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05/04/2006 Health Roundup Autism gene found?
05/04/2006 Bill revives tort reform debate
05/04/2006 ICICI Venture invests in Metropolis Health
05/04/2006 Senate overrides some of Romney's health care vetoes
05/04/2006 Sandoz recalls eye drops over contamination fears
05/04/2006 Britain's oldest mother-to-be defends decision
05/04/2006 HealthWrap Autism gene found?
05/04/2006 Radiosurgery targets tumors
05/04/2006 What's bugging you? Bacteria is everywhere you look
05/04/2006 AMS Homecare Provides Corporate Update
05/04/2006 Florida's Eco Friendly Laundry Franchise, OXXOR Care Cleaners Going Nationwide
05/04/2006 People, Pets Sickened By Waterproofing Boot Spray
05/04/2006 Waterproofing Boot Spray Sickens People, Kills Pets
05/04/2006 Talks continue on health reform agreement
05/04/2006 Kodak Explores Sale of Health Unit
05/04/2006 Talks continue on health care, progress made toward adjournment
05/04/2006 Glaxo, Adolor have good data on Alvimopan
05/04/2006 Lilly's Evista infringes Ariad's patent
05/04/2006 Solvay fed flu-vaccine deal nears 300M
05/04/2006 Google Health Coming?
05/04/2006 UN health agency calls for a switch to cleaner cooking fuels for poor
05/04/2006 Losing weight & losing control in the meth diet
05/04/2006 Canada moving slowly on banning the bubbles
05/04/2006 Genetics may put some at higher risk for bird flu, expert says
05/04/2006 Bausch & Lomb's Trail of Tears
05/04/2006 Two LASIK surgeries compared
05/04/2006 Parents' education best SAT predictor
05/04/2006 African-Americans can get melanoma too
05/04/2006 Rising Health Care Costs Leave More Americans Uninsured
05/04/2006 Can Pills Treat Alcoholism?
05/04/2006 Nutra Pharma Sponsors Educational Website for NonTuberculosis Mycobacterium NTM
05/04/2006 Anti-Alcoholism Pills Put To Test
05/04/2006 Alzheimer's starts inside neurons - study
05/04/2006 MedImmune signs 170M flu-vaccine deal
05/04/2006 ALL CHILDREN EXERCISE SIMULTANEOUSLY School joins in a healthy pursuit
05/04/2006 'Designer baby' bid gets go-ahead
05/04/2006 U.S. Flu could be worse than terrorist attack
05/04/2006 High-tech Shaped-beam Radiosurgery System Preserves More Healthy Tissue
05/04/2006 HIV drug may help treat hepatitis B
05/04/2006 Tumor growth changes detected by CT
05/04/2006 Combining GI CT scans gives better picture
05/04/2006 EU calls for better, clear labelling of sunscreens
05/04/2006 Psych Drug Use For Children Soars
05/04/2006 Unsterilized instruments cause hospital HIV scare
05/04/2006 Rajasthan, Bihar, Orissa to follow PPP model in health care
05/04/2006 Lawyer Vioxx study may prompt more suits
05/04/2006 Deal Curbs Soda Sales In Schools
05/04/2006 Hundreds Of Patients Possibly Exposed To Hepatitis, HIV
05/04/2006 Woman to be oldest mother at 63
05/04/2006 Nearly 300 Patients May Have Been Exposed To HIV, Hepatitis
05/04/2006 Kodak posts another loss, mulls health-imaging 'alternatives'
05/04/2006 Florida Medicare to Reimburse for PillCamTM ESO on Case-by-Case Basis
05/04/2006 Villagers Blame Evil Spirits As Several Girls Have Mass Fits
05/04/2006 Teens Having Mass Fits Blamed On Evil Spirits
05/04/2006 Lawmaker tries to ban home ultrasound
05/04/2006 Google Health Expected Next Week
05/04/2006 Health Tip Buddy 1.3
05/04/2006 RehabCare buys rival Symphony Health
05/04/2006 Google Health To Launch Next Week
05/04/2006 Russia could produce anti-HIV drugs in 2007 health watchdog
05/04/2006 Consumerhealth News
05/04/2006 Health care fuels a building boom
05/04/2006 Making a healthy lunch a greater national priority
05/04/2006 Indian kids aware of health issues; but not health conscious
05/04/2006 Healthcare Consumers Can Compare Doctors Online, Including Sanctions Against Them
05/03/2006 City's financial health in pink vs. Mesa
05/03/2006 Police fear for lost walkers' health
05/03/2006 Bottlers Agree to a School Ban on Sweet Drinks
05/03/2006 Frito-Lay cuts fat on some chips
05/03/2006 Medicare information given to seniors often wrong, study shows
05/03/2006 Woman sues Bausch & Lomb, claiming product caused eye loss
05/03/2006 Iraq veterans suffer huge toll of mental health disorders
05/03/2006 Lesbians have less distress with PMS
05/03/2006 U.S. middle-aged more likely to be sick
05/03/2006 Hoarse throat cancer warning sign
05/03/2006 Web on breast cancer in Spanish
05/03/2006 Vaccine for Hepatitis C in clinical trial
05/03/2006 Most don't use enough sunscreen
05/03/2006 Many Australians skip lunch
05/03/2006 Surgery for Crohn's disease helpful
05/03/2006 Local Mental Health Organization Hosts Unique Fundraiser
05/03/2006 Drug for Restless Legs Syndrome
05/03/2006 'Autistic' mice offer gene clue
05/03/2006 Health Minute 05-03-2006
05/03/2006 How premature babies process pain
05/03/2006 For ship's doctor, daily challenges on the high seas
05/03/2006 With age, exercise caution
05/03/2006 Unit 8 Pollution often higher inside the bus
05/03/2006 Nigeria opens African centre for HIV/AIDS fight
05/03/2006 Uninsured Americans cause growing health problem
05/03/2006 Local Health Officials Ponder Bird Flu Plan
05/03/2006 White House Releases Updated Bird Flu Plan
05/03/2006 Lawmaker fears Cruise ultrasoung copycats
05/03/2006 GSK to continue low-income drug assistance
05/03/2006 Bill would make federal research public
05/03/2006 AnalysisBill revives tort reform debate
05/03/2006 Court Terminally ill have right to drugs
05/03/2006 Scientists freeze, preserve pig embryos
05/03/2006 Study Vioxx poses even short-term risks
05/03/2006 Study care change urged for alcoholism
05/03/2006 Diabetics exert better control
05/03/2006 Study Finds English Are Healthier than Americans
05/03/2006 The immune system appears to dislike grief
05/03/2006 Even post-adoption, the blues can lurk
05/03/2006 Health & Science
05/03/2006 Health project targets neighborhoods
05/03/2006 Probe Medicare helpline advice often wrong
05/03/2006 Ban on Chinese chicken advances
05/03/2006 Flu drug Tamiflu fares well in testing
05/03/2006 World children exercise to fight obesity
05/03/2006 Health reform takes shape
05/03/2006 Medicare helpline often wrong, investigators say
05/03/2006 U.S. Pandemic could be worse than terror attack
05/03/2006 Campaign Pushes Affordable Health Insurance
05/03/2006 Medicare helpline advice often wrong, investigators say
05/03/2006 Head of CMAJ governance panel steps down
05/03/2006 Alberta sets new standards for long term care
05/03/2006 U.S. Bird Flu Plan Unveiled
05/03/2006 Organ Donation Should Be Urged, Not Bought, Group Says
05/03/2006 Administration Releases Bird Flu Response Plan
05/03/2006 Healthcare premiums hit elderly
05/03/2006 Don't Pay For Human Organs, Group Says
05/03/2006 Virus makes cancer cells devour themselves
05/03/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Popcorn health concerns
05/03/2006 EnviroHealth Bush's Nuclear Madness
05/03/2006 HEALTH-EUROPE Chernobyl's Elusive Bottom Line
05/03/2006 Connecticut lawmakers send hospital infection bill to Governor desk
05/03/2006 Health concerns about microwave popcorn
05/03/2006 Study Even short-term Vioxx use carries heart attack risk for elderly
05/03/2006 Health Roundup U.S. flu toll 2 million?
05/03/2006 Flu Plan Calls for Limited Federal Role
05/03/2006 Injection helps with chronic tendonoses
05/03/2006 More Tears at Bausch & Lomb
05/03/2006 Lawmakers agree to health reform, Douglas still wants changes
05/03/2006 U.S. school sales of sugary drinks to end
05/03/2006 OncoGenex lung-cancer drug shines in study
05/03/2006 Cellectricon collaborates with AstraZeneca
05/03/2006 Analysis Too many insurance choices?
05/03/2006 Impax OK'd to sell generic Colestid
05/03/2006 U.S. preps for flu disaster
05/03/2006 Bush Bird Flu Is 'Global Threat'
05/03/2006 HealthWrap U.S. flu toll 2 million?
05/03/2006 Higher-income adults don't use services
05/03/2006 New drug may help people stop smoking
05/03/2006 Eat To Live Kids under-and-overfed
05/03/2006 Ped Med A real downer
05/03/2006 Immediate statin use doesn't cut death
05/03/2006 APEC ministers in Vietnam to form regional bird-flu plan
05/03/2006 Too many insurance choices?
05/03/2006 U.S. unveils 'road map' for potential flu disaster
05/03/2006 An engineer who revels in success of failure
05/03/2006 Are body's ills really all in the mind?
05/03/2006 U.S. Flu pandemic could be worse than terrorist attack
05/03/2006 Half-ton man may get gastric bypass
05/03/2006 Lawmakers agree on health reform, administration close
05/03/2006 Opposition to Health Care Bill Gains Momentum
05/03/2006 Study Type 2 Diabetes Suffers At Risk
05/03/2006 Study Teen Sex Down, Pregnancy A Problem
05/03/2006 Philippine Medical Brain Drain Leaves Public Health System in Crisis
05/03/2006 Thailands Health Care Plan Creates Challenges for Hospitals
05/03/2006 Companies pulling sodas out of schools
05/03/2006 UA International Group, Ltd. Engages Baker Tilly Member IGK Ukraine Audit Firm
05/03/2006 Many Peruvians Struggle to Gain Health Care Access
05/03/2006 India Offers Both Best, Worst of Health Care
05/03/2006 FDA OKs Bone Marrow Disorders Drug
05/03/2006 James Woods Given Clean Bill Of Health
05/03/2006 Travelers Explore Drug Plan Options
05/03/2006 Social Security's Health Declines
05/03/2006 U.S. Plans For Bird Flu Disruptions
05/03/2006 Rwanda Health Care Funds Double to 62.9bn MiniSante
05/03/2006 Egypt Health Ministry Reports 13th Human Bird Flu Case
05/03/2006 School sodas go sugar-free
05/03/2006 ViRexx to Present at BioFinance 2006
05/03/2006 Schools to drop high-calorie drinks
05/03/2006 English healthier than Americans
05/03/2006 Bird Flu Up to Two Million Americans Dead
05/03/2006 Americans far less healthy than EnglishPost a comment
05/03/2006 MEDICAL MYSTERY Americans Sicker Than Brits
05/03/2006 Study finds Americans less healthy than English
05/03/2006 ThermoGenesis' BioArchive granted patents
05/03/2006 Bioheart, Tricardia ink needle patent deal
05/03/2006 FDA OK's MGI/SuperGen's Dacogen
05/03/2006 Flu Plan States, Cities On Their Own
05/03/2006 Deal Halts Soda Sales In Schools
05/03/2006 Americans less healthy than the English study
05/03/2006 French face transplant patient 'already smiling'
05/03/2006 Study Says Older Americans Are Less Healthy Than British
05/03/2006 Lawsuit Says Fungus Cost Woman Her Eye
05/03/2006 Fungus Tied To Contact Solution Cost Eye, Woman Says
05/03/2006 Drink companies pulling sodas out of schools
05/03/2006 Sunday run honors memory of slain mental-health worker
05/03/2006 Kids' antipsychotic drug use soars
05/03/2006 Hurdles remain for ex-foster kids' health coverage
05/03/2006 U.S. readies 'road map' for potential flu disaster
05/03/2006 Study Brits trump Yanks when it comes to health
05/03/2006 Cook County Health Services Face Major Shortfall
05/03/2006 Fla. woman says solution caused eye loss
05/03/2006 Why is America so unhealthy?
05/03/2006 Win for terminally ill who want experimental drugs
05/03/2006 If bird flu hits, don't count on federal rescue
05/03/2006 Rich or poor, Americans sicker than the English
05/03/2006 Health-care trade show chooses Chicago for 2009
05/03/2006 Doctor dances on unique career path
05/03/2006 America’s middle-aged are less fit than the English
05/03/2006 G8 Health Ministers Array Their Forces for Bird Flu Battle
05/03/2006 Mid-aged Britons healthier than in US study
05/03/2006 English are healthier than Americans, and spend less to get there, study says
05/03/2006 Maggots have no effect on health Zimba
05/03/2006 Harborside Healthcare Announces Partnership with Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport, CT
05/03/2006 Health of middle-aged Americans lags behind English counterparts
05/03/2006 Beattie open to health funding benchmarks
05/03/2006 Americans less healthy than British, study says
05/03/2006 Report Federal bird blu aid may be tough
05/03/2006 Transsexual describes female-to-male transformation
05/03/2006 Kids with ADD/ADHD can have a tough transition to middle school
05/03/2006 Treatment options, from medicine to meditation
05/03/2006 A Q&A on educational issues
05/02/2006 Massachusetts Health Care Law May Be Model For The Country
05/02/2006 Compulsive gambling afflicts some who take Parkinson's drug
05/02/2006 When motherhood is lost
05/02/2006 Senate Bill Proposes Eliminating Some Health Screenings
05/02/2006 Study finds gastric band better than diet
05/02/2006 IT&E International Group, Inc. Announces Appointment of Interim Chief Executive Officer
05/02/2006 Treasurer urges Qld to improve health system
05/02/2006 Antibiotic pulled from Canadian and U.S. markets
05/02/2006 Cancer cluster appears in rural neighborhood
05/02/2006 Two new treatments for alcoholism
05/02/2006 Alcohol abuse drug on market by June
05/02/2006 Analysis Health plans lead IT charge
05/02/2006 Healthy school dinners plan 'falls short'
05/02/2006 Health fears as hi-tech science hits the shops
05/02/2006 Health Minute 05-02-2006
05/02/2006 Antipsychotic drug use among kids soars
05/02/2006 Florida woman, 69, sues Bausch & Lomb
05/02/2006 Report finds U.S. pays more for health, gets less
05/02/2006 Chronic diseases to kill hundreds by 2010
05/02/2006 Man questions why Medicare pays for sex pump
05/02/2006 New labeling helps spot food allergens
05/02/2006 Lack of health insurance associated with decreased use of health care services
05/02/2006 Americans less healthy than English
05/02/2006 Study finds middle-aged Americans not as healthy as English counterparts
05/02/2006 Middle-aged English people are healthier than their American counterparts
05/02/2006 Breast Cancer Drug Strains Health Budgets
05/02/2006 Report Generic Zocor Sale Restricted
05/02/2006 Health-Care REIT to Buy CNL
05/02/2006 UnitedHealth CEO apologizes over options
05/02/2006 Suicide risk linked to birth month
05/02/2006 CPR for dwindling organ pool
05/02/2006 Area safety may play role in obesity
05/02/2006 Woman sues FDA over mercury fillings
05/02/2006 St. Jude bird flu vaccine test successful
05/02/2006 Nurses rate first in operating room safety
05/02/2006 Kenya Sh410 Billion Shake-Up to Boost Health Care
05/02/2006 Women 'not reassured over smears'
05/02/2006 Americans 'more ill than English'
05/02/2006 Diabetes raises early death risk
05/02/2006 New MRI may help reduce skull hemorrhaging
05/02/2006 Interview When motherhood is lost
05/02/2006 Gamma surgery zaps eye cancer
05/02/2006 Study Offer birth control in prisons
05/02/2006 Myriad strong for `06, beyond
05/02/2006 RealMoney Radio Here's to UnitedHealth
05/02/2006 Alcohol-abuse hospital visits cost 2B
05/02/2006 Analysis Myriad strong for '06, beyond
05/02/2006 Analysis Gamma surgery zaps eye cancer
05/02/2006 Analysis CPR for dwindling organ pool
05/02/2006 Nurses, not docs, best team players in OR
05/02/2006 How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?
05/02/2006 We are healthier than US, but the weight gap may be closing
05/02/2006 Lawmakers continue to push mental health coverage changes
05/02/2006 Report U.S. bracing for bird flu pandemic
05/02/2006 Bones improve with a workout
05/02/2006 H5N1 adapts to summer, water, heat
05/02/2006 Asthma linked to children living near road
05/02/2006 ADHD linked to environment, genes
05/02/2006 Trampoline injuries on the rise
05/02/2006 Caregiving Home access - Part 8
05/02/2006 Glass allows UV damage to skin, eyes
05/02/2006 Tips on living to 100 from the real experts
05/02/2006 English Healther Than Americans
05/02/2006 Barrier Therapeutics Announces First Quarter 2006 Financial Results
05/02/2006 Theravance to Present at the Bank of America Health Care Conference 2006
05/02/2006 UnitedHealth chairman says sorry to shareholders
05/02/2006 Much Of Alcohol Sold To Alcoholics, Underage Drinkers
05/02/2006 Medical Mystery Americans Sicker Than English
05/02/2006 Problem Drinkers May Consume Almost Half Of All Liquor
05/02/2006 Laura Bush visits Fort Smith, touts health plan
05/02/2006 Court Terminally ill patients can sue FDA
05/02/2006 PET-CT better to detect ovarian cancer
05/02/2006 Drug combo may help avoid dyspepsia
05/02/2006 Quarter-mile walk indicator for seniors
05/02/2006 Prostate screen may not help older men
05/02/2006 Colicky babies linked to mom's depression
05/02/2006 Access to food affects food choices
05/02/2006 Is the U.S. bracing for bird flu?
05/02/2006 Older Americans Sicker Than the English, Study Says
05/02/2006 Holy chicken salad! Healthy mayo
05/02/2006 Hackers learn Pentagon health secrets
05/02/2006 New drug might be better than diuretics
05/02/2006 Many Canadians like to worship in private study
05/02/2006 Health Matters Identifying Food Allergies
05/02/2006 Progress 'too slow' after Shipman
05/02/2006 Study finds MS-Epstein-Barr virus link
05/02/2006 St. Jude's heart lead OK'd in U.S., EU
05/02/2006 Medicaid Rx spending up 12B in 5 yrs
05/02/2006 Caremark Soothes Some Wounds
05/02/2006 Freud legacy celebrated, debated
05/02/2006 Experimental drug case gets reprieve
05/02/2006 British healthier than Americans in middle age study
05/02/2006 Flu expert warns over bird smuggling
05/02/2006 ViRexx Featured in Biotech Monthly
05/02/2006 Dynatek Laboratories Completes Drug Eluting Stent Coating Durability Test
05/02/2006 Schaivo judge says legislators shouldn't make right-to-die decisions
05/02/2006 Undernutrition Kills Million Of Kids
05/02/2006 Mind The Gap Yanks Sicker Than Brits
05/02/2006 Americans Sicker Than British, Despite Health Care Spending
05/02/2006 Medical Mystery Americans Sicker Than Britons
05/02/2006 Americans sicker than British
05/02/2006 Superintendent Orders School Drinking Water Shut Off
05/02/2006 Firefighters, health advocates push for "safe cigarettes" bill
05/02/2006 Mind the gap Americans sicker than British
05/02/2006 Middle-age spread Brits healthier than Americans
05/02/2006 Germ warfare Focus on phone, not doorknob
05/02/2006 JAMA Americans sicker than Britons, despite more health spending
05/02/2006 Your Health This Month
05/02/2006 Smart-baby videos' claims challenged
05/02/2006 Giving blood to meet battlefield demand
05/02/2006 UnitedHealth Must Navigate Pressures
05/02/2006 Firefighters, health advocates push for "safe cigarettes" bill
05/02/2006 9 Beaverton senior home residents ill with norovirus
05/02/2006 Pharmaxis plans phase 3 trial of CF drug
05/02/2006 Chemokine cancer drug in phase 1b/2 trial
05/02/2006 Melatonin may help relieve winter doldrums
05/02/2006 Last Human Bird Flu Case Recovers, Say Health Authorities
05/02/2006 Social Security, Medicare Financial Health Declining
05/02/2006 Altair Nanotechnologies Signs Agreement With Lilly
05/02/2006 Healthy Kids’ Catalog® Establishes Board of Health and Wellness Advisors
05/02/2006 UnitedHealth Workers Get Critical on Care
05/02/2006 Caremark Quarter Looks Good
05/02/2006 Experts to test Alzheimer's 'link' to diabetes
05/02/2006 U.S. government drafts pandemic flu plan report
05/02/2006 Report U.S. bracing for massive flu disruptions
05/02/2006 LSU officials warn of health-care crisis in Louisiana
05/02/2006 IOL Health
05/02/2006 Lothian health bosses to chart infant growth rates
05/02/2006 Amway India bets on health products for growth
05/02/2006 Britons 'put fun before babies'
05/02/2006 Maine's State-Run Health Plan Faltering
05/02/2006 Nintendo gets into health care with Wii
05/02/2006 Doctors differ on spiritual issues
05/02/2006 Male hip fractures linked to hormones
05/02/2006 Eat to Live Lowdown on pseudo-sweets
05/02/2006 Bronchial thermoplasty may help asthmatics
05/02/2006 Test detects damage from acetaminophen
05/02/2006 Heating firm took my health
05/02/2006 Fats Domino, citing poor health, cancels autograph session
05/02/2006 New Web Site Helps Consumers Reduce Rising Health Care Expenses
05/02/2006 Pension fund protests UnitedHealth pay
05/02/2006 Medicare in Poor Financial Health, Trustees Say
05/02/2006 Gifts of Life A Children's Health Special
05/02/2006 Social Security Financial Health Declining
05/02/2006 Novartis OK'd on higher-dose Diovan
05/02/2006 PerkinElmer buys Spectral Genomics
05/02/2006 Eighty-hour week improves resident care
05/02/2006 Revlimid could top Millennium's Velcade
05/02/2006 UnitedHealth to trim executive perks
05/02/2006 Drug 'to cut heart attack damage'
05/02/2006 Genetic breast cancer drug hope
05/02/2006 Banyan Corporation Subsidiary Premier Medical Group Acquires Assets of Competitor National Diagnostic
05/02/2006 Clinical data on Antisoma drugs AS1404 and R1550 to be presented at ASCO
05/01/2006 American doctors treating 2 Afghan children
05/01/2006 Christus Spohn, Driscoll enrolling people for state health coverage
05/01/2006 Mental Health Dept. chief quits
05/01/2006 AP Borders Would Remain Open During Pandemic
05/01/2006 AP Flu Plan Doesn't Call For Closing Borders