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06/05/2006 Vuln LifeType Index.PHP SQL Injection Vulnerability
06/05/2006 Spammer Settles For 1 Million, Goes Straight
06/05/2006 Microsoft Adds New Help On Word Zero-Day
06/05/2006 Analysts Microsoft Has Antitrust Anxiety
06/05/2006 Obituary Alan Kotok, Computer Developer, Video Games Pioneer
06/05/2006 CA Releases ID Solutions
06/05/2006 HP Unveils Entry-Level NonStop Server
06/05/2006 IT Confidential 'Eventually, Everyone's Data Will Be Compromised'
06/05/2006 IBM Upgrades Rational Tool Suite
06/05/2006 Fortinet Offers Partners Deal Registration
06/05/2006 PGP Unveils Auto Data Encryption Technology
06/05/2006 Quinn Returns To CA Channel Fold In Sales Team Revamp
06/05/2006 Nokia To Buy U.S. Business From LCC
06/05/2006 CA Removes Sales Chief From Post
06/05/2006 How Much Did Google Pay Dell to Switch?
06/05/2006 Microsoft Goes With Juniper for IPTV Security
06/05/2006 World Warming to Biodiesel
06/05/2006 Toshiba claims highest-density hard drive
06/05/2006 Amazon suffers setback in Toys R Us litigation
06/05/2006 UK study Don't legislate DRM
06/05/2006 Why Web 2.0 Will End Your Privacy
06/05/2006 DIY Carrier Grade Linux with Debian
06/05/2006 Review of Episodic Content, Half-Life 2 Episode One
06/05/2006 AppleBerry Predicted?
06/05/2006 Games Seized Following Murder
06/05/2006 Sony's Obsession with Proprietary Formats
06/05/2006 'SLI On A Stick' Reviewed
06/05/2006 1Gbps Symmetrical Connections For All
06/05/2006 Storage Security Vendors Stay Busy
06/05/2006 In-Flight, Online
06/05/2006 ConsortiumInfo Four Points of Interoperability and Adobe
06/05/2006 European technology is suddenly in demand
06/05/2006 Sun reorganizes RFID, sensors center
06/05/2006 EU revises position on software patents
06/05/2006 HTC's Dopod deal seen as positive for IPO
06/05/2006 FEI systems selected for Russian center
06/05/2006 Tech giants fawn over small fry
06/05/2006 From Biotechnology Greenhouse to Safeguard for Kurtzman
06/05/2006 Briefing Ericsson buys Netwise
06/05/2006 Analysts Microsoft Has Antitrust Anxiety
06/05/2006 Obituary Alan Kotok, Computer Developer, Video Games Pioneer
06/05/2006 Red Herring 100 Asia Deadline for Nominations Is June 16th
06/05/2006 Redline Introduces RedMAX'TM' Management Suite for WiMAX Networks
06/05/2006 Scottsdale Insurance Company Names Joe Griffith Information Technology Vice President and Chief Information Officer
06/05/2006 CONNX Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership With Pio-Tech, Expanding Market Coverage Across Middle East
06/05/2006 Redline Communications Selects CELPLAN as its Network Planning Provider for WiMAX Deployments
06/05/2006 IBM Contributes Ajax Software Development Technology to Open Source Community
06/05/2006 Jack Thompson Now Running Police Investigations
06/05/2006 Cosmic showdown Great Red vs. Red Jr.
06/05/2006 Jovian storms prepare for showdown
06/05/2006 Md. biotech finishes enrollment in late-stage drug study
06/05/2006 Some 25 Years Later, In-Flight Internet Nearing Reality
06/05/2006 Oh No! Book Publishing Is At Risk! Or Maybe Not
06/05/2006 Mind Your P And Q
06/05/2006 A VC's View of Web 2.0
06/05/2006 eBay Joint Venture Will Bring Online Trading t
06/05/2006 Tap System Mechanic 6 to recover failing systems
06/05/2006 CA Releases ID Solutions
06/05/2006 Coming Soon Cleaner Diesel
06/05/2006 Patni buys ZAiQ Tech
06/05/2006 Tech Mahindra tool to check intellectual property leakage
06/05/2006 US Tech launches green drive
06/05/2006 U of M to get fluid power technology research facility
06/05/2006 Lost in translation No MS iPod
06/05/2006 Bill Maher show debuts on Amazon
06/05/2006 Cgiapp.class.php 2.0.0 Stable branch
06/05/2006 Wiz Solitaire 1.14
06/05/2006 DSPAM 3.6.7
06/05/2006 bosh 0.2
06/05/2006 Jameleon 3.2.2
06/05/2006 stl2pov 2.3.0
06/05/2006 Mailman listadmin 2.32
06/05/2006 Streamline 1.6.2
06/05/2006 F-35 Guts Revealed
06/05/2006 Guide to boosting your internet bandwith to the max
06/05/2006 Your old PC may hold cure for cancer
06/05/2006 British Politicians Present Reasonable Views On Copy Protection?
06/05/2006 Study Yoga Helps Breast Cancer Patients Combat Side Effects
06/05/2006 FDA Clears Restricted Return of Multiple Sclerosis Drug
06/05/2006 Genentech, OSI say drug combo prolongs survival
06/05/2006 HP Unveils Entry-Level NonStop Server
06/05/2006 Microsoft Adds New Help On Word Zero-Day
06/05/2006 Spammer Settles For 1 Million, Goes Straight
06/05/2006 Personal Tech Micron Debuts 'Fusion Memory' For Cell Phones
06/05/2006 Personal Tech Samsung Unveils First-Ever 3D Organic LED
06/05/2006 Personal Tech Startup Develops Holographic Storage Media
06/05/2006 Personal Tech Samsung Unveils 7-Inch Single-Chip Display
06/05/2006 Technical Committee on job training submits report
06/05/2006 Ancient rock art may depict exploding star
06/05/2006 OAS discusses technology, Venezuela at annual meeting
06/05/2006 NASA No 'show-stoppers' for shuttle launch
06/05/2006 Ancient rock art may depict supernova
06/05/2006 Pioneer to Cease DVD Recorder Production
06/05/2006 Toshiba Announces 2.5" 200GB Perpendicular HD
06/05/2006 6/5/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews
06/05/2006 FDA Gives Nod to Tysabri
06/05/2006 Toshiba's iPod competitor makes itself heard
06/05/2006 Lenovo denies ditching Linux
06/05/2006 Qinetiq drives towards wireless cars
06/05/2006 Sexy summer picks Google and Yahoo
06/05/2006 Scientists Find Evidence of Global Warming Eons Ago
06/05/2006 Oil Well Thy Hybrid
06/05/2006 A Sharper Outsourcing Skill Set
06/05/2006 Sun Users Left to Wonder What's Next
06/05/2006 When Tragedy
06/05/2006 Hospitals Expand Videoconferencing
06/05/2006 Saying You're Wrong Can Feel So Right
06/05/2006 Explainer Active Directory Federation Services
06/05/2006 The Robust 80% Solution
06/05/2006 Dual-Mode Devices Ready to Roll
06/05/2006 Sun is screwed up, but it is not a lost cause
06/05/2006 Loan Firm, University Report Security Breaches
06/05/2006 Ruiz Chip Advances Not Held Back by Technology
06/05/2006 Under Threat of Litigation
06/05/2006 In the Labs
06/05/2006 Waiting for WiMax
06/05/2006 Wi-Fi/Cellular at Crossroads
06/05/2006 Good UWB Primer
06/05/2006 IT Execs Race Against Time Along Gulf Coast
06/05/2006 Red Hat Halts Development of App Server
06/05/2006 Heavy Rotation of Storms Drives IT Action In Florida, Other States
06/05/2006 California Election to Provide E-voting Paper Trail
06/05/2006 Career Watch
06/05/2006 VMware to Unveil Upgrades, Bundles
06/05/2006 VA Takes Initial Steps to Address Security Woes
06/05/2006 Hot-Site Approach Runs Hot and Cold With Users
06/05/2006 Storms Prompt New Approaches Inside IT
06/05/2006 The Ills of 'Works Out of the Box'
06/05/2006 Certifications Are of Diminished Value
06/05/2006 Free the Web of Proprietary Tech
06/05/2006 In Search of the Information Kilowatt
06/05/2006 Security - Who Does It?
06/05/2006 Cable HD Bandwidth Crunch
06/05/2006 Project LightSpeed Won't Result in Lower Cable Prices?
06/05/2006 BellSouth IPTV in 2007
06/05/2006 Who's Counting Jesus' Descendants
06/05/2006 Popular is spammed
06/05/2006 Bangalore to have biotech park soon
06/05/2006 The Future of Gaming Paper, Plastic and Cardboard?
06/05/2006 Updated security/msf to 2.6 adrianp 2006-06-05
06/05/2006 Updated net/quagga-devel to 0.99.4 gdt 2006-06-05
06/05/2006 Multiple Vendor NTFS Data Stream Malware Stealth Technique
06/05/2006 Bugtraq Multiple Vendor NTFS Data Stream Malware Stealth Technique
06/05/2006 Lantronix Chooses StillSecure Strata Guard to Detect and Block Network Attacks
06/05/2006 Fortinet's New FortiPartner Program Maximizes Margin for Solution Providers
06/05/2006 AirIQ Achieves 17th Place in PROFIT 100 Ranking of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies
06/05/2006 Boeing, FedEx trial plane-part RFIDs
06/05/2006 Celgene's Front and Center at ASCO
06/05/2006 Upgrades Spark BMC Software
06/05/2006 Monday's Tech Winners & Losers
06/05/2006 Study Self-Abuse Among Young People a Frightening Trend
06/05/2006 Researchers out in the cold
06/05/2006 More Memory Manufacturers Support Enhanced Performance Profiles
06/05/2006 Russia May Not be Accepted to WTO Due to MP3s
06/05/2006 ATI and Asus Announce HDMI Notebook
06/05/2006 BenQ Plans to Ship Blu-ray Burner this Year
06/05/2006 Sony Alpha A100 D-SLR Gets Official
06/05/2006 Denies Macro Exploit A Problem
06/05/2006 Level 3 Bolsters Fiber Offerings With Acquisition Of Looking Glass
06/05/2006 Strict Parenting Linked to Overweight First-Graders
06/05/2006 Identity thieves and the women who love them
06/05/2006 Here comes the SmackPad
06/05/2006 Report says collaboration the rule for IT
06/05/2006 Tina POS 0.0.17
06/05/2006 Raul's classes for PHP 0.6.2
06/05/2006 FUR filesystem 0.4.1
06/05/2006 PRADO 3.0.1 Development branch
06/05/2006 Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE 0.14.1
06/05/2006 DBsight 1.2.8
06/05/2006 JChart2D 2.0.1
06/05/2006 Gajim 0.10.1
06/05/2006 eSAV 1.2.3
06/05/2006 YourKit Java Profiler 6.0-EAP7
06/05/2006 MailSteward 7.4
06/05/2006 China, India Produce Fewer Engineers
06/05/2006 U.K. Health System IT Upgrade Called A 'Disaster'
06/05/2006 Fight For Consumers' Attention Online Heats Up
06/05/2006 Scientists Borrow From Einstein With Emerging Encryption Technology
06/05/2006 Web Services Companies May Lead Fixed-Mobile Convergence Study
06/05/2006 New Intel Chip Premiering On A Fast Track
06/05/2006 The Price Of Growth
06/05/2006 Offshoring Impact On U.S. Jobs Overblown
06/05/2006 Battle For Consumers' Attention Online Heats Up
06/05/2006 Apple Reverses Its Offshoring Decision
06/05/2006 A Matter Of Privacy And National Security
06/05/2006 Analyst Predicts Intel Price War, Profit Warning
06/05/2006 VMware To Ship Three Virtual Infrastructure 3 Suites
06/05/2006 CA Removes Sales Chief From His Post
06/05/2006 IBM Updates Rational Line, Streamlines Partner Certification
06/05/2006 Eagle Broadband's Set-Top Box to Be Featured at Computex Taipei 2006
06/05/2006 Paragon Wireless Awards Cornerstone Communications, LTD North American and European Agency Contract
06/05/2006 IBMR Announces New Software, Systems
06/05/2006 Talks advance as planet continues to warm
06/05/2006 U.S. firms adapt too slowly for new markets
06/05/2006 Study Experimental Drug Delays Breast Cancer
06/05/2006 Yoga Benefits Breast Cancer Patients
06/05/2006 Macedonia government selling telco stake
06/05/2006 Eye-catching mobile security on its way
06/05/2006 Toshiba reports 200 GB laptop hard drive
06/05/2006 Onyx Plunges on Nexavar Results
06/05/2006 Whitehill Technologies Wins New Customer, Gets High Marks from Independent Analyst
06/05/2006 Comtech gets Blue Force transceiver order
06/05/2006 InternetWeek Scientists Borrow From Einstein With Emerging Encryption Technology
06/05/2006 Systems Management Israeli Debuts Holographic Storage Technology
06/05/2006 Tokyo semiconductor equipment supplier to open research site at Albany NanoTech
06/05/2006 Understanding error handling in SQL Server 2000
06/05/2006 eBay Joint Venture Will Bring Online Trading to Taiwan
06/05/2006 Yahoo Chief Gets Six Million Stock Options
06/05/2006 Net Neutrality Puts Telecom Agenda In A Time Crunch
06/05/2006 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Talks About What Is Next For Microsoft
06/05/2006 Herb Weisbaum Free Tech Support Can Be Frustrating
06/05/2006 Microsoft Revs Security Service
06/05/2006 Microsoft, IBM Expand Dev Tools
06/05/2006 Sun To Pilot R&D Away From 'Classic IT'
06/05/2006 Sweden probes suspected Web attacks
06/05/2006 Aramark buys online provider SeamlessWeb
06/05/2006 A Little TOO Efficient
06/05/2006 UK consumers prop up Quark costs
06/05/2006 Charter Offering 10Mbps
06/05/2006 PirateBay Back On-line
06/05/2006 Disney to sell movies over Internet via CinemaNow in Windows Media Video format
06/05/2006 iPapi Boston Red Sox slugger Ortiz, others talk Apple iPods
06/05/2006 Keane's number one in jeopardy after iTunes error posts album early
06/05/2006 Apple books large NAND flash orders, 8GB iPod nano on the way?
06/05/2006 Apple pulls planned support center out of Bangalore, India
06/05/2006 5 Jun Troj/Mailbot-AJ
06/05/2006 Negroponte's 100 Laptop Moves Closer To Launch
06/05/2006 Nokia acquires LLC's U.S. deployment unit
06/05/2006 Motorola signs on Abhishek Bachchan as rep
06/05/2006 BellSouth with Internet security service
06/05/2006 Arab sports portal gets push
06/05/2006 Networking Y2K hangover finally ending?
06/05/2006 Viola Networks strings up VoIP deal with 'major' telco
06/05/2006 Notorious E-Mail Spammer Settles With Texas, Microsoft
06/05/2006 Study Snoops reading employee e-mail
06/05/2006 Leadtek Exits Graphics Market, Foxconn Enters
06/05/2006 Grassroots Support Helps eBay Lobbying Efforts
06/05/2006 Lawyers Get A Head Start On The World Cup
06/05/2006 Study Companies snooping on employee e-mail
06/05/2006 JetBlue Wins License for Air-Ground Wireless
06/05/2006 Comparison Shopping Engines Popular but Flawe
06/05/2006 Single Card, Multi-GPU GeForce 7950 GX2
06/05/2006 Tips on implementing an OTA call-logging system
06/05/2006 Your dusty old PC may hold the cure for cancer
06/05/2006 S. Korea give ADB 20M for IT fund
06/05/2006 Tech Mahindra leads SSE CMM implementation in country
06/05/2006 Micron Technology, InfoSonics, PrimeEnergy, Black Box Corp, Zevex International, Liquidity Services
06/05/2006 Remotely control VMware Server machines
06/05/2006 Speeding SMS Patch Distribution
06/05/2006 Microsoft Scalable Networking Pack enhances Windows Server 2003
06/05/2006 Block DNS zone transfers in Windows 2000 Server
06/05/2006 Add toolbars to your taskbar in Windows 2000 Professional
06/05/2006 IT hiring strategies Finding the right person for the job
06/05/2006 Acme Packet and BroadSoft Partner to Offer Integrated Hosted VoIP and Multimedia Solutions
06/05/2006 Cistera Networks' IPT Applications Platform Selected by Canada's Concordia University
06/05/2006 Broadwing Communications Deploys Acme Packet for Service Provider and Enterprise VoIP Services
06/05/2006 XO Diagrams VoIP Services With Acme Packet Session Border Controllers
06/05/2006 Philippines 3G phone tax breaks criticized
06/05/2006 China Netcom sells interest in Asia Netcom
06/05/2006 Telecom N.Z. CEO said to be replaced
06/05/2006 Quark faces up to its mistakes
06/05/2006 Swedish Police Probe Suspected Web Attacks
06/05/2006 38% Of Companies Watch E-Mail For Secrets, Risks
06/05/2006 One-Third Of Companies Read Employee E-Mail
06/05/2006 Oracle PL/SQL Developers Robert Half Technology Nashville, TN USA
06/05/2006 Child safety fears over website
06/05/2006 Former AT&T Executive Hossein Eslambolchi Joins LiteScape Board of Directors
06/05/2006 OpenPages Announces Availablility of Next-Generation Financial Controls Management Software for Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
06/05/2006 ACT! by Sage Corporate Customers Grow to 35,000
06/05/2006 CompanionLink Announces Support for New Motorola Q and All Other Windows Mobile 5 Devices
06/05/2006 Tech exec jumps into politics
06/05/2006 Pentadyne Power and Socomec Sicon Enter Agreement to Distribute Environmentally-Friendly Flywheel Systems
06/05/2006 Focus Enhancements Announces Partnership With the Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan
06/05/2006 Arena Solutions Launches New Edition of Its Award-Winning Arena PLM On-Demand Solution
06/05/2006 Tropic Networks Launches Latest Variant to Reconfigurable Portfolio
06/05/2006 Tropic Networks to Unveil Integrated Strategy to Drive Down Network Transport Costs
06/05/2006 Decuma Now Available for Arabic Users
06/05/2006 Electronic Discovery Leaders Deploy BlueArc Storage to Accelerate Search and Retrieval of Regulated Data
06/05/2006 Ounce 4.0 Delivers Major Advancements in Source Code Vulnerability Analysis
06/05/2006 Ounce Labs Named to SD Times 100 for 2006
06/05/2006 The LambdaNode 5000 Optical Services Platform Pioneers Use of AdvancedTCA in Optical Network Layer
06/05/2006 Micron, Lexar boards OK sweetened deal
06/05/2006 Acronis Provides a Fresh System Start
06/05/2006 Safety Net for Exchange
06/05/2006 HP Targets the Midrange with New NonStop Server
06/05/2006 Dell Customer Looks to HP for Opteron Servers
06/05/2006 IBM Woos Small Enterprises
06/05/2006 Microsoft Acquires Missing Pieces
06/05/2006 Coldtags suite 2.70
06/05/2006 HTTP Anti Virus Proxy 0.80
06/05/2006 GNU GRUB 1.94 Development branch
06/05/2006 OpenDMTP 1.1.6 C Client branch
06/05/2006 disktype 9
06/05/2006 Network Management Tool 1.40
06/05/2006 MySQL 5.0.22 Production 5.0.x branch
06/05/2006 JMP 0.51
06/05/2006 Ksvn Client 0.3
06/05/2006 fio 1.4
06/05/2006 Sylpheed-Claws 2.2.1
06/05/2006 NXscript 0.2.605
06/05/2006 PerlPrimer 1.1.12
06/05/2006 Vacation beckons, but is the car up to it?
06/05/2006 Still waiting for a Prius? Camry's now a hybrid, too
06/05/2006 Laptop theft compromises Hotels customer data
06/05/2006 Cell Phone Security Nightmare ...
06/05/2006 Offshoring Opens Up
06/05/2006 'It'll Soon Shake Your Windows ...'
06/05/2006 When Life Intrudes on the Workplace
06/05/2006 Veterans Affair
06/05/2006 Prologue to Success
06/05/2006 Intel to launch chip offensive at Computex
06/05/2006 VMware to release next-gen virtualization software
06/05/2006 Toughest Tasks
06/05/2006 Tivoli Chief Expects CM Databases to Cut IT Costs
06/05/2006 Vista Opportunity
06/05/2006 Minds of Microsoft
06/05/2006 Playtech teams with Korea's TankSoft on Mahjong software
06/05/2006 Warning over digital downloads
06/05/2006 Intel Core 2 Duo performance preview
06/05/2006 Exposure Software Review!
06/05/2006 Out of Context
06/05/2006 What's worse than having a PR Person?
06/05/2006 RIM won't do 'half-baked' dual-mode devices
06/05/2006 Dell Dazzles, HP Has Another 'Big Bang,' and AMD Goes 'Live'
06/05/2006 Now you can save the planet after youre dead
06/05/2006 Univision Look at the small print
06/05/2006 Skype set for another patent dispute
06/05/2006 Vonage investors sue after 'disastrous' IPO
06/05/2006 Europe's Largest Cigars Manufacturer Selects TIS' eFLOW Ability as a Complete Invoice Processing Solution
06/05/2006 BEW Global Joins Vontu VAR Program in US and UK
06/05/2006 eProject Announces PPM6, Industry's Most Complete On-Demand Project and Portfolio Management and Collaboration Platform
06/05/2006 ADVISORY-Manaris Corporation to Host Investor Day in Montreal
06/05/2006 Goa bio-tech policy approved
06/05/2006 Level 3 Acquires Looking Glass
06/05/2006 Off the wire Majority of consumers can't spot fake e-mails
06/05/2006 US-CERT Technical Cyber Security Alert Mozilla Products Contain Multiple Vulnerabilities TA06-153A
06/05/2006 Debian Security Advisory postgresql DSA 1087-1
06/05/2006 Debian Security Advisory centericq DSA 1088-1
06/05/2006 Runners join crowd of GPS users
06/05/2006 Apple offers student shuffle prize
06/05/2006 Toshiba claims highest density HDD drive
06/05/2006 Apple adds new website section
06/05/2006 Apple preps 8GB iPod nano
06/05/2006 iTunes blunder's mean for Keane
06/05/2006 Revolution goes Universal
06/05/2006 Microsoft to pull PDF support from Office 2007
06/05/2006 Apple offers UK Summer Camps
06/05/2006 5 Jun Troj/Banker-BQH
06/05/2006 5 Jun Troj/Zlob-QJ
06/05/2006 Disney Bursts Into Song, Profits
06/05/2006 What Technologies Has The DMCA Killed? What Will It Kill Next?
06/05/2006 Fat America A big opportunity
06/05/2006 Goldstone Exports to acquire 20 pc stake in Goldstone Tech
06/05/2006 3i Infotech bags order from Malaysia's financial institution
06/05/2006 ATI Drives High Definition Content in Acer's HD-DVD Notebook
06/05/2006 ATI Teams Up With Asus to Deliver New HDMI Notebook
06/05/2006 SmallCap Sentinel Identifying and Profiting From Emergent Technology Report Released
06/05/2006 AMD Lays Out Aggressive Roadmap to Put Pressure on Intel
06/05/2006 Chunghwa picks Cisco for oversea expansion
06/05/2006 Bulgaria telco to resubmit tariff plan
06/05/2006 Siemens wins Norway Lyse contract
06/05/2006 Ericsson, Microsoft tie up in mobile phone
06/05/2006 Australia's Primus launches cell service
06/05/2006 Schlumberger in deal with Petroleum Gas U.
06/05/2006 Motorola sets deal to acquire TTPCom
06/05/2006 Investors sue Vonage over IPO
06/05/2006 US government, Net firms fail to agree on data retention
06/05/2006 Laptops continue to trample desktops
06/05/2006 Yahoo chief to be paid 1 salary
06/05/2006 Toshiba touts data density record with new drive
06/05/2006 VMWare aims higher with new bundle
06/05/2006 Registrar named in massive cybersquatting suit
06/05/2006 Clones Defeated In Mule Race
06/05/2006 Warner Music Selling Indie Videos They Have No Rights Over?
06/05/2006 Jakarta puts its dirty status to good use