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06/04/2006 Sangakkara stiffens Sri Lanka resolve
06/04/2006 Rumsfeld arrives in Vietnam for military cooperation talks
06/04/2006 As quake emergency recedes, survivors look to rebuild
06/04/2006 UN worried about shelter in Indonesia quake zone
06/04/2006 Rumsfeld in Vietnam as ties warm
06/04/2006 Thousands mark Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary in Hong Kong
06/04/2006 East Timor's cycle of violence shifts up a gear
06/04/2006 Exiled Chinese dissidents mark anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre
06/04/2006 Tension high in Somalia as militia reposition
06/04/2006 Asian countries urged to help East Timor
06/04/2006 Monsoon rains kill 105 in India, floods displace 25,000
06/04/2006 Chinese military plane crashes with 40 aboard
06/04/2006 Strong aftershocks jolt quake-hit areas in Java
06/04/2006 Australia calls on Asia Pacific region to help East Timor
06/04/2006 Rumsfeld says US not seeking access to Vietnamese bases
06/04/2006 US stresses Asia commitment
06/04/2006 Air pollution rife in India's villages report
06/04/2006 Indian police seize 200 kilos of cocaine at Mumbai port
06/04/2006 Boom aside, Pakistan disparities linger
06/04/2006 Asian defense chiefs call for joint efforts to fight threats
06/04/2006 Clashes flare again in East Timor
06/04/2006 Rail links focus of fresh inter-Korea economic talks
06/04/2006 Taliban suicide car bomber kills 4
06/04/2006 Asian nations want action on security, disasters
06/04/2006 Australia Urges Nations to Help East Timor
06/04/2006 KPOAsia The Rising Horizon for Knowledge Process Outsourcing from India
06/04/2006 Gangs go on rampage in East Timor
06/03/2006 Quake survivors throng churches in Indonesia's Java
06/03/2006 China defends Africa policy
06/03/2006 China envoy defends Africa policy
06/03/2006 Race to Lead Japan May Turn on Asia Ties
06/03/2006 China's Tiananmen secure on June 4 anniversary
06/03/2006 Japan prosecutors to arrest Murakami soon Kyodo
06/03/2006 Military plane crashes in China
06/03/2006 Red alert still in effect at Indonesian volcano
06/03/2006 Pakistan General Defends Terror Fight
06/03/2006 Latin American flags vie for space in football-crazy Bangladesh
06/03/2006 Fresh fighting in Timor as church leaders plead for peace
06/03/2006 Volcano and Aftershocks Keep Indonesia on Edge
06/03/2006 5 die in Chinese military plane crash
06/03/2006 Indonesian volcano stirs after earthquake
06/03/2006 Bird flu fears for quake survivors
06/03/2006 Charmed woman marries cobra in India
06/03/2006 Eye on Eurasia Russia`s moderate Muslims
06/03/2006 Eye on Eurasia Russia's moderate Muslims
06/03/2006 Gayle, Lara dismissals hurt Windies
06/03/2006 India is a core state for Asian security Pranab Mukherjee
06/03/2006 Asia catching up to Africa as AIDS takes a toll
06/03/2006 17 arrested in alleged terror plot in Canada
06/03/2006 Asia catching up to Africa as AIDS takes a toll
06/03/2006 Afghan president sacks, shifts 80 top policemen after riots
06/03/2006 Java quake survivors plead for funds to start rebuilding
06/03/2006 US offers to help in East Timor
06/03/2006 Indonesia to set up emergency classrooms in Java quake areas
06/03/2006 The Asian Giant Hornet with excellent and scary photographs
06/03/2006 Militia fighting rages in Somalia, at least 8 dead
06/03/2006 Taiwan opposition rally demands President Chen's resignation
06/03/2006 Rumsfeld US to stay engaged in Pacific
06/03/2006 Tibetan exiles vote for premier
06/03/2006 Bangladesh hit by tropical thunderstorms
06/03/2006 Bird flu fears for quake survivors
06/03/2006 Drought worsens China woes
06/03/2006 Nearly 30 rebels killed in new Afghan unrest, district retaken
06/03/2006 Aid agencies fear for ETimor refugees
06/03/2006 Maoist rally draws Nepali throng
06/03/2006 Afghan, coalition troops retake 'lost' district, 15 Taliban killed
06/03/2006 Horta sworn in as defense minister
06/03/2006 Funding Your Asian Company
06/03/2006 Laureate takes East Timor security post
06/02/2006 Australian FM in ETimor crisis talks
06/02/2006 Quake survivors shaken by tremors
06/02/2006 'Bad behaviour' holding US troops back from conquering Kabul
06/02/2006 Rumsfeld urges China to "demystify" military spending
06/02/2006 Rumsfeld lauds growing Asian security networks
06/02/2006 No 'real Idol' judges in Fantasia flick
06/02/2006 US still committed to Asia security, says Rumsfeld
06/02/2006 Australia makes Timor healing bid
06/02/2006 UN plans six-month quake relief
06/02/2006 Maoists rally in Nepalese capital
06/02/2006 Online Throngs Impose a Stern Morality in China
06/02/2006 Nelson seeks Asian help for E Timor
06/02/2006 Don’t leave US out, Rumsfeld counsels Asian nations
06/02/2006 China, India will shape Asia Lee
06/02/2006 Singapore PM urges U.S. to stay in Iraq
06/02/2006 Suicide car bomber kills 3 in Afghanistan
06/02/2006 Asia Now Second to Africa in HIV Cases
06/02/2006 Indonesia wants US to stay away from Asiaís anti-terror fight
06/02/2006 Week after Java quake, injured still in need of treatment
06/02/2006 Taiwan's opposition leader calls on President Chen to resign Roundup
06/02/2006 Enhanced brain response to smoking cues found in African American compared with caucasian smokers
06/02/2006 Rumsfeld to Speak at Asian-Pacific Defense Ministers Conference
06/02/2006 Local Elections in the ROK What It Means for the U.S.
06/02/2006 Bringing Burma to the U.N. Security Council
06/02/2006 China cracks down on cheaters
06/02/2006 China children outgrow old rules
06/02/2006 Afghanistan 'suicide blast' kills three civilians
06/02/2006 U.S. says it'll cooperate in Afghan probe
06/02/2006 Red flags fly in Kathmandu as huge crowd flocks to first Maoist rally
06/02/2006 CENTRAL ASIA Weekly News Wrap
06/02/2006 Asian cars win 40% of U.S. pie
06/02/2006 Asian Americans Flexing Political Strength
06/02/2006 Aplix, Quanta form partnership for 3G Java solution
06/02/2006 Quake zone 'urgently needs 100M'
06/02/2006 Indonesia awards oil, gas blocks to 4 firms
06/02/2006 APEC agrees farm subsidy cuts to jolt stalled WTO
06/02/2006 Quake zone 'urgently needs 100M'
06/02/2006 Avanquest Software, GSPDA complete licensing agreement
06/02/2006 Taiwan opposition piles pressure on Chen to quit
06/02/2006 4 Pakistan troops killed in suicide attack
06/02/2006 Nepal's Maoists come out of the jungle, into the mainstream
06/02/2006 Australia celebrates baby boom
06/02/2006 Nepal Rebels Edge Out of Jungle and Onto Political Stage
06/02/2006 Asian Electronics bags Rs 53 cr order from MSEDCL
06/02/2006 S.Lanka rebels agree to talks on monitors' safety
06/02/2006 Rumsfeld to tell Asian nations don't leave US out
06/02/2006 "Hang Gyanendra" thousands shout at Nepal rebel rally
06/02/2006 Rumsfeld to tell Asian nations don't leave US out
06/02/2006 Asiainfo forms joint lab with China Mobile, Beijing University
06/02/2006 Zarlink expands voice processing product portfolio
06/02/2006 Identity Engines, Zuken Netwave join forces
06/02/2006 Accenture opens technology delivery centre in Pune
06/02/2006 Wipro acquires retail solutions provider Enabler
06/02/2006 Optus deploys Juniper Networks routing platforms
06/02/2006 Park aims to avenge Lexus Cup loss
06/02/2006 Mainstream News Rumsfeld to Asia Don't leave US out
06/02/2006 Nissan, Suzuki say to expand vehicle cooperation
06/02/2006 UN plans six-month quake relief
06/02/2006 Voluntary euthanasia campaigner to hold workshops in NZ
06/02/2006 APEC calls for progress in stalled global trade talks
06/02/2006 Aid workers get handle on medical crisis after Java quake
06/02/2006 Flicker of light pokes through East Timor gloom
06/02/2006 Taiwan's opposition leader calls on President Chen to resign
06/02/2006 Japan gives life sentence to US†sailor for murder
06/02/2006 New Zealand Post withdraws Maori stamps after protests
06/02/2006 Forex US dollar steady in late Asian trade, pares back morning losses
06/02/2006 China to rival US as world power by 2020 survey
06/02/2006 Japan's population aging as birthrate declines
06/02/2006 Four Pakistani soldiers die in suicide car-bombing
06/02/2006 India, Pakistan to boost cultural exchanges
06/01/2006 Teligent provides PLDT/SMART with convergent platform
06/01/2006 KT Powertel, RIM launch Blackberry in S Korea
06/01/2006 Temasek Holdings gets 7% stake in E Mobile
06/01/2006 NTT DoCoMo, Hutchison Telecom to bring i-mode to Hong Kong, Macau
06/01/2006 Door open for Fed pause in June 's Berry
06/01/2006 Fusion reactor 'built in China'
06/01/2006 Oil firms toward 71
06/01/2006 Quakes survivors start rebuilding process
06/01/2006 Japan moves to end ban on military use of space
06/01/2006 UN says aid flowing in Indonesia quake zone, hospitals still crowded
06/01/2006 Fresh looting flares in E Timor
06/01/2006 Japan jails US sailor for murder
06/01/2006 Voluntary euthanasia campaigner plans to return to New Zealand
06/01/2006 U.S. sailor gets life in Japan beating death
06/01/2006 Huge Nepal rally threatens accord
06/01/2006 Australian govt backtracks on sale of iconic public works scheme
06/01/2006 Euthanasia campaigner to hold workshops in NZ
06/01/2006 Survivors rebuild lives
06/01/2006 Pakistan to tackle poverty with development budget
06/01/2006 Afghan spring offensive stronger than expected
06/01/2006 Mobs in Timor loot amid chaos
06/01/2006 Red flags fly as Nepal's capital braces for mass Maoist rally
06/01/2006 Report Life term for U.S. sailor
06/01/2006 Nikkei turns negative on futures selling
06/01/2006 Nikkei falters on futures selling
06/01/2006 East Timor President Calls for Unity Amid Violent Clashes
06/01/2006 Tanigaki Currencies alone can't solve imbalances
06/01/2006 Asian Development Bank agrees to quake aid
06/01/2006 Putin’s Legacy and United Russia’s New Ideology
06/01/2006 Rebus goes global with sales deal to Africa and Asia
06/01/2006 Female drivers attract Afghan stares
06/01/2006 Asian Development Bank agrees to quake aid
06/01/2006 Female drivers attracts Afghan stares
06/01/2006 Monsoon rains lash Indian city
06/01/2006 Hail stones kill 230 sheep in 10 minutes
06/01/2006 Quake survivors see out their days in tents
06/01/2006 Bugtraq SyScan'06 The Hackers' Conference in Asia
06/01/2006 US protests reported beating of exiled Uighur leader's sons
06/01/2006 SyScan'06 The Hackers' Conference in Asia
06/01/2006 ZDNet Asia Free Standards Group Finds New Support in Asia
06/01/2006 UN Security Council resolution against Myanmar has "broad" support US
06/01/2006 AirAsia Battling for the Indonesian Market
06/01/2006 Kyrgyzstan Small Arms Proliferation on the Rise
06/01/2006 Japan Launches Silk Road Diplomacy in Central Asia
06/01/2006 Rare Afghan sight Women drivers
06/01/2006 ZDNet Asia Free Standards Group Finds New Support in Asia
06/01/2006 Kabul comes undone
06/01/2006 Storms kill 36 in India, wreak havoc in financial capital
06/01/2006 Canada delays China deportation
06/01/2006 Maoists kill 12 policemen in land mine blast
06/01/2006 Asian-Owned Businesses Booming in the US
06/01/2006 Two influential aides of Taiwan president resign
06/01/2006 Twelve Indian troops killed in land mine attack
06/01/2006 Microsoft to host Asia's largest IT event
06/01/2006 Donors read riot act, but is Sri Lanka listening?
06/01/2006 Microsoft to host Asia‚s largest IT event
06/01/2006 IFIC Bank selects Misys Banking Systems solution
06/01/2006 Metalink to unveil streaming HDTV over wireless home networks
06/01/2006 Inforsense signs distribution agreement with CTCLS
06/01/2006 Pacnet, Nextep launch business-grade VoIP solution
06/01/2006 Renesas, Powerchip sign two agreements
06/01/2006 Vodafone KK to release 705T 3G music mobile
06/01/2006 Moldcell signs roaming agreement with Cellcom
06/01/2006 Network Live launched in Japan
06/01/2006 Guangzhou 3G to bring beauty pageant content to mobiles
06/01/2006 Tibetan singing nuns awaited in Dalai Lama's home in exile
06/01/2006 Harrah's in talks to buy Macau casino firm stake
06/01/2006 Boot camp for women battles image of Japan's army
06/01/2006 Alkatiri allies fall as Gusmao struts East Timor stage
06/01/2006 Death toll in Java quake tops 6,000
06/01/2006 China, Arab nations vow to cooperate on oil, terrorism
06/01/2006 Helicopters key to rescuing survivors in Java quake
06/01/2006 Currencies Asian currencies drop
06/01/2006 Stocks Asian exporter stocks advance
06/01/2006 Around Asia's Markets Steel firms feeling the squeeze of ore prices
06/01/2006 Ancient Java palace defies quake
06/01/2006 US wants UN resolution on Burma
06/01/2006 US applies pressure on Asia to help trade round
06/01/2006 32,552 Japanese committed suicide in 2005
06/01/2006 Rumsfeld to meet Asia Pacific defence ministers in 3-day dialogue in Singapore
06/01/2006 STATS ChipPAC to Present at the JP Morgan Asia Technology Conferences
06/01/2006 Japan fertility hits record low
06/01/2006 Wyeth to seek Japan OK for 6 drugs
06/01/2006 Brent crude falls below 70 after US offer on Iran
06/01/2006 Japan to return S.Korea`s ancient records
06/01/2006 Pawar's 'personal letters' helped Asia win Cup bid
06/01/2006 HIV/AIDS Outlook in Asia Mixed
06/01/2006 China PC sales with legal Windows jumps IDC
06/01/2006 Samsung says memory business recovering fast
06/01/2006 Still waiting to bury Andijan dead
06/01/2006 Eyewitness Cultural Revolution
06/01/2006 One year on Uzbeks in fear
06/01/2006 E Timor president plea for unity
06/01/2006 N Korea hints at US envoy's visit
06/01/2006 Asia-Pacific World Edition
06/01/2006 Indian police kill three suspected Islamic militants
06/01/2006 Plight of women in India is bad
06/01/2006 Unrest in East Timor hinders aid
06/01/2006 US military probes accident that sparked riots
06/01/2006 Province cracks down on abortion by gender
06/01/2006 Gusmao urges Timorese to forgive
06/01/2006 Former Soviet republics face spiralling HIV/AIDS crisis UN report
06/01/2006 Java quake death toll increases
05/31/2006 India's commercial hub on alert for heavy rains
05/31/2006 Political party office bombed in Sri Lanka's restive east
05/31/2006 Marshall Islands undecided on whaling ban
05/31/2006 Pakistan welcomes US policy shift on Iran
05/31/2006 Quake death toll surpasses 6,200
05/31/2006 S Korea party boss quits over poll
05/31/2006 Taiwan leader surrenders powers
05/31/2006 Rights group condemns China's jailing of protesters
05/31/2006 Taiwan president cedes some powers to premier
05/31/2006 Pantech to supply Cingular Wireless
05/31/2006 Sri Lanka president calls on more nations to label Tigers terrorists
05/31/2006 S. Korean opposition wins local polls
05/31/2006 BOJ need not end zero rates in a hurry Haru
05/31/2006 Study Asia leads spam relay
05/31/2006 Pawar‚s ‚personal letters‚ helped Asia win Cup bid
05/31/2006 Quake Upsets the Cradle of Indonesian Culture
05/31/2006 Taiwan Chen move to quell scandal
05/31/2006 Nikkei up as U.S. concerns ease
05/31/2006 Americans Fired Into Crowd, Afghan Says
05/31/2006 N Korea reactor project ended
05/31/2006 Joint naval exercise for New Zealand, India
05/31/2006 Indonesian jailed for people-smuggling in New Zealand
05/31/2006 Malaysian rescuers search for two girls after killer landslide
05/31/2006 US to press for landmark UN resolution against Myanmar
05/31/2006 Annan urges E. Timorese to unite
05/31/2006 Colorful Entertainment, Unique Crafts and Games, Exotic Cuisines Highlight the Asian Festival
05/31/2006 Risks of a Rising China Technology Acquisition and Export Controls
05/31/2006 Copy of Risks of a Rising China Technology Acquisition and Export Controls
05/31/2006 Hiroshima memorial honors Chinese victims
05/31/2006 Consortium ends N.Korea nuclear reactor project
05/31/2006 LME opts for longer day to lure Asian dealers
05/31/2006 Afghan clash U.S. soldiers 'fired in self-defense'
05/31/2006 Toll climbs as crisis eases
05/31/2006 Violence returns as rebels reject move
05/31/2006 US plans "significant" Pakistan missile sale
05/31/2006 HIV/AIDS Outlook in Asia Mixed
05/31/2006 Taiwan's Chen relegates power amid son-in-law's scandals
05/31/2006 President Hu meets with Mideast officials
05/31/2006 Russia, China close ranks in Central Asia
05/31/2006 Asian money markets sum
05/31/2006 SMIC Tianjin secures financing for expansion
05/31/2006 International Needs Australia selects Isys search software
05/31/2006 Bank of India implements Misys Midas Plus core banking system
05/31/2006 Soft Run integrates Inciter with Microsoft platform
05/31/2006 Virgin Mobile picks Emblaze to manage Lobster mobile phones
05/31/2006 Emdigo, Magus team up for mobile content
05/31/2006 Renesas licenses capacitor-less TTRAM to EMT
05/31/2006 Yadkin Valley picks ECI network edge solution
05/31/2006 ZTE selects Enea OSE real-time operating system
05/31/2006 Asian Stocks Fall on U.S. Consumer Data
05/31/2006 U.S. data chill Asian markets
05/31/2006 Political stalemate grips East Timor
05/31/2006 Aid efforts intensify on Java as quake toll exceeds 5,800
05/31/2006 Eurasian Court could replace ECHR Russian governor
05/31/2006 Malaysian police cripple regional terror group
05/31/2006 Ailing former president Suharto leaves Jakarta hospital
05/31/2006 Taiwan says China 'biggest obstacle' to improved ties
05/31/2006 Curfew imposes tense calm on Kabul
05/31/2006 Pakistanis try confronting shame of honor killing
05/31/2006 In Singapore, a censor's cuts and sensibilities
05/31/2006 Stuck in conflict, S.Lanka monitors find new roles
05/31/2006 Afghans want U.S. soldiers prosecuted over crash
05/31/2006 Stocks Asian stocks decline
05/31/2006 Around Asia's Markets Sidelines look good to leery investors
05/31/2006 Afghans want trial over U.S. crash
05/31/2006 Severstal's tequila sunset
05/31/2006 Man Sees Positive Side To Asian Carp
05/31/2006 'Great Game' Heats Up in Central Asia
05/31/2006 S.Korea opposition heads for big win in local polls
05/31/2006 East Timor president cracks defencive whip
05/31/2006 Japan plans steps to lower high suicide rate
05/31/2006 E Timor PM refuses to step down
05/31/2006 United Tech's Otis sees 2006 China sales up 25 pct
05/31/2006 Scores of people left homeless after quake
05/31/2006 Indian logistics firm seeks to expand Asia-Pacific operations
05/31/2006 Xinhua China acquires Bear Technology
05/31/2006 India battles AIDS epidemic
05/31/2006 Contrast with West fuels riots, Afghans say
05/31/2006 East Timor president takes over security to counter violence
05/31/2006 Theme parks set for Asia after Oz, US deal
05/31/2006 New battle lines emerging in Asia anti-AIDS fight
05/31/2006 Java quake toll passes 5,800
05/31/2006 S Korea votes in key elections
05/31/2006 Java earthquake toll passes 5,800
05/31/2006 China's "pyramids" in danger of collapsing report
05/31/2006 At least 6 die in new outbreak of Somalia fighting
05/31/2006 Uighur activist's children 'held'
05/30/2006 Hopes fade of finding survivors
05/30/2006 Dollar under pressure after Paulson
05/30/2006 Shakers Toll's chief envisions Asia transport giant
05/30/2006 Asia Japanese retailers lead slide
05/30/2006 GM selects Asia chief to head home market
05/30/2006 Pollution risks Yangtze death
05/30/2006 S Korea votes in key elections
05/30/2006 Military celebrates Asian-Pacific Day
05/30/2006 Military celebrates Asian-Pacific Day
05/30/2006 Iran's military plans for invasion by U.S. Iason Athanasiadis / THE
05/30/2006 Suspected Taliban kill deputy police chief
05/30/2006 China rebukes Taiwan over national security report
05/30/2006 Nepal's rebel leader makes first public appearance in decade
05/30/2006 BA World Cargo announces key Asia Pacific and Middle East appointments
05/30/2006 Indian logistics firm seeks to expand Asia-Pacific operations
05/30/2006 Suharto discharged from hospital
05/30/2006 Quake survivors immunized
05/30/2006 Suharto leaves hospital for home
05/30/2006 Quake survivors need the basics to live
05/30/2006 Curfew imposes tense calm on Kabul
05/30/2006 Asia top continent for spam relay
05/30/2006 Sporadic violence in East Timor capital after political deal
05/30/2006 Remote Java Villages Still Without Quake Aid
05/30/2006 Stressed Asians are losing out in the bedroom
05/30/2006 Nikkei dips on U.S. slowdown fear
05/30/2006 Asia exporting pollution
05/30/2006 Portugal sends soldiers to East Timor
05/30/2006 Pacific island state blacked out after power-plant fire
05/30/2006 Russia, China close ranks in Central Asia
05/30/2006 Policeman killed, 23 wounded in Kashmir grenade attacks
05/30/2006 The Free Standards Group Strengthens Linux Standardization Activities in Asia
05/30/2006 ECI Telecom signs 75m frame agreement with BT
05/30/2006 Oki, IAI announce ARM7-based Zigbee solution
05/30/2006 Shenzhen Domain Network, AMD, Huawei form alliance
05/30/2006 Lawmaker chews on legislation
05/30/2006 Lawmaker chews over legislation
05/30/2006 Afghan parliament demands arrests after US crash
05/30/2006 Java quake survivors say tsunami scare left many injured
05/30/2006 GE targets 8 billion India revenue by 2010
05/30/2006 Relief workers race to deliver quake aid, prevent disease
05/30/2006 Shoddy building, lack of foresight compound quake disaster
05/30/2006 Asian Authorities Try to Curb Wild Animal Trafficking
05/30/2006 Smoking messages miss Asian Americans
05/30/2006 Strong earthquake jolts Indonesia's Papua province
05/30/2006 Gary Glitter appeal date set in Vietnam
05/30/2006 East Timor courts failed-state tag