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11/25/2005 11:04:01p Interest grows in petroleum careers
11/25/2005 11:03:50p Tech execs out to woo investors
11/25/2005 11:03:40p Shopping Frenzy Ends, Tally Begins
11/25/2005 11:03:30p Nasdaq may delist Taser
11/25/2005 11:03:11p Winter, high heating costs cause worldwide chills, pinched wallets
11/25/2005 11:03:01p Employers, workers brace for flu/cold war
11/25/2005 11:02:10p CCB the first bank to offer gold buybacks
11/25/2005 11:02:01p Food schools in crackdown
11/25/2005 11:01:50p Newspaper mogul to appear in court
11/25/2005 11:01:13p Slow sales putting more pressure on GM to trim down
11/25/2005 11:01:00p Police bust Lego bandit
11/25/2005 11:00:40p Nothing says 'good work' like coffeecake
11/25/2005 11:00:01p Fire forces Giant to shut fuel refinery
11/25/2005 10:37:29p Business tycoon sets balloon record
11/25/2005 10:37:07p Lawmakers Under Scrutiny in Probe of Lobbyist
11/25/2005 10:33:27p Same Insurance Claims, Different Results in La. Town
11/25/2005 09:58:08p TS Maybe Let This Big Fish Off the Hook
11/25/2005 09:57:48p Saturday Interview | With Franz B. Humer A Fresh Perspective on Tamiflu
11/25/2005 09:57:38p As Corporate Ad Money Flows Their Way, Bloggers Risk Their Rebel Reputation
11/25/2005 09:57:18p Union Steps Up Drive to Organize Starbucks
11/25/2005 09:57:08p Staying Connected on Long Stays Abroad
11/25/2005 09:56:48p Short Cuts 2 Years of Dinnertime Quiet, Thanks to the Do-Not-Call Registry
11/25/2005 09:55:58p What's Online Big Google Becomes Big Target
11/25/2005 09:55:18p After Samsung Reports Accident, Painful Details of Suicide Emerge
11/25/2005 09:54:48p Market Values Are Banks Still the Place To Put Money?
11/25/2005 09:54:38p Workers' Slowdown Cuts Ford Production in Russia
11/25/2005 09:54:18p The Doorbusters
11/25/2005 09:53:57p Shares Up for 7 Straight Days and 5 Consecutive Weeks
11/25/2005 09:53:38p What's Offline All Lists, All the Time
11/25/2005 09:53:18p Dawn Rush Hints at Strong Start to Holiday Sales
11/25/2005 09:53:08p Europe Reaches Deal on Banana Imports
11/25/2005 09:52:07p Merger Talks by WPP and Aegis End
11/25/2005 09:51:58p Taser Shares Face Delisting By Nasdaq
11/25/2005 09:51:08p Five Days Holiday Cheer? Not So Fast, G.M. Says
11/25/2005 09:50:58p Designer of Supercomputers Leaves Cray to Join Microsoft
11/25/2005 09:50:17p Suit Against A.I.G. Figure May Expand
11/25/2005 09:50:08p Your Money Wireless Moves the Cash Register Where You Are
11/25/2005 09:49:58p Roche Tells Indonesia That It Can Produce Tamiflu Without a License
11/25/2005 09:49:27p Back Home, Injured Sisters Grin and Bear Media Glare
11/25/2005 09:40:28p Indian businessman seeks balloon record
11/25/2005 09:38:08p Indian businessman seeks balloon record
11/25/2005 09:06:58p Harbin authorities seek to win back confidence
11/25/2005 08:34:29p Indian businessman seeks balloon record
11/25/2005 08:30:46p Reeling shoppers in
11/25/2005 08:23:35p US retailers usher in the holiday season with deep discounts
11/25/2005 08:18:00p Dawn Rush Hints at Strong Start to Holiday Sales
11/25/2005 08:14:45p Indonesian company plans coal supply
11/25/2005 08:14:25p Mobile maker eyes growth
11/25/2005 08:14:05p CITIC lays ground for crucial reform
11/25/2005 08:13:25p Xinjiang leads nation in geological gas reserves
11/25/2005 07:54:16p Government changing laws to allow sale of Swisscom stake
11/25/2005 07:53:31p AIG ex-boss avoids criminal case
11/25/2005 07:52:45p Hudson's Bay Q3 loss balloons to 50M from 8M with restructuring...
11/25/2005 07:50:27p Greenberg Avoids Criminal Charges
11/25/2005 07:49:07p In Chinese Uprisings, A Hidden Hand of Aid
11/25/2005 07:47:47p Going for Broke - and Bargains
11/25/2005 07:47:27p Same Claims, Different Results in Louisiana Town
11/25/2005 07:46:57p XM and Sirius in Pitched Battle For Satellite Radio Subscribers
11/25/2005 07:26:27p Suit Against AIG Figure May Expand
11/25/2005 07:22:53p Busy 'Black Friday' Lifts Retailers' Spirits
11/25/2005 06:58:07p Qantas workers face court over drugs charges
11/25/2005 06:54:07p Medicare pays more for drugs
11/25/2005 06:27:39p Palestinians in control of border with Egypt
11/25/2005 06:27:27p Cascade Energy, Inc. Cascade Announces Changes to Management
11/25/2005 06:27:17p Brennans Law Searchers Oldest Law Search Company First to Launch Customer Loyalty Program
11/25/2005 06:25:33p Laughing stock of Katrina makes disaster his business
11/25/2005 06:17:43p Crowds Usher in Holiday Shopping Season
11/25/2005 06:05:08p Soccer wives in bed with Supernanny
11/25/2005 06:04:38p BSkyB forced to withdraw 'fast track' application on broadband deal
11/25/2005 06:03:58p E-shopping to rise 24%, but which sites will benefit?
11/25/2005 06:03:48p Turner report presses on vast army of jobless over 50s
11/25/2005 06:03:28p Is TiVo moving too hastily to save its future?
11/25/2005 06:03:08p Actor Pat Morita dies at 73
11/25/2005 06:02:38p Wyevale investor wins resignation
11/25/2005 06:01:58p Tate & Lyle sweetened by Brussels compromise
11/25/2005 06:01:48p Small firms seek help to cope with burden of motherhood
11/25/2005 06:01:08p Dubai group to launch agreed £3.3bn for P&O
11/25/2005 06:00:08p Japan space probe collects samples from asteroid
11/25/2005 05:59:48p Black I will be vindicated
11/25/2005 05:59:28p Trader charged over share tips
11/25/2005 05:59:02p Bernie's 30-year Formula 1 reign ends
11/25/2005 05:58:28p Thirsty work
11/25/2005 05:57:08p SFO inquiry on way into fall of Langbar
11/25/2005 05:56:28p Holiday shopping starts off with a frenzy
11/25/2005 05:56:14p Retailers Say Crowds Bigger This Year
11/25/2005 05:55:48p Sorrell abandons Aegis bid
11/25/2005 05:55:28p Tesco trading slows as rivals fight back
11/25/2005 05:41:24p Deep discounts usher in holiday shopping season
11/25/2005 04:53:05p WPP keeps option of future Aegis bid
11/25/2005 04:52:43p Poverty Declines in Latin America for Second Consecutive Year
11/25/2005 04:38:27p Council tax hits elderly hardest
11/25/2005 04:35:29p National Perspectives Can a City Grow Quickly and Stay Simple?
11/25/2005 04:35:19p Your Home How Condops Differ From Condops
11/25/2005 04:35:09p Council tax hits elderly hardest
11/25/2005 04:34:09p US shoppers rush to Black Friday
11/25/2005 04:34:03p Council tax hits elderly hardest
11/25/2005 04:33:57p Placer Dome says new Barrick bid likely
11/25/2005 04:32:29p So Few Properties, So Many Brokers
11/25/2005 04:30:58p The Hunt Honor Thy Brother as Long as You Can
11/25/2005 04:27:31p WPP drops Aegis bid, but Bolloré is wild card
11/25/2005 04:23:46p Britvic investors' £98m payout
11/25/2005 04:23:18p OSC appeals Rankin sentence
11/25/2005 04:20:58p Did Goodale's income trust announcement leak early?
11/25/2005 04:20:48p Wall Street extends winning streak
11/25/2005 04:18:48p EU sugar changes push price higher
11/25/2005 04:17:45p Italy's unions take to the streets in show of defiance
11/25/2005 04:16:58p Start To Shopping Season Looks Good To Retailers
11/25/2005 04:01:58p Nestle Apologizes to Italian Minister
11/25/2005 03:58:55p US shoppers rush to Black Friday
11/25/2005 03:58:10p Slovakia Ties Currency to Euro
11/25/2005 03:50:18p Sugar deal mars Commonwealth meeting
11/25/2005 03:50:08p Rafah border crossing opens on Gaza-Egypt border
11/25/2005 03:49:58p Relaxing of buy-to-let loans sparks fears
11/25/2005 03:49:38p Marconi to return £577m to investors
11/25/2005 03:49:28p Swisscom expansion strategy in tatters
11/25/2005 03:49:18p DP World awaits approval for £3bn P&O bid
11/25/2005 03:49:08p Syria agrees to let UN team quiz its officials
11/25/2005 03:48:17p Wagoner warns on Delphi strike
11/25/2005 03:48:07p Blair faces storm over report by McKinsey
11/25/2005 03:47:58p Seeing The Similarities Among American Generations Helps Reveal What Eventually Sets Them Apart
11/25/2005 03:47:47p Retailers say more shoppers than last year
11/25/2005 03:47:38p Agent155 Media Group Joseph McKesson Released From Agent155 Media Group Board of Directors
11/25/2005 03:47:27p Sweet success for Tate&Lyle from EU ruling
11/25/2005 03:38:05p US shoppers rush to Black Friday
11/25/2005 03:33:57p Placer Dome may consider higher bid
11/25/2005 03:33:48p Apple's iPod nano a holiday hit
11/25/2005 03:19:53p Personal Finance Daily - Nov. 25
11/25/2005 03:19:43p Real Estate Weekly - Nov. 25
11/25/2005 03:19:33p Washington events for Nov. 28 Dec. 2
11/25/2005 03:05:14p The Week's Business Slow sales intensify pressure on GM
11/25/2005 02:50:18p Crowds Usher in Holiday Shopping Season Millions of Americans mobbed discount stores, raced into suburban malls and swarmed downtown shopping districts in a retail ritual whose outlandishness seems to grow with every season.
11/25/2005 02:50:04p Taser receives delisting notice from Nasdaq
11/25/2005 02:49:43p Dow Closes Up 16 In Short Session
11/25/2005 02:42:30p Treasury to open business centre
11/25/2005 02:37:57p US shoppers swarm to Black Friday
11/25/2005 02:30:20p Holiday Sales Bring Out the Bargain Shoppers
11/25/2005 02:29:51p Black Friday Boosts Stock Market
11/25/2005 02:26:30p Retailers Say Crowds Bigger This Year
11/25/2005 02:20:18p Treasury to open business centre
11/25/2005 02:14:44p Miller New L.A. general manager gets down to business
11/25/2005 02:10:33p Inexpensive Heating Oil Arrives in US from Venezuela
11/25/2005 02:09:43p Georgian PM Calls Planned Russian Gas Price Hike 'Political'
11/25/2005 02:01:00p GE sees 3B loss from sale to Swiss Re
11/25/2005 02:00:21p Spitzer Won't Press Criminal Charges Against AIG's Greenberg
11/25/2005 01:58:39p Ex-AIG CEO avoids criminal charges
11/25/2005 01:58:10p Stocks Rise as Shopping Season Begins
11/25/2005 01:57:22p UK retailer pulls anti-Semitic books from online store
11/25/2005 01:55:09p CEO GM to Sell More Vehicles Abroad
11/25/2005 01:54:39p Bonds edge higher in light trading
11/25/2005 01:43:12p UK retailer pulls anti-Semitic books from online store
11/25/2005 01:34:18p Bargain Shoppers Clog Stores, Challenge Authorities
11/25/2005 01:33:48p Online retailers await 'Cyber Monday'
11/25/2005 01:33:28p 'Misleading info' forces Coopers EGM postponement
11/25/2005 01:33:19p Stocks gain in shortened session
11/25/2005 01:31:08p Qld Nationals talk up IR 'accommodation'
11/25/2005 01:17:30p Spitzer doesn't plan criminal charges against Greenberg
11/25/2005 01:16:09p Bonds gain as interest rate chatter dominates
11/25/2005 01:15:09p Nat gas eases as supply fears fade
11/25/2005 01:14:59p Dollar wins game of cat and mouse
11/25/2005 01:01:55p Shopping Weather?
11/25/2005 01:01:45p Poland risks ire of Russia over cold war files
11/25/2005 01:01:35p Ecclestone agrees to sell control of F1
11/25/2005 01:01:15p Britain holds key to budget deadlock, says Barroso
11/25/2005 01:01:05p US retailers launch holiday sales with big discounts
11/25/2005 01:00:55p Taser's Latest Jolt Nasdaq May Delist Shares
11/25/2005 01:00:45p Liberty Mines Inc. Liberty Completes Over-Subscribed 3,000,000 Private Placement
11/25/2005 01:00:35p Trouble ahead for Lamy's draft on Doha talks
11/25/2005 01:00:25p Sweet success for Tate & Lyle from EU ruling
11/25/2005 01:00:15p Spain scraps golden shares
11/25/2005 12:39:45p 10-year Treasury note +10/32 at 100 19/32, 4.43% yield
11/25/2005 12:39:36p Be wary of pitfalls with tenants-in-common deals
11/25/2005 12:39:18p Media shares close mixed in short session
11/25/2005 12:38:44p Treasurys end higher, sending key yield to 4-week low
11/25/2005 12:38:35p Giant Industries Fire broke out at Yorktown refinery
11/25/2005 12:38:24p One way to beat real estate capital-gains taxes
11/25/2005 12:38:15p Montana Power prepared to immediately enter due diligence
11/25/2005 12:38:04p Spitzer won't press criminal case vs. AIG's Greenberg
11/25/2005 12:37:54p Tech stocks close slightly up in quiet post-holiday trade
11/25/2005 12:37:44p Nasdaq Composite prelim close 2,263, up 3 points
11/25/2005 12:37:34p Retail index shifts to positive column at close
11/25/2005 12:37:24p Retail shares extend gains as holiday frenzy kicks off
11/25/2005 12:37:05p U.S. stocks close higher as holiday shopping begins
11/25/2005 12:36:44p Retail index finishes higher at 417.12
11/25/2005 12:36:14p Dow industrials prelim close 10,931, up 15 points
11/25/2005 12:35:44p Montana Power Focus ensures best interest of region's cust.
11/25/2005 12:35:34p Russell 2000 prelim close 683, up 0.6 points
11/25/2005 12:35:24p Mittal completes 4.84B acquisition of Kryvorizhstal
11/25/2005 12:34:54p S&P 500 prelim close 1,265, up 4 points
11/25/2005 12:34:44p Trimeris hit with concerns HIV drug will be delayed
11/25/2005 12:33:54p Hudson's Bay rejects hostile bid
11/25/2005 12:20:40p Black Friday Makes Some See Red
11/25/2005 12:20:31p Stocks score modest gains as holiday shopping begins
11/25/2005 12:20:10p Chief of Nissan and Renault shies away from advice for General Motors
11/25/2005 12:08:33p Dow Closes Up 16 in Shortened Session
11/25/2005 12:06:03p Shareholders to Vote on ShopKo Merger
11/25/2005 11:51:24a Moving In and Moving On
11/25/2005 11:47:54a Thousands Rally in Costa Rica to Support Free Trade
11/25/2005 11:39:46a Global trade talks 'to drag on'
11/25/2005 11:39:42a AIG ex-boss avoids criminal case
11/25/2005 11:39:08a SFO to assess Compass allegations
11/25/2005 11:38:58a SA economy 'can grow at 6%'
11/25/2005 11:38:49a CNN sells German news TV stake
11/25/2005 11:38:41a Jaguar 'to quit Browns Lane site'
11/25/2005 11:36:05a Global trade talks 'to drag on'
11/25/2005 11:34:55a Holiday jeer at Wal-Mart
11/25/2005 11:34:01a XL Capital's surprise loss hits share
11/25/2005 11:33:43a Stocks rise as shoppers hit the malls
11/25/2005 11:31:15a CNN sells German news TV stake
11/25/2005 11:28:14a Jaguar 'to quit Browns Lane site'
11/25/2005 11:27:44a AIG ex-boss avoids criminal case
11/25/2005 11:26:34a Europe gains on stable oil
11/25/2005 11:23:54a The race for holiday bargains is on
11/25/2005 11:23:44a Holiday shoppers flex their power
11/25/2005 11:23:14a Five in a row for blue chips
11/25/2005 11:22:34a British Gas engineers to strike
11/25/2005 11:22:04a Which is better pension or payout?
11/25/2005 11:21:24a Taser Gets Nasdaq Delisting Notice on Reporting Delay
11/25/2005 11:21:14a Beware bears coming out of hibernation
11/25/2005 11:20:44a Americans Hit Stores on Black Friday
11/25/2005 11:20:24a NBC Stuck to Sunny Rebroadcast of Last Year's M&M's
11/25/2005 11:18:44a Businessman hopes to lure Marlins to Puerto Rico
11/25/2005 11:08:00a RIM to hire up to 1,200 for Halifax support centre
11/25/2005 11:07:21a Stocks mixed in shortened session
11/25/2005 11:04:10a Crowds Usher in Holiday Shopping Season
11/25/2005 11:04:00a Hudson's Bay rejects Zucker takeover bid
11/25/2005 11:01:30a Bottled-water giant battles opposition
11/25/2005 10:58:50a Home prices rising at fastest rate in 16 years CREA
11/25/2005 10:56:50a Stocks See Little Change in Light Trading
11/25/2005 10:56:00a Brawling Shoppers Shatter Some Holiday Sales
11/25/2005 10:54:08a Taser gets zapped
11/25/2005 10:52:38a HBC rejects takeover offer
11/25/2005 10:38:32a AIG ex-boss avoids criminal case
11/25/2005 10:38:27a Global trade talks 'to drag on'
11/25/2005 10:36:20a UK growth set to be weakest since 1992
11/25/2005 10:35:00a Mexican poised to win race for OECD
11/25/2005 10:34:50a Black 'has long distance to fall'
11/25/2005 10:34:20a Ecclestone agrees to sell control of Formula 1
11/25/2005 10:34:10a Bourses climb to 3½ year highs
11/25/2005 10:34:00a MoneyTV MoneyTV, Week of 11/25
11/25/2005 10:33:57a Shoppers rush to grab holiday deals
11/25/2005 10:33:50a Stocks gain as shoppers storm malls
11/25/2005 10:32:42a PDC Innovative Industries, Inc. PDC Innovative Industries Provides Update on Daytona Brands, Inc.
11/25/2005 10:31:20a Dollar wins game of cat and mouse
11/25/2005 10:31:10a Elegant Illusions, Inc. Elegant Illusions, Inc. Reports Third Quarter Earnings
11/25/2005 10:30:50a WPP and Hellman pull out of Aegis bid
11/25/2005 10:30:20a Roche will not block Indonesia Tamiflu copy
11/25/2005 10:30:10a Wall Street higher in light holiday trade
11/25/2005 10:08:55a GM sees selling 4.5M vehicles in U.S. this yr-Det Free Press
11/25/2005 10:08:45a Kent Financial names Dr. Qun Yi Zheng president
11/25/2005 10:08:36a France's CAC 40 ends up 0.3% at 4,600
11/25/2005 10:08:26a Momentum building for Deere share buyback
11/25/2005 10:08:15a GM expects to sell more abroad than in U.S. this yr reports
11/25/2005 10:08:06a XL Capital downgraded at Merrill Lynch
11/25/2005 10:07:45a E-shopping to rise 33%, but which sites will benefit?
11/25/2005 10:07:36a XL expects to take 830M 4Q net charge for Winterthur deal
11/25/2005 10:07:25a Dollar gains against major counterparts
11/25/2005 10:07:15a U.K.'s FTSE 100 adds 0.2% to 5,523
11/25/2005 10:06:45a Energy stocks mixed in short post-holiday session
11/25/2005 10:06:35a Treasurys firm, sending key yield to four-week low
11/25/2005 10:06:26a A.G. Edwards ups United Tech. price target to 65 from 55
11/25/2005 10:06:15a U.S. stocks higher in early trade
11/25/2005 10:06:05a NYSE most active stocks LU NT PFE XL GE
11/25/2005 10:05:16a U.S. stocks higher in light post-holiday trade
11/25/2005 10:05:06a XL shares drop on 830M charge after arbitration loss