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05/30/2006 Pyrrha Podcaster 1.0.0
05/30/2006 Mp3dings 1.0 beta 3
05/30/2006 db4o 5.4 Java branch
05/30/2006 Suite-C Web 20060530
05/30/2006 TRex 0.5.2
05/30/2006 fetchExc 1.10
05/30/2006 P4A 1.0.0
05/30/2006 CentOS 4.3 CentOS-4 LiveCD branch
05/30/2006 JUCE 1.33
05/30/2006 Qt plugin for Eclipse 1.0.0
05/30/2006 CentOS 4.3 CentOS-4 ServerCD branch
05/30/2006 Vodafone CEO Says No Hurry To Sell Verizon Stake
05/30/2006 Fortinet Shores Up High-End Security Portfolio
05/30/2006 CA Delays Earnings
05/30/2006 Pay-as-you-go PCs from Microsoft fail to convince
05/30/2006 OS-level virtualiser ships with Linux for first time
05/30/2006 Lafayette Fiber Case Drags On
05/30/2006 Homezone A Bigger Cable Threat Than
05/30/2006 Apple Store Perimeter to celebrate grand opening in Atlanta on June 3
05/30/2006 Apple's Fifth Avenue glass elevator traps group of customers
05/30/2006 Apple recruiting team for 'super secret' videogames project?
05/30/2006 Scientists Poison Ivy's Itch Rises with Bad Air
05/30/2006 Do you know your full Social Security retirement age? Most don't
05/30/2006 Home insurance is not just for owners
05/30/2006 Cincom and Microsoft Highlight Challenges and Benefits of Demand-Driven Strategies in China
05/30/2006 Syclo Meets Increase in Demand for Mobile Solutions for Compliance
05/30/2006 StarForce Drivers Pass "Designed for Windows XP" Test
05/30/2006 Lazare Kaplan International Inc. Initiates Litigation Against PhotoScribe Technologies, Inc.
05/30/2006 Vodafone
05/30/2006 Poison Ivy Gains Strength With Global Warming
05/30/2006 Why Google makes everyone else nervous
05/30/2006 Seertech to expand product offering
05/30/2006 IBM Daksh More Than Triples Employee Base in India to 20,000 in Two Years
05/30/2006 Quantech Develops New Blog-Based Marketing Technology
05/30/2006 Forgent Networks Announces 2006 Fiscal Third Quarter
05/30/2006 Apparently, Vote Tampering Is Only Acceptible If It's Done By Americans
05/30/2006 McAfee Fires General Counsel
05/30/2006 PokerTek wins technology award
05/30/2006 Dell opens second computer plant in China
05/30/2006 Pickup truck hit by chunk of concrete thrown off overpass
05/30/2006 X-48B Flight Testing to Begin Later This Year
05/30/2006 Agencourt purchased for 120M
05/30/2006 Apple Computer, Kinder Morgan, Advanced Micro Devices, Intel Corp, Agco, CBS, Comtech Group, Pegasus
05/30/2006 Resistance to Nanotechnology in France
05/30/2006 KT Powertel launched S. Korea BlackBerry
05/30/2006 Home broadband users up 40 percent
05/30/2006 Montana debate Where should the buffalo roam?
05/30/2006 2.93a
05/30/2006 bib2html 4.3
05/30/2006 Xffm-filemanager 4.5.0
05/30/2006 Microsoft Unveils Mac Desktop
05/30/2006 McAfee says fired lawyer on improper options case
05/30/2006 Nokia says steps up action against counterfeiters
05/30/2006 EU wrong to allow passenger data release, says court
05/30/2006 POLL iPod users favour legal music
05/30/2006 Just a Simple Phone Call
05/30/2006 Adelphia Aims to Speed up Sale
05/30/2006 AT&T Wimax
05/30/2006 Will Dell's retail computer stores work sans inventory?
05/30/2006 Will Doug Bowman Make Google Beautiful?
05/30/2006 Social Networks are the New Media
05/30/2006 Internet2 To Get GigaFast
05/30/2006 Personal P2P Getting Hot
05/30/2006 Free Website Analyzes Diet Choices with New "Nutrition Grade"
05/30/2006 Kayak collects 11.5M in third round
05/30/2006 UBA Technology Inc. Provides Update to Investors On Online Gaming Sector Outlook
05/30/2006 Carrier VoIP/IMS market down 7% in 1Q06, up 48% since 1Q05
05/30/2006 Optical network hardware revenue down 12% in 1Q06; Alcatel down 43%
05/30/2006 Elluminate and Unicon Provide Low-Cost Trial Option for Sakai Collaborative Learning Environment
05/30/2006 Mitrionics Develops Turnkey BLAST/Bioinformatics Application for Instant FPGA Supercomputing Performance Acceleration
05/30/2006 Yangtze river 'cancerous' with pollution
05/30/2006 Ash plume seen from Mount St. Helens
05/30/2006 AMD to Expand Dresden Plant
05/30/2006 NetFlix via Downloads in 2006
05/30/2006 Downloads
05/30/2006 China Group Claims 'Conspiracy' In WLAN Security Standard Rejection
05/30/2006 Israel economy upswing helps tech workers
05/30/2006 Israeli software revenue and exports up
05/30/2006 Shin said seeking Thai telecom license
05/30/2006 SK Telecom launches HSDPA wireless network
05/30/2006 EC endorses higher Italy telecom rates
05/30/2006 MSN, Israeli firm Reshet talk partnership
05/30/2006 Sci-Tech Today
05/30/2006 AnandTech Article Channel
05/30/2006 Dob in a spammer today web weapon allows users to take revenge
05/30/2006 Court outlaws EU-US passenger data transfer
05/30/2006 Vodafone banks on cost cuts and convergence
05/30/2006 Lakeview Equity buys Cedarburg wireless technologies firms
05/30/2006 StockHouse Launches Blog Site for Stock Market Investors; Facilitating Citizen Journalism on Financial Markets
05/30/2006 AMOCO Federal Credit Union Reaps Dividends With Cistera and AT&T
05/30/2006 ProactiveNet 7.0 Elevates the Standard for End-to-End BSM Performance Monitoring and Analytics
05/30/2006 Kamakura Releases Proprietary Credit Risk Research Linking Default Probabilities and Credit Spreads
05/30/2006 Stream Communications Posts Positive EBIDTA in First Quarter of 2006
05/30/2006 Cenzic Research Lab Names Top Five Critical Web Application Vulnerabilities for March and April
05/30/2006 India's Career Launcher Enters U.S. Market Via Merger With Texas-Based Tutoring Firm POWERMath
05/30/2006 Phantom Fiber Partners with The Investor Relations Group of New York
05/30/2006 Computer Associates Guides Lower
05/30/2006 Predators, humans sharing habitats a volatile mix
05/30/2006 Software to Look for Experts Among Your Friends
05/30/2006 First Audio-Only Novel Tells New Story for Authors
05/30/2006 Asian navies asked to use U.S. technology
05/30/2006 Best tech accessories
05/30/2006 Tecplot, Inc. Debuts Tecplot 360
05/30/2006 Become Launches Dynamic Grid View for Enhanced Shopping
05/30/2006 WITI Women in Technology International to Host Inaugural Conference in Las Vegas
05/30/2006 Viscount's MESH Scheduled for 16 New York High Rises
05/30/2006 LiteScape Applications Now Available on Cisco's Hottest New Phone
05/30/2006 Terrace Announces Merger
05/30/2006 DM Review and the CDI Institute Announce the CDI-MDM Summit - Fall 2006
05/30/2006 Spider Technologies Announces Appointment of Dr. Richard Wallace to Its Advisory Board
05/30/2006 IPICO & ExploTrack Deploy Integrated Global Explosives Security Platform
05/30/2006 Human stem cells go into goat embryos
05/30/2006 Amzer® Introduces BlackBerry 8700 Cradle with Quick Charge Technology
05/30/2006 Technology and easy credit give identity thieves an edge
05/30/2006 Hosing Down the Data Center
05/30/2006 KLone-DevKit 1.2.1
05/30/2006 cprops 0.1.3
05/30/2006 rstudio 0.3
05/30/2006 OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall 3.8.1
05/30/2006 OS Reviews CMS 20060530
05/30/2006 Hachoir 0.3.0
05/30/2006 Microsoft To Add Web Conferencing To Next LCS
05/30/2006 E.U. wrong to allow passenger data release, says court
05/30/2006 Apple's Nike deal promises sports tech boom
05/30/2006 Rumour Apple makes game play?
05/30/2006 EU passenger data sharing illegal, court rules
05/30/2006 Rumour Apple developing eMac successor?
05/30/2006 Apple loses bid to control the press
05/30/2006 Security Firm Warns on Symantec Flaw
05/30/2006 Oracle Exec Hits Out at 'Patch' Mentality
05/30/2006 NewsGator Technologies Releases New Version of Premier Platform for Enterprise RSS Management
05/30/2006 MEDSEEK Adopts .Net Technology to Launch Henry Ford Health System Patient Portal
05/30/2006 Akimbi Systems Acquires First International Customers
05/30/2006 Zi Corporation's Qix Tops the Charts with Music Search
05/30/2006 Sidekick III to debut June 26
05/30/2006 Software Firms Strive to Improve E-Mail Reliability
05/30/2006 Inventor Wants To Jump Rope, No Strings Attached
05/30/2006 Man Tries To Invent Cordless Jump Rope
05/30/2006 Doctors discuss surgery for baby with 3 arms
05/30/2006 Google's video replay
05/30/2006 Putting the 'motor' in Motorola
05/30/2006 GNC-2006-05-30 #176
05/30/2006 Embry-Riddle partners with Clover Park Technical College
05/30/2006 Tech companies blasted for aiding censorship
05/30/2006 World Communication Center Offers Free Divers Alert Network DAN Membership With Satellite Phone Rental
05/30/2006 WebTech Wireless Achieves Gold Certified Partner Status in the Microsoft Partner Program
05/30/2006 VODAFONE video interviews with CEO and CFO
05/30/2006 Fight club draws techies for bloody underground beatdowns
05/30/2006 Disney, Vodafone KK to offer mobile comics to cell-phone users in Japan
05/30/2006 US court backs online reporters
05/30/2006 Alarm clock puzzler won't shut up until you can play Simon.
05/30/2006 Music Phones Want to Be Free
05/30/2006 Online music sales surging in Japan
05/30/2006 Amnesty accuses tech companies over censorship
05/30/2006 Gear4 ships docking station
05/30/2006 Movie map utility updates
05/30/2006 HowtoForge How To Automate Spamcop Submissions
05/30/2006 Chinese scientists find 15 world-endangered gibbons
05/30/2006 Cayin Technology Showcases High Performance Digital Signage Solutions for Narrowcasting at Computex 2006
05/30/2006 Tech's Backdating Blues
05/30/2006 CompanionLink Unveils Google Calendar Synchronization
05/30/2006 Vemics Closes Million Dollar Bridge Financing Round
05/30/2006 DTrace reaches prime time on FreeBSD
05/30/2006 Microsoft considers taking admin rights from employees
05/30/2006 Enterprise-level Ubuntu Linux due this week
05/30/2006 Microsoft investigating fake security email
05/30/2006 ZoneMinder 1.22.2
05/30/2006 PHPSurveyor 1.0
05/30/2006 Spineless 2006-05-29 Development snapshots branch
05/30/2006 Does C02 Make Poison Ivy Itchier?
05/30/2006 !CDAT
05/30/2006 AMD to Announce AMD Live! Tomorrow
05/30/2006 30 May W32/Sdbot-HB
05/30/2006 30 May Troj/Danmec-G
05/30/2006 30 May Troj/Clagger-R
05/30/2006 30 May Troj/PWS-EM
05/30/2006 Emission of carbon dioxide stimulates poison ivy growth study
05/30/2006 Chinese scientists find 15 world endangered gibbons
05/30/2006 Doctors debate fate of three-armed baby
05/30/2006 Slide Show Observing Memorial Day
05/30/2006 iFdate Multiple Post-authentication Field XSS
05/30/2006 iFdate Multiple Login Field XSS
05/30/2006 Realty Pro One listings/request_info.php agentid Variable XSS
05/30/2006 Realty Pro One images.php id Variable XSS
05/30/2006 Realty Pro One listings/index_other.php listingid Variable XSS
05/30/2006 Realty Pro One search/searchlookup.php propertyid Variable XSS
05/30/2006 Realty Pro One listings/index.php listingid Variable SQL Injection
05/30/2006 Zope 2.10.0 beta 1 2.x Development branch
05/30/2006 WordGenerator 1.4
05/30/2006 WPKG 0.9.9-test1
05/30/2006 EasyBMP 1.02
05/30/2006 Making the IPod More Sensitive
05/30/2006 Wild animals saved from exotic menus
05/30/2006 India tech firms seek US talent in offshoring twist
05/30/2006 What Retailers Don't Tell Consumers
05/30/2006 Experimental monitoring device liberates diabetics
05/30/2006 Will thermoplasty offer asthma hope?
05/30/2006 Why Europe Won't Be Taxing Your Emails And SMS Messages
05/30/2006 Toxic baby bottles sparks scare in China
05/30/2006 Precise Biometrics launches ANSI 378 compliant Match-On-Card technology
05/30/2006 30 May Troj/Small-BPI
05/30/2006 Updated www/awstats to 6.6nb1 minskim 2006-05-30
05/30/2006 3G license issue postponed once again
05/30/2006 Symantec admits software vulnerable to hacker attacks, releases patch
05/30/2006 Matrix Solutions Names Gregg Owens Director of Software Development
05/30/2006 VoIP Is About More Than Replacing The Phone
05/30/2006 Create a survey form in Word
05/30/2006 Use an Access function to add a new field to your table
05/30/2006 Forecast the future with Excel trendlines
05/30/2006 Use stakeholder analysis to meet the needs of all interested parties
05/30/2006 Strange but true shoddy building work in Exeter kills people in Ethiopia
05/30/2006 College Door Ajar for Online Criminals
05/30/2006 Massively Parallel Technologies Demonstrates Unprecedented Scalability and Price-Performance Benefits Over Conventional High-Volume Biometric Solutions
05/30/2006 FBReader 0.7.4a
05/30/2006 SQLAlchemy 0.2.1
05/30/2006 Pukka 1.2
05/30/2006 WIKINDX 3.3 Languages branch
05/30/2006 Globaldocs 1.8.6
05/30/2006 Achievo 1.2.1 Stable branch
05/30/2006 liboping 0.2.0
05/30/2006 Quick Rates module for X-Cart 1.0
05/30/2006 Proxifier 0.7.9b
05/30/2006 Max Macintosh Audio for OS X 0.6
05/30/2006 Plans 7.6.4
05/30/2006 Executive Biogen Idec seeks acquisitions
05/30/2006 Camelot to Rollout Comtech ‘Jackpot Communicator’
05/30/2006 And now, the answers
05/30/2006 Mid-Level Java Developer Robert Half Technology Nashville, TN USA
05/30/2006 Incompatibility of digital music irks French consumers
05/30/2006 Doubts about Fed policy drive up yields on bonds
05/30/2006 Buyout would take Kinder Morgan private
05/30/2006 Fight club draws techies for bloody battles
05/30/2006 Customers fume at clerks over rise in prices at pump
05/30/2006 Big rigs feel little pain at pump
05/30/2006 Boeing to Russia Tax break is needed
05/30/2006 Sagging stock sends Ballmer to Wall Street to quell critics
05/30/2006 Codian Expands European Presence With New Office in Germany
05/30/2006 Mission to target highest clouds
05/29/2006 Segway Glides Towards IPO?
05/29/2006 New MRI technique shows emphysema in asymptomatic smokers
05/29/2006 New Intel roadmap reveals Conroe L "solo", mobile plans
05/29/2006 3DR - a new way of thinking about data recovery
05/29/2006 Shine the Light and See Things Change
05/29/2006 SCO's Memo in Opposition to Novell's Motion to Stay Claims
05/29/2006 KT Powertel and RIM Launch BlackBerry for the First Time in Korea
05/29/2006 Ubuntu coming soon to Sun's Niagara
05/29/2006 Off the wire Backup your MySQL databases automatically with AutoMySQLBackup
05/29/2006 Off the wire Grid computing security is king
05/29/2006 Border technology 'no good' without agents
05/29/2006 Sourcefire Turns Failed Deal Into an Opportunity
05/29/2006 Dell's New Approach To Retail
05/29/2006 How to be a better blogger - and still keep your day job
05/29/2006 Parts of JPEG patent rejected; Forgent to appeal
05/29/2006 Microsoft Hopes for Smoother Vista Sailing
05/29/2006 Debating the Bugs of High-Tech Voting
05/29/2006 Meet New Random Friends at
05/29/2006 Stolen Lives Technology and Easy Credit Give Identity Thieves an Edge
05/29/2006 Staying in touch while abroad takes thought
05/29/2006 Technology leaves teens speechless
05/29/2006 Networks fight Cablevision service
05/29/2006 Technician sets public example Zeng
05/29/2006 Tasks for implementing sci-tech program outlined
05/29/2006 Aussie search engine wows Google
05/29/2006 Camry hybrid brings technology to mainstream
05/29/2006 Tom Raftery responds to Cory Doctorow Web 2.0 Fiasco
05/29/2006 P2P Wireless Resiliency Is Key
05/29/2006 IEEE-USA Blasts Senate High-Tech Visa Provisions
05/29/2006 Sun Hopes Flexibility Will Pay In Pandemic
05/29/2006 Updated graphics/freetype2 to 2.2.1 tron 2006-05-29
05/29/2006 Updated net/mrtg to 2.12.2nb4 tron 2006-05-29
05/29/2006 Updated fonts/fontconfig to 2.3.2nb3 tron 2006-05-29
05/29/2006 Updated chat/riece to 3.0.0 uebayasi 2006-05-30
05/29/2006 Astronauts honoured as top science figures
05/29/2006 Apple And The Education Market What Up Yo?
05/29/2006 Techies beat each other bloody at fight club
05/29/2006 Computer techs turn to fisticuffs for fun
05/29/2006 29 May W32/Feebs-AA
05/29/2006 29 May Troj/Paymite-B
05/29/2006 Computer techs use fists for fun
05/29/2006 Carbon dioxide is like fertiliser for ivy
05/29/2006 UK highlights pitfalls of drinking on the job
05/29/2006 AMD invests in chip factory
05/29/2006 Visteon’s Use of Shoplogix Profiled in
05/29/2006 Vuln tinyBB Multiple Input Validation Vulnerabilities
05/29/2006 Linux Multimedia Box 0.9.2
05/29/2006 CACAO 0.96
05/29/2006 Scribus Development branch
05/29/2006 ZRacer 1.0
05/29/2006 Hecl Programming Language 20060530
05/29/2006 openQRM 2.2.3
05/29/2006 Microsoft + eBay = MicroBay?
05/29/2006 Microsoft's Goal All Gadgets Will Be Created Equal
05/29/2006 How concert photographers work
05/29/2006 Stocks to Watch, May 30 Albertson's, McData, Semtech
05/29/2006 China accuses U.S. group of 'conspiracy' in wireless standards battle
05/29/2006 Atlantis gets ready to fly Shuttle set for August launch or rescue flight
05/29/2006 PhotoChannel Networks Inc. Raises 2.75 Million
05/29/2006 InspIRCd 1.0.4
05/29/2006 KLone 1.1.1
05/29/2006 Zope 2.8.7 2.x Stable branch
05/29/2006 Arena Scripting Language 0.9.0
05/29/2006 Gardénia 0.9.03
05/29/2006 RenRot 0.20rc3
05/29/2006 Gujin 1.4
05/29/2006 avrmon-stk200 0.7.1
05/29/2006 KatchTV 59
05/29/2006 cryptmount 1.0
05/29/2006 Piklab 0.9.0
05/29/2006 Arch Linux 0.7.2 Development branch
05/29/2006 Future of Video Games Outside the Home, DisneyQuest
05/29/2006 29 May W32/Zasran-D
05/29/2006 Navy looking to nanotech for faster ships
05/29/2006 Rocmec Announces Closing of Second Tranche of Financing with Desjardins-Innovatech S.E.C.
05/29/2006 PhotoChannel Posts Record Revenues
05/29/2006 Logitech introduces cordless notebook mouse
05/29/2006 Bekaert appoints Xenos Tech as partner
05/29/2006 Wells Fargo Introduces Envelope-Free ATM Deposit System...
05/29/2006 5/29/2006 Daily Hardware Reviews
05/29/2006 Bugtraq RE Advisory Blend Portal
05/29/2006 Bugtraq RE Advisory Eggblog
05/29/2006 Apple unveils new Pro user website
05/29/2006 Google takes lion’s share of search
05/29/2006 Documents in AT&T spying case unsealed
05/29/2006 Apple in top three tech growth tales
05/29/2006 Apple updates iWeb
05/29/2006 JPEG patent case steams forward
05/29/2006 Take Control of Windows on a Mac
05/29/2006 Alleged MySpace hackers arrested
05/29/2006 Fight club draws techies for bloody underground beatdowns
05/29/2006 White wine turns up in King Tutankhamen's tomb
05/29/2006 Primate research suggests multiple body clocks
05/29/2006 Three Mile Island guard playing video game fails to see inspector
05/29/2006 W3C Holds the Second Workshop on Internationalizing SSML
05/29/2006 IPICO Inc. Announces 1st Quarter Results
05/29/2006 Navy developing nanotech to improve ships
05/29/2006 Sundaram Infotech to hire 500 professionals
05/29/2006 L&T Infotech plans stock exchange listing
05/29/2006 New SlingBox to have PAL and DVB-T broadcast support
05/29/2006 Emergis to Add Multi-Benefit Claims Management to its Solution Offering to Insurance Companies
05/29/2006 Why Redmond feels so threatened by the OpenDocument format
05/29/2006 Variable Electricity Pricing a Possibility in California
05/29/2006 DFI Motherboard Roadmap
05/29/2006 NVIDIA Desktop Chipset Roadmap Updates
05/29/2006 AMD To Transform Fab 30 Into Fab 38
05/29/2006 FreshXtend Technologies Corp. News Release
05/29/2006 Vuln Nagios Remote Content-Length Integer Overflow Vulnerability
05/29/2006 UPPAAL 4.0.0 Stable branch
05/29/2006 TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5 beta 5
05/29/2006 BashDiff 1.38
05/29/2006 streber 0.061
05/29/2006 Sylpheed 2.2.5 Stable branch
05/29/2006 Paludis 0.2.5
05/29/2006 bib2xhtml 2.23
05/29/2006 XMLMath 1.1-SNAPSHOT-2
05/29/2006 Squirrel Shell 0.9.4b
05/29/2006 Kazehakase 0.3.8
05/29/2006 jSettings 0.1
05/29/2006 Embarq Offers Free Muni-Fi
05/29/2006 Wimax Vs. Wi-Fi
05/29/2006 Baldies warned to put sunscreen on bare heads
05/29/2006 L&T Infotech plans IPO by 2008
05/29/2006 US co Relativity Tech sets up arm in Chennai
05/29/2006 Briefing 4 European companies to test TV on cellphones
05/29/2006 Group sees Taiwan broadband as lagging
05/29/2006 Gambling bill moves to full House
05/29/2006 Booming business for call centers
05/29/2006 China, India winning the piracy war
05/29/2006 How Lockheed Martin Revamped Its Supply Chain
05/29/2006 Act as If You Care About Security
05/29/2006 Vista Security Check This Time Microsoft Means Business
05/29/2006 Vuln Open-Xchange Open Source Edition Default Credentials Vulnerability
05/29/2006 XCache 1.0-rc
05/29/2006 Xhotkeys 0.3