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For Kids
02/07/2016 [-] Early Exposure to English May Help Spanish-Speaking Kids in School
02/07/2016 [-] Secondhand Smoke Raises Kids' Ear Infection Risk
02/07/2016 [-] New MRI Test May Help Diagnose Liver Condition in Kids
02/07/2016 [-] Decline of Antibiotic Use Among Kids Seems To Be Leveling Off Study
02/07/2016 [-] For Most Bullied Gay Kids, Things Do 'Get Better,' Study Finds
02/07/2016 [-] Biking to School Boosts Kids' Fitness
02/07/2016 [-] Type 1 Diabetes Up 70 Percent in Kids, Study Finds
02/07/2016 [-] Fewer U.S. Kids Killed in Car Crashes; Safety Restraints Still an Issue
02/07/2016 [-] As Kids Age, Secondary Schools Offer Less Support
02/07/2016 [-] Thousands of U.S. Kids Hospitalized for Abuse
02/07/2016 [-] Obama Signs Kids' Health Insurance Bill
02/07/2016 [-] Some Kids Use Tobacco, E-Cigarettes Together, Study Finds
02/07/2016 [-] Loving Foster Homes Improve Kids' Attention, Impulsivity
02/07/2016 [-] Income Inequality Affects Kids' Health, Research Shows
02/07/2016 [-] Change in Gut Bacteria May Precede Type 1 Diabetes in Kids
02/07/2016 [-] Spanking Produces Troubled Kids, Study Contends
02/07/2016 [-] Kids Who Feel Left Out Are Less Active
02/07/2016 [-] Fever-Related Seizures in Kids Eased by Epilepsy Drug Study
02/07/2016 [-] Depressed Kids May Be Targets for Bullying, Study Suggests
02/07/2016 [-] Shy Kids Might Not Have Difficulty With Language
02/07/2016 [-] Treating Sleep Apnea in Kids Improves Behavior, Quality of Life
02/07/2016 [-] Day Care May Not Raise Behavior Woes in Kids After All
02/07/2016 [-] Science Saturdays Giving Kids Hands-On Learning
02/06/2016 [-] Five Kids Hurt In Roseland Car Accident
02/06/2016 [-] NY governor moves to stop 'gay conversion' therapy for kids
02/06/2016 [-] Mass. woman pleads guilty to slamming kids' heads on floo
02/06/2016 [-] German parents pulling their kids out of 'diverse' schools
02/06/2016 [-] Augusta University gives free oral health care to 125 kids in Richmond Co.
02/06/2016 [-] Bottled water urged for kids, pregnant women amid lead scare
02/06/2016 [-] Boise Rock School for Big Kids Goes Bowie on Thursday, Feb. 11
02/05/2016 [-] Experts Screen More Kids for Middle Ear Fluid
02/05/2016 [-] Things to do with the kids this weekend in Greater Manchester
02/05/2016 [-] Is Football Safe for Kids?
02/05/2016 [-] P1 Photo of the Week Cops & kids
02/05/2016 [-] How do you keep kids safe on social media?
02/05/2016 [-] Toyota Skids as Yen Flattens Out
02/05/2016 [-] Free dental work for kids being offered for Give Kids A Smile Day
02/05/2016 [-] Mass. woman pleads guilty to slamming kids' heads on floor
02/05/2016 [-] Why did so many California kids get whooping cough despite b
02/05/2016 [-] Why did so many California kids get whooping cough despite being vaccinated?
02/05/2016 [-] Vaccines aren't just for kids!
02/05/2016 [-] Vt. kids quiz astronaut on International Space Station
02/05/2016 [-] Mom creates 'magical' princess wigs for kids with cancer
02/05/2016 [-] Woman drink driving with two kids in car
02/04/2016 [-] Thrombectomy Can Be Safe in Kids
02/04/2016 [-] Parents asked to ensure kids in school next week
02/04/2016 [-] Pinoy teen idols in Kids’ Choice
02/04/2016 [-] Eugene Domingo says no to kids, marriage
02/04/2016 [-] Bandai's 'Finding Dory' Audio Toys Help Kids Sleep, And Hint At Film Plot
02/04/2016 [-] 'Game Changer' Grant Helps Nonprofit Guide Kids To College
02/04/2016 [-] Expert Parents often won't take surrogate kids with defects
02/04/2016 [-] Expert Parents Often Won't Take Surrogate Kids With Defects
02/04/2016 [-] High 5 4 Kids Rudolph Brown
02/04/2016 [-] Parents' depression may affect kids' school performance
02/04/2016 [-] Expert Parents often won't take surrogate kids with defects
02/04/2016 [-] A special day for kids to play
02/04/2016 [-] Antibiotics Don't Aid Nutritional Recovery in Starved Kids
02/04/2016 [-] Elementary kids weigh in on presidential candidates
02/03/2016 [-] UN warns Australia on Nauru kids
02/03/2016 [-] Man accused of murdering ex-girlfriend, 2 others, leaving kids unhurt
02/03/2016 [-] For Kids' Sake offers Southern Illinoisans a T-shirt design contest
02/03/2016 [-] Jasper PD Woman punched child after 'egging on' fight between 3 kids
02/03/2016 [-] Mother of kids killed in crash to suspect 'You wiped out my bloodline'
02/03/2016 [-] No decision on benefits for kids of officer who took his own life
02/03/2016 [-] West Virginia Ranks 24th In Funding Programs To Keep Kids From Smoking
02/03/2016 [-] Synthetic cannabis trialled on Vic kids
02/03/2016 [-] Man abandons kids in car, charged with reckless endangerment
02/03/2016 [-] Upstate kids receive free Panthers gear from Academy Sports + Outdoors
02/03/2016 [-] Less than half of U.S. kids under age two fully vaccinated against flu
02/03/2016 [-] Study Moms most stressed when kids are in middle school
02/03/2016 [-] Less than half of U.S. kids
02/02/2016 [-] 'Star Wars,' 'Jurassic World' among Kids Choice nominees
02/02/2016 [-] A GPS Tracker for Kids Had a Bug That Would Let Hackers Stalk Them
02/02/2016 [-] Kids exposed to meth & spice in Elmore Co., several arrested
02/02/2016 [-] Kids are opting out of online social media
02/02/2016 [-] Mum who killed kids accused ex-partner of paedophilia psychiatrist
02/02/2016 [-] Schoolkids hospitalised as extreme heat grips Brisbane
02/02/2016 [-] Child life specialist helps comfort area kids
02/02/2016 [-] Health Tip Keep Kids Safe in the Bathroom
02/02/2016 [-] Boko Haram burns kids alive
02/02/2016 [-] HPV, MenB Vaccines Added to Kids' Immunization Schedule
02/02/2016 [-] Veteran's kids taken away over medical use...
02/01/2016 [-] CJ McCollum expands his media career while inspiring kids
02/01/2016 [-] SPD confirms bank robbery connected to missing kids
02/01/2016 [-] Yarloop kids together again as school moves
02/01/2016 [-] KIDS BURNED ALIVE At least 86 killed in latest Boko Haram attack
02/01/2016 [-] Boko Haram burns kids alive in Nigeria, 86 dead officials
02/01/2016 [-] Officials Boko Haram burns kids alive in Nigeria, kills 86
02/01/2016 [-] UAE- Shelter for kids trafficked by family member mooted
02/01/2016 [-] Quincy High School holds cheer clinic for kids
02/01/2016 [-] Novak Djokovic's charity donates to help disadvantaged kids in Melbourne
02/01/2016 [-] For These German Vacationers, Kids Are Verboten
02/01/2016 [-] Boko Haram burns kids alive in Nigeria, 86 dead
02/01/2016 [-] YTC to open Broadway Show Choir Kids Cebu
02/01/2016 [-] 'Catalogue of failures' hit Kids Company
02/01/2016 [-] Boko Haram burns kids alive in Nigeria, at least 86 dead, officials say
01/31/2016 [-] Adelaide school kids should ride for free, Greens say
01/31/2016 [-] Kids baking phenom makes it through another round
01/31/2016 [-] SA Greens urge free rides for school kids
01/31/2016 [-] Boko Haram burns kids alive in Nigeria, 86 dead officials
01/31/2016 [-] Kids are heading back to school
01/31/2016 [-] Boko Haram burning kids alive in northeast Nigeria, claims witness
01/31/2016 [-] Volunteers introduce refugee kids to beach life at Greenwich baths
01/31/2016 [-] Boko Haram Burns Kids Alive in Northeast Nigeria Witness
01/31/2016 [-] Children's Discovery Museum of WV Inspires Kids With Art
01/31/2016 [-] Health Tip Keep Kids Safe in Cold Weather
01/31/2016 [-] Listing Calories on Fast-Food Menus Cuts Kids' Intake
01/31/2016 [-] Home Repair Raises Lead Levels in Kids
01/31/2016 [-] Kids fall behind before they even start school
01/31/2016 [-] Many Parents Learn Online Skills From Their Tech-Savvy Kids
01/31/2016 [-] Some Kids With Autism Show Improvement by Age 6 Study
01/31/2016 [-] No Proof Drugs Ease Kids' Migraines Study
01/31/2016 [-] Good Sleep Habits, Enforced Rules Help Kids Sleep Study
01/31/2016 [-] Kids Bullied During Gym Class May Stop Exercising
01/31/2016 [-] Kids Who Undergo Heart Transplant Living Longer Study
01/31/2016 [-] Fire at Moscow Workshop Kills 12 People, Including 3 Kids
01/31/2016 [-] Efforts to Reduce Stroke in Kids With Sickle Cell Working Study
01/31/2016 [-] Menu Calorie Counts May Mean Less Fattening Meals for Kids
01/31/2016 [-] Do TV Liquor Ads Drive Kids to Drink?
01/31/2016 [-] Gradual Exposure to Peanuts May Help Some Allergic Kids
01/31/2016 [-] High Blood Pressure in Kids May Be Less Common Than Thought
01/31/2016 [-] Twenty U.S. Kids Hospitalized Each Day for Gun Injuries Study
01/31/2016 [-] Study Finds Tonsillectomy Just as Safe for Adults as Kids
01/31/2016 [-] Video Game Teaches Kids How to Spot a Stroke
01/31/2016 [-] Ambidextrous Kids More Likely to Have ADHD
01/31/2016 [-] 2 adults, 2 kids hurt in crash near 59th Ave. & Bethany Home Rd.
01/31/2016 [-] Chicago Cops Shoot Hoops With Kids On West Side
01/30/2016 [-] Kids ask Hillary Clinton the darndest things
01/30/2016 [-] Helicopter parents stalk teachers over kids' homework
01/30/2016 [-] Snyder About 200 Flint kids have elevated blood-lead level
01/30/2016 [-] Study Links Diabetes, Obesity in Moms-to-Be to Higher Autism Risk in Kids
01/30/2016 [-] Dream playhouses being built for Kosair Kids
01/30/2016 [-] Three kids charged with stealing school bus for three hour joy ride
01/30/2016 [-] Parents sit in for kids on practice ISTEP test
01/29/2016 [-] An ethical way to choose which kids get chemo during a shortage?
01/29/2016 [-] Among high risk kids, both boys and girls are victims of dating violence
01/29/2016 [-] Oklahoma Republican wants to forbid suicidal LGBT kids from meeting gay-friendly therapists
01/29/2016 [-] 5T kids to take first communion
01/29/2016 [-] Why kids develop food allergies
01/29/2016 [-] Passive smoking may make kids obese Study
01/29/2016 [-] 10 Million African Kids Are Now Obese or Overweight
01/29/2016 [-] US failed to protect Central American kids
01/29/2016 [-] Saving the dreams of homeless kids
01/29/2016 [-] Maternal obesity, diabetes tied to increased autism risk in kids
01/29/2016 [-] Kids charged in Mount Isa crime crackdown
01/29/2016 [-] Giving Back Johnnie Golden helps kids achieve for life
01/29/2016 [-] SSRIs in Kids Riskier than Once Thought?
01/28/2016 [-] VIDEO Kids Company sex abuse claims 'unfounded'
01/28/2016 [-] Amber Alert issued for 2 kids taken by Florida mom
01/28/2016 [-] Operation Lost Kids
01/28/2016 [-] Nonprofit that helps kids to hold its first 5K
01/28/2016 [-] Antidepressants Double Aggression and Suicide Risk in Kids
01/28/2016 [-] Woman caught drink-driving with kids in car loses licence
01/28/2016 [-] GPM Making science fun for kids through comics
01/28/2016 [-] Police end Kids Company abuse inquiry
01/28/2016 [-] Reigniting a passion for model trains now the kids have left home
01/28/2016 [-] Principal hit by bus while trying to save kids from harm
01/28/2016 [-] Breast-Feeding May Not Help Prevent Allergies in Kids, Study Claims
01/28/2016 [-] MORE Food additives in kids' lunches
01/28/2016 [-] Letters from Abner Teaching kids to dream big
01/28/2016 [-] Rural Reporter Kids gather for Santa camp
01/28/2016 [-] GA Power presents check to Safe Kids Savannah
01/28/2016 [-] Hobart City Council encourages kids with spray cans in street art workshops
01/28/2016 [-] Snyder About 200 Flint kids have elevated blood-lead levels
01/28/2016 [-] Kids so tech oriented they can't sign own name...
01/28/2016 [-] High 5 4 Kids Vicen'te Thompkins and Andre James
01/28/2016 [-] Rotorua programme schools kids and parents
01/27/2016 [-] Canadian troops more likely to have experienced abuse, violence as kids Study
01/27/2016 [-] Principal pushed kids out of the way before being fatally hit by bus
01/27/2016 [-] Principal pushed kids out of way before being fatally hit
01/27/2016 [-] High lead levels in 5 kids in Ohio town with tainted water
01/27/2016 [-] Conn. task force to discuss law banning smoking in cars with kids
01/27/2016 [-] Canadian troops more likely to have experienced abuse as kids Study
01/27/2016 [-] Local shop helps kids get to prom through raffle
01/27/2016 [-] Primary school kids sent home after classrooms are flooded with raw sewage
01/27/2016 [-] Australia's first kids newspaper Inkling, January 24 2016
01/27/2016 [-] A mad rush as Queensland kids head back to class
01/27/2016 [-] BASF Profit Skids on Low Oil Prices
01/27/2016 [-] Matthew Braithwaite and kids
01/27/2016 [-] Schools Must Do More to Combat Obesity Among Hispanic Kids Report
01/27/2016 [-] College Kids Spend a Fifth of Class Time on Digital Devices Survey
01/27/2016 [-] Australia's first national kids newspaper without 'the gore'
01/27/2016 [-] British principal tells parents Stop wearing pajamas when dropping off kids news
01/27/2016 [-] Some college kids spend a fifth of class time on digital devices
01/27/2016 [-] Driver Principal fatally hit by bus pushed kids out of way
01/27/2016 [-] Transition to high school confronting for some kids, expert says
01/27/2016 [-] 'You're huge' Shaquille O'Neal crashes kids' basketball game
01/27/2016 [-] Health Department Accepting Registrations for 'Give Kids a Smile Day'
01/27/2016 [-] ‘Cannonsburg in the City’ to teach kids to ski
01/27/2016 [-] Caregivers learn about positive risk for kids
01/27/2016 [-] More kids sent to school with tablets
01/26/2016 [-] Iraq Another ISIS mass grave with women and kids found
01/26/2016 [-] Some Antibiotics May Change Gut Bacteria in Kids
01/26/2016 [-] Kids testify in polygamous child labor case
01/26/2016 [-] UNICEF Seeks to Aid Kids in Global Emergencies
01/26/2016 [-] Union Co. parents charged after young kids test positive for meth
01/26/2016 [-] College kids spend a fifth of class time on digital devices
01/26/2016 [-] Tribunal rules Canada discriminated against aboriginal kids
01/26/2016 [-] UNICEF Seeks 2.8B to Aid Kids in Global Emergencies
01/26/2016 [-] Kids ride services HopSkipDrive and Shuddle click with customers - and investors
01/26/2016 [-] UNICEF seeks to help kids in world emergencies in 2016
01/26/2016 [-] UNICEF seeks 2.8B to help kids in world emergencies in 2016
01/26/2016 [-] Kids spending more time online than TV
01/26/2016 [-] How Playing With Jerry The Bear Changes Kids Lives
01/26/2016 [-] Health experts say kids and energy drinks don't mix
01/26/2016 [-] Stocks fall as oil skids nearly 6%, hitting energy companies
01/26/2016 [-] Kids who pass out should be positioned on their side, doctors say
01/26/2016 [-] Detroit-area man pleads guilty to killing wife, 2 kids
01/26/2016 [-] Watch a Bunch of Kids Critique Adele Songs
01/25/2016 [-] Things to do with the kids in Manchester this February half term
01/25/2016 [-] Stocks slip as oil skids 6 percent, hitting energy companies
01/25/2016 [-] Advice for parents as kids get set to go back to school
01/25/2016 [-] Painless cap ends dentist fear for kids
01/25/2016 [-] 40 mil. kids under 5 overweight child obesity panel
01/25/2016 [-] ‘Keep your kids and elderly warm’
01/25/2016 [-] Energy Drinks and Kids
01/25/2016 [-] 'Alarming' Number of Obese Kids, WHO Says
01/25/2016 [-] Woman accused of exposing herself to kids at Kosair
01/25/2016 [-] Shaq Surprises Florida Kids With a Game of Pickup Basketball
01/25/2016 [-] 'Good debt' tied to kids' emotional well-being
01/25/2016 [-] 4M Filipino kids suffering from malnutrition
01/25/2016 [-] Childhood obesity panel 40 million kids under 5 overweight
01/25/2016 [-] Cop calls Shaq for backup in pickup game with kids
01/25/2016 [-] Bush kids brought to the beach by Lord's Taverners
01/25/2016 [-] Heavy school bags can cause kids back and neck pain, physiotherapist warns
01/25/2016 [-] Shaq shocks kids by being cop's 'backup' for pick-up game
01/24/2016 [-] Shaq surprises FL neighborhood, plays basketball with kids
01/24/2016 [-] Not making my kids believe
01/24/2016 [-] Shopping Carts Can Pose Big Danger to Little Kids
01/24/2016 [-] Pair nabbed, kids safe in SA desert search
01/24/2016 [-] Dogs in the Home May Lower Kids' Odds for Asthma
01/24/2016 [-] Pizza Takes a Slice Out of Kids' Health, Study Finds
01/24/2016 [-] Health Tip Help Protect Kids from Flu
01/24/2016 [-] Involving Family May Help Overweight Kids Change Habits
01/24/2016 [-] More Time at Family Dinners Might Curb Obesity in Kids
01/24/2016 [-] Study Links Cadmium Exposure to Learning Disabilities in Kids
01/24/2016 [-] Active Ingredient in Viagra Shrunk Disfiguring Growths in Kids
01/24/2016 [-] Study Finds Nearly Half of U.S. Kids Are Under-Vaccinated
01/24/2016 [-] Dyslexia's Brain Changes May Occur Before Kids Learn to Read
01/24/2016 [-] Heartburn Meds Won't Help, May Harm Kids With Asthma
01/24/2016 [-] Vaccinating Kids Against Common Gut Bug Helps Shield Adults Too Study
01/24/2016 [-] One Path to Fitter Kids More P.E. at School
01/24/2016 [-] Environmental Chemicals May Thwart Kids' Vaccines
01/24/2016 [-] Art soothes kids in gun-plagued Washington neighborhood
01/24/2016 [-] Kids enjoy a day in the snow
01/24/2016 [-] IoT Security Is So Bad, There's a Search Engine For Sleeping Kids
01/24/2016 [-] 'Trophy Kids' On Netflix One of the Scariest Horror Movies You'll Ever See
01/24/2016 [-] Photos Kids and Family Expo at DeVos Place
01/24/2016 [-] Couple with three kids at large after rocks allegedly thrown at SA police
01/23/2016 [-] Watch This Dog Pull a Sled of Little Kids Around in the Snow
01/23/2016 [-] Toy Makers Turn to YouTube To Grab Kids' Attention
01/23/2016 [-] Vic drink-driver had kids in back seat
01/23/2016 [-] Mindfulness can tackle obesity in kids
01/23/2016 [-] Supermarkets Nearby May Help Kids Lose Some Weight Study
01/23/2016 [-] Health Tip Promote Healthier Eating in Kids
01/23/2016 [-] Cop responds to complaint of kids playing basketball with slam dunk
01/22/2016 [-] 'Standing desks' in classrooms may kickstart kids' activity
01/22/2016 [-] Excess Weight Linked to Blood Clot Risk in Kids
01/22/2016 [-] Student's invention gives sick kids 'super powers'
01/22/2016 [-] United Flight From SFO Skids Off Runway In Chicago
01/22/2016 [-] Jon Gosselin claims Kate keeps him from their kids
01/22/2016 [-] Nanny avoids jail for leaving kids in car while tanning
01/22/2016 [-] Classroom standing desks may curb kids’ sedentary time
01/22/2016 [-] District stands by policy after kids kept outside in the cold before school
01/22/2016 [-] Local kids enjoy snow day sledding in the Tri-States
01/22/2016 [-] 13 Year Old Boy Saves 2 Kids As Hoverboard Explodes In Home
01/21/2016 [-] Parental debt may affect kids' behavior
01/21/2016 [-] School Kids Who Perform Group Tasks Are Better Decision-Makers
01/21/2016 [-] Eatery bans kids under 5
01/21/2016 [-] Pakistan Scared to send their kids to school
01/21/2016 [-] Parents' Financial Debt Linked to Behavioral Problems in Their Kids
01/21/2016 [-] When Water is Offered at Lunch, Kids Drop Weight
01/21/2016 [-] High 5 4 Kids Samantha Phillips
01/21/2016 [-] Hey kids, tweeting won’t get you a snow day
01/20/2016 [-] Parents say middle school's anti-bullying program violated kids' privacy
01/20/2016 [-] With kids in car, mother thwarts alleged would-be carjackers
01/20/2016 [-] Charles Taylor won't allow kids to play for Ghana
01/20/2016 [-] New book urges parents to reorder life for the sake of kids
01/20/2016 [-] More Evidence That Severe Poverty Harms Kids' Health
01/20/2016 [-] Overweight, Sedentary Kids Face HTN Risk as Adults
01/20/2016 [-] Health Tip Let Kids Dip Into Lunch
01/20/2016 [-] Kids on Syrian refugee route 'could freeze to death'
01/20/2016 [-] Outback kids swap drought for seaside holiday fun
01/20/2016 [-] Most Pure Heart of Mary Good Kids celebrate Rome trip
01/20/2016 [-] School water coolers may help kids lose weight
01/20/2016 [-] ISIS holding 3,500 slaves - mostly sex slaves, kids UN
01/20/2016 [-] Tenn. tutor arrested after 3 kids found in trunk
01/19/2016 [-] Kids stepped up on MLK Day
01/19/2016 [-] They'll Pay You to Say That You Want Kids to Drink Soda
01/19/2016 [-] Pregnant Moms who Consume Fish have Smarter and More Intelligent Kids
01/19/2016 [-] Energy companies fight against kids' climate change suit
01/19/2016 [-] Energy companies fight against kids’ climate change suit
01/19/2016 [-] Private service for SA dad and kids
01/19/2016 [-] Stop Telling Kids That Programming Is A ‘Foreign Language’, by Forrest Brazeal
01/19/2016 [-] Oregon Standoff Militia Member Loses Foster Kids, Blames 'Pressure From The Feds'
01/19/2016 [-] The key to stop bullying Popular kids
01/19/2016 [-] EXCHANGE Dixon schools getting kids hooked on books
01/19/2016 [-] Israeli mother of six murdered by terrorist in her home with kids nearby
01/19/2016 [-] Unlocking kids' creativity with insects and art
01/19/2016 [-] Hawke's Bay kids get their water wings
01/19/2016 [-] Study eyes candy-flavored e-cigarette ads targeted to kids
01/18/2016 [-] Idaho Mom Rips Taco Bell For Telling Kids to Leave
01/18/2016 [-] Adverts of Flavored E-Cigarettes Encourage Smoking among School Kids
01/18/2016 [-] High fish consumption in pregnancy tied to brain benefits for kids
01/18/2016 [-] Indoor playground keeps kids unplugged this winter
01/18/2016 [-] Candy-flavored e-cig ads could increase vaping among kids
01/18/2016 [-] President's Prescription Kids and Grief
01/17/2016 [-] Murder Most Horrid Jewish Mother Stabbed To Death In Front Of Her Kids
01/17/2016 [-] Wanted Parents of 2 abandoned kids in Davao
01/17/2016 [-] Health Tip Teach Kids About Snack Safety
01/17/2016 [-] Driver with kids tests positive for meth
01/17/2016 [-] Moms' Stress Tied to Kids' Asthma Risk
01/17/2016 [-] Very Low Levels of Lead Harm Kids' Kidneys Study
01/17/2016 [-] Tuning In to Music May Ease Kids' Post-Op Pain, Study Finds
01/17/2016 [-] Fast Food Tied to Asthma, Eczema and Hay Fever in Kids
01/17/2016 [-] Sight, Sound Out of Sync in Kids With Autism, Study Finds
01/17/2016 [-] Screen Time Near Bedtime Means Less Sleep for Kids
01/17/2016 [-] Bottle Rockets Hurt Kids
01/17/2016 [-] Obese Kids May Face Immediate Health Woes, Study Finds
01/17/2016 [-] Safer Roads Near Schools May Mean Fewer Kids Struck by Cars
01/17/2016 [-] Recess Promotes Healthy Eating by School Kids Study
01/17/2016 [-] Cases of Rare But Deadly Encephalitis Rising Among Kids, Report Finds
01/17/2016 [-] How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex
01/17/2016 [-] Study Finds Low Flu Vaccine Rates in U.S. Kids
01/17/2016 [-] Lung Infection Up in Wake of Kids' Pneumonia Vaccine
01/17/2016 [-] Assaults at Schools Send 90,000 Kids to ER Each Year Study
01/17/2016 [-] When a Common Cold Becomes More Dangerous for Kids
01/17/2016 [-] Ear Tubes May Not Have Long-Term Benefits for Kids With Ear Infections
01/17/2016 [-] Deadly 'Choking Game' Still Common Among Kids
01/17/2016 [-] Health Tip Encourage Kids to Snack on Fruits and Veggies
01/16/2016 [-] WATCH Man pays neighborhood black kids to play inside so cops won’t shoot them
01/16/2016 [-] Kids and Guns Stress and Substance Abuse a Deadly Combo
01/16/2016 [-] Schools discouraging autistic kids
01/16/2016 [-] Kids enjoy night of IU women's basketball
01/16/2016 [-] Kids With Arthritis Can Do Well on Enbrel
01/16/2016 [-] At Trump rally, USA Freedom Kids flaunt their 'Ameritude'
01/16/2016 [-] John Rosemond How big of a deal should kids be?
01/15/2016 [-] Woman sued for loud kids playing outside
01/15/2016 [-] Cutting sugar from diet boosts kids' health immediately
01/15/2016 [-] Halloween can be a fright for kids with food allergies
01/15/2016 [-] Asperger's May Be More Common in Kids With Gender Dysphoria
01/15/2016 [-] Ford to Introduce Mustang and F-10 Raptor LEGO Sets for Kids
01/15/2016 [-] State Confiscates Veteran's Kids Over Medical Marijuana-PTSD Treatment
01/15/2016 [-] 3 Ways White Kids Benefit Most From Racially Diverse Schools
01/15/2016 [-] Car Seat Safety How to make your kids 5X safer
01/15/2016 [-] Education for disability kids 'like Lotto'
01/15/2016 [-] Having More Kids May Slow Mom's Aging, Study Says
01/15/2016 [-] The Latest Trump says kids will run company if he wins
01/15/2016 [-] Kim's Kids Little Terrious wants a big brother
01/15/2016 [-] Video The USA Freedom Kids sing songs of President Trump’s greatness
01/14/2016 [-] Study shows benefit of sugar warning labels on kids' drinks
01/14/2016 [-] Fund set up for Eclectic mom, kids who escaped burning home
01/14/2016 [-] The U.S. states where teachers still beat kids
01/14/2016 [-] Local kids toured the WGEM weather center
01/14/2016 [-] JCI-Zugbuana holds Christmas outreach, serves 50 kids
01/14/2016 [-] Having More Kids May Slow Mom's Aging
01/14/2016 [-] Fire began by kids huffing fly spray
01/14/2016 [-] Drunk driver had three young kids in car
01/14/2016 [-] High 5 4 Kids Kyong Ku
01/14/2016 [-] Former foster child works to make better life for kids in care
01/14/2016 [-] David Bowie ensure £135m fortune for wife, kids
01/14/2016 [-] Fund set up to help mom & 3 kids who escaped burning Eclectic home
01/14/2016 [-] School district looking to expand to help kids learn
01/14/2016 [-] Drink driver caught with kids unrestrained
01/14/2016 [-] Three times over limit, three kids in car
01/14/2016 [-] Upper Valley hospital announces vaccine mix up affecting hundreds of kids
01/13/2016 [-] Deadly avalanche hits schoolkids in French Alps
01/13/2016 [-] Alcohol ads should be a no-see on TV for kids
01/13/2016 [-] Berlin Film Festival’s kids & youth films section completes lineup
01/13/2016 [-] Ruling Removal of kids hinges on current circumstances
01/13/2016 [-] Panelists say kids need more hope, activities to avoid gangs
01/13/2016 [-] North Dakota Schools Cannot Force Vaccination Your Kids
01/13/2016 [-] Perrigo Recalls Kids' Cough Syrup Over Overdose Risk
01/13/2016 [-] Obese kids as young as 8 show
01/12/2016 [-] Man charged in fatal stabbings of woman, her 2 kids in Ohio
01/12/2016 [-] Detroit mayor Dead mouse, cold kids, bad floor in schools
01/12/2016 [-] New York woman accused of holding 2 South Korean kids as slaves
01/12/2016 [-] Overdose Risk Prompts Kids' Cough Syrup Recall
01/12/2016 [-] Kids With ASD Have Slightly Higher Death Risk
01/12/2016 [-] Police Ex-boyfriend fatally stabs woman, her 2 kids in Ohio
01/12/2016 [-] NYC woman accused of holding 2 South Korean kids as slaves
01/12/2016 [-] Mother, 2 kids fatally stabbed in Ohio, ex-beau suspected
01/12/2016 [-] 2 adults, 2 kids killed in northeast Ohio house explosion
01/12/2016 [-] Mother, 2 kids fatally stabbed in Ohio; ex-beau suspected
01/12/2016 [-] Secondhand smoke in infancy may harm kids' teeth
01/12/2016 [-] Federal Law Now Says Kids Can Walk To School Alone
01/12/2016 [-] Three kids killed, 25 injured in school bus accident in Punjab
01/12/2016 [-] Liberals upset objects in kids' books aren't female
01/12/2016 [-] UN More than half of South Sudanese kids not in school
01/12/2016 [-] Kids With ADHD May Be More Likely to Have Accident in Traffic Study
01/12/2016 [-] Kids With Vision-Damaging Cancers May Face Ills Later
01/12/2016 [-] Edmond Rotary donates coats to kids
01/12/2016 [-] Leaving Vic kids in hot cars 'is torture'
01/12/2016 [-] '225 Vic kids' left in cars in December
01/12/2016 [-] Substitute teacher told kids she'd allow an AK-47 attack, cops say
01/12/2016 [-] 'Bush Mob' helping young kids kick their addictions in the bush
01/11/2016 [-] Authorities say man left 4 kids in home where fire broke out
01/11/2016 [-] Tega Cay man accused of sex crimes against two neighborhood kids
01/11/2016 [-] Russian airstrikes allegedly hit schools full of Syrian kids
01/11/2016 [-] If They Would Feed Radioactive Oatmeal to Little Kids, What Wouldn’t They Do?
01/11/2016 [-] Schools aren't startups and kids aren't consumers
01/11/2016 [-] Having more kids may lead to slower rate of aging
01/10/2016 [-] Sperm donor dad bonds with the kids he never knew he had
01/10/2016 [-] OPINION Rowdy kids at church
01/10/2016 [-] Kalamazoo Valley Museum Great Freeze kept kids from the cold
01/10/2016 [-] Hospital Type Linked to Racial Disparities in Kids With Appendicitis Complication
01/10/2016 [-] Water Dispensers at School May Encourage Kids to Drink More
01/10/2016 [-] Can Pets Help Boost Social Skills for Kids With Autism?
01/10/2016 [-] Liquid Tamiflu for Kids in Short Supply
01/10/2016 [-] Cold Medicine Risky for Kids
01/10/2016 [-] New Guidelines on When Kids Need Tonsillectomies
01/10/2016 [-] High Praise Might Backfire on Kids With Low Self-Esteem
01/10/2016 [-] Kids With Bedroom Smartphones Sleep Less Study
01/10/2016 [-] Temporary Fever May Occur When Kids Under 2 Get 2 Shots at Once
01/10/2016 [-] Showing Kids How Fast They Eat May Help Them Shape Up
01/10/2016 [-] Extra Bed Rest May Not Be Best for Kids With Concussions
01/10/2016 [-] Tight Blood Sugar Control Might Not Help All Critically Ill Kids
01/10/2016 [-] Depressed Dads Affect Their Kids Even Before Born
01/10/2016 [-] High BPA Levels in Kids Linked to Risk for Heart, Kidney Damage Study
01/10/2016 [-] Markers Predict Kids' Risk of Diabetes as Adults
01/10/2016 [-] Health Tip Talk to Kids About Smoking
01/10/2016 [-] Abused Kids More Prone to Migraines in Adulthood
01/10/2016 [-] 2015 Coats for Kids Thousands of coats distributed
01/10/2016 [-] Caddo deputies give kids their First Gun training
01/09/2016 [-] Ma urges new immigrants to teach kids mother tongue
01/09/2016 [-] Remuera killing Rich-lister dad to victim's two kids
01/09/2016 [-] EyeForcer wants to force your kids to sit up straight
01/09/2016 [-] Local family launches fundraiser for kids with hearing aids
01/09/2016 [-] 16 injured, mostly kids, in Bangkok shopping mall accident
01/09/2016 [-] ‘Repack the Backpack’ donates school supplies to kids in need
01/09/2016 [-] Ben Carson has kids identify worst student, newspaper says
01/08/2016 [-] Klopp turns to kids for Liverpool's FA Cup clash
01/08/2016 [-] Respect the voice of kids, youths,Unicef urges
01/08/2016 [-] 11 Rohingya women and kids flee shelter again
01/08/2016 [-] Fun for all kids
01/08/2016 [-] Advocates push for low-income insurance program for kids
01/08/2016 [-] India shelter reportedly tortured kids over Bible lessons
01/08/2016 [-] UK woman who abducted kids to travel to Syria sentenced
01/08/2016 [-] Having more kids may slow down ageing Study
01/08/2016 [-] Soap actress, kids found dead
01/08/2016 [-] Young Kids and Booze Tasting Common
01/08/2016 [-] Photos 7 times celebrities dressed like their kids
01/08/2016 [-] Fun Ways to Include Kids in Fitness Resolutions
01/08/2016 [-] Thousands of Indian kids brush teeth in unison for record
01/08/2016 [-] Lots of Exercise May Boost Kids' Grades
01/08/2016 [-] Older Folks, College Kids Make Decisions Just as Quickly Study
01/08/2016 [-] Exercise Boosts Kids' Academic Performance
01/08/2016 [-] Study Kids With ADHD, Aggression May Benefit From 2nd Med
01/08/2016 [-] Study Tracks Kids' Brain Activity While Watching 'Sesame Street'
01/08/2016 [-] Mom's Poverty, Diabetes Might Raise ADHD Risk in Kids
01/08/2016 [-] Health Tip Little Kids and Some Pets Don't Mix
01/08/2016 [-] Kim's Kids One-to-one relationship that is built on trust and friendship
01/07/2016 [-] ‘Where’s Rey’ Proves Kids Are Light Years Ahead of Toy Companies
01/07/2016 [-] Maybe handcuffs will scare kids straight
01/07/2016 [-] Amber Alert for Yuma kids canceled, parents still at large
01/07/2016 [-] Deaf GA woman uses text-to-911, saves 2 kids left in car
01/07/2016 [-] Egypt- The downtown kids
01/07/2016 [-] Suspect charged after woman, kids held hostage
01/07/2016 [-] Bridge players donate to Coats for Kids
01/07/2016 [-] AMBER ALERT Yuma parents flee with 3 kids
01/07/2016 [-] Australian Open ball kids aiming for perfect roll
01/07/2016 [-] High 5 4 Kids Gregory Smith
01/07/2016 [-] Tech for Tots The Coolest Products for Kids at CES 2016
01/07/2016 [-] Students Opt for Healthy Foods After Hunger-Free Kids Act
01/07/2016 [-] Zapantas want ‘donation’ used for Joselito’s kids
01/06/2016 [-] Montessori kids step up for Mayport USO
01/06/2016 [-] Suspect charged after woman, kids held hostage in standoff
01/06/2016 [-] With a kids' wearable, I became a human 'Pac-man'
01/06/2016 [-] Coats for Kids Collection deadline extended
01/06/2016 [-] Kansas to start new mentoring program for poor, foster kids
01/06/2016 [-] To stop bullying, get the popular kids on board
01/06/2016 [-] Kids And Screen Time A Peek At Upcoming Guidance
01/06/2016 [-] The science of play Australia opens first kids' museum
01/06/2016 [-] Memorial grows for dad, kids at Port Lincoln
01/06/2016 [-] Plane skids off taxiway at Washington state airport
01/06/2016 [-] LEGO's little bot teaches kids about science and coding
01/06/2016 [-] Dancer returns to outback Queensland to teach rural kids
01/06/2016 [-] Kids Born Through IVF Show No Higher Risk for Developmental Delays Study
01/06/2016 [-] Parents struggle to get kids to 'unplug'
01/06/2016 [-] New School Lunch Program Lets Kids Select More Nutritious Meals
01/06/2016 [-] Concerns over unvaxxed kids at Qld centres
01/06/2016 [-] Free Skytrain rides for kids on Children’s Day
01/05/2016 [-] U.S. may lack resources to treat kids in disasters
01/05/2016 [-] COLUMN-Sometimes 'poor little rich kids' really are poor little rich kids
01/05/2016 [-] United Airlines plane skids off runway at Spokane airport
01/05/2016 [-] Rumor of neglect ups risk of later maltreatment for kids
01/05/2016 [-] Camels, kids lead rally for school vouchers
01/05/2016 [-] The Latest Officials look for housing for girlfriend, kids
01/05/2016 [-] Kids shop for presents with law enforcement
01/05/2016 [-] SWAT team rescues 11 kids and woman held hostage in hotel near Atlanta
01/05/2016 [-] HOSTAGE RESCUE Ga. SWAT team saves 11 kids, woman held in hotel
01/05/2016 [-] Printmaking crafts for kids
01/05/2016 [-] Dozens of pigs killed, road closed, as lorry skids into ditch
01/05/2016 [-] Program allows kids, parents to exercise
01/05/2016 [-] Infertility Tx Not a Risk for Kids' Developmental Delays
01/04/2016 [-] Report U.S. disaster preparedness neglects kids
01/04/2016 [-] Hundreds of military kids sexually abused in US report
01/04/2016 [-] 'Gutted' Community in shock after dad drives kids off wharf
01/04/2016 [-] Lithuanian Admits Killing 2 Kids by Throwing Them in a Well
01/04/2016 [-] 'One of our saddest days' Shock over dad, kids driven off wharf
01/04/2016 [-] New Mexico agency looking for homelike space for abused kids
01/04/2016 [-] Father drives car off Australian pier with 2 kids inside Reports
01/04/2016 [-] Police Couple left 3 young kids in cold SUV to hit casino
01/04/2016 [-] Pediatricians' group says U.S. lacks resources to treat kids in disasters
01/04/2016 [-] 3 Anger-Inducing Charts About Kids and Prison
01/04/2016 [-] Father and two kids drown in wharf tragedy
01/04/2016 [-] How We Found the People Who Were Sent to Prison for Life as Kids
01/04/2016 [-] The Voice for Kids airs for the first time in Middle East
01/04/2016 [-] Pentagon Hundreds of military kids sexually abused annually
01/04/2016 [-] Military kids sexually abused hundreds of times each year
01/04/2016 [-] The Voice Kids Arabia begins with a bang
01/04/2016 [-] Winter fun for kids in Sharjah
01/04/2016 [-] For kids with hearing loss, new therapy an option, but scarce
01/03/2016 [-] Drug to Treat Serious Infections May Harm Kids' Kidneys, Study Says
01/03/2016 [-] Is Alternative Medicine Risky for Kids?
01/03/2016 [-] For Kids, All Activity May Not Be Equal
01/03/2016 [-] Kids Kingdom Opens in Clarksburg
01/03/2016 [-] At-risk kids find mentors in corrections officers
01/03/2016 [-] Online Learning Connects Indian Kids With World
01/03/2016 [-] Town throws party for 1,000 kids
01/03/2016 [-] Help your kids s
01/02/2016 [-] Kids in the Valley learn to become better builders thanks to Home Depot
01/02/2016 [-] Safari camp at Oklahoma City Zoo lets kids go wild
01/02/2016 [-] Have kids, will travel!, writes Priyanka Chaturvedi
01/02/2016 [-] West Virginia kids in Rose Bowl Parade
01/01/2016 [-] Extra care required when dying parents have young kids
01/01/2016 [-] Newark mother who lost 3 sons to gun violence ‘Stop killing my kids’
01/01/2016 [-] 'It could have been our own kids' Two boys drown at Glenelg Beach
01/01/2016 [-] 'It could have been our own kids' Two boys drown at Glenelg Beach
01/01/2016 [-] Childcare provider won't ban unvaccinated kids, CEO says
01/01/2016 [-] Netflix can help your kids ring in the New Year a bit early
01/01/2016 [-] Netflix offers early New Year’s Eve countdown for kids
12/31/2015 [-] This Salman Khan is changing the way kids learn
12/31/2015 [-] Kids Improve Reading Skills with a Visit from Shelby
12/31/2015 [-] Netflix offers early New Year's Eve countdown for kids
12/31/2015 [-] Keeping kids safe this summer
12/30/2015 [-] Parental RA Raises Health Risks in Kids
12/30/2015 [-] Mom, 3 kids killed in California fire Christmas morning/ti
12/30/2015 [-] Mom, 3 kids killed in California fire Christmas mo
12/30/2015 [-] Irish in Arizona ND players help underprivileged kids build their first bed
12/30/2015 [-] Cop sees speeder's kids home safely
12/30/2015 [-] WVU Basketball Player Talks Success With Fairmont Kids
12/30/2015 [-] Rich kids of INSTA flaunt holiday extravagance...
12/30/2015 [-] Best Small Cruise Ship For Kids Europa 2
12/30/2015 [-] ADHD diagnoses surge in US kids
12/29/2015 [-] This CA quit his job to teach slum kids
12/29/2015 [-] Montgomery couple charged with exposing kids to marijuana, alcohol
12/29/2015 [-] Deal Kids go free on these bespoke Kenya and Tanzania safaris
12/29/2015 [-] Child Asthma Rates Leveling Off, Except Among Poor and Older Kids Study
12/29/2015 [-] Maths whizkids to represent SA in US
12/29/2015 [-] Asthma Rate is Dropping among US Kids
12/29/2015 [-] East Henrico crash injures 5 adults, 2 kids
12/29/2015 [-] 'Good therapy' LMPD officers play basketball with kids at South Central Park
12/29/2015 [-] East Henrico crash injures 6 adults, 2 kids
12/29/2015 [-] Take home drug tests aim to help parents teach kids
12/29/2015 [-] East Texas veteran has Christmas with kids after years apart
12/28/2015 [-] Do parents give their kids too much control?
12/28/2015 [-] Asthma rate stops climbing in some U.S. kids
12/28/2015 [-] Child asthma rates leveling off, except among poor and older kids
12/28/2015 [-] Study Kids’ asthma rates quiet down after earlier increase
12/28/2015 [-] teaches black fathers to care for their kids
12/28/2015 [-] Drink-driving hoon had kids in car police
12/27/2015 [-] 8T kids to experience Christmas at Kiddieland
12/27/2015 [-] New Year celebration ideas family and kids
12/27/2015 [-] Behavioral Therapy Might Ease Kids' Migraine Symptoms
12/27/2015 [-] Keep the Holidays Merry for Kids With Diabetes
12/27/2015 [-] Coordinated Care Through 'Medical Home' Best for Chronically Ill Kids Study
12/27/2015 [-] Some Kids Abusing Common Baking Ingredients
12/27/2015 [-] Make Holiday Meals Safe for Kids With Food Allergies
12/27/2015 [-] Mother's Depression Tied to Later Delinquency in Kids
12/27/2015 [-] Eating More Nuts During Pregnancy Might Help Prevent Allergies in Kids Study
12/27/2015 [-] Diabetes May Affect Kids' Brain Growth, Study Reports
12/27/2015 [-] Noisy Toys Might Harm Kids' Hearing
12/27/2015 [-] It's OK for Kids to Keep Believing in Santa, Expert Says
12/27/2015 [-] Low Vitamin D More Common in Overweight Kids
12/27/2015 [-] Asthma Drugs in Pregnancy Might Pose Risk for Kids
12/27/2015 [-] What's Best for Kids' Eye Health? Experts Give Insight
12/27/2015 [-] Can Fast Food Hinder Learning in Kids?
12/27/2015 [-] U.S. Spends 5 Times More Than U.K. on Antibiotics for Kids Study
12/27/2015 [-] Kids invited for wobbly first ride
12/27/2015 [-] Rama spends with cemetery kids
12/26/2015 [-] 2nd Annual 'Teaming up for kids' kicks off in Elkhart
12/26/2015 [-] Jennifer Lawrence surprises sick kids with pre-Christmas visit
12/26/2015 [-] Vermont inmates build huge dollhouse for kids at hospital
12/26/2015 [-] South Bend Police surprise kids with Christmas presents
12/26/2015 [-] Mom, 3 kids killed in California fire on Christmas morning
12/26/2015 [-] East Prairie law enforcement partner with 'Heroes for Kids' this Christmas
12/26/2015 [-] Mom, 3 kids killed in California fire Christmas morning
12/25/2015 [-] Gifts are donated to migrant kids at North Texas camps
12/25/2015 [-] Young Athletes Program Helps Kenyan Kids With Intellectual Disabilities
12/25/2015 [-] More Computer Time May Be Causing Nearsightedness in U.S. Kids
12/25/2015 [-] Marijuana Chemical May Help Prevent Epileptic Seizures in Kids, Young Adults
12/25/2015 [-] HIV, depression, cholesterol now among recommended screenings for kids
12/25/2015 [-] Kids visit Santa at Quincy Mall
12/25/2015 [-] Woman with three kids in back seat caught six times over legal limit
12/24/2015 [-] Santa Makes Refugee Kids' First Holiday Experience in US Memorable
12/24/2015 [-] Taiwan helps build school for refugee kids in Turkey
12/24/2015 [-] Ban on junk food marketing to nation's kids takes effect Jan. 1
12/24/2015 [-] A look at some of the newest kids' tablets on the market
12/24/2015 [-] Feds polygamous group's kids worked regularly on pecan farm
12/24/2015 [-] Farmers urged to keep an eye on the kids
12/24/2015 [-] A look at some of the newest kids' tablets on the market
12/24/2015 [-] Computer Time May Be Causing Kids' Nearsightedness
12/24/2015 [-] High 5 4 Kids Emmakate Few
12/24/2015 [-] Plane skids off runway, crashes into fence at İstanbul airport
12/24/2015 [-] Plane skids off runway, crashes into fence
12/24/2015 [-] Troopers bring joy to kids at Mission Hospital
12/24/2015 [-] Two kids, one adult killed in KZN crash
12/24/2015 [-] Will Concussions Keep Kids from Football?
12/24/2015 [-] 'Let Your Love Glow' will make things easier on kids going through treatment
12/24/2015 [-] No, Liberal Media, the Right wouldn’t Draw Obama’s Kids in a Tasteless Political Cartoon
12/24/2015 [-] 12 Days Of Charitable Giving 2015 Cops For Kids With Cancer
12/24/2015 [-] 70-year-old woman, two kids killed when train slams into car
12/23/2015 [-] Hey, cartoonists, leave them kids alone!
12/23/2015 [-] Doctor Strongest link yet between water, kids' lead levels
12/23/2015 [-] Kids regular use of digital screens concerns eye experts
12/23/2015 [-] Year-round present Bear hugs for vulnerable kids
12/23/2015 [-] Man killed, kids hurt as ute rolls
12/23/2015 [-] Two Year Old Kids Adept at Using Touch-Screen Technology
12/23/2015 [-] AP PHOTOS For family of special-needs kids, special help
12/23/2015 [-] Kids say the darndest things about God
12/23/2015 [-] The 5 best tablets for kids, and how to choose
12/23/2015 [-] Soldier surprises kids during visit with Santa
12/23/2015 [-] Hundreds of stuffed toys given to children after 'Cuddles for Kids' collection drive
12/23/2015 [-] Woman facing charges for wreck that killed mother, seriously injured kids
12/23/2015 [-] Health Tip Protect Kids' Hearing During the Holidays
12/23/2015 [-] YMCA keeps kids busy during holiday break
12/23/2015 [-] U.S. Task Force Stays Neutral on Cholesterol Screening for Kids
12/23/2015 [-] Get kids out of detention centres doctors
12/23/2015 [-] Quad bikes one of biggest killers of kids on farms
12/22/2015 [-] TECH TOTS By Age 2, Most Kids Can Navigate Touch Screens...
12/22/2015 [-] Mark Hamill Hands Out Christmas Gifts To Sick Kids
12/22/2015 [-] Boko Haram keeps 1 mil. kids out of school UNICEF
12/22/2015 [-] By two, most kids can navigate touch screens
12/22/2015 [-] Your guide to taking the kids ice skating at Bolton Winter Festival
12/22/2015 [-] New study links tainted water, high lead levels in kids
12/22/2015 [-] LOOK Hilarious Photos Of Screaming Kids On Santa's Lap
12/22/2015 [-] Hello Kitty community hacked, kids' info stolen
12/22/2015 [-] Volunteers offering comfort to kids removed from home
12/22/2015 [-] Brent crude oil skids to lowest since 2004
12/22/2015 [-] Christmas spirit visits Parian kids
12/22/2015 [-] Help Your Kids Sleep in Heavenly Peace
12/22/2015 [-] Family violence campaign 'If kids know it's wrong you should too'
12/22/2015 [-] Boko Haram Forces More Than 1 Million Kids Out of School
12/22/2015 [-] Kids visit with Santa at the University Mall
12/22/2015 [-] Doctor Strongest link yet between water, kids' lead levels
12/22/2015 [-] What stories should you be telling your kids this holiday season?
12/21/2015 [-] Green Shed owner Tiny building amusement park for Serbian kids
12/21/2015 [-] Protecting women, kids
12/21/2015 [-] Massachusetts cops searching for missing kids
12/21/2015 [-] Police Suspect had spice, heroin in car with 2 young kids
12/21/2015 [-] 36.4% of remote area kids 'wander about' in evening
12/21/2015 [-] Lead Poisoning Threatens Michigan Kids What Are the Risks?
12/21/2015 [-] Gospel Rescue Mission hosts party for hundreds of kids
12/21/2015 [-] Gaming console helps kids with cerebral palsy
12/21/2015 [-] 76 percent underage Indian kids use YouTube
12/21/2015 [-] Brent crude skids to lowest since 2004
12/21/2015 [-] Gaming console helping kids with cerebral palsy
12/21/2015 [-] Santa elves run to raise money for kids in Canada
12/21/2015 [-] Donors host party for 4,500 kids
12/21/2015 [-] Coastside Community Saves Kids' Christmas After Grinch Burglar Steals Donated Toys From Church
12/20/2015 [-] Raising confident kids
12/20/2015 [-] Panel seeks input on plan to help kids exposed to violence
12/20/2015 [-] Kids find help for anorexia more often than 'pro-ana' posts
12/20/2015 [-] Dad's battle to keep kids in New Zealand fails
12/20/2015 [-] Son continues father's tradition of collecting bikes for kids in Greenv
12/20/2015 [-] Family Meals Encourage Kids to Eat More Veggies, Fruit Study
12/20/2015 [-] Veggies and Cheese as Filling as Chips For Kids, With Fewer Calories
12/20/2015 [-] Bad Night's Sleep May Raise Blood Pressure in Kids
12/20/2015 [-] Is the Mental Health System Failing Troubled Kids?
12/20/2015 [-] 1 in 6 Fathers Doesn't Live With His Kids CDC
12/20/2015 [-] Diabetes Drug Metformin Tied to Slight Weight Loss in Obese Kids
12/20/2015 [-] Vaccinating Schoolkids Cuts Flu in Communities Study
12/20/2015 [-] Birth Defects Seem Rare in Kids of Childhood Cancer Survivors
12/20/2015 [-] Health Tip Keep Kids From Choking Hazards
12/20/2015 [-] Survey Finds Support for Banning E-Cigarette Use by Kids
12/20/2015 [-] Quality of Life Can Suffer for Kids With Heart Devices
12/20/2015 [-] Obese Kids' Brains Show Stronger Response to Sugar Study
12/20/2015 [-] Drug Interactions Common Among Hospitalized Kids, Study Says
12/20/2015 [-] Accidental Drug Overdoses on the Rise Among Kids
12/20/2015 [-] Tips for Stress-Free Winter Breaks With College Kids
12/20/2015 [-] Adult Sickle Cell Drug May Benefit Kids, Too
12/20/2015 [-] Secondhand Smoke in Pregnancy Tied to Behavior Woes in Kids
12/20/2015 [-] Motivation and Study, Not IQ, Are Keys to Kids' Math Success
12/20/2015 [-] Healthy Snacks Help Kids Fight Obesity
12/20/2015 [-] Obese Kids Might Have Higher Levels of Stress Hormone
12/20/2015 [-] Medication Linked to Fewer Injuries in Kids With ADHD
12/20/2015 [-] Survival Tripled for Hospitalized U.S. Kids With Cardiac Arrest
12/20/2015 [-] 'Love Hormone' May Buffer Kids From Mom's Depression
12/20/2015 [-] Less Mental Decline Seen in Older Blacks Who Went Hungry as Kids
12/20/2015 [-] Banning Vaccine Preservative Would Hurt Kids in Poor Nations Experts
12/20/2015 [-] Doctors Warn Against Raw Milk for Kids, Pregnant Women
12/20/2015 [-] Toy Safety Tips Help Protect Kids
12/20/2015 [-] Games Involving Candy Stimulate Kids' Appetites
12/20/2015 [-] House of Mercy to host toy donation for homeless kids Sunday
12/19/2015 [-] Army mother surprises kids at Elkhart school
12/19/2015 [-] Kerre McIvor A day that's all about the kids
12/19/2015 [-] Island sanctuary visit dream come true for school kids
12/19/2015 [-] Chickenpox Vaccine May Protect Kids From Shingles
12/19/2015 [-] Rachel Maddow shames Gov. Rick Snyder Michigan kids were poisoned under your watch
12/19/2015 [-] U.S. Marines save Xmas for kids at Ronald McDonald House
12/19/2015 [-] To Help Your Kids Get Better Grades, Feed Them Breakfast Study
12/19/2015 [-] Kids more likely to be overweight if mom gains to
12/19/2015 [-] Health Tip Keeping Kids in Pain Comfortable
12/19/2015 [-] Safe Kids Columbus holds annual bike helmet giveaway
12/19/2015 [-] A Bolton dad is accused of drunk driving with his kids in the car
12/19/2015 [-] FREE things to do with the kids in Manchester over the Christmas holidays
12/19/2015 [-] Toys for Tots donations give kids a special 'moment'
12/19/2015 [-] Understanding and Managing Risky Behavior in Kids with ADHD
12/19/2015 [-] Eye health 'time bomb' as kids stay indoors, increase screen exposure
12/18/2015 [-] Up next a minimum age for kids buying soda
12/18/2015 [-] To help your kids get better grades, feed them breakfast
12/18/2015 [-] DWS students honor St. Jude's Santa and help sick kids
12/18/2015 [-] Type 1 Diabetes Prevalence on the Rise in Kids
12/18/2015 [-] Amy Schumer doesn't see marriage, kids in her future
12/18/2015 [-] Amy Schumer Doesn’t Know ‘How Realistic It Is’ to Have Kids of Her Own
12/18/2015 [-] Religious Freedom Day & Public Schools Kids CAN Express Their Faith
12/18/2015 [-] New York's Met Introduces Kids to the Joys of the Opera
12/18/2015 [-] Toy 10 Christmas toys for kids from Manchester Arndale
12/18/2015 [-] Sumo Association wants to see more kids in ring
12/18/2015 [-] What's causing malnutrition among Indian kids
12/18/2015 [-] Columbus kids 'Shop With A Cop' this holiday season
12/18/2015 [-] Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity hosts Christmas party for kids
12/18/2015 [-] Type 1 Diabetes Rising in Kids; Reasons Unknown
12/18/2015 [-] Kids check out the crocodile eggs
12/18/2015 [-] Father returns home from Navy to surprise kids for Christmas
12/18/2015 [-] Solid Rock volunteers surprise kids at Midtown Medical
12/17/2015 [-] Nasal spray flu vaccine safe for kids with egg allergies
12/17/2015 [-] RVA Parenting Surviving the road trip with kids
12/17/2015 [-] High-tech toys make coding fun for kids
12/17/2015 [-] More U.S. kids have type 1 diabetes, but researchers don't know why
12/17/2015 [-] Top Star Wars Toys For Kids And Parents
12/17/2015 [-] New parent-led therapy can help autistic kids in India
12/17/2015 [-] More dads juggle work to mind kids
12/17/2015 [-] Hunt for dad after kids’ throats slit
12/17/2015 [-] Other People's Kids
12/17/2015 [-] Firefighters' Toy Program Delivers Holiday Cheer To Thousands Of Kids
12/17/2015 [-] Local organization needs help to provide bikes for kids
12/17/2015 [-] Expert Discussion paramount to keeping kids safe from predators
12/17/2015 [-] Bringing Christmas cheer to GK Village kids, parents
12/17/2015 [-] Signing Santa brings cheer to Columbus kids
12/17/2015 [-] Cdns willing to postpone retirement to help their kids Report
12/17/2015 [-] Namibia Child Marriage Exposes Kids to HIV/Aids Sioka
12/17/2015 [-] High 5 4 Kids Kennedy Isaac
12/17/2015 [-] The Latest Child welfare checks preceded deaths of 2 kids
12/17/2015 [-] Sheriff warns of suspected child predator approaching kids
12/17/2015 [-] Families can safely choose antibiotics over appendix surgery for kids
12/17/2015 [-] Kids Get Hurt at Residential Schools While States Look On
12/17/2015 [-] Study Overweight Kids Look Just Fine to Their Parents
12/17/2015 [-] Robots, games can teach kids coding basics
12/17/2015 [-] PM joins sick kids to watch 'Star Wars The Force Awakens'
12/17/2015 [-] Antibiotics Often Enough for Kids' Appendicitis
12/17/2015 [-] Pair linked to deaths of 2 kids in Calif. storage unit
12/16/2015 [-] Crayons 4 Kids looking for donations for kids at hospital
12/16/2015 [-] Kids find help for anorexia more often than 'pro-ana' posts on youtube
12/16/2015 [-] A look at robots and other coding toys for the youngest kids
12/16/2015 [-] 100 kids to receive bikes from Trigg Co. Sheriff's Office
12/16/2015 [-] SEGMENT Safe Kids Columbus hosts free bicycle helmet giveaway
12/16/2015 [-] Twelve days of Christmas 6000 kids to benefit from cash
12/16/2015 [-] US plane skids off taxiway, 8 injured
12/16/2015 [-] 8 hurt as Southwest plane skids off taxiway at Nashville airport
12/16/2015 [-] Keep kids safe during festive season
12/16/2015 [-] Pitbull used in dog fighting now teaches kids about animal cruelty
12/16/2015 [-] Reprieve for dad who hit kids with bat
12/16/2015 [-] What kids leave for Santa
12/16/2015 [-] Rite Aid workers give presents to kids at GHS Children's Hospital
12/16/2015 [-] Free Music Lessons Strike A Chord For At-Risk Kids
12/16/2015 [-] EU Rules Would Ban Kids Under 16 From Social Media
12/16/2015 [-] Bodies of 2 kids found in US storage unit
12/16/2015 [-] AIRPLANE PANIC Southwest flight skids off taxiway at Nashville airport
12/16/2015 [-] 8 hurt when plane skids off taxiway at Nashville airport
12/16/2015 [-] Angel Tree program brings Christmas to 3,000 kids
12/16/2015 [-] Plane skids off taxiway at Nashville airport
12/16/2015 [-] Southwest Airlines plane skids off runway at Nashville airport
12/16/2015 [-] Cooking classes Kids can cook for holidays
12/16/2015 [-] Wanted a few good Santas for foster kids
12/16/2015 [-] Parents grapple with talking to scared kids after threat
12/16/2015 [-] E-health trial improving outcomes for kids with cerebral palsy
12/16/2015 [-] 2 kids found dead in storage unit; detectives investigating
12/16/2015 [-] Foreigner among missing kids
12/16/2015 [-] Police Arrest Man In Hack of 6.4 Million Kids’ Toys
12/15/2015 [-] VIDEO Beddau murder couple 'abandoned kids'
12/15/2015 [-] Made just for his kids, prof's card game is now taking off
12/15/2015 [-] Made just for his kids, prof's board game is now taking off
12/15/2015 [-] Michigan judge accused of misconduct for locking up 3 kids
12/15/2015 [-] Here’s How Kids in L.A. Are Reacting To Missing School Due to a Threat
12/15/2015 [-] Stars spread Christmas cheer for Cure Kids
12/15/2015 [-] Your politics don't translate to your kids
12/15/2015 [-] Man charged after sailing away with kids
12/15/2015 [-] Mal Meninga addresses kids at a QRL summer camp in Townsville
12/15/2015 [-] Winter coats put kids in car seats at risk
12/15/2015 [-] Study finds foster kids lag far behind in academics
12/15/2015 [-] Authorities criminalize kids for saggy pants, but not violent beatings
12/15/2015 [-] Missing NSW father and three kids found
12/15/2015 [-] How to keep kids safe when you travel for the holidays
12/14/2015 [-] Christmas comes early for hospitalized kids in Columbus
12/14/2015 [-] First lady shares holiday tradition as she visits sick kids
12/14/2015 [-] NOPD Sixth District gives 150 bikes away to kids
12/14/2015 [-] Kids suffering amid anti-Muslim backlash in U.S.
12/14/2015 [-] Tough Love Kick Adult Kids From the Nest, Speed Your Retirement
12/14/2015 [-] ISIS killing kids with Down syndrome like Nazis did
12/14/2015 [-] Murder victim planned reunion with kids
12/14/2015 [-] Obesity Risk in Poor Kids Increases With Age
12/14/2015 [-] Bodily changes don't always signal 'precocious' puberty in kids
12/14/2015 [-] Duggar kids cry over Josh
12/14/2015 [-] Dutch schoolkids get scary taste of refugee life
12/14/2015 [-] 'Good touch-bad touch' campaign for kids, parents in Maha
12/14/2015 [-] Christmas came early at the Christmas for Kids party
12/14/2015 [-] Group wins legal fight to spread Christmas cheer to kids in need
12/14/2015 [-] TV Preacher Teach Kids That People Lived With Fire-Breathing Dinosaurs 6,000 Years Ago
12/14/2015 [-] Signature Arabians open stables to kids
12/13/2015 [-] Toppling TVs a risk to kids
12/13/2015 [-] Photo of UofL professor babysitting student's kids during exam goes viral
12/13/2015 [-] Kids Who Beat Cancer Still Face Heart Risks
12/13/2015 [-] Low Vitamin D May Raise Diabetes Risk in Kids
12/13/2015 [-] Summer Jobs Help Keep Kids Out of Trouble, Study Suggests
12/13/2015 [-] Nebulizers May Not Deliver Full Drug Dose to Kids With Asthma
12/13/2015 [-] Kids With Autism Common Users of ERs, Study Says
12/13/2015 [-] Family Grapples With Kids' Tech Time
12/13/2015 [-] U.S. Task Force Urges Docs to Counsel Kids Against Smoking
12/13/2015 [-] Kids Who See Movie Violence Also See Smoking, Drinking, Sex Study
12/13/2015 [-] Many Kids Seen in ER Have High Blood Pressure
12/13/2015 [-] Swine Flu Can Batter Kids With Sickle Cell
12/13/2015 [-] New Flu Vaccine May Provide More Protection to Kids
12/13/2015 [-] More Salt in Kids' Diets May Mean More Obesity
12/13/2015 [-] Health Tip Keep Kids Away From Corded Blinds and Shades
12/13/2015 [-] Urine Test for Kids With Asthma Shows Promise
12/13/2015 [-] For Young Kids, Too Little Sleep Linked to Later Obesity
12/13/2015 [-] Pneumonia Vaccine Is Keeping Kids Healthier
12/13/2015 [-] Almost Half of U.S. Kids Suffer Traumatic Stress, Study Shows
12/13/2015 [-] Amount of Exercise Key to Lowering Kids' Blood Pressure
12/13/2015 [-] Avid Cellphone Use by College Kids Tied to Anxiety, Lower Grades
12/13/2015 [-] Mothers' Pre-Pregnancy Weight Tied to Kids' IQ, Study Says
12/13/2015 [-] College Kids Not So Smart About Flu Shots, Study Finds
12/13/2015 [-] Millions of U.S. Kids Still Can Buy 'Harmful' E-Cigarettes CDC
12/13/2015 [-] Kids in Monongalia County Have the Opportunity to Shop With A Cop
12/13/2015 [-] Authorities Shots fired after large fight with high school-aged kids.
12/13/2015 [-] Catholic Charities supporting kids with parents in jail
12/13/2015 [-] Jetstar finds room for stranded school kids
12/13/2015 [-] Stranded school kids return home
12/13/2015 [-] Winter Break Camps Equal Fun for Kids When Schools Out
12/12/2015 [-] Kids Scream 'I Want to Kill Him!' While Beating Trump Pinata...
12/12/2015 [-] Helping foster kids transition, one tote at a time
12/12/2015 [-] Kids stranded at airport after last-minute Jetstar cancellation
12/12/2015 [-] Kids help ring bells for Salvation Army
12/12/2015 [-] Sunday explainer – should I buy my kids more stuff?
12/12/2015 [-] Simponi Succeeds in Kids' Colitis
12/12/2015 [-] Inmates make unique toys for kids this Christmas
12/12/2015 [-] Wife of shooting victim works with inner-city kids to cope
12/12/2015 [-] Turning police uniform into kids' clothing breaking down police stigma in WA communities
12/12/2015 [-] Police uniforms turned into kids' clothing helps break down stigma in WA communities
12/12/2015 [-] That's Embarrassing - Cop's Wife Caught On Video Stealing Christmas Gifts From Neighbor's Kids
12/12/2015 [-] Kids eat more veggies when salad bar is in lunch line
12/11/2015 [-] Troopers, businesses raise thousands for local kids
12/11/2015 [-] Some kids taking Christmas snooping up a notch
12/11/2015 [-] That’s Embarrassing – Cop’s Wife Caught on Video Stealing Christmas Gifts from Neighbor’s Kids
12/11/2015 [-] Underage kids get alcohol ads directly to smartphones
12/11/2015 [-] Motorcycle club donates bikes to Quanada for kids
12/11/2015 [-] SNP, JHMC share joy to indigent Baguio kids
12/11/2015 [-] Inside the Unique Battle Between Two Moms for Custody of Their Kids
12/11/2015 [-] Mom wins kids visa fight
12/11/2015 [-] How Kylo Ren’s Terrifying Mask Was Designed to Be Unforgettable to Kids
12/11/2015 [-] Charleston, MO stuffing police cruiser with toys for needy kids
12/11/2015 [-] Kids arrested for throwing rocks at cars
12/11/2015 [-] Man shoots dog in neighborhood park while kids are playing nearby
12/11/2015 [-] One in Five U.S. Kids Over Age 5 Has Unhealthy Cholesterol CDC
12/11/2015 [-] Vermont Teddy Bear helps Make-A-Wish kids
12/10/2015 [-] Vic primary kids use stolen credit card
12/10/2015 [-] Pennsylvania kids' health program renewed for 2 more years
12/10/2015 [-] Deployed Dad Surprises Kids While Taking Photo With Santa
12/10/2015 [-] Kids throw rocks at cars on SA freeway
12/10/2015 [-] Local author spreads Christmas cheer to sick kids across the US
12/10/2015 [-] One in five U.S. kids over age 5 has unhealthy cholesterol
12/10/2015 [-] Traveling for the Holidays with Kids? How to Keep Them Safe
12/10/2015 [-] Stephen Wolfram's Free Book Teaches the Wolfram Language To Kids
12/10/2015 [-] ‘Parents responsible for drunken Rotto kids’
12/10/2015 [-] Parents Want To Know Why CPS Moved Kids Bus Stop A Mile Away
12/10/2015 [-] Cholesterol Levels Are a Problem for Many US Kids
12/10/2015 [-] Death sought for South Carolina dad in killing of 5 kids
12/10/2015 [-] Christmas comes early for kids in need
12/10/2015 [-] Prison inmates handcraft toys for kids
12/10/2015 [-] Santa visits kids at Quincy Notre Dame
12/10/2015 [-] 1 in 5 American Kids Has Abnormal Levels of Cholesterol
12/10/2015 [-] SC seeks death penalty for father who killed, dumped 5 kids’ bodies in AL
12/10/2015 [-] HSBC Kids Read literacy program enters 2nd year
12/10/2015 [-] FDA Panel Set to Scrutinize Codeine Safety in Kids
12/10/2015 [-] After the VTech hack, tips to keep kids safe online
12/10/2015 [-] Karl Urban teams up with KidsCan at Auckland school
12/09/2015 [-] Apple CEO Kids need to learn coding
12/09/2015 [-] Robyn Pearce Don't wrap the kids in cotton wool
12/09/2015 [-] Mothers urged to breastfeed kids to avoid malnutrition
12/09/2015 [-] Grand Rapids area kids shopping with heroes
12/09/2015 [-] Zimbabwe 60 Percent HIV+ Kids Fail to Access ART
12/09/2015 [-] Valley woman doesn't let cancer slow her down from taking care of grand kids
12/09/2015 [-] Carolina Panthers players shop with kids
12/09/2015 [-] Foster jealous of famous kids?
12/09/2015 [-] Santa pays a visit to sick kids
12/09/2015 [-] Marijuana Chemical Shows Promise for Hard-to-Treat Epilepsy in Kids
12/09/2015 [-] Why kids love minstrel band practice
12/09/2015 [-] Kids in Kalamazoo, Portage 'Shop with a Hero' Tuesday
12/09/2015 [-] Kids With Asthma, Allergies May Face Higher Heart Risk Factors Study
12/09/2015 [-] Saudi- Meditation with fun Simplifying yoga for kids
12/09/2015 [-] Video of NJ officer playing football with kids goes viral
12/09/2015 [-] Kiwi kids send Santa requests ahead of Christmas
12/09/2015 [-] Riverland entertainer Mick Kelly on opera, footy and kids' concerts
12/09/2015 [-] ADHD diagnoses skyrocket among U.S. kids
12/09/2015 [-] Fox Talkers Tell Kids To Rush Active Shooters
12/09/2015 [-] ADHD Diagnoses Rising Among U.S. Kids, Study Finds
12/09/2015 [-] More US Kids Are Being Diagnosed with ADHD
12/09/2015 [-] Kids decorate cookies with Santa and Mrs. Claus
12/08/2015 [-] More than one in 10 U.S. kids have ADHD as diagnosis rates surge
12/08/2015 [-] 5 Santa Claus Apps Kids Will Love
12/08/2015 [-] Refugee kids bring David Miliband to his knees
12/08/2015 [-] Kids With Asthma, Allergies May Face Heart Risks
12/08/2015 [-] Toy makers turn to YouTube to grab kids' attention
12/08/2015 [-] After the VTech hack, some tips on keeping your kids safe
12/08/2015 [-] Kalamazoo Co. kids to Shop with a Hero
12/08/2015 [-] Kids follow cubby plans 'eggsactly'
12/08/2015 [-] Qatar- Joint initiative to fight obesity among kids
12/08/2015 [-] Monetary world record attempt a bridge too far for WA school kids
12/08/2015 [-] Mother charged with murder of 3 kids in Melbourne lake breaks down
12/08/2015 [-] Screen All Kids for Cholesterol, Depression and HIV, Pediatricians' Group Says
12/08/2015 [-] Witness Man tried to lure kids to truck with puppy
12/08/2015 [-] Multi-generational cruelty America's prisons shutting down kids' visitations
12/08/2015 [-] Pot Chemical and Kids' Hard-to-Treat Epilepsy
12/07/2015 [-] Docs Screen Kids for Cholesterol, Depression, HIV
12/07/2015 [-] Kenya 300,000 Kids to Get Polio Jab
12/07/2015 [-] Refugee kids bring David Miliband to his knees in Nigeria
12/07/2015 [-] Screen all kids for cholesterol, depression and HIV
12/07/2015 [-] State looking for homes for 25 New Hampshire foster kids
12/07/2015 [-] Achilles Kids Ambassador to roll around fun run
12/07/2015 [-] SWAT RESCUE NY cops raid home, save 2 'kidnapped' college kids
12/07/2015 [-] Crisp Co. kids come together for football tournament
12/07/2015 [-] 5 Ways to Teach Kids About Science
12/07/2015 [-] Home-schooled kids too free?
12/07/2015 [-] Cath Kidston gets international boost
12/07/2015 [-] RPT ANALYSIS-VTech hack exposes ID theft risk in connecting kids to Internet
12/07/2015 [-] Hero kids' incredible journey to save parents as town mourns much-loved dad
12/07/2015 [-] Qatar- Islamic and kids' books in demand
12/07/2015 [-] Thousands of bikers roar their support for kids in Toys in the Sun Run
12/07/2015 [-] VOTE The Cool For Kids Award finalists in the CityLife Awards 2015
12/07/2015 [-] Irish football team takes 110 kids-in-need on shopping spree
12/07/2015 [-] Kids find loaded gun under Kojonup bridge
12/07/2015 [-] Digital literacy push for school kids
12/07/2015 [-] Kids attempt to help end violence in Louisville's West End
12/07/2015 [-] Sensitive Santa proving a hit with kids in WA
12/07/2015 [-] NSW kids save mother trapped in well
12/07/2015 [-] Cochise County cops join forces with Santa, Batman for kids
12/07/2015 [-] Tragic deaths of home-schooled kids rarely lead to changes
12/06/2015 [-] Talking to kids about when bad things happen
12/06/2015 [-] Tragic deaths of home-schooled kids rarely lead to new rules
12/06/2015 [-] Turcotte found guilty of murder in deaths of his kids
12/06/2015 [-] VTech hack exposes ID theft risk in connecting kids to Internet
12/06/2015 [-] Rainier High School kids learn lessons in gardening
12/06/2015 [-] 5 great Christmas gifts your kids will never expect
12/06/2015 [-] Kids of All Weights Benefit From Car Seats
12/06/2015 [-] Health Tip Make Sure Kids Get Enough Water
12/06/2015 [-] Many Kids Exposed to Unneeded X-Rays, Study Finds
12/06/2015 [-] Should Men Worry About Being Too Old to Have Kids?
12/06/2015 [-] Kids Who Were Preemies More Vulnerable to Flu Complications Study
12/06/2015 [-] Scooters Leading Cause of Toy-Linked Injuries in Kids
12/06/2015 [-] Kids May Be at Slightly Higher Asthma Risk If Parents Had Infertility Treatments
12/06/2015 [-] What Doctors Don't Know About Treating Kids With Epilepsy
12/06/2015 [-] U.S. Records Increase in Kids With Down Syndrome
12/06/2015 [-] Kids With HIV at Risk of Heart Disease, Study Says
12/06/2015 [-] Nearly One-Third of Kids in U.S. Cities Live in Poverty
12/06/2015 [-] Health Tip Limit Lead Exposure for Kids
12/06/2015 [-] 'Trouble in Toyland' Report Targets Hazardous Gifts for Kids
12/06/2015 [-] Depressed Moms' Kids at Higher Injury Risk
12/06/2015 [-] Sensory Therapy Might Work for Kids With Autism
12/06/2015 [-] Dosing Confusion Common With Kids' Liquid Medicines
12/06/2015 [-] Kids With ADHD Have Distinct Brain Patterns
12/06/2015 [-] Home Visits During Pregnancy and Beyond May Give Poor Kids a Boost
12/06/2015 [-] Traffic, Dust Linked to Asthma in Kids
12/06/2015 [-] Concussions Might Affect Kids and Adults Differently
12/06/2015 [-] How Worried Are Parents About Kids' Online Safety?
12/06/2015 [-] Diabetes Drug Halts Weight Gain in Kids Taking Antipsychotics
12/06/2015 [-] HOUSECALLS” Giving to kids
12/06/2015 [-] 'Hiding' Cigarettes in Stores Might Keep Kids From Smoking Study
12/06/2015 [-] Local police shop with kids for Christmas
12/06/2015 [-] Dozens of mattress sets donated to kids in Cape Girardeau
12/06/2015 [-] Kids with sensory issues get time with Santa
12/06/2015 [-] Prepare Your Kids For Success Teach Them How To Fail
12/06/2015 [-] Holiday party benefiting area kids
12/05/2015 [-] Zikers Cleaners hosts annual 'Coats For Kids' drive
12/05/2015 [-] First Apple, now Google hit with kids’ app lawsuit
12/05/2015 [-] Mandaue school kids to help tanods in manning bike lanes
12/05/2015 [-] Wilmington girl with Vermont ties asks for donations to kids in need
12/05/2015 [-] Sanral skids into discount dead end
12/05/2015 [-] Local Marines take to the streets, raise money for kids in need
12/05/2015 [-] DSSD Don’t give alms to street kids
12/05/2015 [-] Health Tip Talking to Kids About World Events
12/05/2015 [-] Could an Obese Dad's Sperm Pass Traits to His Kids?
12/05/2015 [-] Hunger claims 11% of NCape kids
12/05/2015 [-] Students working on project with Pakistan kids
12/05/2015 [-] Local university using technology to help kids with motor skills
12/05/2015 [-] Research Letting kids use a tablet may be beneficial
12/05/2015 [-] Kids Dinner With Santa Packages at The Tenaya Lodge
12/04/2015 [-] 70-year-old man arrested for exposing himself to kids on school bus
12/04/2015 [-] VTech Hires Mandiant to Shore Up Security for Kids
12/04/2015 [-] New ISIS video Kids get Hunger Games-type training
12/04/2015 [-] Mom Bus dropped off kids with special needs hours late
12/04/2015 [-] As pressure mounts, ISIS militants hide behind kids
12/04/2015 [-] Matt Moran says kids cook in cars
12/04/2015 [-] IS video shows kids killing 6 Syrian men
12/04/2015 [-] Pesticides as bad for kids' lungs as cigarette smoke, study says
12/04/2015 [-] Cool Cooperative gives kids hands-on training in film industry
12/04/2015 [-] A San Bernardino Shooting Victim Had 6 Kids
12/03/2015 [-] Could an Obese Dad's Sperm Pass Traits to Kids?
12/03/2015 [-] Agricultural pesticides may affect kids' breathing
12/03/2015 [-] 5T kids to receive 1st communion at IEC
12/03/2015 [-] No charges in crash that killed 2 kids in Berrien County
12/03/2015 [-] Google Accused of Spying on Kids via Chromebooks
12/03/2015 [-] Kids Count Data Book shows nearly quarter of AL kids live in poverty
12/03/2015 [-] Planned Cesareans Tied to Slight Increase in Asthma Risk for Kids
12/03/2015 [-] Academics now BDS-ing Young Israeli Kids
12/03/2015 [-] High 5 4 Kids Asia Mcgee
12/03/2015 [-] New book helps kids go bush at Hattah-Kulkyne National Park
12/03/2015 [-] Kids left in hot cars in Queensland
12/03/2015 [-] Bush to beach exchange exposes city kids to life in the country
12/03/2015 [-] Sydney kids head west to experience country life in Cowra
12/03/2015 [-] Kids in detention sit-in at Dutton office
12/03/2015 [-] Google Accused of Tracking Kids
12/02/2015 [-] Parents are naming their kids after Instagram filters
12/02/2015 [-] Kids making oral history with StoryCorps holiday
12/02/2015 [-] This Tied to Slight Increase in Kids' Asthma Risk
12/02/2015 [-] Google Accused of Tracking School Kids After Promising Not To
12/02/2015 [-] Apple Stores to host free Hour of Code for kids on Dec. 10
12/02/2015 [-] Community Builder Ministry helps ensure meals for Midlands kids
12/02/2015 [-] Sterling skids to 7-1/2-month low
12/02/2015 [-] Impact of porn on kids Senate inquiry
12/02/2015 [-] Hack exposes 6.4m kids’ data
12/02/2015 [-] Healthline GameSquad study gets kids moving
12/02/2015 [-] Hulu Running Homosexual-themed Ad during Family/Kids Programming
12/02/2015 [-] Google accused of collecting data on school kids
12/02/2015 [-] Mother in Arizona home-confinement trial says kids well fed
12/02/2015 [-] VTech hit by largest ever hack targeting kids
12/02/2015 [-] Toymaker VTech hit by largest-ever hack targeting kids
12/02/2015 [-] KULR-8 Weather Kids
12/02/2015 [-] Kids take over the classroom in Dubbo
12/02/2015 [-] Look for CMV in Kids With Lupus
12/02/2015 [-] VTech says data on 6.4m kids hacked
12/02/2015 [-] US officers take kids off reservation amid custody fight
12/02/2015 [-] Five tips to keep your kids safe online
12/01/2015 [-] Doctor’s passion is helping treat Sagada’s ailing kids
12/01/2015 [-] Climate change affects kids now UNICEF
12/01/2015 [-] Duterte kids say sorry
12/01/2015 [-] Indian plan to let kids work in family business is backward step-Satyarthi
12/01/2015 [-] VTech data breach exposes personal info of parents, kids
12/01/2015 [-] Police Drunk Vermont man was speeding with 2 kids in car
12/01/2015 [-] Lift kids out of poverty before expecting higher test scores
12/01/2015 [-] Software keeps Santa alive for kids
12/01/2015 [-] Half a million UK families hit by kids' computers hack
12/01/2015 [-] Q&A Comedian Jim Gaffigan on How to Travel With Five Kids
12/01/2015 [-] KC accident leaves mom and 3 young kids on edge of disaster
12/01/2015 [-] Hack Exposes Information of 5 Million VTech Customers and Kids
12/01/2015 [-] Billings kids talk about giving, Christmas gifts, Santa's belly
12/01/2015 [-] Kids exposed to hackers through hi-tech toys
12/01/2015 [-] 'Santa' taking money from kids in NYC...
12/01/2015 [-] Toymakers tracking data about kids leave them exposed to hackers
12/01/2015 [-] Info on five million VTech customers and kids exposed in breach
12/01/2015 [-] Massive Hack Attack on Educational Toy Company Exposes Parents, Kids
12/01/2015 [-] VTech Hack Gets Worse Chat Logs, Kids' Photos Taken In Breach
12/01/2015 [-] Kids from high socioeconomic background more likely to rely on parental help as adults
12/01/2015 [-] VTech toymaker hack exposes parents and kids
11/30/2015 [-] Teenage Girl Sets Goal to Empower Kids with Computer Coding
11/30/2015 [-] ​Walmart to Marine collecting toys for kids Step outside
11/30/2015 [-] Info on 5 million VTech customers and kids exposed in breach
11/30/2015 [-] Data on 5 million VTech customers and kids exposed in breach
11/30/2015 [-] Toymakers are tracking more data about kids - leaving them exposed to hackers
11/30/2015 [-] The 10 most dangerous toys for kids
11/30/2015 [-] Ziker Cleaners 'Coats for Kids' drive in need of more donations
11/30/2015 [-] Operation Santa Claus needs help for kids in Shreveport-Bossier
11/30/2015 [-] Educational, fun gift ideas for kids
11/30/2015 [-] Workshop to teach kids and parents safety from predators
11/30/2015 [-] Parents warned to watch their kids near water
11/30/2015 [-] Convict game allows kids to learn as they play
11/30/2015 [-] We need a fresh approach to getting kids into jobs
11/30/2015 [-] Toy Ride Continues For Harrison County Kids
11/30/2015 [-] Woman drink-drives with kids in car
11/29/2015 [-] Your Kids Need To Read More. These Are 3 Great Books-As-Gifts.
11/29/2015 [-] Kids may be more likely to
11/29/2015 [-] Twin kids reunited with WWII veteran buddy
11/29/2015 [-] NGO holds int’l conference on cyberprotection for kids
11/29/2015 [-] When do kids learn 'fairness'? Culture may matter
11/29/2015 [-] Tinybop Dials Up the Weird to Craft Stellar Kids Apps
11/29/2015 [-] Adult-Sized ATVs Deadly for Kids, Report Shows
11/29/2015 [-] Smaller Bowls May Keep Kids From Overeating
11/29/2015 [-] For Autistic Kids, IQ May Not Predict School Achievement
11/29/2015 [-] U.S. Kids Getting Enough Sleep After All Survey
11/29/2015 [-] FDA Panel Backs Tougher Warning on Asthma Drugs for Kids
11/29/2015 [-] Weighing Growth Hormones for Short Kids
11/29/2015 [-] Health Tip Limiting Kids' TV Time
11/29/2015 [-] Parents Who Set, Stick to Rules May Help Kids Stay Slim
11/29/2015 [-] Holidays Can Be Sensory Overload for Kids With Autism
11/29/2015 [-] Sharp Rise in Kids' Injuries in 'Bouncy Castles'
11/29/2015 [-] No Link Between Acetaminophen in Pregnancy, Asthma in Kids Study
11/29/2015 [-] Brain Connections Strengthen As Kids Sleep, Study Suggests
11/29/2015 [-] Panel Ease Kids' Tamiflu Drug Warning
11/29/2015 [-] Parents' Fear of Dentist May Get Passed On to Kids
11/29/2015 [-] Thalidomide May Help Kids With Crohn's Disease
11/29/2015 [-] Smoking in Pregnancy Tied to Poor Reading Skills in Kids Study
11/29/2015 [-] Benadryl and Motrin for Kids Recalled
11/29/2015 [-] Kids Hospitalized for Flu Need Antiviral Meds Right Away Study
11/29/2015 [-] Cross These Dangerous Toys Off Kids' Christmas List, Experts Say
11/29/2015 [-] Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment So Successful in Kids That Trial Is Halted
11/28/2015 [-] City Year Orlando helps kids from low-income families succeed in school
11/28/2015 [-] VTech Kids App Store Data Breached by Hackers
11/28/2015 [-] Rate of kids coming into Florida's foster care rising
11/28/2015 [-] Molly's Kids Baby Eli's mom says she followed her gut, and saved his life
11/28/2015 [-] Deadline nears for Rhode Island kids' healthy recipe contest
11/28/2015 [-] Gwen Stefani Speds Thanksgiving with her Kids at Disneyland
11/28/2015 [-] VTech Hack Exposes Data On 4.8 Million Adults, 200,000 Kids
11/28/2015 [-] Tom Brady Dressed Up as a Turkey and Totally Terrified His Kids
11/28/2015 [-] Elite school tells kids Swastika 'symbol of peace'...
11/28/2015 [-] Rutland volunteers restore toys for kids
11/27/2015 [-] Dad loses custody of autistic kids over homeopathy treatment
11/27/2015 [-] VIDEO Turkey Tom New England QB pranks kids on Thanksgiving
11/27/2015 [-] These Kids Can't Vote, but They Can Sue
11/27/2015 [-] Airstrikes in Syria's Raqqa kill 8, including 3 kids
11/27/2015 [-] Examining The Effects Of Mobile Phones On Kids And Teens
11/27/2015 [-] Parents complain Drink company turning kids away from college
11/27/2015 [-] Sick kids given red carpet treatment
11/27/2015 [-] Guide dogs matched with kids with special needs in new Perth program
11/27/2015 [-] Herbert Mensah sues Zanetor Rawlings to have access to kids
11/27/2015 [-] Kids making oral history with StoryCorps holiday project
11/27/2015 [-] Casey Kasem's kids sue his widow
11/27/2015 [-] Kids thought to be behind Cunnamulla break-ins spike as police plead for clues
11/26/2015 [-] Mom who lost 3 kids, dad sets up Christmas tree at cemetery
11/26/2015 [-] 200 kids to show talents in tilt
11/26/2015 [-] Pet Dogs Prevent Anxiety in Kids
11/26/2015 [-] Myopia Epidemic Kids Urged to Drop Devices and Go Outside — Or Risk Blindness
11/26/2015 [-] Teaching kids to give as they receive
11/26/2015 [-] VIDEO Kids visit virtual reality picture gallery
11/26/2015 [-] Cleric keeps kids from turning to terror in Belgium
11/26/2015 [-] Editorial Coats for Kids
11/26/2015 [-] Kids shopping day set Dec. 19
11/26/2015 [-] Melatonin Might Help Sleepless Kids With Eczema, Study Finds
11/26/2015 [-] Parents urged to talk to kids about terrorism reports
11/25/2015 [-] Earlier access to M-rated shows 'sends wrong message to kids'
11/25/2015 [-] Kids With Pet Dogs Have Less Anxiety, Study Shows
11/25/2015 [-] Local film 'The Kids' won award at Hawaii film fest
11/25/2015 [-] Parents warned to watch kids near water
11/25/2015 [-] Why Kids Can't Read
11/25/2015 [-] Music classes helping get kids to school
11/25/2015 [-] 28th Annual Christmas is for Kids
11/25/2015 [-] Hiding Tobacco Displays in Stores Might Lower Kids' Smoking Rates
11/25/2015 [-] Severe Injuries in Kids Are Red Flag for Abuse
11/25/2015 [-] Deputies search for 3 missing kids believed to have been taken by father
11/25/2015 [-] Stimulant medications may harm sleep for kids with ADHD
11/25/2015 [-] Post-Christmas basketball tournament 'teams up' for kids
11/24/2015 [-] Air NZ unveils world first 'airband' for kids
11/24/2015 [-] Melatonin Might Help Sleepless Kids With Eczema
11/24/2015 [-] 5 high-tech toys to delight kids of all ages
11/24/2015 [-] 14 clever books to teach kids about money
11/24/2015 [-] Literacy project launched for migrant kids along Myanmar border
11/24/2015 [-] When family ties fray, migrant kids can land on streets
11/24/2015 [-] Day care programs for kids during holiday break
11/24/2015 [-] Small doses of Viagra helping kids with heart ailments
11/24/2015 [-] Meet the Nenet Kids of Siberia
11/24/2015 [-] 'Bunchems' toy causing a bunch of problems for kids and their parents
11/24/2015 [-] Financial Gravity How To Talk To Your Kids About Money
11/24/2015 [-] Green Gift Guide The Best Warm Winter Wear For Kids
11/24/2015 [-] Florida HS football coach boasts about using job to ‘share Christ with kids’
11/24/2015 [-] Taming your kids' computer habits
11/24/2015 [-] Over 1,000 kids to get new bikes for Christmas
11/23/2015 [-] National Forest offers free trees for kids
11/23/2015 [-] Judge 3 gay couples can amend kids' birth certificates
11/23/2015 [-] Do Stimulant Meds Keep Kids With ADHD up all Night?
11/23/2015 [-] Sleepless nights for some kids with ADHD
11/23/2015 [-] Poor kids who go to daycare may later do better in school
11/23/2015 [-] Syrian refugees limited to women, kids, families Report
11/23/2015 [-] SAPVoice Empowering Kids To Be Innovators
11/23/2015 [-] Middle School teacher makes kids sing Islamic 'fight song'
11/23/2015 [-] Cab drivers warned over kids in boot
11/23/2015 [-] ADHD medications linked to sleep problems in kids
11/23/2015 [-] Kids undergoing chemotheraphy receive gifts from Porac exec
11/23/2015 [-] Kids harmed, exploited in care system, NT Children's Commissioner says
11/23/2015 [-] Kuwait- Nationality call for kids of women wedded to expats
11/23/2015 [-] Kids harmed, exploited in care system, NT Children's Commissioner says
11/23/2015 [-] TRICKY GOOGLE ad or a search result? Kids can't tell...
11/23/2015 [-] Kids Planet expansion continues with two acquisitions
11/23/2015 [-] Fiat Chrysler is Giving Free College Tuition to Employees’ Spouses and Kids
11/23/2015 [-] Coding Kids .jpg
11/23/2015 [-] Attention Disorder Drugs May Harm Kids' Sleep
11/23/2015 [-] Move to release kids in detention centres
11/23/2015 [-] We spoil our kids with love Victoria Beckham
11/22/2015 [-] Greens try to remove kids from detention
11/22/2015 [-] 150 kids, parents mark global Children’s Month
11/22/2015 [-] This teen spends weekends feeding kids for free
11/22/2015 [-] Liam Dann Counting cranes with the kids
11/22/2015 [-] Magic Yarn Project makes Disney princess wigs for kids with cancer
11/22/2015 [-] Fire Kids Tablet Black Friday 2015 Deal is on Sale
11/22/2015 [-] Kids Who Need Heart Transplant Should Get the First Available, Study Says
11/22/2015 [-] Wife of man accused of trying to drown their kids arrested
11/22/2015 [-] Kids in Daycare More Prone to Be Overweight
11/22/2015 [-] Youngest Kids in Class May Be More Likely to Get ADHD Diagnosis
11/22/2015 [-] Bipolar Kids May Focus on Different Facial Features
11/22/2015 [-] Study Supports Link Between Obesity, Cavities in Homeless Kids
11/22/2015 [-] Obese Kids Who Lose Weight May Cut Heart Risk, Too
11/22/2015 [-] Certain Heart Dysfunction More Likely in Hispanic Women With Many Kids Study
11/22/2015 [-] Kids Worldwide Getting Less Heart Fit, Research Shows
11/22/2015 [-] Kids Experience 'Santa's Village' at Festival of the Trees
11/22/2015 [-] Antibiotics and Kids' Risk for Juvenile Arthritis
11/22/2015 [-] Eating Out Poses Health Risks for Kids
11/22/2015 [-] Poor Neighborhoods Home to More Obese Kids Study
11/22/2015 [-] Kids With Psoriasis More Likely to Be Overweight Study
11/22/2015 [-] Child-Care Relationships Tied to Kids' Stress Levels
11/22/2015 [-] Kids Born to Overweight Moms May Face Higher Heart Risks as Adults
11/22/2015 [-] Cartoons May Ease Anxiety for Kids Facing Surgery
11/22/2015 [-] Antidepressant Use for Kids Doubled Before FDA Warnings
11/22/2015 [-] New Push by Doctors to Limit Antibiotic Use in Kids
11/22/2015 [-] Red Devils fans playing for a miracle to help sick kids
11/22/2015 [-] Bringing Aussie Rules to the kids of Indonesia
11/21/2015 [-] David Brooks Shows America's Kids How To Bury The Lede Like A Pro
11/21/2015 [-] Destination Recreation Vermont Ninja Warrior kids' classes
11/21/2015 [-] Brave kids not bugged by creepy crawlies
11/21/2015 [-] Nestle aims to make Thai kids healthy
11/21/2015 [-] US kids' lawsuit over climate change gathers steam
11/21/2015 [-] Kids ditch bikes, walk to school instead
11/21/2015 [-] When Do Kids Learn 'Fairness'? Culture May Matter, Study Finds
11/21/2015 [-] Gift Ideas for Kids Best Educational Toys and Games of 2015
11/21/2015 [-] How do you talk to kids about terrorism?
11/21/2015 [-] Silent Santa helps kids with special needs
11/21/2015 [-] Ketchum Residents Elk Hunting Way Too Close to Residences, Kids
11/21/2015 [-] CA School Makes Kids Sing About Spreading Islam...
11/21/2015 [-] Pop Warner sacks kids' Disney dreams, despite undefeated season
11/20/2015 [-] How to raise thankful kids
11/20/2015 [-] Man holds 2 kids hostage after burning aunt’s house
11/20/2015 [-] Kids find hope, companionship with Hollywood cops
11/20/2015 [-] Expectant Moms Coffee Won't Harm Kids' IQ
11/20/2015 [-] Judge denies Washington kids' petition on climate change
11/20/2015 [-] Couple Loses Custody After Taking Kids for Exorcism...
11/20/2015 [-] Kids Who Take ADHD Meds More Likely to Be Bullied, Study Finds
11/20/2015 [-] Kids who take ADHD meds more likely to be bullied
11/20/2015 [-] Mass adoption places kids in forever homes
11/20/2015 [-] VIDEO What do school kids think of NZ new flag designs?
11/20/2015 [-] Tribute to Taylor Swift made by kids in hospital
11/20/2015 [-] Khandalyce case sparks call to track kids' records
11/20/2015 [-] Kimberley desert kids rewarded with trip to the sea
11/20/2015 [-] Mesa kindergarten teacher making a difference in kids' lives
11/20/2015 [-] Kids Quiz One-Year Astronaut on Life in Space
11/20/2015 [-] Country’s BBQ owner opens new foundation to help kids
11/20/2015 [-] When Do Kids Learn 'Fairness'?
11/20/2015 [-] Atlanta signs ask gang members to think of kids before shooting
11/20/2015 [-] Arkansas Shriners provide caring gifts to kids in Shreveport hospital
11/19/2015 [-] Clever kids school beauty contestants
11/19/2015 [-] Letwin struggles at Kids Co inquiry
11/19/2015 [-] Possible Treatment for Kids' Respiratory Infection
11/19/2015 [-] High 5 4 Kids Shaniya Blockett
11/19/2015 [-] Printable Spring Coloring Pages for Kids
11/19/2015 [-] Research aims to discover how to keep kids reading
11/19/2015 [-] 20 kids graduate from C.I.T.I. camp program
11/19/2015 [-] NegOcc, Tesda allocate P520,000 scholarship fund for farmers’ kids
11/19/2015 [-] 4 kids, 1 adult hurt as SUV plows into Tacoma home daycare
11/19/2015 [-] Car with kids in boot crashes into house
11/19/2015 [-] Croatian ex-soccer player Piric wins plaudits by helping Ukrainian kids
11/19/2015 [-] AUDIO 'Nursery kids' concern after explosion'
11/19/2015 [-] Antibiotic Reduces Severe Lung Illness in At-Risk Kids
11/19/2015 [-] CPSO offering gun class for kids
11/18/2015 [-] Baby dies, kids locked in rooms at family day care
11/18/2015 [-] Healthcare shocker Medicaid is very good for kids
11/18/2015 [-] Kids risk lives in train stunts
11/18/2015 [-] Car flips with kids in boot during police chase
11/18/2015 [-] FIU dean leads study on lead exposure, kids' mental health
11/18/2015 [-] Kuwait- GAC Kids to play Everton SFEx Kids move closer to title
11/18/2015 [-] Kids showcase talents in children’s congress
11/18/2015 [-] Mom explains why she paid R30K for kids
11/18/2015 [-] Soshow Checkmate Kids’ T-Shirt
11/18/2015 [-] Kids rate NSW hospitals highly but communication, parking cause complaints
11/18/2015 [-] Govt working on kids' homelessness Bennett
11/18/2015 [-] Family 411 Apps open up kids to bullying
11/18/2015 [-] Akl kids sleeping in cars and garages
11/18/2015 [-] Jono Naylor praises local schools for working together for kids
11/18/2015 [-] Close call no kids injured in school bus crash
11/18/2015 [-] Minecraft can help teach kids how to code
11/18/2015 [-] Medicaid, CHIP Outperform Obamacare Plans for Kids
11/17/2015 [-] Local volunteers helping kids read
11/17/2015 [-] PA 2 kids find remains of newborn babies on side of the road
11/17/2015 [-] Gift Ideas for Kids Best Educational Toys and Games of 2016
11/17/2015 [-] Suit Connecticut scoutmaster abused 19 kids in '60s, '70s
11/17/2015 [-] Kids can sign up for Mount Dora basketball league
11/17/2015 [-] French teachers use weeping Eiffel Tower image to help kids understand attacks
11/17/2015 [-] Talking to kids about terrorist attacks in France
11/17/2015 [-] Diploma Dilemma 'How do we engage kids, particularly at an early age?'
11/17/2015 [-] Coats for Kids 2015
11/17/2015 [-] Microsoft to teach kids to code
11/17/2015 [-] Kids Who Face Criminal Charges More Likely To Die Young
11/17/2015 [-] Columbus business raises money for camp for ill kids
11/17/2015 [-] Two kids hit by car in Gresham
11/17/2015 [-] Your guide to taking the kids to Manchester Christmas Markets
11/16/2015 [-] New Jersey mall makes kids pay to see Santa
11/16/2015 [-] Leadership Thurston County Gives Homeless Kids a Place to Play
11/16/2015 [-] After Paris attacks, how to talk to kids about terrorism
11/16/2015 [-] AAP Animal Antibiotics Threaten Kids' Health
11/16/2015 [-] N.J. mall requires payment if kids want to visit Santa
11/16/2015 [-] Traditional public schools push out kids too, magazine says
11/16/2015 [-] Antibiotics in animal feed may endanger kids, doctors warn
11/16/2015 [-] First Ever Boy In Barbie Ad Busts Gender Barriers For Kids' Toys
11/16/2015 [-] How one restaurant gets unruly kids to behave
11/16/2015 [-] Morning Break Paris Terror Attacks May Give U.S. Kids Nightmares; Dirty Scopes
11/16/2015 [-] New Jersey mall requires payment if kids want to visit Santa
11/16/2015 [-] How to Bring Out Talent In High-Risk Kids
11/16/2015 [-] Qatar- RAF focuses on kids' education in 20 countries
11/16/2015 [-] WNBA Star helps kids 'Shoot 4 the Sky'
11/16/2015 [-] Kids dress up to raise money
11/16/2015 [-] Kids inspired to run away with the circus
11/16/2015 [-] Report Says 1 in 45 US Kids have Autism
11/16/2015 [-] How to talk to your kids about tragedy following Paris attacks
11/16/2015 [-] Kids move into new Horsham childcare centre site after University Early Learning Centre fire
11/16/2015 [-] What is stressing our kids? Young Australians in their own words
11/15/2015 [-] Clinton Says Taxpayers Shouldn't Be Paying To Send Trump's Kids To College
11/15/2015 [-] Data Heroin causing kids to be placed into foster care
11/15/2015 [-] UAE- Greedy rooster lone traveller fables teach kids values at SIBF
11/15/2015 [-] Hands-on holiday Kids making gifts from the heart
11/15/2015 [-] Annual 'Gifts for Kids Angel Tree' program kicks off at Brookwood Village
11/15/2015 [-] Minority Kids May Be Missed in Autism Diagnoses Study
11/15/2015 [-] Falls Leading Cause of Serious Head Trauma for Kids, Study Shows
11/15/2015 [-] Doctors Need Better Ways to Spot, Treat Concussion in Kids
11/15/2015 [-] Health Tip Teach Kids About Smart Snacking
11/15/2015 [-] Many Kids Skipping Meals, Snacking Instead
11/15/2015 [-] Kids of Deployed Soldiers May Face More Mental Health Woes
11/15/2015 [-] Kids With Autism and Child Prodigies May Share Certain Traits
11/15/2015 [-] Coloring books no longer just for kids
11/15/2015 [-] Urine Test May Spot Heart, Kidney Risk in Kids With Type 1 Diabetes
11/15/2015 [-] Kids With Autism Need Handwriting Help
11/15/2015 [-] Kids Obese at Young Age Often Stay That Way, Study Shows
11/15/2015 [-] Gas Prices Slowing Kids' Checkups
11/15/2015 [-] Fewer ER Visits for Kids After Cold Medicine Restrictions
11/15/2015 [-] Some Kids May Overcome or Outgrow Egg Allergy, Study Suggests
11/15/2015 [-] Many Smokers Light Up With Kids in Car Study
11/15/2015 [-] 'Sun Safety' Counseling Pays Off for Kids and Teens
11/15/2015 [-] Flame Retardants in Furniture, Carpets Might Affect Kids' Development
11/15/2015 [-] Laundry Detergent Pods Pose Poisoning Risk to Kids, Study Says
11/15/2015 [-] Text Message Reminders Prompt Kids to Take Asthma Medicine
11/15/2015 [-] Restaurant rule card for kids?
11/15/2015 [-] Sorry, kids A real movement needs more than hurt feelings...
11/14/2015 [-] How to Talk to Your Kids About the Attacks in Paris
11/14/2015 [-] SPD seeking man caught on camera stealing groceries with kids in cart
11/14/2015 [-] The Invisible Victims of Identity Theft Our Kids
11/14/2015 [-] 16 kids injured in Joburg bakkie crash
11/13/2015 [-] Quincy library program aims to get kids to read
11/13/2015 [-] 1 in 45 kids may have autism spectrum disorders, stud
11/13/2015 [-] History consortium aims to school kids
11/13/2015 [-] 1 in 45 US Kids Has an Autism Spectrum Disorder
11/13/2015 [-] Man accused of abusing kids in Union Township home
11/13/2015 [-] Autism rate doubles in US to one in 45 kids survey
11/13/2015 [-] Quincy Library putting emphasis on local kids
11/13/2015 [-] Kids Company treated as 'special case'
11/13/2015 [-] Chemical Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Excess Weight in Kids
11/13/2015 [-] New Survey Finds 1 in 45 Kids Has Autism
11/13/2015 [-] Carbondale PD partners with SIU athletic dept. for kids coat drive
11/13/2015 [-] Kids in day care need more outdoor play time
11/13/2015 [-] Mom creates 'magical' princess wigs for kids with cancer
11/12/2015 [-] Vt. doctor's triage tool could save kids around the world
11/12/2015 [-] U of SC gift backs research into kids' health, aging
11/12/2015 [-] Want To Make A School Better? Get Kids To Show Up
11/12/2015 [-] Don't let having kids put you off going to university
11/12/2015 [-] Does chocolate make kids hyperactive? Confronting myths of ADHD
11/12/2015 [-] Why you have to tell your kids you're sorry
11/12/2015 [-] Youth Allowance changes to make university more accessible for country kids
11/12/2015 [-] Bystander CPR Helps Some Kids Survive Cardiac Arrest
11/12/2015 [-] Insulin Pumps Give Kids With Type 1 Diabetes Better Blood Sugar Control
11/12/2015 [-] The fall of Kids Company
11/12/2015 [-] Mom's Chemical Exposure Tied to Kids' Extra Weight
11/12/2015 [-] Young kids questioned over Qld zoo deaths
11/12/2015 [-] High 5 4 Kids Sebastian Briatico
11/12/2015 [-] ACC fights group action over disabled kids
11/12/2015 [-] Swipe for Starship and help sick kids
11/11/2015 [-] Mystery 'incident' sickens dozens of U.K. school kids
11/11/2015 [-] Cendaña Kids these days
11/11/2015 [-] Kids drinking cups recalled
11/11/2015 [-] MAG We're Raising 'Fragile' Kids...
11/11/2015 [-] Blood Test May Detect Concussion in Kids
11/11/2015 [-] Kids Who Lose a Parent More Likely to Commit Suicide
11/11/2015 [-] Feed Hungry Kids for Just with Homeless Backpacks
11/11/2015 [-] Chicago archbishop apologizes to kids for gun availability
11/11/2015 [-] Air India's Children's Day offer Free tickets for kids
11/11/2015 [-] 400000 Syrian kids in Turkey not in school report says
11/11/2015 [-] New Blood Test can Detect Concussions in Kids
11/11/2015 [-] UAE- Martyr's final request to family Raise my kids as loyal citizens
11/11/2015 [-] US Soccer Federation issues new guidelines for kids
11/11/2015 [-] Jury selected in trial of Tucson couple accused of holding kids captive
11/11/2015 [-] Protect kids from paparazzi, says Katter
11/11/2015 [-] Store collecting gifts for PCH kids
11/11/2015 [-] Obese Kids as Young as 8 Have Heart Damage Study
11/11/2015 [-] Some Kids With Heart Defects Struggle in School
11/11/2015 [-] Adams County kids take vets to school
11/11/2015 [-] Insulin Pumps Linked to Lower HbA1c in Kids With T1D
11/10/2015 [-] Heart Disease For Obese Kids As Young As 8...
11/10/2015 [-] 100 kids benefit from free clinic
11/10/2015 [-] Study finds blood test may detect concussion in kids
11/10/2015 [-] Obese Kids as Young as 8 Show Heart Disease Signs
11/10/2015 [-] Blood test may help diagnose concussions in kids
11/10/2015 [-] SA kids the good news and the bad
11/10/2015 [-] Obese kids as young as 8 show signs of heart disease
11/10/2015 [-] Fremont club branching out to provide safe place for kids
11/10/2015 [-] By the Numbers Your Kids Will Live Longer Than You Thought
11/10/2015 [-] Things to to with kids in Manchester
11/10/2015 [-] Two kids die after falling into galamsey pit
11/10/2015 [-] No Vic ban on kids at cage fights
11/10/2015 [-] FREE things to do with the kids in Manchester before Christmas
11/10/2015 [-] Things to do with the kids this weekend in Greater Manchester
11/10/2015 [-] Ban kids from Vic cage fight campaigner
11/10/2015 [-] 'Star Wars' joins 'Hour of Code' to teach kids coding
11/10/2015 [-] Insulin pumps give kids better control of type 1 diabetes
11/10/2015 [-] I’m not having kids. So what?
11/10/2015 [-] Liberian teenager awarded kids peace prize
11/09/2015 [-] Blake Shelton Is Nickelodeon’s 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards Host
11/09/2015 [-] For Most Refugee Kids, School Remains Elusive Dream
11/09/2015 [-] Blake Shelton will Host the Kids' Choice Awards
11/09/2015 [-] Gilbert mom arrested; 2 of her kids test positive for drugs
11/09/2015 [-] Two concerts designed to brighten underprivileged kids’ holidays
11/09/2015 [-] Flu Season Is Coming How To Protect Your Kids from the Illness
11/09/2015 [-] Rights group 400,000 Syrian kids in Turkey not in school
11/09/2015 [-] Law makes foster kids a target advocate
11/09/2015 [-] 'Stength Team' provides life lessons for kids and parents
11/09/2015 [-] Missing kids need public help Johnston
11/08/2015 [-] Parents bar fewer kids from jabs
11/08/2015 [-] How to raise happy kids
11/08/2015 [-] More kids missing school due to flu, holidays
11/08/2015 [-] Rants & Raves Fruit for the kids
11/08/2015 [-] Ada couple has adopted 7 kids over the past 20 years
11/08/2015 [-] Newer Pneumonia Vaccine for Kids Beats Older Version Study
11/08/2015 [-] Head Injury in Young Kids May Predict ADHD Diagnosis
11/08/2015 [-] Parents' Social Anxiety May Raise Kids' Risk for Anxiety Disorder
11/08/2015 [-] 'Unconditional Regard' Buoys Kids' Self-Esteem
11/08/2015 [-] ADHD Drugs Didn't Raise Heart Risks for Kids, Study Finds
11/08/2015 [-] Vaccination Safe for Kids With Genetic Disorders
11/08/2015 [-] Health Tip Keep Kids Safe Around Animal Exhibits
11/08/2015 [-] Kids View Too Many TV Ads for Booze, Study Finds
11/08/2015 [-] Poor Quality Housing Tied to Higher Asthma Rates Among Kids
11/08/2015 [-] Parental Stress, Domestic Violence May Affect Kids' Development Study
11/08/2015 [-] Migraines May Hurt Kids' Grades Too
11/08/2015 [-] Health Tip Kids Get Indigestion, Too
11/08/2015 [-] For Kids, Eating Out = More Calories
11/08/2015 [-] Few Parents Use Kids' Asthma Meds Correctly Study
11/08/2015 [-] Better Economic Status Tied to Peanut Allergy in Kids Study
11/08/2015 [-] Kids in Southern U.S. More Likely to Have Hay Fever Study
11/08/2015 [-] Kids Who Add Sleep Can Subtract Pounds, Study Suggests
11/08/2015 [-] Family Meals May Keep Kids, Parents at Healthy Weight
11/08/2015 [-] Reducing Kids' TV Time What Works?
11/08/2015 [-] Growth Hormone Therapy Increases Kids' Height
11/08/2015 [-] Study Too Much Sugar in Drinks Marketed to Kids
11/08/2015 [-] Kids With Epilepsy Face Higher Early Death Risk, Study Reports
11/08/2015 [-] Could Mothers' Allergy Shots in Pregnancy Lower Kids' Risk?
11/08/2015 [-] Stomach Troubles Common for Kids With Autism, Study Confirms
11/08/2015 [-] Lack of Sleep, Overweight Linked to Kids' Learning Problems
11/08/2015 [-] IVF Conception Doesn't Seem to Raise Kids' Cancer Risk Study
11/08/2015 [-] Tucson 9th grader starts charity to help kids and animals
11/08/2015 [-] Pregnant woman killed, 2 kids injured in Fla. shooting
11/07/2015 [-] Netflix cleverly tries to outwit kids with 5-minute bedtime shows
11/07/2015 [-] Rule Changes Might Lead to More Lung Transplants for Kids
11/07/2015 [-] OKC museum's Chemistry Day events help kids find formula for fun
11/07/2015 [-] Family Grand Rapids murder victim ‘lived for her kids’
11/07/2015 [-] Woman who allegedly fled to Europe with 2 kids now facing charges
11/07/2015 [-] Move to spur pint-sized medical devices to treat sick kids/t
11/07/2015 [-] Parents giving kids medicinal marijuana not criminals epilepsy group
11/07/2015 [-] Small plane skids off runway at metro Atlanta airport
11/07/2015 [-] Mormon church issues rules aimed at gay members, their kids
11/07/2015 [-] Crime Stoppers Looking to Kids to Snitch Solve Crimes
11/07/2015 [-] Houston restaurant hands out 'rule cards' for kids
11/07/2015 [-] Kansas man who robbed businesses with kids in car sentenced
11/06/2015 [-] A Peek Inside What Kids Saw On A Common Core Test
11/06/2015 [-] U.S. family has third set of twins, 7 kids total news
11/06/2015 [-] Parents urged to check kids' phones in sexting probe
11/06/2015 [-] Photos Kids imaginations come to life in plush toys at IKEA
11/06/2015 [-] No Kids Behind Bars For-Profit Texas Immigration Jails Challenged over Child Detention
11/06/2015 [-] Vt. kids ready for youth deer hunting weekend
11/06/2015 [-] Soaring violence scars minds of Chicago kids, but help stretched thin
11/06/2015 [-] Mom who watched 3 kids drown fights for new family
11/06/2015 [-] Furkids offers raffle for Steve Penley painting
11/06/2015 [-] Kids go FREE to Knowsley Safari every weekend in November
11/06/2015 [-] Trump blasts video showing kids cursing him
11/06/2015 [-] Kicking a kids' running club out of a park? Only in L.A.
11/06/2015 [-] How growing up with a pet dog affects kids' asthma
11/06/2015 [-] Prosecutor Halloween candy scare was hoax by kids
11/06/2015 [-] Religious Upbringing Makes Kids Less Generous
11/06/2015 [-] Watch Kids Tell Jimmy Kimmel Why Women Can’t Be President
11/06/2015 [-] Teen sends 4,000 stuffed animals to hospital kids
11/06/2015 [-] Breast-Feeding May Not Help Prevent Allergies in Kids, Study Claims
11/06/2015 [-] Christmas boxes packed with love for kids in need
11/06/2015 [-] Kids charged over Mackay walking track blaze
11/06/2015 [-] Circle With Disney Lets Parents Unglue Kids From Media
11/06/2015 [-] Bleisure travel shows Orlando parks not just for kids
11/06/2015 [-] Unexpected Hunger May Explain Kids' Behavioral Problems
11/06/2015 [-] Gun porn Magazines found in easy access to kids
11/06/2015 [-] State trooper takes kids trick-or-treating before breaking news their parents were killed in crash
11/05/2015 [-] Kids may be more like
11/05/2015 [-] Kids can enjoy breakfast with Santa this weekend
11/05/2015 [-] Outraged Parents Demand School District Allow Kids To Have Recess...
11/05/2015 [-] Illinois mom who watched 3 kids drown fights for new family
11/05/2015 [-] At 11, this 'chhota masterji' teaches slum kids
11/05/2015 [-] Alternate Point Of View E-Cigarettes Keeping Kids Away From Tobacco
11/05/2015 [-] Police School bus carrying kids collided with motorcycle
11/05/2015 [-] Does religion make kids less generous?
11/05/2015 [-] Two Columbus kids get a Ha
11/05/2015 [-] Breastfeeding May Not Help Prevent Kids' Allergies
11/05/2015 [-] National Adoption Awareness event to feature 13 local kids
11/05/2015 [-] Honda Skids While Toyota and Nissan Speed Ahead
11/05/2015 [-] Low-decile Kiwi kids get free eye checks
11/05/2015 [-] Our school divide Simple project lets kids take lead on learning
11/05/2015 [-] Cop delays telling kids that their parents died on Halloween
11/05/2015 [-] Georgia trooper raises money for kids orphaned by crash
11/05/2015 [-] Deputies Hopkins Co. mom locked two kids in bedroom with rope
11/05/2015 [-] New Guidelines Focus on Pulmonary Hypertension in Kids
11/05/2015 [-] Georgia Trooper Takes Newly Orphaned Kids Out on Halloween
11/05/2015 [-] Mother throws own kids from window to save them from fire
11/05/2015 [-] WATCH Latino kids hilariously slam ‘racist d*ck’ Donald Trump
11/05/2015 [-] Morgantown Firefighters Provide Coats to Kids Through Operation Warm
11/05/2015 [-] Louisiana Man Makes Dreams Come True for Special Needs Kids
11/05/2015 [-] High 5 4 Kids Ahmanni Aponte
11/05/2015 [-] Do Your Kids Get Too Many Holiday Presents?
11/05/2015 [-] Dying singer says bye to kids
11/04/2015 [-] Mount Sinai's new partnership to improve care for kids with cancer, heart problems
11/04/2015 [-] Mother arrested for child abuse after kids found in filthy conditions
11/04/2015 [-] Parents refuse to let kids write tests
11/04/2015 [-] Cool Kids find 'Cure' for Boredom.
11/04/2015 [-] Lithium batteries 'a loaded gun' says Kidsafe
11/04/2015 [-] 'Treat kids leaving care as your own'
11/04/2015 [-] Parents scramble to get kids to schools
11/04/2015 [-] Health Tip Talk to Kids About Fire Safety
11/04/2015 [-] Weight, Exercise May Affect Kids' Thinking Skills
11/04/2015 [-] Broken Hill kids give high marks to virtual school
11/04/2015 [-] Middle school kids charged with sending porn of classmates
11/04/2015 [-] Group helping kids navigate through court asks for help
11/04/2015 [-] Do Kids Walk the Walk After 'The Talk'?
11/04/2015 [-] Creepy clown terrifies misbehaving kids...
11/04/2015 [-] AAA, Safe Kids give away free car seats
11/04/2015 [-] Texas case mulls if home-school kids have to learn
11/04/2015 [-] Kate Winslet Bans Social Media for her Kids
11/03/2015 [-] Offering kai and a cuddle to the city's troubled kids
11/03/2015 [-] Rhode Island kids invited to enter healthy recipe contest
11/03/2015 [-] Can Prenatal Choline Cut Schizophrenia Risk in Kids?
11/03/2015 [-] Kids Growing up with Dogs Less Likely to have Asthma
11/03/2015 [-] Police, kids call for end to child trafficking
11/03/2015 [-] Survey reveals surprising facts about kids' online connections
11/03/2015 [-] Bindi's big surprise for kids
11/03/2015 [-] Woman caught on video stealing Halloween candy left for kids
11/03/2015 [-] VW skids as scandal widens
11/03/2015 [-] Watch Parents Persuade Their Kids They Ate All Their Halloween Candy
11/03/2015 [-] Norman's Project Outreach gives parents and their kids a needed break
11/03/2015 [-] VivaCell-MTS allocates 10 workstations to kids’ camp
11/03/2015 [-] Man charged with exposing himself near kids' bus stop
11/03/2015 [-] Many Parents Unaware of Emergency Plans at Kids' Pre-schools
11/03/2015 [-] Study Commercials targeted at kids' food often deceiving
11/03/2015 [-] Teens speak out in support of 'Kids in Motion' program expanding
11/03/2015 [-] Google to autonomous cars Brake for kids!
11/03/2015 [-] Sally Ride's Life Shines in New Photobiography Book for Kids
11/03/2015 [-] How growing up with a dog affects kids' asthma risk
11/03/2015 [-] Dogs in the Home May Lower Kids' Odds for Asthma
11/02/2015 [-] Creepy clown with knife chases kids at Chesterfield bus stop
11/02/2015 [-] How growing up with a dog affects kids' asthma risk
11/02/2015 [-] Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon spend Halloween with their kids
11/02/2015 [-] Kids who have puppies or ponies may have lower asthma risk
11/02/2015 [-] Act changes shift focus to kids Parata
11/02/2015 [-] PA kids find needles in Halloween candy
11/02/2015 [-] Ministers consider tougher tests for primary school kids
11/02/2015 [-] Local dietitians seeing more kids developing diabetes
11/02/2015 [-] Best Space Gifts for Kids
11/02/2015 [-] Tori Spelling brings her kids to 'The Peanuts Movie' premiere
11/02/2015 [-] VIDEO Timeline of charity Kids Company
11/02/2015 [-] Kids Company 'not treated as special'
11/02/2015 [-] Multiple people, including 2 kids, hurt in crash near Santiam Pass
11/02/2015 [-] After swimming and cycling, internet safety is key for Dutch kids
11/02/2015 [-] Chandler dentist gives kids cash for candy to benefit troops
11/02/2015 [-] Fast Food TV Ads are Putting Your Kids Health at Risk
11/02/2015 [-] Costumed kids & family enjoy ZooMontana's 'Boo At The Zoo'
11/02/2015 [-] Do home-schooled kids actually have to learn?
11/02/2015 [-] New push for pint-sized medical devices to treat sick kids
11/02/2015 [-] Royals cardiac kids win World Series championship!
11/02/2015 [-] Islamic kids having fun
11/02/2015 [-] Pharmacy accidentally gave kids 'bipolar pills' instead of candy...
11/01/2015 [-] APTOPIX Kids Medical Devices
11/01/2015 [-] Take Your Kids to See Bridge of Spies
11/01/2015 [-] Jonas wants kids off streets by 2016
11/01/2015 [-] Biggest etiquette violators in hotels unattended kids
11/01/2015 [-] Man hacks three kids to death in China
11/01/2015 [-] Texas case mulls if home-school kids have to learn something
11/01/2015 [-] Kids Medical Devices
11/01/2015 [-] Move to spur pint-sized medical devices to treat sick kids
11/01/2015 [-] Help Kids Breathe Easier on Halloween
11/01/2015 [-] Homelessness, Frequent Moves Affect How Kids Do in School
11/01/2015 [-] Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Up Among Hospitalized Kids Study
11/01/2015 [-] Are Today's Artsy Kids Tomorrow's Business Leaders?
11/01/2015 [-] Fewer U.S. Kids Dying of Diabetes CDC
11/01/2015 [-] Early Autism Treatment Benefits Kids' Brains
11/01/2015 [-] Kids An Rx for Menopause's Hot Flashes?
11/01/2015 [-] Type 1 Diabetes Increasing Among White American Kids
11/01/2015 [-] There Is No Safer Football Helmet for Kids Study
11/01/2015 [-] 'Super-Magnets' Pose Rising Threat to Kids, Study Finds
11/01/2015 [-] More Kids Harmed by Drinking in Pregnancy Than Expected, Study Reports
11/01/2015 [-] Some Kids' Cough Syrups Recalled
11/01/2015 [-] Smoking During Pregnancy Tied to Extra Weight in Kids
11/01/2015 [-] Halloween Safety Tips for Kids With Food Allergies
11/01/2015 [-] Food Allergies Can Make Kids Targets for Bullies
11/01/2015 [-] Overuse Injuries May Rise When Kids Specialize in One Sport
11/01/2015 [-] Halloween Safety Tips for Kids With Asthma
11/01/2015 [-] Too Few Kids Follow Bike Helmet Laws, Study Finds
11/01/2015 [-] Arteries of Obese Kids Aging Prematurely Study
11/01/2015 [-] Mothers' Weight-Loss Surgery Linked to Kids' Heart Health
11/01/2015 [-] Antipsychotics Tied to Kids' Weight Gain
11/01/2015 [-] Health Tip Dress Kids in Safe Halloween Costumes
11/01/2015 [-] Play-Focused Program Might Help Kids With Autism
11/01/2015 [-] Kids Shed H1N1 Virus 6 Days After Fever
11/01/2015 [-] Halloween Treats Can Spook Kids' Teeth
11/01/2015 [-] Placebo Treatment May Quiet Kids' Cough
11/01/2015 [-] TV Bad for Obese Kids' Blood Pressure?
11/01/2015 [-] More Weight Gain in Pregnancy Tied to Higher Autism Risk for Kids Study
11/01/2015 [-] FDA Some Asthma Drugs Riskier for Kids Than Adults
11/01/2015 [-] 6 Million U.S. Kids Lack Enough Vitamin D
11/01/2015 [-] Health Tip Get Kids Outdoors
11/01/2015 [-] Holiday cards help kids in need have presents during Christmastime
11/01/2015 [-] Google's self-driving cars are more cautious around kids
11/01/2015 [-] Fast food restaurants lure kids of ads, toys...and it works
11/01/2015 [-] Photos Kids in costume for Halloween 2015
11/01/2015 [-] Two Columbus kids get a Halloween surprise from a 'Superhero'
10/31/2015 [-] Police, firefighters have fun with kids in Cairo
10/31/2015 [-] Halloween Events for Kids Alternatives to trick-or-treating
10/31/2015 [-] Parents and kids call for better air quality at Halloween protest
10/31/2015 [-] Is it OK for kids to gorge on candy?
10/31/2015 [-] Las Cruces man indicted for allegedly molesting 2 kids
10/31/2015 [-] Kids Meals, Toys and TV Ads Add Up to Frequent Fast Food Study
10/31/2015 [-] UNICEF Millions of Iraqi kids deprived of education
10/31/2015 [-] Kids face challenges but find New Hope with program
10/31/2015 [-] Jared Fogle's shocking request to mom of young kids
10/31/2015 [-] The LEGO Group Kids Toy Company Or Chinese Communist Party Lapdog?
10/31/2015 [-] Hotline Kids' Halloween special
10/31/2015 [-] Winners selected in 2016 Safety Kids Calendar contest
10/30/2015 [-] VIDEO Kids save money to surprise mom with dream trip to Disney
10/30/2015 [-] Glendale PD Man tried to lure 3 school kids into van
10/30/2015 [-] Get your kids Walmart's Israeli Soldier Costume for the classiest Halloween ever
10/30/2015 [-] Should you let your kids gorge on Halloween candy?
10/30/2015 [-] The Latest Group 77 kids drown at sea since Syrian boy
10/30/2015 [-] Haryana forensics claim fire that killed Dalit kids started inside room
10/30/2015 [-] SEGMENT SEGMENT Operation KidSafe event kicks off Saturday
10/30/2015 [-] Ministers knew of Kids Company outlay
10/30/2015 [-] Kids meals, toys and TV ads add up to frequent fast food
10/30/2015 [-] Kids get more cavities when they live with smokers
10/30/2015 [-] Spider Mable teaching kids to reach out to heroes in uniform
10/30/2015 [-] Unique haunted house for some special kids
10/30/2015 [-] Parent's warned over highly flammable kids' costumes.
10/30/2015 [-] Keep Kids Safe This Halloween
10/30/2015 [-] Auvi-Q Drug Recall Puts Kids’ Lives At Risk This Halloween
10/30/2015 [-] Toronto kids pay up after losing Royals bet in ALCS
10/30/2015 [-] Kids book drive in November
10/30/2015 [-] Doctors to rally against kids in detention
10/30/2015 [-] Quincy kids attend Halloween ball
10/30/2015 [-] Warhammer comp brings fun for kids
10/30/2015 [-] Pottery Barn Kids recalls specialty water bottles
10/30/2015 [-] How can Vt. get old offenders out of prison and keep young kids out?
10/30/2015 [-] Diabetic kids will suffer because of NZ clinics report
10/29/2015 [-] Pottery Barn Kids recalls water bottles for possible lead paint
10/29/2015 [-] San Leandro Armed Robbers Targeting Parents Dropping Off Kids At School
10/29/2015 [-] Kids wait months for help to learn
10/29/2015 [-] Connecticut man arrested after stuffing heroin under kids' beds
10/29/2015 [-] Opinion Ontario teachers dispute turns kids into pawns
10/29/2015 [-] Kids Save the World from Zombies, Once a Week After School
10/29/2015 [-] Fongwan Nutrition programs reduce prevalence of underweight kids
10/29/2015 [-] Kids Company gave 'exceptional value'
10/29/2015 [-] China ends 3-decade-old one-child policy, couples can have 2 kids
10/29/2015 [-] South Carolina offering ways to help kids cope with flood
10/29/2015 [-] Parents say bus stop is putting kids in danger
10/29/2015 [-] Halloween kids haunt Carrie Underwood
10/29/2015 [-] 'Kids wearing helmets to the park' Magpie kill order defended
10/29/2015 [-] WA Threatened Species Forum speaker urges kids to explore the bush
10/29/2015 [-] 'Kids wearing helmets to the park' Magpie kill order defended
10/29/2015 [-] Growing up is a circus for kids born into show families
10/29/2015 [-] Costumed kids find enchantment at Storybook Forest in Edmond
10/29/2015 [-] Keeping kids safe while trick-or-treating
10/29/2015 [-] Sen. Merkley wants to ban e-cig flavors, marketing appealing to kids
10/29/2015 [-] Cutting Sugar From Diet Boosts Kids' Health Immediately Study
10/29/2015 [-] Oxytocin 'Love Hormone' Nasal Spray Shows Promise in Kids With Autism
10/29/2015 [-] Halloween safety tips for kids and parents
10/29/2015 [-] Nigerian troops save over 330 women, kids
10/29/2015 [-] 13 fun literary Halloween costumes for kids
10/29/2015 [-] Police Are the Greatest Threat Facing Black Kids in School
10/29/2015 [-] Kids Company 'given £46m public cash'
10/29/2015 [-] Mother drink driving with kids in car
10/28/2015 [-] Helping Greece kids stay warm this winter
10/28/2015 [-] Kids and Antibiotics Resistance Not Obesity Is the Problem
10/28/2015 [-] Parents to board of education Testing makes kids suffer
10/28/2015 [-] Fogle brags about sex with kids on secret recordings
10/28/2015 [-] MAX4Kids raises thousands in annual charity golf tournament
10/28/2015 [-] Cutting Sugar from Kids Diets Improves Health in Just Days
10/28/2015 [-] Cutting Sugar from Kids’ Diets Improves Health in ‘Just Days’
10/28/2015 [-] Kim Hone-McMahan Are syringe pens for kids a bad idea?
10/28/2015 [-] Adams County ranks high for lead poisonings in kids
10/28/2015 [-] Math, Reading Scores Slip for US School Kids
10/28/2015 [-] Cutting sugar from diet boosts kids' health immediately
10/28/2015 [-] Forcing Kids to Say 'I'm sorry' May Send Wrong Message
10/28/2015 [-] How cutting sugar impacts kids' health
10/28/2015 [-] Bay Area Researchers Cutting Sugar Improves Obese Kids’ Health In 10 Days
10/28/2015 [-] Reducing Sugar Made Obese Kids Healthier in Just 10 Days
10/28/2015 [-] Math, reading scores slip for nation's school kids
10/28/2015 [-] Kids Drawn to 'Gateway' Flavored Tobacco Products, FDA Finds
10/28/2015 [-] Guatemala's next leader eyes GPS tags on teachers, phones for kids
10/28/2015 [-] Anemic report card for nation's school kids
10/28/2015 [-] Cutting Sugar Made Obese Kids Healthier in 10 Days
10/27/2015 [-] Google invites Arizona kids to enter doodle contest
10/27/2015 [-] Mom of girl found dead accused of abusing 5 kids for years
10/27/2015 [-] Teacher strike gives 6K Illinois kids month off from school
10/27/2015 [-] Halloween can be a fright for kids with food allergies
10/27/2015 [-] More than 5 mln U.S. kids have had live-in parent imprisoned
10/27/2015 [-] INTERVIEW-Guatemala's next leader eyes GPS tags on teachers, phones for kids
10/27/2015 [-] Cutting Sugar Boosts Kids' Health Immediately
10/27/2015 [-] THURSDAY AT 6 Keeping legal pot from kids
10/27/2015 [-] Fuhu doesn't cut corners with new top-end tablet for kids
10/27/2015 [-] Kentucky mom turns to kids in fighting heroin
10/27/2015 [-] BA flight skids as landing gear collapses
10/27/2015 [-] No timeline for Qld kids hospital fix
10/27/2015 [-] Kids dressed up in Halloween costumes
10/27/2015 [-] Parents say kids can access porn on school-issued computers
10/27/2015 [-] Prank involving kids lands man in jail
10/27/2015 [-] Kids face risks taking the streets in search of treats on Halloween
10/27/2015 [-] Paintball, BB Guns Can Severely Injure Kids, Study Finds
10/27/2015 [-] Challenges abound for US kids who've had a parent in prison
10/27/2015 [-] Surge in kids, animals locked in carsNRMA
10/27/2015 [-] Kids in Foster Care Have Tripled Rates of ADHD, Study Finds
10/27/2015 [-] AAP Don't Ban Tackle in Kids' Football - Go for Good Technique
10/27/2015 [-] No second kids hospital for Brisbane Dick
10/27/2015 [-] Check sex offender registry online to keep your kids safe this Halloween
10/27/2015 [-] Store hopes to give kids in hospital Halloween fun
10/26/2015 [-] After hand surgery, Enrique Iglesias helping kids in crises
10/26/2015 [-] GA first lady reads to Chattahoochee Valley kids Monday
10/26/2015 [-] Kids Drawn to 'Gateway' Flavored Tobacco FDA
10/26/2015 [-] How to Talk to Your Kids About Death
10/26/2015 [-] Pay it Forward Sheila Scurlock Making Sure Kids Snack Healthy
10/26/2015 [-] Study Kids take 100-plus standardized tests through 12th grade
10/26/2015 [-] Fleeing teachers latest blow to Syrian refugee kids
10/26/2015 [-] Absence of SHS force kids to galamsay for survival
10/26/2015 [-] Vigil held for mom, 3 kids who died after car went into lake
10/26/2015 [-] Training scheme gives street kids a new path
10/26/2015 [-] Study Kids take 100-plus required tests through 12th grade
10/26/2015 [-] Fund launched to cover extras for WA kids in care
10/26/2015 [-] Do Bullied Kids Blame Docs for Lack of Counseling?
10/26/2015 [-] NZ@Noon Stray's special talent and kids predict future
10/25/2015 [-] Man shot, killed in front of wife & kids during attempted robbery
10/25/2015 [-] When kids break things
10/25/2015 [-] VCU receives grant to study kids' brain development
10/25/2015 [-] Two kids dead after wall collapse
10/25/2015 [-] Kids first, not politics
10/25/2015 [-] Pirate play has life lessons for kids
10/25/2015 [-] Doctors Not Stressing Follow-Up Plans With Obese Kids
10/25/2015 [-] Kids Still Swallowing Magnets Despite Warning Labels
10/25/2015 [-] Many Kids With Autism on Multiple Medications, Study Finds
10/25/2015 [-] Panel No Cold Medicine for Young Kids
10/25/2015 [-] Kids & Cold Drugs Questions, Answers
10/25/2015 [-] U.S. Kids Use ADHD Meds More During School Year
10/25/2015 [-] Unvaccinated Kids Behind Largest U.S. Measles Outbreak in Years Study
10/25/2015 [-] Kids Still Spanked, to Their Detriment, Study Finds
10/25/2015 [-] Staying Home With Sick Kids Causes Job Worries for Parents Survey
10/25/2015 [-] Health Tip Make Sure Kids Drink Enough Water
10/25/2015 [-] Secondhand Smoke Hurts Kids' Grades
10/25/2015 [-] Vitamin D Might Help Kids With Eczema
10/25/2015 [-] Video Games Can Play Havoc With Kids' Joints
10/25/2015 [-] Kids Who Exercise More May Get Better Grades
10/25/2015 [-] Too Much Texting May Leave College Kids Sleepy
10/25/2015 [-] Gene Mutation Tied to Higher Obesity Risk in Kids
10/25/2015 [-] Kids With Head Injuries May Be Prone to Depression
10/25/2015 [-] Stress in Parents Linked to Obesity in Kids
10/25/2015 [-] Antibiotics Don't Ease Coughs in Kids With Common Cold Study
10/25/2015 [-] Kids With Autism Find It Hard to Describe Poor Behavior, Study Finds
10/25/2015 [-] 'Desensitized' Parents Let Kids Watch More Movie Violence, Sex
10/25/2015 [-] Kids With ADHD Often Prone to Bowel Problems Study
10/25/2015 [-] Exercise Boosts School Performance for Kids With ADHD Study
10/25/2015 [-] Parents Favor Email Medical Consults for Kids' Minor Illnesses Survey
10/25/2015 [-] Foster Kids Adopted by Same-Sex Parents Make Big Gains, Study Says
10/25/2015 [-] U.S. Schools Getting Better at Boosting Kids' Health
10/25/2015 [-] Having kids too young....Not the.
10/25/2015 [-] Low Vitamin D Tied to Anemia Risk in Kids
10/25/2015 [-] Flavored Cigars Gaining in Popularity With U.S. Kids CDC
10/25/2015 [-] Kids dress in costumes for Topeka's annual Boo at the Zoo
10/24/2015 [-] Paz urges kids to use social media for a good cause, promote tourism
10/24/2015 [-] At Issue Making trick-or-treating safer for kids with allergies
10/24/2015 [-] Study shows kids choose household cleaning products over toys
10/24/2015 [-] U of South Carolina holding free STEM fair for kids
10/24/2015 [-] Furry Friends May Be Stress Relievers for Kids With Cancer
10/24/2015 [-] Antibiotics Might Cause Weight Gain in Kids
10/24/2015 [-] Kids at Growing Risk of Deadly 'Superbug' Infection Study
10/24/2015 [-] AAP Ask Kids if They Worry About Next Meal
10/24/2015 [-] United Family launching Kids Club to promote childhood safety and nutrition
10/24/2015 [-] Local kids participate in 27th annual Red Ribbon March in South Bend
10/24/2015 [-] More kids at Bahay Pag-asa in Davao
10/23/2015 [-] RPD 2 men sexually abused kids for 3 years
10/23/2015 [-] Paintball, BB guns can severely injure kids
10/23/2015 [-] Woman in court on DWI crash with 2 kids in car
10/23/2015 [-] Apps can help track trick or treating kids
10/23/2015 [-] Kids at Growing Risk of Deadly 'Superbug'
10/23/2015 [-] UNHCR Migrant Women, Kids Face Sex Abuse
10/23/2015 [-] FSA student scores heading to parents months after kids took tests
10/23/2015 [-] The Latest Israel Woman, kids hurt by Palestinian firebomb
10/23/2015 [-] U.N. warns smugglers forcing migrant kids into sex
10/23/2015 [-] Kids get raped because of mobile phones Azam Khan
10/23/2015 [-] Woman allegedly asked to 'taste' neighbours' kids
10/23/2015 [-] Kids Caring for Country keeps Indigenous families connected to culture
10/23/2015 [-] Kids caring for country
10/23/2015 [-] Many Ads in Parenting Magazines Show Unsafe Practices for Kids
10/23/2015 [-] Strawberry DNA experiment gets kids excited about STEM
10/23/2015 [-] Helping medical students help special needs kids
10/23/2015 [-] Honored to attend ROC WWII events late US doctor's kids
10/23/2015 [-] This Is the Number One Mistake Parents Make When Arguing With Kids
10/23/2015 [-] Hannibal 'Kids in Motion' program could be heading to Quincy
10/23/2015 [-] 38 kids injured in school bus crash
10/23/2015 [-] More screening could help catch, treat depression in kids with diabetes
10/22/2015 [-] Air force chopper scours seas for missing kids to no avail
10/22/2015 [-] Cops nix tickets, buy driver car seats for kids instead
10/22/2015 [-] Kids at growing risk of deadly 'superbug' infection
10/22/2015 [-] NOLA Kids and Family chapter of the National Stuttering Association
10/22/2015 [-] Texas cops nix tickets, buy driver car seats for kids instead
10/22/2015 [-] Secondhand smoke in infancy may harm kids' teeth
10/22/2015 [-] Things to do with the kids in Bury this October half term
10/22/2015 [-] Palestinians shot after trying to board bus carrying kids
10/22/2015 [-] Health Tip Help Kids Enjoy Technology
10/22/2015 [-] High 5 4 Kids Gequan Fletcher
10/22/2015 [-] Rural Reporter Country kids tell their stories
10/22/2015 [-] A unique show offers dental hygiene tips to area kids
10/21/2015 [-] Conn. kids write injured officer 'tear-jerking' note
10/21/2015 [-] In 19 states, it’s okay for schools to hit kids with a wooden board
10/21/2015 [-] ASU student's car skids off road in downpour
10/21/2015 [-] Centcom asked to help find 3 kids
10/21/2015 [-] 'Coats for Kids' collection drive has begun
10/21/2015 [-] Police Intoxicated woman crashes vehicle with kids inside
10/21/2015 [-] As Virginia Beach's school lunch debt grows, it's time to end kids' gravy train
10/21/2015 [-] 2 kids injured in rollover crash; woman arrested for OWI
10/21/2015 [-] Kids Need Fruits And Veggies, Not False Alarms About Food Risks
10/21/2015 [-] New free program to teach kids big band music on Saturdays
10/21/2015 [-] Father save 2 children from fire; mother and 3 kids killed
10/21/2015 [-] College Kids Easily Find Contraband ADHD Drugs, Other Meds
10/21/2015 [-] Camp offers NewView of art for visually impaired kids
10/21/2015 [-] Korean Immigrant Brings Positive Energy to Homeless Kids
10/21/2015 [-] Scouts don't know if ex-leader abused kids
10/21/2015 [-] As Virginai Beach's school lunch debt grows, it's time to end kids' gravy train
10/21/2015 [-] Parents must keep watch on kids' TV habits Shrinks
10/21/2015 [-] Search for 3 missing kids off
10/21/2015 [-] Kids Count report sparks concerns for children's long-term success
10/21/2015 [-] Parents key to kids’ success in therapy for behavior disorders
10/21/2015 [-] Cannabis trial to help epileptic Qld kids
10/20/2015 [-] Keeping kids safe online
10/20/2015 [-] Kids today
10/20/2015 [-] Study Farm kids less likely to develop asthma
10/20/2015 [-] 5 dead, including 3 kids, in apartment fire in Kentucky
10/20/2015 [-] Kids Company do the sums add up?
10/20/2015 [-] 5 dead, including 3 kids, in apartment fire in northern Kentucky
10/20/2015 [-] WVU Student Athletes Teach Kids Benefits of Health and Fitness
10/20/2015 [-] 'Factor' Kids political quiz
10/20/2015 [-] Pair arrested after 3 kids left in car at flea market
10/20/2015 [-] Trial date set for couple accused of keeping kids in captivity
10/20/2015 [-] Woman convicted of felony child abuse after kids left in car
10/20/2015 [-] New Mexico woman accused of leaving 3 kids in car in Phoenix
10/19/2015 [-] DPS Woman left her 3 kids in locked car at AZ State Fair
10/19/2015 [-] Qld medics back call for release of kids
10/19/2015 [-] Disney Donates 'Frozen' Costumes to Florida Kids
10/19/2015 [-] Disney Donates 'Frozen' Costumes to Florida Kids
10/19/2015 [-] Schools no cure-all for kids, principals say
10/19/2015 [-] Kids wish network
10/19/2015 [-] How to Get Your Kids Interested in the U.S. Election
10/19/2015 [-] Disney lets it go, donates 'Frozen' costumes to Florida kids
10/19/2015 [-] Classroom tech plugs kids into maker movement
10/19/2015 [-] Kids and Money Instructive apps help teach money smarts
10/19/2015 [-] Mom charged in fatal house fire I would never hurt my kids
10/19/2015 [-] UAE- Film festival for kids begins in Sharjah
10/19/2015 [-] No Qld kids harmed by abuse report glitch
10/19/2015 [-] Game Plan for Taking Back Our Kids
10/19/2015 [-] Vic mum free, denies asking kids to steal
10/19/2015 [-] President's Prescription Kids and videogames
10/19/2015 [-] Vic mum denies teaching kids to steal
10/19/2015 [-] Mum pleads guilty to using kids to steal
10/19/2015 [-] Chesapeake has a nutrition bus, and kids are on board
10/18/2015 [-] Judge Texas may deny birth certificates to immigrants' kids
10/18/2015 [-] Dissection display not your normal day at the zoo with the kids
10/18/2015 [-] Tonsillectomy Complications May Be More Likely in Poor, Minority Kids
10/18/2015 [-] Melatonin Helps Autistic Kids Sleep
10/18/2015 [-] Painkiller Abuse by Kids Way Up, Study Finds
10/18/2015 [-] Calm, Positive Family Meals May Help Keep Kids Slim
10/18/2015 [-] New Risks for Kids Crossing the Street
10/18/2015 [-] Detergent Pods Pose Risk to Kids' Eyes, Researchers Warn
10/18/2015 [-] Health Tip Teach Kids About Pedestrian Safety
10/18/2015 [-] Irregular Bedtimes Lead to Behavior Problems in Kids Study
10/18/2015 [-] A Little Bit of Extra Sleep Pays Off Big for Kids
10/18/2015 [-] Qatar Promotion of kids' rights a priority
10/18/2015 [-] Bullet Wounds Kill 8 Percent of U.S. Kids Treated at ERs
10/18/2015 [-] 3 or More X-Rays May Raise Leukemia Risk Among Kids Study
10/18/2015 [-] 'Mother's Kiss' Can Expel Objects From Kids' Noses
10/18/2015 [-] Parents Who Used Donor Eggs Often Struggle Over Decision to Tell Kids
10/18/2015 [-] More Kids Using ERs for Medical Care, Researchers Say
10/18/2015 [-] Duplex fire forces 5 adults, 3 kids out of their homes
10/18/2015 [-] Tree House for kids of any ability in Plattsburgh
10/18/2015 [-] Refugee kids in 'medieval' conditions
10/18/2015 [-] Free coats for CHA kids take edge off early chill
10/17/2015 [-] 2 in Virginia sentenced for making meth with kids present
10/17/2015 [-] Kids call man who evacuated homes during flood `Superman`
10/17/2015 [-] Kids with cancer to gather in DC for candlelight vigil
10/17/2015 [-] STORY gifts fun-filled festive season to kids
10/17/2015 [-] Art to-go Former LTD bus now a studio on wheels for kids
10/17/2015 [-] Scrap simplistic screen time limits for kids, experts say
10/17/2015 [-] Palestinian Kids 'Shown How To Stab A Jew'...
10/17/2015 [-] Adult Version of Kids Favorite Cozy Coupe Little Tikes Car Now on Sale
10/17/2015 [-] Shoplifting suspect's alleged accomplice crashes car with kids inside
10/17/2015 [-] Everyday Heroes Epic Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs
10/17/2015 [-] Enterovirus D68 No Deadlier for Kids Than the Common Cold Study
10/17/2015 [-] More special needs kids wanted for Decatur soccer program
10/17/2015 [-] Judge Texas may deny birth certificates to immigrants' kids
10/17/2015 [-] 2 In Custody After Police Chase, Crash With Kids In Car
10/17/2015 [-] Maori school kids off to Silicon Valley
10/17/2015 [-] EVD68 No Deadlier for Kids Than Other Viruses
10/17/2015 [-] Injunction to get birth certificates for US-born kids denied
10/16/2015 [-] Suspect denies trying to lure kids in jail interview
10/16/2015 [-] FBI's largest ever human trafficking sting leads to over 150 arrests, 149 kids recovered
10/16/2015 [-] Suspect in Springdale murder, stabbing of four kids in court
10/16/2015 [-] Police and school teaming up to make kids safer
10/16/2015 [-] What to do when kids reject veggies
10/16/2015 [-] Watch Tom Hanks Playing Bridge of Spies Kids Theater with Jimmy Fallon
10/16/2015 [-] Odom's kids speak out
10/16/2015 [-] Crohn's Disease Treatments for Kids May Not Get Gut Back to Normal
10/16/2015 [-] Preparing kids for high school? Here's what parents should know
10/16/2015 [-] Video shows kids driving with no seatbelts on
10/15/2015 [-] Dad accused of killing kids wants bail
10/15/2015 [-] Talking to kids about smoking risks may help parents quit
10/15/2015 [-] Lawmaker Medicaid privatization could hurt program for kids
10/15/2015 [-] RVA Parenting Talking to your kids about drugs and alcohol
10/15/2015 [-] Lawmaker says Medicaid privatization could hurt kids program
10/15/2015 [-] Kids Company founder denies money mismanagement
10/15/2015 [-] Healthy Foods from Michelle Obama = Kids Dropping Out of School Lunches
10/15/2015 [-] Danish zoo criticized as it dissects young lion before kids
10/15/2015 [-] How technology is helping kids with autism
10/15/2015 [-] Kids Company closure 'I'm beginning to feel like a bad mother'
10/15/2015 [-] First festival of Argentine tango for kids
10/15/2015 [-] UN Brazil's Police Kill Kids to 'Clean Streets' for Olympics
10/15/2015 [-] Inner Truth The One Invaluable Lesson You Should Teach Your Kids
10/15/2015 [-] Teaching Kids Engineering By Building Cartoon Tech
10/15/2015 [-] Kids Company leaders to face MPs
10/15/2015 [-] Health Tip Help College Kids Have Healthy Ambition
10/15/2015 [-] High 5 4 Kids Nathaniel Foreman
10/15/2015 [-] Child finds racist note in Wendy's kids meal
10/14/2015 [-] Digital Allowance Could Kids' Phones Replace Piggy Banks?
10/14/2015 [-] New tool to help keep kids safe
10/14/2015 [-] App to help kids stay sun safe
10/14/2015 [-] Man indicted on charges for shooting car with kids inside
10/14/2015 [-] 'Astronaut Instruction Manual' Introduces Kids to Space
10/14/2015 [-] How 3 New Kids’ Books Help Cope With Traumatic Events
10/14/2015 [-] 78-year-old man rides bike with neighborhood kids
10/14/2015 [-] Cops Daycare owner attacked while protecting kids
10/14/2015 [-] Two of three kids reported missing in Ionia now home
10/14/2015 [-] Adoption scheduled for kids of couple in gay marriage suit
10/14/2015 [-] Kids Company concerns go back to 2002
10/14/2015 [-] Watch Video of officer dancing with kids goes viral
10/14/2015 [-] German police warn against posting kids' photos on Facebook
10/14/2015 [-] Notasulga family devastated after losing husband, 4 kids in crash
10/14/2015 [-] KTC and KTB organise activity for kids
10/14/2015 [-] VIDEO The kids affected by Redcar closure
10/14/2015 [-] Police Daycare owner attacked while protecting kids
10/14/2015 [-] Sonam, Hrithik, Kareena When star kids resemble superparents!
10/14/2015 [-] German police warn against posting kids' photos on Facebook
10/14/2015 [-] 2 kids critical, ejected from van hit by bus
10/14/2015 [-] Killing Kids and Catching Cooties With Writer Leigh Whannell
10/14/2015 [-] Police Daycare owner was attacked while protecting kids
10/14/2015 [-] One dead, kids hospitalised after bus collides with car in NSW
10/14/2015 [-] Should we teach kids what to think or how to think?
10/14/2015 [-] The Doctor-Parent Disconnect Why Are Antibiotics Overprescribed for Kids?
10/14/2015 [-] Police Dad attacked daycare owner after he was denied kids
10/14/2015 [-] Cycling with furry friends to fight kids' cancer
10/14/2015 [-] Parents forced to watch kids' basketball games online because of lack of room
10/13/2015 [-] Kids get active during Athletic Day at Baldwin South
10/13/2015 [-] Parents, stepdads kill six Vic kids a year
10/13/2015 [-] A Modest Proposal For Kids’ Birthday Parties
10/13/2015 [-] UK Bans Smoking in Cars with Kids
10/13/2015 [-] State environmental officials offer kids' book on clean air
10/13/2015 [-] Cesarean Delivery Won't Harm Kids' Health Study
10/13/2015 [-] Kids With Mental Ills Often Treated Solely by Primary Care Doctors
10/13/2015 [-] Experts offer tips to help keep kids safe on Halloween
10/13/2015 [-] Golf ball bomb accused made explosives around his kids, court hears
10/13/2015 [-] Call for safe dosing for kids
10/13/2015 [-] More Kids Are Getting Ear Surgery to Avoid Being Bullied
10/12/2015 [-] Stewardship Program Lowers C. diff in Kids' Hospital
10/12/2015 [-] PCPs Deliver Bulk of Mental Healthcare to Kids
10/12/2015 [-] Physically Active Kids See Fewer Fractures
10/12/2015 [-] Cesarean Delivery Won't Harm Kids' Health
10/12/2015 [-] New kids City aim high in first W-League
10/12/2015 [-] Primary Care Docs Often Treat Kids' Mental Ills
10/12/2015 [-] City Thinks Your Kids Need 'Recess Coach' to Play Nice
10/12/2015 [-] Alvarez Working Mothers – Is it really hurting kids?
10/12/2015 [-] Adult Bipolar Disorder Drug May be Safe for Kids
10/12/2015 [-] Kids Learning S.T.E.M from Robots and Local Engineers
10/12/2015 [-] This Bedtime Book Can Make Your Kids Fall Asleep
10/12/2015 [-] Teal Pumpkin Project Helping Kids
10/12/2015 [-] “Imitation Game” helmer acquires “The Luridium Thief” kids’ novel
10/12/2015 [-] Scare-mongering about kids and social media helps no-one
10/12/2015 [-] The bedtime bunny book that's sending kids to sleep
10/12/2015 [-] Many Kids with Mental Health Issues See Only Pediatricians
10/12/2015 [-] Local kids team up on Columbus Day to fill area food banks
10/12/2015 [-] Nature Center looking for green spaces for kids
10/12/2015 [-] Treasure Valley children take on the Harrison Classic Kids Run
10/12/2015 [-] Sick kids who miss school being left behind report
10/12/2015 [-] Parents, do you know what your kids are actually doing in class?
10/12/2015 [-] Outback Qld kids kick up the dust with footy greats
10/11/2015 [-] Justice Can Be Served Without Putting Kids Behind Bars
10/11/2015 [-] Behavioral Management Plans Help Kids Lose Weight
10/11/2015 [-] Depression During Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Psychiatric Trouble in Kids
10/11/2015 [-] Smog, Stressed Mom May Raise Risk of Behavior Woes in Kids
10/11/2015 [-] U.S. Panel Rejects Blood Pressure Screening for Kids, Teens
10/11/2015 [-] Overweight Kids Risk High Blood Pressure
10/11/2015 [-] Junk Food Makers Target Kids With Free Online Games, Study Says
10/11/2015 [-] High Blood Pressure Common Among Overweight Kids
10/11/2015 [-] Fetal Exposure to Plastics Chemical Tied to Breathing Ills in Kids
10/11/2015 [-] Certain Eye Injuries in Kids May Indicate Child Abuse Study
10/11/2015 [-] CT Scans of Kids in ER With Stomach Pain Skyrockets
10/11/2015 [-] Health Tip Teach Kids to Live Healthier
10/11/2015 [-] Schools Key to Reaching Kids With Mental Health Needs, Experts Say
10/11/2015 [-] Obese Kids May Show Early Signs of Heart Trouble
10/11/2015 [-] New Test Spots Risk for PTSD in Injured Kids
10/11/2015 [-] Kids May Leave Hospital Sooner When Antibiotics Are Controlled
10/11/2015 [-] Tulsa resident Armadillo Jim helps kids turn tragedy to hope
10/11/2015 [-] Nebraska mom duct-taped kids to chairs and forced them to watch ‘Mommie Dearest’ police
10/11/2015 [-] New app protects kids from cyberbullying on social media
10/10/2015 [-] Kids and Screen Time New Advice for a Digital Age
10/10/2015 [-] Kanye West Suddenly Realizes In-App Purchases in Kids Games Aren’t Cool
10/10/2015 [-] Palm Bay mom charged with killing kids says she wishes she'd died
10/10/2015 [-] Training aims to help NYC school aides to kids with autism
10/10/2015 [-] The Latest California to extend health coverage to all kids
10/10/2015 [-] Kanye West hates in-app purchases on kids games
10/10/2015 [-] 1 in 8 U.S. Kids Not Protected Against Measles Report
10/10/2015 [-] Vandals Repeatedly Deface Kids' Peace Mural In Oakland
10/10/2015 [-] Attorney General says parents can't keep kids from tests
10/10/2015 [-] Boy collects coins to help other sick kids
10/09/2015 [-] Pain-Pill Guidelines for Kids Spark a Fierce Debate
10/09/2015 [-] School kids fill in the stands
10/09/2015 [-] Organic Produce Reduces Pesticide Levels in Kids
10/09/2015 [-] Firstborn kids more likely to be nearsighted
10/09/2015 [-] Zoo invites kids to watch lion dissection
10/09/2015 [-] Destined for Glasses? Firstborn Kids More Likely Nearsighted
10/09/2015 [-] College trips help kids focus on education
10/09/2015 [-] Parents say justice system failing to protect kids from accused flasher
10/09/2015 [-] Community takes in kids after daycare provider dies
10/09/2015 [-] Govt has no figures on kids hit by benefit sanctions
10/09/2015 [-] RVA Parenting When is the right time to give your kids a cell phone?
10/09/2015 [-] Schoolkids Get Fire Safety Week Presentation
10/09/2015 [-] Drowning risk five times higher for kids in remote WA than metro areas report
10/09/2015 [-] Quincy kids learn about fire safety
10/09/2015 [-] Hollywood Fire Dept. teaches kids to be safe around fire
10/08/2015 [-] High chairs recalled on reports kids fell off
10/08/2015 [-] 1 in 8 U.S. kids not protected against measles
10/08/2015 [-] 9 Million US Kids at Risk for Measles
10/08/2015 [-] Study finds higher cancer rates in kids near Fukushima
10/08/2015 [-] Highchairs recalled on reports kids fell off, chipped teeth
10/08/2015 [-] Mental AsKeeping Kids-In-Mind
10/08/2015 [-] High 5 4 Kids Jarrett Hutchens
10/08/2015 [-] Kids and parents spend time together at 'Meals and Wheels'
10/08/2015 [-] Coast Guard air crew rescues grandmother, grandkids from Andrews home
10/08/2015 [-] Health Tip Teaching Kids to Wash Hands
10/08/2015 [-] Butter making gives kids a taste of past at Loxton Historical Village
10/08/2015 [-] AAP Screen time for kids might not be so bad
10/08/2015 [-] Rookie Dongle Warns Parents When Their Kids Are Driving Too Fast
10/07/2015 [-] Amid threats, kids pulled out of Va. school near gun shop
10/07/2015 [-] Malcolm X's daughter calls on Muslim parents to take responsibility for kids
10/07/2015 [-] BSP targets 1 million kids as depositors
10/07/2015 [-] Kids mountain bike ride Oct. 17
10/07/2015 [-] Malcolm X's daughter calls on Muslim parents to take responsibility for kids
10/07/2015 [-] Push to crack down on stores selling cigarettes to kids
10/07/2015 [-] Quarter of early childhood workers wouldn't enrol their kids
10/07/2015 [-] Passive smoking causes irreversible damage to kids’ arteries
10/07/2015 [-] State Anti-Bullying Laws May Lead to Fewer Bullied Kids
10/07/2015 [-] Kids depict country life through short film
10/07/2015 [-] Doc fondled me at Toronto's Sick Kids in '60s, woman tells trial
10/07/2015 [-] Doc fondled me at Sick Kids in '60s, woman tells trial
10/07/2015 [-] Montgomery daycare where nearly 90 kids were sickened wins appeal
10/06/2015 [-] Higher fines OK’d to keep cigarettes from kids
10/06/2015 [-] OxyContin Approved for Kids, Worrying Doctors
10/06/2015 [-] How to prevent anxiety disorders in healthy kids
10/06/2015 [-] Local Organizations Help Kids Walk To School Safely
10/06/2015 [-] Parents with kids using medical marijuana often only line of defense
10/06/2015 [-] Anti-bullying study shows some laws more effective at keeping kids safe
10/06/2015 [-] Kids show off their AWESOME skills
10/06/2015 [-] 'Dream Beds for Kids' up for raffle at Rimrock Mall
10/05/2015 [-] Therapy program may improve function for depressed kids
10/05/2015 [-] In Tech More music service options for parents of small kids
10/05/2015 [-] Cabaero Cabrera and other school kids
10/05/2015 [-] More evidence that kids of
10/05/2015 [-] Attorneys Robin Williams' widow, kids settle estate fight/title
10/05/2015 [-] A multigenerational hit Student debt traps parents and kids
10/05/2015 [-] Stars Wars convention Your Jedi crazy kids
10/05/2015 [-] Kids and Money Seeking solutions to bulging student loan debt
10/05/2015 [-] SEGMENT Safe Kids Columbus and Fed-Ex host annual Walk to School Day
10/05/2015 [-] Kids cheat death in Vic school bus crash
10/05/2015 [-] Parents should keep check of kids PM
10/05/2015 [-] What worries Aussie kids? We asked 20,000 of them
10/04/2015 [-] Lapu kicks off Kids’ Month
10/04/2015 [-] Hidden sign of SAD in kids
10/04/2015 [-] Parents Beware – The FBI is Launching Program to Recruit High School Kids
10/04/2015 [-] Show your kids how to love
10/04/2015 [-] Oman- Iraqi kids who drowned with Aylan buried
10/04/2015 [-] Asthma Can Complicate Diabetes Care in Kids
10/04/2015 [-] 42 States Reporting Respiratory Virus That Targets Kids
10/04/2015 [-] Kids With Autism Often Have Trouble Sleeping, Study Shows
10/04/2015 [-] ADHD Raises Kids' Health Costs Even Before Diagnosis
10/04/2015 [-] Impact Tests Show Bike Helmets Protect Kids in Crashes
10/04/2015 [-] Mailed Kits May Prompt Parents to Protect Kids From Sun
10/04/2015 [-] Docs Offer Advice for Combating Respiratory Virus That's Striking Kids
10/04/2015 [-] YouTube Announces New Features for Kids App
10/04/2015 [-] Kids With Autism Tend to Be Less Active, Study Says
10/04/2015 [-] Number of U.S. Kids on ADHD Meds Keeps Rising
10/04/2015 [-] Health Officials Investigating Paralysis in Kids With Enterovirus D68
10/04/2015 [-] Ban Electronics in Kids' Bedrooms, Expert Says
10/04/2015 [-] Kids Who Wheeze With Rhinovirus at Higher Asthma Risk
10/04/2015 [-] 40 States, District of Columbia Reporting Respiratory Virus That Targets Kids
10/04/2015 [-] Health Tip Kids Need to Stop Sucking Their Thumbs
10/04/2015 [-] Older Brothers Might Spur Kids' Aggression
10/04/2015 [-] Teaching Sleep Tips to Parents Seems to Help Kids With Autism
10/04/2015 [-] Ira Winderman Camp offers hope for McRoberts, the kids, tax savings
10/04/2015 [-] Streaming music app for kids
10/04/2015 [-] VIDEO Eyewitness 'I could hear kids screaming'
10/03/2015 [-] Robin Williams' wife drops lawsuit against kids
10/03/2015 [-] Parents Beware Synthetic Marijuana Myth Puts Kids At Risk
10/03/2015 [-] At Issue Keeping kids healthy through farming
10/03/2015 [-] Northrop Grumman, students donate prosthetic hands for kids
10/03/2015 [-] In Tech Music for kids
10/03/2015 [-] Robin Williams’ Widow, Kids Settle Estate Fight, Attorneys Say
10/03/2015 [-] Theme park building boom hits the skids in smaller Chinese markets
10/03/2015 [-] Robin Williams' widow , kids settle legal fight over estate
10/03/2015 [-] Henrico parents claim kids forced to walk in flood waters
10/03/2015 [-] Attorneys Robin Williams' widow, kids settle estate fight
10/03/2015 [-] Health Tip Teach Kids About Gratitude
10/03/2015 [-] YouTube Kids App Gets Chromecast Support
10/03/2015 [-] Kids School Lunches
10/03/2015 [-] Hannibal Friday art adventure gets kids involved in community
10/03/2015 [-] Secondhand Smoke Linked to Behavior Issues in Kids
10/03/2015 [-] Robin Williams' widow, kids settle estate fight
10/03/2015 [-] Robin Williams' widow, kids settle estate fight attorneys
10/03/2015 [-] Norovirus outbreak affects hundreds of Nevada kids, teachers
10/02/2015 [-] Oregon Mass Shooting How to Talk to Kids About Violence
10/02/2015 [-] Infections traced back to kids' dental clinic; parents unaware
10/02/2015 [-] Mother sentenced for giving kids alcohol, inhalants
10/02/2015 [-] Texas birth certificate denials for US-born kids get hearing
10/02/2015 [-] 'NPP Minority behaving like nursery kids'
10/02/2015 [-] Troopers take man into custody after Amber Alert involving 4 kids
10/02/2015 [-] Lazatin wants free college for public school teachers' kids
10/02/2015 [-] 'Rise Against the Empire' fun for kids, adults alike
10/02/2015 [-] Google to improve YouTube Kids to allow parent control search
10/02/2015 [-] Kids recommended to start school in groups
10/02/2015 [-] Thousands of kids get extensive health checks in landmark study
10/02/2015 [-] In Tech Music for kids, Facebook video profiles and more
10/02/2015 [-] Hearing set in Texas lawsuit over kids' birth certificates
10/02/2015 [-] Amber alert canceled for mom, four kids taken from San Tan Valley
10/02/2015 [-] Mark Rudin Getting kids to read is vital to future success
10/02/2015 [-] Colds, Flu Up Odds for Stroke in Kids, Though Risk Is Low Study
10/02/2015 [-] Impaired kids benefit by yoga practise, finds new study
10/02/2015 [-] Stroke Rounds Vaccinating Kids May Lower Stroke Risk
10/02/2015 [-] Cop didn't think of kids before Qld raids
10/02/2015 [-] Vigil held for kids, grandfather killed in crash north of Toronto
10/02/2015 [-] Is it sexist to ask career women about their kids?
10/02/2015 [-] Smoking ban protects kids in cars
10/02/2015 [-] Texas plans to ease Medicaid cuts affecting disabled kids
10/02/2015 [-] Kids say polygamous sect made them harvest pecans for years
10/02/2015 [-] Kids must be at forefront of DV package
10/02/2015 [-] Kiwi kids expect to leave home at 27
10/01/2015 [-] Don't get drunk advice college kids may not ge
10/01/2015 [-] 'Not appropriate' for kids Ford at 'Toronah' advanced screening
10/01/2015 [-] Between devil and deep blue sea Syrian kids in Turkey
10/01/2015 [-] Scientists Discover How To Get Kids To Eat Their Vegetables
10/01/2015 [-] Watch IKEA Removes Window Blinds Hazardous To Kids
10/01/2015 [-] YouTube Kids streams content on Chromecast, Apple TV and more
10/01/2015 [-] Google to Refresh YouTube Kids with Better Parental Controls
10/01/2015 [-] 'The Babymaker' Man has fathered 106 kids and counting
10/01/2015 [-] Local Museum Hosts Weekly Activities For Kids and Adults
10/01/2015 [-] Tiny house, with kids Families find rewards in living small
10/01/2015 [-] Netflix and Lego will introduce two new kids' shows in 2016
10/01/2015 [-] West Virginia couple arrested after they OD in front of kids
10/01/2015 [-] VIDEO 'I'll still smoke with kids in car'
10/01/2015 [-] Rhapsody launches a kids corner
10/01/2015 [-] Namibia Child Marriage Exposes Kids to HIV/Aids Sioka
10/01/2015 [-] Severely Obese Kids at Higher Risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes
10/01/2015 [-] Mom who lost 3 kids, dad in crash signs drunk driving petition
10/01/2015 [-] Island rioter tasered as kids cried court
10/01/2015 [-] Gut Bacteria Tied to Asthma Risk in Kids
10/01/2015 [-] Texas mom charged with neglecting 5 kids; 1 near death
10/01/2015 [-] Raiders Player And Wife Share Books And Hope With East Bay Kids
10/01/2015 [-] 7-year-old girl starts buddy program at school to help kids feel special
10/01/2015 [-] Tysabri May be Tx Option in Kids With MS
10/01/2015 [-] Could vaccines protect kids from stroke, too?
10/01/2015 [-] Kids learn about crops, critters at farm fest
09/30/2015 [-] Shooting victim flags down school bus full of kids for help
09/30/2015 [-] High 5 4 Kids Mackenzie Blackwell
09/30/2015 [-] OMG Tech! launches mission to get more NZ kids into tech
09/30/2015 [-] Lone fathers at risk of suicide when they can't see their kids
09/30/2015 [-] Vaccines May Protect Kids Against Strokes, Too
09/30/2015 [-] Should You Bribe Your Kids? Parents And Experts Weigh In
09/30/2015 [-] Autistic kids practice boarding flights in Orlando
09/30/2015 [-] Man accused of molesting teen while she babysat his kids
09/30/2015 [-] I Make Art With My iPhone And My Two Kids
09/30/2015 [-] Young kids to be deported in crackdown
09/30/2015 [-] Coats for Kids campaign underway
09/30/2015 [-] Kids practice safety during routine fire drill
09/30/2015 [-] New study shows outside play could delay or prevent myopia in kids
09/30/2015 [-] GA first responder dons Batman costume to help kids in need

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