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11/15/2005 08:48:58p Vodafone Issues a Profit Warning, and Shares Drop
11/15/2005 08:48:38p CD's Recalled for Posing Risk to PC's
11/15/2005 08:48:18p A.I.G.'s View on Suits
11/15/2005 08:47:38p Asian markets bounce back
11/15/2005 08:47:18p In Germany, a Puzzling Prescription for Economic Health
11/15/2005 08:27:44p Push for progress in WTO talks
11/15/2005 08:26:14p Vodafone Issues a Profit Warning, and Shares Drop
11/15/2005 08:24:43p Big Board Settles With Dissidents Opposed to Planned Merger
11/15/2005 08:23:13p Indonesia court drops case against Newmont
11/15/2005 08:23:10p Miller Claims Bud Light Formula Altered
11/15/2005 08:21:43p Stocks & Bonds Inflation Signals Push Markets Lower
11/15/2005 08:15:00p APEC ministers endorse trade plan
11/15/2005 08:09:33p Vodafone shares slide on warning of slow sales
11/15/2005 08:01:10p Technology Lets High-End Hotels Anticipate Guests' Whims
11/15/2005 07:59:20p J&J to buy Guidant, but for 4B less than first deal
11/15/2005 07:58:33p Low Inflation and Rising Wages Can Coexist, Fed Nominee Says
11/15/2005 07:57:53p Exposing Hidden Ads
11/15/2005 07:56:30p Price Tag of Guidant Is Lowered
11/15/2005 07:55:50p Workhorse Boeing 747 gets upgrade to bigger version
11/15/2005 07:54:00p Exposing Hidden Ads
11/15/2005 07:53:20p Coal miner remains up-beat despite problems
11/15/2005 07:52:29p Miller Claims Bud Light Formula Different
11/15/2005 07:52:24p Platinum hits near-26-yr high in Asia,others firm
11/15/2005 07:28:54p Fannie Mae's Repairman
11/15/2005 07:28:21p Price Tag of Guidant Is Lowered
11/15/2005 07:27:23p Schwab to pay 1M to settle investment adviser case
11/15/2005 07:26:13p Finances Bleak at Pension Agency
11/15/2005 07:26:06p Briefs Botox maker bids for implant firm
11/15/2005 07:25:43p Bernanke Pledges Fed Independence
11/15/2005 07:25:20p Platinum hits 980 in Asia, highest since 1980
11/15/2005 07:24:24p Retailers offer mixed holiday sales outlooks
11/15/2005 07:24:13p A Detour in The Corridor Of Power
11/15/2005 07:23:53p China auctions copper in a bid to cool prices
11/15/2005 07:23:43p Most D.C. Property Priced Out Of Reach
11/15/2005 07:22:54p Bernanke Confirmation Hearing
11/15/2005 07:22:03p ADB helps seal carbon credit sales for coal mine methane project
11/15/2005 07:15:45p Treasury Bond Prices Rally BusinessWeek
11/15/2005 07:05:04p Botox maker bids 3.2bn for Inamed
11/15/2005 06:59:47p Internet battle ends in stalemate
11/15/2005 06:56:09p Advertising A Legal Gamble for Celebrities
11/15/2005 06:55:59p CA to divest MultiGen
11/15/2005 06:53:00p Chinese boy tests positive for H5N1 report
11/15/2005 06:50:45p Bernanke praises Greenspan and says deficits must be cut
11/15/2005 06:37:55p Oracle gets regulator OK on Siebel deal
11/15/2005 06:32:24p Tianjin reports steady foreign trade growth
11/15/2005 06:32:04p Lenovo alliance to pre-install software
11/15/2005 06:31:54p Challenges ahead for hospitality sector
11/15/2005 06:31:44p US lifts AWB ban
11/15/2005 06:30:54p Dec. crude trading at 57.01, up 3c from NY close
11/15/2005 06:30:16p Pudong int'l airport to expand
11/15/2005 06:28:53p Faithful flock to Chick-fil-A
11/15/2005 06:28:13p New tax policies slated for venture capitalists
11/15/2005 06:27:13p Companies to use equity as incentive for executives
11/15/2005 06:27:03p Share bonus scheme to be standardized
11/15/2005 06:26:54p Bush urges China to move towards democractic reform
11/15/2005 06:26:43p Deals signed to clean up atmosphere
11/15/2005 06:25:53p Spot gold quoted at 469.60 in Asia trade
11/15/2005 06:25:03p Mining industry adopts development strategy
11/15/2005 06:24:58p Nikkei steady as banks recover
11/15/2005 06:21:26p Vodafone sheds 11% as Japan margins fall
11/15/2005 06:00:10p US firm eyes money managing
11/15/2005 05:59:00p Borders loss widens on remodels, weak music sales
11/15/2005 05:58:30p Oracle says DOJ has cleared proposed acquisition of Siebel
11/15/2005 05:58:11p Synthetic rubber, fibers to cost more
11/15/2005 05:56:20p Fitch upgrades Qwest Communications ratings
11/15/2005 05:55:50p Fitch upgrades ratings of Qwest Communications
11/15/2005 05:53:38p Cheaper oil lowers inflation
11/15/2005 05:52:53p Copper price soars amid rogue trading fears
11/15/2005 05:45:23p Chinese brands gain worldwide reputation
11/15/2005 05:45:03p Trujillo hits back at Telstra critics
11/15/2005 05:44:53p Spot gold quoted at 468 in Asia trade
11/15/2005 05:44:23p Omega Healthcare prices 4.5M share offering at 11.80 each
11/15/2005 05:43:23p Analysis Bernanke vows to stay out of politics
11/15/2005 05:41:04p \"Eagle\" swoops on IPR violations
11/15/2005 05:40:45p Corporate goods price up 0.9% in Oct.
11/15/2005 05:40:42p Forrester Forum Focuses on Globalization
11/15/2005 05:37:35p HP to post strong quarter, no write-off
11/15/2005 05:36:22p Dec. crude trading at 56.88, down 10c from NY close
11/15/2005 05:32:22p to Join S&P 500, Shares Jump 6%
11/15/2005 05:31:44p Brussels seeks more power on mergers
11/15/2005 05:23:27p Hopes of bumper bonuses are dashed
11/15/2005 05:22:47p Parents may lose 78pc of any pay rise to tax
11/15/2005 05:21:37p Xiamen company sues Maersk for 100 yuan
11/15/2005 05:20:47p Cerberus-Gabriel wins bid for Leumi stake
11/15/2005 05:19:47p Vodafone rings the alarm as shares fall 11pc
11/15/2005 05:18:47p Virgin Blue profits slide
11/15/2005 05:17:57p Qantas chief flags changes to business operations
11/15/2005 05:16:46p Bernanke urges inflation targeting
11/15/2005 05:16:27p Record ship deal to create 10,000 jobs
11/15/2005 05:16:17p Foreign miners may get wider access
11/15/2005 05:16:07p Boeing, Union reach tentative deal on new contract
11/15/2005 05:15:16p NYSE settles suit over Archipelago takeover
11/15/2005 05:11:16p Analysis / Sir Bury-us who?
11/15/2005 05:10:49p German move to raise VAT found puzzling
11/15/2005 05:10:16p Joy Global OKs 3-for-2 stock split
11/15/2005 05:08:06p Spousal benefit another key to Social Security decision
11/15/2005 05:06:36p Los Angeles World Airports Los Angeles Airport Expects 1.8 Million Passengers for Thanksgiving
11/15/2005 05:06:16p Copper hits record on Chinese whispers
11/15/2005 05:05:46p Confusion greets start of Medicare drug-plan sign-up
11/15/2005 05:05:36p Aon mulling sale of P&C underwriting business
11/15/2005 05:04:16p Union recommends members OK new Boeing deal
11/15/2005 05:04:06p Microsoft gets into supercomputers
11/15/2005 05:03:46p Venture capital encouraged to invest in SMEs
11/15/2005 05:02:56p Internet ads come of age
11/15/2005 05:02:46p Regulator seeks opinions on share
11/15/2005 05:02:00p Home prices show sharp increases, led by Phoenix and Orlando
11/15/2005 05:01:06p A shy wunderkind, Stephen Feinberg
11/15/2005 05:00:56p Americas markets end in the red
11/15/2005 05:00:46p Let's call it a treasury team effort
11/15/2005 04:59:36p Senate panel drops investor-oriented tax cuts
11/15/2005 04:59:16p Joy Global split payable to shareholders as of Nov. 28
11/15/2005 04:58:36p Boeing, Union Reach Tentative Agreement
11/15/2005 04:57:16p Main points of Bernanke's Senate confirmation hearing
11/15/2005 04:51:13p Bush to China Open up
11/15/2005 04:49:23p Landstar Hauling More Profits
11/15/2005 04:47:53p UN chief acts in Hariri murder probe
11/15/2005 04:47:43p Johnson & Johnson to Buy Guidant for Less
11/15/2005 04:46:13p Boeing gets add'l plane orders from Kenya Airways
11/15/2005 04:44:23p Accord on 'conflict diamond' smuggling
11/15/2005 04:42:43p Stanford business school to receive 30 million, largest single donation
11/15/2005 04:41:33p Accounting's New Frontier Pensions
11/15/2005 04:41:23p Moody's upgrades ratings of Capital One Financial
11/15/2005 04:41:13p Boeing Kenya Airways orders 4th 777-200ER, option for 5th
11/15/2005 04:39:08p S&P Ups Guidant, Allergan and BJ's Wholesale Club
11/15/2005 04:38:41p Supply hopes drive oil price down
11/15/2005 04:36:22p Adelphia files 4th amended reorganization plan with court
11/15/2005 04:35:32p Boeing Kenya Airways plans to lease 6th 767-300ER in 2006
11/15/2005 04:34:02p Whole Foods to say goodbye to lobsters?
11/15/2005 04:33:12p Moody's upgrades Capital One Financial ratings
11/15/2005 04:23:54p XTO Energy div payable to shareholders as of Dec. 30
11/15/2005 04:23:34p Hancock Fabrics Q3 First Call rev est 104M
11/15/2005 04:23:26p Bernanke starts out cautiously
11/15/2005 04:21:43p Skype in China talks
11/15/2005 04:21:23p Fremont General ups quarterly cash dividend 25% to 10c
11/15/2005 04:19:33p Technical Analysis Techs Pull Back
11/15/2005 04:18:38p Hancock Fabrics Q3 First Call loss est 9c
11/15/2005 04:17:33p Hancock Fabrics Q3 net loss 14c vs net earns 5c
11/15/2005 04:16:23p Hancock Fabrics suspends quarterly dividend indefinitely
11/15/2005 04:14:43p XTO Energy ups quarterly cash dividend 50% to 7.5c
11/15/2005 04:13:53p Hedge fund presses McDonald's
11/15/2005 04:13:43p Taser expects Q3 net income to be revised higher by 60K
11/15/2005 04:11:13p Eatery served up lots of memories
11/15/2005 04:10:03p Firm rejects claims workers sacked over IR protest
11/15/2005 04:08:03p NYSE fines Schwab brokerage 1 million
11/15/2005 04:06:43p Taser Int'l to restate 1Q, 2Q results, revise 3Q results
11/15/2005 04:05:23p Refco CEO steps down after a month
11/15/2005 04:03:52p So Long Ma Bell, Hello Amazon
11/15/2005 04:03:33p Fremont General div payable to shareholders as of Dec. 30
11/15/2005 04:03:13p Equity One ups stake in DIM Vastgoed to 26.8%
11/15/2005 04:02:52p Hancock Fabrics swings to quarterly loss; suspends dividend
11/15/2005 04:02:43p Hancock Fabrics Q3 rev 103.9M vs 109.9M
11/15/2005 03:56:09p Court VoIP E911 Deadline Stands
11/15/2005 03:55:29p CABG Trial results don't meet regulatory OK standards
11/15/2005 03:55:09p Horizon Health plans to acquire 8 healthcare facilities
11/15/2005 03:54:59p CABG completes 1st arm of Holly Graft trial enrollment
11/15/2005 03:54:49p Hyatt Hotels Corporation Hyatt Launches New Gift Card Program
11/15/2005 03:54:39p Applied Materials' new VC unit to invest up to 25M annually
11/15/2005 03:54:29p Selling Marketers on MSN
11/15/2005 03:54:19p Supply hopes drive oil price down
11/15/2005 03:52:09p Thomas Nelson, Inc. Thomas Nelson Forms Grupo Nelson Spanish Division
11/15/2005 03:51:59p NYSE dissidents settling their suit to block Archipelago deal
11/15/2005 03:51:06p Producer prices surge while retail dips
11/15/2005 03:50:09p Stanford business school to receive 30 million, largest single donation
11/15/2005 03:49:59p Poore Bros misses 10-Q filing deadline on internal review
11/15/2005 03:48:39p CABG 12 grafts in trial occluded and nonfunctional
11/15/2005 03:48:19p Airgas to buy back up to 150M of stock over 3 yrs
11/15/2005 03:47:59p Digicel Digicel Completes Acquisition of Cingular Wireless Cayman Islands
11/15/2005 03:47:29p Abercrombie & Fitch sales, earnings surge
11/15/2005 03:46:39p Massey Energy OKs buyback of up to 500M of co. shares
11/15/2005 03:46:29p CABG Initial results don't meet regulatory OK standards
11/15/2005 03:45:39p Sony's software removal scheme aggravates security hole
11/15/2005 03:45:29p Retail sell-off leaves Wall Street lower
11/15/2005 03:45:20p Enron settles with Feds for 1.5 billion
11/15/2005 03:44:53p Supply hopes drive oil price down
11/15/2005 03:42:38p Gannett closes lower on cut; newspaper stocks fall
11/15/2005 03:41:08p Republicans struggle to push tax cut agenda through House, Senate panels
11/15/2005 03:40:20p O2Diesel Corporation O2Diesel Corporation Announces Third Quarter Earnings
11/15/2005 03:40:05p Qantas chief flags changes to business operations
11/15/2005 03:39:08p CABG 2 adverse events reported in trial
11/15/2005 03:38:48p Pepco unit agrees to sell assets to Duquesne for 173.1M
11/15/2005 03:38:25p Producer prices rise while retail dips
11/15/2005 03:38:12p Missing trader what next, asks market
11/15/2005 03:37:48p Poore Bros to file when internal controls review done
11/15/2005 03:36:18p NYSE-ArcaEx deal will get fresh review as part of settlement
11/15/2005 03:36:08p Stocks decline in afternoon sell-off
11/15/2005 03:35:58p Poore Bros' Q3 10-Q filing was due today
11/15/2005 03:35:38p Poore Bros asks SEC for Q3 10-Q filing extension
11/15/2005 03:33:48p Massey Energy board OKs buyback of up to 500M of co. shares
11/15/2005 03:31:58p Bernanke says he'll continue Greenspan's policies
11/15/2005 03:31:48p Fears about General Motors bankruptcy rising on Wall Street
11/15/2005 03:30:48p Pension insurance agency reports 22.8 billion deficit for 2005
11/15/2005 03:29:37p Airgas targets repurchasing 30M-50M of stock per year
11/15/2005 03:22:32p Allergan makes 3.2B offer to buy Inamed
11/15/2005 03:22:17p Treasurys end firm on pledge for smooth Fed transition
11/15/2005 03:21:27p Primedia acquires majority interest in
11/15/2005 03:21:01p J&J cuts its purchase price for Guidant
11/15/2005 03:20:06p Morgan Stanley's Mack plans big spending to fix company
11/15/2005 03:19:56p Learning Care Group agrees to be acquired by A.B.C. Learning
11/15/2005 03:19:24p A 401k versus a Roth 401k
11/15/2005 03:19:09p Bob Geldof says 'don't do emails'
11/15/2005 03:17:04p Mexico Shop Owner, Coca-Cola Unit Clash
11/15/2005 03:16:37p National City forecasts 100M-120M in charges in 4Q
11/15/2005 03:16:16p Seventh Generation Clean Freaks Give the Nod to Green Cleaners
11/15/2005 03:14:16p Primedia acquires interest in for 72.5M cash
11/15/2005 03:14:06p Counterpoint on Capstone
11/15/2005 03:12:48p First Community Bancshares names Mark Wendel CFO
11/15/2005 03:12:36p NYSE said to settle Archipelago lawsuit
11/15/2005 03:10:56p Blue Coat Systems quarterly profit soars
11/15/2005 03:09:56p Hanley Wood Hanley Wood Magazines Sweeps Eddies, Dominates Ozzies
11/15/2005 03:09:46p Learning Care Group agrees to be acquired for 159.1M cash
11/15/2005 03:08:56p Abercrombie, UTStarcom lead evening session gainers
11/15/2005 03:06:47p Hologic shareholders say co can issue 90M shares
11/15/2005 03:06:16p Horizon Health Acquisitions expected to close in Q2
11/15/2005 03:05:16p Icahn reports holdings in Lexar Media, Walter Industries
11/15/2005 03:03:06p Horizon Health plans to buy 4 Focus Healthcare facilities
11/15/2005 03:02:45p Retailers Report Third-Quarter Earnings
11/15/2005 03:01:46p First Community Banc CFO Schumacher to be general counsel
11/15/2005 03:00:25p Telecoms end lower, UTStarcom aside
11/15/2005 02:58:32p Wilsons Leather quarterly loss widens
11/15/2005 02:57:36p China set for issue of 3G licences
11/15/2005 02:57:25p Horizon Health plans to buy 4 Lighthouse Care facilities
11/15/2005 02:57:05p Refco CEO steps down
11/15/2005 02:56:56p Disney studio view to come into focus
11/15/2005 02:56:16p Applied Materials' new unit to invest up to 25M annually
11/15/2005 02:56:07p Fed Nominee Says Low Inflation Promotes Job Growth
11/15/2005 02:54:46p New drug plan begins
11/15/2005 02:54:17p CalbaTech CalbaTech Announces Third Quarter and Nine Month Financial Results
11/15/2005 02:54:12p Applied Materials forms venture capital unit
11/15/2005 02:50:57p Retail sales held back by gas and cars
11/15/2005 02:46:02p National City to also exit motorsports lending business
11/15/2005 02:45:42p House to Vote on 'Net Governance
11/15/2005 02:45:12p Nervous Investors Send Stocks Lower
11/15/2005 02:44:42p Copper hits new record highs
11/15/2005 02:43:52p Markets down amid drops in sales figures
11/15/2005 02:43:32p Housing Prices Shooting Up Throughout District
11/15/2005 02:42:58p Hurricane damage hits AIG profits
11/15/2005 02:42:48p Russian MPs probe Gazprom plan
11/15/2005 02:41:41p Commerzbank set to absorb Eurohypo
11/15/2005 02:40:11p Contracts for November 15, 2005
11/15/2005 02:40:01p J&J forces Guidant to cut bid price
11/15/2005 02:39:32p McDonald's urged to speed restructuring
11/15/2005 02:39:01p NYSE Dissidents Settle Archipelago Suit
11/15/2005 02:38:13p Thrivent fund manager pulls plug on Cisco, Symantec
11/15/2005 02:38:04p Abercrombie & Fitch earns beat Street
11/15/2005 02:37:54p Stocks fall, Target view dims hopes
11/15/2005 02:37:41p GM shares fall to 23-year low
11/15/2005 02:37:36p J&J cuts price of Guidant purchase
11/15/2005 02:37:31p JDS Uniphase to consolidate some ops, lay off 500
11/15/2005 02:36:41p ABC/Post consumer comfort index 18 vs. 19
11/15/2005 02:36:31p Uranium sampling discrepancy shocks miner
11/15/2005 02:34:41p Skype banks on computer-to-phone launch
11/15/2005 02:34:31p Criimi Mae shareholders to vote on CDP buy Jan. 18
11/15/2005 02:33:41p La-Z-Boy swings to quarterly loss; revenue falls
11/15/2005 02:32:51p National City to incur 40M in charges in Q4 related to exit
11/15/2005 02:32:31p Stocks slip on mixed economic news
11/15/2005 02:31:41p National City to exit indirect retail auto lending business
11/15/2005 02:31:01p Senate panel passes 60bln 5-year tax cut plan
11/15/2005 02:30:11p HK talks 'will not make or break' Doha round
11/15/2005 02:29:35p Bernanke facing Senate grilling
11/15/2005 02:29:32p Borders 3Q loss widens on remodeling of stores