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06/14/2006 AMA seeks waiting period for drug ads
06/14/2006 Health Advisory issued for three Oregon beaches
06/14/2006 Blue Shield seeks to snatch business from former partner UnitedHealth
06/14/2006 HealthTronics names division president
06/14/2006 Among ruins, new plausibility for a biblical tale
06/14/2006 Did Taxes Pay For Pfizer's Profit?
06/14/2006 God Does Not Want You to Be Sick
06/14/2006 Study Shows Impact of Parkinson's Gene
06/14/2006 Wealthy go to U.S. to choose baby's sex
06/14/2006 Health workers' salaries to be paid by June 30
06/14/2006 Researcher mum in human tissue hearing
06/14/2006 Antidepressants linked to suicide risk in elderly
06/14/2006 Eat To Live Cooking, the new food tourism
06/14/2006 Should kidneys be for sale?
06/14/2006 Health Minute Barbershop check up
06/14/2006 UN health agency warns of looming crisis in Palestinian territories due to funds cut-off
06/14/2006 ER System Needs Major Changes, Institute Says
06/14/2006 Better stroke care could save many lives report
06/14/2006 AMA Wants Warning Labels On Salty Foods
06/14/2006 24-Hour Surgery Planned To Separate Twins
06/14/2006 Hot dogs, soup need salt alert, docs say
06/14/2006 Protherics PLC announces Director/PDMR Shareholding 1
06/14/2006 Protherics PLC announces Director/PDMR Shareholding 2
06/14/2006 Your e-mails The family of the future
06/14/2006 Prozac no help for anorexia relapses, study finds
06/14/2006 LA surgeons separating conjoined twins
06/14/2006 Clinical Trials Update June 14, 2006
06/14/2006 Precision Dynamics Named to Prestigious "Healthcare Informatics 100"
06/14/2006 Youth not getting Aids prevention message
06/14/2006 KFC sued for trans fat menu
06/14/2006 Medical Research For Profit
06/14/2006 Senator Michael Kirby to discuss mental health reform at occupational therapy research symposium
06/14/2006 Hospitals cut lethal errors rate
06/14/2006 Horizon Health services under new Web site
06/14/2006 Namibia No polio threat in SA, says health department
06/14/2006 Township gym aims to reduce chronic illness
06/14/2006 Coastal Holdings, Inc. Postpones Record Date of Forward Stock Split
06/14/2006 BioTech Medics Negotiating Fort Worth Affiliate Pain Management Clinic
06/14/2006 Prozac no help for anorexia relapses, study finds
06/14/2006 AMA wants warning labels on high-salt foods
06/14/2006 Program addresses health care
06/14/2006 Home gene tests popular, criticized
06/14/2006 Health ministry orders pay cut for doctors
06/14/2006 Health Tip Examining Yourself for Skin Cancer
06/14/2006 FDA OKs 1st drug for seasonal affective depression
06/14/2006 Novacea Appoints John Walker to Board of Directors
06/14/2006 Researchers Revisit Radiation After Lung Cancer Surgery
06/14/2006 Members of Hong Kong's Health Department wearing protective suits...
06/14/2006 Tulip BioMed Files Patent on Its Hydrophilic Coating Process
06/14/2006 OccuLogix Enters Into Letter of Intent for Proposed Private Sale of Zero-Coupon Convertible Notes
06/14/2006 LA doctors plan to separate conjoined twins
06/14/2006 Prozac failed anorexic women, U.S. study says
06/14/2006 Intestinal bacteria may explain obesity study
06/14/2006 Doctors reject BUPA 'approval'
06/14/2006 Drive to bring down male suicides
06/14/2006 Managers call for NHS honesty
06/14/2006 MP's diagnosis prompts legionnaire's search
06/14/2006 High Blood Sugar Linked To ICU Deaths
06/14/2006 WHO Warns of Humanitarian Health Crisis in Israeli-occupied Palestinian Territories
06/14/2006 State should press on over health insurance
06/14/2006 Factory health probe widened after dog falls ill
06/14/2006 Nurses march against unfair practices
06/14/2006 Auditor-general attacks health reforms
06/14/2006 ADHD and medication practical education for Canadian healthcare professionals
06/14/2006 Health officials prepare avian-flu fight
06/14/2006 Acupuncture effective to relieve symptoms of musculoskeletal disease
06/14/2006 U.S. to offer more money to HIV/AIDS programs
06/14/2006 Health officials recommend reopening three state beaches
06/14/2006 Health experts sound alarm on radon
06/14/2006 Doctor, group sue KFC over high-fat oil
06/14/2006 Prozac therapy fails to help anorexic women in study
06/14/2006 Doctors push mandatory health insurance
06/14/2006 NIH to account for use of tissue samples
06/14/2006 Report Fla. last in U.S. health funds
06/14/2006 Doctors Discovering More Clues to Solve the Mysteries of Infertility
06/14/2006 Chiropractic Fashion Advice
06/14/2006 Understanding a Child's Motivations Is Key to Effective Child Occupational Therapy
06/14/2006 Health Tourism International Chamber of Commerce Launches Hippocrates Magazine
06/14/2006 Disruptive Physician Behavior in the Medical Practice What to Do about It?
06/14/2006 Plan B Over-The-Counter Sales Delayed
06/14/2006 KFC Sued Over Trans Fats
06/14/2006 Averting a humanitarian health crisis in the occupied Palestinian territory
06/14/2006 Were out of shape
06/14/2006 Tik pandemic driving people insane
06/14/2006 De Klerk stable after op to aid his breathing
06/14/2006 U.S. medical group urges for low-salt foods
06/14/2006 KFC sued for using trans fats frying foods
06/14/2006 Outbreak of Legionnaires' disease claims another pair of victims here
06/14/2006 Surgeon general bemoans health care flap
06/14/2006 ACOM Solutions, Inc. Names Michelle Carmody Manager of Business Development, Healthcare Business Division
06/14/2006 CEO of VIE Healthcare Completes MHA from Seton Hall University
06/14/2006 When in Husavik, Iceland, just ask anybody where to find the penis museum
06/14/2006 Health care bill targets rural areas
06/14/2006 Health report ranks states
06/13/2006 The Zone of HealingMultiple Sclerosis Patient Discovers a Healthy Way to be Ill.
06/13/2006 Healthy lifestyle, planning ahead keys to growing old gracefully
06/13/2006 Conjoined twins to be separated in 24-hour operation
06/13/2006 Hong Kong on alert as bird flu victim fights for life in China
06/13/2006 New vaccines may cure Alzheimer's disease
06/13/2006 Farmsafe maintains cancer risks minimised
06/13/2006 Managers call for 'more open' NHS
06/13/2006 Improper sterilization exposes patients
06/13/2006 Analysis Change urged in Medicare Savings
06/13/2006 Managers call for 'honest' NHS
06/13/2006 Prozac ineffective against anorexia nervosa in women
06/13/2006 Green tea may help keep heart disease, cancer at bay
06/13/2006 UPDATE Health officials confirm another case of Legionnaire's
06/13/2006 Health Min., HMO probe illegal experiments that killed six
06/13/2006 Lax NIH Oversight Concerns House Panel
06/13/2006 Indigenous people must be consulted, conference told
06/13/2006 Study Sees No Gain in Using Antidepressant to Treat Anorexia
06/13/2006 Party pill popular among young people in NZ report
06/13/2006 EU rejects German challenge to EU tobacco ad ban
06/13/2006 U.S. scientists say to have bred world first allergy-free kitty
06/13/2006 Car Mishaps May Take More Seniors' Lives
06/13/2006 'Serious Misconduct' by NIH Expert Found
06/13/2006 Govt memo backs up regional paramedics concerns MP
06/13/2006 Vic town to trial medicine vending machine
06/13/2006 No comment from Health Dept on scapegoating claims
06/13/2006 Choosing your health plan
06/13/2006 How to boost kids' iron levels
06/13/2006 Statins May Be Useful In Bird Flu Pandemic
06/13/2006 Intestinal bacteria may explain obesity
06/13/2006 AMA Health Insurance Should Be Required
06/13/2006 Drug Clears Life-Threatening Diarrhea in Infants
06/13/2006 Egg Donor Business Booming on College Campuses
06/13/2006 EU court advisor rejects German challenge to EU tobacco ad ban
06/13/2006 UPDATE Two more deaths tied to Legionnaire's
06/13/2006 Panel NIH lacking on sample oversight
06/13/2006 Unusual Flu Vaccine Is Developed
06/13/2006 AMA Health Insurance Should Be Required
06/13/2006 Ignore email health scare, says minister
06/13/2006 Meat and fish taste 'inherited'
06/13/2006 Wrinkly smokers' 'at higher risk'
06/13/2006 Is eating out damaging our children's health?
06/13/2006 Mannatech Announces Results of 2006 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
06/13/2006 2 Diabetes Drugs May Lower Blood Sugar
06/13/2006 Statins may be useful in bird flu pandemic
06/13/2006 Unusual flu vaccine is developed
06/13/2006 Analysis Counterfeiters hit malaria drugs
06/13/2006 Insurers expanding access to physician information on health care
06/13/2006 Enjoy the weather but smog brings a health warning
06/13/2006 Anti-depressants no relief for anorexics
06/13/2006 Houston Healthcare opposes Peach Regional's new hospital plans
06/13/2006 Members of Hong Kong's Health Department wear protective suits during ...
06/13/2006 Health and Science News Roundup 1st Update
06/13/2006 Health Matters Detecting Prostate Cancer
06/13/2006 Prozac Doesn't Help Anorexics, Study Says
06/13/2006 High Bood Sugar Linked To ICU Deaths
06/13/2006 Plan B Over-The-Counter Sales Delayed
06/13/2006 KFC Sued Over Trans Fats
06/13/2006 Treasury and opposition blast HEC and health minister
06/13/2006 News 4 Health 5 tests for every woman
06/13/2006 Number of Floridians without health insurance on the rise, study finds
06/13/2006 Health Minute 06-13-2006
06/13/2006 Healthcare Realty to pay 65M for Indiana hospital
06/13/2006 Bioxel Expands in Europe Six New Generic Companies to List its Paclitaxel API
06/13/2006 'Pharm Parties' Rising Among Teens
06/13/2006 .Injectable Alcoholism Drug Developed
06/13/2006 Georgia Battling Drug Addicts
06/13/2006 Study Overcoming The Loss Of A Loved One
06/13/2006 Biosyent Subsidiary HTI Agritech Inc. Changes Name to Hedley Technologies Ltd.
06/13/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Beer could aid men's health
06/13/2006 Plan B Held Back To Protect 17-Year-Olds, Ex-FDA Head Says
06/13/2006 Number of Floridians without health insurance on the rise, study finds...
06/13/2006 Testimony Shows Why Plan B Not Sold Over The Counter
06/13/2006 Experts Fight fat to cut diabetes rate
06/13/2006 Lawsuit urges KFC to quit using unhealthy trans fats
06/13/2006 Prozac failed anorexic women in study
06/13/2006 Call for partnership in health sector
06/13/2006 New drugs for people with type 2 diabetes
06/13/2006 U.S. adults` hearing the same since 1970s
06/13/2006 MoD ignores ruling on Gulf war syndrome
06/13/2006 Caregiving Talking to the doc - Part 1
06/13/2006 Canadians fatter, but smoking less StatsCan
06/13/2006 Injectable alcoholism drug developed
06/13/2006 Flu Roundup H5N1 not in U.S. migratory birds
06/13/2006 Italian scientists search for `supersperm`
06/13/2006 Osta Announces Promising Clinical Results on Blood Test for Alzheimer's Disease
06/13/2006 SWNM Enhances Outlook for Distribution of Licensed Medical Software Products
06/13/2006 Health Survey
06/13/2006 Ciber Inc. wins state public health contract for Web site
06/13/2006 East Timor begins measles vaccination campaign for child refugees
06/13/2006 Xact Aid, Inc. Announces Plans to Change Control
06/13/2006 One in five diabetics don't undergo key test
06/13/2006 1 in 4 obese when subjects weighed, measured
06/13/2006 Most prostate cancer patients opt for surgery
06/13/2006 Coffee seen to protect against cirrhosis
06/13/2006 Most with COPD don`t get tested
06/13/2006 Meditation benefits patients with heart disease
06/13/2006 Test Could Find Which Women Can Skip Chemo
06/13/2006 Chemo Not Needed For Some Women, But Which Ones?
06/13/2006 Clinical Trials Update June 13, 2006
06/13/2006 Former FDA chief Agency meant to OK Plan B
06/13/2006 Canadians fatter, but smoking less
06/13/2006 Cialis may have one-a-day version
06/13/2006 BCBS in Ohio ends controversial experiment
06/13/2006 Suit Claims Welding Fumes Caused Tremors
06/13/2006 Question over asthma treatment
06/13/2006 US group sues KFC to stop use of unhealthy fat
06/13/2006 Petting Zoo Blues Barnyard Exhibits Bad For People And Animals
06/13/2006 UCB Award for Neuroscientific Research Presented to leading Belgian Neuroscience Group
06/13/2006 NexMed to Present at BIO Venture Forum East 2006
06/13/2006 Teledyne to develop health monitoring system for Boeing Navy aircraft
06/13/2006 Healthy meals for 'fattest town'
06/13/2006 Novo Nordisk diabetes drug highly effective study
06/13/2006 Consumer group sues KFC over trans fat
06/13/2006 Baxa Launches New 35 mL Exacta-MedŽ Oral Dispenser
06/13/2006 Greenwich CT Orthopaedic Foundation Receives International Distinction
06/13/2006 Over 2,000 ill in Hungary after drinking contaminated water
06/13/2006 Health secretary says reform plan to be crafted by October
06/13/2006 Coffee may cut alcohol liver damage
06/13/2006 KFC gets burned for using unhealthy fat
06/13/2006 Group sues KFC to stop use of unhealthy fat
06/13/2006 Bayer may up Schering bid to counter Merck KGaA
06/13/2006 Fast food causes waistline bulge more than healthier
06/13/2006 Measles eradicated in Zimbabwe WHO official
06/13/2006 A cup of coffee a day may keep liver cirrhosis away
06/13/2006 FDA approves 1st drug for seasonal affective depression
06/13/2006 Drug effective in reducing diabetic vision loss
06/13/2006 Depression takes a toll on seniors
06/13/2006 There might be medical explanation for aunt's tendency to go prowling
06/13/2006 Cheesy 'Book Club' is short on shame
06/13/2006 Streep not lost on 'Prairie'
06/13/2006 You won't find too many kicks in search for great soccer flicks
06/13/2006 Tune out pain
06/13/2006 When pregnant, always 'err on the safe side'
06/13/2006 The nose knows not to put pepper up it
06/13/2006 Crunch with ball works upper half of body
06/13/2006 How to call doc's office and get results
06/13/2006 Advertisers behind curve with HD
06/13/2006 Wheelin' and dealin' are the show at this colorful circus of the cars
06/13/2006 The still employed can hold off
06/13/2006 Smoothies can be rough on calorie counters
06/13/2006 Food Factor Eat your veggies
06/13/2006 Tread rightly
06/13/2006 Straight talking
06/13/2006 Second opinion first mind over matter, then matter over mind
06/13/2006 Is this doctor a hero or a health risk?
06/13/2006 Camping shouldn't be cool, it should be cold and wet
06/13/2006 MMR fact or fiction?
06/13/2006 Cuckoo in the nest
06/13/2006 Clip, coil or wait it out? Doctors debate aneurysms
06/13/2006 A look inside a tissue processing plant
06/13/2006 NEWS YOU CAN USE Air travel poses health challenges
06/13/2006 NEW Plastic surgery giving flabby arms a lift
06/13/2006 CEO seen as scapegoat for financially troubled health service
06/13/2006 5,000 cancer cases a year due to workplace report
06/13/2006 Bendigo doctor told to repay 65,000 in Medicare benefits
06/13/2006 MP fears health boards merger to close bush hospitals
06/13/2006 Study looks at heat stress concerns for helmet wearers
06/13/2006 Coffee Might Curb Alcoholic Cirrhosis
06/13/2006 Drug Could Lower Alzheimer's Symptoms
06/13/2006 FDA Approves Winter Blues Pill
06/13/2006 Hops Has Healthy Ingredient
06/13/2006 Good News For Couch Potatoes
06/13/2006 WHO To Set Up Disease Center In China
06/13/2006 Baby Born To Brain-Dead Woman
06/13/2006 Green tea may help explain lower cancer rates in Asia
06/13/2006 AMA to target unhealthy diets
06/13/2006 After dropping for years, U.S. teen smoking levels off
06/13/2006 Bhangra workout is a sweaty fitness celebration
06/13/2006 Experts Half of Americans risk diabetic condition
06/13/2006 Family cat unlikely to give baby Johnny asthma
06/13/2006 Vaccine shows promise on Alzheimer's symptoms
06/13/2006 Men Are Better Than Women at Ferreting Out That Angry Face in a Crowd
06/13/2006 A Philosopher's Take on the Rhythm Method Is Rattling Opponents of Abortion
06/13/2006 Cases For a Medical Student, a Shocking Lesson in the Real World
06/13/2006 Really? The Claim Sex During Pregnancy Can Induce Labor
06/13/2006 Pioneering eye operation on baby
06/13/2006 NHS staff 'not happy with care'
06/13/2006 Coffee may reduce liver disease
06/13/2006 Euro MPs debate stem cell funding
06/13/2006 Scots want care budget reform
06/13/2006 Struck-off GP mother wins appeal
06/13/2006 Asthma warning over storms
06/13/2006 Booming Human Body Parts Business Poses Deadly Health Risks
06/13/2006 Experimental Alzheimer's Vaccine Shows Promise
06/13/2006 Depression Drugs May Up Diabetes Risk
06/13/2006 Study Ingredient in Beer May Prevent Prostate Cancer
06/13/2006 Antidepressant Approved to Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder
06/13/2006 Are Zoos Killing Elephants?
06/13/2006 The Battle to Save the Cave
06/13/2006 FDA Approves New Drug to Prevent Cervical Cancer
06/13/2006 Scientists Invent Electronic Skin to Improve Robots' Sense of Touch
06/13/2006 New Sun Protection Products Stretch the Imagination
06/13/2006 Still Learning From Dad
06/13/2006 It's About Time Healthy And Fast
06/13/2006 For Many of Katrina's Young Victims, The Scars Are More Than Skin Deep
06/13/2006 These Cats Go Easy on The Eyes
06/13/2006 New test will measure kids` lung fuction
06/13/2006 Hedley Changes Name to BioSyent Inc. to Reflect Shift in Strategic Direction
06/13/2006 Generex Biotechnology Supported Research Has Podium Presentation at the American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting
06/13/2006 Healthnostics Announces Acquisition of Physician Practice Management System
06/13/2006 Who can safely skip chemo for breast cancer?
06/13/2006 New diabetes drugs give double punch
06/13/2006 Meditation may help heart disease patients study
06/13/2006 Change for health records weighed
06/13/2006 Doctor behind MMR scare may face charges
06/13/2006 Overweight Ups Your Diabetes Risk
06/13/2006 Solos Endoscopy, Inc. Retains Regulatory Consulting Firm for New Product Strategy
06/13/2006 Warning over cord blood banking
06/13/2006 Gene test may show who can avoid chemo treatment
06/13/2006 Coffee may reduce risk of liver alcohol damage
06/13/2006 Judge aims to speed up AIDS trial of Bulgaria nurses
06/13/2006 Health company recruits governor for board of directors
06/13/2006 Health professionals express concern over falling age group of substance abusers
06/13/2006 Health briefs
06/13/2006 New wellness policy aims for healthier students
06/13/2006 3Q hiring outlook called "healthy"
06/13/2006 Main Line Health Chooses Coveo Enterprise Search
06/13/2006 Health center to trim payroll
06/13/2006 Bulgarian nurses' trial on AIDS charges resumes in Libya
06/13/2006 Migraine sufferers are more in the mood for love, study says
06/13/2006 Could morning coffee reverse damage of the night before?
06/13/2006 Getting personal with health
06/13/2006 Cardinal Health backs earnings goal for next fiscal year
06/13/2006 Pioneering eye operation in baby
06/13/2006 Urgent health needs for Timor-Leste
06/13/2006 Bernanke Says Managing Risk, Capital `Critical' to Banking Industry Health
06/13/2006 Hearings set for proposed biodefense lab
06/13/2006 Somerset hospital plan to boost health sector
06/13/2006 Senator urges tax breaks on small business employee health insurance
06/13/2006 WebMD Health
06/13/2006 CTV Health
06/13/2006 Italy govt, 6 regions seek deal by end-June to cut healthcare spending
06/13/2006 Red Cross boosts health assistance to Palestinians
06/13/2006 Concern over ex-premier's health
06/13/2006 Govt considering euthanasia law
06/13/2006 Galapagos to Acquire Drug Discovery Service Operations of Discovery Partners International
06/13/2006 Study finds meditation improved heart health
06/13/2006 Ceragenix testing bladder-cancer drug
06/13/2006 Diabetics lose weight on Byetta, Lilly
06/13/2006 Psychogenic seizures can mimic epilepsy
06/13/2006 Analysis Lilly's Forteo may be too costly
06/13/2006 Australia ponders aboriginal health IT
06/13/2006 The Age of Autism But is Wakefield right?
06/13/2006 Diabetes test using light effective
06/13/2006 Heat, humidity, temp create heat stress
06/13/2006 Allergies can trigger or worsen asthma
06/12/2006 Health-life sciences conference today
06/12/2006 HIV on increase and in gay men prostitutes
06/12/2006 Iran-Palestine health ministers ink MoU
06/12/2006 China irked by topless women's health ad
06/12/2006 Health lab plans move forward
06/12/2006 Mental health team to visit Nauru detainees
06/12/2006 Death of W.H.O. Head Is Major Loss for Global Health
06/12/2006 US ‘Neglects Mental Health of Guantnamo Inmates’
06/12/2006 Pregnancy Cravings Can Harm Your Oral Health
06/12/2006 CryoPort Updates Shareholders on Listing Status
06/12/2006 Coffee Reduces Risk Of Cirrhosis
06/12/2006 Coffee Might Curb Alcoholic Cirrhosis
06/12/2006 Drug Could Lower Alzheimer's Symptoms
06/12/2006 Vigo health department stages pandemic influenza summit, town hall meeting
06/12/2006 Coffee may reduce liver disease
06/12/2006 Drug to combat killer diarrhoea
06/12/2006 Alzheimer's vaccine 'promising'
06/12/2006 World making slow progress toward ensuring safe blood supply UN health agency
06/12/2006 Online Women Search for Jessica Simpson's Hairstyle More Than Any Other Celebrity 'Do
06/12/2006 Guidelines for plastic-surgery tourists
06/12/2006 AMA worried about retail health clinics
06/12/2006 Brain needs time to wake up
06/12/2006 British government ignores ruling on Gulf War syndrome
06/12/2006 Beer And Pizza To Prevent Cancer?
06/12/2006 Big & Rich Launch Summer Tour Sponsored by Prilosec OTC
06/12/2006 Short course drug relieves child diarrhea
06/12/2006 Healthy praise
06/12/2006 Health minister highlights benefits of Polish dentists
06/12/2006 Bredesen Signs Health Care Legislation
06/12/2006 Cigarette tax hike dead, but other health initiatives aim for ballot
06/12/2006 VA study High blood sugar may impair health
06/12/2006 Experts Half of Americans risk diabetic condition
06/12/2006 U.S., nations partner on breast cancer
06/12/2006 Coalition to move on health care
06/12/2006 News 4 Health Strokes