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05/17/2006 Bausch & Lomb Defends Actions on Outbreak
05/17/2006 Parkinson's linked to oxygen-free radicals
05/17/2006 Wild blueberries linked to less aging
05/17/2006 Adopted children from Romania catch up
05/17/2006 One in 50 teenagers still wet the bed
05/17/2006 1,156 Dead In Angola Cholera Outbreak
05/17/2006 Saudi Program Cut, Boston Loses 15M/Year
05/17/2006 Analysis Novartis drugs' uptake a tossup
05/17/2006 Clinical Trials Update May 17, 2006
05/17/2006 Death Toll Up in Angola Cholera Epidemic
05/17/2006 Groups Challenge FDA On Nanoparticles
05/17/2006 Scientists Study The 'Apple A Day' Theory
05/17/2006 Broccoli may cut risk of hereditary cancer
05/17/2006 Panel backs Novartis' Exelon for PD
05/17/2006 'Mini medical school' for lawyers
05/17/2006 Compound could fight superbugs
05/17/2006 Swimming advisory from 54th to 71st streets at Oceanfront
05/17/2006 New antibiotic sets sight on hospital superbug
05/17/2006 No space for the dead at Soweto Bara
05/17/2006 Ore. court upholds 150M verdict against Philip Morris
05/17/2006 25 Steps To Better Health
05/17/2006 Study Cholesterol treatment ingredient doesn't work
05/17/2006 40 percent of women in study report abuse by men
05/17/2006 OncoMune Scientists Announce Breakthrough Proof of Concept Finding at International Immunology Symposium
05/17/2006 When images speak louder than doctors
05/17/2006 'Troubling' Turn for Tenet
05/17/2006 Holographic Solar
05/17/2006 FDA panel supports Novartis drug for Parkinson's
05/17/2006 Health-care IT firm appoints CEO; incumbent becomes chairman
05/17/2006 BIOLASE Appoints Keith G. Bateman as Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing
05/17/2006 Murals cast new light on Maya culture
05/17/2006 bioRASI Opens Office in Belgrade, Serbia
05/17/2006 No News Is Bad News in Health Store Smash-Up
05/17/2006 Syphilis makes comeback in New Zealand
05/17/2006 The Age of Autism Pox - Part 6
05/17/2006 Toddlers learn better from humans
05/17/2006 Daycare toddlers still bond more with mom
05/17/2006 Bausch No delay in lens injury reporting
05/17/2006 Analysis New paradigm for blood pressure?
05/17/2006 TLCVision to Present at FTN Midwest Health Care Conference
05/17/2006 Agility Healthcare Solutions Completes Fourth Installation for the Bon Secours Richmond Health System
05/17/2006 New healthcare law becoming popular
05/17/2006 Group Anti-cholera steps needed in Angola
05/17/2006 Teva's Azilect OK'd for Parkinson's
05/17/2006 Blood pressure, cognition tied in elderly
05/17/2006 New Antibiotic Aimed at Resistant Germs
05/17/2006 Drug, alcohol screening for teen trauma
05/17/2006 WebMD Health
05/17/2006 FDA Cervical cancer vaccine safe
05/17/2006 Doctors‚ strike affects health services in Chandigarh, Punjab
05/17/2006 What Does It Mean To Be 'Organic?'
05/17/2006 Study Some arthritis drugs triple cancer risk
05/17/2006 Measure waives penalty for missing Medicare deadline
05/17/2006 Woman faces £27k Herceptin bill
05/17/2006 Katrina compounds problems of Miss. health, social service systems
05/17/2006 School Puts Healthy Eating Lesson on the Menu
05/17/2006 DeVos talks health care with physicians
05/17/2006 Doubt cast over drug trial safety
05/17/2006 Suspected norovirus outbreak grows at Vancouver-area grade school
05/17/2006 Doctors' strike affects health services in Chandigarh, Punjab
05/17/2006 DeVos talks about health care with physicians
05/17/2006 Rickets still a risk for kids with milk allergy
05/17/2006 Overusing migraine meds may alter hormone function
05/17/2006 Hoosier health trends decline again
05/17/2006 More might need to get mumps vaccinations
05/17/2006 Going solar
05/17/2006 Water industry comes under fire as 3.6 billion litres are lost every day
05/17/2006 Lisa Smolski R.I. Free Clinic Barometer of a health crisis
05/17/2006 Cholesterol treatment ingredient doesn't work, study says
05/17/2006 Genzyme launches two leukemia tests
05/17/2006 New drug class works for blood pressure
05/17/2006 Neotropix OK'd to test anti-cancer virus
05/17/2006 Analysis New codes rushed, insurers say
05/17/2006 Legal threat to ambulance merger
05/17/2006 Officials Drug plan enrollment up sharply
05/17/2006 McGovern rallies for hunger initiative
05/17/2006 NFL teams opt for healthy menu
05/17/2006 Poor health of mothers causes 70% of baby deaths in Russia-1
05/17/2006 Doctors‚ strike affects health services in Gujarat
05/17/2006 Worst cholera outbreak in Angola claims more than 1,300
05/17/2006 Measure waives penalty for missing Medicare deadline
05/17/2006 Study Some arthritis drugs triple cancer risk
05/17/2006 Bausch & Lomb didn't disclose eye cases FDA
05/17/2006 Study Rheumatoid arthritis drugs triple cancer risk
05/17/2006 Healthful habit
05/17/2006 Uganda Compulsory Health Insurance Starts July
05/17/2006 'Everyone needs to run away from time to time...'
05/17/2006 Healthwatch Pre-Pregnancy Guidelines
05/17/2006 Lipid Sciences, Inc. Elects John E. Crawford to the Board of Directors
05/17/2006 Linkwell Corporation Announces Financial Results for the First Quarter of 2006
05/17/2006 Sutura Appoints David Teckman as Director
05/17/2006 Quebec minister urges a health care user-fee debate
05/17/2006 Conventional cancer beliefs may be wrong study
05/17/2006 Cancer risks triple with some arthritis drugs
05/17/2006 Bausch & Lomb didn't disclose eye cases FDA
05/17/2006 Palestinian association warns health system will collapse
05/17/2006 Cabin pressure 'not linked to DVT'
05/17/2006 America's elderly face growing drug addiction problem
05/17/2006 Health screening will be June 9
05/17/2006 Onslow Carteret Behavioral Healthcare Services seeks community and consumer participation
05/17/2006 Schools & health group set up health care learning academy
05/17/2006 Generex Oral-lynTM Diabetes Treatment Paradigm to Be Presented at Ecuadorian Scientific Symposium
05/17/2006 Genes lab studies mental health
05/17/2006 Healthy-eating scheme to bear fruit in nurseries
05/17/2006 Indonesia's bird flu toll jumps to 30 with five more deaths
05/17/2006 Spying on mom can keep her safe and healthy
05/17/2006 Minister urges a health care user-fee debate
05/17/2006 Tests confirm meningococcal case
05/17/2006 Bubonic plague closes Utah campground
05/17/2006 2 rheumatoid arthritis drugs connected to cancer
05/17/2006 GE Healthcare debuts its latest Enterprise Integrated Solutions at the Saudi e-Health Conference
05/17/2006 ER Urgent Care Centers Announces Letter of Intent for Atlanta Area Urgent Care Centers
05/17/2006 Cricketer's hair ad breached code
05/17/2006 Alert over contact lens solution
05/17/2006 Measles hits rare Andaman tribe
05/17/2006 MedSave Introduces Lower Priced Health Insurance
05/17/2006 HSA for America Releases 'The Complete Consumer's Guide to Health Savings Accounts'
05/17/2006 1 million set aside for health care aid
05/17/2006 A teddy bear for tender, loving care
05/17/2006 Trusts survive, but jobs still at risk warn health unions
05/17/2006 ForeignPolicy Playing Whack-a-mole with Genocide
05/17/2006 School Puts Healthy Eating Lesson on the Menu
05/17/2006 CREDIT AGRICOLE Excellent results in the first quarter of 2006
05/17/2006 MorphoSys and Schering-Plough Sign R&D Agreement
05/17/2006 Acambis announces forthcoming retirement of Chief Scientific Officer
05/17/2006 Galapagos announces exclusive agreement with Upstate for marketing and sales of adenovirus products
05/17/2006 Researchers delve deep to explore the secret life of sperm
05/17/2006 Lessons on dealing with critical illness
05/17/2006 Meningococcal vaccine
05/17/2006 Lung Cancer And Non-Smokers
05/16/2006 Family health providers get 5.2 million in restored funding
05/16/2006 Stress may be good for the unborn
05/16/2006 Conference to focus on healthcare systems' response to disasters and overloads
05/16/2006 WHO confirms 5 Indonesian bird flu deaths
05/16/2006 Satellite Technologies Detect Uplift in the Yellowstone Caldera
05/16/2006 Indonesia Hit by Magnitude 6.9 Tremor; Local Tsunami Possible
05/16/2006 WHO confirms more bird flu deaths
05/16/2006 Study finds wide range in health costs
05/16/2006 Finzsoft reports healthy trading profit
05/16/2006 Healthcare safety examined
05/16/2006 Ore. health workers charged with misconduct
05/16/2006 Analysis Stem cell vote by summer?
05/16/2006 Union to protest over defence nurse sacking
05/16/2006 Cost and Effect Beyond 'I'm a Diabetic,' Little Common Ground
05/16/2006 Bipartisan Senate Group Seeks to Lift Late Fee on Medicare Drug Plan
05/16/2006 Class at Minority Health Coalition of Vigo County works to combat high blood pressure
05/16/2006 Sun Health's 'Apple a Day' to help Dysart students
05/16/2006 Number of trusts to be halved in health reforms
05/16/2006 Study drug helps control heavy periods
05/16/2006 Health Canada advises heart patients not to use products containing L-arginine
05/16/2006 FDA Bausch & Lomb Didn't Disclose Cases
05/16/2006 Botulism outbreak 'unlikely to be' rare strain
05/16/2006 Lung Cancer Nonsmokers Not Immune
05/16/2006 Doubt cast over DVT flying risk
05/16/2006 Doctors 'will report colleagues'
05/16/2006 Insurers, Internet Fill Emergency Room Info Gaps
05/16/2006 Glen Ivy Day Spa, Hermosa Beach Is Born
05/16/2006 New Guidelines Encourage Better Health for Women
05/16/2006 Troops would be deployed on the U.S.-Mexico border by June
05/16/2006 FDA Bausch & Lomb Didn't Disclose Cases
05/16/2006 FDA Bausch & Lomb didn't disclose cases
05/16/2006 Cinemas should promote healthy atmosphere Jamal
05/16/2006 Synthetic pot drug returning to chemo patients
05/16/2006 Groups Want Nanotech Sunscreens Pulled
05/16/2006 Officials to mull advice for mumps shots
05/16/2006 Study Certain arthritis drugs hike cancer risk
05/16/2006 'New' Pot Pill For Chemo Patients
05/16/2006 NHS may have to pick up the tab for health tourists' trips to Europe
05/16/2006 News 4 Health favorite summer beauty products
05/16/2006 Few know being fat is a cancer risk
05/16/2006 Mannatech Announces Management Change
05/16/2006 Defying trend, Wayne State mulls adding retiree health benefits
05/16/2006 Risks detailed for rheumatoid arthritis drugs
05/16/2006 Partnership for Prevention suggestions for staying healthy
05/16/2006 FDA OKs Valeant's Cesamet for nausea
05/16/2006 Synthetic marijuana drug coming to chemo patients
05/16/2006 Analysis Senators nix Part D late fees
05/16/2006 Elderly are one-third of hospital visits
05/16/2006 Report lists Top 25 preventive services
05/16/2006 Profit-backed trials favor newer drugs
05/16/2006 Study RA drugs' link to cancer confirmed
05/16/2006 Search for ALS gene launched
05/16/2006 Analysis Bausch recall may cost 200M
05/16/2006 Pricier hospitals get no better results
05/16/2006 Most would give up life, limb than be fat
05/16/2006 Nonsmoking Men, Women Face Same Lung Cancer Death Risk
05/16/2006 Air On Planes Doesn't Cause Clots, Study Says
05/16/2006 HealthWatch Preventing Illness
05/16/2006 Senators Waive Drug Plan Penalty
05/16/2006 Health low priority for Aussies survey
05/16/2006 One In Five Teens Abuses Legal Drugs, Survey Finds
05/16/2006 Expired Drugs Found At Discount Stores
05/16/2006 Bubonic plague in animals closes campground
05/16/2006 Local health bodies face shake-up
05/16/2006 Council passes home smoke ban
05/16/2006 FDA Synthetic Marijuana Can Be Prescribed for Chemo Patient
05/16/2006 Little Data Exists on How Television Affects Tots, Experts S
05/16/2006 Some Facts About Human Papilloma Virus
05/16/2006 Merck Awaits FDA Approval for Gardasil
05/16/2006 Caregiving Who steals a wheelchair?
05/16/2006 Lung capacity linked to dementia
05/16/2006 People remember the more positive things
05/16/2006 Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs May Raise Cancer, Infection Risk
05/16/2006 Lawmakers want to lift Medicare drug penalty
05/16/2006 For-Profit Funding May Bias Clinical Trials
05/16/2006 Breast-feeding curbs obesity in at-risk kids
05/16/2006 Sugar Cane Cholesterol Treatment Faulted
05/16/2006 Conventional Cancer Beliefs May Be Wrong
05/16/2006 Cancer Risks Detailed for Arthritis Drugs
05/16/2006 BIOLASE to Present at the 2006 Bank of America Health Care Conference
05/16/2006 Almost half of U.S. women experience violence
05/16/2006 Extra weight on the elderly may not be bad
05/16/2006 Electronic records linked to better care
05/16/2006 Synthetic Pot Pill Gets FDA Approval
05/16/2006 Missed Medicare deadline? You can still save money on Rx drugs...
05/16/2006 Genesis HealthCare delays earnings filing
05/16/2006 Utah Campground Shut By Plague Outbreak
05/16/2006 Aquifer Found To Have More Contamination
05/16/2006 Google, Kaiser improve health-related Web searches
05/16/2006 Flu Roundup Suspected cluster in Indonesia
05/16/2006 Dentists can screen for oral cancer
05/16/2006 FDA Green-Lights Synthetic Pot Pill
05/16/2006 FDA Green-Lights Synthetic Pot Pill
05/16/2006 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Selects McKesson to Optimize Organizational Efficiency
05/16/2006 Bioxel Begins Commercial Delivery of Paclitaxel to European Generic Customer
05/16/2006 Utah campground shut by plague outbreak
05/16/2006 Oversight of the Medicare Prescription Drug Program
05/16/2006 Reynolds wins lawsuit over smoker's health
05/16/2006 F&P Healthcare adds breath of fresh air to intensive care range
05/16/2006 Varicose-vein treatment good investment
05/16/2006 FluWrap Suspected cluster in Indonesia
05/16/2006 UHS recognized nationally for patient care, health outcomes
05/16/2006 Synthetic Marijuana Returning to Market
05/16/2006 Vote set on drug for Parkinson's dementia
05/16/2006 Probiotics studied in preventing asthma
05/16/2006 Human BioSystems to Receive its 4th U.S. Patent 'Preservation of Blood Platelets with Citrate'
05/16/2006 New Study Identifies Preventive
05/16/2006 Xtent CUSTOM I Trial Shows Zero Restenosis, Favorable Late Loss Results at Eight Months
05/16/2006 Darpa Far-Out Dreams on Display
05/16/2006 US Tots Used As AntiPsychotic Drug Guinea Pigs?
05/16/2006 EU lawmakers toughen 'misleading' food health claim laws
05/16/2006 FDA Hits Snooze On Insomnia Pill
05/16/2006 Insomnia Pill Can't Be OK'd Yet, FDA Says
05/16/2006 Clinical Trials Update May 16, 2006
05/16/2006 Vote Set on Drug for Parkinson's Dementia
05/16/2006 Putting healthcare dollars into the 'right' prevention services
05/16/2006 Preventive medicine could save thousands
05/16/2006 Acetaminophen does not protect heart
05/16/2006 Is your child using?
05/16/2006 Healthways makes executive roster changes
05/16/2006 Glaxo Lexivaon on par with Abbott HIV drug
05/16/2006 Neurocrine sleep tablets non-approvable
05/16/2006 City still mulling health center move
05/16/2006 Gamma Medica-Ideas Selects Distributors for Japan and Korea
05/16/2006 Tufts Health Plan reduces operating loss in Q1
05/16/2006 Medical unit in Pakistan's quake-hit zone needs financial support
05/16/2006 Tight controls on food labelling
05/16/2006 Norovirus suspected in illness at Vancouver school
05/16/2006 Clinton cautions Canada against moving to privatize health care
05/16/2006 Eyes on the Thighs
05/16/2006 FDA Delays Approval of New Sleeping Pill
05/16/2006 Bubonic plague in animals closes campground
05/16/2006 Elderly rush to beat Medicare deadline
05/16/2006 Que. teen develops way to detect disease in body
05/16/2006 Pets could spread new infections researchers
05/16/2006 HSAs a bargain for retailers?
05/16/2006 Pass Christian mayor takes leave of absence for health reasons
05/16/2006 Graphic warnings on cigarette packaging affect Singaporeans survey
05/16/2006 Baywatch for beginners
05/16/2006 From soft lad to iron man
05/16/2006 New ager craniosacral therapy
05/16/2006 Study Supports Surgery for Metastatic Breast Cancer
05/16/2006 Army Says War Movie May Trigger Mental Health Issues
05/16/2006 Survey Teen prescription drug abuse 'entrenched'
05/16/2006 Army Worried About Health Of Soldiers Who Watch War Movie
05/16/2006 HIV drugs for children badly needed in China
05/16/2006 £5m for brain-damaged woman
05/16/2006 Teen prescription drug abuse 'entrenched'
05/16/2006 African growth prospects improve
05/16/2006 DNAPrint Pharmaceutical Completes Computational Model to Guide Preclinical Development on Anemia Drug
05/16/2006 REMINDER OR-Live Presents Computer Assisted Knee Replacement From Woodwinds Health Campus
05/16/2006 REMINDER OR-Live Presents Oral Cancer Removal and Innovative Palate Reconstruction
05/16/2006 No Brotherly Love Lost at Tenet
05/16/2006 NHS 'must reconsider' payment of treatment overseas
05/16/2006 Vermont Health Department notifying possible pertussis patients
05/16/2006 EU UK to pay for treatment abroad
05/16/2006 Clinton urges caution with private health-care
05/16/2006 More UK men dying from skin cancer
05/16/2006 NHS ordered to reconsider payment of overseas op
05/16/2006 Hundreds face axe at NHS direct
05/16/2006 More men dying from skin cancer
05/16/2006 Doctors warn on coroner reform
05/16/2006 Health care coming closer to some patients
05/16/2006 Dysentery kills at least 13 children in Kenya
05/16/2006 Avoid U.S. health model Clinton
05/16/2006 Contact lens solution linked to infections pulled
05/16/2006 SELF's Healthy Beauty Awards 2006
05/16/2006 Historical Society's gala worth the split evening
05/16/2006 Doesn't add up that 'Idol' is minus Daughtry
05/16/2006 Cast of 'Carmen' sets Spreckels' stage on fire
05/16/2006 Invite the band to join your workout
05/16/2006 NBC's new lineup fixates on TV, times 2 '30 Rock' and 'Studio 60'
05/16/2006 Take time to support parents and children in the foster-care system
05/16/2006 Plans limited in dropping drugs
05/16/2006 Cord-blood donation can save a life
05/16/2006 She couldn't lose
05/16/2006 Food Factor Color rich
05/16/2006 Will whiskey help ease pain from a toothache?
05/16/2006 Researchers look at how breast cancer affects Latinas
05/16/2006 Oxygen facials They're a gas, but do they work?
05/16/2006 Say spahhhh!
05/16/2006 Soda's Out What's "in" that Will Satisfy New Guidelines and Appeal to Kids?
05/16/2006 NHS told to fund treatment abroad
05/16/2006 Crucell Announces PER.C6R Licensing Agreement with Upstate USA
05/16/2006 Health expert issues bacteria warning
05/16/2006 Giddings announces health bureaucracy clean-up
05/16/2006 Govt's health ads worry AMA
05/16/2006 Lung cancer fundraising lifts off with balloon adventure
05/16/2006 Doctor lodges fresh appeal in medical negligence case
05/16/2006 Study finds no sign of 'Iraq War Syndrome'
05/16/2006 Hospital fires foreign trained doctor
05/16/2006 No new cases of stomach bug in Bridgetown
05/16/2006 The ABCs Of Medicare Part D
05/16/2006 FDA B&L lens-solution recall permanent
05/16/2006 Proposed Calif. budget expands healthcare
05/16/2006 FDA data request delays Dyax drug
05/16/2006 Health woes, loss of jobs forcing Americans into early retirement
05/16/2006 EnviroHealth A Jailed Eco-Revolutionary Speaks Out
05/16/2006 U.S. health-care system `insane,' Clinton warns
05/16/2006 Spectrum clubs to host free family weekend
05/16/2006 Claudia Zapata Gastric bypass no guarantee
05/16/2006 10 lies Not being honest can have consequences
05/16/2006 Get Fit With The Features Editor
05/16/2006 Camp for kids with cancer seeks helpers
05/16/2006 Herpes Prevention without any Chemicals
05/16/2006 Creative Health & Fitness, Milford, Connecticut Challenge the Obesity Epidemic and Get Active America!
05/16/2006 Nauru requires help to implement health strategy SPC
05/16/2006 Exercise, diet may reduce colon polyps
05/16/2006 Year of treatment for toxoplasmosis
05/15/2006 Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles' Foe, It's Fuel
05/15/2006 Help for Chronic Insomnia Isn't Always Found in a Pill
05/15/2006 For Two Transplant Patients, a Dire Complication West Nile
05/15/2006 Link Is Cited Between Smell and Sexuality
05/15/2006 Cases A Core of Despair, a Shadow of Nemesis
05/15/2006 A Conversation Location, Location and ... Pain
05/15/2006 Doctors warn on coroners reforms
05/15/2006 Hurricane Survivors Suffer Long-Term Trauma
05/15/2006 Virginity Pledges Can't Be Taken on Faith
05/15/2006 Is Teen Sex Bad?
05/15/2006 What Can Parents Do?
05/15/2006 In the United States
05/15/2006 Forever Pregnant
05/15/2006 Run the Numbers
05/15/2006 Allergies Can Drive You Nuts
05/15/2006 More Meat in The Middle
05/15/2006 In Western Europe
05/15/2006 Gifted and Tormented
05/15/2006 Kiwi conquers Mount Qomolangma on artificial legs
05/15/2006 Work, motherhood good for women's health
05/15/2006 Work, motherhood a healthy combo for women study
05/15/2006 Teen abuse of Rx drugs become 'entrenched'
05/15/2006 Reservists Get Mental Health Support
05/15/2006 Bausch & Lomb Removes Lens Solution
05/15/2006 Teen Abuse of Rx Drugs Become 'Entrenched'
05/15/2006 Less Health Care Can Be Better for Elderly
05/15/2006 Analysis HSAs a bargain for retailers?
05/15/2006 Health officer still hopeful about clean air ordinance
05/15/2006 Rising Diabetes Threat Meets a Falling Budget
05/15/2006 The Age of Autism Pox - Part 5
05/15/2006 Advocates call for more cancer screening
05/15/2006 Conjoined N.D. Twins' Condition Upgraded
05/15/2006 New cosmetic surgery techniques
05/15/2006 Wellness participation gives companies healthy glow
05/15/2006 Work healthier for moms than home