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05/12/2006 Microsoft Windows Distributed Transaction Coordinator DTC BuildContextW Request DoS
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05/12/2006 OSSEC HIDS 0.8
05/12/2006 VLC 0.8.5 Stable branch
05/12/2006 Proxifier
05/12/2006 NetDRI 0.22
05/12/2006 MailArchiva 1.2.0
05/12/2006 FreeBSD 6.1
05/12/2006 uni2ascii 3.9
05/12/2006 Mandrixx Java Slideshow 3.0 Stable branch
05/12/2006 Pinot 0.47
05/12/2006 Microsoft Exchange Patch Conflicts With BlackBerry, GoodLink
05/12/2006 Sneakers Get a Geek Injection
05/12/2006 Power Up With Magnetic Bacteria
05/12/2006 Skype Now Available as Universal Binary for Intel Macs
05/12/2006 Philadelphia Municipal WiFi Greenlighted
05/12/2006 Shindigs and the Spectacle of Gaming
05/12/2006 CLONING SCIENTIST S. Korea indicts Hwang Woo-suk over faked stem cell research
05/12/2006 MPAA is dogged about piracy
05/12/2006 Agency Takes Its Talent Digital
05/12/2006 S. Korea Scientist Charged With Fraud
05/12/2006 LAPD Starts Internet Blog
05/12/2006 E3 The Flying Toaster is Baaaaaack
05/12/2006 As Tech Advances, Privacy Laws Lag
05/12/2006 3-D Sketching For The Masses
05/12/2006 Times, P-I stick with arbitration
05/12/2006 Digitech Adds Service Capability with New Staffer
05/12/2006 Doctors Use New Acupressure Technique to Lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels Medications Unnecessary
05/12/2006 Record Attendance for Outsourcing Trends & Technology Webinar Overwhelming response precipitates follow-up event
05/12/2006 New Search Trail Technology Makes UK Debut
05/12/2006 Industrial Nanotech Continues Expansion into Asian Markets
05/12/2006 Retail sales fall short of forecast for April
05/12/2006 BASQUE SCIENTISTS CIC Biogune leads search for therapies for degenerative conditions
05/12/2006 White House Defends NSA Data Collection
05/12/2006 KleanSweep 0.2.8
05/12/2006 ui 0.9.6-1
05/12/2006 Anthill3 Preview 6
05/12/2006 Mantaray 2.0
05/12/2006 Zimbra Collaboration Suite 3.1.1 Release branch
05/12/2006 Simple Groupware 0.27
05/12/2006 Linux 2.6 branch
05/12/2006 SUSE Linux 10.1
05/12/2006 Apple Releases Security 006-003
05/12/2006 SITE INSPECTOR free Browser combines Internet Explorer and Mozilla-Gecko engines into one program
05/12/2006 Updated benchmarks/nttcp to 1.47nb1 simonb 2006-05-12
05/12/2006 China begins development of positioning and navigation system for lunar probe
05/11/2006 Scientists identify new African monkey genus
05/11/2006 Internet regulator in US rejects adult sites domain
05/11/2006 UK Judges Now Say That Maybe Email Bombs Actually Are Illegal
05/11/2006 Dell Hosts 7-Minute Preview of X-Men III
05/11/2006 SiSoftware Introduces Sandra 2007
05/11/2006 Google Notebook to be Announced
05/11/2006 Google Press Day and Product Announcements
05/11/2006 Skype Offers 24 Hour Translators
05/11/2006 Solve the Rubiks Cube in 22 Turns
05/11/2006 Nintendo president Iwata explains the Wii's strange name.
05/11/2006 Video "We will show our usual innovation but also our patience"
05/11/2006 Video "Of course the world's changing, embrace it"
05/11/2006 French Digital Music Copyright Bill Advances
05/11/2006 BlackBerry E-Mail Service to Be Offered in China
05/11/2006 Advertising Bringing Digital Ads to the Local Mall
05/11/2006 Ohio University suffers security breaches
05/11/2006 BBC revamps site search system
05/11/2006 ICANN Rejects .XXX Porn Domain
05/11/2006 Biotech and non-conventional SEZs may have a 10 acre limit
05/11/2006 Intel to Shut Down Glasgow R&D Division
05/11/2006 Lawmakers to Review Texas Tech Construction Bonds
05/11/2006 Phone services crash in southern NSW
05/11/2006 China Gets a Taste of BlackBerry
05/11/2006 Ballmer Microsoft To Focus On Linux Competition, Software As A Service, Internet Advertising
05/11/2006 Pixels Put on a Par With Paintings
05/11/2006 Yahoo Microsoft Wanted a Search Stake, Not an Acquisition
05/11/2006 Inside Napster's Stream Scheme
05/11/2006 NimbleMusic launches first comprehensive ripping & loading services for Apple iPod
05/11/2006 Microsoft's Steve Ballmer visits valley; discusses friendship with Yahoo
05/11/2006 S. Korean prosecutors confirm Hwang fabricates stem cell data
05/11/2006 Google Gets Web 2.0 Religion
05/11/2006 New Gmail Feature Gmail Pictures
05/11/2006 SAP Announces Marketing Suite for CRM On-Demand
05/11/2006 MS Researchers Tackle Automated Malware Classification
05/11/2006 Grim Reaper comes early for obese Americans
05/11/2006 Paper demand in China brings death to forests
05/11/2006 Philadelphia City Council Clears Way for Citywide Wi-Fi Network
05/11/2006 RIM to Roll Out BlackBerry Service in China
05/11/2006 Paris Hilton Causes Uproar at Video Game Expo
05/11/2006 Innovation Is An Ongoing Process - Not A Single Event
05/11/2006 FEMA Goes High-Tech for Storm Preparedness
05/11/2006 Nintendo Chief We're Going After Non-Gamers With Wii
05/11/2006 Sony Introduces High Definition Video Standard for Camcorders
05/11/2006 Hands-on with Enemy Territory Quake Wars
05/11/2006 A Tour of "Jade Empire" and "Mercenaries 2"
05/11/2006 Updated comms/conserver8 to 8.1.14 seb 2006-05-11
05/11/2006 JIVET technology helps increase sheep reproduction
05/11/2006 Your DNA could lead to criminal kin
05/11/2006 Microsoft CEO Shares His Tech Insights
05/11/2006 Google Holders Huddle Happily
05/11/2006 AT&T Supports Online Gaming
05/11/2006 New genus of African monkey found
05/11/2006 Datacraft Solutions CTO Justin Diana Profiled in Digital Kanban Quality Digest Feature
05/11/2006 Encompix ERP Software Profiled in Canadian Machine Tool Dealer Magazine
05/11/2006 Shoplogix’s Board of Directors Now Includes Corporate VP of Microsoft Lindsay Sparks
05/11/2006 Wins Complex Manufacturers with Industry Standard ERP
05/11/2006 Bush Says Authorized Intelligence Activities Lawful
05/11/2006 Ballmer Sees Google, Open Source as Strongest Competitors
05/11/2006 Bugtraq phpBB "charts.php" XSS and SQL-Injection
05/11/2006 Major Ad Auctions To Be Tested Online
05/11/2006 AOL Launches Developer Tools For Music Feeds
05/11/2006 IBM Launches Workplace, Notes For SAP
05/11/2006 ScanSource Goes Vertical For Solution City Shows
05/11/2006 Ballmer Talks Linux, Security, SaaS
05/11/2006 Nexsan Brings New Storage Security Appliance To Channel
05/11/2006 CRN Interview Linksys Founder Says Time Is Right To Move On
05/11/2006 Websense-Blue Coat Skirmish Plays Out In Channel
05/11/2006 SurfControl's New Pledge No Conflict Or We Pay 105 Percent
05/11/2006 Microsoft CEO catching Yahoo, Google to take time
05/11/2006 Microsoft, Nintendo Gun for Sony
05/11/2006 Gas Taxes More Not Less
05/11/2006 Linksys Traffic Optimizer
05/11/2006 Apple releases Front Row 1.2.2
05/11/2006 Writing PostgreSQL Functions with PL/pgSQL
05/11/2006 Using PC-BSD
05/11/2006 Researchers Suggest Expanding DNA Searches
05/11/2006 Google Shareholders Praise Management
05/11/2006 Report on NSA Brings Surveillance in Focus
05/11/2006 Labs Tip Don't Reinvent the Wheel
05/11/2006 Privacy Groups Decry NSA Data Collection
05/11/2006 EU Executive Slams 'Interference' in Sex Site Vote
05/11/2006 Battle of Mambo—the Open-Source Civil War Continues
05/11/2006 Your DNA could finger your relatives
05/11/2006 Beazley pledges to rev up the net
05/11/2006 Business Intelligence CA's Chief Tech Officer To Exit
05/11/2006 Making the Power Grid Smarter
05/11/2006 Techworld The Benefits of Ubiquitous Linux
05/11/2006 Nature meets technology at Georgia Tech's conference on bio-inspired design
05/11/2006 Tech Workers Need More Than Sentimental Reasons To Unionize
05/11/2006 Has Jack Thompson Gone To China?
05/11/2006 Downloads
05/11/2006 Silicon Valley tinkerers are determined to make a better cell phone.
05/11/2006 Your DNA could finger criminal kin
05/11/2006 Hydrogen from Biomass
05/11/2006 Callers Can't Hide
05/11/2006 Revenue Potential Grows For RIM In China
05/11/2006 Google rolls out new weapons in battle with Microsoft
05/11/2006 The Sydney Morning Herald Technology Headlines
05/11/2006 Leisure Pool Planned for Texas Tech Campus
05/11/2006 Technology Review Feed v3.0
05/11/2006 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute To Build New Supercomputer
05/11/2006 Google holders reject end to stock plan
05/11/2006 Microsoft CEO 5 years to catch Google, Yahoo!
05/11/2006 FDA Approves Pfizer Anti-Smoking Pill
05/11/2006 ICANN Decides to Trash .xxx Domain
05/11/2006 Personal Tech AOL Connects VoIP Service To AIM
05/11/2006 Personal Tech SanDisk Shows Off 4 GB Flash Card, Sansa MP3 Player
05/11/2006 Personal Tech Major Push Coming Against Pirates On Online Auction Sites
05/11/2006 Personal Tech Maverick Team Owner Fined For Blog
05/11/2006 Cell Therapeutics still under scrutiny
05/11/2006 Ballmer hints at Office, Vista prices
05/11/2006 ITC To Investigate Toshiba In Lexar Patent Tiff
05/11/2006 Alltel Enters 'First Of Kind' 3G Roaming Agreement
05/11/2006 CA's Chief Tech Officer To Exit
05/11/2006 Microsoft To Provide More Patches For Third-Party Apps
05/11/2006 SanDisk Shows Off 4 Gbyte Flash Card, Sansa MP3 Player
05/11/2006 Websense CEO Vows 100 Percent Channel Assault
05/11/2006 Building The Extreme Home Office
05/11/2006 Merger Creates Largest North American MSP
05/11/2006 Roberts Ready To Take Websense Channel To the Next Level
05/11/2006 Phonon and the Future of KDE Multimedia
05/11/2006 Philadelphia OKs wireless Internet project
05/11/2006 Amazon VP on Net-Neutrality
05/11/2006 FairPlay Score For Apple in France
05/11/2006 Grid Computing That Heals Itself
05/11/2006 Inflation, Earnings Take Toll on Techs
05/11/2006 LinuxDevices Bruce Perens on GPLv3 Embedded Consequences
05/11/2006 Ohio University chooses Apple's iTunes U for students and faculty
05/11/2006 Apple releases Mac OS X Security 006-003
05/11/2006 Apple releases QuickTime 7.1 Update
05/11/2006 Abu Dhabi MacStore Apple Center Grand Opening photos
05/11/2006 Faronics heats up Deep Freeze Mac with ThawSpace
05/11/2006 Database Report Draws Focus on 'Analysis'
05/11/2006 Nintendo Exec Courts Nongamers With Wii
05/11/2006 The iPod Shirt
05/11/2006 Wholesale Dialup Directory Verizon Business Formerly UUNET
05/11/2006 11 May W32/Tilebot-EV
05/11/2006 Updated graphics/aqsis to 0.6.4nb6 joerg 2006-05-11
05/11/2006 New Groklaw Feature UNIX Methods and Concepts Database
05/11/2006 LucasArts Plugs Artificial Intelligence Into Video Games
05/11/2006 Microsoft Gets Windows Media On Japanese Handsets
05/11/2006 TiVo Unveils First Interactive TV Ad
05/11/2006 Skype Offers Interpreting Service In 150 Languages
05/11/2006 Video Games Add 18 Billion To U.S. GNP
05/11/2006 NSA Uses Old Technique to Gather Data
05/11/2006 Syria contract for rural wireless gear
05/11/2006 Surgical teamwork lacking, US study says
05/11/2006 Expedia profit slips 51%
05/11/2006 Secure the DSRM password
05/11/2006 Cisco administration 101 Know the basics about RIPv2
05/11/2006 Ottawa tech sector boosts innovation potential
05/11/2006 E3 The Art of the Videogame?
05/11/2006 Biotech firm cuts size of IPO
05/11/2006 Semel Yahoo Not Looking to Produce Shows
05/11/2006 QVC Plans Broader Presence on Internet
05/11/2006 McCaw Files for WiMax IPO
05/11/2006 Avoid these gotchas when installi
05/11/2006 Broadband Report Gametap expands
05/11/2006 BlackBerry maker wins thumb-wheel patent battle
05/11/2006 House passes 10M hydrogen prize
05/11/2006 Network Storage Beyond the Hype
05/11/2006 Infrastructure monitoring Measure your servers up/down activity with this script
05/11/2006 Baidupedia, the Chinese Wikipedia
05/11/2006 Profit Surges at Analog Devices
05/11/2006 Boeing raises jet list prices by 4 percent
05/11/2006 New technology will allow for flexible television and computer screens
05/11/2006 High-tech salaries up in February
05/11/2006 Crown Castle Plans Refinancing
05/11/2006 Expedia Heads South
05/11/2006 Profit Rises at Nvidia
05/11/2006 10 things you should know about managing IT projects
05/11/2006 NTT using Windows for 3G phones
05/11/2006 IBM, Alvarion develop public-safety WiMax
05/11/2006 BellSouth, Samsung partner in broadband
05/11/2006 Raytheon to provide training to Midas
05/11/2006 Internet helps pre-purchase deliberations
05/11/2006 Danes Hike Internet Speed By 1,000 Times
05/11/2006 New Technique Holds Hope For MS Victims
05/11/2006 Gabrieli proposes 1B in stem cells, biotech research
05/11/2006 Film Photography Saved By Technology
05/11/2006 E3 Entertainment Poker, Scarface, Cars
05/11/2006 MS Office 20 Billion By 2010 Target Seen As Long Shot
05/11/2006 Google Brings Out Own Widgets, Social Bookmarks
05/11/2006 Video-Game Expo Orders More Clothes for 'Booth Babes'
05/11/2006 Maverick Team Owner Fined For Blog
05/11/2006 Major Push Coming Against Pirates On Online Auction Sites
05/11/2006 Tech firms to lobby for patent litigation reform
05/11/2006 Applibase Unveils Open Source Visual AJAX Builder and Online Mashups Service
05/11/2006 Nintendo Sings Browser Duet With Opera
05/11/2006 Driving assistance technology co MobilEye raises 15m
05/11/2006 Mobile technology is making life easier for field engineers
05/11/2006 HP launches technology centre
05/11/2006 The Net's not-so-secret economy of crime
05/11/2006 BellSouth, Samsung Team On Broadband Devices
05/11/2006 AOL Connects VoIP Service To AIM
05/11/2006 Alltel Enters "First Of Kind" 3G Roaming Agreement
05/11/2006 T-Mobile USA Reports Strong Quarter With Some Dark Clouds
05/11/2006 NTT DoCoMo Launches HSDPA Cell Phone
05/11/2006 ICANN Turns Down .XXX, But Debate Continues
05/11/2006 Exploit Out For Exchange Bug
05/11/2006 Microsoft To Provide Patches For Some Third-Party Apps
05/11/2006 Verizon Mulls Selling Two Large Landlines
05/11/2006 Rootkit-spreading Spyware Shop Shuts Down
05/11/2006 SAP Expands On-Demand CRM Apps
05/11/2006 AOL Links VoIP Service To AIM
05/11/2006 Samsung, Hynix, Infineon Settle DRAM Price-Fixing Suit
05/11/2006 CA CTO To Exit Company
05/11/2006 SAP To Bless IBM DB2 Viper As Best Midmarket Database
05/11/2006 Dell Feels Crunch From Pricing, Competition
05/11/2006 China now global hub for spyware
05/11/2006 ISO standard could cool the licence police
05/11/2006 Photo Blogging
05/11/2006 RingCam to Launch Next Year as 'RoundTable'
05/11/2006 Changing payment systems pose new risks-Fed's Kohn
05/11/2006 Game controllers steal next-gen console spotlight
05/11/2006 Msoft, Nintendo Gang Up on Sony
05/11/2006 Sun Says Java Source Already Available
05/11/2006 There Is No 'Microsoft of Linux'?
05/11/2006 Dell Cheating on the Direct-Sales Model?
05/11/2006 CSS Redesign Contest Update
05/11/2006 Microsoft Sides With Nintendo Against Sony
05/11/2006 D-Link Settles Danish Time Dispute
05/11/2006 Enjoy EV-DO,
05/11/2006 Warner Brothers Embraces Bit Torrent...
05/11/2006 SearchOpenSource U.S. Census Reins in Data Center Sprawl
05/11/2006 Linux-Watch Is Linux Getting Buggier?
05/11/2006 Skype for Mac now Universal
05/11/2006 Mossberg Is there a virus threat for Apple Macs?
05/11/2006 SmartMoney publishes compendium of iPod FUD
05/11/2006 Hollywood Goes Geek at Video Game Expo
05/11/2006 Google's Press Day Google Coop, Google Trends....& Google stock drop
05/11/2006 Alsop blogs, despite dismissing it last year
05/11/2006 Common Type System CTS One Platform to Rule Them All
05/11/2006 Panasonic, Sony Develop New HD Camcorder Format
05/11/2006 How Sony Dropped the Ball During E3 2006
05/11/2006 Dell Introduces 13.5TB Direct Attached Storage Server
05/11/2006 Microsoft + Nintendo = Gaming Without Sony
05/11/2006 ICANN Rejects .XXX Top Level Domain
05/11/2006 5/11/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews
05/11/2006 Sid Meier's Civilization IV Warlords Looks to Please Civ Fans
05/11/2006 Slim Is In with the New LG T1 Express Dual Notebook
05/11/2006 Updated sysutils/ups-nut-cgi to 2.0.3 seb 2006-05-11
05/11/2006 Skywalk to offer thrilling Grand Canyon view
05/11/2006 FDA OKs Pfizer Anti-Smoking Pill
05/11/2006 Shuttle set to move closer to July liftoff
05/11/2006 Scientists Monkey in a class of its own
05/11/2006 Tech Workers of the World Unite?
05/11/2006 New technique holds hope for MS victims
05/11/2006 Real CEO Understands The Downsides Of DRM
05/11/2006 DoCoMo`s promise of a beyond-3G phone
05/11/2006 Web 2.0 lists, and growing
05/11/2006 App checks for Google bans
05/11/2006 Quote of the day 'Heidi Fleiss of video games'
05/11/2006 Bill puts cops first in data leak notification
05/11/2006 ICANN Rejects .XXX Top Level Domain
05/11/2006 Microsoft + Nintendo = Gaming Without Sony
05/11/2006 Dell Introduces 13.5TB Direct Attached Storage Server
05/11/2006 Slim Is In with the New LG T1 Express Dual Notebook
05/11/2006 Sony dances to Apple's tune
05/11/2006 Verizon Mulls Selling Two Large Landlines
05/11/2006 Rootkit-spreading Spyware Shop Shuts Down
05/11/2006 Clearwire files 400 IPO
05/11/2006 T-Mobile USA adds 1 million in Q1
05/11/2006 GTX Global appoints new CEO
05/11/2006 .XXX rejected by ICANN Board
05/11/2006 Congress may clamp down on MySpace
05/11/2006 Alltel Enters 'First Of Kind' 3G Roaming Agreement
05/11/2006 T-Mobile USA Reports Strong Quarter With Some Dark Clouds
05/11/2006 NTT DoCoMo Launches HSDPA Cell Phone
05/11/2006 ICANN Turns Down .XXX, But Debate Continues
05/11/2006 Exploit Out For Exchange Bug
05/11/2006 Oil spike leaves market sputtering
05/11/2006 Yahoo! Snipes at Microsoft
05/11/2006 E3 An Interactive Look at Videogame History
05/11/2006 SeaMobile buys wireless rival for 168 million
05/11/2006 Times, Hearst move forward on JOA arbitration
05/11/2006 Warner Bros. Neglects To Hype Other Internet Plan Involving Adware
05/11/2006 Indian Moon Mission To Carry NASA Devices
05/11/2006 Sid Meier's Civilization IV Warlords Looks to Please Civ Fans
05/11/2006 5/11/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews
05/11/2006 Analyst Wii Will Cost 200
05/11/2006 Enough Hype. Time To Play
05/11/2006 Report Government Agency Storing Millions of Phone Call Records
05/11/2006 Google Lifts Lid on Four New Search Tools
05/11/2006 Report Asia's forests face threat
05/11/2006 Venable law firm boosts biotech practice with patent expert
05/11/2006 Indian tech teachers prefer hot jobs
05/11/2006 E3 Notebook Brave New Open World
05/11/2006 Scientists Discover Super Superconductor
05/11/2006 Clearwire files IPO
05/11/2006 Space Technology To Help Hospitals Contain Spread Of Avian Flu Infection
05/11/2006 How Sony Dropped the Ball During E3 2006
05/11/2006 Medicare Drug Plan Forges Ahead
05/11/2006 Women Get Paternal Clues in Men's Faces
05/11/2006 Has The Stern Effect Already Worn Off For Sirius?
05/11/2006 Asthma Drug for Toddlers Doesn't Prevent Onset
05/11/2006 BellSouth, Samsung partner in broadband
05/11/2006 Vietnam ready for foreign telco investors
05/11/2006 BT developing business WiFi convergence
05/11/2006 Aussie Labor Party vows national broadband
05/11/2006 China cell-phone rate cuts criticized
05/11/2006 India's April teledensity tops 13 percent
05/11/2006 DoCoMo's promise of a beyond-3G phone
05/11/2006 SEC fines and bans former Gemstar CEO
05/11/2006 ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT EXPO New generation of consoles, much more than gaming
05/11/2006 Active Biotech Interim Report January-March 2006
05/11/2006 KODAK Graphics Communications Group opens new UK Information Office for the press
05/11/2006 PICMG® Technologies Showcase at GLOBALCOMM 2006 to Highlights Products from 42 Member Companies
05/11/2006 Dirty Harry feels lucky as videogame
05/11/2006 Stick Gets Slashed and Smashed
05/11/2006 E3 Games industry looks online
05/11/2006 Apple alters iPod licensing fee
05/11/2006 'iPod users steal music' Real boss
05/11/2006 Adobe CEO keynote for the enterprise
05/11/2006 Sony and Panasonic announce camcorder HD format
05/11/2006 Amended French copyright bill gives Apple a break
05/11/2006 Quark announces XPress 7 launch event
05/11/2006 Apple developer chief speaks
05/11/2006 Britney Spears shares iPod woes
05/11/2006 Manx Mac schools win high praise
05/11/2006 Apple NYC 'cube' shop opens May 19