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05/30/2006 Malaysia detains 12 suspected terrorists, probe al-Qaeda links
05/30/2006 Philippines Peace pact with Muslim rebels to be inked soon
05/30/2006 Myanmar demonstrators stage 'prayer protest' for Aung San Suu Kyi
05/30/2006 U.S. stocks follow Europe, Asia lower
05/30/2006 Singapore Prime Minister Lee sworn into office
05/30/2006 East Timor's mayhem plays on
05/30/2006 Australian baby put in tumble drier
05/30/2006 Merapi still no-go zone but keeper unfazed
05/30/2006 Press demands justice for murdered reporters
05/30/2006 Indonesian death toll nears 5 700
05/30/2006 Indonesia's quake survivors wait patiently for help
05/30/2006 Military option rejected as donors warn Sri Lanka against war
05/30/2006 E. Timor engulfed by gang violence
05/30/2006 Asian navies asked to use U.S. technology
05/30/2006 Currencies Asian currencies climb
05/30/2006 Stocks Japanese stocks lead a decline in Asian markets
05/30/2006 Around Asia's markets For rubber producers, a captive market
05/30/2006 U.S. apology sought in refugee killings
05/30/2006 Pakistani Taliban take control of wild Waziristan
05/30/2006 Japanese turn to past lives for future comfort
05/30/2006 Pakistan, India open talks on terrorism, drugs and prisoners
05/30/2006 Emergency rule in E Timor
05/30/2006 Emergency rule for E Timor leader
05/30/2006 China's ports threaten to leave SE Asia high and dry
05/30/2006 Russia's search for collective security
05/30/2006 Renesas releases SH7397 32-bit microprocessor
05/30/2006 Hutchison Telecom, NTT DoCoMo form strategic partnership
05/30/2006 Batelco signs new GPRS roaming agreements with Qtel, China Mobile
05/30/2006 Renesas releases two single-chip karaoke echo ICs
05/30/2006 Siemens inks two framework agreements with Chinese operators
05/30/2006 The 9 obtains exclusive China licence for Hellgate London online RPG game
05/30/2006 Indonesia quake death toll tops 5,400
05/30/2006 Aussie mountaineer left for dead in "amazing shape"
05/30/2006 Indian shares slip 0.61 pct on lack of overseas buying support
05/30/2006 Pollution risks Yangtze's 'death'
05/30/2006 E. Timor defense minister fired
05/30/2006 East Timor government show signs of strain
05/30/2006 Aid begins reaching quake victims
05/30/2006 India Top-Ranking B-Schools Are at a Crossroads
05/30/2006 Aid begins reaching quake victims
05/30/2006 Kabul calm after riots sweep city
05/30/2006 Japan cult boss petition rejected
05/30/2006 India tech firms seek US talent in offshoring twist
05/30/2006 Troops keep watch over Afghan capital
05/30/2006 Hope fades of finding survivors
05/30/2006 Beijing Journal Found in Translation Kings Dream Plays in Beijing
05/30/2006 Australian 'put wet baby in dryer'
05/30/2006 Anti-US riots grip Afghan city
05/30/2006 Japanese fear politicians' pilgrimages hurt business
05/30/2006 US set policy of shooting Korean refugees, letter says
05/30/2006 Foreign peacekeepers move to quell violence in East Timor
05/30/2006 Fear of aftershock sends Indonesia survivors outside
05/30/2006 All Black fined over "handbags at dawn" incident
05/30/2006 Asia Stocks advance after U.S. spending report
05/30/2006 Oil steady above 71 on Iran concern, ahead of OPEC
05/30/2006 Toxic dumpling warning in China
05/29/2006 N Korea foreign minister in China
05/29/2006 GE sees India sales rise to 8 bln annually WSJ
05/29/2006 Sri Lanka rebels blamed as 12 die
05/29/2006 Sri Lanka probes massacre as EU outlaws Tamil Tigers
05/29/2006 Japan approves US troop shake-up
05/29/2006 Nikkei slips, weighed by losses in small-caps
05/29/2006 Pakistan Militants kill tribal elder
05/29/2006 Fresh violence erupts in ETimor
05/29/2006 Non-aligned states support Iran nuclear position
05/29/2006 China to quiz civil servants on their morality
05/29/2006 Japan approves US forces plan
05/29/2006 Timor youths rampage as government meets on crisis
05/29/2006 Nepal army, rebels trade blame on peace violations
05/29/2006 East Timor hit by fresh looting
05/29/2006 Report Myanmar society group a pawn
05/29/2006 Anti-U.S. Rioting Erupts in Kabul; at Least 14 Dead
05/29/2006 Oil higher ahead of OPEC meeting
05/29/2006 E. Timor president pleads for calm
05/29/2006 Dollar Slips in Thin Asian Trading
05/29/2006 Asia edges lower on U.S. holiday
05/29/2006 Oil tops 71.50 on Iran concern, ahead of OPEC
05/29/2006 Aid Reaches Indonesian Quake Area, but Volcanos Activity Increases
05/29/2006 U.S. Humvee Crash Sparks Day of Riots in Afghanistan
05/29/2006 Indonesia Struggles to Recover from Deadly Earthquake
05/29/2006 Indonesia quake death toll at 5,427
05/29/2006 Eight killed in Afghan rioting
05/29/2006 New Zealand names suspects in record meth bust
05/29/2006 Court told wife stabbed political-refugee husband
05/29/2006 Aid flow begins for Java victims
05/29/2006 Troops regaining control in Timor
05/29/2006 Aid speeds to quake zone but more needed
05/29/2006 Everest survivor recovers as another climber feared dead in Nepal
05/29/2006 Aid speeds to quake zone more needed
05/29/2006 S. Koreans seek U.S. apology
05/29/2006 U.N., agencies speed aid to Indonesia
05/29/2006 EU puts Sri Lanka's Tamil rebels on terror list
05/29/2006 Australian woman dies on Mount Manaslu
05/29/2006 U.S. apology sought for Korean refugee killings
05/29/2006 EU bans Sri Lanka's rebel Tamil Tigersdiplomats
05/29/2006 World Cup betting big business in Asia - and often illegal
05/29/2006 Ambassador's letter to Dean Rusk
05/29/2006 Japan pays respects to unknown soldier
05/29/2006 Afghans Riot After Deadly Crash by U.S. Military Truck
05/29/2006 U.S. apology sought in Korean refugee killings
05/29/2006 Asia considers forex switch from US assets to region
05/29/2006 Asia will keep driving world growth
05/29/2006 Gold turns marginally weak in line with Asian trend
05/29/2006 Quake Toll Exceeds 5,000, as Aid Begins to Reach Indonesia
05/29/2006 Etisalat Academy becomes Huawei regional training partner
05/29/2006 Disney to debut mobile digital comics on Vodafone KK
05/29/2006 Pressure builds for East Timor's Alkatiri to resign
05/29/2006 Tsunami lessons help speed aid response to Java quake
05/29/2006 90 die from Pakistan extreme heat
05/29/2006 More Asian Governments Declare War On Smoking
05/29/2006 Report Coalition aircraft bomb Taliban meeting
05/29/2006 CNN's Dan Rivers 'This is a living hell'
05/29/2006 Philippine leader orders earthquake drills after Indonesia tremor
05/29/2006 90 die from extreme heat in Pakistan
05/29/2006 Karen remain sad sideshow in Myanmar's political deadlock
05/29/2006 Australian climber reported dead in Nepal
05/29/2006 Aid trickles in as Java quake toll tops 5,000
05/29/2006 Dump those dumplings, China authorities say
05/29/2006 8 killed in Afghan rioting
05/29/2006 Market Regulation Services Trade Resumption Centrasia Mining Corp. CTM, CTM.WT
05/29/2006 Village sets its sights on Asia
05/29/2006 China, India pledge to deepen military exchanges
05/29/2006 Eruption of Mount Merapi still possible
05/29/2006 Vimpelcom selects Huawei to build UMTS/GSM infrastructure in Tajikistan
05/29/2006 Microsoft, LG-Nortel to develop and market Win CE IP phones
05/29/2006 Telcontar launches Drill Down Server 4.1 for China
05/29/2006 Asiainfo signs agreements to expand market share
05/29/2006 Motorola receives 410m following completion of Telsim sale
05/29/2006 Afghan Wireless picks Cibernet for clearing services
05/29/2006 HC and Global Sources to form B2B strategic partnership
05/29/2006 SAS, Hexaware form business alliance
05/29/2006 Traffic accident sparks Afghan riot
05/29/2006 Report Dozens of Taliban killed in airstrike
05/29/2006 Stocks Asian stocks gain
05/29/2006 Won's rise spurs rally for bond market
05/29/2006 China and India to sign accord to expand military ties
05/29/2006 Traffic accident involving U.S. troops sparks Afghan riot
05/29/2006 Indonesia toll more than 5,100
05/29/2006 Pfizer to slash Japan costs without job cuts
05/29/2006 Dili Journal In East Timor, Refugees Born of Chaos, Carnage and Fear
05/29/2006 'Five dead' in Afghan rioting
05/29/2006 Race against time in Java quake
05/29/2006 Indonesia quake toll tops 5,100
05/29/2006 U.S. lockdown after Afghan riot
05/29/2006 East Timor descends into chaos
05/29/2006 25% of Afghan drugs pass through Central Asia Uzbek report-1
05/29/2006 Indonesia president Speed it up
05/29/2006 East Timor violence spurs crises talks
05/29/2006 SK Telecom launches handset-based HSDPA network
05/29/2006 Nikkei inches down as profit-taking weighs
05/29/2006 Airstrike kills dozens in Afghanistan
05/29/2006 Beijing to build Asia's largest bio-tech incubator
05/29/2006 Afghan riots after U.S. accident
05/29/2006 Shoddy housing criticized as Java quake deaths hit 4,983
05/29/2006 HPV Vaccine, Potential Treatment of Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia AIN even in HIV-positive Patients
05/29/2006 Canon sees China sales rising 30 percent in 2006
05/29/2006 BOJ injects funds again to stem overnight rate jump
05/29/2006 Asia, Mideast Lead Push for New Refineries to Meet Oil Demand
05/29/2006 Steel makers gain on Arcelor
05/29/2006 Bangladesh blast masterminds sentenced to death
05/29/2006 Asian stocks claw back lost ground
05/29/2006 Afghan riot over U.S. accident
05/29/2006 Houghton to take charge of India in June
05/29/2006 Tigers agree to Oslo talks ahead of European ban Tamil website
05/29/2006 China eyes closer energy, political ties at Sino-Arab forum
05/29/2006 NEC targets 7 percent profit margin
05/28/2006 Four dead as US troops open fire on Afghans
05/28/2006 Food aid arriving in Indonesia
05/28/2006 Afghan protest over U.S. accident
05/28/2006 East Timor descends into chaos
05/28/2006 Impotent patient kills sex doctor
05/28/2006 Quake death toll tops 4,300 in Indonesia
05/28/2006 Food aid arrives in Indonesia
05/28/2006 Toxic dumpling warning in china
05/28/2006 Child's last words were 'Daddy, Daddy'
05/28/2006 E Timor leaders hold crisis talks
05/28/2006 'Her last words were "Daddy, Daddy'' '
05/28/2006 Quake Toll Exceeds 4,500, as Shocks Rattle Indonesia
05/28/2006 BOJ injects funds again to stem rate jump
05/28/2006 Canon sees Chinese sales up 30 pct exec
05/28/2006 'Her last words were "Daddy, Daddy"'
05/28/2006 U.N. agencies rush aid
05/28/2006 Iran crowned at Asian Men s Club Volleyball Championship
05/28/2006 Asia rises as inflation fear eases
05/28/2006 East Timor 'on brink of civil war'
05/28/2006 US donates 2.5 million dollars to Indonesian quake victims
05/28/2006 Corruption, government failure fuelling Afghan insurgency analysts
05/28/2006 Nikkei returns to 16,000 level as exporters gain
05/28/2006 Hindus and Muslims clash in Ahmedabad
05/28/2006 Rain compounds Java quake misery
05/28/2006 Afghan police, suspected Taliban clash
05/28/2006 HP will not drop prices in Asia
05/28/2006 Chowrasia tied 12th
05/28/2006 Death Toll Climbs to 3,500 in Indonesian Quake
05/28/2006 Food aid starts to arrive for quake victims
05/28/2006 Asian giants mark year of friendship
05/28/2006 Uneasy calm settles on East Timor
05/28/2006 US still waiting to see China curb piracy
05/28/2006 Indonesian quake damages ancient temple
05/28/2006 Uneasy calm settles on E Timor
05/28/2006 More bodies found, Java quake death over 4,600
05/28/2006 Kuwait donates 4 million dollars to Indonesian quake victims
05/28/2006 Demonstrators mark China's pro-democracy crackdown in Tiananmen
05/28/2006 Injured, shaken survivors await aid after devastating Java island quake
05/28/2006 Foreign troops find East Timor in chaos
05/28/2006 Philippines evacuates more than 60 Filipinos from East Timor
05/28/2006 E. Timor 'no walk in the park'
05/28/2006 Times researcher faces trial in Beijing
05/28/2006 Sri Lanka park landmine kills 8
05/28/2006 Around Asia's markets In China, another stock rally is in sight
05/28/2006 Plunkett takes England to brink of victory
05/28/2006 Asian countries agree to work together for social development
05/28/2006 Asia's English readers miss in-depth media
05/28/2006 Hindus, Muslims clash in India's Gujarat state
05/28/2006 Indonesia quake kills 3,000+
05/28/2006 India to increase medical college admissions to quell protests
05/28/2006 Indonesia quake kills 3,000
05/28/2006 Bird-flu drugmaker on alert after deaths in Asia
05/28/2006 Maoists Ready for Peace Talks
05/28/2006 AirAsia Battling for the Indonesian Market
05/28/2006 E. Timor's capital descends into chaos
05/28/2006 Probing the benefits of a Korean mainstay
05/28/2006 A question of ethics on Mt. Everest Climber's death sparks debate
05/28/2006 Indonesia quake Where to donate
05/28/2006 Outcry spares Mao from auction
05/28/2006 Sri Lanka park landmine kills 8
05/27/2006 Nepal govt, rebels say may ask UN to monitor truce
05/27/2006 More quakes shake Pacific nations
05/27/2006 Indonesia quake toll tops 3,000
05/27/2006 Donors take stock as dead bodies pile up in Sri Lanka
05/27/2006 Former spokesman raps Japan PM over shrine--daily
05/27/2006 US sends 2.5 mln aid for Indonesian quake victims
05/27/2006 Assam to be part of Asian Safari circuit
05/27/2006 U.N. agencies rush aid to Indonesia
05/27/2006 Gangs again rampage in East Timor
05/27/2006 G7 statement didn't seek weaker dollar Tanigaki
05/27/2006 Australia beefs up E Timor force
05/27/2006 Pakistanis try confronting shame of honor killing
05/27/2006 Kuwait eyes Dow, BP, Shell, for possible China plant
05/27/2006 U.S. allocates 500,000 for Indonesia
05/27/2006 Indonesia Hit by Big Quake Near Volcano
05/27/2006 Indonesia quake your e-mails
05/27/2006 Sri Lanka rebels to discuss peace monitors
05/27/2006 Search for Java quake survivors
05/27/2006 Hospitals overflow amid fear, death
05/27/2006 US Hospital Ship Deploys to Asia
05/27/2006 Vandort stymies England victory bid
05/27/2006 Thousands flee gang rampage
05/27/2006 Gangs rampage through East Timor capital
05/27/2006 Gangs rampage in E. Timor despite peacekeepers
05/27/2006 Japan steps up aid to Pacific, wins UN backing
05/27/2006 East Timors Capital Spirals Into Violence, Despite U.N. Peacekeepers
05/27/2006 Federal wildlife service questions Asian oyster experiments
05/27/2006 Chowrasia in line for a top-10 finish
05/27/2006 Myanmar extends Suu Kyi's house arrest
05/27/2006 Fighting kills 20 in Mogadishu
05/27/2006 Indonesia quake toll passes 3,000
05/27/2006 Future Growing Asia Needs Double Food Production
05/27/2006 Nearly 3,000 dead in Java island quake in Indonesia Roundup
05/27/2006 Afghan Parliament Rejects Islamist Nominee for Court
05/27/2006 Japan sends emergency relief team to Indonesia
05/27/2006 Mob violence rocks East Timor capital
05/27/2006 Police stops boy from running marathon
05/27/2006 "Made in India" phones set to tap global markets
05/27/2006 Indonesian quake death toll passes 3,000
05/27/2006 Australian climber left for dead on Everest reaches base camp
05/27/2006 Over 2,700 dead in Java island quake in Indonesia
05/27/2006 EU Commission to send emergency aid to quake-hit Indonesia
05/27/2006 Junta extends opposition leader Suu Kyi's house arrest
05/27/2006 Five schoolgirls in Vietnam jump to their deaths
05/27/2006 Gangs torch homes in E. Timor
05/27/2006 Indonesia quake 'kills 2,900'
05/27/2006 Indonesia struck by catastrophic quake
05/27/2006 Thousands killed in devastating Indonesia quake
05/27/2006 'Dead' Everest climber is alive
05/27/2006 Myanmar dashes hopes for Suu Kyi release
05/27/2006 Everest climber left for dead is found alive
05/27/2006 At least 2,500 killed in Indonesia earthquake
05/27/2006 Thousands killed in Indonesia quake
05/27/2006 Nepal wants action against Everest stripper
05/27/2006 Indonesia quake 'kills 2,275'
05/27/2006 China "unlikely" to take part in Asian marine drill
05/27/2006 Send your photos and e-mails
05/27/2006 Indonesia quake 'kills 1,400'
05/27/2006 House arrest extended for Nobel laureate
05/27/2006 Left Everest climber still alive
05/27/2006 2 men arrested for China coal mine flood
05/27/2006 Quake in Indonesia kills more than 200
05/27/2006 Death toll reaches 1 000 in Indonesian quake
05/27/2006 At least 440 dead, thousands injured in Indonesia quake
05/27/2006 Museum Masters International and i4u Museum Join Forces in Asian Art Licensing and Merchandising
05/26/2006 Nepal government, rebels to end attacks, vow peace
05/26/2006 WHO tests show Indonesian girl died of bird flu
05/26/2006 Myanmar gives Suu Kyi another year of house arrest
05/26/2006 UN pulls staff from E Timor chaos
05/26/2006 Powerful Earthquake in Indonesia
05/26/2006 West Indies wrap up series against India
05/26/2006 ETimor capital tense as ethnic violence flares
05/26/2006 Indonesia quake death toll soars
05/26/2006 5 Taliban leaders killed in Afghanistan
05/26/2006 Myanmar extends Suu Kyi detention
05/26/2006 Burma extends Suu Kyi's detention
05/26/2006 Myanmar junta extends opponent Suu Kyi's detention
05/26/2006 Casualties mount in strong Java earthquake
05/26/2006 Back-from-the-dead Australian climber still on Everest
05/26/2006 Singapore judge frees man jailed for drug trafficking
05/26/2006 Indonesia quake death toll rising
05/26/2006 Indonesia quake death roll rising
05/26/2006 Several killed, hundreds injured in Indonesian quake
05/26/2006 Deaths reported in Indonesia quake
05/26/2006 Three dead in Indonesia quake
05/26/2006 At least five dead in Indonesia quake nurse
05/26/2006 Deaths reported in Indonesian quake
05/26/2006 Report Militias torch Timor homes
05/26/2006 Timor peacekeeping may be long term mission
05/26/2006 Six Countries to Simulate Asian Naval Security Drill
05/26/2006 Suu Kyi house arrest term expires
05/26/2006 Strong earthquake hits Indonesia
05/26/2006 Quake rocks Indonesia's Java
05/26/2006 A look at military deaths in Afghanistan
05/26/2006 Indo Asia Leisure plans expansion
05/26/2006 West Indies beat India by six wickets
05/26/2006 Sania Mirza to meet Anastasia Myskina
05/26/2006 AsianInfo acquires assets in China
05/26/2006 Asian Markets Bounce Back
05/26/2006 Murali checks England after Pietersen ton
05/26/2006 34 civilians killed in U.S. air attack, group says
05/26/2006 Michael Jackson Kicking Off Asian Tour
05/26/2006 Home alone, East Timor finds freedom trying
05/26/2006 E Asia must act as counterforce to US, Europeans Mahathir
05/26/2006 Schumer delays Schwab confirmation over China issues
05/26/2006 Myanmar snubs UN appeal for Suu Kyi's release, sources say
05/26/2006 No Central Asian gas needed for export contracts, Gazprom
05/26/2006 Chronology East Timor's road to independence
05/26/2006 AIG gets China's approval to provide group cover
05/26/2006 Study Shows Asian Oysters Are Good And Bad For Our Area
05/26/2006 ASIA IRIN-Asia Weekly Round-up 73 covering the period 20 May 26 May 2006
05/26/2006 Motorola, CTM launch Screen 3 in Macau
05/26/2006 Motorola unveils advanced communications lab in Malaysia
05/26/2006 UT Starcom signs contract with China Netcom
05/26/2006 Shin Satellite, Satcom launch IPSTAR broadband services in China
05/26/2006 China Netcom picks Redback Smart Edge for broadband services
05/26/2006 China Telecom selects Redback routers for broadband network
05/26/2006 Flextronics unveils next generation WiMax signaling solution
05/26/2006 Religion, politics mix awkwardly for China's Muslims
05/26/2006 Nepal rebels, government in talks
05/26/2006 Icahn group prepares KT&G bid brokerage
05/26/2006 The Chinese are coming ... to Russia
05/26/2006 US offers India help to fight Maoists official
05/26/2006 Group says U.S. strike killed 34 Afghans
05/26/2006 India wants US nuclear deal to ensure growth
05/26/2006 SingTel introduces converged voice and data IP solution
05/26/2006 Australian climber reported dead on Everest may be alive
05/26/2006 Singapore picks Las Vegas Sands to build first casino
05/26/2006 'Dead' Everest climber 'is alive'
05/26/2006 Food production must double to feed Asia
05/26/2006 "Free Suu Kyi," Annan tells Myanmar junta
05/26/2006 UN head calls for Suu Kyi release
05/26/2006 Violence mars Kashmir peace effort as rebels demand a role
05/26/2006 Japan courts Pacific island states in summit
05/26/2006 Six countries to simulate Asian naval security drill
05/25/2006 Former king to return to Cambodia
05/25/2006 Executives at Japan's scandal-hit Livedoor go on trial
05/25/2006 Bargain hunters lift gold
05/25/2006 Oil creeps higher as fears rise
05/25/2006 Troops pour into unstable E Timor
05/25/2006 Australian forces intervene in East Timor
05/25/2006 Timor Quiet after troops arrive
05/25/2006 Japan courts Pacific island states
05/25/2006 East Timor hands over security to Australia
05/25/2006 Pensioner jailed for molesting woman on bus
05/25/2006 Report US refuses to discuss free-trade pact with Taiwan
05/25/2006 Tourist sites around Indonesia's Mount Merapi reopen
05/25/2006 Australian climber dies on Everest
05/25/2006 Asia firms as inflation fears ease