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05/05/2006 Woman driver too drunk for breath tester
05/05/2006 Asian economic and corporate news summary
05/05/2006 Asian money markets summary
05/05/2006 Forex Asia currency summary
05/05/2006 FastStats Asia‚s Tech Hunger
05/05/2006 Rice waives law to allow Myanmar refugees into US
05/05/2006 Riots spur E.Timor call for UN police to stay
05/05/2006 Pakistani police arrest 6 said militants
05/05/2006 Facing isolation, Taiwan leader on Latin America trip
05/05/2006 `Asian economies need to be alert'
05/05/2006 India aiming for Pan-Asian FTA Manmohan
05/05/2006 Telecom New Zealand revenues flat, profits down
05/05/2006 2 Italian soldiers killed in Afghanistan
05/05/2006 Cheney stands by Russia criticism
05/05/2006 Australia sees surge of Asian tourists
05/05/2006 "'Idol" champ Fantasia playing herself in TV movie
05/05/2006 Pandemic prevention plan approved for Asia Pacific
05/05/2006 Australia offers troops to troubled East Timor
05/05/2006 Indonesia's most-wanted terrorist looking to expand network report
05/05/2006 Asia's position was weak Pawar
05/05/2006 Officials fired in China baby row
05/05/2006 Race to dominate Fiji elections
05/05/2006 Afghan blast kills 2 Italian peacekeepers
05/05/2006 A rice future for Asia
05/05/2006 Singapore set for election test
05/05/2006 ViewPoints A currency alliance would benefit Asia
05/05/2006 IT demand in Asia seen remaining strong
05/05/2006 Slow but steady progress on day 10 of Australian mine rescue
05/05/2006 Nepal's army says rebels kidnap three policemen
05/05/2006 China memoir furor stirs memories of purged leader
05/05/2006 India, six Asian nations to combat terrorism, crime
05/05/2006 Oxfam acts over Aceh aid misuse
05/05/2006 Three dead in India courtroom shootout drama
05/05/2006 EBT Mobile contracted to run China Mobile retail stores
05/05/2006 Golden Telecom to launch wireless mesh network in Moscow
05/05/2006 PMC-Sierra acquires Passave for 300m
05/05/2006 CENTRAL ASIA Interview with Vice-President of World Uighur Congress WUC, Mohamed Tohti
05/05/2006 India PM calls for vast Asian free trade area
05/05/2006 Oil prices 'threaten Asian boom'
05/05/2006 Finance ministers target Asian wealth gap
05/05/2006 Company gets to keep dumped fortune
05/05/2006 LG expects GSM sales to overtake CDMA
05/05/2006 Nuance launches Hindi speech recognition solution
05/05/2006 Mobile TV coming to Korea Train Express
05/05/2006 Lenovo supports Display Port standard
05/05/2006 Internet population nears 700m
05/05/2006 EU urges Kazakh gas pipeline
05/05/2006 China warns tourists against spitting overseas
05/05/2006 S.Lanka navy, air force sink rebel boats
05/05/2006 PM moots Pan Asian free trade area
05/05/2006 Nepal government, Maoists closer to talks
05/05/2006 Asia Asia stocks fall on U.S. data
05/05/2006 Poverty Asia’s most ‘daunting’ problem ADB chief
05/05/2006 Forex Dollar sustains mild gains in late Asian trade before US payrolls data
05/05/2006 Aussie miners ready to get home
05/05/2006 Oil recovers, Asia stocks up
05/05/2006 Sri Lanka sinks 'suicide boat'
05/05/2006 Residents flee East Timor capital
05/05/2006 Poverty Asia's most 'daunting' problem ADB chief
05/04/2006 Openers hold key in Eurasia finals
05/04/2006 Angkor temple reopens to public
05/04/2006 Ex-Indonesia strongman Suharto treated for bleeding
05/04/2006 Australian miners comfy as unique rescue nears
05/04/2006 Territory issue snags Philippines, Muslim rebels peace talks
05/04/2006 Suharto back in Jakarta hospital
05/04/2006 Eye on Eurasia Troubles in Tver`
05/04/2006 Metals prices helps ASX recover
05/04/2006 Court approves 35 million for Marcos victims
05/04/2006 Indonesian ex-president Suharto hospitalized for bleeding
05/04/2006 Singapore's ruling-party leaders push for strong mandate
05/04/2006 Security tight ahead of Fiji poll
05/04/2006 Montek seeks larger Asian participation
05/04/2006 Further earthquakes strike Tonga
05/04/2006 S.Korea pushing U.S. relocation
05/04/2006 Rescuers inch to Tasmania miners
05/04/2006 Asia-Pacific prepares bird flu test
05/04/2006 Karun for Formula Asia Renault V6 series
05/04/2006 Australia backs keeping UN mission in East Timor
05/04/2006 Former Indonesia dictator hospitalized
05/04/2006 S Korea plan for disputed islands
05/04/2006 Chinese tourism and the Asian invasion in Laos
05/04/2006 Molten lava flows from Indonesia's Mount Merapi
05/04/2006 Asian, European parliaments meet to discuss cooperation
05/04/2006 Quake measuring 6.0 hits Tonga
05/04/2006 Asian Countries Trade Imbalances Risky
05/04/2006 SPEAKING FREELY The geography and politics of Eurasian energy
05/04/2006 Sun continues grant matching programme
05/04/2006 Travelocity expanding into India
05/04/2006 AT&T wins first local contract in Australia
05/04/2006 Singtel profits up on overseas performance
05/04/2006 Samsung unveils ultra mobile PC
05/04/2006 Creative posts losses amid restructuring
05/04/2006 Angkor Net launches WiMAX in Cambodia
05/04/2006 Cisco deploys WLAN for Hong Kong airport
05/04/2006 Foxconn to invest 123.8m in Chinese subsidiaries
05/04/2006 Shenzhen plans to flush toilets with seawater in conservation plan
05/04/2006 Burma junta alleges 'bomb plot'
05/04/2006 ILO Says Child Labor Declining in Asia
05/04/2006 Pope excommunicates China bishops
05/04/2006 Eye on Eurasia Troubles in Tver'
05/04/2006 Stocks Asian stocks snap three-day advance
05/04/2006 Around Asia's Markets Stock rally in Mumbai could be at an end
05/04/2006 Pope excommunicates 2 Chinese bishops
05/04/2006 Thanks to India, China, world may be Asianised
05/04/2006 Trapped miners not likely to be free soon
05/04/2006 Tonga never received tsunami alert
05/04/2006 Asians act to better link their currencies
05/04/2006 Tsunami confusion from Tonga quake
05/04/2006 Pakistani woman chops up polygamist husband
05/04/2006 Boy body recovered 207 days after quake
05/04/2006 Judges chosen for Cambodia trial
05/04/2006 China stresses FX caution, imbalance concerns grow
05/04/2006 Thousands mourn top Indian politician shot by brother
05/04/2006 Asia Oil and metals drive rally
05/04/2006 Lava flows from Indonesia volcano
05/04/2006 SPREADING CULTURE THROUGH DANCE Show celebrates Asian heritage
05/04/2006 Miners await tunnel expansion
05/04/2006 Asia shares follow Wall St. fall
05/04/2006 Forex US dollar up in late Asian trade on short-covering, Tanigaki remarks
05/04/2006 Singapore parties reminded to abide by ban on blogs and podcasts
05/04/2006 New Zealand minister blames BBC for false tsunami panic
05/04/2006 Thai 'caretaker' premier back in limelight for royal coronation day
05/04/2006 Task force to aid Beaconsfield's recovery
05/03/2006 Asian ministers mull currency plan
05/03/2006 Oil slides lower in Asian trading
05/03/2006 Nissan to set up assembly plant in India soon-paper
05/03/2006 Hyundai Motor Q1 profit beats forecasts, shares up
05/03/2006 Taiwan's Chen drops US stopover
05/03/2006 China's problems 'cast uncertainty' on East Asian growth Japanese FM
05/03/2006 Human rights group concerned about boy runner
05/03/2006 Hong Kong people support chief executive but want leadership race
05/03/2006 Hong Kong dance instructor admits sex with girl pupil aged 13
05/03/2006 Sogovare back as Solomons prime minister
05/03/2006 Rescuers inch towards trapped Australian miners
05/03/2006 Singapore's Lee girds for election
05/03/2006 New PM elected in Solomon Islands
05/03/2006 Suspected Kurdish rebels detonate bomb
05/03/2006 Taliban intensifies 'counterinsurgency war zone'
05/03/2006 Solomons elect Sogavare as new PM
05/03/2006 Asian stocks follow Wall St lower
05/03/2006 Tonga failed to get tsunami alert
05/03/2006 Taiwan president cancels US transit stop
05/03/2006 State's Largest Animal Shelter Sounding Euthanasia Alert
05/03/2006 Loral to build AsiaSat telecom satellite
05/03/2006 Asia Now Resources Corp. Announces Change of Auditor and Grant of Stock Options
05/03/2006 Tonga hit by strong earthquake
05/03/2006 Heinz Sells European, Asian Businesses
05/03/2006 POLITICS Asians Remain Divided over Top U.N. Job
05/03/2006 India-Pakistan Rapprochement A Cautious Optimism?
05/03/2006 Tsunami warnings lifted after massive quake off Tonga
05/03/2006 Tonga struck by strong earthquake
05/03/2006 No need for US to fear Chinese rivalry in Latin America China envoy
05/03/2006 Massive quake causes tsunami scare
05/03/2006 Death toll rises to 46 in separate China mining accidents
05/03/2006 Gary Glitter says he's 'not a paedophile,' hopeful on appeal
05/03/2006 Tsunami warning issued in Pacific ocean
05/03/2006 China installs second bishop this week amid resistance from Vatican
05/03/2006 'Gomezgate' not seen as major issue for Singapore voters
05/03/2006 Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano set for eruption
05/03/2006 Press freedom under siege in Philippines
05/03/2006 Tsunami warning issued for New Zealand, Fiji islands 1st Update
05/03/2006 The first step
05/03/2006 Tsunami warnings issued after massive quake
05/03/2006 Nepal declares cease-fire
05/03/2006 Tsunami warnings after 8.0 quake off Tonga
05/03/2006 Asian economic an
05/03/2006 Tsunami warnings after massive quake off Tonga
05/03/2006 Australia backs envoy in Solomons row
05/03/2006 Australia backpackers' job bonus
05/03/2006 Asia Stands at Crucial Point, According to Development Bank
05/03/2006 Nepal’s new government calls ceasefire with Maoists
05/03/2006 Pacific Asia China Energy Inc. Announces President and Vice President of Exploration
05/03/2006 Stocks Asian stocks rise
05/03/2006 Nepal calls ceasefire with rebels
05/03/2006 Court criticises Arroyo emergency
05/03/2006 Taiwanese leader in trip wrangle
05/03/2006 Delays in Tasmanian mine rescue
05/03/2006 Action urged on Burmese 'abuse'
05/03/2006 Dacom offers bi-directional VoIP SMS
05/03/2006 Artificial Life games to be pre-installed on Sony Ericsson phones
05/03/2006 NEC, ITE to open IP training lab
05/03/2006 Optus, Soul, B Digital extend wholesale agreement
05/03/2006 Higher Asia Interest Rates to Fight Inflation, Oil Prices
05/03/2006 Nepal's Maoists write off new leaders and refuse to disarm
05/03/2006 Nepal Cabinet matches rebel truce
05/03/2006 China installs second bishop
05/03/2006 Indian politician dies after shooting
05/03/2006 Baby steps toward a common Asian currency
05/03/2006 Gunmen target Sri Lankan newspaper office
05/03/2006 iPods, digicam for trapped miners
05/03/2006 Singtel reports 85m mobile customers
05/03/2006 Lenovo selects Agere Ethernet solutions
05/03/2006 Asia mobile market worth 160bn in 2005 report
05/03/2006 Posdata unveils WiBro systems plant
05/03/2006 Rescuers begin final bid to save trapped Australian miners
05/03/2006 BenQ sells mobile R&D centre to Motorola
05/03/2006 Intel to invest 1bn in developing countries
05/03/2006 Violence flares at Jakarta rally
05/03/2006 Pandemic challenges for Asia-Pacific region
05/03/2006 Asia Earnings momentum grows
05/03/2006 Woman warns of ghostly return in suicide note
05/03/2006 Bangladesh boiler blast kills nine
05/03/2006 Smuggling a threat to carry bird flu to US, specialist says
05/03/2006 Toyota hit with 190 mln sexual harassment suit
05/03/2006 Ties in doubt as US thwarts Taiwan president's trip
05/03/2006 Oil marches toward 75 as Iran tension heats up
05/03/2006 Five die in Kashmir shootout
05/03/2006 Asia stocks rise; oil, gold strong
05/03/2006 Chinese ordain second bishop
05/03/2006 Bad air clouds Hong Kong's image
05/02/2006 Violence overshadows Kashmir peace talks
05/02/2006 Poor Cambodians face relocation
05/02/2006 S Koreans 'trust internet news'
05/02/2006 Bogus spiritual man dupes Malaysian woman into sex-exorcisms
05/02/2006 Trapped Australian miners aid their escape
05/02/2006 Korea firm, but rate hike hits ASX
05/02/2006 Drill readied for trapped miners
05/02/2006 3Com appoints Peter Chai vice president and general manager for Asia Pacific region
05/02/2006 N.Korea`s Kim stands firm
05/02/2006 Japan's Koizumi repeats call for African seats on UN Security Council
05/02/2006 US envoy rules out "favors" for N.Korea
05/02/2006 Asia, Africa weak on bird flu control-WHO
05/02/2006 As Asia spreads its wings, private jets await highfliers
05/02/2006 Asia Worst Region for Internet Freedom, Says International Press Freedom Organization
05/02/2006 East Asia‚s Troubled Waters ‚ď Part III
05/02/2006 Gazprom vows no gas cuts to Europe over Asia-Pacific
05/02/2006 Couple Vet faked dog's death
05/02/2006 4-year-old 'Forrest Gump' runs 40 miles
05/02/2006 The right kind of growth for Asia
05/02/2006 Calls mount for opposition candidate to be withdrawn
05/02/2006 20 new Afghan Cabinet ministers sworn in
05/02/2006 Woman, 104, takes man, 33, as husband No. 21
05/02/2006 Kyrgyz Cabinet ministers to stay
05/02/2006 Quake shakes area around Tokyo, no reports of victims
05/02/2006 Vatican may suspend dialogue with China Hong Kong cardinal
05/02/2006 U.S. 'holding bin Laden aide'
05/02/2006 Kyrgyz ministers agree to stay on
05/02/2006 SK Telecom launches US MVNO
05/02/2006 Commentary Fed's pause puts spotlight on Asian currencies
05/02/2006 Big gains in smaller Australian companies
05/02/2006 Source U.S. may be holding bin Laden aide
05/02/2006 Asian economies expected to grow 6.9%, IMF says
05/02/2006 Robust earnings, firm asian trend lift sensex to new peak
05/02/2006 Sri Lanka wants to talk amid blood
05/02/2006 Indian reinforces hunt for Kashmir killers
05/02/2006 MTN to acquire Investcom
05/02/2006 Acer profits up on PC shipments
05/02/2006 Smart announces commercial 3G rates
05/02/2006 NZ telcos complain about Commission proposal
05/02/2006 Bezeq to acquire Goldnet
05/02/2006 REANNZ, Telstra Clear to deploy Nortel network solutions
05/02/2006 Samsung develops mobile LCD chip
05/02/2006 Mitsco, Seekport to launch Arabic search engine
05/02/2006 Agonising wait at Australian mine
05/02/2006 'Moderate' quake jolts Tokyo
05/02/2006 Gary Glitter denies abusing girls
05/02/2006 Cambodian Buddhists display faith intolerence
05/02/2006 Top court delays decision on Thai poll result
05/02/2006 Malaysia to flush dirty toilet reputation
05/02/2006 Top al Qaeda fugitive detained
05/02/2006 New deadline presses Darfur parties for a deal
05/02/2006 Samsung delivers DVB-H handset in Italy
05/02/2006 In Asian communities, just another day
05/02/2006 Indian bus falls into river, 18 killed
05/02/2006 18 dead in bus accident in western India
05/02/2006 Mahathir condemns 'gutless' PM
05/02/2006 Malaysian man, 33, marries 104-year-old woman
05/02/2006 Fiji military on alert for election
05/02/2006 American wanted for fraud, money laundering arrested in Philippines
05/02/2006 Steinway Artist Kevin Kern Begins Imagination's Light Concert Tour in Asia
05/02/2006 Nikkei rises from exporters' gains
05/02/2006 'Roof of world' melting away
05/02/2006 IMF forecasts strong Asian growth
05/02/2006 India sends more troops to hunt Kashmir killers
05/02/2006 Trapped Australian miners face agonising wait for rescue
05/02/2006 Thai court to rule on polls in mid-May
05/01/2006 Japan mulls matchmaking ads to boost birth rate
05/01/2006 Asian governments among the worst enemies of Internet freedom
05/01/2006 Vatican may suspend dialogue with China, hints Hong Kong cardinal
05/01/2006 Malaysian man jailed for pimping Indonesian teenager
05/01/2006 Trapped Australian miners chirpy after a week underground
05/01/2006 Dam break at China goldmine buries 9 houses, 17 people missing
05/01/2006 Australia says goodbye to soldier
05/01/2006 Asian economy to grow at 7% IMF
05/01/2006 Yen fall boosts Japan exporters
05/01/2006 Sri Lanka's task Lasting peace
05/01/2006 Report Vatican-China talks row?
05/01/2006 Asian growth to remain robust in 2006 at 7 pct IMF
05/01/2006 IMF says Asian growth to remain robust in 2006 UPDATE
05/01/2006 China-Vatican talks 'should end'
05/01/2006 Asian people power wins new success as Nepal king bows to protests
05/01/2006 New Zealand climber snaps false leg on Everest
05/01/2006 US reluctantly approves Taiwan president's transit stop
05/01/2006 Ruling party escalates attacks on opposition candidate
05/01/2006 New Zealand politician back in cabinet
05/01/2006 Asia's May Day sparks high alerts
05/01/2006 Deal on US troops in Japan
05/01/2006 Trapped miners face two-day wait
05/01/2006 Report Japan sets Iraq pullout
05/01/2006 Asian Jewish paper launched
05/01/2006 Agreement on US-Japan troop deal
05/01/2006 IMF predicts 7 percent economic growth for Asia in 2006
05/01/2006 US, Japan defense, foreign ministers adopt 'roadmap' for military revamp
05/01/2006 Truck accident kills 20 workers in India
05/01/2006 Japan Takes On Bigger Asia Security Role
05/01/2006 Coalition kills 27 militants in Afghanistan
05/01/2006 Obituary Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Indonesian novelist
05/01/2006 35 dead in latest Kashmir violence
05/01/2006 Governor Barbour says Mississippi needs to prepare for Asian bird flu
05/01/2006 Stocks Asian commodity stocks rise
05/01/2006 Around Asia's Markets Earnings growth puts shine on stocks
05/01/2006 What price glamour? A hard lesson in Asia
05/01/2006 Global May Day demonstrations mostly peaceful
05/01/2006 Security Tight as Tens of Thousands Protest Across Asia on Labor Day
05/01/2006 Asian officials hopeful on bolstering finance net
05/01/2006 Thai court changes stance on poll
05/01/2006 Trapped Tasmanian miners get food
05/01/2006 Thousands march demanding minimum wage and work limits in Hong Kong
05/01/2006 Indonesian police discover backpack explosives
05/01/2006 Tens of thousands mark May Day in Indonesia
05/01/2006 Workers Rally Across Asia, Europe
05/01/2006 May Day demonstrations in Asia spark alerts
05/01/2006 More than 10 million people threatened by drought in China
05/01/2006 Asia pacific sees rise in passenger traffic
05/01/2006 We narrowly escaped death
05/01/2006 26 Hindus killed, nine missing in Kashmir
05/01/2006 Asian shopkeepers fear for safety after firebomb attacks
05/01/2006 Bali-type bombs found in Java
05/01/2006 Ruling on Japan poison-diary girl
05/01/2006 Trapped miners get food, water
05/01/2006 Philip Bowring Helping Asia find its voice
05/01/2006 Pakistani workers rally on May Day, protest price hike
05/01/2006 Blast by Nigeria rebels was warning to China
05/01/2006 China pays kin of teen killed in '89 protests
05/01/2006 Workers rally across Asia on May Day
05/01/2006 Report 'Bali-style' bomb found
05/01/2006 Asian team promises Cup spectacle
05/01/2006 May Day Demonstrators Rally Across Asia
05/01/2006 China bird flu case fuels fears
05/01/2006 High alert for Philippine May Day
05/01/2006 Avalanche strikes central Japanese mountain
05/01/2006 Cyclone Mala kills four in Myanmar
05/01/2006 Thousands take to streets in Manila protests
05/01/2006 Workers demand better conditions in Asia
05/01/2006 Attackers kill 22 in Kashmir
05/01/2006 Oil prices rebound above 72 usd in Asian trade on Iran concerns
05/01/2006 Jakarta, Manila brace for rallies
05/01/2006 Nepal PM begins talks on Cabinet
05/01/2006 Attack at Sri Lanka navy post
05/01/2006 Avalanche strikes central Japan
05/01/2006 Suspected Islamic militants kill 22 in Kashmir
05/01/2006 Gold climbs to new 25-year high on Iran, dollar
05/01/2006 Wild goose in China has bird flu
05/01/2006 Suspected Islamic militants kill 22 in Kashmir
04/30/2006 Fighter jet goes for R150 000 on auction site
04/30/2006 Sri Lankan navy hit by bomb attack
04/30/2006 Oil edges above 72 in Asian trade
04/30/2006 Police Rebels kill 22 in Kashmir
04/30/2006 Ruling party ministers say opposition apology not good enough
04/30/2006 Manila girds for Labor Day protests
04/30/2006 Gold extends gains to 25-yr high on Iran, dollar
04/30/2006 At least 22 Hindus massacred in Kashmir
04/30/2006 Indonesia braces for big May Day rallies
04/30/2006 27 dead in China mine explosion
04/30/2006 Protester wins Hong Kong appeal
04/30/2006 Source China payout for Tiananmen
04/30/2006 Sony slides in moribund trading
04/30/2006 Australian miners days away from miracle rescue
04/30/2006 Nepal new PM urges peace with Maoists
04/30/2006 Source China payout for Tiananmen death
04/30/2006 AME InfoMiddle Eastern and Asian Business leaders address the economic ...
04/30/2006 Race-hate fears grow after Asian shops are firebombed
04/30/2006 Suk clinches maiden title success
04/30/2006 Joy as Aussie miners found alive
04/30/2006 Pakistan frees senior nuclear scientist