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04/13/2006 03:29:05p Vulnerabilities Vuln Apache mod_ssl SSLCipherSuite Restriction Bypass Vulnerability
04/13/2006 03:29:00p HP set for laser printer revamp
04/13/2006 03:08:36p AOL charged with blocking opponents' e-mail
04/13/2006 03:06:04p Windows, Mac Join in Blissful Union
04/13/2006 03:03:01p MS Office Live Beta Gets Traffic Spike
04/13/2006 02:46:19p Is Google Challenging Outlook With New Calendar App?
04/13/2006 02:38:51p Vulnerabilities Vuln SpamAssassin Bus Error Spam Detection Bypass Vulnerability
04/13/2006 02:38:49p Vulnerabilities Vuln PHPWebSite Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
04/13/2006 02:29:45p Investors practice tough love with AMD
04/13/2006 02:21:42p CERT TA06-101A Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities
04/13/2006 02:20:01p O&O FormatRecovery V4 Released Data Recovery from Formatted Storage Media
04/13/2006 02:19:46p Spansion CEO We Can Make Money
04/13/2006 02:19:34p Advance Notice Workshop on Device Description Repository
04/13/2006 02:19:16p Working Draft DOM Level 3 Events
04/13/2006 02:19:02p Note Defining N-ary Relations on the Semantic Web
04/13/2006 02:18:50p Vulnerabilities Vuln Adobe Document Server for Reader Extensions Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities
04/13/2006 02:18:25p Chinese Trade Group Defends Internet Censorship
04/13/2006 02:18:11p Avid Technology Acquires Sundance Digital
04/13/2006 02:18:05p Analyst More Vista Delays Would Sell 1 Millions More PCs
04/13/2006 02:16:57p DFI Motherboard Memory Reporting Raises Suspicions
04/13/2006 02:09:15p Gene variant associated with obesity risk found with new statistical technique
04/13/2006 02:08:38p Filmmakers flock to the Net
04/13/2006 02:05:54p Google Patent Drives Speech-Search Speculation
04/13/2006 01:59:14p USATODAY Google unveils calendar service
04/13/2006 01:59:00p Tech stocks lead Wall Street higher
04/13/2006 01:54:14p Valutech, Inc. Valutech Introduces Much Needed Consumer Directed Health Plan Payment Management Tool
04/13/2006 01:46:39p Sprint Offers Family Locator Cell Phone Service
04/13/2006 01:41:17p Police Fire on Protesting Lawyers in Nepal Forbes
04/13/2006 01:38:37p Police Fire on Protesting Lawyers in Nepal Forbes
04/13/2006 01:35:44p OrderPro Logistics, Inc. OrderPro Logistics Executes Definitive Agreement to Acquire Tucson Arizona Technology Company
04/13/2006 01:28:42p Meet The New Marine One A 6.1-billion New Presidential Ride
04/13/2006 01:28:38p AnyDVD removes Macrovision's CDS-300 copy protection
04/13/2006 01:26:58p DataDirect Technologies ZapThink Report DataDirect XQueryTM Simplifies Data Integration
04/13/2006 01:16:48p & Oodle Aggregated DC Classifieds Marketplace
04/13/2006 01:16:42p Google Local?s New Head is Real Estate and Newspaper Classified Expert
04/13/2006 01:16:33p IceRocket Blog Search Engine Acquired by Think Partnership
04/13/2006 01:16:20p Google Calendar Launches & Exceeds Expectations
04/13/2006 01:08:40p Tech's new headache Feature creep
04/13/2006 01:07:00p FOSS closes patient privacy gap for researchers
04/13/2006 01:03:16p Geek Squad Slapped With Restraining Order
04/13/2006 12:58:45p News Sprint unveils mobile child locator service
04/13/2006 12:58:40p Stupid User Tricks Eleven IT Horror Stories
04/13/2006 12:58:17p Tetra Tech awarded 20.1M task order under Navy contract
04/13/2006 12:55:10p Keep your security efforts visible with a regular report
04/13/2006 12:48:38p VMware-friendly change likely for Linux
04/13/2006 12:46:48p Yesterday, Beatles Downloads Seemed So Far Away
04/13/2006 12:45:31p China has mastered core maglev technology
04/13/2006 12:45:16p UN official urges China to impart knowledge on bird flu control
04/13/2006 12:45:01p China develops technologies to control water pollution
04/13/2006 12:44:46p Added devel/makedepf90 version 2.8.4 minskim 2006-04-13\
04/13/2006 12:44:31p Updated devel/swig to 1.3.29 wulf 2006-04-13\
04/13/2006 12:44:16p Updated misc/libcdio to 0.76nb3 tron 2006-04-13\
04/13/2006 12:44:01p Updated databases/mysql5-server to 5.0.20 xtraeme 2006-04-13\
04/13/2006 12:43:46p Updated databases/mysql5-client to 5.0.20 xtraeme 2006-04-13\
04/13/2006 12:43:31p Updated comms/asterisk to 1.2.7 adam 2006-04-13\
04/13/2006 12:43:18p Updated multimedia/kdemultimedia3 to 3.5.2nb1 wiz 2006-04-13\
04/13/2006 12:43:05p 13 Apr W32/Tilebot-EK
04/13/2006 12:42:49p Twelve Screen Dell 3007WFP Matrix
04/13/2006 12:42:31p 4/13/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews
04/13/2006 12:42:16p Toshiba Matsushita Display Announce World's Thinnest LCD
04/13/2006 12:42:01p Lexar Seeks to Stop Toshiba Memory Product Sales in the US
04/13/2006 12:41:46p Dell Scores Big in Japan
04/13/2006 12:41:31p Google Opens Calendar Beta
04/13/2006 12:41:16p Go Daddy to Go Public
04/13/2006 12:41:01p .eu Domain Has Outgrown .biz Domain
04/13/2006 12:40:46p NASA to Develop New Technology to Help in Future Mars Missions
04/13/2006 12:40:31p Sony Expected To Cut PS2 Price
04/13/2006 12:40:16p You Call That a Keyboard? The AlphaGrip AG-5
04/13/2006 12:40:01p Switching to Mac But Not Really
04/13/2006 12:39:46p Microsoft Excel Automation Class
04/13/2006 12:39:31p ASP.NET Does AJAX
04/13/2006 12:39:16p Multipart HTTP Forms Submitter with Progress Information
04/13/2006 12:39:03p Are Domains The New Black?
04/13/2006 12:38:46p Automattic VC Cash
04/13/2006 12:32:58p TV Enters A New Universe
04/13/2006 12:32:45p Using Missile Technology to Fight Breast Cancer
04/13/2006 12:28:38p AMD's revenues up 70%, Gains further on Intel
04/13/2006 12:18:52p Vulnerabilities Vuln NetBSD Sysctl Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
04/13/2006 12:16:57p Twelve Screen Dell 3007WFP Matrix
04/13/2006 12:08:44p Bringing free software to the masses
04/13/2006 12:08:40p I love what the rats have done to your walls
04/13/2006 12:04:21p Tech What's hot, what's not
04/13/2006 11:56:57a 4/13/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews
04/13/2006 11:55:56a Apple Spiffs Up Aperture Image-Editing Software
04/13/2006 11:54:35a Technology Chinese Internet Group Demands More Censorship
04/13/2006 11:48:45a Intel teams up with China's Baidu
04/13/2006 11:48:40a Deal of the day Altec Lansing notebook speakers for 50
04/13/2006 11:33:46a Trying To Paint Yahoo With The Napster Brush
04/13/2006 11:26:58a Toshiba Matsushita Display Announce World's Thinnest LCD
04/13/2006 11:18:58a Apple Upgrades Aperture Imaging Software
04/13/2006 11:18:49a Pirates Won't See Slickest Vista
04/13/2006 11:09:26a Vulnerabilities Vuln PatroNet CMS Index.PHP Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
04/13/2006 11:09:21a Why global warming is good for business
04/13/2006 11:08:48a Microsoft tool hunts down typo squatters
04/13/2006 11:08:44a Yahoo, Helio partner on mobile services
04/13/2006 11:08:40a Microsoft names chief accounting officer
04/13/2006 10:56:56a Dell Scores Big in Japan
04/13/2006 10:48:39a Samsung shrinks gadgets with stacked chips
04/13/2006 10:43:15a Switching to Mac But Not Really
04/13/2006 10:34:20a Taxing iTunes?
04/13/2006 10:33:21a Sprint Tracks Kids Via GPS Cell Phones
04/13/2006 10:33:12a IE 7 Security Update Picture Remains Muddy
04/13/2006 10:28:59a Vulnerabilities Vuln W3C Libwww Multiple Vulnerabilities
04/13/2006 10:28:46a IRS to search PayPal records for tax evaders
04/13/2006 10:26:57a Intel Partners With Chinese Web Search Giant
04/13/2006 10:21:54a Inside The PS3's OS
04/13/2006 10:19:01a Vulnerabilities Vuln MyBB Member.PHP Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
04/13/2006 10:18:56a Vulnerabilities Vuln Simplog Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
04/13/2006 10:16:02a Educators Give iPod High Marks
04/13/2006 10:15:57a SCO Group Strives to Remake Itself as Lawsuit Woes Linger
04/13/2006 10:07:03a Bad predictions throughout history
04/13/2006 10:06:58a A first look at Zfone
04/13/2006 09:58:29a Net clocks suffering data deluge
04/13/2006 09:58:20a Venus probe returns first images
04/13/2006 09:55:07a Probe photographs Venus' south pole
04/13/2006 09:54:29a Google gets a new Chinese name
04/13/2006 09:54:21a Yawn-hoo
04/13/2006 09:49:52a Why Would Satellite Radio Seek To Emulate Traditional Radio?
04/13/2006 09:41:35a Venus probe returns first images
04/13/2006 09:33:04a Sycamore Networks Acquires Eastern Research
04/13/2006 09:11:53a Probe photographs Venus' south pole
04/13/2006 09:09:48a Virtualization for security
04/13/2006 09:09:23a Probe photographs Venus' south pole
04/13/2006 09:08:52a Thai Teens Want Their Parents' Love... Or A Cell Phone
04/13/2006 09:00:38a Five killed as India tech hub buries film icon
04/13/2006 08:55:05a Code an application to read POP3 mailboxes with Perl
04/13/2006 08:49:16a Beatles to join online revolution
04/13/2006 08:48:37a Google Calendar Import Outlook CSV or iCal Calendar Events
04/13/2006 08:48:30a MetroFi Wins Contract For Portland's Wi-Fi Network
04/13/2006 08:46:36a News Disney brand DVD players recalled
04/13/2006 08:36:05a Bausch & Lomb Seeking Answers in Eye Fungus Crisis
04/13/2006 08:34:39a Technology Google Launching Web-Based Calendar Service
04/13/2006 08:28:43a The guitar amp meets MP3
04/13/2006 08:26:56a Google Opens Calendar Beta
04/13/2006 08:26:19a NASA Celebrates Shuttle Anniversary
04/13/2006 08:26:15a Telescope to Seek Alien Life
04/13/2006 08:26:10a Tax Time Opens Phishing Season
04/13/2006 08:26:05a Techwatcher IE patch breaks some users' browsers
04/13/2006 08:24:25a Beatles to join online revolution
04/13/2006 08:21:27a Cheats targeted in Warcraft raids
04/13/2006 08:18:13a Mobile Helio Taps Yahoo Internet Services
04/13/2006 08:17:05a Fossil Suggests Human Evolution Links
04/13/2006 08:17:00a China Internet Group Wants to Censor Some Web Sites
04/13/2006 08:16:55a Process your email with procmail
04/13/2006 08:14:25a When Wi-Fi comes to a small town
04/13/2006 08:09:58a Browser crashers warm to data fuzzing
04/13/2006 08:09:54a Asus EAX1600XT SILENT passively-cooled graphics card
04/13/2006 07:59:44a Report SanDisk exploring bid for rival Lexar
04/13/2006 07:59:36a Intel, Baidu team up in China
04/13/2006 07:58:39a TiVo Pays Phone Bill for Upset Customer
04/13/2006 07:58:08a Scandinavia Iceland comes first in broadband
04/13/2006 07:39:21a Robotic 'Crusher' ready to roll into combat
04/13/2006 07:38:44a Google to call itself 'GUGE' in China
04/13/2006 07:28:47a Symantec CEO 'We are in the protection business'
04/13/2006 07:20:38a Switching to Mac But Not Really
04/13/2006 07:20:33a You Call That a Keyboard? The AlphaGrip AG-5
04/13/2006 07:20:29a Sony Expected To Cut PS2 Price
04/13/2006 07:08:45a "toread" an email-based bookmark service
04/13/2006 07:06:56a The Free Software Alternative in a Gnutshell
04/13/2006 06:59:59a Las Vegas hotelier to test inflatable space motel
04/13/2006 06:55:17a Beatles to join online music revolution
04/13/2006 06:55:03a Windows Vista ReadyBoost, ReadyDrive, and SuperFetch, oh my!
04/13/2006 06:49:27a Beatles to join online music revolution
04/13/2006 06:38:53a Earnings alert Sony Ericsson beats earnings estimates
04/13/2006 06:38:44a Yahoo! Releases 1-meter/pixel Resolution for Continental US
04/13/2006 06:36:58a .eu Domain Has Outgrown .biz Domain
04/13/2006 06:36:14a Snake robots could aid in rescues
04/13/2006 06:19:48a Actor's death sparks Bangalore unrest
04/13/2006 06:19:22a Beatles to join online music revolution
04/13/2006 06:18:12a Webjay Gives Yahoo A Copyright Headache
04/13/2006 06:16:59a Many 'Addicted' to Cell Phone Use
04/13/2006 06:08:49a TDK working on 200GB Blu-ray disc
04/13/2006 06:03:14a Mobs Rampage In Indian Tech City After Actor Dies
04/13/2006 06:03:05a Sony Ericsson Eyes Market For TV On Phones
04/13/2006 05:24:36a Technology Best Buy's 'Geek Squad' Accused of Pirating Software
04/13/2006 05:22:10a Natural light to reinvent bulbs
04/13/2006 04:59:51a Bulb busting light source invented
04/13/2006 04:48:44a Technology UK Edition Net clocks suffering data deluge
04/13/2006 04:41:27a Snake robots could aid in rescues
04/13/2006 04:39:03a foneGEAR® Announces Expansion of Sales Force
04/13/2006 04:38:48a Still Waiting for Business Process Outsourcing to Deliver on Innovation and Promised Cost Savings?
04/13/2006 04:38:33a Centerbase Announces Affiliate Program
04/13/2006 04:38:18a ?ASK is the Answer for SGI?
04/13/2006 04:37:48a ITpreneurs Launches COBIT Courseware Incorporating Contents of COBIT 4.0
04/13/2006 04:37:33a iXtend Reaches Out to Success Group Technology Coalition
04/13/2006 04:37:18a SkyView Partners Inc. Bring IBM iSeries Solutions to SGI
04/13/2006 04:37:03a Powerline Communications Help Deliver Broadband Services Virtually Everywhere
04/13/2006 04:36:48a IP Telephony End Points Find New Markets in the SME Segment
04/13/2006 04:36:33a Applied Knowledge Group Client Wins Gartner Award
04/13/2006 04:36:18a Does Your Company Have Technology The United States Air Force Needs?
04/13/2006 04:36:03a American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Presents Improving the Customer Experience Israeli Technology Innovations
04/13/2006 04:35:48a Kathy Ann Perry Accepts V.P. of Sales & Marketing position at ACS Connect
04/13/2006 04:35:33a Philips Brings Expertise in Semiconductor Technology to CONNECTIONS?
04/13/2006 04:35:18a Panorama Software Continues to Deliver Best in Class Business Intelligence Solutions to the Enterprise
04/13/2006 04:35:03a Carbonite Invites Public to Join Beta Test of New Online Backup Service for Consumers
04/13/2006 04:34:48a Remote Backup Software Company Announces Release of RBackup 2006, Featuring Innovative new BitBackup Technology
04/13/2006 04:34:33a Kane?s Furniture Selects MobileDataforce® For Mobile Service Order Solution
04/13/2006 04:34:09a Google's Dating Game
04/13/2006 04:34:00a Google unveils calendar service
04/13/2006 04:33:37a Off the grid or on, solar and wind power gain
04/13/2006 04:33:18a IMO provides cellphone buying without hang-ups
04/13/2006 04:33:03a Historians strive to save old sounds
04/13/2006 04:29:44a Alleged Pentagon hacker fears Guantanamo
04/13/2006 04:19:56a Black helicopters circle .eu domain
04/13/2006 04:19:51a BOFH Dear Valuable VIP Customer
04/13/2006 04:16:56a Why technical writers aren't using FOSS
04/13/2006 04:09:13a News News Seven arrested in online fraud crackdown
04/13/2006 04:09:11a News News Groups argue over merits of flaw bounties
04/13/2006 04:09:06a News News Browsers feel the fuzz
04/13/2006 04:08:17a Technology Bonanza Blooms in Bellingham
04/13/2006 04:00:36a End user support the bumper citeReg/cite survey
04/13/2006 03:56:57a First look ajaxWrite
04/13/2006 03:56:55a The Amazing Shrinking PC
04/13/2006 03:52:34a AXALTO Imprimerie Nationale Issues France's First Electronic Passports with Axalto Technology
04/13/2006 03:52:16a City Communication New Broadcast Technology City Communication's Live Line Broadcast Codec
04/13/2006 03:48:33a Greener Pastures in Tech
04/13/2006 03:47:46a Tech's New Headache Feature Creep
04/13/2006 03:40:09a Google introduces Web calendar service
04/13/2006 03:39:54a Google localizes with new Chinese name
04/13/2006 03:39:39a Microsoft releases Academic Search to rival Google Scholar
04/13/2006 03:39:27a New fossils represent missing link in early human evolution study
04/13/2006 03:39:09a IBM Opposes SCO's Motion re Expert Declaration & New Proposed Protective Order
04/13/2006 03:38:55a Updated audio/amarok to 1.3.9nb1 wiz 2006-04-12\
04/13/2006 03:38:39a Added audio/libtunepimp version 0.4.2 wiz 2006-04-12\
04/13/2006 03:38:24a Added multimedia/mpeg4ip version 1.4.1 wiz 2006-04-12\
04/13/2006 03:38:10a Updated lang/python24 to 2.4.3 drochner 2006-04-12\
04/13/2006 03:38:02a Updated sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner to 2.14.1 drochner 2006-04-12\
04/13/2006 03:37:40a Updated sysutils/nautilus to 2.14.1 drochner 2006-04-12\
04/13/2006 03:37:24a Updated misc/gnome-user-docs to 2.14.2 drochner 2006-04-12\
04/13/2006 03:37:09a 13 Apr W32/Letum-A
04/13/2006 03:36:54a Ubisoft Dropping StarForce
04/13/2006 03:35:39a Google Calendar Almost There
04/13/2006 03:35:24a Portland Goes MetroFi
04/13/2006 03:35:09a Google Calendar unleashed
04/13/2006 03:34:54a Google files patent for voice search; a blow to Promptu, V-Enable?
04/13/2006 03:34:39a Catchup Google's Orion, bubbling Internet IPOs, Web 2.0 ad nauseum
04/13/2006 03:34:25a WiMAX still not here, so why is everyone talking about it?
04/13/2006 03:34:09a Toward a cleaner California; Khosla & Kleiner Perkins on a role
04/13/2006 03:33:54a Revver revs up with another round of funding
04/13/2006 03:33:39a JBoss sells, Jigsaw raises cash, Mogoo wants to, and BuzzShout cuts through hype
04/13/2006 03:33:24a Silicon Valley's big 150 companies are growing & are more profitable
04/13/2006 03:33:09a The CEO vs. Venture Capitalist
04/13/2006 03:32:56a TurboTax Maker Mulls Health Care Software
04/13/2006 03:32:45a HowtoForge Network Monitoring With Zabbix
04/13/2006 03:32:24a IT World Is This the Last Day of the Month?
04/13/2006 03:32:09a EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet Build a Secure Logging Server with syslog-ng Parts 1 and 2\
04/13/2006 03:31:54a BitUbique Getting Nokia 6630/Nokia 6680/Nokia N70 to Work as 3G/EDGE/GPRS Modem in Linux
04/13/2006 03:31:39a SearchOpenSource An Overview of Virtualization Technology
04/13/2006 03:31:24a Advisories, April 12, 2006
04/13/2006 03:31:09a E-Mail Battles Survey of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Reviews Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
04/13/2006 03:30:54a ZDNet The Old Software Model Dies Here
04/13/2006 03:30:39a NWA-PCUG Open Source Software Opens Up
04/13/2006 03:30:24a Linux-Watch Smoke, Mirrors, SCO
04/13/2006 03:30:09a OSDir Novell Still Running Windows--So What?
04/13/2006 03:30:02a Sun Opens Java Studio Enterprise Source Code
04/13/2006 03:29:58a GoDaddy As The Potential Catalyst For A New IPO Bubble
04/13/2006 03:29:42a AMD's Gains Continue
04/13/2006 03:29:26a Deaf, Perhaps, But Not Mute
04/13/2006 03:29:09a Wake-Up Call for Sleep Tech
04/13/2006 03:28:54a 'Bug-Eyed' Telescope Seeks ETs
04/13/2006 03:28:39a Snake Bots Slither to the Rescue
04/13/2006 03:28:24a Sony PlayStation 2 price cut seen soon
04/13/2006 03:28:09a Webjay creates new copyright woes for Yahoo
04/13/2006 03:27:54a MetroFi selected to operate Portland Wi-Fi network
04/13/2006 03:27:39a Google offers free Web calendar service
04/13/2006 03:27:26a Web Words Of the Day
04/13/2006 03:27:09a Opening Avenues To Wider Discourse
04/13/2006 03:15:10a An inside game, a high-tech way
04/13/2006 02:49:42a Civil unrest closes ISP's Indian call centre
04/13/2006 02:42:30a technology Google acts to organise your life
04/13/2006 02:32:35a Wired Wake-Up Call for Sleep Tech
04/13/2006 02:16:59a Triple-booting with GRUB, LILO, and Windows XP
04/13/2006 02:15:10a Deaf, Perhaps, But Not Mute
04/13/2006 02:14:21a Infinity to take in small S.D. biotech
04/13/2006 02:09:40a ATI updates Catalyst with Linux X1000 drivers
04/13/2006 02:09:04a Hey, Hey, It's Michael Nesmith
04/13/2006 02:08:59a A Sour Note on Modern Times
04/13/2006 02:08:55a Deaf, Perhaps, But Not Mute
04/13/2006 02:04:50a Cambridge biotech to go public in deal with a Calif. firm
04/13/2006 01:58:45a Technology UK Edition Iceland comes first in broadband
04/13/2006 01:50:32a EMC Managed Services Portfolio Promises Simpler Storage
04/13/2006 01:50:20a Board Member Reflects on JBoss' Success
04/13/2006 01:50:02a Group Launches CMDB Standards Effort
04/13/2006 01:49:47a Why Learn From The Past If You're Just Going To Repeat It?
04/13/2006 01:49:32a Another Example Of Patents Holding Back Innovation
04/13/2006 01:49:24a How Dare The Internet Archive Make Info Available!
04/13/2006 01:49:02a Slide Show Opening Day at Yankee Stadium
04/13/2006 01:48:47a Slide Show The Milan Furniture Fair
04/13/2006 01:48:32a Video Amy Harmon on Genetic Tests
04/13/2006 01:48:17a Audio Slide Show Comic Book Crossover
04/13/2006 01:48:02a Nissan Chief Says Rebates Need to Stop
04/13/2006 01:47:47a G.M. Vice Chairman Rebuffs Critics of Turnaround
04/13/2006 01:47:32a Daimler's Chief Tells Shareholders to Expect Higher Profit
04/13/2006 01:47:17a Roxio Popcorn 2
04/13/2006 01:47:02a Video NASA shows Columbia, powerful supercomputer
04/13/2006 01:46:47a Google to defend dual-class stock structure
04/13/2006 01:46:32a Wanna buy 100 Xbox 360s?
04/13/2006 01:46:17a 1986 World Series Game 6 on NES
04/13/2006 01:46:02a Yahoo pressured over China cooperation
04/13/2006 01:45:47a You, too, could win the Chili Pepper iPod
04/13/2006 01:45:32a Nanocars get their motors running
04/13/2006 01:45:17a Go Daddy to go public?
04/13/2006 01:37:54a Fox Television Cuts Affiliates In On Any Internet Revenue
04/13/2006 01:20:38a Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5000 Laser
04/13/2006 12:38:40a Senators Receive Free iPods from Tech Advocacy Group
04/13/2006 12:28:42a Technology UK Edition Titles collide for Aventis Prize
04/13/2006 12:28:40a Technology UK Edition British 'hacker' fears Guantanamo
04/13/2006 12:27:19a Technology Google Chief Rejects Putting Pressure on China
04/13/2006 12:21:46a Samsung rolls 3D packaging technology
04/13/2006 12:16:57a Ubisoft Dropping StarForce
04/12/2006 11:33:38p News Zillow offers bird's eye view of home real estate
04/12/2006 11:30:35p Stern Boosts Sirius Site Traffic
04/12/2006 10:49:23p Google debuts its brand in China
04/12/2006 10:38:15p Microsoft Searches For Answers To Google Scholar
04/12/2006 10:21:01p Zillow offers bird's eye view of home real estate
04/12/2006 09:59:48p FT / Technology / E-mail is it out of control?
04/12/2006 09:59:20p AnandTech Article Channel AMD Socket-AM2 Performance Preview
04/12/2006 09:46:52p SearchOpenSource An Overview of Virtualization Technology
04/12/2006 09:42:52p Saving Old Sounds
04/12/2006 09:08:50p NASA shuttle program turns 25
04/12/2006 09:08:46p Helio to offer Yahoo services to mobile users
04/12/2006 09:08:42p Video Newest Web-based application from Google
04/12/2006 08:28:38p Google Calendar Is Launching Tonight
04/12/2006 08:08:24p Yahoo Travel, FareChase, and APIs
04/12/2006 08:08:11p Time Change in SCO v. IBM Hearing and SCO Asks to File a Declaration
04/12/2006 08:07:54p Updated archivers/advancecomp to 1.15 rillig 2006-04-12\
04/12/2006 08:07:41p Updated mail/dovecot to 1.0beta6 xtraeme 2006-04-12\
04/12/2006 08:07:24p Added x11/ratmen version 2.2.2 minskim 2006-04-12\
04/12/2006 08:07:09p hostapd Imported version 0.4.8 rpaulo 20060412\
04/12/2006 08:06:54p wpa_supplicant Updated to version 0.4.8 rpaulo 20060412\
04/12/2006 08:06:39p 12 Apr Troj/Proxy-CE
04/12/2006 08:06:24p IEEE Finishing 10GBaseT Standard
04/12/2006 08:06:09p TDK Working on Quad and Octal Layer Blu-Ray Media
04/12/2006 08:05:54p GeIL Responds to Cherry Picking Sample Accusations
04/12/2006 08:05:39p SuperDVD Drives For Thinkpads
04/12/2006 08:05:24p ATI Releases Catalyst 6.4 Drivers
04/12/2006 08:05:09p 4/12/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews
04/12/2006 08:05:00p AlphaGrip AG-5 Slideshow
04/12/2006 08:04:39p DFI LANPartyUT nF4 SLI-DR Expert
04/12/2006 08:04:24p DFI Leaves Overclocking to the Expert
04/12/2006 08:04:09p Cheapest Broadband By The Bay
04/12/2006 08:03:54p Scientists Use Labs to Find Arctic Seals
04/12/2006 08:03:39p Japan Sets Up Team for Lunar Landing
04/12/2006 08:03:24p Study Blames Mold for 1990s Fish Ulcers
04/12/2006 08:03:09p Fee, Fi, Fo, FM Explore the World of FM Synthesis
04/12/2006 08:02:54p Agile Object to Relational Database Replication with db4o
04/12/2006 08:02:39p Query Census Data with RDF
04/12/2006 08:02:27p Remastered Beatles catalog to be offered via Apple's iTunes Store?
04/12/2006 08:02:09p Intel's Merom 64-bit CPU reportedly swappable into current Apple Mac mini
04/12/2006 08:01:39p Roxio releases Popcorn 2; your movies on DVD and Apple iPod
04/12/2006 08:01:24p Grab the room's attention by using Apple's Keynote and dumping Microsoft's PowerPoint
04/12/2006 08:00:54p ConsortiumInfo OpenSPARC and Which One has it Right?
04/12/2006 08:00:38p FUDCon and Folding the Fedora Foundation
04/12/2006 08:00:26p CRN Red Hat Ramps Up Channel Efforts
04/12/2006 08:00:09p Computerworld Australia Linux Grows Among the Lupins in WA
04/12/2006 07:59:53p InformationWeek Red Hat's JBoss Acquisition Could Create A New Open-Source Powerhouse
04/12/2006 07:59:40p The Case of the Non-Viral Virus
04/12/2006 07:59:23p Newsmaker The Business of Linux in China
04/12/2006 07:59:08p Groklaw Novell Files Motion to Stay, Answer with Counterclaims etc.
04/12/2006 07:58:53p FCC Turns Blind Eye to AWS Auction
04/12/2006 07:58:38p RealNetworks Hits 52-Week High
04/12/2006 07:58:23p Motorola Takes Linux to Mobile Task
04/12/2006 07:58:08p The DoJ in Search of PayPal Names
04/12/2006 07:57:53p Fee Vs. Free Wi-FI
04/12/2006 07:57:38p Utopia Woos More Cities
04/12/2006 07:57:23p DirecTV Extends Tivo Partnership
04/12/2006 07:57:10p Cable Execs Video Won't Float Without Us
04/12/2006 07:57:01p 2006 ACM Programming Contest Complete
04/12/2006 07:56:42p The Future of the PDA
04/12/2006 07:56:23p Memory Manufacturers Could be Cheating
04/12/2006 07:56:08p Global Warming Dissenters Suppressed?
04/12/2006 07:55:53p IRS Compels PayPal to Release Info
04/12/2006 07:55:38p Sun Opens Modeling Tools
04/12/2006 07:55:23p OpenSPARC and, Who has it Right?
04/12/2006 07:55:08p Developer Stress Crippling Game Innovation?