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05/25/2006 Japanese diet healthier than American, study says
05/25/2006 Cardima Receives FDA Market Clearance for New Surgical Ablation System
05/25/2006 Pathology and Cytology Laboratories Inc. Selects MediSolution's Laboratory Information System to Improve Operational Efficiency
05/25/2006 Medicure to Present Matched Results at the American Diabetes Association's 66th Annual Scientific Sessions
05/25/2006 Anti-Aging Medical Group Officially Opens New Office in Hong Kong
05/25/2006 Que. health minister furious over newspaper ads
05/25/2006 Media opportunities World Health Assembly
05/25/2006 Solos Endoscopy, Inc. Introduces New Instrumentation for the Ear, Nose, and Throat ENT Market
05/25/2006 Gene Express Expands Strategic Agreement With VWR International
05/25/2006 Flu cluster doesn't bug health pros
05/25/2006 Assisted Fertilization Could Boost Pregnancy Complication Risk
05/25/2006 Health Tip Remember to Take Your Medications
05/25/2006 Golfer kindness is music to girl ears
05/25/2006 Code for pharmacists published for comment
05/25/2006 Mental Health Center Debate is Between Executive, County Board
05/25/2006 Governor to sign health care reform bill today
05/25/2006 'Healthy' foods can be pitfall for dieters
05/25/2006 IVF may raise risk of pregnancy complication
05/25/2006 Governor to sign health care reform bill today
05/25/2006 Gujarat Health Minister hospitalised
05/25/2006 Biosyntech Appoints New Board Member
05/25/2006 U.S. health agency to meet on Kerr-McGee Columbus issue
05/25/2006 Six-organ transplant for baby girl
05/25/2006 BTV Features Playfair Mining, OnePersonHealth, Everton Resources and Dianor Resources
05/25/2006 SciClone Reports Final Results From Second ZADAXIN U.S. Phase 3 Hepatitis C Trial
05/25/2006 Regulators slam drug trial firm
05/25/2006 Roob health delays meetings
05/25/2006 Douglas Set to Sign Health Care Reform Bill
05/25/2006 Committee flays govt for including external aid in health bud
05/25/2006 Lemonade Vs. Kidney Stones
05/25/2006 Dozens quarantined in Indonesian bird flu village
05/25/2006 Health services crippled in Punjab, Haryana
05/25/2006 Openness of health consortium eyed
05/25/2006 Health trust to give 1.9M back
05/24/2006 Trinity Biotech Acquires Coagulation Product Line of bioMérieux
05/24/2006 Around the Markets In health, small stocks stay strong
05/24/2006 Indonesian doctors say Suharto's health is improving
05/24/2006 Flu Roundup Confusion in Iran
05/24/2006 ADHD drugs send thousands to ERs U.S. study
05/24/2006 Skeletal muscle atrophy `switch` found
05/24/2006 MIT researcher creates `seeing machine`
05/24/2006 Analysis Vertex`s VX-950 impresses
05/24/2006 Real Resources Inc. announces coal bed methane contingent resource potential
05/24/2006 Indonesian Family Passed Bird Flu Among Themselves, Health O
05/24/2006 Health Officials Investigate Possible Person-to-Person Spread of Bird Flu
05/24/2006 Analysis Vertex's VX-950 impresses
05/24/2006 Sickest 1% equali 22% of health spending
05/24/2006 Seattle area gets child insurance plan
05/24/2006 Quebec health minister calls doctors' ads 'deplorable'
05/24/2006 Japan's Diet Said Healthier Than American
05/24/2006 Japan's diet said healthier than American
05/24/2006 Family's Bird Flu Deaths Spark Worry
05/24/2006 'One puff' link to future smoking
05/24/2006 Prostate therapy benefits doubted
05/24/2006 IVF pregnancy complication link
05/24/2006 F&P Healthcare profit up 14 per cent
05/24/2006 Health Minute 05-24-2006
05/24/2006 NUM demands Aids drugs for workers
05/24/2006 Many Cleaners, Air Fresheners May Pose Health Risks When Used Indoors
05/24/2006 FluWrap Confusion in Iran
05/24/2006 Low-carb diet, no effect on bone loss
05/24/2006 Asthma linked to cold dry air exposure
05/24/2006 Any alcohol in pregnancy may be too much
05/24/2006 Caregiving Chairs need arms
05/24/2006 Small gains for colonoscopy in elderly
05/24/2006 Overweight linked to poverty in teens
05/24/2006 Positive attitude tested in mentally ill
05/24/2006 Is TV bad for babies? Stay tuned
05/24/2006 News 4 Health Seatbelt safety
05/24/2006 Kelso Says Aid Cuts Endanger Mental Health Center
05/24/2006 Aradigm Corporation Receives Nasdaq Notice of Non-Compliance
05/24/2006 Portable, Personal Health Insurance Solves Many Consumer Problems
05/24/2006 UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News
05/24/2006 Health officials investigate three case of measles in same company
05/24/2006 Demand for primary care physicians rises
05/24/2006 May 24 HealthLink briefs
05/24/2006 ADHD Drugs Send Thousands To ER Each Year
05/24/2006 PDAs can provide classroom feedback
05/24/2006 Supersized food may not be a bargain
05/24/2006 Study Marijuana doesn't raise cancer risk
05/24/2006 Eat To Live Eggs are back to health
05/24/2006 Millions Take ADHD Drugs, Thousands Go To ER
05/24/2006 Medicare tells insurers to nix drug card logos
05/24/2006 PanAfrica Closer FAO-OIE Cooperation to Combat Health Scourges
05/24/2006 Fen-Phen Drug Gets Settlement Approval
05/24/2006 Study To Look At Lymphoma, Virus Link
05/24/2006 Study Names Can Cause Discrimination
05/24/2006 Study Parents encourage tots to watch TV
05/24/2006 Skeletal Muscle Atrophy 'Switch' Found
05/24/2006 Immune-Activating Cells Found In Intestine
05/24/2006 State to enforce nail salon health code
05/24/2006 Ozone Smog What's Health Got to Do with It?
05/24/2006 Healthy Spiny Lobsters Instinctively Shun Sick Counterparts
05/24/2006 Natural Harmony Foods Re-Brands Heart Healthy Product Line Under SoLeanR Name
05/24/2006 Young U.S. adults may lack health coverage
05/24/2006 Kids and TV Parents don't practice what experts preach
05/24/2006 Vibra Healthcare acquires Dallas hospital
05/24/2006 Kids and TV Parents don't follow experts' advice
05/24/2006 RealMoney Radio A Little Healthy Cynicism
05/24/2006 Michigan's Rouge River Returns to Health
05/24/2006 Rouge River returns to health after long history of pollution
05/24/2006 Bliss Out With Bunny Yoga's Web Zen-Sation!
05/24/2006 New device approved for neck pain
05/24/2006 Young Adults Lacking Health Insurance
05/24/2006 New women‚s health center breaks ground
05/24/2006 Ultrasound for prostate cancer tested
05/24/2006 Study finds no marijuana-lung cancer link
05/24/2006 Study Music reduces pain, depression
05/24/2006 Study Video games can help cut surgical errors
05/24/2006 Herceptin set for EU approval
05/24/2006 Hospital may cut matrons
05/24/2006 Possible Human-to-Human Bird Flu Case With Indonesian Family
05/24/2006 A New Bird Flu Cluster
05/24/2006 Safety seat demonstration, check-up clinic underway
05/24/2006 CORRECTION Cymbalta affects sexual function less than Lexapro
05/24/2006 Colorado gets a 'C+' in health study
05/24/2006 WHO Not Ruling Out Human Bird Flu Jump
05/24/2006 Teen Cell Phone Use Tied To Unhappiness
05/24/2006 Many U.S. States Not Ready For Pandemic
05/24/2006 Health experts worry over human bird flu cluster
05/24/2006 Police Woman posed as health-care worker to steal valuables
05/24/2006 Muhammad questions Malvo on mental health
05/24/2006 California Pushes Government Takeover of Health Care System
05/24/2006 Analysis Massachusetts Health Care Plan Intrusive, Expensive
05/24/2006 New Treatment for Fibromyalgia Breakthrough 'Frequency Specific Microcurrent' Therapy Approved by FDA
05/24/2006 Elder D.C. Sniper Questions Malvo's Mental Health
05/24/2006 Repeat bladder-cancer testing doubted
05/24/2006 AVI BioPharma antibiotic patented
05/24/2006 Major Health Care Announcement For Windsor<!--Windsor-->
05/24/2006 Mice inherit trait without the gene
05/24/2006 Dementia symptoms linked to caregiver
05/24/2006 New application may rid reading glasses
05/24/2006 Review No hypertension, dementia link
05/24/2006 U.N. Can't Find Source Of Family's Bird Flu
05/24/2006 Kelly Scientific Resources Opens Office in Auckland, New Zealand
05/24/2006 Clinical Trials Update May 24, 2006
05/24/2006 Mad Cows and Englishmen
05/24/2006 Lawmakers take up health program
05/24/2006 Sebelius will speak at KC health care forum
05/24/2006 Health experts downplay risk, warn against vaccine ban
05/24/2006 Doctor's diary
05/24/2006 Niacin by prescription has no over-the-counter equivalent
05/24/2006 Four ways to pamper summer skin
05/24/2006 WHO No plans to raise bird flu alert
05/24/2006 Bird-Flu Hits Family With No Known Animal Contact
05/24/2006 Analysis FDA drug-safety measure nixed
05/24/2006 WHO Issues Warning About Indonesian Bird Flu Deaths
05/24/2006 Cardinal Health snaps up medical firm with 50 employees
05/24/2006 Map reveals research 'priorities'
05/24/2006 Cardinal Health acquires Denver Biomedical
05/24/2006 A woman's quest for sight and 'seeing machine'
05/24/2006 Wrestling with psychiatric cures
05/24/2006 Do many roles make healthy women?
05/24/2006 Lawmakers take up health program
05/24/2006 Peregrine's bavituximab inhibits bird flu
05/24/2006 Bavarian Nordic launches U.S. vaccine biz
05/24/2006 Analysis FDA drug-safety measure nixed
05/24/2006 Many cleaners, air fresheners may pose health risks when used indoors
05/24/2006 WHO No urgent meeting on bird flu
05/24/2006 UN officials 'stumped' by human bird flu deaths
05/24/2006 Health chiefs fear worst over bird flu family
05/24/2006 WHO 'Worrying' bird flu cluster in humans
05/24/2006 Bond issue for health building off ballot
05/24/2006 Statement from the Minister of Health regarding the passing of Heather Crowe
05/24/2006 World Health Organization says no sign of bird flu mutation in massive scale
05/24/2006 Jacksons looking for good health for Barbaro, not big bucks
05/24/2006 Swiss Medica Annouces That TVA Productions Media Campaign to Support O24 Fibromyalgia Has Commenced
05/24/2006 UCB Completes Mutual Recognition Procedure for EquasymTM XL
05/24/2006 New York Health Care, Inc. Reports Financial Results for 1st Quarter 2006
05/24/2006 Family's Bird Flu Deaths Are A Worry
05/24/2006 Fee-based birth registry skews statistics doctor
05/24/2006 U.S. drug company to move trials to Canada
05/24/2006 Stem cell injection may stop urine leakage study
05/24/2006 High-Dose Vaccine May Help Elderly Beat Seasonal Flu
05/24/2006 Health Tip Wash Your Hands the Right Way
05/24/2006 Unhappy home link to appearance
05/24/2006 New ambulances roll out
05/24/2006 New dental complaints system
05/24/2006 Sleeping may help keep you slim
05/24/2006 Colonoscopy may not benefit the very elderly
05/24/2006 Gene transfer appears safe as impotence therapy
05/24/2006 WHO concerned about human bird flu cluster
05/24/2006 AtheroGenics Names Brian Blakey as Vice President of Marketing
05/24/2006 Roche and Entelos Announce Collaboration in Metabolic Disease Research
05/24/2006 Herceptin given European approval
05/24/2006 Health chiefs fear worst over family killed by bird flu
05/24/2006 Health Canada advises consumers not to use weight loss products containing ephedrine and caffeine.
05/24/2006 New Canada-Brazil Partnership for Children's Health in Haiti
05/24/2006 Minister Tony Clement Progress for Canada at World Health Assembly meeting
05/24/2006 Norton Healthcare announces major demolition at downtown complex
05/24/2006 Bird flu cluster in humans worries health officials
05/24/2006 Discount Health Benefits Plans A Sensible Alternative to Traditional Insurance Plans
05/24/2006 Alternative therapies a lifeline or drain on the health service?
05/24/2006 Suharto's health improves but remains critical
05/24/2006 Bhengu family accuses TAC of exploitation
05/24/2006 UCT in line to land prestigious laboratory
05/24/2006 Lawmakers vow not to reinstate health perk
05/24/2006 More teens who are poor are obese, too
05/24/2006 Mariners could use healthy dose of Bonds
05/24/2006 230 new hospital beds for WA
05/24/2006 One Man's Crusade
05/24/2006 Patients get the silent treatment
05/24/2006 COTE D IVOIRE Civil war all but wiped out health care, HIV/AIDS facilities
05/24/2006 Funeral arrangements for Dr LEE Jong-wook, Director-General of the World Health Organization
05/24/2006 For women, less sleep ups obesity risk
05/24/2006 Ventura County's Fiscal Health Improves
05/24/2006 Two more meningoccocal cases diagnosed
05/24/2006 Virginity pledges reveal some insights about truth
05/24/2006 Feeling the sneeze More of us seeking relief from allergies
05/24/2006 Healthier Skin in a Pill
05/24/2006 Ukraine&apos;s Health Ministrt cut down ARV drug price
05/24/2006 Eye warning call for cigarettes
05/23/2006 Experts gather in Cuba to discuss fighting disease-carrying insects
05/23/2006 Medical response to Hurricane Katrina focus of 2006 European eHealth Conference and Exhibition
05/23/2006 Young Adults Lacking Health Insurance
05/23/2006 Survey shows export sector in good health
05/23/2006 NSW state schools ban soft drink
05/23/2006 West Virginia and Kentucky Alter Medicaid
05/23/2006 Health Minute Weight training
05/23/2006 Analysis Forest`s Lexapro safe for now
05/23/2006 Cancer Researchers Court Families
05/23/2006 HEALTH-GUINEA Mice Away, Virus at Bay
05/23/2006 Vigo council uses 40K to help fund health care services at St. Ann Clinic
05/23/2006 More shuteye, slimmer bods?
05/23/2006 Proponents Press Senate on Stem Cell Research Measure
05/23/2006 HEALTH-GUINEA Mice Away, Virus at Bay
05/23/2006 Sleep Deprived? Doctor's All Natural Aid Helps Many To Sleep Like a Baby
05/23/2006 Study finds no marijuana link to lung cancer
05/23/2006 Wis. Governor Signs Abstinence Bill
05/23/2006 Can food make you crazy?
05/23/2006 U.S. lab to monitor for bird flu arrival
05/23/2006 Device tested that zaps asthmatic airways
05/23/2006 Health group predicts hospital to turn away more patients
05/23/2006 Dental complaints system launched
05/23/2006 Hepatitis C care 'fails patients'
05/23/2006 EMR, Health IT Product Awards Go to Smaller Companies
05/23/2006 Wyoming receives grant to work on health network privacy
05/23/2006 Sunrise Medical Laboratories Selects MediSolution's Business Intelligence Solution to Improve Revenue Cycle Management Efficiency
05/23/2006 MD Biosciences Launches Neurology Discovery Services
05/23/2006 Study aims at acid reflux-cancer link
05/23/2006 WebMD Health
05/23/2006 Poor teens more obese than peers, study says
05/23/2006 Lab Prepares for Bird Flu Testing
05/23/2006 Anemia drugs do not reduce cancer deaths
05/23/2006 Brits move toward covering aromatase drugs
05/23/2006 The Age of Autism Pox - Part 7
05/23/2006 Selenium may guard against prostate cancer
05/23/2006 Youth adversity may make adults gullible
05/23/2006 Flavanol-rich cocoa may be good for skin
05/23/2006 Health administrator's job on line amid harrasment complaints
05/23/2006 Politicians urged to stay out of mental health release decisions
05/23/2006 Carol's Blog Diet Friendly Restaurants
05/23/2006 The Ethical Dilemmas of Immortality
05/23/2006 Govt has allocated additional funds to health, education
05/23/2006 PCR machines to provide better healthcare to patients
05/23/2006 Pfizer Viagra vision-loss effect is tiny
05/23/2006 Analysis Forest's Lexapro safe for now
05/23/2006 Analysis Local govts. plan for mass flu
05/23/2006 High-risk women should get breast cancer MRI study
05/23/2006 Poverty Increases Teens' Risk of Overweight
05/23/2006 UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News
05/23/2006 Kathy Blum Joins Misys Healthcare Systems Executive Team
05/23/2006 ASK DR. MANNY Can We Change Our Health Destiny?
05/23/2006 Study Air pollution linked to early death
05/23/2006 Hypertension drug warning for Hispanics
05/23/2006 Health Minute 05-232006
05/23/2006 Indonesia Health workers track possible human to human transmission of H5N1
05/23/2006 BioSante bird-flu vaccine advancing
05/23/2006 Medtronic Earnings Rise
05/23/2006 Vitamin D in teens linked to lung function
05/23/2006 For Women, Less Sleep = More Pounds
05/23/2006 Toward Immortality The Social Burden of Longer Lives
05/23/2006 What the Fancy Machines Can And Can't Do
05/23/2006 New Sunscreen Protects Skin Better
05/23/2006 WHO Avian Flu Rapidly Spreading in Birds Around World
05/23/2006 ER Urgent Care Centers Signs Agreement to Purchase 4 Centers
05/23/2006 Given Imaging Provides Update on Patent Matters
05/23/2006 Ind. GOP pledges to dump health plan
05/23/2006 Study Shows Teens In Poverty Carry More Weight
05/23/2006 NASA Deep Space Network under pressure
05/23/2006 Health trust withdraws cancer drug from patient
05/23/2006 Poor teens more likely to be overweight
05/23/2006 Study Obesity Rises Faster in Poor Teens
05/23/2006 House leaders pledge not to restore special health benefits
05/23/2006 Analysis Long-lasting ED solutions
05/23/2006 Canadian anti-smoking crusader dies of lung cancer
05/23/2006 Food uncertainty may be linked to gain
05/23/2006 Upping dose may help elderly fight flu
05/23/2006 If shingles suspected, seek doctor
05/23/2006 Afghanistan Four Health Workers Killed in Explosion
05/23/2006 Smith &amp; Nephew PLC announce Director/PDMR Shareholding 4
05/23/2006 Med-Emerg International Inc. Announces Opening of Fifth CPM Pain Clinic
05/23/2006 Norton Healthcare to redevelop downtown campus
05/23/2006 Nausea seen with Wyeth depression drug; shares off
05/23/2006 Beauty Buzzwords May Lack Meaning
05/23/2006 HealthWatch Carbon Monoxide Dangers
05/23/2006 Business Council calls proposed health insurance assessment too costly
05/23/2006 Physical problems are 1st Alzheimer`s sign
05/23/2006 Childhood Sensitivity to Cold Air May Predict Asthma
05/23/2006 Physical Problems Are 1st Alzheimer's Sign
05/23/2006 What Do Words On Skin Products Mean?
05/23/2006 Girl, 8, saved by rare heart op
05/23/2006 Second opinion exhilarating quest for medical truth
05/23/2006 Hoofed feat
05/23/2006 This sporting long-life
05/23/2006 Publication ranks Bluford among top minority health care execs
05/23/2006 N.C. Senate budget high on pay raises, mental health, tax cuts
05/23/2006 Study Americans fail to get preventive healthcare
05/23/2006 Iranian health ministry denies bird flu deaths
05/23/2006 Early violence exposure doesn't raise future risk
05/23/2006 Court Approves Curative's Plan to Eliminate 185 Million in Bondholder Debt
05/23/2006 Lead exposure linked to brain
05/23/2006 Prince Charles plugs acupuncture, herbal meds
05/23/2006 Women also attackers in dating violence
05/23/2006 Clinical Trials Update May 23, 2006
05/23/2006 Scientists Create Artificial Penis
05/23/2006 4 EDT/1 PDT Why Are Poor Kids Heavier?
05/23/2006 Market returns to health; gains 341 pts
05/23/2006 Alcoholics should get pneumococcal vaccine
05/23/2006 Stroke strikes younger victims
05/23/2006 Alza OK'd on post-op pain therapy device
05/23/2006 Czech health care minister and presidential adviser fight in public
05/23/2006 Stress disorder linked to soldiers' ill health
05/23/2006 Ex-Indonesian dictator Suharto's health condition declines
05/23/2006 The circular reasoning scandal of HIV testing
05/23/2006 Experts warn of New England hurricane
05/23/2006 Director General of the World Health Organization Dies
05/23/2006 Four more states, D.C. join lawsuit asserting Teflon health risks
05/23/2006 Cephalon, Pharmacopeia in discovery deal
05/23/2006 Health officials caution about West Nile virus
05/23/2006 Astoria Coast guardsman to receive health services award
05/23/2006 Moody's downgrades UnitedHealth
05/23/2006 Medical scheme hinders freedom of choice
05/23/2006 AnalysisBladder cancer screens needed?
05/23/2006 Schering begins phase 2 trials of ZK-EPO
05/23/2006 Let's learn from global health failures
05/23/2006 Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice
05/23/2006 Painkillers may be harmful to heart
05/23/2006 Malaysian women's futsal tournament promotes healthy living
05/23/2006 Psychologists urge more services, professionals for children
05/23/2006 Hospital giving patients the silent treatment
05/23/2006 Surgeon removed wrong kidney
05/23/2006 Remote diagnosis for sick babies
05/23/2006 Energy Department Considering Overhauling Agency that Oversees Health and Safety
05/23/2006 Radical Experimental Asthma Treatment Zaps Airways
05/23/2006 Checking Medtronic's Heartbeat
05/23/2006 Sims puts child health, global warming on agenda
05/23/2006 Topgun Pilots Teach Teamwork Training to Save Patients? Lives
05/23/2006 Suharto's condition worsening doctors
05/23/2006 Teenager gets a brand new heart
05/23/2006 Alternative therapies on NHS 'should end'
05/23/2006 Health Watch
05/23/2006 Combining vaccines proves potent against bird flu
05/23/2006 XenoPort's reflux drug looks promising
05/23/2006 Gene 'bubble' tested for diabetes
05/23/2006 Cell Genesys unveils bladder cancer drug
05/23/2006 Analysis Will Gardasil nod boost rival?
05/23/2006 Abbott's Humira works for Crohn's
05/23/2006 Seroquel plus SSRIs fights depression
05/23/2006 Kaiser Permanente unveils new products
05/23/2006 Spoonful of healthy habits
05/23/2006 Conference and ?Walk to Remember? to Unite Families Living with Loss of a Child
05/23/2006 Elderly get catheters for no reason
05/23/2006 Lung irritants linked to later problems
05/23/2006 New stool test detects colon cancer
05/23/2006 World Health Assembly opens, mourns death of WHO Director-General
05/23/2006 New hospital CEO says hello, goodbye
05/23/2006 Physical clues to Alzheimer's
05/23/2006 Ban on condom issue
05/23/2006 The High Cost of Asthma Relief
05/23/2006 Family cats increase eczema risk in babies
05/23/2006 Inquiring minds want to know about accent, but telling is optional
05/23/2006 A year for action, if voices can unite
05/23/2006 Think about dessert before your meal