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07/01/2006 Thousands join HK democracy march
07/01/2006 Kandahar Canada, U.S. troops hurt
07/01/2006 Developing countries form united front at WTO
07/01/2006 Photos The top 10 MP3 players in Asia
07/01/2006 Thousands join in pro-democracy march in Hong Kong
07/01/2006 Tens of thousands march for democracy in Hong Kong Roundup
07/01/2006 Former Japanese Prime Minister Hashimoto dies
07/01/2006 Chinese president opens controversial railway to Tibet Roundup
07/01/2006 Thousands demand Hong Kong rights
07/01/2006 Protesters clash with police in Kashmir
07/01/2006 Japan's reforming ex-PM dies
07/01/2006 Outspoken Japanese former PM dies
07/01/2006 Japan ex-PM Hashimoto dead
07/01/2006 Racist attacks shame as Asian man's jaw broken
07/01/2006 Protesters rampage in Indian Kashmir over musician's killing
07/01/2006 Japan former premier Hashimoto dies
07/01/2006 Thousands march in Hong Kong for democracy
07/01/2006 Westerners protest Beijing-Tibet rail
07/01/2006 China's Hu urges end to corruption in Communist Party
07/01/2006 Afghan govt probes lawmaker beating
07/01/2006 ASIA UN urges region to promote HIV/AIDS awareness
07/01/2006 British generals need more planes, choppers in Afghanistan
07/01/2006 China opensTibet railway line
07/01/2006 Former Japanese PM dies aged 68
06/30/2006 Report Japan ex-PM Hashimoto dead
06/30/2006 Thai premier boasts of international coffee diplomacy success
06/30/2006 Chinese president opens controversial railway to Tibet
06/30/2006 U-S sends antiviral medicine to Asia as bird flu precaution
06/30/2006 China opens 'miracle' railway to Tibet
06/30/2006 Arkansas governor returns from trade mission to Asia
06/30/2006 U.S. sends antiviral medicine Tamiflu to Asia as bird flu precaution
06/30/2006 Disbelieving Li makes Wimbledon history
06/30/2006 Rocket attack wounds 10 at Afghan base
06/30/2006 U.S. sends antiviral medicine to Asia
06/30/2006 Mainstream News Asian states urged to make gender a budget priority
06/30/2006 Racist thugs break Asian man's jaw
06/30/2006 Delight for Salmond at prospect of first Asian MSP
06/30/2006 Woman survives after eating 119 nails
06/30/2006 China rolls out railway to Tibet
06/30/2006 Widow speaks at euthanasia rally
06/30/2006 DLA Piper Europe and Asia reaps £366m
06/30/2006 Sniffex, Inc. Announces First Field Trials in Asia
06/30/2006 Rio Narcea Completes Financing Arrangement for Tasiast Gold Project
06/30/2006 India pledges help for struggling farmers
06/30/2006 Graceland Enters Annals of U.S. Foreign Relations
06/30/2006 Asian states urged to make gender a budget priority
06/30/2006 Asia Properties Redesigns Web Site
06/30/2006 East Timor official New gov't within days
06/30/2006 Japan, China to resume talks on disputed gas exploration in July
06/30/2006 UK considered China nuclear strike
06/30/2006 Philippines communist rebels in alliance talks with opposition
06/30/2006 Pakistani officials to visit Guantanamo in July
06/30/2006 ASIA IRIN-Asia Weekly Round-up 78 covering the period 24 June 30 June 2006
06/30/2006 Doctors give thumbs-down to euthanasia
06/30/2006 Thai dam casts long shadow over Asia dam wars
06/30/2006 Bride, 9, rescued from debt marriage
06/30/2006 Fed helps lift optimism in Asia
06/30/2006 SNP on course for first Asian MSP
06/30/2006 Altimo acquires Kyrgyzstan Sky Mobile
06/30/2006 M1, Celcom offer free 3G video calls between Singapore, Malaysia
06/30/2006 Renesas to expand development, design capability in Vietnam
06/30/2006 Alcatel, Dallah Telecom collaborate on World Cup mobile multimedia
06/30/2006 Fujitsu, Microsoft team up with Virginia Tech College of Engineering
06/30/2006 Man distraught after officers shoot pet dogs
06/30/2006 Suspected Afghan militants held
06/30/2006 Patni acquires Zaiq Technologies
06/30/2006 Kai Corporation gets US patent for Passmemory
06/30/2006 CSC wins 82m contract extensions in Australia
06/30/2006 Asian nations urged to focus on agriculture
06/30/2006 Japan's Koizumi to tour Graceland
06/30/2006 12 die as violence flares up in Indian Kashmir
06/30/2006 Dili Journal Amid Broken Dreams, a Peacemaker Resumes the Quest
06/30/2006 KDDI, VDC to provide International IP-VPN Service
06/30/2006 Nitschke challenges euthanasia advice ban
06/30/2006 India, China leaders of digital-driven-products’ markets in Asia
06/30/2006 China completes rail line to Tibet
06/30/2006 China's communist party targets corruption on 85th anniversary
06/30/2006 Oil rises near 74 on positive US economic outlook
06/30/2006 Bangladesh should be wary of democracy threat US
06/30/2006 Gold rises above 600 after Fed statement
06/30/2006 Former Khmer Rouge military leader hospitalized for tests
06/30/2006 Betfair Breaks New Ground in Asia
06/30/2006 China steps up Internet controls
06/29/2006 Slower US growth in H2 may temper 2006 China, Asia GDP growth Fitch
06/29/2006 Imran backs new cricket appeal system
06/29/2006 Alarm at Japan population trends
06/29/2006 Global markets rally on Fed hint
06/29/2006 Six killed in Sri Lanka as monitors mull truce role
06/29/2006 East Timor president appeals to Alkatiri supporters
06/29/2006 More Japanese forces leave Iraq base
06/29/2006 Oil prices higher in Asian trade
06/29/2006 E Timor ex-PM avoids questioning
06/29/2006 Asian Development Bank appoints strategy planning panel
06/29/2006 Asian economies offer huge market for nuclear technology
06/29/2006 Australian PM concerned over Telstra share plunge, chides CEO
06/29/2006 Al Qaeda deputy hunted in Afghanistan
06/29/2006 'King' upstages Bush, Koizumi meet
06/29/2006 China lifts US beef ban
06/29/2006 Tokyo rallies as investors upbeat
06/29/2006 DILG chief Puno RP safest in SE Asia from terror threat
06/29/2006 UK doctors vote to continue opposition of euthanasia
06/29/2006 Australian PM urges US to find another way to try Guantanamo detainee
06/29/2006 Teachers from central Asian countries learn Chinese teaching in NW
06/29/2006 Doctors vote to oppose euthanasia
06/29/2006 China to unveil rail to Tibet
06/29/2006 Koizumi's Visit Japanese Nationalism vs. Bush's Asia Agenda
06/29/2006 New Zealand raises immigrant targets slightly
06/29/2006 Euthanasia commemoration to defy law
06/29/2006 DM Asian garden gets major addition
06/29/2006 New Asian clothes shop in Tunstall
06/29/2006 Asia tsunami warning system ready
06/29/2006 Report Economic Success Leads to Jobless Growth in Asia-Pacific
06/29/2006 Senate committee backs India nuclear deal
06/29/2006 Cable TV operators, Sea Change to deliver on-demand services
06/29/2006 Doctors reject making euthanasia legal
06/29/2006 Senegalese President in Libya President Abdoulaye Wade, fresh from an Asian visit to China and Iran, arrived in Libya on Wednesday.
06/29/2006 China set to unveil its railway to Tibet
06/29/2006 Euthanasia vote
06/29/2006 Asian money
06/29/2006 Sri Lanka warns Norway over truce deal as deadlock drags on
06/29/2006 Bush says unacceptable for N.Korea to test missile
06/29/2006 Asia Gold Share Purchase Warrants Exercised by World's Largest Diversified Resources Company
06/29/2006 Analysis N.Korea`s kidnapping controversy
06/29/2006 Convergys expands Asian service centers
06/29/2006 Panel named to investigate violence in East Timor
06/29/2006 New Vietnam president pledges government will fight corruption
06/29/2006 Bold Agenda for Trade on Human Terms in Asia-Pacific
06/29/2006 Guantanamo detainee Hicks to serve sentence in Australia if convicted
06/29/2006 Chinese navy official fired for corruption
06/29/2006 East Asian companies eye Dubai Internet City as launch pad for Middle East expansion
06/29/2006 Doctors change euthanasia stance
06/29/2006 12 militants killed in Afghan firefight
06/29/2006 Deputy chief of China's navy sacked in sex, corruption scandal
06/29/2006 Football head encourages Asia after poor World Cup performance
06/29/2006 “Born of America's Indifference, Eurasian Alliance Comes of Age” by M. K. Bhadrakumar
06/29/2006 New Asia fund planned by Morgan Stanley
06/29/2006 Abductee case stirs anger in Japan
06/29/2006 Doctor testifies in trial of 4 Marines
06/29/2006 Digirama signs agreements for legal music download
06/29/2006 Jump TV signs deal with Dubai TV channels
06/29/2006 Sony certifies Ulead Blu-ray disc recording applications
06/29/2006 Kazakhtelecom deploys Redback routers for broadband services
06/29/2006 NTT Com to expand ethernet service
06/29/2006 Yahoo, 3 sign alliance to offer Yahoo services on 3 networks
06/29/2006 Cellnext, Reliance partner on sports, news alerts
06/29/2006 Alcatel to help Turk Telekom upgrade broadband infrastructure
06/29/2006 WJ Communications launches Reader Module for Taiwan Market
06/29/2006 ECI Telecom launches GPON solution
06/29/2006 UNESCO Tsunami alert system in Asia ready and operable
06/29/2006 Hyundai union to continue strikes for pay demands
06/29/2006 Ruling party supporters mob East Timor city
06/29/2006 Professional wet nurse feeds moral outrage
06/29/2006 China navy chief sacked for graft
06/29/2006 Abductee sticks to N Korean line
06/29/2006 Pakistan frees 50 tribesmen to calm militancy
06/29/2006 Japan brings warship home on missile fears report
06/29/2006 SKorean man claims alleged abductee dead
06/29/2006 Halt... or Ill shoot you with my pawn ticket
06/29/2006 Nitschke's bid for euthanasia display refused
06/29/2006 Institution to promote human rights in SE Asia proposed
06/29/2006 Tharoor The Next U.N. Secretary-General?
06/29/2006 On the path of a missionary in Asia ... on a jet-ski
06/29/2006 Japanese leader's US visit offers apt end to 5-year run
06/29/2006 Koreans reunited, but mystery of abductions remains
06/29/2006 Farmers' uprising led to land-seizure concessions in China
06/29/2006 Vatican delegation on rare visit to China
06/29/2006 Rice shows support for Afghanistan
06/29/2006 Digital living takes off in Asia
06/29/2006 Oil rises as US inventory drop shows high demand
06/29/2006 Nintendo shareholders reject proposal on dividends
06/29/2006 Pakistan hangs 4 Muslims for gang-rape of Christian
06/29/2006 Asia Honda leads stocks downhill
06/28/2006 Prosecutors raid Korea Exchange Bank over Lone Star's acquisition
06/28/2006 Nine million people living with HIV in Asia Pacific report
06/28/2006 Docs Set To Vote Against Euthanasia
06/28/2006 Tibet's last-known female political prisoner freed
06/28/2006 Two Koreas discuss making joint Olympic team
06/28/2006 Fears over E Timor rival rallies
06/28/2006 Mainstream News Asia tsunami warning system ready
06/28/2006 England facing record series loss as Sri Lanka march on
06/28/2006 Asia's poorer countries losing out in trade boom--UN
06/28/2006 Early poll tipped for East Timor
06/28/2006 Koizumi's farewell visit to Bush
06/28/2006 Asia's direct investments in US on the rise
06/28/2006 Japan's PM arrives in Washington
06/28/2006 Taiwan political crisis far from over
06/28/2006 Japanese Nationalism vs. Bush's Asia Agenda
06/28/2006 Delegation of 2 is Vatican's first to China in years
06/28/2006 Asia higher ahead of Fed move
06/28/2006 ETimor crisis can be resolved only by elections president
06/28/2006 Did early man take his first steps in Asia?
06/28/2006 Doctors review euthanasia stance
06/28/2006 Australia wins technology transfer assurances on JSF
06/28/2006 Jayawardene repeat ton sets up latest defeat of England
06/28/2006 Coalition soldier killed by Afghan mine
06/28/2006 Sky Link launches mid-price handsets
06/28/2006 Howard back from Asian visit
06/28/2006 Fantasia Drops Out Of Rochester MusicFest
06/28/2006 Tsunami warning system ready
06/28/2006 Steamy Smooch Between Fantasia & Foxx On BET
06/28/2006 Canadian, Japanese leaders hold first bilateral talks
06/28/2006 Honda to build new plant in Indiana
06/28/2006 Sri Lanka says rebels killed 5 sailors in navy clash
06/28/2006 Stock fund selling eases in Asia, but outlook shaky
06/28/2006 Asian bonds jittery, eye US Fed decision
06/28/2006 Sri Lanka's forgotten war displaced long to start over
06/28/2006 Bali bombers to be executed
06/28/2006 UNHCR warns on Uzbek refugee
06/28/2006 Lanka Navy clashes with rebels near base
06/28/2006 Around Asia's Markets Demand for metals likely to lift miners
06/28/2006 Indonesia prepares for execution of Bali bombers
06/28/2006 Gas explosion kills at least 21 in China coal mine
06/28/2006 Khmer Rouge military strongman Ta Mok seriously ill, says lawyer
06/28/2006 Rice back in Asia to push American agenda
06/28/2006 Sri Lanka beefs up security after killing
06/28/2006 Tigers close to admitting Gandhi killing
06/28/2006 Tamil head Sorry for Gandhi death
06/28/2006 Nokia sues Chinese companies for copying design
06/28/2006 Migdal selects Nortel IP telephony solution
06/28/2006 Mobilink chooses Valista’s top-up solution
06/28/2006 TIS to offer Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite
06/28/2006 Buzz Technologies to enter IPTV and mobile broadcast business
06/28/2006 Nokia launches NFC mobile payment trial in China
06/28/2006 Wife who served up husband appeals life sentence
06/28/2006 DeAM appoints Ayaz Ebrahim as CIO Asia Pacific and Middle East
06/28/2006 Pakistan's literacy rate lowest in Asia Minister
06/28/2006 Philippines' death penalty debate
06/28/2006 GoQuo Sponsors TRAVELtech Australia Asia Pacific's Leading Online Marketing and Distribution Conference
06/28/2006 Labour law protests in Australia
06/28/2006 Early challenge for Vietnam PM
06/28/2006 Pakistan challenges Afghans on hide-outs
06/28/2006 Rice reaffirms U.S. Aghanistan commitment
06/28/2006 'Abducted' man in family reunion
06/28/2006 Oil rises above 72 on US summer gasoline concern
06/28/2006 S.Lanka says rebels attack navy, one boat on fire
06/28/2006 AsianParent’s New Website Helps Parents Preserve Chinese Culture and Language for Their Children
06/27/2006 Asia Mining shares lead advance
06/27/2006 Cambodian's ruling party confident in Khmer Rouge tribunal
06/27/2006 China watching N. Korea missile situation
06/27/2006 S Korean abductee to meet family
06/27/2006 China warns N. Korea over missile
06/27/2006 Rice bid to crack down on Taliban
06/27/2006 S.Lanka says Tigers virtually admit Gandhi killing
06/27/2006 Mob torches homes in East Timor
06/27/2006 Clashes in Dili as ETimor ex-PM's supporters mass outside city
06/27/2006 Rice arrives in Afghanistan for talks on 'war on terror'
06/27/2006 Fanaa a Hit Movie Despite Protests
06/27/2006 Koizumi, Abe share shrine stance
06/27/2006 East Timor violence flares afresh
06/27/2006 Japan PM lashes out at domestic critics of Yasukuni
06/27/2006 Nikkei plunges on tech weakness
06/27/2006 Seoul urges China to sway N. Korea
06/27/2006 Ark. gov says Asia trip offering guidance on auto plant
06/27/2006 Pakistan beefing up border forces
06/27/2006 Pakistan beefs up troops hunting al Qaeda
06/27/2006 Pakistan beefing up anti-militant forces
06/27/2006 Annan says UN remains engaged in Myanmar
06/27/2006 Taiwan's Chen survives opposition bid to oust him
06/27/2006 Clear Channel Outdoor sets its sights on Asia-Pacific rim for growth
06/27/2006 Congressional panel acts on US-India nuclear deal
06/27/2006 Senior Tamil Tiger leader regrets 1991 Gandhi slaying
06/27/2006 Tiger apologizes for Rajiv Gandhi's death
06/27/2006 China considers new media restrictions
06/27/2006 Afghan violence kills 2 British troops
06/27/2006 Around Asia's markets India IPOs could gain from stock declines
06/27/2006 Somali Islamists seize checkpoints, demand sharia
06/27/2006 India, Pakistan peace boosting narcotics trade UN
06/27/2006 4 Tamil Tiger rebels killed in Sri Lanka
06/27/2006 Communist Vietnam names reformer Dung as new prime minister Roundup
06/27/2006 Navy flagship pays port call in Shanghai
06/27/2006 Nissan trims sales goal; new models to drive recovery
06/27/2006 Slender Loris gasps for survival as urban India expands
06/27/2006 Report Vatican delegation in Beijing
06/27/2006 Vietnam installs younger premier, pushes change
06/27/2006 Sri Lanka Telecom to roll out Metro Ethernet services
06/27/2006 ACCC rejects Hutchison undertakings for mobile terminating access service
06/27/2006 China Digital not to acquire Zhuo Tong Power Supply
06/27/2006 Etisalat launches Spacetoon Mobile service
06/27/2006 Singtel chooses Ericsson for ultra-high speed broadband trial
06/27/2006 Dozens killed in Afghan battles
06/27/2006 Snake on Borneo island can change color
06/27/2006 Starhub deploys Open TV Core 2.0 software
06/27/2006 Laurus selects Retalix solution for Dutch supermarket chain
06/27/2006 Nokia powers NTT DoCoMo data storage service
06/27/2006 Jajah launches free global landline, mobile calls
06/27/2006 NTT DoCoMo to launch mobile phone protection service
06/27/2006 Dozens killed in Afghan battle
06/27/2006 Japan's Koizumi to get warm embrace in Washington
06/27/2006 Bollywood hero urges fans not to imitate his superhero stunts
06/27/2006 Bird flu pandemic would shrink Asia economies by up to 9 pct study
06/27/2006 Youthful reformer Dung confirmed as Vietnam's PM
06/27/2006 Suicide attacker kills 5 at army checkpoint
06/27/2006 Assassination of Sri Lankan general stirs civil war fears
06/27/2006 Vietnamese legislators elect new president
06/27/2006 Former Nepal ministers questioned
06/27/2006 Bird flu pandemic would shrink Asia economies by up to 9 pct study
06/27/2006 Vietnam ushering in new communist prime minister, president
06/27/2006 Taiwan opposition fails in its bid to oust President Chen
06/26/2006 At least 10 dead, 18 injured as dynamite cache explodes in China
06/26/2006 Annan appeals for calm in West Asia
06/26/2006 NKorea approves US human rights envoy's visit
06/26/2006 Wee bit of dingo urine works magic
06/26/2006 East Timor searches for new PM
06/26/2006 Thai bombs target teacher convoy
06/26/2006 Taiwan's parliament supports Chen
06/26/2006 Wall collapse kills seven children
06/26/2006 Report U.S cruiser may go to Japan early
06/26/2006 Death toll in India rains, floods tops 200
06/26/2006 Thai roadside bomb kills five
06/26/2006 Renegades kill 4 Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers police
06/26/2006 East Timor leaders meet to choose new PM
06/26/2006 US needs Pakistani-Afghan anti-Taliban work Rice
06/26/2006 Vietnam appoints economic reformer as president, set to get new PM
06/26/2006 Wanted Foreign pilots in China
06/26/2006 Renegades kill 4 Tiger rebels
06/26/2006 ETimor's former PM to face questioning, talks begin on successor
06/26/2006 Pet Owners Talk About Accidental Euthanasia at Shelter
06/26/2006 Renegade rebels kill 4 Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers police
06/26/2006 N. Korea OKs Human rights envoy's visit
06/26/2006 Asia Steel makers drive advance
06/26/2006 Vietnam elects its new president
06/26/2006 Toll in Indonesian ferry sinking rises to 16
06/26/2006 Reformer is new Vietnam president
06/26/2006 Security focus of Japan-U.S. talks
06/26/2006 Taiwan MPs vote on referendum
06/26/2006 Transmile, DHL Sign Deal for Asia Service
06/26/2006 Nikkei flat as exporters fall
06/26/2006 Japan's Abe expands lead in PM race poll
06/26/2006 Chinese law to further curb media
06/26/2006 China May Fine News Media to Limit Coverage
06/26/2006 Taiwanese parliament to vote on scandal-charged referendum
06/26/2006 Parched Pakistan feuds over 18 billion dam projects
06/26/2006 New Zealand Maoris divided over theme complex in Texas
06/26/2006 Study N. Korea lifts nuke arsenal
06/26/2006 Third straight draw for Windies and India
06/26/2006 China Weighs Fines for Reports on Sudden Events
06/26/2006 U.S. to put Patriot missiles in Japan for first time
06/26/2006 Somalia's Islamists to stone rapists to death
06/26/2006 Bush U.S. doesn't know N. Korea missile intent
06/26/2006 Asia Gold Corp. Drilling Outlines Gold Shoots in Quartz Veins at Naran Bulag, Mongolia
06/26/2006 Prime Minister of East Timor Resigns Under Pressure
06/26/2006 Nepal finds bodies of nine missing climbers
06/26/2006 Subex Azure completes merger
06/26/2006 Asian Human Rights Group Urges UN to Set Higher Standards
06/26/2006 ASIA IRIN-Asia Weekly Round-up 75 covering the period 3 June 9 June 2006
06/26/2006 ASIA IRIN-Asia Weekly Round-up 76 covering the period 10 June 16 June 2006
06/26/2006 Pacific Asia China Energy Inc. Reports Preliminary Results on Third CBM Well in China
06/26/2006 '7 dead' in Pakistan explosion
06/26/2006 Around Asia's marekts Cold wind buffets emerging markets
06/26/2006 An Attempted Coup in East Timor?
06/26/2006 Asians Lack Politeness in Survey of World Cities
06/26/2006 Asian soccer fans looking far afield
06/26/2006 Bird flu threat barely raises stir in Bali village
06/26/2006 U.S. to deploy intercept missiles in Japan
06/26/2006 U.S. intercept missiles for Japan
06/26/2006 Ericsson to supply HSPA network to Saudi Telecom
06/26/2006 Partner selects Ericsson mobile softswitch to upgrade network
06/26/2006 Batelco signs GPRS roaming agreement with Mobinil
06/26/2006 Thousands rally against Taiwan president
06/26/2006 Batelco to acquire Jordanian mobile operator UMC
06/26/2006 Nortel powers Pride voice, video, multimedia services
06/26/2006 Alcatel wins 3G/UMTS contract from Celcom
06/26/2006 Broadlight, Audiocodes, Legerity to enable VoIP over PON
06/26/2006 Masked men gun down bandits in Pakistan
06/26/2006 China media face disaster fines
06/26/2006 Asia Times Online
06/26/2006 Arroyo faces fresh impeachment charge
06/26/2006 Three Thais nabbed in major passport/visa raid
06/26/2006 Taiwan signature drive seeks president's removal
06/26/2006 Asian Real Estate Market Continues Growth
06/26/2006 LG-Nortel to develop IP desktop phones
06/26/2006 Microsoft to collaborate with Siemens, HP for unified communications
06/26/2006 Microsoft, Motorola form marketing and development alliance
06/26/2006 Forex Dollar stages late retreat in Asian trade as euro jumps