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06/12/2006 Family cat unlikely to give baby Johnny asthma
06/12/2006 UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News
06/12/2006 Beer guzzling might ward off prostate cancer US study
06/12/2006 New treatment puts children's diarrhoea on the run
06/12/2006 Heat, humidity, temp create heat stress
06/12/2006 Allergies can trigger or worsen asthma
06/12/2006 Arkansas Bloodsuckers
06/12/2006 Psychogenic seizures can mimic epilepsy
06/12/2006 Transcendental meditation helps hearts
06/12/2006 Australia ponders aboriginal health IT
06/12/2006 Coffee Protects Liver From Cirrhosis
06/12/2006 Health Minute 06-12-2006
06/12/2006 Two Crimes, 1,500 Miles Apart, Aimed At "Tainted Blood" Investigators
06/12/2006 Vaccine shows promise on Alzheimer's symptoms
06/12/2006 Pregnancy cravings can harm oral health
06/12/2006 Sjogren's syndrome diagnosis lengthy
06/12/2006 Japanese-Americans better prostate outcome
06/12/2006 Cardinal Health gives positive outlook for fiscal 2007
06/12/2006 Cardinal Backs Views
06/12/2006 Drug shown to cut diabetics' vision loss
06/12/2006 Alzheimer's vaccine shows promise
06/12/2006 HEALTHBEAT Who can safely skip chemo for breast cancer?
06/12/2006 Educating Indian sex workers
06/12/2006 Eat To Live Kids aren't so food-allergic
06/12/2006 Carcinogen found in 'healthy' soft drinks
06/12/2006 Aids HIV Bayer
06/12/2006 2 Paths of Bayer Drug in 80 Riskier One Steered Overseas
06/12/2006 Green tea may help explain lower cancer rates in Asia
06/12/2006 Scientists Seek More Powerful Analgesics
06/12/2006 Malawi appeals for more drugs as top AIDS officials start visit
06/12/2006 Medication Use Crucial After Stent Placement
06/12/2006 Meditation may help heart patients
06/12/2006 Coffee may reduce risk of cirrhosis
06/12/2006 Gene test may show who can skip chemo
06/12/2006 GSK's Wellbutrin OK'd for winter blues
06/12/2006 Analysis Lilly's Forteo may be too costly
06/12/2006 The Age of Autism But is Wakefield right?
06/12/2006 Diabetes test using light effective
06/12/2006 Medicaid Requirements Tightened
06/12/2006 Diabetes Among Mentally Ill Rises
06/12/2006 Napolitano Named President and CEO
06/12/2006 Xact Aid, Inc. Announces Signing of Acquisition Agreement
06/12/2006 EPA quietly attempts to radically change pollution rules
06/12/2006 Correction Bird-Flu-Alaska story
06/12/2006 Plant substance helps in healing wounds
06/12/2006 Regional differences in Hodgkin's disease
06/12/2006 Addison-Davis Diagnostics, Inc. Announces PharTech Distribution Agreement
06/12/2006 Diabetics lose weight on Byetta, Lilly
06/12/2006 Analysis AMA mulls rule for military docs
06/12/2006 Seminar planned to integrate health and spirituality
06/12/2006 Asthma Drugs May Boost Cataract Risk for Elderly
06/12/2006 World Cup can be bad for your health
06/12/2006 Check fridge before you eat, warn health agencies
06/12/2006 Protherics Plc Holdings in Company 1
06/12/2006 Protherics Plc Holdings in Company 2
06/12/2006 Baby Born To Brain-Dead Woman
06/12/2006 Antidepressant approved for winter blues
06/12/2006 Catholic Health Partners sued for back wages
06/12/2006 Local public health departments gain accreditation
06/12/2006 Folic acid may help prevent certain throat cancers
06/12/2006 Booming Human Body Parts Business Poses Deadly Health Risks
06/12/2006 WHO To Set Up Disease Center In China
06/12/2006 Radiation offers perk in lung cancer
06/12/2006 Ceragenix testing bladder-cancer drug
06/12/2006 AMA to target unhealthy diets
06/12/2006 Flo Healthcare Unveils Enhanced Power Supply
06/12/2006 Lumetra Welcomes Allison Snow to Lead Healthcare Quality and Performance Improvement Initiatives
06/12/2006 Folic acid may prevent cancer progression
06/12/2006 Clinical Trials Update June 12, 2006
06/12/2006 Exubera on par with insulin shot - firm
06/12/2006 Lumenis' Selecta II approved in China
06/12/2006 Avecia to develop stable anthrax vaccine
06/12/2006 Transplants succeed in mentally retarded
06/12/2006 Some with diabetes have no complications
06/12/2006 In the dock the man who caused the great MMR scare
06/12/2006 Asthma program doesn't benefit inner-city kids
06/12/2006 Moore introduces national health care network bill
06/12/2006 AVX Corporation Selects OpenPages FCM for Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
06/12/2006 NexMed Appoints Vivian Liu as Chief Operating Officer
06/12/2006 Smith & Nephew Plc announces Director/PDMR Shareholding
06/12/2006 Improving health earns extra vacation time
06/12/2006 Asthma warning over thunderstorms
06/12/2006 No Porton Down test charges
06/12/2006 Govt considering law on euthanasia
06/12/2006 Few options for young inmates needing mental-health care in Terrebonne
06/12/2006 Senator Michale Kirby to discuss mental health reform at occupational therapy research symposium
06/12/2006 After dropping for years, U.S. teen smoking levels off
06/12/2006 Bhangra workout is a sweaty fitness celebration
06/12/2006 Carol's Blog Don't Forget Water
06/12/2006 Beer Ingredient May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer, Study Says
06/12/2006 FDA To Enforce Drug Tracking Law
06/12/2006 Chain Store Guide Announces New Partnership
06/12/2006 MEDHOST Selected as Newest Member of Electronic Health Records Vendor Association
06/12/2006 FW off ventilator, making progress
06/12/2006 MP backs bid for carers to get regular health checks
06/12/2006 Healthy £4m boost to help Capital stem cell centre
06/12/2006 Oramed Pharmaceuticals Combats Diabetes with Oral Insulin
06/12/2006 Diabetes charity condemns diabetic 'treat foods'
06/12/2006 Mozambique Guebuza Inaugurates Health Centre
06/12/2006 Mississippi's Governor wants Program to Improve his State's Health
06/12/2006 HIV and Aids curable, public servants believe
06/12/2006 Key Ingredient In Beer May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer
06/12/2006 Health program for immigrant kids has more openings than anticipated
06/12/2006 MethylGene to Present at Pacific Growth Equities' 2006 Life Sciences Growth Conference
06/12/2006 Ontario urged to ban sun beds for under-18s
06/12/2006 Beer ingredient may fight prostate cancer study
06/12/2006 Haefner teaches how to swim for fun, health
06/12/2006 Namibia Health Officials Say Polio Vaccine Arrival Iminent
06/12/2006 AMS Homecare and WIS-X in Agreement
06/12/2006 Mississippi Governor On Mission To Get State Healthy
06/12/2006 Your Child's Habits
06/12/2006 Wallbridge Starts Summer Program with Three Drills
06/12/2006 Former "Baywatch" Beauty Carmen Electra Joins Luvoo
06/12/2006 Wellness pays as health costs shift
06/12/2006 Australian healthcare workers don't wash hands often enough
06/12/2006 Canadian Soldiers Get 300,000 Free Condoms
06/12/2006 Agency critical of health care for mentally retarded
06/12/2006 'Hygiene better than drugs' in bird flu fight
06/12/2006 Experimental drug effective in reducing diabetic vision loss Study
06/12/2006 Something rotten at the heart of the NHS
06/12/2006 'The solution is to depoliticise healthcare'
06/12/2006 The battle for Battledown
06/12/2006 'With the ward gone, I've lost my security'
06/12/2006 Teens get lessons in healthy eating, living
06/12/2006 Miss. governor aims for healthier state
06/12/2006 "Polypill" predicted to prevent millions of deaths from diabetes in U.S.
06/12/2006 Halo 2.1 ? Leading the Way in Safety Analysis
06/12/2006 Soccer World Cup proving to be bad for health
06/12/2006 Harmony Healthcare helps patients recover
06/12/2006 Men 'need to talk about health'
06/12/2006 Health cuts debated in parliament
06/12/2006 Specialist fails to sway Govt on new hospital
06/12/2006 Frail and Ill, but Still Focused on Global Health
06/12/2006 Radiotherapy damage blocked
06/12/2006 NHS backing for Herceptin
06/12/2006 Privacy issues loom in push for electronic medical records
06/12/2006 Standardized treatment best for nursing home patients
06/12/2006 Stereo sound
06/12/2006 What's the difference between regular light bulbs and halogen bulbs?
06/12/2006 A rare creature steps back into the limelight
06/12/2006 Debate over repressed memories heats up with 1,000 challenge
06/12/2006 He can build them better, faster, sexier
06/12/2006 If you have reflux, should you get an endoscopy?
06/12/2006 MMR doctor 'to face GMC charges'
06/12/2006 Finnish study suggests TV can disturb children's sleep patterns
06/12/2006 Natural products can protect skin from harmful sunrays
06/12/2006 Drinking plenty of water helps reduce risk of dry skin when flying
06/12/2006 Scientists seek ties between osteoporosis, other diseases
06/12/2006 From drug industry to global health Key exec joins Gates Foundation
06/11/2006 Costs Slow Adoption of E-health Record Systems
06/11/2006 Dental Care Just a Faint Dream for Va. Homeless
06/11/2006 Malaysia's first transplanted kidney recipient dies after cat bite
06/11/2006 CircusFit urges kids to move, move, move
06/11/2006 Duravest Lead Sponsor of BioDevice Partnering Conference June 13 and 14
06/11/2006 Nightmares haunt five-year-old fire survivor
06/11/2006 Cervical cancer vaccine has gone a long way
06/11/2006 Omega-3 improves kids' behavior study
06/11/2006 Health briefs
06/11/2006 Dieting war strategy Give in to win
06/11/2006 Erie County Says Casino Site a Health Hazard
06/11/2006 In Diabetes, One More Burden for the Mentally Ill
06/11/2006 Govt quizzed over health chief's departure
06/11/2006 Fewer foreign doctors may mean trouble for SA
06/11/2006 World’s First Hot Pepper Nasal Spray Officially Registered With The FDA
06/11/2006 Researchers Mysterious mad cow cases in U.S.
06/11/2006 Researchers study winter's mood effects
06/11/2006 Who Belongs in the Zoo?
06/11/2006 Lung test for children under five
06/11/2006 Omega-3 improves children's behavior research
06/11/2006 Call to scrap diabetes treat food
06/11/2006 Quadriplegic forced to abandon overseas stem cell treatment
06/11/2006 Women's network gathers info on rural nurses
06/11/2006 Health risk from bad food hygiene
06/11/2006 Football bid to aid mental health
06/11/2006 Punjab spending Rs 6b on health sector Elahi
06/11/2006 Human health may be the cost of a nuclear future
06/11/2006 Lilly drug helps reduce diabetic vision loss study
06/11/2006 Piercing precautions
06/11/2006 Latest U.S. mad-cow cases are 'atypical' form
06/11/2006 Barbour wants program to improve his state's health
06/11/2006 Mainstream News Health tests could be given without permission
06/11/2006 Gov challenges Topinka to debate on health care
06/11/2006 Diabetes is surging worldwide
06/11/2006 Study Beer ingredient may help prevent prostate cancer
06/11/2006 6,000 kids, adults may have gotten bad vaccines
06/11/2006 Health Advances Create Tissue Trade
06/11/2006 Mississippi governor aims for healthier state
06/11/2006 Blagojevich Asks To Debate On Health Care
06/11/2006 Diplomats U.S. criticizes EU plan to pay PA health workers
06/11/2006 Beer ingredient may help prevent prostate cancer
06/11/2006 Researchers Cite Rare Strain In Texas, Ala. Mad Cow Cases
06/11/2006 Miss. Governor Aims for Healthier State
06/11/2006 Mad cow cases in Texas, Alabama appear to be mysterious strain
06/11/2006 Driver Sought Mt. Healthy Hit-And-Run
06/11/2006 Scandal rocks human tissue industry
06/11/2006 Mad Cow Cases In Texas, Ala. Appear To Be Rare Strain
06/11/2006 The Health of Fatherhood
06/11/2006 American Diabetes Association Announces Launch of In Silico Diabetes Research Center
06/11/2006 Chinese Moss Extract Tested as Alzheimer's Drug
06/11/2006 Civilians the forgotten victims of Iraq stress disorder
06/11/2006 Changes are a good start B.C. medical official
06/11/2006 Doctors group to target unhealthy diets
06/11/2006 Altus man elected health board president
06/11/2006 Health language interpreters being trained
06/11/2006 Health-care crisis looming for Hoosiers
06/11/2006 KOMO HealthWatch
06/11/2006 Fed-up doctor sidesteps insurance company limits
06/11/2006 Shorter period of taking antibiotics could avoid drug resistance
06/11/2006 Are you sporting the right socks?
06/10/2006 New program makes health insurance a reality
06/10/2006 Health insurance for low-income expats in UAE
06/10/2006 A Dose Of Genius
06/10/2006 Marshalls Creek woman wins car for selling health/beauty products
06/10/2006 Clinical Trials Update June 9, 2006
06/10/2006 Tropical depression heading to US
06/10/2006 Generation X 'puts on weight faster'
06/10/2006 Concern Grows Over Increase in Diabetes Around World
06/10/2006 The Basics In Drug Tests, Enhancements Are Needed
06/10/2006 Actress is back on stage after health traumas
06/10/2006 A Sixth Sense for a Wired World
06/10/2006 Gen X-ers pack on the fat study
06/10/2006 Health Department Offers Tire Amnesty To Prevent West Nile Virus
06/10/2006 Sunscreen thyroid effect concerns
06/10/2006 Contraceptive pill aid for women
06/10/2006 Bangladesh to vaccinate kids for polio
06/10/2006 What patients need to know about clinical trials
06/10/2006 Cervical cancer vaccine effective on women over 25 GlaxoSmithKline
06/10/2006 US OKs first cervical cancer vaccine
06/10/2006 Survey seeks to solve Sept 11 health mysteries
06/10/2006 Officials begin survey for 9/11 registry
06/10/2006 FDA approves cervical cancer vaccine
06/10/2006 Taming a Childhood Scourge
06/10/2006 Strict Parenting Can Produce Overweight Kids
06/10/2006 Is It Raining Aliens?
06/10/2006 Cosby gives 3 million for mental health
06/10/2006 Haryana to spend Rs 750 crore on rural health Hooda
06/10/2006 G8 says global economy in rude health but energy prices a worry
06/10/2006 How to quality-check a tissue donor
06/10/2006 Nasty bugs can come from donor tissue
06/10/2006 Town rallies against health cuts
06/10/2006 Energy Drinks Bubble Up
06/10/2006 Rising star India highlights transparency for healthy economy at G8 meeting
06/10/2006 Study finds Canadians are healthier than Americans
06/10/2006 Should We Have Universal Health Care?
06/10/2006 Lyme Time What Do You Know?
06/10/2006 Healthcareâs Shifting Strategy
06/10/2006 Doctors reluctant to step up diabetes drug doses
06/10/2006 Franz tune in to free African healthcare fight
06/10/2006 Pioneering crisis centre for mental health patients wins city go-ahead
06/10/2006 Myanmar opposition leader's health remains a mystery
06/10/2006 Teen Smoking Levels Off In Recent Years, Study Says
06/10/2006 State health plan could soon pay off
06/10/2006 Fallen eaglet back in good health
06/10/2006 Hospital avoidable for some elderly with pneumonia
06/10/2006 U.S. Concerned Over Burmese Opposition Leader's Health
06/10/2006 Concern over health of Burma's Opposition leader
06/10/2006 Radical program proposed to improve health profile
06/10/2006 Teen convicted in school plot sent to mental health facility
06/10/2006 Scientists found specific gene connected to asthma
06/10/2006 Mrs De Klerk optimistic about FW condition
06/10/2006 IOL Health
06/10/2006 Wireless Email Breathes New Life Into Government Healthcare
06/10/2006 Medical Doctors Present Scientific Evidence of Divine Healing at Conference in the Philippines
06/10/2006 Diaper Rash...Go Away and Don't Come Back Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention
06/10/2006 Danish scientists found specific gene connected to asthma
06/10/2006 In health care, less is more
06/10/2006 De Klerk doing much better, says his wife
06/10/2006 Sleeping pill woke up man in coma
06/10/2006 WebMD Health
06/10/2006 Bird flu human transmission probable in Indonesia
06/09/2006 Wounds Salved, Clinton Returns to Health Care
06/09/2006 Scientific device mimics human touch
06/09/2006 Parents of stillborn should get counselling support group
06/09/2006 While in Surgery, Do You Prefer Abba or Verdi?
06/09/2006 Radiotherapy cell damage blocked
06/09/2006 World Bank fighting disease in Africa
06/09/2006 Analysis Mental patients help peers
06/09/2006 Death of W.H.O. Head Is Major Loss for Global Health
06/09/2006 Health care emerging as key issue in governor's race
06/09/2006 Study Teen Smoking Drops For Years, Now Levels Off
06/09/2006 Wounds Salved, Clinton Returns to Health Care
06/09/2006 Gov't Teen Smoking Rates Unchanged In Recent Years
06/09/2006 Study Teen Smoking Drops For Years, Now Levels Off
06/09/2006 Polio Takes Unexpected Toll in Namibia
06/09/2006 Cruise ship returns after 115 get sick
06/09/2006 Researcher Worms may help bowel disease
06/09/2006 Radiotherapy cell damage blocked
06/09/2006 Get a life what's it all about?
06/09/2006 New ager Ayurveda
06/09/2006 States to get more Medicaid research help
06/09/2006 FDA Approves Use of Vaccine for Cervical Cancer
06/09/2006 Herpes Vaccine Might Prevent AIDS Deaths
06/09/2006 Polio Strikes Adults In Namibia
06/09/2006 Clampdown on abuse of NHS staff
06/09/2006 How To Curb Your Cravings
06/09/2006 Small things can increase child safety
06/09/2006 Men infer sexual interest before women
06/09/2006 Analysis Blues start transparency program
06/09/2006 Analysis Experts split on AstraZeneca
06/09/2006 FDA OKs new doses for Lotrel
06/09/2006 Health Care Company Gets 9M
06/09/2006 Lack of sleep can ruin a vacation
06/09/2006 Most stings annoying, but some serious
06/09/2006 Universal health coverage possible, AHA president says
06/09/2006 Analysis Illegal drugs in pharmacies
06/09/2006 New group will check wild birds for flu
06/09/2006 Teen convicted in school plot sent to mental health facility
06/09/2006 US worried over Sui Kyi's health
06/09/2006 The Age of Autism Gardasil vs. Hep B
06/09/2006 Better to give than to receive
06/09/2006 Device tests to detect shock
06/09/2006 Why some have love-hate relationships
06/09/2006 Corticosteroids may help premature babies
06/09/2006 A lighter-touch laser treatment available
06/09/2006 What's Best For Bedwetting?
06/09/2006 Taming a Childhood Scourge
06/09/2006 Hospitals sue Pataki over health funding cuts
06/09/2006 Whipworm Eggs Fight Bowel Problems, Professor Says
06/09/2006 Tummy Trouble? Try Eating Worm Eggs, Doc Says
06/09/2006 Louisiana Blue Cross Offering Customers More Health Record Information Online
06/09/2006 Univers
06/09/2006 Regal Provides Update on American Stem Cell Distribution
06/09/2006 Bush adds four African nations to anti-malaria campaign
06/09/2006 D.C. Institute warns on proposed health-care legislation
06/09/2006 Scientists hope to cure Alzheimer's with piglet clones
06/09/2006 W.H.O. Judges Polio Outbreak as Highly Unusual
06/09/2006 Ped Med The `why` of childhood depression
06/09/2006 Who Will Get, and Pay For, the Cervical Cancer Vaccine?
06/09/2006 Restaurant Brand shareholders question health policies
06/09/2006 Drug maker focused on women's health files for 1B IPO
06/09/2006 Oguaa health workers join nationwide strike
06/09/2006 No polio threat in SA Health
06/09/2006 Patients on admission ignorant of health sector strike
06/09/2006 FDA to require drug tracking
06/09/2006 Geelani granted bail on health grounds
06/09/2006 Couch potatoes offered hope for a healthy life
06/09/2006 Migraine sufferers have higher sex desire
06/09/2006 Ascension OK'd on foot arthritis implant
06/09/2006 High-tech drug tracking slower than hoped, US says
06/09/2006 Ped Med The 'why' of childhood depression
06/09/2006 Eat To Live FDA sued over biotech foods
06/09/2006 Study Yoga helps breast cancer patients
06/09/2006 No canned tuna, magazine warns pregnant women
06/09/2006 Coastal Holdings, Inc. Issues Reminder of 1501 Forward Stock Split
06/09/2006 Government to focus on preventive mode of healthcare
06/09/2006 BioSphere Medical OK'd on guidewire
06/09/2006 Most men don't know hypertension/ED link
06/09/2006 Heatstroke can be fatal
06/09/2006 Swimmer's ear can be avoided
06/09/2006 Warning on health-care legislation
06/09/2006 Repeat Corticosteroids in Pregnancy Cuts Preemie Illness
06/09/2006 Clinical Trials Update June 9, 2006
06/09/2006 Study 1 in 5 students practice self-injury
06/09/2006 Candy makers slimming down treats
06/09/2006 Low-carb diets not a threat to bone health, study finds
06/09/2006 Study Blood pressure drugs raise birth defect risk
06/09/2006 Health panel Americans want universal care
06/09/2006 FDA OKs first cervical cancer vaccine
06/09/2006 Infants' food allergies less common than parents believe
06/09/2006 Health
06/09/2006 Women.s skin tone influences perception of beauty, health, age, sociobiologists find
06/09/2006 Bird flu hits Hungary's domestic poultry stocks
06/09/2006 GSK, Pozen approvable for migraine drug
06/09/2006 Child restraints safer than seat belts in a crash
06/09/2006 Baby attack doctor can keep job
06/09/2006 Ranbaxy, Invagen to make generic Zonegran
06/09/2006 Burundi Side effects of free maternal, child healthcare
06/09/2006 Being busy may help family bonding
06/09/2006 Disabilities in some books inaccurate
06/09/2006 Caregivers less likely to take drugs
06/09/2006 Renal Solutions OK'd on dialysis device
06/09/2006 FDA OK's Gardasil for cervical cancer
06/09/2006 Shorter antibiotics course still works
06/09/2006 Millennium seeks lymphoma use for Velcade
06/09/2006 Novacea Appoints Paul Laland as Vice President, Corporate Communications