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05/10/2006 Health officials told not to speak to Press
05/10/2006 Fund mental health Study
05/10/2006 Democrats threaten to block health care bill
05/10/2006 West's boycott hits Gaza health aid
05/10/2006 US to reroute Palestinian aid into health program
05/10/2006 Health care for immigrants focus of meeting
05/10/2006 Real Life Forrest Gump Arrives In NYC
05/10/2006 Health-care legislation may face a filibuster
05/10/2006 Are you ready to plunge into the detox diet?
05/10/2006 Smith & Nephew PLC announces Regulatory Approval
05/10/2006 UCB and Immunomedics announce worldwide development collaboration and license agreement for Epratuzumab
05/09/2006 'Preconception' the key to healthy babies
05/09/2006 Procedure can fix double chin in 20 minutes
05/09/2006 Watchdog to rule on embryos
05/09/2006 NSW Health starts spam treatment
05/09/2006 Health Catastrophe Looms in Palestine
05/09/2006 Adoptive parents sue over twins' poor health
05/09/2006 House passes health reform initiative
05/09/2006 Health Department Analyzing Unknown Powdery Substance
05/09/2006 Aussie miners in good health after rescue
05/09/2006 FDA Rejects Green Tea Health Claim
05/09/2006 Health Sec Hewitt To Face Midwives
05/09/2006 Health Chiefs Hunt For E.Coli Source
05/09/2006 Graphic pictures planned for New Zealand cigarette packs
05/09/2006 CDC wants routine AIDS virus testing
05/09/2006 States to address fears from bird flu film
05/09/2006 Man ends cross-country health trek in NYC
05/09/2006 Miners' Mental Health Concerns Doctors
05/09/2006 Nurse training places 'being cut'
05/09/2006 Man Ends Cross-Country Health Trek in NYC
05/09/2006 Health reforms 'wasted millions'
05/09/2006 Avondale to kick off week devoted to women's health
05/09/2006 Sun Health upsets senior helpers
05/09/2006 Teens turning to caffeine as `hip` drink
05/09/2006 Soda guidelines could go flat
05/09/2006 Second time's a charm in treating depression
05/09/2006 Drugs Given For 'Off-Label' Conditions
05/09/2006 'Fat Man Walking' Near Finish Line
05/09/2006 BPL identifies healthcare business as growth driver
05/09/2006 Glasgow's bad health 'inherited'
05/09/2006 Scientists study `smart` chromosomal glue
05/09/2006 Experts worry bird flu film could spark panic
05/09/2006 Analysis Soda guidelines could go flat
05/09/2006 Inflazyme Announces Start of Phase IIb Trial with IPL512,602 for Asthma
05/09/2006 Health Highlights April 24, 2006
05/09/2006 Health Tip Is Your Child Dehydrated?
05/09/2006 Study 14 M Americans have impaired vision
05/09/2006 Feds foot-dragging on anthrax vaccine, GAO
05/09/2006 Watson nears OK on generic Seasonale
05/09/2006 Analysis Deal elusive on health plan bill
05/09/2006 CMS head to testify in Plan B lawsuit
05/09/2006 Analysis Clot-busters underused
05/09/2006 American Medical Systems buys Solarant
05/09/2006 FDA Rejects Health Claim For Green Tea
05/09/2006 More babies have mums over 50
05/09/2006 Embryo checks 'must be widened'
05/09/2006 Hope for stone man syndrome
05/09/2006 Women 'sense qualities in a man'
05/09/2006 Health World Edition
05/09/2006 PA Health Department Buys Mobile Labs to Combat Bird Flu
05/09/2006 After rescue, concern raised about miners' psychological health
05/09/2006 Cancer battle examines natural immunity
05/09/2006 Health Roundup Attack of the mutant TV virus
05/09/2006 Not stressed moms better parents
05/09/2006 Movies don't show coma patients accurately
05/09/2006 Women living longer universal
05/09/2006 Health Highlights April 26, 2006
05/09/2006 Health Tip Your Joint Pain May Be Gout
05/09/2006 Health Tip Donating Blood
05/09/2006 Health Highlights April 27, 2006
05/09/2006 Health Tip Why You Need a Yearly Pap Test
05/09/2006 Health Tip Considering Botox?
05/09/2006 Health Highlights April 28, 2006
05/09/2006 Gene Therapy for Bubble Boy Syndrome May Cause Cancer
05/09/2006 Health Highlights April 30, 2006
05/09/2006 Health Highlights May 1, 2006
05/09/2006 Gang stabs drug dealers in hospital attack
05/09/2006 IOL Health
05/09/2006 Caregiving Home access - Part 10
05/09/2006 Tue, 09 May 2006 164245 0400After Brief Spike, U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Falls Again Md. - The U.S. infant mortality rate, an important indicator of the nation health, is back on the right track after rising slightly in 2002.
05/09/2006 Palestinian Health System Near Collapse
05/09/2006 Physicians for Human Rights-Israel Report Collapse of the Palestinian Health System
05/09/2006 Health reform deal reached; as many 25,000 would be insured
05/09/2006 Compromise reached on health care reform
05/09/2006 MDVIP personalized healthcare
05/09/2006 UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News
05/09/2006 AIDS Testing May Become Part Of Routine Physical
05/09/2006 'Helmets and gloves' can cause injury
05/09/2006 Mask helps with exercise-induced asthma
05/09/2006 Chronic cough differs in children, adults
05/09/2006 HealthWrap Attack of the mutant TV virus
05/09/2006 Caregiving Home access - Part 10
05/09/2006 Dentists recognizing domestic violence
05/09/2006 Walking across America
05/09/2006 U.S. Plans For Bird Flu Disruptions
05/09/2006 Bush Bird Flu Is 'Global Threat'
05/09/2006 Health concerns about microwave popcorn
05/09/2006 Business Intelligence VitalSpring Partners With SAP In Health Benefits Management
05/09/2006 BIOLASE Announces First Quarter 2006 Results; Management and Board Changes
05/09/2006 Health calendar
05/09/2006 Bid to save couple's IVF embryos
05/09/2006 'Preconception' the key to healthy babies
05/09/2006 U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world, report says
05/09/2006 Eat To Live Health labels that make sense
05/09/2006 Eat To Live Who should care what we eat?
05/09/2006 Community model best for mentally ill kids
05/09/2006 For ship's doctor, daily challenges on the high seas
05/09/2006 Report finds U.S. pays more for health, gets less
05/09/2006 CDC wants HIV tests for everyone
05/09/2006 ER over-crowding hurts patient health study
05/09/2006 'Fat Man Walking' nears end of cross-country trek
05/09/2006 Lesbians' brains respond like straight men
05/09/2006 Study Estrogen use can raise breast cancer risk
05/09/2006 Vigo school board considering ‘healthy’ vending machine items
05/09/2006 After rescue, concern raised about miners' psychological health
05/09/2006 Veterans Affairs, Sutter Health, Edformation and CDP Honored at Mi-Co Annual Awards Assembly
05/09/2006 New designs make hospitals safer
05/09/2006 Stem cells may replace animal testing
05/09/2006 Afghanistan starts anti-polio campaign
05/09/2006 U.S. infant mortality high for West
05/09/2006 Virtual city used to study flu pandemic
05/09/2006 Study Hurricanes linked with mental ills
05/09/2006 Less than half sign up for Medicare Part D
05/09/2006 Health News
05/09/2006 AIDS Testing May Become Part Of Routine Physical
05/09/2006 WakefieldSoft Updates HealthFile, PDACookbook, LoanExpert, and Other Software for Windows Mobile 5.0
05/09/2006 Cary Smithson Receives Healthcare Businesswomen Association’s 2006 Rising Star Award
05/09/2006 Microwave Popcorn Health Scare
05/09/2006 BMI Healthcare Launches Weight Loss Surgery Service
05/09/2006 Comptroller report slams health system, police and NII
05/09/2006 CDC wants HIV testing to be part of routine physical
05/09/2006 Compromise reached on health care reform
05/09/2006 Senate May Give Employers Health Care Option
05/09/2006 Feds Probe Kaiser Kidney Transplant Program
05/09/2006 Prescription for Health Care Reform More or Less Government
05/09/2006 Apartment dwellers have more injuries
05/09/2006 Cutting calories, walking reduce aging
05/09/2006 Alcoholics should get pneumococcal vaccine
05/09/2006 Social stress linked to weight gain
05/09/2006 Doctors may not detect autism disorders
05/09/2006 European eHealth Conference 2006 ICW Presents Future Concept for E-Health in Europe
05/09/2006 Democrats Oppose GOP Health Coverage Bill
05/09/2006 Miners' Mental Health Concerns Doctors
05/09/2006 Cardinal Health tests RFID labels
05/09/2006 Tenet's Tight Spot
05/09/2006 Bausch & Lomb Sinks on Update
05/09/2006 Disney ducks link to unhealthy diet
05/09/2006 Disney ducks link to unhealthy diet
05/09/2006 Report 2 million newborns die per year
05/09/2006 Michigan Senate votes to tie health insurance to behavior
05/09/2006 Center for Independent Living Receives Major Contribution
05/09/2006 MediSys Corporation Engages Experienced Sales Pro in Broward County Florida
05/09/2006 Borys Chabursky, Canadian Biotech Entrepreneur, to Join Duravest Board of Directors
05/09/2006 Childrens Hospital Los Angeles' Institute for Maternal-Fetal Health Sponsors Symposium
05/09/2006 Emergency over-crowding hurts patient health Report
05/09/2006 Senate committee pushes for new mental health commission
05/09/2006 Lilly seeks OK of Cymbalta for anxiety
05/09/2006 Baxter OK'd for high-dose Advate
05/09/2006 Avicena drug reduces ALS mortality
05/09/2006 Study Estrogen use can raise breast cancer risk
05/09/2006 Senate opens drive to expand health insurance coverage
05/09/2006 Respect the Downtrend in UnitedHealth
05/09/2006 Senate Considers Health Insurance Options for Employers
05/09/2006 Senate Considers Health Insurance Options
05/09/2006 Democrats, governor still talking on health care, scholarships
05/09/2006 Senate moves forward on legislation giving employers option on health care coverage
05/09/2006 Health care server boosts 1Q earnings
05/09/2006 Furanocoumarins in grapefruit drug culprit
05/09/2006 Senate moves ahead on health insurance measure
05/09/2006 ER over-crowding hurts patient health study
05/09/2006 Report 2 million babies die in first 24 hours each year
05/09/2006 Senate Advances Health Care Coverage Bill
05/09/2006 U.S. newborn survival rate ranks near bottom
05/09/2006 Arrow Resources Signs Major Agreements for Plantation and Agricultural Developments in Indonesia
05/09/2006 Nutra Pharma Announces Approval to Start Late Phase II Human Trials in England
05/09/2006 Rumours increase over Google health
05/09/2006 Health insurance bill would bypass state requirements
05/09/2006 On Mother's Day, 5,000 babies will die
05/09/2006 U.S. Ranks Low On Newborn Survival
05/09/2006 Doctors Have emergency birth control Rx on hand
05/09/2006 Senate Democrats block medical liability bills
05/09/2006 CDC wants HIV tests for everyone
05/09/2006 Vigo school board considering ‘healthy’ vending machine items
05/09/2006 Tenet Posts Nickel Beat
05/09/2006 CDC Wants AIDS Tests As Part Of Routine Exams
05/09/2006 AIDS Testing May Become Part Of Routine Physical
05/09/2006 Man held for over a year cleared by forensics
05/09/2006 Upper Peninsula health officials prepare for pandemic flu
05/09/2006 Local Students Learn Healthy Lessons
05/09/2006 Dick Pound named head of CMAJ review panel
05/09/2006 Film portrayals of coma potentially harmful
05/09/2006 Newborns die within hours in developing world
05/09/2006 Nationwide bike ride by medical students to raise health awareness in Bloomington
05/09/2006 Commercial component a sticking point for new health sciences complex
05/09/2006 Cook launches initiative for womens health
05/09/2006 Scots top UK heart death league
05/09/2006 Democrats vying for Congress debate energy, health care
05/09/2006 Budget ignores Indigenous health, obesity AMA
05/09/2006 Red Cross Day celebrated countrywide
05/09/2006 Hospital infection reporting laws spread across the country
05/09/2006 Top journal launches health site
05/09/2006 FDA Judge Doesn't Get It On Ephedra
05/09/2006 Health receives 4.2b funding injection
05/09/2006 Healthy cuts are back for Ordonez
05/09/2006 Estrogen pills linked to breast cancer
05/09/2006 Senate to take up health insurance bill
05/09/2006 More health care votes on tap in the Senate
05/09/2006 Rescued miners in 'good health'
05/09/2006 Acambis Plc Announces Results for the First Quarter Ended 31 March 2006
05/09/2006 Crucell Ends PER.C6R Patent Infringement Case as Final Demands are Satisfied
05/09/2006 State group to participate in health data study
05/09/2006 Cook will expand women health line
05/08/2006 Gene Marks Some Prostate Cancer Risk
05/08/2006 Rescued Aussie miners in good health
05/08/2006 FDA asks court to restore ephedra ban
05/08/2006 Sperm`s actions studied for birth control
05/08/2006 Senate nixes liabilty caps again
05/08/2006 Analysis Senate nixes liabilty caps again
05/08/2006 Freed Miners In 'Amazing' Health
05/08/2006 Tequin drugmaker named in class-action lawsuit
05/08/2006 Overuse of nasal sprays may have rebound effect
05/08/2006 U.S. unprepared for bird flu outbreak health secretary
05/08/2006 Torah a comfort to hospital patients
05/08/2006 Older hospital admissions alcohol linked
05/08/2006 Brain change in mild cognitive impairment
05/08/2006 Community model best for mentally ill kids
05/08/2006 Ill Afghan boy heads to U.S. for surgery
05/08/2006 America Hears, Manufacturer and Distributor of Digital Hearing Aids, Signs Contract with Licensed Fitter
05/08/2006 UnitedHealth directors re-elected
05/08/2006 For contact wearers, a word to the wise
05/08/2006 Oven-roasted vegetables may hurt teeth
05/08/2006 Black infant mortality puzzle
05/08/2006 Ped Med The young and depressed
05/08/2006 Consumerhealth News
05/08/2006 How premature babies process pain
05/08/2006 With age, exercise caution
05/08/2006 Even post-adoption, the blues can lurk
05/08/2006 The bell tolls for the future merry widow
05/08/2006 An engineer who revels in success of failure
05/08/2006 Detection of gene may aid prostate cancer test
05/08/2006 Are body's ills really all in the mind?
05/08/2006 Health & Science
05/08/2006 Seattle gets bad marks for not scooping dog poop
05/08/2006 Are your hands clean?
05/08/2006 Game to exercise aging brains
05/08/2006 TB, Aids weigh heavily on districts and staff
05/08/2006 Bara makeover to reduce capacity by half
05/08/2006 Mystery patients evaluate health care
05/08/2006 COPD not foolproof lung-cancer predictor
05/08/2006 Cancer The facts
05/08/2006 Alcoholism hope over 'drug pill'
05/08/2006 Comas 'not realistic in movies'
05/08/2006 Sick children's dads still smoke
05/08/2006 Long-term HRT 'ups cancer risk'
05/08/2006 Children's Mental Health Day
05/08/2006 Schools' Support Staff Health Benefits Debate
05/08/2006 Illinois May License Naturopathic Doctors
05/08/2006 Cocktail Hour Cure For Heavy Drinking
05/08/2006 Students Report Abusing ADHD Drugs
05/08/2006 Scientists Report HIV Discovery
05/08/2006 Doctors say running marathons has damaged health of four-year-old
05/08/2006 20-year estrogen use ups cancer risk
05/08/2006 Analysis No malpractice crisis
05/08/2006 World Health Organization Releases Child Growth Standards
05/08/2006 Health Department Gets Tougher on Restaurants
05/08/2006 Applebee's Restaurant Reopens After Health Inspection
05/08/2006 Lesbians' brains respond like straight men
05/08/2006 Health and Science News Roundup
05/08/2006 Genetic Marker Indicates Higher Prostate Cancer Risk
05/08/2006 Group Wants Women To Get Morning-After Pill Prescription
05/08/2006 Feds To Look
05/08/2006 Brain Study May Show Biological Base For Homosexuality
05/08/2006 Lesbians' brains respond differently from those of straight women
05/08/2006 CDC wants routine AIDS virus testing
05/08/2006 Extendicare Health Services, Inc. Releases 2006 First Quarter Results
05/08/2006 OccuLogix Reports Q1-06 Financial Results
05/08/2006 Medication may cut depression in diabetics
05/08/2006 Many Hong Kong fathers smoke near children
05/08/2006 Computerized chemo, IV ordering safer
05/08/2006 Surgery may help with tuberous sclerosis
05/08/2006 Study Little damage from marijuana
05/08/2006 Health Minute 05-08-2006
05/08/2006 Lumpectomy Fine for Lobular Breast Cancers
05/08/2006 Lesbians' Brains May Act Like Straight Men's
05/08/2006 Lesbians' brains respond differently from those of heterosexual women
05/08/2006 School District Officials Working to Get Healthy
05/08/2006 Taking a Look at Tenet
05/08/2006 Lesbians' Brains May Act Like Staight Men's
05/08/2006 Aid Cuts Cripple Palestinian Health Care
05/08/2006 Analysis Women's docs push Plan B
05/08/2006 Roche issues tips to avoid Tamiflu fakes
05/08/2006 Breast Cancer Risk Not Raised By Short Estrogen Use
05/08/2006 FDA reviewing Italian aspartame study
05/08/2006 Fertility options exist for cancer patients
05/08/2006 Health Department Looks For Bed Bugs At One Memphis Hotel
05/08/2006 Supplements may have no black cohosh
05/08/2006 Governor wants more talks on health care
05/08/2006 Students compete for greatest health from an invention
05/08/2006 R.I. leads in e-prescribing, pharmacists
05/08/2006 BioBalance Corporation to Present at Rodman & Renshaw Healthcare Conference in Monte Carlo
05/08/2006 Today's Health Winners and Losers
05/08/2006 Children's Mental Health
05/08/2006 Minnesota ponders hospital cost estimates
05/08/2006 Illinois may license naturopathic doctors
05/08/2006 Breast-conserving surgery works in ILC
05/08/2006 Eat To Live Who should care what we eat?
05/08/2006 Radiation therapy works on younger men
05/08/2006 Eat To Live Health labels that make sense
05/08/2006 Health gripes tally highest for Auckland
05/08/2006 Azerbaijan’s Health Ministry fixes new prices for medical services
05/08/2006 Health Hero Network Continues to Expand Medical Device Support With Pulse Oximetry
05/08/2006 Parker Douglas performance on health care 'shameful'
05/08/2006 New AARP president targets health reform
05/08/2006 Medco settles mail-fraud suit with feds
05/08/2006 Colorado lawmakers OK bill requiring hospital infection reporting
05/08/2006 Insurers watching Bredesen health proposal in Legislature
05/08/2006 Doctors Have emergency birth control Rx on hand
05/08/2006 Human Bird-Flu Deaths Prevalent Among Breeders, Says Health Ministry
05/08/2006 Government makes final drug plan push
05/08/2006 BioSante bird-flu studies yield solid data
05/08/2006 Cytogen tests antibody for prostate cancer
05/08/2006 Can a test tell you when you might die?
05/08/2006 Ontario plans to guarantee 4,000 nurse grads jobs
05/08/2006 Children's mental health needs more funding, parents say
05/08/2006 Group Wants Women To Get Morning-After Pill Prescription
05/08/2006 Group Women Should Get Prescription For Morning After-Pill
05/08/2006 Parker raps Douglas on health care
05/08/2006 Group Wants Women To Get Morning After-Pill Prescription
05/08/2006 Feds to look at RU-486 infections
05/08/2006 Fitness boom fuels bonanza for spas, rec centres
05/08/2006 Analysis Emergency rooms flunk pain tests
05/08/2006 Kos gets U.S. rights to asthma drug
05/08/2006 Sirtex to test microspheres with Xeloda
05/08/2006 First hours critical for 3rd world newborns
05/08/2006 Health authorities tighten monitoring in bird flu area
05/08/2006 Nassau health board may offer buyout
05/08/2006 Emergency rooms flunk pain tests
05/08/2006 Feds Want HIV Tests To Become Routine
05/08/2006 Childhood arthritis raises fracture risk
05/08/2006 Supply shortages spark health crisis in Gaza
05/08/2006 Government makes final Medicare drug plan push
05/08/2006 Supermarkets urge families back to dinner table
05/08/2006 Study DNA marker linked to prostate cancer risk
05/08/2006 Genetic marker may show prostate cancer risk
05/08/2006 Pfizer testing violated international law report
05/08/2006 US not prepared for bird flu pandemic health secretary
05/08/2006 Analysis Shingles pain costs up to 9,000
05/08/2006 African faith healers drafted in AIDS war
05/08/2006 Lonza Ok'd to make Bristol-Myers RA drug
05/08/2006 Analysis Botox for headaches?
05/08/2006 India Forrest Gump has damaged his health
05/08/2006 Banyan Corporation Subsidiary Chiropractic USA Launches Television Advertising Campaign
05/08/2006 Breast Milk For Sale
05/08/2006 Tattoos on the lower back can be problematic during childbirth
05/08/2006 Health care tips for scuba divers
05/08/2006 Endometriosis a factor in fertility
05/08/2006 Remove tonsils to treat recurring tonsillitis in children
05/08/2006 EGYPT Human bird-flu deaths prevalent among breeders, says health ministry
05/08/2006 Man Loses 100 Pounds Walking Across Country
05/08/2006 'Fat Man Walking' About To Complete Journey
05/08/2006 Family-style meals better in nursing homes
05/08/2006 Risk attitudes affect college drinking
05/08/2006 Ped Med The young and depressed
05/08/2006 Facial micro-expressions can detect lying
05/08/2006 Analysis Black infant mortality puzzle
05/08/2006 Depleted uranium the health debate
05/08/2006 Health Check
05/08/2006 Cook launches women health unit
05/08/2006 Technology is telling the sleeping mind's secrets
05/08/2006 Frankenstein and Mary Shelley
05/08/2006 Joseph and a Word From God
05/08/2006 Paul McCartney and "Yesterday"
05/08/2006 Saddam and His Winning Strategy
05/08/2006 Jack Nicklaus and His Grip