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11/07/2005 11:36:31p TiVo and Yahoo launch new service
11/07/2005 11:36:23p Bid talk pushes up Scottish Power
11/07/2005 11:36:15p Bush ends regional tour in Panama
11/07/2005 11:36:09p Reform of pension system demanded
11/07/2005 11:36:02p M&S sees strong rise in profits
11/07/2005 11:33:47p C&W H1 profit GBP125M vs. 239M
11/07/2005 11:33:41p BG Group to return up to GBP1B to shareholders
11/07/2005 11:33:36p AXA 9-month life and savings business rises 8%
11/07/2005 11:33:22p Sovereign shareholder wants NYSE probe
11/07/2005 11:33:19p M&S sees strong rise in profits
11/07/2005 11:33:17p Cable & Wireless H1 sales up 1% at const. curr. to GBP1.48B
11/07/2005 11:33:11p Bird flu kills 42nd victim in Vietnam
11/07/2005 11:32:51p BG Group Q3 adj earnings up 50% at GBP321M
11/07/2005 11:32:46p Sanofi-Aventis Spek holds to Ambien CR switching guidance
11/07/2005 11:32:41p Company under fire won Katrina contracts
11/07/2005 11:32:36p C&W H1 EPS 3.8p vs. 8.3p
11/07/2005 11:32:31p C&W H1 profit from from continuing ops GBP114M vs. 143M
11/07/2005 11:32:26p Yell H1 revenue up 17.6% at GBP711.1M
11/07/2005 11:32:21p BG Group says on track to meet 2006 production target
11/07/2005 11:32:06p Criticizing film could work against Wal-Mart
11/07/2005 11:32:02p BG Q3 EPS up 49% at 9.1P
11/07/2005 11:31:56p Sanofi-Aventis adj. profit climbs 29%, holds 05 forecast
11/07/2005 11:28:15p Bush, Panama near trade deal
11/07/2005 11:22:59p WHO warns pandemic could cost 800B, kill millions
11/07/2005 11:22:14p Euro ministers tell ECB not to hike rates in haste
11/07/2005 11:20:43p Independence Air lands in bankruptcy court
11/07/2005 11:18:58p Coopers buyback matches Lion share offer
11/07/2005 11:18:23p Kyoto to 'reduce Europe's growth'
11/07/2005 11:18:08p Imports, Refineries Help Trim Gas Prices
11/07/2005 11:17:28p Bush ends regional tour in Panama
11/07/2005 11:10:46p Snow meets India business leaders
11/07/2005 11:09:24p Subaru profit up, 700 jobs to go
11/07/2005 10:58:07p Snow meets India business leaders
11/07/2005 10:55:09p Independence Air files for bankruptcy
11/07/2005 10:52:09p Chronicle retains ranking
11/07/2005 10:39:24p Valero refinery probe cooperation pledged
11/07/2005 10:39:19p Gaining Ground
11/07/2005 10:38:59p Abraxas Petroleum reports 47 percent jump in revenue
11/07/2005 10:38:54p Investors to borrow 6B in loans for GMAC commercial
11/07/2005 10:38:29p Newspaper circulation sags a bit across the U.S.
11/07/2005 10:38:24p Business Briefs Google introduces cell phone software
11/07/2005 10:38:19p Commercial real estate is taking off
11/07/2005 10:37:19p Microsoft Updates Business Database Program
11/07/2005 10:37:09p Snow meets India business leaders
11/07/2005 10:36:39p China exports get new limits
11/07/2005 10:36:01p Snow meets India business leaders
11/07/2005 10:35:41p 'Big gaps' remain in trade talks
11/07/2005 10:30:51p China eases rules for investors
11/07/2005 10:30:35p Low-cost Flyi airline files Chapter 11
11/07/2005 10:30:18p 'Big gaps' remain in trade talks
11/07/2005 10:29:25p Proud Bidwill boasts of empire in the sun
11/07/2005 10:28:53p Panel predicts jump in demand for fuels
11/07/2005 10:28:28p Google, Yahoo! push wireless
11/07/2005 10:28:20p Grokster file-sharing service closes
11/07/2005 10:28:15p Frontier considers expansion to Canada
11/07/2005 10:28:00p A Pension Rule, Sometimes Murky, Is Under Pressure
11/07/2005 10:27:45p Creditors take United's side
11/07/2005 10:27:41p Refco says 5 bidders bid to buy its assets
11/07/2005 10:27:36p MARKET PLACE Optimism on Wall Street Over Size of Bonuses
11/07/2005 10:27:23p IBM joins Valley institute in battle against cancer
11/07/2005 10:27:15p Product piracy is growing in China
11/07/2005 10:27:02p Oil prices, technology news boost market
11/07/2005 10:26:57p Merger in jeopardy as Guidant sues J&J
11/07/2005 10:26:30p Unions join to fight Delphi wage cuts
11/07/2005 10:26:25p Grokster to Shut Down Downloading Service
11/07/2005 10:26:15p Tiffany's will bring its glitter to Tucson
11/07/2005 10:26:05p U.S. automakers face tougher road ahead
11/07/2005 10:21:18p Independence Air files for bankruptcy protection
11/07/2005 10:00:15p Oil steady below 60 as mild weather hits demand
11/07/2005 09:59:24p Dr Reddy's to buy Roche unit
11/07/2005 09:57:59p Newspaper Daily Circulation Down 2.6%
11/07/2005 09:53:28p Gunning for Google
11/07/2005 09:50:16p BP may buy equity stake in China Aviation Oil
11/07/2005 09:37:51p MARKET PLACE Optimism on Wall St. Over Size of Bonuses
11/07/2005 09:15:11p CSR half year profits down 15pc
11/07/2005 09:14:56p Sentiment has become too bullish too quickly
11/07/2005 09:14:06p IBM Develops Scratch-off RFID Tags
11/07/2005 09:13:31p Allegiant fund manager likes Getty, Bunge, NII Holdings
11/07/2005 09:12:46p Check your health coverage before traveling
11/07/2005 09:01:12p No Chinese Senior Left Behind
11/07/2005 09:00:32p Is MGM Cutting Sony from the Script?
11/07/2005 09:00:17p France Burns for Its Sins
11/07/2005 08:57:50p US cites 'major irregularities and fraud' in Azerbaijan vote
11/07/2005 08:57:05p Bush ends trade-promotion trip to Latin America
11/07/2005 08:54:24p Ministers may scale back WTO goals
11/07/2005 08:51:49p Finance chiefs warn ECB on rate rise
11/07/2005 08:51:05p Japan stocks fall on profit-taking
11/07/2005 08:42:29p File-sharing Grokster plans to go legit
11/07/2005 08:42:24p VNU Reconsidering Deal
11/07/2005 08:42:19p Tailored, ad-free TV gains ground
11/07/2005 08:42:09p Bonne Bell Eckert, 82, Cosmetics Executive, Is Dead
11/07/2005 08:41:59p Deal Brings an End to NBC-Paxson Feud
11/07/2005 08:41:49p Drop in Auto Sales Helps Cut Borrowing
11/07/2005 08:41:44p Cable's final frontier People who want less
11/07/2005 08:41:39p Hospitals In China Find Profit In AIDS
11/07/2005 08:41:34p Newspaper Daily Circulation Down 2.6%
11/07/2005 08:41:20p The Cost of Insurance
11/07/2005 08:41:14p Advertising The Grandchildren of 'The Golden Girls'
11/07/2005 08:41:09p Yahoo Tightens Control in Europe and Asia
11/07/2005 08:40:29p Addenda The Jolly Green Giant Makes a Comeback
11/07/2005 08:40:24p El Paso Posts Wider Loss
11/07/2005 08:40:04p Stocks Continue Small Gains
11/07/2005 08:39:59p A Magazine for Moms Trying to Stay Stylish After the Baby
11/07/2005 08:39:54p On the Road Fliers Already Peg 2005 as the Year of Gritted Teeth
11/07/2005 08:39:50p Looted Iraqi Relics Slow To Surface
11/07/2005 08:39:44p Junk Haulers to the Rescue
11/07/2005 08:39:29p Time to Open the Kabul Branch?
11/07/2005 08:39:24p In Hong Kong, a Jail Sentence for Online File-Sharing
11/07/2005 08:39:14p Ex-Marsh Chief Gets Reinsurance License
11/07/2005 08:39:08p Stern Is Suspended for Promoting Move
11/07/2005 08:39:04p Guidant Sues Johnson & Johnson for Completion of Merger
11/07/2005 08:38:59p Memo Pad Green Light for Security Card
11/07/2005 08:38:54p Shares Rally on Technology Deals and Declining Oil Prices
11/07/2005 08:38:34p Holiday promotions start cranking up in New York
11/07/2005 08:38:24p India and China Take On the World and Each Other
11/07/2005 08:38:18p Near-Instant Pay Reruns Set for Shows on NBC and CBS
11/07/2005 08:38:14p Critics Press Companies on Internet Rights Issues
11/07/2005 08:38:09p Microsoft Updates Business Database Program
11/07/2005 08:37:59p Legal Pressure Shutters Grokster
11/07/2005 08:37:54p Civil Suit Over Tax Shelter Is Delayed for Criminal Case
11/07/2005 08:37:49p Sounding Off The Embattled Swipe-Card Hotel Key
11/07/2005 08:37:44p Tokyo shares slide on profit taking
11/07/2005 08:37:33p Search Firms Cast Wider Net
11/07/2005 08:37:28p Computer Associates to Reduce Role in Unit
11/07/2005 08:37:23p EEOC Files Harassment Lawsuit Against Fox
11/07/2005 08:24:00p Guidant Sues Johnson & Johnson for Completion of Merger
11/07/2005 08:21:46p Deal Brings an End to NBC-Paxson Feud
11/07/2005 08:12:05p De Beers to reverse apartheid legacy
11/07/2005 08:08:20p US Supreme Court to rule on war on terror tribunals Forbes
11/07/2005 08:02:14p Geac Computer Corp. sold for 1 billion
11/07/2005 07:58:27p Northwest reaches wage cuts deal
11/07/2005 07:53:13p Guidant sues to force Johnson & Johnson to complete takeover
11/07/2005 07:53:01p Riots swoop through France, nearly 300 cities affected
11/07/2005 07:51:46p Asian markets mixed; Nikkei falters
11/07/2005 07:50:58p Owner of Independence Air Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
11/07/2005 07:39:43p Feds Wal-Mart Execs Knew Workers Illegal
11/07/2005 07:39:32p Grokster Calls It Quits on Sharing Music Files
11/07/2005 07:38:50p Hot Off the Shelves
11/07/2005 07:37:56p Two-alarm fire tears through Sherman Heights business
11/07/2005 07:36:55p Owner of Independence Air Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
11/07/2005 07:29:53p El Paso posts wider third-quarter loss
11/07/2005 07:28:23p O'Leary wants four more years as Ryanair profits surge ahead
11/07/2005 07:26:55p Globe one of few to buck down trend
11/07/2005 07:11:53p Outsourcing gets closer to home with CAFTA
11/07/2005 07:05:35p Pharmacists win ban against supermarket chemists
11/07/2005 07:05:20p NAB survey reveals fall in business conditions
11/07/2005 07:05:01p Airlines show interest in taking over Port Augusta route
11/07/2005 07:04:45p Grokster settles suit
11/07/2005 07:04:35p Web tributes honor war dead
11/07/2005 07:02:49p Chemical safety board investigating Delaware refinery deaths
11/07/2005 06:51:31p Business Objects Gathers The Faithful
11/07/2005 06:39:55p A Pension Accounting Rule, Sometimes Murky, Is Under Pressure
11/07/2005 06:37:43p More hotels try to offer what women want Security, luxury
11/07/2005 06:37:39p Australia says it has foiled planned terrorist attack
11/07/2005 06:37:33p Financial sector now stable but needs work
11/07/2005 06:34:44p Microsoft May Buy AOL Stake
11/07/2005 06:30:52p Dollar rallies to a 2-year high vs euro
11/07/2005 06:28:14p Trade ministers dampen down expectations
11/07/2005 06:25:15p Japan stocks rise; dollar lower
11/07/2005 06:21:27p Oil needs £9.7tr investment, says global watchdog
11/07/2005 06:11:47p Nation lifts target for renewable energy use
11/07/2005 06:10:52p New shipping centre opens in Tianjin
11/07/2005 06:03:54p Global impact of bird flu 'will cost 800bn'
11/07/2005 06:03:41p NAB survey reveals fall in business conditions
11/07/2005 06:03:29p Spot gold quoted at 457 in Asia trade
11/07/2005 06:03:24p Cablevision, Teva, MBIA
11/07/2005 06:03:19p Microsoft May Buy AOL Stake
11/07/2005 06:03:14p EEOC Files Harassment Suit Against Fox
11/07/2005 06:02:24p 180 bln to be spent on renewable energy use
11/07/2005 06:02:19p US, China expected to sign textile deal today
11/07/2005 06:02:14p TCL reports losses totaling 140m
11/07/2005 06:02:04p Digimarc Q3 rev 26.8M vs 24.8M
11/07/2005 06:01:49p Ryanair's flight path puts profits into stratosphere
11/07/2005 06:01:29p celebrates Olympics contract
11/07/2005 06:01:09p MG Rover inspector clocks up £12,000 a day
11/07/2005 06:01:04p Digimarc Q3 net loss 21c vs 30c
11/07/2005 06:00:59p Xi'an firm supplies for Boeing freight project
11/07/2005 06:00:34p Olympic race hits licensing hurdle
11/07/2005 06:00:24p Dec. crude trading at 59.53, up 6c from NY close
11/07/2005 06:00:21p Corporate raider now within a whisker of forced bid for Aegis
11/07/2005 05:39:29p Microsoft May Buy AOL Stake
11/07/2005 05:35:32p Grokster halts file-sharing service
11/07/2005 05:34:32p NBC offers shows on demand to DirecTV subscribers
11/07/2005 05:33:57p Grokster File-Sharing Service Shuts Down in Settlement
11/07/2005 05:29:35p Heart group sues J&J to complete 25bn deal
11/07/2005 05:28:51p Dearer summer fares help Ryanair to higher profits
11/07/2005 05:27:20p Independence Air's parent files for US bankruptcy court protection
11/07/2005 05:23:36p For older couples, borrowing to invest is bad idea
11/07/2005 05:17:49p Microsoft launches database, business programs
11/07/2005 05:13:01p Will Golden Pages offering be the first exit for Markstone?
11/07/2005 05:12:46p Alamosa Q3 net earns 1c vs breakeven
11/07/2005 05:12:41p Retail chains in no hurry to raise prices
11/07/2005 05:12:36p Outsourcers Scramble for BPO
11/07/2005 05:12:11p The Bottom Line / A matter of one second
11/07/2005 05:11:46p Mitayel loses NIS 37 million lawsuit against Cellcom
11/07/2005 05:11:31p Bank Leumi workers to shut down most branches today
11/07/2005 05:11:20p Alamosa Q3 rev 349.4M vs 211.4M
11/07/2005 05:10:50p Spot gold quoted at 458.30 in Asia trade
11/07/2005 05:04:54p Bois d'Arc quarterly profit increases despite hurricanes
11/07/2005 05:04:41p D & E Communications, Inc. D&E Communications Reports Third Quarter 2005 Results
11/07/2005 05:04:38p Guidant sues J&J over 25bn deal
11/07/2005 05:04:36p PPG Lake Charles, La. complex operating at 80% capacity
11/07/2005 05:04:28p Nikkei again heading lower
11/07/2005 05:03:23p Will Amazon's plan to sell book pages help publishing?
11/07/2005 05:03:08p Terayon to delay release of 3Q results on accounting review
11/07/2005 05:02:43p Grokster to shut down in piracy case
11/07/2005 05:01:43p Quicksilver Resources Inc. Quicksilver Resources Reports Third Quarter 2005 Financial Results
11/07/2005 05:01:29p Can Nobel winners teach investors to succeed?
11/07/2005 05:01:26p Tanger raises capital for buy of Blackstone interest in j.v.
11/07/2005 05:00:53p Central European Distribution swings to quarterly loss
11/07/2005 05:00:33p Tanger raises capital to buy retail outlets j.v. stake
11/07/2005 04:59:58p Dec. crude trading at 59.43, down 4c from NY close
11/07/2005 04:58:46p Mandelson wants his pound of flesh, says Indian minister
11/07/2005 04:57:42p Northwest reaches wage cuts deal
11/07/2005 04:57:39p Grokster shuts downloading site
11/07/2005 04:48:04p Business booming but BHB under threat
11/07/2005 04:43:06p,1,597130.story?track=mostemailedlink&coll=la-mininav-business&ctrack=1&cset=true
11/07/2005 04:39:18p CORRECT Given Imaging Q3 net earns 6.5c vs breakeven
11/07/2005 04:39:08p U.S. charges firms with blocking oral contraceptive
11/07/2005 04:39:03p Autobytel swings to quarterly loss; revenue falls
11/07/2005 04:38:43p TiVo, Yahoo launch new service
11/07/2005 04:38:33p Crooks turn to online card fraud
11/07/2005 04:38:13p Churchill Downs Q3 net earns 5.30 vs net loss 29c
11/07/2005 04:38:08p Churchill Downs Q3 had 69.9M gain from Hollywood Park sale
11/07/2005 04:38:00p Textile industry backs proposed limits on Chinese imports
11/07/2005 04:37:23p House prices rise as sales fall
11/07/2005 04:37:18p Labor renews push for AWB royal commission
11/07/2005 04:37:12p Disney closes higher on 'Chicken Little' returns
11/07/2005 04:37:08p Terayon to delay release of Q3 results on accounting review
11/07/2005 04:36:53p Autobytel files Q3 Form 10-Q with SEC
11/07/2005 04:36:39p Churchill Downs Q3 rev 112M vs 102.5M
11/07/2005 04:36:32p Autobytel Q3 rev 30.6M vs 32.5M
11/07/2005 04:36:30p TiVo, Yahoo launch new service
11/07/2005 04:36:21p NYSE member's threat charge cut
11/07/2005 04:36:14p Lotto licence competition launch
11/07/2005 04:36:05p Grokster shuts downloading site
11/07/2005 04:36:02p NYSE member's threat charge cut
11/07/2005 04:35:57p Grokster shuts downloading site
11/07/2005 04:35:55p Crooks turn to online card fraud
11/07/2005 04:35:46p House prices rise as sales fall
11/07/2005 04:35:39p Autobytel Q3 net loss 1c vs net earns 7c
11/07/2005 04:35:12p Given Imaging earnings, revenue surge
11/07/2005 04:35:07p Videotron sues Bell ExpressVu for 374.2 million
11/07/2005 04:34:49p Lotto licence competition launch
11/07/2005 04:34:42p Churchill Downs swing to profit on Hollywood Park sale
11/07/2005 04:34:25p Wafer maker prices shares at top
11/07/2005 04:30:41p Icahn looks to boost Fairmont stock
11/07/2005 04:29:25p US says no final China textiles deal yet
11/07/2005 04:28:38p Blair rapped by ambassador and compromises on terror
11/07/2005 04:22:39p Qualcomm, firing back, sues Nokia
11/07/2005 04:17:22p House prices rise but sales fall
11/07/2005 04:13:18p Central European Dist Q3 gross margin 14.6%
11/07/2005 04:13:03p Given Imaging sees 2005 earns 15c-26c
11/07/2005 04:12:58p Bois d'Arc Q3 net earns 21c
11/07/2005 04:12:38p Central European Dist Q3 net loss 11c vs net earns 31c
11/07/2005 04:11:58p Given Imaging sees Q4 rev 21.7M-26.7M
11/07/2005 04:11:38p Given Imaging sees 2005 rev 84M-90M
11/07/2005 04:11:03p Central European Dist still sees '06 EPS of 1.92-2.12
11/07/2005 04:10:48p Central European Dist still sees '06 sales 895M-920M
11/07/2005 04:10:27p Newspaper circulations fade
11/07/2005 04:09:57p Bois d'Arc Q3 rev 43.4M vs 37.4M
11/07/2005 04:09:54p Bois d'Arc Q3 pro forma earns 21c
11/07/2005 04:00:51p Delphi in pay dispute with 4 suppliers
11/07/2005 03:58:43p Aleris to buy certain Ormet assets; deal worth up to 133M
11/07/2005 03:58:36p Mandelson wins trade backing
11/07/2005 03:58:28p France's riot-hit areas face curfews
11/07/2005 03:58:07p Feds say gas prices will keep dropping
11/07/2005 03:57:23p Internet shares top Asian gains
11/07/2005 03:57:13p Consolidated Energy & Technology Group, Inc. Consolidated Energy Announces Funding Agreement
11/07/2005 03:56:52p 2nd Tiffany in Arizona will be in Tucson
11/07/2005 03:55:35p Warning as world faces 17,000bn energy bill
11/07/2005 03:54:50p Guidant sues J&J to force acquisition
11/07/2005 03:45:46p Aleris Ormet 133M buy price subject to accts receivable
11/07/2005 03:45:36p Northwest reaches wage cuts deal
11/07/2005 03:45:26p Stocks End Higher As Oil Prices Decline
11/07/2005 03:45:06p Barr confirms FTC suit related to generic Ovcon-35 license
11/07/2005 03:45:01p Italy's Fiat signs agreement with Ford to collaborate on small cars, companies say
11/07/2005 03:44:56p Florida Power & Light restores service to 95% of customers
11/07/2005 03:44:51p Barr Agreement w/ Warner Chilcott is lawful, competitive
11/07/2005 03:44:36p Barr plans to 'vigorously defend' agreement w/ Warner
11/07/2005 03:44:21p Time Warner Telecom Q3 gross margin 62% vs 59%
11/07/2005 03:44:11p Barr FTC didn't object to agreement w/ Warner in 2004
11/07/2005 03:43:56p BearingPoint sees Sept. notices of deb default w/o merit
11/07/2005 03:43:26p Six Flags says revenue up nearly 10% in quarter
11/07/2005 03:43:23p Oil prices fall more than 1 a barrel on mild U.S. weather
11/07/2005 03:43:08p Time Warner Telecom narrows quarterly loss
11/07/2005 03:42:56p Boyd Coddington/American Hot Rod Discovery Channel's 'American Hot Rod' Welcomes Home USS Nimitz
11/07/2005 03:42:51p Regional markets gain as summit ends
11/07/2005 03:42:21p Northwest pilots, attendants take cuts
11/07/2005 03:42:11p Netease shares fall as profits, sales rise
11/07/2005 03:41:56p BearingPoint sees receiving deb claims as early as Tuesday
11/07/2005 03:41:50p BearingPoint to reject possible debenture claims as invalid
11/07/2005 03:38:26p Firms bid for France's motorways
11/07/2005 03:35:41p Northwest reaches wage cuts deal
11/07/2005 03:30:50p Six Flags third-quarter profit rises
11/07/2005 03:30:40p Stocks rise as oil drops
11/07/2005 03:28:33p CIT Flyi bankruptcy won't hurt results
11/07/2005 03:24:00p Refco gets 5 bids for some operations
11/07/2005 03:21:45p UK drug cleared for severe asthma
11/07/2005 03:20:20p Amerigroup CFO Dunn steps down; Lee to assume duties
11/07/2005 03:20:10p Loews sees closing sale of Carolina Group shares on Nov. 14
11/07/2005 03:19:20p CORRECT Amerigroup Sherri Lee to assume CFO duties
11/07/2005 03:18:34p Hemosol gets non-compliance notice from Nasdaq
11/07/2005 03:18:27p Six Flags Targeting early Dec. to receive final sale bids
11/07/2005 03:18:15p Six Flags sees 2005 adjusted EBITDA 300M
11/07/2005 03:17:45p Cisco seeks new businesses for stronger growth
11/07/2005 03:17:25p Loews to sell 10K shares of Carolina Group stock
11/07/2005 03:17:19p Grokster closes internet music service
11/07/2005 03:16:59p Aleris to acquire certain assets from Ormet
11/07/2005 03:16:49p OSC freezes accounts related to Placer Dome trading
11/07/2005 03:10:47p Amerigroup to seek successor for CFO Dunn
11/07/2005 03:10:42p Amerigroup names Sherri Lee CFO, treasurer
11/07/2005 03:10:17p Six Flags Q3 pro forma earns 83c
11/07/2005 03:10:12p Grokster to stop distributing file-sharing software
11/07/2005 03:10:07p Aetos raises 2.2bn for Japan property investment
11/07/2005 03:09:52p Stocks make oil gains
11/07/2005 03:09:47p Rakuten prepares legal fight on poison pill
11/07/2005 03:09:42p Creative Essay
11/07/2005 03:09:31p Six Flags Q3 rev 559M vs 509M
11/07/2005 03:09:27p Stocks gain on tech news, lower oil
11/07/2005 03:09:11p Six Flags Q3 net earns 1.29 vs 53c
11/07/2005 03:09:06p Chrome brings more bling to cars
11/07/2005 03:08:52p Sotheby's Holdings quarterly loss narrows
11/07/2005 03:08:47p TechTeam Global launches search for successor to CEO Coyro
11/07/2005 03:08:26p Sotheby's Q3 rev 56.4M vs 44.3M
11/07/2005 03:08:16p Sotheby's Q3 net loss 21M vs 28.7M
11/07/2005 03:07:56p Nextel Partners to open total of 60 stores in 2005
11/07/2005 03:07:51p FBL Financial earnings rise 17.8%
11/07/2005 03:07:21p Nextel Partners to open at least 21 more stores in 2005
11/07/2005 03:07:01p Amerigroup CFO Dunn to step down immediately
11/07/2005 03:00:04p Oil drops as mild weather decreases demand
11/07/2005 02:57:58p Natwar Singh relieved ofExternal Affairs portfolio Hindu Business Line
11/07/2005 02:56:51p Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager 2005 Trial Version
11/07/2005 02:50:55p Gas Prices Drop for 5th Straight Week
11/07/2005 02:39:32p Cisco seeks new businesses for stronger growth
11/07/2005 02:39:19p Nova Chemicals Q4 results impacted add'l 10M-15M
11/07/2005 02:39:17p How To Rescue VNU?
11/07/2005 02:39:14p OpenTV quarterly loss narrows; revenue rises
11/07/2005 02:39:12p UK tax crackdown could drive firms away
11/07/2005 02:39:09p Gas Prices Drop for 5th Straight Week
11/07/2005 02:39:05p Andrx Q3 net earns 15c vs 16c
11/07/2005 02:39:00p Qualcomm sues Nokia over 12 patents
11/07/2005 02:38:53p Firms bid for France's motorways
11/07/2005 02:38:32p Andrx Q3 First Call rev est 257M
11/07/2005 02:38:23p Genentech Trial for Lucentis meets primary endpoint
11/07/2005 02:38:15p Fiserv taps H&R Block's Yabuki as CEO; CFO plans to retire
11/07/2005 02:38:01p Netease tops the most-actives list following results
11/07/2005 02:37:54p Northwest inks interim deal with unions
11/07/2005 02:37:27p US states aim to keep estate tax
11/07/2005 02:37:14p EU refuses to budge on farm tariffs
11/07/2005 02:37:12p Microsoft targets server growth
11/07/2005 02:37:07p BASF finds all's fair for patent injunctions
11/07/2005 02:36:59p Andrx Q3 rev 257M vs 272.3M
11/07/2005 02:36:56p Grokster Downloading Service to Shut Down
11/07/2005 02:36:50p FBL Financial Q3 net earns 58c vs 49c
11/07/2005 02:36:43p Anatomy of a bond yield rise
11/07/2005 02:36:27p Block exec leaving to lead Wisconsin firm
11/07/2005 02:36:23p Fewer new buyers can afford a home
11/07/2005 02:36:13p Andrx Q3 First Call earns est 18c
11/07/2005 02:36:03p Andrx quarterly earnings fall 7.9%
11/07/2005 02:35:59p Nova declares force majeure on ethylene, propylene, crude C4
11/07/2005 02:35:53p Nova Chemicals declares force majeure over facility shutdown
11/07/2005 02:35:47p Lower oil and strong tech help Wall Street
11/07/2005 02:35:32p Bush Promotes Expanding Panama Canal
11/07/2005 02:35:27p Dresdner plan to integrate DrKW unit
11/07/2005 02:35:10p Grokster closes illegal music download service
11/07/2005 02:35:07p Cisco seeks new businesses for stronger growth
11/07/2005 02:35:03p KPN rejects takeover speculation
11/07/2005 02:34:53p FBL Financial Q3 rev 187.2M vs 158.3M
11/07/2005 02:34:47p Treasury prices climb, dollar splits
11/07/2005 02:30:45p Ranbaxy eyes scaled-up Tamiflu output
11/07/2005 02:30:37p Pfizer CEO sees Celebrex rebound
11/07/2005 02:30:26p Northwest in temporary deal with 2 unions
11/07/2005 02:30:23p Cisco seeks new businesses for stronger growth
11/07/2005 02:23:08p Northeast Utilities announces exit from competitive businesses
11/07/2005 02:23:06p EnCana plans major oilsands expansion
11/07/2005 02:18:02p Threat charge for NYSE member cut
11/07/2005 02:17:26p Fiserv CFO Kenneth Jensen to retire, effective in July 2006
11/07/2005 02:17:21p OpenTV Q3 First Call loss est 2c
11/07/2005 02:17:16p Innovex Q4 sees Q1 rev 48M-50M
11/07/2005 02:17:11p WD-40 quarterly profit rises 6.4%
11/07/2005 02:17:06p OpenTV Q3 First Call rev est 22M
11/07/2005 02:16:51p Contracts for November 7, 2005
11/07/2005 02:16:36p OpenTV Q3 net loss 3c vs net loss 4c
11/07/2005 02:16:31p The Hurricane Season's Legacy
11/07/2005 02:15:56p ER Urgent Care Centers ER Urgent Care Centers Business Update
11/07/2005 02:15:46p Northwest Air reaches labor agreements with 2 unions
11/07/2005 02:15:31p Innovex Q4 gross margin 8.7% vs 7.5%
11/07/2005 02:15:21p Fiserv names Jeffery Yabuki CEO; CFO Jensen to retire
11/07/2005 02:15:11p Innovex Q4 rev 47.5M vs 37.1M
11/07/2005 02:14:56p Yum Brands China, U.S. to drive 2005-06 growth
11/07/2005 02:14:51p OSC freezes accounts related to Placer Dome options trading
11/07/2005 02:14:41p Roper Industries ups quarterly div 11% to 5.9c
11/07/2005 02:14:26p S&P Cuts Guidant, Ups Ryanair
11/07/2005 02:14:21p Cray Inc. Cray Inc. Announces Conference Call for Third Quarter 2005 Financial Results
11/07/2005 02:13:51p Interest income boosts NovaStar profit
11/07/2005 02:13:46p AmeriCredit unit agrees to buy Bay View unit for 62.5M
11/07/2005 02:13:36p Innovex Q4 net loss 44c vs 12c
11/07/2005 02:13:31p Bear Stearns Cuts Genzyme to Peer Perform
11/07/2005 02:13:21p Telecom indexes decline; Qwest drops
11/07/2005 02:13:16p Tech stocks end up, adding to prior week's sharp rise
11/07/2005 02:13:11p Innovex Q4 pro forma loss 11c
11/07/2005 02:13:06p Oil price fall boosts US market
11/07/2005 02:13:01p CORRECT H&R Block COO Yabuki to leave, named Fiserv CEO
11/07/2005 02:12:56p Stocks gain on falling oil prices
11/07/2005 02:12:41p Late rally in New York
11/07/2005 02:12:30p Innovex quarterly loss widens; rev rises
11/07/2005 02:12:26p U.S. stocks close higher; lower yields, oil prices help
11/07/2005 02:12:10p OpenTV Q3 rev 19.5M vs 16.6M
11/07/2005 02:11:45p Cisco, Dell Top the Week's News
11/07/2005 02:11:40p Oil's retreat makes way for airlines' advance
11/07/2005 02:05:55p Grokster Downloading Shuts Down
11/07/2005 02:05:44p Bird flu Backlash for food firms?
11/07/2005 02:05:34p You've Got Pluck
11/07/2005 02:05:10p Delphi Unions Fight Wage, Benefits Cuts Plans
11/07/2005 02:04:24p J&J subpoenaed over Omnicare dealings
11/07/2005 02:04:09p Firms bid for France's motorways
11/07/2005 02:03:54p Threat charge for NYSE member cut
11/07/2005 01:54:30p Guidant pressures J&J to finish takeover
11/07/2005 01:53:01p Update 6 Oil Prices Fall More Than 1 Per Barrel
11/07/2005 01:51:30p Another Choice for Elderly Charity or Medicare?
11/07/2005 01:51:25p Business Objects to Join Eclipse Foundation
11/07/2005 01:47:47p Consumer credit shows slight drop in September
11/07/2005 01:47:42p shrs trade at 71.07 after hours vs 79.06
11/07/2005 01:47:37p Guidant Sues Johnson to Force Buyout
11/07/2005 01:47:27p Web Sm@rt
11/07/2005 01:47:18p Alpharma swings to quarterly profit; revenue surges
11/07/2005 01:47:16p Visteon rallies ahead of financial results
11/07/2005 01:47:13p Grokster Settles Up, Closes Down
11/07/2005 01:47:08p Amex Airline Index ends higher, led by AMR Corp.
11/07/2005 01:47:05p Blair offers 11th-hour deal on terror bill
11/07/2005 01:47:01p HouseValues, Inc. HouseValues Third Quarter Revenue Increases 82 Percent
11/07/2005 01:46:58p NovaStar profit rises 52% as net interest income jumps
11/07/2005 01:46:56p Feds Park Internet Car Scam
11/07/2005 01:46:54p Netease profit, sales rise
11/07/2005 01:46:21p MortgageIT Holdings Q3 adj earns 36c
11/07/2005 01:46:17p Worksoft Worksoft Announces Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
11/07/2005 01:46:07p Q3 First Call earns est 91c
11/07/2005 01:46:01p Burma relocates ministries to remote compound
11/07/2005 01:45:56p Q3 net earns per ADS 89c vs 40c
11/07/2005 01:45:41p Metals indexes barely budge for the session
11/07/2005 01:45:37p MortgageIT Holdings Q3 rev 84M vs restated 22.6M
11/07/2005 01:45:31p The Myth of the Level Playing Field in E-Commerce
11/07/2005 01:45:16p Retail stocks hold modest gains at close
11/07/2005 01:45:12p Loan growth boosts NovaStar earnings
11/07/2005 01:45:01p Canary Resources Canary Resources Announces Senior Management Appointments
11/07/2005 01:44:56p CORRECT WD-40 sees '06 EPS of 1.47-1.64
11/07/2005 01:44:46p MortgageIT Holdings swings to quarterly profit
11/07/2005 01:44:35p Alpharma Q3 First Call rev est 339M
11/07/2005 01:44:30p WD-40 sees '06 rev of 288M-299M
11/07/2005 01:43:56p Alpharma Q3 First Call earns est 13c
11/07/2005 01:43:51p MortgageIT Holdings Q3 net earns 30c vs net loss 93c
11/07/2005 01:43:41p Dow Ends Up 55, Nasdaq Closes Up 9
11/07/2005 01:43:26p CA Divests Open Source Ingres
11/07/2005 01:43:22p Tech stocks close slightly higher overall, yet Apple slips
11/07/2005 01:43:17p Grokster closes file-sharing service
11/07/2005 01:43:12p Stocks hang on to gains
11/07/2005 01:43:01p Take-Two acquires Firaxis Games; terms not disclosed
11/07/2005 01:42:41p Yahoo Turns TiVo Programmer
11/07/2005 01:42:36p Oil stocks see pressure at the close
11/07/2005 01:42:31p U.S. stocks close higher; lower yields, crude helpful
11/07/2005 01:37:43p Nokia sued over patents
11/07/2005 01:37:35p Threat charge for NYSE member cut
11/07/2005 01:34:27p Business Objects to Join Eclipse Foundation
11/07/2005 01:29:32p Republicans propose business tax credit to help with fuel costs
11/07/2005 01:25:36p Business Objects to Join Eclipse Foundation /.
11/07/2005 01:22:16p Business Objects to Join Eclipse Foundation
11/07/2005 01:22:12p Guidant sues J&J over 25bn deal
11/07/2005 01:18:41p BMC Promises Unified Business Process Integration
11/07/2005 01:12:01p U.S. retail gasoline prices fall 10.4 cents to 2.424 DOE
11/07/2005 01:11:51p U.S. retail gasoline prices fall to 3-month low
11/07/2005 01:11:46p Harrah's, Starwood to build Bahamas casino resort
11/07/2005 01:11:31p Nokia sued over patents
11/07/2005 01:11:26p Consumer Credit Declines in September
11/07/2005 01:11:21p Treasurys end higher; solid auction demand expected
11/07/2005 01:11:16p Dow Industrials Prelim Close 10,585, up 55 points
11/07/2005 01:11:01p Nasdaq Composite Prelim Close 2,178, up 9 points
11/07/2005 01:10:51p Consumer Credit Drops Unexpectedly
11/07/2005 01:10:41p Newspaper Circulation Slides 2.6 Percent
11/07/2005 01:10:21p FTC files anticompetition suit vs oral contraceptive makers
11/07/2005 01:10:16p Four questions for Big Oil
11/07/2005 01:10:06p Sidoti sets Providence Service Corp price target at 35
11/07/2005 01:09:51p Pressure on Trichet over interest rates
11/07/2005 01:09:31p U.S. consumer credit flat in September
11/07/2005 01:08:51p Natural gas ends at one-week high, up 4%; oil under 60
11/07/2005 01:08:36p Netease, Midway Games shares could activate late
11/07/2005 01:08:25p Bar Labs, Warner Chilcott named in FTC suit
11/07/2005 01:07:51p Bonne Bell Cosmetics Namesake Dies At 82
11/07/2005 01:07:41p Russell 2000 Prelim Close 661, up 3 points
11/07/2005 01:07:35p S&P 500 Prelim Close 1,223, up 3 points
11/07/2005 01:07:26p Businesses' oil price fears ease survey
11/07/2005 01:07:20p Providence Service raised to buy by Sidoti & Co
11/07/2005 01:07:16p CP Ships chairman Rich resigns; to hold vote Dec 14
11/07/2005 01:07:11p Qualcomm files patent infringement suit against Nokia
11/07/2005 01:07:05p Burma moving ministries to remote compound
11/07/2005 01:01:24p Business Objects to Join Eclipse Foundation
11/07/2005 12:58:53p Draft declaration essential for talks
11/07/2005 12:58:17p NYMEX oil ends down more than 1 on warm weather
11/07/2005 12:56:37p Nokia to contest Qualcomm patent lawsuit
11/07/2005 12:53:53p Newspaper circulation falls 2.6 percent
11/07/2005 12:46:50p RIAA win Grokster to end file sharing
11/07/2005 12:46:45p Parks Associates Music Videos Rocking the Market for Portable Video Downloads
11/07/2005 12:46:30p YouTube YouTube Receives 3.5M in Funding From Sequoia Capital
11/07/2005 12:46:25p 2-year Treasury finishes +1/32 at 99 19/32, 4.47% yield
11/07/2005 12:46:15p 10-year Treasury finishes +6/32 at 96 30/32, 4.64% yield
11/07/2005 12:45:50p El Paso 3rd-Quarter Loss Widens to 321M
11/07/2005 12:45:45p CP Ships shareholders to vote on TUI AG deal Dec. 14
11/07/2005 12:45:30p CP Ships Chairman Nigel Rich resigns
11/07/2005 12:45:20p Grokster to stop distributing file-sharing service
11/07/2005 12:45:15p DirecTV to Offer NBC Shows for 99 Cents
11/07/2005 12:45:10p Nasdaq most active stocks MSFT INTC CSCO JDSU SUNW
11/07/2005 12:45:05p Stocks get second wind
11/07/2005 12:45:00p Dow, Nasdaq Advance on Lower Oil Prices
11/07/2005 12:44:45p Treasurys end higher ahead of auctions
11/07/2005 12:44:05p acquires
11/07/2005 12:43:55p Grokster to close service in settlement over piracy -
11/07/2005 12:43:30p Firm that pitched Bayou facing questions
11/07/2005 12:43:20p Fed U.S. Mortgage Loan Demand Down
11/07/2005 12:43:05p CP Ships quarterly profit surges
11/07/2005 12:42:55p Grokster Shuts Down File-Trading Service
11/07/2005 12:42:40p Nokia Qualcomm has yet to engage in licensing talks
11/07/2005 12:42:14p U.S. Sept. consumer credit unchanged
11/07/2005 12:41:54p Deutsche Boerse AG quarterly rev rises 20%
11/07/2005 12:41:34p CP Ships names Michael Berendt chairman
11/07/2005 12:41:15p NASDAQ Freedom Calls Foundation Director to Ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Closing Bell
11/07/2005 12:41:09p UMB veterans join National Bank
11/07/2005 12:40:59p Generation Y arrives at work with a new attitude
11/07/2005 12:40:50p CP Ships to hold special shareholders meeting Dec. 14
11/07/2005 12:40:44p Deutsche Borse AG Q3 sales rev 417.8M euros
11/07/2005 12:40:04p China orders bosses down mines
11/07/2005 12:39:57p State's Muslim job quota quashed
11/07/2005 12:33:23p Businesses' oil price fears ease survey
11/07/2005 12:31:05p Decline in mortgage loan demand Fed
11/07/2005 12:30:57p Stocks gain as oil drops
11/07/2005 12:30:53p Former KPMG partner pleads not guilty
11/07/2005 12:30:42p Consumer credit dips unexpectedly
11/07/2005 12:29:19p Business Objects to add open source
11/07/2005 12:23:32p Yahoo to buy stakes in some Web portals
11/07/2005 12:19:44p The roaming revolution will be televised
11/07/2005 12:19:21p Rising trend stocks
11/07/2005 12:19:10p Lawmakers seek clarity on Wal-Mart bank issue
11/07/2005 12:19:07p Dec crude falls 1.11, or 1.8%, to end at 59.47/brl
11/07/2005 12:19:04p Online rivals turn the page for Knight-Ridder
11/07/2005 12:18:59p Nokia says Qualcomm patents haven't been verified
11/07/2005 12:18:48p U.S. stocks rally after crude drops below 59/barrel
11/07/2005 12:18:29p Wedbush lifts Blue Coat Systems price target to 45
11/07/2005 12:18:09p Microsoft launches database, business programs
11/07/2005 12:17:59p Aladdin Knowledge started at buy by Janney Montgomery
11/07/2005 12:17:34p CP Ships Q3 basic earns 61c vs 34c
11/07/2005 12:17:29p CP Ships Q3 rev 1.08B vs 966M
11/07/2005 12:17:09p Dec natural gas up 4% to close at 11.873/mln BTUs
11/07/2005 12:16:36p Natural gas taps two-month low, then ends at one-week high
11/07/2005 12:16:14p Richard Tomkins Why Prada is for chavs
11/07/2005 12:16:01p Dec natural gas bounces from 2-mo low to end at 1-wk high
11/07/2005 12:15:34p Hunt for a system that pays the scribe
11/07/2005 12:15:19p Vasco Data Security started at neutral by Janney Montgomery
11/07/2005 12:15:14p Analysts say FLYi filing to benefit East Coast rivals
11/07/2005 12:14:59p Dec crude closes at lowest level since July 21
11/07/2005 12:14:34p CBS, Comcast in video-on-demand pact
11/07/2005 12:13:49p In search of the elusive world car
11/07/2005 12:07:59p China orders bosses down mines
11/07/2005 12:07:14p Newspaper circulation continues to fall
11/07/2005 12:06:25p acquire
11/07/2005 12:05:24p No progress for EU budget talks
11/07/2005 12:05:19p State's Muslim job quota quashed
11/07/2005 12:02:49p Bud ventures away from beer
11/07/2005 11:57:13a Guidant sues J&J to complete takeover
11/07/2005 11:51:58a Qualcomm files patent suit against Nokia
11/07/2005 11:51:06a Supreme Court to rule on Guantánamo trials
11/07/2005 11:50:36a China culls 6m birds to fight virus
11/07/2005 11:50:26a Failure to agree on EU budget blamed on Britain
11/07/2005 11:50:11a Nord Oil International Inc. Nord Oil Nominates New Board Member
11/07/2005 11:50:06a EaglePicher Incorporated EaglePicher Obtains Commitments for Debtor-in-Possession Financing
11/07/2005 11:49:31a Peruvians push for Chile to hand over Fujimori
11/07/2005 11:48:55a French PM announces measures to quell riots
11/07/2005 11:48:36a Regulators open probe into battery cables of Volvo SUV
11/07/2005 11:42:02a Law makers seek clarity on Wal-Mart bank issue
11/07/2005 11:41:57a Nasdaq Composite up 10 pts at 2,179
11/07/2005 11:41:47a U.S. banks ease loan terms in past three months
11/07/2005 11:41:32a Lawsuits SHut Down Grokster
11/07/2005 11:41:17a Nasdaq most active stocks MSFT INTC JDSU CSCO SUNW
11/07/2005 11:41:13a Nasdaq Composite reaches highest level since Sept. 13
11/07/2005 11:41:05a Gold futures rebound to close above 460
11/07/2005 11:40:57a Grokster Downloading Service Shuts Down
11/07/2005 11:40:16a Europe ADRs trail Wall Street as oil shares take a dive
11/07/2005 11:40:04a NYSE advancers outnumber decliners 9 to 7
11/07/2005 11:40:02a Republic Air Oct. traffic rises 40.7%; load factor 68%
11/07/2005 11:39:57a U.S. stocks extend gains in afternoon; Nasdaq at 2-mth high
11/07/2005 11:39:54a Dow industrials advancers outnumber decliners 25 to 5
11/07/2005 11:39:47a EU warning for euro hopefuls
11/07/2005 11:39:45a Nasdaq gainers outnumber losers 16 to 13
11/07/2005 11:39:40a Guidant sues J&J over 25bn deal
11/07/2005 11:39:33a Richardson Electronics buys Image Systems; terms undisclosed
11/07/2005 11:39:30a Dow industrials up 51 pts at 10,582
11/07/2005 11:39:25a Frontier Air Oct. traffic, capacity rise; load factor falls
11/07/2005 11:38:51a Harrah's, Starwood to Build 1.6 Billion Caribbean Resort
11/07/2005 11:38:37a Orange-juice futures set new 7-year high
11/07/2005 11:38:22a Crooks turn to online card fraud
11/07/2005 11:37:54a Guidant sues J&J over 25bn deal
11/07/2005 11:37:51a Downloading service Grokster shuts down in settlement
11/07/2005 11:30:36a Stocks rise as oil falls on mild weather
11/07/2005 11:30:23a US newspaper circulation drops study
11/07/2005 11:30:15a Refco bids likely around 1 billion
11/07/2005 11:28:43a The Economics Fueling the French Riots
11/07/2005 11:27:10a Stocks move higher as oil prices ease
11/07/2005 11:26:37a Suspect package clears businesses/home
11/07/2005 11:26:25a Microsoft 'set to take AOL stake'
11/07/2005 11:23:12a Microsoft gets down to business
11/07/2005 11:17:55a Microsoft gets down to business
11/07/2005 11:17:07a U.S. stocks rise after crude drops below 59/barrel
11/07/2005 11:16:37a Dec gold closes at 460.40/oz, up 2.50 for the day
11/07/2005 11:16:32a Munich Re boosts offshore premiums by 400%
11/07/2005 11:16:07a Richardson Electronics acquires Image Systems, a unit of CSI
11/07/2005 11:15:57a U.S. banks eased loan terms in past 3 months
11/07/2005 11:15:52a Gold futures close above 460 an ounce
11/07/2005 11:15:48a Dec gold recovers most of Friday's loss
11/07/2005 11:15:07a Harrah's shares up 64c at 63.96
11/07/2005 11:14:57a NBC, DirecTV in on-demand pact
11/07/2005 11:14:22a Starwood shares up 1c at 58.60
11/07/2005 11:14:17a Dec natural gas turns higher, up 2% at 11.65/mln BTUs
11/07/2005 11:14:07a Natural-gas prices turn higher in late trading
11/07/2005 11:13:57a Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin, Inc. Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin Announces Second Quarter Earnings
11/07/2005 11:13:42a MHz Networks Press Conference Highlights Hablemos de Salud's Landmark 10th Anniversary
11/07/2005 11:13:36a Cong seeks Volcker details from UN chief
11/07/2005 11:12:56a Keyword ad pricing slips
11/07/2005 11:12:47a Barclays in £5bn corporate loan sales
11/07/2005 11:12:26a Gov't Probes Battery Cables in Volvo SUVs
11/07/2005 11:12:19a Alcan says it doesn't expect Novelis review to affect co.
11/07/2005 11:11:56a U.S. banks eased loan terms in last 3 months
11/07/2005 11:11:36a Uncertain road ahead for Delphi
11/07/2005 11:11:26a Raytheon adopts policy for majority voting for board members
11/07/2005 11:11:23a Terms of Richardson Electronics acquisition undisclosed
11/07/2005 11:05:08a Intrawest earnings up on land sale
11/07/2005 11:05:03a Fliers' discontent with airlines soars
11/07/2005 11:03:53a Guidant sues J&J over 25bn deal
11/07/2005 11:03:08a Bids for Bankrupt Refco Likely Around 1 Billion
11/07/2005 11:02:43a Stocks Move Higher As Oil Prices Ease
11/07/2005 11:02:23a Telus, union reach 2nd tentative deal
11/07/2005 11:01:52a EnCana plans major oilsands expansion
11/07/2005 11:01:33a Movies inspire children to smoke, study says
11/07/2005 11:01:03a Geac shares spike on U.S. takeover offer
11/07/2005 11:00:53a Stocks mostly higher on drop in oil
11/07/2005 11:00:37a Industrial Alliance beats CI bid for Clarington
11/07/2005 10:56:18a Six unions unite to fight Delphi Corp.
11/07/2005 10:53:18a Stocks rise as oil drops; J&J curbs gains
11/07/2005 10:52:33a Update 5 US, EU Trade Chiefs Hold Global Talks
11/07/2005 10:48:02a VAT plan angers German business
11/07/2005 10:47:52a The Economics Fueling the French Riots
11/07/2005 10:47:47a Sentencing for ex-Prudential Securities broker pushed back
11/07/2005 10:47:42a General Dynamics unit wins 69M Army Stryker contract
11/07/2005 10:47:37a Maine & Maritimes Corporation Maine & Maritimes Corporation 3rd Quarter Earnings Web Cast
11/07/2005 10:47:32a Indian minister sacked over Iraq allegations
11/07/2005 10:47:27a Stocks higher as oil slides below 59
11/07/2005 10:47:22a Pilgrim's Pride Quarterly Net Income Drops
11/07/2005 10:47:17a Net losses widen for Abraxas
11/07/2005 10:47:12a ConocoPhillips shares down 85c at 65.40
11/07/2005 10:47:07a Guidant Sues J& J to Force Completion of Buyout
11/07/2005 10:47:02a Dec gold taps high of 460.20/oz in late NY trading
11/07/2005 10:46:57a Moody's ups ConocoPhillips debt ratings; outlook is stable
11/07/2005 10:46:52a Dell shares down 13c at 29.62
11/07/2005 10:46:47a Skyway Software ROI Calculator Puts a Dollar Value on SOA
11/07/2005 10:46:42a Sneaking Ads Into Games
11/07/2005 10:46:37a Fitch revises Dell outlook to 'stable' from 'positive'
11/07/2005 10:46:32a Bondi Likely to Be Elected Parmalat CEO
11/07/2005 10:46:27a General Dynamics awarded 69M Stryker contract
11/07/2005 10:46:22a Panama enthusiastic over trade deal with U.S.
11/07/2005 10:46:18a First leveraged loan CDS transaction
11/07/2005 10:46:12a Coming boom in cancer drugs.
11/07/2005 10:46:07a Intrawest posts quarterly profit, hikes dividend
11/07/2005 10:45:57a Storytime Audio LLC Children's Stories Now Available for 99 Cent Downloads
11/07/2005 10:45:52a Calculating A Bird Flu Pandemic
11/07/2005 10:45:47a El Paso posts wider quarterly loss, shares slide
11/07/2005 10:45:42a FTSE 250 hits record high
11/07/2005 10:45:37a Bonds stage a modest recovery
11/07/2005 10:45:32a Break fee a sticking point for VNU offer
11/07/2005 10:45:27a Bush Talks Trade in FTAA-Friendly Panama
11/07/2005 10:45:22a StreetTalk With Bob Lenzner
11/07/2005 10:45:17a Feathers ruffle at Pilgrim's Pride
11/07/2005 10:45:12a Moody's upgrades ConocoPhillips debt ratings
11/07/2005 10:45:07a Novelis to delay 3Q results, hire advisers for review
11/07/2005 10:45:02a CORRECT Gazprom's search for U.S. pipeline, terminals
11/07/2005 10:44:57a Tag Wars
11/07/2005 10:44:52a Moody's upgrades ConocoPhillips debt to 'A1' from 'A3'
11/07/2005 10:44:47a Harrah's, Starwood, Baha j.v. to develop resort in Bahamas
11/07/2005 10:44:37a Microsoft launches updated developer tools, server software
11/07/2005 10:44:33a Moody's rating outlook ConocoPhillips is stable
11/07/2005 10:44:28a Jail Time Over P2P Crime
11/07/2005 10:44:22a Personal Finance Daily - Nov. 7
11/07/2005 10:44:17a Report World Energy Demand to Rise 50% by 2030
11/07/2005 10:44:12a Harrah's, Starwood, Baha Mar Resort plan 1.6B joint venture
11/07/2005 10:44:07a Boomers warm up to communities with age restrictions
11/07/2005 10:44:02a European bourses higher on utility M&A talk
11/07/2005 10:43:57a Fitch revises Dell rating outlook to 'stable'
11/07/2005 10:30:44a Delphi unions to fight cost-cut plan
11/07/2005 10:30:36a Stocks rise as oil drops; J&J curbs gains
11/07/2005 10:23:58a MIDDAY BUSINESS REPORT Crown Media cuts its losses
11/07/2005 10:23:13a US stocks set to open higher, oil prices dip
11/07/2005 10:19:32a Wired Top Stories Jail Time Over P2P Crime
11/07/2005 10:19:29a Wired Top Stories Sneaking Ads Into Games
11/07/2005 10:18:35a Shanghai on guard against bird flu
11/07/2005 10:05:01a OSBC proves open source and business go together NewsForge
11/07/2005 09:59:55a UPDATE 1-US OKs generic AIDS drug for children's use abroad
11/07/2005 09:58:24a Microsoft leads chase for AOL stake
11/07/2005 09:51:40a NYMEX oil falls below 60 amid mild Northeast weather
11/07/2005 09:42:17a TiVo and Yahoo launch new service
11/07/2005 09:42:09a Microsoft 'set to take AOL stake'
11/07/2005 09:42:00a Greenhouse gas 'to rise by 52%'
11/07/2005 09:40:45a Guidant Sues J&J To Force Buyout
11/07/2005 09:40:07a CNET Business Objects to add open-source products
11/07/2005 09:39:06a St. Tammany warns businesses to take down temporary signs
11/07/2005 09:38:01a Business Objects to add open-source products
11/07/2005 09:31:00a Stocks little changed; J&J falls
11/07/2005 09:30:52a VNU, IMS Health in talks to end deal
11/07/2005 09:30:44a Guidant sues J&J to complete takeover
11/07/2005 09:28:13a Microsoft 'set to take AOL stake'
11/07/2005 09:27:33a TiVo and Yahoo offer new service
11/07/2005 09:16:51a Business Objects to add open-source products
11/07/2005 09:12:36a Qualcomm sues Nokia on patents
11/07/2005 09:09:40a 'Chicken' results shine; Pixar declines
11/07/2005 09:09:32a Scottish Power climbs on bid hopes; FTSE ends higher
11/07/2005 09:08:00a Symantec Symantec CEO to Keynote at Goldman Sachs Conference
11/07/2005 09:07:05a Oil tumbles back near 59
11/07/2005 09:07:00a FTSE 100 up 37 points, or 0.7%, at 5,460
11/07/2005 09:06:55a Tech stocks idle after prior week's sharp rise
11/07/2005 09:06:45a German DAX 30 up 0.6%, or 29 points, at 5,024
11/07/2005 09:06:29a Running out of steam
11/07/2005 09:06:16a Top B2B Firms Embrace Customer Reference Forum in Boston
11/07/2005 09:06:00a Dec gold up 60c at 458.50/oz after 457.30 low
11/07/2005 09:05:49a French CAC 40 up 0.1%, or 5 points, at 4,503
11/07/2005 09:05:35a Thomson Scientific & Healthcare group acquires NexCura
11/07/2005 09:05:29a Yahoo, TiVo team up to blend TV, Web services
11/07/2005 09:05:19a Charges Over 1.16 Tax Bill Dropped
11/07/2005 09:05:00a Mercedes Car Group Oct. Sales Up 1.3 Percent
11/07/2005 09:04:17a Europe closes higher on deal talk, oil price decline
11/07/2005 09:04:04a Terms of Thomson group's NexCura buy undisclosed
11/07/2005 09:03:46a Business Objects to add open-source products
11/07/2005 09:02:54a DigitalGrit relevantNOISE Mines Blogs for Business Intelligence
11/07/2005 08:57:33a Ryanair shares fall despite record profits
11/07/2005 08:53:44a Mandelson wins backing on tariff cuts
11/07/2005 08:50:58a Microsoft launches database, business programs
11/07/2005 08:44:21a Stanton, Walker & Company Assists with Major M & A Activity
11/07/2005 08:44:01a Goldman sees positives aligning for RenaissanceRe
11/07/2005 08:43:56a Oil Prices Slump on Mild U.S. Weather
11/07/2005 08:43:51a Refco Gets 5 Bids for Some Operations
11/07/2005 08:43:26a Diodes board OKs 3-for-2 stock split payable as of Nov. 18
11/07/2005 08:43:21a Newspaper Circulation Slips 2.6 Percent
11/07/2005 08:43:16a Independence Air parent files for bankruptcy
11/07/2005 08:43:11a NYSE most active stocks PFE LU CHK GDT XOM
11/07/2005 08:43:01a Yum's China October Sales Miss Mark on Bird Flu Fears
11/07/2005 08:42:51a Blair acts to avoid Commons defeat on terror laws
11/07/2005 08:42:42a U.S. stocks flatten; Guidant-J&J deal in focus
11/07/2005 08:42:36a Unions Form Group to Fight Delphi Pay Cuts
11/07/2005 08:42:31a Ryan's Restaurant Oct. same-store sales up 1.4%
11/07/2005 08:42:26a Dec natural gas down 2.8% at 11.10 after 2-mo low of 11.03
11/07/2005 08:42:16a Guidant sales drop 14% as recalls take a toll
11/07/2005 08:42:06a Guidant Sues Johnson to Force Completion of 25.4 Billion Buyout
11/07/2005 08:41:56a PetMed Express cut to neutral by Sidoti & Co
11/07/2005 08:41:51a Stocks mixed despite easing oil costs
11/07/2005 08:41:41a Ryan's Restaurant Oct. total sales up 2.1%
11/07/2005 08:41:31a Guidant Sues J &J Over Deal
11/07/2005 08:41:21a Stocks Move Lower As Oil Slides Below 60
11/07/2005 08:41:11a Ryan's Restaurant shares up 33c at 11.29
11/07/2005 08:41:06a BearingPoint wins contract valued up to 21M w/ Air Force
11/07/2005 08:41:01a Fidelity launches Advisor muni bond fund
11/07/2005 08:40:56a Newspaper Circulation Falls 2.6 Percent
11/07/2005 08:40:41a Sidoti sets PetMed Express price target at 15
11/07/2005 08:40:36a Digicel Digicel, Ericsson Building First-Rate GSM Network in Haiti
11/07/2005 08:40:31a Dec crude falls 1.63 to 58.96/brl, lowest since Wednesday
11/07/2005 08:40:16a Harrah's, El Paso, TXU, U.S. Concrete, ViroPharma, more
11/07/2005 08:39:51a Oil and gas producer, surgery device maker to test Nasdaq
11/07/2005 08:39:46a Google up 1.8% at 397.33
11/07/2005 08:39:41a Nasdaq most active stocks INTC MSFT CSCO JDSU SIRI
11/07/2005 08:39:13a Indian foreign minister removed
11/07/2005 08:39:05a Qualcomm sues Nokia over patents
11/07/2005 08:38:19a Yahoo And TiVo To Blend Web And TV
11/07/2005 08:38:11a Popular Minivans Flunk Crash Test
11/07/2005 08:35:28a Microsoft launches database, business programs
11/07/2005 08:32:39a Alaron bids for Refco group
11/07/2005 08:32:32a Independence Air files for bankruptcy
11/07/2005 08:32:24a U.S. stocks little changed; J&J falls
11/07/2005 08:30:30a Qualcomm sues Nokia over patents
11/07/2005 08:24:15a BearingPoint wins 21M Air Force contract
11/07/2005 08:23:50a Wellton Way Microsoft Accused of Predatory Pricing by Wellton Way
11/07/2005 08:22:58a France repeats Mandelson veto threat
11/07/2005 08:22:45a Disney rises on 'Chicken' returns; Pixar declines
11/07/2005 08:21:45a Newspaper circulation falls 2.6%
11/07/2005 08:21:25a Dow Jones Industrials Average 8 points higher at 10,538
11/07/2005 08:21:00a Taser to offer built-in cameras for monitoring use
11/07/2005 08:20:55a Guidant sues Johnson & Johnson over merger
11/07/2005 08:19:50a Fidelity launches muni income fund avail. through advisers
11/07/2005 08:19:45a BearingPoint Up to 21M Air Force contract for training
11/07/2005 08:19:40a Nasdaq Composite up 1.50 points at 2,170
11/07/2005 08:19:10a Drug stocks mixed as J&J merger heads to court
11/07/2005 08:13:02a Indian foreign minister removed
11/07/2005 08:12:27a Diodes to pay dividend Nov. 30
11/07/2005 08:12:12a AirWave Wendy's Selects Wi-Fi Security Solution From AirWave Wireless and Juniper Networks
11/07/2005 08:12:02a El Paso Corp. posts wider loss on derivatives
11/07/2005 08:11:57a J&J says it will vigorously oppose Guidant lawsuit
11/07/2005 08:11:42a Guidant sues J&J, says SEC investigating
11/07/2005 08:11:37a French riots haven't hit bookings so far
11/07/2005 08:11:27a Yahoo And TiVo To Blend Web And TV
11/07/2005 08:11:22a Stocks Are Mixed As Oil Prices Decline
11/07/2005 08:11:12a Another airline lands in Chapt. 11
11/07/2005 08:10:47a Results Venture Capital Quiz No. 2
11/07/2005 08:10:32a Johnson & Johnson to fight lawsuit by Guidant
11/07/2005 08:10:17a Diodes board OKs 3-for-2 stock split
11/07/2005 08:10:02a David Karandish Joins WebmasterWorld PubCon in Las Vegas
11/07/2005 08:09:57a BlackBall, Inc. BlackBallR and Teksouth Announce Strategic Partnership
11/07/2005 08:09:38a NASDAQ Methanex Corporation MEOH CEO to Ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell
11/07/2005 08:09:22a Wi-Fi TV, Inc. Wi-Fi TV Virtual PlayerTM Launched Today for Online TV Viewing
11/07/2005 08:09:16a Qualcomm sues Nokia over patents
11/07/2005 08:09:06a J&J views Guidant product recalls affecting results, outlook
11/07/2005 08:08:56a Popular Minivans Flunk Crash Test
11/07/2005 08:08:41a UK manufacturing output falls as demand weakens
11/07/2005 08:08:36a ViroPharma surges on outlook, forecast-beating earnings
11/07/2005 08:08:11a Paxson CEO Retires As Part of Agreement
11/07/2005 08:07:51a Struggle on Wall Street
11/07/2005 08:07:41a Oil futures fall under 60; natural gas down 3%
11/07/2005 08:07:37a SafeNet affirms financial outlook, provides net forecasts
11/07/2005 08:07:32a J&J Not required to close Guidant deal under terms
11/07/2005 08:07:01a Diodes 3-for-2 stock-split dividend payable as of Nov. 18
11/07/2005 08:06:41a Treasury bonds rise, dollar falls
11/07/2005 08:06:26a Watson Pharma cut to market perform by Raymond James
11/07/2005 08:06:20a Diodes Shares to increase to 25.2M from 16.8M after div
11/07/2005 08:06:18a Lesser charges in NYSE threat case
11/07/2005 08:06:10a Quiz 3 Did This Entrepreneur's Idea Deliver?
11/07/2005 08:06:01a Yahoo partners with TiVo, SBC; shares slip
11/07/2005 08:05:51a Whole Foods Market cut to buy by Adams Harkness
11/07/2005 07:52:53a Guidant sues J&J to force takeover
11/07/2005 07:45:22a DuPont 3 execs to oversee actions to up shareholder value
11/07/2005 07:45:20a Guidant eyes J&J shotgun wedding
11/07/2005 07:42:54a Nasdaq advancers outnumber deliners 14 to 12
11/07/2005 07:42:49a DuPont CTO Connelly to up science-based innovation by 30%
11/07/2005 07:42:39a PanAgora awarded State of Florida mandate
11/07/2005 07:42:34a DuPont Goodmanson sees reducing net working cap by 1B
11/07/2005 07:42:19a Guidant sues Johnson & Johnson over stalled merger
11/07/2005 07:42:15a Dow industrials down 6 pts at 10,524
11/07/2005 07:42:13a German owner to sell Thames Water
11/07/2005 07:42:09a Arbor Realty slumps after earns miss expectations
11/07/2005 07:42:06a Strike-threat BP drivers in deal
11/07/2005 07:42:04a DuPont COO Goodmanson to oversee reducing core ops costs
11/07/2005 07:41:59a Tech stocks barely budge overall in early trade
11/07/2005 07:41:54a Airlines hover as Flyi files for bankruptcy
11/07/2005 07:41:34a Airlines mixed as FLYi Inc. goes bankrupt
11/07/2005 07:41:29a Nasdaq Composite down 3 pts at 2,167
11/07/2005 07:41:17a Guidant Sues J&J Over Acquisition
11/07/2005 07:41:14a DuPont CFO Pfeiffer to improve return on invested capital
11/07/2005 07:40:59a French economy to improve in 2006 IMF
11/07/2005 07:40:54a Gold futures hold ground near 458
11/07/2005 07:40:49a Stocks Open Higher on Lower Oil Prices
11/07/2005 07:40:43a Wall Street starts week with modest gains
11/07/2005 07:37:46a NewsForge OSBC proves open source and business go together
11/07/2005 07:31:59a Newspaper circulation drops further
11/07/2005 07:31:50a Stocks open higher as oil prices slip
11/07/2005 07:31:42a Qualcomm sues Nokia over patents
11/07/2005 07:31:34a SEC launches Guidant probe as J&J sued
11/07/2005 07:29:31a Lula's trade battle in crucial test
11/07/2005 07:22:00a Novell Layoffs Cast Cloud Over Big-Business Linux
11/07/2005 07:19:15a Strike-threat BP drivers in deal
11/07/2005 07:10:40a Pop N Go, Inc. Pop N Go Receives Order From Sienna Group
11/07/2005 07:10:30a Flyi Inc. Files for Bankruptcy Protection
11/07/2005 07:10:20a Arbor Realty down 8% at 25.20
11/07/2005 07:10:05a rallies on equity investment
11/07/2005 07:10:00a U.S. stocks open higher; internet services in focus
11/07/2005 07:09:55a Report NYSE May Consider Bid for LSE
11/07/2005 07:09:45a Treasurys gain; auction prospects snap four-day loss
11/07/2005 07:09:40a Grinding out early gains
11/07/2005 07:09:27a 'Shares will rebound' after rate hike
11/07/2005 07:09:25a U.S. stocks open higher; Guidant-J&J deal in question
11/07/2005 07:09:20a Guidant Sues J&J to Force Takeover
11/07/2005 07:09:05a CS First Boston cuts price target to 852
11/07/2005 07:09:00a Gold prices edge up in morning trading
11/07/2005 07:08:50a Cohesia Corporation CohesiaR Appoints Six Sigma Expert Thomas McCarty to Advisory Board
11/07/2005 07:08:21a Letters show optimism over newspaper stocks' prospects
11/07/2005 07:08:10a CS First Boston lifts Hartford Financial price tgt to 97
11/07/2005 07:08:05a Oil and gas producers retreat Monday
11/07/2005 07:08:00a CS First Boston lifts Fluor price target to 60
11/07/2005 07:07:41a CS First Boston cuts Agrium price target to 24
11/07/2005 07:07:35a Quidel Corp. up 13% at 13.44
11/07/2005 07:07:30a Hudson Technologies down 14% at 2.99
11/07/2005 07:07:25a CS First Boston lifts Aon price target to 37.50
11/07/2005 07:07:20a CS First Boston lifts Fortune Brands price target to 92
11/07/2005 07:07:10a NBC17 NBC17's Fourth Annual Tree of Lights Celebration at The Streets at Southpoint
11/07/2005 07:07:01a Agrium cut to neutral by CS First Boston
11/07/2005 07:06:59a MAG Silver Corp. MAG Silver Initiates Diamond Drill Program at Batopilas Silver District
11/07/2005 07:06:35a Stocks Open Higher After Tech Sector Gains
11/07/2005 07:04:19a Ryanair shares fall despite record profits
11/07/2005 06:54:26a Fiat, Ford join forces on small cars
11/07/2005 06:45:53a Morgan Joseph sets Central European Media price tgt at 63
11/07/2005 06:45:38a Qualcomm to do 2.5B stock buyback
11/07/2005 06:45:23a Louisiana-Pacific to sell vinyl siding business
11/07/2005 06:45:18a Laridian’s PocketBible® wins Best Software Award from Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine
11/07/2005 06:45:08a Equity Office increases share-repurchase program
11/07/2005 06:45:03a Flyi down 42.1% at 11 cents
11/07/2005 06:44:54a Many Suitors, and Pitfalls, as AOL Seeks a Partner
11/07/2005 06:44:46a TXU up 4.4% at 98
11/07/2005 06:44:37a Roche to boost flu drug output
11/07/2005 06:44:28a Wireless Facilities swings to profit, but cuts forecast
11/07/2005 06:44:07a Tivo up 10.7% at 5.67
11/07/2005 06:44:02a Equity Office authorizes 500 mln in buybacks
11/07/2005 06:43:12a Sun Rises In Japan, Still Shines On Energy
11/07/2005 06:43:08a Ryanair Posts Profit on Passenger Numbers
11/07/2005 06:42:57a Dendreon's Provenge granted fast track status by FDA
11/07/2005 06:42:12a eCredit Mayer Electric Supply Selects eCredit Enterprise Edition
11/07/2005 06:42:02a Maytag plant closure to affect 60 employees
11/07/2005 06:41:58a No small talk Qualcomm sues Nokia
11/07/2005 06:41:47a Maytag to take 40M to 50M charge for plant closure
11/07/2005 06:41:32a Wall Street set to open with modest gains
11/07/2005 06:41:22a Maytag to close laundry plant in South Carolina
11/07/2005 06:41:19a Central European Media started at buy by Morgan Joseph
11/07/2005 06:41:07a Prominence Networks Prominence Networks and Codian Verify Interoperability
11/07/2005 06:41:03a Gas Prices Down Another Quarter
11/07/2005 06:40:49a Guidant sues J&J; reports lower earnings
11/07/2005 06:40:42a Randgold Resources picks Bank of N.Y. as depositary bank
11/07/2005 06:39:56a Flyi Files For Bankruptcy
11/07/2005 06:39:48a Gas Prices Down Another Quarter
11/07/2005 06:31:32a Stocks set to open higher
11/07/2005 06:31:21a Guidant sues J&J; reports lower earnings
11/07/2005 06:25:57a Taps Searchforce to Manage Search Marketing Campaigns
11/07/2005 06:25:52a Reprise World-Renowned Female Vocalist Enya Releases Newest Album Amarantine November 22, 2005
11/07/2005 06:25:44a VNU may be backing out of IMS deal
11/07/2005 06:25:36a OSS Nokalva BioFoundryR Announces BioAPI-COM
11/07/2005 06:25:27a Blair acts to avoid defeat on terror laws
11/07/2005 06:25:22a Cenzic Cenzic to Present at CSI 32nd Annual Conference and Exhibition
11/07/2005 06:25:17a Wireless Facilities Q3 First Call ave. rev. est. 117.7M
11/07/2005 06:25:07a Wireless Facilities Q3 First Call ave. earns est. 8c
11/07/2005 06:24:52a Paxson founder sells rights to his shares of company
11/07/2005 06:24:41a Cap Rock to be bought by Lindsay Goldberg at 21.75-share
11/07/2005 06:24:36a Guidant sues Johnson & Johnson
11/07/2005 06:24:28a Private Healthcare Systems Private Healthcare Systems Opens New St. Louis Office
11/07/2005 06:24:21a Rich? Worried? New Report Suggests You May Be
11/07/2005 06:24:07a Treasurys gain ahead auctions expected to draw solid demand
11/07/2005 06:24:01a Wireless Facilities Q3 earns 8c vs. loss 22c
11/07/2005 06:23:36a Temple-Inland President Warner to retire at end 2006
11/07/2005 06:23:29a Munich Re Q3 net rises despite hurricanes
11/07/2005 06:23:26a Viscount Systems Inc. Viscount's MESH Chosen for 10 New High-Rise Projects
11/07/2005 06:22:51a NetIQ Corporation Beverly Healthcare Assures Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA Regulatory Compliance With NetIQ Solutions
11/07/2005 06:22:31a Roche to Increase Production of Tamiflu
11/07/2005 06:22:21a Louisiana-Pacific Q3 net now 1.53
11/07/2005 06:21:51a Louisiana-Pacific to sell vinyl siding ops to KP Building
11/07/2005 06:21:31a Louisiana-Pacific tweaks Q3 to write down vinyl ops
11/07/2005 06:21:26a Reprise Records Green Day Receives Eight Radio Music Award Nominations
11/07/2005 06:20:26a OSS Nokalva BioFoundryR Announces BioAPI+
11/07/2005 06:20:03a Consol Energy raised to overweight by Morgan Stanley
11/07/2005 06:19:58a Sage Software Sage Software Announces Sage CRM SalesLogix Performance Enhancements
11/07/2005 06:19:36a NetIQ Corporation NetIQ Announces NetIQ Change Guardian for Active Directory
11/07/2005 06:19:28a Microsoft 'leads chase' for AOL
11/07/2005 06:18:56a Wireless Facilities Q3 rev. 108.9M vs. 95.8M
11/07/2005 06:18:48a TiVo to offer Yahoo content on TV screens
11/07/2005 06:18:41a EU to donate 30 mln euros for biodiversity conservation in China
11/07/2005 06:18:39a Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. Altair Nanotechnologies Announces Third Quarter Financial Results Conference Call
11/07/2005 06:18:18a CommerceHub Sears Extends CommerceHub Relationship to Further Manage Its Evolving Internet Retail Operations
11/07/2005 06:17:52a Bid talk pushes up Scottish Power
11/07/2005 06:17:43a Intacct Corporation Intacct to Sponsor's National CRM Success Tour
11/07/2005 06:17:21a Akimbi Systems Akimbi Systems Announces Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System
11/07/2005 06:16:40a Morgan Stanley sets Consol Energy price target at 80
11/07/2005 06:16:25a Report Microsoft leading race to partner with AOL
11/07/2005 06:11:47a Flyi Files For Bankruptcy
11/07/2005 06:10:33a Cap Rock to be acquired by Lindsay, Goldberg & Bessemer
11/07/2005 06:10:28a Short-dated eurozone bonds extend falls
11/07/2005 06:10:24a U.S. stocks to open higher, extending Friday's gains
11/07/2005 06:10:19a American Mortgage Oct. mortgage loan fundings nearly double
11/07/2005 06:10:14a UBS sets Horizon Lines price target at 13
11/07/2005 06:10:09a Ciphergen to delay filing 10-Q with regulators
11/07/2005 06:09:53a Beacon lands 15 million from investors
11/07/2005 06:09:48a ProAssurance to sell certain insurance business for 400M
11/07/2005 06:09:34a German output rises again
11/07/2005 06:09:28a Enjoying warm weather
11/07/2005 06:09:24a Snow to call for speedier reforms in India
11/07/2005 06:09:18a TXU, Qualcomm, El Paso, JetBLue in trading focus
11/07/2005 06:08:48a VNU, IMS Health deal coming apart
11/07/2005 06:08:28a China's development brings enormous prosperity to world European parliamentarian
11/07/2005 06:08:13a Stocks Set to Open Up After Tech Gains
11/07/2005 06:08:08a Motors Insurance to pay 400M in ProAssurance deal
11/07/2005 06:08:03a Cap Rock shares closed Friday at 13.35
11/07/2005 06:07:33a ProAssurance to sell personal lines ops to Motors Insurance
11/07/2005 06:07:18a UBS lifts Apple Computer price target to 74
11/07/2005 06:07:13a Lipid Sciences, Inc. Lipid Sciences, Inc. Reports Results for the Third Quarter 2005
11/07/2005 06:07:08a Independence bails out with Chapter 11 filing
11/07/2005 06:06:58a NBC buys 18-month call to buy Lowell Paxson's common shares
11/07/2005 06:06:48a African Gold Group, Inc. Diamond Drilling Commences at Mankranho, Ghana
11/07/2005 06:06:33a INQB8 Corp INQB8 Corporation Acquires Aventura Resorts, Inc.
11/07/2005 06:06:13a NBC Universal, Paxson reach strategic agreement
11/07/2005 06:06:09a Cap Rock Energy to be acquired for 21.75 a share
11/07/2005 06:06:03a Lindsay Goldberg pays 63% premium for Cap Rock
11/07/2005 06:05:58a EPIC Media Inc. EPIC Media Independent Auditors Complete Company Audits
11/07/2005 06:05:34a Flyi files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
11/07/2005 06:05:28a TiVo, Yahoo to Blend Offerings
11/07/2005 05:53:25a 17 trillion to safeguard world energy supplies
11/07/2005 05:53:15a Business continuity plans should be multi-layered and expandable
11/07/2005 05:51:57a ITV 'eyes up Friends Reunited'
11/07/2005 05:51:08a S'pore licenses new vaccine clinically tested in local hospitals
11/07/2005 05:45:37a Northrop Grumman buys back 9 million shares
11/07/2005 05:45:27a Dec gold down 40c at 457.60 an ounce
11/07/2005 05:45:21a Nasdaq 100 futures up 4.50 at 1,637
11/07/2005 05:44:57a Int'l cartoon producers vie for Chinese cell phone animation market
11/07/2005 05:44:37a UnumProvident to repatriate up to 450 mln
11/07/2005 05:44:31a Beacon Power Merriman Curhan Ford placement agent
11/07/2005 05:44:16a Rural Cellular swings to loss
11/07/2005 05:43:56a 2-year Treasury +2/32 at 99 20/32, 4.45% yield
11/07/2005 05:43:31a Report Hackers emptying online accounts
11/07/2005 05:43:22a More than 30% of tea fails to meet standards survey
11/07/2005 05:43:16a Beacon Power to issue warrants on 3M shares
11/07/2005 05:43:11a Oil executives in the hot seat
11/07/2005 05:42:56a Beacon Power to place 9.9M common shares
11/07/2005 05:42:51a Beacon Power exercise price on warrants 2.21
11/07/2005 05:42:48a Clayton Williams boost estimate of joint venture costs
11/07/2005 05:42:36a Pinnacle Entertainment swings to net income
11/07/2005 05:42:31a Yahoo, TiVo Team Up to Blend TV, Web
11/07/2005 05:42:26a Faulty flu CEO may get 12M
11/07/2005 05:42:21a DIY SEO Search Engine Optimization Is It that Difficult? Not According to
11/07/2005 05:42:11a S&P 500 futures up 1.80 at 1,223.80
11/07/2005 05:42:01a 10-year Treasury +10/32 at 97 2/32, 4.62% yield
11/07/2005 05:41:56a Harrah's, Starwood, El Paso, Qualcomm, TXU and more
11/07/2005 05:41:46a Esco to provide equipment services to PG&E project
11/07/2005 05:41:41a Bid talk pushes up Scottish Power
11/07/2005 05:41:26a Beacon Power to raise 15M via share offering
11/07/2005 05:41:21a Yahoo, TiVo Team Up on TV, Web Service
11/07/2005 05:41:16a Celanese swings to profit; 2005 outlook raised
11/07/2005 05:41:06a Dreyer's third-quarter loss narrows; sales up 10%
11/07/2005 05:36:41a Bid talk pushes up Scottish Power
11/07/2005 05:36:33a ITV 'eyes up Friends Reunited'
11/07/2005 05:31:11a TiVo, Yahoo collaborate on TV recording
11/07/2005 05:31:03a Stock futures edge up as oil prices slip
11/07/2005 05:30:55a Yahoo, Google to launch wireless services
11/07/2005 05:28:48a VNU, IMS Health in talks to cancel deal
11/07/2005 05:28:28a Boykin Lodging Q3 FFO loss 9c vs earns 28c
11/07/2005 05:27:20a Application Security, Inc. Application Security, Inc. Achieves OPSEC Certification From Check Point
11/07/2005 05:26:54a Computer Associates divests Ingres open-source division
11/07/2005 05:26:25a RBC lifts Plexus Corp price target to 17
11/07/2005 05:26:04a Chembio Diagnostics, Inc. Chembio Diagnostics, Inc. Reports 2005 Third Quarter Results
11/07/2005 05:25:59a Stock futures edge higher after last week's gains
11/07/2005 05:25:14a Boykin Lodging Q3 loss 12c vs earns 27c
11/07/2005 05:24:59a NSA Architects, Engineers, Planners Michael K. Forgacs, RA Joins NSA Architects, Engineers, Planners
11/07/2005 05:24:54a Boykin Loding sees 2005 earns 74-80c
11/07/2005 05:24:44a SKYLIST SKYLIST Urges Email Marketers to Authenticate Messages to Maximize Holiday Campaign ROI
11/07/2005 05:24:29a First Albany ups H-P's price target, earns estimate
11/07/2005 05:24:20a Pinnacle Ent. Q3 adj. loss 9c vs. earns 7c
11/07/2005 05:23:44a NetPro Total Microsoft Active Directory Disaster Recovery Guide Now Available
11/07/2005 05:23:21a Flyi files for bankruptcy protection
11/07/2005 05:23:04a JetBlue sets secondary stock offering of 7M shares
11/07/2005 05:22:59a Feelgoods International Ltd Feelgoods International Ltd. Signs Letter of Intent for Financing
11/07/2005 05:22:49a Restrictions on low-emission, economical cars to be cancelled
11/07/2005 05:22:36a Pinnacle Ent. Q3 First Call ave. rev. est. 195M
11/07/2005 05:22:29a Symantec Symantec Researcher Named a Woman of Influence for Information Security
11/07/2005 05:21:55a Boykin Lodging sees 2005 FFO 60-67c
11/07/2005 05:21:53a China closes all Beijing poultry markets
11/07/2005 05:21:44a CancerVax CancerVax Corporation Reports Third Quarter 2005 Financial Results
11/07/2005 05:21:34a Georgia-Pacific pays 100M to expand Georgia gypsum plant
11/07/2005 05:21:09a China to raise 180 bln for renewable energy projects
11/07/2005 05:20:48a Boykin Loding Q3 revs 52.2M vs 54M
11/07/2005 05:20:09a Unilever SuaveR and Dollar GeneralR Salute the Value of Education With Scholarship Funding
11/07/2005 05:19:38a Pinnacle Ent. Q3 First Call ave. earns est. 10c
11/07/2005 05:13:48a Stocks Set to Open Flat After Tech Gains
11/07/2005 05:13:43a Qualcomm announced 2.5B share buyback
11/07/2005 05:13:38a Sandisk down 2.7% at 63.40 premarket
11/07/2005 05:13:28a First Albany sets BioScrip price target at 9
11/07/2005 05:13:23a Green Energy Resorces Coal Partnership Propels Green Energy Resources; 'GRGR' 2005 Dividend Looms
11/07/2005 05:13:18a Qualcomm board OKs 2.5B share buyback
11/07/2005 05:13:09a BioScrip raised to buy by First Albany
11/07/2005 05:13:03a Colombia Goldfields Ltd. Company Appoints New Director and Chairman
11/07/2005 05:12:58a First Albany lifts Quanta Services price target to 15
11/07/2005 05:12:53a Genzyme down 3.1% at 72.50 premarket
11/07/2005 05:12:50a First Albany lifts Fluor price target to 75
11/07/2005 05:12:33a Where teens let the good times roll
11/07/2005 05:12:28a China to cancel restrictions on low-emission, economical cars
11/07/2005 05:12:23a CORRECT K&F Q3 net 20c
11/07/2005 05:12:18a K&F earnings fall on special charges
11/07/2005 05:12:13a TiVo, Yahoo collaborate on TV recording
11/07/2005 05:11:53a Microsoft May Buy Stake in AOL
11/07/2005 05:11:48a First Albany lifts Gasco Energy price target to 10
11/07/2005 05:11:43a Oil Prices Fall on Mild U.S. Weather
11/07/2005 05:11:38a At home in Dundalk - once again
11/07/2005 05:11:33a Low on fuel? 3Q Losses for El Paso
11/07/2005 05:11:27a El Paso Posts Wider Third-Quarter Loss
11/07/2005 05:11:18a A bold mission in Atlanta
11/07/2005 05:11:12a Health reporters on the flu threat
11/07/2005 05:11:07a Beverly Enterprises earns match expectations
11/07/2005 05:11:03a NetPro NetPro Ships ChangeManager 1.1
11/07/2005 05:10:52a MTR Gaming profit falls on lower traffic than forecast
11/07/2005 05:10:48a China works on responsiblity system overseeing state-owned asset losses
11/07/2005 05:10:37a Flyi Files for Bankruptcy Protection
11/07/2005 05:10:34a J&J Snack Foods Q4 net 1.06 vs 96c; sales up 6%
11/07/2005 05:10:22a A welcome change at CCBC
11/07/2005 05:09:57a Spartan to pay special dividend of 4 cents
11/07/2005 05:09:29a First Albany lifts Hewlett-Packard price target to 32
11/07/2005 05:09:07a Amerco profit, revenue rise
11/07/2005 05:08:52a Walt Disney Buys Germany's Living Mobile
11/07/2005 05:08:47a New Business Book Strives to Shatter 21st Century Glass Ceiling
11/07/2005 05:08:32a ITV 'eyes up Friends Reunited'
11/07/2005 05:08:22a Central bank publishes first report on financial stability
11/07/2005 05:08:12a Bank of America lifts VCA Antech price target to 30
11/07/2005 05:08:07a Bird flu could cost nations 550B
11/07/2005 05:08:02a Dyax reports positive results for Phase I trial of DX-88
11/07/2005 05:01:31a Walt Disney buys Germany's Living Mobile
11/07/2005 05:00:46a Greenhouse gases 'to rise by 50%'
11/07/2005 04:58:06a Chrysalis sells loss-making books
11/07/2005 04:57:00a Update 2 Italy's Fiat Signs Agreement With Ford
11/07/2005 04:54:54a Law firms courting tech, bio companies Boston
11/07/2005 04:54:52a The tough new venture market Boston
11/07/2005 04:54:49a Postcards from the cutting edge Boston
11/07/2005 04:54:00a LSE ready to hit the acquisition trail after seeing off bids
11/07/2005 04:52:30a Ryanair still on course despite winter fears
11/07/2005 04:47:03a Spartan Motors declares special 4c div
11/07/2005 04:46:58a Mild US weather drives oil prices lower
11/07/2005 04:46:48a Ounce Labs Ounce Labs Extends Market Leadership With Key Customer Wins
11/07/2005 04:46:43a Yum Brands First Call ests '05 2.64, '06 2.89
11/07/2005 04:46:38a Yum Brands est '05 adjusted net up 12% to 2.64
11/07/2005 04:46:33a Dune Energy to pay more for natural gas properties
11/07/2005 04:46:28a Holly Q3 revs 935.3M vs 597.4M
11/07/2005 04:46:18a Yum Brands est '06 net up 10% or more on China, U.S. sales
11/07/2005 04:46:13a Yum Brands est '05 net up 10% to 2.65
11/07/2005 04:46:08a Dollar's strong run continues
11/07/2005 04:45:58a TXU Corp. sets stock split, ups dividend, sets buyback
11/07/2005 04:45:48a Gray Television Q3 earns 2c vs 22c
11/07/2005 04:45:43a CORRECT Geac to be bought for 11.10 a share in cash
11/07/2005 04:45:38a Oil refiner Holly Corp. profit surges; 200M buyback set
11/07/2005 04:44:43a Holly Q3 earns 1.97 vs 36c
11/07/2005 04:44:33a Qualcomm announces 2.5B share buyback
11/07/2005 04:44:28a Software IT service market reaches above 37 bln yuan in Q3
11/07/2005 04:44:18a Tecumseh Products posts quarterly loss on flat sales
11/07/2005 04:44:13a Gray Television Q3 revs 75.1M vs 86.6M
11/07/2005 04:43:38a Golden Gate buys Geac Computer for 1B
11/07/2005 04:43:33a VNU May Scrap IMS Health Acquisition
11/07/2005 04:43:18a Gray TV profit tumbles on political ad loss, launch expenses
11/07/2005 04:43:08a Ounce Labs Ounce Labs Names Hugh Scandrett President and CEO
11/07/2005 04:42:56a EU warning for euro hopefuls
11/07/2005 04:42:48a Chrysalis sells loss-making books
11/07/2005 04:42:40a Demand to reform UK pensions
11/07/2005 04:42:32a Greenhouse gases 'to rise by 52%'
11/07/2005 04:42:02a Myanmar moves capital from Yangon information minister
11/07/2005 04:33:42a WTO members hold meeting in London
11/07/2005 04:31:14a Munich Re Q3 net rises despite hurricanes
11/07/2005 04:31:07a Drug makers face looming obstacles
11/07/2005 04:30:58a Oil falls below 60
11/07/2005 04:30:53a Stocks set to open flat
11/07/2005 04:30:42a Qualcomm sues Nokia over handset patents
11/07/2005 04:30:34a Roche to raise Tamiflu production
11/07/2005 04:30:23a World's energy policy not sustainable-IEA
11/07/2005 04:29:12a Advertisements to invade online games in US
11/07/2005 04:23:55a Metro to raise up to 504 mln euros in Praktiker IPO
11/07/2005 04:23:18a Greenhouse gases 'to rise by 52%'
11/07/2005 04:23:11a Qualcomm sues Nokia over handset patents
11/07/2005 04:23:03a Tecumseh does not expect to pay div in Q3
11/07/2005 04:22:53a Tecumseh sees further consolildation moves in 2005, 2006
11/07/2005 04:22:38a TXU Corp. ups annual dividend to split-adjusted 1.65
11/07/2005 04:22:26a Aurobindo gets USFDA nod for oral solution of AIDS drug
11/07/2005 04:21:43a Rovion Rovion Releases BlueStreamTM Direct 3.0
11/07/2005 04:21:33a Kernzer Int'l adjusted profit jumps; revenue up 25.4%
11/07/2005 04:20:43a Yum Brands '06 reflects strong U.S. same-store sales
11/07/2005 04:20:38a Chrysalis sells loss-making books
11/07/2005 04:20:23a Tecumseh Q3 sales 478.5M vs 478.6M
11/07/2005 04:20:18a Kilbourn Associates Family Wealth Preservation Specialist Mike Kilbourn Announces Launch of LIFECONTM
11/07/2005 04:20:13a Yum Brands est '06 net up at least 10%
11/07/2005 04:20:03a Northeast Utilities to sell off non-regulated businesses
11/07/2005 04:19:38a NRG posts 3rd-period loss; operating results were `strong'
11/07/2005 04:19:18a Yum Brands '06 reflects China, international expansion
11/07/2005 04:19:03a China ends anti-dumping investigations on imported bisphenol A
11/07/2005 04:18:33a Yahoo!, Google eye wireless push?
11/07/2005 04:18:18a Golden Gate Capital to buy Geac Computer for 1B
11/07/2005 04:18:13a Tecumseh to seek amendment to borrowing terms
11/07/2005 04:18:08a Dune Energy Land is in Barnett Shale area of Texas
11/07/2005 04:07:19a NRG Energy Q3 loss 39c
11/07/2005 04:06:59a Thomas Nelson, Inc. Thomas Nelson to Release Billy Graham's Magnum Opus
11/07/2005 04:06:44a NRG Energy Q3 revenue 765M vs 604M
11/07/2005 04:06:39a Central bank releases debut report on financial stability
11/07/2005 04:06:34a Oil sinks back near 60 on lower demand
11/07/2005 04:06:29a Schering has 250 employees at plant
11/07/2005 04:06:18a Greenhouse gases 'to rise by 50%'
11/07/2005 04:06:14a Demand to reform UK pensions
11/07/2005 04:06:10a FTSE takeover talk balances weak oils
11/07/2005 04:06:02a NRG Energy Texas Genco deal seen closing Q1 2006
11/07/2005 04:05:53a Pilgrim's Pride net fell; adjusted net exceeds target
11/07/2005 04:05:33a GPS Industries, Inc. Rocket Racing League Taps GPSI for Spectator Hand-Held GPS Units
11/07/2005 04:05:29a Sierra Pacific's quarterly revenue rises 6.1%
11/07/2005 04:05:04a Northeast Utilties to divest business by end 2006
11/07/2005 04:04:58a Schering to divest chemical production in Orizaba, Mexico
11/07/2005 04:04:38a Northeast Utilities lost 73c a share in third quarter
11/07/2005 04:04:33a Stock futures hold last week's gains as oil falls
11/07/2005 04:04:18a Northeast Utilities to divest generation, retl marketing
11/07/2005 04:04:08a Northeast holds on 2005 guidance, sees 06 at 1.21/share
11/07/2005 04:03:58a World Bank loans used to build highways in Xinjiang
11/07/2005 04:03:53a Schering to restructure Bergkamen, German plant
11/07/2005 04:03:48a Schering to divest Mexican plant, restructure German one
11/07/2005 03:59:52a US-China textile trade deal close
11/07/2005 03:44:40a Cadbury upped at Citigroup; innovation, execution cited
11/07/2005 03:44:19a Independence Air to continue serving customers
11/07/2005 03:44:14a FLYi, Independence Air file for bankruptcy protection
11/07/2005 03:44:04a EnCana to lift oil, gas liquid sales rate 15%-20% in '06-'09
11/07/2005 03:43:54a Independence Air files for bankruptcy protection
11/07/2005 03:43:49a Independence Air No restrictions on bonus points
11/07/2005 03:43:34a Cadbury upped to hold at Citigroup
11/07/2005 03:42:59a JAL cuts workforce pay in unprecedented move
11/07/2005 03:42:49a Independence Air sees flight attendant, mechanics deal soon
11/07/2005 03:42:44a Independence Air CEO Skeen to take 25% salary cut
11/07/2005 03:42:39a El Paso Q3 loss from cont ops 51c
11/07/2005 03:42:34a U.S. Concrete third-quarter profit rises 13%, sales climb
11/07/2005 03:42:29a Pilgrim's Pride Q4 1.12 vs 99c
11/07/2005 03:42:24a Regulating Retirement Funding
11/07/2005 03:42:10a Independence Air COO Moore to take 20% salary cut
11/07/2005 03:41:54a RHM cut at Citigroup on absence of cost savings cushion
11/07/2005 03:41:49a El Paso Q3 revenue 810M vs 1.43B
11/07/2005 03:41:34a El Paso loss widens on derivatives positions
11/07/2005 03:41:29a Report Microsoft front-runner for AOL
11/07/2005 03:41:26a Radica Games third-quarter profit jumps 67%
11/07/2005 03:41:19a Conn's same-store sales rise 23%
11/07/2005 03:41:14a Greenhouse gases 'to rise by 50%'
11/07/2005 03:39:33a Warplane firm eyes London listing
11/07/2005 03:39:25a Film file-sharer sent to prison
11/07/2005 03:31:16a Qualcomm files patent suit against Nokia
11/07/2005 03:31:08a VNU, IMS Health in talks to cancel deal
11/07/2005 03:29:46a Mitarai to head Japanese business lobby
11/07/2005 03:22:16a Manufacturing slump wrong-foots the City
11/07/2005 03:18:13a Trade talks aim for breakthrough
11/07/2005 03:18:02a Manufacturing output drops again
11/07/2005 03:17:39a Warplane firm eyes London listing
11/07/2005 03:16:41a Profits of key SOEs up 22.4% in first nine months
11/07/2005 03:16:31a Warplane firm eyes London listing
11/07/2005 03:16:21a Tory Johnson Avoid Confrontation at Your Own Risk
11/07/2005 03:15:46a EnCana to up oilsands production to 500K bbl/day
11/07/2005 03:15:16a U.S. Concrete sees Q4 EPS 6c to 11c
11/07/2005 03:14:56a Bulls running out of breath?
11/07/2005 03:14:11a Radica Games Q3 sales up 30% to 63.4 million
11/07/2005 03:13:46a Conn's same-store up 23.2% in Oct 31-ending quarter
11/07/2005 03:13:31a Asian investors become wary, shares end lower
11/07/2005 03:13:16a U.S. Concrete Q4 revenue seen 130M to 140M
11/07/2005 03:13:11a Japan Stocks Close Mixed
11/07/2005 03:13:06a U.S. Concrete Q3 revenue up 16% at 172 million
11/07/2005 03:13:01a RHM cut to hold at Citigroup
11/07/2005 03:12:57a Radica Games Q3 51c vs 31c
11/07/2005 03:12:47a Product Piracy in China Growing
11/07/2005 03:12:36a U.S. Concrete Q3 31c vs 28c
11/07/2005 03:01:46a Euro touches 18-month low vs. dollar
11/07/2005 03:01:41a Japan Airlines Sinks Into 1st Half Loss
11/07/2005 03:01:36a Chirac pledges action as riots sweep France
11/07/2005 03:01:16a Legg Mason cut at Merrill on valuation
11/07/2005 03:01:11a Oil Prices Drop to Just Above 60 a Barrel
11/07/2005 03:00:51a Peru's Fujimori arrested in Chile
11/07/2005 03:00:20a Two million face 'work bullying'
11/07/2005 02:55:13a Trade talks aim for breakthrough
11/07/2005 02:53:15a Business Objects plugs in to Eclipse
11/07/2005 02:40:45a Cautious start to the week by European bourses
11/07/2005 02:40:18a Yahoo, TiVo Join to Blend TV, Web Services
11/07/2005 02:40:14a Medco Health upped at J.P. Morgan
11/07/2005 02:39:45a Legg Mason cut to neutral at Merrill Lynch
11/07/2005 02:39:40a Goldman Sachs removed from J.P. Morgan focus list
11/07/2005 02:39:25a Talisman Energy upped at Lehman; production growth seen
11/07/2005 02:39:20a Medco Health Solutions upped to overweight at J.P. Morgan
11/07/2005 02:39:10a Manufacturing output drops again
11/07/2005 02:38:50a Trade talks aim for breakthrough
11/07/2005 02:38:40a Bird flu could cost rich nations 550bn
11/07/2005 02:38:35a Japan Stock Prices Mixed
11/07/2005 02:38:10a Protest after India and Pakistan open border
11/07/2005 02:36:14a Trade talks aim for breakthrough
11/07/2005 02:36:08a Two million face 'work bullying'
11/07/2005 02:35:58a Manufacturing output drops again
11/07/2005 02:18:58a Crime scene clear-up firm poised for floatation
11/07/2005 02:13:22a Mexican start-up orders up to 20 Airbus A320s
11/07/2005 02:13:17a Anything but Another Plane Jane
11/07/2005 02:13:12a Bioware/Pandemic What the Deal Means
11/07/2005 02:13:07a Qualcomm suit alleges 12 patent infringements
11/07/2005 02:12:57a Qualcomm sues Nokia over patent infringement
11/07/2005 02:12:52a Hovnanian Enterprises Q4 contracts up 38.2%
11/07/2005 02:12:37a Australian Motor Show Knockout
11/07/2005 02:12:27a Hovnanian Enterprises Q4 contract value up 46.4%
11/07/2005 02:12:01a Mexican startup orders up to 20 Airbus 320s
11/07/2005 02:11:16a Talisman Energy upped to overweight at Lehman Bros.
11/07/2005 02:11:11a Mixed earnings leave Tokyo stocks flat
11/07/2005 02:04:53a Web tributes honor war casualties
11/07/2005 02:04:43a New beginning for newspapers?
11/07/2005 02:04:29a Ryanair cruises to higher profit despite fuel costs
11/07/2005 02:04:18a Deal talk, weakening oil lift some Europe markets
11/07/2005 02:04:13a Two million face 'work bullying'
11/07/2005 02:04:08a Roche ramps up Tamiflu production
11/07/2005 02:03:21a Google, Yahoo dial into cell business
11/07/2005 01:58:27a US-China textile trade deal close
11/07/2005 01:58:25a Easyjet sees passenger increases
11/07/2005 01:56:34a Freestar and MPV minivans rated 'poor' in collisions
11/07/2005 01:53:34a Ryanair descends despite record profits
11/07/2005 01:40:20a Yahoo to pay 500M to buy remaining Europe, Korea stakes
11/07/2005 01:40:15a Yahoo to pay 500 million cash
11/07/2005 01:39:50a Yahoo to buy remaining shares of Yahoo Europe, Korea
11/07/2005 01:39:30a Yahoo Softbank held 30% of Yahoo Europe, 33% of Yahoo Korea
11/07/2005 01:38:20a Yahoo to buy stakes from Softbank
11/07/2005 01:38:01a Scottish Power climbs on bid hopes
11/07/2005 01:37:35a Easyjet sees passenger increases
11/07/2005 01:36:00a Microsoft launches database, business programs
11/07/2005 01:30:01a Munich Re profit up despite hurricanes
11/07/2005 01:21:15a Singapore Power launches A1.6b offer
11/07/2005 01:17:47a Microsoft launches database, business programs
11/07/2005 01:14:14a VNU/IMS merger under fire from investors
11/07/2005 01:13:33a Bear Stearns up Legal & General to outperform
11/07/2005 01:13:13a Munich Re boosted by Allianz stake sale
11/07/2005 01:11:54a London edges higher on takeover talk
11/07/2005 01:11:38a Ryanair profit rises 17% on higher fares, traffic
11/07/2005 01:10:38a Legal & General upgraded to outperform by Bear Stearns
11/07/2005 01:04:06a Easyjet sees passenger increases
11/07/2005 01:03:06a CORRECTED Microsoft launches database, business programs
11/07/2005 01:02:26a Microsoft launches database, business programs
11/07/2005 12:55:37a CORRECTED Microsoft launches database, business programs
11/07/2005 12:49:43a Cautious start for bourses
11/07/2005 12:48:23a Ryanair down 2% on cautious outlook
11/07/2005 12:47:38a Jeff Adair joins Sagitec Solutions’ Public Pension Practice
11/07/2005 12:47:23a Afraid of Losing Your Home To Medicaid?
11/07/2005 12:46:58a Working Smarter Not Harder Inc 500 Company Boosts Employees Skills With Training Grant
11/07/2005 12:46:43a Deal talk, lower oil give minor lift to early Europe markets
11/07/2005 12:46:33a Bluestreak Teams with Inceptor to Offer Portfolio-Based PPC Bid Management System
11/07/2005 12:46:22a Website Services Magazine Launched
11/07/2005 12:46:03a 3CINTERACTIVE Announces Partnership with Pop2Life
11/07/2005 12:45:57a French CAC 40 down 0.;1% at 4,493
11/07/2005 12:45:32a Munich Re steady after holding FY forecast
11/07/2005 12:45:27a Man in the Mirror Set To Celebrate 20 Years of Ministry to Men
11/07/2005 12:45:22a Will it Ever Stop?
11/07/2005 12:45:17a Online Shopping What Lies Ahead?
11/07/2005 12:45:07a BNP Paribas poised for top level shake-up
11/07/2005 12:44:52a Special Ops Security Presents at 8th Annual West Coast Security Forum
11/07/2005 12:44:47a 2006 U.S. Industry and Market Outlook Report Now Available
11/07/2005 12:44:22a KPN down 0.9% as third-quarter revenue shy of forecast
11/07/2005 12:44:17a Turning Technologies Introduces Response Solutions to Attendees at Worship Facilities Conference and Expo
11/07/2005 12:44:12a LearnShare Unveils Turn-Key, Affordable Learning Management System for Small to Mid-Size Companies
11/07/2005 12:43:57a Weblog Network b5media LLC Announces Merger with About Weblogs
11/07/2005 12:43:27a Nuevo Hacienda Cuisine at The Galisteo Inn, Santa Fe County, NM
11/07/2005 12:43:22a Hybrid Technologies Joins Product Placement Agency
11/07/2005 12:43:17a Introducing Manta – Your Business Intelligence Authority
11/07/2005 12:43:12a How Consultants Can Cut the Cord on Hourly Fees
11/07/2005 12:42:17a Munich Re profit climbs 33% despite hurricane hit
11/07/2005 12:42:07a U.S. Executives Outsourcing will Bring the Demise of American Business
11/07/2005 12:41:57a Leading CRM Provider Names Sanford Group as Marketing Partner
11/07/2005 12:41:42a Stanton, Walker & Company Assists with Major M and A Activity
11/07/2005 12:41:12a Market America to Launch Olympic Athlete Champion Blend
11/07/2005 12:40:57a How To Choose A Home Business Opportunity
11/07/2005 12:40:42a P&O up 1.8% on report hoping to trigger auction
11/07/2005 12:36:29a Bush in Brazil subsidies promise
11/07/2005 12:36:20a Easyjet in October passenger rise
11/07/2005 12:36:13a Gas engineers vote over strikes
11/07/2005 12:36:05a US-China textile trade deal close
11/07/2005 12:34:48a CORRECTED Microsoft launches database, business programs
11/07/2005 12:34:00a Risky business or risk losing business?
11/07/2005 12:33:09a SingPower unit prices 1.1bn offer
11/07/2005 12:30:54a Roche to be able to produce 300 mln Tamiflu treatments by 2007
11/07/2005 12:30:19a Munich Re profit up despite hurricanes
11/07/2005 12:30:09a Man Group bids for Refco assets
11/07/2005 12:29:04a China Business Laws and Regulations
11/07/2005 12:24:04a Hormone Suits Face Hurdle as Drugs Keep FDA Backing
11/07/2005 12:20:24a Ryanair wary despite profits rise
11/07/2005 12:17:30a The Globalization of Business in China
11/07/2005 12:15:18a CORRECTED Microsoft launches database, business programs
11/07/2005 12:14:35a China Business Laws and Regulations
11/07/2005 12:11:50a The Globalization of Business in China
11/07/2005 12:00:46a Boeing retirees told not to switch precription plans
11/06/2005 11:59:57p Flybe Oct. traffic up 21.2% to 446,000 passengers
11/06/2005 11:59:52p Man Group confirms one of Refco bidders
11/06/2005 11:59:47p Studies find mixed results on Wal-Mart
11/06/2005 11:59:37p Munich Re Q3 investments 3.08B vs 1.67B euros
11/06/2005 11:59:28p VNU says also discussing revising merger agreement
11/06/2005 11:59:22p KPN ups forecast while third-quarter profit falls 9%
11/06/2005 11:59:07p VNU may cancel 7 billion IMS Health takeover
11/06/2005 11:58:37p SingPower to raise A1.6bn in Australian IPO
11/06/2005 11:58:33p EasyJet Oct. traffic up 13.7%, load factor down 1.4 points
11/06/2005 11:58:31p UPDATE Sing Power To Raise A1.61 Billion In SP AusNet IPO
11/06/2005 11:58:17p Air France-KLM Oct. traffic up 8.9%, load factor up
11/06/2005 11:58:02p CEO sees market driven by energy crunch
11/06/2005 11:57:50p VNU says may cancel IMS Health deal
11/06/2005 11:57:37p Munich Re sees 400M hit from Wilma
11/06/2005 11:57:32p Ryanair first-half profit rises on higher traffic, fares
11/06/2005 11:57:18p Munich Re Q3 net 513M vs 386M euros
11/06/2005 11:57:12p VNU may cancel 7 billion IMS Health deal
11/06/2005 11:44:31p In start-ups we rarely trust
11/06/2005 11:44:12p Bush in Brazil subsidies promise
11/06/2005 11:44:07p The tough new venture market
11/06/2005 11:44:01p Ryanair wary despite profits rise
11/06/2005 11:43:46p Pony up, businesses
11/06/2005 11:43:41p Targeting mothers who like to spend
11/06/2005 11:43:32p US mandates more security in online banking
11/06/2005 11:43:27p Customer churn hits BSkyB shares
11/06/2005 11:43:16p Brown 'must cut public spending'
11/06/2005 11:42:51p Law firms courting tech, bio companies
11/06/2005 11:41:56p Postcards from the cutting edge
11/06/2005 11:40:27p Inpex, Teikoku rise on merger plan
11/06/2005 11:36:20p Singapore Power to raise A1.6bn in Australian IPO
11/06/2005 11:35:46p Customer churn hits BSkyB shares
11/06/2005 11:35:37p Sea views 'may attract tax hike'
11/06/2005 11:35:27p Ryanair wary despite profits rise
11/06/2005 11:35:21p Brown 'must cut public spending'
11/06/2005 11:33:46p Japan's Inpex to merge with Teikoku Oil
11/06/2005 11:30:50p Brown 'must cut public spending'
11/06/2005 11:30:10p Japan's Nikkei slips, TOPIX rises