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01/24/2020 [-] Who's Afraid of the IRS? Not Facebook.
01/24/2020 [-] SOROS FACEBOOK Conspiring to Re-Elect...
01/24/2020 [-] Facebook must disclose app reco
01/24/2020 [-] Accuses FACEBOOK of helping...
01/23/2020 [-] Facebook Trains An AI To Navigate Without Needing a Map
01/22/2020 [-] Vodafone exits Facebook's Libra currency
01/22/2020 [-] Homeless but not friendless How a Facebook group supports people on the streets
01/21/2020 [-] Vodafone Group exits Facebook-led Libra currency group
01/21/2020 [-] Facebook targets UK growth with 1,000 hires this year
01/20/2020 [-] Should Facebook and Twitter stop Trump’s lies?
01/20/2020 [-] Facebook Won't Put Ads in WhatsApp - For Now
01/19/2020 [-] Facebook scrambles after Chinese President's name appears as insult
01/18/2020 [-] Top Dems go to war with FACEBOOK, Zuckerberg...
01/17/2020 [-] 'Facebook, Google are like East India Company'
01/17/2020 [-] Robert Reich Facebook Is Failing the American People
01/16/2020 [-] Pelosi rips 'shameful' FACEBOOK behavior...
01/16/2020 [-] Facebook glitch cancelled bushfire fundraiser
01/16/2020 [-] Does naked body belong on FACEBOOK? It's complicated...
01/16/2020 [-] The Evil List...
01/14/2020 [-] NDGOP Candidate for Treasurer Says He ‘doesn’T Doubt’ Controversial Facebook Posts Are His
01/14/2020 [-] 'Patriotism over profits' Mark Hamill deletes Facebook account over ad policy
01/14/2020 [-] Why Celeste Barber's bushfire fundraiser is more complicated than it seems
01/12/2020 [-] How Facebook Tried To Defend Its Privacy Policies at CES
01/11/2020 [-] A Facebook Bug Exposed Anonymous Admins of Pages
01/11/2020 [-] Facebook exec warns company not to tilt scales against Trump re-election efforts
01/11/2020 [-] Media pans privacy claims by Apple, Facebook at annual tech conference
01/10/2020 [-] Facebook to rem
01/09/2020 [-] Facebook Continues to Balk on Political Ad Limits
01/09/2020 [-] Facebook Still Won’t Fact-Check Political Ads Headed Into Election Season
01/09/2020 [-] FACEBOOK Won't Back Down From Allowing Lies in Political Ads...
01/09/2020 [-] Trump campaign turns Iran attack into massive FACEBOOK ad blitz...
01/08/2020 [-] APPLEFACEBOOK Make Rare Appearance to Brag About 'Privacy'...
01/08/2020 [-] Facebook says will start removing deepfakes
01/08/2020 [-] Facebook and eBay pledge to better tackle fake reviews
01/08/2020 [-] Facebook bans 'deepfakes' ahead of US election
01/07/2020 [-] Trump says Mark Zuckerberg told him he is ‘number one’ on Facebook
01/07/2020 [-] Facebook defies China headwinds with new ad sales push
01/07/2020 [-] Facebook cracks down on deepfake videos in lead-up to 2020 US election
01/07/2020 [-] PlayStation 5 Controller and Devkit Leaks On Facebook? IGN Daily Fix
01/07/2020 [-] TRUMP TOUTS ZUCKERBERG...
12/30/2019 [-] Navy bans Facebook, smartphones within naval areas
12/27/2019 [-] Facebook Messenger Now Requires a Facebook Account To Join
12/25/2019 [-] The family group chat has become a weird staple of contemporary life
12/23/2019 [-] Mixing politics and parsley Why
12/21/2019 [-] Facebook's divisive algorithms traced back to Darwin's cousin
12/21/2019 [-] Facebook Adds “Community Reviewers” to Help Identify Fake News
12/21/2019 [-] Now fake FACEBOOK accounts use fake faces...
12/20/2019 [-] Facebook says investigating data exposure of 267 million users
12/20/2019 [-] 267 million names, phone numbers leaked from Facebook
12/20/2019 [-] Activist Tests Facebook’s Political Advertisement Policies in Attempt to Force Change in Facebook Policies
12/20/2019 [-] Facebook Won't Use 2FA Numbers To Suggest Friends Anymore
12/19/2019 [-] Facebook Agreed Not to Let Its Ads Discriminate. But They Still Can.
12/19/2019 [-] Facebook is Building an Operating System So it Can Ditch Android
12/18/2019 [-] Britain poised to tackle Googl
12/18/2019 [-] Facebook Is Still Prioritizing Scale Over Safety
12/18/2019 [-] FACEBOOK says it can locate users who opt out of tracking...
12/18/2019 [-] Facebook says it can locate users who opt out of tracking
12/18/2019 [-] Facebook pulls security app from Apple store over privacy
12/18/2019 [-] Facebook uncovers new global misinformation operations
12/18/2019 [-] Facebook apologises for shutting down 'vital' support group after massive backlash
12/18/2019 [-] Facebook Has a Neural Network That Can Do Advanced Math
12/17/2019 [-] Facebook Owns The 4 Most Downloaded Apps Of The Decade
12/17/2019 [-] BuzzFeed Ignores Past Al Jazeera Controversies in Report on Facebook’s Designation of Government-Funded Media
12/14/2019 [-] Someone Stole Facebook Payroll Data For Thousands of Employees
12/14/2019 [-] Facebook pledges million
12/13/2019 [-] Reports FTC may try to block Facebook from integrating apps
12/13/2019 [-] FTC weighs injunction against Facebook
12/13/2019 [-] Italian judge orders Facebook to reopen neo-fascist group's account
12/13/2019 [-] BuzzFeed Reports on Facebook’s New Litigation Tactics, Ignores Other Issues Facebook Faces
12/13/2019 [-] FTC May Try To Delay Facebook's Plan To Integrate its Apps
12/12/2019 [-] If Logged Into Facebook, Oculus VR Data Will Now Be Used For Ads
12/12/2019 [-] Facebook, Google Drop Out of Top 10 'Best Places To Work' List
12/12/2019 [-] Facebook and Google market power to be subject to digital code of conduct
12/12/2019 [-] Activists and LGBTQ Groups Say These Facebook Ads Spread Dangerous Misinformation About HIV Drugs
12/11/2019 [-] CORRECTED-Facebook sues ILikeAd, alleges ad fraud
12/11/2019 [-] Facebook no longer among Glassdoor's top 10 workplaces
12/11/2019 [-] Thousands of UK political
12/11/2019 [-] Facebook Rebuffs Attorney General Barr Over Access to Encrypted Messages
12/10/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Tells Barr It Won't Open Up Messages...
12/10/2019 [-] Time Rips Facebook For Accepting Ads From The Trump Campaign
12/09/2019 [-] Martin Bella's Facebook Post on Abdul Abdullah's Artwork
12/07/2019 [-] How Fake News Is Still Fooling Facebook's Fact-Checking Systems
12/07/2019 [-] FTC Finds Cambridge Analytica Deceived Facebook Users
12/06/2019 [-] Hungary watchdog fines Facebook for misleading users
12/05/2019 [-] Facebook sues ILikeAd, alleges ad fraud
12/05/2019 [-] Investigation uncovers Israel-based group behind bigoted Facebook smear campaign aimed at US Muslim congresswomen
12/05/2019 [-] FACEBOOK rumor about white vans spreading fear across USA...
12/04/2019 [-] Facebook Gives Workers a Chatbot to Appease That Prying Uncle
12/03/2019 [-] Zuckerberg squirms when quizzed about Trump's FACEBOOK demands...
12/03/2019 [-] Google, Facebook In EU Probe Over User Data
12/02/2019 [-] EU to check how FACEBOOKGOOGLE use data...
12/02/2019 [-] Antitrust crosshairs...
12/02/2019 [-] UK Conservatives ramp up Facebook election ads
12/02/2019 [-] Conservatives ramp up Facebook election ads
12/02/2019 [-] The Facebook stoush tearing this wealthy Sydney suburb apart
12/01/2019 [-] Singapore tells Facebook to
12/01/2019 [-] Libra Facebook Wants to Control Your Money
12/01/2019 [-] Facebook Bows to Singapore's 'Fake News' Law, Posts 'Correction'
12/01/2019 [-] Facebook adds 'correction' to post under new Singapore fake news law
12/01/2019 [-] Red Ice TV Gets Banned From Facebook
11/30/2019 [-] FACEBOOK bows to 'fake news' law with post 'correction'...
11/28/2019 [-] Vietnam jails three more activists in crackdown on FACEBOOK posts...
11/26/2019 [-] Facebook Oculus Acquires Beat Saber Developers
11/26/2019 [-] Facebook Says It’s Removing More Hate Speech Than Ever Before. But There’s a Catch
11/25/2019 [-] Facebook's Viewpoints Research App Pays Users To Take Surveys
11/25/2019 [-] Singapore invokes 'fake news' law for first time over FACEBOOK post...
11/23/2019 [-] FACEBOOK would have let Hitler post anti-Semitic ads...
11/23/2019 [-] Keep the NSA and Facebook out of your internet history with this highly-rated VPN
11/23/2019 [-] Facebook executive ‘helped quarterback’ his friend Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court
11/23/2019 [-] Level Up your Stream with Facebook Gaming
11/21/2019 [-] The Facebook stoush tearing apart this wealthy Sydney suburb
11/21/2019 [-] Man jailed for murdering wife over Facebook messages to high school sweetheart
11/20/2019 [-] Social media slurs could put Facebook in the courts under defamation push
11/18/2019 [-] Facebook, Google Donate Heavily To Privacy Advocacy Groups
11/16/2019 [-] 2K Apologizes for Racist Social Media Posts Following Widespread Hack
11/15/2019 [-] A Jury of Random People Can Do Wonders For Facebook
11/15/2019 [-] Vietnam jails music teacher for 11 years over 'anti-state' Facebook posts
11/14/2019 [-] Facebook completes lease at Hudson Yards
11/14/2019 [-] Facebook Says It Axed 3.2 Billion Fake Accounts in Last Six Months
11/14/2019 [-] FACEBOOK app quietly turning on people's cameras...
11/13/2019 [-] Health Websites Are Sharing Sensitive Medical Data with Google, Facebook, and Amazon
11/13/2019 [-] Dutch Court Orders Facebook To Ban Celebrity Crypto Scam Ads
11/13/2019 [-] Facebook fixes 'worrying' bug that activated users' cameras
11/13/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Sued for Censoring Posts Naming Whistleblower...
11/12/2019 [-] Facebook Unites Payment Service Across Apps With Facebook Pay
11/12/2019 [-] Facebook Bug Has Camera Activated While People Are Using the App
11/10/2019 [-] Facebook’s Right-Wing Hate Speech Problem Isn’t Going Away
11/10/2019 [-] 'S**t Towns of Australia' contest met with horror, but some say it's a laugh
11/09/2019 [-] Opinion The more outrageous the lie, the better it is for Facebook's bottom line
11/09/2019 [-] Mozilla Hits Google, Facebook For 'Microtargeting' Political Ads
11/09/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Removes News Reports Mentioning Alleged Whistleblower's Identity...
11/08/2019 [-] Facebook Staff Lamented 'Unethical' Practices But Were Rebuffed
11/07/2019 [-] Issues Surround Study that Claims ‘Disinformation Still Running Rampant on Facebook’
11/07/2019 [-] Facebook Crypto Boss 'I Don't Think of Bitcoin as a Currency'
11/07/2019 [-] Leaked FACEBOOK Records Belie Public Push for User Privacy...
11/06/2019 [-] California Confirms Facebook Privacy Probe in a Move to Force the Company to Comply
11/06/2019 [-] Facebook Sued by California Over User-Data Practices Subpoenas
11/06/2019 [-] Facebook testing face detection tool to verify your identity
11/06/2019 [-] FACEBOOK reveals new privacy mishap involving apps...
11/06/2019 [-] 'Clear case of excessive force' PNG police brutality caught on camera
11/05/2019 [-] Activist Sharpton takes Facebook ad concerns to Zuckerberg's home
11/05/2019 [-] SNOWDEN AMAZONFACEBOOKGOOGLE engage in abuse of personal privacy...
11/04/2019 [-] From toast of town to toxic FACEBOOK CEO on outs with Liberals...
11/04/2019 [-] Facebook launches new company logo
11/04/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram picking wrong side in the war on sex
11/03/2019 [-] Twitter bans all poli
11/02/2019 [-] GOP in a panic Facebook could cripple Trump’s 2020 re-election bid report
11/01/2019 [-] Anti-vaxxer hits Texas mom with ‘horrible racial slur’ and graphic threat over Facebook post
11/01/2019 [-] Facebook isn't defending free speech, it's assaulting the truth
11/01/2019 [-] Facebook Under Pressure to Follow Twitter Lead on Political Ads
10/31/2019 [-] Facebook shares jump 5% after strong results
10/31/2019 [-] Texas hospital livestreams brain surgery on Facebook
10/31/2019 [-] 'Fake news' Waleed Aly, Mike Baird exploited in Facebook scam
10/31/2019 [-] FACEBOOK reports record revenue...
10/31/2019 [-] Facebook Permanently Deletes the Accounts of NSO Workers
10/31/2019 [-] Twitter Bans Political Ads, Raising Pressure on Facebook to Follow Suit
10/30/2019 [-] Facebook beats quarterly revenue estimates
10/30/2019 [-] Facebook beats on profit as costs grow slower; shares rise
10/30/2019 [-] Twitter bans all political ads, in sharp contrast to Facebook
10/30/2019 [-] Facebook beats revenue, profit estimates, shares rise
10/30/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Slapped With Mere Fine Over Cambridge Analytica Breach...
10/30/2019 [-] Facebook Removes Over a Hundred Russia-Linked Accounts and Pages Targeting African Countries
10/30/2019 [-] Civil Rights Groups See Profound Danger in Facebook’s “Politicians Can Lie” Policy
10/29/2019 [-] Senator Warn
10/29/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Censoring Conservatives; Company Blames 'Moderation Mistakes'...
10/29/2019 [-] Tully Community & Cuppa FB post
10/27/2019 [-] Facebook Takes Down a False Political Ad - from a PAC
10/26/2019 [-] Facebook ‘news tab’ seeks to reboot its role with media
10/25/2019 [-] Facebook Launches a News Section—and Will Pay Publishers
10/24/2019 [-] Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has too much power, says ex-colleague
10/24/2019 [-] How Facebook Bought a Police Force
10/24/2019 [-] Zuckerberg grilled on Facebook's digital currency, privacy and elections
10/24/2019 [-] Mark Zuckerberg Defends Facebook’s ‘Libra’ Currency Plans Before Congress
10/24/2019 [-] Zuckerberg Defends Facebook’s Currency Plans to Skeptical Lawmakers
10/23/2019 [-] UPDATE 1-Zuckerberg to tell Congress Facebook is 'not the ideal messenger' for Libra currency
10/23/2019 [-] Facebook suspe
10/22/2019 [-] ASX to open flat amid vote on Brexit bill and Facebook probe
10/22/2019 [-] Facebook Pledges Billion for California Housing
10/22/2019 [-] People Are Selling Human Organs on Facebook
10/22/2019 [-] State probe of Facebook expands to 47 attorneys general
10/22/2019 [-] Facebook reveals how Russia is already trying to manipulate the 2020 presidential election
10/22/2019 [-] Zuckerberg defe
10/22/2019 [-] FACEBOOK takedowns show new Russian activity targeted Biden, praised Trump...
10/22/2019 [-] Facebook disables 'well-resourced' Russian, Iranian operations
10/22/2019 [-] New Facebook Features Fight Election Lies Everywhere But Ads
10/21/2019 [-] Facebook’s Newest Election Policies Still Leave Trump Free to Lie
10/21/2019 [-] Facebook Watch's Limetown Review
10/21/2019 [-] Buttigieg took campaign hiring advice from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
10/21/2019 [-] Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Privately Advised Pete Buttigieg on Campaign Hires
10/20/2019 [-] Four dead, dozens injured in violence over FACEBOOK post...
10/20/2019 [-] Four killed in Bangladesh over Facebook post
10/20/2019 [-] Facebook Forges Ahead With Libra Despite Some Major Setbacks
10/19/2019 [-] Column Facebook's bogus video claims
10/19/2019 [-] Facebook says it will deliver News Corp stories
10/18/2019 [-] Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Criticized for Free Speech Stance
10/18/2019 [-] Facebook Portal Sales Are 'Very Low'
10/18/2019 [-] Facebook Says It’s Here to Help—But It Can’t Explain How
10/18/2019 [-] Angry emojis as Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam talks on Facebook Live
10/18/2019 [-] FACEBOOK CEO promotes free speech; No questions from press...
10/18/2019 [-] Tech Company CEO Critical of Facebook, But Ignores Own Company’s Largesse
10/17/2019 [-] No plans to ban Facebook's Libra ECB's Coeure says
10/17/2019 [-] Why India should reject Facebook's Libra
10/16/2019 [-] SALESFORCE CEO Time to break up FACEBOOK...
10/16/2019 [-] Where it all went wrong for Facebook's Libra
10/16/2019 [-] SNOWDEN Without encryption, we will lose all privacy...
10/15/2019 [-] Should Facebook Ban Campaign Ads?
10/15/2019 [-] Facebook chief hosts conservative guests amid bias debate
10/15/2019 [-] Facebook Officially Launches Libra, Its Digital Currency
10/15/2019 [-] Facebook CEO Cozies up to Conservatives at Private Dinners
10/14/2019 [-] Inside his private meetings with conservative pundits...
10/14/2019 [-] Factbox Facebook's Libra in trouble as firms jump ship
10/13/2019 [-] Warren Campaign Beats Facebook’s Shady Ad Policies at Their Own Game
10/13/2019 [-] New OpenLibra Cryptocurrency Like Libra, But Not Run By Facebook
10/12/2019 [-] Elizabeth Warren Is Calling Out Facebook’s Pro-Trump Policy…on Facebook
10/12/2019 [-] Facebook's Libra currency abandoned by majo
10/11/2019 [-] FACEBOOK cryptocurrency coalition falling apart...
10/11/2019 [-] Mastercard, Visa, others exit Facebook's Libra project
10/11/2019 [-] EBay exits Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra
10/11/2019 [-] Portugal cautious about risks posed by Facebook's Libra
10/09/2019 [-] Facebook CEO to testify before house panel on Oct 23
10/09/2019 [-] PayPal b
10/09/2019 [-] State attorneys general meet in W
10/08/2019 [-] Facebook Removes Integration With The PlayStation 4
10/08/2019 [-] Facebook's Instagram launches Snapchat-like 'Threa
10/08/2019 [-] Facebook to Pay Million to Settle Advertiser Lawsuit Over Inflated Video Views
10/06/2019 [-] Gizmodo's Disappearing Story Explains Why No One Trusts Facebook
10/05/2019 [-] PayPal Withdraws Support For Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency
10/04/2019 [-] Paypal withdraws from Facebook's Libra Association
10/04/2019 [-] PAYPAL Drops Out of FACEBOOK's Libra Payments Network...
10/04/2019 [-] RPT-Paypal withdraws from Facebook's Libra Association
10/04/2019 [-] US, allies push Facebook for access to encrypted messages
10/04/2019 [-] U.S., U.K. and Australia Ask Facebook Not to Extend Encrypted Messaging Program
10/04/2019 [-] Facebook's Zuckerberg defends decision on encryption
10/04/2019 [-] Facebook Can Be Forced to Remove Content Worldwide, EU Court Rules
10/04/2019 [-] US, Britain and Australia urge Facebook not to encrypt messages
10/04/2019 [-] Barr Seeks Police Access to Encrypted Facebook Messaging
10/03/2019 [-] EU Court Facebook Can Be Forced To Remove Content Worldwide
10/03/2019 [-] Facebook's Instagram launches Snapchat-like 'Threads' app
10/03/2019 [-] US, UK and Australia urge Facebook not to encrypt messages
10/03/2019 [-] Facebook Just Gave Trump Permission to Lie
10/03/2019 [-] Taking a break from Facebook could make people less depressed
10/03/2019 [-] FACEBOOK suffers legal blow in EU court over hate speech...
10/03/2019 [-] Turkey fines Facebook over privacy breach
10/02/2019 [-] FBI running FACEBOOK ads targeting Russians in DC...
10/02/2019 [-] Facebook, Google, Amazon fac
10/02/2019 [-] Facebook To Exempt Opinion and Satire From Fact-Checking
10/02/2019 [-] Visa, Mastercard reconsider backing Facebook's Libra WSJ
10/01/2019 [-] I'll 'go to the mat and fight'...
10/01/2019 [-] Facebook to pay ‘subset’ of news tab publishers
10/01/2019 [-] Facebook Touts Bans While Taking Hate Groups’ Cash
09/27/2019 [-] UPDATE FACEBOOK begins to phase out 'Likes'...
09/27/2019 [-] Here's Everything You Need to Know From Oculus Connect 6
09/27/2019 [-] Facebook hides ‘likes’ in Australia trial to ease anxiety
09/27/2019 [-] Facebook Will Test Hiding 'Likes' On Its Own Site
09/27/2019 [-] Facebook is hiding the number of 'likes' on posts in Australia
09/26/2019 [-] Facebook Confirms Its 'Standards' Don't Apply To Politicians
09/26/2019 [-] Facebook to launch hand tracking feature on
09/26/2019 [-] Facebook Secures Digital Rights For ICC Cricket Events
09/26/2019 [-] Facebook Says It Isn’t Fact Checking Politicians on the Social Platform
09/26/2019 [-] FACEBOOK unveils virtual social space...
09/25/2019 [-] Facebook to launch hand tracking feature on Oculus Quest
09/25/2019 [-] Facebook exempts political speech from fact-checking
09/24/2019 [-] Man fined after trading PlayStation for illegal milk snake via Facebook
09/24/2019 [-] BOJ Kuroda urges global cooperation in regulating Facebook's Libra
09/24/2019 [-] FACEBOOK to Buy Startup for Controlling Computers With Your Mind...
09/24/2019 [-] Facebook to buy brain science start-up CTRL-labs
09/23/2019 [-] Facebook CEO Zuckerber
09/21/2019 [-] Facebook suspends ‘tens of thousands’ of apps in privacy review
09/21/2019 [-] Facebook Says ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Apps Suspended Over Malware, Data Misuse Concerns
09/20/2019 [-] How Facebook makes money when people are slaughtered
09/20/2019 [-] Facebook employee dead after 'apparent suicide' at headquarters
09/20/2019 [-] Trump, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg have 'good, constructive' meeting
09/20/2019 [-] Facebook Employee Dies in ‘Apparent Suicide’ at Company’s Menlo Park Headquarters
09/19/2019 [-] Washington Post Fails to Address Anti-Conservative Bias Claims as Facebook CEO Visits DC
09/19/2019 [-] Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Visits Lawmakers To Discuss Tech Industry Regulation
09/19/2019 [-] UPDATE 1-Embattled Facebook CEO Zuckerberg seeks to mend fences in Washington
09/19/2019 [-] Facebook introduces Portal TV set-top box
09/19/2019 [-] Facebook CEO Zuckerberg dines with senators in DC
09/18/2019 [-] Facebook Contractors Have Been Listening To 'Hey Portal' Clips
09/18/2019 [-] Facebook and Ford behind coalition fighting Trump’s plan to impose law without congressional approval
09/18/2019 [-] Facebook Still Auto-Generates Islamic State, al-Qaida Pages
09/18/2019 [-] TVs Sending Sensitive User Data To NETFLIX, FACEBOOK...
09/18/2019 [-] FACEBOOK auto-generating pages for Islamic State, al-Qaida...
09/18/2019 [-] London police and Faceb
09/18/2019 [-] Man streams chase on Facebook bef
09/18/2019 [-] Zuckerberg new Facebook panel can overrule him
09/17/2019 [-] FACEBOOK unveils new 'Supreme Court' to handle controversial posts...
09/17/2019 [-] Facebook's Libra will be disruptive, says ECB's Coeure
09/17/2019 [-] FACEBOOK suspends chatbot...
09/17/2019 [-] UPDATE 1-Facebook briefly blocks Netanyahu chatbot on election day
09/17/2019 [-] REVEALED Catastrophic effects of working as FACEBOOK moderator...
09/17/2019 [-] Facebook blocks Netanyahu chatbot on election day
09/17/2019 [-] FACEBOOK to stop news headline changes from advertisers...
09/17/2019 [-] Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Go
09/16/2019 [-] Drug dealers peddling steroids on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE...
09/14/2019 [-] Facebook removed doctors’ fact-check of false anti-abortion video because Ted Cruz complained
09/14/2019 [-] FACEBOOKGOOGLE latest efforts to 'save' journalism already getting eye rolls...
09/13/2019 [-] France and Germany agree to block Facebook's Libra
09/13/2019 [-] Facebook Expands the Reach of a Tool That Exposes Users to More Local News
09/12/2019 [-] Facebook suspends Netanyahu campaign bot for hate speech
09/12/2019 [-] FACEBOOK sanctions his page over hate speech violation...
09/12/2019 [-] Arabs ‘want to destroy us all’ Netanyahu bot gets Facebook ‘hate speech’ suspension
09/12/2019 [-] Facebook pours water on Ambani's 'data is oil' analogy
09/12/2019 [-] France we can't allow Facebook's Libra in Europe
09/12/2019 [-] Facebook Bans Two Italian Right-Wing Parties And Dozens Of Their Followers For 'Spreading Hate'
09/11/2019 [-] Senator Kevin Cramer Signs Letter to Facebook Over Censorship of Pro-Life Content
09/11/2019 [-] Facebook's Libra seeks Swiss payment system licence
09/11/2019 [-] Facebook's Libra seeks Swiss payment system license
09/10/2019 [-] Facebook bans self-harm images in fight against suicide
09/10/2019 [-] Facebook might know the last time users had sex, study finds
09/10/2019 [-] Questions after police fatally shoot man who streamed chase on Facebook
09/10/2019 [-] Apps may tell FACEBOOK last time users had sex..
09/09/2019 [-] Facebook plans its own cryptocurrency, Libra, for
09/09/2019 [-] Man streams chase on Facebook before Minnesota police fatally shoot him
09/07/2019 [-] Facebook broke democracy — now it’s coming for your marriage
09/06/2019 [-] State Attorneys General Launch Investigations of Facebook and Google
09/06/2019 [-] Facebook Wants To Be the Hot New Dating App
09/06/2019 [-] US states announce antitrust probe of Facebook
09/06/2019 [-] NY to lead to multi-state Facebook antitrust investigation
09/06/2019 [-] States Launch GOOGLE, FACEBOOK Antitrust Probes...
09/06/2019 [-] Facebook is coming for Wall Street engineers in city expansion
09/06/2019 [-] States launching Google, Facebook antitrust probes
09/06/2019 [-] Facebook Dating a new Tinder alternative, but privacy concerns remain
09/06/2019 [-] Drug-trafficking cafe owner who flaunted wealth on Facebook gets 13 years' jail
09/05/2019 [-] FACEBOOK launches dating service...
09/05/2019 [-] Facebook launches dating service in United States
09/05/2019 [-] 400 million Facebook users’ phone numbers exposed in privacy lapse reports
09/05/2019 [-] Massive database of Facebook users’ phone numbers found online
09/04/2019 [-] A Huge Database of Facebook Users' Phone Numbers Found Online
09/04/2019 [-] EU looking t
09/04/2019 [-] Facial recognition becomes opt-in feature...
09/03/2019 [-] Facebook mulls removing Like counts
09/03/2019 [-] FACEBOOK PLOTS END OF 'LIKES'...
09/02/2019 [-] Facebook Says it May Remove Like Counts
09/02/2019 [-] UPDATE 1-Europe should ignore 'treacherous promises' of Facebook's Libra currency ECB's Mersch
09/02/2019 [-] Facebook's Libra could undercut ECB's powers Mersch
08/31/2019 [-] Minecraft Is Getting An AI Assistant From Facebook, MIT
08/29/2019 [-] Tech Gods to read thoughts...
08/29/2019 [-] Facebook acknowledges flaw in Messenger Kids app
08/27/2019 [-] Inside FACEBOOK underground meat market...
08/27/2019 [-] Thiel's Founders Fund sells remaining Facebook shares
08/27/2019 [-] German cartel office to tak
08/26/2019 [-] Startling new research shows how Facebook algorithm changes suppressed journalism and meddled with democracy
08/25/2019 [-] The Facebook Users Who Can't Get Their Accounts Back
08/24/2019 [-] Facebook Awards Prize For New Code Isolation Technique
08/24/2019 [-] FACEBOOK bans pro-Trump news outlet from buying ads...
08/24/2019 [-] News Corp Developing News Service to Combat Facebook, Google Bias
08/24/2019 [-] Facebook Bans Ads From The Epoch Times
08/23/2019 [-] Facebook bans far-right website from pro-Trump advertising after they try to skirt transparency rules
08/22/2019 [-] What does Facebook’s plan to hire journalists mean for media industry?
08/22/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Finally Meets a Regulator With Bite, THE EU...
08/21/2019 [-] Facebook Is Rolling out a Tool to Limit Data Gathering
08/21/2019 [-] 'I just want Facebook to be responsible in India'
08/21/2019 [-] Twitter, F
08/21/2019 [-] Former Republican Senator Releases Report Detailing How Conservatives View Facebook
08/20/2019 [-] Facebook's Libra faces EU antitrust probe Bloomberg
08/20/2019 [-] Facebook's Libra faces EU antitrust probe Bloomberg
08/20/2019 [-] Facebook finally yanks Trump ad after his campaign gets caught blatantly violating rules
08/20/2019 [-] Facebook’s Anti-Conservative Bias Report Does Not Identify Any Anti-Conservative Bias
08/20/2019 [-] Facebook, Twitter accuse China of spreading Hong Kong disinformation
08/20/2019 [-] Google, Facebook, Amazon decry French digital tax as ‘discriminatory’
08/20/2019 [-] China accused of using Twitter, Facebook against HK protests
08/16/2019 [-] I quit Facebook and my phone-dependent job and it changed my family for good
08/16/2019 [-] AOL Held Talks To Buy YouTube, Facebook in 2006, Ex-CEO Reveals
08/14/2019 [-] Boris Johnson condemns EU 'collaborators' in Facebook video stunt
08/14/2019 [-] “Very Badly Managed” Inside Chicago Elections Officials’ Battle with Facebook
08/14/2019 [-] Facebook secretly transcribed users Messenger calls
08/14/2019 [-] Techlash Only Making FACEBOOK Stronger...
08/14/2019 [-] Facebook Paid Contractors to Transcribe Audio of Its Users’ Conversations
08/14/2019 [-] Facebook has been secretly transcribing your conversations
08/14/2019 [-] Google, Fac
08/13/2019 [-] Facebook Paid Contractors To Transcribe Users' Audio Chats
08/13/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Paid Contractors to Transcribe Users' Audio Chats...
08/13/2019 [-] Facebook Has Been Paying Contractors to Transcribe Users’ Facebook Messenger Voice Chats
08/09/2019 [-] Facebook 'offers media outlets mls to license content'
08/08/2019 [-] Techlash Has Come to STANFORD...
08/07/2019 [-] Facebook taking even more space in Hudson Yards
08/07/2019 [-] Two U.S. senators raise privacy
08/07/2019 [-] Opinion Why Facebook's cryptocurrency is an ethical and regulatory minefield
08/06/2019 [-] Zuckerberg hurries to counter rep
08/06/2019 [-] Facebook Removes “Storm Area 51” Event
08/06/2019 [-] Australian Government issues please explain to Facebook over cryptocurrency
08/05/2019 [-] Our Facebook friends are virtually useless
08/04/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Suffer Outages Again
08/03/2019 [-] Facebook To Add Its Name To Instagram, WhatsApp
08/03/2019 [-] Facebook Is Rebranding Instagram As ‘Instagram From Facebook’ in a Surprising and Controversial Move
08/03/2019 [-] Facebook Insists No Security 'Backdoor' Is Planned for WhatsApp
08/02/2019 [-] 33 Dems demand Border Patrol Chief Provost resign after secret Facebook group fiasco
08/02/2019 [-] Facebook Dismantles Saudi-Linked Network of Fake Accounts
08/02/2019 [-] Says FACEBOOK, INSTA Spying On Users...
08/02/2019 [-] Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency plan gets a second roun
08/01/2019 [-] FTC Antitrust Probe of Facebook Scrutinizes Its Acquisitions
08/01/2019 [-] Facebook Plans on Backdooring WhatsApp
08/01/2019 [-] U.S. FTC probes Facebook's acquisition practices WSJ
08/01/2019 [-] FTC probes Facebook's acquisition practices WSJ
08/01/2019 [-] 7 Police Officers Resign After Investigation into Offensive Facebook Posts
08/01/2019 [-] Facebook settles French ‘censorship’ case over vagina painting
08/01/2019 [-] FACEBOOK experiment to create device that reads mind...
07/31/2019 [-] Five Eyes want access to Facebook, WhatsApp via 'back door'
07/31/2019 [-] Five Eyes want access to Facebook, WhatsApp via 'backdoor'
07/31/2019 [-] Facebook Gets Closer To Letting You Type With Your Mind
07/30/2019 [-] Facebook’s Libra Could Aid Law Enforcement
07/30/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Libra Could Aid Law Enforcement...
07/29/2019 [-] Wall Street mixed as Amazon, Facebook weigh
07/29/2019 [-] Companies that use FACEBOOK 'Like' button liable for data...
07/29/2019 [-] Video of metallic object flying over base...
07/29/2019 [-] Facebook’s new ‘privacy cop’ is doomed to fail
07/28/2019 [-] Did Facebook End The Encryption Debate?
07/26/2019 [-] Australian watchdog calls for controls on Facebook, Google
07/26/2019 [-] Google and Facebook Are Facing a Crackdown in Australia After a Sweeping Probe
07/26/2019 [-] Australia to set out proposals to rein in Facebook, Google
07/26/2019 [-] Tech giant crackdown looms as ACCC releases final report into digital platforms
07/26/2019 [-] Why People Are Getting Money From the Equifax Deal But Not the Facebook Settlement
07/25/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Founder Working With Gov to Break It Up...
07/25/2019 [-] Column Equifax endangered millions. It's now hoping you won't seek in compensation
07/25/2019 [-] Facebook algorithm changes suppressed journalism and meddled with democracy
07/25/2019 [-] Facebook and FTC Hammer or Slap on the Wrist?
07/25/2019 [-] Facebook tops revenue estimates as FTC opens new antitrust probe
07/24/2019 [-] How To Delete Your Data From Facebook Forever
07/24/2019 [-] Facebook To Pay Record Billion Fine In FTC Settlement
07/24/2019 [-] Column In Facebook settlement, the FTC lets the company and Zuckerberg off the hook
07/24/2019 [-] US slaps billion fine, curbs on Facebook in privacy probe
07/24/2019 [-] Facebook pays record billion to settle US privacy claims
07/24/2019 [-] Facebook Agrees to Pay Record Billion Settlement in Privacy Investigation
07/24/2019 [-] Facebook slapped with billion fine
07/24/2019 [-] Facebook ends Microsoft, Sony access to friend data
07/24/2019 [-] ‘The Great Hack’ Shows How Facebook Got Your Number
07/23/2019 [-] UPDATE 1-Swis
07/23/2019 [-] A Bay Area deli business used one weird Facebook trick to drive customers away
07/23/2019 [-] Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s Fake Accounts Ponzi Scheme
07/23/2019 [-] FTC FACEBOOK deceived about facial-recognition...
07/22/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Big Winner in Primary...
07/21/2019 [-] Canadian Police Accidentally Livestream Double Homicide Press Conference Using Facebook’s Cat Filter
07/20/2019 [-] Facebook Backpedals From Its Original Ambitious Vision for Libra
07/19/2019 [-] Facebook and Gumtree ticket forger avoids jail after netting from scams
07/19/2019 [-] A doctored video of
07/18/2019 [-] Column If a fine won't shake Facebook, what can bring it to heel?
07/18/2019 [-] Myanmar filmmaker charged over Facebook posts about military
07/18/2019 [-] Congress Warns of Economic Chaos as Facebook Details Plans for Its Own Currency
07/18/2019 [-] Mark Zuckerberg to regulators W
07/18/2019 [-] FACEBOOKGOOGLE Quietly Tracking You on Sex Websites...
07/18/2019 [-] Why Facebook and Google are under I-T scanner
07/17/2019 [-] Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency plan gets a second round of hate in Congress
07/17/2019 [-] Facebook to face more scrutiny from Congress on Libra
07/16/2019 [-] Senate Panel Casts Skeptical Eye on Facebook’s Digital Currency Plan
07/16/2019 [-] Senators press Facebook on ‘trust’ in hearing on digital currency
07/16/2019 [-] U.S. senators criticize FTC's reported Facebook settlement
07/16/2019 [-] Senators criticize FTC's reported Facebook settlement
07/16/2019 [-] Critics slam billion FACEBOOK fine as WEAK...
07/16/2019 [-] Trump blasts Bitco
07/16/2019 [-] Facebook says 29 million users' personal information was stolen in recent hack
07/16/2019 [-] Facebook paid kids to download app that monitors their online activity
07/16/2019 [-] Sheryl Sandberg asked Facebook staff to investigate George Soros' finances
07/16/2019 [-] Why Instagram's founders are leaving Facebook
07/16/2019 [-] Facebook Currency
07/15/2019 [-] 62 Border Patrol Employees Under Internal Investigation Over ‘Discriminatory’ Facebook Posts
07/15/2019 [-] AI Has a Compute Dependency Problem, Facebook VP Says
07/15/2019 [-] Facebook needs ‘very high standard’ for Libra coin Mnuchin
07/15/2019 [-] Facebook's Billion FTC Fine is an Embarrassing Joke
07/15/2019 [-] Trophy hunters kiss over carcass of slaughtered lion...
07/15/2019 [-] Workers get nutri-grain bar...
07/15/2019 [-] FTC approves roughly Facebook settlement
07/14/2019 [-] Google Tries Social Networking Again, Challengin
07/14/2019 [-] Livestream shows busker apprehending alleged thief who stole takings
07/13/2019 [-] Facebook fined billion in Cambridge Analytica privacy probe
07/13/2019 [-] Facebook fined billion in Cambridge Analytica privacy probe
07/13/2019 [-] FTC Reportedly Approves Billion Settlement With Facebook
07/13/2019 [-] FTC approves roughly bln Facebook settlement WSJ
07/12/2019 [-] FTC Approves Billion FACEBOOK Settlement...
07/12/2019 [-] Facebook’s Getting Slapped With a Billion FTC Privacy Settlement
07/12/2019 [-] FTC Approves Roughly Billion Facebook Settlement
07/12/2019 [-] Border Patrol Chief in Secret Anti-Migrant FACEBOOK Group...
07/11/2019 [-] Border Patrol Refuses to Come Clean on Secret Facebook Group
07/11/2019 [-] Microsoft Might Crush Slack Like Facebook Crushed Snapchat
07/10/2019 [-] Facebook's New Rules Allow Calls For 'High-Severity Violence' Against 'Dangerous Individuals'
07/09/2019 [-] Facebook says glitches affecting its pla
07/09/2019 [-] How Facebook Fought Fake News About Facebook
07/08/2019 [-] APPLE co-founder Wozniak 'Get Off FACEBOOK'...
07/08/2019 [-] The Zuckerberg Deepfake Creators Wanted to Give Facebook a Taste of Its Own Medicine
07/07/2019 [-] When Facebook's Libra Team Came To Congress
07/06/2019 [-] There May Be More Racist Border Patrol Facebook Groups
07/06/2019 [-] Civil Rights Groups Have Been Warning Facebook About Hate Speech for Years
07/06/2019 [-] Dallas suspends 4 of 25 cops busted for extremist Facebook comments report
07/05/2019 [-] 2nd secret FACEBOOK group for border agents shows mocking images...
07/05/2019 [-] Facebook will ban ads that tell peop
07/04/2019 [-] Web outages getting more serious...
07/04/2019 [-] Newsfeed not loading? Facebook and Instagram hit by outage
07/04/2019 [-] Trump Facebook Ads Use Models to Portray Actual Supporters
07/04/2019 [-] Facebook Has Ignored Its Secret Hate Groups for Years
07/03/2019 [-] Facebook to tackle content with mis
07/03/2019 [-] Facebook says some users facing outage on its platforms
07/03/2019 [-] Facebook Downgrades Posts That Promote Miracle Cures
07/03/2019 [-] Trump FACEBOOK ads use models to portray actual supporters...
07/02/2019 [-] Border Patrol Faces Probe as New Facebook Posts Surface
07/02/2019 [-] Inside the Border Patrol Facebook Group Where Agents Joke About Migrant Deaths
07/02/2019 [-] Facebook to tackle content with misleading health claims
07/02/2019 [-] Facebook Fined Million By Germany Under Hate Speech Law
07/02/2019 [-] Germany fines Facebook for under-reporting complaints
07/02/2019 [-] Facebook fined for violating German transparency law
07/02/2019 [-] Investigation of secret border patrol group launched as new degrading Facebook posts surface
07/02/2019 [-] State probes Facebook's housing advertising
07/02/2019 [-] Facebook evacuates several buildings in Silicon Valley after possible sarin exposure
07/02/2019 [-] Facebook campus given all-clear after sarin scare
07/02/2019 [-] Facebook Abused To Spread Remote Access Trojans Since 2015
07/02/2019 [-] Facebook evacuation after sarin nerve agent detected on package
07/02/2019 [-] Facebook Buildings Evacuated After Mail Tests Positive for Sarin Nerve Agent
07/02/2019 [-] CBP Investigating Offensive Border Patrol Facebook Group Activity
07/02/2019 [-] How Israeli spies are flooding Facebook and Twitter
07/02/2019 [-] Border Patrol Agents Have a Secret Facebook Group, Where Racism and Sexism Prevail
07/01/2019 [-] Facebook to broaden effort to root out white nationalist content
07/01/2019 [-] Border Patrol’s Scandalous Facebook Group Exposed
07/01/2019 [-] GOOGLEFACEBOOK circling Africa with huge undersea cables...
07/01/2019 [-] FACEBOOK site evacuated after mail tests positive for sarin...
07/01/2019 [-] Facebook’s Audacious Bid for Global Monetary Control
07/01/2019 [-] Fake FACEBOOK Warlord Used to Spread Malware, Researchers Say...
07/01/2019 [-] Facebook Just Released Its New Plan for Protecting Your Civil Rights
06/30/2019 [-] Facebook will ban ads that tell people in U.S. not to vote
06/30/2019 [-] How This Database Is Tracking and Exposing Officers’ Bigoted Facebook Posts
06/28/2019 [-] facebook gary pearce
06/28/2019 [-] How this database is tracking and exposing cops’ bigoted Facebook posts
06/27/2019 [-] Facebook Our Terms of Service Are Less Confusing Now.
06/27/2019 [-] Facebook outlines ideas for oversight board
06/27/2019 [-] Tax bosses eye Facebook currency tax 
06/27/2019 [-] ‘Deepfakes’ pose conundrum for Facebook, Zuckerberg says
06/27/2019 [-] FACEBOOK acting like country - not company...
06/26/2019 [-] Bitcoin soars past as Facebook's Libra fuels demand
06/26/2019 [-] Trump suggests U.S. should sue Facebook and Google
06/26/2019 [-] Comptroller DiNapoli urges big changes at Facebook
06/26/2019 [-] Facebook to Hand Over Users' Info to French Govt For 'Hate Speech' Prosecutions
06/26/2019 [-] Facebook's refusal to share WhatsApp data to cost
06/26/2019 [-] Facebook in talks for major Hudson Yards office
06/26/2019 [-] Facebook May Pose a Greater Danger Than Wall Street
06/25/2019 [-] FACEBOOK to give 'hate speech' suspect info to courts...
06/25/2019 [-] Plain Talk UND Economist Talks About Facebook’s New Currency
06/25/2019 [-] Facebook's Libra coin closely watched by authorities FSB
06/25/2019 [-] So much to lose with Facebook's 'Zuckerbucks'
06/25/2019 [-] Facebook's Authoritarian Money Grab
06/25/2019 [-] Central bankers weigh up Facebook's Libra plan
06/25/2019 [-] Big data knows everything about you and it's coming for your children, too
06/24/2019 [-] No evidence Russia influenced Bre
06/24/2019 [-] Bitcoin surges above thanks to Facebook's currency plans
06/24/2019 [-] Governments must regulate social networks Facebook’s Clegg
06/23/2019 [-] Aussie watchdog readies clampdown on Google, Facebook
06/22/2019 [-] Facebook’s Authoritarian Money Grab
06/22/2019 [-] France cre
06/21/2019 [-] Facebook and grief in the digital age when should we unfriend the dead?
06/21/2019 [-] Virtual Facebook currency faces real-world resistance
06/21/2019 [-] Facebook homepage
06/21/2019 [-] Facebook Usage Has Collapsed After Privacy Scandals, Data Shows
06/21/2019 [-] Advertisers Wary of Big-Tech Breakup...
06/21/2019 [-] FacebookCoin is a Trojan Horse of Corporate Oligarchy
06/20/2019 [-] Facebook's cryptocurrency should be halted by government lawmaker
06/20/2019 [-] UPDATE 1-Un
06/20/2019 [-] Facebook called before Senate
06/20/2019 [-] Calibra Wallet Won't Launch in India, Facebook's Biggest Market
06/19/2019 [-] US Senate panel to examine Facebook's crypto-currency project
06/19/2019 [-] Julia Gillard shares heartfelt message on Facebook from random passenger on flight
06/18/2019 [-] Facebook to launch its own cryptocurrency, Libra, in 2020
06/18/2019 [-] Facebook Unveils Cryptocurrency Despite Privacy Concerns
06/18/2019 [-] Facebook Plans Its Own Digital Currency for 2 Billion-Plus Users
06/18/2019 [-] Facebook Token Runs Into Instant Political Opposition in Europe
06/18/2019 [-] Facebook's new Libra could bring cryptocurrency to the masses
06/18/2019 [-] BoE's Carney says keeping open mind on Facebook's Libra
06/18/2019 [-] Swiss regula
06/18/2019 [-] Visa, MasterCard, PayPal join Facebook to form crypto effort
06/18/2019 [-] Facebook posts can predict diabetes, anxiety, depression Study
06/18/2019 [-] Facebook launches global cryptocurrency called Libra
06/18/2019 [-] Facebook Announces Libra Cryptocurrency
06/17/2019 [-] Dallas gunman posted ominous Facebook warning before opening fire outside federal building
06/17/2019 [-] FACEBOOK to unveil new cryptocurrency...
06/17/2019 [-] Libya’s two wars One on the battlefield and one on Facebook
06/16/2019 [-] Facebook's Photorealistic Simulator For AI Runs At 10,000 FPS
06/16/2019 [-] Do Google and Facebook Threaten Our 'Ambient Privacy'?
06/15/2019 [-] Anomaly in Facebook poll spend data
06/14/2019 [-] Facebook breast pump ban fires up mums
06/14/2019 [-] Facebook’s Process to Label You a ‘Hate Agent’ Revealed
06/14/2019 [-] Facebook's New Cryptocurrency, Libra, Gets Big Backers
06/14/2019 [-] Facebook makes 1st start-up investment in India
06/14/2019 [-] FACEBOOK's New Cryptocurrency Gets Big Backers...
06/13/2019 [-] 20,000 recruited for FACEBOOK genomics project...
06/13/2019 [-] Deepfake Zuckerberg the latest weapon in Facebook's video wars
06/12/2019 [-] Facebook’s Zuckerberg Is the Focus of Latest Doctored Video
06/12/2019 [-] Facebook Wants Your Blood
06/12/2019 [-] Facebook expands Watch service as user numbers grow
06/12/2019 [-] Deepfake of Zuckerberg Tests FACEBOOK...
06/11/2019 [-] Facebook's New Study App Pays Adults For Data After Teen Scandal
06/11/2019 [-] Tweens like FORTNITE...
06/10/2019 [-] Facebook Bans Natural News After One Hit Piece From The Daily Beast
06/10/2019 [-] Facebook Bans Natural News
06/09/2019 [-] Exclusive Facebook suspends
06/09/2019 [-] Facebook Is Still Letting Kids Get Duped
06/07/2019 [-] Facebook Suspends App Pre-installs on Huawei Phones
06/07/2019 [-] Facebook suspends app pre-installs on Huawei phones Reuters
06/07/2019 [-] NOONAN Overthrow the Prince of FACEBOOK...
06/05/2019 [-] FACEBOOK on trial for 'censorship' in Poland...
06/05/2019 [-] Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple Could Face Antitrust Investigations. How Do Those Work?
06/05/2019 [-] Facebook met with Dutch regulators over ad fraud lawyer
06/05/2019 [-] CORRECTED-Apple asks developers to place its login button above Google, Facebook
06/04/2019 [-] Candidates beg for
06/04/2019 [-] Facebook investors seek independent chair, citing vote tally
06/04/2019 [-] FACEBOOK May Be Ordered to Block 'Offensive' Posts Globally...
06/04/2019 [-] Facebook Wants Federal Approval to Start its Own Currency.
06/04/2019 [-] EU court advisor Faceboo
06/03/2019 [-] BUST THE TRUST!
06/03/2019 [-] Big Tech Stocks Dive As Facebook Faces Threat Of Antitrust Probe
06/03/2019 [-] Apple challenges Google, Facebook for
06/03/2019 [-] Wall Street falls as Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon drag
06/03/2019 [-] FTC wins right for competition probe at Facebook WSJ
06/03/2019 [-] FTC wins right for competition probe at Facebook WSJ
06/03/2019 [-] Wall Street tumbles as Facebook, Alphabet extend slide
06/03/2019 [-] FTC Gets Jurisdiction for Possible Facebook Antitrust Probe
06/03/2019 [-] Chomsky and Herman’s Propaganda Model Foretells a Weaponized Facebook
06/02/2019 [-] CREEPY Amazon and Facebook Both Want To Read Human Emotions
06/02/2019 [-] Privacy? What’s that? Facebook lawyer argues users have none
06/02/2019 [-] Is Facebook Already Working On An Encryption Backdoor?
06/01/2019 [-] U.S. judge waves through D.C. case against Facebook
05/31/2019 [-] The private Facebook groups where tomb raiders sell stolen treasures
05/31/2019 [-] Irish Supreme Court rejects Facebook bid to block ECJ data case
05/31/2019 [-] China's propaganda spreads beyond its borders via Facebook groups
05/31/2019 [-] Judge orders FACEBOOK to turn over records on data privacy...
05/29/2019 [-] Pelosi calls Facebook execs 'willing enablers' of Russian interference
05/29/2019 [-] Donald Trump’s campaign is using Facebook to scam his own supporters
05/28/2019 [-] FACEBOOK use eroding in USA...
05/28/2019 [-] Facebook Sees Rise in Fake Accounts
05/27/2019 [-] FACEBOOK takes heat...
05/27/2019 [-] FACEBOOK 'gives global platform to illegal dogfighting'...
05/27/2019 [-] Media Demands Facebook Censor Video Making Fun of Nancy Pelosi
05/26/2019 [-] CrossFit Storms Off Facebook and Instagram
05/25/2019 [-] Gun-toting St. Louis man investigated for sending racist threat to black teen over Facebook
05/25/2019 [-] Alt-right Facebook memes pushed anti-Labor message
05/25/2019 [-] PAPER Social media giants ill-prepared for 2020...
05/25/2019 [-] 'It takes a team' Meet the people behind the AFP's Facebook account
05/24/2019 [-] FACEBOOK plans cryptocurrency...
05/24/2019 [-] Trump Has a Big Head Start on Facebook Messaging, and Democrats Are Worried
05/24/2019 [-] Facebook won't delete fake video making Pelosi look 'drunk'
05/24/2019 [-] Facebook Removed 2.2 Billion Fake Accounts This Year
05/24/2019 [-] Mark Zuckerberg Dismisses Calls To Break Up Facebook
05/24/2019 [-] Breakup isn’t the answer, Facebook’s Zuckerberg says
05/23/2019 [-] Facebook shuts down billions of fake accounts
05/23/2019 [-] FACEBOOK fake account removal doubles to 3 billion...
05/23/2019 [-] In 6 Months, Facebook Removes Over 3 Billion Fake Accounts
05/22/2019 [-] Ex-FACEBOOK exec to Zuckerberg Hire a new CEO...
05/21/2019 [-] Measles, Trump’s taxes, Facebook, and impeachment
05/21/2019 [-] Beyond Meat wipeout called by analyst who nailed Facebook IPO
05/20/2019 [-] FACEBOOK close to A.I. with five senses with 'touchy-feely curious' robot...
05/19/2019 [-] BJP tops political ad spend on Facebook, Google
05/18/2019 [-] 'Treat Facebook Like Big Tobacco'
05/17/2019 [-] Facebook forms Swiss fintech firm with payments focus
05/17/2019 [-] The Facebook Loophole That Makes Political Ads Look Like Regular Content
05/16/2019 [-] Facebook Bans Israeli Company Over Election-Disruption Campaigns
05/16/2019 [-] Facebook says removes 265 'fake accounts' linked to Israel
05/16/2019 [-] Facebook buys land in New Mexico but doesn’t say what it’s for
05/16/2019 [-] 'Loot to order' Facebook a vibrant market for war-zone antiquities
05/16/2019 [-] How social media is helping strangers put food on the table
05/15/2019 [-] Mayor Pete was FACEBOOK's 287th user. Now says it has too much power...
05/15/2019 [-] Should Facebook be broken up to ensure data safety?
05/15/2019 [-] Facebook Tightens Live-Stream Rules in Response to the Christchurch Massacre
05/15/2019 [-] FACEBOOK restricts Live feature...
05/15/2019 [-] Now for Sale on Facebook Looted Middle Eastern Antiquities
05/14/2019 [-] Facebook Will Increase Pay For Its Contractors in North America
05/14/2019 [-] Facebook Sues Analytics Firm Rankwave Over Data Misuse
05/13/2019 [-] Is Facebook Betting Big on Brexit?
05/13/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Shuts Down Populist Pages Before EU Elections...
05/13/2019 [-] Facebook's Zuckerberg
05/12/2019 [-] Facebook Says Breaking Up Facebook Won't Do Any Good
05/12/2019 [-] MAG Inside FACEBOOK's 'global' constitutional convention...
05/12/2019 [-] Social media scammer sold hundreds of forged concert tickets through Facebook, Gumtree
05/11/2019 [-] After Facebook ban, Farrakhan denies hating Jews
05/11/2019 [-] Hillsong's tech incubator plans to give Facebook a run for its money
05/11/2019 [-] Facebook's AI Algorithms Accused of Generating Terror Content
05/10/2019 [-] Facebook is cracking down on 'inauthentic' federal election content
05/10/2019 [-] Facebook Co-Founder Calls for Social Media Giant to Be Broken Up
05/10/2019 [-] Farrakhan rails against 'Satanic Jews' in wake of FACEBOOK ban...
05/10/2019 [-] Whistleblower says Facebook generating terror content
05/10/2019 [-] A New Study Claims Facebook Is Unknowingly Generating Terror Content
05/10/2019 [-] Facebook rejects co-founder Chris Hughes' call for breakup
05/10/2019 [-] Facebook co-founder calls for company breakup
05/09/2019 [-] Break up Facebook, says company’s co-founder
05/09/2019 [-] Facebook’s Co-Founder Calls it a ‘Powerful Monopoly’ That Should Be Broken Up
05/09/2019 [-] FACEBOOK becoming digital graveyard - and gift to future...
05/09/2019 [-] Facebook Stops Blocking Some Blockchain Ads
05/08/2019 [-] Greens candidate for Lalor quits over offensive Facebook posts
05/08/2019 [-] Facebook and Instagram Don't Wreck Kids' Lives, Claims New Study
05/08/2019 [-] Admission of defeat on Facebook inspires couple to help cash-strapped farmers
05/07/2019 [-] Facebook bans Alex Jones, other extremist fi
05/07/2019 [-] Lawmakers criticize potential FACEBOOK settlement with FTC...
05/07/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Deleting BILLIONS of Fake Accounts...
05/07/2019 [-] UPDATE 1-U.S. lawmakers criticize potential Facebook settlement with FTC
05/07/2019 [-] Facebook Contractors Categorize Your Private Posts To Train AI
05/06/2019 [-] Facebook deletes more accounts linked to Russia
05/06/2019 [-] Is Facebook's Suicide-Prevention Tool Doing Any Good?
05/06/2019 [-] Factbox The work at one Facebook 'labelling' project
05/06/2019 [-] Giant 'labels' posts by hand, posing privacy questions...
05/06/2019 [-] Facebook 'labels' posts by hand, posing privacy questions
05/06/2019 [-] Factbox The work at one Facebook 'labeling' project
05/05/2019 [-] Facebook's New 'Secret Crush' Feature Called Creepy, Stupid
05/04/2019 [-] Trump attacks social media companies after FACEBOOK bans...
05/04/2019 [-] President Trump Criticizes Social Media Companies After Facebook Bans Some Extremist Accounts
05/04/2019 [-] Infowars Got Banned by Facebook, So Trump Just Gave It a Huge Boost
05/04/2019 [-] Trump attacks social media companies after Facebook bans
05/04/2019 [-] Facebook's Cryptocurrency Might Work Like Loyalty Points
05/03/2019 [-] Clive Palmer addresses Facebook posts purportedly made by Canberra candidate
05/03/2019 [-] Clive Palmer addresses Facebook posts purportedly made by Canberra candidate.
05/03/2019 [-] UPDATE FACEBOOK bans 'dangerous' Farrakhan, INFOWARS...
05/03/2019 [-] Facebook Bans Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones for Hate Speech
05/03/2019 [-] Facebook bans Alex Jones, other extremist figures
05/03/2019 [-] Facebook bans breast cancer campaign on nudity grounds
05/02/2019 [-] Facebook Finally Took Action Against Extremist Accounts. It Didn’t Go Great.
05/02/2019 [-] FACEBOOK bans 'dangerous' Farrakhan, INFOWARS...
05/02/2019 [-] Facebook bans far-right leader, controversial black activist Louis Farrakhan
05/02/2019 [-] Facebook Bans Alex Jones, Yiannopoulos, Other Far-Right Figures
05/02/2019 [-] Facebook Bans Far-Right Figures Including Alex Jones for Violating Hate Speech Policies
05/02/2019 [-] Facebook integrating WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger
05/02/2019 [-] Facebook Portal to get Amazon Prime Video app
05/02/2019 [-] Bangkok woman arrested for selling fake brand name goods on Facebook
05/02/2019 [-] Liberal candidate claims anti-Muslim posts were 'digitally manipulated'
05/02/2019 [-] Liberal candidate refuses to answer questions about Facebook posts
05/01/2019 [-] In revamp, Facebook bets on small-scale connections, romance
05/01/2019 [-] Google, Facebook make billions in Australian sales but pay less than in tax
05/01/2019 [-] Facebook bets on small-scale connections and ‘secret crush’ romance in latest revamp
04/30/2019 [-] Facebook Is Getting Its Biggest Redesign in Years. Here’s What to Know
04/30/2019 [-] Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says the 'Future is Private'
04/30/2019 [-] Facebook overhauls messaging as it pivots to privacy
04/30/2019 [-] Facebook gives first look at its promised overhaul
04/30/2019 [-] Tennessee judge busted for sharing Holocaust denier propaganda on his Facebook page
04/29/2019 [-] BRIEF-Arrineria Official Facebook Company Fanpage Hacked
04/29/2019 [-] The Dead May Outnumber the Living on Facebook Within 50 Years
04/28/2019 [-] Facebook Never Released Promised 'Clear History' Feature
04/28/2019 [-] Facebook warrior unconvinced by BMA rationale for tearing up footpath
04/28/2019 [-] Digital cemetery When FACEBOOK controls human history...
04/26/2019 [-] Facebook files lawsuit against New Zeal
04/26/2019 [-] Dozens of Centrelink clients' details published online
04/26/2019 [-] Regulators Around Globe Circling FACEBOOK...
04/26/2019 [-] Is Facebook’s FTC fine the tip of the iceberg?
04/26/2019 [-] Stocks end mostly lower, weighed down by struggles at 3M
04/25/2019 [-] Facebook Breached Canadian Privacy Laws, Watchdogs Say
04/25/2019 [-] Facebook users care less about privacy than regulators
04/25/2019 [-] Facebook's Hire of Patriot Act Co-Author Raises Questions
04/25/2019 [-] Facebook Anticipates Billion Fine Over Privacy Violations
04/25/2019 [-] Facebook Admits it Is Expecting a Multibillion-Dollar Fine
04/25/2019 [-] FACEBOOK keeps growing - but unclear how...
04/24/2019 [-] Facebook Sets Aside Billion For a Potential FTC Fine
04/24/2019 [-] Facebook Is Preparing for a Multi-Billion Dollar Fine From the FTC
04/24/2019 [-] Human Rights Activists Say These Videos Show Violent Kidnappings—And Facebook Isn’t Taking Them Down
04/24/2019 [-] Facebook’s new chief lawyer helped write the Patriot Act
04/23/2019 [-] Google, Facebook, Twitter have to do more to fight fake news EU
04/23/2019 [-] Facebook hires high-ranking US State Department lawyer
04/23/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Hires Chief Lawyer Who Helped Craft 'PATRIOT ACT'...
04/23/2019 [-] US Police Refuse to Stop Creating Fake Profiles on Facebook
04/22/2019 [-] Kayaker's body found in Gold Coast creek after Easter Facebook post
04/21/2019 [-] How Facebook Mis-Captioned the Launch of a NASA Supply Rocket
04/19/2019 [-] FACEBOOK tries burying more bad news on Mueller day...
04/19/2019 [-] Sad-eyed Boonrod gets his own Facebook page after Gulf rescue
04/19/2019 [-] Facebook Partners With Notorious Far-Right Site The Daily Caller on Fact-Checking
04/19/2019 [-] Facebook Quietly Admitted Millions More Instagram Users’ Passwords Were at Risk
04/18/2019 [-] Facebook bans Britain's far-right hate groups
04/18/2019 [-] FACEBOOK bans UK far-right groups...
04/18/2019 [-] Facebook uploaded 1.5 million users' email contact without consent
04/17/2019 [-] Shareholders fed up with 'dictator'...
04/16/2019 [-] 5 Social Networks to Use in 2019 Instead of Facebook
04/16/2019 [-] State launches online data survey as part of Facebook probe
04/16/2019 [-] Ask Me Anything with dining critic Mike Mayo today at noon
04/16/2019 [-] Facebook, Twitter and Google Attacked for Liberal Bias
04/16/2019 [-] Everyone in the World Wants to Fix Facebook. Here’s Why No One Can.
04/15/2019 [-] Facebook and Twitter urged to suspend Trump accounts following attack on Ilhan Omar
04/15/2019 [-] Tech giant gives few answers as suffers ANOTHER outage...
04/14/2019 [-] Scammers Are Buying Thousands Of Fak
04/14/2019 [-] Sunday-Morning Outage Strikes Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp
04/14/2019 [-] Why FACEBOOKGOOGLE Are Relaxed About UK Online Speech Rules...
04/14/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp go down worldwide
04/14/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp back up after massive outage
04/14/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Are Back Up After Reported Outages Worldwide
04/14/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp hit by outages downdetector
04/14/2019 [-] Facebook down for some users Downdetector.com
04/14/2019 [-] Facebook down for some users Downdetector.com
04/14/2019 [-] Facebook Shareholders Force A Vote On Ousting Mark Zuckerberg
04/13/2019 [-] Netflix CEO Reed Hastings To Depart Facebook Board of Directors
04/13/2019 [-] 'Brutal persecution' Facebook blocks page of ex-Ecuadorian leader
04/13/2019 [-] Facebook spends million to keep Mark Zuckerberg safe
04/13/2019 [-] Activists Couldn’t Get Facebook to Tackle Its Discrimination Problem—Until the Russia Scandal Hit
04/11/2019 [-] P&G Puts FACEBOOKGOOGLE On Notice...
04/11/2019 [-] Facebook to crack down on groups spreading misinformation
04/09/2019 [-] Facebook is Using AI To Map Population Density Around the World
04/09/2019 [-] Facebook amends terms for use of consumers' data EU
04/09/2019 [-] Facebook, Google Face Crackdown on Disturbing Content
04/08/2019 [-] NZ pol calls FACEBOOK execs 'morally bankrupt pathological liars'...
04/08/2019 [-] UK To Fine Facebook, Google For Hosting Terrorist Content
04/08/2019 [-] Britain to penalise Facebook, Google for harmful content
04/05/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Hosts Cybercriminals Trading Stolen Info...
04/05/2019 [-] Facebook's Black Markets Just Keystrokes Away, Researchers Say
04/05/2019 [-] Facebook promises crackdown on fake news in Australia
04/05/2019 [-] Public servants handed stern warning over racist social media posts
04/04/2019 [-] Facebook launches WhatsApp Business for iPhones
04/04/2019 [-] UPDATE 1-Facebook launches WhatsApp Business for iPhones
04/04/2019 [-] African Child Brides Sold on FACEBOOK...
04/04/2019 [-] Mark Zuckerberg Says It’s Not Facebook’s Job to Set the Rules for Political Advertising
04/04/2019 [-] Researchers Find More Cases of Facebook App Data Exposure
04/04/2019 [-] Millions of Facebook Records Found on Amazon Cloud Servers
04/03/2019 [-] Millions of Records Found on AMAZON Cloud...
04/03/2019 [-] Facebook caught asking for new users' email passwords
04/03/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Demands User Email Passwords; 'Beyond Sketchy'...
04/03/2019 [-] Scam ads promoting fake tax breaks prosper on Facebook
04/02/2019 [-] Right-wing billionaires are funding Facebook meme factories to get you to vote Republican
04/01/2019 [-] FB removes Cong-linked pages; party says none official
04/01/2019 [-] Facebook reveals how it ranks i
04/01/2019 [-] Facebook reveals how it ranks items in the news feed
04/01/2019 [-] Facebook says removed pages linked to India's Congress party ahead of polls
04/01/2019 [-] Zuck posts about key moments suspiciously vanish...
03/31/2019 [-] Mark Zuckerberg asks governments to control internet content
03/31/2019 [-] Facebook CEO calls for updated internet regulations
03/30/2019 [-] Facebook Says Some of Mark Zuckerberg’s Posts Have Been Deleted Due to Technical Errors
03/30/2019 [-] Facebook to tighten live stream access after mosque attacks
03/30/2019 [-] FACEBOOKTWITTERYOUTUBE execs face jail over terror vids...
03/30/2019 [-] Accused Christchurch shooter posted Facebook image of Al Noor mosque days before attack
03/29/2019 [-] Facebook blocks 200 accounts in Philippines
03/29/2019 [-] Facebook Finally Enacts White Nationalism Ban, But Can It Enforce It?
03/29/2019 [-] Facebook Hit With Discrimination Lawsuit Over Targeted Housing Ads
03/29/2019 [-] Housing Department Slaps Facebook With Discrimination Charge
03/29/2019 [-] BUSTED Feds charge Facebook for selling ads that discriminated against people of color
03/29/2019 [-] Facebook tightens rules on political ads ahead of EU vote
03/28/2019 [-] Facebook Charged With Discrimination for Targeted Housing Ads
03/28/2019 [-] HUD charges Facebook with housing discrimination
03/28/2019 [-] US government sues Facebook over discriminatory advertising practices
03/28/2019 [-] Facebook Bans All 'Praise, Support and Representation of White Nationalism and Separatism'
03/28/2019 [-] FACEBOOK extends ban on 'hate speech' to white nationalists...
03/28/2019 [-] Facebook bars white nationalism, stepping up hate speech curbs
03/28/2019 [-] Facebook To Fight Belgian Ban On Tracking Users
03/27/2019 [-] Facebook bans white nationalism and separatism on its platforms
03/27/2019 [-] Facebook to ban white nationalism and white separatism following NZ terror attack
03/27/2019 [-] Facebook Just Announced Plans to Ban White Nationalists and Separatists
03/27/2019 [-] Facebook to Ban Content Supporting White Nationalism and White Separatism
03/27/2019 [-] How Phishing Scam Stole from tech giants...
03/27/2019 [-] Oklahoma Republican quotes Martin Luther King Jr. to defend his viciously racist Facebook posts
03/27/2019 [-] Facebook Says It’s Trying to Tackle Fake News in India Before Elections
03/27/2019 [-] Man Steals Million from Google, Facebook By Forging Invoices IGN Now
03/27/2019 [-] How Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon Warped the Hyperlink
03/25/2019 [-] Facebook fixes glitch that exp
03/24/2019 [-] Facebook Now 'Vulnerable' To Government Regulators, Analysts Warn
03/23/2019 [-] Facebook users urged not to spread fake news about disappearing-ink pens
03/23/2019 [-] Facebook users urged not to spread fake news about disappearing ink pens
03/22/2019 [-] Florida woman livestreams suicide on FACEBOOK...
03/22/2019 [-] BJP-friendly ads dominated Facebook since February, shows data
03/22/2019 [-] Facebook Exposed Millions of Passwords to Employees
03/22/2019 [-] Facebook left millions of user passwords readable in plain text 'for years'
03/21/2019 [-] Millions of Passwords Visible Internally...
03/21/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Left Up Video of Massacre for an Hour...
03/21/2019 [-] Facebook Left Hundreds of Millions of Passwords Exposed to Its Employees
03/21/2019 [-] 'AI MISSED IT'...
03/21/2019 [-] Amazon To Launch Mobile Ads, in a Threat To Google and Facebook
03/21/2019 [-] Facebook Employees Had Access to ‘Hundreds of Millions’ of Users’ Passwords
03/21/2019 [-] Facebook Says It Stored Millions of Users’ Passwords in Plain Text
03/20/2019 [-] Yes, You Can Catch a Bad Mood on Facebook
03/20/2019 [-] Facebook 'Likes' Leave a Personal Trail, Study Warns
03/20/2019 [-] Could More Time on Facebook Help Spur Eating Disorders?
03/20/2019 [-] Facebook says it removed 1.5 mi
03/20/2019 [-] Facebook Boosts Self-esteem
03/20/2019 [-] Backbenchers' secret Facebook messages expose NT Labor divisions
03/20/2019 [-] Facebook agrees to overhaul of paid advertising in United States
03/20/2019 [-] Facebook agrees to advertising overhaul to settle US discrimination suits
03/19/2019 [-] Facebook To Overhaul Ad Targeting To Prevent Discrimination
03/19/2019 [-] Facebook says no one flagged New Zealand mosque shooting livestream
03/19/2019 [-] Trump asks why Facebook blocked Dan Scavino, his social media director
03/19/2019 [-] Facebook Settles Suits Over Ad-Targeting Discrimination
03/19/2019 [-] Facebook Settles Civil Rights Lawsuits Over Ad Discrimination
03/19/2019 [-] Facebook the medium as pollies target voters with mixed messages
03/19/2019 [-] The Case for Investigating FACEBOOK...
03/19/2019 [-] How to Lead an Effective Meeting, According to a Facebook Executive
03/18/2019 [-]  Facebook scrubs 1.5mn Christchurch attack videos but criticism goes viral
03/17/2019 [-] 1.5 million videos of attack removed by FACEBOOK...
03/17/2019 [-] Christchurch terror livestream does Facebook do more harm than good?
03/16/2019 [-] FACEBOOK OF HATE
03/15/2019 [-] WHATSAPP co-founder warns 'Delete FACEBOOK now'...
03/15/2019 [-] Consumer Groups Want To Tax Facebook To Save Journalism
03/15/2019 [-] Facebook readies AI tech to combat 'revenge porn'
03/15/2019 [-] Facebook, YouTube blindsided by mosque shooter’s live video
03/15/2019 [-] UPDATE 1-Facebook readies AI tech to combat 'revenge porn'
03/15/2019 [-] Facebook takes steps against 'revenge porn'
03/15/2019 [-] FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, TWITTER amplified video...
03/15/2019 [-] Facebook Facing Criminal Probe Over Data Sharing
03/15/2019 [-] More FACEBOOK execs depart...
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox to step down
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook blames server problem for massive outage
03/14/2019 [-] How scammers from Kosovo are manipulating disgruntled Aussies on Facebook
03/14/2019 [-] UPDATE 3-Facebook restores services after global outage
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook data deals under criminal investigation
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook back up without issues, it says
03/14/2019 [-] FACEBOOK struggles to deal with epic outage...
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook restores services after global outage
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook's Data Deals Are Under Criminal Investigation
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook users take to Twitter to rail about outage
03/14/2019 [-] UPDATE 2-Facebook struggles into day 2 of global outage
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook struggles into day two of global outage
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook Data Deals Are Under Criminal Investigation, Report Says
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram suffer severe outage
03/14/2019 [-] Criminal probe opened into Facebook's data-sharing deals
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook apps down for some users across the globe
03/14/2019 [-] Grand Jury Subpoenas...
03/14/2019 [-] GOOGLE, FACEBOOK widespread outages; Fears of massive DDoS denied...
03/14/2019 [-] U.S. prosecutors probing Facebook's data deals NYT
03/14/2019 [-] Facebook and Instagram Outages Are Impacting Users Worldwide
03/14/2019 [-] U.S. prosecutors probing Facebook's data deals NYT
03/13/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram outages affecting social media users around the world
03/13/2019 [-] It's not just you Facebook, Instagram suffering outages
03/13/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram and Messenger outage spreads worldwide
03/13/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram down for millions worldwide
03/13/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram go down Wednesday in apparent outage
03/13/2019 [-] While Warren Fights Facebook, O’Rourke Embraces It
03/13/2019 [-] Facebook is Down
03/12/2019 [-] ‘Disturbing’ James Bond Facebook meme spurs Highlands to ax would-be security firm
03/12/2019 [-] Facebook deletes, and then restores, Warren's ads attacking platform
03/12/2019 [-] You Won't Believe What Facebook Has Banned Now...
03/12/2019 [-] Facebook users fleeing by the millions, report says
03/12/2019 [-] How Facebook and Amazon Help Hate Groups Raise Money
03/12/2019 [-] Facebook group calls for ‘Challenge for Change’ rubbish clean-up
03/12/2019 [-] Facebook Removed Elizabeth Warren’s Ads Calling for the Breakup of Facebook
03/12/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Removes Warren 'Breakup FACEBOOK' Ads...
03/11/2019 [-] Phalang Pracharat candidate files complaint against Facebook user
03/10/2019 [-] Facebook is planning to introduce encrypted messaging — here's what that means
03/09/2019 [-] Facebook Begins Hiding Anti-Vaccine Misinformation
03/09/2019 [-] Elizabeth Warren vows to break up Amazon, Facebook, Google
03/09/2019 [-] Chachoengsao man killed in M79 grenade explosion live on Facebook
03/09/2019 [-] Republican’s racist Facebook posts resurface — threatening to kill his special election chances
03/08/2019 [-] NSW Liberal candidate's Facebook suspended after being linked to trolling
03/08/2019 [-] Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren wants breakup of Google, Facebook and Amazon
03/08/2019 [-] Elizabeth Warren Calls To Break Up Facebook, Google, and Amazon
03/08/2019 [-] Here’s how Facebook plans to act against anti-vaccine content
03/08/2019 [-] New move not about privacy. It's about domination...
03/08/2019 [-] US Users Are Leaving Facebook by the Millions, Research Says
03/08/2019 [-] Here’s What Facebook Is Doing to Prevent the Spread of Vaccine Misinformation
03/08/2019 [-] Facebook Announces a New Plan to Stop Vaccine Hoaxes
03/07/2019 [-] UPDATE 1-Facebook takes down fake accounts in UK, Romania
03/07/2019 [-] Facebook’s vision of future? Looks like Chinese app WeChat
03/07/2019 [-] Millennials lead mass exodus...
03/07/2019 [-] 'Tragic' Facebook defends processes over NRL sex tapes scandal
03/07/2019 [-] Cops use social livestreaming to crack down on speeders...
03/06/2019 [-] Facebook CEO Vows to Double Down on Privacy
03/06/2019 [-] Zuckerberg says Facebook's future is 'privacy-focused'
03/06/2019 [-] FACEBOOK reputation sinking fast...
03/06/2019 [-] Facebook to focus on private communication, Zuckerberg says
03/06/2019 [-] Zuckerberg Turns Attention to Private Communications...
03/06/2019 [-] Meet the Aussies fighting anti-vaxxers on Facebook
03/06/2019 [-] Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Makes Big New Promises About Privacy
03/06/2019 [-] Sex tape Facebook page NRL Memes taken down
03/05/2019 [-] Teen who vaccinated himself my anti-vaxx mum misinformed by Facebook
03/05/2019 [-] Facebook's lobbying practices in India may be probed
03/05/2019 [-] Facebook Doubles Down On Misusing Your Phone Number
03/05/2019 [-] Man killed in car after following up pub dispute on Facebook
03/05/2019 [-] Facebook Is Banning Foreign-Funded Political Ads in Indonesia as Elections Approach
03/05/2019 [-] Facebook under fire for letting users find people using phone numbers
03/05/2019 [-] Facebook prohibits foreign-funded ads for Indonesia election
03/03/2019 [-] Facebook’s Conveniently Inconsistent Approach to Government-Funded News
03/02/2019 [-] Facebook sues over sales of fa
03/02/2019 [-] Facebook Sues China-Based Companies For Selling Fake Accounts
03/02/2019 [-] BUSTED North Carolina real estate firm fires staffer over ugly N-word-filled Facebook rant
03/01/2019 [-] WIRED UK Cheers Facebook Banning Tommy Robinson 'Here's Who It Should Ban Next'
03/01/2019 [-] Why Facebook Still Seems to Spy on You
03/01/2019 [-] Man jailed for killing woman he proposed to after Facebook chat
03/01/2019 [-] New York Requests Docs...
02/28/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Insider Leaks Documents; Explains 'Deboosting'...
02/27/2019 [-] Paul Schrader on Oscar Loss Never Underestimate Power of Mediocrity...
02/27/2019 [-] Apple, Facebook Fight Global Encryption Battle
02/26/2019 [-] Facebook expands ad buying options for premium video
02/26/2019 [-] Inside Secret Sting Ops to Expose Celeb Psychics...
02/26/2019 [-] Tommy Robinson banned from FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM...
02/26/2019 [-] Animal activist faces trespass charge after live streaming piggery video
02/26/2019 [-] Report Facebook Censors Begin Questioning 911 Attacks, Flat Earth & More
02/26/2019 [-] Activist takes to Facebook Live to allege animal cruelty at piggery
02/25/2019 [-] 'They built this. It's theirs' reporter blames Facebook for jailing
02/25/2019 [-] Government contacts Facebook over mysterious political ads
02/25/2019 [-] Popular Apps Cease Sharing Data With Facebook
02/24/2019 [-] Facebook under fire over claims it knows when users are having their periods
02/23/2019 [-] UPDATE 3-NY governor ord
02/23/2019 [-] State to probe Facebook over report on personal data access
02/22/2019 [-] Facebook Will Shut Down Its Spyware VPN App Onavo
02/22/2019 [-] Democratic Senators urge Federal Trade Commission to take on Facebook over ‘friendly fraud’
02/21/2019 [-] Measles Outbreaks Are Increasing. Experts Think It’s Because of Anti-Vaxxers on Facebook.
02/21/2019 [-] COURT Litigant 'friending' Judge on FACEBOOK amounts to bias...
02/20/2019 [-] Microsoft Edge Lets Facebook Run Flash Code Behind Users' Backs
02/20/2019 [-] Behind th
02/20/2019 [-] Chiang Mai student saved from suicide following Facebook alert
02/19/2019 [-] You're not going to convince an anti-vaxxer by berating them on Facebook
02/19/2019 [-] EU's Vestager says not precluding Facebook case in future
02/19/2019 [-] Facebook security app used to ‘spy’ on competitors
02/19/2019 [-] How This Politician Put Britain at the Forefront of the War Against Facebook
02/18/2019 [-] Facebook ‘digital gangsters’ violated privacy laws MPs
02/18/2019 [-] ‘Digital gangsters’ U.K. wants tougher rules for Facebook
02/18/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Bans Articles Exposing Hoax...
02/18/2019 [-] Russia’s RT fumes after Facebook blocks ‘wildly popular’ page
02/18/2019 [-] Facebook broke rules, should be regulated UK lawmakers
02/18/2019 [-] Facebook broke rules, should be regulated UK lawmakers
02/18/2019 [-] Facebook need
02/18/2019 [-] Facebook 'digital gangsters' violated privacy laws MPs
02/18/2019 [-] Facebook says it is 'open to meaningful regulation'
02/18/2019 [-] New Zealand Is Planning a Digital Tax for Online Giants Like Google and Facebook
02/18/2019 [-] FACEBOOK labelled 'digital gangsters' in UK...
02/18/2019 [-] UK lawmakers slam Facebook, recommend stiffer regulation
02/18/2019 [-] Facebook needs independent ethical oversight MPs
02/18/2019 [-] It's time to hold 'digital gangster' Facebook to account British MPs
02/17/2019 [-] Facebook Becomes 'A Haven For the Anti-Vaccination Movement'
02/17/2019 [-] Connecticut cop’s ugly anti-immigrant Facebook screeds lead to internal investigation
02/16/2019 [-] Dallas Cop Shot In Ambush Suing FACEBOOKGOOGLETWITTER Alleging Companies Radicalized Gunman...
02/15/2019 [-] Facebook Settlement With FTC Could Run Into the Billions
02/15/2019 [-] Facebook may remove anti-vaccine recommendations
02/15/2019 [-] Facebook criticised for nudging you towards friends' bikini photos
02/15/2019 [-] Facing record MULTI-BILLION dollar fine over privacy...
02/15/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Tracking Location of Former Employees?
02/14/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Considers Removing Anti-Vaccine Posts...
02/14/2019 [-] GOOGLEFACEBOOK Forced to Pay Creators Under New EU Rules...
02/13/2019 [-] Anti-vaxxers are spreading conspiracy theories on Facebook
02/13/2019 [-] 'Every child's nightmare' Man jailed for sodomising kids as young as 11
02/12/2019 [-] When Did Mark Zuckerberg Learn Facebook Targeted Children?
02/12/2019 [-] 10 Years of Privacy Violations, Disinformation, and Friend Requests From Facebook
02/12/2019 [-] Epstein Google, Facebook Make Media Bias Worse
02/11/2019 [-] Furious bride sells wedding dress for £450 on Facebook
02/11/2019 [-] FACEBOOKGOOGLE Worsen Media Bias...
02/11/2019 [-] Facebook The Government’s Propaganda Arm?
02/09/2019 [-] Facebook Acquires Visual Shopping Startup To Bolster AI Work
02/09/2019 [-] Facebook tightens ad rules as India prepares to head to elections
02/09/2019 [-] Facebook vows to ban graphic images of self harm
02/08/2019 [-] Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg is still a role model, many women in tech say
02/08/2019 [-] Unlimited Facebook, Instagram traffic for some VivaCell-MTS users
02/07/2019 [-] German ruling could impede Facebook’s data-combining moves
02/07/2019 [-] Facebook hits back after Germany restricts its data collection
02/07/2019 [-] Two top executives leave Facebook PR team after Nick Clegg appointment
02/07/2019 [-] German antitrust authorities restrict Facebook data use
02/07/2019 [-] Germany to restrict Facebook's data gathering activities
02/07/2019 [-] Germany cracks down on Facebook's data gathering
02/06/2019 [-] Ruth Bader Ginsburg Cancer Conspiracies Show How Private Facebook Groups Help Spread Hoaxes
02/06/2019 [-] Messenger now lets you delete your embarrassing slip-ups
02/06/2019 [-] Facebook Finally Removes Another 22 Alex Jones Accounts
02/06/2019 [-] FACEBOOK OKs museum nudes after all...
02/05/2019 [-] Facebook Now Lets Everyone Unsend Messages For 10 Minutes
02/05/2019 [-] Latest Facebook bans four Myanmar ethnic rebel groups
02/05/2019 [-] Zuckerberg sees ‘positive’ force of Facebook despite firestorm
02/05/2019 [-] Facebook Prohibited an Art Museum From Promoting an Exhibit With Images of Nude Statues
02/05/2019 [-] Facebook Turns 15 A Look Back in Charts
02/04/2019 [-] Why no one really quits Google or Facebook
02/04/2019 [-] Why no one really quits GOOGLE or FACEBOOK...
02/04/2019 [-] Most Health News Shared On Social Media Misleading...
02/04/2019 [-] Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Appears on Facebook Live to Dispel Rumors About His Death
02/02/2019 [-] Facebook deletes hundreds of Iran accounts
02/02/2019 [-] Google, Amazon, Facebook will be traveling to Yerevan for WCIT
02/02/2019 [-] Facebook loses fact-checking group Snopes after two years
02/02/2019 [-] Snopes Quits Fact-Checking Partnership With Facebook
02/01/2019 [-] Facebook bosses admit they're competing with Amazon for online ads
02/01/2019 [-] 'Farewell to Facebook', bids Germany's retiring Merkel
02/01/2019 [-] Facebook bans accounts tied to fake news group Saracen
02/01/2019 [-] Facebook removes hundreds of Indonesian accounts linked to fake news, hate speech
02/01/2019 [-] Do you know this family? Mystery surrounds customer's op shop discovery
02/01/2019 [-] FACEBOOK users happier if leave for month...
02/01/2019 [-] Better moods, more time with friends, less politically polarized...
02/01/2019 [-] More probes increase pressure on social giant...
02/01/2019 [-] Facebook Quietly Moves to Block Ad Transparency Tools
02/01/2019 [-] What REALLY happens when you quit Facebook 
02/01/2019 [-] Facebook takes down vast Iran-led manipulation campaign
01/31/2019 [-] Facebook and Twitter Remove Thousands of Accounts Spreading Misinformation From Iran and Russia
01/31/2019 [-] Bad blood between Cook, Zuckerberg spills over...
01/31/2019 [-] Facebook's profit surge sends Wall Street mostly higher
01/31/2019 [-] Facebook removes more accounts tied to Iran
01/31/2019 [-] Facebook’s good quarter can’t hide tough ones ahead
01/31/2019 [-] Apple is Doing More to Police Facebook Than the U.S. Government
01/31/2019 [-] APPLE Bans App Used by FACEBOOK in Escalating Privacy Fight...
01/31/2019 [-] Facebook to bar 'foreign' electoral ads for Thai poll
01/31/2019 [-] Facebook Reports Record Profit
01/31/2019 [-] Closer look raises lots of questions about FAKE accounts count...
01/30/2019 [-] The Most Disturbing Thing About Facebook’s Controversial Data Research Program
01/30/2019 [-] Lawmakers Want Facebook to Stop Spying on Minors
01/30/2019 [-] Facebook paid teens to disclose their online activity in research app, report says
01/30/2019 [-] Facebook paid users to track smartphone use report
01/30/2019 [-] Facebook Shuts Down Controversial Program to Pay Apple Users for Data
01/30/2019 [-] Facebook admits to paying users for their web activity
01/30/2019 [-] Facebook Pays Teens To Install VPN That Spies On Them
01/29/2019 [-] Media layoffs bring heat...
01/29/2019 [-] Facebook lays out structure of content oversight b
01/29/2019 [-] UPDATE 2-Facebook's Instagram back up after partial outage
01/29/2019 [-] Facebook's Instagram back up after partial outage
01/29/2019 [-] UPDATE 1-Facebook's Instagram is down for some users
01/29/2019 [-] Facebook's Instagram down for some users
01/28/2019 [-] Ocasio-Cortez Takes Facebook, Microsoft, and Google to Task for Conference Promoting Climate Denial
01/28/2019 [-] Facebook lays out structure of content oversight board
01/28/2019 [-] Facebook tightens paid ads rules ahead of EU elections
01/28/2019 [-] Facebook Is Shutting Down Moments
01/27/2019 [-] Meet the Bots That Review and Write Snippets of Facebook's Code
01/27/2019 [-] Advocacy Groups Are Pushing The FTC To Break Up Facebook
01/26/2019 [-] How Facebook Cashed In on Tricking Kids
01/26/2019 [-] Man arrested for allegedly organising road racing on Facebook
01/26/2019 [-] Mark Zuckerberg claims Facebook 'doesn't sell people's data'
01/25/2019 [-] Toxicologist disputes social media post on 'bunspice essence'
01/25/2019 [-] Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp to Merge Functionality IGN News
01/25/2019 [-] 50% FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS FAKE?
01/24/2019 [-] FACEBOOKGOOGLE now command 80% of ad market...
01/23/2019 [-] Sandberg says Facebook must earn back trust
01/23/2019 [-] DAVOS-Sandberg says Facebook must earn back trust
01/23/2019 [-] Money-saving guru Martin Lewis drops lawsuit against Facebook
01/23/2019 [-] Despite Ban, Infowars Conspiracy Videos Are Easy to Find on Facebook and YouTube
01/23/2019 [-] Can you brainwash one specific person with targeted Facebook ads?
01/23/2019 [-] Incest fears over 'world's most popular sperm donor'...
01/23/2019 [-] Unfriended Marijuana cancer-cure claim on Facebook leads to arrest
01/23/2019 [-] Facebook pledges to support integrity of general election
01/23/2019 [-] ABC presenters used in fake news scam on Facebook
01/22/2019 [-] Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Sponsored a Conference That Promoted Climate Change Denial
01/22/2019 [-] FACEBOOKTWITTER still stalk you online even if you DELETE account...
01/22/2019 [-] Facebook's Plans For Space Lasers Revealed
01/21/2019 [-] Facebook’s WhatsApp limits message forwarding to fight spread of fake news
01/21/2019 [-] Facebook Made a Lot of Money Tricking Children
01/21/2019 [-] In an Attempt To T
01/21/2019 [-] Trump is trying to make himself look thinner with altered Facebook photos report
01/21/2019 [-] Facebook to add 1,000 new jobs in Ireland by year-end
01/21/2019 [-] Facebook Says It Will Work With Germany to Counter E.U. Election Meddling
01/21/2019 [-] Facebook sheds gains after repor
01/21/2019 [-] Facebook nabs Chiang Mai traffic cop ‘accepting bribe’
01/21/2019 [-] Facebook Launches a Petition Feature
01/20/2019 [-] U.S. Close to Ending Its Facebook Probe
01/19/2019 [-] U.S. regulators discuss fining Facebook for pri
01/19/2019 [-] US regulators meet to discuss record-setting fine against Facebook
01/19/2019 [-] Facebook May Face Record FTC Fine for Privacy Violations
01/19/2019 [-] US regulators mull record FACEBOOK fine...
01/19/2019 [-] FACEBOOK Refuses 'ROE V. WADE' Film Ads...
01/18/2019 [-] RG3 defends himself in Facebook post 13 Jan 2014 114302 GMT
01/17/2019 [-] Facebook Takes Down Hundreds of Fake Pages Linked to Russian State News
01/17/2019 [-] Facebook Just Removed Hundreds of Pages Linked to Russia
01/17/2019 [-] ‘Why I Still Have Faith in Facebook’
01/17/2019 [-] Facebook Let My Government Target Me. Here’s Why I Still Work With Them.
01/17/2019 [-] Facebook removes pages, accounts with Russia links
01/17/2019 [-] Facebook removes more pages, accounts with Russia links
01/17/2019 [-] 'Free Press' Petitions For Alex Jones To Be 'Banned Permanently' From Facebook
01/16/2019 [-] WhatsApp Now Has More Monthly Active Users Than Facebook App
01/16/2019 [-] Facebook yet to decide which political advertising rules it will roll out in Australia
01/15/2019 [-] Facebook to invest million to help local news survive
01/14/2019 [-] Prankster puts 23-year-old Mars Bar up for sale on Facebook
01/13/2019 [-] Cambodian jailed f
01/13/2019 [-] German antitrust watchdog to act against Facebook report
01/12/2019 [-] Accuracy In Media Featured on President Trump’s Facebook Page
01/11/2019 [-] Facebook Isn’t Making Any Friends on Capitol Hill
01/11/2019 [-] Facebook bans Philippines' Twinmark Media Enterprises
01/10/2019 [-] Facebook 'deadline' hoax is going viral
01/10/2019 [-] Facebook literally can’t be deleted on some Samsung phones
01/09/2019 [-] Samsung Phone Users Perturbed To Find They Can't Delete Facebook
01/09/2019 [-] Vietnam says Facebook violated its new cybersecurity law
01/09/2019 [-] Inside Facebook's cult-like workplace where dissent is discouraged
01/09/2019 [-] Apple, Facebook propel Wall Street to three-week peak
01/08/2019 [-] Some Samsung Users Are Finding They Can’t Delete Facebook From Their Phones
01/08/2019 [-] SAMSUNG users can't delete FACEBOOK app!
01/08/2019 [-] Inside FACEBOOK 'cult-like' workplace...
01/08/2019 [-] Intel working with Facebook on AI chip coming later...
01/08/2019 [-] Undocumented Cambodian charged with public obscenity following woman’s Facebook outcry
01/07/2019 [-] The data-sharing at the hear
01/05/2019 [-] FACEBOOK fed up with NYTIMES...
01/04/2019 [-] Facebook Begins New Year in Fixer-Upper Mode
01/03/2019 [-] Zuckerberg halts FACEBOOK stock sale as value plummets over privacy gaffes...
01/03/2019 [-] APPLE just lost a FACEBOOK...
01/01/2019 [-] Tel Aviv Trolled Jerusalem on Facebook. And The Reactions Are Glorious
01/01/2019 [-] Facebook shares could hit in 2019 Citr
12/31/2018 [-] How Facebook Tracks You On Android
12/30/2018 [-] Facebook CEO voices pride in 'progress'
12/30/2018 [-] How Facebook Keeps Messenger From Crashing On New Year's Eve
12/28/2018 [-] Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook's 2018 We've Changed, We Promise
12/28/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Secret Rulebook for Political Speech...
12/28/2018 [-] Troubling vision Inside Facebook's rule book for political speech
12/28/2018 [-] Inside FACEBOOK Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech...
12/27/2018 [-] Why Facebook and other corporate giants need to move beyond 'ruthless capitalism'
12/26/2018 [-] Facebook shares could hit in 2019 Citron
12/26/2018 [-] Facebook shares could hit in 2019 Citron
12/26/2018 [-] Facebook shares could hit in 2019 Citron
12/24/2018 [-] Facebook's Lonely Conservative Takes on a Power Position
12/22/2018 [-] Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg named Forbes biggest billionaire losers of 2018
12/22/2018 [-] Facebook Let These Misleading Advertisers Promote the Border Wall Fundraiser
12/21/2018 [-] Facebook Donates Million To Support Wikipedia
12/21/2018 [-] Facebook's WhatsApp Has an Encrypted Child Porn Problem
12/21/2018 [-] Facebook just can’t seem to learn from its mistakes
12/20/2018 [-] More users delete...
12/20/2018 [-] Woman arrested in Facebook hacking scam
12/20/2018 [-] Lawsuit adds to Facebook woes on data protection
12/20/2018 [-] Netflix Denies It Read Users' Facebook Messages
12/20/2018 [-] Lawsuit adds to woes...
12/20/2018 [-] Facebook shares drop as data privacy fallout spreads
12/20/2018 [-] We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites
12/19/2018 [-] DC to sue...
12/19/2018 [-] Facebook Just Got Hit With a Massive Lawsuit. It Could Cost the Company Billions.
12/19/2018 [-] Mami thought her son was dead, then she found him on Facebook
12/19/2018 [-] Facebook Keeps Missing Chances to Come Clean About User Data
12/19/2018 [-] Washington, D.C. Attorney General Sues Facebook Over Data Mining Scandal
12/19/2018 [-] Washington, DC sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica’s data use
12/19/2018 [-] Facebook let top tech firms read your private messages NY Times
12/19/2018 [-] Facebook Let Corporate Partners Read Users’ Private Messages
12/19/2018 [-] Facebook Bombshell Reignites Calls for Zuckerberg’s Resignation
12/19/2018 [-] Facebook denies giving access to information without permission
12/19/2018 [-] Facebook removes more Myanmar military-linked content
12/19/2018 [-] Facebook kicks Myanmar military-linked pages off platform
12/19/2018 [-] Facebook and Twitter get an avalanche of criticism about Russian interference
12/19/2018 [-] How Facebook knows where you are even if you turn off location tracking
12/19/2018 [-] Whitelists...
12/19/2018 [-] NYT As FACEBOOK Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants...
12/19/2018 [-] Civil rights groups call for Facebook board overhaul
12/19/2018 [-] Google and Facebook Will Pay for Violating Washington State Campaign Law
12/19/2018 [-] African-American group calls for boycott of Facebook
12/19/2018 [-] Civil Rights Groups Aren’t Impressed by Facebook’s Efforts to Fight Discrimination
12/19/2018 [-] Facebook Let Russia Target African Americans. Now the NAACP Is Calling for a Boycott.
12/18/2018 [-] France Will Tax Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon In New Year
12/18/2018 [-] Sandberg says FACEBOOK must do more to protect civil rights...
12/18/2018 [-] Irish regulator investigates Facebook
12/18/2018 [-] Facebook users locate lost dog after 24 days on the lam
12/18/2018 [-] 'Hate speech' Facebook blocks Netanyahu's son
12/17/2018 [-] Facebook's lead EU regulator opens pro
12/17/2018 [-] Maine shuts down pot Facebook page after critics poke fun
12/17/2018 [-] Nick Clegg celebrates his first Facebook Christmas party
12/17/2018 [-] Netanyahu's son banned from FACEBOOK...
12/17/2018 [-] The Israeli Prime Minister’s Son Has Been Temporarily Banned From Facebook Over Divisive Posts
12/16/2018 [-] CNN Contributor Urges Stop Calling Facebook a Tech Company
12/16/2018 [-] Facebook post thanking truckie for guiding couple through north Qld rain goes viral
12/15/2018 [-] Facebook Exposed Users’ Private Photos
12/15/2018 [-] Facebook glitch could have exposed private photos of 6.8 million users
12/14/2018 [-] Facebook says bug let apps access millions of users' private photos
12/14/2018 [-] Facebook's lead EU regulator open
12/14/2018 [-] Irish regulator probes Facebook after it discloses bug
12/14/2018 [-] FACEBOOK bug exposed millions of users' unposted photos...
12/14/2018 [-] Facebook teaches New Yorkers about privacy at 'pop-up' kiosk
12/14/2018 [-] The case for breaking up Facebook
12/13/2018 [-] FACEBOOK fact-checking in disarray...
12/13/2018 [-] When you're the product Google and Facebook in the hot seat
12/13/2018 [-] Facebook Settles Oculus VR Lawsuit With ZeniMax
12/12/2018 [-] Vietnam seeks arrest of activist over Facebook posts
12/12/2018 [-] FACEBOOK To Calculate FUTURE Location...
12/11/2018 [-] Forest officials respond to Facebook storm, defend refusing trucks entry to wildlife sanctuary
12/11/2018 [-] Facebook Filed a Patent To Calculate Your Future Location
12/11/2018 [-] “Pay with Krungthai NEXT” service on Facebook launched
12/11/2018 [-] Global policy makers are watching Australia over Google and Facebook
12/10/2018 [-] Facebook bans users who talk about their sex lives in crackdown
12/10/2018 [-] Facebook BANS users who mention sex...
12/10/2018 [-] New Documents Show That Facebook Has Never Deserved Your Trust
12/10/2018 [-] Australian watchdog wants a regulator for Google and Facebook
12/10/2018 [-] Facebook, Google face crackdown as ACCC calls out their market dominance
12/08/2018 [-] Facebook Expands Share Buybacks
12/08/2018 [-] Facebook to buy back additional bln of shares
12/08/2018 [-] Facebook to buy back additional billion of shares
12/08/2018 [-] Facebook adds billion to share buyback effort
12/07/2018 [-] Facebook could be a 'threat to democracy', warns ex-GCHQ boss
12/06/2018 [-] Facebook Censors Image of Santa Kneeling Before Baby Jesus
12/06/2018 [-] Facebook begins verification for India political ads
12/06/2018 [-] Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg backed sharing customer data despite second thoughts documents
12/06/2018 [-] Facebook CEO backed sharing customer data despite second thoughts documents
12/06/2018 [-] The Most Damning Takeaways from the Latest Facebook Document Dump
12/06/2018 [-] Facebook tumbles from top spot on Glassdoor's best place to work list
12/06/2018 [-] Facebook gave data on user's friends to certain companies documents
12/06/2018 [-] Facebook Used Its VPN App To Track Competitors, Documents Reveal
12/06/2018 [-] Facebook board backs Sheryl Sandberg’s handling of research into George Soros WSJ
12/06/2018 [-] Board Backs Sandberg...
12/05/2018 [-] EU seeks regular updates from Facebook, Twitter on Russian disinfo
12/05/2018 [-] Internal Tensions Boiling Over...
12/05/2018 [-] Secret FACEBOOK documents published...
12/05/2018 [-] Wielded User Data to Reward, Punish Rivals...
12/05/2018 [-] Facebook allegedly gave its preferred advertisers ‘special access’ to user data Report
12/05/2018 [-] Lawmakers Say Facebook Struck Deals Over Personal Data
12/05/2018 [-] FACEBOOK removes post accusing it of having 'black people problem'...
12/04/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Lets Users Post About Killing Immigrants...
12/04/2018 [-] Why Facebook and Twitter Aren’t Stopping the Flood of False and Toxic Content
12/04/2018 [-] Obama cursed when criticising Facebook executive's 'lean in' mantra
12/03/2018 [-] FACEBOOK employee exodus?
12/03/2018 [-] Facebook star
12/01/2018 [-] Fix Facebook, whether it wants to or not whistleblower
11/30/2018 [-] Facebook Quietly Hired Republican Strategy Firm Targeted Victory
11/30/2018 [-] Indian woman is arrested for 'exposing her thigh' in Facebook photo
11/30/2018 [-] Facebook Agrees to Publicize Its Civil Rights Audit
11/30/2018 [-] Facebook says COO Sandberg asked for info on Soros
11/30/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Sheryl Sandberg requested research on Soros...
11/30/2018 [-] Sweden 70yo Woman Interrogated, Convicted For Anti-Muslim Facebook Post
11/30/2018 [-] General Kicked Off Facebook Can Still Glorify Military at Grandiose Museum
11/29/2018 [-] Censoring Facebook Censors Us All
11/29/2018 [-] Facebook starts verification for UK political ads
11/29/2018 [-] FACEBOOK mulled charging for access to user data...
11/29/2018 [-] Facebook reveals it considered charging companies for access to user's data
11/29/2018 [-] Facebook mulled charging for access to user data
11/29/2018 [-] Google and Facebook Face European Vexation
11/29/2018 [-] Facebook Considered Charging for Access to User Data
11/29/2018 [-] UPDATE 1-U.S. rights groups seek secret documents in Facebook encryption case
11/28/2018 [-] Ensure poll law is not violated in campaigning EC to Twitter, Facebook
11/28/2018 [-] Facebook Censors Art Historian for Posting Nude Art, Then Boots Him from Platform
11/28/2018 [-] Seized Emails Number in Thousands...
11/28/2018 [-] ‘Facebook has a black people problem,’ ex-employee says in public memo
11/28/2018 [-] Facebook Is Still Downplaying Its Role in the 2016 Election
11/28/2018 [-] Facebook Promised to Review Discrimination on Its Platform. Why Won’t It Release the Results?
11/27/2018 [-] Facebook ‘Has a Black People Problem,’ a Former Employee Writes
11/27/2018 [-] Zuckerberg a no-show as 9 countries grill Facebook
11/27/2018 [-] Upended by frat boys International lawmakers slam Facebook’s effect on politics
11/27/2018 [-] Global lashing...
11/27/2018 [-] Leslie's Facebook post
11/26/2018 [-] FACEBOOK 'Watch' Troubles Teens Tune Out, Publishers Balk...
11/26/2018 [-] Sandberg Tainted by Crisis After Crisis...
11/26/2018 [-] UK Parliament Seizes Cache of Facebook Internal Papers
11/26/2018 [-] Digital ad duopoly under threat as pressure mounts on FACEBOOKGOOGLE...
11/25/2018 [-] Secret emails by Zuckerberg...
11/25/2018 [-] 'Unprecedented move'...
11/25/2018 [-] U.K. Parliament Seizes Thousands of ‘Potentially Explosive’ Facebook Documents
11/25/2018 [-] UK Parliament obtains internal FACEBOOK docs...
11/25/2018 [-] MAG Big Tech in Big Trouble...
11/25/2018 [-] Facebook and the Founder's Dilemma
11/23/2018 [-] Zuckerberg at center of new FACEBOOK firestorm...
11/23/2018 [-] Sandberg changes story about company hired to attack critics...
11/23/2018 [-] Soros Calls for Lawmakers to Review...
11/23/2018 [-] Facebook to pay 100m in Italian fiscal accord
11/22/2018 [-] Robert Reich Break Up Facebook
11/22/2018 [-] Facebook
11/22/2018 [-] FACEBOOK 'prepares for war' with DC...
11/22/2018 [-] Departing comms chief says critics were targeted...
11/22/2018 [-] Departing Facebook comms chief says critics were targeted
11/22/2018 [-] Facebook’s Outgoing Head of Communications Takes Fall for Hiring Opposition Firm
11/21/2018 [-] 'Barbaric use of technology' Facebook slammed over child bride auction
11/21/2018 [-] SOROS SOLD BEFORE FALL...
11/21/2018 [-] Facebook's Zuckerberg says he is not considering resigning
11/21/2018 [-] Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, sounding defiant, says he is not considering resigning
11/21/2018 [-] ‘Beyond Belief.’ Facebook Under Fire After a Child Bride Was Auctioned in South Sudan
11/21/2018 [-] Facebook is being sued by Russian firm linked to woman charged by US
11/21/2018 [-] Facebook hosted South Sudanese child bride auction on its site
11/20/2018 [-] The heat turns up on Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg
11/20/2018 [-] Why was your Facebook post deleted? It's black and white
11/20/2018 [-] Tech stocks send the Dow plummeting
11/20/2018 [-] FACEBOOKNETFLIXGOOGLE 'death cross'...
11/20/2018 [-] Social media platforms crash around world...
11/20/2018 [-] Facebook and Instagram have CRASHED
11/20/2018 [-] Google, Facebook, Netflix, Apple and Amazon are all LOSING money
11/20/2018 [-] TECH DRECK
11/19/2018 [-] Mark Zuckerberg should at least step down as Facebook chairman
11/19/2018 [-] BOOM GOING BUST
11/19/2018 [-] CRAMER UNFRIEND HER!
11/19/2018 [-] ZUCK AT WAR...
11/19/2018 [-] Employees point fingers...
11/19/2018 [-] Facebook to pay to train local newspaper reporters in UK
11/19/2018 [-] Facebook Now Faces a Massive Backlash. But Will Anything Change?
11/19/2018 [-] NSW Greens MP takes legal action against police over 'unlawful' Facebook posts
11/17/2018 [-] More users delete accounts...
11/17/2018 [-] Facebook investors want CEO Mark Zuckerberg to resign Report
11/17/2018 [-] Facebook asked to protect users in simmering Sri Lanka
11/17/2018 [-] Facebook's own technology spotted less than a fifth of bullying posts
11/17/2018 [-] FACEBOOK investors call on Zuckerberg to resign......
11/17/2018 [-] Senators Threaten to Regulate...
11/17/2018 [-] US STOCKS SNAPSHOT- S&am
11/16/2018 [-] Review Facebook’s Amazon Echo Rival Is Nice, But Not Worth the Paranoia
11/16/2018 [-] FACEBOOK can now tell who you live with...
11/16/2018 [-] Facebook Blasted for Promoting Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories
11/16/2018 [-] Facebook to launch independent body for calls on content
11/16/2018 [-] Inside the tactics of 'Definers', Facebook's attack dog
11/16/2018 [-] Judges and lawyers can be Facebook 'friends,' Florida's top court decides
11/16/2018 [-] Facebook Claims NYT Expose Has 'A Number of Inaccuracies'
11/16/2018 [-] Zuckerberg hurries to counter report that Facebook hired a firm to smear its critics
11/16/2018 [-] Mark Zuckerberg Tries Out Transparency as Yet Another Crisis Hits Facebook
11/16/2018 [-] US Senator Amy Klobuchar to query Facebook about report on treatment of critics
11/15/2018 [-] George Soros calls for investigation of Facebook after news of smear
11/15/2018 [-] Facebook identifies 2.1 mln posts as bullying
11/15/2018 [-] Facebook identifies 2.1 million posts as bullying
11/15/2018 [-] Facebook denies hiding Russian sabotage after shocking New York Times investigation
11/15/2018 [-] Facebook vied to conceal Russia meddling NYT
11/15/2018 [-] Facebook Morale Tumbles, Along With Stock
11/15/2018 [-] UPDATE 1-U.S. lawmaker says Facebook cannot be trusted to regulate itself
11/14/2018 [-] AFL reality TV recruit slams Footy Show's 'worst draftees' Facebook post
11/14/2018 [-] Facebook Patches Vulnerability That Could Have Exposed User Data
11/14/2018 [-] Hemp gin refused a shot on Facebook leaving Tasmanian distiller shaken, stirred
11/13/2018 [-] Facebook Let Smartphone Companies Access Your Private Data
11/13/2018 [-] Family auction 'virgin bride' on Facebook
11/13/2018 [-] Facebook back up after Americas service interruption
11/13/2018 [-] French Regulators Will ‘Embed’ With Facebook to Monitor How It Combats Hate Speech
11/13/2018 [-] France, Google And Facebook Push For Worldwide Hate Speech Regulation
11/13/2018 [-] Facebook to Give Special Access to French Regulators
11/13/2018 [-] The Real Reason Palmer Luckey Was Fired From Facebook
11/12/2018 [-] REUTERS SUMMI
11/12/2018 [-] Meet the men who donate sperm on Facebook
11/11/2018 [-] CORRECTED-Facebook re
11/10/2018 [-] Facebook stops requiring arbitration of sexual harassment claims
11/10/2018 [-] Thousand Oaks Killer Made Facebook Post Mocking 'Hopes and Prayers'
11/09/2018 [-] 'It's bloody disgusting' Lovebirds carve names into mountain top
11/08/2018 [-] Facebook bringing 'unsend' feature to Messenger
11/08/2018 [-] Facebook blocks more suspicious accounts as the battle over election meddling continues
11/08/2018 [-] Facebook blocks more
11/07/2018 [-] Facebook set to finally launch unsend feature for Messenger
11/07/2018 [-] Facebook's GraphQL Gets Its Own Open-Source Foundation
11/07/2018 [-] Facebook admits not doing enough to prevent Myanmar violence
11/07/2018 [-] Facebook, Google tools reveal new political ad tactics
11/06/2018 [-] Facebook Blocked 115 Accounts Suspected of ‘Inauthentic Behavior’ Related to U.S. Midterm Election
11/06/2018 [-] Mysterious Facebook Group Urges Democrats to Vote Green
11/06/2018 [-] Trump Ad Deemed Too Racist for Fox News, NBC and Facebook
11/06/2018 [-] FACEBOOK blocks 115 accounts...
11/06/2018 [-] Facebook blocks 115 accounts ahead of midterm elections
11/06/2018 [-] British watchdog refers Facebook to Irish data body
11/06/2018 [-] Facebook blocks 115 accounts on eve of US election
11/06/2018 [-] ELECTION MEDDLING Facebook Censors Viral Trump Caravan Ad
11/05/2018 [-] Fox News, NBC, Facebook Pull Controversial Anti-Migrant Ad Backed by President Trump
11/05/2018 [-] Facebook could soon suggest people standing near you as friends
11/05/2018 [-] ZUCK OFF FACEBOOK feature could suggest friends by TRACKING who you stand near...
11/03/2018 [-] Chinese Video Sensation TikTok Surpassed Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube in Downloads Last Month
11/03/2018 [-] Democratic Senators Want to Know Why Facebook Is Running Fake Political Ads
11/02/2018 [-] Democratic Senators Wants to Know Why Facebook Is Running Fake Political Ads
11/02/2018 [-] Private messages from hacked FACEBOOK accounts for sale...
11/02/2018 [-] Wanted man taunts officers on Facebook
11/02/2018 [-] Inventor of Web Facebook and Google May Need to Be Broken Up
11/02/2018 [-] Facebook Approves Dem Ad Threatening North Dakota Hunters with Loss of License for Voting
11/02/2018 [-] Chicago cops post racist memes in Facebook group connected to Russia’s pro-Trump electoral interference
11/01/2018 [-] Facebook’s New Transparency Rules Are Being Dodged With Ease
10/31/2018 [-] Facebook Revenue Falls Short
10/31/2018 [-] Facebook posts strong profit and lukewarm revenue
10/31/2018 [-] FACEBOOK HIT BY USER DROP...
10/31/2018 [-] Bans 'Proud Boys'...
10/31/2018 [-] Facebook Reports Slowing Revenue and User Growth
10/31/2018 [-] Facebook quarterly profit climbs 9 percent to bn
10/30/2018 [-] Facebook shares stung by slow user, sales growth
10/30/2018 [-] Facebook misses estimates for monthly users, revenue
10/30/2018 [-] Paramedic hurt patients on purpose, then bragged about it on FACEBOOK...
10/30/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Investors on Edge...
10/30/2018 [-] Social giant hit by ANOTHER data security breach...
10/30/2018 [-] Activist groups mask partisan attacks behind neutral-sounding names in Facebook ads
10/29/2018 [-] New 'tech giant tax' to stop Facebook, Amazon taking profits overseas
10/27/2018 [-] Three Facebook page administrators arrested for organising road racing
10/26/2018 [-] Facebook Discovers Fake Iranian Accounts Spreading Disinformation Less Than Two Weeks Before Midterms
10/26/2018 [-] Facebook removes fake accounts tied to Iran that lured over 1 million followers
10/26/2018 [-] Anger over restaurant's Facebook page ridiculing patrons
10/25/2018 [-] Is Facebook Systematically Censoring Alternative Media?
10/25/2018 [-] Facebook fined for Cambridge Analytica scandal
10/25/2018 [-] British watchdog fines Facebook in Cambridge Analytica data scandal
10/25/2018 [-] Facebook is fined £500,000 over Cambridge Analytica scandal
10/24/2018 [-] FACEBOOK 'could collapse' if election scandals keep coming, author warns...
10/24/2018 [-] Facebook, Twitter do not find Chinese meddling in 2018 US elections Bloomberg
10/24/2018 [-] Facebook beyond Facebook? Instagram, Messenger step up
10/23/2018 [-] Beto bets big on FACEBOOK ads...
10/23/2018 [-] 'Having to announce on Facebook my babies were dead was too much to bear'
10/23/2018 [-] Facebook shuts fake, spamming accounts ahead of Brazilian election
10/23/2018 [-] Oculus VR Co-Founder Leaving Facebook
10/22/2018 [-] FACEBOOK exodus continues...
10/22/2018 [-] Oculus co-founder to leave Facebook
10/22/2018 [-] Facebook prank tricks dozens of angry Trump supporters into protesting outside North Carolina store
10/22/2018 [-] DOMINIC LAWSON Nick Clegg joins Facebook? Sell your shares now!
10/22/2018 [-] UPDATE 1-Japan tells Facebook to improve data protection
10/22/2018 [-] Japan tells Facebook to improve data protection
10/22/2018 [-] Japan to tell Facebook to improve data protection Kyodo
10/22/2018 [-] Trump on Twitter Jobs Numbers, Andrew Gillum, Facebook
10/20/2018 [-] Vietnam dissident Khoi urges Facebook to protect freedom of expression
10/20/2018 [-] Brazil election battle rages over FACEBOOK's WhatsApp...
10/20/2018 [-] An Anonymous Group Spent on Facebook Ads Urging Brits to Reject Brexit Deal
10/20/2018 [-] Brazil election battle rages over Facebook's WhatsApp
10/19/2018 [-] Facebook recruits EU veteran to help with tougher scrutiny
10/19/2018 [-] Facebook Turns to U.K. Politician to Help Repair Image
10/19/2018 [-] Nick Clegg heads to Silicon Valley after being hired by Facebook
10/19/2018 [-] Facebook hires Nick Clegg as head of global affairs
10/19/2018 [-] Facebook hires Nick Clegg as head of global affairs FT
10/19/2018 [-] Do you know this couple? GoPro discovered on Great Barrier Reef with holiday snaps
10/19/2018 [-] Facebook urged to act over social media pages from behind bars
10/19/2018 [-] Lawsuit Facebook Used Faulty Data to Convince Publishers to Go All In on Video
10/18/2018 [-] Facebook’s Election ‘War Room’ Takes Aim at Fake News
10/18/2018 [-] Major Facebook Investors Want Mark Zuckerberg Out as Chairman
10/18/2018 [-] Facebook hack 'was the work of mystery spammers not governments'
10/18/2018 [-] FACEBOOK election 'war room' takes aim at fake information...
10/18/2018 [-] At Facebook, public funds join push to remove Mark Zuckerberg as chairman
10/17/2018 [-] Facebook shareholders back proposal to remove...
10/17/2018 [-] Facebook Posts May Point To Depression, Study Finds
10/17/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Faulty Video Metrics Spark Journalist Backlash...
10/17/2018 [-] Prayut plans ‘lively’ chats with public via Facebook Live
10/17/2018 [-] Shareholders Push to Remove Zuckerberg...
10/17/2018 [-] Influential Facebook shareholders back proposal to remove Mark Zuckerberg as chairman
10/17/2018 [-] 'Spam purge' silencing genuine debate...
10/17/2018 [-] Facebook group confronts man who thought he was meeting underage girl
10/16/2018 [-] Facebook Plans Camera-Equipped TV Device, Report Says
10/16/2018 [-] Facebook to ban misinformation on voting in upcoming midterm elections
10/16/2018 [-] Facebook Bans More Myanmar Military-Linked Accounts for Spreading Propaganda
10/16/2018 [-] Facebook to say who pays for UK political adverts
10/15/2018 [-] GOP Senate Candidate Defends 2009 Facebook Post Comparing Michelle Obama’s Posture to a Chimpanzee
10/15/2018 [-] Myanmar Military Used Facebook to Incite Violence Against the Rohingya
10/14/2018 [-] How to check what Facebook hackers accessed in your account
10/14/2018 [-] The FBI Doesn’t Want Users To Know Who Hacked Facebook
10/14/2018 [-] Was your Facebook account one of the 29 million hacked? Here's how to check
10/13/2018 [-] Facebook Accused of “Full-Frontal Suppression of Dissent”
10/13/2018 [-] Facebook to verify ads with postcards after Russian meddling
10/13/2018 [-] Facebook says hackers accessed data of 29 mn users
10/13/2018 [-] Facebook says hackers accessed 29 million people's accounts
10/13/2018 [-] Facebook says 29 million users’ personal information was stolen in recent hack
10/13/2018 [-] Facebook Is Testing An Unsend Feature For Messenger
10/13/2018 [-] Facebook says personal info of about 30 million users stolen
10/13/2018 [-] 30 million user accounts stolen in huge hack, Facebook says
10/13/2018 [-] Facebook now says data breach affected 29
10/13/2018 [-] Anti-Media Officially Shut Down by Facebook and Twitter
10/12/2018 [-] 29 million Facebook users hit by cyber attackers in massive data breach
10/12/2018 [-] Facebook Says Hackers Accessed Data From 29 Million Accounts In Security Breach
10/12/2018 [-] Facebook gives update on security breach affecting 29 million accounts
10/12/2018 [-] Facebook Just Shared New Disturbing Details About its Massive Data Breach
10/12/2018 [-] Sinister FACEBOOK message...
10/12/2018 [-] FACEBOOK says hackers saw 14 million users' personal info...
10/12/2018 [-] Facebook says attackers stole details from 29 mln users
10/12/2018 [-] Tennessee city official blames hacker for Facebook post praising business excluding black customers
10/12/2018 [-] Facebook And Twitter Ban Hundreds Of Independent Media Sites In Coordinated Purge
10/12/2018 [-] Facebook Traffic Stop Complaint Triggers Kentucky Cops
10/12/2018 [-] Facebook Launches Its Biggest Purge of Spam Accounts Ever
10/12/2018 [-] Facebook Has Removed More Than 800 U.S. Accounts Spreading Fake News
10/12/2018 [-] Facebook Removes Hundreds of Accounts Spamming Political Info
10/11/2018 [-] Facebook purged over 800 accounts, pages of US political spam
10/11/2018 [-] Facebook’s and Google’s Breaches Show It’s Time for an Internet Bill of Rights
10/11/2018 [-] Facebook purged
10/09/2018 [-] Facebook partners with Httpool in Balkans
10/09/2018 [-] Would you trust Facebook to follow you around your home?
10/09/2018 [-] Facebook Wants People to Invite Its Cameras Into Their Homes
10/08/2018 [-] Facebook Launches Portal Video-Chat Devices for the Home
10/08/2018 [-] Facebook Pushes Into Africa
10/08/2018 [-] Pan and zoom ...
10/08/2018 [-] Viral FACEBOOK Hoax Messages Prompts Warning From Officials...
10/06/2018 [-] Facebook page administrator accused of organising road races in Bangkok
10/06/2018 [-] Instagram Tests Sharing Your Location History With Facebook
10/05/2018 [-] A Look at Facebook's Use of Systemd
10/04/2018 [-] Facebook Bug Prevented Users From Deleting Their Accounts
10/04/2018 [-] FACEBOOKGOOGLE Join Forces on AI Tech...
10/04/2018 [-] Toyota joins SoftBank; Facebook investigation; CNN Business
10/04/2018 [-] Facebook Could Face a Billion Fine as Ireland Investigates Massive Data Breach
10/03/2018 [-] Irish regulator opens Facebook data breach investigation
10/03/2018 [-] Facebook Finds 'No Evidence' Hackers Accessed Connected Apps
10/03/2018 [-] Mum expresses anger as breast pump rejected from sale on Facebook
10/03/2018 [-] Texas woman sues Facebook claiming social media site enabled sex trafficking
10/03/2018 [-] Woman sues Facebook, claims site enabled sex trafficking
10/03/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Hack Puts Thousands of Other Sites at Risk..
10/03/2018 [-] Facebook doesn't think hackers accessed third-party sites
10/03/2018 [-] Dow Jones closes at new high but Facebook, Amazon shares fall
10/03/2018 [-] Were you logged out of Facebook last week? You may have been hacked
10/03/2018 [-] Dow closes at record but Facebook drags on S&P, Nasdaq
10/02/2018 [-] FACEBOOKGOOGLEAMAZON win big under new NAFTA...
10/02/2018 [-] Facebook Takes New Steps Against Bullying
10/02/2018 [-] Hackers Are Selling Facebook Credentials on the Dark Web For
10/02/2018 [-] Don't fall numb to this Facebook hack
10/02/2018 [-] Reliable Sources Don't fall numb to this Facebook hack
10/02/2018 [-] FACEBOOK hackers got access to TINDER, SPOTIFY, INSTAGRAM and more...
10/02/2018 [-] Longtime Facebook Executive Mosseri Takes Over Instagram
10/01/2018 [-] Noam Chomsky Facebook and Google Pose a Manifest Danger
10/01/2018 [-] Tinder, Pinterest and others struggle to determine how Facebook hack affects their users
10/01/2018 [-] Instagram gets a new chief Facebook vet Adam Mosseri
10/01/2018 [-] Beto O’Rourke uses canceled debate time slot to shoot ad on Facebook Live
10/01/2018 [-] Phetchaburi man hangs himself after Facebook post
10/01/2018 [-] Market Loss Like Erasing FACEBOOK...
10/01/2018 [-] Facebook hack exposed 50 million users' info
09/30/2018 [-] Facebook Faces Potential Billion Fine
09/30/2018 [-] Facebook & the New Face of Regime Change
09/30/2018 [-] YOUTUBE hosts videos on how to hack FACEBOOK days after data breach...
09/29/2018 [-] Facebook hack What to do if you're affected
09/29/2018 [-] YOUTUBE hosts 'how to hack FACEBOOK' videos...
09/29/2018 [-] Teen arrested in Bangkok for using Facebook to schedule road racing
09/29/2018 [-] Mark Zuckerberg's own Facebook account affected by security breach
09/29/2018 [-] Up to 50 millon FACEBOOK accounts breached in attack...
09/29/2018 [-] Why Should Users Trust Facebook? It’s a Hard Question for Mark Zuckerberg to Answer
09/29/2018 [-] Facebook Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Massive New Hack
09/29/2018 [-] In test case, US fails to force Facebook to wiretap Messenger calls – sources
09/29/2018 [-] Facebook hack exposed 50 million users' info - and accounts on other sites
09/28/2018 [-] Facebook reveals security incident affecting 50 mln users
09/28/2018 [-] 'Very troubling' 50 million Facebook profiles hacked
09/28/2018 [-] Facebook says 50 million users affected by fresh security breach
09/28/2018 [-] 'Very troubling' 50 million Facebook profiles hacked
09/28/2018 [-] Facebook unearths security flaw affecting 50 million users
09/28/2018 [-] 50 Million Facebook Accounts Compromised by Security Vulnerability
09/28/2018 [-] Facebook sa
09/28/2018 [-] Facebook Says a Security Breach Affected Nearly 50 Million Accounts
09/28/2018 [-] 50 Million Facebook Accounts Compromised by Security Vulnerability/tit
09/28/2018 [-] Facebook Says 50 Million User Accounts Affected by Security Breach
09/28/2018 [-] Facebook Uncovered a New Hack That Affected 50 Million Accounts
09/28/2018 [-] Facebook's slide stalls Intel-led Wall Street advance
09/28/2018 [-] Facebook says 50-million user accounts affected by security breach
09/28/2018 [-] Facebook says attack exposed info of 50 million users
09/28/2018 [-] 'Victim of the Zuck' Fraser Anning's public Facebook page removed
09/28/2018 [-] 'Victim of the Zuck' Fraser Anning's public Facebook page removed
09/27/2018 [-] Fed aftermath; H&M connects online; Facebook spat
09/27/2018 [-] Video John Oliver Facebook Is a Toilet
09/27/2018 [-] Facebook Announces Oculus Quest Standalone VR Headset
09/26/2018 [-] Facebook announces new Oculus Quest VR headset
09/26/2018 [-] Facebook unveils new VR headset 'Oculus Quest' for
09/26/2018 [-] Facebook, Google agree to tackle fake news EU
09/26/2018 [-] UPDATE 1-Facebook, Google agree to tackle fake news EU
09/26/2018 [-] Instagram co-founders re
09/25/2018 [-] Facebook is responsible for Instagram now. It better not mess it up
09/25/2018 [-] Facebook not protectin
09/25/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Deletes Dozen Political Pages...
09/25/2018 [-] Facebook Partners With Pair of Propaganda Purveyors
09/25/2018 [-] Hotstar CEO Ajit Mohan to be Facebook India chief
09/25/2018 [-] Facebook shares slip after Instagram founders quit
09/25/2018 [-] Instagram co-founders resign in latest Facebook shake-up
09/25/2018 [-] Instagram’s Founders Are Leaving. That’s Really Bad News for Facebook
09/25/2018 [-] Instagram departures hit Facebook shares
09/25/2018 [-] Instagram Co-Founders to Step Down From Facebook
09/25/2018 [-] Founders of Instagram say they're leaving Facebook Inc.
09/25/2018 [-] Vietnam jails activist for anti-government posts on Facebook
09/25/2018 [-] NYT's Kevin Roose Pushes For Automated Facebook Censorship Because Joke Photo Went Viral
09/25/2018 [-] Augusta man arrested for threats against Commission made on Facebook
09/25/2018 [-] Ex-Facebook moderator sues over failure to protect from trauma
09/25/2018 [-] Former Content Moderator Sues Facebook, Claiming the Job Gave Her PTSD
09/24/2018 [-] Facebook not protecting content moderators from mental trauma lawsuit
09/24/2018 [-] Content Moderator Sues FACEBOOK, Says Job Gave PTSD...
09/24/2018 [-] A Leaked White House Memo Reveals Trump’s Plan For Going After Google and Facebook
09/24/2018 [-] Man who encouraged killing of Jewish people on Facebook suffered paranoid schizophrenia
09/24/2018 [-] Watch John Oliver’s New Advertisement for Facebook on Last Week Tonight
09/23/2018 [-] Facebook to stop ‘embedding’ staff in political campaigns
09/23/2018 [-] Facebook to drop on-site sup
09/22/2018 [-] Should The US Government Break Up Google, Twitter, and Facebook?
09/22/2018 [-] White House Drafts Antitrust Order to Investigate Google and Facebook’s Business Practices
09/22/2018 [-] Full text...
09/22/2018 [-] Facebook dating service rolling out in Colombia
09/22/2018 [-] Teen arrested for organising road racing on Facebook in Samut Prakan
09/21/2018 [-] EU Justice Commissioner Quits Facebook, Describing Her Experience as 'Channel of Dirt'
09/20/2018 [-] EU Demands Facebook Update 'Misleading' Fine Print
09/20/2018 [-] EU Demands Update 'Misleading' Fine Print...
09/20/2018 [-] Tech giant 'profits from child trafficking'...
09/20/2018 [-] Facebook Could Face EU Sanctions If It Doesn't Change Its TOS
09/20/2018 [-] Facebook building a 'war room' to battle election meddling
09/20/2018 [-] Video of man in 4WD appearing to mow down emus investigated by RSPCA
09/20/2018 [-] MEDIA BEG FOR MORE...
09/19/2018 [-] Inside FACEBOOK 'War Room'...
09/19/2018 [-] AMAZON now third largest digital ad platform...
09/19/2018 [-] And the Emmy goes to ... Facebook?
09/18/2018 [-] Oregon uses socials to target inactive voters...
09/18/2018 [-] Many Job Ads on Facebook Illegally Exclude Women, ACLU Says
09/18/2018 [-] ACLU says Facebook allows employers to post discriminatory ads
09/18/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Sought Access to Financial Firms' Customer Data...
09/18/2018 [-]  Russian 'Facebook' bans Myanmar army chief, hardline monk
09/16/2018 [-] FACEBOOK getting into 'conflict prevention' and 'peace-building' business...
09/16/2018 [-] Facebook Empowers Weekly Standard to Suppress Left-Leaning Articles
09/14/2018 [-] Facebook Will Start Fact-Checking Pictures, Videos
09/13/2018 [-] FACEBOOK to 'Fact Check' Photos, Videos...
09/13/2018 [-] Beyond fake news? Facebook to fact check photos, videos
09/13/2018 [-] Facebook to Start Fact-Checking Photos, Videos
09/13/2018 [-] Facebook Creates an AI-Based Tool To Automate Bug Fixes
09/13/2018 [-] Man announces suicide on Facebook before shooting himself
09/13/2018 [-] Help, my nan won't stop sharing dodgy posts on Facebook
09/13/2018 [-] D.C.-Based Pro-Israel Group Used Facebook Ads to Target Pro-Palestinian Activist
09/12/2018 [-] Tech Investors Prepare to Say Goodbye to Facebook, Google
09/11/2018 [-] Zuckerberg's obsession with ancient Roman emperor...
09/10/2018 [-] You can help uncover political ad targeting on Facebook
09/10/2018 [-] How Facebook's WhatsApp Destroyed A Village
09/10/2018 [-] Wildlife group Exotic pets trade activity rises on Facebook
09/10/2018 [-] Facebook Chooses Singapore For Billion Data Center
09/10/2018 [-] ‘Widespread sale of wild animals on Facebook’
09/08/2018 [-] Teen arrested for organising motorbike races via Facebook
09/08/2018 [-] FACEBOOKGOOGLE Feel Chill From Once-Friendly Washington...
09/07/2018 [-] Man sentenced after Facebook helps solve 1996 cold case
09/07/2018 [-] Facebook employee with ties to Cambridge Analytica leaves company
09/07/2018 [-] Facebook helps Dallas officials solve 1996 case
09/07/2018 [-] Hoon on Facebook
09/07/2018 [-] Regulators agree to fast track solar projects for Facebook
09/07/2018 [-] Korat man killed by train after saying goodbye on Facebook
09/07/2018 [-] Facebook and Twitter sell-off worsens; Wall St hit by ongoing tech woes
09/07/2018 [-] Facebook and Twitter sell-off worsens, Wall St hit by ongoing tech woes
09/06/2018 [-] How an emergency Facebook post saved these travelers' lives
09/06/2018 [-] Facebook is spending billion on its first data center in Asia
09/06/2018 [-] Analysis Washington DC's grilling of Twitter should scare us
09/06/2018 [-] Did an unusual Facebook post save a 6yo Canberra boy?
09/06/2018 [-] Facebook to build first-in-Asia data centre in Singapore
09/06/2018 [-] Nearly half of millennials have deleted FACEBOOK app...
09/06/2018 [-] Facebook, Twi
09/06/2018 [-] Facebook Accuses BlackBerry of Stealing Its Voice-Messaging Tech
09/06/2018 [-] Lawmakers Hint at Regulating Social Media During Hearing With Facebook and Twitter Execs
09/05/2018 [-] Tech stocks tumble, as Facebook and Twitter grilled on US election meddling
09/05/2018 [-] Facebook, Twitter Promise to Defend Against Foreign Intrusion
09/05/2018 [-] Facebook, Twitter execs pledge action on foreign meddling in hearing
09/05/2018 [-] Nasdaq slumps as Facebook, Twitter weigh on tech stocks
09/05/2018 [-] Sheryl Sandberg We Censor 'False' Stories On Facebook And Show Users 'Alternative Facts'
09/05/2018 [-] Alex Jones Attends Facebook-Twitter Hearing, Slams Media For Supporting Censorship!
09/05/2018 [-] Facebook, Twitter pledge to defend against foreign intrusion
09/05/2018 [-] Facebook, Twitter fall as they face U.S. Congress
09/05/2018 [-] Facebook, energy stocks bog
09/05/2018 [-] The Latest Facebook cites gains against election meddling
09/05/2018 [-] Top Twitter and Facebook Executives Face a Grilling on Capitol Hill
09/05/2018 [-] 'Insulting' Facebook post prompts women's football outcry
09/05/2018 [-] Facebook, Twitter defend efforts to stop election meddling
09/05/2018 [-] Meet Facebook's top troll hunter
09/05/2018 [-] Exclusive Meet Facebook's top troll hunter
09/05/2018 [-] Facebook, Twitter face U.S. Congress ov
09/05/2018 [-] Facebook, Twitter face US Congress over politics and the internet
09/05/2018 [-] Twitter, Facebook set to defend polices ahead of midterms
09/04/2018 [-] Man badly hurt in crash saved after sending out desperate Facebook message
09/04/2018 [-] Facebook blocked in Tr
09/04/2018 [-] Facebook expands Menlo Park headquarters
09/04/2018 [-] New Mexico energy provider pushing new Facebook solar plan
09/04/2018 [-] Former Facebook exec America is under attack
09/04/2018 [-] PAPER FACEBOOK used to buy arms, locate foes and kill them...
09/04/2018 [-] Europe’s news agencies blast Google, Facebook for ‘plundering’ content
09/04/2018 [-] FOCUS-In India, Google races to parry the rise of Facebook
09/04/2018 [-] Regulation Risk as Tech Giants Head to Congress...
09/03/2018 [-] So long, Zuckerberg Small businesses ditch...
09/03/2018 [-] In India, Google races to parry the rise of Facebook
09/03/2018 [-] Fake news Why Google, Facebook are living in fear
09/03/2018 [-] Facebook 'terrorism' definition 'overly broad' UN expert
09/03/2018 [-] Facebook p
09/03/2018 [-] How to keep WSFA 12 News in your news feed
09/02/2018 [-] Facebook adds Alaska's Inupiaq as language option
09/01/2018 [-] Facebook Investigated Myanmar’s Military-Linked Accounts. It Found a Covert Propaganda Campaign
08/31/2018 [-] Ron DeSantis denies knowing about racist Facebook page o
08/31/2018 [-] Facebook Employees Unite Against Lack of Political Diversity
08/31/2018 [-] Coming Soon to Facebook Lots of Extreme Political Ads
08/31/2018 [-] Coming Soon to FACEBOOK Lots of Extreme Political Ads...
08/31/2018 [-] Nurses file complaint over Facebook insults
08/31/2018 [-] Online petition demands Facebook remove anti-gay advertising
08/30/2018 [-] FACEBOOK risks being dragged into war crime trials, UN warns...
08/30/2018 [-] How a Facebook ban for hate speech could backfire
08/29/2018 [-] Facebook, Twitter execs to appear before Congress
08/29/2018 [-] U.S. Senate panel to hear from Twitter, Facebook next week
08/29/2018 [-] Senate panel to hear from Twitter, Facebook next week
08/29/2018 [-] Chasing a bit more of your time, Facebook Watch launches in Australia
08/29/2018 [-] Facebook, Instagram to charge GST on online ads by mid-2019
08/29/2018 [-] UN urges fight against 'hate' speech...
08/29/2018 [-] Stunning Anti-Trump Admissions...
08/29/2018 [-] Facebook rolls out Watch video service internationally
08/29/2018 [-] Facebook rolls out video service worldwide
08/29/2018 [-] Dozens at FACEBOOK Unite to Challenge Its 'Intolerant' Liberal Culture...
08/29/2018 [-] Trump Calls Out Big Tech Censorship Google, Twitter, Facebook 'Better Be Careful'
08/29/2018 [-] The ruthless pursuit of online 'likes' gives you nothing
08/28/2018 [-] Donald Trump steps up threats against Google, Facebook and Twitter ‘They better be careful’
08/28/2018 [-] The ruthless pursuit of online 'likes' gives you nothing
08/28/2018 [-] Trump warns Google, Facebook, Twitter to be careful
08/28/2018 [-] Fidelity's Danoff b
08/28/2018 [-] Supporters create Facebook page for beleagered Deputy PM Prawit
08/28/2018 [-] Facebook move on Myanmar raises thorny political questions
08/28/2018 [-] Facebook bans Myanmar military chief, others to stop hate
08/28/2018 [-] Facebook, Apple and Microsoft Are Contributing To OpenStreetMap
08/27/2018 [-] Facebook bans Myanmar military chief
08/27/2018 [-] Thai Facebook users condemn Thai man for hitting foreign woman on head with bottle
08/27/2018 [-] Myanmar military chief among those banned by Facebook
08/27/2018 [-] Facebook bans Myanmar military chief and says it was 'too slow' to act
08/25/2018 [-] WSFA 12 News launches 'Fever Fan Zone' Facebook group
08/25/2018 [-] Facebook Fights Fake News by Rating Users’ Trustworthiness
08/24/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Censors More Stories...
08/23/2018 [-] Facebook pulls security app from Apple store over privacy
08/23/2018 [-] Long Before Facebook, The KGB Spread Fake News About AIDS
08/23/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Flags NY POST Article 'Spam'...
08/23/2018 [-] Facebook bans quiz app, pulls its security app over privacy
08/23/2018 [-] That Facebook Will Turn to Censoring the Left Isn’t a Worry—It’s a Reality
08/23/2018 [-] Facebook has suspended over 400 apps after Cambridge Analytica scandal
08/23/2018 [-] Facebook bans second quiz app on concerns user data misused
08/23/2018 [-] Facebook to pull VPN app from App Store over data worry
08/23/2018 [-] Facebook bans personality app on concerns user data misused
08/23/2018 [-] Facebook suspends hundreds of apps over data concerns
08/23/2018 [-] Apple Removes Facebook's Onavo Security App From the App Store
08/23/2018 [-] Facebook Removes Data-Security App From Apple Store
08/22/2018 [-] Facebook takes down 652 pages after finding disinformation campaigns run from Iran
08/22/2018 [-] Facebook Wants To Use Machine Learning To Make MRIs Faster
08/22/2018 [-] High Facebook usage linked to anti-refugee attacks in Germany study
08/22/2018 [-] Facebook takes down 652 pages after finding disinfor
08/22/2018 [-] Facebook says it found Iran-based propaganda effort
08/22/2018 [-] Man responds to Adamsville Police Facebook post
08/22/2018 [-] Facebook uncovers new global misinformation operations
08/22/2018 [-] Facebook can help turn online hate into real-world violence, study indicates
08/22/2018 [-] Thai policeman asks Facebook users to help locate missing Karenni friend
08/22/2018 [-] Ever reported something to Facebook? You've got a rating
08/22/2018 [-] Evidence is Piling Up That Facebook Can Incite Racial Violence
08/22/2018 [-] Facebook removes, 652 disinformation pages created by Russia, Iran
08/22/2018 [-] Facebook says takes down Russian-, Iranian-linked accounts
08/22/2018 [-] Facebook takes down 652 accounts linked to Russia, Iran
08/22/2018 [-] Facebook takes down 652 pages after finding disinformation campaigns run from Iran and Russia
08/21/2018 [-] Facebook is Rating Users Based On Their 'Trustworthiness'
08/21/2018 [-] Facebook is quietly rating its users' trustworthiness
08/21/2018 [-] Facebook moves to rate users on trustworthiness report
08/21/2018 [-] Facebook still used for peddling anti-Rohingy
08/21/2018 [-] Here's What Happens When Facebook Flags You For 'Hate Speech'
08/21/2018 [-] Trump says it is ‘dangerous’ for Twitter, Facebook to ban accounts
08/21/2018 [-] Facebook - yes, Facebook - might make MRIs faster
08/20/2018 [-] Facebook accused by government of housing discrimination
08/20/2018 [-] Facebook Apologizes for Removing Conservative Prager University’s Page
08/20/2018 [-] How Facebook - yes, Facebook - might make MRIs faster
08/20/2018 [-] US Government asks Facebook to allow access to encrypted data
08/19/2018 [-] Trump Admin Moves Against Facebook Files Formal Complaint Over 'Discriminatory' Policies
08/18/2018 [-] US agency says Facebook ads let landlords discriminate
08/18/2018 [-] HUD Complaint Says Facebook Discriminated Against Users With Advertising
08/18/2018 [-] US government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger report
08/17/2018 [-] HUD hits Facebook with housing discrimination complaint
08/17/2018 [-] U.S. regulators target Facebook, allege discriminatory housing ads
08/17/2018 [-] US regulators target Facebook on discriminatory housing ads
08/17/2018 [-] SUIT FACEBOOK Misled Advertisers, Ballooned 'Reach'...
08/17/2018 [-] Facebook-famous Ginny Will she go from pet cam star to calendar cover?
08/16/2018 [-] Analysis Latest Political Influence Campaign on Facebook ‘Most Probably’ Russian
08/16/2018 [-] Facebook Is Failing to Control Hate Speech Against the Rohingya in Myanmar, Report Finds
08/16/2018 [-] Facebook says it was 'too slow' to fight hate speech in Myanmar
08/15/2018 [-] Facebook reinstates suspended data firm following investigation
08/15/2018 [-] Y Combinator wants to find the next Facebook - in China
08/15/2018 [-] Man rescues kitten from bridge, gets thanks from Facebook users
08/15/2018 [-] FACEBOOK threatens media 'Work with us or die'...
08/14/2018 [-] Analysis Facebook doesn't have an obligation to support journalism
08/14/2018 [-] Facebook Exec Threatens News Outlets in Private Meeting
08/14/2018 [-] The Unlikely Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley - and Won...
08/14/2018 [-] Facebook to broadcast La Liga games for free in India
08/14/2018 [-] Facebook Messenger Kids now permits sending friend requests
08/14/2018 [-] Facebook to broadcast La Liga games for free in Indian subcontinent
08/14/2018 [-] Facebook Bans
08/13/2018 [-] Facebook Bans the Sale of All Kodi Boxes
08/13/2018 [-] Facebook pages with la
08/13/2018 [-] You can soon try on makeup via Facebook Here's how
08/12/2018 [-] 7-Eleven manager catches shoplifters red-handed, posts videos on Facebook
08/12/2018 [-] Iowa woman pours rubbing alcohol on toddler, shows it on Facebook Live
08/11/2018 [-] Natchitoches investigates police officers' Facebook posts
08/11/2018 [-] Facebook Bans Sites That Host Blueprints of 3D-Printed Guns
08/11/2018 [-] From Facebook to Germany A Louisville woman finds her biological family
08/11/2018 [-] Facebook seems to be pushing ahead with blockchain
08/10/2018 [-] Facebook teams up with NATO to censor news
08/10/2018 [-] Facebook fight between 'keyboard gangsters' ends in shooting
08/10/2018 [-] Facebook Fight Over Florida Felon Voting Rights Restoration Ends in Shooting
08/10/2018 [-] Facebook users can't share blueprints for 3D-printed guns
08/10/2018 [-] Facebook is removing the content on 3D-printing of guns
08/10/2018 [-] CdA man creates vigilante Facebook group exposing potential sexual predators
08/10/2018 [-] REPORT FACEBOOK Shedding Massive Traffic...
08/10/2018 [-] Facebook moves to stop sharing of 3D gun blueprints
08/10/2018 [-] Facebook bars users from sharing blueprints for 3D-printed guns
08/09/2018 [-] Facebook says removing content on 3D printing of guns
08/09/2018 [-] India regulator, who took on Facebook, Apple
08/09/2018 [-] YouTube Will Soon Pass Facebook As Second Biggest Website In US
08/09/2018 [-] Facebook has role to play in stopping hate
08/09/2018 [-] Facebook Apologizes For Adding Balloons and Confetti to Posts on the Deadly Indonesia Earthquake
08/09/2018 [-] FACEBOOK accused of hindering murder probe by refusing to hand over password...
08/08/2018 [-] Florida man shoots Facebook friend in buttocks after political argument
08/08/2018 [-] Democrats want Facebook to tell them who has seen disinformation
08/08/2018 [-] When Facebook Wants to See Your Papers
08/08/2018 [-] Facebook adds quirky Messenger games to video chats
08/08/2018 [-] FACEBOOK gaffe adds confetti, balloons to earthquake messages...
08/08/2018 [-] Facebook post about attempted abduction in West Hartford was false
08/08/2018 [-] Facebook takes do
08/07/2018 [-] Facebook fakers get
08/07/2018 [-] Facebook We're not 'actively' asking for people's banking data
08/07/2018 [-] Michael Krieger Stop Complaining and Just Delete Facebook
08/07/2018 [-] Facebook Asks Banks for Customer Data
08/07/2018 [-] Asked to Change Rules for Journalists...
08/07/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Blocks Republican Candidate's Ad...
08/07/2018 [-] Fake news Govt may block mobile apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp
08/07/2018 [-] Facebook making announcement that will impact NOLA
08/07/2018 [-] 'Mr Wonderful' held woman captive in shed, beating and raping her before her escape
08/07/2018 [-] 'Mr Wonderful' held woman captive in shed, beating and raping her before her escape
08/07/2018 [-] Facebook asks big banks to share customer details
08/07/2018 [-] Facebook seeking customer data from big banks
08/06/2018 [-] Facebook We're not 'actively' seeking consumers' banking data
08/06/2018 [-] COLLUSION Facebook, Apple And Google-Owned YouTube Ban Infowars On The Same Day
08/06/2018 [-] Alex Jones content taken down by Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify
08/06/2018 [-] Facebook Asking Major US Banks To Share User Data
08/06/2018 [-] YouTube, Apple and Facebook remove content from InfoWars and Alex Jones
08/06/2018 [-] Facebook asks US banks for financial info to boost user engagement WSJ
08/06/2018 [-] Strong earnings, Facebook drive Wall Street higher
08/06/2018 [-] Facebook Officially Bans Infowars And Alex Jones Just Months Before Midterms
08/06/2018 [-] Facebook removes Alex Jones pages for hate, bullying
08/06/2018 [-] Facebook removes 4 pages from InfoWars and Alex Jones
08/06/2018 [-] Indian co dreams of halting Facebook-Google
08/05/2018 [-] Is Facebook Ignoring Our Humanity?
08/03/2018 [-] Facebook goes down on Friday afternoon
08/03/2018 [-] 'Angel' in the clouds Facebook post has thousands seeing the divine
08/03/2018 [-] Facebook user says post about blowing up Stone Mountain was a joke
08/03/2018 [-] And When You Die, Your Facebook Friends Will Know 12 Jan 2012 234158 GMT
08/03/2018 [-] Facebook introduces 'Playable Ads' as interactive game demos
08/03/2018 [-] 'Brady in the Morning' host fired over Facebook post
08/02/2018 [-] Congress to press Facebook, Twitter on lack of coordination against Russian troll threat
08/02/2018 [-] Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Loses Nearly Billion IGN News/title
08/02/2018 [-] State Dept. Lauds FACEBOOK for Removing Pages Showing 'Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior'...
08/02/2018 [-] In Pics Facebook answers the most-asked questions about privacy
08/02/2018 [-] Facebook now tells you how much time you spend on it
08/02/2018 [-] How Republicans trick Facebook, Twitter with claims of bias
08/02/2018 [-] US State dept applauds Facebook for removing suspicious accounts
08/02/2018 [-] Facebook, Instagram to introduce time-management tools
08/02/2018 [-] Facebook unveils tools to tell users when to stop scrolling
08/01/2018 [-] Facebook page's removal angers Washington protest organizers
08/01/2018 [-] LMPD warns of luring attempt, then posts on Facebook about a new incident
08/01/2018 [-] Facebook dele
08/01/2018 [-] Facebook's New Message to WhatsApp Make Money
08/01/2018 [-] Facebook and Instagram now reveal how much time you spend in each app
08/01/2018 [-] Facebook Adds New Tools So Users Can ‘Manage Their Time’ On the Platform
08/01/2018 [-] Facebook takes down suspected Russi
08/01/2018 [-] Facebook blocks thousands of apps from accessing user data
08/01/2018 [-] Facebook uncovers political influence campaign ahead of midterms
08/01/2018 [-] Facebook photo of trapped owl prompts barbed wire warning
08/01/2018 [-] Ten Facebook users lose Bt1m after being lured by promise of high yields
08/01/2018 [-] Why the Influence Campaign Facebook Just Uncovered Is a ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’
08/01/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Takes Down Fraudulent 'Resistance' Pages...
08/01/2018 [-] Facebook dismantles fake accounts that had thousands interested in a rally
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook busts dozens of fake accounts attempting to influence the mid-term elections
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook Reports ‘Sophisticated’ Efforts to Disrupt Election
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook Discovers an Ongoing Effort to Influence the 2018 Midterm Elections
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook says it identified 'coordinated' fake pages
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook finds 'sophisticated' efforts to disrupt US politics
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook finds 'sophisticated' efforts to disrupt US politics
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook finds evidence of US mid-term election interference
07/31/2018 [-] U.S. homeland security secretary commends Facebook action
07/31/2018 [-] See the Mysterious Fake Facebook Posts that Targeted the Left
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook Has Identified Ongoing Political Influ
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook has Uncovered a New Influence Campaign Targeting American Voters
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook takes down suspected Russian network of pages
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook says it has been targeted by a political influence campaign again
07/31/2018 [-] Facebook finds 'sophisticated' efforts to disrupt elections
07/31/2018 [-] RedState Facebook Has ‘Demonstrated Time and Again’ They’re Not Fair to Conservatives
07/30/2018 [-] FACEBOOKAPPLEAMAZONGOOGLE to lose THIRD of value?
07/30/2018 [-] Facebook's Next Challenge Less Data to Target Ads
07/30/2018 [-] Facebook and Twitter face an uncertain road ahead
07/29/2018 [-] Why Zuckerberg will snuff out Fairfax's ninth life
07/29/2018 [-] Shareholder Sues Facebook After Stock Plunge
07/29/2018 [-] It's Rubens vs Facebook in fight over artistic nudity
07/29/2018 [-] Facebook Finally Discloses Pro-Brexit Ads
07/28/2018 [-] Facebook suspends US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones
07/28/2018 [-] WhatsApp has been linked to lynchings in India. Facebook is trying to co
07/28/2018 [-] UK lawmakers recommend tougher rules on Facebook
07/28/2018 [-] Facebook's Hard Fall Shows the Pitfalls of Big Data
07/28/2018 [-] Facebook's 'Downvote' System Begins Rolling Out Wider In US
07/28/2018 [-] Facebook suspends Trump-supporting conspiracy theorist Alex Jones
07/28/2018 [-] Tech Giants Face UK Tax To Fund 'Fake' Fight...
07/28/2018 [-] Targets INFOWARS ...
07/28/2018 [-] Facebook suspends U.S. conspiracy theorist Alex Jones
07/28/2018 [-] Facebook Live dance lands gun-toting felon in prison
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook is sued after stock plunge 'shocked' market
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook Temporarily Bans Alex Jones Over Video Posts
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook is sued after stock plunge
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook and Twitter face uncertain road ahead
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook cleanup Hurt the stock, help the world?
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Loses Nearly Billion IGN News
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook suspends personal profile of InfoWars founder Alex Jones
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook's Challenge Draw More Ad Dollars Beyond Core Platform
07/27/2018 [-] NATO's answer to Russia's info war? A Facebook game with 50 likes
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook removes 4 videos on pages operated by Alex Jones and InfoWars
07/27/2018 [-] Investors shouldn't panic. Facebook will boun
07/27/2018 [-] A day after historic Facebook route, Twitter is plunging
07/27/2018 [-] FACEBOOK bans Alex Jones for 30 days...
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook adds more human moderators to keep your posts in check
07/27/2018 [-] Instagram not an instant fix for ailing Facebook
07/27/2018 [-] Man given 7 years in beating livestreamed on Facebook
07/27/2018 [-] World shares mostly higher, defying Facebook-led tech slump
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook CEO Loses Nearly Billion in a Day as Stock Drops 20%
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook stock plunge Brief setback or portent of trouble?
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook Suffers Worst-Ever Drop in Market Value
07/27/2018 [-] Restaurant on The Plaza faces backlash following Facebook video
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook removes four videos on pages operated by Alex Jones and InfoWars
07/27/2018 [-] Asian shares mostly higher, defying Facebook-led tech slump
07/27/2018 [-] Tech titans diverge Record drop for Facebook as Amazon books profit
07/27/2018 [-] CBI to probe alleged misuse of data of India's Facebook users
07/27/2018 [-] Facebook's day of reckoning Blip or sign of broader turn?
07/27/2018 [-] UPDATE 1-Facebook buys Israeli messaging company Redkix
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook share price drop wipes US119 billion off company's value
07/26/2018 [-] The Latest Facebook market value plunges billion
07/26/2018 [-] billion rout biggest loss in history...
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook share price drop wipes billion off company's value
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook-led tech slump dims broader gains for US stocks
07/26/2018 [-] Slowdown in User Growth Hurts Facebook Stock
07/26/2018 [-] FACEBOOK SPIRAL
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook stock dived 20% in a single day. Here's why
07/26/2018 [-] S&P, Nasdaq fall as Facebook plummets; Dow up
07/26/2018 [-] STOCK 19%
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook plunge puts Amazon investors on guard
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook Shares Tumble on Growth Concerns
07/26/2018 [-] Zuckerberg loses bln in record Facebook fall
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook faces a day of reckoning, at least on Wall Street
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook rattles Nasdaq, but trade optimism boosts Dow
07/26/2018 [-] Mark Zuckerberg loses billion in record Facebook fall
07/26/2018 [-] RPT-Facebook buys Israeli messaging company Redkix
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook Takes Historic Plunge as Scandals Finally Take a Toll
07/26/2018 [-] The Latest Facebook heading for its worst trading day ever
07/26/2018 [-] STOCK PLUNGES
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook leads tech slump that weighs on US stock indexes
07/26/2018 [-] Investors shouldn't panic. Facebook will bounce back
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook braces for stock wipeout as lower margin
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook just lost about billion in market value
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook's stock plummets as social media giant's growth rate falls short
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook buys Israeli messaging company Redkix
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook braces for stock wipeout as lower margins loom
07/26/2018 [-] Zuckerberg loses billion in record Facebook fall
07/26/2018 [-] Nasdaq falls at open as Facebook leads tech selloff
07/26/2018 [-] INSIDERS DUMPING STOCK...
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook reeling; Trade relief; China blocks Qualcomm
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook stock set to fall 20% after warning about slowing sales
07/26/2018 [-] Truckie appears to snort illegal drugs for 'breakfast' in Facebook video
07/26/2018 [-] 'Facebook taking steps to block fake accounts, monitor abuse'
07/26/2018 [-] Truckie appears to snort illegal drugs for 'breakfast' in Facebook video
07/26/2018 [-] Retailers set sights on Facebook, Google ad revenue
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook's grim f
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook and Twitter execs to face congressional grilling ahead of midterms
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook’s Stock Plummets As User Growth and Revenue Miss Expectations
07/26/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Starts Paying Price for Scandals...
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook plunges on privacy and revenue concerns
07/26/2018 [-] Nasdaq futures drop as Facebook tumbles
07/26/2018 [-] USERS VANISH...
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook in freefall as weak outlook stuns market
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook Shares Tumble as Revenue Falls Short, Sales Outlook Darkens
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook plunges US150b on privacy and revenue concerns
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook 'puts privacy first' and stock plunges 20%
07/26/2018 [-] Facebook revenue and user growth fall short of estimates as scandals hit
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook Shares Drop On Revenue Miss
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook Wants Interactive TV Over Prestige
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook remov
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook's disappointing report hits rest of FANG
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook misses estimates on monthly active users
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook reports slower-than-expected 2Q revenue growth
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook ad sales, user numbers grow despite data scandal
07/25/2018 [-] 'Watch Party'? Facebook's got a new way to keep you engaged
07/25/2018 [-] Deal requires Facebook to end discriminatory ad targeting
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook's China 'Innovation Hub' Hits Snag
07/25/2018 [-] Just Hours After Approval, China Kills New Facebook Venture
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook is about to reveal whether data scandal hurt business
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook wants to open an 'innovation hub' in China
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook's new live video feature turns groups into 'parties'
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook pledges tough US election security efforts as critical memo surfaces
07/25/2018 [-] Trump meets EU; Facebook earnings; Fiat Chrysler update
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook's Top Lawyer to Leave Amid Turmoil
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook is trying a new way into China
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook is about to reveal whether the data scandal hurt its business
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook touts election efforts, but won't say if there are attempts to sway midterms
07/25/2018 [-] Facebook to prohibit discriminatory ads on its platform
07/24/2018 [-] Facebook agrees to prevent discriminatory advertising
07/24/2018 [-] Facebook sets up China subsidiary called Lianshu Science & Technology
07/24/2018 [-] Maine supreme court Facebook posts violate no-contact order
07/24/2018 [-] Facebook sets up subsidiary in China, where it's blocked
07/24/2018 [-] ISIS threatens to BEHEAD Zuckerberg...
07/24/2018 [-] 'Thankful, grateful' Man shot on Facebook Live video able to speak, write
07/24/2018 [-] Facebook sets up subsidiary in China filing
07/24/2018 [-] Lampang woman in coma after suicide attempt following Facebook photos posted by alleged rapist
07/24/2018 [-] Tech giants spend record cash lobbying DC...
07/23/2018 [-] Hiring underway for Facebook's Huntsville Data Center construction
07/23/2018 [-] Facebook confirms huge office lease in the Loop
07/23/2018 [-] Facebook blocks links to women's rights group after 'transphobia' complaints...
07/23/2018 [-] Facebook Puts Holocaust Denial Groups in Top Search Results
07/23/2018 [-] Facebook to double office presence in London
07/23/2018 [-] Husband killed wife with a pillow over Facebook posts, court hears
07/23/2018 [-] Facebook user calls for urgent rescue of monkey from temple cage
07/23/2018 [-] Australian astrophysicist leading legal charge against Facebook
07/23/2018 [-] Social media post sharing positive images of farmers goes viral
07/22/2018 [-] 'I love my farmer' Facebook post
07/22/2018 [-] Facebook Confirms It's Working on a New Internet Satellite
07/22/2018 [-] Facebook As The Ultimate Government Surveillance Tool?
07/21/2018 [-] Facebook probes whether data firm violated policies report
07/21/2018 [-] Facebook suspends and investigates data analytics firm Crimson Hexagon
07/21/2018 [-] Facebook suspends another data analytics firm
07/21/2018 [-] Facebook's rhetoric on misinformation doesn't match its actions
07/20/2018 [-] Facebook Notification Spam Has Crossed the Line
07/20/2018 [-] Facebook suspends Boston analytics firm over data usage
07/20/2018 [-] Small businesses say Facebook changes cut customer page views
07/20/2018 [-] Zuckerberg's Holocaust comment puts FACEBOOK on spot...
07/19/2018 [-] The Latest Facebook to remove rumors instigating violence
07/19/2018 [-] Zuckerberg's Holocaust comment puts Facebook on the spot
07/19/2018 [-] Mark Zuckerberg seeks to clarify Facebook policy on Holocaust deniers
07/19/2018 [-] Help pours in for Prachin Buri family after teacher’s Facebook post
07/19/2018 [-] Facebook cracks down on bogus posts inciting violence
07/19/2018 [-] Rebecca posts videos of her horse training methods on Facebook
07/19/2018 [-] Zuckerberg Holocaust deniers won't be banned from Facebook
07/18/2018 [-] Zuckerberg defends rights of FACEBOOK users to publish Holocaust denials...
07/18/2018 [-] Free dog given away on Facebook turns up two weeks later with facial injuries
07/18/2018 [-] UK investigators probe Russian access to Facebook data
07/18/2018 [-] Facebook users condemn driver for intimidating woman with knife
07/18/2018 [-] Cambridge Analytica's Facebook data was accessed from Russia, MP says
07/18/2018 [-] Nasdaq hits record high, boosted by Facebook, Google and Amazon
07/17/2018 [-] Republicans accuse Facebook, Twitter of bias in 'dumb' hearing
07/17/2018 [-] Bethesda Launches Official Starfield Twitter and Facebook Accounts
07/17/2018 [-] Facebook and the bad hombres of Texas, Queensland
07/17/2018 [-] Why is Facebook keen on robots? It's just the future of AI
07/16/2018 [-] Daughter trapped in washing machine, mom shares on Facebook
07/16/2018 [-] Williamston Police want you to be aware of a new Facebook scam
07/16/2018 [-] Facebook Makes Moves On Instagram's Users
07/15/2018 [-] Iraq bans Facebook amid growing protests
07/15/2018 [-] Ahead of Pak poll, Facebook blocks accounts of Hafiz Saeed's party
07/15/2018 [-] FACEBOOK DOES IT AGAIN Gospel song flagged as political...
07/14/2018 [-] UAE- Facebook has stopped working for these smartphones
07/14/2018 [-] Facebook Chooses To Demote Fake News Instead of Remove It
07/13/2018 [-] Google and Facebook could both be caught in the trade war
07/13/2018 [-] Wild turkey with 4K Facebook followers dies in Missouri
07/13/2018 [-] Facebook Users Marked With 'Treason' Label
07/13/2018 [-] Papa John's announces new way to start pizza orders on Facebook
07/13/2018 [-] Facebook is poring over its prize asset your face
07/13/2018 [-] Facebook says Indonesian user data not misused
07/13/2018 [-] Facebook removes 'treason'
07/13/2018 [-] BBC asks Facebook to take down fake David Attenborough bee-feeding post
07/13/2018 [-] Google and Facebook could be caught in the US-China trade war
07/13/2018 [-] Phayao warns of fake Narongsak Facebook page
07/12/2018 [-] Fear as social labels users as 'interested in treason'...
07/12/2018 [-] Russian company could have accessed Facebook data on millions of Americans, source says
07/12/2018 [-] Facebook struggles to explain why it hasn't banned InfoWars
07/12/2018 [-] Tyler Perry warns his fans about fake Facebook offers
07/12/2018 [-] Parents have right to access dead daughter's Facebook, German court rules
07/12/2018 [-] Parents have right to access dead daughter's Facebook, German court rules
07/12/2018 [-] Facebook touts fight on fake news, but struggles to explain why InfoWars isn't banned
07/11/2018 [-] No, Facebook, Tyler Perry isn't buying you a car
07/11/2018 [-] Tyler Perry warns of Facebook scams using his name
07/11/2018 [-] Tyler Perry Don't fall for Facebook scams
07/11/2018 [-] Facebook faces UK fine over its data privacy scandal
07/11/2018 [-] A Russian company also had access to Facebook user data
07/11/2018 [-] St. John officials warn of Facebook scam
07/11/2018 [-] Russian company with Kremlin links may have harvested Facebook user data
07/11/2018 [-] Facebook faces Australia data breach compensation claim
07/11/2018 [-] Facebook faces U.K. fine over its privacy scandal
07/11/2018 [-] UK lawmaker says fine imposed on Facebook over user privacy
07/10/2018 [-] Russian company had access to Facebook user data through apps
07/10/2018 [-] Facebook will chip in for users' birthday fundraisers
07/10/2018 [-] Facebook tests augmented reality ads on News Feed in U.S.
07/09/2018 [-] FACEBOOK patents show tracking users in real world...
07/08/2018 [-] Lebanese tourist jailed in Egypt for Facebook rant
07/08/2018 [-] Tourist sentenced to eight years in prison for FACEBOOK post against Egypt...
07/06/2018 [-] Facebook Apologizes for Flagging Portion of Declaration of Independence as ‘Hate Speech’
07/06/2018 [-] Casey Barnes
07/06/2018 [-] Accused killer's Facebook post 'I shot meg and would do it again'
07/06/2018 [-] Why You Should Follow the Providence Olympia Facebook Page
07/06/2018 [-] Facebook Censors Declaration Of Independence As 'Hate Speech'
07/06/2018 [-] Declaration of Independence Flagged as Hate Speech by Facebook
07/06/2018 [-] Cristiano Ronaldo Reality Show in the Works at Facebook
07/05/2018 [-] PAPER FACEBOOK is black market for knock-off designer goods...
07/05/2018 [-] FACEBOOK flags Declaration of Independence as hate speech...
07/05/2018 [-] Googong locals flock to Facebook to name ram on the lam
07/04/2018 [-] How Google and Facebook Are Monopolizing Ideas
07/04/2018 [-] Facebook acquires Bloomsbury AI to excel in natural language
07/04/2018 [-] No trace of Samui beach sewage despite Facebook ‘evidence’
07/04/2018 [-] Police save girl after father threatens murder-suicide in Facebook Live broadcast
07/04/2018 [-] Facebook shuts down Hello, Moves and tbh apps due to low usage
07/04/2018 [-] Facebook responding to US regulators in data breach probe
07/04/2018 [-] Tesla workers overworked as Facebook hit by further probes into data breach
07/04/2018 [-] 'I Stand For Flag' Song 'Censored' On Social...
07/04/2018 [-] Smartphones WATCHING everything you do?
07/04/2018 [-] FACEBOOK a publisher? Publicly says no, but tells court YES...
07/03/2018 [-] Facebook facing further probes into data breach, Wall Street slides on tech losses
07/03/2018 [-] SEC, FBI Question Facebook Over User Data
07/03/2018 [-] Facebook buys an
07/03/2018 [-] Dips in Facebook and Apple leave Wall Street lower
07/03/2018 [-] Wall Street gains with energy stocks, Facebook weighs
07/03/2018 [-] Federal Facebook Probe Now Includes FBI, SEC Report
07/03/2018 [-] Facebook shutters the teen app it just bought
07/03/2018 [-] Probe into Facebook’s data breach broadens Washington Post
07/03/2018 [-] Facebook data scandal draws growing federal scrutiny
07/03/2018 [-] Facebook Apologizes For Bug That Unblocked 800,000 People
07/03/2018 [-] Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal draws growing federal scrutiny
07/03/2018 [-] Facebook bug unblocks unwanted connections for a bit
07/03/2018 [-] Facebook Tells Congress It Shared User Data with More Companies
07/03/2018 [-] Report Federal Facebook probe now includes FBI, SEC
07/02/2018 [-] Facebook apologizes for bug that temporarily unblocked people
07/02/2018 [-] Facebook 800K users may have had bug unblock blocked people
07/02/2018 [-] Despite promising to stop sharing your data, Facebook continues to do so
06/30/2018 [-] What's Behind Facebook's Flip On Crypto Ads?
06/30/2018 [-] Facebook patents tech that detect emotions to suggest selfie filters
06/29/2018 [-] Judge Cuts ZeniMax's Million Court Winnings From Facebook in Half
06/29/2018 [-] UK lawmakers slam Facebook's evasive answers
06/29/2018 [-] Facebook Faces New Accusation of Data Leak Via Quiz App
06/28/2018 [-] Twitter now shows who pays for ads and how much they spent
06/28/2018 [-] 'Dark Patterns' Push FACEBOOKGOOGLE Users Towards Less Privacy...
06/28/2018 [-] Facebook Launches Tools to Stop Fake Accounts
06/28/2018 [-] Beyond politics Facebook to release limited info on all ads
06/28/2018 [-] Twitter, Facebook launch tools to track advertising
06/28/2018 [-] Block political ads 48-hr before polling EC to Facebook
06/28/2018 [-] You can now react to Facebook Stories
06/28/2018 [-] Would paying for Facebook make it better? We may be about to find out
06/27/2018 [-] Facebook's Latest Problem Tracking Where the Data Went
06/27/2018 [-] Facebook gives up on building internet-beaming drones
06/27/2018 [-] Facebook gives up on building int
06/27/2018 [-] Facebook grounds internet-beaming Aquila solar plane
06/27/2018 [-] FIR lodged for making fake Facebook profile of BJP MLA
06/27/2018 [-] Thai rights lawyer get 16 months prison for Facebook post
06/27/2018 [-] Facebook to Accept Cryptocurrency Ads Again
06/27/2018 [-] Facebook gives up on building internet drones
06/27/2018 [-] Facebook eases ban on cryptocurrency ads
06/27/2018 [-] Facebook Cancels Program To Deliver Internet By Aquila Drones
06/27/2018 [-] Facebook Reverses Its Crypto Ad Ban
06/27/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Wants To Spy Via Inaudible TV Messages...
06/26/2018 [-] To counter Google and Facebook, AT&T buys an ad platform
06/26/2018 [-] Cop's Facebook comment about slain rapper gets him desk duty
06/26/2018 [-] Cambridge Analytica did not access EU user data, says Facebook
06/26/2018 [-] As Facebook ages, teens look elsewhere to connect
06/25/2018 [-] Charities on Facebook what you need to know before you donate
06/25/2018 [-] Hezbollah's Twitter & Facebook accounts suspended
06/25/2018 [-] Facebook Launches High-End Magazine 'Grow'
06/25/2018 [-] BOOM INSTAGRAM estimated to be worth billion...
06/25/2018 [-] Facebook launches high-end magazine 'Grow'
06/25/2018 [-] New FACEBOOK policy didn't block sex video tied to Bronx slaying...
06/25/2018 [-] Apple, Google, Facebook and the battle to be the good guy
06/24/2018 [-] UAE- 'Your time on Facebook' may soon be monitored
06/23/2018 [-] Facebook, Twitter closes Hezbollah accounts
06/23/2018 [-] Facebook accidentally leaks analytics reports to app testers
06/23/2018 [-] Facebook Messenger Kids App Is Expanding
06/23/2018 [-] FACEBOOK's Relentless Drive to Track Every Detail of Users' Lives...
06/22/2018 [-] SICK CBS 'Doxes' Random DMV Worker For Facebook Comment Advocating Strong Border Enforcement
06/22/2018 [-] Facebook Mistakenly Leaked Developer Analytics Reports To Testers
06/22/2018 [-] EU lawmakers miffed over new Facebook snub
06/22/2018 [-] Facebook will redirect opioid buyers to crisis helpline
06/21/2018 [-] Could your favorite Facebook Groups soon come with a fee?
06/21/2018 [-] Copyright bust nets Singapore man for alleged Facebook watch sales
06/21/2018 [-] Facebook Will Harass You Mercilessly If You Try To Break Up
06/21/2018 [-] Facebook's Instagram now has more than a billion users
06/20/2018 [-] The Latest Chicago teen apologizes in Facebook feud slaying
06/20/2018 [-] The Latest Chicago teen sentenced in Facebook feud slaying
06/20/2018 [-] Hate on Facebook all you want. The stock's at an all-time high
06/20/2018 [-] Musician loses work after anti-immigrant post on Facebook
06/20/2018 [-] Facebook will now introduce autoplay video ads inside Messenger
06/20/2018 [-] FACEBOOK Will Harass You Mercilessly if You Try to Quit...
06/20/2018 [-] Chicago teen to be sentenced in 2014 Facebook feud slaying
06/20/2018 [-] Facebook AI for misclicked photos is sadly better than photoshop
06/20/2018 [-] Facebook to soon offer interactive game shows on video platform
06/19/2018 [-] Google, Facebook, others speak out against child separation
06/19/2018 [-] The frozen strawberries are sold through a Facebook group
06/19/2018 [-] Facebook fundraiser collects millions for immigrant legal fees
06/19/2018 [-] State to seek death penalty against accused Facebook Live killer
06/19/2018 [-] New 'spider' ETF captures Facebook, AT&T in its web
06/18/2018 [-] 'Terrible and vile' messages sent to Eurydice Dixon mourners
06/17/2018 [-] Facebook updates its policies regarding weapon accessories and minors
06/17/2018 [-] Facebook not to show weapon accessory ads to users under 18 Report
06/16/2018 [-] Facebook to stop showing weapon accessories ads to under-18 users
06/15/2018 [-] Farmington officer says prosecutor pushed him off force over Facebook post
06/15/2018 [-] Apple and Facebook gear up for FIFA 2018 World Cup with new features!
06/15/2018 [-] Facebook's top policy and communications exec steps down
06/14/2018 [-] Top Facebook Strategist to Step Down
06/14/2018 [-] Top FACEBOOK Strategist Out...
06/14/2018 [-] Facebook to build data center in Huntsville
06/14/2018 [-] Facebook's chief of communications, policy to step down
06/14/2018 [-] Facebook data center coming to Huntsville
06/14/2018 [-] WATCH Facebook is coming to Huntsville
06/14/2018 [-] Facebook's public relations chief to step down
06/14/2018 [-] Snapchat Zigs Where Facebook Zags
06/14/2018 [-] Bored with Facebook news? You're not alone study
06/14/2018 [-] Facebook used less for news as youngsters turn to WhatsApp Report
06/14/2018 [-] Bored of Facebook news? You're not alone study
06/14/2018 [-] Brevard man arrested after threat to Disney in Facebook post
06/14/2018 [-] Grand jury indicts alleged Facebook Live killer, 2 others
06/14/2018 [-] NYT CEO FACEBOOK Algorithms 'Damage' Democracy...
06/13/2018 [-] Facebook May Ban Bad Businesses From Advertising
06/13/2018 [-] Spokane Transit Authority investigating HR Director's Facebook comments
06/12/2018 [-] Jefferson Co. judge publicly reprimanded for Facebook post
06/12/2018 [-] FACEBOOK denies building eye-tracking software...
06/12/2018 [-] Facebook partners with AUD on work experience programme
06/12/2018 [-] Facebook Will Ban Sellers of Shoddy Products
06/12/2018 [-] Facebook gives 452 pages of answers to all of lawmakers' questions about Cambridge Analytica
06/12/2018 [-] Teen accused of murder after allegedly bragging about crime on Facebook
06/12/2018 [-] Decision on teacher Facebook post rekindles free speech debate
06/12/2018 [-] Facebook Watch-Selected Organization Promotes One-Sided Abortion Piece
06/11/2018 [-] Senior investigator transferred over Facebook claims in temple-fraud case
06/10/2018 [-] Mark Zuckerberg and the 2012 Facebook Moscow Hack
06/09/2018 [-] Facebook closes some accounts of Myanmar hard-liners
06/09/2018 [-] Facebook shared user data with select companies after cutting off others
06/09/2018 [-] Facebook may bring the dislike button to Messenger
06/09/2018 [-] Facebook Shared User Data With Select Companies
06/09/2018 [-] Report Facebook's shared user data with select companies
06/08/2018 [-] Facebook's shared user data with select companies
06/08/2018 [-] Facebook Reportedly Seeking Fact-Checkers In Battle Over False Stories
06/08/2018 [-] Sheryl Sandberg Tells MIT Grads About 'Painful' Facebook Lessons
06/08/2018 [-] Sheryl Sandberg uses Facebook's woes as lesson for MIT grads
06/08/2018 [-] Sheryl Sandberg tells MIT grads about 'painful' Facebook lessons
06/08/2018 [-] Facebook adds new features for gamers community
06/08/2018 [-] Police aim to visit 3,900 members of ‘organic marijuana’ Facebook page
06/08/2018 [-] FACEBOOK 'bug' set private info public...
06/08/2018 [-] A Software Bug Made Posts Public by Default for Some 14 Million Facebook Users
06/08/2018 [-] Facebook bug switched as many as 14 million users' privacy settings to 'public'
06/08/2018 [-] Privacy-setting bug affected as many as 14 million, says Facebook
06/08/2018 [-] Facebook 'bug' changed up to 14m users' privacy settings last month
06/08/2018 [-] Facebook admits privacy settings 'bug' affecting 14 million users
06/08/2018 [-] Facebook bug made some private posts public

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