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06/22/2006 Study Obese Kids Get Worse Headaches
06/22/2006 Group Stop-Smoking Lasers A Fraud
06/22/2006 Goodall Opposes Monkey AIDS Research
06/22/2006 Condoms Help Prevent HPV Transmission
06/22/2006 Gov. must ensure well-being of children report
06/22/2006 McPhee one of millions with bulimia
06/22/2006 TLCVision Elects Warren Rustand as Chairman of the Board
06/22/2006 MedX Health Corp. Reporting Update
06/22/2006 Deputy Health Minister Resigns
06/22/2006 International Healthcare IT Solution Provider Advances U.S. Market Plan ICW Reconvenes Key E-Health
06/22/2006 A Leading International Healthcare IT Solution Provider offers a Model for US Health Transformation.
06/22/2006 UnitedHealth seeks to block state Attorney General investigation
06/22/2006 Gov. must ensure well-being of children report
06/22/2006 Key NASA officials ease objections to July 1 liftoff
06/22/2006 Drug-proof bug found in illegal tattoo customers
06/22/2006 Laser Treatment For Smoking Is Fraud, Group Says
06/22/2006 Deodorant Scientists Arm Against Odor
06/22/2006 Lasers Can't End Smoking, Watchdog Says
06/22/2006 Cadmium linked to breast cancer
06/22/2006 Court lifts injunction against Teva drug
06/22/2006 Study U.S. may face physician shortage
06/22/2006 Analysis Will states pay for new HPV vaccine?
06/22/2006 Condoms protect well against cervical cancer-causing virus study
06/22/2006 Some hospitals cut back on use of stents
06/22/2006 Tattoo customers in 3 states get infections
06/22/2006 Major Drug Buyers Getting Steep Price Cuts
06/22/2006 Report Says Doctors' Average Pay Declined
06/22/2006 U of T hosts inaugural Global Health Summer Institute
06/22/2006 Music thought to enhance intelligence, mental health and immune system
06/22/2006 Children with special health care needs report unmet needs for mental health care services
06/22/2006 Heath Roundup Job loss linked to stroke risk
06/22/2006 Report says doctors` average pay declined
06/22/2006 Study released on the health of the Spokane River
06/22/2006 Health African Women Coping with Reproductive Cancers
06/22/2006 Health Grades approves repurchase of 3M shares
06/22/2006 Researchers Reverse Parkinson's Symptoms in Animals
06/22/2006 Molecular Insight testing cancer drug
06/22/2006 Vitality Juice Java and Smoothie Bar Plans Healthy Growth
06/22/2006 Protherics PLC announces Holdings in Company
06/22/2006 ViRexx Announces Completion of Enrollment for Phase III OvaRex'R' MAb Trials
06/22/2006 Healthy ‘Sales Culture’ Critical to Credit Union Success, JMFA Consultant Advises Kentucky C.U. Execs
06/22/2006 Healthy coral reefs of Madagascar resisting damage from climate change
06/22/2006 Headaches hit Iraq soldiers, obese kids
06/22/2006 Drug may slow progress of scleroderma
06/22/2006 Brain protein may help treat schizophrenia
06/22/2006 Impotence common in men with sleep apnea
06/22/2006 Another Bird Flu Death Occurs In Indonesia
06/22/2006 Insecurity fans spread of pneumonic plague in Congo 22 dead
06/22/2006 Briton sells World Cup tickets to buy cancer drug
06/22/2006 Clinical Trials Update June 22, 2006
06/22/2006 Stem cells help paralyzed rats move
06/22/2006 Health Minute Hydration
06/22/2006 Outlying health-care groups plot future
06/22/2006 UnitedHealth asks court to block Hatch investigation
06/22/2006 Safety of drug-coated stents questioned
06/22/2006 Analysis Docs feel income cut, study
06/22/2006 Parents' attitude impacts kids' diabetes control
06/22/2006 Care needed to keep Canadian kids healthy, report says
06/22/2006 Corona Regional Medical Center Joins Private Healthcare Systems National Network
06/22/2006 Donor freeze behind Palestinian health crisis UN expert
06/22/2006 UnitedHealthcare signs up 200,000 in N.C. for Medicare drug plan
06/22/2006 Inaugural class of Business Journal Health Care Heroes named
06/22/2006 Sid Hartman Morneau hard-working, healthy and hot
06/22/2006 CLX Investment Company Announces Agreement to Expand eStrategy Solutions Into Pennsylvania E-Learning Market
06/22/2006 Update HealthSonix Registers AquaSonix Medical Device With the FDA
06/22/2006 TLCVision Concludes Annual Shareholder Meeting
06/22/2006 Drug, blood provide clues to healthy ageing
06/22/2006 MK Tibi Health Ministry to fund sisters' transplant operations
06/22/2006 WHO calls for calm amid bird flu probe in Zambia
06/22/2006 Health Tip Help Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep
06/22/2006 Migraines More Common in Overweight Kids
06/22/2006 HIV fuels soaring TB death rate
06/22/2006 China helps Angola rebuild with healthy sum
06/22/2006 Air may contain health hazard today
06/22/2006 Blair to cut red tape on health care equipment
06/22/2006 DNAPrint Announces Ancestry Testing Program for Dental Patients
06/22/2006 Antisoma to present at Jeffries Life Sciences Conference on 27 June 2006
06/22/2006 Sweden Goes Green! Green Energy Resources Receives 1.6 Million Trial Order
06/22/2006 HCA Watchers Take Sides
06/22/2006 Special court reserves order on Shahabuddin's health petition
06/22/2006 ASEAN+3 lays down 2nd-phase framework program of emerging infectious diseases
06/22/2006 Carbohydrates, Sugar, and Your Child
06/22/2006 Media Advisory Groundbreaking for memorial to victims of Air India Flight 182 bombing
06/22/2006 DUSA Pharmaceuticals to Present at the Jefferies Life Sciences Conference on June 28
06/22/2006 SIDS group encourages autopsies
06/22/2006 Authorities warn air may contain health hazard Thursday
06/22/2006 'Therapeutic clowning' boosts IVF
06/22/2006 Hewitt rejects abortion law review
06/22/2006 Effects of tik abuse destroying families
06/22/2006 More health workers needed for Aids fight
06/22/2006 Red alert declared over blood shortage
06/22/2006 Medical data errors 'risk lives'
06/22/2006 Nova Scotia's economy stays healthy RBC Economics
06/22/2006 Health system issues bonds
06/22/2006 Iwata slams "unhealthy" software price reductions
06/22/2006 Gastro outbreak prompts hygiene warning
06/22/2006 Claims Goulburn children's ward closed on weekends
06/22/2006 U.N. expert talks of bird flu, world health
06/22/2006 Condoms health benefit proved
06/22/2006 Condoms protect women against cervical cancer Study
06/22/2006 Water & Diabetes Three Critical Reasons to Stay Hydrated
06/22/2006 Misys Healthcare Systems Installs Secure Electronic Data Transmission Technology from Hilgraeve
06/22/2006 Piribo It Takes 600 Million Suffering in Epidemic Proportions for the Smoke to Clear
06/22/2006 Passport Health in Tempe provides vaccines for travelers
06/22/2006 Throwing child health a curve
06/22/2006 EnviroHealth How to Fix Our Health Care Mess
06/21/2006 Devgen and Sumitomo announce extension of crop protection collaboration
06/21/2006 Amazon Biotech Phase I/II HIV Clinical Trial Protocol Receives FDA "Green Light"
06/21/2006 Rep. Young introduces dental health aide legislation
06/21/2006 Health education campers learn about careers
06/21/2006 Analysis Roche`s future looks bright
06/21/2006 Analysis Lower Part D Rx prices doubted
06/21/2006 Healthier and more environmentally-friendly sun protection
06/21/2006 Only a few Japanese businesses plan to serve US beef
06/21/2006 Womb transplants may soon be reality
06/21/2006 Analysis Health IT a slow evolution
06/21/2006 Drug, blood provide clues to healthy aging
06/21/2006 Drug Shows Limited Promise Against Perilous Skin Disease
06/21/2006 Health officials issue tick warning
06/21/2006 Health care measure gets boost
06/21/2006 Beattie to hear residents' chemical fire concerns
06/21/2006 Film to help educate expectant Indigenous mums
06/21/2006 Call to put whites back in charge of 'unhealthy' Aborigines
06/21/2006 Namibia Works To Drive Out Polio
06/21/2006 Football craze poses health hazard
06/21/2006 World Cup tension could increase risk of heart attack
06/21/2006 Aborigines' health a century behind the rest of Australia
06/21/2006 Condoms Found to Block a Virus Harmful to Women
06/21/2006 NYC Councilman Proposes Limiting Fast Food
06/21/2006 FDA to Overhaul of Safety Data Collection
06/21/2006 Researchers look for cane toad secondary poisoning
06/21/2006 Lower life expectancy rates blamed on lower incomes
06/21/2006 Medical board to review processes amid damning report
06/21/2006 AMA urges tests for tainted implant recipients
06/21/2006 Hospital wards isolated amid gastro outbreak
06/21/2006 More evidence breast implants pose no cancer risk
06/21/2006 More than 14 percent lack health insurance in U.S.
06/21/2006 For 'ancient grains,' a future in the American diet
06/21/2006 Woman wants apology for surgical left-behinds
06/21/2006 Tighter checks on GP appointments
06/21/2006 Electrical pulse to aid migraine
06/21/2006 Hope for reversal of hearing loss
06/21/2006 Yahoo Study Shows Health Searchers More Active and Educated
06/21/2006 Prominent Arizona Health Insurer Selects Third Brigade's Host-based Intrusion Prevention System
06/21/2006 GPs face appointments checks
06/21/2006 Woman wants apology for surgical left-behinds
06/21/2006 Eating Healthy On A Topsail Island Vacation!
06/21/2006 Attorney general sues puppy store, alleging sales of unhealthy dogs
06/21/2006 Ark. mental health care for children needs overhaul, report says
06/21/2006 Growth hormone stimulants aid older adults
06/21/2006 Tropical disease study produces a surprise
06/21/2006 Goal Turn mice cells into blood vessels
06/21/2006 Condoms Protect Against HPV, Study Finds
06/21/2006 Can Stem Cells Cure Paralysis?
06/21/2006 More than 14 percent lack health insurance in U.S.
06/21/2006 For 'ancient grains,' a future in the American diet
06/21/2006 Voda One Seeks More Health-Care VARs
06/21/2006 Dodds cancels appearance at health-care forum
06/21/2006 Eat To Live Better kids` menus, please
06/21/2006 Caregiving Talking to the doc - Part 3
06/21/2006 Ped Med The anti-depressant dilemma
06/21/2006 Chinese researchers offer new avian flu timeline
06/21/2006 HPV Stopped By Condoms, Researchers Say
06/21/2006 Air quality affecting health in the US
06/21/2006 MIT Scientists Ask Biologists to Imitate Engineers
06/21/2006 U.S. Emergency Rooms in Crisis ER Urgent Care Centers to the Rescue
06/21/2006 Many children rely on state's health insurance
06/21/2006 Vasectomy Reversals May Raise Birth Defect Risk
06/21/2006 Earliest human case of bird flu disclosed
06/21/2006 Condoms proven to protect against virus
06/21/2006 Mobile Clinic Goes To Pregnant Teens
06/21/2006 Young Mothers Get Help From Clinic On Wheels
06/21/2006 Drug, blood provide clues to healthy aging
06/21/2006 Health minister concerned about Karo residents' refusal of bird flu test
06/21/2006 HealthSonix Registers the AquaSonix Medical Device With FDA
06/21/2006 Thymus Bipotent Precursor Cells Found
06/21/2006 Inner Ear Cells May Be Able To Regenerate
06/21/2006 Study T-Cells Linked With Cancer
06/21/2006 De Klerk out of ICU, but still on ventilator
06/21/2006 Five injured in ceiling cave-in at mall
06/21/2006 Heart Risk Tied To Losing Job
06/21/2006 School Food Failing Kids, Report Says
06/21/2006 More evidence breast implants pose no cancer risk
06/21/2006 Sanofi wins EU approval to sell anti-obesity drug Acomplia
06/21/2006 New superbug menaces health
06/21/2006 Slather on the sunscreen for healthy skin
06/21/2006 "I Love My Hand" Becoming More Accepted
06/21/2006 Greater Accra health workers still on strike
06/21/2006 New agents linked to 'medication overuse headache'
06/21/2006 The Bizarre Sex Life of an Orchid
06/21/2006 Get a life make time
06/21/2006 Health Privacy in an Interconnected, Electronic Society
06/21/2006 Generic Version of Cholesterol Drug Zocor Available June 23
06/21/2006 Poll More Birth Control Info Needed
06/21/2006 FDA Considers Tighter Drug Trial Oversight
06/21/2006 Health Minute Air pollution
06/21/2006 Bills to Share Health Data Introduced, Stalled
06/21/2006 World Health Organization Preventing Disease Through Healthy Environments
06/21/2006 5,280 Feet For Men's Health
06/21/2006 LEBANON Violence against health workers is still a problem
06/21/2006 Part D hurts small, rural pharmacies
06/21/2006 Trinity's health care administration program earns high marks nationwide
06/21/2006 06/20/2006 DoD Establishes Mental Health Task Force
06/21/2006 Clinical Trials Update June 21, 2006
06/21/2006 World’s Largest Healthcare Industry Alliance Launches in Europe
06/21/2006 Nielsen named interim health policy director
06/21/2006 Depression rocks post-Katrina New Orleans
06/21/2006 Health Canada reminds Canadians about the importance of food safety during the summer months
06/21/2006 'Complicated grief' suggested as separate diagnosis
06/21/2006 Report Schools fail on nutrition outside lunchroom
06/21/2006 'Complicated grief' suggested as new diagnosis
06/21/2006 American Commercial Lines, Factset Research, Natural Health Trends, UltraLife Batteries, Anheuser-Bu
06/21/2006 What about health plan for seasonal help?
06/21/2006 DigiScript CEO Pearson joins HealthStream
06/21/2006 Health ministry seeks explanation from AIIMS director
06/21/2006 ESF sets out research strategy to push rheumatic diseases up the health agenda
06/21/2006 IBM and Alberta Sign 10 Million Contract to Deploy Electronic Health Records
06/21/2006 Martin Nutraceuticals Products May Help the Two Million U.S. Teens Who Are Pre-Diabetic
06/21/2006 Orion Health Jumps 20 Positions on Healthcare Informatics 100
06/21/2006 Bruno says Senate will not pass health care mandate bill
06/21/2006 Black-white health chasm widening
06/21/2006 WHO finds no human transmission in bird flu cluster in Indonesia
06/21/2006 Study faults nutrition policies outside lunchroom
06/21/2006 Melanoma deadlier in black and Hispanic people
06/21/2006 Russia pragmatic on arms but is trade healthy?
06/21/2006 Initial Feedback on Tulip BioMed Disposable Surgical Instruments Positive
06/21/2006 Healthy Kitchen column wins media award
06/21/2006 Prices rise for drugs used by US elderly studies
06/21/2006 Police Seize Teen's Aborted Fetus For DNA Tests
06/21/2006 Genetic fault link to vasectomies
06/21/2006 Despite tunes, hearing still fine-tuned
06/21/2006 Questioning antibiotics How long to take them?
06/21/2006 Unlocking secrets of an obscure but powerful parasite
06/21/2006 Police Seize Girl's Aborted Fetus To Find Out Paternity
06/21/2006 Policy for healthful food, drinks at school OK'd
06/21/2006 More than 3m IVF babies born
06/21/2006 Paramedic who stole morphine escapes jail
06/21/2006 UnitedHealth's California Clash
06/21/2006 Skin cancer often deadlier in blacks, Hispanics
06/21/2006 People who take statins might be less likely to get cataracts
06/21/2006 World's bird flu experts hold talks in Indonesia
06/21/2006 Health and education top UN envoys' priorities list
06/21/2006 PIL seeks demarcation of powers between Health ministry, AIIMS
06/21/2006 HIV high among rich, educated Ugandans official
06/21/2006 San Francisco to offer universal health care for residents
06/21/2006 Pregnant teens get care at mobile clinic
06/21/2006 Lawmakers consider bills designed to lower health insurance costs
06/21/2006 Critical Access Hospitals Purchase Chargemaster Toolkit ? CAH
06/21/2006 Novartis Consumer Health is Recalling Triaminic® Vapor Patch Product in U.S.
06/21/2006 A has highest incidence of FAS
06/21/2006 School forced to close by flu epidemic
06/21/2006 Charities to benefit from abortion case
06/21/2006 Ichilov Hospital Palestinians Cleared llham Rania's Body of Fragments, Endangering her Health
06/21/2006 Cardinal reopens abortion limit debate
06/21/2006 Report links suburban sprawl with health woes
06/21/2006 Lansing in talks with firefighters; city aims to cut health costs
06/21/2006 Australians get improved report card on health
06/21/2006 Experts mull face transplant bid
06/21/2006 Sleep Violence Antidepressant Link?
06/21/2006 Provincial " Action Plan" For Healthy Eating<!--London-->
06/21/2006 WebMD Health
06/21/2006 Searching for Diabetes Information, a Student Finds Answers Online
06/20/2006 Mental health problems in children rises
06/20/2006 Pedometers 'not accurate'
06/20/2006 Heart attacks linked to jobs loss
06/20/2006 UN to launch health awareness campaign in Afghanistan
06/20/2006 Agriculture Department Faulted on Bird Flu Efforts
06/20/2006 Gene mutation linked with blood conditions, study
06/20/2006 Government proposes administrators for struggling Aboriginal communities
06/20/2006 Polio control measures discussed at Indo-Pak health talks
06/20/2006 Catholic Healthcare West to Settle Price-Gouging Suit
06/20/2006 Psychotherapy can correct stress-related infertility
06/20/2006 Healthy diet, lifestyle key to lower cardiovascular disease
06/20/2006 Snake venom helps treat heart attack
06/20/2006 Acupuncture shows promise for fibromyalgia sufferers
06/20/2006 Skipping weekend R R could be bad for heart
06/20/2006 Conrad Black's finances appear healthy, despite legal woes
06/20/2006 S.F. Unveils Universal Health Care Plan
06/20/2006 Green light for woman to sue over lost swab
06/20/2006 Mt Isa children to be tested amid lead fears
06/20/2006 Fish oil supplements ease ADHD symptoms
06/20/2006 Ottawa moving to limit non-stick chemicals
06/20/2006 Novelty Birth Announcements Offer Fun and Healthy Alternative to More Traditional Items
06/20/2006 Diet supplments fail to live up to hype
06/20/2006 Brazilian snake venom helps treat heart attack
06/20/2006 Gene mutation linked to blood conditions, study
06/20/2006 Health officials offer tips for evacuating animals
06/20/2006 More Macho Hormones For Home Games
06/20/2006 Death of W.H.O. Head Is Major Loss for Global Health
06/20/2006 Sleep Violence Antidepressant Link?
06/20/2006 The Future Of Primary Care
06/20/2006 Heart Association Sets Trans Fat Limit
06/20/2006 Heart attacks linked to jobs loss
06/20/2006 Pedometer readings 'not accurate'
06/20/2006 Study Type 2 Diabetes Doubles in U.S., Obesity to Blame
06/20/2006 Determining if a health care company is legit
06/20/2006 One in ten children is suffering mental health problems
06/20/2006 Local Legislators Call for Statewide Health Care Reform video included
06/20/2006 State to enforce nail salon health code
06/20/2006 Wendy's to switch to healthier cooking oil
06/20/2006 Video Game Lets People Have Sex
06/20/2006 Proposal Health Care For SF's Uninsured
06/20/2006 Pharmaceutical-Sponsored S
06/20/2006 'Thirst For Knowledge' May Be Drug Craving
06/20/2006 Cheap pedometers should no be used for public health measures, warn doctors
06/20/2006 Health Minute 06-20-2006
06/20/2006 Parents + cigarettes = unhealthy children
06/20/2006 Urban sprawl major health risk of Oregonians, report says
06/20/2006 Health department investigators from Fayette and Jessamine counties...
06/20/2006 Cardinal to reignite abortion row
06/20/2006 4 companies capture 60 percent of Oregon's Medicare drug business
06/20/2006 Diabetes rate doubles in 30 years
06/20/2006 New Embryonic Test Raises Concerns
06/20/2006 Analysis Thoracic docs warn of shortage
06/20/2006 Mystery of carcinogenic mothballs solved
06/20/2006 Pharmaceutical-sponsored studies studied
06/20/2006 Analysis OTC Plan B lowers health costs
06/20/2006 Statins may cut risk of some cataracts
06/20/2006 Health Cuts Create Dilemma for TennesseeÂ’s Poor
06/20/2006 Browsersoft picked for San Antonio health records exchange
06/20/2006 Health officials confirm additional case of measles
06/20/2006 SF Mayor Unveils Health Care Plan For Uninsured
06/20/2006 Oilers' loss may be due to lower testosterone
06/20/2006 NISD gets an early start on immunizations for school year
06/20/2006 2,500 Join Brown County Health Insurance Co-op
06/20/2006 STAT Medical News Going To Hospital Too Early Increases Risk of Having C-Section
06/20/2006 Bone Loss Drug Also Fights Breast Cancer
06/20/2006 Diabetes rate doubled in last 30 years
06/20/2006 German Scientists Find Dyslexia Gene
06/20/2006 Study Theta Rhythm Reduces Seizure Rate
06/20/2006 Ontario rolls out 10M healthy living plan
06/20/2006 Health Minister Tony Clement Must Divest or Resign
06/20/2006 GE Healthcare to set up radiopharmacy centre
06/20/2006 Health workers agree to return to work
06/20/2006 Osteoporosis Drug Fights Breast Cancer, Docs Say
06/20/2006 Drug Trials May Influence Doctors' Prescribing Patterns
06/20/2006 Novelty Birth Announcements Offer Fun and Healthy Alternative to More Traditional Items
06/20/2006 The best low-priced anti-aging creams
06/20/2006 LBMC forms marketing partnership with health care tech firm
06/20/2006 Health groups submit signatures for anti-smoking initiative
06/20/2006 World health leaders to target mothers, babies and children
06/20/2006 Tree-bark extract may help ADHD
06/20/2006 Quarterly injections counter osteoporosis
06/20/2006 Healthy Eating and Active Living
06/20/2006 HealthOne at impasse with insurer
06/20/2006 Organ retention compensation deal
06/20/2006 Boy babies raise miscarriage risk
06/20/2006 Ecopia to Present at the Orion Securities' 11th Annual Healthcare Conference
06/20/2006 Treatment Order Won't Affect Aggressive Breast Cancer Survival
06/20/2006 Nonprofit health care often better, study says
06/20/2006 Stem cells help repair rats' paralysis
06/20/2006 Wash. law forces doctors to write legible prescriptions
06/20/2006 Disgraced cloning expert says sorry, admits blame in court
06/20/2006 Vision Surgery Trend Grows In Navy
06/20/2006 Suit Against Health Insurers Dismissed
06/20/2006 Ames Lab Dumps Prion
06/20/2006 SFBC Parts With Miami Chief
06/20/2006 UT Health Science Center nets 530,000 in state research grants
06/20/2006 1 mln children in S. Sudan immunized against measles UN
06/20/2006 New Regulations To Affect Elderly Health Care
06/20/2006 Clinical Trials Update June 20, 2006
06/20/2006 Bird flu could close military cemeteries
06/20/2006 Mixing animal, human cells gets exotic
06/20/2006 Why Dollar Hegemony Is Unhealthy
06/20/2006 Judge dismisses UnitedHealth racketeering lawsuit
06/20/2006 Mental health problems on the rise in UK
06/20/2006 Louisiana company to buy Lifeline Home Health Care's Kentucky assets
06/20/2006 Analysis States to lose Part D savings?
06/20/2006 Therapy can help stress-related infertility study
06/20/2006 16 Moms Pristine environment could be bad for your child's health
06/20/2006 Canadian health care got a PR smear job
06/20/2006 GE Healthcare to buy Swedish firm
06/20/2006 Galapagos NV "Galapagos" or "Company" Annual Report and Accounts
06/20/2006 Fertility clinics fear ID fraud
06/20/2006 Novartis recalls cough patch after reports of adverse health effects