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07/04/2006 MediSolution Ltd. Announces Year-End Results for March 31, 2006 Including Restated Quarterly Results
07/04/2006 Tiny Particles Can Help Find Oral Cancers
07/04/2006 Experts can't decide whether or not to call fat kids "obese"
07/04/2006 PFI project lifting finance from primary care
07/04/2006 Sexually transmitted infections rise in Britain
07/04/2006 Health Care Workers Volunteer To Get Care To Uninsured
07/04/2006 AMA concerned at elective surgery cancellation
07/04/2006 Bulgaria joins European pharmaceuticals network
07/04/2006 NZ health authority warns of Campylobacteriosis
07/04/2006 Is the label worse than the illness?
07/04/2006 Minnesota clinics get cash rewards for improving patients' health
07/04/2006 Health leaders welcome G-8 focus on infectious diseases
07/04/2006 French scientists deem first face transplant a success
07/04/2006 Mental health bosses quit posts
07/04/2006 New machine to monitor premature babies
07/04/2006 Bunbury prison staff to trial personal alarm system
07/04/2006 Women is oldest twins mum at 59
07/04/2006 Australian scientists develop super-drug that cures everything
07/04/2006 Sex infections 'continue to rise'
07/04/2006 SA pledges R1m to fight Aids, TB and malaria
07/04/2006 The '5-Second Rule' " Fact Or Fiction?
07/04/2006 Man's brain rewires itself 20 years after injury
07/04/2006 Poll Cancer greatest health fear
07/04/2006 Smoking age could rise to 18
07/04/2006 Admit your responsibility, says angry mom
07/04/2006 Health care is major employer in Michigan
07/04/2006 YEMEN Counterfeit, obsolete drugs pose safety risk, say health experts
07/04/2006 Mute 19 Years, He Helps Reveal Brain's Mysteries
07/04/2006 A Talk With Dolly's Creator
07/04/2006 Another Side to Stuttering
07/04/2006 Invitation to Harm
07/04/2006 Exit Rain, Enter Pests
07/04/2006 Testing the Waters
07/04/2006 Bad Shampoo for Boys?
07/04/2006 Recipes for a Healthful Diet
07/04/2006 Hookah Hype
07/04/2006 A Prejudice That Kills
07/04/2006 Help about eating
07/04/2006 NZ health authority warns of Campylobacteriosis disease
07/04/2006 Tougher restrictions on teen drivers mean less accidents
07/04/2006 Conjoined twins born in Bangladesh
07/04/2006 Children's Museum getting a lift
07/04/2006 Fifth disc from Cash's last sessions is released
07/04/2006 Zany 'Fully Committed' slices and dices
07/04/2006 Vitamins query Are they needed?
07/04/2006 'Cheat days' showing up in some diet plans
07/04/2006 What you need to know about the vitamin alphabet
07/04/2006 'A Capitol Fourth' celebration's song-and-dance suits Alexander
07/04/2006 It is your tormentors who should be reluctant to return, not you
07/04/2006 Accessibility key at sports venues
07/04/2006 Intense exercise is 'WD-40' for health
07/04/2006 Bigger families, larger limits
07/04/2006 Orthotic helmets now more common
07/04/2006 Pregnancy alert on fish oil supplement errs on the side of
07/04/2006 What soda is lacking poses the greatest risk for your bones
07/04/2006 Headstrong lice
07/04/2006 Shoulder to try on Trainer, exercises transform a former sore spot
07/04/2006 Side squats require a balanced approach
07/04/2006 Taking cover
07/04/2006 Pay attention to sandwich serving sizes
07/04/2006 Food Factor Omega-3 fatty acids
07/04/2006 The 5 healthy lifestyles that are good for middle-aged menís hearts
07/04/2006 Minnesota clinics get cash rewards for improving patients' health
07/04/2006 I feel as good as I look, says De Klerk
07/04/2006 Sick note from sangoma may be okay soon
07/04/2006 Professor suspended amid Aids herb row
07/04/2006 Health care workers volunteer to get care to uninsured
07/04/2006 Tai Chi A profound health tool for Osteoperosis, Bone Loss, and Menopausal issues.
07/04/2006 Mental health bosses quit posts
07/04/2006 Hope for natural insect repellent
07/04/2006 King Island water supply given all-clear
07/04/2006 Darwin hospital praises staff performance
07/04/2006 Progress For Face Transplant Patient
07/04/2006 Tiny particles can help find oral cancers
07/03/2006 Putin signs decree creating high-tech healthcare agency
07/03/2006 U.K. academic Israel obsessed with screening for healthy babies
07/03/2006 Heat wave in Britain, health officials sound alert
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Study Finds Thousands Of Kids Hurt By Fireworks In 13-Year Period
07/03/2006 Researchers Obese Are Not More Jolly
07/03/2006 Face Transplant Victim Progressing, Say Doctors
07/03/2006 Pomegranate for prostate health
07/03/2006 Obese Arenít More Jolly, Researchers Say
07/03/2006 State health agency to stop selling used computers
07/03/2006 Casey More health aid needed for vets
07/03/2006 Man's brain rewired itself after crash
07/03/2006 Calif. court expands HIV responsibility
07/03/2006 Mute 19 Years, He Helps Reveal Brains Mysteries
07/03/2006 Boost remote services to ease hospital load AMA
07/03/2006 How best can we train health workers to deliver HIV care in poor countries?
07/03/2006 German parties agree on health, corporate tax reforms
07/03/2006 'Touching' the brain
07/03/2006 German Leaders Reach Health-Insurance Pact
07/03/2006 Australian scientists develop super-drug
07/03/2006 Doctors Face Transplant Victim Improving
07/03/2006 Scientists Testing Vaccines to Help Smokers Quit
07/03/2006 Second Opinion Imperfect, Imprecise but Useful Your Race
07/03/2006 Message From Mouse to Mouse I Feel Your Pain
07/03/2006 Cases Calm Understanding, Even When Cancer Throws a Curve
07/03/2006 Foreign nurse clampdown by NHS
07/03/2006 Lifestyle trumps drugs for a healthy heart
07/03/2006 Health warning
07/03/2006 Unhealthy Scots fail to find taste for fruit
07/03/2006 Fat-busting pill promises to help you shed pounds
07/03/2006 Experts Race to Understand Bird Flu's Spread in Indonesia
07/03/2006 Palestinian health ministry accuses EU of interference
07/03/2006 How man woke from 'coma'
07/03/2006 Streams of consciousness
07/03/2006 Into the death zone
07/03/2006 Second opinion alternate solutions
07/03/2006 Nursing school will curb staff shortage, hospital workers say
07/03/2006 NT hospitals 'busy but well-funded'
07/03/2006 AMA urges SA health system shake-up
07/03/2006 Screening sessions improve athletes’ health
07/03/2006 Infections 'may cause diabetes'
07/03/2006 Face transplant deemed a success
07/03/2006 PA health minister warns EU not to violate protocol in dealing with his ministry
07/03/2006 Studying a Brain Healing From 19 Lost Years
07/03/2006 Face-transplant patient progressing, doctors say
07/03/2006 Man's brain rewired itself after crash severed nerve connections
07/03/2006 Few complete anti-HIV post-rape therapy
07/03/2006 Analysis Now, a Human Variome Project
07/03/2006 Antihistamine may fight malaria
07/03/2006 Scientists link gene to metastatic cancer
07/03/2006 Health Department plans to spray for mosquitos
07/03/2006 Fireworks Hurt 85,000 Kids Over 13-Year Study
07/03/2006 Study Teenage driving restrictions can reduce deaths
07/03/2006 Backyard fireworks causing rise in injuries
07/03/2006 Adopting multiple healthy habits may significantly lower risk of coronary heart disease in men
07/03/2006 Pumping up a lifestyle by buying a sneaker
07/03/2006 Lifestyle trumps drugs for a healthy heart study
07/03/2006 Discovery could lead to sleep treatments
07/03/2006 Doctors say man's brain rewired itself
07/03/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Healthy habits for middle-aged men, could cut down heart disease risk
07/03/2006 Health Minister cuts sod for construction of Hospital
07/03/2006 Germans reach pact on health
07/03/2006 Crash victim's brain rewired itself
07/03/2006 The End User Going online for health
07/03/2006 Man's brain rewired itself after crash severed connections
07/03/2006 Helping victims to confide abuse
07/03/2006 Flawed storm model swelled Katrina's toll
07/03/2006 Risk of reflux disease linked to weight gain
07/03/2006 Boosting flu immunity in the elderly
07/03/2006 Drinking and health Another gender divide
07/03/2006 Case of the disappearing planets
07/03/2006 U.S. accepts new vaccine for cancer
07/03/2006 Diabetes is surging worldwide
07/03/2006 Among ruins, new plausibility for a biblical tale
07/03/2006 Despite tunes, hearing still fine-tuned
07/03/2006 Questioning antibiotics How long to take them?
07/03/2006 Unlocking secrets of an obscure but powerful parasite
07/03/2006 A look at fringe ideas for controlling climate
07/03/2006 Health & Science International Herald Tribune
07/03/2006 Antihistamine Doesn't Help Babies Sleep
07/03/2006 Teen sex assault victims rarely finish HIV meds
07/03/2006 Fat people not more jolly, study says
07/03/2006 Benadryl doesn't help babies sleep through the night, study finds
07/03/2006 Benadryl doesn't help babies sleep through the night
07/03/2006 FDA Warns Vaccine Maker About Sterility Problems
07/03/2006 Americans Are Overweight, But Still Check Labels
07/03/2006 Blood Banks Push for Better Safeguards
07/03/2006 Germany reforms health service
07/03/2006 Americans Are Overweight But Still Check Labels
07/03/2006 Analysis Medicaid and the mentally ill
07/03/2006 HEALTH Pre-Pandemic Vaccine at the Forefront in Bird Flu Fight
07/03/2006 The evolution of Blood Doping
07/03/2006 Smith, Wyden to visit area, touting health plan
07/03/2006 Eat To Live High holidays for hot dogs
07/03/2006 Americans Heavy, But Paying Attention To Food Labels
07/03/2006 Analysis Medicare for Bill Gates?
07/03/2006 US sale of F-16 to Pak unhealthy for Indo-Pak ties, says India
07/03/2006 Traditional leaders call for tough sentences
07/03/2006 The Return of "Black Death"
07/03/2006 British scientists hail 'bionic limb' breakthrough
07/03/2006 Health Minute Heat illness
07/03/2006 HealthNow shaves employment roll
07/03/2006 Health warnings issued as temperatures soar
07/03/2006 Yoga benefits for cancer patients studied
07/03/2006 Marinating meat may cut cholesterol compounds
07/03/2006 'Plasma Needle' Could Replace The Dentist's Drill
07/03/2006 Backyard Fireworks Injuries On Rise
07/03/2006 Crack found in Discovery shuttle
07/03/2006 Study Laws restricting teenage drivers can reduce fatalities
07/03/2006 Farmers prone to injury when off medicine study
07/03/2006 Tips to keep you out of the E.R. this Fourth
07/03/2006 Marijuana Battle Moves To San Francisco
07/03/2006 Heat holds health risks
07/03/2006 Study Laws restricting teenage drivers can reduce deaths
07/03/2006 Placebo Effect Due to Differing Attitudes Toward Health
07/03/2006 Miss Maryland 2006 Wears Scars Proudly
07/03/2006 IBM Plans Health R&D in Spain
07/03/2006 Backyard fireworks use, related injuries on the rise
07/03/2006 Docs seem to know when speedy C-section is needed
07/03/2006 Heatwave health warnings intensified
07/03/2006 Fireworks injuries on the rise U.S. data
07/03/2006 Bill Gates takes on AIDS prevention in India
07/03/2006 Experts debate whether to label kids as obese
07/03/2006 NEW Tuberculosis testing begins at UTSA 1604 campus
07/03/2006 Smoking could rise to 18
07/03/2006 SmallCap Sentinel Report Released, 'DME's The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare?'
07/03/2006 Health alert issued as heatwave set to continue
07/03/2006 When Fireworks Injure, It's Kids Who Pay the Price
07/03/2006 U.S. Beach Closings Up 29% In 1 Year Due to Pollution
07/03/2006 IBM Opens European Healthcare Innovation Centre in Spain
07/03/2006 Syneron Medical to Announce Second Quarter 2006 Financial Results on August 7, 2006
07/03/2006 NexMed to Appeal Nasdaq Delisting Determination
07/03/2006 Tell A Kid He's Fat? Experts Don't Agree
07/03/2006 Trust me, I'm a junior doctor a shard of light
07/03/2006 Should Obese Children Be Told They Are?
07/03/2006 Polio vaccination drive enlists religious, traditional leaders
07/03/2006 Mental health patients stage demo
07/03/2006 Foreign nurses clampdown by NHS
07/03/2006 Germany unveils tax reforms to boost health care, corporate sector UPDATE
07/03/2006 A Key Regulatory Milestone for KeppraR
07/03/2006 Catalonian Healthcare Chooses IBM for 20 Million Euro Transformation Project
07/03/2006 Pomegranate juice may help prostate cancer patients U.S. study
07/03/2006 New ager psychotherapy
07/03/2006 Get a life physical activity
07/03/2006 Should I give my girl the MMR jab?
07/03/2006 Trust me, I'm a junior a shard of light
07/03/2006 New hips aren't just for the old
07/03/2006 KOMO HealthWatch
07/03/2006 Detox For Video Game Addiction?
07/03/2006 How TV Affects Your Child
07/03/2006 Russian govt. looks to create high-tech healthcare agency
07/03/2006 NHS ban on foreign nurses
07/03/2006 'Bionic' limb breakthrough made
07/03/2006 Smoking age to rise to 18?
07/03/2006 German Government Agrees on Health, Corporate Tax Reform
07/03/2006 England heatwave health warning
07/03/2006 Animals 'cut asthma risk'
07/03/2006 Germany to up rates in major health care reform
07/03/2006 Read the label Americans are still fat
07/03/2006 Metropolis Health plans Middle East hub in Dubai
07/03/2006 He sees stem cells as a solution
07/03/2006 Is Viagra, the erectile dysfunction drug, good for the heart, too?
07/03/2006 Why do balloons with helium and hot air rise?
07/03/2006 'Tropical Stonehenge' in Brazil excites archeologists
07/03/2006 Ants use legs as pedometer to find their way home
07/03/2006 Calling while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk
07/03/2006 School districts get choosy about health insurance selection
07/03/2006 Hospital bed shortage worsens
07/03/2006 Govt urged to continue trials of 'miracle' eye drug
07/03/2006 Cheap anti-allergy drug offers hope of cure for malaria
07/03/2006 Americans check labels, then buy unhealthful items anyway
07/03/2006 Scottsdale Healthcare Adopts New Policy and Procedure Management Software
07/03/2006 China may lift ban on modified rice
07/03/2006 How fish oil may have saved babies' lives
07/03/2006 Camp Reality
07/03/2006 Betelnut can kill WHO study
07/03/2006 Beware double burn
07/02/2006 SHOCKING photos of Indian girl's face transplant!!
07/02/2006 Madison Co. Health Dept. has no stance on smoking ban
07/02/2006 PR man was vigorous health-care advocate
07/02/2006 Children's health and human rights are at risk in Nepal
07/02/2006 New health post filled at United Elementary
07/02/2006 Petitions to FDA Delay Generic Drugs, Critics Say
07/02/2006 Focus on eye care
07/02/2006 Claudia Zapata Mantras not always healthy
07/02/2006 Oil steadies over 73 on healthy US demand outlook
07/02/2006 Focus on Fat children
07/02/2006 Metropolis Health plans Middle East hub in Dubai
07/02/2006 Global Ophthalmology Market Sets Sights on 13 Billion by 2008
07/02/2006 Health Canada warns against tap water on flights
07/02/2006 China Announces New Bird Flu Outbreak in Birds
07/02/2006 Vaccine to Fight Cavities Ready for Large Scale Trials
07/02/2006 Nurse practitioners scheme upsets doctors
07/02/2006 Lawyer expects smoking ban challenge
07/02/2006 When Can You Say 'You're Fat?'
07/02/2006 Gorilla Kuja of U.S. National Zoo dies in surgery
07/02/2006 Japanese Want To Know Dementia Diagnosis
07/02/2006 Animal exposure may beat asthma
07/02/2006 Setting the Rules for Stem Cell Donors
07/02/2006 Could flip-flops damage your feet, career?
07/02/2006 Australian government defends health spending
07/02/2006 A look at terminology for childhood obesity
07/02/2006 ACT Govt spending on mental health stagnant, Opposition says
07/02/2006 Da Vinci Robot Best Choice For Prostate Surgery?
07/02/2006 Animal exposure 'beats asthma'
07/02/2006 Paranoia appears more common
07/02/2006 Consultation on smoking age limit
07/02/2006 Saving the family farm
07/02/2006 Possible 6th Mad Cow Case Found In Canada
07/02/2006 Clarifies Dental Health Complaints Resolution Via New Web Page
07/02/2006 Some school districts negotiating own health insurance
07/02/2006 Heatwave and floods hit England
07/02/2006 Babies need 'tummy time' to develop
07/02/2006 Malaysian health
07/02/2006 Terminology for childhood obesity
07/02/2006 Experts debate labeling children obese
07/02/2006 CDC Wants Vitamins Added To Corn Flour
07/02/2006 Study Americans Lonelier Than Ever
07/02/2006 Younger people more vulnerable to bird flu
07/02/2006 Retiree Health Care Liability Gets Attention
07/02/2006 Fruit research yields way to curb cancer
07/02/2006 Summary Overweight Americans read labels
07/02/2006 Evil Empire Seeks to Punish Autism Expert
07/02/2006 Many Americans check food labels
07/02/2006 Eastern Cape officials to visit Pondoland
07/02/2006 PCBS Reports on Humanitarian, Nutrition and Health Situation in Gaza Strip
07/02/2006 Retiree Health Care Liability Is Getting Attention
07/02/2006 Health Department closes beach in Warwick
07/02/2006 Poll Many Americans check food labels
07/02/2006 Violence from male partners threatens health of pregnant women and newborns
07/02/2006 Emu Oil Offers Hope to Diabetics
07/02/2006 Gunmen kidnap undersecretary of Iraqi Health
07/02/2006 Opportunity exists for health care for all
07/02/2006 Beijing clamps down on dirty dog-keeping
07/02/2006 Health fears mountin Gaza
07/02/2006 UnitedHealth to add jobs near Green Bay
07/02/2006 Drinking, smoking worse in combination study
07/02/2006 Ideas & Trends The Lonely American Just Got a Bit Lonelier
07/02/2006 Bird flu fear pares National Zoo petting farm
07/02/2006 Salmon health warning nears
07/02/2006 Cheney's Health Chronology
07/02/2006 Health fears mount in Gaza
07/02/2006 N.H. Guard program requires mental health screening for returning veterans
07/02/2006 'Morning After' Sunburn Cream Could Prevent Cancer
07/02/2006 Government issue heatwave warning
07/02/2006 Tophealthtips releases Free ADD/ADHD help eBook
07/02/2006 WebMD Health
07/01/2006 N.C. retiree health care liability is getting attention
07/01/2006 Kids learn to live healthier
07/01/2006 Adopt UK plan to ease GP shortage expert
07/01/2006 Teachers health care switch sparks hope
07/01/2006 Decaf coffee cuts diabetes risk
07/01/2006 Kenya Health minister Charity Ngiluís husband dies
07/01/2006 Lift GP numbers to ease hospitals' load Smyth
07/01/2006 Cancer becomes Victoria's biggest killer
07/01/2006 Hospital boss doubts rating scheme's effectiveness
07/01/2006 Avian Flu Tends to Kill Youths as in 1918 Wave, Study Finds
07/01/2006 The Lonely American Just Got a Bit Lonelier
07/01/2006 Facility to take baby on life support
07/01/2006 British junior doctors in demand as Australia struggles to fill health service vacancies
07/01/2006 World's first beer spa offers the ultimate health Czech
07/01/2006 Sick Scots with health insurance stick to NHS
07/01/2006 Hospital boss doubt rating scheme's effectiveness
07/01/2006 Decaf coffee cuts diabetes risk
07/01/2006 Schizophrenia drug 'health risk'
07/01/2006 Babies need 'tummy time'
07/01/2006 Should Case Managers Approve VNS Vagal Nerve Stimulation Therapy For Major Depression?
07/01/2006 News Community Hospital of Bremen hosts health fair
07/01/2006 Pomegranate juice can help fight prostrate cancer
07/01/2006 Microbiologist urges recycled water attitude shift
07/01/2006 New laser treatment attacks cellulite
07/01/2006 Diabetes and depleted uranium
07/01/2006 With arrival of July, health care reform has started
07/01/2006 10,000 EPA Scientists Protest Library Closures
07/01/2006 A Meteoroid Hits the Moon
07/01/2006 China reports new bird flu outbreak in poultry
07/01/2006 New device helps patients to grow back own teeth
07/01/2006 HEALTH Pre-Pandemic Vaccine at the Forefront in Bird Flu Fight
07/01/2006 Health Canada Cautions Air Travellers With Compromised Immune Systems Regarding Water Quality on Aircraft
07/01/2006 Cheney gets clean bill of health
07/01/2006 US Testing for Bird Flu in Alaska
07/01/2006 Scientists Say DNA Test Helps in Detecting Cervical Cancer
07/01/2006 US Panel Recommends Cancer Vaccine for Young Girls
07/01/2006 U.S. approves drug to combat elderly blindness
07/01/2006 HEALTH Pre-Pandemic Vaccine at the Forefront in Bird Flu Fight
07/01/2006 The picture of health Calling all Kansans
07/01/2006 Program to explore religious right, health issues
07/01/2006 China reports new bird flu case in poultry
07/01/2006 Cheney Health Chronology
07/01/2006 Potential Health Hazards Lurk In Refrigerators