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11/17/2005 03:59:23a Q&A Raising the state pension age
11/17/2005 03:59:13a Parcels boost Royal Mail profits
11/17/2005 03:59:07a Stage Stores Q4 sales, net profit outlook unchanged
11/17/2005 03:58:46a Airbus Official Sees Tough Competition
11/17/2005 03:58:15a Coal-to-oil project to ease energy bottleneck
11/17/2005 03:58:05a VimpelCom Q3 96c vs 63c
11/17/2005 03:57:54a VimpelCom Q3 revenue up 50.5% to 890M
11/17/2005 03:57:04a VimpelCom third-period net rose 93% on 51% higher revenue
11/17/2005 03:56:54a Stage Stores sees Q4 in 64c to 67c range on dilution
11/17/2005 03:56:36a Pickup Buyers Want Efficiency, Survey Says
11/17/2005 03:56:29a Stage Stores third-quarter profit edges higher
11/17/2005 03:55:54a Something to cheer
11/17/2005 03:55:44a Claire's Stores third-quarter profit jumps 40%
11/17/2005 03:54:44a GUS sets date for Burberry spin-off
11/17/2005 03:54:14a Sony, NEC to form disk drive venture
11/17/2005 03:43:50a Prince Salman Seems Most Likely To Succeed
11/17/2005 03:42:50a India to unveil new thinking on foreign investment
11/17/2005 03:38:52a, Inc. Launches PriceBuyer Print Media Coupon Mailer
11/17/2005 03:38:30a Zurich Financial lead Europe higher
11/17/2005 03:38:20a Richemont upbeat after strong first half
11/17/2005 03:28:14a Black Sea partners toast gas deal
11/17/2005 03:28:05a Health Management Whitman is CFO of Triad Hospitals
11/17/2005 03:27:54a American Financial Group upped at Merrill on valuation
11/17/2005 03:26:56a IMS Health to buy back 10M shares
11/17/2005 03:26:16a U.S. stock futures up, Starbucks eyed
11/17/2005 03:26:07a Austria's BAWAG sues Refco in U.S
11/17/2005 03:26:04a Stage Stores Q3 comp. store sales rise of 3.9%
11/17/2005 03:25:37a Black Sea partners toast gas deal
11/17/2005 03:25:28a Coldplay and Gorillaz boost EMI
11/17/2005 03:25:24a Canadian Pacific Railway cut at Merrill, valuation cited
11/17/2005 03:25:19a BPB accepts French bid
11/17/2005 03:25:11a Mexican shop defeats Coke
11/17/2005 03:25:02a Parcels boost Royal Mail profits
11/17/2005 03:24:34a Biomira Phase 2 BLP25 study shows vaccine is safe
11/17/2005 03:24:14a Health Management Associates names Whitman president, COO
11/17/2005 03:23:44a Sierra Pacific Resources upped at CSFB
11/17/2005 03:23:34a Mexican shop defeats Coke
11/17/2005 03:23:24a Nikkei up on dollar strength; Asia ends mostly higher
11/17/2005 03:22:44a Mom-Mobile Incognito
11/17/2005 03:22:34a Stage Stores Q3 31c vs 30c
11/17/2005 03:22:14a Health Management Vumbacco to still be CEO
11/17/2005 03:21:44a Claire's Stores FY 06 revenue to rise 7% to 1.37 billion
11/17/2005 03:21:24a IMS Health to buy back 10M more shares after deal fails
11/17/2005 03:20:24a Stage Stores Q3 sales up 7.3% to 306 million
11/17/2005 03:19:56a VNU quits 7B IMS buy, CEO out
11/17/2005 03:19:53a VNU scraps U.S. deal, CEO goes
11/17/2005 03:19:15a How to Write a Novel in 30 Days
11/17/2005 03:18:24a Claire's Stores Q4 66c-68c excluding tax costs
11/17/2005 03:17:14a Parcels boost Royal Mail profits
11/17/2005 03:17:04a Turning bytes into bling
11/17/2005 03:16:24a Traders take some profit on dollar's climb against the yen
11/17/2005 03:14:53a Commerzbank in 5.3bn lender deal
11/17/2005 03:14:44a BPB accepts French bid
11/17/2005 03:14:33a IMS Health buy back plan on top of existing plan
11/17/2005 03:09:53a Vivendi expects mobile unit profit
11/17/2005 03:06:53a Renault slides 4.7% on profit warning
11/17/2005 03:06:23a UN debut for 100 laptop for poor
11/17/2005 03:06:12a FTSE 100 up 0.7% at 5,466
11/17/2005 03:05:53a Man Group shares climb after Refco details, results
11/17/2005 03:05:12a S&P 500 futures up 3 points
11/17/2005 03:04:22a Cazenove unveils independence plan for asset management arm
11/17/2005 03:03:54a Retailer Gus rallies 4.4% after results
11/17/2005 03:03:42a Business group Cut state taxes 400 mil
11/17/2005 03:02:42a Fearing cost of a health mandate
11/17/2005 03:02:32a Nasdaq 100 futures up 3.5 points
11/17/2005 03:02:12a Turner blueprint to recommend later pension
11/17/2005 03:01:12a German DAX 30 up 0.9% at 5,124
11/17/2005 03:01:03a Dollar down 0.3% at 118.81 yen
11/17/2005 03:00:44a China Airs Plans to Cope With Bird Flu
11/17/2005 03:00:02a VNU scraps 7B IMS deal after shareholder pressure
11/17/2005 02:58:32a VNU Calls Off IMS Health Takeover
11/17/2005 02:58:22a Reed Elsevier down 5.3% on warning on education unit
11/17/2005 02:58:02a Zurich Financial profit climbs despite hurricane hit
11/17/2005 02:57:02a Euro up 0.1% at 1.1678
11/17/2005 02:56:52a SES Global 1.1B bid for New Skies rejected WSJ
11/17/2005 02:54:53a Renault plunges on new forecast
11/17/2005 02:49:32a It'll be business as usual among Giants executives
11/17/2005 02:49:22a Connectable Color Tubes, LLC Building Better Teams, Trainers, and Coaches
11/17/2005 02:47:11a Singapore raises GDP forecast after strong Q3
11/17/2005 02:44:53a Saint-Gobain buys BPB for 6.7bn
11/17/2005 02:39:05a Commerzbank to buy mortgage firm
11/17/2005 02:26:32a Rendering Your Brand in 3D
11/17/2005 02:26:22a Nationwide sees flat house prices
11/17/2005 02:26:11a Microsoft tests next Office
11/17/2005 02:26:05a Applied Materials profit, shares drop
11/17/2005 02:25:58a Vivendi Q3 op profit beats forecast
11/17/2005 02:25:52a Kazaa File-Sharing Boss to Face Court
11/17/2005 02:25:48a Yahoo hits 5-yr high on advertising hopes
11/17/2005 02:25:41a Prices up but core inflation tepid
11/17/2005 02:25:32a Designing Brand-Building Stores
11/17/2005 02:25:17a Vodafone Japan boss sees recovery
11/17/2005 02:25:11a UN debut for 100 laptop for poor
11/17/2005 02:25:05a Commerzbank in takeover deal
11/17/2005 02:25:02a Boeing's Reborn 747
11/17/2005 02:24:54a Nationwide sees flat house prices
11/17/2005 02:19:57a Earnings lift European stocks
11/17/2005 02:19:22a Pressure mounts for GM's Rick Wagoner
11/17/2005 02:18:32a Commerzbank in takeover deal
11/17/2005 02:11:09a Phosphorus 'may have killed' in Iraq
11/17/2005 02:09:59a China blames lone agent for copper trades
11/17/2005 02:09:19a Commodity price climbs, BPB deal lift FTSE
11/17/2005 02:08:49a GUS unveils Burberry demerge plans as first-half profits slip
11/17/2005 02:08:29a Tokyo shares close at four-year high
11/17/2005 02:08:19a US keeps control of internet
11/17/2005 02:08:09a Largest corn sweetener maker to go listed overseas
11/17/2005 02:06:29a Virgin rejects dividend leak claims
11/17/2005 02:05:39a Ex-Employee Calls DuPont Negligent
11/17/2005 02:04:59a Sony's Fix for CDs Has Security Problems of Its Own
11/17/2005 02:04:49a Retailers Bring On the Cold; Hold the Snow
11/17/2005 02:04:08a FTSE higher as GUS checks out with Burberry
11/17/2005 02:03:39a THOMSON Thomson New Digital Cable Set-Top Box for German Market
11/17/2005 02:03:19a Crude Oil Prices Dip in Asia
11/17/2005 02:02:59a BPB board agrees to £3.9bn deal with French
11/17/2005 01:51:15a FTSE higher GUS checks out with Burberry
11/17/2005 01:50:56a Senate panel backs Bush's Fed nominee
11/17/2005 01:50:46a Stocks mixed as GM drops to 18-year low, oil futures rise
11/17/2005 01:49:15a Henan's GDP to surpass 123 bln this year
11/17/2005 01:48:56a Commerzbank to buy mortgage firm
11/17/2005 01:46:25a BPB accepts revised 6.7B Saint-Gobain cash offer
11/17/2005 01:42:48a Bush effort to overhaul civil service is fizzling
11/17/2005 01:41:55a Microsoft's MSN TV2 easy to use, a bit pricey
11/17/2005 01:37:35a Renault tumbles on profit warning
11/17/2005 01:37:25a Thailand, Guangdong set higher target for trade
11/17/2005 01:36:15a Two city condo projects eagerly watched
11/17/2005 01:33:55a Dear Judge Please help us
11/17/2005 01:28:35a State pension age 'should rise'
11/17/2005 01:26:02a Man launches share issue to fund Refco buy
11/17/2005 01:25:07a Commerzbank to buy mortgage firm
11/17/2005 01:25:01a M&A moves, miners offset auto decline in Europe
11/17/2005 01:24:57a Brown plans business camps
11/17/2005 01:24:51a Deal set to shake-up TV football
11/17/2005 01:23:50a Retirees Turn to Annuities for Retirement Planning
11/17/2005 01:21:52a Chameleon takes Document Imaging and Content Management to the Next Level
11/17/2005 01:21:10a Brown's business 'boot camps'
11/17/2005 01:19:30a Olympia Steel Buildings Expects Great Things From NASCAR Sponsorship
11/17/2005 01:19:20a American faces graft charges over work in Iraq
11/17/2005 01:19:00a Totally Chocolate Plans New Factory to Meet Growing Customer Demand
11/17/2005 01:18:30a Fiduciary Publication Explores Whether “Manager Beauty Contest Is Responsible Approach for Manager Selection
11/17/2005 01:17:30a Sri Lankan Tamils heed calls for election boycott
11/17/2005 01:14:50a Core Integration Leverages Data Warehousing and BI Expertise
11/17/2005 01:12:19a Turner pensions blueprint to recommend later pension
11/17/2005 01:11:20a Zensah Performance Apparel Develops First Seamless Mock Turtleneck for Winter Sports
11/17/2005 01:09:39a Strong start for European markets
11/17/2005 01:08:29a Drug lab probe forces business closures
11/17/2005 01:08:19a Young UK Entrepreneur who Fled War-Torn Balkans Wins Top Business Award
11/17/2005 01:07:39a VNU chief resigns as it abandons IMS bid
11/17/2005 01:04:49a WorldVentures Co-Founders Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue Are Looking to Revolutionize Online Travel
11/17/2005 01:03:49a New 'Personalized Greeting Cards' Site and Technology Makes for Business Time Saver
11/17/2005 12:59:34a GM shares stumble to 18-year low
11/17/2005 12:57:18a Brown plans business camps
11/17/2005 12:56:56a Dr. Richard Florida Headlines HCI's National Summit
11/17/2005 12:55:49a Most Wonderful Time of Year to Savor and Save on Dining with
11/17/2005 12:53:39a Channel 5 News Interviews California Dentist about Dental Face Lifts
11/17/2005 12:51:39a Europe markets climb despite auto sector losses
11/17/2005 12:50:28a Bush and Cheney hit back at criticism over Iraq
11/17/2005 12:49:08a Deal set to shake-up TV football
11/17/2005 12:43:56a Deal set to shake-up TV football
11/17/2005 12:41:59a Credit Agricole down 0.7% after results
11/17/2005 12:41:29a Kimberly Fowler, Creator of Yoga for Athletes, Signs with Nike
11/17/2005 12:40:59a Saint Gobain up 1.3% after BPB deal
11/17/2005 12:40:49a Societe Generale up 0.2% after results
11/17/2005 12:40:39a Happy Birthday Tenerife Resorts
11/17/2005 12:40:29a R.O.Why! Marketing Adds Space and Staff to Support Demand for Integrated Marketing Services
11/17/2005 12:40:19a Gus up over 2% after results
11/17/2005 12:39:59a Profits up 257%; Driven by Acquisition and Organic Growth
11/17/2005 12:39:49a SODEXHO ALLIANCE SODEXHO ALLIANCE Fiscal 2005 results in line with objectives
11/17/2005 12:39:39a Digital Storage Solutions Joins TAWPIeBidSolutions
11/17/2005 12:38:59a Claycomo plant feeds the need for hybrids
11/17/2005 12:38:39a Reed Elsevier says on track to meet FY revenue, EPS goals
11/17/2005 12:38:29a Old airport land sale is expected
11/17/2005 12:37:39a Young UK Entrepreneur who Fled War-Torn Balkans Wins Top Business Award
11/17/2005 12:36:19a Carmen's Cupones y Consejos and SAMY Salon Systems, Wins Latino Marketing Award
11/17/2005 12:36:09a Make sure your recruitment agency is found by job seekers.
11/17/2005 12:35:49a Interaction Associates names Michael Papanek General Manager, New Channels Division
11/17/2005 12:35:29a VNU climbs 4.4% after cancelling IMS Health deal
11/17/2005 12:35:19a, Super Bowl 40 Has Received Unprecedented Internet Traffic, Announced the Internet Bureau
11/17/2005 12:33:29a Haverstick Consulting Doubles Office Space in Cincinnati
11/17/2005 12:32:29a Pilots Increasingly Realize The Importantance To Train With The Industries Finest Flight Instructors
11/17/2005 12:32:09a Respecting all faiths is essential
11/17/2005 12:31:09a DIMENSION 5 Announces Ad2Hand Wireless Advertising Service
11/17/2005 12:30:59a Triple Net, LLC Announces Disposition of Emerald Plaza, Largest Full-Cycle Securitized TIC Transaction
11/17/2005 12:30:19a Man Group up 2.1% after first-half results, share sale
11/17/2005 12:30:09a Vivendi third-quarter profit down 36%
11/17/2005 12:29:29a French CAC 40 up 0.2% at 4,522
11/17/2005 12:28:38a Six companies bidding for college savings plan
11/17/2005 12:28:29a Announces Free Legal Content Feeds Via RSS and Javascript
11/17/2005 12:27:39a Brown plans business 'boot camps'
11/17/2005 12:26:59a The GCC Group Has Been Awarded ISO 140012004 Environment Management Systems Certification
11/17/2005 12:26:42a Virgin Mobile first-half operating profit, sales rise
11/17/2005 12:26:19a Intellilink Solutions Hosts IT Governance Workshop at ProjectWorld USA 2005
11/17/2005 12:26:17a Zurich posts record 9-month profit
11/17/2005 12:26:10a Impact Direct Helps Call Tracking Service Increase Online Visibility via Search Engine Marketing
11/17/2005 12:26:07a Vivendi op profit beats forecast
11/17/2005 12:25:58a Workers size up area job picture
11/17/2005 12:25:31a GM shares stumble to 18-year low
11/17/2005 12:25:29a Aepona Announces OMA DM Enhancement to its Market Leading Device Management Solution
11/17/2005 12:25:21a Brown plans business summer camps
11/17/2005 12:25:13a BPB accepts bid from French firm
11/17/2005 12:25:10a Europe awaits financials for direction
11/17/2005 12:25:08a State pension age 'should rise'
11/17/2005 12:24:51a Brown's business 'boot camps'
11/17/2005 12:24:38a Zurich Financial 9-mo. net climbs 21%, eyes 1B cost cuts
11/17/2005 12:24:28a Panel debates Sprint spinoff plan
11/17/2005 12:23:58a Corporate Sponsors and Investors Seek African American Business Owners
11/17/2005 12:20:48a Mortgage Lenders Network USA Launches MLN University
11/17/2005 12:20:08a Renault tumbles 7% on profit warning
11/17/2005 12:19:58a Reed Elsevier down 3.4% on education unit difficulties
11/17/2005 12:19:38a Fund management arm of Cazenove to be spun off report
11/17/2005 12:19:28a Hilton Group down 1.2%, betting and gaming profit down
11/17/2005 12:11:19a Indonesia confirms more human deaths from bird flu
11/17/2005 12:10:29a VNU to pursue NYSE listing
11/17/2005 12:10:09a VNU, IMS Health call off merger plans
11/17/2005 12:09:59a Saint Gobain deal values BPB at GBP3.89 billion
11/17/2005 12:09:09a Hilton Group still in hotels sales talks as profit grows
11/17/2005 12:07:49a Open for Business New York and Dallas
11/17/2005 12:07:38a SocGen third-quarter profit jumps 40%
11/17/2005 12:03:18a Awkward times at Lee
11/17/2005 12:02:49a VNU to pay 45M to IMS if VNU acquired in 12 months
11/17/2005 12:01:39a Inflation eases as fuel prices fall from September peak
11/17/2005 12:01:18a Oil, gold prices drive market
11/16/2005 11:57:58p BP's Kwinana refinery resumes operations
11/16/2005 11:57:28p BPB board to recommend the deal
11/16/2005 11:56:38p Galvin charges firm in sale of high-fee annuity
11/16/2005 11:56:28p Gus 3Q profit falls, sets Burberry demerger for Dec. 13
11/16/2005 11:56:08p From Spalding, a ball that rarely needs to be refilled
11/16/2005 11:52:34p BPB accepts bid from French firm
11/16/2005 11:52:28p BPB recommends upped 6.7B offer from Saint Gobain
11/16/2005 11:51:58p VNU caves into pressure, cancels 7B IMS Health deal
11/16/2005 11:51:38p Swiss Businessman Tries to Seize Art in a Dispute With Russia
11/16/2005 11:50:18p State pension age 'should rise'
11/16/2005 11:50:08p VNU to pay IMS 15M for out of pocket costs
11/16/2005 11:49:58p TECHNIP TECHNIP Nine-Month 2005 Results
11/16/2005 11:49:18p VNU to consider restructuring in all areas of company
11/16/2005 11:48:38p VNU to return 1 billion euros to shareholders
11/16/2005 11:48:08p Sharp run-up in plastic raising tab for groceries
11/16/2005 11:47:58p Man to issue GBP125M in shares, first-half profit climbs
11/16/2005 11:47:08p IMS to pay VNU 15M if IMS acquired in 12 months
11/16/2005 11:46:32p Saint Gobain ups offer for BPB to 775p a share
11/16/2005 11:46:08p Real estate climate index down in Oct
11/16/2005 11:39:06p Virgin Mobile rolling ARPU GBP121 vs GBP137
11/16/2005 11:37:36p Virgin Mobile H1 revenue up 7% to GBP275M
11/16/2005 11:36:36p Senate Passes Bill to Require Full Funding of Private Pensions
11/16/2005 11:34:46p Senate Approves Pension Overhaul Plan
11/16/2005 11:33:47p State pension age 'to rise to 67'
11/16/2005 11:32:46p Gus Burberry demerger by way of 'dividend in specie'
11/16/2005 11:26:40p PaperlinX to buy Canada's Cascades
11/16/2005 11:26:28p SES Global bid for New Skies failed WSJ
11/16/2005 11:26:20p Zurich 9-month net up 21 percent
11/16/2005 11:25:28p State pension age 'to rise to 67'
11/16/2005 11:23:35p Businessman held in alleged bribing for Iraq contracts
11/16/2005 11:23:25p Hilton Group 4 mos. to Oct 31 profit up 10%
11/16/2005 11:21:55p Hilton Group still in talks with Hilton Hotels on deal
11/16/2005 11:21:25p Business group Cut state taxes 400 mil
11/16/2005 11:20:45p Gus s/holders to get 305 Burberbry shares for every 1000 Gus
11/16/2005 11:20:25p Gus s/holders to get 859 new Gus shares for every 1000 held
11/16/2005 11:20:15p Lawyers question source of ice-cream poisoning
11/16/2005 11:19:55p Gus Burberry demerger will involve gus shares consolidation
11/16/2005 11:15:25p Hilton Group 4-mo. betting, gaming profit down slightly
11/16/2005 11:14:35p Virgin Mobile H1 op. profit up 27% to GBP45.5M
11/16/2005 11:08:57p S&P Buy Analog Devices
11/16/2005 11:08:47p Fashion with wheels
11/16/2005 11:08:37p David Hendricks National security tech network wants to hear from small firms
11/16/2005 11:08:17p Oracle Keeps on Making Deals
11/16/2005 11:07:07p Nation to limit annual steel output
11/16/2005 11:05:46p Natural gas jumped 14 percent in October
11/16/2005 11:05:27p Silicon Valley's Call Smarten Up, America!
11/16/2005 11:04:46p Corporate insiders take to blogging
11/16/2005 11:03:27p Orchestrating a Revved-Up ROKR
11/16/2005 11:02:37p \"Only 80 Games a Year Will Succeed\"
11/16/2005 11:01:36p Retro Meets High Tech on Xbox 360
11/16/2005 11:01:27p Tokyo's Nikkei ends up 240.92 points at 14,411.79
11/16/2005 11:01:17p 2 firms scuffle on AFcontract
11/16/2005 11:00:46p Sony's Copyright Overreach
11/16/2005 11:00:37p World Savings banking on tax breaks
11/16/2005 10:58:17p Business Briefs T-Mobile to add 850 jobs in Frisco
11/16/2005 10:50:38p Pension reform blueprint leaked
11/16/2005 10:49:54p APEC worries over WTO, pandemic
11/16/2005 10:33:43p Pension reform blueprint leaked
11/16/2005 10:26:46p Longtime Manager Plans to Leave Wenner
11/16/2005 10:26:37p Software courses to be created
11/16/2005 10:26:27p Museum's 'roadshow' proves to be priceless
11/16/2005 10:26:16p Small Business Now, High-Tech Work Is Going Abroad
11/16/2005 10:25:57p New contract OK'd for Boeing West Coast workers
11/16/2005 10:25:37p Petsmart banks on cheap toys
11/16/2005 10:25:17p The meaning of the big uptick in foreign buying
11/16/2005 10:25:07p A Second Chance for Japanese Cellphone Makers
11/16/2005 10:24:57p Wall St. Battles Lethargy as G.M. Hits 14-Year Low
11/16/2005 10:24:46p Accord on Sharing Flu Vaccine Production
11/16/2005 10:24:36p Caution on Earnings
11/16/2005 10:24:16p Boeing Labor Contract
11/16/2005 10:24:07p TS Market Place Inquiry Seen into Firing of Analyst by Wachovia
11/16/2005 10:23:47p VNU Expected to Drop Deal For 6.4 Billion Acquisition
11/16/2005 10:23:26p Grant aids UA project
11/16/2005 10:23:16p Govt outlines regional telecommunications upgrade
11/16/2005 10:23:06p China Approves a Selective Cancer Drug
11/16/2005 10:22:47p Today's Talker
11/16/2005 10:22:37p New Dispute in Technology for Next Generation of DVD's
11/16/2005 10:22:26p Delphi Unions Balk at Plan to Eliminate 18,000 Jobs
11/16/2005 10:22:16p Tyco to Close Plants and May Split the Company
11/16/2005 10:22:06p Phelps Dodge to refocus
11/16/2005 10:21:57p Veto Threat as Senators Approve Pension Bill
11/16/2005 10:21:37p New Snags in Oil Talks by Indonesia And Exxon
11/16/2005 10:21:27p Governor honors Ariz. innovators for progress