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06/20/2006 N Korea defies missile pressure
06/20/2006 N. Korea missile 'on launch pad'
06/20/2006 Ericsson to help Bayantel enhance broadband services
06/20/2006 Pakistan, New Zealand in critical draw at Sultan Azlan Shah Cup
06/20/2006 Chinese college hit by 'riot'
06/20/2006 Flash floods, landslides kill nine in Indonesia
06/20/2006 Thai police step up manhunt for shooters of Australian nurse
06/20/2006 Beijing officials reportedly meet Catholic church leaders in Rome
06/20/2006 36 dead in Indonesia floods
06/20/2006 Asia's premier communicatons expo opens in Singapore
06/20/2006 Politicians arrested in Kashmir sex scandal
06/20/2006 China attacks Germany for helping activist
06/20/2006 Spain, France in biggest ETA raid since truce
06/20/2006 Ericsson to expand Lao Telecom GSM network
06/20/2006 Telecom New Zealand, Lucent sign 10m deal
06/20/2006 Nintendo Wii uses NEC embedded DRAM
06/20/2006 Motorola Reach solutions launched in Asia Pacific
06/20/2006 Lucent announces new contracts, launches Acuity portfolio
06/20/2006 Beyond Security, Lucent launch Automated Vulnerability Detection Service
06/20/2006 Triple T Broadband selects Alcatel for IP/MPLS core, DWDM infrastructure
06/20/2006 Asia Netcom to double capacity on submarine cable system
06/20/2006 Lucent, KFT to provide products and services to Telekom Malaysia
06/20/2006 Indonesian teenager dies of bird flu WHO
06/20/2006 China criticizes Germany for helping paralysed activist
06/20/2006 Taiwan leader set for TV defence
06/20/2006 CBT plans to open Asian office in India Assocham
06/20/2006 Warid Telecom chooses Motorola to deploy GSM network in Bangladesh
06/20/2006 S Korea cloning expert on trial
06/20/2006 Sri Lanka rebels recommit to truce
06/20/2006 Campus riot rocks central China university
06/20/2006 Cohen Research Report Bullish on Pacific Asia China Energy
06/20/2006 Stephen Hawking takes Beijing; now, will science follow?
06/20/2006 Warrant for E Timor ex-minister
06/20/2006 Tech shares, Asian mkts pull Sensex down
06/20/2006 McDonald's, Sinopec in China drive-thru store deal
06/19/2006 Japan set to agree on US beef import resumption
06/19/2006 Protesters ask E Timor PM to quit
06/19/2006 Unemployed and Asian in the United Kingdom
06/19/2006 McDonald's to announce Chinese drive-through report
06/19/2006 DPRK expected to join Asia-Europe railway project in November UN official
06/19/2006 Japan PM announces Iraq troop withdrawal
06/19/2006 China's top wind-power plant maker wants US IPO
06/19/2006 India, China top Asian outsourcing destinations
06/19/2006 Japanese troops set to leave Iraq
06/19/2006 Japanese troops set to leave Iraq
06/19/2006 Protest calls on ETimor FM to step down
06/19/2006 Australian troops to redeploy in Iraq
06/19/2006 Japan set to end Iraq military mission
06/19/2006 U.S. uncertainty keeps Asia in red
06/19/2006 Japan takes the helm at world whale talks
06/19/2006 Rent-a-wife business grows as poverty spreads
06/19/2006 Japan, Greenpeace in new spat at whaling talks
06/19/2006 Ark. on short list for auto plant, Huckabee says in Asia
06/19/2006 US warns N Korea off missile test
06/19/2006 Nepalese rebel emerges from the jungle
06/19/2006 Taliban attacks 30 dead
06/19/2006 Asian Nations Discuss Solidarity, Cooperation and Nukes
06/19/2006 Analysis N.Korea`s renewed missile card
06/19/2006 People`s Daily calls for clean elections
06/19/2006 Afghan Legislator Says Taliban Killed 32 in His Tribal Family
06/19/2006 Syniverse Goes Shopping in Asia
06/19/2006 News Governor Daniels departs on second trip to Asia
06/19/2006 Pro-democracy groups mark Aung San Suu Kyi's birthday
06/19/2006 Taliban step up attacks
06/19/2006 Cambodian appeal hearing set for controversial New Zealand sex case
06/19/2006 Paralysed Chinese activist in intensive care after operation
06/19/2006 Residents flee homes on slope of restive Philippine volcano
06/19/2006 Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano spews hot clouds, volcanic debris
06/19/2006 Australian guilty of terror plan
06/19/2006 Syniverse acquisition expands Asia presence
06/19/2006 Asian Mineral Resources Receives Approval of its Ban Phuc Nickel Project's Resources & Reserves
06/19/2006 Around Asia's markets Bond sale in China underlines growth
06/19/2006 Bollywood stars charged over killing of protected black buck
06/19/2006 Taliban ambushes two convoys, killing 30
06/19/2006 Pakistan-born man guilty in Australian "jihad" plot
06/19/2006 Malaysia's Abdullah wins backing
06/19/2006 Filippinos take flight as volcano erupts
06/19/2006 Death by any other name is just as unlucky
06/19/2006 Renesas develops synthesisable DSP core
06/19/2006 Redline, Sarcorp bring WiMAX products and services to Pakistan
06/19/2006 Hutch extends contract with Nokia
06/19/2006 Nokia, M1 to demonstrate HSDPA
06/19/2006 Nokia backs Smart HSDPA network in the Philippines
06/19/2006 EU, Asia urged to beef up Internet security
06/19/2006 Singtel, Nokia launch mutliplayer game quest
06/19/2006 Achievo opens Netgear software engineering centre in China
06/19/2006 Motorola gets managed services contract from Wateen Telecom-Pakistan
06/19/2006 DoCoMo 3G FOMA service surpasses 2G MOVA in number of subscribers
06/19/2006 Nokia, Siemens to merge communications service businesses
06/19/2006 Qatar, Asiana code share
06/19/2006 Clarendon Parker Asia launched in India
06/19/2006 Forex Dollar near session lows in Asia, awaits Fed official Guynn's speech
06/19/2006 U.S. competes with China for Vietnam's allegiance
06/19/2006 Taliban kill 5 in Afghan convoy
06/19/2006 Somali government says Islamists preparing to attack base
06/19/2006 Architect convicted on terror plan
06/19/2006 First Kazakh satellite into orbit
06/19/2006 Breakaway rebel boss will only hand arms to ETimor president
06/19/2006 Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi turns 61 under house arrest
06/19/2006 Oil slides toward 69
06/18/2006 Australian man guilty of terror
06/18/2006 Asia More declines seen for India
06/18/2006 Taliban attacks leave 30 dead
06/18/2006 Pressure builds against N Korea
06/18/2006 Kidman in Sydney amid wedding talk
06/18/2006 Gold bows to strong dollar
06/18/2006 US military bases welcome in Australia PM
06/18/2006 Kidman in Sydney amid wedding talk
06/18/2006 Asia eases on caution about U.S.
06/18/2006 N. Korea fuels missile, readies launch, U.S. says
06/18/2006 Oil steady at 70, Iran anxiety supportive
06/18/2006 MPs told to forget religion in euthanasia debate
06/18/2006 AP Blog Villagers decry Sri Lanka forces
06/18/2006 Pro-whaling nations pass resolution against hunting moratorium
06/18/2006 Korea snatch dramatic draw with France
06/18/2006 Cleanup efforts slow toxic spill in China
06/18/2006 Japan lining up support against whaling ban
06/18/2006 Brazil through after gritty Aussies give them a run for their money
06/18/2006 Indiana Governor On Second Trip To Asia
06/18/2006 Doctors begin tests on remains of two Guantanamo prisoners Roundup
06/18/2006 Free Standards Group Boosts Activities in Asia
06/18/2006 We underestimated USA, admits Italy coach Lippi
06/18/2006 4 killed in Afghan school stampede
06/18/2006 Sri Lanka violence continues, 3 dead, 2 missing
06/18/2006 India in the fast lane
06/18/2006 India's influence soars
06/18/2006 First Kazakh satellite into orbit
06/18/2006 Death toll from Chinese chemical plant blast rises to 16
06/18/2006 Paralyzed Chinese activist to be operated on Sunday
06/18/2006 Qatar Airways and Asiana Airlines sign strategic codeshare agreement
06/18/2006 Afghan insurgents toll rises to 85
06/18/2006 23 killed and injured as truck plunges into Indian Kashmir gorge
06/18/2006 Around Asia's markets In India, long wait for stock stability
06/18/2006 Pakistani tribesmen protest reporter's death
06/18/2006 Annan hails Asia cooperation conference for advancing action on key challenges
06/18/2006 Independent MP plans euthanasia bill
06/18/2006 N Korea warned about missile
06/18/2006 Summit forges military ties in Central Asia
06/18/2006 Troops accused of killing civilians
06/18/2006 US military airstrikes in Afghanistan outnumber those in Iraq
06/18/2006 Detainees not given access to witnesses
06/18/2006 US airstrikes in Afghanistan surge
06/18/2006 KPOAsia is taking aggressive approach in outsourcing business
06/18/2006 Australian PM to tell Indonesian leader of anger over Bashir
06/18/2006 Wallabies coach expecting tough Irish Test after England walkover
06/17/2006 Kazakhstan launches 1st satellite
06/17/2006 Timor needs to disarm population to ensure security analysts
06/17/2006 Indonesia allows aid into E Timor
06/17/2006 Russia, China Call for Multilateral Approach to Challenges in Asia
06/17/2006 Thai politics distracts insurgency
06/17/2006 Sri Lanka alert after fierce battles
06/17/2006 HK fights poultry smuggling to keep out bird flu
06/17/2006 Villagers flee near central Philippines volcano
06/17/2006 Asia Times Online
06/17/2006 Quake survivors' new fear Landslides
06/17/2006 Photographer's death condemned in Pakistan
06/17/2006 Japan says could announce Iraq pull-out
06/17/2006 MP to introduce private bill on voluntary euthanasia
06/17/2006 Kazakh President Hosts Asian Security Summit
06/17/2006 Forum urges Asian for next U.N. chief
06/17/2006 NK warned over 'provocative' test
06/17/2006 International forum argues Asian should be next head of United Nations
06/17/2006 Japan warns N.Korea on missile launch
06/17/2006 Forum Urges Asian for Next U.N. Chief
06/17/2006 Tigers issue warning as sea and land battles kill 52
06/17/2006 Daniels departs for second trip to Asia
06/17/2006 Daniels Leads Second Trade Mission To Asia
06/17/2006 New rows rattle world whaling meet
06/17/2006 Asian nations must join in fight against terrorism Deora
06/17/2006 Hu calls for building harmonious Asia
06/17/2006 Tharanga ton sets-up Sri Lanka victory
06/17/2006 Hu calls for Asia solidarity at summit
06/17/2006 Myanmar activists to mark Aung San Suu Kyi's birthday
06/17/2006 Supporters of Taiwanese leader rally against opposition
06/17/2006 Explosion kills at least 14 at China chemical plant
06/17/2006 Wreck may be U.S. WWII sub
06/17/2006 Japan and US warn N Korea on test
06/17/2006 Coalition 45 insurgents killed in Afghanistan
06/17/2006 Asia is cricket's USP ICC's Speed
06/17/2006 Wreck may be U.S. sub, missing for 60 years
06/17/2006 Gulf of Thailand wreck may be U.S. WWII sub
06/17/2006 Aliyev touts transportation projects as spur to Asian development
06/17/2006 Asia trust summit participants sign raft of documents
06/17/2006 Ten insurgents killed as anti-Taliban drive pushes on
06/17/2006 Sri Lanka village attacked; 5 killed
06/17/2006 At least 41 killed in Sri Lankan sea and land battles
06/17/2006 Australia look for three in a row at Azlan Shah Cup
06/17/2006 China chemical plant blast kills 14
06/17/2006 Rebel clashes intensify in Sri Lanka
06/17/2006 East Timor rebel leader says followers have no guns
06/17/2006 Putin hails Asia trust conference in Kazakhstan
06/17/2006 Howard Pushes for Uranium Enrichment
06/17/2006 In Japan, debate takes a cute turn
06/16/2006 Japan mulls comeback after whaling defeat
06/16/2006 Pakistani journalist killed
06/16/2006 Report NK preps missile pad
06/16/2006 Heavy fighting in Sri Lanka
06/16/2006 Sri Lanka says 20 dead in clash
06/16/2006 Top US Senator warns Congress against putting off Indian nuclear deal
06/16/2006 Chemical blast kills 10 in China
06/16/2006 ETimor's Gusmao heads to Indonesia to meet Yudhoyono
06/16/2006 World`s tallest woman leaves hospital
06/16/2006 China Trial of Times Researcher Ends Without Verdict
06/16/2006 Irans President Hints at Hope for Defusing Nuclear Crisis
06/16/2006 Maoists to join Nepal government
06/16/2006 Kung Fu Hero Kicks For Asia-Pacific Tourism
06/16/2006 Nepal Prime Minister, Rebel Leader Hold First Peace Talks
06/16/2006 US renews N Korea missile warning
06/16/2006 Asia's Longest Tunnel Opened In Taiwan
06/16/2006 Maoist Rebels Agree to Join Nepals Government
06/16/2006 CSL, Nokia launch online printing service
06/16/2006 Rebels surrender arms in Timor-Leste
06/16/2006 Fanaa a Hit Movie Despite Protests
06/16/2006 Taliban commander surrenders to Afghanistan reconciliation drive
06/16/2006 Moderate quake rocks Indonesia's Sulawesi
06/16/2006 Two men found dead after Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano erupts
06/16/2006 Germany pays for surgery on paralysed Chinese activist
06/16/2006 Vietnam issues strict new media controls
06/16/2006 China tries journalist on 'state secrets' charges
06/16/2006 Traditions keep salaries at Asian firms far behind
06/16/2006 Jailed Times Researcher Gets One-Day Trial in China
06/16/2006 Mainstream News Putin blasts U.S. after Asian security summit
06/16/2006 Thursdays Broad Rally Extends Into Asia
06/16/2006 Iranian Leader Sounds Conciliatory Note on Offer
06/16/2006 Mogadishu protesters march against foreign troops
06/16/2006 Nepal to set up interim government with rebels
06/16/2006 China raises bank reserve requirements
06/16/2006 Shares up six percent on firm Asian markets
06/16/2006 Relaxed Iranian President woos Asia
06/16/2006 Motorola, Sony to offer ad-hoc wireless video surveillance solutions
06/16/2006 The other insurgency
06/16/2006 Lara, Dravid and Murali to star in Pakistan quake relief match
06/16/2006 Militants hack off noses, tongues in India
06/16/2006 Russia Putin arrives in Kazakhstan for Asia conference
06/16/2006 Avea selects Schema GSM Solution
06/16/2006 Startech Connections to use Breezemax for wimax network in Nigeria
06/16/2006 Alvarion unveils self-installable wimax CPE
06/16/2006 Sanyo and Soma launch broadband wireless products
06/16/2006 Asian Oysters
06/16/2006 Asia Bargain hunters feed rally
06/16/2006 Microsoft battles slavery in Asia
06/16/2006 Ahmadinejed calls atom offer "positive"
06/16/2006 Bird Flu Death Toll Rises In Asia
06/16/2006 Nano Singapore selects Dilithium Networks 3G multimedia gateway
06/16/2006 Tandberg delivers World Cup action to China
06/16/2006 The forces that drive Japanese whaling
06/16/2006 Unwired signs agreement with Fairfax, Macquarie
06/16/2006 Comstar UTS expands into Ukrainian market
06/16/2006 Neowiz upgrades 10Gb ethernet
06/16/2006 Asia's longest road tunnel opens
06/16/2006 India's biggest distiller to buy French winemaker
06/16/2006 Tom Cruise to take the bullet train - all of it
06/16/2006 Iran Incentives a 'step forward' in nuclear impasse
06/16/2006 Nepal's PM holds first peace talks with rebel leader
06/16/2006 HK worry at China bird flu case
06/16/2006 Violence imperils truce in Sri Lanka
06/16/2006 After another delay, tired writer gets view of Central Asia
06/16/2006 Two trapped in bunker by volcano found dead
06/16/2006 Mainstream News Putin takes swipe at US policy in Central Asia
06/16/2006 ETimor rebels surrender arms to international troops
06/16/2006 Koizumi said to announce Iraq withdrawal next week
06/16/2006 Two trapped by Indonesian volcano debris found dead
06/16/2006 RadioScape Shares Secrets of Its Success in Mobile TV at Broadcast Asia 2006
06/16/2006 Nikkei books first weekly gain in six weeks
06/16/2006 Neighbors court Asian bloc
06/16/2006 Nepal rebel chief meets PM
06/16/2006 Philippine de Rothschild Talkasia Transcript
06/16/2006 Wang Lee Hom Talkasia Transcript
06/16/2006 F4 Talkasia Transcript
06/15/2006 New chemical spill threatens to pollute river in east China
06/15/2006 Iran Seeks Aid in Asia In Resisting the West
06/15/2006 Iran Incentives a 'step forward'
06/15/2006 East Timor rebels agree to disarm
06/15/2006 Iran Incentives a 'step forward' in nuclear issue
06/15/2006 NATO issues stern warning to Afghanistan's Taliban
06/15/2006 Dupont says sees China growth accelerating
06/15/2006 China tries NY Times researcher
06/15/2006 Trial of researcher begins in China
06/15/2006 US Drops Opposition to Asian Currency Unit
06/15/2006 Oil scrambles over 70
06/15/2006 Japan enacts bill on sanctioning N.Korea
06/15/2006 Asian rights body concerned at Nepal HR
06/15/2006 China trial of NY Times man begins
06/15/2006 Japan N. Korean test a security threat
06/15/2006 Australian government rejects call for overhaul of terror laws
06/15/2006 Timor rebels ready to give up arms
06/15/2006 Two found dead in volcano bunker
06/15/2006 Violence in Sri Lanka Raises Fears of Renewed Civil War
06/15/2006 Sri Lankan Military Attacks Rebels in Response to Fatal Bus Blast
06/15/2006 Two trapped in bunker on volcano
06/15/2006 Round One of the U.S.-ROK FTA Talks Sails Through
06/15/2006 Saudi Arabia cuts exports to Asia
06/15/2006 Japan bill will sanction N. Korea
06/15/2006 Two trapped in bunker on active volcano
06/15/2006 Asia soars as techs rebound
06/15/2006 Small shackle failure blacked out city
06/15/2006 Iran Offers Energy Cooperation at Asia Summit
06/15/2006 Life under Burma's military regime
06/15/2006 U.S. Anti-Taliban mission kills 40 insurgents
06/15/2006 10-Year-Old Urbanworld Fest Still IThe/I Showcase For Black, Latino, Asian Filmmakers
06/15/2006 Putin takes swipe at US policy in central Asia
06/15/2006 Illegal Asians face a dilemma
06/15/2006 64 Die in Sri Lanka as Land Mines Blow Up Bus
06/15/2006 ZDNet Asia Coming Soon Native Wi-Fi Support for Linux
06/15/2006 2 Trapped in Bunker After Volcanos Eruption
06/15/2006 SCO declaration calls for Asian UN Secretary General
06/15/2006 Analysis Rate hike hurt S.Korean economy
06/15/2006 Two trapped after Mount Merapi volcano erupts again
06/15/2006 World Economic Forum promotes integration of Asia's economy
06/15/2006 Vietnamese court rejects Gary Glitter's appeal
06/15/2006 Paralysed activist waits for surgery despite government claim
06/15/2006 Hamas continues to bring in cash through Gaza-Egypt border crossing
06/15/2006 India nominates UN man in race to succeed Annan
06/15/2006 China-Led Group to Tackle Web Security
06/15/2006 Fast growth fuels Asian telecom demand
06/15/2006 Asian and Central Asian States Meet in Shanghai
06/15/2006 Volcano heat melts shovels in race to save victims
06/15/2006 Japan's royal heir seeks a more normal life
06/15/2006 Tibetan herders join rush for prize fungus
06/15/2006 Tamils blamed for blast, Air Force responds
06/15/2006 NGOs in new plea for Java funds
06/15/2006 Saudi cuts Asian exports
06/15/2006 Stocks Asian stocks rallied Thursday
06/15/2006 Around Asia's markets In India, software stocks eye comeback
06/15/2006 Bus blows during hunt for Taliban
06/15/2006 Explosion on Bus in Sri Lanka Kills at Least 63
06/15/2006 Rescue drama on slopes of Merapi
06/15/2006 Chinese university enhances network with Nortel solution
06/15/2006 Government body selects Tektronix as supplier for 3G network environment testing
06/15/2006 Lankans will be force at World Cup Maharoof
06/15/2006 Discovery Labs' Surfaxin Granted Orphan Drug Designation for the Prevention of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
06/15/2006 Japanese companies to standardise process technology for advanced LSI
06/15/2006 Metalink delivers high-definition video streams using LG set-top box
06/15/2006 Amari deploys Cisco wireless technology
06/15/2006 Huawei deploys IPTV system for Morocco Maroc Telecom
06/15/2006 Skype partners with in Turkey
06/15/2006 IP.access, HECL sign distribution agreement
06/15/2006 Packet Video, NTT DoCoMo to deliver music services to mobile users
06/15/2006 China Telecom selects Pacific Net Epro for customer relationship, telemarketing services
06/15/2006 Alcatel to expand Tata multi-service network
06/15/2006 Tamils targeted as blast kills 64
06/15/2006 Tamils targeted as blast kills 58
06/15/2006 Japan to tackle high suicide rate
06/15/2006 Somalia Islamic militia target new town
06/15/2006 Court upholds Glitter's sentence
06/15/2006 Afghan bus blast kills 10
06/15/2006 SCO members propose next UN secretary general from Asia
06/15/2006 Asia trade mission to focus on relationships
06/15/2006 Bomb explosion in Istanbul injures 4
06/15/2006 EAST ASIA 'Koizumi's Exit Good for Regional Relations'
06/15/2006 Afghan minibus blast 10 dead
06/15/2006 Foreign-funded nonprofits under investigation in China
06/15/2006 Indonesian tied to Bali blasts leaves prison after 26 months
06/15/2006 Blast on Afghan minibus kills 10
06/15/2006 Iran offers energy cooperation at Asia summit
06/15/2006 EAST ASIA 'Koizumi's Exit Good for Regional Relations'
06/15/2006 Blast rips through Sri Lanka bus; 58 dead
06/15/2006 Sex assault poll Station fined
06/15/2006 Afghan minibus blast kills 10
06/15/2006 Attack on minibus leaves 10 dead
06/15/2006 Indonesia's Bashir says extremists misguided, Australia urges monitoring
06/15/2006 Hanoi Journal Deciphering the Code to Vietnams Old Literary Treasures
06/15/2006 Iran leader to attend Asia summit
06/14/2006 Nikkei rises 1.1 pct as blue-chip shares gain
06/14/2006 China crews rush to clean polluted river
06/14/2006 Bus bomb in Sri Lanka, 58 dead
06/14/2006 No progress in China mine search
06/14/2006 Coalition troops target Taliban
06/14/2006 Two Koreas summit festival marred by missile threat
06/14/2006 Sri Lanka blast toll rises to 64
06/14/2006 Australian government downplays nuclear accident
06/14/2006 Shanghai summit opens with Iran crowding the agenda
06/14/2006 Bargain-seekers fuel Asian gains
06/14/2006 Bomb rips through Sri Lanka bus, 58 dead
06/14/2006 U.S., Afghan troops to target Taliban