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12/01/2005 09:25:59a Wall Street gets retail sales boost
12/01/2005 09:25:29a Wal-Mart sales growth beats Target
12/01/2005 09:25:21a Old Mutual cuts Skandia offer acceptance level
12/01/2005 09:25:09a Warner Music narrows quarterly losses
12/01/2005 09:24:59a Bringing the Heat Back to Marbella
12/01/2005 09:24:49a Turner claims wide support for pension reforms
12/01/2005 09:24:40a Bourses boosted by dovish rate expectations
12/01/2005 09:23:19a AT&T backs a-la-carte cable
12/01/2005 09:23:09a Recovery Efforts in Cozumel, Mexico Quickly Progressing
12/01/2005 09:15:16a INfe Human Resources INfe Human Resources Consummates 3 Million Financing
12/01/2005 09:15:06a View Systems, Inc. View Systems Announces Contract Negotiations With Middle Eastern Firm
12/01/2005 09:13:55a Global Hyatt Corporation Global Hyatt Set to Acquire Summerfield SuitesR
12/01/2005 09:12:46a eCredit eCredit Winter Release 2006 Further Empowers Credit and Collections Managers
12/01/2005 09:12:25a Secured eMail Secured eMail Named Finalist for Three SC Magazine Awards
12/01/2005 09:11:15a Legend Mobile Legend Credit Inc. Launches Beta
12/01/2005 09:10:47a Sunterra Corporation Williamsburg Visitor Wins 50,000 in Sunterra's Arrive in Style Sweepstakes
12/01/2005 09:09:06a Wendy's to close some restaurants
12/01/2005 09:08:59a Nokia launches new 3G phones
12/01/2005 09:08:47a Factory activity slows in November
12/01/2005 09:08:39a Stocks bounce back on key economic data
12/01/2005 09:08:33a Calpine wants time to make repayments
12/01/2005 09:08:25a Retailers eye Dec after slow start
12/01/2005 09:00:55a US personal spending edges higher
12/01/2005 08:59:59a High demand for India bank shares
12/01/2005 08:59:34a Lords calls for trade concessions
12/01/2005 08:58:18a Punch toasts £2.7bn deal to buy Spirit
12/01/2005 08:53:07a Treasurys helped by mild inflation data
12/01/2005 08:52:57a Constellation's 'best and final' offer for Vincor rejected
12/01/2005 08:52:47a NYSE member says Citigroup opinion on ArcaEx deal flawed
12/01/2005 08:52:27a Novell slips ahead of quarterly results
12/01/2005 08:52:17a IMF says ECB should hold off on further rate hikes
12/01/2005 08:51:57a Openwave Systems sees Q4 net earns 1c-3c
12/01/2005 08:51:47a Index turns lower amid mixed Nov. sales results
12/01/2005 08:51:37a Freddie Mac 30-yr mortgage averages 6.26% vs 6.28%
12/01/2005 08:51:27a Chrysler Group U.S. Nov. adjusted sales down 7% vs yr ago
12/01/2005 08:51:17a Brokers lead financial higher at open, Citigroup up
12/01/2005 08:51:07a Openwave Systems sees Q4 rev 103M-105M
12/01/2005 08:50:57a Banking stocks higher after HSBC reassures; FTSE up
12/01/2005 08:50:47a Euro falls as doubts emerge over more ECB rate hikes
12/01/2005 08:50:37a Natural gas climbs to two-week high
12/01/2005 08:50:27a DaimlerChrysler U.S. Nov. total sales 178,182 units
12/01/2005 08:50:17a Nokia Mobile subscriptions to pass three billion in 2008
12/01/2005 08:50:07a Intel, Apple lead tech-sector gains
12/01/2005 08:49:57a Natural-gas prices fall in late morning dealings
12/01/2005 08:49:47a DaimlerChrysler November U.S. sales fall 3%
12/01/2005 08:49:37a Millennium Partners settles market-timing case
12/01/2005 08:49:27a Nokia still sees R&D expenditure 9% to 10% of sales end 06
12/01/2005 08:49:17a Bear Stearns expects Intel to up revenue outlook
12/01/2005 08:49:09a U.S. stocks rally on inflation-friendly data
12/01/2005 08:48:57a Oil execs deny misleading Senate, acknowledge contacts
12/01/2005 08:48:50a Chrysler Group U.S. Nov. sales down 3% vs yr ago
12/01/2005 08:48:37a Yahoo shares strong in market rally
12/01/2005 08:48:27a Openwave Systems sees Q4 pro forma earns 18c-20c
12/01/2005 08:48:17a Nokia lowers infrastructure op. margin goal to 13% vs. 14%
12/01/2005 08:48:08a Openwave Systems confirms Q4, 2006 business outlook
12/01/2005 08:47:59a Gold futures climb to an 18-year high above 500
12/01/2005 08:47:46a Eaton Vance acquires Voyageur Asset Mgmt MA assets
12/01/2005 08:47:37a Tim Hortons, Wendy's doughnut unit, files 600M IPO
12/01/2005 08:47:17a Judge my halt BlackBerry service
12/01/2005 08:47:12a Big Discounters Were Big Winners
12/01/2005 08:47:06a Gold enters new ?phase?
12/01/2005 08:45:27a US personal spending edges higher
12/01/2005 08:40:06a Consumer spending rises modestly in October while retailers report mixed start to holidays
12/01/2005 08:39:16a Bank consortium offers 200 million dollars loan for Shanghai machinery company
12/01/2005 08:38:57a China to become world's largest OTC market foreign experts
12/01/2005 08:38:48a Sino-US, Sino-EU textile agreements cover almost same categories of products, official
12/01/2005 08:38:26a World Energy Giant establishes joint venture to develop solar photovoltaic in China
12/01/2005 08:38:17a Soft Drink Sales Down In U.S. Schools
12/01/2005 08:38:06a Costco stores testing coffin displays
12/01/2005 08:37:45a Chinese entrepreneurs welcome Sino-US textile agreement
12/01/2005 08:37:19a U.S. home prices up 12.02 percent, agency reports
12/01/2005 08:37:06a 1st Taser liability trial opens
12/01/2005 08:36:46a School soft drink sales slump, industry says
12/01/2005 08:36:05a Sino-US textile agreement reconciles concerns of both sides
12/01/2005 08:35:35a Consumer spending rises by modest amount in Oct.
12/01/2005 08:35:16a Nation's retailers post mixed sales for November
12/01/2005 08:34:55a NE China auto expo to be certified by UFI
12/01/2005 08:34:46a Nonferrous metal output to reach 16 mln tons
12/01/2005 08:34:36a Nation's retailers post mixed sales for Nov.
12/01/2005 08:34:26a Mich. city votes to bar 24-hour operation for Wal-Mart
12/01/2005 08:33:56a Arizona leads country in home price increases
12/01/2005 08:32:45a Warner Music Shares Up After Smaller Loss
12/01/2005 08:28:15a EU trade chief is firm No more cuts in farm tariffs
12/01/2005 08:27:17a Warner Music Shares Up After Smaller Loss
12/01/2005 08:26:47a Delta Reports Big Loss in 1st Weeks of Case
12/01/2005 08:26:44a Fed Says Economy Rolling
12/01/2005 08:26:37a Outlook for Holiday Shopping Season Hazy
12/01/2005 08:26:27a Stocks Surge As Inflation Fears Ease
12/01/2005 08:25:30a Big Discounters Were Big Winners
12/01/2005 08:25:17a Income and Spending Increase Slightly
12/01/2005 08:19:57a Microsoft Move Eases Some Criticism
12/01/2005 08:18:16a Fed Says Economy Rolling
12/01/2005 08:16:46a U.S. Home Prices Jump 12.02 Percent
12/01/2005 08:10:15a Trade Leader for Europe Refuses to Cut Farm Tariffs
12/01/2005 08:08:19a Manufacturing growth slows in November
12/01/2005 08:06:30a France hits cellphone firms with record fine
12/01/2005 08:04:07a Consumer Spending Up, Construction at High
12/01/2005 08:01:13a Trichet says ECB not necessarily decided on series of rate hikes
12/01/2005 08:00:27a EU Grants Ukraine Market Economy Status at Summit Meeting
12/01/2005 07:59:44a U.S. Consumer Spending Meets Expectations
12/01/2005 07:58:47a Geneva Group Shames China for Continuing Mass Evictions
12/01/2005 07:57:29a Apple may launch Intel laptops analyst
12/01/2005 07:54:26a Six Flags Names Dan Snyder As Chairman
12/01/2005 07:53:36a Weekly Jobless Claims Slightly Higher Than Expected
12/01/2005 07:52:56a Retailers Offer Enticements to Holiday Shoppers
12/01/2005 07:51:56a Millennium Partners, Execs to Pay 180M
12/01/2005 07:46:05a Patients lose Vioxx legal appeal
12/01/2005 07:45:57a Deals boost Cathay Pacific fleet
12/01/2005 07:45:49a Turner defends pension reform
12/01/2005 07:43:56a Bank robbery? Record-high ATM fees
12/01/2005 07:43:43a ECB ignores fears to raise rates
12/01/2005 07:42:16a December starts strong
12/01/2005 07:42:14a Manufacturing still solid
12/01/2005 07:41:45a Turner defends pension age reform
12/01/2005 07:41:04a Crude response Oil dips again
12/01/2005 07:40:56a Smoke free US tobacco lawyer goes
12/01/2005 07:39:41a Deals boost Cathay Pacific fleet
12/01/2005 07:37:22a Deals boost Cathay Pacific fleet
12/01/2005 07:35:42a A jolly November for Wal-Mart
12/01/2005 07:35:22a Bonds rise on inflation report
12/01/2005 07:34:42a Hedge funds put heat on Calpine
12/01/2005 07:34:14a Retail mood 'hits a 22-year low'
12/01/2005 07:33:21a ECB in first rate hike in 5 years
12/01/2005 07:32:51a Firms slash flat-screen TV prices
12/01/2005 07:31:41a Consumer spending rises slightly
12/01/2005 07:31:21a Piece talk Israel gets more Intel
12/01/2005 07:30:01a Leather producer may close plant
12/01/2005 07:29:11a Warner Music in tune with analysts
12/01/2005 07:27:21a Delta's Chapter 11 dogfight
12/01/2005 07:26:31a Bringing New York pizza to Siberia
12/01/2005 07:26:21a Skype adds in video to net calls
12/01/2005 07:25:51a Egg-cellent idea to protect caviar
12/01/2005 07:25:21a FDA official frowns on patch for ADHD
12/01/2005 07:24:31a Turner defends pension reform
12/01/2005 07:24:24a French mobile phone firms fined
12/01/2005 07:16:24a Study States Don't Use Tobacco Money For Prevention
12/01/2005 07:15:54a Spending, Incomes Edge Up
12/01/2005 07:13:54a Meeting now open to public, BDC says
12/01/2005 07:13:23a Online Hiring Site Sees Spike
12/01/2005 07:12:54a Oil Prices Climb on Drops in Inventories
12/01/2005 07:11:34a Lawyer Women 'Eaten Alive' By Bedbugs
12/01/2005 07:10:24a ECB Raises Rate for 1st Time in 5 Years
12/01/2005 07:09:34a China Arranges 618M Bailout of Company
12/01/2005 07:08:40a Yum sees earnings in line with estimates
12/01/2005 07:08:30a Wendy's to close some restaurants
12/01/2005 07:08:21a Consumer spending up, jobless claims fall
12/01/2005 07:07:33a Overtime pay taxing city's budget
12/01/2005 07:05:23a Lord Black to appear in Chicago court Thursday
12/01/2005 07:03:53a Citigroup closes Legg Mason deal
12/01/2005 07:02:37a Update 3 Retailers Post Mixed Sales for November
12/01/2005 07:01:55a Stocks Open Higher on Retail Data
12/01/2005 06:59:43a Economy rebounds
12/01/2005 06:59:37a Samsung makes price-fixing plea
12/01/2005 06:58:54a Nokia boosts handset production in China
12/01/2005 06:54:21a Business aid needed in case of pandemic
12/01/2005 06:51:27a Yen hits new lows as Nikkei bounces
12/01/2005 06:51:17a Zinc and aluminium lead metals higher
12/01/2005 06:50:17a Skype service adds full-screen video
12/01/2005 06:47:47a Wall Street hoping for retail sales boost
12/01/2005 06:47:17a Online Hiring Site Sees Spike
12/01/2005 06:47:08a Spending, Incomes Edge Up
12/01/2005 06:46:37a Eurozone bonds prices stay higher after ECB move
12/01/2005 06:45:39a Leather producer may close plant
12/01/2005 06:45:30a Skype adds in video to net calls
12/01/2005 06:45:24a Turner defends pension age reform
12/01/2005 06:37:11a Joystar, Inc. Equity Performance Group Issues Investor Fact Sheet for Joystar
12/01/2005 06:36:49a HouseValues Inc. HouseValues to Present at Credit Suisse Technology Conference
12/01/2005 06:36:29a NutriSystem, Inc NutriSystem, Inc. Hires Heavyweight to Expand Slim and ToneR Business
12/01/2005 06:36:19a Icron Technologies Corporation Icron Issued Patent for USB 2.0 Technology
12/01/2005 06:35:49a Colombia Goldfields Ltd. Mining Veteran Joins Board of Colombia Goldfields
12/01/2005 06:34:49a Americans Say Big Business, Religion Too Powerful
12/01/2005 06:34:28a Kingsley Coach Kingsley Coach Featured on
12/01/2005 06:34:09a Warner Bros. Records Taking Back Sunday Unveil 2005 Holiday Card
12/01/2005 06:33:49a Eurozone rates rise to 2.25 per cent
12/01/2005 06:33:29a Winsted Holdings Nu Image MedSpa National Rollout of Sculptra AKA Liquid Facelift
12/01/2005 06:33:19a Grifco International, Inc. Grifco International, Inc. Receives 3.3 Million Purchase Order
12/01/2005 06:33:09a Staccato Communications Staccato Communications Announce Strategic Solution Delivery and Software Development Appointments
12/01/2005 06:32:49a Riviera Tool Company Riviera Tool Reports Financial Results for Fiscal 2005
12/01/2005 06:32:39a Turner's pension plan hangs in the balance
12/01/2005 06:32:19a British stem cell research to get cash boost
12/01/2005 06:32:09a EU grants Ukraine market economy status
12/01/2005 06:32:01a Syclo LLC Syclo Releases Latest Version of Agentry Mobile Development Platform
12/01/2005 06:31:19a YaSheng Group YaSheng Group Reports Third Quarter Revenues of US 172,602,227
12/01/2005 06:30:48a slp3D Presents TVT Procedure for Urinary Incontinence
12/01/2005 06:30:38a Magicweb, Inc. Magicweb, Inc. Unveils New Internet Television Broadcasting System
12/01/2005 06:30:28a Stolt Offshore S.A. Stolt Offshore S.A. Pre-Close Trading Update and Outlook
12/01/2005 06:29:59a Nord Oil International Inc. Nord Oil Presents at the National Oil Institute
12/01/2005 06:29:34a Financial headlines
12/01/2005 06:29:28a Seamless Technology Seamless Technology Inc. Announces an Agreement to Acquire Online Development Associates
12/01/2005 06:29:19a Provalis PLC PROVALIS PLC AGM AND EGM
12/01/2005 06:23:34a Huge takeover deal looms in Denmark
12/01/2005 06:15:22a City projects still lacking in hiring of minorities
12/01/2005 06:14:52a Bally exploring ?strategic alternatives?
12/01/2005 06:14:42a Credit ratings fall in Louisiana
12/01/2005 06:14:32a AT WORK Restaurant allegations instructive
12/01/2005 06:14:22a THE MORNING MEMO BlackBerry patent, Telecom takeover, Smithfield profit
12/01/2005 06:14:12a COMMENTARY Signs point to a strong economy
12/01/2005 06:09:04a Carlyle, Goldman back new oil company
12/01/2005 06:08:55a Yum sees 2006 earnings meeting estimates
12/01/2005 06:08:48a Vincor rejects Constellation's bid
12/01/2005 06:08:43a Intel to build 3.5 bln plant in Israel
12/01/2005 06:08:35a Stock futures rise as sales reports eyed
12/01/2005 06:08:26a Warner Music 4th-qtr loss narrows
12/01/2005 06:08:19a Federated same-store sales down 3.4 pct
12/01/2005 06:08:10a Buyout trio mulls Knight Ridder bid
12/01/2005 06:08:01a Retailer bargains drive Nov sales
12/01/2005 06:07:57a Spending, Incomes Edge Up
12/01/2005 06:07:52a Consumer spending edges higher in October
12/01/2005 06:07:07a 24/7 Real Media started at market perform at JMP
12/01/2005 06:06:57a Wal-Mart, The Limited, Boeing in focus
12/01/2005 06:06:47a Energy sector, M&A boost Europe; ECB hikes rates
12/01/2005 06:06:39a Kohl's same-store sales fall; affirms outlook
12/01/2005 06:06:27a ECB Trichet Rate hike needed to keep expectations anchored
12/01/2005 06:06:17a World Wrestling profit leaps; forecast lifted
12/01/2005 06:06:07a Rigel Pharma down 63% at 8.15 in pre-open Instinet
12/01/2005 06:06:01a CVS Corp Nov pharmacy sales were 70% of total sales
12/01/2005 06:05:37a Calpine down 12% at 45 cents in pre-open Instinet
12/01/2005 06:05:27a CVS same-store sales rise, including pharmacy
12/01/2005 06:05:19a Jobless claims fall sharply in latest week
12/01/2005 06:05:07a Ross Stores' November sales up 15%
12/01/2005 06:04:57a Euro lower after ECB lifts rates, ahead of Trichet
12/01/2005 06:04:47a Dollar General same-store sales off 0.2%
12/01/2005 06:04:37a Coca-Cola Enterprises President/CEO John Alm leaving co.
12/01/2005 06:04:17a Finish Line revises Q3 estimate to net 1c-3c
12/01/2005 06:04:08a On2 Tech rallies on deal w/ E-Bay's Skype service
12/01/2005 06:03:57a Family Dollar November same-store sales up 3.4%
12/01/2005 06:03:47a Wal-Mart up 9c at 48.65 in pre-open Instinet
12/01/2005 06:03:37a CVS Corp total Nov sales rose 9.3% to 2.9B vs 2.6M
12/01/2005 06:03:27a Euro down 0.5% vs. U.S. dollar at 1.1742
12/01/2005 06:03:17a U.S. Oct. incomes, spending rise modestly as expected
12/01/2005 06:03:07a CVS Corp Nov same-store sales rose 7%
12/01/2005 06:02:57a Yield on 10-yr. Treasury note down to 4.472%
12/01/2005 06:02:47a Wal-Mart estimates December comp sales will rise 2%-4%
12/01/2005 06:02:37a U.S. stock futures up sharply amid retail sales reports
12/01/2005 06:02:27a Noven Pharma down 19% at 10.99 in pre-open Instinet
12/01/2005 06:00:11a Can we afford Turner?
12/01/2005 06:00:09a Firms slash flat-screen TV prices
12/01/2005 06:00:02a Q&A ECB interest rate rise
12/01/2005 05:59:18a Turner Report Our Panel's Views
12/01/2005 05:56:31a EU grants market status to Ukraine
12/01/2005 05:55:33a Consumer Spending Up Modestly in Oct.
12/01/2005 05:54:42a Warner Music Reports Smaller 4Q Loss
12/01/2005 05:54:15a De Beers tries to get sparkle back
12/01/2005 05:53:12a Retailers Post Mixed Sales for November
12/01/2005 05:46:20a Sino-US textile agreement benefits developing countries
12/01/2005 05:45:58a Corus shares weather profits dip
12/01/2005 05:45:49a Firms slash flat-screen TV prices
12/01/2005 05:45:38a ECB ignores fears to raise rates