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12/19/2005 09:14:07a Oil sinks back near 57
12/19/2005 09:12:58a No big game for bargain hunters
12/19/2005 09:11:56a Patent ruling hits Ranbaxy shares
12/19/2005 09:11:51a Pepsi Bottling not popping corks
12/19/2005 09:11:46a German economy 'to grow quicker'
12/19/2005 09:11:36a Wall Street ignores Pfizer, falling oil
12/19/2005 09:11:31a Power on Circuit City sees profit
12/19/2005 09:11:16a Fresh backing for web phone firm
12/19/2005 09:10:56a Record 200,000 Minis made in 2005
12/19/2005 09:10:21a Carphone in £132m OneTel buy
12/19/2005 09:10:06a More firms are sold on buyouts
12/19/2005 09:09:51a Pfizer stock surges on Lipitor ruling
12/19/2005 09:09:36a Bonds mixed, dollar rises
12/19/2005 09:09:16a Analysts see economic slowdown
12/19/2005 09:09:01a Why you'll grow rich...very slowly
12/19/2005 09:08:21a Pfizer A pill worth swallowing?
12/19/2005 09:08:00a Should you rethink your mortgage?
12/19/2005 09:07:41a Year-end struggle on Wall Street
12/19/2005 09:07:20a How valuable is your equity?
12/19/2005 09:03:10a Italian central bank chief Fazio resigns
12/19/2005 09:01:57a Patent ruling hits Ranbaxy shares
12/19/2005 09:01:39a Winners and losers in Hong Kong
12/19/2005 09:01:03a German economy 'to grow quicker'
12/19/2005 09:00:19a Stores Full, But Retailers Anxious
12/19/2005 08:58:03a Power Company Agrees to Buy Another for 11 Billion
12/19/2005 08:47:46a Stocks Are Mixed Despite Pfizer Win
12/19/2005 08:47:06a Fire destroys Dalhousie businesses
12/19/2005 08:46:31a Stocks mixed in cautious trading
12/19/2005 08:46:16a Doctor profiles veiled in secrecy
12/19/2005 08:45:36a Cartel Office Extends Review of Takeover
12/19/2005 08:45:31a Talisman Energy boosts exploration spending for 2006
12/19/2005 08:44:07a Bank of Italy Chief Fazio Resigns
12/19/2005 08:43:41a Chinese Cos., World Bank Deal Sign Deal
12/19/2005 08:43:36a Faith-based Web sites help spread the word
12/19/2005 08:43:16a U.S. patent office to speed up RIM case reports
12/19/2005 08:39:52a Bank of Italy Chief Fazio Resigns
12/19/2005 08:34:36a All-night session saved WTO talks
12/19/2005 08:22:22a Wall Street opens mixed on Pfizer ruling
12/19/2005 08:22:16a Wikipedia to restrict access to encyclopaedia
12/19/2005 08:22:06a Web Design Company Searching for the Worst Website
12/19/2005 08:22:01a Berna shares soar as Novartis considers bid
12/19/2005 08:21:46a FPL to buy Constellation Energy for more than 11B
12/19/2005 08:21:36a Europe eases despite drug strength
12/19/2005 08:21:11a Here's the beef! U.S. meat returns to Japan
12/19/2005 08:16:34a Bank of Italy chief resigns
12/19/2005 08:15:40a VerticalResponse VerticalResponse Named as Finalist for 2005 StevieR Awards for Women Entrepreneurs
12/19/2005 08:15:15a Ipedo Systinet Chooses Ipedo to Enhance SOA Platform
12/19/2005 08:14:55a Brinx Resources Ltd. Brinx Resources Three Sands Project Kodesh #2 Production Well Completed
12/19/2005 08:14:40a H-Quotient, Inc. H-Quotient Announces Distribution
12/19/2005 08:14:24a Japan to cut government bond issue by 10%
12/19/2005 08:14:15a Pinnacle Group Unlimited Inc. Pinnacle S-Charger Corporation Successfully Tests World's Smallest Production Supercharger
12/19/2005 08:14:10a First Afghan parliament in decades sworn in
12/19/2005 08:14:00a M.B.A. Holdings, Inc. NMDA Signs Joint Venture Agreement With Dealer Group
12/19/2005 08:13:39a Concorde Res Corp Concorde Plans Forward Stock Split
12/19/2005 08:13:29a FPL to buy Constellation Energy for 11bn
12/19/2005 08:13:25a Nettel Holdings Nettel Trading Realizing Explosive Growth
12/19/2005 08:13:20a American Stellar Energy Inc. American Stellar Energy Files Form 2004KSB Financial Statement
12/19/2005 08:13:15a Scientific Learning Corporation Fast ForWordR Gateway Edition Receives SIF Certification
12/19/2005 08:12:51a Healtheuniverse, Inc. HEALTHeUNIVERSE Announces Establishment of Euphora Brand
12/19/2005 08:12:39a Cascade Energy, Inc. Cascade Reports First Week Gas Production From 11-16 Well
12/19/2005 08:12:29a Roundbox Roundbox Adds Communications Industry Veterans to Leadership Team
12/19/2005 08:12:24a Doc Hollywood Kidz, Inc. Artist International Signs Award-Winning Director Amit Gupta
12/19/2005 08:12:19a Bush asks for patience citing progress in Iraq
12/19/2005 08:12:14a HydroFlo, Inc. HydroFlo Chairman Addresses Business Strategy and Operational Concerns
12/19/2005 08:12:09a Lumenos Lumenos Consumers Feel More Knowledgeable About Managing Their Health
12/19/2005 08:11:59a Pop N Go, Inc. Pop N Go and Gekay Launch Military Sales Program
12/19/2005 08:11:39a Coaxsys, Inc. Coaxsys to Showcase Next-Generation Home Networking Technology at CES
12/19/2005 08:11:34a Carlyle closes deal with China Pacific Life Insurance
12/19/2005 08:11:24a MEDHOST, Inc. MEDHOST Moves Corporate Office to Accommodate Growth
12/19/2005 08:11:04a Goldman Europe COO to run London Olympics
12/19/2005 08:10:59a ADP Study Confirms That Employers Save Money and Increase Efficiencies Through Benefit Outsourcing
12/19/2005 08:10:34a EPOD International Inc. EPOD Announces Acquisition
12/19/2005 08:10:24a Sharon recovering as Likud votes for new leader
12/19/2005 08:10:04a IBM Twelve Leaders Adopt Principles to Accelerate Innovation
12/19/2005 08:07:46a Update 39 Bush Faces Press Day After Iraq Speech Forbes
12/19/2005 08:03:27a UDPATE 1-Johnston Press to buy the Scotsman newspaper
12/19/2005 08:01:33a Spartan Stores acquires grocer's assets
12/19/2005 08:00:33a Bank of Italy governor resigns
12/19/2005 07:57:47a Germans sue Hungarians over sale to Brits
12/19/2005 07:47:39a Massive crowd marches in anti-WTO parade
12/19/2005 07:47:28a WALL STREET WEEK AHEAD Late trading may not send Dow over 11,000
12/19/2005 07:47:13a CBOT, Singapore Exchange ink j.v. for derivatives exchange
12/19/2005 07:46:53a R.J. Reynolds unit to sell brands to U.S. duty-free shops
12/19/2005 07:46:48a Rentech gives president added CEO post
12/19/2005 07:46:44a Tech stocks weak in early trading
12/19/2005 07:46:33a Reports Bank of Italy Governor Fazio resigns
12/19/2005 07:46:23a CBOT/Singapore Joint Asian Derivatives Exchange to open Q3
12/19/2005 07:46:13a U.S. stocks open higher; Pfizer in focus
12/19/2005 07:46:08a Rentech promotes president to CEO post
12/19/2005 07:45:58a Dollar reclaims portion of last week's slide
12/19/2005 07:45:53a Crude, natural-gas futures up in early trading
12/19/2005 07:45:49a Gold futures climb, head back toward 512
12/19/2005 07:45:43a R.J. Reynolds unit to sell to U.S. overseas military outlets
12/19/2005 07:45:33a Airline stocks weaken in opening trading
12/19/2005 07:45:28a R.J. Reynolds unit to buy rights to sell certain brands
12/19/2005 07:45:23a R.J. Reynolds unit, Japan Tobacco ink cigarette rights deal
12/19/2005 07:45:03a Kellwood names Skinner chairman
12/19/2005 07:44:48a F&H raises bid for Fox & Hound to 14.75
12/19/2005 07:44:43a Financial sector mixed as banking stock weaken
12/19/2005 07:44:38a Jan crude climbs 29c to 58.35/brl in early NY trading
12/19/2005 07:44:33a Treasurys in modest decline ahead of PPI report
12/19/2005 07:44:28a R.J. Reynolds unit, Japan Tobacco see deal close by year-end
12/19/2005 07:40:52a Fresh backing for web phone firm
12/19/2005 07:40:28a British Gas strike threat lifted
12/19/2005 07:40:24a Patent ruling hits Ranbaxy shares
12/19/2005 07:38:56a Gold futures head back toward 512 an ounce
12/19/2005 07:38:51a Airlines open mainly lower following last week's gains
12/19/2005 07:38:46a Cablevision Cancels 3 Billion Dividend
12/19/2005 07:38:21a Insurance gains, banks fall in mixed trading
12/19/2005 07:38:07a Tech stocks weaken in early action
12/19/2005 07:38:02a Washington events for Dec. 19 23
12/19/2005 07:37:33a Clorox lifts quarterly profit forecast
12/19/2005 07:36:46a Macquarie buys into Taiwan media
12/19/2005 07:36:36a Pfizer Shares Rise on Lipitor Patent Win
12/19/2005 07:36:26a U.S. stocks mixed in early going; Pfizer in focus
12/19/2005 07:36:21a Professionalization of private eyes
12/19/2005 07:35:56a U.K. property firms get REIT rule boost
12/19/2005 07:30:00a Circuit City Reports Larger 3Q Profit
12/19/2005 07:25:30a Pfizer`s Lipitor patent upheld
12/19/2005 07:18:18a 'Kong' rules with less-than-expected 50 million
12/19/2005 07:18:13a With time on its side, tribe plays hardball over freeway
12/19/2005 07:18:08a Car slams into Home Depot in Chandler
12/19/2005 07:18:03a Growth slows mail delivery; carriers working into night
12/19/2005 07:17:48a U.S. meat back on grill of Japan
12/19/2005 07:12:01a China adopts Russian pollution treatment technology
12/19/2005 07:11:46a Economy predicted to grow close to 9% next year
12/19/2005 07:11:35a Textile producers set to forge elite brands
12/19/2005 07:02:11a Beach businesses call for compensation
12/19/2005 07:00:03a Premarket Movers Ruling boosts drug cos.
12/19/2005 06:56:45a Stocks Open Up on Merger News
12/19/2005 06:56:40a Circuit City Reports Larger 3Q Profit
12/19/2005 06:56:10a Barclays offload Scotsman for £160m
12/19/2005 06:56:00a IT Manager's Journal Opening the Open Source Community to a Profitable Business Model
12/19/2005 06:55:30a Ranbaxy Shares Drop on Losing Patent Case
12/19/2005 06:42:48a Turnover at the Top of Area Business Groups
12/19/2005 06:42:43a Up on the Chart Top A Seasonal Music Avalanche
12/19/2005 06:42:23a GOP Leaders Agree to 41.6 Billion Spending Cut
12/19/2005 06:42:18a Chinese Official Says High-Level Corruption on the Rise
12/19/2005 06:42:13a Lockheed, Diversifying, to Buy Aspen Systems
12/19/2005 06:41:43a American Capital Stakes Out New Ground
12/19/2005 06:40:58a ManTech to Screen for TSA
12/19/2005 06:27:35a Air NZ engines and jobs go offshore
12/19/2005 06:25:20a BAA dismisses lawsuit over Budapest deal
12/19/2005 06:22:31a Circuit City Earnings Above Expectations; New CEO Named
12/19/2005 06:14:03a Google 'close to 1bn AOL deal'
12/19/2005 06:13:18a Eight million subscribers for Sky
12/19/2005 06:12:12a Italy aims to oust fighting Fazio
12/19/2005 06:12:07a Hi-tech firms censured over China
12/19/2005 06:10:53a Black denies racketeering charge
12/19/2005 06:10:42a French pay-TV giants agree merger
12/19/2005 06:10:22a Dairy Crest denies bid talk
12/19/2005 06:10:07a British Gas strike threat lifted
12/19/2005 06:09:52a Scotsman papers change hands
12/19/2005 06:08:57a Late Christmas bonus for High St
12/19/2005 06:08:03a Unilever says it will keep its dual structure intact
12/19/2005 06:04:18a Honeywell paying 555M for British firm
12/19/2005 06:02:19a India's Ranbaxy shares drop on losing case
12/19/2005 06:01:52a Italy aims to oust fighting Fazio
12/19/2005 06:01:11a What makes the trade negotiators tick?
12/19/2005 05:49:04a WTO deal modest but useful Labor
12/19/2005 05:48:29a Government Leaders Praise Farm Deal
12/19/2005 05:48:14a Japanese Stocks Rise, Dollar Higher Vs Yen
12/19/2005 05:47:59a Survey Retail Gas Prices Increase 8 Cents
12/19/2005 05:47:39a Santa now fills e-mails as well as stockings
12/19/2005 05:47:14a Energy firms finalize merger
12/19/2005 05:42:30a Bush rejects retreat in Iraq, sees victory
12/19/2005 05:31:58a Wembley tarnish hits Multiplex
12/19/2005 05:21:48a Syneron Medical Syneron Announces Resignation of Moshe Mizrahy From Board of Directors
12/19/2005 05:21:43a Gilt prices rise on hopes of early rate cut
12/19/2005 05:21:38a Pharma aids Europe's recovers from early losses
12/19/2005 05:21:23a Ebates Ebates Offers Cash-Back Ideas for Last-Minute Online Christmas Gifts
12/19/2005 05:21:18a Great West Gold, Inc. Great West Gold, Inc. - 25% Stock Dividend Declared
12/19/2005 05:21:13a Johnston Press buys Scotsman publisher
12/19/2005 05:21:08a Jeantex Group, Inc. Jeantex Group Confirms New Customer Orders
12/19/2005 05:20:53a Capital Punishment On Trial
12/19/2005 05:20:48a BSkyB exceeds target for subscribers
12/19/2005 05:20:28a Yen weakens on interest rate disadvantage
12/19/2005 05:20:23a Unilever to maintain dual strucuture
12/19/2005 05:20:18a Gold rallies as Japanese buyers return
12/19/2005 05:20:08a The Silver Baron of Enviro-Ag
12/19/2005 05:19:58a Carphone Warehouse snaps up Onetel
12/19/2005 05:19:38a Pharmaceuticals lift FTSE after generic ruling
12/19/2005 05:19:33a BAA shrugs off legal threat to Budapest deal
12/19/2005 05:19:27a Rivals bid 1bn for Guangdong bank
12/19/2005 05:19:24a TeleCommunications Systems, Inc. TCS Deploys VoIP E9-1-1 in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania
12/19/2005 05:19:13a Kao's ratings put on review after Kanebo deal
12/19/2005 05:13:38a Former Rockstars Head Up New PR & Marketing Firm
12/19/2005 05:13:33a Goldman Sachs to Build Headquarters at Ground Zero After All
12/19/2005 05:13:28a How 3form Is Bending the Rules of Design
12/19/2005 05:13:19a Toyota's Hit and Myth Marketing
12/19/2005 05:13:13a How Target Found Its Grooviness
12/19/2005 05:13:08a The Ad Nauseum Marketing of Von Dutch
12/19/2005 05:13:03a Harvard No More Grade Secrets
12/19/2005 04:58:54a Johnston Press buys Scotsman
12/19/2005 04:58:09a Italy aims to oust fighting Fazio
12/19/2005 04:57:08a Palatin supends sales, recalls NeutroSpec diagnostic kits
12/19/2005 04:56:38a FPL Group, Constellation Energy confirm merger deal
12/19/2005 04:56:28a Third Wave Judge awards it 15.9M, attorney fees
12/19/2005 04:56:08a Dynavax reports positive Phase 2/3 Hep B vaccine trial
12/19/2005 04:56:03a Ness Tech gets 10-year 8.5M Israel Yellow Pages contract
12/19/2005 04:55:48a United Therapeutics reports positive Remodulin trial result
12/19/2005 04:55:38a Poore Brothers CEO, FD to leave; sees Q4 net loss
12/19/2005 04:55:28a Liberty Global to sell Norwegian cable arm for 540 mln
12/19/2005 04:55:18a Advanced Medical Optics wins 214M in damages
12/19/2005 04:55:08a Lakes Entertainment files SEC 10-Qs for 3 quarters
12/19/2005 04:54:58a Pepsi Bottling sees 2006 earnings falling on option expenses
12/19/2005 04:54:43a Third Wave Award stems from Stratagene patent dispute
12/19/2005 04:54:33a Lakes Entertainment revises revenue-recognition accounting
12/19/2005 04:54:18a cut at UBS; expectations too high
12/19/2005 04:54:08a Radioshack cut to sell by Bank of America
12/19/2005 04:53:53a Lakes Entertainment to seek to relist on Nasdaq National
12/19/2005 04:53:47a Bank of America, MBNA lowered to neutral at Prudential
12/19/2005 04:52:42a Palatin says suspension, recall are at request of FDA
12/19/2005 04:52:32a Talisman Energy to lift 2006 capex by 36% to 4.4B
12/19/2005 04:52:17a FDA lifts clinical hold on ViaCell trial of CB001
12/19/2005 04:46:22a Unilever sticks with dual corporate structure
12/19/2005 04:46:18a Stocks Set to Open Up on Pfizer Ruling
12/19/2005 04:45:23a FPL Group, Constellation Energy clinch 11 bln deal
12/19/2005 04:45:13a Pfizer legal ruling, M&A lift U.S. stock market futures
12/19/2005 04:44:37a AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline lead FTSE higher
12/19/2005 04:44:07a Honeywell to buy U.K.'s First Technology for 555 mln
12/19/2005 04:43:47a Oil Prices Increase, Recouping Some Losses
12/19/2005 04:34:52a FPL agrees to buy Constellation Energy
12/19/2005 04:28:50a Macquarie buys Taiwan TV business for 1.3bn
12/19/2005 04:26:34a BSkyB hits end-of-year subscriber target
12/19/2005 04:17:08a Bank of East Asia opens branch in Chongqing
12/19/2005 04:16:43a UT-Starcom to turn from European technology of 3G to IPTV
12/19/2005 04:16:28a HK jobless rate steady at 5.3% in past three months
12/19/2005 04:16:08a Sichuan to establish anti-dumping warning system
12/19/2005 04:15:33a China Cargo Airlines Ltd. to expand capacity
12/19/2005 04:04:06a Some People Need Help Quitting
12/19/2005 04:02:31a BSkyB hits end-of-year target
12/19/2005 04:01:01a UPDATE 2-BoI's Fazio isolated as Italy govt looks to oust him
12/19/2005 04:00:17a Nestle buys Greek ice cream firm for 240 mln euros
12/19/2005 03:57:15a BAA shrugs off lawsuit on Budapest Airport deal
12/19/2005 03:49:36a From one generation to another
12/19/2005 03:40:08a Bid talk lifts Dairy Crest shares
12/19/2005 03:40:00a Google 'close to 1bn AOL deal'
12/19/2005 03:38:58a Lukewarm Deal Keeps Trade Goals Afloat
12/19/2005 03:21:05a Bullish Monday?
12/19/2005 03:20:31a FPL, Constellation boards may OK deal
12/19/2005 03:13:46a Suspension for Somerfield shares
12/19/2005 03:13:11a Power firm gets extortion threat
12/19/2005 03:12:51a Wembley builder in 2006 warning
12/19/2005 03:12:36a Chinese growth to top 9% in 2005
12/19/2005 03:12:31a Bid talk lifts Dairy Crest shares
12/19/2005 03:12:21a Pru backing state pension cover
12/19/2005 03:00:42a Power firm gets extortion threat
12/19/2005 02:59:21a Carphone buys up OneTel
12/19/2005 02:47:53a Freightlink yet to reach potential Govt
12/19/2005 02:47:48a Housing industry predicts downturn
12/19/2005 02:47:17a Good and bad of the business world
12/19/2005 02:47:07a Volkswagen rolls out 1 million car
12/19/2005 02:46:57a Retailers tighten return policies
12/19/2005 02:46:18a Extortionist targets Delta Electricity
12/19/2005 02:46:12a Santa open for business on Internet
12/19/2005 02:35:20a WTO moves closer to global pact
12/19/2005 02:32:20a 'Have no fear' about shrinking yield spread
12/19/2005 02:31:37a U.S. Senate Candidate Sheeler RI-D Demands Bush Administration Inquiry
12/19/2005 02:31:26a Azerbaijan Provides Many Business Opportunities for Oklahoma Business
12/19/2005 02:31:21a A Stroke of Genius Postcard Company Wins MarCom Creative Awards
12/19/2005 02:31:11a Eliminate Asthma, Blood Pressure just Through Proper Breathing
12/19/2005 02:31:06a Employee Satisfaction Normative Database by Hospital Departments
12/19/2005 02:30:56a Venture Funding is Beginning to Flow Back into Online Retail
12/19/2005 02:30:52a Health Savings Accounts - When Do They Make Cents for Families?
12/19/2005 02:30:46a Promo Only MPE Announces ‘Record-Breaking’ Growth of 422% in 2005
12/19/2005 02:30:31a New Service to Help Web Companies Generate new Business Leads
12/19/2005 02:30:23a A-List Web Sites Use Hidden Text to Fool Search Engines
12/19/2005 02:30:03a Gone for the Holidays Safeguarding Your Home
12/19/2005 02:30:00a Prosperity Gaps to Widen in all Polish Regions
12/19/2005 02:29:58a CompAmerica Announces Second New Operating System for its PCs in Under a Week
12/19/2005 02:28:37a More Than 85 Percent of First Time Home Buyers Start Their Search Online
12/19/2005 02:28:20a Identity Theft and US Data Protection Legislation A GuardianEdge White Paper.
12/19/2005 02:28:06a Ramco Systems Utilizes Latest Microsoft Technology to Help CEOs Execute Strategy
12/19/2005 02:27:51a Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Spyware But Were Afraid to Ask
12/19/2005 02:27:45a Online Fitness Magazine Subscription Delivers The Truth Using TV, Radio, and Print
12/19/2005 02:27:35a Area Concierge Service Offers 'Perfect' Last-Minute Holiday Gift Pick-Up 'Solutions' in Chicago
12/19/2005 02:26:40a Eminent Launch of the CXO Network Europe in January 2006
12/19/2005 02:25:55a SyberWorks Announces the Launch of its Online Media Center
12/19/2005 02:25:15a Antonia Communication Introduces Gulp & Go, a Genre-Defining PR Jumpstart Solution
12/19/2005 02:25:10a NAMWOLF Lauds New Commitment to Minority-Owned Law Firms
12/19/2005 02:24:40a Forevergreen Launches a Mission Standing in the Drift
12/19/2005 02:24:25a Official Launch of Titan Poker Club, Set For January 2006
12/19/2005 02:24:15a 'Hot Jobs' - Starting a Consulting Business in 2006
12/19/2005 02:22:50a Streaming Video – Small and Home Based Businesses Taking on the Corporate Giants
12/19/2005 02:20:48a Carphone buys up OneTel for £132m
12/19/2005 02:20:16a Wembley builder in 2006 warning
12/19/2005 02:20:09a Pru backing state pension cover
12/19/2005 02:19:49a Suspension for Somerfield shares
12/19/2005 02:17:16a TheBigDayTravel TheBigDayTravel's Top 10 Quirky Honeymoon Travel Gifts for 2005
12/19/2005 02:17:11a Crucell N.V. Crucell Notes Berna Announcement of Due Diligence Request
12/19/2005 02:17:06a Unilever Unilever PLC Structural Review
12/19/2005 02:16:56a European markets move lower after opening
12/19/2005 02:16:51a Honeywell to buy First Tech for £207m
12/19/2005 02:16:31a Morales wins Bolivia poll in landslide victory
12/19/2005 02:16:26a DSM DSM further expands US production capacity for DyneemaR, the world's strongest fiber
12/19/2005 02:16:21a Active Biotech Active Biotech Advances 57-57 Project
12/19/2005 02:16:16a Crucell N.V. Crucell Announces STARTM Licensing Agreement with Genzyme
12/19/2005 02:16:11a Rivals bid 1bn for Guangdong Development Bank
12/19/2005 02:16:06a Pharmaceuticals lift FTSE
12/19/2005 02:15:56a Blair to face backlash over EU rebate deal
12/19/2005 02:15:51a Cardinal Resources plc Holdings in Cardinal Resources plc
12/19/2005 01:58:33a Centrica sells telecoms arm to Carphone Warehouse
12/19/2005 01:50:48a Punch Taverns to sell 205 pubs for GBP98M
12/19/2005 01:50:43a Novartis down 0.2% on possible Berna bid
12/19/2005 01:50:33a Sanofi up 3% in early Paris trade
12/19/2005 01:50:28a Endeavour Ports says won't raise offer for PD Ports
12/19/2005 01:50:23a Drug stocks jump in early European trade
12/19/2005 01:50:13a Oil services group Wood to meet forecast, wins deal
12/19/2005 01:50:08a Berna Biotech up 7.4% on possible Novartis bid
12/19/2005 01:50:03a Unilever U.K. shares down 1.3%; Dutch shares off 0.5%
12/19/2005 01:50:00a Dairy Crest jumps in London; Lactalis reportedly mulling bid
12/19/2005 01:49:55a Pfizer victory set to send shares, sector higher
12/19/2005 01:49:43a German DAX 30 down 0.2% at 5,340
12/19/2005 01:49:33a AstraZeneca up 3.5% in early trade
12/19/2005 01:49:29a U.K.'s BAA lower after Budapest airport deal
12/19/2005 01:49:23a Pennon Group cut to hold at Deutsche Bank
12/19/2005 01:49:18a Converium Issues restatement, but can't rule out more
12/19/2005 01:49:13a Nestle to buy Delta Ice Cream for 240M euros
12/19/2005 01:49:08a Dairy Crest up 6.9%; Lactalis reportedly mulling offer
12/19/2005 01:49:03a Honeywell agrees to buy First Technology for GBP207M
12/19/2005 01:48:58a Crucell up 3.8% after Novartis says may bid for Berna
12/19/2005 01:48:48a Nestle up 0.2% after deal for Greek ice cream maker
12/19/2005 01:48:43a LSE higher on speculation of Euronext bid
12/19/2005 01:48:33a Kazakhmys 9 month copper production 301,245 tonnes
12/19/2005 01:48:28a Berna soars as Novartis may top Crucell's offer
12/19/2005 01:48:23a Drug stocks surge in mixed Europe
12/19/2005 01:34:31a Carphone Warehouse buys Centrica's Onetel for up to 154.2 mln stg
12/19/2005 01:28:31a UPDATE 2-Japan sees chance deflation to end in FY06/07
12/19/2005 01:25:29a Hochtief files lawsuit against BAA's Budapest airport win
12/19/2005 01:22:24a GDP growth to exceed 9% in 2005 minister
12/19/2005 01:22:00a Japanese POS terminals open to Chinese card holders
12/19/2005 01:20:59a China's 3rd largest life insurer gets 815 mln from investors
12/19/2005 01:20:54a Logistic certification bellwether branches into China
12/19/2005 01:20:39a Steady growth reported in insurance sector
12/19/2005 01:20:30a Companies in new round of share reform announce less compensation
12/19/2005 01:20:09a Third China-ASEAN expo to be held in Oct. 2006
12/19/2005 01:16:28a Gas prices rise for first time since early Sept.
12/19/2005 01:11:57a Delegates Eke Out a Trade Deal
12/19/2005 01:03:41a Unilever to retain dual structure, 1-to-1 equivalence between PLC...
12/19/2005 01:01:26a Business owners uproar over riot compo
12/19/2005 12:57:40a BAA to buy Budapest Airport in 1.26 bln stg deal
12/19/2005 12:54:51a WTO Keeps Talks Alive With Deals on Some Trade Barriers
12/19/2005 12:54:00a If Not Sublime, Then Silly
12/19/2005 12:53:46a Gas prices rise for first time since early Sept.
12/19/2005 12:53:41a Pushing Fast-Forward on Options
12/19/2005 12:41:18a Asian Mergers and Acquisitions Set Record
12/19/2005 12:35:08a Don't let identity management turn chaotic as your business grows
12/19/2005 12:29:06a Boeing makes another sale
12/19/2005 12:26:50a Bronfman-led group gets Fed approval to buy Israeli bank
12/19/2005 12:25:20a Honeywell makes 207 mln stg recommended offer for First Technology
12/19/2005 12:18:02a Jack Anderson, Thorn in the Side of the Powerful, Is Dead at 83
12/19/2005 12:15:47a Carphone buys up OneTel for £132m
12/19/2005 12:08:34a Guidelines Set on Software Property Rights
12/19/2005 12:08:09a With Stern on Board, Satellite Radio Is Approaching a Secure Orbit
12/19/2005 12:08:04a Advertising AOL's Choice of Google Leaves Microsoft as the Outsider
12/19/2005 12:07:59a Journal Faults a Medical Group in a Dispute Over Independence
12/19/2005 12:07:29a David Carr At Time Inc., the Big Heads Roll, Too
12/19/2005 12:07:09a Autos on Monday | Collecting With Wagons' Comeback, New Interest in Originals
12/19/2005 12:06:54a Journalism Interns at a School of Rock
12/19/2005 12:06:39a Before You Buy a Ticket, Why Not Buy the DVD?
12/19/2005 12:06:34a Drilling Down For HDTV Viewing, the Set Is Just the Start
12/19/2005 12:06:24a With More Misses Than Hits, a Shake-Up at WB Network
12/19/2005 12:06:19a Rural Living, but With Access to High-Speed Internet Service
12/19/2005 12:06:09a Link by Link Social Commentary, or Just a Dog's Opinion?
12/19/2005 12:06:04a Need to Find an Xbox 360? Buy a Ticket to Tokyo
12/19/2005 12:05:54a Off the TV and Into the Internet Chat Room
12/19/2005 12:03:32a Multiplex slashes forecast on Wembley woes
12/19/2005 12:00:34a UPDATE 1-Lonza buys DHA health ingredient business
12/18/2005 11:56:01p India's Ranbaxy shares tumble after Lipitor ruling
12/18/2005 11:53:52p Conroy's listeria outbreak may cost jobs
12/18/2005 11:52:37p Post plan no threat to travel agents Jetstar
12/18/2005 11:52:27p ASX 200 just shy of trade record
12/18/2005 11:50:27p Multiplex forecasts further Wembley losses
12/18/2005 11:25:13p Carlyle closes 410m deal with China Pacific