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05/30/2006 Banning Laptops in Class It's Academic, Silly
05/30/2006 Video CNET's Robert Vamnosi looks at OneCare
05/30/2006 Wines of The Times Bierzo
05/30/2006 Off the wire Security expert recommends 'Net diversity
05/30/2006 DigiKeyGen, a new spyware program that blackmails users
05/30/2006 Streamline 1.6.1
05/30/2006 WWWPkgFind 1.3
05/30/2006 g4u 2.2
05/30/2006 Open Administration for Schools 1.99
05/30/2006 JClaim 4.4.12
05/30/2006 dao-zero 0.3.2
05/30/2006 Virtual Appliances Build 42
05/30/2006 FVWM-Crystal 3.0.4
05/30/2006 Users threatened by password-stealing Trojan
05/30/2006 Aussie firm identifies Skype flaw
05/30/2006 F-Secure offers new security service through ISPs
05/30/2006 UM College of Technology chief selected
05/30/2006 What If Microsoft Buys eBay?
05/30/2006 Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Announces Issuance of 17th U.S. Patent
05/30/2006 SurfControl Senior Leadership Presenting at Cowen & Company's 34th Annual Technology Conference
05/30/2006 Amazon Biotech Obtains Financing of 250,000 for Phase II HIV Clinical Trials
05/30/2006 Disney to start selling downloads to own on CinemaNow
05/30/2006 Disney Decides To Download
05/30/2006 Will Microsoft's Windows Live Relaunch Fizzle?
05/30/2006 Funded Student Projects Announced
05/30/2006 New committer Paolo Pisati src. An SoC2005 alumnus.
05/30/2006 Online Porn Market Goes Through A Growth Spurt In U.K.
05/30/2006 Motorola And Rand McNally Soup Up Mobile Phones With GPS
05/30/2006 The Internet Is New Frontier In Human Rights Struggle
05/30/2006 Intuit Launches Reseller Program For QuickBooks Enterprise
05/30/2006 Microsoft OneCare Goes Live
05/30/2006 Free Software Magazine 2000 Was the "Year of the Linux Desktop" for Me
05/30/2006 Judge uses Wikipedia as source to blast Apple in 'Asteroid' case
05/30/2006 Mozilla launches Firefox 2.0 Alpha
05/30/2006 Sequoia leads 30M investment in Chinese IT outsourcing firm, Worksoft
05/30/2006 TASKBAR SHUFFLE free Re-arrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar
05/30/2006 FSEKRIT free Small application for keeping encrypted notes
05/30/2006 Updated sysutils/aperture to 2.0nb7 tron 2006-05-31
05/30/2006 Updated www/squid to 2.5.13nb1 taca 2006-05-31
05/30/2006 Updated devel/ruby-priority-queue to 0.1.2nb1 taca 2006-05-31
05/30/2006 Updated x11/ruby-tk to 1.8.4nb2 taca 2006-05-31
05/30/2006 How-To Build your own network firewall
05/30/2006 Google's first mashup goes green
05/30/2006 Old School meets New School
05/30/2006 Vonage Moves to Reassure Nervous Investors
05/30/2006 Personal Tech Businesses Tap Into Social Networks, Blogs, Video Sharing
05/30/2006 Personal Tech Microsoft Builds TV Website To Support AIDS Documentary
05/30/2006 Personal Tech EU Says U.S. Can't Keep Airline Passenger Data Safe
05/30/2006 St. Margaret's Health Thwarts Spam Epidemic, Ensures Business and Regulatory Compliance
05/30/2006 SurfControl Global Threat Experts Track Rapid Increase in Phishing Attacks
05/30/2006 Forex US dollar higher in Sydney on technical rebound; gains seen brief
05/30/2006 E3 An Interactive Look at Videogame History
05/30/2006 E3 Entertainment Poker, Scarface, Cars
05/30/2006 E3 The Art of the Videogame?
05/30/2006 E3 The Flying Toaster is Baaaaaack
05/30/2006 Latest Treo The Palm OS Phone We've Waited For?
05/30/2006 Free Skype Calls to Landlines and Cell Phones
05/30/2006 First Impressions Yahoo's Fresh New Look
05/30/2006 Hands On With Apple's New MacBook...With Windows!
05/30/2006 A Few More Random Notes on the MacBook
05/30/2006 Finally, Dells With AMD Inside
05/30/2006 MacBook Speed Tests Pretty Good!
05/30/2006 End of an Era No More Apple PowerBooks
05/30/2006 Video Highlights Bill Gates' WinHEC Keynote
05/30/2006 Windows Media Photo Microsoft's JPEG Killer?
05/30/2006 The 10 Biggest PC World Hits of All Time
05/30/2006 Giants of the deep bring life to quiet town
05/30/2006 Internet ads have close shave
05/30/2006 Species on endangered list challenged
05/30/2006 New Security Technology Debuts in Vista Beta 2
05/30/2006 ID thefts may prove business opportunity for banks
05/30/2006 Asia top continent for spam relay
05/30/2006 Report Apple punishes Samsung for iPod gaffe, SigmaTel may benefit
05/30/2006 Geeks slug it out in 'fight club'
05/30/2006 OpenSUSE 10.1 Is Versatile, but Uneven
05/30/2006 Microsoft Turns On OneCare; McAfee Follows Suit
05/30/2006 New committer Paolo Pisati src
05/30/2006 EU Says U.S. Can't Keep Airline Passenger Data Safe
05/30/2006 Caton, Airgo Partner In Wireless Set-Top Box For The Home
05/30/2006 Astronauts forced to improvise in space
05/30/2006 sendmail Removed. This removal was planned for post 4.0, but core@ and security-officer@ ...
05/30/2006 Updated audio/faad2 to 2.0nb7 tron 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated devel/mercurial to 0.9 wiz 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated devel/tailor to 0.9.23 wiz 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated archivers/unrar to 3.6.4 wiz 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated textproc/docbook-xsl to 1.70.1 wiz 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated textproc/intltool to 0.35.0 wiz 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated mail/imapfilter to 1.2.1 wiz 2006-05-31
05/30/2006 Astronauts to improvise in space
05/30/2006 A helping hand for Britain rare eagles
05/30/2006 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid
05/30/2006 FDA to Pharma Where's the RFID?
05/30/2006 Ubuntu to Support Sun 'Niagara' Platform
05/30/2006 Macdoku 0.3
05/30/2006 stresslinux 0.3.1
05/30/2006 Conary 1.0.16
05/30/2006 XennoBB 1.0.5
05/30/2006 Cisco Program Aims To Help Partners Manage Cash Flow
05/30/2006 Motorola needs an heir to the RAZR Gartner
05/30/2006 RUMOR Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to feature virtualization, 'living interface elements' and more
05/30/2006 Forget Due Diligence, Just See If You Can Pronounce It
05/30/2006 Microsoft cooking up a gaming handheld?
05/30/2006 In space no one can hear you scream, 'Where's that tool?'
05/30/2006 'Back to the Future' iPod speaker
05/30/2006 Report SUVs Get Better Vs. Rollovers
05/30/2006 Microsoft Builds TV Website To Support AIDS Documentary
05/30/2006 Businesses Tap Into Social Networks, Blogs, Video Sharing
05/30/2006 Wiggly-Log 0.0.0-alpha
05/30/2006 dANN 0.1-alpha-RC1 Java branch
05/30/2006 Microsoft's Security Rivals Talk Up OneCare Killers
05/30/2006 Emotional Weather Report
05/30/2006 First Look at AT&T U-Verse San Antonio
05/30/2006 Infinium Changing Its Name
05/30/2006 Windows Vista Beta 2 Up Close and Personal
05/30/2006 Chinese Government Accuses IEEE of Unfair WiFi Protocols
05/30/2006 Shoplogix Impacts Visteon as Profiled in IndustrialLeaders
05/30/2006 Replenishment Solution by Datacraft Solutions Defines JIT Efficiency
05/30/2006 New England Confectioner Chooses Enterprise 21 ERP from Technology Group International
05/30/2006 ERP Software Encompix Leader Chuck Stewart Explains the Acquisition by Made2Manage
05/30/2006 ERP Selected by UK British Mining Electrical Solutions Firm Baldwin & Francis Limited
05/30/2006 UM College of Technology hires new dean
05/30/2006 Rambus to Probe Option Grants
05/30/2006 Personal Tech Review TiVo Series2 DT DVR
05/30/2006 Personal Tech Apple Punishes Samsung For iPod 'Gaffe'
05/30/2006 Personal Tech Mozilla Launches Next Firefox 2.0 Alpha
05/30/2006 Personal Tech Symantec Patches AV Flaw In Five Days
05/30/2006 Personal Tech Trojan ID Thieves Pose As Microsoft Patches
05/30/2006 Car Tech proves decisive in Ferrari's Formula One penalty Tech proves decisive in Ferrari's Formula One penalty
05/30/2006 Palm Treo 700p Sprint
05/30/2006 CA Delays Earnings, Sees Quarterly Loss
05/30/2006 Microsoft Finds Random Way to Secure Vista
05/30/2006 A Backup That's There When You Need It
05/30/2006 Techie Fight Clubs Springing Up
05/30/2006 How The Entertainment Industry Plans To Kill DVDs
05/30/2006 Kane Biotech Announces Closing of Private Placement Offering
05/30/2006 Hedge Funds Flog Micron/Lexar Deal
05/30/2006 30 May Troj/Zlob-QJ
05/30/2006 Updated print/xpdf to 3.01pl2nb1 tron 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated multimedia/mpeg4ip to 1.5 tron 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated editors/conglomerate to 0.9.1 joerg 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated net/mldonkey-gui to 2.7.6 wiz 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated devel/bison to 2.2 wiz 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated net/mldonkey to 2.7.6 wiz 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Updated audio/faad2 to 2.0nb6 tron 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 Symantec repairs flaw in anti-virus software
05/30/2006 Clothes make a statement electronically
05/30/2006 Web Services Addressing WSDL Binding Is a W3C Candidate Recommendation
05/30/2006 BitDefender Ships Linux-Based Security Suite
05/30/2006 Amnesty Intl Internet Is New Frontier In Human Rights Struggle
05/30/2006 Next-generation Wi-Fi tech to deliver IPTV
05/30/2006 Chinese Government Accuses IEEE of Unfair WiFi Protocols
05/30/2006 Nintendo Wii Most Anticipated Console in Japan
05/30/2006 LG Electronics Introduces 4X Blu-Ray Recorder
05/30/2006 Officials announce new technology park at Oak Ridge lab
05/30/2006 The DVD War Against Consumers
05/30/2006 Technical Analysis Stocks Turn Lower
05/30/2006 Internet Advertising Up 38 Percent in First Quarter Study
05/30/2006 Stunnix Advanced Web Server 1.3
05/30/2006 AKKAR 2.4.0
05/30/2006 gtkam 0.1.13
05/30/2006 Wine 0.9.14
05/30/2006 Z-machine Preservation Project 0.92
05/30/2006 iceWing 0.9
05/30/2006 UseBB 1.0 RC3
05/30/2006 joe 3.4
05/30/2006 Nessj 0.6.1
05/30/2006 Crispy 1.0
05/30/2006 Cosmo 0.3 Development branch
05/30/2006 PHPGallue 0.3-RC2
05/30/2006 Predictive Analytics Business Intelligence's Next Step
05/30/2006 Free hack monitoring from MyWebAlert
05/30/2006 A Vista in Every Pot?
05/30/2006 Five Issues You Need to Know About Network Provisioning
05/30/2006 Computer glitch delays opera opening
05/30/2006 BearingPoint enjoying fruits of IP telephony labor
05/30/2006 Sun Dodges Downdraft
05/30/2006 Stocks fall on oil, Wal-Mart and confidence data; Apple shares drop 2.33
05/30/2006 Military Technology Could Treat Breast Cancer
05/30/2006 Tue, 30 May 2006 152245 0400Test Spots Emphysema Before Symptoms Develop Wis. Asymptomatic emphysema can be revealed by a new magnetic resonance imaging technique that is more sensitive to lung changes than computed tomography, investigators here reported.
05/30/2006 New head for VIA Technologies
05/30/2006 Technology developed to prolong life of stem cells
05/30/2006 New MRI Technique Shows Emphysema In Asymptomatic Smokers
05/30/2006 MRI technique detects early emphysema
05/30/2006 PEMSTAR Completes First 500 Subsystems for U.S. Army Land Warrior Program
05/30/2006 BacTech Appoints New CFO
05/30/2006 Direct IT Announces First Quarter 2006 Financial Results
05/30/2006 Solar EnerTech Corp. Updates Progress at Manufacturing Facility
05/30/2006 China Digital Communication Group Board of Directors Appoints Ran Liang as CEO http//press.arrivenet/technology/article.php/803243.html/link
05/30/2006 iPackets International Successfully Demonstrates Its Mine-Safety Technology to China's Seventh-Largest Coal Mining Operation
05/30/2006 QuStream Corporation Announces First Quarter Fiscal 2006 Results
05/30/2006 visionGATEWAY Announces Agreement to Acquire Prominent French VoIP Solution Provider Centile
05/30/2006 Outward Bound for Robots
05/30/2006 A Know-It-All IM Buddy
05/30/2006 Symantec Fixes Flaw in Antivirus Software
05/30/2006 Screenshots Vista's P2P for file sharing
05/30/2006 Motorola Teams With Rand McNally For GPS On Handsets
05/30/2006 Online Porn Consumption Grows Fastest In U.K.
05/30/2006 WebEx Ships On Most Sony VAIO Laptops
05/30/2006 Feds put squeeze on Internet firms
05/30/2006 Amazon and IMDB
05/30/2006 McData's Loss Widens
05/30/2006 Altera Reaffirms Sales View
05/30/2006 Sparring over techie fight club
05/30/2006 Transport Tuesday Sorting through auto awards
05/30/2006 Use the data access layer to simplify architecture
05/30/2006 Yahoo's Not A French War Criminal, According To The Supreme Court
05/30/2006 Technology detaches users from world around them
05/30/2006 Technology improves, but is it good for society?
05/30/2006 DNA Research Links Florida Accountant to Genghis Kahn
05/30/2006 The Week After WinHEC All Eyes on Vista
05/30/2006 Another New Live Gadget The Xbox Live Camera
05/30/2006 Video game stocks retreat on game pricing worries
05/30/2006 Dr. Doom in the Park
05/30/2006 GPS Tracks Teens Drivers
05/30/2006 Supreme Court declines to hear Yahoo Nazi case
05/30/2006 Supply chain execs share disaster-planning techniques
05/30/2006 More on Sharing 3G Bandwidth
05/30/2006 Adobe sentences GoLive to death
05/30/2006 FCC Commissioner backs Net Neutrality
05/30/2006 Dell DTR Laptop Shootout M1710 vs. E1705
05/30/2006 Ha
05/30/2006 Sling Media Invades Europe With Place-Shifting Technology
05/30/2006 'Vigilante' virus wipes out porn
05/30/2006 Global Crossing Raises Scratch
05/30/2006 CA delays earnings; expects quarterly loss
05/30/2006 Shares of video game retailers slip
05/30/2006 U.S. asks Internet firms to keep customer info
05/30/2006 My Phone Is Too Complicated, But I Love It
05/30/2006 CA Shareholders Tested Again
05/30/2006 China Challenges Approval of Intel Wireless Standard
05/30/2006 Photos High-tech 'Mona Lisa'
05/30/2006 Net ad spending closing gap on newspapers in U.K.
05/30/2006 Quote of the day When 'tweakers' started breaking into mailboxes
05/30/2006 Securify Updates Network Monitoring Appliance
05/30/2006 PDFreactor 1.0.882
05/30/2006 wzdftpd 0.7.2
05/30/2006 bayonne 1.5.3 Bayonne 2 branch
05/30/2006 ActiveDeveloper 2.19
05/30/2006 LinkChecker 4.1 Stable branch
05/30/2006 battery_monitor 0.5
05/30/2006 Contact Form 1.3.5
05/30/2006 JasperReports 1.2.3
05/30/2006 Buddi 0.95 Beta
05/30/2006 Where The Jobs, And Big Bucks, Are In IT
05/30/2006 McAfee Fires General Counsel Kent Roberts
05/30/2006 Q&A D&H's Dan Schwab On Digital Convergence
05/30/2006 10 useful se
05/30/2006 Fighting Corporate Fraud Through Computer Forensics
05/30/2006 Developing Your Information Security Program
05/30/2006 VIA Announces P4M900
05/30/2006 Bio-tech incubator
05/30/2006 Cloudmark and MailChannels Join Forces to Protect Email Infrastructure
05/30/2006 Cloudmark Automated Feedback System Helps Service Providers & Customers Combat Messaging Threats
05/30/2006 Footmaxx Holdings Inc. First Quarter Statements and MD&A for 2006
05/30/2006 Virgin to Pave Way for Mobile Ads With Free Minute Program
05/30/2006 Send e-mail from Oracle via the UTL_MAIL package
05/30/2006 10 questions to ask when a technology solution is deploy
05/30/2006 Hacking Your Way to System Security Internet Penetration Testing
05/30/2006 Online Advertising Jumps 38 Percent In Q1
05/30/2006 Trojan ID Thieves Pose As Microsoft Patches
05/30/2006 Launch Preparations to Begin for Space Shuttle Atlantis
05/30/2006 FX-62 and X2 5000+ Are Socket AM2 Only
05/30/2006 Privacy and tech fears stall border plans
05/30/2006 Firms aren't connecting on ultra-wideband
05/30/2006 Virgin Mobile introduces free calls after ads
05/30/2006 Vonage Has Customer Quandary
05/30/2006 Bogus Microsoft Security Warning Leads To Thieving Malware
05/30/2006 Mandriva Linux Security Update Advisory dia MDKSA-2006093
05/30/2006 SUSE Security Announcement foomatic-filters SUSE-SA2006026
05/30/2006 Debian Security Advisory New Linux kernel 2.4.17 packages fix several vulnerabilities DSA 1082-1
05/30/2006 JavaSVN 1.1.0.beta2 Early Access branch
05/30/2006 Siege 2.65b6 Beta branch
05/30/2006 JavaSVN 1.0.6
05/30/2006 JGraph
05/30/2006 U.S. Engineering Grads More Than Hold Their Own Against Competition From China, India
05/30/2006 More Microsoft Exchange Minutia
05/30/2006 Sling Media Brings TV to European Laptops
05/30/2006 IBM Fixes Special Pricing Issues
05/30/2006 CA Delays Results, To Restate Q3
05/30/2006 China, U.S. Spar Over Encryption
05/30/2006 Videoconferencing aids speech interpreters in Bay Area hospitals
05/30/2006 CEO wants SAP to remain independent
05/30/2006 CA delays final Q4 and fiscal 2006 financials, restates Q3
05/30/2006 Hack tales Network auditing on a shoestring
05/30/2006 D-Link switch marks shift in WLANs
05/30/2006 Not Quite What He Planned
05/30/2006 In Depth IT Looks to Halt Clashes Between Users, Developers
05/30/2006 Card fraudsters A world unto themselves
05/30/2006 Aussie firm finds hole in Skype client install
05/30/2006 China enacts Internet copyright regulation
05/30/2006 StarOffice proof-of-concept virus spotted
05/30/2006 DOJ Pressures ISPs to Store Your Browsing History
05/30/2006 OurStory, SnapJot and Tabblo all want to tell your life-story
05/30/2006 Ruckus Wireless
05/30/2006 Intel's Dual-Core 9W "Yonah"
05/30/2006 Supreme Court sidesteps international Yahoo case
05/30/2006 Cryptography Decrypted Implementing Secret Key Assurances
05/30/2006 Exchanging Secret Keys Over Public Distribution Channels
05/30/2006 Fight Club Draws Techies for Brawl
05/30/2006 Apple's iBook Bursts Into Flames
05/30/2006 Hynix to Refocus on Graphics Memory
05/30/2006 The down side of pay-as-you-go
05/30/2006 Marchex acquires Open List
05/30/2006 Another standards clash on the horizon?
05/30/2006 AIDS Chief No Let Up in Global Spread of HIV/AIDS
05/30/2006 Photos High-tech Mona Lisa
05/30/2006 TelePlus Group Announces Final Phase of Acquisition by Texxon Inc.
05/30/2006 PBX/KTS revenue down 2%, IP PBX up 1% in 1Q06
05/30/2006 Gator Cop
05/30/2006 Triad faces uphill battle against Triangle in biotech
05/30/2006 Scott Technology negotiates Auckland division buyout
05/30/2006 Why Bram Cohen Isn't Actually Against Net Neutrality
05/30/2006 Greenhouse Early Bird Registration Ends Soon
05/30/2006 Tech Podcast Live Round Table this Saturday June 3rd
05/30/2006 China battles rejection of wireless encryption algorithm
05/30/2006 NHS IT 'still on budget', but not at 6.2bn
05/30/2006 No patch in sight for Symantec flaw
05/30/2006 Unions pour scorn on Vodafone layoffs
05/30/2006 Trapped in the Big Apple store
05/30/2006 Alienware Aurora ALX GeForce 7900 GX2 Quad SLI
05/30/2006 SiN game re-appears as episodes
05/30/2006 Apparently, Vote Tampering Is Only Acceptable If It's Done By Americans
05/30/2006 Ubuntu Tips Upgrade, Server Release Plans
05/30/2006 Media urges China to end cyber censorship
05/30/2006 Chinese river cancerous with pollution
05/30/2006 iView Releases MediaPro 3.1 for Windows and Macintosh MacIntel Native
05/30/2006 The Free Standards Group Strengthens Linux Standardization Activities in Asia
05/30/2006 Broadband Learning Corporation Reports 2006 Q1 Results-Sales Up 44%, Gross Profit Up 51%
05/30/2006 Trinity Convergence Showcases Video Phone and VoIP Software Solutions at Computex Taipei
05/30/2006 Canbras Announces First Quarter 2006 Results
05/30/2006 Techies Get Tough With Underground Fight Club
05/30/2006 NewEgg Looks to Get Cozy with Taiwanese IT Brands
05/30/2006 AOpen Next-Gen MiniPC Announced
05/30/2006 Intel's Dual-Core 9W "Yonah"
05/30/2006 Study 73M Americans Have Diabetes or Risk Getting Disease
05/30/2006 BT signs ECI to broadband solutions deal
05/30/2006 Snow steps down at Treasury; Paulson nominated
05/30/2006 Searching for the Google of cell phones
05/30/2006 Microsoft Names Vista Browser IE 7+
05/30/2006 Symantec Patches AV Flaw In Five Days
05/30/2006 Mozilla Launches Next Firefox 2.0 Alpha
05/30/2006 BAE signs 10-year lease at Technology Park
05/30/2006 Ballmer making nice with Wall Street
05/30/2006 Googlearchy or Googlocracy?
05/30/2006 Now Virgin Tries Ad-Supported Cell Service
05/30/2006 Qualcomm to make universal mobile TV chip
05/30/2006 Orange to launch free broadband tomorrow?
05/30/2006 Text chat becoming useful customer service
05/30/2006 Ofer Hi Tech allocates 50m for medical device start-ups
05/30/2006 Author blog response to criticism of Imagining a day without Microsoft column
05/30/2006 Chip Forecast Revised Upward
05/30/2006 Scientists Meet in Rome To Discuss Bird Flu Mysteries
05/30/2006 UN Official Says World is Losing HIV Fight
05/30/2006 Study Reduced Radiotherapy Can Prevent Breast Cancer Return
05/30/2006 Snooping in Silicon Valley, Microsoft's assault, Google Checkout & more
05/30/2006 30 May W32/Floppy-F
05/30/2006 SCO's Memo in Opposition to Novell's Motion to Stay Claims Updated
05/30/2006 5/30/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews
05/30/2006 Microsoft Xbox Live Vision Camera Due in September
05/30/2006 Tuesday's Tech Winners & Losers
05/30/2006 Efficiency Technologies, Inc. Enters Into License Agreement With Watertech of America, Inc.
05/30/2006 Fortinet Targets the High-End Market With New ATCA-Compliant Security for 10 Gigabit Networks
05/30/2006 Israeli firms market to cellular niches
05/30/2006 Networking Old hardware, new applications
05/30/2006 Nano World Superior nanowire transistors
05/30/2006 Qualcomm plans 'universal' mobile TV chip
05/30/2006 High Praise for Office
05/30/2006 Vista/SUSE Smackdown
05/30/2006 A Clouded Vista
05/30/2006 More 'Idol' Speculation
05/30/2006 Can Microsoft's Bitlocker Save Us from Ourselves?
05/30/2006 Syntext Serna 3.0b.0 Serna2 branch
05/30/2006 Open Searchable Image Catalogue
05/30/2006 Epsilon 13.00
05/30/2006 TenderSystem 0.9.4 Beta