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05/27/2023 [-] Social media poses ‘profound risk’ to kids’ mental health, surgeon general warns
01/03/2022 [-] Florida Surgeon General Claims Covid Testing Bad For Mental Health
11/09/2021 [-] Maddow FL Surgeon General Didn't Treat UCLA Covid Patients
10/20/2021 [-] In First, Surgeons Attach Pig Kidney to Human - and It Works...
10/04/2021 [-] The Surgeon Who Is On Bigg Boss 15
08/23/2021 [-] Rise of 'alien' face...
08/18/2021 [-] I’m a Louisiana Pediatric Surgeon Watching Kids Suffer From COVID. This Is Real.
07/30/2021 [-] AMATEUR SURGEON Man, 76, Admits Home Castration...
06/10/2021 [-] Celeb plastic surgeon breaks ranks, says 'breast implant illness' real...
04/12/2021 [-] What Rare Images of Black Military Surgeons Reveal About the Civil War Era—and Today
03/13/2021 [-] Woman pretending to be plastic surgeon arrested after bad nose surgery...
03/12/2021 [-] 'Let his mind and body recover' Two surgeons weigh in on Daniel Andrews's injuries
01/22/2021 [-] Next Avenue A brain surgeon tells how to keep yours sharp
01/15/2021 [-] Surgeon Covid Lungs Look Worse Than Smoker...
11/24/2020 [-] Surgeon general urges Americans to 'hold on'...
11/23/2020 [-] Trump surgeon general ‘I’m begging’ White House staffers to avoid large holiday gatherings
11/23/2020 [-] Surgeon suffers fatal heart attack while operating on patient...
11/06/2020 [-] Former Wallaby drowns at Gold Coast beach after being caught in a rip
10/26/2020 [-] Trump supporters revolt against surgeon general over warning about COVID affecting Thanksgiving
10/07/2020 [-] BUSTED Trump’s Surgeon General caught violating coronavirus restrictions in Hawaii
10/01/2020 [-] 'Grossly derelict' surgeon who woke patients up mid-surgery stripped of medical licence
09/30/2020 [-] Health bureaucrat urges surgeons to 'say no' to older, sicker patients
09/30/2020 [-] Woman plans plastic surgeries to look like Kamala Harris, surgeon says...
09/18/2020 [-] Surgeons Play Big Role in Women's Choices for Breast Cancer Care
09/18/2020 [-] States Should Prepare for COVID Vaccine by Nov. 1 U.S. Surgeon General
09/08/2020 [-] Robot tech first in regional Qld helping surgeons with knee and hip replacements
09/04/2020 [-] Queensland surgeon Dr William Braun has suspension lifted
07/31/2020 [-] Surgeon gloving up
07/01/2020 [-] Croc attacks a 'regular thing' in the NT, says retiring head of surgery
06/19/2020 [-] Plastic surgeon explains new look...
06/18/2020 [-] Robot surgeon sews you up...
06/11/2020 [-] US surgeons perform double-lung transplant on COVID-19 patient
06/08/2020 [-] Suspended Queensland surgeon has lost millions and taken hit to reputation, court told
06/01/2020 [-] Surgeon general 'You understand the anger'...
04/13/2020 [-] PBS reporter accuses US Surgeon General of racism
04/07/2020 [-] Nurses, anesthetists and surgeons are among most infected at the Dedinje Institute
04/05/2020 [-] 'This is going to be our Pearl Harbour, our 9/11' US Surgeon General
04/05/2020 [-] Surgeons accused of flouting coronavirus bans
04/04/2020 [-] Facial plastic surgeon Dr Jayson Oates
03/31/2020 [-] Famed neurosurgeon who separated conjoined twins dies...
03/23/2020 [-] Surgeon General 'This week it's going to get bad'...
03/22/2020 [-] Could peak in 32 days...
03/21/2020 [-] ‘A disgrace’ Trump’s surgeon general ripped for parroting president’s coronavirus spin
03/18/2020 [-] ‘It’s a stupid answer!’ MSNBC’s Morning Joe unloads on Trump’s ‘clueless’ surgeon general
03/16/2020 [-] Surgeon general warns 'We could be Italy'...
03/16/2020 [-] Why the surgeon general’s comments on Fox News actually really matter
03/13/2020 [-] Retired surgeon suspected of a
03/08/2020 [-] Trump’s surgeon general grilled by CNN’s Tapper about persistent White House coronavirus lies
03/02/2020 [-] 'Seriously people Stop buying masks!' US Surgeon General warns
03/02/2020 [-] 'Seriously people Stop buying masks!' US Surgeon General warns
03/01/2020 [-] Surgeon General 'STOP BUYING MASKS!'
02/19/2020 [-] Violinist plays during brain op as surgeons test her dexterity
02/05/2020 [-] Newport Beach Swinging Surgeon Cleared of Rape...
02/04/2020 [-] Rogue breast surgeon hurt more than 1,000 patients in UK
02/04/2020 [-] Stealth-rape accused surgeon awarded Order of Australia
01/25/2020 [-] Eye surgeon Dr James Muecke named Australian of the Year for 2020
01/04/2020 [-] Surgeon and his pilot father identified as Kangaroo Island victims
12/13/2019 [-] Surgeon Simulator 2 Game Awards Announcement Trailer
11/11/2019 [-] Surgeons Transplanted Pig Skin Onto Humans for the First Time
10/15/2019 [-] A day after Lorry accidentally cut off his hand, surgeons had it working again
10/07/2019 [-] Deportation 'a death sentence' for convicted PNG murderer
09/23/2019 [-] Surgeons implant 'Terminator-style' 3D-printed chrome bone in novel surgery...
09/16/2019 [-] Plastic surgeon suing Google over negative reviews 'invited criticism', tech giant claims
09/15/2019 [-] Robotic surgeons set to spark 'revolution in healthcare'...
09/13/2019 [-] Training surgeons like dogs, icky money win 2019 Ig Nobels
09/10/2019 [-] Marvel Makes a Profound Change to Doctor Strange
09/10/2019 [-] Marvel Comics Brings Doctor Strange Back to His Roots in 2020
09/05/2019 [-] Being motivated by appearances is making us sicker, surgeon warns
09/05/2019 [-] Neurosurgeon Charlie Teo rejects claims of inappropriate behaviour
08/21/2019 [-] Castration Goes Wrong, Amateur Surgeon Arrested...
08/21/2019 [-] Biden Endorsed by His Brain Surgeon
08/20/2019 [-] Biden's brain surgeon defends his brain...
08/18/2019 [-] Surgeon hopeful pig hearts can be suitable for humans
08/16/2019 [-] To save money, American patients and surgeons meet in Cancun...
07/23/2019 [-] Medical board fights to suspend licence of surgeon charged with rape
07/12/2019 [-] Google Doodle Honors Heart Surgeon René Favaloro, Who Pioneered Coronary Bypass Surgery
06/08/2019 [-] Instagram over ethics ego-driven plastic surgeons put on notice
06/08/2019 [-] 'They will eventually get me' Surgeon Charlie Teo threatens to quit
06/08/2019 [-] Bondi plastic surgeon sues for defamation over anonymous comments
06/07/2019 [-] Doctor, Surgeon, and Professor Shomik Sengupta has a special interest in prostate cancer
05/31/2019 [-] Tiny shape-shifting 'surgeon' robots make cuts from within body...
05/30/2019 [-] Surgeon who gave a baby a baboon's heart
05/29/2019 [-] Top surgeon grants up-close access to removal of brain tumour
05/28/2019 [-] Life-saving brain surgeon defends 'disturbing' prices for his expertise
05/19/2019 [-] 'Just a female doctor' women surgeons battle 'worthless' biases
05/09/2019 [-] In China, surgeons are treating addiction with brain implants
05/03/2019 [-] 'Boob God' Plastic Surgeon Sues Patients Over Online Reviews...
04/17/2019 [-] 3D goggles may soon help surgeons see better
04/17/2019 [-] Surgeon's one-punch killer to spend at least a decade behind bars
04/17/2019 [-] Widow Christine Baumberg calls for smoking bans at hospitals to be better enforced
04/03/2019 [-] DeSantis's surgeon general pick faced sexual harassment allegations at UF
03/29/2019 [-] Save your heart Advice from India's top heart surgeon
03/25/2019 [-] Man circumcised by mistake after surgeon mix up...
03/22/2019 [-] How a surgeon and a clinical researcher became outback pastoralists
03/13/2019 [-] Sex-Change Surgeon Posted Patient's Genitals On INSTA...
02/26/2019 [-] Even top surgeons battle impostor syndrome. Here's how they silence it
02/12/2019 [-] Orlando ortho surgeon pa
02/08/2019 [-] Orlando ortho surgeon pays to federal g
02/08/2019 [-] 'Kill myself or leave' female surgeons reveal horrifying conditions
02/06/2019 [-] Doctor quits her dream job over Australia's 'toxic surgical environment'
02/05/2019 [-] Exhausted surgeon dismissed as an 'emotional female'
02/05/2019 [-] Oral surgeon accused of sex abuse of anesthetized patients
01/22/2019 [-] Dutch Surgeon Wins Landmark 'Right To Be Forgotten' Case
01/21/2019 [-] Surgeon wins landmark 'right to be forgotten' case...
12/27/2018 [-] STUDY Surgeons Make Significantly More Mistakes When Under Stress...
12/27/2018 [-] Surgeon General exit means new state health leaders
12/22/2018 [-] Toddler 'castrated' after surgeons operate on wrong testicle...
12/07/2018 [-] Robot skills will make surgeons out of nurses...
11/30/2018 [-] Surgeons try to reattach Florida man's severed arm after construction
11/24/2018 [-] 'Full circle' for bionic ear surgeon as cochlear implant restores hearing
11/21/2018 [-] Man found guilty of manslaughter of heart surgeon in one-punch attack
11/15/2018 [-] Surgeons design inexpensive headlamp to make operations safer in poor conditio
11/14/2018 [-] Gunshot victim-turned-surgeon leads doctors' fight against NRA
11/13/2018 [-] Stabbings are 'spreading like a disease', warns top trauma surgeon
11/09/2018 [-] Conjoined Bhutanese twins separated by surgeons in Australia
11/01/2018 [-] Florida surgeon mistakenly removes woman’s kidney during surgery
10/27/2018 [-] Revenge and ruin plastic surgeons beware these 'red-flag' patients
10/24/2018 [-] Surgeon age doesn't affect cataract surgery outcomes
10/22/2018 [-] Turning off life support caused surgeon's death, not punch, court told
10/09/2018 [-] Your next surgeon - a robot?
10/07/2018 [-] Meet ‘The Butcher’ Christopher Duntsch was such a bad surgeon it was criminal
10/01/2018 [-] Michigan oral surgeon offering opioid alternative to fight drug abuse
09/19/2018 [-] US surgeon, girlfriend charged with rape, 'hundreds' of victims possible
09/07/2018 [-] Future surgeons at VCU get 'life-like' chest cavity model
09/07/2018 [-] Surgeon Simulator CPR Date Announcement Trailer
09/06/2018 [-] Melbourne surgeons work for free to save PNG woman from brain tumour
08/31/2018 [-] 'Breast Master' surgeon and online site at loggerheads
08/24/2018 [-] General surgeon shortage growing in U.S.
08/24/2018 [-] Surgeons to host blood drive Saturday
08/17/2018 [-] Life-saving goggles returned to surgeon
08/17/2018 [-] Heart surgeon appeals for return of stolen life-saving goggles
08/16/2018 [-] Surgeon Simulator CPR Nintendo Switch Trailer
08/15/2018 [-] Surgeons remove 87 nails from inside man...
08/10/2018 [-] Surgeon developed early techniques for laryngoscopy
08/02/2018 [-] Surgeons defend hernia mesh amid patients' claims of horrific complications
08/02/2018 [-] Surgeons defend hernia mesh amid patients' claims of horrific complications
08/02/2018 [-] Top surgeon says hernia mesh complication rate just five per cent.
07/30/2018 [-] Adelaide burns surgeon travels to Greece to help fire victims
07/27/2018 [-] Half of U.S. breast surgeons may advise unneeded
07/27/2018 [-] Jurors mull sexual assault charge against Texas surgeon
07/26/2018 [-] Half of U.S. breast surgeons may advise unneeded lymph node removal
07/26/2018 [-] Surgeon Simulator CPR Launching on Switch Later this Year
07/23/2018 [-] 'My father is a ragpicker. I want to be a neurosurgeon'
07/18/2018 [-] DR. BUMBUM Celeb cosmetic surgeon vanishes after patient dies...
07/12/2018 [-] Famed Texas surgeon sues over series on transplant program
07/06/2018 [-] John Ochsner, renowned cardiac surgeon, dead at 91
07/06/2018 [-] Dr. John Ochsner, world-renowned cardiac surgeon in Louisiana, dies at 91
06/24/2018 [-] Out-of-pocket fees of specialists and surgeons revealed
06/21/2018 [-] Newly Discovered ‘Limb Pit’ Reveals Civil War Surgeons’ Bitter Choices
06/20/2018 [-] Darwin hospital and surgeon sued for grandmother's 'preventable' death
06/20/2018 [-] Darwin hospital and surgeon sued for grandmother's 'preventable' death
06/11/2018 [-] Young surgeons face high debt, financial instability
06/07/2018 [-] Trauma surgeon pleads with parents to keep kids in protective headgear
06/05/2018 [-] Ruling party nominates surgeon for Belgrade Mayor
06/03/2018 [-] AMA name-dropped on 'egregious' Sydney surgeon bill
06/03/2018 [-] UAE- Meet the surgeon who fasts while operating on patients
05/31/2018 [-] Red Cross sends war surgeons to 'sinking ship' Gaza
05/26/2018 [-] Surgeon who filmed rap videos while operating on patients faces lawsuit
05/22/2018 [-] Some apps allow kids to 'play' plastic surgeon
05/18/2018 [-] Surgeon general Most in US think opioid abuse is not local
05/17/2018 [-] US Surgeon General Jerome Adams helps sick patient on Delta flight
05/17/2018 [-] Surgeon general helps passenger who passed out on Delta flight
05/17/2018 [-] U.S. Surgeon General Steps in to Help Woman Having Medical Emergency on Plane
05/17/2018 [-] Any doctor on board? US surgeon general gives aid on plane
05/10/2018 [-] OLOL welcomes new colon rectal surgeon
05/10/2018 [-] Surgeons should be forced to reveal patient death rates UK doctor
05/09/2018 [-] 'Hidden curriculum' keeping best and brightest from becoming surgeons
05/05/2018 [-] Trump's London knife crime comments ridiculous, says surgeon
05/04/2018 [-] Exclusive Auckland DHB surgeons demand change as big gaps in cancer care found
05/04/2018 [-] Exclusive Cancer care held back by 'internal politics' as surgeons demand urgent changes
05/04/2018 [-] Surgeons' skills improve with age
05/04/2018 [-] Surgeons Remove 'Very Rare' 132-Pound Ovarian Tumor
05/03/2018 [-] Surgeons remove 132-pound tumor...
05/01/2018 [-] Celebrity surgeon and wife claim innocence over Magic Skin endorsement
05/01/2018 [-] Kanye West His mum's surgeon responds to album cover claims
05/01/2018 [-] Oral surgeon Dr Peter Liston to appeal professional misconduct penalty
04/29/2018 [-] Celebrity surgeon and wife summoned in ‘Magic Skin’ probe
04/23/2018 [-] Family says surgeons left needle in baby’s heart
04/23/2018 [-] Family Surgeons left needle in baby's heart
04/16/2018 [-] Cancerous tongue lesion Surgeon failed to provide services with reasonable care and skill
04/13/2018 [-] Tauranga surgeon tells More overweight Kiwis seeking obesity surgery
04/13/2018 [-] 'Robotic' surgeon at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford
04/13/2018 [-] Plastic surgeon 'kills lover by sprinkling cocaine on penis before sex'...
04/11/2018 [-] Private hospitals warned over surgeons
04/07/2018 [-] Surgeons at BRG use robotic-arm to assist in knee replacements
04/07/2018 [-] U.S. Surgeon General calls for more people to carry Narcan
04/06/2018 [-] Surgeon general endorses drug to combat opioid deaths
04/05/2018 [-] LONDONISTAN Lead Surgeon Says Hospital Like Afghan War Zone...
04/05/2018 [-] The Latest Surgeon general wants opioid antidote accessible
04/05/2018 [-] Surgeon general urges more Americans to carry overdose antidote naloxone
04/05/2018 [-] The Surgeon General Urges More Americans to Carry Overdose Antidote to Prevent Opioid Deaths
04/05/2018 [-] Surgeon general urges Americans to carry overdose antidote
04/05/2018 [-] Abner's surgeon explains diverticulitis
04/04/2018 [-] SF General Surgeon Expresses Outrage Over YouTube Mass
03/27/2018 [-] Ian Paterson Disgraced surgeon's patients at 'heart' of inquiry
03/21/2018 [-] Surgeon David Nott Hack led to Syria air strike
03/21/2018 [-] Hackers led warplanes to Syrian hospital, claims British surgeon
03/18/2018 [-] Neurosurgeon answers questions relating to brain injuries
03/16/2018 [-] US travel restrictions entangle Iraqi-born Australian surgeon Munjed Al Muderis
03/16/2018 [-] US travel restrictions impact Iraqi-born Australian surgeon
03/15/2018 [-] Kenyan nurse handed brain surgeon the wrong patient
03/12/2018 [-] Mesh surgeon removed ovaries without prior consent
03/12/2018 [-] Concerns over Coventry brain surgeon's operations
03/11/2018 [-] Plastic Surgeon Accused of Drug Use, Porn During Surgery...
03/11/2018 [-] Robots are helping surgeons with full knee replacements
03/09/2018 [-] Surgeon thanked for trekking through heavy snow
03/09/2018 [-] 'Superwoman' surgeon thanked for eight-mile snow trek
03/08/2018 [-] Heart surgeon Nikki Stamp explains the science behind dying of a broken heart
03/07/2018 [-] Selfies distort the face, plastic surgeons warn
03/03/2018 [-] Hero surgeon hiked eight miles through snow to get to hospital for operation
03/01/2018 [-] French paediatric surgeon redraws smiles on children's faces
02/27/2018 [-] Fred Holroyd Ex-surgeon backs 'false mental illness' case
02/27/2018 [-] Surgeon with drug addiction banned for two years over misconduct
02/27/2018 [-] US sailor killed by helicopter blade was a flight surgeon
02/24/2018 [-] Kuwaiti surgeon leads oncology programs, research in US hospital
02/22/2018 [-] Surgeons remove 'heaviest recorded' brain tumor...
02/21/2018 [-] Top surgeons reveal UAE's historical organ transplant cases
02/19/2018 [-] Heart transplant patient Hannah Jones reunited with surgeon
02/14/2018 [-] American Surgeons Successfully Separated Siamese Twins
02/13/2018 [-] Houston surgeons separate toddlers joined at chest, abdomen
02/12/2018 [-] Melbourne surgeon hit so hard his head cracked floor, court hears
02/07/2018 [-] Why surgeons are trying to convince you to donate your face
02/04/2018 [-] How Plastic Surgeons are Improving Quality of Life for Burn Patients
02/04/2018 [-] Augmented reality tech helps surgeons 'see through' the body!
02/03/2018 [-] Penis whitening fad worries surgeons
02/02/2018 [-] Dubai 'celebrity' plastic surgeon apologises over immoral viral clip
02/01/2018 [-] Dubai 'celebrity' plastic surgeon suspended over immoral viral clip
01/24/2018 [-] Surgeons trained outside of universities do just fine
01/20/2018 [-] The surgeon who fixed Nic Naitanui's destroyed knee sounds a warning to Eagles fans
01/18/2018 [-] Surgeon Left Scalpel in Veteran's Abdomen, Lawsuit Claims
01/17/2018 [-] Fundraising page set up for disgraced liver surgeon
01/16/2018 [-] Qatar- HMC team of surgeons successfully reattach severed foot
01/16/2018 [-] Mormon church appoints 93-year-old ex-surgeon as president
01/15/2018 [-] Weston's tribute to 'remarkable' Falklands surgeon
01/15/2018 [-] 'Floating on air' after surgeons remove 19kg tumour
01/13/2018 [-] 'This is a patient, not an autograph book' Liver-signing surgeon fined
01/12/2018 [-] 'This is a patient, not an autograph book' Liver-signing surgeon fined
01/12/2018 [-] ‘Arrogant’ surgeon avoids jail after branding transplant patients with initials during surgery
01/12/2018 [-] 'Arrogant' UK surgeon burned initials onto patients' livers
01/12/2018 [-] Surgeon who branded initials into patients livers spared jail...
01/12/2018 [-] 'Liver branding' surgeon Simon Bramhall fined £10,000
01/12/2018 [-] Device developed by LSU Health surgeons named top 100 in design contest
01/09/2018 [-] One in five Australian surgeons yet to complete sexual harassment training
01/06/2018 [-] Hospital kept surgeon on staff after accused of RAPING patients...
01/03/2018 [-] Former heart surgeon set to become next Mormon president
12/29/2017 [-] Prosecutor Doctor reused one-use anal catheters on patients
12/26/2017 [-] Ian Paterson Surgeon's victims 'may have been missed'
12/19/2017 [-] Hugh Jackman 'Sorry to my surgeon'
12/19/2017 [-] OHSU surgeon pulls over, helps train derailment victims
12/15/2017 [-] Surgeon battling depression kills himself and his two kids
12/14/2017 [-] British surgeon caught burning initials onto the livers of two patients
12/14/2017 [-] Surgeon Signs Initials into Patients' Livers What Is an 'Argon Beam'?
12/14/2017 [-] Surgeon admits to burning his initials into patients' livers
12/14/2017 [-] Surgeon writes his initials on patients’ liver during transplants
12/14/2017 [-] UK surgeon admits to burning initials on livers of two patients
12/14/2017 [-] Surgeon admits to etching his initials on patients’ livers
12/13/2017 [-] Surgeon Admits to Burning Initials into Transplant Patients’ Livers
12/13/2017 [-] UK surgeon admits signing initials on patients' livers
12/13/2017 [-] Surgeon admits BRANDING initials on livers of two patients...
12/13/2017 [-] UK surgeon admits signing initials on patients' livers
12/13/2017 [-] UK surgeon admits signing initials on patients' livers
12/13/2017 [-] Texas man police believe killed kids, then self, was surgeon
12/13/2017 [-] Surgeon marked initials on patients' livers
12/10/2017 [-] 'I couldn't stop hiding my shock' Iraqi surgeon returns home to help war victims
12/08/2017 [-] Vaginal mesh ban 'a retrograde step', surgeons say
12/08/2017 [-] Patient hoped for stronger penalty for surgeon
12/07/2017 [-] Surgeon Was Talking on His Cellphone During Operation, Patient Says
12/07/2017 [-] Woman claims surgeon talked on cellphone during operation
12/07/2017 [-] Ian Paterson Independent inquiry into breast surgeon
12/07/2017 [-] Censure and fine for surgeon guilty of professional misconduct
12/04/2017 [-] North Korean soldier Surgeon says defector 'was like a broken jar'
11/30/2017 [-] Plastic surgeon who used DIY tools on patients guilty of assault
11/29/2017 [-] Surgeons Remove 263 Coins, 100 Nails From Man's Stomach...
11/27/2017 [-] Surgeons Found 263 Coins and 100 Nails in the Stomach of Indian
11/26/2017 [-] Top surgeons call to save Royal Brompton heart unit
11/23/2017 [-] North Korea's wounded defector 'nice guy,' says surgeon
11/19/2017 [-] Saudi- Surgeons remove worms, parasites from N. Korean soldier
11/19/2017 [-] Surgeons find 'never seen before' parasite in injured N Korean soldier
11/19/2017 [-] Surgeons remove worms, parasites from N. Korean soldier
11/18/2017 [-] Maine oral surgeon fighting to keep his license
11/18/2017 [-] Surgeons shocked by size of parasites in North Korean defector's intestine
11/18/2017 [-] Surgeons shocked by size of parasites in North Korean defector's intestine
11/14/2017 [-] Cosmetic Surgeon Suspended After 2 Breast Augmentation Patients Die
11/10/2017 [-] Jury Cape Girardeau surgeon, fiancee submitted 228 fake claims
11/08/2017 [-] Wife of NC plastic surgeon killed in 2016 indicted for murder
11/05/2017 [-] Cosmetic doctors could soon be banned from calling themselves 'surgeons'
11/05/2017 [-] Cosmetic doctors could soon be banned from calling themselves 'surgeons'
10/30/2017 [-] Craniofacial surgeon among 'generous' SA finalists for Australian of the Year
10/30/2017 [-] Craniofacial surgeon among 'generous' SA finalists for Australian of the Year
10/27/2017 [-] Indian surgeons separate twins joined at the head
10/25/2017 [-] Human surgeons prove they are a cut above their robotic rivals
10/24/2017 [-] Judge upholds fired neurosurgeon's million award
10/23/2017 [-] Surgeons Operate on Patient Within Patient...
10/20/2017 [-] Do fewer patients die with female
10/19/2017 [-] Do fewer patients die with female surgeons?
10/19/2017 [-] RealSelf Announces Partnership to Support Training and Mentoring of Female Surgeons in Africa
10/18/2017 [-] Surgeon, Albay employee nabbed in drug bust
10/16/2017 [-] T.O.'surgeon' Dr. Kitty botched basement procedure Police
10/16/2017 [-] Mesh surgeon investigated by NHS trust in Bristol
10/15/2017 [-] How VR is helping to train a new generation of surgeons
10/10/2017 [-] Researchers Find Women Make Better Surgeons Than Men
10/10/2017 [-] Consumer court asks insurance firm to pay surgeon's cost
10/09/2017 [-] Loneliness is ‘epidemic,’ and work is partly to blame ex-surgeon general
10/05/2017 [-] Plastic surgeons under fire for operating room social posts...
10/04/2017 [-] Plastic surgeon jailed for botched penis procedure
10/04/2017 [-] Surgeons remove 100 pieces of metal from man's stomach...
10/01/2017 [-] Kuwait- Amiri Diwan Minister hosts chairman of surgeons' association
10/01/2017 [-] 'It's the best job in the world' SA surgeon lives life in extremes
10/01/2017 [-] 'It's the best job in the world' SA surgeon lives life in extremes
09/30/2017 [-] 'Santa' thanks faith and surgeon's hands for saving his life
09/29/2017 [-] Kuwait- Egyptian plastic surgeon accused of committing medical errors
09/27/2017 [-] Ian Paterson Judge approves £37m breast surgeon victims' fund
09/26/2017 [-] LIVE Man appears in court accused of stabbing surgeon outside mosque
09/24/2017 [-] Altrincham hate crime probe after surgeon stabbed outside mosque
09/22/2017 [-] Surgeon killed at hospital thrashed about after being punched, court told
09/22/2017 [-] Child Sex Abuse Charges Mount Against Brain Surgeon
09/20/2017 [-] Plastic surgeons trade in the scalpel for the needle
09/18/2017 [-] Podiatric surgeon told he needed to 'prove his competence'
09/15/2017 [-] Why I painted my plastic surgeon for the Young Archie
09/15/2017 [-] Roger Bainton Surgeon struck off for harming patients
09/15/2017 [-] U.S. Military Surgeons Helped More Than 6,000 Afghan Adults
09/14/2017 [-] Surgeons play big role in women's choices for breast cancer care
09/13/2017 [-] Ian Paterson Victims of disgraced surgeon get £37m
09/11/2017 [-] Auckland surgeons to operate on children in Fiji
09/11/2017 [-] Testing Probe Helps Cancer Surgeons Know They Got It All
09/09/2017 [-] ‘Surgeons of govt hospitals be allowed private practice’
09/07/2017 [-] 'Cancer pen' could help surgeons spot tumor cells in seconds
09/07/2017 [-] Belgrade surgeon shoots actress, commits suicide reports
09/07/2017 [-] Pen-like tool helps surgeons spot cancer cells
09/07/2017 [-] Pen-like probe could help cancer surgeons know they got it all
09/06/2017 [-] Testing probe to help cancer surgeons know they got it all
09/05/2017 [-] Dr. Rakesh Rajput – The Top Knee Surgeon In The Country!
09/04/2017 [-] Musician serenades surgeons with saxophone solo during brain surgery
08/31/2017 [-] Two New Fellowship-Trained Surgeons Coming to Olympia Orthopaedic Associaties
08/31/2017 [-] Call for tighter regulation at beauty salons offering cosmetic injections
08/31/2017 [-] Looking for a Plastic Surgeon on Instagram? Beware
08/31/2017 [-] Millennials' 'scary' new habit
08/30/2017 [-] Beware The Plastic Surgeon You Found on Instagram
08/29/2017 [-] KDAH surgeon Yuvaraja felicitated for 1001 robotic surgeries
08/26/2017 [-] Can Virtual Reality Train Surgeons?
08/25/2017 [-] Surgeons in France reattach woman's arms after train accident
08/25/2017 [-] French surgeon fails to stop NSW lawsuit
08/22/2017 [-] I was stabbed 14 times at work but I was lucky neurosurgeon
08/21/2017 [-] American surgeons poorly prepared for humanitarian operations
08/19/2017 [-] Surgeons save Midlands teen's vision by removing rare tumor
08/18/2017 [-] Surgeons successfully remove football-sized tumor from patient
08/16/2017 [-] Meet the Psychic Surgeon Mayadah Moussa
08/13/2017 [-] Lamborghinis, ski trips used to market mesh implant to surgeons, documents show
08/13/2017 [-] Fast cars, ski trips used to market medical device to surgeons, documents show
08/13/2017 [-] Homegrown surgeons
08/13/2017 [-] Robots lend a helping hand to esophageal surgeons
08/11/2017 [-] Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeons Provide Critical Care in Vietnam
08/10/2017 [-] Carver HS grad returns home to become St. Francis orthopaedic surgeon
08/10/2017 [-] Surgeon had no consent for boy's genital op
08/09/2017 [-] NHS pays out £17m to victims of rogue breast surgeon Ian Paterson
08/08/2017 [-] Dunedin surgeons operating two days a month surgeon
08/07/2017 [-] Surgeons demand apology for Minister's 'toxic' comment
08/07/2017 [-] Police fight Auckland traffic to help surgeon save 'desperately unwell' baby's life
08/05/2017 [-] Indiana Health Commissioner confirmed as U.S. Surgeon General
08/04/2017 [-] New surgeon general Dr. Jerome Adams confirmed
08/03/2017 [-] Adams Confirmed as Surgeon General
08/03/2017 [-] Sunshine Coast University Hospital fails criteria to train orthopaedic surgeons
08/03/2017 [-] UK court increases sentence for surgeon who maimed patients
08/03/2017 [-] Disgraced surgeon has sentence increased
08/03/2017 [-] Surgeon General Nominee Clears Initial Senate Hurdle
08/01/2017 [-] Morning Break Surgeon General Hearing; Airplane Seat Risk; EpiPen Rehab
08/01/2017 [-] Surgeons Warn of Trampolines' Down Side
07/30/2017 [-] Double-booked When surgeons operate on 2 patients at once...
07/29/2017 [-] Neurosurgeon, athletic trainer discuss football concussion risks
07/28/2017 [-] Surfer, 20, almost lost leg to stingray attack, surgeon says
07/25/2017 [-] Disgraced surgeon Ian Paterson struck off by tribunal
07/25/2017 [-] Brazil Buttock surgeon killed in suspected revenge attack
07/24/2017 [-] Who better to run a Ninja Warrior gym than an orthopaedic surgeon?
07/21/2017 [-] Washington state man indicted in death of Alaska surgeon
07/21/2017 [-] Slain Melbourne surgeon, dad farewelled
07/21/2017 [-] Scholarship to honour slain Vic surgeon
07/21/2017 [-] Ailing guitarist strums while surgeons 'burn' his brain
07/19/2017 [-] Plastic surgeon concludes eagle's head wound was a burn
07/17/2017 [-] Surgeons remove 27 contact lenses from woman's eye
07/17/2017 [-] Surgeon told to apologise after he operated on wrong part of woman's spine
07/16/2017 [-] Surgeon finds 27 contact lenses in woman's eye...
07/14/2017 [-] Mississippi man sentenced for stealing from Alabama surgeons
07/14/2017 [-] Vic death punch accused absent from court
07/14/2017 [-] Vic fatal punch accused absent from court
07/13/2017 [-] Man in court over fatal Vic surgeon punch
07/12/2017 [-] British war surgeon Nott returns to Gaza to train doctors
07/07/2017 [-] Surgeon moms face special challenges
07/04/2017 [-] Social media broadcasts giving plastic surgeons a lift...
07/04/2017 [-] Surgeons utilise breakthrough procedure to help relieve Parkinson's symptoms
07/04/2017 [-] Surgeons using Snapchat?
07/04/2017 [-] Don't just remove it Surgeon urges proactive response to vaginal mesh problems
07/04/2017 [-] Don't just remove it Surgeon urges proactive response to vaginal mesh problems
07/04/2017 [-] Trump Taps Indiana's Health Commissioner as Next Surgeon General
07/04/2017 [-] With hand surgeon in stands, Kvitova wins Wimbledon return
07/03/2017 [-] Wimbledon With hand surgeon in stands, Petra Kvitova wins in return
07/03/2017 [-] 'The best surgeon will eventually be a robot.'
07/02/2017 [-] Death of Melbourne surgeon shakes tight-knit medical community
07/01/2017 [-] Scarborough Trump wanted to know the name of Mika’s plastic surgeon
06/30/2017 [-] Trump Nominates Jerome Adams as Surgeon General
06/30/2017 [-] New Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams, Led Indiana's Fight Against HIV
06/29/2017 [-] Trump picks Indiana health commissioner for surgeon general
06/29/2017 [-] Million Bail For Brain Surgeon Charged With Child Rape
06/28/2017 [-] Bail set at 6.4M for surgeon charged with child rape
06/28/2017 [-] Floral tributes grow for Vic surgeon
06/28/2017 [-] Melbourne surgeon loses fight for life after one punch attack
06/28/2017 [-] 'We are devastated' say family of heart surgeon Patrick Pritzwald-Stegmann
06/28/2017 [-] NSW neurosurgeons 'used illegal drugs'
06/28/2017 [-] 'Passionate, generous' surgeon dies after alleged one-punch attack at hospital
06/28/2017 [-] Surgeon dies after assault at Box Hill Hospital
06/28/2017 [-] 'Dedicated' Vic surgeon dies after attack
06/27/2017 [-] Surgeon dies after alleged assault at Box Hill Hospital
06/27/2017 [-] Melbourne surgeon assaulted outside Box Hill Hospital dies
06/27/2017 [-] Melbourne surgeon dies after punch attack
06/24/2017 [-] Hernia repair device developed by LSU Health surgeons up for design award
06/22/2017 [-] Surgeon attacked
06/20/2017 [-] Brain surgeon charged with child sex abuse gives up license
06/19/2017 [-] Surgeon charged with child sex abuse suspected for years
06/19/2017 [-] Melb surgeons warn of 'cupping' burns
06/17/2017 [-] Massive payout after surgeons remove wrong testicle
06/17/2017 [-] Human head transplant surgeon claims ‘breakthrough’
06/16/2017 [-] U.S. congressman Scalise showing improvement after being shot lead surgeon
06/16/2017 [-] Personality profile A surgeon for the needy
06/16/2017 [-] Trials of disgraced surgeon Graeme Reeves
06/15/2017 [-] Local trauma surgeon weighs in on Rep. Scalise's condition
06/15/2017 [-] Head transplant surgeon repairs spinal cords of rats
06/14/2017 [-] Surgeons remove 28 lbs of feces from constipated man...
06/13/2017 [-] Victoria to boost hospital safety after Box Hill surgeon attack
06/13/2017 [-] Victoria to boost hospital safety after surgeon attack
06/07/2017 [-] Florida court orders doctor to stop performing surgery
06/06/2017 [-] County Durham surgeon accused of girls' sexual assault
06/05/2017 [-] Stabbed surgeon slams lax hospital security after another attack on doctor
06/03/2017 [-] Vic surgeon still critical after attack
06/02/2017 [-] Assault on surgeon 'the tipping point' for safety of doctors, nurses
06/02/2017 [-] Assault on surgeon 'the tipping point' for safety of doctors, nurses
06/02/2017 [-] Vic Surgeon remains critical after attack
06/01/2017 [-] Manchester attack Lead children's surgeon 'angry'
06/01/2017 [-] Accused surgeon-puncher on drug withdrawal
06/01/2017 [-] Surgeon attack accused unwell Vic court
05/31/2017 [-] Man charged with critically injuring surgeon at Box Hill Hospital
05/31/2017 [-] Man arrested over Melbourne surgeon attack
05/31/2017 [-] UK doctor jailed for 15 years over unnecessary breast surgery
05/31/2017 [-] Jailed breast surgeon 'took pound of flesh for money'
05/31/2017 [-] Disgraced surgeon Ian Paterson jailed for 15 years
05/31/2017 [-] Vic surgeon identified as one punch victim
05/31/2017 [-] Cowardly one-punch hospital attack leaves surgeon fighting for life
05/31/2017 [-] PICTURED CCTV reveals suspect in king hit on 'surgeon' outside hospital
05/28/2017 [-] Medicare Fraud Conviction for Retina Surgeon
05/26/2017 [-] Brain Surgeon Pleads Not Guilty To Sex Charges
05/26/2017 [-] Surgeons in Lebanon offer hope to wounded Syrian refugees
05/26/2017 [-] Prominent Toronto oral surgeon's licence stripped over sex with patient
05/26/2017 [-] Opelika student-athlete heads to Duke with sights set on becoming surgeon
05/19/2017 [-] Othopaedic Surgeon Barney McCusker
05/19/2017 [-] Mount Gambier surgeon challenges traditional view on antibiotics
05/18/2017 [-] Surgeons on board with teaching public to stop bleeding in emergencies
05/18/2017 [-] American Samoa gets help from Aust surgeons
05/18/2017 [-] Ex-South Korea leader's plastic surgeon guilty in first scandal conviction
05/17/2017 [-] Echopixel the new 3D image tool for surgeons
05/17/2017 [-] Student surgeon who stabbed TINDER boyfriend could avoid prison thanks to 'extraordinary' talent...
05/16/2017 [-] Brain surgeon, nurse charged with child sex crimes
05/16/2017 [-] Brain Surgeon, Nurse Arrested For Child Sex Abuse In Santa Cruz
05/15/2017 [-] NZ surgeons travel to Samoa on voluntary mission
05/13/2017 [-] Stroke surgeons' holidays prompt questions about staff levels at RAH
05/13/2017 [-] Stroke surgeons' holidays prompt questions about staff levels at RAH
05/13/2017 [-] Remaining charges dismissed against Uptown plastic surgeon
05/10/2017 [-] Volunteer surgeons treat Samoans
05/10/2017 [-] State suspends license of former Seattle surgeon
05/09/2017 [-] Surgeons reattach ear of Buffalo officer
05/09/2017 [-] Surgeons reattach ear of Buffalo officer hit by gunfire
05/07/2017 [-] Doctors' Incomes Up, Orthopedic Surgeons Lead
05/07/2017 [-] Cosmetic Procedures for Arms on the Rise, Plastic Surgeons Say
05/06/2017 [-] Surgeon recalls the horror, hails apex court's verdict
05/05/2017 [-] Can Robots Take the Place of Surgeons?
05/05/2017 [-] Dunedin down to just one neurosurgeon
05/05/2017 [-] Breast surgeon Ian Paterson inquiry pledge from Tories
05/04/2017 [-] The surgeon general’s sudden dismissal should alarm all doctors
05/01/2017 [-] Robotic brain surgeon performs procedures 50 times faster...
04/30/2017 [-] UA trauma surgeon seeing spike in e-cig burns
04/29/2017 [-] Breast surgeon 'violated' me patient
04/29/2017 [-] Breast surgeon Ian Paterson case 'Hundreds' of other victims
04/29/2017 [-] The Papers Focus on 'butcher surgeon' conviction
04/28/2017 [-] He 'played God with people's lives'; UK breast surgeon convicted of performing unnecessary surgeries
04/28/2017 [-] Debbie Douglas on her breast surgeon Ian Paterson
04/28/2017 [-] Breast surgeon Ian Paterson needlessly harmed patients
04/28/2017 [-] UK jury convicts doctor of performing unnecessary surgeries
04/24/2017 [-] US doctor who caused fatal crash plans surgeon training fund
04/24/2017 [-] Court chaperone for convicted surgeon
04/24/2017 [-] American heart surgeon sentenced over double fatality near Motueka
04/23/2017 [-] Surgeon general resigns
04/23/2017 [-] How Important Is Surgeon's Skill for Weight-Loss Surgery Outcomes?
04/22/2017 [-] Friday Night Massacre Trump Fires... Surgeon General?
04/22/2017 [-] U.S. Surgeon General Who Spoke Out Against Gun Violence Resigns
04/22/2017 [-] Trump Administration Dismisses Surgeon General Vivek Murthy
04/22/2017 [-] Trump Health Dept. dismisses Obama appointed surgeon general
04/22/2017 [-] US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy dismissed by Trump administration
04/22/2017 [-] Nurse Replaces Surgeon General...
04/19/2017 [-] Body dysmorphic disorder Are surgeons too quick to nip and tuck?
04/13/2017 [-] Women surgeons shoot New Yorker cover look-alike selfies and post all over social media
04/11/2017 [-] 'There will be deaths' Surgeons issue warning over policy for heart procedure
04/11/2017 [-] 'There will be deaths' Surgeons issue warning over policy for heart procedure
04/09/2017 [-] Demons await surgeon's advice on star ruck
04/09/2017 [-] 'Sharps' Injuries Pose Serious Hazard for Surgeons, O.R. Staff
04/07/2017 [-] Dr Rosie Nielsen with surgeon Charlie Teo
04/05/2017 [-] Surgeons save little boy who swallowed key to treasure chest
04/03/2017 [-] ORMC surgeon to speak against trauma center bill
04/03/2017 [-] Software turns 2D X-rays into 3D images to aid surgeons
03/30/2017 [-] Surgeon 'How many more children like Kayden must die?'
03/30/2017 [-] ‘What surgeon can’t even kill herself properly?’ Stigma preventing doctors from seeking help
03/30/2017 [-] Darwin patient 'shouldn't have died,' says coroner in damning findings
03/30/2017 [-] Darwin patient 'shouldn't have died,' says coroner in damning findings
03/29/2017 [-] Why boob jobs are hazardous
03/28/2017 [-] Plastic surgeon who had sex with patient loses bid to get his licence back
03/28/2017 [-] Fake Florida plastic surgeon gets 10 years for manslaughter
03/28/2017 [-] Surgeons go to incredible lengths to get cancer victim walking again
03/26/2017 [-] Knee Surgeon's Expectations May Differ From Yours
03/24/2017 [-] 'Dr. Miami' reality series follows sometimes-controversial plastic surgeon
03/23/2017 [-] These Are the Risks of Breast Implants, According to a Surgeon
03/23/2017 [-] What's next for acquitted surgeon? Experts weigh in
03/22/2017 [-] Ormsin’s surgeon sets up fund for saving marine lives
03/21/2017 [-] American heart surgeon pleads guilty to causing U-turn double fatality near Motueka
03/21/2017 [-] US surgeon pleads guilty after New Zealand crash kills 2
03/20/2017 [-] Maverick Italian surgeon's seventh transplant patient dies
03/20/2017 [-] Ormsin is in coma chief surgeon
03/20/2017 [-] Backpacker in SA attack lucky surgeon
03/17/2017 [-] Orthopedic Surgeons Should Advocate More, Come Together
03/14/2017 [-] South East Regional Hospital crisis
03/13/2017 [-] Boston Surgeon Criticizes Republican Health Care Plan
03/12/2017 [-] Surgeon General Nearly 4 Million U.S. Kids Still Smoke
03/12/2017 [-] Surgeons Perform First U.S. Uterus Transplant
03/12/2017 [-] Many Transplant Surgeons Suffer Burnout
03/11/2017 [-] US surgeons remove 6-pound tumor fr
03/10/2017 [-] Time for Interventional Radiologists, Surgeons to End Turf War?
03/10/2017 [-] Hundreds show their support to get Bega orthopaedic surgeon reinstated
03/09/2017 [-] US surgeons remove 6-pound tumor from Gambian girl's mouth
03/09/2017 [-] US surgeons remove 6-pound tumor from Gambia girl's mouth
03/09/2017 [-] US surgeons remove 6-pound tumor from Gambia girl's mouth
03/08/2017 [-] 8 Tips to Pick the Right Plastic Surgeon
03/07/2017 [-] Surgeons want quad bikes banned for kids
03/07/2017 [-] Sheila Hynes died when surgeons inserted heart valve upside down
03/07/2017 [-] No Heart Surgeon Match Day for Major Medical Center
03/06/2017 [-] COIN OPERATED Trove of change surgically removed from sea turtle
03/06/2017 [-] Surgeons remove 915 coins swallowed by Thai sea turtle
03/05/2017 [-] Necks, Butts Growth Areas for U.S. Plastic Surgeons
03/03/2017 [-] Bega hospital crisis started over bolt cutters, surgeon says
03/01/2017 [-] UK surgeon David Nott visits Turkey to find baby he helped in Syria
03/01/2017 [-] Art vs. science The double life of Toby Bell
02/28/2017 [-] Breast surgeon Ian Paterson 'invented cancer risks'
02/28/2017 [-] Surgeon crisis looms at Bega hospital
02/27/2017 [-] Surgeon donates kidney, saves life of sick colleague
02/26/2017 [-] Bladder cancer survivor, surgeon team up for charity
02/26/2017 [-] Health Tip Selecting a Surgeon
02/26/2017 [-] 15% of U.S. Surgeons Report Drinking Problems in Survey
02/26/2017 [-] Hitman Official E
02/25/2017 [-] Renowned Valley heart surgeon Dr. Ted Diethrich has died at the age of 81
02/24/2017 [-] Hitman Official Elusive Targets The Surgeons Trailer
02/23/2017 [-] Police surgeon carried out 'unacceptable' examinations
02/23/2017 [-] Morning Break Brainy Kids Smoke Weed; Killer Surgeon; Crazy Cat Lady?
02/21/2017 [-] Former neurosurgeon who maimed, killed patients sentenced to l
02/21/2017 [-] Former neurosurgeon who maimed, killed patients sentenced to life in prison
02/21/2017 [-] Texas neurosurgeon sentenced to life for maiming patients
02/20/2017 [-] Ex-Texas neurosurgeon sentenced to life for maiming patients
02/19/2017 [-] Experimental Eyewear Helps Surgeons 'See' Cancer, Study Says
02/19/2017 [-] Surgeons Suffering Work-Related Injuries
02/18/2017 [-] Edmonton pediatric surgeon suspended for alleged affair with infant's mother
02/18/2017 [-] Beware of Surgeons with Many Patient Complaints
02/17/2017 [-] Rude, Disrespectful Surgeons May Also Be More Error-Prone Study
02/15/2017 [-] Tree surgeon dies from neck injury after chainsaw accident
02/15/2017 [-] Study Beware the Snippy, Snarky Surgeon?
02/15/2017 [-] Taiwan surgeons serve low-income Panamanians
02/15/2017 [-] Surgeons rude to patients may pose problem in OR, study says
02/15/2017 [-] Surgeons lobby lawmakers for trauma kits in schools
02/15/2017 [-] Scottsdale plastic surgeon offers face-lift without cutting
02/15/2017 [-] Texas neurosurgeon found guilty of maiming patients
02/13/2017 [-] Do NOT get this done
02/13/2017 [-] Hammer murder surgeon jailed for life in Australia
02/12/2017 [-] Surgeons lobby to get tourniquet kits in Georgia schools
02/12/2017 [-] Surgeons 'kicking their heels' as bed shortage delays operations
02/12/2017 [-] Fear of Lawsuits Influences Care From Most Orthopedic Surgeons Survey
02/11/2017 [-] Trump travel ban kills surgeon's lifesaving trip to Iran
02/11/2017 [-] Trump travel ban kills surgeon's lifesaving trip to Iran
02/11/2017 [-] Trump travel ban kills surgeon's life-saving trip to Iran
02/10/2017 [-] Surgeon Abbie Kopf’s skull surgery went ‘very well’
02/09/2017 [-] Surgeon blasts 'two-tier' health system in Cook Islands
02/08/2017 [-] With UN support, surgeon Denis Mukwege and Panzi Hospital aid rape survivors in Guinea
02/08/2017 [-] Doing surgery while answering calls An NHS surgeon's struggles
02/07/2017 [-] Sex assault surgeon lied on his CV in UK
02/07/2017 [-] Sex assault surgeon lied on CV in UK
02/06/2017 [-] Surgeon avoids jail over sexual assault
02/06/2017 [-] Qld surgeon guilty of sexual assault
02/06/2017 [-] Jury retires in surgeon sex assault case
02/02/2017 [-] Neurosurgeon Charlie Teo to be ringside for Mundine-Green fight
01/29/2017 [-] Surgeon General Urges Support for Breastfeeding
01/27/2017 [-] Rush for ‘Barbie’ vagina surprises plastic surgeons and leaves medical professionals stumped
01/26/2017 [-] 'Fatal Vision' surgeon pursues appeal, insists he's innocent
01/24/2017 [-] AT 6 Shreveport
01/24/2017 [-] AT 6 Shreveport surgeons remove rare tumor from girl's face
01/24/2017 [-] Shreveport surgeons remove rare tumor from girl's face
01/19/2017 [-] Plastic Surgeons Often Miss Patients' Mental Disorders
01/18/2017 [-] Plastic surgeons often miss patients' mental disorders
01/17/2017 [-] Dr. Carson, Brain Surgeon
01/15/2017 [-] Surgeons Often Are Blamed When Hip Replacements Fail
01/12/2017 [-] Surgeons to use matchmaking technology to find organ donors
01/12/2017 [-] Surgeon Lethal NHS failings
01/12/2017 [-] Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson gets hearing for HUD chief
01/12/2017 [-] Trauma surgeon pitches helmet law with a twist
01/11/2017 [-] Cop gets surgeon, liver to emergency transplant after crash
01/11/2017 [-] Drugs, needles seized from unlicensed cosmetic surgeon B.C. regulators
01/10/2017 [-] Nearly 20 years in prison for surgeon and his 'butchery'
01/10/2017 [-] The Latest Nearly 20 years in prison for rogue surgeon
01/09/2017 [-] 'Butchery' Victims of rogue surgeon want him in prison
01/09/2017 [-] Surgeon performs 'surgery' on patient's stuffed animal
01/09/2017 [-] ‘Butchery’ Victims of rogue surgeon want him in prison
01/09/2017 [-] Morning Break Brits in Crisis? About Women Docs; Toy Surgeon
01/09/2017 [-] Israeli software lets surgeons practise on you in 3D
01/08/2017 [-] Piedmont surgeon sees rise in patients with tendonitis
01/06/2017 [-] Surgeons label 3D printing technology 'revolutionary'
01/05/2017 [-] Syria conflict Why British surgeon cannot forget this girl
12/28/2016 [-] Concerns surgeons operating while burned out
12/28/2016 [-] Salford Royal's new scanner gives surgeons 3D scans DURING complex surgery
12/25/2016 [-] Surgeons' Group Gives Gift of New Hips, Knees to Uninsured
12/22/2016 [-] Navy surgeon with ties to Vt. killed in Japan
12/19/2016 [-] Probes help surgeons detect cancer cells study
12/18/2016 [-] Hanging Holiday Lights Holds Hidden Danger, Surgeon Warns
12/17/2016 [-] DR. HEIMLICH DEAD AT 96 Surgeon created maneuver that saved choking victims
12/16/2016 [-] Trampolines 'dangerous', says top bone surgeon
12/15/2016 [-] How I Bring Magic Back To My Life As A Surgeon
12/15/2016 [-] Surgeons operating on Natalie Kellalea
12/14/2016 [-] Snapchat spectacles worn by UK surgeon while operating
12/13/2016 [-] NSW cosmetic surgeon deregistered after falling asleep during liposuction procedure
12/13/2016 [-] Surgeon who fell asleep during liposuction procedure deregistered
12/13/2016 [-] Nigeria sends surgeons to treat people injured in church collapse
12/12/2016 [-] Morning Break 'Poorly Trained Surgeon'; Generic Tamiflu; Tiny Reindeer
12/12/2016 [-] Surgeon Gen
12/12/2016 [-] Surgeon General sounding alarm on teens' use
12/11/2016 [-] Even One Cigarette Can Prove Lethal, U.S. Surgeon General Says
12/10/2016 [-] U.S. Surgeon General Calls for Crackdown on E-Cig Use in Teens
12/09/2016 [-] E-Cigarettes Use by US Youth is a Major Health Concern, Surgeon General Warns
12/09/2016 [-] The Surgeon General warns but Britain disagrees
12/09/2016 [-] Teen e-cig use risky
12/09/2016 [-] E-Cigarettes a Threat to Young Americans' Health U.S. Surgeon General
12/08/2016 [-] U.S. surgeon general e-cigarette report sparks controversy
12/08/2016 [-] Surgeon General Youth e-Cig Use 'Major Public Health Concern'
12/08/2016 [-] Surgeon General Urges Crackdown on Teen E-Cig Use
12/08/2016 [-] E-cigarettes a 'major public health concern' US surgeon general
12/08/2016 [-] Surgeon General sounding alarm on teens’ use of e-cigarettes
12/08/2016 [-] E-cigarettes Dangerous Health Official Says
12/08/2016 [-] Surgeon General sounding alarm on teens' use of e-cigarettes
12/08/2016 [-] The surgeon general takes a hard line on e-cigarettes among teens
12/08/2016 [-] E-Cigarettes Are a Public Health Threat to Young People, Surgeon General Warns
12/08/2016 [-] Surgeon General calls e-cigarettes a public health threat to youth
12/08/2016 [-] Surgeon General calls youth vaping a public health threat
12/08/2016 [-] U.S. surgeon general raises concerns over e-cigarette use among youth
12/06/2016 [-] Plastic Surgeons Urge Giving Up E-Cigs Before Procedure
12/05/2016 [-] Surgeons find 12K gallstones
12/05/2016 [-] Toronto neurosurgeon's arrest in murder leaves patients hanging
12/05/2016 [-] Carson rose from poor childhood to acclaimed neurosurgeon
12/04/2016 [-] Surgeons save seal's sight
12/04/2016 [-] Young Surgeons May Be Easily Distracted
12/04/2016 [-] Toronto neurosurgeon stays in jail on murder charge
12/01/2016 [-] Russia Sends Planes With Field Hospitals, Surgeons, Medical Equipment to Syria
11/30/2016 [-] Bye-Bye, Obamacare Surgeon Tom Price Going to Operate Big Time at HHS
11/29/2016 [-] Settlement Dental surgeon to repay patients more than
11/29/2016 [-] Trump expected to pick orthopedic surgeon Price to head HHS
11/26/2016 [-] Preventing Surgeon Burnout
11/26/2016 [-] Designer vagina surgeons could face charges
11/25/2016 [-] 3D-printed hearts help surgeons at Phoenix Children's Hospital
11/24/2016 [-] Investigation into surgeon concerns at Waikato called for by senior doctor association
11/24/2016 [-] Six year-old girl has sight restored after a visit by medical ship surgeons
11/23/2016 [-] Surgery target needs changing, Labour says after surgeons complain of missed operations
11/23/2016 [-] Letter from surgeons lambasts hospital managers over patient care
11/23/2016 [-] Can a Heart Surgeon Resuscitate Syrian Revolution?
11/23/2016 [-] Six year-old girl has sight restored by after a visit by medical ship surgeons
11/22/2016 [-] Syrian conflict Surgeon says life in Aleppo 'like a holocaust'
11/20/2016 [-] 3-D Model of Heart May Help Surgeons Fix Defects
11/19/2016 [-] Surgeon gener
11/19/2016 [-] D.C. Week Surgeon General Calls Addiction aMedical Condition
11/19/2016 [-] Drug prevention advocates echo surgeon general guidance on addiction
11/19/2016 [-] New report from U.S. Surgeon General calls attention to addiction in America
11/19/2016 [-] Pioneering U.S. heart surgeon, Denton Cooley, dies at 96
11/18/2016 [-] What the Surgeon General's Addiction Report Really Means
11/18/2016 [-] Famed Texas heart surgeon Denton Cooley died at 96
11/18/2016 [-] U.S. surgeon general issues 'a
11/18/2016 [-] New report from U.S. Surgeon General calls attention to additcion in America
11/18/2016 [-] Surgeon General Calls Addiction a Chronic Brain Disease
11/18/2016 [-] Surgeon general report calls for major shift on treating addiction
11/18/2016 [-] Surgeon General Addiction Not a 'Moral Failing'
11/18/2016 [-] DR. MANNY Surgeon General Murthy leaves legacy of too little, too late
11/17/2016 [-] U.S. Surgeon General Declares War on Addiction
11/17/2016 [-] US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy calls for end of addiction 'stigma'
11/17/2016 [-] U.S. surgeon general issues 'a new call to action' on addiction
11/17/2016 [-] Addiction Not ‘Character Flaw,” Says US Surgeon General
11/17/2016 [-] U.S. surgeons separate Nigerian conjoined twins
11/17/2016 [-] Surgeon General calls for action to fight drug, alcohol abuse
11/17/2016 [-] Surgeon general report 'Addiction is not a character flaw'
11/17/2016 [-] Surgeon general report 'Addiction is not a character flaw'
11/16/2016 [-] Le Bonheur surgeons successfully separate conjoined twins
11/16/2016 [-] How Surgeons Stay Focused for Hours
11/13/2016 [-] Surgical Robots won't Replace Human Surgeons Believe Experts
11/12/2016 [-] President Mukherjee inaugurates meeting of American Association of Thoracic Surgeons
11/11/2016 [-] Global surgeons hold robotic surgery conclave in India
11/09/2016 [-] Albuquerque pediatric surgeon arrested on child porn charges
11/08/2016 [-] No Charges Filed Against Former UCSF Surgeon Arrested For Selling Drugs
11/06/2016 [-] Tired Surgeons May Not Be Error-Prone
11/06/2016 [-] Child's Appendix More Likely to Rupture in Regions Short of Surgeons
11/03/2016 [-] Ole Miss student killed in crash wanted to be a heart surgeon, joined military
11/01/2016 [-] Kurdish Surgeons Scramble to Save Lives and Limbs Near Mosul
11/01/2016 [-] A neurosurgeon's path from emerald fields to operating room
10/31/2016 [-] Ghana has only 15 neurosurgeons
10/30/2016 [-] Surgeon's Calming Words May Ease Stress of Surgery
10/27/2016 [-] Surgeons, chefs set to face off in pumpkin carving contest
10/23/2016 [-] Tweet of the Week Surgeons Look Like
10/21/2016 [-] Surgeons Explain Why CABG Won the SYNTAX Trial
10/21/2016 [-] Surgeons use nose cells to repair damaged knee joints
10/21/2016 [-] Swiss surgeons use nose cells to repair knee joints
10/20/2016 [-] Robert Zann, Boca Raton orthopedic surgeon, dies at 76
10/14/2016 [-] Surgeons in New York separate twins conjoined at the head
10/14/2016 [-] Surgeon removes kidney from the wrong patient
10/14/2016 [-] Life as a brain surgeon
10/13/2016 [-] Surgeons more resistant to improving teamwork study
10/13/2016 [-] Surgeons urged to communicate better
10/11/2016 [-] Duke Neurosurgeons use HoloLens to Make Brain Surgery Easier
10/09/2016 [-] Less-Skilled Weight-Loss Surgeons Often Have Higher Complication Rates Study
10/09/2016 [-] Surgeons warn about exploding e-cigarettes
10/07/2016 [-] US surgeon general warns of possible computer breach
10/07/2016 [-] US Surgeon General investigating possible computer breach
10/06/2016 [-] New Brain Simulator Helps Surgeons Plan Operations
10/05/2016 [-] College of Physicians and Surgeons creating ‘alien’ job titles
10/03/2016 [-] Surgeons save life of newborn after removing part of damaged lung
10/02/2016 [-] HeroSurg is the world's first robotic surgeon with a sense of touch
09/30/2016 [-] Surgeon could face severe punishment for dancing during an operation
09/28/2016 [-] Court upholds acquittal of surgeons in organ-removal case
09/28/2016 [-] Manipal surgeon says obesity a disease, not a lifestyle problem
09/27/2016 [-] Columbus hand surgeon warns of wrist injuries
09/22/2016 [-] Australian surgeons accused of cartel behaviour to control fees
09/21/2016 [-] Plastic surgeon who has been guest on TV faces drug charges
09/20/2016 [-] First head transplant by 2017, claims surgeon
09/20/2016 [-] Hinch says surgeon allows him to drink
09/15/2016 [-] Oklahoma City plastic surgeon arms patients with confidence
09/14/2016 [-] Life-changing face transplant
09/14/2016 [-] Woman's 68-lb tumor removed
09/12/2016 [-] British surgeons perform first ever robotic eye surgery
09/10/2016 [-] A surgeon's downfall
09/08/2016 [-] The Neurosurgeon's Brain
09/06/2016 [-] Nobel Assembly seeks resignation of two members over scandal-agency
09/05/2016 [-] Sweden fires board of institution handing out medicine Nobel after scandal
09/05/2016 [-] Surgeon helps save heart attack victim in car crash
09/01/2016 [-] 'Dragon Lady' removes ears
09/01/2016 [-] Cancer surgeons hesitant to tell patients the odds of a cure
08/31/2016 [-] Swedish hospital behind Nobel prize criticized over medical scandal
08/30/2016 [-] Top Surgeon Ambushed, Beaten and Left for Dead In Venice Beach...
08/29/2016 [-] Family mourns surgeon killed in Florida's Turnpike accident
08/27/2016 [-] A Tired Surgeon Still a Good Surgeon, Study Finds
08/27/2016 [-] Surgeon General
08/26/2016 [-] Surgeon General Writes to Every Doctor in U.S. About Opioid Epidemic
08/25/2016 [-] Surgeon general issues warning about opioid epidemic
08/22/2016 [-] Surgeon reprimanded after mistake
08/21/2016 [-] Eagles star Nic Naitanui meets with surgeons after knee injury
08/21/2016 [-] Bariatric surgeon to visit KIMS Oman Hospital
08/18/2016 [-] Scientists think Bronze Age brain surgeons used cannabis, shrooms and dancing as painkillers
08/16/2016 [-] Surgeon General Murthy visits Flint for 2nd time this year
08/16/2016 [-] Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon Now Offering the Lip Lift Procedure
08/14/2016 [-] Surgeons' Group Weighs In on Football Injury Prevention
08/13/2016 [-] Top federal officials visit South Florida to address Zika concerns
08/12/2016 [-] In ‘awake’ surgeries, surgeons must watch what they say
08/11/2016 [-] 'You Want to Be a Doctor'? Surgeon returns book decades late
08/11/2016 [-] Surgeon accused of removing kidney from wrong patient
08/10/2016 [-] Surgeon general's Illinois visit to highlight opioid crisis
08/09/2016 [-] Morning Break Donald Trump MD; Surgeons' Dress Code; 'Cupping' Explainer
08/08/2016 [-] Jury sides with surgeon in bone cement trial
08/07/2016 [-] U.S. Military Surgeons Saving Children's Lives in Afghanistan
08/07/2016 [-] Brazilian plastic surgeon to the stars Ivo Pitanguy dies
08/07/2016 [-] Famed Brazilian plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy dies at 90
08/05/2016 [-] Surgeon Pens Concerns to Surgeon Son
08/04/2016 [-] Hospital surgeon makes house call to operate on gorilla at Toronto Zoo
08/03/2016 [-] Novel Device lets Surgeons Feel What They can't Touch
08/02/2016 [-] Breast Surgeons Urge Against Prophylactic Mastectomy
08/02/2016 [-] Cancer Surgeons Advise Against Removal of Healthy Breast
08/02/2016 [-] Some charges dismissed against Uptown plastic surgeon
08/01/2016 [-] Surgeons Advise Against Removal of Healthy Breast
08/01/2016 [-] New vibrations in old tools allow surgeons to feel what they can't touch
08/01/2016 [-] Competency review for NZ surgeon
07/31/2016 [-] Burnout Common Among Transplant Surgeons, Study Reveals
07/31/2016 [-] Hospital, doctors honored with awards after treating Pulse victims
07/30/2016 [-] Robotic Surgery Fellowships in Urology, Gynaecology for experienced Surgeons in Mumbai, Chennai
07/29/2016 [-] Germany Man Shouting Allahu Akhbar Tried to Behead Surgeon
07/28/2016 [-] When robots turn into surgeons
07/28/2016 [-] Surgeon Scorecard Flaws General Surgery News Report
07/26/2016 [-] Surgeon general Precaution best method to fight Zika virus
07/24/2016 [-] Adding More Neurosurgeons Could Cut Traffic Deaths Study
07/22/2016 [-] How Surgeons Stay At The Top Of Their Game During Long Procedures
07/20/2016 [-] Upstate surgeon accused of domestic violence receives sentence
07/19/2016 [-] Iggy thanks plastic surgeon
07/18/2016 [-] It's Time For Everyone To Focus On Personal Branding
07/18/2016 [-] From country girl to Defence Force Surgeon General
07/18/2016 [-] Police examine projectile that struck Adelaide driver
07/17/2016 [-] Experimental 'iKnife' Tells Surgeon Whether Tissue Is Cancerous
07/16/2016 [-] Dallas surgeon Not saving officers 'weighs on my mind
07/16/2016 [-] Australia-based Ghanaian surgeon operates man by roadside
07/14/2016 [-] Uptown plastic surgeon hit with additional charges of video voyeurism
07/14/2016 [-] Well-known N.O. plastic surgeon faces new counts of voyeurism, rape
07/13/2016 [-] Surgeon general Ohio needs more drug treatment facilities
07/12/2016 [-] Taiwan surgeons to feature in TV series
07/12/2016 [-] Error Checking Key to Assessing Surgeon Skill HealthLeaders Media
07/11/2016 [-] Dallas surgeon Not saving officers 'weighs on my mind'
07/11/2016 [-] Dallas surgeon Not saving officers 'weighs on my mind'
07/11/2016 [-] The Latest Surgeon says not saving cops 'weighs on my mind'
07/06/2016 [-] Face transplant surgeon Simon Talbot back in NZ
07/06/2016 [-] Jack smiles gives his surgeon a high-five
07/06/2016 [-] Emotional mum Julie meets the surgeon after a successful operation
07/06/2016 [-] Jack smiles as he meets up with the surgeon after a successful operation
07/06/2016 [-] Hand surgeon killed in plane crash
07/02/2016 [-] Plastic Surgeons Like Google Glass Study
06/30/2016 [-] Korean surgeons operate on Oro burn patients
06/26/2016 [-] Surgeons Seek Repeal of Transplant Ban Between HIV-Positive People
06/24/2016 [-] Testicle removal surgeon struck off
06/22/2016 [-] Psych sentence for mentally ill man who stabbed surgeon
06/20/2016 [-] Surgeon's Experience Tied to Success of Thyroid Removal Study
06/20/2016 [-] Surgeons' Experience Matters With Thyroid Removal
06/19/2016 [-] Technology May Help Surgeons Tell Brain Cancer From Healthy Tissue
06/18/2016 [-] Weston foot surgeon convicted of molesting babysitter
06/17/2016 [-] US Surgeon General scheduled to visit Boston
06/15/2016 [-] Surgeon General visit targets opioid abuse
06/15/2016 [-] Surgeon gener
06/14/2016 [-] Surgeon general calls for greater investment in opioid fight
06/14/2016 [-] US Surgeon General focuses on opioid epidemic in Southwest
06/14/2016 [-] Waves of shooting victims made even trauma surgeons tremble
06/14/2016 [-] Inside the trauma center, after the Orlando shooting
06/14/2016 [-] Inside the Orlando trauma center
06/14/2016 [-] Orlando surgeon shows blood-stained shoes from nightclub shooting
06/14/2016 [-] Inside the Orlando trauma center All hands put to work
06/12/2016 [-] Florida surgeon calls for blood donations following shooting rampage
06/08/2016 [-] Patients say care is better during July influx of new surgeons
06/07/2016 [-] Perform surgery on Donald Trump in latest Surgeon Simulator update
06/05/2016 [-] Tweet of the Week Surgeon Simulator, Trump Edition
06/05/2016 [-] Surgeon reveals power of Queen's corgis
06/02/2016 [-] Surgeon Simulator Official Inside Donald Trump Trailer
06/02/2016 [-] Surgeon Simulator Update Lets Players Go 'Inside Donald Trump'
06/02/2016 [-] Fund alternative breast cancer treatment, surgeon urges
05/29/2016 [-] Plastic Surgeon Congratulates Sara Belkziz on Winning Miss Morocco
05/26/2016 [-] Meet the Robotic Surgeons who help cut flab
05/26/2016 [-] Public gets a chance to try out Parkview surgeons’ da Vinci 3-D system
05/23/2016 [-] Surgeon General’s Warning E-Cigarettes Make Leftists Crazy
05/20/2016 [-] Private investigator believes former VA surgeon was murdered
05/17/2016 [-] DR Congo surgeon warns of 'unbearable atrocities' in country's east
05/17/2016 [-] Surgeon general visits Oklahoma City, discusses opioid abuse
05/17/2016 [-] Uptown surgeon accused of rape kept nude photos of children, unconscious patients, prosecutors say
05/16/2016 [-] Uptown plastic surgeon arrested for alleged child porn possession
05/16/2016 [-] US surgeon general to visit Oklahoma drug treatment facility
05/13/2016 [-] Ingestible Origami Robot Surgeon Repairs Stomach Wounds
05/13/2016 [-] New Orleans plastic surgeon indicted on forcible rape charge
05/13/2016 [-] Banner UMC's top trauma surgeon leaving Tucson
05/13/2016 [-] Orleans grand jury indicts plastic surgeon for alleged rape
05/12/2016 [-] Dr. robot could conduct your next surgery
05/12/2016 [-] Are autonomous robots your next surgeons?
05/11/2016 [-] Noted surgeon, veteran dies at 83
05/10/2016 [-] Nimble-Fingered Robot Outperforms the Best Human Surgeons
05/09/2016 [-] Disgraced cosmetic surgeon fined for lying to patients
05/05/2016 [-] Robosurgeon outperforms human doctor...
05/04/2016 [-] Fund aims to boost Maori surgeons
05/01/2016 [-] PH’s top brain surgeon removes Mary Owen’s brain tumor
05/01/2016 [-] Cosmetic Procedures for Arms on the Rise, Plastic Surgeons Say
05/01/2016 [-] Doctors' Incomes Up, Orthopedic Surgeons Lead
04/30/2016 [-] Find a Board Certified Colorectal Surgeon
04/27/2016 [-] Surgeon makes tourism ad after Rhode Island's Iceland flop
04/27/2016 [-] Surgeon makes tourism ad after Rhode Island's Iceland flop
04/23/2016 [-] Parents ar
04/21/2016 [-] Renowned neurosurgeon recruited by Mayo Clinic
04/20/2016 [-] Doc streams breast surgeries
04/20/2016 [-] Oklahoma City surgeon and researcher touches hearts of Iowa family
04/16/2016 [-] Brisbane surgeons prolong life of man with rare brain condition
04/15/2016 [-] How Important Is Surgeon's Skill for Weight-Loss Surgery Outcomes?
04/14/2016 [-] Bariatric Surgeon Skill Not Tied to Long-Term Outcomes
04/13/2016 [-] Cojoined baby twins separated by surgeons in Texas
04/13/2016 [-] Surgeon's Skill and Weight-Loss Surgery Outcomes
04/13/2016 [-] 2 held for stealing plastic surgeon's revolver
04/11/2016 [-] Surgeon General Concerned About Physician Burnout
04/09/2016 [-] NZ surgeons warn against medical tourism
04/08/2016 [-] Transplant surgeon One in a million
04/07/2016 [-] U.S. Surgeon General headlines three Jacksonville events today
04/06/2016 [-] Robotic Surgeons to meet in Delhi
04/03/2016 [-] One Trauma Surgeon's Struggle For Finding Balance
04/03/2016 [-] 'Sharps' Injuries Pose Serious Hazard for Surgeons, O.R. Staff
04/01/2016 [-] Patients suffering because of surgery waits surgeon
03/31/2016 [-] Greenville man thanks Upstate surgeon for saving his life
03/31/2016 [-] Johns Hopkins surgeons perform first US liver transplant between HIV-positive donors
03/30/2016 [-] Talk to surgeon before paying for elective procedures
03/29/2016 [-] Oman- Disgraced celebrity surgeon's spoiled dreams of fame
03/28/2016 [-] US surgeon general to deliver Arizona commencement address
03/27/2016 [-] Disgraced celebrity surgeon's spoiled dreams of fame
03/25/2016 [-] Surgeons' Experience Matters With Thyroid Removal
03/25/2016 [-] Police Surgeons remove 27 bags of heroin from Mass. man
03/25/2016 [-] Police Surgeons remove 27 bags of heroin from man
03/24/2016 [-] When a surgeon should just say 'I'm sorry'
03/23/2016 [-] Women Surgeons Paid Less Than Men? The General Surgery News Report
03/23/2016 [-] Italian surgeon fired from Swedish research institute
03/20/2016 [-] Knee Surgeon's Expectations May Differ From Yours
03/16/2016 [-] Healthline Camera takes surgeons inside arteries
03/10/2016 [-] Data on individual surgeons 'statistically unsound'
03/08/2016 [-] Surgeons
03/06/2016 [-] Surgeon General Nearly 4 Million U.S. Kids Still Smoke
03/06/2016 [-] Many Transplant Surgeons Suffer Burnout
03/05/2016 [-] Local surgeons introduced to robotic surgery at OLOL
03/05/2016 [-] CARSON DROPS OUT Retired neurosurgeon suspends 2016 campaign
03/04/2016 [-] Robots May Soon Put Surgery Into the Hands of Non-Surgeons
03/03/2016 [-] Push for more Maori surgeons
03/02/2016 [-] Joint Staff Surgeon General Testifies on Future Medical Readiness
03/01/2016 [-] Florida surgeon general may be out of a job
02/28/2016 [-] Necks, Butts Growth Areas for U.S. Plastic Surgeons
02/27/2016 [-] Cleveland surgeons perfor
02/27/2016 [-] Clinic surgeons perform nation's first uterus transplant...
02/26/2016 [-] Surgeons perform first U.S. uterus transplant
02/26/2016 [-] Cleveland surgeons perform nation's first uter
02/26/2016 [-] Cleveland surgeons perform America's first uterus transplant on 26-year-old
02/26/2016 [-] Surgeons perform first uterus transplant in US
02/26/2016 [-] Cleveland Surgeons Perform Nation's First Uterus Transplant
02/26/2016 [-] Cleveland surgeons perform nation’s first uterus transplant
02/26/2016 [-] Surgeons Perform Nation's First Uterus Transplant
02/26/2016 [-] Cleveland surgeons perform nation's first uterus transplant
02/24/2016 [-] Broward foot surgeon on trial in teen sex abuse case
02/22/2016 [-] Australian surgeon inserts 3D-printed vertebrae in world-first
02/21/2016 [-] Health Tip Selecting a Surgeon
02/21/2016 [-] 15% of U.S. Surgeons Report Drinking Problems in Survey
02/19/2016 [-] Surgeon Operates on the Wrong Child
02/19/2016 [-] Upstate plastic surgeon says Botox clientele getting younger
02/19/2016 [-] Bernie Sanders Plan to Deschedule Marijuana Earns Support of Former Surgeon General
02/17/2016 [-] Eminent plastic surgeon denies links with ‘Face Off’ services
02/17/2016 [-] Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Gary Kode
02/14/2016 [-] Experimental Eyewear Helps Surgeons 'See' Cancer, Study Says
02/14/2016 [-] Surgeons Suffering Work-Related Injuries
02/12/2016 [-] Linguists, surgeons and a
02/09/2016 [-] Early lockout laws the solution to violence, surgeon says
02/09/2016 [-] Pass lockout laws, surgeon urges Qld MPs
02/08/2016 [-] Korle-Bu ‘lied’ about surgical clinics closure – Surgeon reveals
02/07/2016 [-] Official Quits Nobel Panel Over Inquiry Into Surgeon
02/07/2016 [-] Fear of Lawsuits Influences Care From Most Orthopedic Surgeons Survey
02/06/2016 [-] What to Ask Your Surgeon Before an Operation
02/05/2016 [-] 96-year-old podiatrist still doing surgery
01/29/2016 [-] Surgeon’s wife fined for animal cruelty
01/29/2016 [-] Cobb County cosmetic surgeon indicted on murder charges
01/29/2016 [-] Cobb County cosmetic surgeon indicted on felony murder charges
01/29/2016 [-] Cobb County plastic surgeon indicted on felony murder charges
01/25/2016 [-] Linguists, surgeons and a buffalo catcher make the Northern Territory Australia Day honours list
01/24/2016 [-] Surgeon General Urges Support for Breastfeeding
01/22/2016 [-] SA burns surgeon rewarded for innovation
01/21/2016 [-] Neurosurgeon Claims Successful Head Transplant on Monkey
01/20/2016 [-] Surgeon's calming words may ease stress of surgery
01/19/2016 [-] Transplant Surgeon One in a Million
01/18/2016 [-] Breast surgeon charged with wounding
01/17/2016 [-] Perth surgeon and his wife kidnapped
01/17/2016 [-] Karen Chetcuti case police arrest man over missing Victorian woman
01/17/2016 [-] Australian surgeon and his wife kidnapped in Burkina Faso
01/15/2016 [-] Bring in Qld lockout laws now surgeons
01/12/2016 [-] CardioBreak Diet and Transplant Guides, Closer Tabs on Surgeons
01/12/2016 [-] Doctor caught on camera throwing deadly punch detained in Russia
01/10/2016 [-] Surgeons Often Are Blamed When Hip Replacements Fail
01/09/2016 [-] Florida Panthers surgeon tummy tucks by day, puck injuries at night
01/07/2016 [-] Kuwaiti surgeon removes brain tumor from awaken patient
01/06/2016 [-] Surgeon John Greenwood on the developing technologies for healing burns
01/05/2016 [-] US school shooting victim becomes surgeon to save others from gun violence
01/01/2016 [-] Wayne Rogers dies at 82; actor played Army surgeon Trapper John on TV's 'MASH'
12/31/2015 [-] Anesthesiologists like blues, surgeons prefer top 40 hits
12/31/2015 [-] Secrets to a Happy Surgeon General Surgery News Report
12/31/2015 [-] 21-inch hairball removed
12/30/2015 [-] Researchers describe controversial study of surgeon training
12/27/2015 [-] Surgeons' Group Gives Gift of New Hips, Knees to Uninsured
12/24/2015 [-] Valley veterinary surgeon uses implants to save injured dog's life
12/24/2015 [-] Kybella becoming popular with Lubbock plastic surgeons
12/23/2015 [-] Surgeons debate if patients should replace both knees at same time
12/17/2015 [-] Toowoomba surgeon performs final operation in 41-year career
12/15/2015 [-] Hanging Holiday Lights Holds Hidden Danger, Surgeon Warns
12/13/2015 [-] Even One Cigarette Can Prove Lethal, U.S. Surgeon General Says
12/10/2015 [-] Neurosurgeon testifies for cop at Freddie Gray trial
12/10/2015 [-] Women surgeons face gender discrimination
12/10/2015 [-] Singing surgeon goes above and beyond at Bronson
12/09/2015 [-] Surgeons Question Surgery's Impact on Brain
12/09/2015 [-] From brain surgeons to boxers — here are 12 ways Muslims helped shape America
12/09/2015 [-] Surgeon gains Pacific clinical research award
12/08/2015 [-] New laws could stop shut down cut-price breast implant surgeons
12/08/2015 [-] Shark attack surgeon speaks out
12/08/2015 [-] Afghanistan veteran set to receive first US penis transplant from Johns Hopkins surgeons
12/07/2015 [-] Surgeons urge waiting lists priority
12/07/2015 [-] ISI's India spy ring was called Operation Surgeon
12/06/2015 [-] Young Surgeons May Be Easily Distracted
11/24/2015 [-] Surprise cancer diagnosis for trauma surgeon's wife
11/22/2015 [-] 3-D Model of Heart May Help Surgeons Fix Defects
11/19/2015 [-] Texas jury deliberates in surgeon's capital murder retrial
11/19/2015 [-] Texas jury convicts surgeon in pathologist's murder-for-hire
11/17/2015 [-] Defense rests in capital murder retrial of Texas surgeon
11/17/2015 [-] Defense rests in Lubbock capital murder retrial of surgeon
11/16/2015 [-] New microscopy technology may help surgeons save more lives
11/16/2015 [-] Pop-up sensor would give robot surgeons a sense of touch
11/16/2015 [-] New York plastic surgeon performs ‘most extensive’ face transplant ever
11/14/2015 [-] Texas surgeon says never suspected friend in 2012 slaying
11/11/2015 [-] Adelaide burns surgeon John Greenwood named SA's Australian of the Year
11/10/2015 [-] Neurosurgeon had brain-computer interface installed in his own head
11/08/2015 [-] Child's Appendix More Likely to Rupture in Regions Short of Surgeons
11/08/2015 [-] Tired Surgeons May Not Be Error-Prone
11/06/2015 [-] FOX10 News Investigates How well do you know your surgeon?
11/05/2015 [-] Perry called Oklahoma governor amid investigation of surgeon
11/04/2015 [-] Surgeons remove live parasite from Calif. man's brain
11/03/2015 [-] ‘Brilliant’ surgeon Ben Carson says Creationism helped him understand the human body
11/02/2015 [-] Portsmouth commander tapped as next deputy surgeon general of the Navy
10/30/2015 [-] Stereotyping makes life harder for young female surgeons
10/30/2015 [-] Surgeons' leadership skills may matter for team performance
10/29/2015 [-] Surgeon's Calming Words May Ease Stress of Surgery
10/29/2015 [-] Upstate surgeon facing kidnapping, domestic violence charges
10/28/2015 [-] Surgeons perform first live liver transplant in Pacific Northwest
10/26/2015 [-] Morning Break Meat Can Cause Cancer; Double-Booked Surgeons
10/26/2015 [-] Carson Can a man of great surgical skill lead a nation?
10/24/2015 [-] Late US surgeon honored for WWII help
10/22/2015 [-] Portable CT scanner could revolutionise complex surgeries
10/21/2015 [-] Lenox Hill fires star surgeon, and star surgeon sues
10/21/2015 [-] A Surgeon's View of the New TV Show 'Code Black'
10/15/2015 [-] Cape surgeon conned out of thousands
10/12/2015 [-] What to Ask Your Surgeon Before an Operation
10/11/2015 [-] Less-Skilled Weight-Loss Surgeons Often Have Higher Complication Rates Study
10/09/2015 [-] Surgeon's Experience Tied to Success of Thyroid Removal Study
10/08/2015 [-] Surgeons UCC victim shot in head making progress
10/08/2015 [-] Surgeons reattach child's internally decapitated head
10/08/2015 [-] Medical Miracle Surgeons Reattach Toddler's Head After Car Crash
10/07/2015 [-] New microscopy technology augments surgeon's view for greater accuracy
10/04/2015 [-] Surgeon Uses 3D Printed Heart To Improve Surgery
10/03/2015 [-] Woman was wide awake as surgeons remove tumour from her brain
10/03/2015 [-] Pioneering surgeon hangs up coat hanger
10/03/2015 [-] Surgeon Scorecard Two Views
10/03/2015 [-] What?s The Score On Surgeon Scorecards?
10/03/2015 [-] Who?s Afraid of the Surgeon Scorecard?
10/01/2015 [-] NZ surgeons to help optometrists in Nepal
10/01/2015 [-] Female surgeons 'face hostility'
09/25/2015 [-] ‘TraumaMan’ helps doctors save humans, spares animals
09/25/2015 [-] TGA advise surgeons risk from Silimed implants is low
09/24/2015 [-] Neurosurgeon uses YouTube to save patient
09/24/2015 [-] Warning over use of Silimed breast implants amid contamination fears
09/22/2015 [-] Surgeons hit back at claims heart transplants are against the law
09/21/2015 [-] Costello You want to be a surgeon? Don't complain about blood.
09/19/2015 [-] Bullying allegations against senior Melbourne neurosurgeon upheld
09/19/2015 [-] Doctor who sparked report into surgeon bullying shocked by findings
09/17/2015 [-] Los Angeles prosecutors charge surgeon, others in million scam
09/16/2015 [-] California surgeon charged in insurance scam
09/16/2015 [-] The brain surgeon with presidential ambitions
09/15/2015 [-] Study surgeons work faster when listening to their favorite tunes
09/15/2015 [-] NY plastic surgeon can turn outie belly button into innie in minutes
09/15/2015 [-] Surgeons' night work didn't hurt daytime patients
09/14/2015 [-] The Surgeon Who Became An Activist For Baby Talk
09/12/2015 [-] MEDICAL FIRST Video Surgeons craft girl's new jaw from thigh bone
09/11/2015 [-] Surgeon General issues 'Step It Up' call to action
09/10/2015 [-] Australia report details bullying of surgeons, trainees
09/10/2015 [-] Govts, hospitals can help bullied surgeons
09/10/2015 [-] Half of surgeons experience bullying, harassment
09/10/2015 [-] Australia report details surgeon discrimination, harassment
09/10/2015 [-] Bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment widespread among surgeons, report reveals
09/10/2015 [-] Surgeons apologise for bullying
09/09/2015 [-] Female surgeons feel obliged to give sexual favours, report finds
09/09/2015 [-] Kylie Jenner Praises Plastic Surgeon ‘He’s the Best’
09/09/2015 [-] Surgeon general calls for steps to promote healthy walking
09/08/2015 [-] Russian unhappy with cosmetic operations shoots surgeon, self
09/05/2015 [-] 'Halo,' 'Surgeon Simulator' devs join the War Child game jam
09/04/2015 [-] Jolie's surgeon has advice for all women 16 Oct 2013 113005 GMT
09/04/2015 [-] Neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo backs call for medical complaints inquiry
09/03/2015 [-] Neurosurgeon, other key witnesses to take stand in Eric Parker case
09/03/2015 [-] French doctor accuses group of surgeons of running him out of practice in Townsville
09/03/2015 [-] See the Grueling Life of an American Surgeon
08/30/2015 [-] Qatar- HMC to host UK knee surgeon
08/27/2015 [-] Patients have no need to fear sleepy surgeons, study finds
08/26/2015 [-] Surgeon performance unaffected by fatigue from overnight work study
08/26/2015 [-] Morning Break Killer Surgeon, Botched Penis Injection, Medicaid and HCV
08/26/2015 [-] Life Flight Pioneer and Celebrated Texas Surgeon Duke Dies at 86
08/25/2015 [-] Prosecutors Ex-surgeon calls himself 'killer' in email
08/25/2015 [-] Prosecutors Ex-surgeon calls himself 'killer' in email
08/25/2015 [-] Surgeon sacked for gross misconduct
08/25/2015 [-] Dallas surgeon wrote about becoming 'cold blooded killer'
08/19/2015 [-] Cutting-edge robotic kidney transplant a first surgeons
08/17/2015 [-] Surgeon drowned trying to save sons
08/16/2015 [-] Surgeon general has no regrets about gun-violence statement
08/15/2015 [-] Female doctors saying 'I look like a surgeon'
08/13/2015 [-] Top Surgeons says U.S. took funds it would need to pay GET-THIN settlement
08/12/2015 [-] Surgeons to discuss best use of resources
08/12/2015 [-] Surgeons to address health priorities in NZ
08/11/2015 [-] Reward offered by Stockport tree surgeon for the return of his stolen chainsaws
08/11/2015 [-] 91yo former oral surgeon caught allegedly carrying cocaine in soap
08/10/2015 [-] Carolyn Kaelin, Breast Cancer Surgeon, Dies at 54
08/10/2015 [-] Bicyclist killed in US was Swiss surgeon, researcher
08/07/2015 [-] Top 5 Best Plastic Surgeons and Clinics in Europe
08/06/2015 [-] Tamarac ex-surgeon facing drug charges in deformed penis case
08/06/2015 [-] Unlicensed Florida plastic surgeon faces charges for leaving patient with 1-inch, ‘mutilated’ penis
08/06/2015 [-] Cops Fla. surgeon botches genital surgery
08/05/2015 [-] Former Florida surgeon accused of mutilating man's penis
08/04/2015 [-] Surgeons left what behind?
08/01/2015 [-] Former Texas surgeon's neglect led to 2 deaths, indictment says
07/31/2015 [-] Charges filed against ex-surgeon accused in deaths of 2
07/31/2015 [-] Indictment Former Texas surgeon so derelict he left 2 dead
07/30/2015 [-] Stockport tree surgeon left unable to work after thieves steal all his chainsaws
07/29/2015 [-] Utah inventions A surgeon who used kitchen utensils to save lives
07/29/2015 [-] Surgeon who helped pioneer key CPR technique dies at 87
07/27/2015 [-] Prison for fake plastic surgeon who treated over 50 patients
07/27/2015 [-] Neurosurgeon killed in Cape crash
07/27/2015 [-] Surgeons, DHB fail sick man
07/25/2015 [-] 'Space surgeon' learns to perform procedures in near-zero gravity
07/22/2015 [-] Tallying the Mistakes and Malfunctions of Robot Surgeons
07/21/2015 [-] Dave Grohl brings foot surgeon on stage to perform

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