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04/18/2006 Tech shakes up seismology
04/18/2006 Images The science behind the shaking
04/18/2006 Photos HD DVD, Blu-ray players
04/18/2006 Photos Learning from disaster
04/18/2006 Photos The Great Quake of 1906
04/18/2006 Dino may have been pack hunter
04/18/2006 Lenovo, Microsoft Reaffirm Global Agreement
04/18/2006 Google teams with Sony for 'Da Vinci' promotion
04/18/2006 HP Aims New Printers At New Markets
04/18/2006 SLVR Of Doubt
04/18/2006 Tivo On A Tear
04/18/2006 Big-Four Fight Gaining Ground, Slowly but Surely
04/18/2006 A Multimedia Locomotive in Notebook's Clothing
04/18/2006 Digital Planet
04/18/2006 Man trades paper clip for house
04/18/2006 Tech shakes up seismology
04/18/2006 Added emulators/suse100_openmotif version 10.0 tron 2006-04-18\
04/18/2006 18 Apr Troj/Loot-R
04/18/2006 Fedora Core 5 Review
04/18/2006 ccPublisher Gets a GNU Outlook on Cross-Platform Availability
04/18/2006 LinuxMedNews MirrorMed Highlights FOSS in Action
04/18/2006 PBS, Fox head to US TV download deals
04/18/2006 'Pimp My Ride' goes iPod-happy
04/18/2006 Senior Apple developer talks OS X and Intel this week
04/18/2006 US actors reaching iPod royalty deal
04/18/2006 Burst prosecutes Apple iTunes, iPod in patent spat
04/18/2006 Open-source project aims to out-park Microsoft
04/18/2006 MacBook Pros ship in 2 days in UK
04/18/2006 Cendant appoints former CA exec Jeff Clarke
04/18/2006 Firefox under fire from multiple security bugs
04/18/2006 Mobile search focuses on smut
04/18/2006 UK car tracking database delayed to boost capacity
04/18/2006 AMD said to be researching 'reverse multi-threading' tech
04/18/2006 Sony debuts DVD Walkman
04/18/2006 ATI rebuts 80nm GPU slip claim
04/18/2006 Apple accused of patent infringement
04/18/2006 Syntext Serna 2.6.0-rc2 Serna2 branch
04/18/2006 Flat File Extractor 0.1.3
04/18/2006 OS Reviews CMS 20060418
04/18/2006 GTK+ 2.8.17
04/18/2006 eZ publish 3.8.0 beta2 Unstable branch
04/18/2006 GLib 2.10.2
04/18/2006 Pango 1.12.1
04/18/2006 Legal Case Management System 0.7.0 Development branch
04/18/2006 Time Sheets 1.18d
04/18/2006 Court May Accept File Sharing Defaults As A Defense Against RIAA Suits
04/18/2006 Australia Is Googling For New Spies?
04/18/2006 GNC-2006-04-18 #164
04/18/2006 AMD said to be researching 'reverse multi-threading' tech
04/18/2006 Microsoft admits problems with latest Windows patch
04/18/2006 Updated devel/netbsd-iscsi to 20060417 agc 2006-04-18\
04/18/2006 18 Apr W32/Mytob-HI
04/18/2006 Symantec Owes Nearly 1 Billion in Back Taxes
04/18/2006 Micron Technology upped at J.P. Morgan on pricing
04/18/2006 Micron Technology upped to neutral at J.P. Morgan
04/18/2006 BitUbique Starting with SQLite
04/18/2006 Linux CLI Magic Is That CD Still Fresh?
04/18/2006 OSWeekly Linux Runlevels Operate?
04/18/2006 When Free Speech and Foreign IP Law Collide
04/18/2006 Burst Sues Apple Over Patent Infringement
04/18/2006 \"Superman\" stars pull double duty on film, game
04/18/2006 P4Spam 1.0-rc1
04/18/2006 MyPlayer 0.1rc
04/18/2006 Nodezilla 0.4.18
04/18/2006 combina 0.3.7
04/18/2006 uni2ascii 3.6
04/18/2006 parlement 0.4
04/18/2006 Nagios Config 1.3.4
04/18/2006 Simple Groupware 0.2
04/18/2006 Ganglia 3.0.3 Monitoring core branch
04/18/2006 Ivman 0.6.11
04/18/2006 HTTP client request class 2006.04.17
04/18/2006 GNU Talk Filters 2.3.5
04/18/2006 Kodak Reminding People Why They Should Go Digital
04/18/2006 Firms slow to fix security flaws
04/18/2006 Court May Accept File Sharing Defaults As A Defense Against RIAA Suits
04/18/2006 Australia Is Googling For New Spies?
04/18/2006 Logitech SetPoint 2.60
04/18/2006 Wired Gallery Computers on Stamps
04/18/2006 Please Hold Wireless 411
04/18/2006 Who Killed the Lindbergh Baby?
04/18/2006 Netsmartz Named Exclusive E-Learning Provider for C-TOSS Soft Skills Program
04/18/2006 Best Electronics Website of 2006 to be Named by Web Marketing Association
04/18/2006 Sensory Partners with MikroElektronika to Provide New Low Cost Speech Tools
04/18/2006 Electrophysics Provides the World?s First High Definition Night Vision Solution
04/18/2006 Meridian Cyber Solutions, Inc. Implements Customer-Only Pricing
04/18/2006 New Product Development Tool Benchmarks Market Viability Fast and Inexpensively, Acts As 'Early-Warning System'
04/18/2006 Harrington College of Design Adds Chicago's First Communication Design Program
04/18/2006 Fortiva Announces Industry-First Data Privacy Guarantee
04/18/2006 SplashData Updates SplashID and SplashPhoto for Windows Mobile 5.0, including the Treo 700w
04/18/2006 Duke Nukem sheds light on brain
04/18/2006 PreFound Encourages Sharing with New Links to Social Search Community
04/18/2006 Complex Solution for Data Processing, Analysis and Visualization in Your BI Application
04/18/2006 Firms slow to fix security flaws
04/18/2006 EZNamespaceExtensions.Net Brings Rapid Development of Windows Shell Namespace Extensions to .Net
04/18/2006 A Roadmap for How to Market Videotelephony.
04/18/2006 Logitech X-530 5.1 Speaker System
04/18/2006 Breakthrough on Multi-Function Printers-Scanners-Copiers
04/18/2006 Huge meat-eater unearthed in Argentina
04/18/2006 Novell Sends 3d Party Subpoena Re Santa Cruz and Caldera Deals
04/18/2006 18 Apr W32/Rbot-DBU
04/18/2006 Problems Within the Canadian Recording Industry Association
04/18/2006 Space Technology Website Shows the Truth is Out There
04/18/2006 Tech Group Grants Weasel Award To Senate Hopeful from Virginia
04/18/2006 Satuit Technologies and VeriCenter Announce New Hosting Partnership
04/18/2006 AtTask Helps Boosts Productivity for AngelVision Technologies
04/18/2006 Telecom exec eager for biotech venture
04/18/2006 Kodak Reminding People Why They Should Go Digital
04/18/2006 Change a form's properties with Form View
04/18/2006 Quick tips for adding borders and shadows to pictures in Word
04/18/2006 Keep embedded charts off your worksheet printouts in Excel
04/18/2006 \"Sanzi\" firms take up 75% of high-tech sector income
04/18/2006 Duke Nukem sheds light on brain
04/18/2006 Enterprise VoIPPlanet VoIPowering your Office with Asterisk--Building a Test Lab, Part 3
04/18/2006 HowtoForge The Perfect Setup--Fedora Core 5 64-bit
04/18/2006 Linux Forums Demystifying Regular Expressions
04/18/2006 Who Killed the Lindbergh Baby?
04/18/2006 MySpace Faces a Perp Problem
04/18/2006 Ethanol Stocks Harvesting Risk
04/18/2006 How to Form a MySpace Watch
04/18/2006 Future sex gizmos, robots
04/18/2006 Lenovo and Microsoft reaffirm global agreement
04/18/2006 AES Expands Alternative Energy Business
04/18/2006 A Plug-In a Day Helps Keep Sickness at Bay
04/18/2006 Enterasys Broadens Security Portfolio
04/18/2006 Intuit Freaks Out Last Minute Tax Filers By Rebooting Machines
04/18/2006 Audio Slide Show Sandy's Last Day
04/18/2006 Photographs The Scene in Tel Aviv
04/18/2006 Audio Slide Show Revisiting Odets
04/18/2006 Video Women and Heart Disease
04/18/2006 Internet Visionaries Betting On Green Technology Boom
04/17/2006 Cendant Expected to Name Chief of Web Travel Business Today
04/17/2006 Laptops We Love
04/17/2006 New website rates health care journalism
04/17/2006 Tech companies want US-China aviation rules eased
04/17/2006 Updated print/acroread7 to 7.0.5nb1 wiz 2006-04-17\
04/17/2006 Removed print/texfamily-share wiz 2006-04-17\
04/17/2006 Removed print/texfamily wiz 2006-04-17\
04/17/2006 Removed print/tex-eurosym wiz 2006-04-17\
04/17/2006 Removed print/teTeX1-sharesrc wiz 2006-04-17\
04/17/2006 Removed print/teTeX1-share wiz 2006-04-17\
04/17/2006 Removed print/teTeX1-bin wiz 2006-04-17\
04/17/2006 At Yahoo, Time Stands Still
04/17/2006 Veoh Raises 12.5 million
04/17/2006 Getting technical with the markets
04/17/2006 Alchemix speeds ahead on clean-fuel technology
04/17/2006 'Sanzi' firms take up 75% of high-tech sector income
04/17/2006 Advisories, April 17, 2006
04/17/2006 The Hidden Benefits of Free Software
04/17/2006 Free Software Magazine Why Can't Free Software Do Portable Right?
04/17/2006 Microsoft Refreshes Windows Defender
04/17/2006 Video Compression And The Future
04/17/2006 Sun's Global Desktop Released
04/17/2006 Yummy mummy feeds young skin
04/17/2006 TiVo shares rise after jury rules in its favor
04/17/2006 Marketers are into YouTube
04/17/2006 Government won't require birth date in animal tracking system
04/17/2006 High-tech learning helps flatten Appalachia's world
04/17/2006 China takes baby steps against piracy
04/17/2006 PANDORA free We love this one. Generates music of any type you like
04/17/2006 TVICPORT free TVicPort is a toolkit for direct port I-O from Win32 applications
04/17/2006 PROTOWALL free Blocks thousands of bad IP addresses
04/17/2006 Hawaii Researchers Seek Interstellar Wind
04/17/2006 Burst sues Apple for iTunes, iPod, QuickTime patent infringement
04/17/2006 Merged Red Hat and JBoss Could be Headed for a Fall
04/17/2006 iTWire Will Google and Linux Make Microsoft Yesterday's Company
04/17/2006 ZDNet Why Windows is Less Secure than Linux
04/17/2006 Looking Forward, Ubuntu Linux 6.06
04/17/2006 Does Open Source Encourage Rootkits?
04/17/2006 Environmentalists Coming Around to Nuclear Power?
04/17/2006 Matrox TripleHead Triples Your Viewing Pleasure
04/17/2006 Symantec inherits 1bn tax bill from Veritas
04/17/2006 Wales and Sanger on Wikipedia
04/17/2006 At one with himself, Ellison ponders crushing the Linux market
04/17/2006 EMC Unveils Midrange Virtual Tape Library
04/17/2006 JAPI 0.9.0
04/17/2006 RPL Accelerate 7.4
04/17/2006 Userful DiscoverStation 4.1.5
04/17/2006 TclCurl 0.15.3 Development branch
04/17/2006 Zim 0.15
04/17/2006 Jitterbit 0.9.9
04/17/2006 GalaxyHack 1.63
04/17/2006 Vuln IBM AIX MKLVCopy Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
04/17/2006 Off the wire Rootkits use continues to grow
04/17/2006 Off the wire Feds still struggle with sharing terrorism data
04/17/2006 Readers Respond Microsoft vs. the EU
04/17/2006 Intuit Freaks Out Last Minute Tax Filers By Rebooting Machines
04/17/2006 DiVitas Appliance Promises Practical Enterprise Wireless
04/17/2006 Burst Follows The Expected Path Sues Apple For Patent Infringement
04/17/2006 Intel's Otellini to pitch business PCs next Monday
04/17/2006 Symantec revamps mail security tool
04/17/2006 Huge Meat-Eating Dinosaur Discovered
04/17/2006 Prediction Podcasting Integration coming to Windows in June?
04/17/2006 Video Toshiba first to market with HD-1A
04/17/2006 Burst sues Apple for patent infringement
04/17/2006 Lenovo, Microsoft extend partnership
04/17/2006 Video See live animations of geophysicist's re-creations of great quake of 1906
04/17/2006 Major League Gaming goes big league
04/17/2006 Brief Filing Delay Affects TurboTax Users
04/17/2006 Ex-Disney CEO Eisner Invests in Online TV
04/17/2006 Lenovo Most Chinese PCs Have Windows
04/17/2006 Burst Follows The Expected Path Sues Apple For Patent Infringement
04/17/2006 Aerial assaults planned on destructive moth
04/17/2006 2007 Infiniti G35 to Get In-Dash Storage
04/17/2006 Lenovo Thinkpad Backlash Update
04/17/2006 Intel Celeron D Roadmap Update
04/17/2006 The More Telecom Monopolies Change, the More They Stay the Same
04/17/2006 BatteryCorp Adds Site Audits
04/17/2006 Blog of Helios Microsoft Is Playing A Dangerous Game... One Which Linux Could Lose
04/17/2006 Linux-Watch Oracle Linux?
04/17/2006 Community Let's Help Microsoft!
04/17/2006 internet Christine Martino, VP, Open Source And Linux Organization, HP Interview
04/17/2006 Less Affluent Indiana Gets Fios First
04/17/2006 A century after the big quake, Calif. IT departments prep for the next one
04/17/2006 At one with himself, Ellison ponders crushing Linux market
04/17/2006 Webroot Launches Deal Registration, Sweetens Program
04/17/2006 IRS Claims Symantec Owes 900 Million In Back Taxes
04/17/2006 VARs Laud New SQL Anywhere 10 Beta As Good For Big-Time Database Jobs
04/17/2006 Beware Bagels Updating
04/17/2006 Actors, Broadcasters Demand Payment For iPod, Mobile Downloads
04/17/2006 Wikipedia Founder Calls Protest Site Wikitruth 'A Hoax'
04/17/2006 Chinese Piracy Law Helps Windows; Gates Hosts Chinese President
04/17/2006 Jameleon 3.2
04/17/2006 xfce 4.4 beta1 xfce4 branch
04/17/2006 re2c 0.10.2.rc2
04/17/2006 TrueCrypt 4.2
04/17/2006 VMD 1.8.4
04/17/2006 Reveal EXIF editor 1.1
04/17/2006 NetWhoisRIPE 1.23 Stable branch
04/17/2006 ripx 0.09
04/17/2006 pekwm 0.1.5
04/17/2006 Simba 0.7
04/17/2006 Bugtraq SA-03 Example of Grsecurity protection avoid.
04/17/2006 Bugtraq eVuln Wire Plastik wpBlog SQL Injection Vulnerability
04/17/2006 Bugtraq gcc 4.1 bug miscompiles pointer range checks, may place you at risk
04/17/2006 Bugtraq Argeniss Alert Yahoo! Webmail XSS
04/17/2006 Off the wire Microsoft patch causes HP crashes
04/17/2006 Off the wire How to encrypt BitTorrent traffic
04/17/2006 Off the wire Developer highway code
04/17/2006 Off the wire Siemens enhances HiPath security
04/17/2006 Origami Ultra Mobile Prototypes Released
04/17/2006 Microsoft Plans Windows Vista SKUs
04/17/2006 EMC Beefs Up Clariion Disk Library Portfolio
04/17/2006 Stop Data Theft in Its Tracks with Computrace
04/17/2006 The Future of Phish Fighting
04/17/2006 Should Oracle Get into the Linux Business?
04/17/2006 Putting Apps on the Move
04/17/2006 And They Wonder Why People Don't Like Newspapers Anymore?
04/17/2006 HP Pavilion s7320n Slimline
04/17/2006 HP to open technology licensing center in Asia
04/17/2006 HP to open technology licensing center in Asia
04/17/2006 Quote of the day Security is only getting worse
04/17/2006 HP to open technology licensing center in Asia
04/17/2006 Site Examines Health News For Quality, Accuracy
04/17/2006 Google, Sony Pictures In 'Da Vinci Code' Movie Promo
04/17/2006 And They Wonder Why People Don't Like Newspapers Anymore?
04/17/2006 New Technology Could Help Clean Manure
04/17/2006 Note Multimodal Developer Feedback
04/17/2006 Huge meat-eating dinosaurs roamed in groups in Argentina, scientists say
04/17/2006 Technique could speed new medulloblastoma drugs
04/17/2006 Firan Technology Group Corporation Firan Technology Group Corporation Announces First Quarter 2006 Earnings
04/17/2006 Technical Analysis Stocks Trend Lower
04/17/2006 Microsoft's Photo2Search
04/17/2006 San Francisco faces big shaker
04/17/2006 Updated sysutils/rdiff-backup to 1.0.4 recht 2006-04-17\
04/17/2006 Updated net/lopster to 1.2.2 rpaulo 2006-04-17\
04/17/2006 17 Apr Troj/Agent-BFZ
04/17/2006 Kaboodle gets lots of angel help
04/17/2006 Backfence picks up Gillmor's blog, and expands into SF Bay Area
04/17/2006 Dvorak Apple needs to make Mac OS X open-source
04/17/2006 IT Manager's Journal Open Source vs. Proprietary Management Tools
04/17/2006 NAR Walks the Open Source Walk
04/17/2006 It Does Little, and Not Very Well
04/17/2006 LinuxPlanet Synchronizing Your Linux Laptop and Desktop
04/17/2006 Baseball Fans' Have an Online Six Pack
04/17/2006 Spanish American War Tax to End?
04/17/2006 Fiber Glut Waning
04/17/2006 expands ranks, launches security tools
04/17/2006 NetContinuum upgrades firewall hardware, software
04/17/2006 FBI No credit card data breach in N.H. state server case
04/17/2006 Goldman Sachs sees Red Hat on ‘collision course’ with Oracle, IBM
04/17/2006 McAfee Open-source encourages rootkits
04/17/2006 The New Yahoo Maps Beta
04/17/2006 Users Hit Rough Spots With Microsoft's Latest IE Patches
04/17/2006 Windows Media Player 11 for XP Due by June
04/17/2006 Bring me the head of Paul Otellini
04/17/2006 Vitagliano Promises Channel Changes at Juniper
04/17/2006 MSP Incentra Solutions Buys VAR, Shopping For More
04/17/2006 MySQL Fills Possible InnoDB Void With SolidDB
04/17/2006 Daily Spin After the Fox
04/17/2006 Actors, Broadcasters Demand Pay For Download Play
04/17/2006 Wikitruth Site Raises Objections About Wikipedia's Flaws
04/17/2006 Graphics May Slow Down Vista Upgrades
04/17/2006 Google Calendar Beta A Hot Date
04/17/2006 Intel's Q1 Outlook Appears Gloomy
04/17/2006 Sites Offer Free Tax-Extension E-Filing
04/17/2006 How To Podcasting In Four Easy Steps
04/17/2006 Brief Level 3 To Acquire ICG For 163 Million
04/17/2006 MySQL Adds Second Option As Storage Engine
04/17/2006 ABC Tests Free TV On The Net
04/17/2006 Google Wins Patent For Voice Search
04/17/2006 Search The Web Without A Connection
04/17/2006 Outsourcing Contracts Don't Provide A Big Return
04/17/2006 Conectiva Linux Security Announcement fetchmail CLA-20061070
04/17/2006 Conectiva Linux Security Announcement unzip CLA-20061069
04/17/2006 San Fran's Wi-Fi Plan Includes Ads
04/17/2006 Storage hardware and file system strengths key throughput
04/17/2006 Spam Attack Keeps Bagle Boiling
04/17/2006 Oracle's Linux Push Is a No-Brainer
04/17/2006 Ineffective Driving While Yakking Regulation Proving Popular Among States
04/17/2006 Agencies Say Actor Royalties Threaten New-Media Ads
04/17/2006 Google Summer of Code V.2
04/17/2006 Video U.S. Geological Survey look at danger
04/17/2006 What's the next security threat?
04/17/2006 Microsoft Beefs Up Search With Academic Focus
04/17/2006 Fossils offer pack theory for huge dinosaurs
04/17/2006 Huge meat-eating dinosaurs may have hunted in packs
04/17/2006 Fort Wayne Gets Wi-Fi 'Hot Zone'
04/17/2006 Report South Koreans Putting 1.6 Billion In Web Infrastructure
04/17/2006 Click.TV
04/17/2006 High court skips Falwell Web site case
04/17/2006 Podcast Why Steve Jobs left The Woz hanging
04/17/2006 Disney faces assault on battery
04/17/2006 Video Scientists' advice Don't wait--act now
04/17/2006 Fine-tuning open source
04/17/2006 Pro Video Game League To Air Games On USA Network
04/17/2006 Panel Reviewing Diversity Concerns At Greenville Tech
04/17/2006 Logitech SetPoint 2.60
04/17/2006 Seeing Triple with the Matrox TripleHead2Go
04/17/2006 Nothing Remains the Same
04/17/2006 Technique To Solve Eggshell Cracking Problem
04/17/2006 IBM Develops New Encryption Technology
04/17/2006 Protest Site Wikitruth Rails Against Wikipedia
04/17/2006 Microsoft Working On Image-Based Search For Mobile Phones
04/17/2006 Actors, Broadcasters Demand Payment For Downloads
04/17/2006 website rates health care journalism
04/17/2006 Beijing Bans Naked Computers
04/17/2006 Material Technologies, Inc. Material Technologies Inspects Culver City, CA Bridge
04/17/2006 Updated lopster to 1.2.2 rpaulo 2006-04-17\
04/17/2006 Toshiba HD-DVD Players Shipping Finally
04/17/2006 4/17/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews
04/17/2006 Dell Trims Prices on Dual-Core Notebooks
04/17/2006 Make That Device Simple
04/17/2006 What are your expectations for Apple's earnings report this Wednesday?
04/17/2006 Review Apple Remote Desktop 3
04/17/2006 Mad Penguin Looking Ahead Ubuntu Linux 6.04
04/17/2006 Computerworld Q&A New Mass. CIO Offers Update on Open Document Format Plans
04/17/2006 Lessig, Stallman on 'Open Source' DRM
04/17/2006 A Non-Oracle Choice For MySQL?
04/17/2006 EMC Takes VTLs Down Market
04/17/2006 Time Warner Switched Digital
04/17/2006 8 Myths of Software-as-a-Service
04/17/2006 Making Sense of Software EULAs
04/17/2006 It Does Little and Not Very Well
04/17/2006 Oracle Looks At Buying Novell
04/17/2006 A New Workhorse For DARPA
04/17/2006 Wireless Guitar Hero Redux
04/17/2006 Is It Time For .tel?
04/17/2006 Lenovo & Customer Perception
04/17/2006 Apple offers most secure Windows platform
04/17/2006 AMD seeks Microsoft evidence in Intel case
04/17/2006 MacBook Pros ship in 2-days in UK
04/17/2006 Apple legal makes little girl sob
04/17/2006 ICANN head welcomes government policy input
04/17/2006 French bill could chill open source
04/17/2006 RealNetworks beats Ethos in patent suit
04/17/2006 MIT simulates bird flu outbreak, disaster recovery needs
04/17/2006 McAfee Open source encourages rootkits
04/17/2006 Loews Hotels serves up food, beverage management software
04/17/2006 Update Oracle eyes launching its own Linux version
04/17/2006 Oracle Eyes Novell Acquisition
04/17/2006 The People's Glorious Mario
04/17/2006 Mobile phones Swiss knives of digital age-Vivendi
04/17/2006 New Windows Vista Build Ready to Drop
04/17/2006 Microsoft Set to Deliver a New Vista Build