
11/01/2005 12:03:31p Businesses brace for bird flu
11/01/2005 12:03:15p FOMC hikes rate to 4.0%, only minor changes to statement
11/01/2005 12:03:06p Stocks Lower on Boost in Interest Rates
11/01/2005 12:02:45p NYSE seat sells for 3 million
11/01/2005 12:01:25p Benchmark Treasury gains as Fed release little changed
11/01/2005 12:00:54p Update 5 Plaintiff's Lawyer Send Merck a Message
11/01/2005 11:59:26a Fed hikes rates official statement
11/01/2005 11:58:45a Pinnacle slumps on loss, AirTran October traffic rises
11/01/2005 11:58:35a New Orleans convention business fighting for quick comeback
11/01/2005 11:58:26a Tenet Healthcare gets SEC subpoena tied to probe
11/01/2005 11:57:25a 10-year Treasury +3/32 at 97 22/32, 4.55% yield
11/01/2005 11:56:15a Epix Medical slumps in wake of 3Q financial report
11/01/2005 11:55:55a Nasdaq decliners outnumber advancers 17 to 13
11/01/2005 11:55:45a Dow up 7 at 10,447
11/01/2005 11:55:35a 2-year Treasury +1/32 at 99 24/32, 4.38% yield
11/01/2005 11:54:25a Fed raises rates, signals more 'measured' hikes
11/01/2005 11:54:08a Radical US tax reforms proposed
11/01/2005 11:52:37a US manufacturing sector grew at a slower pace during October ISM
11/01/2005 11:46:47a General Motors October U.S. truck sales down 29.6%
11/01/2005 11:46:06a Dell Shares Tumble After Sales Forecast Cut
11/01/2005 11:45:46a Taussig joins Lehman to run retail industry banking
11/01/2005 11:44:27a CORRECT GM October U.S. Chevrolet sales 152,094 vs 208,274
11/01/2005 11:44:06a Consumer giants shrug off hurricanes' impact
11/01/2005 11:43:16a Akimbi Systems Akimbi Systems Secures 8 Million in Series B Funding
11/01/2005 11:42:36a S&P ups PerkinElmer corporate credit rating; outlook stable
11/01/2005 11:42:16a GM Oct. U.S. total truck sales 142,958 vs 210,996
11/01/2005 11:41:48a GM October U.S. Hummer sales up 129% at 5,640
11/01/2005 11:41:26a S&P raises PerkinElmer corporate credit rating to 'BBB-'
11/01/2005 11:41:16a Action Products quarterly earnings, revenue rise
11/01/2005 11:41:07a Oil Prices Fall on Warm Weather Forecasts
11/01/2005 11:39:56a Moody's downgrades GM's long-term rating to 'B1'
11/01/2005 11:39:46a General Motors October U.S. sales fall 23%
11/01/2005 11:39:16a Thailand ready to sell 16% of Egat
11/01/2005 11:38:35a South Africa approves gem reform
11/01/2005 11:38:28a BitPusher, LLC BitPusher Is Internet Startup's Secret Weapon
11/01/2005 11:38:25a Fed raises US interest rate to 4%
11/01/2005 11:36:36a Drug stocks dip as markets await Fed rate decision
11/01/2005 11:36:16a Mitsubishi October U.S. sales gain 1%
11/01/2005 11:35:24a A roller coaster ride for the family business
11/01/2005 11:34:27a Radical US tax reforms proposed
11/01/2005 11:34:19a S&P corporate credit rating on PerkinElmer was 'BB+'
11/01/2005 11:34:05a South Africa approves gem reform
11/01/2005 11:33:37a SBC chief says it's time to pay to play on the Web
11/01/2005 11:33:08a Gold ends lower for a third day, as rate rise expected
11/01/2005 11:32:56a Shuffle Master target cut to 30 by First Albany
11/01/2005 11:31:07a Novavax shares rally on heavy volume
11/01/2005 11:29:55a NCR to open new ATM manufacturing plant in Hungary
11/01/2005 11:29:31a Investor bets against the grain and wins
11/01/2005 11:29:23a Volcker urges inflation vigilance
11/01/2005 11:29:18a Morgan Stanley faces criminal contempt claim in Perelman suit
11/01/2005 11:29:16a GM sales fall in US for third month
11/01/2005 11:29:09a 3[Reuters - Business] 3 - 14
11/01/2005 11:26:56a Panel urges major changes in U.S. tax code
11/01/2005 11:26:16a Nasdaq most active stocks DELL INTC MSFT NABI SIRI
11/01/2005 11:26:05a Bid talk helps London higher
11/01/2005 11:24:36a Elusive skills that give Shell hope
11/01/2005 11:24:26a GM October U.S. Saturn sales up 11.2% at 16,167
11/01/2005 11:24:06a Panel recommends tax law overhaul
11/01/2005 11:23:45a Gold futures close at seven-week low, down over 6 an ounce
11/01/2005 11:22:45a Plaintiff's Lawyer Send Merck a Message
11/01/2005 11:22:35a Raising roof with covered bonds
11/01/2005 11:21:15a Chinese President Calls for Closer Vietnam-China Ties
11/01/2005 11:20:15a Dec gold down 6.30 to end at 7-wk low of 460.60/oz
11/01/2005 11:19:35a Issuance of junk bonds slides
11/01/2005 11:19:05a Panel makes tax recommendations
11/01/2005 11:18:45a Loud and clear the message sent by your voice
11/01/2005 11:18:25a NCR to start production on new Hungary ATM plant in Dec.
11/01/2005 11:18:15a Europe shares track Wall Street losses
11/01/2005 11:17:15a Walk-in clinics get foot in door of US health
11/01/2005 11:11:40a Porsche AG October U.S. sales down 14% vs year-ago period
11/01/2005 11:11:30a Lawyer Merck Tried to Obscure Facts
11/01/2005 11:10:30a Hyundai October U.S. Tucson sales 5,086 vs 1,043
11/01/2005 11:10:10a Pearson issues bullish update
11/01/2005 11:09:00a Japan cabinet urges caution in any BoJ moves
11/01/2005 11:08:00a Earnings misses, Mills warning hit REITs
11/01/2005 11:07:20a slp3D Presents Gamma3 Trochanteric Nail Procedure
11/01/2005 11:07:00a BJ Services profit trimmed by Gulf storms
11/01/2005 11:06:50a Bush unveils 7.1 billion flu preparedness plan
11/01/2005 11:06:19a Big Rush on Stem Cell Bank
11/01/2005 11:05:49a Gains for Viacom before company splits
11/01/2005 11:05:20a Porsche October U.S. total sales 2,588 units
11/01/2005 11:05:00a Porsche October U.S. sales fall 14%
11/01/2005 11:04:40a Toyota Oct. U.S. sales rise 5.2%
11/01/2005 11:03:39a Online Holiday Shopping To Hit 18B, Analysts Say
11/01/2005 11:03:20a Porsche October U.S. Boxster brand sales 558 vs 154
11/01/2005 11:03:02a Factories hummed in October
11/01/2005 11:02:59a A tool kit for new landlords
11/01/2005 11:02:30a Report warns on threat of illegal fishing fleets
11/01/2005 11:00:59a More grads moonlighting to make ends meet
11/01/2005 11:00:45a Lawyer Merck tried to obscure facts
11/01/2005 11:00:09a Medco shares plunge on soft outlook
11/01/2005 10:58:59a Recommended dates for sending holiday mail
11/01/2005 10:58:00a Hyundai October U.S. Sonata sales 9,676 vs 8,589
11/01/2005 10:57:44a Molson profit slips
11/01/2005 10:57:09a Radical US tax reforms proposed
11/01/2005 10:57:01a Looking ahead to the holidays
11/01/2005 10:56:49a Ford sales drop 23% in a tough October
11/01/2005 10:56:40a Roche to work w/ U.S. to supply Tamiflu for nat'l stockpile
11/01/2005 10:56:09a Ford Sees Disappointing Sales for Second Month
11/01/2005 10:55:59a Investors, peep at these pipelines
11/01/2005 10:54:09a AirTran Airways October load factor 73.1% vs 67.8%
11/01/2005 10:54:00a Hyundai October U.S. total sales down 11.2% at 29,413 units
11/01/2005 10:52:49a Economist leads the field to replace Bernanke at CEA
11/01/2005 10:52:39a Porsche October U.S. Cayenne brand sales 1,104 vs 2,075
11/01/2005 10:50:58a IBM IBM Acquires the Business of iPhrase Systems, Inc.
11/01/2005 10:50:49a AirTran Airways October traffic, load factor rise
11/01/2005 10:50:09a SEC charges Estonian firm for press release service-hacking
11/01/2005 10:49:29a Stronger rouble 'squeezes Russian industry'
11/01/2005 10:42:13a Science & Spirit Magazine Science & Spirit, Albert Einstein, and the Science-Religion Debate
11/01/2005 10:41:43a TV horsepower and glowing wheels
11/01/2005 10:40:53a Nissan October U.S. truck sales down 14.9% at 33,973 units
11/01/2005 10:40:03a Dell down 9.5% at 28.86
11/01/2005 10:39:53a Survey Rita May Cost Insurers 4.7B
11/01/2005 10:39:04a Mitsubishi Motors October U.S. sales up 1% vs year-ago
11/01/2005 10:38:39a No Letup In Construction Boom
11/01/2005 10:38:33a Commercial Federal shareholders OK Bank of the West merger
11/01/2005 10:38:28a Jail for eBay phishing fraudster
11/01/2005 10:38:21a Radical US tax reforms proposed
11/01/2005 10:38:04a Nissan October U.S. sales fall 13.3%
11/01/2005 10:37:43a Dell hits 2 1/2-year low of 28.81 in intraday trading
11/01/2005 10:37:23a CORRECT Mitsubishi Motors Oct. U.S. sales up 1% vs year-ago
11/01/2005 10:37:03a Mazda October U.S. truck sales down 36% vs 3,631 units
11/01/2005 10:36:33a This just isn't working out
11/01/2005 10:35:53a European shares end higher
11/01/2005 10:35:13a Nissan October U.S. total sales 72,279 vs 86,599
11/01/2005 10:35:03a Nissan October U.S. total vehicle sales down 13.3%
11/01/2005 10:33:53a Action Products rev 2.6M vs 2.4M
11/01/2005 10:33:33a Nissan October U.S. Infiniti sales down 7.3% at 9,962 units
11/01/2005 10:33:23a Stocks Slump After Dell Profit Warning
11/01/2005 10:32:55a Mazda October U.S. total sales down 8% vs year-ago period
11/01/2005 10:32:24a Action Products Q3 net earns 2c vs 1c
11/01/2005 10:32:15a Treasurys fall as market frets over inflation, Fed
11/01/2005 10:31:53a Computer Sciences Shares Soar on Report
11/01/2005 10:31:33a Archipelago files first ETF
11/01/2005 10:31:23a Nissan October U.S. car sales down 11.9% at 38,306 units
11/01/2005 10:30:24a P&G powers ahead despite hurricanes
11/01/2005 10:30:13a Ford, DaimlerChrysler post lower U.S. sales results
11/01/2005 10:29:45a Stocks fall on Dell's dimmer outlook
11/01/2005 10:29:42a No Letup In Construction Boom
11/01/2005 10:29:36a Factories hummed in October
11/01/2005 10:29:32a Bond investors await Fed rate decision
11/01/2005 10:29:29a Cox in multibillion