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05/01/2024 [-] Tsar Putin purges Wackypedia
04/04/2024 [-] Microsoft may have finally made quantum computing useful
03/27/2024 [-] Phison Collaborates with MediaTek to Propel Generative AI Computing and Services
03/19/2024 [-] NVIDIA Blackwell Platform Arrives to Power a New Era of Computing
03/19/2024 [-] NVIDIA Announces New Switches Optimized for Trillion-Parameter GPU Computing
03/18/2024 [-] Extropic Intends to Accelerate AI through Thermodynamic Computing
03/15/2024 [-] ZOTAC Expands Computing Hardware with GPU Server Product Line for the AI-Bound Future
03/08/2024 [-] Shock The Russian Empire is returning, Putin is 'handing over' Kremlin to his son?
03/06/2024 [-] Putin, right at noon VIDEO
02/27/2024 [-] Putin is creating a brutal army?
02/27/2024 [-] What did Macron say? Well, Putin will get angry
02/25/2024 [-] Vladimir Putin lies; Data released
02/19/2024 [-] 'Putin killed Alexei'
02/19/2024 [-] Putin clearly said A matter of life and death
02/19/2024 [-] Warning for the worst-case scenario Putin's 'madness' directed to another country?
02/17/2024 [-] Navalny's wife Yulia 'Vladimir Putin is personally responsible'
02/12/2024 [-] Whole world has 'gone crazy' with Putin 'This is unprecedented'
02/11/2024 [-] Klitschko Putin would attack Alaska, Ukraine will not be the last
02/09/2024 [-] Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin created chaos millions of people in one hour
01/31/2024 [-] Spatial Computing, by John Siracusa, Hypercritical
01/26/2024 [-] Putin sent a chilling message 500 km from Berlin
01/25/2024 [-] Apple loses Russian roulette game against Putin
01/25/2024 [-] Putin in danger? Ukrainians launched an attack near his palace VIDEO
01/19/2024 [-] What is cooking, Mr. Putin?
01/03/2024 [-] Putin shocks again VIDEO
12/28/2023 [-] Putin enraged? The order has already been issued VIDEO
12/26/2023 [-] The devilish plan of Vladimir Putin
12/22/2023 [-] She will stand up to Putin Who is Yekaterina Duntsova?
12/10/2023 [-] America in danger, a warning came? 'If Putin...'
12/08/2023 [-] What's happening? Two of Putin's men were killed within a few hours
12/06/2023 [-] ‘We can’t let Putin win’ Biden urges Congress to approve Ukraine aid
12/06/2023 [-] Putin fired a test shot; Who is the next target?
12/06/2023 [-] 'Unfortunately, Putin was right'
11/28/2023 [-] Tsar Putin realises he has no AI
11/28/2023 [-] Anger of the Russians is growing, while Putin has just issued an order
11/26/2023 [-] The tunnel to Crimea is completed Putin starts with occupation?
11/24/2023 [-] Putin�s USB hackers attack in USA, Vietnam, Chile, Poland and Germany
11/18/2023 [-] Now it's official Putin has been stabbed in the back
11/14/2023 [-] Nvidia unveils HGX H200 AI computing platform
10/30/2023 [-] Putin called an emergency meeting The top of the state is gathering
10/26/2023 [-] They entered; Tanks in Gaza; Putin issued a serious warning
10/26/2023 [-] Russians fire ballistic and cruise missiles Nuclear maneuvers under Putin's command
10/18/2023 [-] Putin and Vuèiæ talked
10/11/2023 [-] Putin, get ready They are heading for Russia's nuclear facilities?
10/06/2023 [-] They are building walls to 'disregard' Putin the Russians are deploying armed forces
10/06/2023 [-] Truth about Prigozhin's death revealed? Putin 'Fragments of a hand grenade found...'
09/21/2023 [-] 'Putin is a foul human being. He will outlive us all'
09/14/2023 [-] 'Putin is so afraid...'
09/14/2023 [-] Putin agreed?
09/08/2023 [-] Is Putin facing the fall from power?
08/24/2023 [-] Musk was hatching out foreign policy with Putin
08/02/2023 [-] Erdogan begs Putin Don't do it
07/25/2023 [-] Putin declares special military operation on Apple
07/19/2023 [-] Putin ordered 'Thunder' police special forces is moving towards the Ukrainians
07/18/2023 [-] Americans acknowledged 'Putin is a genius'
07/14/2023 [-] Russians lose, Putin surrounded?
07/10/2023 [-] Putin met with Prigozhin
06/23/2023 [-] Panic Putin sends the army to Moldova?
06/23/2023 [-] Macron is ready, he will answer Putin
06/22/2023 [-] Putin to deploy 'Satan'
06/21/2023 [-] AMD hopes to catch up on AI with Instinct MI300 AI supercomputing hybrid processor
06/16/2023 [-] After the meeting with Vuèiæ, Bin Zayed went to Putin PHOTO
06/09/2023 [-] Putin After July 7 or 8, it starts...
06/08/2023 [-] 'He is ready for anything' Putin's next target revealed?
06/06/2023 [-] Apple Vision Pro first look A glimpse at the spatial computing future
05/24/2023 [-] 'We have one message for Putin... Sign the capitulation'
05/19/2023 [-] 'Putin Dostoyevsky's hero'
05/09/2023 [-] Victory Parade in Moscow; 'Putin For victory! Hooray' VIDEO/PHOTO
05/09/2023 [-] Victory Day Convoys of military vehicles enter Moscow; Vladimir Putin hosts parade
05/08/2023 [-] Botsan Kharchenko on the Vraèar massacre 'Putin immediately asked...'
05/01/2023 [-] Alarm for Putin; Wagner fears 'Tragedy threatens us'
04/27/2023 [-] An attempt of Putin's assassination?
04/24/2023 [-] 'It's Putin's fault, he released the bastard'
04/21/2023 [-] Putin is getting ready he will attack Great Britain?
04/18/2023 [-] Putin arrived in Ukraine; 'Undoubted defeat' VIDEO
04/15/2023 [-] Tencent launches supercomputing cluster
04/11/2023 [-] Secret documents revealed U.S. allies promised Putin 40,000 missiles?
04/07/2023 [-] Vladimir Putin chocolates and chips
04/06/2023 [-] Putin will do the same as Hitler or it'll be the end of him?
03/29/2023 [-] 'Putin's goal is to erase the identity of Ukraine'
03/22/2023 [-] The end of the war? Putin has had his say... Kyiv's response awaited
03/20/2023 [-] The Russians are slowing down... Putin in fear?
03/20/2023 [-] Putin's revenge Hague judges and prosecutors on warrants
03/18/2023 [-] Putin signed
03/17/2023 [-] International Criminal Court issues arrest warrants against Vladimir Putin
03/16/2023 [-] Putin out of control? Growing risk He is about to push the 'red button'
03/14/2023 [-] Putin 'We were deceived'
03/02/2023 [-] We're facing a world war? 'Putin told me...'
02/28/2023 [-] Russian soldiers fear of becoming 'cannon fodder' They addressed Putin directly VIDEO
02/28/2023 [-] Country striving to build up computing muscle
02/27/2023 [-] 'I know who is going to kill Putin' VIDEO
02/24/2023 [-] Putin moves to the issue of the so-called Kosovo he announced everything?
02/22/2023 [-] Putin withdrew the decree; He's going after another country?
02/22/2023 [-] Biden told Putin No, no and no! Never PHOTO/VIDEO
02/21/2023 [-] Putin 'We disrupt participation in the New START agreement'
02/03/2023 [-] It's been revealed U.S. official made Putin an 'indecent proposal'?
02/01/2023 [-] If Putin loses, a chain reaction starts
01/30/2023 [-] Putin threatened 'It will only last a minute'
01/27/2023 [-] The 'Fall' of Vladimir Putin. His successor has been chosen?
01/11/2023 [-] MSI Afterburner collateral damage of Putin's invasion
12/28/2022 [-] A Russian tycoon and fierce critic of Putin died
12/23/2022 [-] Putin 'We will crack them up... They are nearing the end'
12/20/2022 [-] Putin acknowledged It is difficult
12/20/2022 [-] War Day 299 Putin orders Step up; New explosions; Ukrainians shelled; Bad news
12/13/2022 [-] Pentagon 'Greenlights' Ukrainian Drone Strikes Inside Russia Because Putin Hasn't Used Nukes Yet
12/12/2022 [-] Erdogan, Putin discuss grain deal, Syrian security
12/07/2022 [-] Cloud computing base in NW China speeds up expansion
12/05/2022 [-] Scandalous; Heavy accusation against France Why do you finance Putin's war machine?
11/28/2022 [-] Pro-Putin hackers take down EU Parliament
11/25/2022 [-] Putin reacted 'I want you to know, I feel your pain'
11/25/2022 [-] Putin agreed to a meeting he had long refused; confirmation came from the Kremlin
11/23/2022 [-] Quantum computing enters startup company phase
11/19/2022 [-] Putin urgently announced 'Let's get to work...'
11/14/2022 [-] Putin set a condition, and then... a big mistake
11/10/2022 [-] Putin has a new 'toy' The Tu-160M bomber launches backwards
11/09/2022 [-] Putin prepares the Russians for defeat?
11/07/2022 [-] Key Words Putin ally says Russia ‘will continue to interfere’ in U.S. elections
11/07/2022 [-] Putin's most powerful weapon rattling in the heart of the EU?
11/04/2022 [-] Putin ordered 'Put the people away'
11/04/2022 [-] Putin's man revealed 'This is the reason for our attack... He had no choice'
11/02/2022 [-] That's what everyone was afraid of Putin might use tactical nuclear weapons?
11/02/2022 [-] Russian fiasco Putin changes tactics? 'They failed on the battlefield'
11/01/2022 [-] Putin responded, Russians in shock 'Honestly, I didn't think about it' VIDEO
10/31/2022 [-] War – Day 249 Explosions resound; Russians attack; NATO sent an appeal to Putin
10/27/2022 [-] Putin's message reached Zelensky. And now what?
10/23/2022 [-] 'Putin is out of control...'
10/21/2022 [-] Putin at shooting range VIDEO
10/21/2022 [-] Putin rejoices Dispute between the two European superpowers weakens European unity
10/21/2022 [-] 'The end of war is not in sight. Putin showed us two things'
10/20/2022 [-] 'Vladimir Putin's Despair' Ready for All-Out War?
10/20/2022 [-] Drama, video footage released. This was Putin's initial plan?
10/19/2022 [-] Putin introduced martial law
10/18/2022 [-] The end? Putin will not sign the end of partial mobilization
10/18/2022 [-] The war has spread, Ukraine isn't the only country under attack? 'Putin announced...'
10/15/2022 [-] Putin The end in two weeks
10/14/2022 [-] Putin wants peace?
10/13/2022 [-] Putin offers additional gas supply to Europe
10/12/2022 [-] NATO message to Putin
10/12/2022 [-] Putin showed weakness? 'He must retire'
10/11/2022 [-] A surprise is in store for Ukraine; Putin and Lukashenko agreed
10/10/2022 [-] Putin's retaliation has begun Ukraine's under fire PHOTO/VIDEO
10/08/2022 [-] LSE Chief Warns Putin Over Ban of Russia's Top Fund Manager
10/08/2022 [-] Merkel and Putin Hold 'Intense' Talks in Russian Siberian Town
10/08/2022 [-] Russia's Putin Says Energy Exports Should Go Eastwards
10/08/2022 [-] Russia Ready to Pay Full Paris Club Debt This Year Putin
10/08/2022 [-] Russia's Putin Orders Oil Pipeline Rerouted Over Environmental Concerns
10/07/2022 [-] 'Putin is defeated'
10/06/2022 [-] Putin found a 'scapegoat'
10/05/2022 [-] Putin made a 'fatal mistake'? VIDEO
10/05/2022 [-] Finland could place it 'under Putin's nose'
10/03/2022 [-] 'He's dismissed. It will not affect the goals set by Putin'
10/03/2022 [-] Putin 'Victory will be ours, welcome home' VIDEO
09/30/2022 [-] Putin Announces Formal Annexation of Ukrainian Territories, Denounces 'Satanic' West Changing Kids' Gender
09/30/2022 [-] Putin hosts a signing ceremony for the annexation of four regions of Ukraine VIDEO
09/30/2022 [-] Ceremony in Moscow today; Putin signs the annexation of four territories to Russia
09/29/2022 [-] Putin is signing tomorrow
09/28/2022 [-] Putin's perfect timing Nobody knows how VIDEO/PHOTO
09/27/2022 [-] Ukraine claims Putin likely to go mental with cyber hacking attacks
09/26/2022 [-] What would happen if Putin dropped a nuclear bomb?
09/26/2022 [-] Putin and Lukashenko 'We will win!'; 'Let them run away' VIDEO
09/26/2022 [-] Zelensky's scared of Putin? 'He doesn't bluff'
09/22/2022 [-] If Putin launches an attack...
09/22/2022 [-] Vuèiæ told Newsmax 'Putin is not bluffing, that's all I can say'
09/21/2022 [-] Putin Announces Partial Mobilization, Warns West 'I'm Not Bluffing' on Nuclear Weapons
09/21/2022 [-] The chaos caused by Putin has already begun; Lithuania raised its armed forces
09/21/2022 [-] Biden blasts Putin’s nuclear threat, partial draft as ‘outrageous acts’
09/21/2022 [-] Putin In the name of the homeland, I give orders and I'm not bluffing
09/20/2022 [-] 'If you're siding with Putin, leave NATO'; Erdogan snapped 'No way we'll do that'
09/20/2022 [-] Putin losing influence? A new power player has emerged
09/18/2022 [-] Biden’s warning to Putin Don’t use nuclear weapons
09/16/2022 [-] Putin laughs as Pak PM struggles with headphones at SCO meet
09/15/2022 [-] Putin announced 'The agreement is close to completion'
09/14/2022 [-] 'Putin will prepare a hellish winter for Ukraine'
09/07/2022 [-] Putin Insanity, an unprecedented disaster threatens
09/07/2022 [-] Putin, are you okay? VIDEO
09/06/2022 [-] Ukrainians launch a counteroffensive; Russian army strikes hard; Putin held a meeting
09/06/2022 [-] 'Gorbachev was an idealist; Putin is a realist'
09/02/2022 [-] 'Putin's biggest secret' is taking a leisurely stroll through Germany
09/01/2022 [-] Alibaba sets up largest intelligent computing center
08/31/2022 [-] Putin reacts to death of Gorbachev
08/29/2022 [-] Russian soldier furious 'Putin, f*ck off!'
08/25/2022 [-] Putin's political death or... Everything went down the drain? Erdogan supports Crimea
08/25/2022 [-] Putin is just waiting...
08/24/2022 [-] Lukashenko turned his back on Putin?
08/23/2022 [-] Photo of Ukrainian woman who allegedly killed daughter of Putin's ideologue released
08/22/2022 [-] The ring around Putin tightens? One message caused chaos
08/18/2022 [-] 'Putin will not use the N-bomb'
08/16/2022 [-] Putin 'Ukrainians cannon fodder'
08/10/2022 [-] Destruction, then merger Putin's plan revealed?
08/08/2022 [-] Putin's purge, 'Butcher' among the sacked generals
08/05/2022 [-] Putin is desperate, will he help him?
08/03/2022 [-] Putin's friend announced 'good news' The end of the war?
08/01/2022 [-] 'Putin enters final phase; Get ready...'
07/23/2022 [-] British Media Runs With 'Putin Replaced With Body Double' Conspiracy Theory
07/21/2022 [-] The situation at the front? Putin’s only option is general mobilization'
07/20/2022 [-] Dow Jones Newswires Putin says Nord Stream to restart, but flows may decrease
07/18/2022 [-] Putin signs law prohibiting crypto payments in Russia
07/08/2022 [-] 'That's what Putin really said'; Two Harpoons destroyed; Threat of the United States
07/08/2022 [-] Putin's new warning the West wants war with us; 'Let them try'
07/05/2022 [-] Putin issues new order after conquest; Experts 'Look what's happening in the south'
07/01/2022 [-] Zelensky has a message for Putin? 'I have conveyed it to him'
06/30/2022 [-] Putin Russia is ready
06/29/2022 [-] Peter Morici Defending Taiwan starts with standing up to Putin
06/28/2022 [-] Putin attacks another country? 'Russia did not target the mall'
06/28/2022 [-] Putin We will send 'Iskander'; Kremlin No, they won't
06/21/2022 [-] Putin S-500 already sent, Sarmat to be delivered soon
06/18/2022 [-] Russians enter Denmark and shell Lysychansk; Putin threatens with hypersonic weapons
06/15/2022 [-] Xi talked to Putin We are ready
06/10/2022 [-] Kyiv replied to Putin Stop; Russians screw up again; Fierce fights in Sieverodonetsk
06/06/2022 [-] Putin threatened Russia will point at new targets?
06/03/2022 [-] 'I told you about Putin...'
06/01/2022 [-] Putin spoke up
05/30/2022 [-] Putin's turnaround in the war?
05/29/2022 [-] Scholz on Putin 'Urgent refute needed'
05/28/2022 [-] Putin threatened Macron and Scholz
05/25/2022 [-] Russia loses officer 'Putin's main man for dark affairs' PHOTO
05/24/2022 [-] Zelensky admitted serious losses; 'Alarming'; Putin lost another UN Russian official
05/23/2022 [-] Putin's assassination?
05/16/2022 [-] Putin Components for biological weapons were made in Ukraine
05/14/2022 [-] 'The West mistakenly ignored Putin's speech in Munich'
05/12/2022 [-] Finland decided to apply for NATO membership; They also have a message for Putin
05/11/2022 [-] Putin congratulated DNR; Zelensky No euphoria; 'Russian domination of the Black Sea'
05/09/2022 [-] Moscow Victory Parade; Putin 'NATO is moving towards us, our operation is righteous'
05/09/2022 [-] The attention of the world directed to Putin's speech today; Possible three scenarios
05/08/2022 [-] Vuèiæ 'After Putin's statement, our situation has changed for the worse' VIDEO
05/05/2022 [-] 'Putin knows everything'
05/02/2022 [-] 'Putin's n-threats are attempts to bully the world'
04/29/2022 [-] 'Putin will come'; Russia Russian border checkpoint shelled
04/28/2022 [-] Erdogan announced his intentions to Putin Russia has spoken out
04/27/2022 [-] Putin announces important news 'Goals will be met'
04/27/2022 [-] 'If Putin succeeds'
04/24/2022 [-] Pak's new PM quietly exchanges letters with Putin to 'strengthen ties'
04/21/2022 [-] Shoigu reported 'Mariupol liberated'; Putin 'A fly cannot pass through' VIDEO
04/20/2022 [-] Who is Putin's 'Dark Prince' and will he show mercy for him PHOTO
04/20/2022 [-] Putin's new ultimatum; Fighter jets arrive in Ukraine?; Hungary says 'no'
04/19/2022 [-] MiG-29 shot down; Putin signed; The attack on 'Azovstal' plant launched
04/18/2022 [-] Putin's letter will provoke a new international conflict?
04/14/2022 [-] Scandalous documents disclosed 'Putin was right'
04/14/2022 [-] 'Putin is clear about his intentions; It will be bloody'
04/12/2022 [-] 'We'll ask Putin to bear responsibility if it is confirmed to be true'
04/11/2022 [-] White House Blames 'Putin's Price Hike' For Biden's Inflation Bonanza
04/08/2022 [-] Vuèiæ re the conversation with Putin 'Serbia's threatened with a 'nuclear strike' '
04/06/2022 [-] Putin agreed?; Croatia expels Russian diplomats? Hungary is being warned
04/06/2022 [-] Vuèiæ and Putin talked; the Presidency issued a statement
04/05/2022 [-] Moscow warns Washington Russian diplomats expelled; Zelensky re meeting with Putin
04/05/2022 [-] 'I don't think Putin is planning nuclear war'
04/01/2022 [-] Negotiations continued; 'China deeply regrets'; Possible Putin-Zelensky meeting?
04/01/2022 [-] Secret negotiations with Putin commenced; Main mediator is a woman well-known to us
03/31/2022 [-] Putin 'It should be clarified to Germany'
03/31/2022 [-] NYT U.S. Intel Claiming Putin 'Misinformed' on War is Part of 'Information Warfare' Campaign
03/29/2022 [-] Vuèiæ 'I think I know what Putin is waiting for that worries me'
03/29/2022 [-] Biden 'I don't care what Putin thinks'
03/28/2022 [-] A complete turnaround Putin was right
03/26/2022 [-] Vuèiæ on B92 TV 'I can understand what is in Putin's head'
03/26/2022 [-] Putin signed; Ukraine confirmed; Russian general killed
03/22/2022 [-] Putin's assassination is prepared; His successor elected; Poisoning or an accident?
03/22/2022 [-] Pentagon accused Russia; Zelensky ready to give up NATO; Biden 'Putin contemplates'
03/21/2022 [-] In Speech to Israel, Zelensky Invokes Holocaust, Demands Arms to Prevent Putin's 'Final Solution'
03/20/2022 [-] Putin criticizes US military-biological research in Ukraine
03/17/2022 [-] Putin I will tell you this for the first time
03/16/2022 [-] NATO We urge Putin VIDEO
03/13/2022 [-] Putin, Macron, Scholz discuss Ukraine crisis over phone
03/11/2022 [-] Putin's response to NATO 'I approve' VIDEO
03/11/2022 [-] Shoigu proposed, Putin accepted; West admits mistake We shouldn't have made promises
03/10/2022 [-] Putin 'We are doing the right thing' VIDEO
03/10/2022 [-] Ukrainian army launched counterattack; Putin convened an emergency meeting VIDEO
03/09/2022 [-] Putin signed 5 million rubles to the families of killed Russians; Erdogan spoke up
03/09/2022 [-] Details of Putin's offer to Zelensky leaked 'Two difficult options'
03/08/2022 [-] Zelensky Signals Openness to Accepting Putin's Terms On Ending War
03/08/2022 [-] London Russia is getting more desperate, Putin is losing the war
03/08/2022 [-] Putin addressed women
03/06/2022 [-] Putin decrees foreign bond holders to be paid in rubles
03/05/2022 [-] Putin says open to dialogue with Ukraine
03/04/2022 [-] Key Words Sen. Lindsey Graham calls for ‘somebody in Russia’ to take out Putin
03/04/2022 [-] 'Putin will not press nuclear button'
03/02/2022 [-] Russian Conductor Of Munich Philharmonic Fired For Refusing to Denounce Putin
03/01/2022 [-] Putin responded to Ukraine's request VIDEO / PHOTO
02/28/2022 [-] After Putin's statement, Pentagon declared DEFCON 2?
02/28/2022 [-] 'Putin must think he can pull it off'
02/28/2022 [-] Leathal weapons arrive in Ukraine; Putin orders nuclear deterrence forces to prepare
02/25/2022 [-] Media Putin's next target is a country bordering Serbia?
02/25/2022 [-] Russian forces approaching Kyiv from northeast and east; Putin and Macron talked
02/25/2022 [-] Foreign Policy Columnist Theorizes Putin Isn't 'Thinking Properly' Due to 'Long Covid'
02/25/2022 [-] 'Putin is playing Russian roulette'
02/25/2022 [-] Mass arrests reported as Russians protest Putin’s invasion of Ukraine
02/24/2022 [-] Pak PM Imran Khan set to meet Putin within hours of Ukraine attack
02/24/2022 [-] Paul Brandus America gets a wakeup call as Putin menaces Europe
02/24/2022 [-] Putin sharply warned 'Do not try to interfere'
02/24/2022 [-] State of emergency; Russian tanks reached Donetsk? Zelensky called Putin VIDEO
02/24/2022 [-] Sleepy Joe to Speak On Putin Invasion 'Tomorrow In The Early Afternoon'
02/24/2022 [-] 'If Putin succeeds, Russia will be a great power'
02/23/2022 [-] Putin 'How is it different from Kosovo?' VIDEO
02/23/2022 [-] Democrat And Republican Congress Members Party in Israel As Putin Moves to Take Ukraine
02/23/2022 [-] Putin Gives 'Blood And Soil' Speech On Ukraine Reunifying With Russia
02/22/2022 [-] Putin faces a problem he did not count on
02/22/2022 [-] Putin signed a decree, Russia recognized the independence of DPR and LPR VIDEO
02/22/2022 [-] U.S. Believes Putin Will Take All Of Ukraine 'In A Single Blow'
02/21/2022 [-] Macron offered Putin and Biden agreed
02/21/2022 [-] Media Putin sends his security guard to Vuèiæ
02/16/2022 [-] Putin, Scholz agree on need to avert war
02/14/2022 [-] Putin and Lavrov spoke; Russia ready to shoot; Greeks are leaving Ukraine
02/13/2022 [-] Biden, Putin discuss Ukraine crisis over phone
01/26/2022 [-] Putin managed to cause dispute within NATO; 'Americans are exhausted'
01/25/2022 [-] Outside the Box Putin is lying — Western sanctions have hurt Russia’s economy
01/21/2022 [-] What Russia-Ukraine tensions mean for markets as Putin weighs next move
01/13/2022 [-] 'Putin will eat him for breakfast'
01/01/2022 [-] Xi, Putin exchange New Year greetings
12/31/2021 [-] Biden, Putin hold phone call
12/30/2021 [-] Putin, Biden to hold phone call soon Kremlin
12/24/2021 [-] Putin applauds Russia-China cooperation
12/24/2021 [-] Putin opposes NATO's eastwards expansion
12/22/2021 [-] Putin warns Germany worried
12/22/2021 [-] Putin straightforward 'We have every right to military response'
12/12/2021 [-] Don Jr Praises 'America First' With Picture Of Putin
12/10/2021 [-] Comrade Peter Navarro Channels Putin 'Ukraine Not Really A Country'
12/10/2021 [-] Putin 'Genocide'
12/09/2021 [-] Allies puzzled, Biden relented in front of Putin 'Cut it at the root'
12/08/2021 [-] Newmax TV Bows To 'Vladimir Putin The Great'
12/08/2021 [-] Lukashenko 'I talk to Putin about Serbia almost every time'
12/08/2021 [-] Details of the conversation came to the surface Biden threatened, Putin responded
12/07/2021 [-] Putin vs. Biden
12/06/2021 [-] Putin acknowledges 'You are a great power'
12/01/2021 [-] Putin's last warning 'If any of strike systems appear...'
11/30/2021 [-] Xi, Putin send congratulatory letters to 3rd China-Russia Energy Business Forum
11/27/2021 [-] The meeting between Vuèiæ and Putin started Warm greetings from two presidents VIDEO
11/27/2021 [-] Coup d'état against Ukraine? 'Putin should publicly declare himself'
11/27/2021 [-] Putin is coming to Serbia; Vuèiæ Three hours of productive conversations VIDEO/PHOTO
11/27/2021 [-] Vuèiæ Putin promised he will not leave Serbia in the lurch PHOTO
11/11/2021 [-] Putin, Merkel discuss EU-Belarus migrant crisis over phone
11/10/2021 [-] Poland says Putin masterminding border crisis...
11/08/2021 [-] CIA Director's rare conversation with Putin...
11/04/2021 [-] GOOGLE to Pursue Pentagon Cloud-Computing Contract...
10/29/2021 [-] Report Putin Negotiating With Israeli PM to Get U.S. to Lift Sanctions on Syria
10/23/2021 [-] Putin expects consistent policy of Israel towards Russia
10/23/2021 [-] Putin’s Musings On 'Wokeness'
10/18/2021 [-] CNBC Reporter Smeared as Anti-Putin 'Special Ops' Temptress...
10/15/2021 [-] Trump harps on 'golden showers' at Republican retreat...
10/15/2021 [-] Putin says AUKUS harms regional stability
10/14/2021 [-] Why Amazon and Microsoft won’t have a stranglehold on cloud computing forever
10/14/2021 [-] Putin Back to Building Financial Fortress as Reserves Grow...
10/13/2021 [-] PUTIN Hypersonic nukes capable of wiping out US cities already 'on alert'...
10/13/2021 [-] Putin Sees European Gas Crisis as Golden Chance...
10/11/2021 [-] Putin Sick?
10/08/2021 [-] Killed on Putin's birthday she became an inspiration to journalists worldwide PHOTO
10/07/2021 [-] Meet New Face of Anti-Putin Movement...
10/06/2021 [-] Russia's rising young communists pose unexpected new threat to Putin's grip...
10/04/2021 [-] Putin's Monte Carlo mystery...
09/29/2021 [-] CONFUSION YOUTUBE CEO claims free speech 'core value' after REMOVING Putin critic videos...
09/28/2021 [-] Only played tough with Putin for cameras...
09/26/2021 [-] Putin Plays Down 'Health Rumors'...
09/22/2021 [-] Scientists Develop the Next Generation of Reservoir Computing
09/20/2021 [-] Russian pro-Putin party wins big majority after crackdown; foes cry foul...
09/20/2021 [-] Preliminary results After Putin Putin
09/16/2021 [-] Home Computing Pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair Dies Aged 81
09/16/2021 [-] Putin says 'several dozen' in inner circle test positive...
09/15/2021 [-] Putin, Kazakh president discuss Afghanistan
09/14/2021 [-] Putin in self-isolation
09/14/2021 [-] Putin self-isolates after Covid cases in inner circle...
09/10/2021 [-] Putin weeps over coffin of friend killed in drills...
09/10/2021 [-] Putin in mourning pictures toured the world VIDEO / PHOTO
09/10/2021 [-] Facebook unveils smart glasses in tech’s latest stab at wearable computing
09/09/2021 [-] Putin, Michel agree to cooperate on Afghanistan
09/08/2021 [-] Russian minister, Putin's man of trust, tragically dies on duty
09/03/2021 [-] Putin made a mistake in history class, the student corrected him VIDEO / PHOTO
09/01/2021 [-] Column Why Vladimir Putin can't keep
08/30/2021 [-] Netanyahu asked to return gifts from Trump, Obama, Putin...
08/29/2021 [-] 'A debacle that the United States has never witnessed Putin is laughing now'
08/29/2021 [-] Inside Putin's Shadowy Army of Global Spies...
08/23/2021 [-] Putin launches construction of new warships amid tensions...
08/20/2021 [-] Putin in a different light VIDEO / PHOTO
08/20/2021 [-] Putin to Biden Do not deploy troops there
08/19/2021 [-] Putin Rejected Plans for Bases Near By...
08/12/2021 [-] Putin's Qaddafi Comeback Gambit Sows New Conflict With West...
08/11/2021 [-] DOUBLE AGENT Brit arrested for 'spying for Putin' in Berlin...
08/11/2021 [-] Amazon Awarded Secret Billion NSA Cloud Computing Contract
07/26/2021 [-] Putin threatens to hit enemies with 'unpreventable strike'...
07/20/2021 [-] Putin hails Russia air power as new fighter goes on view...
07/19/2021 [-] Russia says successfully tested hypersonic missile praised by Putin...
07/15/2021 [-] What did Putin really suggest to Biden?; 'Inadmissible'
07/15/2021 [-] Putin discusses climate change with Biden's envoy
07/10/2021 [-] Biden Raises Ransomware Topic During Putin Phone Call
07/08/2021 [-] Tucker NSA Spied On My Communications Because I Tried to Interview Putin
07/06/2021 [-] Putin war dogs parachute into battle from 13,000ft...
07/04/2021 [-] Putin 'lockdown lite' as Moscow stops millions from dining out...
06/30/2021 [-] Quantum-Computing Startup Rigetti To Offer Modular Processors
06/25/2021 [-] Inside Putin's 'torture dungeons'...
06/19/2021 [-] Putin Boasts Sour Amid Explosive Rise in Infections...
06/18/2021 [-] It used to feel that life hung in balance during US-Russia summits. No longer...
06/17/2021 [-] Japan and Mexico have earthquake early-warning systems. H
06/17/2021 [-] Putin lavishes post-summit praise on Biden, says media have U.S. leader wrong...
06/17/2021 [-] Biden drew line on Putin. Now it's Russian's move...
06/17/2021 [-] What is Putin afraid of and why should journalists 'stop asking questions'? VIDEO
06/17/2021 [-] Putin lashes out at US after meeting with Biden
06/17/2021 [-] Biden Putin Summit Summary
06/16/2021 [-] Biden’s Summit Gave Putin the World Stage He Craves 
06/16/2021 [-] ‘This Is Not a Kumbaya Moment.’ After Biden-Putin Summit, Tensions Remain
06/16/2021 [-] Biden Tells Putin Certain Cyber-Attacks Should Be 'Off-Limits'
06/16/2021 [-] Sorry for being 'wiseguy'...
06/16/2021 [-] Vlad's superplane has gold-plated toilet...
06/16/2021 [-] Biden goes head to head with Putin as tensions rise...
06/16/2021 [-] Putin-Biden Summit Begins
06/15/2021 [-] Paul Brandus Biden needs to teach Putin a lesson now
06/15/2021 [-] How Biden Wrangled Europe’s Backing Ahead of His Meeting With Putin
06/15/2021 [-] SHOWDOWN GENEVA
06/14/2021 [-] Orders largest naval exercise in Pacific since Cold War...
06/14/2021 [-] Biden prepares to confront Putin...
06/12/2021 [-] President to hold solo press conference after Putin meet...
06/11/2021 [-] Biden Plans to Put Pressure on Putin in Geneva. Will It Work?
06/11/2021 [-] How Biden Plans to Get Tough On Vladimir Putin in Their Geneva Summit
06/11/2021 [-] Putin Shares Blame for 400,000 American Deaths. Should Biden Shake His Hand?
06/10/2021 [-] Putin Meeting 'Not About Friendship'...
06/07/2021 [-] Putin puts his signature PHOTO
06/05/2021 [-] Putin Warns USA May Regret Using Dollar as Sanctions Weapon...
06/05/2021 [-] Putin says Russia, US must mend ties
06/04/2021 [-] The Secret Behind Amazon's Domination in Cloud Computing
06/02/2021 [-] What to Expect from the Biden-Putin Summit
06/02/2021 [-] Disputing Racism’s Reach, Republicans Rattle American Schools
05/26/2021 [-] Putin says Russia ready to strengthen strategic coordination with China
05/26/2021 [-] Biden, Putin to hold summit in Geneva in June
05/25/2021 [-] Biden, Putin set to meet in Geneva...
05/18/2021 [-] Inside Putin's military base at North Pole...
05/18/2021 [-] Putin cornered?
05/11/2021 [-] Putin reacted immediately
05/09/2021 [-] Putin tells Red Square parade that Nazi ideas persist...
05/09/2021 [-] Vows to 'firmly' defend Russian interests...
05/09/2021 [-] British royal offers to sell access...
05/08/2021 [-] Biden says confident to hold summit with Putin in June
04/30/2021 [-] 'Brain-like device' mimics learning in major computing breakthrough...
04/29/2021 [-] Why Putin Flexed His Military Muscle on Ukraine’s Border
04/29/2021 [-] Putin behind swarms of UFOs filmed buzzing US warships, ex-US senator claims...
04/28/2021 [-] Mighty's Plan To Reignite the Future of Desktop Computing
04/27/2021 [-] Putin's bid to Ditch Dollar Picks Up as Exports Move to Euro...
04/20/2021 [-] In Standoff, Many Put Faith in Putin...
04/19/2021 [-] Putin orders massive drills!
04/16/2021 [-] Putin's Palace has cryo chamber!
04/15/2021 [-] Putin closes off access to Black Sea...
04/14/2021 [-] 'Master,' 'Slave' and the Fight Over Offensive Terms in Computing
04/14/2021 [-] How dissident Alexei Navalny
04/12/2021 [-] Russia, Ukraine 'one step from war'...
04/10/2021 [-] Deploying robot army...
04/09/2021 [-] Putin puts 100,000 troops on Ukraine border... Developing...
04/08/2021 [-] US Adds Chinese Supercomputing Entities To Economic Blacklist
04/06/2021 [-] Vladimir Putin Has Signed a Law Allowing Him Two More Terms as Russia’s Leader
04/05/2021 [-] Putin signs law allowing him to run for two more terms in Kremlin...
04/04/2021 [-] Putin's Plan For Controlling the Internet In Russia
04/02/2021 [-] How dissident Alexei Navalny's new standoff with Russia's Putin could play out
04/01/2021 [-] The West waits for Putin's next move...
03/31/2021 [-] Navalny prison hunger strike...
03/26/2021 [-] We are the first – thanks to Putin
03/26/2021 [-] Hard Time for Putin's most outspoken opponent...
03/22/2021 [-] Putin, Once Holdout, Says He'll Get Jab Tuesday...
03/22/2021 [-] Nord Stream 2 Behind Biden’s Gratuitous Slander Of Putin
03/21/2021 [-] Putin Pilots Bumpy All-terrain Rig On Siberian Holiday...
03/19/2021 [-] Putin Challenges Biden To A Live Televised Debate
03/19/2021 [-] Russia Erupts in Fury Over Biden 'Putin Killer' Comment...
03/19/2021 [-] After Bashing 'Killer' Putin, Biden Defends Killer Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman
03/18/2021 [-] FACEBOOK sees computing future on wrist...
03/18/2021 [-] Russia Erupts in Fury Over 'Putin Killer' Comment...
03/17/2021 [-] Biden Says 'Killer' Putin Will Pay for Election Meddling...
03/16/2021 [-] Putin Did It Again New Intelligence Report Says Moscow Helped Trump in 2020
03/08/2021 [-] Microsoft-Led Team Retracts Disputed Quantum-Computing Paper
03/03/2021 [-] U.S., European Union to sanction Russia for poisoning Putin foe Alexei Navalny
03/02/2021 [-] Kremlin Threatens Retribution...
03/02/2021 [-] U.S., EU to sanction Russia for poisoning Putin foe Alexei Navalny
02/25/2021 [-] Jailed Putin critic Navalny moved, probably to prison camp...
02/24/2021 [-] Putin warns of unnamed foreign efforts to destabilize Russia...
02/16/2021 [-] Inside chilling torture dungeons run by Putin-backed sadist 'The Maniac'...
02/15/2021 [-] 'Probably the biggest bribe ever given' The woman who exposed Putin
02/14/2021 [-] Putin's Reserve of Good Will Wanes...
02/13/2021 [-] Putin pitches vaccine but still won't take it...
02/12/2021 [-] Microsoft's Big Win in Quantum Computing Was an 'Error' After All
02/12/2021 [-] Caged in court, Navalny mocks Putin and chases fans...
02/07/2021 [-] Putin Crackdown Chills Protes
02/06/2021 [-] Putin's Once-Scorned Vaccine Now Favorite...
02/05/2021 [-] For Putin, the most personal of challenges from a determined political foe
02/04/2021 [-] Putin 'fears being killed like Gaddafi'...
02/04/2021 [-] Desperate Putin Resorts to Jailing Journalists for Retweeting Jokes...
02/03/2021 [-] B92.net finds out Vucic will talk to Putin soon; main topic vaccines
02/03/2021 [-] Vuèiæ talked with Vladimir Putin
02/03/2021 [-] Protesters Set Sights on Putin...
02/01/2021 [-] Super-cool invention opens door for bigger, better quantum computers
02/01/2021 [-] Billionaire trying to build new Garden of Eden!
01/30/2021 [-] Biden put forward request to Putin
01/30/2021 [-] The Inside Story of How Alexey Navalny Uncovered Putin’s Billion Palace
01/29/2021 [-] The Inside Story of How He Uncovered Putin's Billion Palace...
01/29/2021 [-] After Trump bromance, Biden quickly shifts cold on Putin...
01/28/2021 [-] Putin critic Alexei Navalny will stay in jail after court appearance
01/28/2021 [-] Putin Warns Big Tech Poses a Threat to ‘Legitimate Democratic Institutions.’
01/28/2021 [-] Alexey Navalny Is Succeeding Where Putin’s Other Opponents Have Failed. Why?
01/27/2021 [-] 'Russia is my country' Dissident's daring return sparks protests. Now what?
01/27/2021 [-] Says tech giants becoming competitors to states...
01/27/2021 [-] Putin Warns of Global Tensions Similar to 1930s...
01/27/2021 [-] 'All against all'...
01/27/2021 [-] Biden signals tougher Russia stance in Call with Putin...
01/27/2021 [-] Live Health scare for senator presiding over Trump's impeachment trial
01/27/2021 [-] First Biden-Putin call shows both cautious on big concerns...
01/25/2021 [-] MORE COMING...
01/25/2021 [-] Vladimir Has Created Ultimate Bond Villain Lair...
01/25/2021 [-] PRESIDENT INFECTED...
01/25/2021 [-] PROTESTS RUSSIA...
01/23/2021 [-] Putin defied...
01/19/2021 [-] Putin marks Orthodox Epiphany with icy dip...
01/18/2021 [-] ‘His Fight Is in Russia.’ Why Navalny Flew Home Straight Into Putin’s Clutches
01/17/2021 [-] Navalny Flying Back to Russia... Developing...
01/14/2021 [-] Poisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny to return to Russia
01/13/2021 [-] The Impractical but Indisputable Rise of Retrocomputing
01/01/2021 [-] Xi, Putin pledge further development of China-Russia ties in New Year greetings
12/30/2020 [-] Putin targets social media, secret agent leaks and protests with new laws...
12/27/2020 [-] Rumors Run Wild as He Shrouds Himself in Secrecy...
12/20/2020 [-] Keep up the good work, Putin tells spy agency staff...
12/19/2020 [-] Attack Adds to Putin Mystique Even if Russia Faces Pain...
12/18/2020 [-] Russia moves 10 warships to British Waters...
12/15/2020 [-] Lavrov reads Putin's letter, Eternal Flame lit, Vuèiæ Long live friendship
12/13/2020 [-] Russia's New Guerilla Media Are Going After Putin...
12/12/2020 [-] Can Erdogan Reconcile With West? Putin Betting Against It...
12/10/2020 [-] Putin set to receive lifetime immunity protecting him from prosecution...
12/05/2020 [-] Claims Quantum Supremacy in Computing Breakthrough...
12/02/2020 [-] Putin announces Russians to get COVID vaccine next week
11/27/2020 [-] Trump’s calls to Putin may soon be revealed to Biden’s team — then what?
11/23/2020 [-] Ex-Russian chess champion says Putin already has sunk his teeth into Republicans in Congress
11/22/2020 [-] Putin Holding Off on U.S. Presidential Congratulations
11/22/2020 [-] Putin opposes protectionism, unilateralism
11/19/2020 [-] Putin has coughing fit during televised Covid-19 conference...
11/19/2020 [-] Bolsonaro beams as Putin praises his ‘masculinity’
11/18/2020 [-] Putin touts Russian virus vaccines...
11/17/2020 [-] How Russia’s Opposition Movement Wants Biden to Confront Putin
11/16/2020 [-] Pro-Putin Russia media are echoing Trump’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud report
11/11/2020 [-] Lame-duck Trump administration is negotiating new nuclear weapons agreement with Putin report
11/06/2020 [-] PAPER Putin 'set to quit early next year' due to health fears...
10/27/2020 [-] Putin mandates face masks...
10/27/2020 [-] Trump’s rants about ‘rigged’ elections are ‘aiding’ Putin’s efforts to undermine America H.R. McMaster
10/12/2020 [-] 'Putin saved Armenia again'
10/09/2020 [-] Putin ordered End the hostilities...
10/07/2020 [-] Russia successfully tests hypersonic on Putin birthday...
10/05/2020 [-] From Chinese Censorship to Putin’s Regime, ND’s Legacy Fund Makes Objectionable Investments
10/02/2020 [-] Deepfake ads featuring Putin urge Americans to 'save the election'...
10/02/2020 [-] The Bob Cesca Podcast Putin's Puppy
10/01/2020 [-] Troll Farm Operation...
10/01/2020 [-] Trump ‘is aiding and abetting Putin’s efforts’ HR McMaster
10/01/2020 [-] Alexei Navalny blames Vladimir Putin for poisoning, vows to return to Russia
10/01/2020 [-] Navalny accuses Putin of being behind his poisoning
10/01/2020 [-] Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Accuses Putin of Ordering Novichok Poisoning
09/28/2020 [-] Trump’s staggering debt helps explain why he’s ‘kowtowing to Putin’ MSNBC’s Morning Joe
09/25/2020 [-] Putin joins Trump as Nobel Peace Prize candidate, report says
09/25/2020 [-] Embattled Belarus presi
09/24/2020 [-] Is Trump Putin’s friend, foe or useful idiot?
09/22/2020 [-] Putin vaunts Russian coronavirus vaccine at UN
09/22/2020 [-] Russian Media Mocks Trump The Putin Stooge...
09/22/2020 [-] Secret CIA assessment Putin 'probably directing' influence operation to denigrate Biden...
09/22/2020 [-] CIA Putin ‘probably directing’ disinformation campaign against Biden with GOP’s help
09/22/2020 [-] WATCH Trump refuses to call out Putin for poisoning of political opponent
09/18/2020 [-] Computing Pioneers Endorse B
09/18/2020 [-] The Sloppy Poisoning of Alexey Navalny Turned Merkel Against Putin...
09/17/2020 [-] China's science academy pumps research into supercomputing
09/16/2020 [-] Trump less trusted than Putin and Xi!
09/16/2020 [-] Five Takeaways From The Lukashenka-Putin Talks Who Got What?
09/16/2020 [-] Russia offers loan to Belarus as Putin, Lukashenko meet in Sochi
09/15/2020 [-] Key Words Trump is Putin’s ‘useful idiot,’ Alexander Vindman says
09/14/2020 [-] Macron urges Putin to shed light on ‘attempted murder’ of opponent Navalny
09/14/2020 [-] Belarus President Lukashenko seeks backing from Russia's Vladimir Putin
09/14/2020 [-] Russians Vote In Regional Elections Seen As Test Of Putin's Ruling Party
09/12/2020 [-] Putin, Lukashenka To Hold First Face-To-Face Talks Since Postelection Crisis
09/11/2020 [-] Serverless computing added to Limelight Edge Platform
09/04/2020 [-] Continued Protests in Minsk as Putin Wishes Lukashenko a Happy Birthday
09/04/2020 [-] Putin says West looks as if prepared response to Belarus election in advance
09/03/2020 [-] Merkel Faces Pressure to Drop Russian Pipeline to Hit Putin...
09/02/2020 [-] UPDATE Germany has evidence Putin critic Navalny was poisoned with Novichok...
09/02/2020 [-] Here’s how John Ratcliffe and Bill Barr are Aiding Donald Trump’s collusion with Putin
08/31/2020 [-] The woman leading fight against Putin '24/7'...
08/26/2020 [-] ‘Literally copied from Putin’ Intelligence expert blasts Trump’s RNC performance
08/26/2020 [-] Poisoning of Alexei Navalny is a litmus test for Trump and Putin
08/26/2020 [-] Putin’s Victims A Long List Getting longer
08/26/2020 [-] Merkel Beyond Exasperated by Putin as Navalny Lies in Coma...
08/25/2020 [-] Putin spokesperson Navalny poisoning allegations are ’empty noise’
08/24/2020 [-] German doctors say tests indicate Putin critic Navalny was poisoned
08/24/2020 [-] REVEALED Jared Kushner secretly communicated with Putin moneyman singled out in Mueller probe
08/21/2020 [-] For Russian intelligence, poison has long been a weapon of choice
08/20/2020 [-] Putin trolls...
08/20/2020 [-] Why Putin Is Unlikely to Come to Belarusian President Lukashenko’s Rescue
08/20/2020 [-] Putin critic Alexei Navalny in intensive care after ‘poisoning’
08/19/2020 [-] ‘Fawning’ Trump scorched for congratulating ‘murderous dictator’ Putin
08/18/2020 [-] Trump is being ‘coached by Putin’ to seize power Longtime Dem strategist
08/16/2020 [-] Politics, not neces
08/16/2020 [-] Trump says 'probably not' to join Putin's Iran summit
08/14/2020 [-] Putin calls for emergency summit...
08/13/2020 [-] Prevention of escalation on the border is key, Putin tells Aliyev
08/11/2020 [-] As Putin Pushes Russia’s Untested COVID Vaccine, Experts Worry Trump May Follow
08/11/2020 [-] Russia registers coronavirus vaccine; Putin's daughter inoculated
08/11/2020 [-] Russia Registers Coronavirus Vaccine Despite International Skepticism, Putin’s Daughter Inoculated
08/11/2020 [-] Putin Russia the first country to register coronavirus vaccine
08/08/2020 [-] Trump says he's the 'last person Russia wants to see in office'
08/05/2020 [-] Vuèiæ met with the Russian Ambassador topic of conversation Putin's visit PHOTO
08/05/2020 [-] Foreign policy experts struggle to explain Trump’s devotion to Vladimir Putin
08/02/2020 [-] Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Germany is a parting ‘gift’ to Putin CNN analyst
07/30/2020 [-] Mary Trump explains why the president is so ‘drawn’ to Vladimir Putin
07/29/2020 [-] How Bill Barr Is Helping Vladimir Putin
07/29/2020 [-] Trump Says He’s ‘Never Discussed’ Reports of Taliban Bounties With Russian President Vladimir Putin
07/29/2020 [-] Putin, Erdogan discuss Armenia-Azerbaijan escalation
07/26/2020 [-] Putin says Russian Navy to get hypersonic nuke strike weapons...
07/25/2020 [-] Protests Swell in Russia's Far East in Stark New Challenge to Putin...
07/23/2020 [-] Trump tells Putin hopes to avoid US-Russia-China arms race
07/21/2020 [-] Putin's spies infiltrated British businesses, House of Commons and social scene...
07/09/2020 [-] With prizes, food, housing and cash, Putin rigged Russia’s most recent vote
07/09/2020 [-] In a secluded region in Russia’s Arctic they are rejecting Putin in rare protest
07/07/2020 [-] Vladimir Putin Sheds the Last Pretenses of Legitimacy to Extend His Rule
07/05/2020 [-] Putin becomes Russia's president for life...
07/04/2020 [-] Putin mocks U.S. embassy for flying rainbow flag...
07/03/2020 [-] An obvious explanation for Trump’s subservience to Putin is staring us in the face
07/02/2020 [-] Putin wins Russia vote that could let him rule until 2036
07/02/2020 [-] Russian voters back amendments which could keep Putin in power until 2036
07/02/2020 [-] Russians Voters Agree to Extend President Putin’s Rule Until 2036
07/01/2020 [-] Russian voters back reform allowing Putin to extend rule
07/01/2020 [-] Pompeo doesn’t rule out inviting Putin to expanded G7 summit
07/01/2020 [-] Russians set to back reforms allowing Putin to extend rule
06/30/2020 [-] Amazon Launches Space Push To Drive Cloud-Computing Growth
06/30/2020 [-] How toys have become a sign of resistance against Putin's power play
06/30/2020 [-] Putin's 20 Years in Charge and What Could Be His Biggest Test Yet...
06/29/2020 [-] A Question That Won’t Go Away Why Does Trump Love Putin So Much?
06/29/2020 [-] Putin Seizes Moment to Rule Until He's 83...
06/26/2020 [-] Putin reform referendum reveals Russian generation gap
06/25/2020 [-] Russians cast early votes in referendum on possible 12-year extension of Putin rule
06/25/2020 [-] Marathon vote on extending Vladimir Putin's rule in Russia begins
06/24/2020 [-] Live Military parade begins in Moscow; Putin welcomes Vucic PHOTO
06/24/2020 [-] Why U.S. and EU Officials Are Worried Putin Might Make Another Move in Ukraine 
06/24/2020 [-] Putin publicly congratulated Vucic on his convincing victory
06/23/2020 [-] Vucic after meeting Putin 'We discussed issues I cannot talk about in public' VIDEO
06/23/2020 [-] Vucic prepared two gifts for Putin PHOTO
06/23/2020 [-] PUTIN Russia to raise taxes on high earners after virus...
06/23/2020 [-] Three hours to the Vucic-Putin meeting; Final preparations on the plane PHOTO
06/22/2020 [-] Vladimir Putin Signals He May Seek to Extend His Rule in 2024
06/21/2020 [-] Putin hints he could seek FIFTH term as president...
06/19/2020 [-] John Bolton Provides a Harrowing Portrait of Trump’s Surrender to Putin
06/17/2020 [-] Putin has ‘disinfection tunnel’ to protect him from coronavirus
06/17/2020 [-] Putin protected by disinfection tunnel...
06/15/2020 [-] Putin mocks Trump for handling the coronavirus outbreak worse than Russia
06/15/2020 [-] Putin says Russia dealing better with virus than America..
06/15/2020 [-] Putin says Russia’s handling of coronavirus is superior to U.S.

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