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11/21/2005 07:53:03a After Black Friday comes Cyber Monday
11/21/2005 07:53:00a IMF says Poland's economy will grow slower
11/21/2005 07:52:51a Dow Jones Industrials up 18 points at 10,784
11/21/2005 07:52:31a Stocks Mixed on GM, Higher Oil Prices
11/21/2005 07:52:01a Tech stocks ease in early trade as Computer Sciences sinks
11/21/2005 07:51:51a Drinks deal unveiled by Cadbury Schweppes
11/21/2005 07:51:31a Gold extends bull run; copper dips
11/21/2005 07:50:11a Prepare to die. Over and over and over.
11/21/2005 07:49:50a Serious gamers lust over Xbox 360
11/21/2005 07:49:43a General Motors to cut 30,000 US jobs
11/21/2005 07:49:21a Independent Bank to buy back up to 750K shares in 2006
11/21/2005 07:40:13a Business as usual?
11/21/2005 07:35:48a Activists protest at EU ministers meeting
11/21/2005 07:33:43a Trichet re-affirms ECB rate rise
11/21/2005 07:29:42a Trichet defends ECB plan to raise interest rates
11/21/2005 07:28:15a Stocks near flat as GM provides support
11/21/2005 07:27:59a CSC fall on reported talks breakdown
11/21/2005 07:27:51a Boeing unveils 4.6 billion in 787 sales
11/21/2005 07:27:44a Intel and Micron to form new company
11/21/2005 07:27:37a Leading indicator jumps in October
11/21/2005 07:26:42a Stocks Mixed on GM, Higher Oil Prices
11/21/2005 07:24:27a BP to buy stake in China Aviation Oil
11/21/2005 07:23:42a Drug label change wipes £4bn off Glaxo value
11/21/2005 07:22:57a CBRL 1Q Profit Dips on Options Expense
11/21/2005 07:22:44a Russell 2000 down 0.42 at 671.80
11/21/2005 07:22:14a Foot Locker CFO resigns
11/21/2005 07:21:54a S&P 500 up 0.27 at 1,248.54
11/21/2005 07:21:13a Scientific-Atlanta cut to hold by Kaufman Bros
11/21/2005 07:20:14a Intel, Micron to form flash memory joint venture
11/21/2005 07:19:28a Docucorp down 2% at 5.85
11/21/2005 07:19:23a Bonds gain, dollar slips
11/21/2005 07:19:07a Incyte fills Pfizer prescription
11/21/2005 07:18:21a EU to open talks with Bosnia on membership Forbes
11/21/2005 07:18:11a EU ministers tackle future budget
11/21/2005 07:17:59a NYTimes G.M. to Cut 30,000 Jobs and Close 12 Facilities in 3 Years
11/21/2005 07:17:53a Dow industrials up 4 at 10,770
11/21/2005 07:17:04a GM closing nine assembly, stamping, power train plants
11/21/2005 07:16:03a Nasdaq composite down 1.86 at 2,225.21
11/21/2005 07:15:23a Financial stocks move in narrow range after GM news
11/21/2005 07:14:39a Trichet defends likely rates hike
11/21/2005 07:14:33a GM to cut 30,000 jobs, close nine plants by 2008
11/21/2005 07:08:43a Oil stocks boosted by cold weather forecasts
11/21/2005 07:07:53a Empire ends Partygaming talks
11/21/2005 07:07:23a Stocks Open Mixed on General Motors News
11/21/2005 07:06:13a Draxis Health down 5.4% at 4.40
11/21/2005 07:05:43a Treasurys gain; benchmark yield capped by 4.5%
11/21/2005 07:05:23a General Motors plants in Oshawa, St. Catharines to close
11/21/2005 07:04:43a Dollar 0.4% at 118.60 yen vs. 119.05 late Friday
11/21/2005 07:03:43a Exxon Mobil up 1% at 58.84
11/21/2005 07:03:23a U.S. stocks flat to higher at opening; GM in focus
11/21/2005 07:02:02a Boeing Secures 2.7B Dreamliner Deal
11/21/2005 07:01:53a GM's big shakeup
11/21/2005 07:00:12a Mentor Offers 2.2B in Stock for Medicis
11/21/2005 06:59:38a EU says may make new farm move in global trade push
11/21/2005 06:59:22a Philadelphia Sox down 0.42 at 478.04
11/21/2005 06:55:08a GM to Cut 30,000 Jobs and Close 12 Facilities in 3 Years
11/21/2005 06:54:23a Nikkei near five-year peak, Toyota at record high
11/21/2005 06:52:27a Century Aluminum Company Century Aluminum Subsidiary Accelerates Icelandic Expansion
11/21/2005 06:52:09a HydroFlo, Inc. Ultra Choice Water Launches Ecommerce Website
11/21/2005 06:51:07a GM to close plants, drop 30,000 jobs
11/21/2005 06:50:57a Valspar's adjusted earnings top analyst expectations
11/21/2005 06:50:47a Lehman Bros lifts AnnTaylor price target to 33
11/21/2005 06:50:27a New firm to be owned 51% by Micron, 49% by Intel
11/21/2005 06:49:57a Apple supply pacts with Hynix, Intel, Micron, Samsung
11/21/2005 06:49:36a Apple prepaying 250M each to Intel, Micron
11/21/2005 06:49:27a GM Announces Plans To Close Facilities, Slash 30,000 Jobs
11/21/2005 06:48:37a U.S. stocks to open higher; General Motors in focus
11/21/2005 06:48:26a Brillian Corporation Brillian to Include ISF Calibration With Its 720p and 1080p HDTVs
11/21/2005 06:47:37a Intel, Micron to invest add'l 1.4B each over 3 years
11/21/2005 06:46:27a Storage Visions 2006 Storage VisionsTM Conference Appeals to Financial Analysts and Investment Firms
11/21/2005 06:46:07a Gas prices dent luxury car sales
11/21/2005 06:45:27a France's EdF shares flat in biggest IPO in 2005
11/21/2005 06:44:37a I2 Technologies to sell unit to IHS for 30 million
11/21/2005 06:44:26a Intel, Micron to each invest initial 1.2B in new firm
11/21/2005 06:43:16a Office steps up focus on ID theft
11/21/2005 06:43:08a UBS lifts Life Time Fitness price target to 50
11/21/2005 06:42:06a Petroleum Development gets Nasdaq delisting notice
11/21/2005 06:41:36a Cadbury sells European drinks arm
11/21/2005 06:40:16a AG Edwards raises quarterly dividend 25% to 20c
11/21/2005 06:39:10a TriGeo Network Security TriGeo Named SC Magazine's Best Buy SIM Tool
11/21/2005 06:37:56a GM To Close 9 Plants, Cut 30K Jobs
11/21/2005 06:37:42a EU 'will not budge on farm deal'
11/21/2005 06:37:38a Empire ends Partygaming talks
11/21/2005 06:37:30a Car giant GM to cut 30,000 staff
11/21/2005 06:37:23a PM 'open-minded' on nuclear power
11/21/2005 06:37:13a Cadbury sells European drinks arm
11/21/2005 06:37:09a Businesses cast cloud over Bush's immigration plans
11/21/2005 06:36:48a GM to close 3 plants
11/21/2005 06:35:56a Micron-Intel firm to make products only for themselves
11/21/2005 06:35:27a POPstar Communications, Inc. POPstar - Negotiating 3 Million Private Placement
11/21/2005 06:35:24a ROO ROO to Power Video Strategy of Leading UK Broadband Site
11/21/2005 06:34:56a Apple inks long-term flash memory supply deals
11/21/2005 06:34:36a Micron, Intel form firm to make flash memory
11/21/2005 06:33:58a Foot Locker names Robert McHugh CFO; Hartman resigns
11/21/2005 06:33:46a GM to eliminate 30,000 manufacturing jobs in next 3 years
11/21/2005 06:33:16a GM to close 9 plants, cut 30,000 jobs
11/21/2005 06:32:56a U.S. is unprepared for pandemic, experts say
11/21/2005 06:32:37a Apple reaches flash-memory-supply pacts
11/21/2005 06:31:46a GM to Cut 30,000 Jobs, Close 9 Plants
11/21/2005 06:31:16a Healthnostics, Inc. Healthnostics Retains Accounting Firm Bagell, Josephs, Levine & Company, L.L.C.
11/21/2005 06:31:03a Mentor Corp. offers to buy Medicis
11/21/2005 06:30:30a GM To Close 9 Plants, Cut 30K Jobs
11/21/2005 06:30:16a Stocks Set to Open Up on Flurry of News
11/21/2005 06:30:02a Xerox CEO sees higher 2006 profit
11/21/2005 06:29:57a Wrigley to sell site and N. Amer rights for Trolli; no terms
11/21/2005 06:29:55a Stock futures up after GM announces cuts
11/21/2005 06:29:46a Campbell Soup profit up on tax settlement
11/21/2005 06:29:39a Pfizer to buy Incyte drugs
11/21/2005 06:29:37a Magicweb, Inc. Magicweb Looks for a Location in Canada
11/21/2005 06:29:34a PCs Get with the AIDS Program
11/21/2005 06:29:31a GM to cut 30,000 jobs
11/21/2005 06:28:55a Car giant GM to cut 30,000 staff
11/21/2005 06:28:48a Reuters Life and Leisfure Ethiopia unrest shakes business confidence
11/21/2005 06:28:46a Global Aerial Surveillance Global Aerial Surveillance Acquires Cetlink of Nevada
11/21/2005 06:23:31a Emirates in Dh35.7 billion deal for 42 Boeing 777s
11/21/2005 06:21:17a Valspar Q4 First Call estimate 42c
11/21/2005 06:20:57a Flowers Foods names CEO Deese to added chairman post
11/21/2005 06:19:07a GM, UAW agree on health-care cost cuts
11/21/2005 06:17:57a Campbell sees 2006 earns up 5-7%
11/21/2005 06:17:17a Petroleum Devt gets Nasdaq delisting notice
11/21/2005 06:16:47a GM to shut Spring Hill, Tenn., Line 1 at end 2006
11/21/2005 06:15:57a Scooter Company For Seniors Accused Of Being Rascals
11/21/2005 06:15:17a Internap Network promotes DeBlasio to president/CEO
11/21/2005 06:14:47a Cheaper gas Early stocking stuffer
11/21/2005 06:14:17a GM to shut Doraville, Ga., plant in 2008
11/21/2005 06:13:37a EU Officials Adopt Plan to Open Arms Market
11/21/2005 06:13:27a Valspar Q4 sales 725.4M vs 645.1M
11/21/2005 06:13:07a GM to shut 3rd shift at Moraine, Ohio, in 2006
11/21/2005 06:12:58a GM continues plan to cut material costs by 1B
11/21/2005 06:12:17a Campbell Soup's quarterly net rises 31%
11/21/2005 06:12:07a Next move in LSE bid saga
11/21/2005 06:10:47a General Motors, TiVo and Boeing in focus
11/21/2005 06:10:37a Threat of GM job cuts to dominate meeting with CAW
11/21/2005 06:09:58a Stand by me Employees more loyal
11/21/2005 06:09:49a Decision Day At General Motors
11/21/2005 06:05:46a Trump Entertainment names Dale Black CFO
11/21/2005 06:04:44a Housing market confidence is back, says Rightmove
11/21/2005 06:04:16a Futures inch up on GM job cuts, Boeing orders
11/21/2005 06:04:06a EU 'will not budge on farm deal'
11/21/2005 06:02:29a Siemens 'wins Chinese train deal'
11/21/2005 06:00:58a Empire Online sues PartyGaming
11/21/2005 05:59:39a Ministers to 'monitor' Mandelson
11/21/2005 05:59:28a Russian President Outlines Pipeline Plans
11/21/2005 05:59:22a FDA move pulls Glaxo shares down
11/21/2005 05:58:50a Bosses quit at struggling Pioneer
11/21/2005 05:58:38a Ministers to offer pensions deal
11/21/2005 05:56:31a CBRL est '06 Cracker Barrel cpmp retail sales off 5%-10%
11/21/2005 05:55:41a Flowers Foods pres, CEO Deese adds post of chairman
11/21/2005 05:55:31a Mobile Devices Warm Hallmark's Heart
11/21/2005 05:55:01a Microsemi Corp cut to buy by Needham Equity
11/21/2005 05:54:42a Thunderstone Software New Search Appliance Enterprise Features From Thunderstone
11/21/2005 05:54:21a LoftWerks, Inc. LoftWerks, Inc. Moves Forward Additional Projects Underway in Nashville
11/21/2005 05:54:01a iPods, Playstations to tune in TiVo
11/21/2005 05:53:51a Flowers Foods Chairman McMullian to remain a director
11/21/2005 05:53:48a EU 'will not budge on farm deal'
11/21/2005 05:53:31a Primal Solutions, Inc. Primal Solutions Launches IP CorrelyticsTM
11/21/2005 05:53:11a CBRL est Q2 net 57c-63c; First Call est 61c
11/21/2005 05:52:42a Trump Entertainment names new financial chief
11/21/2005 05:52:11a National Air Services orders 10 Airbus A318 Elite
11/21/2005 05:51:41a Boeing lands 4.6B in 787 sales
11/21/2005 05:51:21a Internap Network promotes president/oper chief to CEO
11/21/2005 05:51:01a Eurozone bonds edge lower on rate expectations
11/21/2005 05:50:21a Bank That Lent to Ex-Refco Exec Names CEO
11/21/2005 05:49:51a CBRL 2006 First Call estimate net 2.45
11/21/2005 05:49:02a GM debt upgraded to buy vs hold at Deutsche Bank
11/21/2005 05:48:01a Crude gains on cold weather forecasts
11/21/2005 05:47:51a Ex-Qwest CEO to feds Wrong number
11/21/2005 05:47:21a Ipedo Ipedo Releases New Version of Enterprise Information Integration EII Platform
11/21/2005 05:47:11a GM to hold press conference on NAmer ops at 8.30 am ET
11/21/2005 05:46:31a CBI urges nuclear power decision
11/21/2005 05:46:11a CBRL Group's quarterly net down 14%
11/21/2005 05:44:51a Infinera Infinera Captures Lead in 10 Gigabit Optical Market
11/21/2005 05:44:21a James Monroe Bank James Monroe Bank Leadership Positioned for Growth
11/21/2005 05:44:11a Lockheed Martin, firms stop Computer Sciences bid WSJ
11/21/2005 05:43:54a Bankrate pays 30M for MMIS/Interest, 10M for FastFind
11/21/2005 05:43:13a BP said to approve 45M Singapore investment plan
11/21/2005 05:42:21a Thailand, Singapore STEER to build model ASEAN business Community
11/21/2005 05:42:10a GM set to announce restructuring plan
11/21/2005 05:42:00a GM debt upped to buy vs. hold at Deutsche Bank
11/21/2005 05:41:51a Fortune top 500 company to invest more in W. China
11/21/2005 05:40:40a CBRL est 2006 net 2.30-2.45 vs year-ago 2.45
11/21/2005 05:40:31a Oil price to continue its falling trend NDRC
11/21/2005 05:40:21a EdF shares debut slightly above list price
11/21/2005 05:40:02a Empire sues PartyGaming as takeover talks fail
11/21/2005 05:33:10a Bets off on online gambling takeover
11/21/2005 05:32:58a Industry backs outright smoke ban
11/21/2005 05:32:51a Bosses quit at struggling Pioneer
11/21/2005 05:32:41a CBI urges nuclear power decision
11/21/2005 05:32:33a Partygaming and Empire in bust up
11/21/2005 05:32:27a UK house prices show slight rise
11/21/2005 05:31:03a Shoppers stuff farmers' market
11/21/2005 05:29:53a EDF Makes Its Stock Market Debut
11/21/2005 05:29:20a UK house prices show slight rise
11/21/2005 05:28:42a For trucks, stopping but not idling
11/21/2005 05:28:19a Decision Day At General Motors
11/21/2005 05:28:11a U.S. stock futures little changed
11/21/2005 05:27:57a Perry Ellis profits up on acquisitions
11/21/2005 05:27:54a Glaxo shares fall after asthma drug ruling
11/21/2005 05:27:51a Cartel Office Details Takeover Objections
11/21/2005 05:27:49a Boeing reveals 4.6 bln in 787 sales
11/21/2005 05:27:44a GM to close four plants report
11/21/2005 05:23:24a X-mania
11/21/2005 05:19:08a GM Prepares for Plant Closures
11/21/2005 05:18:58a Cadbury sells European beverages unit for 1.2bn
11/21/2005 05:18:38a Courts accept 11,390 civil IPR violation cases
11/21/2005 05:17:48a Pioneer's president and chairman to resign
11/21/2005 05:17:30a Decision Day At General Motors
11/21/2005 05:17:18a CORRECT Bankrate to acquire MMIS/Interest for 30M
11/21/2005 05:16:48a Bank of America cuts Crown Castle Intl price target to 25
11/21/2005 05:16:27a Providential Holdings, Inc. Providential Holdings Reports Improving Operating Results for Latest Fiscal Year
11/21/2005 05:16:07a Euro at two-week high before Trichet talk
11/21/2005 05:15:57a THOMSON Thomson Expands Triple Play Offering Through New and Innovative Cable Access Solutions
11/21/2005 05:15:37a Cubist Pharma gets priority review status for Cubicin
11/21/2005 05:15:18a E.U. clears Apax, Barclays buy of U.K. grocer Somerfield
11/21/2005 05:14:49a Perry Ellis lowers FY06 revenue view; keeps earns est.
11/21/2005 05:13:39a Lockheed Martin won't buy Computer Sciences WSJ
11/21/2005 05:13:17a Price hike leads to industrial profit shrinking
11/21/2005 05:12:27a Computer Sciences down 11% at 48.80 premarket
11/21/2005 05:11:27a CORRECT Vertex Pharma down 7.9% at 24.70 premarket
11/21/2005 05:11:17a Stocks Set to Open Flat on Flurry of News
11/21/2005 05:11:07a HSBC Holdings sets Saudi investment-bank joint venture
11/21/2005 05:10:49a TiVo up 13.9% at 6 premarket
11/21/2005 05:09:47a Hastings Entertainment leaves 4Q earns view intact
11/21/2005 05:08:57a Cal Dive sets 2-for-1 stock split
11/21/2005 05:08:47a FLIR Systems, Inc. FLIR Systems Announces Agreement to Acquire Scientific Materials Corporation
11/21/2005 05:08:37a Vertex Pharma cut to sell by Bank of America
11/21/2005 05:08:17a Crown Castle Intl cut to neutral by Bank of America
11/21/2005 05:08:07a Mentor Corp cut to neutral by SunTrust Robinson
11/21/2005 05:07:57a Bankrate MMIS to add to earnings in 2006
11/21/2005 05:07:47a FTI Consulting to acquire Competition Policy for 70M
11/21/2005 04:59:39a UK house prices show slight rise
11/21/2005 04:59:19a GM Expected to Announce Plant Closings
11/21/2005 04:58:59a Getting into gear
11/21/2005 04:58:09a Glaxo shares plummet on FDA curbs
11/21/2005 04:55:49a Partygaming and Empire in bust up
11/21/2005 04:55:09a Crude Oil Rises Amid Snowstorm Warnings
11/21/2005 04:54:54a Update 3 EDF Makes Its Stock Market Debut
11/21/2005 04:54:19a Bosses quit at struggling Pioneer
11/21/2005 04:53:59a For real Implant makers' bid war
11/21/2005 04:53:20a Straw aims for EU budget deal
11/21/2005 04:52:37a EU trade chief confirms no new farm offer
11/21/2005 04:48:20a Cubist Pharma gets FDA priority for Cubicin supplemental NDA
11/21/2005 04:47:50a Euro hits 2-week high after Trichet comments
11/21/2005 04:47:39a Perry Ellis Q3 net 80c vs 72c
11/21/2005 04:46:10a Speculative buying boosts gold near its 18-year high
11/21/2005 04:45:50a Loudeye names Chris Pollak CFO
11/21/2005 04:45:30a Europe edges higher amid U.S., oil boost; Glaxo slips
11/21/2005 04:45:14a The trickle-away effect
11/21/2005 04:44:30a Pall sells PAS filters distribution rights for 27.5M
11/21/2005 04:43:50a Pall Corp sells PAS filters distribution rights for 27.5M
11/21/2005 04:43:40a Allergan begins 84-a-share offer for Inamed shares
11/21/2005 04:43:20a Perry Ellis Intl to buy Gotcha, Girlstar trademarks
11/21/2005 04:42:40a Loudeye's Pollak had been VP finance
11/21/2005 04:41:59a Futures flat as GM, Boeing news vies with rising crude
11/21/2005 04:41:29a DNAPrint genomics, Inc. Khandaker Partners Initiates Research on DNAPrint genomics, Inc.
11/21/2005 04:40:51a Perry Ellis sees wider '06 margins and tighter cost controls
11/21/2005 04:40:14a BusinessObjects upgrade due Thursday
11/21/2005 04:39:49a House price inflation accelerated in September
11/21/2005 04:39:40a Bond bears bowed but unbeaten
11/21/2005 04:38:10a London online gaming stocks in focus; FTSE dips
11/21/2005 04:37:09a Loudeye CFO Stevens joins a venture-funded startup
11/21/2005 04:36:29a Perry Ellis cuts '06 est to 850M-860M; previous est 890M
11/21/2005 04:36:19a Loudeye names VP Finance Pollak CFO
11/21/2005 04:36:00a Perry Ellis Q3 First Call estimates net 78c, revs 233.5M
11/21/2005 04:35:09a Perry Elllis affirms '06 estimate net 2.25
11/21/2005 04:33:20a Oil prices rise on colder weather
11/21/2005 04:33:11a Cadbury selling Europe drinks arm
11/21/2005 04:33:03a EDF flat on market debut
11/21/2005 04:27:57a Japan, Russia move on pipeline deal
11/21/2005 04:27:45a Wall St seen firm
11/21/2005 04:27:39a TiVo to allow iPod, Playstation downloads
11/21/2005 04:27:36a U.S. Arrests Three In Hedge Fund Case
11/21/2005 04:26:25a Oil climbs on cold weather
11/21/2005 04:26:17a UPDATE 1-Glaxo shares fall as FDA move threatens asthma drug
11/21/2005 04:25:32a Europe shares hold near 3-yr peaks
11/21/2005 04:24:35a ABS's Fearlessness Pays Off
11/21/2005 04:24:25a Long-Awaited Revival for H Street Corridor
11/21/2005 04:22:05a Cadbury selling Europe drinks arm
11/21/2005 04:15:49a Knight Ridder Oct. advertising revenue up 3.4%
11/21/2005 04:15:09a Hilton may float Ladbrokes if hotel sale fails
11/21/2005 04:14:09a TAP Portugal orders 10 Airbus A350s, 7 A330-200s
11/21/2005 04:12:59a Indonesia growth marked by slowing investment
11/21/2005 04:12:08a Knight-Ridder Oct. circulation up 1.8%
11/21/2005 04:11:39a TriZetto agrees to buy CareKey
11/21/2005 04:11:09a GM may close 3 or more N. Amer plants in revamping WSJ
11/21/2005 04:10:29a Docucorp Q1 net 5c vs 12c a share
11/21/2005 04:09:58a Tory Johnson Says Be a Mentor
11/21/2005 04:09:52a Cadbury selling Europe drinks arm
11/21/2005 04:09:40a Cadbury in 2bn Europe drinks sale
11/21/2005 04:09:29a Allergan, Inamed have entered confidentially agreement
11/21/2005 04:09:10a Visiphor Corporation Visiphor Completes Acquisition of Sunaptic Solutions