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11/09/2023 [-] Ugreen PowerRoam 1200 Power Station @ TechPowerUp
07/06/2023 [-] Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station @ TechPowerUp
03/23/2023 [-] EBL Portable Power Station 500 @ TechPowerUp
02/06/2023 [-] EcoFlow River 2 Pro Powerstation and 220W Solar Panel
08/01/2022 [-] BioLite adds portable power stations and a solar array to its charging lineup
04/10/2022 [-] Cory Wong Goes Electric 'Power Station'
01/01/2022 [-] Wudongde hydropower station generates 38.9B kWh of electricity
03/11/2021 [-] Yallourn power station to close four years ahead of schedule
03/10/2021 [-] Giant coal-fired power station in Victoria's Latrobe Valley to close four years early
02/26/2021 [-] Renewables boom sparks calls for a plan to close Victorian power station
02/12/2021 [-] Power Station works to determine the extent of contamination in a rural Queensland town
02/09/2021 [-] PFAS found in groundwater near Central Queensland power station
12/31/2020 [-] Mount Isa power station winds down for the last time after 60 years
12/03/2020 [-] UK Seeks Site For World's First Fusion Power Station
10/15/2020 [-] Explosives reduce Hazelwood dredger to scrap metal in seconds
10/12/2020 [-] Pumped hydro project fast-tracked to help replace ageing coal-fired power stations
09/21/2020 [-] Former coal power station turned industrial park to generate hundreds of jobs
09/08/2020 [-] Thermal blocks could convert coal-fired power stations to run fossil-fuel free
07/17/2020 [-] Three Gorges power station runs at full capacity amid flooding
07/13/2020 [-] Coal ash recycling at centre of power station upgrade plans
07/10/2020 [-] New England renewables zone to challenge output of coal-fired power stations
05/25/2020 [-] The chimneys come crashing down
05/25/2020 [-] Watch as Hazelwood Power Station's chimneys come down
05/19/2020 [-] Hazelwood Power Station operator fined more than million over 2014 mine fire
03/08/2020 [-] wiped from Queensland power station over sketchy connection to grid
01/12/2020 [-] Fire at privately owned power station behind widespread WA blackout
12/18/2019 [-] 'The last thing we need' Mega-fire could hit power station, coal mine
12/02/2019 [-] China to build space-based solar power station by 2035
11/18/2019 [-] Alinta Energy considers early closure of Victorian coal power station
09/13/2019 [-] Tallawarra power station in twilight
08/28/2019 [-] SA Government to proceed with plans to privatise back-up power stations
08/27/2019 [-] Gas power station taken to court over SA summer blackouts
08/21/2019 [-] Power station poised to be fired back up
08/08/2019 [-] In shadow of Liddell closure, power station expansion hits turbulence
08/05/2019 [-] Fears of 'Chernobyl on ice' as Moscow prepares floating nuke plant...
07/16/2019 [-] Waddamana Power Station
07/16/2019 [-] Turbines inside the Waddamana Power Station
07/12/2019 [-] Workers exposed to asbestos at power station
07/12/2019 [-] Gas-fired power station set to remain open to ease summer load
06/30/2019 [-] Russia to tow nuke power station to Arctic...
05/14/2019 [-] gladstone power station
05/14/2019 [-] Coal fired power station in Gladstone
05/06/2019 [-] Chimney stack falls at Morwell Power Station
05/06/2019 [-] 94-metre power station chimneys felled in demolition job
05/06/2019 [-] Chimney stack falls at old Morwell Power Station
05/05/2019 [-] WA Government to spend million on East Perth Power Station site revamp
03/26/2019 [-] New Queensland coal-fired power station fails to gain Government support, despite push from Nationals
03/17/2019 [-] Hazelwood power station
03/17/2019 [-] Latrobe Valley positive two years after Hazelwood power station closure
02/18/2019 [-] Beijing Building Power Station in Space...
02/15/2019 [-] Plans for first Chinese solar power station in space revealed
02/09/2019 [-] Documents raise questions over approval of Morwell Power Station demolition
02/02/2019 [-] Could an old coal-fired power station breathe new life into this town?
02/01/2019 [-] Shipping to return to Port Augusta with new port project
01/01/2019 [-] Chinese firm finishes installing half capacity of tidal power station
12/28/2018 [-] Night sky turns blue in New York as power station fire erupts
12/05/2018 [-] Coal-fired power station health study prompts calls for modern emissions controls
11/27/2018 [-] Drax power station
11/23/2018 [-] One of Australia's tallest chimneys goes up in smoke
11/14/2018 [-] 'We loved him dearly' Tributes flow for power station worker killed on the job
11/13/2018 [-] Power station worker dies after explosion
11/12/2018 [-] Maltese opposition calls for minister to quit over power station contract
11/12/2018 [-] Liberals pledge new power station for Victoria to lower energy bills
10/16/2018 [-] Back-up power stations to be privatised after report questions usefulness
10/03/2018 [-] Power station demolished
10/03/2018 [-] Asbestos concerns raised as Alcoa prepares new Anglesea power station demolition
10/03/2018 [-] Take two of power station demolition amidst asbestos concerns
09/21/2018 [-] Healy 2 power station online after GVEA repairs coal feed system
09/14/2018 [-] BP's Prudhoe power station OK'd for VPP
09/03/2018 [-] Socialism vs. Electricity String of Venezuela's Power Stations Explode Through the Night
08/16/2018 [-] Entry to Mullumbimby Hyrdo-electric Power Station
07/31/2018 [-] Disruptions hit Arnot power station in South Africa amid protests
07/26/2018 [-] Armenia looking to build a new nuclear power station, says PM
07/20/2018 [-] Bird Lake a smelly dilemma for Port Augusta residents since power station closure
07/09/2018 [-] Kurnai elder's supersized work lights up Loy Yang power station for NAIDOC week
07/04/2018 [-] Gujarat gets approval for 19 mnMT coal to keep power stations alive
06/24/2018 [-] Asbestos fears at Anglesea after botched demolition of former Alcoa power station
06/06/2018 [-] The old Morwell Power Station will be demolished
06/06/2018 [-] The Morwell Power Station is riddled with asbestos
06/06/2018 [-] Morwell Power Station to be demolished despite heritage listing
06/01/2018 [-] Latrobe Valley power station owners reach licence extension deal
05/22/2018 [-] Liddell power station given special pollution exemption, documents reveal
05/19/2018 [-] Russia unveils world's first floating nuclear power station
05/07/2018 [-] Kangaroo Valley power station
05/07/2018 [-] Coal-fired power station closure, ash dam rehab were 'failures', says council
04/26/2018 [-] AGL announces new gas-fired power plant for 2022
04/16/2018 [-] Port Augusta residents say power station remediation problems making them sick
04/16/2018 [-] Power station remediation failure making Port Augusta residents sick
04/16/2018 [-] Wholesale electricity prices up in Victoria since Hazelwood power station closure
04/07/2018 [-] In Britain, Conservatives are leading the charge against coal
04/04/2018 [-] Frydenberg pressures AGL to sell Liddell power station to Alinta
04/04/2018 [-] Morrison, Abbott at odds over cost of power from old and new coal plants
04/04/2018 [-] Alinta Energy approaches AGL to buy ageing Liddell power station
03/30/2018 [-] The power station is history, so town looks to the future
03/29/2018 [-] Optimism in the Latrobe Valley a year on from Hazelwood shutdown
03/22/2018 [-] Kingsnorth Power station chimney reduced to rubble
03/16/2018 [-] 'Zero' chance Hazelwood power station will ever reopen, one year on from its closure
03/10/2018 [-] Entergy New Orleans Receives Approval to Build New Orleans Power Station
02/27/2018 [-] AGL plans upgrade at Bayswater Power Station as electricity shortage looms
02/13/2018 [-] Asbestos-ridden 1950s-era Morwell Power Station granted heritage protection
02/13/2018 [-] Asbestos-ridden, 1950s-era Morwell Power Station granted heritage protection
02/12/2018 [-] WATCH Massive power station blast plunges Puerto Rico into darkness
02/02/2018 [-] Eggborough power station to close with loss of 170 jobs
01/31/2018 [-] Didcot Power Station collapse Manslaughter investigation
01/30/2018 [-] Can cars be used as mini power stations?
01/26/2018 [-] Kilroot power station faces shutdown with loss of 240 jobs
01/16/2018 [-] The costly fight to save power station fish from cold death
01/16/2018 [-] Dubai's DEWA eyes plan for Arabian Gulf hydropower station
12/21/2017 [-] Cost of SA's state-owned power generators finally revealed
12/21/2017 [-] Cost of SA's state-owned power generators finally revealed
12/09/2017 [-] Liddell Power Station AGL confirms closure of coal plant, replaces it with renewable energy
11/29/2017 [-] Liberals refuse to rule out selling SA's new power station
11/29/2017 [-] Liberals refuse to rule out selling SA's new power station
11/24/2017 [-] Experts criticise LNP's 'shocking' power station plan
11/24/2017 [-] Experts criticise LNP's 'shocking' power station plan
11/23/2017 [-] Coal-fired Loy Yang B power station sold to Alinta's HK owners
11/23/2017 [-] Coal-fired Loy Yang B power station sold to Alinta's HK owners
11/12/2017 [-] Full steam ahead for Ngawha power station expansion
11/09/2017 [-] Demolition continues at the Northern Power Station
11/09/2017 [-] Boilers at Port Augusta Northern Power Station demolished by explosion
11/08/2017 [-] How French energy giant Engie plundered from Australia ahead of carbon tax
10/23/2017 [-] Holy coal! How a power station sold for peanuts became a asset
10/23/2017 [-] Holy coal How a power station sold for peanuts became a 730m asset
10/22/2017 [-] GCL-SI Offers One-Stop Ground Power Station Solution to APSU Power in Australia
10/18/2017 [-] Small Australian town aims to become its own power station
10/17/2017 [-] Northern NSW town aiming to become its own power station
09/28/2017 [-] Tilbury Power Station chimneys demolished
09/27/2017 [-] AGL pushes back against pressure to keep Liddell power station open
09/19/2017 [-] Keeping Liddell power station open 'a losing battle', AGL says
09/19/2017 [-] Pumped hydro could replace coal-fired power at troubled Lake Liddell
09/19/2017 [-] Keeping Liddell power station open 'a losing battle', AGL says
09/19/2017 [-] Hazelwood Power Station nominated for heritage protection
09/12/2017 [-] Explained What's going on the with the Liddell power station?
09/12/2017 [-] The true cost of keeping the Liddell power station open
09/12/2017 [-] PM accused of bullying AGL boss over future of Liddell power station
09/11/2017 [-] Yemeni Prime Minister inaugurates UAE-funded power station in Lahj, Yemen
09/11/2017 [-] AGL committed to closing Liddell power station despite meeting with PM
09/11/2017 [-] AGL appears committed to closing Liddell plant despite meeting with PM
09/11/2017 [-] AGL appears committed to closing Liddell power station despite meeting with PM
09/11/2017 [-] AGL meets with PM, will consider keeping Liddell power station open
09/08/2017 [-] Grattan Turnbull's rush for energy 'announceable' sows confusion
09/08/2017 [-] Grattan Turnbull's rush for energy 'announceable' sows confusion
09/05/2017 [-] Turnbull, AGL in talks to keep Liddell power station open
09/04/2017 [-] Saudi Arabia condemns suicide bombing targeting power station in Iraq
09/02/2017 [-] Authorities Assailants attack Iraqi power station, 7 dead
09/02/2017 [-] Suicide bombers attack power station north of Baghdad, killing seven police
08/16/2017 [-] Shelved gas power station plan back on the cards for Queensland
08/16/2017 [-] Contact Energy keeps power station switched on
08/15/2017 [-] Energy crisis report says keep Tamar Valley Power Station
08/14/2017 [-] New solar thermal power station for Port Augusta
08/10/2017 [-] Mitsubishi Hitachi Power wins Egypt power station deal
08/01/2017 [-] Does South Australia need two back-up power stations?
08/01/2017 [-] New SA power stations to come online before summer to prevent blackouts
08/01/2017 [-] SA to get two new power stations, Premier says
07/31/2017 [-] Australia's IFM puts two gas-fired power stations on the block
07/20/2017 [-] Qatar- QFD finalises Yemen's power station project
07/18/2017 [-] Baboon wanders into power station, plunges Zambian town into darkness
07/16/2017 [-] Barramundi killed after power station closure causes ponds to cool
07/13/2017 [-] GE leads digital transformation of Kuwait's Sabiya CCGT Power Station
07/09/2017 [-] Power restored after widespread Los Angeles outage
07/09/2017 [-] 90,000 lose electricity in LA area after fire at station
07/09/2017 [-] 90,000 customers lose electricity after fire at station
07/01/2017 [-] 1967 Collinsville power station strike
06/30/2017 [-] road in Auckland poses safety risk to power station
06/26/2017 [-] Gaza restarts power station as Egypt fuel eases crisis
06/22/2017 [-] Hazelwood mine coal dust art exhibition opens as power station prepares to close
06/21/2017 [-] Qld calls for 'open mind' on power station
06/17/2017 [-] SA power station demolition continues
06/16/2017 [-] SA power station demolition to continue
06/15/2017 [-] Hazelwood power station and coal mine
06/15/2017 [-] Where are the Hazelwood power station workers?
06/08/2017 [-] Four Corners Collinsville power station strike
06/08/2017 [-] A 'strikebreaking' worker
06/08/2017 [-] Collinsville power station strike allegiances still firm 50 years after bitter dispute
06/07/2017 [-] AGL unveils plans for new power station
06/07/2017 [-] AGL unveils plans for new 295m SA gas-fired power station
06/07/2017 [-] AGL unveils plans for new SA gas-fired power station
06/07/2017 [-] AGL to unveil plans for new SA gas-fired power station
06/06/2017 [-] AGL to build new Adelaide power station
05/26/2017 [-] SA Power station putting the bubbles in beer
05/23/2017 [-] Report suggests filling in parts of smelly lake near former SA power station
05/12/2017 [-] Malaysia firefighters rescue turtle trapped in power station
05/12/2017 [-] Hazelwood power station decommissioning
05/12/2017 [-] Hazelwood power station decommissioning underway
05/09/2017 [-] power station now
05/09/2017 [-] Port Augusta power station A year on from the closing of 'the powerhouse'
05/09/2017 [-] Loy Yang A power station
05/09/2017 [-] Fair Work Commission cancels strike plans at AGL's Loy Yang A power station
05/08/2017 [-] Group marks power station shutdown
05/04/2017 [-] Power station workers go on strike
05/01/2017 [-] Federal push north Queensland coal station at odds with state
05/01/2017 [-] Governments at odds over north Queensland power supply
04/13/2017 [-] SA's gas-fired power station build gains international interest
04/13/2017 [-] SA's gas-fired power station build gains international interest
04/10/2017 [-] Ten seconds for latest Port Augusta power station demolition works
04/10/2017 [-] Port Augusta power station Coal dust rises from latest demolition
04/10/2017 [-] Coal dust managed as power station demolition work continues
04/06/2017 [-] Hazelwood power station barramundi warning
04/05/2017 [-] Liberal MPs question NSW regional power station plan
04/04/2017 [-] Eskom's Medupi power station unit 5 online ahead of schedule
04/04/2017 [-] Hazelwood power station
04/02/2017 [-] Airports and Nuclear Power Stations on Terror Alert
04/02/2017 [-] British nuclear power stations on terror alert
03/31/2017 [-] Last goodbyes as lights go out at Hazelwood power station
03/31/2017 [-] Hazelwood workers reflect on decades at the power station
03/30/2017 [-] Gutwein faces contempt trial by Tas peers
03/29/2017 [-] 'It's not free' Port Augusta power station giveaway 'a bad deal'
03/29/2017 [-] 'It's not free' Port Augusta power station giveaway 'a bad deal'
03/29/2017 [-] A timeline of Hazelwood power station
03/29/2017 [-] Gutwein to be quizzed on Tas power station
03/29/2017 [-] Hazelwood power station switches off for good
03/28/2017 [-] Morwell power station 2
03/28/2017 [-] Morwell power station and briquette factory
03/28/2017 [-] Heritage order granted to stop demolition of old Morwell power station
03/27/2017 [-] Dalton residents fired up to resume fight against gas power station
03/27/2017 [-] Nuon wants €55m for its Amsterdam coal-fired power station
03/27/2017 [-] A worker poses for a photo inside the Hazelwood power station
03/27/2017 [-] HAZELWOOD Workers in the break room of the Hazelwood power station
03/26/2017 [-] 'Textbook' chimney stack implosion signals end to NSW power station
03/26/2017 [-] 'Textbook' chimney stack implosion signals end to NSW power station
03/26/2017 [-] SA to seek bids for new power station
03/25/2017 [-] Platform collapse at power plant in China kills nine Xinhua
03/24/2017 [-] Illegal fishers flock to Hazelwood power station pondage to catch barramundi
03/24/2017 [-] Worksafe notices detail extent of repairs needed at Hazelwood power station
03/24/2017 [-] Plans for 1.5b gas-fired power station in southern NSW back on agenda
03/24/2017 [-] Plans for gas-fired power station in southern NSW back on agenda
03/20/2017 [-] Tasmanian Treasurer to be forced to disclose power station sale advice
03/20/2017 [-] British tampons and nappies set to fuel power stations
03/16/2017 [-] Hazelwood power plant to take four years to decommission and demolish
03/13/2017 [-] News report from Torrens Power Station fire
03/10/2017 [-] Getting techy with the new Beauty Power Station
03/10/2017 [-] Vic Govt reveals 'Australian first' plan to redeploy sacked Hazelwood workers
03/07/2017 [-] SA taxpayers should buy gas-fired power station economic board
03/05/2017 [-] Partial repairs done at SA power station
03/04/2017 [-] Power station to return to partial service
03/03/2017 [-] Residents urged to save power after Adelaide power station explosion
03/03/2017 [-] Widespread blackout risk across SA after power station fire
03/03/2017 [-] SA urged to conserve electricity as units at power station go offline
03/01/2017 [-] Latrobe Valley small businesses invest as Hazelwood power station closes
02/28/2017 [-] Admin building burns at Playford Power station in Port Augusta
02/26/2017 [-] Hazelwood power station closure could have 'catastrophic' consequences
02/23/2017 [-] Didcot Power Station collapse Clearing site 'could take two years'
02/22/2017 [-] Pumped hydro power station ideal for SA Spencer Gulf site, EnergyAustralia says
02/20/2017 [-] Russia seeks to avoid sanctions by buying equipment from Iran
02/16/2017 [-] CS Energy says new coal power stations not viable
02/09/2017 [-] AEMO orders back-up power station in Adelaide to be turned on
02/09/2017 [-] Hazelwood power station and coal mine
02/09/2017 [-] Hazelwood Power Station control room 1
02/09/2017 [-] Hazelwood power station parts destined for Melbourne Museum
02/09/2017 [-] Feds want SA to reopen coal power station
02/08/2017 [-] Call for coal-fired power station in NQ
02/02/2017 [-] Resources Minister opens billion infrastructure fund for clean-coal power stations
02/02/2017 [-] Hydro Tasmania highlights power station construction and community life in the Highland Power Trail
02/02/2017 [-] Power prices could double with new coal-fired stations experts
02/01/2017 [-] Clean energy subsidies could fund more coal plants Treasurer
02/01/2017 [-] New coal-power stations may form part of PM's energy security plan
01/20/2017 [-] Ash cloud rises from former Port Augusta power station
01/20/2017 [-] New government to decide on coal-fired power stations
01/19/2017 [-] Report says making coal-fired power stations greener is best option
01/19/2017 [-] Vic council calls for new power station
01/18/2017 [-] Two killed in clashes over land for power station in eastern India
01/13/2017 [-] Ministers on collision course over coal-fired power stations
01/10/2017 [-] 6 people injured in explosion at coal-fired power station
01/06/2017 [-] Plan to turn ash into building materials could create 500 jobs
01/05/2017 [-] Armed guards at Sweden's nuclear power stations next month
01/05/2017 [-] Armed guards at Sweden's nuclear power stations next month
01/04/2017 [-] Ash blankets SA town after heavy rain breaks 'crust'
01/03/2017 [-] Port Augusta power station ash could be toxic, SA Health says
12/20/2016 [-] Drax receives green light to complete biomass conversion project
12/18/2016 [-] Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station shut down due to valve leaks
12/15/2016 [-] Planned strike at Victoria's Loy Yang power station called off
12/14/2016 [-] Endeavor-led consortium to build Ghana power station
12/09/2016 [-] Hazelwood power station
12/09/2016 [-] Exploring hydro power station and its mysterious appeal to ladybirds
12/08/2016 [-] MPs want a stop to billion euro biomass power station subsidies
11/30/2016 [-] Amazon looking to convert Italy power stations into data centers
11/28/2016 [-] Exclusive EU to attach CO2 limits to power reserve subsidies source
11/24/2016 [-] Deadly collapse at Chinese power station
11/24/2016 [-] Power station hot tubs part of Tasmanian Labor's revitalisation plan
11/18/2016 [-] Plan needed for phasing out coal power stations industry
11/15/2016 [-] No movement on Power Stations 5&6
11/13/2016 [-] Power station hot tubs part of Tasmanian Labor's revitalisation plan
11/10/2016 [-] Swimmers take to the Hazelwood power station's cooling ponds
11/10/2016 [-] Hazelwood closure threatens decades old triathlon club
11/10/2016 [-] Transitioning from coal How do communities fare without power stations?
11/08/2016 [-] Massive energy blackout in Murmansk, Russia after reported blast at power station
11/07/2016 [-] Victoria's short-lived barramundi project, in cooling ponds of Hazelwood power station
11/03/2016 [-] Hazelwood closure 'will affect national electricity market'
11/03/2016 [-] Hazelwood closure 'will affect national electricity market'
11/03/2016 [-] Power station Hazelwood to close
11/03/2016 [-] Australia's 'dirtiest' power station to close
11/03/2016 [-] 'Heartbreaking' Hazelwood closure to leave hundreds jobless
11/03/2016 [-] Luisa Cardillo
11/03/2016 [-] Closure of Hazelwood power station to leave hundreds jobless
11/03/2016 [-] Hazelwood power station closure the latest blow for coal
11/02/2016 [-] Victorian power station workers await news of possible closures
11/02/2016 [-] Hazelwood power station closure 'will impact electricity pricing' Treasurer
11/02/2016 [-] Hazelwood workers concerned for Latrobe Valley's future
11/02/2016 [-] Hazelwood's power station closure would have limited impact on energy prices
10/31/2016 [-] 'Hazelwood taskforce' power station's closure announcement expected this week
10/29/2016 [-] Tajikistan starts building world's tallest dam for hydro plant
10/28/2016 [-] 'No formal decision' made to close Hazelwood power station Frydenberg
10/25/2016 [-] Solar energy developers attracted to Port Augusta after power station's closure
10/23/2016 [-] Next generation pushes for green energy to renew Hazelwood power station
10/21/2016 [-] Arctic Directory 2016 Fluor granted full notice to build power station
10/20/2016 [-] Man gets stuck in pipe at power station
10/20/2016 [-] Financial incentives not on the table in talks on Hazelwood power station
10/14/2016 [-] Opposition call for Port Augusta power station restart ridiculed by the SA government
10/14/2016 [-] Wood pellets proposed to replace black coal used by thermal power stations
10/11/2016 [-] Predicting jellyfish 'invasions' at coastal power stations
10/10/2016 [-] Five gas-fired power stations to close
10/03/2016 [-] Council urged to save old Power Stations 5&6 to trigger historic preservation
10/01/2016 [-] Council urged to save old Power Stations 5&6 to trigger historic preservation grants
09/29/2016 [-] Deal signed for Britain's Hinkley Point nuclear power station
09/29/2016 [-] Apple Unveils Plans for London Headquarters at Redeveloped Power Station
09/28/2016 [-] Apple to create London home at Battersea Power Station
09/28/2016 [-] Apple to make famous Battersea Power Station its London HQ
09/28/2016 [-] Apple to create London HQ at Battersea Power station
09/28/2016 [-] Apple to Move Into London's Battersea Power Station
09/28/2016 [-] Apple to make landmark Battersea Power Station its new London home
09/27/2016 [-] Pueblo City Council delays decision on power station
09/24/2016 [-] Town 'devastated' as power station closure looms
09/24/2016 [-] 'No decision' on whether to close Hazelwood power station
09/24/2016 [-] 'No decision' on whether to close Hazelwood power station
09/15/2016 [-] Hinkley Government approves £18bn nuclear power station plant
09/15/2016 [-] WA Government struggles to find buyer for East Perth power station
09/15/2016 [-] Hinkley Point Government approves nuclear power station deal
09/15/2016 [-] Hinkley Point C nuclear power station finally gets green light
09/14/2016 [-] Power station sell-off delay
09/12/2016 [-] UK nuclear power station project 'in talks' for cash injection
09/09/2016 [-] Didcot Power Station Final body in rubble found
09/09/2016 [-] Kerry Stokes' firm in contention for East Perth power station redevelopment
09/09/2016 [-] Didcot Power Station body identified as Ken Cresswell
09/09/2016 [-] Explosion collapses chimney of old Port Augusta power station
09/09/2016 [-] SA power station's stack reduced to rubble
09/09/2016 [-] Controlled blast brings down 80-metre-high SA chimney
09/09/2016 [-] Explosive demolition planned for huge chimney stack at Port Augusta power station
09/08/2016 [-] Explosives to bring down 80-metre-high SA chimney
09/07/2016 [-] Didcot Power Station One of two men still missing is found
09/07/2016 [-] Chimney demolished at Kent's Grain A power station
09/07/2016 [-] Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station shut down for mechanical issue
09/03/2016 [-] Didcot Power Station Body found in rubble identified
09/01/2016 [-] Didcot Power Station Guard of honour for recovered body
08/31/2016 [-] Didcot Power Station Body found in rubble
08/26/2016 [-] Hazelwood mine and power station owner Engie Australia downplays possible closure
08/23/2016 [-] Power Station Worker's Private Collection Yields Bronze Age Treasures
08/23/2016 [-] Power Station Worker's Private Collection Yields Bronze Age Treasures
08/23/2016 [-] Didcot power station Six month wait 'unacceptable'
08/21/2016 [-] UAE- DEWA awards consultancy contract for 4th phase Aweer Power Station
08/11/2016 [-] Five reasons why Hinkley nuclear power station is not the golden goose
08/11/2016 [-] Steam-Pipe Blast at Chinese Power Station Kills 21
08/11/2016 [-] Fallout over drone crash at nuclear power station...
08/11/2016 [-] 21 killed as steam pipe explodes at Chinese power station
08/11/2016 [-] Explosion of steam pipe at Chinese power station kills 21
08/10/2016 [-] Poland's PGE to spend up to million on power station upgrade
08/10/2016 [-] Admin building burns at Playford Power station in Port Augusta
08/06/2016 [-] Pine martens eat cake at Cruachan power station
08/05/2016 [-] Cake-eating pine martens thrive at underground power station
08/04/2016 [-] Industry not consulted over mothballing of power station, inquiry hears
07/31/2016 [-] Mercury rules out more power stations
07/29/2016 [-] Newspaper headlines Nuclear power station and air booze ban
07/26/2016 [-] 1,400 tonnes of toxic ash illegally stored in Brisbane and Gympie
07/21/2016 [-] China launches new alert system to tame wind power investments
07/19/2016 [-] First-ever geothermal power station to be built in Armenia
07/17/2016 [-] Didcot power station boiler house demolished
07/17/2016 [-] Didcot power station Search to resume after demolition
07/15/2016 [-] Company blames low energy prices for demise of power station
07/15/2016 [-] Oil Patch Bits Fluor granted full notice to build power station
07/14/2016 [-] Unused mini-power station to be dismantled now Tasmanian power crisis over
07/14/2016 [-] Mothballed SA power station fires up again
07/01/2016 [-] Old Wallerawang Power Station to be renewed
06/28/2016 [-] Dutch power stations use more coal to produce electricity
06/28/2016 [-] Pueblo City Council to delay power station decision another 12 weeks
06/28/2016 [-] Pueblo City Council intends to delay power station decision another 12 weeks
06/27/2016 [-] Power player talks to council about power station
06/26/2016 [-] Egypt- GE agrees with Harbin to establish coal-fired power station for
06/08/2016 [-] Repulse Power Station
06/07/2016 [-] Fire at Melbourne power station
06/05/2016 [-] Coal waste contractor to Queensland power station faces claims of unpaid debts
06/04/2016 [-] Solar-thermal plant using graphite proposed for Port Augusta
06/02/2016 [-] Libya government militias seize IS-held power station
05/29/2016 [-] Port Augusta power station's equipment to be auctioned ahead of demolition work
05/29/2016 [-] Auction of power station equipment to precede demolition work
05/25/2016 [-] Vic power station worker hospitalised
05/25/2016 [-] Man freed from Vic power station trench
05/25/2016 [-] Man trapped in Vic power station hole
05/23/2016 [-] Council faces final decision on Downtown power station
05/23/2016 [-] SA power station pumps flooded
05/22/2016 [-] Drunk driver hits Vic power station
05/18/2016 [-] Black Hills values old power station at million; city’s estimate million
05/12/2016 [-] Union bid for protected industrial action at Gippsland power station fails
05/10/2016 [-] Council told investor wants to save old Downtown power Stations 5&6
05/09/2016 [-] Port Augusta’s power station switched off
05/09/2016 [-] Port Augusta again facing jobs crisis, as power stations shut
05/09/2016 [-] Port Augusta power station switched off
05/09/2016 [-] Port Augusta's coal-fired power station closes in South Australia
05/09/2016 [-] The end for Port Augusta's coal power station
05/09/2016 [-] Alinta Energy power station closure
05/09/2016 [-] Inside the Port Augusta power station
05/08/2016 [-] Port Augusta's coal-fired power station closes
05/08/2016 [-] Port Augusta power stations close
05/05/2016 [-] Massive clean up bill with power station closure
05/05/2016 [-] Black Hills Energy wants final rate hike to finish power station
05/01/2016 [-] WA man dies in power station fall
05/01/2016 [-] Wonsan Army-People Power Station Goes Operational
04/28/2016 [-] FLASHBACK ISIS May Have Targeted Nuclear Power Station...
04/25/2016 [-] Kim Jong Un Provides Field Guidance to Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station No. 3
04/21/2016 [-] Latrobe Valley power plant pay stoush heads to court
04/15/2016 [-] Safety checks faked at German nuclear power stations
04/15/2016 [-] Delaying shutting power stations will bring big disruption later Climate Institute research
04/14/2016 [-] City planning commission gives old power station special status
04/12/2016 [-] New Leigh Creek power station announced for SA outback
04/12/2016 [-] New Leigh Creek power station announced
04/01/2016 [-] Pertamina cooperates with state firms to develop solar power stations
04/01/2016 [-] Dam Project of Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station No. 3 Completed
03/31/2016 [-] More diesel generators fired up to boost energy to Tasmania's power grid
03/31/2016 [-] No coal will be burnt at Eemshaven power station
03/31/2016 [-] More diesel generators fired up to boost energy to Tasmania's power grid
03/29/2016 [-] Dark Horse Resources Ltd cashes up to fire Argentinian coal power station
03/27/2016 [-] UAE- New Dh33.9m power station opens in UAQ
03/25/2016 [-] ISIS Attackers May Have Targeted Nuclear Power Station
03/17/2016 [-] Appolonia commissions 26 MW power station
03/12/2016 [-] Hinkley power station 'will go ahead'
03/04/2016 [-] Entergy subsidiaries close deal to buy Union Power Station
03/03/2016 [-] UAE- FEAW inaugurates Shaml power station in RAK
03/03/2016 [-] Labor calls for long-term gas contract for Tamar Valley Power Station
03/01/2016 [-] UK proposes early start to capacity power market scheme in 2017
02/29/2016 [-] VIDEO The power station inside a mountain
02/26/2016 [-] White Bay power station
02/25/2016 [-] Turbine upgrades mooted for Loy Yang B power station
02/24/2016 [-] Four feared dead after blast at disused British power station
02/24/2016 [-] Major search for power station missing
02/24/2016 [-] One dead, three missing after UK power station collapses
02/23/2016 [-] Didcot Power Station Fire crews to stay on scene overnight
02/23/2016 [-] One dead in power station collapse
02/23/2016 [-] Didcot Power Station Helpline launched for concerned relatives
02/23/2016 [-] Collapse at UK's Didcot power station, casualties reported
02/23/2016 [-] Several casualties at Didcot power station, major incident declared BBC
02/22/2016 [-] Syrian forces liberate strategic power station in Aleppo
02/15/2016 [-] Fire at Christchurch power station
02/07/2016 [-] Santee Cooper plans for Sunday demolition of power station near Lake Busbee
01/29/2016 [-] Gas-fired power station in remote NT community officially opened
01/26/2016 [-] Panic inside EDF board puts Hinkley power station at risk
01/25/2016 [-] Demolition decision Panel forces council’s opinion on power stations
01/11/2016 [-] Malware wasn't sole cause of Ukraine power station outage
01/11/2016 [-] Key power station shelled in Libya's Benghazi, power cuts feared
01/09/2016 [-] Artillery fire hits power station in Libya's Benghazi
12/23/2015 [-] Leigh Creek community seeks assurances about its future after mine, power stations close
12/21/2015 [-] French power station generates electricity for 1,500 homes from cheese
12/17/2015 [-] RemLife software helps power stations improve efficiency of operations
12/16/2015 [-] Hydro Tasmania to fire up Tamar Valley Power Station in 2016
12/15/2015 [-] No old power station sale; judge put on leave
12/15/2015 [-] Alinta Energy announces demolition plans for Port Augusta power stations
12/11/2015 [-] Workers return to fire up Tamar Valley Power Station
11/26/2015 [-] Egypt receives USD100m from KSA for major power station
11/26/2015 [-] Saudi fund loans to expand West Cairo Power Station
11/25/2015 [-] Plug pulled on coal-fired power station after death, accidents
11/25/2015 [-] UAE- FEWA inaugurates Jurf power station in Ajman
11/24/2015 [-] Greens unveil their renewable energy policy
11/23/2015 [-] Shut all Dutch coal-fired power stations, say professors
11/19/2015 [-] Unions welcome job guarantee in deal to sell Vales Point power station
11/19/2015 [-] Russia inks agreement to build nuclear power station in Egypt Rosatom
11/19/2015 [-] Last NSW-owned power station sold
11/18/2015 [-] The UK is closing all of its coal power stations
11/18/2015 [-] Britain must move away from coal power stations – minister
11/12/2015 [-] Workers offered counselling after Liddell power station explosion
11/12/2015 [-] Explosion at Hunter power station injures workers
11/09/2015 [-] Future of power station site
11/04/2015 [-] Radioactive honey found near nuclear power station
11/01/2015 [-] Decades after closure, Wangi power station still waiting for redevelopment
10/27/2015 [-] Fire at Power Station Delays Flights at South Africa's Cape Town Airport
10/22/2015 [-] Kuwait dive team monitors situation of dolphins at Subiya power station
10/21/2015 [-] Best International secures £2bn Chinese investment for power station
10/19/2015 [-] Unheeded cybersecurity threat leaves nuclear power stations open to attack
10/06/2015 [-] New power station in Mae Sot
09/30/2015 [-] Labour conference Every community should own a clean energy power station
09/27/2015 [-] VIDEO Power station chimneys demolished
09/26/2015 [-] Iconic power station stacks demolished
09/26/2015 [-] Power station's explosive demolition
09/19/2015 [-] Northern Power Station explosion hospitalises worker in South Australia
09/19/2015 [-] Power station closure could lead to higher power prices
09/19/2015 [-] Tourism seen as frontrunner to boost Port Augusta economy amid impending power station closure
09/19/2015 [-] Communities reel from decision to close power stations and coal mine
09/19/2015 [-] Alinta Energy to close Port Augusta power stations and Leigh Creek coal mine early
09/19/2015 [-] Billion dollar pipeline and power station abandoned
09/19/2015 [-] Hydro Tasmania sheds 20 staff in sale of turbine at Tamar Valley Power Station
09/09/2015 [-] Surry Power Station to test emergency sirens today
08/31/2015 [-] Pics Medupi power station is open
08/25/2015 [-] UK's AD capacity now greater than a nuclear power station
08/23/2015 [-] Kurdish militants attack Turkish power station, one soldier killed
08/23/2015 [-] World's largest solar power station to come up in MP
08/19/2015 [-] NZ may need another power station Meridian
08/18/2015 [-] Scotland's last coal-fired power station to close in March
08/18/2015 [-] Power station to close in March
08/17/2015 [-] Otahuhu power station closue 30 jobs affected
08/12/2015 [-] Faulty South Cairo power station causes outage
08/12/2015 [-] Hydro Tasmania sheds 20 staff in sale of power station turbine
08/07/2015 [-] Pakistan mob attacks power station in NW, cuts off supply
08/06/2015 [-] Explosion in eastern Iraq cuts power line from Iran
08/06/2015 [-] Coal no longer king at Huntly Power Station
07/30/2015 [-] Alinta Energy to close Port Augusta power stations early council
07/30/2015 [-] Alinta to close SA power stations sooner
07/28/2015 [-] Syrian Insurgents Capture Strategic Hills, Power Station
07/27/2015 [-] Zambia Kabompo Hydro Power Station Nears Completion
07/25/2015 [-] Zimbabwe ZPC Overhauls Hwange Power Station Unit
07/17/2015 [-] Egypt Presidential Decree to Expand West Cairo Power Station
07/16/2015 [-] At least one nuke power station for KZN
07/15/2015 [-] Miner to build solar power station
07/14/2015 [-] Nigeria IEI Pays N257.4 Million to Sapele Power Station
07/13/2015 [-] Deputies Body found at OUC power plant
07/07/2015 [-] Genesis axes Rodney power station plan
07/07/2015 [-] India firm to build 400 megawatts power station
07/04/2015 [-] US400m power station to be built in Accra
06/12/2015 [-] Mozambique Work On Second Cahora Bassa Power Station to Begin Soon
06/12/2015 [-] Doctors welcome Alinta Power Stations and Coal Mines
06/11/2015 [-] SA jobs lost as mine, power stations close
06/11/2015 [-] Jobs to go as power stations, mine close
06/11/2015 [-] Alinta Energy to close SA power stations, coal mine, 440 workers affected
06/11/2015 [-] SA jobs to go as power station, mine close
06/10/2015 [-] Police investigating cause of power station blaze
06/07/2015 [-] Four people injured after explosion at SA power station
06/07/2015 [-] Four injured in SA power station explosion
06/07/2015 [-] Two SA firefighters injured in power facility explosion
06/07/2015 [-] Firefighters injured at Port Augusta power station
06/04/2015 [-] South Africa Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa Vists Eskom's Lethabo Power Station
06/03/2015 [-] Eskom challenged on power station costs
05/31/2015 [-] AAP Government didn't allocate land for power stations Piyush Goyal
05/30/2015 [-] Zimbabwe U.S.1,4 Billion Funding for Hwange Power Station
05/27/2015 [-] South Africa Ancestors Delaying Medupi Power Station Commission
05/27/2015 [-] 'More Power Stations Needed'
05/26/2015 [-] Nigeria Seven Energy Begins Gas Delivery to Alaoji Power Station
05/25/2015 [-] Libyan power station shuts down for lack of fuel after tanker attack
05/20/2015 [-] to launch 750 MW capacity Banha power station
05/19/2015 [-] Power station 'to close in 2016'
05/13/2015 [-] South Africa Smoke At Power Station Shuts Down Unit
05/12/2015 [-] Nigeria Hydro Power Stations to the Rescue
05/12/2015 [-] Vic Anglesea coal, power station to close
05/12/2015 [-] Alcoa to close Anglesea power station, coal mine
05/12/2015 [-] Anglesea mine, power station to close
05/10/2015 [-] Egypt Six Coal-Operated Power Stations to Be Established in Remote Areas
05/07/2015 [-] South Africa Eskom On Ongoing Industrial Action At Medupi Power Station Project
04/29/2015 [-] Nigeria Seven Energy Begins Gas Supply to Calabar Power Station
04/28/2015 [-] Nigeria NIPP Power Stations Ready to Generate 2,910MW, Says Report
04/27/2015 [-] Taiwan nuclear power station catches fire
04/27/2015 [-] Nigeria Nigeria Electricity Regulator Seeks Control Over Gas Supply to Power Stations
04/17/2015 [-] AGL commits to closing power stations
04/16/2015 [-] Chief Nsokolo Nods Lunzua Power Station
04/15/2015 [-] Erongo Gas Power Station Operational By 2016
04/11/2015 [-] Delhi Metro to have first green power station
04/09/2015 [-] Power station problem in Maryland caused outages ac
04/09/2015 [-] Arab Fund loans Egypt for power station
04/08/2015 [-] Power station problem in Maryland caused outages across DC
04/07/2015 [-] Power station blast in Maryland causes outages across DC
04/07/2015 [-] Power station problem in Maryland causes outages across DC
04/07/2015 [-] VIDEO The floating pop-up power station
03/30/2015 [-] Chinese Scientists Plan Solar Power Station In Space
03/30/2015 [-] China plans to build huge space solar power station
03/27/2015 [-] Australia's most polluting power stations pose risks to economy, environment
03/26/2015 [-] Batoka Power Stations Erecting Set for Next Year
03/25/2015 [-] Nigeria Jonathan Commissions 504MW Alaoji Power Station
03/23/2015 [-] Scotlands most polluting power station to be shut down
03/23/2015 [-] Longannet power station to close
03/23/2015 [-] Malawi Japan Gives Malawi K20 Billion to Expand Tedzani Hydropower Station
03/16/2015 [-] Orascom to raise USD1.95b loans for Egypt power station
03/06/2015 [-] Move to keep power station 'back-up'
03/03/2015 [-] South Africa Progress Made in Medupi Power Station
03/03/2015 [-] South Africa Eskom's Medupi Power Station Produces First Electricity
03/02/2015 [-] Turning the tide? Worlds first lagoon power stations reach British shores
02/28/2015 [-] Basin Electric wants to expand Williston-area power station
02/27/2015 [-] Nigeria Olorunsogo II Power Station Not Commissioned By Obasanjo NDPHC
02/26/2015 [-] Nigeria 'Obasanjo Didn't Commission Olorunsogo II Power Station'
02/25/2015 [-] Power station may close in a year
02/24/2015 [-] Nigeria Jonathan Commissions Olorunshogo Power Station
02/23/2015 [-] Nigeria Jonathan Commissions Turbine At Egbin Power Station
02/20/2015 [-] Historic Perth power station up for sale
02/18/2015 [-] World first commercial wave power station switched on in Australia
02/11/2015 [-] Hampton Roads handles mock emergency at Surry Power Station
02/10/2015 [-] FEMA to conduct drill at Surry Power Station
01/28/2015 [-] Nigeria Total Completes Gas Pipeline to Alaoji Power Station
01/27/2015 [-] Nigeria Egbin Power Station Attains 1320 MW Installed Capacity
01/21/2015 [-] VIDEO Power station gets 10-year reprieve
01/20/2015 [-] 30 years of energy efficiency, 14 fewer power stations for UK
01/20/2015 [-] Chilima Visits Repair Works At Nkula Falls Power Station
01/14/2015 [-] South Africa Parliament Granted Access to Eskom Power Stations At DA's Request
01/14/2015 [-] Egypt- 45 referred to criminal court for bombing power stations
01/13/2015 [-] Egypt 45 Brotherhood Members Referred to Court for Vandalising Power Stations Prosecutor General
01/13/2015 [-] Zera Okays Hwange Power Station Expansion
01/12/2015 [-] Intense fighting in Ukraine traps miners, wrecks power station
01/08/2015 [-] Ghaziabad power station goods looted, staff robbed
12/31/2014 [-] Angola Govt to Acquire New Thermal Power Station
12/29/2014 [-] Zimbabwe Nyangani Renewable Energy Commissions Power Station
12/19/2014 [-] Myanmar's pop-up power stations
12/16/2014 [-] World's biggest solar power station to come up in Madhya Pradesh
12/16/2014 [-] Government Approves New Power Stations
12/10/2014 [-] Govt Approves New Power Stations
12/09/2014 [-] ANC bullies Eskom for power station
12/08/2014 [-] Kuwaiti fund loans Egypt for power station
12/07/2014 [-] Kuwait, Egypt sign USD105m deal on power station project
12/04/2014 [-] Tas Government flags sale of gas-fired Tamar Valley power station
11/27/2014 [-] Key Eskom power station in ash crisis
11/26/2014 [-] South Africa Teams Working On High Emissions At Lethabo Power Station
11/23/2014 [-] Shut nuclear power station is 'safe'
11/18/2014 [-] Nigeria Gas Supply Hiccups Stall Power Stations Sale BPE
11/11/2014 [-] U.S.52 Million Lunzua Power Station Completed
11/04/2014 [-] Power stations boost for Trustpower
11/03/2014 [-] Mystery Drones Over French Nuclear Sites
10/29/2014 [-] Life returns to London's iconic Battersea Power Station
10/20/2014 [-] Major Fire Breaks out at Didcot Power Station in Central England
10/20/2014 [-] Fire at power station investigated
10/19/2014 [-] Fire crews battle blaze at British power station
10/19/2014 [-] Didcot power station towers blown up
10/19/2014 [-] Major fire at Didcot B power station
10/17/2014 [-] Massive Fire Put Out At Power Station in North of Cairo
10/16/2014 [-] Warning over power station emissions
10/16/2014 [-] Kuwait- Sabah Al-Ahmad main power station running minister
10/11/2014 [-] Hydro power stations open to celebrate centenary
10/09/2014 [-] Britain to build new nuclear power station
10/07/2014 [-] Nigeria FG to Set Up 1,000MW Power Station in Enugu
10/06/2014 [-] Labor wants power station art gallery
09/29/2014 [-] Britain's Dungeness B-21 reactor returned to grid Sept. 27
09/23/2014 [-] Namibia Chinese Firm Preferred Bidder for Kudu Gas Power Station
09/22/2014 [-] Saudi to build solar power stations in 5 regions
09/19/2014 [-] Nigeria Fuel Scarcity Imminent As Strike Continues... Gas Supply to Power Stations Cut Off
09/18/2014 [-] Power stations must be maintained Eskom
09/10/2014 [-] Explosion at biomass power station, no-one injured
09/07/2014 [-] Construction on USD1b American solar power station begins
09/05/2014 [-] Zimbabwe Kariba South Power Station to Empower Zimbabweans, President
09/05/2014 [-] 4 arrested for power station 'sabotage' plot
09/04/2014 [-] Power station fault cuts electricity, water and internet in Cairo
09/04/2014 [-] Africa World Water Week How to Plan Hydropower Stations for the Future
09/02/2014 [-] Mozambique President Inaugurates Gas Fired Power Station
09/02/2014 [-] Battersea Power Station and the renovation debate
09/01/2014 [-] Ethiopian Electric to Rehabilitate Hydro-Power Stations
08/30/2014 [-] Mozambique Guebuza Inaugurates Gas-Fired Power Station
08/29/2014 [-] Eklutna power station progresses; needs transition in early 2015
08/29/2014 [-] Indian power station coal stocks lowest since 2012 blackouts
08/27/2014 [-] New coal power stations threat to EU's emissions target
08/27/2014 [-] Dutch officials worried about Belgian nuclear power station safety
08/27/2014 [-] Nigeria Total Builds U.S.900 Million Pipeline to Supply Gas to Alaoji Power Station
08/22/2014 [-] Zimbabwe Bulawayo Power Station Shut Down
08/20/2014 [-] Nigeria FG Approves Extension of Payment Deadline for Afam Power Station, Kaduna Disco
08/15/2014 [-] South Africa Medupi Power Station 'Ready By December'
08/14/2014 [-] UAE's TAQA to buy 50 percent stake in Iraqi power station
08/11/2014 [-] EDF shuts two nuclear power stations
08/08/2014 [-] Waste wood to power 3.4MW biomass power station
08/08/2014 [-] NT to get first private power station
08/07/2014 [-] Overhaul at nuclear power station
08/04/2014 [-] Capopa Power Station to Start Generating Energy in November
08/04/2014 [-] Jailed Ex-Farafenni Power Station Manager, Other Lose Appeal
07/31/2014 [-] VIDEO Footage captures power station fire
07/31/2014 [-] Fire breaks out at power station
07/29/2014 [-] Coal power station to close, two years after 50m bailout
07/29/2014 [-] TransAlta to build US536M power station in Australia
07/29/2014 [-] Gaza's sole power plant knocked out by Israeli strike official
07/28/2014 [-] TransAlta to Build Power Station in Western Australia
07/28/2014 [-] Cunene With New Power Station
07/27/2014 [-] Farewell to treasured power station blot
07/27/2014 [-] Power station dust clean-up revealed
07/12/2014 [-] Fifth body found in power station
07/10/2014 [-] Nigeria BPE, NCP Ask Court Not to Stop Power Stations' Privatisation
07/10/2014 [-] Standard Bank to Finance Gas Fired Power Station
07/07/2014 [-] Unidentified Attackers Blow up Power Station in Kirkuk
07/03/2014 [-] Old coal-fired power stations to remain open after all, says minister
07/02/2014 [-] Burlington pays off debt on McNeil power station
07/01/2014 [-] Nigeria Lagos Power Station Shut Over Staff Assault
06/25/2014 [-] Tribunal backs sale of NSW power stations
06/21/2014 [-] Sapa sets record straight on power stations
06/19/2014 [-] Power station closed for five months
06/13/2014 [-] The site of the world's most famous power station
06/06/2014 [-] Big blast hits Kosovo power station
06/06/2014 [-] Namibia Arandis Power Station Awaiting Final Approval
06/05/2014 [-] New Metro-North power substation opens in Conn.
06/04/2014 [-] Surry Power Station to test sirens next week
06/04/2014 [-] Optimism over nuclear power station
05/31/2014 [-] Mozambique France and Mozambique Sign Power Station Agreement
05/30/2014 [-] Zimbabwe Faults at Power Stations Trigger Countrywide Blackout
05/21/2014 [-] Carbon capture call Power station projects must be fast-tracked, say MPs
05/19/2014 [-] Nigeria Maiduguri Power Station to Be Commissioned Soon Minister
05/09/2014 [-] Uskmouth B power station to shut
05/07/2014 [-] £500m worth of homes sell in days at Battersea Power Station
05/05/2014 [-] Kenyan Police Kill Two Suspects Attempting to Raid Mandera Power Station
05/05/2014 [-] Kenya Terror Plot to Blow Up Power Station Foiled
05/01/2014 [-] Nigeria Power Stations' Privatisation Talks Between Ethiope, BPE Collapse
05/01/2014 [-] Power Stations Privatisation Talks Between Ethiope, BPE Collapse
04/29/2014 [-] Nigeria Japanese Contractors to Resume Work At Egbin Power Station
04/24/2014 [-] VIDEO fly around iconic Battersea Power Station
04/14/2014 [-] Solar-thermal push continues for Port Augusta power station
04/10/2014 [-] Zimbabwe Firms Discuss Gwayi Power Station Funding
04/08/2014 [-] Nigeria Employers Caution Unions Against Picketing of Power Stations
04/07/2014 [-] LUXA2 P-MEGA 41600mAh World?s Largest Power Station Review @ eTeknix
04/04/2014 [-] Arctic Directory BP's Prudhoe Bay power station recognized for safety
04/04/2014 [-] Government's new solar strategy aims to turn 'rooftops into power stations'
04/04/2014 [-] Fire at terminal station cuts power to thousands of homes
04/02/2014 [-] Nigeria FG to Set Up Special Court to Try Pipeline Vandals, Power Station Saboteurs
03/26/2014 [-] Nigeria Power Stations Privatisation Ethiope, BPE in Out-of-Court Settlement
03/24/2014 [-] South Africa Eskom's Application for Increased Air Pollution from its Kriel Power Station Refused
03/21/2014 [-] Surry Power Station gets a glowing review
03/19/2014 [-] Malawi Tedzani Hydropower Station Expansion to Benefit From Japanese Grant
03/15/2014 [-] Mozambique Government and ACWA Sign Agreement On Power Station
03/14/2014 [-] Al-Shabaab Loots Power Stations in El Bur, Cuts Off Electricity and Water
03/10/2014 [-] Public meetings in Bristol Avonmouth about new Biomass Power Station
03/06/2014 [-] Fire near power station contained
03/05/2014 [-] Kenya Fire At Kengen Power Station in Garissa Causes Blackout
03/04/2014 [-] Nigeria set to privatise 10 power stations
03/04/2014 [-] NSW disappointed by power station decision
03/04/2014 [-] ACCC opposes sale of NSW power stations
02/27/2014 [-] Tamil Nadu to set up 660 MW power station
02/27/2014 [-] Couple turning derelict Hydro power station into dream home
02/27/2014 [-] Power station safe after emergency
02/26/2014 [-] Gas leak at Northland power station
02/26/2014 [-] Carbon Capture Project at Gas-Fired Power Station Announced in the UK
02/25/2014 [-] Police hunt arsonist as new blaze burns in towards power station
02/19/2014 [-] Londoners to be given priority for Battersea power station homes
02/12/2014 [-] NSW to net from power station sale
02/12/2014 [-] NSW govt agrees to power stations sale
02/11/2014 [-] Vic power station fire threat passes
02/11/2014 [-] Power station output 'could double'
02/10/2014 [-] Fire leaves Vic power station low on coal
02/09/2014 [-] California Power Station Attack Raises Concerns
02/07/2014 [-] Lawmakers push to protect electric grid after report on power station attack
02/05/2014 [-] Sniper Attack On Calif. Power Station Raises Terrorism Fears
02/05/2014 [-] Assault on California Power Station Raises Alarm on Potential for Terrorism
02/04/2014 [-] Fire breaks out at power station
02/03/2014 [-] Yallourn power station fire, 'an act of sabotage'
01/22/2014 [-] Undercover cop lands taxpayers with £1m bill as 29 convictions quashed
01/20/2014 [-] Nigeria Egbin Power Station to Raise Output to 1,350MW
01/19/2014 [-] Southern Africa Southern Africa Targets Virtual Power Station
01/14/2014 [-] Mozambique Japan to Finance New Maputo Power Station
01/14/2014 [-] Nampower to Rehabilitate Zim Power Stations
01/13/2014 [-] Nigeria Union Pickets Power Stations Tuesday
01/11/2014 [-] VIDEO New power stations light up Africa
01/10/2014 [-] Oil Patch Bits BP's Prudhoe Bay power station recognized for safety
12/23/2013 [-] Gaza Strips Only Power Station Totally Shut
12/19/2013 [-] Crisis plan for old power stations
12/18/2013 [-] UPDATE 1-Centrica sells Texas power stations to Blackstone for mln
12/18/2013 [-] Centrica sells Texas power stations to Blackstone for mln
12/17/2013 [-] Kenya Finland Funds Juja Road Power Station Upgrade
12/15/2013 [-] Gaza power station fires up after 50-day halt
12/15/2013 [-] Gaza's sole power station begins working again
12/15/2013 [-] Gaza's sole power station begins working again
12/11/2013 [-] NSW MP has issues with power station sales
12/09/2013 [-] UPDATE 1-Kazakhmys sells power station stake as mine costs rise
12/06/2013 [-] Surry Power Station to test emergency siren
12/03/2013 [-] Opposition Grows to UK Government Subsidy For Hinkley Nuclear Power Station
12/01/2013 [-] Power station temporarily withdrawn for maintenance
11/20/2013 [-] Siren test set today for North Anna Power Station
11/15/2013 [-] Total Cost of Suez Power Station Estimated At Egp 325 Million
11/14/2013 [-] Egypt Total Cost of Suez Power Station Estimated At Egp 325 Million
11/12/2013 [-] Iwi pleased power station's effect exposed
11/08/2013 [-] Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority Reports on Conditions at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
11/08/2013 [-] Will the Battersea Power Station revamp ruin the brick beast
11/04/2013 [-] Don’t let Eskom near nuclear power stations
11/03/2013 [-] Israel Corps power station still shut down
11/03/2013 [-] Nigeria FG Hands Over Power Stations to New Investors in Lagos, Abuja
11/02/2013 [-] Mozambique Manica Power Stations to Be Rehabilitated
11/02/2013 [-] Gaza Strips Only Power Station Totally Shut
11/02/2013 [-] Mozambique Manica Power Stations to Be Rehabilitated
10/28/2013 [-] Zimbabwe Nampower Keen to Work On City Power Stations
10/28/2013 [-] How do you close a nuclear power station?
10/28/2013 [-] Nampower Keen to Work On City Power Stations
10/24/2013 [-] Qatar and Kuwait could buy into Hinkley Point power station
10/23/2013 [-] Frank Gehry to design part of London’s Battersea power station development
10/23/2013 [-] Frank Gehry to design part of Londons Battersea power station scheme
10/23/2013 [-] Frank Gehry to design part of London's Battersea power station scheme
10/22/2013 [-] Martin Rowson on a new nuclear power station for Britain – cartoon
10/21/2013 [-] Hinkley Point nuclear power station a new type of nationalisation
10/21/2013 [-] EDF British Government Agree For Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station
10/21/2013 [-] Britain to build first nuclear power station for 20 years in EDF deal
10/20/2013 [-] Nuclear power station at Hinkley gets go-ahead as coalition signs off EDF deal
10/18/2013 [-] Chancellor says China can invest in British nuclear power stations
10/18/2013 [-] UK 'extremely close' on nuclear power station deal
10/17/2013 [-] Israel Corp. mulls selling Mishor Rotem power station
10/17/2013 [-] China will be allowed to buy UK nuclear power stations George Osborne says
10/14/2013 [-] Mass blackout hits cities in Syria as power stations damaged
10/13/2013 [-] VIDEO 'Extremely close' on power station deal
10/11/2013 [-] AP Employees call off stir; power stations resume operation
10/09/2013 [-] EBRD allocates credit for biomass power station construction near Kyiv
10/07/2013 [-] Africa Stop Building New Coal-Fired Power Stations to Avoid Climate Chaos, Says Greenpeace
10/05/2013 [-] Seemandhra bandh affects work at power station in Kadapa
10/04/2013 [-] Madras Atomic Power Station official commits suicide
10/03/2013 [-] Geothermal power station opens near Taupo
10/02/2013 [-] OPEC to help finance power station in Egypt
09/29/2013 [-] 1965 First Satellite Solar Power Station Design Patented
09/27/2013 [-] Construction of Dam for Batoka Gorge hydroelectric power stations to start next year
09/26/2013 [-] 'Closing coal-fired power stations breaks competition law'
09/22/2013 [-] Iran takes keys of Bushehr nuclear power station from Russia
09/22/2013 [-] Queues for Battersea Power Station
09/20/2013 [-] Zuma re-opens Grootvlei Power Station
09/18/2013 [-] EPC tender floated for power station in Khasab
09/17/2013 [-] Burned by China Indonesia coal miners turn to power stations
09/15/2013 [-] Israel Corp unit buys 2nd Chilean power station
09/05/2013 [-] Major copper theft at power station
09/04/2013 [-] Surry Power Station to test sirens next week
09/04/2013 [-] Former power station worker wins asbestos disease payout
09/04/2013 [-] Ormat completes 100MW New Zealand geothermal power station
09/03/2013 [-] Aberthaw Power Station Tree Felling for Biomass?
09/02/2013 [-] New power station handed over
08/30/2013 [-] Giga Solar Materials to set up PV power station in Japan
08/24/2013 [-] Third coal power station on cards
08/23/2013 [-] India preparing first floating solar power station
08/21/2013 [-] First Indian floating solar power station by 2014
08/20/2013 [-] Kenya Thika Power Station Now Up and Running
08/14/2013 [-] Greece Santorini island in darkness after power station blaze
08/14/2013 [-] Siemens to supply power station for LNG project
08/13/2013 [-] Power station fire causes Santorini blackout
08/13/2013 [-] Greece's Santorini in darkness after power station blaze
08/13/2013 [-] Power station fire causes blackout for entire Greek island
08/07/2013 [-] Mozambique New Power Station to Generate 150 Megawatts
08/05/2013 [-] Nigeria Sale of Power Stations
08/05/2013 [-] Sale of Power Stations
07/31/2013 [-] Turkish owners of Malta Freeport bidding for power station
07/30/2013 [-] Rwanda Local Investor Eyes Akanyaru Power Station
07/29/2013 [-] NSW power stations for sale
07/29/2013 [-] Rwanda Local Investor Eyes Akanyaru Power Station
07/29/2013 [-] VIDEO Power station chimney demolished
07/25/2013 [-] NSW sells Delta power stations for
07/25/2013 [-] Energy Australia pays 160m for NSW power stations
07/25/2013 [-] NSW sells Delta power stations
07/24/2013 [-] 12-year-old boy recovering from Vt. power accident
07/23/2013 [-] Electricity Ministry Signs Contract to Construct Solar Power Stations
07/17/2013 [-] China- World's third largest hydropower station is officially operational
07/17/2013 [-] Energy industry wants to suspend power stations
07/17/2013 [-] China- Worlds third largest hydropower station is officially operational
07/16/2013 [-] Chinas second-largest hydropower station starts operation
07/15/2013 [-] Wildcat strike at Eskom's power station
07/13/2013 [-] Teenage passenger killed in head-on crash near Drax power station
07/11/2013 [-] Power station problem leaves about 700 in the dark in Detroit
07/11/2013 [-] Namibia Old Luderitz Power Station Starts to Rise
07/09/2013 [-] S.Africa's mega power station delayed until 2014
07/08/2013 [-] Police probe launched at Medupi power station
07/08/2013 [-] S.Africas mega power station delayed until 2014
07/05/2013 [-] Another attempt at redevelopment kicks off at Battersea Power Station
07/02/2013 [-] RNLI rescue fisherman from boat wreckage near Torness Power Station
06/29/2013 [-] Blackout Britain threat MPs want Government to delay closure of fossil fuel power stations
06/27/2013 [-] New geothermal power station at full capacity
06/22/2013 [-] Police probe dispute link to power station fire
06/22/2013 [-] Vic power station could be closed for days
06/21/2013 [-] Staff locked out of Vic power station
06/19/2013 [-] WA power station costs public Labor
06/19/2013 [-] WA power station costs public Labor
06/15/2013 [-] Alba appoints new Power Station Director
06/13/2013 [-] Second unit at Madras Atomic Power Station to re-start by September
06/13/2013 [-] E.ON wins tender to build mega green power station in Antwerp port
06/11/2013 [-] Nigeria FG Takes Over Geregu II Power Station From Siemens
06/10/2013 [-] Outrage Over Former Schoellkopf Power Station
06/08/2013 [-] EWA Builds Two Power Stations in Isa Towns Souq
06/07/2013 [-] Power station protesters sentenced
06/04/2013 [-] Foundations laid for largest private power station
05/31/2013 [-] Wildfire sparked near power stations in Los Angeles
05/31/2013 [-] Wildfire sparked near power stations north of LA
05/28/2013 [-] Burning US trees in UK power stations
05/28/2013 [-] VIDEO Why burn US trees in UK power stations?
05/20/2013 [-] Battersea Power Station's Phase 1 records RM3.12b sales
05/20/2013 [-] Battersea Power Stations Phase 1 records RM3.12b sales
05/16/2013 [-] Nuclear power station open to public
05/15/2013 [-] Polish combined-cycle gas-fired power station lands EIB loan
05/14/2013 [-] Claimants pursue power station land rights
05/13/2013 [-] NCC awarded Dhs850 in contracts for power stations in UAE
05/11/2013 [-] Watch International Space Station emergency spacewalk to fix ammonia leak in power station live
05/07/2013 [-] Kewaunee Power Station Shut Down Begins Today
05/01/2013 [-] Report Syrias Assad makes rare public appearance visits Damascus power station
04/30/2013 [-] Sirens at power station no cause for alarm
04/25/2013 [-] Kewaunee Power Station's 60-Year Decommission Plan
04/15/2013 [-] Transformer failure shuts down reactor at Madras Atomic Power Station
04/14/2013 [-] A powerful earthquake has struck close to Iran`s only nuclear power station.…
04/11/2013 [-] Angola Electrical Sector Invests in Construction of Power Stations
04/10/2013 [-] Power stations face problems
04/10/2013 [-] Earthquake near Iranian nuclear power station leaves four people dead
04/09/2013 [-] Quake hits Iran near its only nuclear power station
04/09/2013 [-] Quake near Iran's Bushehr nuke power station leaves 3 dead
04/09/2013 [-] Earthquake near Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power station
04/09/2013 [-] 'Delta wants €1bn in subsidies to convert coal-fired power station'
04/07/2013 [-] Londons cooking waste to fuel power station
04/03/2013 [-] Militants force their way into a power station in northwest Pakistan kill 7
04/03/2013 [-] Power Station on the radar
04/03/2013 [-] Militants kill 7 take 4 hostage in attack on power station in Pakistan
04/03/2013 [-] 7 dead power cut in Peshawar after attack on Pakistan power station
04/02/2013 [-] Suspected militants attack Pakistan power station seven dead
04/02/2013 [-] Gunmen attack Pakistan power station kill 7
04/02/2013 [-] Fuel cells make power stations obsolete
04/02/2013 [-] Seven die as militants storm Peshawar power station
04/02/2013 [-] Seven Dead In Assault On Pakistani Power Station
04/02/2013 [-] Pakistan Militants Hit Power Station
04/02/2013 [-] Militants Kill 7 in Attack on Pakistan Power Station
04/02/2013 [-] Suspected militants attack Pakistan power station, 7 dead
04/02/2013 [-] Pakistani power station destroyed
04/02/2013 [-] Suspected militants attack Pakistan power station, seven dead
04/01/2013 [-] Biomass Power Station On the Cards
03/26/2013 [-] Upgrade for Power Stations
03/25/2013 [-] Zimbabwe Upgrade for Power Stations
03/23/2013 [-] VIDEO Power station's big switch-off
03/23/2013 [-] Farewell to treasured power station blot
03/21/2013 [-] Gazprom may buy European gas-fired power stations
03/20/2013 [-] VIDEO New nuclear power station approved
03/19/2013 [-] VIDEO Inside Hinkley B nuclear power station
03/19/2013 [-] Ed Davey approves Hinkley nuclear power station plans
03/16/2013 [-] Final curtains for one of Europe's 'most polluting power stations'
03/13/2013 [-] SAOG bags EPC power station contract in Oman
03/07/2013 [-] Fires after power station diesel spill
03/06/2013 [-] Biofuels MPs to consider subsidies for power stations
02/28/2013 [-] Ireland to sell Spanish British power station stakes
02/21/2013 [-] Abandoned nuclear power station Stendal Arneburg
02/20/2013 [-] Huge blaze at Britain's biggest biomass power station
02/20/2013 [-] Australia to invest in pathway to solar thermal for coal-fired power station
02/20/2013 [-] UK Plans 10 New Nuclear Power Stations
02/20/2013 [-] Is the Battersea Power Station safe with Sime Darby?
02/18/2013 [-] Hongyanhe nuclear power station in NE China
02/17/2013 [-] IEC links Israel Corp. private power station to grid
02/07/2013 [-] Occupied power station charges
02/01/2013 [-] ANC prods DA over power station probe
01/22/2013 [-] Nigeria Siemens Restates Commitment to 10,000MW Power Station
01/17/2013 [-] Small Scale Solar Power Stations Delivered
01/16/2013 [-] Viruses infect vital control systems at TWO US power stations
01/16/2013 [-] Egypt secures loan for power station
01/15/2013 [-] Russia to lend to Bangladesh to build nuclear power station buy arms
01/09/2013 [-] Bushfire near NSW power station contained
12/27/2012 [-] Xcel Energy to Hold Job Fair for Kewaunee Power Station Workers
12/27/2012 [-] Location for the 5th power station finalized
12/26/2012 [-] Cuba reopens oldest hydro power station with Chinese support
12/25/2012 [-] Cuba reopens oldest hydro-power station
12/21/2012 [-] Gunmen attack Ivory Coast security targets, power station
12/18/2012 [-] Nigeria Insufficient Gas Supply Hampers Operations of Four Power Stations
12/17/2012 [-] Power station between lakes Wanaka and Hawea
12/12/2012 [-] Surry Power Station sirens to be tested today
12/09/2012 [-] Surry Power Station sirens to be tested Wednesday
12/06/2012 [-] Zambia Sata Orders Zesco...Develop More Hydro-Power Stations
12/06/2012 [-] Zambia Sata Orders Zesco...Develop More Hydro-Power Stations
12/06/2012 [-] OFID loans Tunisia USD 50 mln to fund power station
12/05/2012 [-] Former power station sold to Port Taranaki
12/05/2012 [-] Port Taranaki buys bulk of old power station site
12/04/2012 [-] Former power station site sold to Port Taranaki
12/04/2012 [-] Gas strategy could provide up to 30 new power stations
12/01/2012 [-] Mozambique Gas-Fired Power Station Inaugurated
12/01/2012 [-] Gas-Fired Power Station Inaugurated
11/30/2012 [-] Kubota Power Station Complements Scrapped Coal Power Plant Project
11/27/2012 [-] Power station, airport SCADA defences 'dead as a dodo'
11/26/2012 [-] EDF wins site licence to build first new nuclear power station in 25 years
11/25/2012 [-] LE2.88 Wind Power Station to Be Set Up in Gabel El-Zeit
11/25/2012 [-] Egypt LE2.88 Wind Power Station to Be Set Up in Gabel El-Zeit
11/22/2012 [-] Bord na Mona worker dies in accident at ESB power station
11/21/2012 [-] Man dies in accident at Longford power station
11/21/2012 [-] Central Electricity Generating Company Launches Safety Campaign at Rehab Gas Turbine Power Station
11/19/2012 [-] Battersea power station big visions and glum predictions
11/18/2012 [-] PM Odinga in Seoul to Sign Deal for New Power Station
11/14/2012 [-] contract awarded for Mount Isa power station
11/14/2012 [-] Chinas 1st tower-type solar-thermal power station
11/13/2012 [-] Construction of 650 Million Maamba Power Station Starts
11/13/2012 [-] China builds first tower-type solar-thermal power station
11/12/2012 [-] VIDEO Drax power station to burn wood and biomass
11/11/2012 [-] Zimbabwe Mini-Hydro Power Station Changes Lives
11/09/2012 [-] Citadel opens Egypt's first private power station
11/09/2012 [-] Blast at Dutch power station no injuries official
11/08/2012 [-] Armenia Iran to begin construction of Meghri hydro power station
11/08/2012 [-] Perth Energy to manage Merredin power station
11/06/2012 [-] Chinas 3rd-largest hydropower station starts operation
11/05/2012 [-] Four arrests end power station demo
10/30/2012 [-] Three atomic power stations to have new heads
10/30/2012 [-] Gas power station occupied by No Dash for Gas
10/30/2012 [-] No Dash For Gas promise to occupy power station for as long as possible
10/30/2012 [-] 66953 on 4G05, 0958, West Burton Power Station Drax Power Station empty HHAs
10/30/2012 [-] CCGT Project West Burton power station, UK
10/30/2012 [-] West Burton power station occupation by No Dash for Gas
10/30/2012 [-] ELN npower open Staythorpe power station
10/30/2012 [-] wide load at west burton power station ALE LIFT
10/30/2012 [-] High marnham Power station R_I_P
10/30/2012 [-] Anti-gas protesters scale chimneys at West Burton Power Station
10/29/2012 [-] Russia offers to build Britains nuclear power stations
10/29/2012 [-] Anti-gas protesters scale chimneys at West Burton Power Station in Nottinghamshire
10/29/2012 [-] UK's newest gas power station shut down and occupied
10/29/2012 [-] Labourer dies after falling from boiler of thermal power station
10/29/2012 [-] West Burton Power Station action
10/29/2012 [-] Protesters held at power station
10/28/2012 [-] Minister EGP 80 Billion Investments for New Power Stations
10/25/2012 [-] Buildings to become 'power stations' under renewable energy project
10/25/2012 [-] Centrica scraps plans for two biomass power stations
10/25/2012 [-] China to resume construction of nuclear power stations
10/22/2012 [-] Kewaunee Power Station to Shut Down Next Year
10/22/2012 [-] Without buyer, Dominion to close Wis. power plant
10/22/2012 [-] Pumping fuel to Gaza power station to start soon
10/20/2012 [-] Power station construction suspended
10/19/2012 [-] Enerji on the home stretch at Carnarvon Power Station
10/18/2012 [-] Four power stations worth of locally-owned renewable schemes could be installed by 2020
10/17/2012 [-] Gunmen Attack Ivory Coast Power Station and Security Facilities
10/16/2012 [-] Gunmen attack Ivory Coast power station, security facilities
10/16/2012 [-] Gunmen attack Ivory Coast power station
10/16/2012 [-] Gunmen attack Ivory Coast power stations, security facilities
10/15/2012 [-] Gunmen attack Ivory Coast power stations security facilities
10/15/2012 [-] Poland sticks to plan to build billion nuclear power station
10/14/2012 [-] Firefighters battle blaze at Murray power station
10/12/2012 [-] New gas power stations may be built
10/11/2012 [-] Jobs go as Qld power station winds back
10/08/2012 [-] Egypt Power Sector Signs Two Contracts for North Giza Power Station With EGP40 Million
10/07/2012 [-] Nigeria Shell to Shut Down Afam Power Station
10/07/2012 [-] Nigeria Shell to Shut Down Afam Power Station
10/07/2012 [-] Shell to shut down Afam power station
10/06/2012 [-] Blackouts possible as coal power stations go offline early warns Ofgem
10/05/2012 [-] I.Coast eyes mln from Chinas Exim for new power station
10/03/2012 [-] Franco-Chinese consortium pulls out of new Wylfa nuclear power station bid reports the FT
09/28/2012 [-] Azerbaijan’s first hybrid power station to connect to common network
09/27/2012 [-] Nigeria Workers Reject N110 Billion Price for Five Power Stations
09/27/2012 [-] Nigeria Workers Reject N110 Billion Price for Five Power Stations
09/26/2012 [-] Nigeria Preferred Bidders Get Five Power Stations for N10 Billion
09/25/2012 [-] RWE npower announces opening of Pembroke Power Station
09/18/2012 [-] Didcot and Fawley power stations to close in 2013
09/18/2012 [-] Mozambique Plans for Ncondezi Power Station Advance
09/17/2012 [-] Roodepoort power station fire causes havoc
09/16/2012 [-] Walkers urge power stations' conversion
09/15/2012 [-] Namibia Coal-Fired Power Station Operational By 2014
09/12/2012 [-] Chinese firm to build Guyanas largest hydro-power station
09/12/2012 [-] Nigeria Alaoji Power Station, Three Others Generate 1,150MW
09/12/2012 [-] Medupi power station remains closed
09/11/2012 [-] Surry Power Station sirens to be tested Wednesday
09/07/2012 [-] Power stations deny theyre better off
09/06/2012 [-] France Nuclear Power Station Two injured in Steam Blast Incident
09/05/2012 [-] Battersea power station developer banks on sales jolt
09/05/2012 [-] Battersea power station redevelopment to begin this year
09/05/2012 [-] More nuclear waste found near Dounray power station
09/05/2012 [-] Australian govt not to pay for closing down highly polluting power stations
09/05/2012 [-] Govt won't pay power stations to close
09/05/2012 [-] Government scraps plans to shut dirty power stations
09/05/2012 [-] News Corp investors unhappy with Murdoch domination
09/05/2012 [-] Govts breach of faith on power stations
09/05/2012 [-] Power station closure talks reportedly break down
09/05/2012 [-] No cash to shut down power stations
09/05/2012 [-] UPDATE 1-Australia's Fortescue sells power station; shares tumble
09/05/2012 [-] Fortescue sells power station to raise
09/05/2012 [-] Fortescue sells power station for
09/03/2012 [-] Egypt plans power stations for winter months
08/22/2012 [-] Atomic power station reactors to generate 340 MW
08/21/2012 [-] Power Station Honors Late North Korean Leader With Monument
08/21/2012 [-] Environmentalists want power stations shut
08/20/2012 [-] Madras Atomic Power Station to restart after shutdown
08/13/2012 [-] Carbon price drop casts doubt on power station closure scheme
08/12/2012 [-] Nigeria Shiroro Power Station Is Working Says Nnaji
08/12/2012 [-] Nigeria Shiroro Power Station Is Working, Says Nnaji
08/12/2012 [-] ‘Shiroro power station not shut down’
08/11/2012 [-] Power station director suspended
08/09/2012 [-] Wylfa power station given two-year reprieve from closure
08/09/2012 [-] North Anna Power Station sirens to be tested
08/07/2012 [-] Kurdistan inks power station deal with South Korea's Posko
08/07/2012 [-] Kurdistan inks power station deal with South Koreas Posko
08/06/2012 [-] Eskom Invests Million in Power Stations
08/05/2012 [-] Nigeria NNPC Signs Gas Supply Pacts for Power Stations
08/03/2012 [-] EDL denounces irate citizens attack on power station
08/02/2012 [-] Yugadanavi power station back to full capacity
08/01/2012 [-] Egypt New Power Stations to Curb Power Outage Problems
08/01/2012 [-] New Power Stations to Curb Power Outage Problems
07/30/2012 [-] JICA approves loan for Iraq power station
07/28/2012 [-] Bulawayo Thermal Power Station Needs Urgent Refurbishment
07/28/2012 [-] Zimbabwe Bulawayo Thermal Power Station Needs Urgent Refurbishment
07/28/2012 [-] Abul-Naga 20 Million From Germany for Aswan Power Stations
07/27/2012 [-] Federal cash pulled from Latrobe Valley power station
07/27/2012 [-] Federal funding withdrawn for Latrobe Valley power station
07/27/2012 [-] Funding pulled for Latrobe Valley power station
07/27/2012 [-] Funding pulled from Latrobe Valley power station
07/26/2012 [-] Egypt Abul-Naga ?20 MN From Germany for Aswan Power Stations
07/25/2012 [-] Moz to build gas-fired power stations
07/22/2012 [-] Saudi- SR 326 Million Power Station Implemented in Yanbu
07/20/2012 [-] Mozambique Guebuza Inaugurates Gas-Fired Power Station
07/20/2012 [-] Solar thermal plan for coal-fired power station
07/18/2012 [-] Nigeria FG to Begin Survey for 3000 Megawatts Coal Power Stations
07/18/2012 [-] Nigeria FG to Begin Survey for 3,000 Megawatts Coal Power Stations
07/16/2012 [-] Younis Singing Contract for Benha Power Station at Egp27 Million
07/16/2012 [-] Egypt Younis Singing Contract for Benha Power Station at Egp27 Million
07/13/2012 [-] S.Africa nuclear power station returns to normalcy after
07/11/2012 [-] Debt Cripples Kariba Power Station
07/05/2012 [-] Wuskwatim power station officially opens
07/05/2012 [-] Malaysian firms buy London's Battersea Power Station
07/05/2012 [-] Malaysians win the battle for Battersea Power Station
07/04/2012 [-] UPDATE 1-Malaysian team buys Battersea Power Station site
07/04/2012 [-] Malaysian team buy Battersea power station site
07/03/2012 [-] Swiss engineering group wins power station contract in Iraq
07/02/2012 [-] £800m power station plans on show
07/01/2012 [-] US- Footprint Power buys Salem Harbor Power Station
06/30/2012 [-] 'No radiation from Rajasthan atomic power station'
06/27/2012 [-] New power stations ensure uninterrupted electricty in Bahrain
06/26/2012 [-] Firm drops power station plans
06/26/2012 [-] Key Victorian power station bailed out
06/24/2012 [-] Two Contracts Inked to Equip Power Stations
06/24/2012 [-] Israel power stations get nod to use heavier polluting fuels
06/24/2012 [-] Egypt Two Contracts Inked to Equip Power Stations
06/24/2012 [-] Israel power stations get nod to use heavier-polluting fuels
06/22/2012 [-] Yallourn power station suffers from ongoing flooding
06/21/2012 [-] Sweden on alert after explosives found near nuclear power station
06/21/2012 [-] Pacific Energy in power station win for Tropicana
06/20/2012 [-] RWE gets last Eemshaven coal-fired power station permit
06/19/2012 [-] Ncondezi Coal Plans Huge Power Station
06/15/2012 [-] SSE buys up Irish power stations
06/14/2012 [-] Appeal lodged against Westlink power station
06/12/2012 [-] Financing Sought to Upgrade Power Station
06/10/2012 [-] IEC mulls fueling Tel Aviv power station with tankers
06/09/2012 [-] Chelsea loses Battersea power station bid to build stadium
06/08/2012 [-] Zuma power stations to create jobs
06/08/2012 [-] Kazakhstan is to decide what nuclear power station it needs
06/07/2012 [-] Battersea Power Station preferred buyers chosen
06/07/2012 [-] S P Setia, Sime to acquire UK Battersea power station for RM2bil
06/07/2012 [-] Victorian power station hit by floods
06/06/2012 [-] Flood crisis threatens power station
06/01/2012 [-] Power station purchase approved
05/31/2012 [-] Malaysian agency to buy London's power station
05/30/2012 [-] Ewaan Global Residential Company signs SR63m power station contract with ABB Saudi Arabia
05/25/2012 [-] Uganda Govt to Spend One Billion Dollars On Karuma Power Station
05/21/2012 [-] Flashback Swanbank Power Station
05/16/2012 [-] Kibo pursuing coal power station deal
05/14/2012 [-] Hinkley nuclear power station delay deals blow to government hopes
05/12/2012 [-] 3 injured in industrial accident at Copenhagen power station
05/11/2012 [-] BOTSWANA
05/10/2012 [-] Brazil abandons plans to build new nuclear power stations
05/08/2012 [-] The Netherlands' only nuclear power station meets EU standards
05/08/2012 [-] The Netherlands' only nuclear power station meets EU standards
05/07/2012 [-] Battersea Power Station may become Chelsea playing field
05/04/2012 [-] Chelsea FC Bids For Battersea Power Station
05/03/2012 [-] Lung cancer alarm near coal-fired power stations
05/03/2012 [-] Million dollar pledge to free Marsden B power station
05/02/2012 [-] Huntly power station resource consents granted
05/02/2012 [-] Demolition order for Marsden Pt power station
04/28/2012 [-] 'Huge Fault' Shuts Zimbabwe Power Station, Causes More Load-shedding
04/26/2012 [-] Nigeria Blasts At Abuja Power Station, Lagos Port
04/26/2012 [-] Battersea power station to be police car park
04/26/2012 [-] Saudi Aramco awards contract to expand power stations
04/22/2012 [-] Arab Funds to Finance Jordan's Al-Samra Power Station
04/21/2012 [-] Alstom to rehabilitate 2 power stations in Iraq
04/20/2012 [-] Power station project halted despite legal victory
04/17/2012 [-] Nigeria Abia to Commission 132 KVA Power Station
04/17/2012 [-] After Tour of Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, Wyden Says Situation Worse than Reported
04/16/2012 [-] Spanish giant to sell €450m Irish power stations at a loss
04/15/2012 [-] Activists Concerned About Secrecy Around Type of Power Station
04/15/2012 [-] South Africa Activists Concerned About Secrecy Around Type of Power Station
04/15/2012 [-] Mudslide damages Lyttelton power station
04/08/2012 [-] North Korea opens nation's biggest
04/07/2012 [-] DPRK's Huichon power station goes into operation
04/06/2012 [-] Nigeria Plateau, Ukrainian Company Sign Pact On Hydro Power Stations
04/06/2012 [-] N.Korea opens new power station
04/05/2012 [-] North Korea opens nation's biggest power station
04/05/2012 [-] N Korea says its biggest power station now running
04/05/2012 [-] Palestinian leaders agree to resume fuel supplies to Gaza power station
04/05/2012 [-] North Korea opens nation's biggest power station
04/05/2012 [-] North Korea opens nation's biggest power station
04/05/2012 [-] NKorea says its biggest power station now running
04/04/2012 [-] Work set to start on Wales' first power station to generate energy from waste
04/01/2012 [-] Saudi utility receives loan for power station
04/01/2012 [-] Why Onagawa Nuclear Power Station Survived the Tsunami
03/30/2012 [-] Victorian power stations get carbon tax compensation
03/30/2012 [-] Carbon tax windfall for coal-fired power stations
03/29/2012 [-] Nuclear Power Station
03/24/2012 [-] ‘Medupi power station an urgency’
03/22/2012 [-] Solar power station in Spain works at...
03/20/2012 [-] 24x7 solar power station in Spain
03/20/2012 [-] Qatar, Abu Dhabi in bid for iconic London power station report
03/20/2012 [-] Spanish Solar Power Station Works Even At Night
03/18/2012 [-] Nigeria Darkness Looms As FG Shuts Down Kainji Power Station
03/18/2012 [-] Solar power station in Spain works at night
03/18/2012 [-] New safety measures in place at Kakrapar N-power station in Gujarat
03/16/2012 [-] Camp and Demonstration at Sizewell nuclear power station April 20th to 22nd
03/15/2012 [-] Nigeria FG Approves Five New Power Stations
03/14/2012 [-] Surry Power Station warning tests today
03/10/2012 [-] Gaza power station shuts for third time
03/08/2012 [-] Surry Power Station warning tests next Wednesday
03/08/2012 [-] Kingsnorth power station closure confirmed
03/05/2012 [-] Optimism over Battersea Power Station sale
03/04/2012 [-] Firefighters leave power station
03/02/2012 [-] New device heralds potential to turn sewage plants into power stations
03/01/2012 [-] Bahrain plans to build 21 new power stations
02/29/2012 [-] Zayed Foundation to commission 1.3 mn power station in Tajikistan
02/27/2012 [-] 100 firefighters tackle huge blaze at Europe's biggest biomass power station
02/27/2012 [-] Firefighters tackle massive blaze at Tilbury Power Station, Essex
02/27/2012 [-] 'Severe' blaze engulfs Tilbury Power Station as wood pellets catch fire
02/27/2012 [-] Smoke from Tilbury Power Station blaze visible from Gravesend
02/21/2012 [-] DPRK Premier Learns about Huichon Power Stations
02/20/2012 [-] Iconic London power station faces uncertainties
02/16/2012 [-] Battersea Power Station demolish, develop or preserve
02/15/2012 [-] Chimney-free Battersea 'worth extra £470 million'
02/10/2012 [-] Dor Alon to build 124-MW private power station
02/08/2012 [-] CEGCO Receives Visit from Senate President at Aqaba Thermal Power Station
02/08/2012 [-] Power station smoke investigation
01/30/2012 [-] Ministry stops work on second nuclear power station licencing
01/30/2012 [-] World's largest nuclear power station for Scotland
01/29/2012 [-] Power station deal for Bangladesh
01/28/2012 [-] Georgia Takes Top Two Spots for Worst Polluting Power Stations
01/27/2012 [-] Radiation found on shoes of workers demolishing Dounreay nuclear power station
01/23/2012 [-] Public Meetings On Coal Power Station Commences
01/20/2012 [-] FEWA commissions sub-power station in Ajman
01/19/2012 [-] Radioactive material stolen from Egyptian power station report
01/19/2012 [-] Anti-nuclear campaigners plan legal challenge to new British power stations
01/16/2012 [-] Energy Minister inaugurates 220 KV power station
01/13/2012 [-] Namibia Public Meetings On Proposed Coal Power Station
01/09/2012 [-] 'Employees in N-power stations not prone to cancer '
01/09/2012 [-] Madras Atomic Power Station restarts one unit
01/08/2012 [-] Israeli firm to open solar thermal power station in Spain
01/07/2012 [-] New Year parties cancelled after power station's fall into administration
01/06/2012 [-] Port could get in state grants if it installs alternative power stations
01/05/2012 [-] Hybrid Solar Power Station Completed in Spain
01/04/2012 [-] Austria's mothballed nuclear power station
01/01/2012 [-] Power station to double as laser-firing ski slope
12/28/2011 [-] Azeri official Turkish hydropower station won't change course of Kur River
12/27/2011 [-] Zambia Zesco Starts Repairs At Musonda Falls Power Station
12/27/2011 [-] Country's Energetic Sector to Gain Wind Power Station
12/27/2011 [-] Employees of Power Stations Strive for Increased Production
12/23/2011 [-] Contact considers offer to quit Queensland power station
12/23/2011 [-] riot police fire tear gas at power station protesters
12/20/2011 [-] Massive debt won't force closure of power station
12/12/2011 [-] Battersea Power Station’s Owner Is Put Into Administration
12/12/2011 [-] Battersea Power Station Put Into Administration by Judge
12/10/2011 [-] London's Battersea Power Station for Sale, Again
12/10/2011 [-] London’s Battersea Power Station for Sale, Again
12/09/2011 [-] Council gets nod for power station appeal
12/08/2011 [-] Surry Power Station sirens to be tested next week
12/06/2011 [-] Damning report into power station demo case collapse published
12/06/2011 [-] Rehabilitation of Luena's Thermal Power Station to End March Next Year
12/06/2011 [-] npower Enthuse day at Fawley power station sparks interest in engineering
12/06/2011 [-] Angola Rehabilitation of Luena's Thermal Power Station to End March Next Year
12/05/2011 [-] New Power Station for Manica
12/05/2011 [-] A floating nuclear power station helps Baltic shipyard stay afloat
12/04/2011 [-] Battersea Power Station set to go into administration next week
12/03/2011 [-] Cellphone Provider Launches Home Power Station
12/02/2011 [-] Battersea Power Station
12/02/2011 [-] UPDATE 1-Call for wrecking ball at Battersea Power Station
12/02/2011 [-] Call for wrecking ball at Battersea Power Station
12/01/2011 [-] A coalfired power station in Huaibei, in east China's Anhui province
12/01/2011 [-] Battersea Power Station project collapse may stall 25,000 jobs
12/01/2011 [-] Battersea Power Station calls in administrators
12/01/2011 [-] Lenders move in on Battersea Power Station
11/25/2011 [-] Electric Blues could move to Battersea Power Station
11/24/2011 [-] Fuel for Maltese power stations 20% higher than EU average
11/24/2011 [-] Japan shaken by strong earthquake near nuclear power station hit by tsunami
11/23/2011 [-] Living in a Power Station HD_wmv
11/20/2011 [-] A new nuclear power station will be expensive, create few jobs report
11/17/2011 [-] BHP develops new power station
11/17/2011 [-] Nigeria Deploys Troops at Power Stations as Strike Looms
11/16/2011 [-] IMAGES World's 25 BIGGEST renewable power stations
11/14/2011 [-] Couple finds Dynegy Havana Power Station 'unnerving'
11/10/2011 [-] Lithuania Closing Soviet-era Nuclear Power Station
11/10/2011 [-] Copper Theft Increases at Ontario Power Stations
11/09/2011 [-] Coal power station plans rejected
11/09/2011 [-] Coal power station decision due
11/07/2011 [-] Greenpeace stages protest at South African coal power station
11/07/2011 [-] Israel Corp unit to build Peru power station
11/07/2011 [-] Namibia Country's First New Power Station Inaugurated
11/07/2011 [-] Tanzania Brazil Set to Build New Power Station
11/07/2011 [-] Greenpeace protests SAfrican coal power station
11/06/2011 [-] A-power stations planned
11/04/2011 [-] Namibia Pohamba Commissions New Power Station
11/03/2011 [-] Green cover planned at nuclear power stations in Surat
11/03/2011 [-] Iraq- 500-megawatt power station approved in Thi Qar
11/03/2011 [-] Bangladesh agrees n-power station deal with Russia
11/01/2011 [-] Anselm Kiefer Plans to Buy Nuclear Power Station
10/31/2011 [-] 11 small hydroelectric power stations to be built in Azerbaijan
10/31/2011 [-] Delta has doubts about second nuclear power station
10/30/2011 [-] Eskom shuts down unit two of Koeberg Power Station
10/29/2011 [-] Eskom power station down
10/28/2011 [-] Oil from power station fire pollutes water
10/28/2011 [-] NSW power station fire 'could cost
10/28/2011 [-] Eskom, govt urged to stop construction of Kusile power station
10/27/2011 [-] No risk from NSW power station fire govt
10/25/2011 [-] New power station to meet growing demand
10/25/2011 [-] Two new gas-fired power stations for Qld
10/25/2011 [-] Qld to build two gas-fired power stations
10/24/2011 [-] Nigeria Shell Begins Gas Supply to Power Stations
10/21/2011 [-] Nuclear power station to be decommissioned
10/18/2011 [-] Japan mulls the closure of its nuclear power stations
10/18/2011 [-] The Ferrybridge power station near Leeds in northern England
10/17/2011 [-] Kim Jong Il Sends Autograph to Builders of Huichon Power Station
10/15/2011 [-] Solar Power Stations to Provide Energy for 50,000 People
10/15/2011 [-] Mozambique Solar Power Stations to Provide Energy for 50,000 People
10/14/2011 [-] Syria orders power station from Germany's Siemens
10/14/2011 [-] South Korea to Finance Photovoltaic Power Stations
10/14/2011 [-] Germany's Siemens signs power station deal with Syria
10/14/2011 [-] Mozambique South Korea to Finance Photovoltaic Power Stations
10/12/2011 [-] Finland's TVO announces further nuclear power station delay
10/11/2011 [-] Dutch nuclear power station Borssele prepares a transport of nuclear waste by train
10/11/2011 [-] Eskom new power station may miss deadline
10/11/2011 [-] Coal Shortage Hits Operations At Several Power Stations
10/10/2011 [-] PHCN to Shut Down Five Power Stations
10/10/2011 [-] Nigeria Blackout Looms As PHCN Shuts Five Power Stations
10/09/2011 [-] Strike looms at Notts power stations as unions reject pay offer
10/07/2011 [-] Workers protest at power station
10/05/2011 [-] Anger at approval for 'CCS ready' gas-fired power station
10/05/2011 [-] Judge rejects birdwatcher's challenge to power station
10/05/2011 [-] Middle East sovereign wealth funds 'queue up' to invest in UK nuclear power stations
10/05/2011 [-] Another Coal Power Station Planned for Tete
10/05/2011 [-] Legal bid to block power station is rejected
10/05/2011 [-] Mozambique Another Coal Power Station Planned for Tete
10/03/2011 [-] Protesters blockade nuclear power station
09/30/2011 [-] Two held for robbery at power station
09/28/2011 [-] Nuclear power station to become target for mass blockade
09/26/2011 [-] Debate Continues Over Encina Power Station
09/23/2011 [-] Groningen turns a blind eye to power station permit problems
09/23/2011 [-] Local talks on power station site
09/23/2011 [-] Iran's nuclear power station hooked up to national grid
09/22/2011 [-] Saskatoon power station gets upgrade
09/21/2011 [-] Iran to build power stations with Russia, Turkey
09/18/2011 [-] Solar plans for coal-fired power stations
09/17/2011 [-] Bushehr Nuclear Power Station Commissioned in Iran
09/15/2011 [-] A view of a nuclear power station in eastern France
09/14/2011 [-] Surry nuclear power station will test sirens today
09/13/2011 [-] People of Gerze, Turkey resist plans for coal-fired power station
09/13/2011 [-] Licensing New Power Stations Welcome, Reasonable
09/12/2011 [-] 13 New Power Stations Get Nod
09/12/2011 [-] Zimbabwe 13 New Power Stations Get Nod
09/10/2011 [-] Coal Power Stations Underway in Gombe, Kogi, Enugu
09/10/2011 [-] Nigeria Coal Power Stations Underway in Gombe, Kogi, Enugu
09/09/2011 [-] Power station of the future
09/09/2011 [-] Itezhi Tezhi Hydro Power Station a Step in Rural Development
09/08/2011 [-] FG to Build Coal Power Stations in Gombe, Kogi, Enugu
09/08/2011 [-] Nigeria FG to Build Coal Power Stations in Gombe, Kogi, Enugu
09/08/2011 [-] New power station prepares to light up Red Centre
09/07/2011 [-] FG Plans Three Coal-Fired Power Stations
09/07/2011 [-] Eemshaven power station can go ahead, says province
09/07/2011 [-] FG plans 3 coal-fired power stations
09/07/2011 [-] Foreign Diplomats Tour Wonsan Youth Power Station and Kosan Fruit Farm
09/06/2011 [-] Largest hydropower station in Europe will be built in Adjara
09/05/2011 [-] RB to Officiate At Itezhi-Tezhi Power Station Groundbreaking Ceremony
09/05/2011 [-] Ahmadinejad Unveils Hydropower Station In Tajikistan, Denounces West
09/04/2011 [-] Iranian nuclear power station 'begins generating electricity'
09/01/2011 [-] Beaver Valley Power Station to test emergency alert system
09/01/2011 [-] Iraqi researcher resolves power stations pipelines blockage
08/31/2011 [-] Kim Jong Il Provides Field Guidance to Construction Site of Huichon Power Station
08/31/2011 [-] Huge Waterway Tunnel Project Completed at Huichon Power Station Construction Site
08/30/2011 [-] Nigeria FG to Commit N1.5 Billion on Egbin Power Station
08/29/2011 [-] Kainji Power Station Four Turbines Abandoned for 43 Years
08/21/2011 [-] North Korean leader visits power station in Russia
08/19/2011 [-] Ministries and National Institutions Render Help in Construction of Huichon Power Station
08/18/2011 [-] Government pushing ahead with power station closure
08/15/2011 [-] Teva to build natural gas power station
08/15/2011 [-] Iran's first nuclear power station to join grid by Aug end
08/14/2011 [-] Iran's first nuclear power station will be connected in weeks
08/11/2011 [-] Kusile Power Station Will Create Job Opportunities for Mpumalanga
08/11/2011 [-] Plans for 3000 Megawatts Power Station in Basra Iraq Updates
08/11/2011 [-] Iraq- Plans for 3000 megawatts power station in Basra
08/07/2011 [-] Power station to get tons of debris from storm
08/06/2011 [-] Petronas’ Kimanis power station venture lauded
08/04/2011 [-] Kakrapar atomic power station wakes up, plugs the loopholes
08/03/2011 [-] N.B. man receives shock while stealing copper wire
08/02/2011 [-] Drax coal power station 'could be transformed to produce biomass fuel'
08/02/2011 [-] Steam billows from Kempton Park Power Station in Johannesburg
08/01/2011 [-] Hadera power station to run on gas
07/31/2011 [-] Dalia teams with Alstom for Israel's largest private power station
07/31/2011 [-] Dalia teams with Alstom for Israel's largest private power station
07/31/2011 [-] James Bond stuntman to recreate near-fatal plunge at Battersea Power Station
07/30/2011 [-] Emergency shut down at power station
07/29/2011 [-] Planners approve nuclear power station preparatory work
07/29/2011 [-] Hinkley C nuclear power station gets green light for preparatory work
07/29/2011 [-] Geothermal power station sells carbon credits
07/27/2011 [-] Anambra to Build 260MW Power Station
07/27/2011 [-] Nigeria Anambra to Build 260MW Power Station
07/27/2011 [-] Worlds highest altitude power station coming up in Leh
07/26/2011 [-] Kenya plans new power station
07/21/2011 [-] RB commissions Kafue Gorge Lower Hydro-electric Power Station
07/21/2011 [-] Cyprus power station disaster could cost €1bn
07/20/2011 [-] Iranian companies insure Bushehr atomic power station
07/20/2011 [-] Coalition U-turn on coal power station closures
07/18/2011 [-] Surry nuclear power station emergency exercise scheduled
07/18/2011 [-] Energy firms plan dozens of new fossil-fuelled power stations
07/17/2011 [-] Fire breaks out at power station in New Delhi, doused
07/15/2011 [-] Essent gas and coal power stations partly in Russian hands
07/15/2011 [-] Essent gas and coal power stations partly in Russian hands?
07/15/2011 [-] Legal bid to stop Vic coal power station
07/13/2011 [-] Zimbabwe Hwange Power Station Now Working At Full Capacity
07/12/2011 [-] Third generating set starts trial operation at Three Gorges' underground power station
07/12/2011 [-] Police to interview Reb
07/11/2011 [-] Soldiers killed in Cyprus power station blast
07/11/2011 [-] A view of the panels of the solar power station of Ain Beni Mathar
07/11/2011 [-] Soldiers killed in Cyprus power station blast
07/10/2011 [-] Power station calls carbon tax plan 'very disturbing'
07/10/2011 [-] Jordan pushes forward with plan for first nuclear power station
07/10/2011 [-] Egypt establishes four power stations in South Sudan
07/09/2011 [-] Iraq signs contract with German company to build 5 power stations
07/08/2011 [-] Spain's nuclear watchdog investigating why alarm sounded at nuclear power station
07/08/2011 [-] Sh426 Million Bribe Paid for Power Station Project
07/06/2011 [-] Shigatse solar power station in Tibet starts operation
07/06/2011 [-] Fears time is running out for Cockenzie power station
07/06/2011 [-] Greens urge action on costly power station
07/05/2011 [-] Jellyfish threaten power station
07/05/2011 [-] Thousands of jellyfish clog water supply of power station in Israel
07/05/2011 [-] China's power stations generate ‘future spike’ in global warming
07/04/2011 [-] Sulphur from Chinese power stations 'masking' climate change
07/04/2011 [-] Gambia Has Basse Power Station Got Another Generator?
07/04/2011 [-] Big fire breaks out at power station of Indian capital
07/04/2011 [-] Hotel, bottle stores banned from selling liquor
07/04/2011 [-] Power station staff watch RWC but not for the sport
07/03/2011 [-] Green light for another Waitaki power station
07/03/2011 [-] Nuclear power station tests to remain confidential
07/03/2011 [-] Delhi power station blaze doused, no casualty
07/03/2011 [-] Major fire at Delhi power station
06/30/2011 [-] VIDEO Jellyfish force power station closure
06/30/2011 [-] Jellyfish halt British nuclear power station
06/30/2011 [-] Torness Nuclear power station shut down by swarm of jellyfish
06/30/2011 [-] Jellyfish shut down Scottish nuclear power station
06/30/2011 [-] Yokogawa Receives Control Systems Contract for Large Coal-fired Power Station in South Africa
06/29/2011 [-] PHCN Signs N12.75 Billion Contract to Rehabilitate Kainji Power Station
06/29/2011 [-] China completes renovation of hydropower station on river bordering DPRK
06/29/2011 [-] Power station workers strike over pay
06/28/2011 [-] PHCN signs N12.75bn contract to rehabilitate Kainji Power Station
06/28/2011 [-] Russian power station fire injures 12
06/26/2011 [-] Going solar your definitive guide to turning your home into a power station
06/25/2011 [-] Sharp to Build Solar Power Stations in Japan
06/25/2011 [-] Electric Power Station Launched in Bulgarian Beach Resort
06/23/2011 [-] Abandoned Australian Deco power-station, rusting and covered in graffiti
06/21/2011 [-] Radioactive tritium leaked at Surry Power Station
06/20/2011 [-] £1bn power station set for permit
06/18/2011 [-] Australia to build two major solar power stations
06/18/2011 [-] Solar power stations set for NSW, Qld
06/18/2011 [-] New hydropower station begins operation in Tibet
06/17/2011 [-] A natural gas-fired power station stands in Long Beach, California
06/17/2011 [-] Midwest Floods Both Nebraska Nuclear Power Stations Threatened
06/16/2011 [-] Japan to fuel power stations with quake rubble
06/15/2011 [-] Fortum to build two power stations in EUR 160 mln investment
06/15/2011 [-] Mass blockade of Hinkley nuclear power station announced
06/15/2011 [-] World's largest pumped storage power station commercially online in Guangdong
06/15/2011 [-] World's largest pumped storage power station commercially online in Guangdong
06/15/2011 [-] Technology › Mitsubishi in talks to build mega-solar power station in Japan
06/14/2011 [-] Huichon Power Station Construction Makes Headwaybr
06/13/2011 [-] Iraq has 4,000-5,000 MW emergency power station plan
06/13/2011 [-] Angola Cunene Province to Have Power Station
06/13/2011 [-] Cheswick Power Station plans community 'meet and greet'
06/12/2011 [-] Operations resume at Medupi Power Station after bomb scare
06/10/2011 [-] Senior State Officials Visit Ryongrim Dam of Huichon Power Station
06/10/2011 [-] Legal action lodged over VIC power station
06/09/2011 [-] Inquiry over power station case
06/09/2011 [-] Major fire at Kanpur power station
06/09/2011 [-] Court allows power station development
06/08/2011 [-] Surry Power Station to test warning sirens today
06/05/2011 [-] World's first solar power station
06/04/2011 [-] Iraq- Final conditions for Fao power station laid down
06/03/2011 [-] Power station death £450,000 fine
06/02/2011 [-] Surry Power Station to test warning sirens next week
06/02/2011 [-] Poland should hold referendum on nuclear power station UN
05/31/2011 [-] Poland should hold referendum on plan for first nuclear power station UN expert
05/31/2011 [-] Power Utility Secures Billions for Coal-Fired Power Station
05/31/2011 [-] South Africa Power Utility Secures Billions for Coal-Fired Power Station
05/31/2011 [-] Paektusan Power Station Construction Moves Aheadbr
05/30/2011 [-] RWE to convert Tilbury power station into biomass plant
05/27/2011 [-] Still leaks at damaged nuclear power station, operator says
05/27/2011 [-] Nigeria Lagos Power Plant to Produce 114MW Plans On for More Power Stations
05/27/2011 [-] APL proposes investment of Rs7000 crore for power station in Bihar
05/27/2011 [-] Carbon Energy Limited Bloodwood Creek Syngas 5MW Power Station Update
05/26/2011 [-] Power station algae to fuel jets
05/24/2011 [-] Ratcliffe power station activists launch appeal over undercover evidence
05/24/2011 [-] Coalition promises power station subsidies
05/24/2011 [-] Gas turbine fires up at Pilbara power station
05/23/2011 [-] Iraq- Cornerstone laid for Ninewa gas power station
05/21/2011 [-] Maharashtra to get world's biggest solar power station
05/20/2011 [-] Czech Rep., Slovakia support additional security tests for nuclear power stations
05/20/2011 [-] Legal action talks over Vic power station
05/20/2011 [-] Massive Protests Continue Against Power Station
05/19/2011 [-] Brazilian Organization Introduces DPRK's Power Station under Construction
05/18/2011 [-] UK nuclear industry gets green light from government inspector
05/18/2011 [-] In pictures current situation in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
05/17/2011 [-] 2 new power stations open in Bahrain
05/16/2011 [-] Demonstrators block access to Grangemouth port in protest over new power station
05/15/2011 [-] Cities try for money for power stations
05/12/2011 [-] Anixas Power Station to Be Ready By End of May
05/12/2011 [-] Study links ageing to body's power stations 'Mitochondria'
05/11/2011 [-] Dominion to close two units at Salem Harbor Power Station
05/11/2011 [-] South Africa Kusile Power Station Remains Closed
05/11/2011 [-] The Body's Power Stations Can Affect Aging
05/11/2011 [-] Kiwi Wins Contract For Battersea Power Station
05/10/2011 [-] Body's Power Stations Can Affect Aging
05/09/2011 [-] Sheriff's investigators warn that jail is least of worries when breaking into power stations
05/09/2011 [-] Consumers Energy facility wire stolen
05/06/2011 [-] New Inventions Applied to Huichon Power Station Project
05/02/2011 [-] Blackouts hit Yemen after armed tribesmen attack key power station
04/30/2011 [-] Spanish nuclear power station in leak scare
04/30/2011 [-] Generating Equipment Ready for Paektusan Power Station
04/29/2011 [-] New power station in Itezhi Tezhi to increase power generation
04/28/2011 [-] Qatari Diar plans to buy 50pc of Battersea Power Station
04/27/2011 [-] No.32 turbine of Three Gorges power station starts water filling test
04/26/2011 [-] Iraq- New power station in Baghdad
04/26/2011 [-] Clinton Power Station Changes Waste Storage
04/21/2011 [-] Work begins on largest private power station
04/21/2011 [-] Methil power station that inspired Jack Vettriano classic comes crashing down
04/19/2011 [-] Steam gushes out of earth at Yangbajain geothermal power station in China's Tibet
04/18/2011 [-] UK's first local power station rattles the bucket for investment
04/18/2011 [-] Power station protesters can appeal
04/16/2011 [-] Janakuasa To Build US1.6 Billion Power Station In Vietnam
04/15/2011 [-] UAE readies power station for GCC grid
04/13/2011 [-] Drain Closed Up at Huichon Power Station No. 2
04/12/2011 [-] Nigeria Japan Offers N4 Billion for Repair of Jebba Hydro Power Station
04/12/2011 [-] Minor Power Stations Have Share in Electricity Output br
04/12/2011 [-] Protesters fail to sway minister on power station
04/11/2011 [-] FENOC's Beaver Valley power station Unit 2 returns to service
04/11/2011 [-] Power station protesters end sit-in
04/11/2011 [-] Power station protesters invade goverment office
04/09/2011 [-] Griffin coal power stations sold
04/08/2011 [-] Snag at thermal power station; shutdown irk residents
04/08/2011 [-] Japanese pick up Griffin's Bluewaters power stations
04/08/2011 [-] Marine areas off-limits for nuke power stations
04/07/2011 [-] Genesis raises funds for power station purchase
04/05/2011 [-] GE technology helps gas-fired power stations in Turkey set global availability record
04/04/2011 [-] Possible links between autism and power stations
04/04/2011 [-] Germany to establish, modernize 51 power stations
04/04/2011 [-] World Bank to limit funding for coal-fired power stations
04/04/2011 [-] Iraqi Ministry okays 2 power stations with 600 MW in Missan
04/02/2011 [-] Slow construction of Shopian's Kanipora power station angers locals
04/02/2011 [-] Slow construction of Shopian's Kanipora power station angers locals
04/01/2011 [-] Lawsuit filed after closure of nuclear power station ordered
03/29/2011 [-] Construction of Huichon Power Station Moves Ahead Rapidly
03/29/2011 [-] Steam billows from Kempton Park Power Station in Johannesburg
03/28/2011 [-] Snags hamper Japan's nuclear power station cleanup
03/23/2011 [-] Power Station turned emerald green
03/21/2011 [-] 'We Will Shut Down Power Stations'
03/21/2011 [-] Nigeria 'We Will Shut Down Power Stations'
03/19/2011 [-] Armenia to improve safety at power stations after Fukushima
03/18/2011 [-] BRIEF IEC, Israel Corp. propose teaming up on power station
03/16/2011 [-] Huhne orders checks on nuclear power station safety systems
03/15/2011 [-] BEC Takes Over Wilson City Power Station
03/14/2011 [-] Germany suspends power station extension plans as nuclear jitters spread
03/14/2011 [-] Blast destroys nuclear power station roof in Japan
03/14/2011 [-] Nigeria Egbin Power Station Bid Price May Be Reviewed
03/14/2011 [-] Angela Merkel orders safety checks on Germany's nuclear power stations
03/13/2011 [-] Nuclear power station plans criticised by pressure groups
03/13/2011 [-] Japan's nuclear fears intensify at two Fukushima power stations
03/12/2011 [-] Explosion at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
03/12/2011 [-] Nuclear power station explodes in Japan; reactor meltdown feared
03/12/2011 [-] Nuclear reactors at two power stations at risk in Japan
03/11/2011 [-] Fire breaks out at atomic power station after Japan quake
03/09/2011 [-] Surry Power station testing emergency sirens today
03/08/2011 [-] New power station doubt and delay
03/08/2011 [-] Delays to power station project
03/07/2011 [-] Mayor to lead campaign to block tidal power station
03/07/2011 [-] Chisholm joins fight against Leith biomass power station
03/03/2011 [-] Power station fire under control
03/01/2011 [-] PSNH seeks level of fire damage at wood chip plant
02/28/2011 [-] Thermal Power Station Resuscitated
02/25/2011 [-] Contact wins consent for renewable power station
02/24/2011 [-] Steam rises from cooling towers at a power station
02/18/2011 [-] Dominion to restart reactor at Surry power station
02/15/2011 [-] Fire at power station
02/15/2011 [-] Cofrentes nuclear power station on alert as Greenpeace get inside the grounds
02/12/2011 [-] Landmark power station opens
02/12/2011 [-] IET Visit To Brunei's First Combined Cycle Power Station
02/11/2011 [-] One more power station site to sell
02/10/2011 [-] Power station unit catches fire
02/08/2011 [-] New Power Stations to Generate 4.646 Mega Watts
02/07/2011 [-] Tidal power station for Kaipara approved
02/04/2011 [-] Namibia Nampower Eyes Mile 8 for Coal-Fired Power Station
02/03/2011 [-] Gambia Power Station Needs Rehabilitation
02/03/2011 [-] Power station owner developing Crescent site for commercial use
02/02/2011 [-] Buried at C? Sizewell nuclear power station blockaded by anti-nuclear campaigners
02/01/2011 [-] Saudi- Najran University to get SR200m power station
01/29/2011 [-] Turkey Concerned Over Armenian Nuclear Power Station
01/28/2011 [-] Sudan Power Station Delays Due to Fearful Northern Contractors
01/28/2011 [-] Power station protesters' convictions to be reviewed
01/28/2011 [-] CPS reviews power station cases
01/28/2011 [-] Power station delays due to fearful northern Sudanese contractors
01/26/2011 [-] Egypt sets up Sino-Egyptian company to produce power stations components
01/25/2011 [-] New powerstation at Kingsnorth!
01/25/2011 [-] Government approves gas-fired power station in Kent
01/19/2011 [-] India to install 'Asia's first commercial-scale tidal power station' in Gujarat
01/18/2011 [-] Power station activists sentenced
01/18/2011 [-] Cuban Eastern Province Inaugurates Modern Electricity Power Station
01/06/2011 [-] Power distribution policy for thermal Generating Power Stations
01/05/2011 [-] CIAL to launch hybrid power station soon
01/05/2011 [-] Nigeria Egbin Power Station Shut
01/04/2011 [-] E.ON builds new power station unit in Russia
01/04/2011 [-] Egbin Power Station Loses 800MW
12/30/2010 [-] Finland's largest wind power station starts test run
12/30/2010 [-] Finland's largest wind power station starts test run
12/28/2010 [-] China, DPRK upgrade hydropower station on border river
12/28/2010 [-] France signs deal with India to supply nuclear power stations
12/28/2010 [-] Buhari Plans to Tackle Energy Crisis With Mini-Power Stations
12/28/2010 [-] Nigeria Buhari Plans to Tackle Energy Crisis With Mini-Power Stations
12/27/2010 [-] One More Power Station Comes On-line
12/24/2010 [-] Mozambique Gas-Fired Power Station for Ressano Garcia
12/23/2010 [-] Kim Jong Il Inspects Huichon Electrical Complex and Power Station
12/23/2010 [-] Battersea restoration given go-ahead
12/23/2010 [-] Boris Johnson gives Battersea power station restoration go-ahead
12/22/2010 [-] Billion-dollar geothermal power station in Taupo approved
12/22/2010 [-] UAE's power station set to be online in 2017
12/22/2010 [-] Harare Mulls Power Station Takeover
12/21/2010 [-] Nigeria CPC to Establish Coal Power Station in Enugu
12/21/2010 [-] Todd to build power station in Taranaki
12/20/2010 [-] Iraq tenders for 4 new power stations
12/18/2010 [-] Bligh scraps 'clean coal' power station plans
12/18/2010 [-] Queensland scraps 'clean coal' power station plans
12/18/2010 [-] Iraq tenders for four new power stations
12/18/2010 [-] Builders in Construction of Power Stations Commended
12/17/2010 [-] British Energy Extends Life of 2 UK Power Stations
12/17/2010 [-] Firm extends life of two nuclear power stations
12/16/2010 [-] HB power station to be sold by Government
12/15/2010 [-] Egypt to start output at country's first solar power station in February
12/15/2010 [-] Nigeria seeks bids for power stations, distributors
12/15/2010 [-] Consortium for power station plan
12/15/2010 [-] Mwinilunga chiefs allocate land for power station
12/15/2010 [-] Alice Springs to get solar power station
12/14/2010 [-] Siren tests scheduled for Surry Power Station
12/14/2010 [-] Power station protesters guilty
12/14/2010 [-] ADFD funds Banha Power Station Project in Egypt with Dh184 million
12/13/2010 [-] Power stations open to the public from today
12/13/2010 [-] Iraq- Halfaya Field to produce enough gas to supply power station
12/12/2010 [-] Power station foundation stone laid
12/12/2010 [-] ADFD funds Banha Power Station Project in Egypt with AED 184 million
12/11/2010 [-] Professors slam new coal-fired power stations
12/09/2010 [-] The Nam Theun 2 power station located in Laos' Khammouane province
12/07/2010 [-] Region all fired up over power station
12/06/2010 [-] Taranaki power station fire
12/05/2010 [-] Police arrest 69 at power station protest
12/04/2010 [-] Diplomatic Corps Visits Construction Sites of Huichon Power Station
12/03/2010 [-] Govt Approves Design for Coal Power Station Sambo
12/03/2010 [-] Nigeria Govt Approves Design for Coal Power Station Sambo
12/03/2010 [-] FG approves design for coal power station – Sambo
12/01/2010 [-] Wood Group seals landmark deal to build Israeli gas power station
12/01/2010 [-] Waste from power stations could heat homes
11/30/2010 [-] BRIEF-John Wood wins mln Israel power station contract
11/29/2010 [-] Waste energy from power stations to heat homes
11/28/2010 [-] Tajikistan Blocks Key River To Build Hydropower Station
11/26/2010 [-] E.ON Starts Production At New Power Station In Russia
11/26/2010 [-] 'Collars and Coats Gala Ball' at Battersea Power Station in London
11/26/2010 [-] SA to get power station
11/26/2010 [-] SA to get 750m power station
11/23/2010 [-] Committee Build power stations, reduce demand
11/22/2010 [-] Saudi Aramco said to seek partners to build three power stations
11/19/2010 [-] Siren tests scheduled for Surry Power Station
11/19/2010 [-] Danish government investigating BWSC's Malta power station contract
11/18/2010 [-] AUSTRALIA Campaign to Shut 'Dirtiest' Power Station on Verge of Victory
11/18/2010 [-] AUSTRALIA Campaign to Shut 'Dirtiest' Power Station on Verge of Victory
11/18/2010 [-] Thermal power stations a threat to environment BJP
11/18/2010 [-] Tibet's hydropower station won't affect water flows
11/17/2010 [-] Hydropower Station Under Construction
11/17/2010 [-] Construction starts on Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station Unit 3
11/16/2010 [-] US1.5 billion hydro power station underway
11/16/2010 [-] Coal power station plan reviewed
11/15/2010 [-] Tibet to build first large hydropower station
11/15/2010 [-] River cut to build Tibet's hydropower station
11/13/2010 [-] Praise and protests for Battersea Power Station redevelopment approval
11/12/2010 [-] Atomic power station device found floating in sea off Bhatkal
11/12/2010 [-] Battersea Power Station plan gets go-ahead
11/10/2010 [-] Alstom Wins Polish Power Station Contracts Worth EUR140 Million
11/10/2010 [-] Power station development set for approval
11/07/2010 [-] 2 plants of Khulna Power Station out of order
11/05/2010 [-] Run-of-the River Power Stations Planned for Lower Orange River
11/05/2010 [-] NAMIBIA Run-of-the River Power Stations Planned for Lower Orange River
11/02/2010 [-] Holyoke power station faces EPA fines
11/02/2010 [-] Russia to build its first solar power station
11/02/2010 [-] Biofuel power stations in planning pipeline
11/02/2010 [-] Power station a billion investment
11/01/2010 [-] New power station represents billion investment
11/01/2010 [-] Scottish Labour conference Controversial power station faces the axe
10/31/2010 [-] Delhi may shut down Rajghat power station
10/29/2010 [-] Perm Sec Makes Working Visit To Belingus Power Station In Temburong
10/27/2010 [-] Tehran takes the first steps towards switching on nuclear power station
10/25/2010 [-] Power station upgrade
10/25/2010 [-] SNC inks B.C. power station deal
10/24/2010 [-] France Hopes to Build Nuclear Power Station
10/23/2010 [-] Libya France Hopes to Build Nuclear Power Station
10/22/2010 [-] Unit 3 at Qinshan Phase II Nuclear Power Station begins operation
10/20/2010 [-] Scots power station handed chance to lead world in carbon capture technology
10/20/2010 [-] GCC Countries To Establish Nuclear Power Station
10/19/2010 [-] Many Minor Power Stations under Construction
10/19/2010 [-] Lib Dem U-turn on nuclear energy sees Huhne announce eight new power stations
10/19/2010 [-] Taxpayer cash for nuclear power stations
10/18/2010 [-] Power lines near a Nuclear Power Station
10/18/2010 [-] Dh5bn power station for Abu Dhabi by 2014
10/18/2010 [-] ABB Wins Million In Orders For Australian Power Stations
10/18/2010 [-] Restoration Work at Kotu Power Station as Power Outages Continue
10/18/2010 [-] Russia agrees to help Venezuela build first nuclear power station UK Guardian
10/18/2010 [-] Russia agrees to build 500MW nuclear power station in Venezuela
10/15/2010 [-] Russia, Venezuela sign agreement on nuclear power station construction
10/15/2010 [-] Russia to help Venezuela build nuclear power station
10/15/2010 [-] Russia to build nuclear power station in Venezuela
10/15/2010 [-] Power stations ordered to plug safety gaps
10/14/2010 [-] Major works over at thermal power station
10/13/2010 [-] Cape Gets 3 Year Scottish Southern Power Station Services Pact
10/13/2010 [-] £20m 'home power station' project
10/13/2010 [-] Land dispute holds up construction of Power station in Ganderbal
10/11/2010 [-] Turkish firms win USD 900 mln-worth bids to build 3 power stations in Iraq
10/08/2010 [-] Govt planning to 6 new power stations at R1.3 trillion cost
10/08/2010 [-] Lebanese Firm to Supervise Work in Power Station in Baghdad
10/07/2010 [-] Construction at Medupi power station to come to a stand-still
10/05/2010 [-] Portuguese power station faces decomissioning and demolition
10/05/2010 [-] Italian company licensed for wind power station construction in Armenia
10/03/2010 [-] The smoke stacks of the Metzamor nuclear power station
10/01/2010 [-] Record power generation by Nathpa Jhakri power station
10/01/2010 [-] Surry Power Station sirens to be tested today
09/30/2010 [-] A-Power signs 279M hydropower station contract
09/29/2010 [-] A-Power signs hydropower station contract
09/29/2010 [-] Two arrested for stealing copper from active power station
09/29/2010 [-] BG Sells 40% Shares In Two Philippine Power Stations For Million
09/27/2010 [-] Russian Firm to Set Up 2 Power Stations in Amara
09/27/2010 [-] Only 18% of Scots say 'yes' to new nuclear power stations
09/27/2010 [-] Only 18% of Scots say 'yes' to new nuclear power stations
09/26/2010 [-] Computer Worm Attacks Iran Nuke Site
09/26/2010 [-] Baking unit to set up solar power station
09/26/2010 [-] Iraq- Russian firm to set up 2 power stations in Amara
09/17/2010 [-] Hwange Power Station to Raise Generating Capacity
09/17/2010 [-] Bell Bay power station on the market
09/16/2010 [-] Distinctive dome at former nuclear power station Dounreay to be demolished
09/12/2010 [-] Crystal sponges to mop up power station CO2
09/09/2010 [-] Zimbabwe Zesa Resuscitates Munyati Power Station
09/09/2010 [-] Solar power station built with Chinese aid opens in Czech Republic
09/08/2010 [-] Kiviniemi supports greener costal power stations
09/08/2010 [-] CAMCE to plant thermal power station in Venezuela
09/06/2010 [-] The reactor inside the nuclear power station in Gundremmingen, southern Germany
09/05/2010 [-] Summit on future of nuclear power stations
09/02/2010 [-] Kariba Power Station to Operate at Full Capacity
09/01/2010 [-] China Huaneng Group to build world's largest off-shore wind-power station in 2011
09/01/2010 [-] China Huaneng Group to build world's largest off-shore wind-power station in 2011
08/30/2010 [-] Kyrgyzstan inaugurates power station
08/30/2010 [-] Multinationals to Install 24 Power Stations
08/30/2010 [-] China's CHD holds operating ceremony for Asahan hydropower station
08/30/2010 [-] China's CHD holds operating ceremony for Asahan hydropower station
08/27/2010 [-] Surry Power Station sirens to be tested Sept. 8
08/27/2010 [-] Power station strikers reject proposals to return to work
08/26/2010 [-] Okpe industrialists move to buy Sapele Power Station
08/26/2010 [-] South Africa No Plans to Cancel Kusile Power Station
08/26/2010 [-] State, Eskom Vow Power Station Will Go Ahead
08/26/2010 [-] Uganda Security Stepped Up at Power Stations
08/24/2010 [-] Zesa to Revive Three Idle Thermal Power Stations
08/23/2010 [-] Small hydro power stations launched in Tashkent, Kashkadarya regions
08/22/2010 [-] Physical launch of Iran's Bushehr power station begins – Rosatom head
08/21/2010 [-] Physical launch of Iran's Bushehr power station begins Rosatom head
08/21/2010 [-] Russia, Iran set up joint venture to operate Bushehr power station
08/21/2010 [-] Engineers load fuel at Iran's first nuclear power station
08/21/2010 [-] Around the world Engineers load fuel at Iran's first nuclear power station
08/21/2010 [-] Physical launch of Iran's Bushehr power station begins Rosatom head
08/20/2010 [-] Church of Scotland makes stand against coal power station
08/20/2010 [-] Gas fired power station opens
08/19/2010 [-] Dispute at ESB Lough Ree power station
08/17/2010 [-] Hydro still considering mini power station
08/16/2010 [-] Sabotage Stops Power Station in Mosul
08/16/2010 [-] Coal-fired power stations win reprieve
08/15/2010 [-] Dirtiest coal power plants win government reprieve
08/15/2010 [-] Protest at Planning Inquiry for Biofuel Power Station
08/15/2010 [-] OCI wins marine works bid of Sukhna power station, completes MCDCR complex
08/14/2010 [-] Russia Says Iran's First Nuclear Power Station To Start Up Next Week
08/13/2010 [-] Power Stations Repair to Generate More Jobs Vice Governor
08/13/2010 [-] Power Plant Photography Michael Kenna Captures 'Power Stations' from Around the World
08/12/2010 [-] ESG says NSW power station 'refocused'
08/10/2010 [-] An exhaust stack is seen at a power station in Australia
08/09/2010 [-] 1 generator working as power station gets limited fuel
08/09/2010 [-] New nuclear power stations on track
08/07/2010 [-] Gaza's sole major power station shut down
08/07/2010 [-] Russia inks new uranium deal with South Africa nuclear power station
08/06/2010 [-] Russia Nuclear weapons and power stations fireproof
08/06/2010 [-] Ryesonggang Youth Power Station No. 2 Completed
08/05/2010 [-] Russia-South Africa Deal In Developing Nuclear Power Stations
08/02/2010 [-] EU seeks clarification over power station tender
07/31/2010 [-] OSCE-supported course on protecting hydropower stations to be held in south Kyrgyzstan
07/30/2010 [-] Iraq, France Sign MoU to Set Up Power Station
07/30/2010 [-] Dam of Kumyagang Power Station Completed
07/30/2010 [-] China to help Venezuela build three power stations
07/28/2010 [-] Andritz to Supply Hydropower Station in Turkey
07/28/2010 [-] Tajik Hydropower Station To Displace Thousands
07/28/2010 [-] BD100M Power Station To Be Built
07/27/2010 [-] Gillard may help close Vic power station
07/26/2010 [-] Axe to fall on Hazelwood Power Station
07/26/2010 [-] Hazelwood power station to shut govt
07/26/2010 [-] Russian police rout rebel-bombers at power station
07/26/2010 [-] Vic govt keen to close power station
07/26/2010 [-] China meets national target of closing outdated coal-fueled power stations
07/25/2010 [-] Centrica, International Power Talk Over Power Stations Buy Report
07/23/2010 [-] Critics blast PM's power-station policy
07/22/2010 [-] Russian Power Station Struck By Terror Attack
07/21/2010 [-] Militants Attack Russia Power Station
07/21/2010 [-] 2 die in attack on Russian power station
07/21/2010 [-] Rebels attack power station in Russia's Muslim south
07/21/2010 [-] Two killed in attack on Russian power station Summary
07/21/2010 [-] Two dead in attack on Russian dam
07/21/2010 [-] Insurgents bomb Russian power station
07/21/2010 [-] Two killed in 'attack' on northern Caucasus power station
07/21/2010 [-] 2 Killed In Russian Power Station Attack
07/21/2010 [-] Blackout in Jakarta after power station blast
07/21/2010 [-] Russian power station bombed in terror attack
07/21/2010 [-] Russian power station attacked
07/21/2010 [-] Two killed in attack on Russian power station
07/21/2010 [-] Police 2 killed in Russian power station attack
07/21/2010 [-] Two Killed at Russia Power Station
07/21/2010 [-] Two killed in attack against Russian power station
07/21/2010 [-] Police 2 killed in attack on Russian hydropower station
07/19/2010 [-] Bulgaria's PM New Hydropower Station Project to Start 2012
07/19/2010 [-] GEF offers 100 m to Kom Ombo solar power station
07/15/2010 [-] Eight Greenpeace activists arrested for infiltrating Israel power station
07/15/2010 [-] Shares drop for Battersea Power Station owner
07/14/2010 [-] World's biggest solar power station opens in Spain
07/12/2010 [-] Loviisa nuclear power station shuts down
07/12/2010 [-] DEWA awards power station contracts
07/10/2010 [-] Nuclear power stations in south China not affected by earthquake
07/09/2010 [-] Third fire at Yemen power stations in a week
07/09/2010 [-] Power Station Tender Up for Grabs
07/08/2010 [-] Peterhead power station is to be used to test carbon capture
07/08/2010 [-] DPRK's top leader inspects power station, food factory
07/08/2010 [-] DPRK's top leader inspects power station, food factory
07/08/2010 [-] EU gives power stations until 2020 to meet emissions rules
07/08/2010 [-] Kim Jong Il Inspects Construction Site of Wonsan Power Station
07/07/2010 [-] Uganda Karuma Power Station Works to Start
07/05/2010 [-] Campaign against agrofuel power station in Ealing successful
07/05/2010 [-] Afghanistan power station on hold because of security fears
07/04/2010 [-] More nuclear power stations needed energy agency
07/04/2010 [-] Fire breaks out at nuclear power station
07/03/2010 [-] US energy firm to snap up Larne power station
07/02/2010 [-] Ballylumford power station sold
06/30/2010 [-] Last days at Pompeii / Broke Let the IEC sell its power stations
06/29/2010 [-] Man receives severe burns after jumping power station fence
06/29/2010 [-] Alabama man burned climbing fence at Talladega power station
06/27/2010 [-] Tender for establishing wind power station within days; Minister
06/26/2010 [-] Qatari LNG supply lowers carbon emissions in UK
06/26/2010 [-] Gaza Power Station to shut down
06/25/2010 [-] Ain al-Mreisseh power station to close Sunday
06/24/2010 [-] Battersea Power Station to list in effort to find backers
06/23/2010 [-] REO may spin off Battersea Power Station
06/23/2010 [-] UPDATE 1-REO to list Battersea power station as funds sought
06/21/2010 [-] Zimbabwe Zesa Attends to Hwange Power Station
06/20/2010 [-] Iwi wants Huntly power station
06/17/2010 [-] NE China province selects sites for nuke power station
06/16/2010 [-] Munson Low-power station's Ron Sorenson thrilled to be back on air
06/16/2010 [-] Bahrain launches new power station
06/14/2010 [-] Sweden has 10 reactors at three power stations
06/14/2010 [-] Younis inspects progress in El-Tebeen power station
06/11/2010 [-] Pocket power station wins award
06/10/2010 [-] Be part of Brighton's new solar power station
06/09/2010 [-] UK `Sloppy` errors in coal-power station plans, say campaigners
06/09/2010 [-] Fleet of Nuclear Power Stations 'Will Limit Costs'
06/09/2010 [-] Power station expansion gets nod
06/09/2010 [-] Power station plans get green light
06/06/2010 [-] New unit of thermal power station inaugurated
06/05/2010 [-] Pilz installs safety technology for a groundbreaking biomass power station
06/04/2010 [-] Legal stoush erupts over power station plans
06/02/2010 [-] Controversial coal-fired power station plans revealed for Scots site
05/31/2010 [-] Power Knocked Out in Beaumont
05/31/2010 [-] Conergy builds 5 MW solar power station in Greece
05/31/2010 [-] New power station becomes Ireland's largest
05/31/2010 [-] GDF Suez wins contract to build 2 gas-fired power stations in Oman
05/30/2010 [-] Power station revamp promises emissions cut
05/29/2010 [-] Campaigners to continue new power station fight
05/28/2010 [-] Northern power station in doubt
05/28/2010 [-] Taipower plans to build Taiwan's biggest solar power station
05/25/2010 [-] Power Station Rehabilitated in Basra
05/25/2010 [-] New power station finished three weeks early
05/23/2010 [-] Power station fuels power struggle in broke Va. town
05/22/2010 [-] Legal bid against power station hits 30k court costs snag
05/21/2010 [-] Power stations to be closed to reduce emissions
05/21/2010 [-] Kim Jong Il Visits Construction Sites of Power Station
05/20/2010 [-] Town to take back power station
05/20/2010 [-] Steam rises from cooling towers at a power station
05/20/2010 [-] Power station back in municipality's hands
05/20/2010 [-] Private sector allowed to secure energy for power stations
05/19/2010 [-] South Africa National Union of Mineworkers Opposes Sale of Power Stations
05/17/2010 [-] Power station profits to be used for hapu
05/17/2010 [-] Electrabel's Amercoeur Power Station in Belgium Using GE Technology to Generate Cleaner, More ...
05/17/2010 [-] Worker dies, 15 injured in power station blaze
05/17/2010 [-] Kim Jong Il Inspects Construction Sites of Power Station
05/16/2010 [-] Call to shut coal-guzzling power station
05/15/2010 [-] Power station explosion kills one, injures 25
05/15/2010 [-] Blast at power station 1 dead
05/13/2010 [-] Liberal Democrats abandon manifesto pledge to oppose new nuclear power stations
05/13/2010 [-] Six held while siphoning fuel at power station
05/12/2010 [-] Russia ready to build nuclear power station in Syria
05/11/2010 [-] RWE to build power station in Turkey
05/10/2010 [-] Need for LNG-based power stations stressed
05/10/2010 [-] Operation of Power Station in Missan Starts Up
05/10/2010 [-] Italian Firm Rehabilitates Units of Power Station in Kirkuk
05/10/2010 [-] 13 Secondary Power Stations to Be Put into Service in 2010
05/10/2010 [-] 13 secondary power stations to be in service in 2010
05/10/2010 [-] Iraq- Operation of power station in Missan starts up
05/10/2010 [-] Iraq 13 secondary power stations to be in service in 2010
05/08/2010 [-] Pedal power Stationary bikers light up health club in New York
05/07/2010 [-] INTERVIEW-UPDATE 1-Eskom says can find cash for power stations
05/07/2010 [-] Minister denies Shenhua power station talks
05/06/2010 [-] Nga Awa Purua power station to sell some output in tender
05/06/2010 [-] Shanghai Co. Startup Al Zubaydiah Thermal Power Station
05/06/2010 [-] Dolphin Energy boosts gas supply to two Fujairah power stations
05/06/2010 [-] Dolphin Energy to transport more natural gas to ADWEC's power stations at Fujairah
05/05/2010 [-] Plug your PC into a nuclear power station
05/04/2010 [-] New electric power station inaugurated in Kirkuk
05/03/2010 [-] Israel rejects power station contract 'pressure' claims
04/29/2010 [-] Development commission backs power station push
04/25/2010 [-] Locals halt survey for atomic power station in Madhya Pradesh
04/21/2010 [-] Hydro power stations to be built
04/18/2010 [-] U.S. power firm AES bids for BG power station-paper
04/18/2010 [-] Delay to tidal power station welcomed
04/18/2010 [-] Nearly half of Germans say nuclear power stations should run longer
04/18/2010 [-] Kim Jong Il inspects site of construction of key hydropower station
04/17/2010 [-] Ryots oppose move to take over land for thermal power station
04/17/2010 [-] Cooling Water Pumps for Saudi Arabian Power Station
04/13/2010 [-] Chinese firm to build Australian power station
04/12/2010 [-] Government hopeful about future of gas power station
04/12/2010 [-] Gaza power station partially operates
04/11/2010 [-] Egypt to get 432 m loan to fund wind-power station
04/11/2010 [-] 'Qld power stations ruining our health'
04/09/2010 [-] Turkish opposition deputies alarmed by Metsamor power station
04/09/2010 [-] South African coal-fired power station to be built after UK abstains on vote
04/09/2010 [-] coal plant loan defies critics