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04/21/2006 Video Killed The TV Star
04/21/2006 For BellSouth, Faster Is Better
04/21/2006 Microsoft Aims to Compete with Google's GDrive
04/21/2006 Near Field Communication Technology Turns Cell Phones into "Debit Cards"
04/21/2006 Indian research institute develops hi-tech walking stick for blind
04/21/2006 Genetics may be factor in chronic fatigue syndrome US researchers
04/21/2006 VoIP and IPTV Lighting Up Dark Fibre
04/21/2006 Employee Web Time Clock New Web-based Time and Attendance Solution with Fingerprint Support
04/21/2006 Microboards Unveils GX-1 DVD/CD Publisher
04/21/2006 Application Performance Management Software End-End Software Appoints New Partner in Australia and New Zealand
04/21/2006 Popular Tax Websites Meet Late E-Filers? Expectations
04/21/2006 e-Learning DevCon 2006 Announces Student eLearning Design and Development Competition
04/21/2006 Productivity Enhancement Website with a Technology-Twist, Opens Accessories Store
04/21/2006 Services in U.S. Security Markets ? Differing Scenarios Across Vertical Markets
04/21/2006 CHI 2006 For Insights into the Management of Deviant Behavior
04/21/2006 CHI 2006 Diverse Approaches to Integrating Socially Relevant Themes and Projects into HCI Courses
04/21/2006 CHI 2006 HCI?s Potential for Improving Social Problems
04/21/2006 Putting a Face on Web 2.0
04/21/2006 D2S Technologies Enhances Flagship Product by Integrating HireAbility's Automatic Resume Processing
04/21/2006 MetaGeek Creates Low Cost 2.4 GHZ Spectrum Analyzer
04/21/2006 Asia Technology drives gains
04/20/2006 Cruz Azul's Technical Director Abducted in Mexico
04/20/2006 Bugtraq Mini-NUKE v2.3
04/20/2006 Mac Resellers Adding Windows XP, Selling Dual-Boot Machines
04/20/2006 Update Google's revenue, earnings up in Q1
04/20/2006 DELL DE-CRAPIFIER free Remove all the spam, free trial software, and advertising
04/20/2006 Sony Drops PlayStation 2 Prices
04/20/2006 RCA HDV5000 HD-DVD Player to Ship in May
04/20/2006 Philips Sues Kodak Over Image Compression Techniques
04/20/2006 Sapphire Relaunches Water-Cooled Radeon X1900
04/20/2006 Updated ham/dpbox to 6.00.00nb2 wulf 2006-04-21
04/20/2006 HP recalls 15,700 laptop batteries due to fire hazard
04/20/2006 Tongji inks hybrid deal with Italy
04/20/2006 new wireless networks
04/20/2006 Google's quarterly revenue nearly doubles from last year
04/20/2006 Gates to Give Japanese Groups Technology
04/20/2006 New Podcast Host Picks an Interesting Domain
04/20/2006 Slide Show Promoting Loving and Lasting Relationships
04/20/2006 Slide Show Recent Openings
04/20/2006 Photographs A White House Welcome for Hu
04/20/2006 Slide Show Grown-Up Art
04/20/2006 Radware Platform Supports High-Performance App Acceleration
04/20/2006 Date Looms for AMD-Intel Antitrust Trial
04/20/2006 Court Hears Final Arguments in Apple Trade Secret Suit
04/20/2006 Will Intel Macs Entice?
04/20/2006 IT Compensation Inches Back Up
04/20/2006 Wireless Resistance Is Futile
04/20/2006 BuzzBlog Best Buy Gone Bad; Crime Fighting Pen
04/20/2006 The Art of IT Virtual Reality
04/20/2006 Sony D-SLR Brand Shifting
04/20/2006 21 Apr W32/Scano-E
04/20/2006 More Resources for the Next Phase of SCO v. IBM
04/20/2006 Archaeologists find fossil snake with legs in Argentina
04/20/2006 Some worms like it hot
04/20/2006 Dinosaurs may have hunted in packs
04/20/2006 Scientists dig up million-year-old ice cube
04/20/2006 Fossil suggests snakes evolved on land
04/20/2006 LA elephants to get pricey enclosure
04/20/2006 Next shuttle crew to inspect for debris damage
04/20/2006 Science & Space
04/20/2006 FCC Mounts Radio Payola Probe
04/20/2006 China Mobile Offers 4B For Millicom
04/20/2006 India To Release More Wireless Spectrum
04/20/2006 Laos, Honduras Sign WIPO's Patent Treaty
04/20/2006 Sprint Nextel Acquires Ubiquitel
04/20/2006 Global Mobile-Phone Demand Remains Strong
04/20/2006 China Netcom Launching IPTV In Northeast
04/20/2006 s KPN Ethernet Service Deal
04/20/2006 Batelco Mobile Signs Morocco Roaming Deal
04/20/2006 UGS Gives 289M Grant To Ohio University
04/20/2006 Energizer's Complaint Gets New Light
04/20/2006 Samsung To Use Infineon Chip In EDGE Phone
04/20/2006 Aussies Tighten Credit Rules For Telcos
04/20/2006 New Ballast Dimming Switch Developed
04/20/2006 Tip for international living? Forget banks.
04/20/2006 BlackandblueBerry
04/20/2006 Enigma Code Cracked. Next?
04/20/2006 Blogging bureaucrats
04/20/2006 SMS SOS
04/20/2006 One-hit wonders
04/20/2006 International Google sites
04/20/2006 The iPod law
04/20/2006 Play intelligence analyst
04/20/2006 Eclipse from space
04/20/2006 To .xxx or not to .xxx
04/20/2006 Fool gold
04/20/2006 What future for digital films?
04/20/2006 Boot Camp Good news or bad?
04/20/2006 Breaking open the "walled garden"
04/20/2006 Digital Dialogue
04/20/2006 18-year-old 'tech genius' accused of changing grades in school computers
04/20/2006 Advisory board vows to protect land, expedite biotech's move to county
04/20/2006 Robotic footballers have a ball
04/20/2006 New high-tech eyes survey ocean
04/20/2006 No baby Bigfoot, say Malaysian officials
04/20/2006 IOL SciTech
04/20/2006 Lenovo turns slowly toward U.S. consumers
04/20/2006 Judge rules against Microsoft in E.U. case
04/20/2006 Apple hit with patent lawsuit
04/20/2006 Poll Web plays bigger role in life decisions
04/20/2006 Social networking it's not just for kids
04/20/2006 Sony cuts PS2 price
04/20/2006 MySpace foils school shooting, sheriff says
04/20/2006 Future of innovation at stake in Microsoft case
04/20/2006 Technology
04/20/2006 Paris and San Francisco in technology link-up
04/20/2006 San Francisco Marks Quake Centennial
04/20/2006 Large rivers found beneath Antarctic ice
04/20/2006 Pollution fuelling social unrest in China
04/20/2006 Norway under pressure to end whale hunts
04/20/2006 Llamas suffer as Peru volcano spews toxins
04/20/2006 IOL SciTech Environment
04/20/2006 !CDATAUGS gives 289M grant to Ohio University
04/20/2006 !CDATAEnergizer's complaint gets new light
04/20/2006 !CDATASamsung to use Infineon chip in EDGE phone
04/20/2006 !CDATAAussies tighten credit rules for telcos
04/20/2006 !CDATANew Edge speeds non-broadband card payment
04/20/2006 !CDATAMobilePro lands Yuma, Ariz., network
04/20/2006 !CDATAChinese newspaper gets mobile domain
04/20/2006 !CDATASkype joins in self-censoring in China
04/20/2006 !CDATAXM Radio swings into baseball season
04/20/2006 !CDATABitTorrent gaining more acceptance
04/20/2006 !CDATA Hi-Tech
04/20/2006 CSS Navigation Techniques
04/20/2006 Devices help heart research in the long run
04/20/2006 Alltel to Allow Free Calls to 10 Numbers
04/20/2006 Microsoft probes Outlook Express patch trouble
04/20/2006 Attack code out for Oracle database
04/20/2006 Is Security Consolidation Coming?
04/20/2006 Google unveils new enterprise products
04/20/2006 Report finds turnaround in tech industry
04/20/2006 ESA develops improved Internet sea access
04/20/2006 iPod sales increase by 61%
04/20/2006 Matsushita to sell world's largest plasma display TV this year
04/20/2006 Microsoft loses patent case
04/20/2006 Tech News
04/20/2006 Apple Questioned in Trade Secrets Case
04/20/2006 N.Y. County Enacts Law to Limit ID Theft
04/20/2006 Paris mayor defends France's wariness of U.S. tech
04/20/2006 The psychology of 'free' online shipping
04/20/2006 Artist Miro's family upset with Google doodle
04/20/2006 Getting Globalization Right
04/20/2006 Off the wire Users unfazed by Symantecís 1B tax bill
04/20/2006 Off the wire Cleaning up the Net's malicious software
04/20/2006 Off the wire Last piece of the Kryptos puzzle?
04/20/2006 YamiPod 0.98
04/20/2006 TestLink 1.6.2
04/20/2006 Seek & Destroy Music Duplicates 1.9
04/20/2006 Tcl/Tk 8.4.13 Development branch
04/20/2006 yet another yuv viewer 20060421
04/20/2006 Dell Market Share Slips As PC Shipments Increase
04/20/2006 Duke Lacrosse Scandal Finds Cash On eBay
04/20/2006 AOL Preparing 'Something' In Social Networking
04/20/2006 Online Ad Revenues Soar In 2005
04/20/2006 Something might happen at Sun some day WSJ
04/20/2006 Red Hat CEO likens Oracle to US car manufacturer
04/20/2006 Blu-ray another Betamax MS Xbox exec
04/20/2006 Toshiba tweaks Gigabeat P players
04/20/2006 Google sends mixed messages on China jackpot
04/20/2006 BellSouth DSL Business is Good
04/20/2006 Underground High Easter Egg Hunting
04/20/2006 Apple questioned in 'Asteroid' trade secrets case
04/20/2006 Google takes down Miro image
04/20/2006 Vista's Failures...So Far
04/20/2006 Updated net/scamper to 20060331 rpaulo 2006-04-20
04/20/2006 Updated www/amaya to 9.2.1nb5 wiz 2006-04-20
04/20/2006 30 new science parks to be built
04/20/2006 Global scientists to review studies on human migration
04/20/2006 Hershey's, eBay team to reward customers
04/20/2006 Apple trade secrets case could affect media confidentiality
04/20/2006 Officials Ship probably killed rare whale
04/20/2006 headDocument Moved/head
04/20/2006 Tech Briefing
04/20/2006 U.S. expansion leads sales growth for SAP
04/20/2006 Technology
04/20/2006 Georgia Tech student faces terror charge
04/20/2006 Iceland comes first in broadband
04/20/2006 Firms slow to fix security flaws
04/20/2006 Indians 'want hi-tech products'
04/20/2006 A man, a red paper clip and the Web
04/20/2006 Technology Used in Mobile Phone Displays Could Provide Indoor Lighting
04/20/2006 Scientists Look at Promise, Peril of Technology
04/20/2006 Conrad de Aenlle Getting technical
04/20/2006 Skype Hopes To Stay On The Censor's Good Side In China
04/20/2006 Study Internet Users Using The Internet
04/20/2006 Shocker - Kids Get Around Web Filters
04/20/2006 FCC Continues E911 Double Standard
04/20/2006 Stock Options Expensing Still Not Devastating Tech Companies
04/20/2006 Punishing Success Early Digital Music Player Inventor Wants In On iPod Profits
04/20/2006 China Tells Yahoo All Your Drafts Are Belong To Us
04/20/2006 NBC Forms Separate Company To Keep Its Affiliates Happy
04/20/2006 Once Again, Wacky Games Help To Re-Invent Corporate Culture
04/20/2006 Steve Jobs Wasn't Lying When He Said 1 Per Song Price Would Stay
04/20/2006 Forget Vibrate, What About Shock Mode?
04/20/2006 So, Wait, Do We Blame Or Praise Tech For Stopping Another Columbine?
04/20/2006 Family Of Dead Artist Upset By Publicity From Google
04/20/2006 Option Costs Weigh Down Yahoo Profit
04/20/2006 Making a PowerPoint of Not Being Tiresome
04/20/2006 Porn Industry Again at the Tech Forefront
04/20/2006 Chiron Shareholders Approve Novartis Offer
04/20/2006 Microsoft, Autodesk Lose Patent Verdict
04/20/2006 Upbeat Results Lift Stocks
04/20/2006 Hu Bids Farewell to One Washington, Heads for the Other
04/20/2006 Qualcomm's Profit, Sales Up on Cellphone Demand
04/20/2006 Intel, Apple Results Show Reversal of Fortunes
04/20/2006 DVD in High Def? The Difference Is Not Eye-Opening
04/20/2006 Technology Business News
04/20/2006 Geek Trivia Stationary perspective
04/20/2006 Share speakers between two different computers
04/20/2006 10 things you can do to turn useless meetings into productive ones
04/20/2006 Apple profits lead US tech icons
04/20/2006 Iran's "super" torpedo is a joke
04/20/2006 MySpace foils school shooting
04/20/2006 DVD in High Def? The Difference Is Not Eye-Opening
04/20/2006 Georgia Tech student faces terror charge
04/20/2006 AOL Preparing 'Something' In Social Networking
04/20/2006 Online Ad Revenues Soar In 2005
04/20/2006 Duke Lacrosse Scandal Finds Cash On eBay
04/20/2006 Dell Market Share Slips As PC Shipments Increase
04/20/2006 Feds Indict Georgia Tech Student for Supporting Terror
04/20/2006 Ripe future drives Apple shares higher
04/20/2006 Sony cuts PlayStation 2 price
04/20/2006 Intel earnings sink, but meet forecasts
04/20/2006 Nokia earnings get good reception
04/20/2006 Tech earnings Good, but not great
04/20/2006 Sprint Nextel to buy affiliate UbiquiTel
04/20/2006 Why EarthLink needs Wi-Fi to work
04/20/2006 Microsoft loses third attempt to subpoena competitors' records
04/20/2006 At 400, Google is too scary
04/20/2006 Google gets its groove back
04/20/2006 CNNMoney Technology
04/20/2006 Techworld Linux Experts Query Uber-Desktop
04/20/2006 Off the wire More Internet threats expected this year
04/20/2006 Off the wire Utilizing standard Microsoft tools to secure your network
04/20/2006 Off the wire Russia tries to unite world against cyber-crime
04/20/2006 Vuln PHPSurveyor SurveyID Parameter SQL Injection Vulnerability
04/20/2006 Vuln Mini-NUKE Pages.ASP SQL Injection Vulnerability
04/20/2006 Vuln GNOME Foundation GDM .ICEauthority Improper File Permissions Vulnerability
04/20/2006 Calife 2.8.6-p5
04/20/2006 C++ Sockets 2.0.4
04/20/2006 ProFTPD 1.3.0 Stable branch
04/20/2006 LinuxBIOS 2260
04/20/2006 NativeCall 0.4.1
04/20/2006 InstallJammer 1.0b2
04/20/2006 wzdftpd 0.7.1
04/20/2006 Dokeos 1.6.4
04/20/2006 media4moin 0.1.9
04/20/2006 BFilter 0.10.4
04/20/2006 Adcd 0.7 Stable branch
04/20/2006 vzquota 3.0.0-6
04/20/2006 Ruby/LDAP 0.9.5
04/20/2006 OpenVZ kernel 2.6.16-026test009.1 Development branch
04/20/2006 Linux 2.6 branch
04/20/2006 GNU cfengine 2.1.20
04/20/2006 GNU Ocrad 0.15 Stable branch
04/20/2006 GNU Moe 0.7 Stable branch
04/20/2006 Ultimate++ 604-dev3 Development branch
04/20/2006 GNU ddrescue 1.2 Stable branch
04/20/2006 SAP, Microsoft Push Analytics Into Mendocino
04/20/2006 Philips' Invention Blocks DVRs, Set-tops From Skipping TV Ads
04/20/2006 Hyperion Buys ISV UpStream
04/20/2006 TechSelect's Taber Jumps To Tech Data's Advanced Technologies Group
04/20/2006 TechSelect About to Get More Physical
04/20/2006 HD DVD to outsell Blu-ray 2.51 in 2006 report
04/20/2006 Sprint Nextel to Buy UbiquiTel for 1B
04/20/2006 MedImmune First-Quarter Earnings, Sales Fall
04/20/2006 Electric Vehicle Gets Super-Sized
04/20/2006 Typo Confounds Kryptos Sleuths
04/20/2006 Sprint to buy UbiquiTel for about 1B
04/20/2006 Google's revenue, earnings up in Q1
04/20/2006 Update MySQL to encourage partners to build data storage engines
04/20/2006 Google Returns to Form
04/20/2006 AOL's MySpace Killer?
04/20/2006 School Official Hit With E-Rate Fraud Charge
04/20/2006 Heise Online AMD Cuddles with Linux
04/20/2006 internet HP to Launch Linux Control Tower
04/20/2006 UBS Apple Computer 'buy,' target price reduced; Merrill Lynch lowers estimates
04/20/2006 Advanced MySQL Replication Techiques
04/20/2006 From Weblog to CMS with WordPress
04/20/2006 Philips Responds to Anti-Commercial Skip Uproar
04/20/2006 20 Apr Troj/Zapchas-BD
04/20/2006 If Mars had life, it was a long time ago, researchers find
04/20/2006 Ga. Tech Student Charged for Aiding Terrorism
04/20/2006 Paris mayor defends France wariness of U.S. tech
04/20/2006 Microsoft Offers Unlimited Technical Support For Rivals
04/20/2006 Microsoft Offers 'Unlimited Technical Support' For Rivals
04/20/2006 Learn the pros and cons of Windows Firewall
04/20/2006 Collapsible emergency escape elevator
04/20/2006 Could this Invention Save us from our Dependence on Oil?
04/20/2006 Georgia Tech computer program designed to halt pandemics installed in Georgia
04/20/2006 Vuln W2B Online Banking SID Parameter Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
04/20/2006 Vuln CutePHP CuteNews Editnews Module Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
04/20/2006 Vuln Portal Pack Multiple Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
04/20/2006 Microsoft Patch 'Erases' Outlook Express Addresses; Users Irked
04/20/2006 New NBC Universal Division Explores Technology
04/20/2006 New Service Offers Online Video Syndication
04/20/2006 Report Shows Tech Outlook Improving In N.Y., U.S.
04/20/2006 Feds Issue Security Alert On Firefox
04/20/2006 E-Filers Track IRS Refund Status Online
04/20/2006 MySQL To Outline Plug-In Plans, Database Upgrade
04/20/2006 Opera 9.0 Enters Beta
04/20/2006 Online Hiring Up All Over, Monster Says
04/20/2006 Brief Apple Improves Imaging Software, Lowers Price
04/20/2006 Apple Decision Deals Chipmaker A Serious Blow
04/20/2006 Apple Plans New Campus In California
04/20/2006 Feds Issue Security Alert On Firefox, Thunderbird
04/20/2006 Brief Citicorp Sells Offshore Outsourcing Share
04/20/2006 Oracle Bug Exploit Escalates User Privileges
04/20/2006 Heckler Breaches White House Security To Greet Chinese President Hu
04/20/2006 Tech Outlook Improving In N.Y., U.S.
04/20/2006 E-Filers Check IRS Refund Status Online
04/20/2006 SAP Beats License Forecasts, Disappoints On Profits
04/20/2006 Dell Shares Drop After Survey Shows PC Share Loss
04/20/2006 AMD plans anti-hyperthreading
04/20/2006 Vacation Planning, Web 2.0 Style
04/20/2006 Study Wachovia, National City and Bank of America best at online customer service
04/20/2006 Investment firm taps Blue Coat for network acceleration
04/20/2006 Linux desktop growth could spur new malware activity
04/20/2006 Former school official indicted for E-Rate fraud
04/20/2006 Hyperion to acquire data-quality vendor UpStream Software
04/20/2006 America's Broadband Plan
04/20/2006 Report E-Mail Authentication on The Rise
04/20/2006 eWeek IBM Speaks Out on Red Hat-JBoss Deal
04/20/2006 Transcript Apple CEO Steve Jobs addresses the Cupertino City Council
04/20/2006 Wall Street optimistic about Apple's Intel-based Macs
04/20/2006 A Qualcomm Warning For Nokia
04/20/2006 AG Wants Tougher Net Porn Laws
04/20/2006 Skype is the Latest to Censor Material in China
04/20/2006 NYT Claims Multiple Monitors Increase Productivity
04/20/2006 Samsung A990 Phone Details
04/20/2006 Verizon File Transfers for RAZRs
04/20/2006 Updated www/links-gui to is 2006-04-20
04/20/2006 Updated www/links to is 2006-04-20
04/20/2006 Updated math/gsl to 1.8 adam 2006-04-20
04/20/2006 Updated print/dvipdfmx to minskim 2006-04-20
04/20/2006 PaperRank Implemented on Google Scholar
04/20/2006 Google easily beats estimates as profit surges 60%
04/20/2006 Yahoo journalist telling smaller stories to smaller audience
04/20/2006 SAP's Man In America
04/20/2006 All Distractions But Especially Cell Phones Dangerous To Drivers
04/20/2006 No more excuses You can indeed play World of Warcraft in Linux
04/20/2006 British drivers believe their nav-sat system instead of their eyes
04/20/2006 Students drive 15 miles on 0,35 ounces of Hydrogen!
04/20/2006 USA 60 Mill use Net for Major Life Solutions
04/20/2006 Ensure Cisco router redundancy with HSRP
04/20/2006 Go Daddy ditches open source OS then donates 10k to open source project
04/20/2006 Economists Studying The Human Brain
04/20/2006 Email Authentication Dead Or Alive Depends On Whose Headline You Read
04/20/2006 Maybe eBay Won't Have To Overpay For Skype By Quite As Much
04/20/2006 itleWindows Vista Questions about the visual experience
04/20/2006 No more excuses You can play World of Warcraft in Linux
04/20/2006 Rivals Agree On 802.11s Mesh Standard
04/20/2006 Miller Beer to be first to use High Tech Cold Can Technology
04/20/2006 Dual Monitors Increase Productivity by up to 30%
04/20/2006 Officials Ship probably killed rare whale
04/20/2006 Bugtraq PHPSurveyor
04/20/2006 Tellico 1.1.5
04/20/2006 Thin Slice Upload 1.02
04/20/2006 polypaudio 0.8
04/20/2006 Expose PHP template engine 1.1.2
04/20/2006 poker-network 1.0.18
04/20/2006 Query Object Framework 0.6.4
04/20/2006 sysstat for Solaris 20060420
04/20/2006 jcrossclient 1.0-alpha 4
04/20/2006 Pilot-QOF 0.0.9
04/20/2006 Java Interactive Profiler 1.0.4
04/20/2006 Special Report Are Computers Destroying The Earth?
04/20/2006 Special Report Is Technology Killing The Planet?
04/20/2006 EMC's 1Q Profit Rises On Growing Storage Demand
04/20/2006 Apple Plans New California Campus, CEO Jobs Says
04/20/2006 HP Recalls 15,700 Notebook Batteries
04/20/2006 Notebook Sales Lift 1Q Global PC Shipments
04/20/2006 China PC Maker Lenovo Confounds Wary U.S. Critics
04/20/2006 Microsoft, Autodesk Must Pay 133M In Patent Ruling