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05/03/2006 5/3/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews
05/03/2006 3 May Troj/Harnig-S
05/03/2006 Added textproc/p5-XML-Dumper version 0.81 tv 2006-05-03
05/03/2006 Added www/php-apc version 3.0.10 tv 2006-05-03
05/03/2006 Updated x11/xorg-server to 6.9.0nb10 tron 2006-05-03
05/03/2006 OpenDocument Approved by ISO/IEC
05/03/2006 Yahoo Class Action Lawsuit Spyware & Typos
05/03/2006 British Searchers Use More Than One Search Engine
05/03/2006 More on Amazon & Microsoft?s Search Partnership
05/03/2006 Motorola Shares Reflect 'Excellent' Buying Opportunity
05/03/2006 Taking Podcasts Out Of The Forest
05/03/2006 Family Memories On DVD
05/03/2006 Mission Design Better Gloves
05/03/2006 Wireless Debate Hits Yellowstone
05/03/2006 courant TECHNOLOGY
05/03/2006 Yellowstone explores wireless world
05/03/2006 State wants MySpace to raise minimum age
05/03/2006 Episodic outing for horror game
05/03/2006 Technology World Edition
05/03/2006 Biogen Idec buys Conforma Therapeutics for 150M-plus
05/03/2006 Intelliworks Announces iRM Essentials Addresses the CRM Needs of Smaller Schools and Departments
05/03/2006 9th International Forum on Semiconductor Technology Opens May 18 in Arlington, VA
05/03/2006 Chordiant Software Appoints Frank Florence as Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
05/03/2006 Digital Learning Management Introduces CourseMate Software With Rich Media Capability
05/03/2006 Intel and CRN Announce SAM Intelligent IP Video Winner of "Most Innovative Server Solution"
05/03/2006 Material Technologies OTC MTNA Targets 8.2 Billion Railroad Industry
05/03/2006 TCS Hosts Deployable Communications/SwiftlinkR Users' Forum, Showcases Technical Innovations
05/03/2006 Tenaska Power to buy InfrastruX
05/03/2006 Networking IBM Develops Technology To Ease RFID Privacy Fears
05/03/2006 Personal Tech Microsoft Takes Xbox Live Gamers To E3
05/03/2006 Sleep apnoea poses risk for stroke sufferers
05/03/2006 Study Open Source Going Mainstream
05/03/2006 Placebo Among Treatments That Help Alcoholics Kick Habit
05/03/2006 Educators Split Over 'Digital Divide'
05/03/2006 NASA Selects Crew for Next Space Station Mission
05/03/2006 Scientists Resolve Global Warming Data Discrepancies
05/03/2006 Google Launches Programming Competition in Europe
05/03/2006 Microsoft Seeks to Boost Profile in Online Ad Market
05/03/2006 10 States Sue the Government Over Fuel Economy Rules
05/03/2006 Federal Bird Flu Plan Expected to Offer Little Reassurance
05/03/2006 Further Delay Predicted for Windows Vista
05/03/2006 The Reality of a 'Paperless Society'
05/03/2006 Microsoft's New Math 2 + 3 = 1
05/03/2006 Surprise! The War On Movie Piracy Isn't Working
05/03/2006 Microsoft Jumping Back Into Show Biz
05/03/2006 PiXPO Launches First Personal Broadcaster for Online Video
05/03/2006 The next job boom
05/03/2006 Help wanted What the numbers say
05/03/2006 10 hot cities for job growth
05/03/2006 The 10 fastest-growing jobs
05/03/2006 Opera Adds Shopping, Media To Mobile Browser
05/03/2006 Record Industry Goes After Street-Corner CD Bootleggers
05/03/2006 Symbol Framework To Centrally Manage Wi-Fi, WiMAX, RFID
05/03/2006 Climate changes threat to birds study
05/03/2006 Qualcomm Bumps Up Guidance
05/03/2006 Qwest Knocks Off Forecast
05/03/2006 Advanced Digital Soars on Quantum Deal
05/03/2006 Game On for Gamemakers
05/03/2006 Report settles global warming discrepancies
05/03/2006 Climate change, tech reduces SA fish catches
05/03/2006 Windows Vista
05/03/2006 'Chernobyl' virus author dodges prison
05/03/2006 MTN scores strategic win in Investcom deal
05/03/2006 Router or cable service may be causing slowdown
05/03/2006 Calibrator colors HDTV beautiful
05/03/2006 HD-DVD discs, players arrive — in small dose
05/03/2006 E-mail ties author to his readers
05/03/2006 Message may signal DNS server isn't available
05/03/2006 Sun CEO steps down after 22 years at the helm
05/03/2006 The Personal Technology
05/03/2006 Young challenge old media
05/03/2006 Eagle Broadband Lands Million Dollar Deal to Service Las Vegas Resort for KoolConnect Technologies
05/03/2006 Strategic Technology Executive Frank Coloccia Joins Xandros Linux Management Team
05/03/2006 Steelwedge Software Named "A Company to Watch" by Editorial Team of Intelligent Enterprise
05/03/2006 MediaMax Technology Completes '05 Year-End Audit
05/03/2006 DINTAGR - Database of Identification Number Tags
05/03/2006 LiveHive Systems Receives Tremendous Response to Survivor Real-Time Reality TV Competition
05/03/2006 2 Men Charged in Technology Sale to Iraq
05/03/2006 Amateur snappers get their reward
05/03/2006 ANALYSING THE NATIONALISATION Spain to send political and technical team to Bolivia
05/03/2006 mobiBlu MP3 Player with PodcastReady a Fantastic Combination
05/03/2006 Banned YouTube User out to get others Banned!
05/03/2006 Gartner Vista will be delayed again
05/03/2006 Double trouble for Internet Explorer
05/03/2006 FreeBSD 6.1-RC2 Available
05/03/2006 Accepting Applications for Summer of Code
05/03/2006 New Driver for HighPoint RocketRAID 232x SATA RAID Controllers
05/03/2006 Enhanced commit privileges Xin LI src, doc, ports
05/03/2006 New committer Lars Balker Rasmussen ports
05/03/2006 timeclock software 0.91
05/03/2006 xoris 0.1b
05/03/2006 Doodle 0.6.5
05/03/2006 TestMaker 4.4
05/03/2006 PiddlePodder 0.2
05/03/2006 ObjectBox oXML Compiler 1.1.5
05/03/2006 Microsoft and SAP do a Duet on Office
05/03/2006 Gartner More Windows Vista delays
05/03/2006 Sony shows summer Vaio laptops
05/03/2006 AMD reportedly 'delays' dual-core Turion debut
05/03/2006 Intel ships 3.6GHz Pentium D 960
05/03/2006 Mozilla patches Firefox
05/03/2006 No Vista until Q2 2007
05/03/2006 Google complains about IE-search link
05/03/2006 JPY ships PresStore 2.2 upgrade
05/03/2006 Adult industry decides Blu-ray, HD-DVD winner
05/03/2006 Quantum to acquire ADIC
05/03/2006 3 May Troj/Zlob-IO
05/03/2006 Updated www/firefox-bin to tron 2006-05-03
05/03/2006 Added devel/ruby-priority-queue version 0.1.2 minskim 2006-05-03
05/03/2006 Unix Methods and Concepts in the Wild
05/03/2006 China develops robot for extra-high tension power line inspection
05/03/2006 No Charity Cases
05/03/2006 WiredHub Adds Reseller Hosting to Product Line
05/03/2006 AT&T to end Cingular name
05/03/2006 Two new ways to go wireless on the road
05/03/2006 Microsoft may aim for Yahoo! acquisition
05/03/2006 Lane Tech stadium repairs OKd in deal
05/03/2006 Accenture brings touch of high tech to O'Hare
05/03/2006 Spain to send political-technical delegation to Bolivia in coming days govt
05/03/2006 How Every Mobile Operator Claims Its Network Is The Best
05/03/2006 Are The RIAA's 750-Per-Song Fines Unconstitutional?
05/03/2006 Creative Technology swings to net loss in third quarter
05/03/2006 Video Game Lets Players Earn Real Dollars
05/03/2006 The Yaris Change your Ways, not your Technology
05/03/2006 Springfield Tech CC plans to boost enrollment, upgrade hi-tech
05/03/2006 Technology center sponsors seminar
05/03/2006 S3 MultiChrome dual-GPU technology
05/03/2006 New radiation protection technique results in reduced physician exposure
05/03/2006 Easily create date-based folder names in Windows XP
05/03/2006 Africa hippos step closer to extinction
05/03/2006 KazSat TV satellite delivered to pad
05/03/2006 PBS to offer new education tech blog
05/03/2006 FOX acquires two tech start-up companies
05/03/2006 Helio launches new mobile service
05/03/2006 Microsoft Patents Multi-Domain User Tracking With Cookies
05/03/2006 PUBLIC UNIVERSITY OF NAVARRA Climatic change and environmental functions of forests
05/03/2006 INFORMATION SOCIETY AND MEDIA Advantages for technology inclusion are not enough- EU Commission
05/03/2006 SKYPECAST Skype extends audio conferences from 10 to 100 people
05/03/2006 Scientists doubt polygraphs accuracy, but usage is increasing.
05/03/2006 'Skypecasts' Allow 100-Person Conferencing
05/03/2006 Spammers don't like being challenged and fight back!
05/03/2006 Podcast Domains For Sale
05/03/2006 Firefox Updated!
05/03/2006 Audio Slide Show Scenes From Immigration Rallies
05/03/2006 DirecTV Install Techs Claim They Were Forced To Lie To Customers
05/03/2006 Off the wire Test your knowledge of Security+ topics
05/03/2006 Off the wire Network security lacking, expert says
05/03/2006 Off the wire Firefox security bug patched
05/03/2006 Clansys index.php page Variable Remote File Inclusion
05/03/2006 SunShop Shopping Cart index.php Multiple Variable XSS
05/03/2006 TextFileBB BBcode Multiple Tag XSS
05/03/2006 ClamAV Freshclam HTTP Header Remote Overflow
05/03/2006 Soderbergh Burn, Hollywood, Burn
05/03/2006 SLA 104 Choosing the service hardware
05/03/2006 Oracle keeps many users waiting on April patches
05/03/2006 Dot-com Boom's Biggest Duds, From Flooz to iSmell
05/03/2006 Yahoo?s YPN Says No to MySpace Traffic
05/03/2006 Music industry to target CD pirates in 12 cities
05/03/2006 Avocent to Lead Discussion on the Benefits of Centralized Management for Heterogeneous Data Centers
05/03/2006 VirtualEdge Announces World?s First Talent CRM Solution ? VE Pilot
05/03/2006 TopHosts Names AIT #1 Business Web Host for May ?06
05/03/2006 Search for cPanel from Webglimpse
05/03/2006 LinksPoint GPS Receiver Validated Through Symbol Technologies? SymbolPLUS Program
05/03/2006 Woman loses eye after fungus infection
05/03/2006 No you can go to gym online too...
05/03/2006 Panacea Biotech ties up with NVI
05/03/2006 Spirent Plc announces AGM Statement
05/03/2006 Report Predicts Delay of Microsoft's Vista Launch
05/03/2006 IAC's Quarterly Profit Tumbles 32%
05/03/2006 Dow's close is best finish in 6 years
05/03/2006 Even vegan purists like their doughnuts
05/03/2006 Apple deal keeps 99-cent iTunes
05/03/2006 Dilettante owners sell but plan to expand
05/03/2006 Safeco's slide in quarter less steep than expected
05/03/2006 Analysts cast doubt on rescheduled date for delivery of Vista
05/03/2006 You can't spell new Microsoft without A and D
05/03/2006 Blockbuster price for ADIC
05/03/2006 Network Neutrality Act of 2006
05/03/2006 Skype introduces 100-person Internet conferencing
05/03/2006 Farmers' Almanac TV plows into Web
05/03/2006 Shock jock's satellite radio show hits Internet in mid-June
05/03/2006 Analyst Firm Predicts Further Windows Delay
05/03/2006 Microsoft Settles Calif. Antitrust Suit
05/03/2006 Video Google doodles with @Last's SketchUp software
05/03/2006 Dell Latitude D520
05/03/2006 How to Get Vista Back on Track Open-Source It
05/03/2006 Vuln Russcom Network LoginPHP Open EMail Relay Vulnerability
05/03/2006 Vuln FileProtection Express Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
05/03/2006 Mozilla Makes A Critical Security Fix To Firefox
05/03/2006 Trojan Steals World Of Warcraft Passwords To Cash Out Accounts
05/03/2006 Ballmer Cites Google As A Reason For Microsoft's Spending Spree
05/03/2006 Cellphone Gaming Lacks Pull
05/03/2006 Bill on Video Franchises Introduced
05/03/2006 FiOS & First Quarter Broadband Scorecard
05/03/2006 Privacy Watch 12 Privacy & Security II
05/03/2006 DARPA Urban Grand Challenge Announced
05/03/2006 Personality disorder among 5% of people in Britain study
05/03/2006 1st self-designed nuclear power station starts expansion
05/03/2006 Parkers can now take their time
05/03/2006 Tracking system to better pinpoint planes' locations
05/03/2006 Embattled VW Chief Gets 5-Year Contract Extension
05/03/2006 Visteon Returns to Profit Even as Sales Drop
05/03/2006 Readers Respond Net Neutrality for All
05/03/2006 Vuln RSync Receive_XATTR Integer Overflow Vulnerability
05/03/2006 11 Ways To Guard Against Instant Messaging Risks
05/03/2006 Concerns Continue To Mount Over Online Child Predators
05/03/2006 Apparent Network's appCritical 1.0
05/03/2006 Tim Berners-Lee On Network Neutrality
05/03/2006 DDoS Attack Hits Six Apart
05/03/2006 Firefox Updates to
05/03/2006 RIM Faces Another Lawsuit over BlackBerry Infringement
05/03/2006 T-Mobile To Offer 20Mbps 3G Data Service
05/03/2006 3 May W32/Bobax-BV
05/03/2006 Best of the Web Promo 10% off Submittals, Win a Mac
05/03/2006 Sphere, Local & Problems with Blog Search
05/03/2006 MSN Search Beats Google, Yahoo & Ask in Search Engine Relevancy Study
05/03/2006 Nail Technician Offers Advice to Avoid Pedicure Problems
05/03/2006 Creative Technology reports loss
05/03/2006 Big Money Boys AT&T Doesn't Own The Net
05/03/2006 Lookout Youtube! UN Cooking Podcast-Killing Treaty
05/03/2006 Bluray vs. HD-DVD To Be Decided by Porn Industry
05/02/2006 Skype Unveils Version 2.5
05/02/2006 Counselling and drugs work against alcohol
05/02/2006 Texas Tech Police Investigating Sexual Assault Allegation Against Tech Employee
05/02/2006 Technology conference in Austin touts Lubbock on totes
05/02/2006 Technology Funds on the Way to Preston County Schools
05/02/2006 Analyst Predicts Further Windows Vista Delay
05/02/2006 IBM Extends Lead in Storage Virtualization; Surpasses 2,000 Virtualization Customers With ShopKo
05/02/2006 Amazonian gift
05/02/2006 Enigma Code Cracked. Next?
05/02/2006 Blogging bureaucrats
05/02/2006 SMS SOS
05/02/2006 One-hit wonders
05/02/2006 International Google sites
05/02/2006 The iPod law
05/02/2006 Play intelligence analyst
05/02/2006 Eclipse from space
05/02/2006 To .xxx or not to .xxx
05/02/2006 Fool gold
05/02/2006 What future for digital films?
05/02/2006 Boot Camp Good news or bad?
05/02/2006 Breaking open the "walled garden"
05/02/2006 Showdown for Microsoft
05/02/2006 Digital Dialogue
05/02/2006 Media holds its own in trust poll
05/02/2006 World Congress On Information Technology
05/02/2006 ASCII Maps
05/02/2006 The next best thing to being there
05/02/2006 Incubator Group to Explore Semantic Web for Multimedia Content
05/02/2006 Call for Participation W3C Workshop on a Device Description Repository
05/02/2006 X-Men may be closer than you think
05/02/2006 Teaching Artificial Intelligence Through Twenty Questions
05/02/2006 Distributed, Dynamic Workforces Through Homeshoring?
05/02/2006 Tim Berners-Lee On Net Neutrality It's Important, But Now What?
05/02/2006 Microsoft Should Give BitLocker Encryption to All
05/02/2006 Telecom Layoffs Continue to Decline
05/02/2006 Brief Malware analysis reveals families of code
05/02/2006 mrtg 2.14.0
05/02/2006 MediaWiki 1.6.4
05/02/2006 Chirpy! 0.2
05/02/2006 Storage3 1.0.1
05/02/2006 RIM Co-CEO Says Visto Litigation 'Brazen Strategy'
05/02/2006 US Finance Companies May Throw Their Clout Behind 'Net Neutrality'
05/02/2006 Ballmer 'Big, Bold Bet' Needed To Beat Google
05/02/2006 AT&T U-Verse Kinks
05/02/2006 Google Summer of Code now open Updated
05/02/2006 Added geography/gdal-lib version 1.3.1 wiz 2006-05-02
05/02/2006 Updated chat/cgiirc to 0.5.8 adrianp 2006-05-02
05/02/2006 Number of threatened species exceeds 16,000 IUCN
05/02/2006 Bill to give tech tax credits advances out of comitttee
05/02/2006 Face transplant woman smiling, says surgeon
05/02/2006 UN says Africa children are undernourished
05/02/2006 Nanotechnology's potential goes far beyond improved toothpaste
05/02/2006 Health fears as hi-tech science hits the shops
05/02/2006 Climate Change Tibet Glaciers Melting
05/02/2006 Security World BiometricPIN technology on Cherry keyboards
05/02/2006 Innovation key to U.S. technological edge, say panelists
05/02/2006 Technical Analysis Techs Stay Stuck
05/02/2006 Gartner Don't Expect Vista Until 2Q 2007
05/02/2006 IBM RFID Tag May Ease Privacy Concerns
05/02/2006 Scientists Study Speed Camera Efficacy
05/02/2006 BabyBot Learns To Walk
05/02/2006 Fletcher approves grant to Jefferson Technical College
05/02/2006 Further Windows Vista Delay? Bring It On!
05/02/2006 Stockgroup Announces 1st Quarter Earnings Conference Call and Webcast
05/02/2006 Plantnode by Shoplogix Part of Lean Manufacturing for McLeish Containers and Brown Packaging
05/02/2006 Manufacturing Journalist Cutler Profiles ERP Software Enterprise 21 in IndustrialLeaders
05/02/2006 Bugtraq RE Oracle, where are the patches???
05/02/2006 xflat 0.1.3
05/02/2006 Highlight 2.4.6
05/02/2006 Samsung Ultra-Mobile PC Expected In Best Buy Stores This Summer
05/02/2006 Intel To Spend 1 Billion In Developing Nations
05/02/2006 Ballmer "Big, Bold Bet" Needed To Beat Google
05/02/2006 IM Worm Raises Bar By Using P2P For Herder Comm Channel
05/02/2006 French Plan Protests Over iTunes Interoperability Proposal
05/02/2006 Free Vonage Calls To Europe Stirs Up Competition
05/02/2006 Most Companies Fail To Plan For Supply-Chain Disruption Study
05/02/2006 Layer 7 Unveils Clustered SOA Security
05/02/2006 Trojan Snags World Of Warcraft Passwords To Cash Out Accounts
05/02/2006 Firefox Updated With Critical Security Fix
05/02/2006 Big IT Service Providers Seen Losing Share To Smaller Shops
05/02/2006 One Year With IBM PCs, Lenovo Looks To Competition
05/02/2006 Another New Bill Tries To Raise Cap On H-1B Visas
05/02/2006 IBM Survey Businesses Don't Know What Consumers Want
05/02/2006 Can Your Cell Phone Help You Lose Weight?
05/02/2006 SonicWall Rolls Out E-Mail Protection Wares
05/02/2006 Opsware Adds VoIP Support To Network Management Tools
05/02/2006 AMD Gives Free PCs To 2,000-Plus WCIT Attendees
05/02/2006 iPods And Memory Sticks Are The Benefits Worth The Security Risks?
05/02/2006 Cisco's Chambers Talks Up 'Telepresence' Teleconferencing
05/02/2006 Rackable Systems' C1000
05/02/2006 Protect Your Network From Instant Messaging Risks
05/02/2006 Crash Course WLAN Spectrum Analysis
05/02/2006 Avaya Pushes Services, IP Telephony To SMBs
05/02/2006 Sun Launches New Approach To Data Management
05/02/2006 EDS posts profit rise but misses Wall St forecasts
05/02/2006 Retaliation for Antispam Success?
05/02/2006 Microsoft says Vista still ‘on track’ despite Gartner doubts
05/02/2006 Porn industry may decide battle between Blu-ray, HD-DVD
05/02/2006 SAP, Microsoft hope to sing a Duet
05/02/2006 Sun pushes ahead on storage as it integrates StorageTek
05/02/2006 Mozilla patches known Firefox security bug
05/02/2006 Democrats introduce new Net neutrality bill
05/02/2006 Report FAA faulted for problems in telecommunications upgrade
05/02/2006 FireEye debuts with 'virtual-machine' security
05/02/2006 OSNews OpenSource Coming to the Rescue!
05/02/2006 Macs and viruses the true story
05/02/2006 Xcode for the Rest of Us, Part II
05/02/2006 Google, Microsoft Face to Face
05/02/2006 Xbox Live, Dead, But Will Resurrect
05/02/2006 Komamura Shows Off 3D Analog Camera
05/02/2006 Apple Renews Contracts for 99c Music Downloads
05/02/2006 Voters use high-tech machines to cast ballots
05/02/2006 Must Modern Society Rein In Technological Progress?
05/02/2006 Distributed, Dyanimc Workforces Through Homeshoring?
05/02/2006 Techno festival sets admission charge
05/02/2006 Mass dolphin deaths remain a mystery
05/02/2006 Geek Trivia A syncing feeling
05/02/2006 Diller Plays for Long Haul
05/02/2006 Capex Hits Big Techs
05/02/2006 Microsoft, SAP Play Duet
05/02/2006 Powerwave Misses Target
05/02/2006 Adobe Systems Guides Lower
05/02/2006 WebMD Loss Widens
05/02/2006 Contracts Catapult EDS
05/02/2006 Provigil Sales Drive Cephalon's Results
05/02/2006 Quantum buys Redmond's ADIC for 770 million
05/02/2006 Technology analyst expects further delays for Windows Vista
05/02/2006 Cingular to take AT&T name
05/02/2006 What in the Wii?
05/02/2006 Blogs get some blast
05/02/2006 Ballmer the betting man
05/02/2006 Adobe shares tumble on outlook
05/02/2006 High-Tech Conference In Austin
05/02/2006 Pictures Help Bridge Tech Gap
05/02/2006 Earth's Artificial Ring Project West Ford
05/02/2006 Google competition to find the best programmers
05/02/2006 The inside story on how IBM out-foxed Intel with the Xbox 360
05/02/2006 The Ink Cartridge Cartel
05/02/2006 Lego to teach children open source 101
05/02/2006 Skype-Polycom Partnership Pumps Up Enterprise VoIP
05/02/2006 Personal Tech McAfee Claims Patent For Wireless Software Updates
05/02/2006 Personal Tech Hollywood Stars, Gamers Rub Shoulders At E3
05/02/2006 Personal Tech Ghost Rider Video Game, Movie In The Works
05/02/2006 Personal Tech Helio Launches Mobile Youth Service
05/02/2006 Personal Tech Apple Wins .99 iTunes Tussle
05/02/2006 Seattle top Microsoft gaming city
05/02/2006 Samsung and T-Mobile release t509
05/02/2006 Venda riding e-commerce boom
05/02/2006 Bush Administration Plans for Bird Flu Pandemic
05/02/2006 Big Content Goes Back To Sneaking Bad Rules In Through Treaties
05/02/2006 Labor market revs up; layoffs slow down
05/02/2006 Dilettante Chocolates, Seattle Gourmet Foods to become one
05/02/2006 NovAtel Inc. Reports Record Revenue and Operating Income for the First Quarter 2006
05/02/2006 Clixme Draws Tremendous Interest on Launch