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05/20/2006 Typhoon killed 37 Vietnamese sailors, hundreds still missing
05/20/2006 Kashmiris hope Indian PM's talks will push peace process
05/20/2006 Huge anti-porn rally in Jakarta
05/20/2006 44 Chinese miners trapped by water
05/20/2006 India angered, split by university affirmative action plan
05/20/2006 From coast to mountaintops, Montenegro is proud of its past
05/20/2006 Australia debates nuclear power
05/20/2006 China rescues missing fishermen
05/20/2006 Tropical Storm Chanchu Leaves Nearly 90 Dead In Asia
05/20/2006 Bravo goes from zero to hero as Windies win
05/20/2006 A look at U.S. deaths in Afghanistan
05/20/2006 Asian typhoon kills 104
05/20/2006 Chinese vessel rescues 97 Vietnamese fishermen
05/20/2006 Vietnamese fear worst for more than 200 still missing from typhoon
05/20/2006 Vietnam typhoon fishermen 'saved'
05/20/2006 Taiwan president apologizes over son-in-law insider-trading scandal
05/20/2006 UN envoy meets opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi
05/20/2006 Suharto's health improves, but still in critical condition
05/20/2006 Typhoon leaves 28 Vietnamese fishermen dead, hundreds missing
05/20/2006 New firing across Sri Lanka's de facto front line
05/20/2006 150 Gather Outside U.N. Office in Beijing
05/20/2006 Fears for 50 Afghan soldiers as new fighting leaves 13 dead
05/20/2006 Kashmir court orders ID parade for prostitution ring clients
05/20/2006 UN envoy meets Burma's Suu Kyi
05/20/2006 U.N. meets with detained Myanmar leader
05/20/2006 Nearly 90 Dead From Tropical Storm Chanchu
05/20/2006 Joshi storms into Asian Billiards final
05/20/2006 ASIA IRIN-Asia Weekly Round-up 72 covering the period 13 May 19 May 2006
05/20/2006 28 dead, 150 missing at sea after typhoon
05/20/2006 India's striking doctors protest
05/20/2006 Asian carmakers shift costs to retirees
05/20/2006 Three Gorges dam wall completed
05/20/2006 Storm claims 90 lives, 200 missing
05/20/2006 U.S. soldier dies in Afghan battle
05/20/2006 Asian group thwarted by Rita tries again
05/20/2006 Three Gorges dam wall complete
05/20/2006 Death Toll Climbs to 87 as Storm Batters Asia
05/19/2006 More seek emergency shelter as Indonesian volcano simmers
05/19/2006 Ailing Suharto may face charges
05/19/2006 Typhoon leaves nearly 300 Vietnamese fishermen missing, 28 dead
05/19/2006 N. Koreans seek asylum in U.S.
05/19/2006 Typhoon Chanchu kills 104 in Asia, scores missing
05/19/2006 Asian countries count the cost of Typhoon Chanchu
05/19/2006 Howard 'Open mind' on nuke power
05/19/2006 Asia typhoon kills 104, scores missing in Vietnam
05/19/2006 Asia typhoon kills 104
05/19/2006 Australian Aborigines reject calls for military to restore order
05/19/2006 Man who murdered, butchered lover sentenced to gallows
05/19/2006 Top Militants Captured as Violence Soars in Afghanistan
05/19/2006 Asian countries count the cost of typhoon
05/19/2006 Taliban Commander Is Believed to Be in Afghan Custody
05/19/2006 US navy to beef up presence in Asian waters
05/19/2006 Oki Electric provides samples of high-isolation CMOS switches
05/19/2006 Huawei wins True Move GSM network expansion contract
05/19/2006 Altus signs agreement with Elysium Solutions
05/19/2006 Vodafone KK to change name to Softbank Mobile Corp
05/19/2006 Huawei unveils Terabit GPON Access System
05/19/2006 Vodafone KK announces new handset models
05/19/2006 Matav reports problems in Hot telephone services
05/19/2006 US and allies concerned by reports Iran to tag non-Muslims
05/19/2006 Nokia expands China Unicom network in Sichuan
05/19/2006 150 Fishermen Missing After Asia Typhoon
05/19/2006 Coalition skeptical of Afghan arrest claim
05/19/2006 'The Da Vinci Code' Movie Opens in Asia Despite Scattered Protests
05/19/2006 State's first Asian-American legislator won't seek second term
05/19/2006 Asian countries count the cost of Typhoon Chanchu
05/19/2006 Annan arrives in China on third leg of Asia trip
05/19/2006 News
05/19/2006 150 Fishermen Missing After Asia Typhoon
05/19/2006 Chinese fugitive makes last plea to stay in Canada
05/19/2006 A Senior Taliban Figure May Have Been Captured
05/19/2006 Darfur Effort Said to Face Collapse
05/19/2006 InternetWeek Google Inks One Asian Cellular Deal, In Talks For Second
05/19/2006 Powerful undersea quake reported off Indonesia
05/19/2006 Indonesia wants expanded team to discuss nuclear issue with Iran
05/19/2006 Google Inks One Asian Cellular Deal, In Talks For Second
05/19/2006 Typhoon Chanchu death toll reaches 91
05/19/2006 Typhoon Chanchu kills 50 people in Asia
05/19/2006 China Mobile to offer Google search
05/19/2006 TMIB awards 100m GSM contract to Huawei
05/19/2006 Alcatel delivers broadband fibre network in Pakistan
05/19/2006 KDDI, Google sign agreement
05/19/2006 GP2X Linux based handheld gaming system only 169.90 at Play-Asia
05/19/2006 Google Signs One Asian Cellular Deal, In Talks For Second
05/19/2006 At least 150 Vietnamese fishermen missing after typhoon sinks boats
05/19/2006 Typhoon Chanchu kills at least 28 Vietnamese, 200 missing
05/19/2006 China completes main construction of Three Gorges dam
05/19/2006 Fiji opposition will join new government
05/19/2006 Top UN envoy slams Cambodian judicial system
05/19/2006 Reports Pyongyang appears to be readying missile launch Roundup
05/19/2006 The Da Vinci Code Movie Opens in Asia Despite Scattered Protests
05/19/2006 Indonesian president visits Suharto; brain condition 'worsening'
05/19/2006 US navy to beef up presence in Asian waters report
05/19/2006 150 seamen missing after typhoon
05/19/2006 CENTRAL ASIA Weekly news wrap
05/19/2006 At Least 150 Vietnamese Fishermen Missing
05/19/2006 Asian typhoon toll at 67; 22 Vietnam fishermen lost
05/19/2006 Navy to beef up presence in Asian waters report
05/19/2006 Deputy US trade representative to visit Taiwan despite transit row
05/19/2006 200 seamen missing after typhoon
05/19/2006 Typhoon Chanchu Pummels Asia
05/19/2006 N. Korea 'preparing missile launch'
05/19/2006 N.Korea may be preparing missile launch reports
05/19/2006 Nepal declares holiday as king stripped of powers
05/19/2006 Hundreds of Vietnamese Fishermen Missing
05/19/2006 Dell stands by Intel chips in Asian servers
05/19/2006 East Timor PM survives challenge
05/19/2006 Indian police beat students backing caste quota
05/19/2006 Nepali sherpa sets Everest climb record
05/19/2006 N Korea 'preparing missile launch'
05/19/2006 Death toll from Asia Chanchu typhoon hits 63
05/19/2006 Patrizio Buanne Talkasia Transcript
05/19/2006 Liu Xiang Talkasia Transcript
05/19/2006 Patricia Field Talkasia Transcript
05/19/2006 Sherpa breaks Mount Everest record
05/19/2006 Nepal acts to strip king's powers
05/19/2006 Philippines, China, Vietnam to cooperate in Spratlys security
05/19/2006 Migration Act Change Is Heavy-Handed
05/19/2006 Ten killed in Afghan violence as Pakistan denies training militants
05/19/2006 Annan arrives in China for third leg of Asian tour
05/19/2006 New Management for ASSA ABLOY's division Asia Pacific
05/19/2006 Oil bounces back on supply concerns
05/19/2006 Cambodian judiciary has "profound" problems UN
05/19/2006 Nepal declares holiday after parliament curbs king's power
05/19/2006 Korea military talks fail to get deal going
05/18/2006 Indian troops kill three rebels along de facto border with Pakistan
05/18/2006 Sixteen killed as typhoon slams China
05/18/2006 Indonesia's Merapi guardian walks to placate volcano
05/18/2006 Australia defends leadership of new climate-change body
05/18/2006 UN urges Cambodia judicial reform
05/18/2006 L.A. confronts Asian family abuse
05/18/2006 Fiji to have multi-ethnic Cabinet
05/18/2006 Typhoon Chanchu kills 16 in China
05/18/2006 Indonesia's Suharto faces stomach surgery
05/18/2006 Japan accepts US beef measures after talks
05/18/2006 KFC to open first outlet in Vietnam's capital
05/18/2006 16 killed as typhoon slams China
05/18/2006 Suharto 'gravely ill' in hospital
05/18/2006 India's land of the living dead
05/18/2006 Pakistani, Morocco PMs sign deals, view closer ties
05/18/2006 Afghan president urges Pakistan to stop the violence
05/18/2006 Reports Pyongyang appears to be readying long-range missile launch
05/18/2006 Hong Kong's PCCW to explore IPTV with Star TV
05/18/2006 USDA says end-June a target for Japan beef exports
05/18/2006 Great wall nears end at Three Gorges
05/18/2006 Typhoon Chanchu kills 21 in China
05/18/2006 Japan growth beats forecasts
05/18/2006 Jailed Chinese lawyer's house broken into report
05/18/2006 Nikkei falls below 16,000
05/18/2006 Typhoon Chanchu claims 16 lives in China
05/18/2006 Japan says accepts US steps on beef violations
05/18/2006 Typhoon Chanchu Kills 21 in China
05/18/2006 Macau focus of push on NK activity
05/18/2006 Chinese students protest magazine's Mao spoof
05/18/2006 100 die in Afghanistan violence
05/18/2006 Bakrie Telecom boosts wireless network with Nortel solutions
05/18/2006 SMU, Oracle launch grid architect certification programme
05/18/2006 Avistar subsidiary signs licence agreement with Emblaze-VCON
05/18/2006 Mobile Telesystems to bid for Serbia Mobi 63
05/18/2006 Typhoon Chanchu Kills 50 in Asia
05/18/2006 Gilat deploys VSAT network for Telefonica Brazil
05/18/2006 Thuraya launches online account refill
05/18/2006 E-Tuktuk takes digital technology to Sri Lankan villages
05/18/2006 Telular signs distributor agreement with Suntel
05/18/2006 US State Department pulls China-made PCs from secure networks
05/18/2006 Susanthika to run in Bangalore leg of Asian GP
05/18/2006 Junior team for Asia Pacific event
05/18/2006 Vodafone signs joint venture deal with Softbank
05/18/2006 Massive surge in Chinese websites report
05/18/2006 TT&T announces 160m WiMAX investment plan
05/18/2006 Sony adopts Tektronix spectrum analysers
05/18/2006 1mn expected at S Asian biz festival
05/18/2006 More than 100 dead in Afghanistan violence
05/18/2006 Karzai says Afghan schools, clinics targeted
05/18/2006 Afghan president accuses schools of pushing jihad
05/18/2006 Asia Properties to Apply for OTCQX Premier Listing
05/18/2006 US State Dept to limit Chinese computer use source
05/18/2006 Sudden Rise of Violence in Afghanistan
05/18/2006 Pearl's killer shifted to Karachi prison for security reasons
05/18/2006 Typhoon Chanchu Kills 50 People in Asia
05/18/2006 More residents return home despite volcano warnings in Indonesia
05/18/2006 "Da Vinci Code" opens in Asia despite calls for ban
05/18/2006 China Church seeks film boycott
05/18/2006 Cambodia is not 'hell', says PM
05/18/2006 16 killed, one million evacuated as Typhoon Chanchu hits China
05/18/2006 bcgi brings its wireless payment to Asia
05/18/2006 Japan and China fail to resolve dispute over gas exploration
05/18/2006 Time magazine correspondent barred from leaving Philippines
05/18/2006 Google Goes on Asian Phones
05/18/2006 Nepal king stripped of most powers
05/18/2006 In China, insurance stocks find a market
05/18/2006 GE Asia makes an offer for Thai bank
05/18/2006 UN envoy visits Myanmar to push democracy
05/18/2006 China to ban movie shoots in scenic spots
05/18/2006 Typhoon Kills 50 In Asia
05/18/2006 Mount Merapi villagers head home
05/18/2006 Scores dead in heavy Afghan fighting
05/18/2006 Grenade attack wounds 18 people in Indian Kashmir
05/18/2006 Korea peace treaty may get stuck on drawing board
05/18/2006 Refugees return to rumbling Merapi
05/18/2006 Female Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan
05/18/2006 Australian firm 'bribed Saddam'
05/18/2006 Fishy omen for Japan World Cup squad
05/18/2006 Asian Heritage Month Buddhist complex has grown since 1981
05/18/2006 Twenty wounded in Indian Kashmir grenade attack
05/18/2006 S. Lanka wants talks despite attacks, says minister
05/18/2006 Asia mirrors falling world stocks
05/18/2006 Sanyo Electric posts deep loss, sees recovery
05/18/2006 Australian company paid money to Saddam, probe told
05/18/2006 Asia mirrors falling world stocks
05/18/2006 Icahn group says raises stake in KT&G
05/18/2006 Fiji military threatens to fight new government "all the way"
05/18/2006 Asian share markets mirror US decline
05/18/2006 Nikkei slips back near 16,000
05/18/2006 Nepal parliament moves to curtail king's powers
05/18/2006 Dollar pares gains after rally on euro comments
05/18/2006 Nikkei at lowest close in 2 months on U.S. slide
05/17/2006 Villagers return to Java volcano
05/17/2006 Nepal parliament prepares to slash king's power
05/17/2006 Afghan attacks kill about a dozen police
05/17/2006 Global markets take beating
05/17/2006 Indonesian villagers return home as volcano simmers
05/17/2006 Two dead as storm lashes China
05/17/2006 Growth of China, India is a benefit not a threat
05/17/2006 Fiji Qarase sworn in for new term
05/17/2006 Taliban launch attack on town
05/17/2006 'Odd couple' of Indian politics still strong two years on
05/17/2006 New Zealand denies move to replace Fiji military head
05/17/2006 CENTRAL ASIA Landmark HIV/AIDS conference ends with new regional commitments
05/17/2006 Top US official on Asia tour
05/17/2006 Wheat exporter sorry for kickbacks
05/17/2006 Fiji Army warning on coup amnesty
05/17/2006 China's far west to ban movie shoots
05/17/2006 Nepal parliament set to curtail king's powers
05/17/2006 From Asia to America, How Bauschs Crisis Grew
05/17/2006 Nikkei slips back to 16,000
05/17/2006 Asia Now Resources Appoints Martin as Executive Chairman
05/17/2006 Fiji Qarase set for second term
05/17/2006 China to offer karaoke trains to roof of world
05/17/2006 Typhoon slams into Chinese coast
05/17/2006 Asian-owned businesses surge 168% in Forsyth County
05/17/2006 Bird Flu Deaths in Indonesia Raise Concerns
05/17/2006 Canadian woman killed in Afghanistan
05/17/2006 New Fiji government being formed before official election results
05/17/2006 Second quake strikes near Tonga
05/17/2006 Typhoon Chanchu makes landfall in China
05/17/2006 Tens of thousands flee as typhoon nears China
05/17/2006 US to propose treaty on nuclear fuel production
05/17/2006 US wary of Nepal Maoists despite truce official
05/17/2006 IDS Worldwide, Inc. HLS Division Updates Fire and Security Show in Asia
05/17/2006 Typhoon Chanchu Roars Toward China Coast
05/17/2006 Thousands flee from China typhoon
05/17/2006 Indigenous Fijian claims victory in election
05/17/2006 Hong Kong, China, Taiwan battered by Typhoon Chanchu
05/17/2006 Indonesia's Merapi volcano erupts again
05/17/2006 Mock tsunami warning runs into telecommunication snafu in Thailand
05/17/2006 Asian-owned businesses thriving in the U.S.
05/17/2006 Stocks Asian stocks snap slide
05/17/2006 Around Asia's Markets Builders and banks look good in S. Korea
05/17/2006 Exotic China island gears up for British package tours
05/17/2006 Indian rebels attack chief minister convoy
05/17/2006 Mt. Merapi shudders back to life
05/17/2006 E Timor party to vote on leader
05/17/2006 Foreign bid to pull Sri Lanka from war amid killings
05/17/2006 Pakistan films set for historic opening in India
05/17/2006 US unwilling to negotiate Boeing, Airbus spat EU
05/17/2006 Asians join 'Da Vinci Code' protests
05/17/2006 15 Hindus wounded in grenade attack in Indian Kashmir
05/17/2006 Thousands evacuated as typhoon targets China
05/17/2006 Protesters break silence on Cultural Revolution
05/17/2006 Sabic moves on Asia Pacific
05/17/2006 Asian pride
05/17/2006 Next Wave of Camera-Wielding Tourists Is From China
05/17/2006 HCL to market Microsoft's biz solutions in Asia Pacific
05/17/2006 Asian-owned businesses booming in the United States
05/17/2006 Christian leaders denounce 'Da Vinci Code'
05/17/2006 Car bomb hits U.N. convoy in Afghanistan
05/17/2006 Three killed as gas pipeline blown up
05/17/2006 Mainland-bound typhoon misses HK
05/17/2006 Quakes rock region as Pacific tests tsunami alert system
05/17/2006 The Asian Business directory in UK is LIVE now!
05/17/2006 Honda maps growth plan with new plants in US, Japan
05/17/2006 Oil edges up toward 70 ahead of stock data
05/17/2006 Servigistics establishes presence in Greater China
05/17/2006 Logica CMG to upgrade Oman Mobile SMS capabilities
05/17/2006 Samsung launches HSDPA phone
05/17/2006 Printronix expands line-matrix printing platform
05/17/2006 Outsmart signs reseller agreement with Siemens
05/17/2006 BQE integrates Bill Quick with MYOB in Australia
05/17/2006 Alcatel expands Sparq network
05/17/2006 Lucent, Winnconn to build operations centre for Kazakh Telecom
05/17/2006 Asian nations drawn to Syria's oil wealth
05/17/2006 Fiji PM declares election victory
05/17/2006 Oki Electric delivers HD video using H.264 Codec
05/17/2006 Shaw selects GDC digital cinema solutions
05/17/2006 Abuse of Aboriginal children sparks calls for government intervention
05/16/2006 UN chief Annan in Japan on Asia tour
05/16/2006 Nikkei up as metals recover, but strong yen weighs
05/16/2006 Five Indonesians die of bird flu
05/16/2006 Japan, US start talks on beef trade resumption
05/16/2006 Bombing in Pakistan kills 7-year-old girl
05/16/2006 Vodafone KK expands international roaming service
05/16/2006 FEI to provide defect analyser to Japanese manufacturer
05/16/2006 Fusion GOL, Start Force form exclusive partnership in Japan
05/16/2006 XETA acquires Hitachi Telecom PBX business
05/16/2006 auDA establishes internet grant organisation
05/16/2006 Neuroscientists use Star-P software for brain research
05/16/2006 Unisys signs data hosting contract with Cathay Pacific
05/16/2006 Samsung uses DELMIA technology for shipbuilding
05/16/2006 East Timor PM faces leadership challenge as party congress opens
05/16/2006 Honda to build new plants in Japan, US, Canada
05/16/2006 Japan's pro-Seoul, pro-Pyongyang groups seek thaw
05/16/2006 Village in mock tsunami drill
05/16/2006 U.S. envoy in fresh NK talks bid
05/16/2006 Real quake shakes tsunami drill
05/16/2006 Japan, S. Korea in recovery mode
05/16/2006 First phase of Pacific tsunami test successful official
05/16/2006 Quake drill shaken by real thing
05/16/2006 12 dead in Pakistan rebel clashes
05/16/2006 E. Timor tense as congress begins
05/16/2006 AIDS epidemic in Eastern Europe/Central Asia
05/16/2006 Fiji's PM claims victory in divisive elections
05/16/2006 Fiji PM claims 'workable majority'
05/16/2006 Still waiting to bury Andijan dead
05/16/2006 Pacific states hold tsunami test
05/16/2006 UN envoy set to make Burma visit
05/16/2006 Australia and US restate alliance
05/16/2006 Fiji's prime minister claims victory in elections
05/16/2006 Asian-owned businesses on the rise
05/16/2006 ZDNet Asia Microsoft Flirts with Open Source
05/16/2006 Afro-Asian Cup dates to be finalised on May 21
05/16/2006 India-Pakistan Rapprochement A Cautious Optimism?
05/16/2006 India Top-Ranking B-Schools Are at a Crossroads
05/16/2006 Mobissimo plans to make India hub for Asia Pacific operations
05/16/2006 Virtutech opens Asia Pacific offices
05/16/2006 ZDNet Asia Microsoft Flirts with Open Source
05/16/2006 Judges Thai agency can't set vote date
05/16/2006 China supports Europe's conditional incentives for Iran
05/16/2006 Burma Karen families 'on the run'
05/16/2006 Around Asia's Markets Ringgit could still have room to grow
05/16/2006 Australia confident talks with Indonesia will end row over Papua asylum
05/16/2006 PCCW launches real-time TV over 3G network
05/16/2006 Telekom Malaysia Q1 profits up
05/16/2006 NEC facilitates robot interaction
05/16/2006 Woosh, Telecom NZ sign new spectrum deal
05/16/2006 Brightstar expands into Middle East
05/16/2006 FAO urges Asia-Pacific countries to develop biomass energy
05/16/2006 Rumbling Mount Merapi still a threat
05/16/2006 Typhoon Chanchu heads east
05/16/2006 Asian Christians protest against Da Vinci Code
05/16/2006 Taiwan issues sea warning for Typhoon Chanchu
05/16/2006 Thai courts urge election officials to resign
05/16/2006 Indonesian president visits refugees as volcano spews gas
05/16/2006 Fear grips Sri Lankan Tamils as civilian killings rise
05/16/2006 Thai judges dispute new poll date
05/16/2006 Asia-Pacific police close ranks in fight against cyber crime
05/16/2006 Powerful quake off New Zealand
05/16/2006 ZDNet Asia Oracle Gets Groovy with Open-Source Project
05/16/2006 Report says black rapes go unpunished in Australia
05/16/2006 Gary Glitter's child-molestation appeal postponed in Vietnam
05/16/2006 Powerful quake near New Zealand
05/16/2006 Zawya opens Asian investors' pathway to the Middle East
05/16/2006 Protests mount in India over college caste quotas
05/16/2006 Children pay high price for Sri Lanka fighting UNICEF
05/16/2006 'Powerful' quake off New Zealand
05/16/2006 Powerful quake reported near New Zealand
05/16/2006 Asia-Pacific a virtue for Virgin
05/16/2006 New protests in Nepal over delay in clipping king
05/16/2006 Bali accused makes torture claims
05/16/2006 Thousands evacuated from slopes of volcano
05/16/2006 Double amputee conquers Everest
05/16/2006 Remote Pakistan Town Believes Rumors of bin Ladens Arrival Are Greatly Exaggerated
05/16/2006 Pakistani demands access to detainees
05/16/2006 Moscow, China won't back force vs. Iran