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12/22/2005 03:25:32a Govt mulling 4 criteria on releasing 3G licenses
12/22/2005 03:25:12a Chinese electronics goods sell well in Vietnam
12/22/2005 03:25:10a BlackBerry swells despite legal row
12/22/2005 03:24:57a Citigroup bids for 85% stake of Guangdong bank
12/22/2005 03:24:37a Lenovo hires former Dell exec as new CEO
12/22/2005 03:24:17a China to auction 200,000 tons of sugar to lower prices
12/22/2005 03:24:06a China posts list of industries facing overcapacities
12/22/2005 03:23:16a Xiamen Airlines to buy 10 Boeing 737 airplanes
12/22/2005 03:23:02a Tickets sold out for chartered flights from Shanghai to Taiwan
12/22/2005 03:22:27a French advertising giant expects sales surge in China
12/22/2005 03:22:06a Largest Chinese auto supplier aims to take over Delphi
12/22/2005 03:21:56a Fortis to raise stake in fund venture to 49%
12/22/2005 03:21:41a ING gets nod to set up branch in Shandong
12/22/2005 03:21:26a Gasoline exports may rise
12/22/2005 03:20:36a Central SOEs to profit 600 bln yuan in 2005
12/22/2005 03:20:16a Leading woollen wear producer named Olympics sponsor
12/22/2005 03:20:06a Tax breaks offered for energy industry
12/22/2005 03:19:51a Policy to encourage low-emission economical cars
12/22/2005 03:19:16a Govt plans to broaden panda bond market
12/22/2005 03:19:06a Experiment with VAT reform well underway
12/22/2005 03:18:51a Insurers encouraged to invest in banks
12/22/2005 03:18:41a Two Chinese airlines to buy 9 Boeing aircrafts
12/22/2005 03:18:31a Bank provides loan for Taiwan-funded enterprises
12/22/2005 03:03:53a Bugs Infest Persia
12/22/2005 03:02:58a Cyberporn Sells in Virtual World
12/22/2005 03:01:15a Despite troubles, RIM's profits jump
12/22/2005 03:00:51a Apple, Intel Clam Up on Macworld
12/22/2005 02:59:47a Swiss rethink on telecoms deals
12/22/2005 02:59:32a Passion of the Spaghetti Monster
12/22/2005 02:58:52a Your Right to Be an Idiot
12/22/2005 02:58:07a Bush signs tax breaks for Gulf Coast businesses
12/22/2005 02:56:37a BAE signs landmark Eurofighter contract with Saudis
12/22/2005 02:55:52a DCX settles federal-state emission probe
12/22/2005 02:53:02a Dunkin' pitches to fitness crowd
12/22/2005 02:52:52a Time Warner taps Bewkes as president
12/22/2005 02:52:47a Chinese, Philip Morris team up to make Marlboros
12/22/2005 02:52:32a Early bids on table for news publisher
12/22/2005 02:52:22a Air travel rebounds at Logan
12/22/2005 02:52:12a Study Nearly 10% of pension plans frozen
12/22/2005 02:51:57a Plugged-in nation is hooked on digital devices, poll suggests
12/22/2005 02:51:02a Harvard portfolio managers' pay drops
12/22/2005 02:50:57a Seanez has unfinished business
12/22/2005 02:50:17a A good time to shop for gifts - and cars
12/22/2005 02:50:02a Historic home's update keeps the best features
12/22/2005 02:49:47a Hingham
12/22/2005 02:49:17a Report lifts crude prices
12/22/2005 02:49:12a Utility denies wrongdoing in electricity payments
12/22/2005 02:49:07a It's not easy to walk away
12/22/2005 02:48:37a Gift giver's last refuge overnight it
12/22/2005 02:48:12a IBM will buy software maker
12/22/2005 02:47:47a Seagate to buy disk-drive rival in 1.9b deal
12/22/2005 02:47:22a Emerson at center stage
12/22/2005 02:46:26a Burns & Levinson, Perkins to merge
12/22/2005 02:45:47a Despite the hurricanes, US economy makes gains
12/22/2005 02:45:32a BlackBerry A high-tech ball and chain for lawyers
12/22/2005 02:39:12a Prestwick Cancels Initial Public Offering
12/22/2005 02:36:08a UK's Hilton confirms bidder interest in Ladbrokes
12/22/2005 02:34:29a Swiss rethink on telecoms deals
12/22/2005 02:25:04a Production of high-end disk drives seen remaining in S'pore
12/22/2005 02:13:48a Plan to aid business ratepayers
12/22/2005 02:13:43a Hilton confirms Ladbrokes suitors
12/22/2005 02:12:53a Boeing raises 787 delivery target
12/22/2005 02:12:03a NY strikers threatened with jail
12/22/2005 02:11:07a Opec and China forge closer ties
12/22/2005 02:10:37a Britons buying more organic food
12/22/2005 02:10:07a Easyjet fleet adds 20 new planes
12/22/2005 02:10:04a Google confirms 1bn stake in AOL
12/22/2005 01:58:47a Hilton Group says HHC hotels deal 'weeks' rather than months away
12/22/2005 01:56:32a Boeing raises 787 delivery target
12/22/2005 01:55:32a 3.3 Billion in Debt Relief
12/22/2005 01:53:21a Hilton sale, BAE lift Europe
12/22/2005 01:49:45a Market falls back from intra-day record
12/22/2005 01:49:39a Handling of rail rescue package foolish Tas MP
12/22/2005 01:49:30a 3Q growth revised slightly downward
12/22/2005 01:49:09a 1.3 billion bid OK'd by Town & Country
12/22/2005 01:49:00a Acquisitions give a boost to stocks; Dow climbs 28
12/22/2005 01:48:39a Easy-to-use V-chip bars smut from kid viewers
12/22/2005 01:48:19a Procrastinators help last-minute delivery services net tidy profits
12/22/2005 01:47:19a Cardiac patient awarded 5 million
12/22/2005 01:47:09a Customers in Florida unsold on bigger utility
12/22/2005 01:46:29a Stock switches score success
12/22/2005 01:41:22a Easyjet fleet adds 20 new planes
12/22/2005 01:41:06a Opec and China forge closer ties
12/22/2005 01:40:25a Japanese Stocks Retreat; Dollar Up vs. Yen
12/22/2005 01:39:23a U.S. to Sell 100,000 Tons of Beef in Japan
12/22/2005 01:34:31a Opec and China forge closer ties
12/22/2005 01:29:58a Panorama Software Chooses Olap Consulting to Distribute Business Intelligence Solutions
12/22/2005 01:25:43a Calpine's Woes May Hit Ratepayers
12/22/2005 01:24:24a Airport Express and Fairygodmother Foundation Launch Innovative Donation Program
12/22/2005 01:24:04a The Best Article Search Engine
12/22/2005 01:23:59a What is the Progressive Resistance System
12/22/2005 01:23:39a Timeshare Resort Sales Introduces Purchase Incentive Program
12/22/2005 01:23:29a Pastor-Geneve to Contribute Two Books on Investment in 2006
12/22/2005 01:23:24a Crescent State Bank Purchases New Raleigh Branch Office
12/22/2005 01:23:14a InsureMe Highlights Ways to Save on Car Rentals during the Holidays
12/22/2005 01:22:59a TH Lee founder to quit
12/22/2005 01:22:34a BlackBerry maker claims patent 'vindication'
12/22/2005 01:22:14a First Prince William County Winery Comes to Haymarket, VA
12/22/2005 01:21:44a SunEdison and New Vision Technologies to Merge
12/22/2005 01:21:39a Patriot Performance Materials, Inc. Donates 250,000 to Special Operations Warrior Foundation
12/22/2005 01:21:34a Liberty League International Announces Closed Captioning Integration of Video Products
12/22/2005 01:21:09a Chow Chow Health And Chow Training Secrets Revealed
12/22/2005 01:20:39a InfoVision Launches Credit Card Sales Campaign for a Leading Bank
12/22/2005 01:20:20a Announcing the Re-Launch of Killis For Kleaners Web Site
12/22/2005 01:20:17a With Thirteenth Straight Federal Increase, Credit Card Rates Rise Again
12/22/2005 01:20:04a Ex-ECB policymaker to head accounting body
12/22/2005 01:19:59a Haroon Inam Joins Cattron Group as Vice President of Global Engineering
12/22/2005 01:19:54a Search Engine Optimization Through Article Syndication
12/22/2005 01:19:49a Grosvenor Sells bwtech @ UMBC Buildings
12/22/2005 01:19:19a FTSE focused on Ladbrokes interest
12/22/2005 01:18:59a Luke Parkin releases the Winter Journal Album On Pacific Music
12/22/2005 01:18:43a Designer DoxieWear!
12/22/2005 01:18:38a Eliminate and Destroy Acne With Acne Solutions
12/22/2005 01:18:34a Darcy White Joins Iatria Spa and Health Center
12/22/2005 01:18:18a Fast-growing region delivers best ever growth
12/22/2005 01:18:13a C.A. Short Adds New Presentation Option to its Diversified Recognition Portfolio
12/22/2005 01:18:09a TEC Helps Companies Compare, Select, and Evaluate PPM or Project Portfolio Management Software
12/22/2005 01:18:03a Lenovo picks candidate with 'perfect profile'
12/22/2005 01:17:28a Europe edges lower after opening
12/22/2005 01:16:53a Canadian Pharmacies Alive and Well and Soothing Medicare Woes
12/22/2005 01:16:48a Kick Off The New Year With 24 Hours of Motivation
12/22/2005 01:16:43a Leading Stock Market Timing Service Expands Canadian Energy Sector Coverage
12/22/2005 01:10:58a Crucell N.V. Crucell Announces Second PER.C6R Licensing Agreement with Merial
12/22/2005 01:10:53a Hilton confirms Ladbrokes approaches
12/22/2005 01:10:49a China SOEs should list abroad, official says
12/22/2005 01:10:43a Blair pays a surprise visit to troops in Iraq
12/22/2005 01:10:34a Crucell N.V. Contract Manufacturing Agreement Takes PER.C6R into Canada
12/22/2005 12:59:20a Texas AG cranks up Sony suit
12/22/2005 12:59:04a Clear Channel severs entertainment ties
12/22/2005 12:58:59a Valero spreads joy among S.A. charities
12/22/2005 12:58:24a Business Briefs Blue Star buys apartment complex
12/22/2005 12:58:14a SUVs keep rolling
12/22/2005 12:57:54a Soaring 787 program not resting its wings
12/22/2005 12:57:09a Report lifts crude prices
12/22/2005 12:56:54a Business Calendar Chicago Mercantile Exchange closes at noon
12/22/2005 12:56:44a Atlanta firm buys Alamo Capital
12/22/2005 12:56:24a Time Warner Picks President
12/22/2005 12:55:39a Research in Motion's Net Income Rises 33%
12/22/2005 12:55:24a Residents urged to recycle phone books
12/22/2005 12:49:35a Telindus to continues talks w/ France Telecom, Belgacom
12/22/2005 12:49:25a Consumers drive GDP over bumps
12/22/2005 12:49:10a Telindus to continue talks w/ France Telecom, Belgacom
12/22/2005 12:48:55a Chains planning to sell 10 theaters
12/22/2005 12:48:50a Absa to buy Barclays S. African branch business for 90M
12/22/2005 12:48:30a Study says ?tax gap? hit 1 trillion in 2003
12/22/2005 12:48:20a Broker?s long battle was bitter to the end
12/22/2005 12:48:15a Telindusshareholding board mbs to tender shares to Belgacom
12/22/2005 12:48:05a Hilton Group receives expressions of interest in Ladbrokes
12/22/2005 12:48:00a Culture of Christmas catalogs
12/22/2005 12:47:50a An era ends in Brazil as VW puts new motor in minivans
12/22/2005 12:47:44a BAE Systems extends Wednesday's rise, up 3.2%
12/22/2005 12:47:40a Europe edges lower in thin trade, while BAE, KFM surge
12/22/2005 12:47:20a German DAX 30 down 0.16% at 5,389
12/22/2005 12:47:15a KFM surged 8.5% at 37.97 euros on possible DSV bid
12/22/2005 12:47:09a Wilson Bowden reports 'significant' pick-up in reservations
12/22/2005 12:47:04a FTSE 100 down 0.01% at 5,587
12/22/2005 12:46:45a H&R Block settles four suits
12/22/2005 12:46:34a FDA OKs Roche's Tamiflu for preventive use in children
12/22/2005 12:46:29a GM hits a 23-year low as stock rally fades
12/22/2005 12:45:56a Hilton Group up 3.4% on interest in Ladbrokes
12/22/2005 12:45:34a STARWATCH CONSUMER If you?re a last-minute holiday shopper, you?re not alone
12/22/2005 12:45:24a Looking at job growth in new light
12/22/2005 12:45:04a Telindus down 0.6%; still in talks with Belgacom, France Tel
12/22/2005 12:44:59a ThyssenKrupp, EADS near deal for Atlas Elektronic report
12/22/2005 12:44:49a EasyJet to buy 20 Airbus A319s for less than 900 million
12/22/2005 12:44:44a Filing completes Calpine?s fall
12/22/2005 12:44:29a No news is mixed news
12/22/2005 12:44:19a DSV may offer 38 euros a share for KFM
12/22/2005 12:44:14a French CAC 40 down 0.14% at 4,745
12/22/2005 12:43:49a Shipshape for the holidays
12/22/2005 12:39:08a Scheme to aid business ratepayers
12/22/2005 12:38:06a Albertson's reject's 9.6 billion bid NYT
12/22/2005 12:36:56a NY businesses in make do during strike
12/22/2005 12:36:53a KFM, Hilton star while broader Europe range-bound
12/22/2005 12:34:43a Google confirms 1bn stake in AOL
12/22/2005 12:34:36a Easyjet fleet adds 20 new planes
12/22/2005 12:34:26a Hilton confirms Ladbrokes suitors
12/22/2005 12:21:04a MedAire founder ousted as Tempe company CEO
12/22/2005 12:20:49a Copper costs force closure of Valley firm
12/22/2005 12:20:29a Scandal fallout painful for exec
12/22/2005 12:19:55a Boeing raises 787 delivery target
12/22/2005 12:19:39a 'Good news' sends stock up over 10%
12/22/2005 12:18:59a Investor's sell-off triggers dip in GM shares
12/22/2005 12:18:33a Rating of APS lowered
12/22/2005 12:18:03a Numerous acquisitions end Wall St. skid
12/22/2005 12:00:50a Daimler agrees to emission fix in settlement
12/21/2005 11:54:05p The Ultimate Geek Gift Guide
12/21/2005 11:54:03p NeXT Fans Give Up the Ghost
12/21/2005 11:53:50p UC Retains Los Alamos Contract
12/21/2005 11:53:20p Cops Dig Anti-Game Crusader
12/21/2005 11:53:15p Lawbreaker in Chief
12/21/2005 11:53:10p For Sale Every Newton Ever Made
12/21/2005 11:53:05p Stranded, NYC Heads to the Web
12/21/2005 11:52:30p GPS Could Speed Tsunami Warnings
12/21/2005 11:52:25p Diebold Hack Hints at Wider Flaws
12/21/2005 11:52:10p Games That Travel Well
12/21/2005 11:52:05p A Note on Wired News' New Look
12/21/2005 11:52:00p Download Piaf, Go to Jail
12/21/2005 11:51:40p Mitsubishi Gushes Over BioOil
12/21/2005 11:51:30p Americans 'Need' Their Gadgets
12/21/2005 11:51:25p Testing Drugs on India's Poor
12/21/2005 11:51:20p Tech May ID More 9/11 Victims
12/21/2005 11:51:15p Ten Best Tech Podcasts of 2005
12/21/2005 11:45:45p Senators Vote to Kill Trade Law
12/21/2005 11:45:24p Away in the Mangers, The Business Is Booming
12/21/2005 11:45:09p Department's Mission Was Undermined From Start
12/21/2005 11:44:54p Microsoft Is Losing Some Of Its Elbow Room
12/21/2005 11:44:09p Pines gives tentative OK to turning Raintree Golf Course into homes, businesses
12/21/2005 11:43:54p No Way Found to Cut Need for Foreign Oil
12/21/2005 11:43:36p Los Alamos Management Named
12/21/2005 11:41:14p Used Medical Devices Being Sold on EBay
12/21/2005 11:34:47p NY strikers threatened with jail
12/21/2005 11:34:39p Britons buying more organic food
12/21/2005 11:34:32p Boeing raises 787 delivery target
12/21/2005 11:30:03p Calpine not going dark in face of bankruptcy
12/21/2005 11:10:48p Britons chow down on organic food
12/21/2005 11:04:14p Albertson's Sale Is in Limbo as Board Rejects 9.6 Billion Bid
12/21/2005 11:03:59p Economic Scene Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Waste More, Want More
12/21/2005 11:03:44p Small Business For Some, a Little Loan Goes a Long Way
12/21/2005 11:03:29p Lilly Settles Marketing Suit
12/21/2005 11:03:19p Top Banker to Be Retried in Germany
12/21/2005 11:03:14p Time Warner Chooses an Insider as President
12/21/2005 11:03:04p Want to Start a Hedge Fund? First, Read This Book
12/21/2005 11:02:59p Advertising It's Getting Crowded on the Environmental Bandwagon
12/21/2005 11:02:54p Allergan to Buy Inamed
12/21/2005 11:02:49p Shares Break 4-Day Losing Streak on Earnings and Deals
12/21/2005 11:02:34p Lower Pay This Year for Managers of Harvard's Endowment
12/21/2005 11:02:29p World Business Briefings Europe, Asia
12/21/2005 11:02:12p Three Morgan Directors Resign; All Were Allies of Ex-Chief
12/21/2005 11:02:09p Profit Jumps at BlackBerry Maker Despite Legal Woes
12/21/2005 11:02:04p Ex-Executives of Health Care Firm Sued
12/21/2005 11:02:01p S.E.C. Accuses a New Jersey Hedge Fund
12/21/2005 11:01:56p Qatar Finds a Currency of Its Own Natural Gas
12/21/2005 11:01:39p Joseph L. Owades, Developer of Recipe for Light Beer, Is Dead at 86
12/21/2005 11:01:36p Daimler Settles U.S. Charges
12/21/2005 11:01:28p Job Cuts to Lower Profit at Times Co.
12/21/2005 11:01:09p FedEx Profit Up 33% in Quarter
12/21/2005 11:00:58p Market Place 440 Million From Wall St. as Restitution
12/21/2005 11:00:50p Seagate to Buy Top Competitor
12/21/2005 11:00:01p Think Away the Pain
12/21/2005 10:59:50p Taser Files Delayed Results
12/21/2005 10:59:43p Economy Grew at a Quick Pace in Summer Despite Hurricanes
12/21/2005 10:42:40p Santos to get 149m payout from Moomba explosion
12/21/2005 10:42:30p China Becomes Net Exporter of Cars, Trucks
12/21/2005 10:41:56p PM backs Fair Pay Commission chief
12/21/2005 10:40:50p Japanese Gov't Remains Upbeat on Economy
12/21/2005 10:39:30p Merger creates Aust cotton giant
12/21/2005 10:38:46p Industry to meet biofuel targets
12/21/2005 10:34:22p Britons chow down on organic food
12/21/2005 10:32:57p Disk drive maker Seagate buying top rival Maxtor
12/21/2005 10:26:11p Eli Lilly to pay 36M to settle charges
12/21/2005 10:24:41p IBM reaches deal to acquire Micromuse for 865 million
12/21/2005 10:18:21p Time Warner names Bewkes as COO
12/21/2005 10:06:49p Foodmakers bet on sweet treats
12/21/2005 10:06:41p Credit card debt catches up with Britons
12/21/2005 10:06:19p Time Warner promotion puts Bewkes in line for CEO
12/21/2005 10:06:14p Many retailers resort to big markdowns
12/21/2005 10:06:10p TV signals go digital Feb. 2009
12/21/2005 10:06:00p Checks for faulty stock research go out
12/21/2005 10:05:57p Chrysler parent to pay 94M in defect case
12/21/2005 10:05:45p Domestic sectors weaken in Tokyo market
12/21/2005 10:05:29p Hybrid buyers stall dealers to claim tax credit
12/21/2005 10:00:03p From RIM, Good News - and Grim
12/21/2005 09:59:46p Bank targeted in Borneo forest protest
12/21/2005 09:59:41p Brushing Up on L'Oréal
12/21/2005 09:59:26p How to Count Clicks on the Net?
12/21/2005 09:58:56p Japan trade surplus up first time in eight months
12/21/2005 09:58:46p Google's Great Works in Progress
12/21/2005 09:58:31p From RIM, Good News - and Grim
12/21/2005 09:53:21p Japan trade surplus boosts economy
12/21/2005 09:52:47p Online Barbie's Smart Play
12/21/2005 09:52:41p Where Holiday Spirit Meets Glühwein
12/21/2005 09:52:26p Help for Moguls Who Lost Their Gifts
12/21/2005 09:52:21p Up and Down at Deutsche Bank
12/21/2005 09:52:16p More Jobs and Better Pay in 2006
12/21/2005 09:36:13p U.S. requests dialogue with China on steel
12/21/2005 09:29:59p H&R Block proposes 62.5M class action settlement
12/21/2005 09:29:51p Red Hat 3Q profit soars to 23.2 million
12/21/2005 09:29:43p Top 10 stories for 2005
12/21/2005 09:29:38p Mining, tech firms top best-performing ADRs of 2005
12/21/2005 09:29:34p Can European stocks keep up the pace?
12/21/2005 09:29:24p SEC files suit to shut hedge fund
12/21/2005 09:29:19p Financial firms failing promise to guard customer data
12/21/2005 09:29:14p Exide sees lower transport sales, other items cutting Q3
12/21/2005 09:29:09p WaMu Craig Chapman, commerical group pres, leaving Jan 31
12/21/2005 09:29:04p Royal Group sees recording Q4 210M-250M write-down
12/21/2005 09:28:54p Private sector leads humanitarian effort in Sudan
12/21/2005 09:28:49p WaMu realigns single family res mortgage lending operations
12/21/2005 09:28:44p Royal Group write-down related to restructuring
12/21/2005 09:28:33p Spot gold quoted at 495.20 in Asia trade
12/21/2005 09:28:28p Is Opera in Microsoft's future?
12/21/2005 09:28:24p Charles & Colvard sees Q4 sales 11.3M-12.2M, up 30%-40%
12/21/2005 09:28:18p Exide sees Q3 falling short of last year's results
12/21/2005 09:28:13p Charles & Colvard Helzberg to begin moissanite program Q1
12/21/2005 09:28:08p Will 2006 be China's year of the consumer?
12/21/2005 09:28:03p How much will remodeling affect the value of your home?
12/21/2005 09:27:58p Top 10 market stories of 2006
12/21/2005 09:27:48p CORRECT Senate passes spending cuts on Cheney vote
12/21/2005 09:27:43p Will consumers drive Asian markets in 2006?
12/21/2005 09:26:03p Calpine seen salvaging core business
12/21/2005 09:20:34p Businesses in New York make do during TWU strike
12/21/2005 09:00:30p Britain secures £10bn contract from Saudis for Eurofighter
12/21/2005 08:36:08p Nikkei slips on overheating concerns, TDK slides
12/21/2005 08:29:43p Research In Motion profit jumps 33 pct; shares up
12/21/2005 08:28:58p Google takes stake in AOL
12/21/2005 07:45:16p Dolls Draw Conservatives' Ire
12/21/2005 07:44:56p I.B.M. to Buy Micromuse for 865 Million
12/21/2005 07:39:28p Campaign urges Sydneysiders to Cronulla beaches
12/21/2005 07:38:41p Telstra under fire over line rental prices
12/21/2005 07:37:51p Businessman rejects cartel claims
12/21/2005 07:37:07p Macmahon awarded 250m iron ore contract
12/21/2005 07:35:38p Cotton giant gets bigger
12/21/2005 07:35:01p Strong year ahead tipped for Qld
12/21/2005 07:34:56p Seagate Agrees to Buy Maxtor for 1.9B
12/21/2005 07:33:06p First regional high speed train begins run
12/21/2005 07:32:34p Visy focus of box cartel claim
12/21/2005 07:26:33p Deutsche Bank head headed back to court
12/21/2005 07:25:49p FA confident Wembley will be ready for Cup final
12/21/2005 07:01:04p Loss-making MVC files for bankruptcy
12/21/2005 07:00:54p US Senate approves 40bn spending cuts package
12/21/2005 07:00:44p NY seeks extra fines against strikers' union
12/21/2005 07:00:39p Tsunami agencies 'caused confusion'
12/21/2005 07:00:34p Abramoff prosecutors raise the stakes
12/21/2005 07:00:26p Blair defends rebate concession deal
12/21/2005 06:59:59p Get your music to go Online subscriptions get a test drive
12/21/2005 06:59:54p German soccer rejects Premiere
12/21/2005 06:59:49p Deaths cast doubts over Tamiflu
12/21/2005 06:59:39p Hard drive maker Seagate to buy Maxtor in 1.9 billion deal
12/21/2005 06:59:34p Asian deals provide record fees
12/21/2005 06:59:23p DirecTV's DVRs run into snags
12/21/2005 06:59:18p Three approaches for Ladbrokes
12/21/2005 06:57:14p IMF approves debt relief for 19 countries
12/21/2005 06:55:44p Nickell breaks MPC ranks to push for cut
12/21/2005 06:53:34p Marriott International Bethesda Marriott Undergoes Renovation!!
12/21/2005 06:53:29p Frontier Financial Corporation Frontier Financial Corporation Announces Increased 1st Quarter 2006 Cash Dividend
12/21/2005 06:53:19p WSN Alan Abrams Joins WSN
12/21/2005 06:53:04p Slide Show Small Biz Reflections and Resolutions
12/21/2005 06:52:59p Frontier Financial Corporation Frontier Financial Corporation Announces Executive Realignment
12/21/2005 06:37:10p IDF veterans fund pays staffers well
12/21/2005 06:37:01p The Bottom Line / Billions in burst balloons
12/21/2005 06:36:55p Soccer / German businessman to buy Netanya
12/21/2005 06:36:25p Wertheimer Group to spend 150 million on expansion
12/21/2005 06:36:23p Tourism should hit record in `calm' 2006, minister predicts
12/21/2005 06:36:02p Nikkei falls as property firms lose ground
12/21/2005 06:31:42p FedEx 2Q Profit Leaps on Service Demand
12/21/2005 06:30:41p Bed, Bath & Beyond net meets view, shares tumble on sal
12/21/2005 06:30:36p Wachovia Christian succeeds David Monday
12/21/2005 06:30:27p H&R Block proposes settlement for 4 state class action suits
12/21/2005 06:30:22p Wachovia Kent Christian new indy brokerage group president
12/21/2005 06:30:06p Wausau Paper now sees Q4 net loss of 20c-23c
12/21/2005 06:30:02p H&R Block sees 31M, 9c/shr, after-tax charge in Q3
12/21/2005 06:29:56p A.G. Edwards, Applied Signal, General Mills, more
12/21/2005 06:29:51p Feb. crude trading at 58.95, up 39c from NY close
12/21/2005 06:29:46p Google's no longer Switzerland
12/21/2005 06:29:42p Morgan Stanley cuts in on Goldman's lead in tech M&A
12/21/2005 06:29:31p Wausau Paper now sees Q4 pro forma loss 13c-15c
12/21/2005 06:29:29p Oak Hill ups quarterly div 11.8% to 19c/shr from 17c/shr
12/21/2005 06:29:21p Cleco Prepared to protect interests in Calpine bankruptcy
12/21/2005 06:29:11p Moody's revises outlook on General Re to 'stable'
12/21/2005 06:29:06p Spot gold quoted at 495.40 in Asia trade
12/21/2005 06:29:01p Tibco shares rally on strong results, share buyback plan
12/21/2005 06:28:57p H&R Block proposed settlement affects more than 8M customers
12/21/2005 06:28:51p Red Hat, Tibco shares dominate late
12/21/2005 06:28:46p H&R Block proposed settlement provides 62.5M for claims
12/21/2005 06:28:43p Tekelec names William Everett acting CEO as of Jan. 1
12/21/2005 06:28:36p Marshall & Ilsley to acquire Trustcorp Financial for 181M
12/21/2005 06:28:31p Senate blocks plan to drill in Alaska refuge
12/21/2005 06:28:26p CPI quarterly loss narrows
12/21/2005 06:28:21p BioCryst FTC OKs license agreement with Roche
12/21/2005 06:28:16p CCE Spinco completes spin-off from Clear Channel
12/21/2005 06:28:12p Victims of bird flu developed resistance to Tamiflustudy
12/21/2005 06:28:06p Ciphergen amends 10-Qs for 2Q, 3Q, appoints new CEO
12/21/2005 06:28:01p H&R Block proposed settlement subject to court approval
12/21/2005 06:27:11p Tussle over poison pill takes News Corp to court
12/21/2005 06:22:36p Wembley Cup date in peril