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06/26/2006 Asian stocks wake-up to Mittal's success story in Europe
06/26/2006 Japan agrees with US to deploy Patriot interceptor missiles
06/26/2006 Panel seeks tougher parole in Japan
06/26/2006 Alkatiri resigns as East Timor's prime minister
06/26/2006 Cameraman sheds light on Al Qaeda video-making
06/26/2006 Suicide bomber kills general, three others
06/26/2006 Taliban leader tape is aired
06/26/2006 China wall collapse kills seven children
06/26/2006 Tibetans in India protest against train to Lhasa
06/26/2006 Coalition soldier killed in Afghan clash
06/26/2006 Nepal's rebel chief returns to capital to speed up peace process
06/26/2006 Bomber kills self, wounds children
06/26/2006 Steel gains push Asia stocks
06/26/2006 QuantumClean® and Champ Asia Joint Venture Completes Final Phase
06/26/2006 US may deploy Patriots in Japan
06/26/2006 Asia Seeking signs of a rebound
06/25/2006 Car bomber targets Afghan military convoy
06/25/2006 China oilfield firm chief sentenced to death
06/25/2006 China planning to further restrict media's reporting of emergencies
06/25/2006 India finance minister "proud" of Mittal for steel deal
06/25/2006 Nine dead in Indonesia ferry sinking official
06/25/2006 Top Sri Lankan military officer killed
06/25/2006 East Timor prime minister plans to resign
06/25/2006 Sri Lanka conflict A timeline
06/25/2006 East Timor PM says he's ready to resign
06/25/2006 East Asia may experience less global warming impact
06/25/2006 Oil inches lower on signs of higher Iraqi output
06/25/2006 East Timor's PM announces plan to resign
06/25/2006 Nikkei down as techs fall
06/25/2006 No end to East Timor's politics of paralysis
06/25/2006 East Timor PM 'ready to resign'
06/25/2006 Embattled East Timor PM resigns
06/25/2006 East Timor PM to resign Ramos-Horta
06/25/2006 Report U.S. interceptors to Japan
06/25/2006 Bomber kills Sri Lankan general
06/25/2006 Summit discusses Aboriginal abuse
06/25/2006 Cease-fire on Pakistani border?
06/25/2006 Australia fears new wave of violence in East Timor
06/25/2006 'Desert of Death' camp in Afghanistan tests British mettle
06/25/2006 Oil edges down after signs of higher Iraqi output
06/25/2006 Tokyo weaker on U.S. rate concern
06/25/2006 New Zealand farmers face third week without power
06/25/2006 Japan stocks seen lower on techs
06/25/2006 Alleged rebels blow up pipeline in Pakistan
06/25/2006 Malayasia battles foot & mouth epidemic
06/25/2006 Asia's Biggest Property Event In Singapore
06/25/2006 Asia's high hopes dashed
06/25/2006 Cadbury recalls seven chocolate product lines
06/25/2006 Afghan president Taliban 'no match'
06/25/2006 Afghan president Taliban 'no match for our power'
06/25/2006 Bush should ponder direct N.Korea talks Lugar
06/25/2006 Australia's Howard downplays meeting with Indonesia's Yudhoyono
06/25/2006 Indonesian flood death toll tops 280
06/25/2006 5.9-magnitude quake hits eastern Indonesia
06/25/2006 Taiwan president refuses opposition demand to resign
06/25/2006 Family disowns son for being gay
06/25/2006 N.Korea oil, food sanction warning
06/25/2006 A dilemma for U.S. in East Asian relations
06/25/2006 Netherlands whip Australia to take Sultan Azlan Shah Cup
06/25/2006 Defiant E. Timor PM stays in power
06/25/2006 East Timor ruling party backs PM
06/25/2006 E.Timor's ruling party backs embattled PM
06/25/2006 Fusion of Asian dishes provides mixed appeal
06/25/2006 Mainstream News Asia watches U.S. in Korea missile impasse
06/25/2006 Somali Islamists name US-wanted cleric to top post
06/25/2006 S.Korea foreign minister to visit China
06/25/2006 Top three leaders of Vietnam call it quits
06/25/2006 Fast-growing Vietnam votes in younger leaders
06/25/2006 Villain US seeks to topple reg Myanmar
06/25/2006 India's Tata Coffee to buy US firm for 220 mln
06/25/2006 Fans turn out for Kidman's surfside wedding
06/25/2006 Myanmar says "villain" US seeks to topple regime
06/25/2006 Huge FDI expected from far east Asia
06/24/2006 Timor lawmakers decide PM's fate
06/24/2006 Sri Lanka's president seeks direct deal with Tigers report
06/24/2006 Thai PM says party did nothing wrong in April poll
06/24/2006 Remains of Bangladesh independence "martyr" returned
06/24/2006 48 Taliban militants killed in Afghanistan
06/24/2006 48 die in Afghanistan fighting
06/24/2006 Norway's next step key to Sri Lanka's faltering peace
06/24/2006 Earthquake hits Indonesia's Sulawesi island
06/24/2006 Asia Watches US in Korea Missile Impasse
06/24/2006 Asia Watches U.S. in Korea Missile Impasse
06/24/2006 East Timor PM 'willing to resign'
06/24/2006 Saturday's World Cup Capsules
06/24/2006 ETimor ruling party gathers amid speculation PM could resign
06/24/2006 Housing push may transform Little Asia
06/24/2006 Windies peg India back with Sehwag dismissal
06/24/2006 Asian campaign frustrated at World Cup
06/24/2006 Indonesia flood death toll nears 250
06/24/2006 Jayawardene leads Sri Lanka to England series win
06/24/2006 ValueFirst to Represent Enterprise-Only MVNO in Asia-Pacific Conference
06/24/2006 Vietnam's top three leaders step down
06/24/2006 Vietnam top government leaders ask to resign
06/24/2006 Somali Islamist chief says will find cameraman's killer
06/24/2006 Asia Watches U.S. in Korea Missile Impasse
06/24/2006 China parliament to mull anti-monopoly law
06/24/2006 'Asia to cheer Korean missile strike down'
06/24/2006 CNET Asia Linux PC for Seniors
06/24/2006 'Charles Darwin's tortoise' dies, age 176
06/24/2006 Forces wage 5-hour gunbattle for Afghan village
06/24/2006 Hundreds killed in Indonesian flooding
06/24/2006 Philippines stops death penalty
06/24/2006 Portable kit developed to screen nerve agent
06/24/2006 LG.Philips LCD to build new Chinese plant
06/24/2006 Little risk seen from mutation of bird flu virus
06/24/2006 US, Japan tighten alliance on missile defense
06/24/2006 Australia row over tax on asbestos funds
06/24/2006 Japanese burns down house over test grades
06/24/2006 Rebels demand new constitution for peace
06/24/2006 Malaysia Mahathir goads PM over silence
06/24/2006 Manila scraps death penalty
06/24/2006 Afghanistan 65 militants killed
06/23/2006 216 dead in Indonesian flooding
06/23/2006 Sri Lankan candidate for Annan's succession extols multilateralism
06/23/2006 'Darwin's tortoise' dies, age 176
06/23/2006 Vietnamese leaders resign posts
06/23/2006 Philippine leader signs law abolishing death penalty
06/23/2006 Japan's opposition calls on Fukui to resign
06/23/2006 U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan
06/23/2006 Pakistan offers trade corridor to central Asian countries official
06/23/2006 Police say family won't tell who killed twins
06/23/2006 U.S. calls to keep up pressure on N. Korea
06/23/2006 Rain spoils Windies romp after Ganga and Sarwan hundreds
06/23/2006 Sources Weather improving for N. Korea missile test
06/23/2006 India edge back with two scalps
06/23/2006 Weather improving for N. Korea missile test, sources say
06/23/2006 `More Asian cos opt to outsource'
06/23/2006 US general "very confident" on missile defense
06/23/2006 Daniels ends Japan part of Asian trip with more jobs
06/23/2006 Analysis Kim calls for military vigilance
06/23/2006 Coalition 17 Afghan rebels killed
06/23/2006 Harriet the Tortoise dies at 175
06/23/2006 Oki adopts Elliptic digital rights management solution
06/23/2006 Japans Leader Can Keep Visiting War Shrine, Court Says
06/23/2006 Six killed, nine wounded in bomb blast in Philippines
06/23/2006 Foreign cameraman shot dead in Somalia
06/23/2006 Chinese PM arrives in Uganda to end African trade safari
06/23/2006 Nigeria makes contact with kidnappers of Filipino oilworkers official
06/23/2006 CENTRAL ASIA Weekly News Wrap
06/23/2006 ASIA IRIN-Asia Weekly Round-up 77 covering the period 17 June 23 June 2006
06/23/2006 Indonesian Man Caught Bird Flu From Son, W.H.O. Concludes
06/23/2006 Sonic booms cause panic in Sri Lanka's capital
06/23/2006 Netherlands face Australia in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup final
06/23/2006 Taiwan Mobile, RIM to launch Blackberry in Taiwan
06/23/2006 Anna University students to get Microsoft research tools
06/23/2006 Family vector for Sumatra bird flu
06/23/2006 US attacks some Central Asia leaders
06/23/2006 A380 delays set back Airbus in Asia
06/23/2006 BBC World Service renews partnership with Arabsat
06/23/2006 Optus introduces Nokia Eseries to Aussie businesses
06/23/2006 Optus partners with Yahoo7 for instant messenger services
06/23/2006 Smartbridges launches dual radio access point
06/23/2006 EMC to open software development centre in China
06/23/2006 Alcatel Alenia Space to provide communication payload for Arabsat satellite
06/23/2006 ZTE, Tata deal for rural telecom network in India
06/23/2006 Airwide unveils messaging solutions for Asia
06/23/2006 Oil prices flat in Asia as pressure on Iran mounts
06/23/2006 Moscow film festival to open with Asian blockbuster
06/23/2006 Faraday to unveil ASIC and IP solutions
06/23/2006 Japan Supreme Court rejects war shrine
06/23/2006 WHO says H5N1 mutated in Indonesia
06/23/2006 Pakistan arrests four Turkish, 12 Afghan terror suspects
06/23/2006 Indonesia searches sea for landslide, flood victims
06/23/2006 Seoul warning on N Korea launch
06/23/2006 Relations must be mutually beneficial
06/23/2006 N.Korea threat strengthens U.S.-Japan ties
06/23/2006 Asia Exporters galvanize markets
06/23/2006 Karzai criticizes U.S.-led coalition
06/23/2006 Japan says US beef sanction proposal "nonsense"
06/23/2006 US missile defense doubted
06/23/2006 Bush invokes allure of freedom in visit to ex-Soviet satellite
06/23/2006 Leading Acceleration Provider Expands In Asia Pacific Region
06/23/2006 East Timor president threatens to step down
06/23/2006 23 still missing after Indonesian ferry sinks
06/23/2006 Nikkei dips on exporters, but property firms gain
06/23/2006 Nepal PM released from Bangkok hospital after surgery
06/22/2006 Anger mounts against E Timor PM
06/22/2006 Powerful explosion near Colombo
06/22/2006 Philippines' Arroyo to remain in hospital for severe diarrhea
06/22/2006 Philippine police on alert with Arroyo in hospital
06/22/2006 Oil eases above 70 after gasoline-led rally
06/22/2006 Indonesia searches for 39 people after ferry sinks
06/22/2006 Japan shrine challenge rejected
06/22/2006 Japan fund manager Murakami indicted
06/22/2006 Rioting in China over label on college diplomas
06/22/2006 ETimor's president may reconsider threat to resign bishop
06/22/2006 Arroyo hospitalized in Manila
06/22/2006 Cheney urges Congress to OK US-India nuclear deal
06/22/2006 Alarm over Afghan 'guidelines' for journalists
06/22/2006 Nikkei eases as techs take a hit
06/22/2006 Cheney plays down NK strike calls
06/22/2006 Blast at Philippines market kills 2 police
06/22/2006 Laos boosts development prospects with dam hopes
06/22/2006 Cheney plays down calls to strike N. Korea
06/22/2006 GE, Hitachi set to get NRG nuclear facility order
06/22/2006 U.S. Navy test intercepts warhead
06/22/2006 China-Thailand to develop Asian wisdom-based technology
06/22/2006 Big freeze blocks New Zealand roads
06/22/2006 President Rohs Party Suffers Huge Election Loss
06/22/2006 Cheney downplays N Korea threat
06/22/2006 Tales of Phantasia Full Voice Edition Screens
06/22/2006 Cheney plays down NK strike calls
06/22/2006 Team for Asian junior athletics championship
06/22/2006 East Asia leads in using digital home products survey
06/22/2006 Risks and Opportunities of a Rising China
06/22/2006 Taiwan The Latest in RIM's Asia Advance
06/22/2006 Briefly Prime minister refuses to quit
06/22/2006 Littelfuse moves from Ireland to East Asia
06/22/2006 Philippines' Arroyo hospitalized with abdominal pains
06/22/2006 Asia Seen Dominating Mobile Games Market
06/22/2006 Philippine president in hospital
06/22/2006 50 Indians for Asian junior athletics
06/22/2006 Report Asia-Pacific IT outsourcing to top 10 billion
06/22/2006 Over 100 die in Indonesian floods, landslides
06/22/2006 Seoul eases N Korea missile fears
06/22/2006 Report Asia-Pacific IT outsourcing to top 10 billion
06/22/2006 War, war of words, heat up in Afghanistan
06/22/2006 Asia pickup capital proves vital for Japan automakers
06/22/2006 25 rescued as bus crashes in big freeze in New Zealand
06/22/2006 Endgame in East Timor power struggle
06/22/2006 Indonesian flood death toll hits 200 Roundup
06/22/2006 Around Asia's Markets New rates could lift utilities in China
06/22/2006 IBM Increases Asia Pacific BTO Capability With Expanded Center in Australia
06/22/2006 Verisign inks deal with SK Telecom
06/22/2006 Lodgenet, Sharp to collaborate on HDTV content
06/22/2006 Asia Netcom completes upgrade on pan-Asian submarine cable
06/22/2006 Guangzhou 3G wins IVR access licence from China Mobile
06/22/2006 Huawei releases integrated video and audio conferencing system
06/22/2006 Floods, landslides kill 200 in Indonesia
06/22/2006 Asia's pickup capital proves vital for Japan's automakers
06/22/2006 Huawei launches series of new products
06/22/2006 Celcom selects Dilithium Networks’ multimedia gateway
06/22/2006 Nokia to refrain from Sanyo CDMA partnership
06/22/2006 4 U.S. soldiers die in Afghan battle
06/22/2006 East Timor president I'll quit
06/22/2006 China pleased after watching U.S. wargames
06/22/2006 U.S. soldiers die in Afghan battle
06/22/2006 Asia China ore price lifts miners
06/22/2006 Asian banks fortify by diversifying
06/22/2006 Injuries commonplace for Asian workforce in Bahrain
06/22/2006 E Timor's Gusmao threatens to quit
06/22/2006 Ship sinks off Sumatra, 40 missing
06/22/2006 Anastasia Mulvoy, journalist, special education activist; 46
06/22/2006 Dozens saved from Sumatra ferry
06/22/2006 World Bank urges East Asia to develop equity/bond markets
06/22/2006 Indonesian flood toll passes 200
06/22/2006 Almaty Journal Up, Up and Away New Towers, and Ambitions to Match
06/22/2006 Figures doubled on pandas in China reserve
06/22/2006 Japanese whaling town seeks to end hunting ban
06/22/2006 Anxiety is high as young Chinese take test of their lives
06/22/2006 Lenders line up for shot at Asia's leveraged-buyout boom
06/22/2006 Nepal's Maoists refuse to disarm, but accept UN arms supervision
06/22/2006 Howard warns on Iraq troops role
06/22/2006 Thailand carves niche as Asia's pickup capital
06/21/2006 Philippines to charge victims of communist rebel extortion
06/21/2006 'Year of Widow' spurs wedding rush
06/21/2006 Goldman Sachs launches 200 mln China A-share fund
06/21/2006 Death toll from Indonesian floods at 190
06/21/2006 Australian PM announces new role for troops in Iraq
06/21/2006 Israel admitted to Red Cross
06/21/2006 India and China to hold fresh talks on border dispute
06/21/2006 India's Reliance to invest 872m dlrs in agro-retail, gas pipeline
06/21/2006 East Timor PM ponders his future
06/21/2006 Ton-up Tendulkar back in business
06/21/2006 Landslides, floods kill over 200 in Indonesia
06/21/2006 Oil above 70 on signs of resilient US demand
06/21/2006 Nikkei rises above 15,000
06/21/2006 Thai deputy prime minister submits resignation
06/21/2006 Indonesian flood death toll climbs over 160
06/21/2006 Japan May trade figures with Asian countries
06/21/2006 Japan May trade figures with Asia, US and EU
06/21/2006 188 dead in Indonesia floods
06/21/2006 No sex please, we're Japanese
06/21/2006 Asian nations cooperate on fighting maritime piracy
06/21/2006 Destination Central Asia
06/21/2006 Fate of Timor PM hangs in the balance
06/21/2006 Afghanistan Two convoys attacked
06/21/2006 Haunting Video Bears Witness to Disputed Uzbek Uprising
06/21/2006 Rioting in China Over Label on College Diplomas
06/21/2006 China, SAfrica sign textile trade deal as Wen visits
06/21/2006 U.S. gains lift Asian markets
06/21/2006 Australia to probe Iraq shootings
06/21/2006 U.S. gives no ground on NK missile
06/21/2006 Asia Recognizes the Need for Strong Cohesive Spa Representation
06/21/2006 AP Blog On the road to meet Tiger rebels
06/21/2006 NY very polite, Asia quite rude
06/21/2006 50 dead in fresh Afghan violence
06/21/2006 Thailand Becomes Asia's Pickup Capital
06/21/2006 Biometrics More Popular With Asian Banks
06/21/2006 Analysis N.Korea hints at missile talks
06/21/2006 China willing to cut textile exports
06/21/2006 Papa John's continues Asian expansion
06/21/2006 Decision on Offer Is Weeks Away, Irans Leader Says
06/21/2006 Streaming21 and Zentek Joint Showcase iTV Solutions at BroadcastAsia 2006
06/21/2006 Somalis head for Sudan talks to stave off war
06/21/2006 Taiwan parliament debates recall motion against president
06/21/2006 Obey test ban, US tells N Korea
06/21/2006 Nigeria vows to find and free Filipino hostages
06/21/2006 GM sees 2006 Chinese sales growth above 20 percent
06/21/2006 Vatican official warns Amnesty against abortion move
06/21/2006 EU ceasefire monitors must quit, Tigers tell Norwegian peace broker
06/21/2006 Tensions Rise Over Possible Test-Launch in Korea
06/21/2006 ETimor prime minister likely to resign senior official
06/21/2006 Ignorance a key factor in H5N1 infections experts
06/21/2006 StockGuru Announces Profile Coverage of America Asia Petroleum
06/21/2006 Rights group chides Indonesia`s military
06/21/2006 Ericsson to expand, modernise Celcom GSM network
06/21/2006 Around Asia's markets Fund puts its eggs in Samsung basket
06/21/2006 United Groups sets sights on U.S. and Asia holdings
06/21/2006 Japan press welcomes Iraq move
06/21/2006 Mainstream News 11 Asian countries sign agreement to combat piracy
06/21/2006 East Timor power struggle comes to a head
06/21/2006 Indonesian floods death toll close to 90
06/21/2006 Zoo otter makes 10-kilometre swim to freedom
06/21/2006 Pulse-Link signs distribution deal with Nagase
06/21/2006 Arianespace to launch Vietnam first telecommunications satellite
06/21/2006 Tyco completes TWA-1 undersea cable system
06/21/2006 KASB Bank chooses Misys Equation
06/21/2006 Onse selects Vidiator mobile video platform
06/21/2006 Lanka Internet picks Redline products for WiMAX network
06/21/2006 Asiainfo signs channel management system contract with Shanghai Mobile
06/21/2006 China jails gang of deaf-mute child thieves
06/21/2006 E Timor president tells PM to go
06/21/2006 Troubled East Timor's PM 'to quit'
06/21/2006 China Everbright Bank selects ILOG Jrules
06/21/2006 China backs Asian for post of UN secretary-general
06/21/2006 Pressure mounts on E Timor PM
06/21/2006 Viewqwest selects Tekelec for hosted VoIP services
06/21/2006 Warner Music, China Unicom sign content agreement
06/21/2006 Call for Aborigine 'paternalism'
06/21/2006 Fresh violence in Afghanistan leaves 24 dead
06/21/2006 Five buried alive in Philippine landslide
06/21/2006 Troops mistakenly kill three Afghan cops
06/21/2006 Asian pact against piracy takes effect in September
06/21/2006 Troops fight off attack on US camp
06/21/2006 Japan orders ground troops to withdraw
06/21/2006 Floods, landslides in Indonesia kill 94
06/21/2006 Prosecutors arrest three more in Hyundai Motor probe
06/21/2006 DMAsia
06/20/2006 Australia could review Iraq troop numbers this year
06/20/2006 'The Serpent' to get day in court
06/20/2006 Asia Anticipation extends losses
06/20/2006 Jeev Milkha Singh wants to win Asian Tour
06/20/2006 Government proposes administrators for struggling Aboriginal communities
06/20/2006 Afghanistan to connect Central Asia to Middle East
06/20/2006 Scores dead in Indonesia floods
06/20/2006 Vietnam to allow needle exchanges
06/20/2006 Taiwan MPs discuss Chen's removal
06/20/2006 Sri Lanka says rebel factions clash
06/20/2006 Landslides and floods kill 51 in Indonesia
06/20/2006 8 months after quake, little relief for some Pakistanis
06/20/2006 Rate worries keep Nikkei in red
06/20/2006 Covance Strengthens Clinical Trial Laboratory Services in Asia Pacific
06/20/2006 China firmly supports Asian candidates for UN secretary-general
06/20/2006 Sri Lanka's war of stretched reality
06/20/2006 N. Korea trip off as tensions rise
06/20/2006 Congress moving toward action on US-India deal
06/20/2006 Asian elephant dies at Los Angeles Zoo
06/20/2006 Language Leader Zi Corporation Showcases Four New SMS Databases at CommunicAsia 2006
06/20/2006 Asian should be next U.N. chief China
06/20/2006 NuSil Technology Expands Global Capabilities With Asian Office
06/20/2006 Kisber picks new director for Asian business development
06/20/2006 Missile defense activated
06/20/2006 Japan with the momentum after world whaling talks
06/20/2006 China stays mum on N.Korea missile antics
06/20/2006 Taiwan president stands firm, says wife innocent
06/20/2006 Gas redistribution in Eurasia
06/20/2006 UN Security Council returns peace troops to troubled Timor Leste
06/20/2006 Korea scare U.S. activates missile defense
06/20/2006 ECONOMY-UAE Asian Buyers Keep Gold Glittering
06/20/2006 Report U.S. activates missile defense system
06/20/2006 Pakistan supports electing UN secretary-general from Asia
06/20/2006 Asia Urged to Use Energy More Efficiently
06/20/2006 U.S. begins massive war games in Pacific