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09/26/2006 British soldiers in Iraq kill senior Qaeda leader
09/26/2006 Nigeria Killing of DPO, Inspector No Excuse to Raze Entire Community-- CDHR
09/26/2006 Trial to start for man accused of killing Providence boy, 2
09/26/2006 Shark Slaughter 73 Million Killed Each Year
09/26/2006 Digg Founders Launch Online Network Designed to Kill Your TV...Sort Of
09/26/2006 Woman On Scooter Killed In Crash
09/26/2006 Woman Killed in Standoff Wanted to be Shot According to Police
09/26/2006 Mexican Smuggler Gets Nearly Five Years in Prison for Accident that Killed Three
09/26/2006 At 18 least killed in violence across Iraq
09/26/2006 Sports News Little League coach/survivor killed in crash
09/26/2006 Nigeria/Lesotho Onigbinde Backs Killer Squad Against Lesotho
09/26/2006 Miami Marine Killed In Iraq
09/26/2006 Al-Qaida escapee killed in Iraq raid
09/26/2006 Pair arrested in machete killing
09/26/2006 Worker killed at Akron-Canton Airport
09/26/2006 Qaeda Operative Is Killed in Iraq
09/26/2006 Iraqi lawmaker resigns; blasts kill 21
09/26/2006 Ministers in 'killer virus' drive
09/26/2006 Condolences Prodi To Family Killed Soldier
09/26/2006 Supreme court sends killer's lawyer request back to lower court
09/26/2006 Kenya poacher killing 'deliberate'
09/26/2006 Chris Wallace to Clinton Why Did You Kill Santa Claus?
09/26/2006 Seven killed, 27 wounded in Baghdad, minister escapes bomb Roundup
09/26/2006 Suicide bomber kills at least 18 in Afghanistan
09/26/2006 UN uncovers new leads in Lebanon PM killing
09/26/2006 Meridian store owner killed
09/26/2006 Blasts in Iraq kill at least 21, including six police officers
09/26/2006 Rwanda Primary Teachers Get Skills
09/26/2006 Rwanda Grenade Blast Kills Woman
09/26/2006 Marine from Miami-Dade killed in Iraq
09/26/2006 Iraqi lawmaker resigns; blasts kill 21
09/26/2006 Second man is charged in '98 killing
09/26/2006 One killed, one injured in Cass County crash
09/26/2006 Stray bullet kills soccer player at tavern
09/26/2006 Zimbabwe Empower Girl Child With Skills, Nhema Tells Schools
09/26/2006 UN New leads uncovered in Lebanon PM killing
09/26/2006 Trial of Accused Child Killer Begins in Berks County
09/26/2006 Accused Reading Cop Killer in Court Today
09/26/2006 Crash kills Little League coach in Lincoln
09/26/2006 Pilgrims killed in latest wave of Taleban violence
09/26/2006 Bombing at Governor's Compound Kills 18 in Afghanistan
09/26/2006 Army captain killed in Kashmir gun battle
09/26/2006 Little League coach killed in Lincoln car accident
09/26/2006 InternetWeek Digg Founders Launch Online Network Designed To Kill Your TV...Sort Of
09/26/2006 Hate crime Indian killed in Russia
09/26/2006 Suspected militants kill 1 army officer in occupied Kashmir
09/26/2006 Six killed in accident on Raiwind road
09/26/2006 Biker killed in road crash named
09/26/2006 Kenya Stockbrokers Make a Killing At the Expense of Investors
09/26/2006 Jamali relays reservations to Musharraf on handling of Bugti's killing
09/26/2006 Bugti killing ignites heated debate in NA
09/26/2006 Pakistani pilgrims killed in Iraq belong to Sahiwal, Layya
09/26/2006 Two women among six killed in Lahore traffic mishap
09/26/2006 Robber killed in mall shootout
09/26/2006 UK kills Qaeda lieutenant in Iraq
09/26/2006 Qaeda Operative, an Escapee in `05, Is Killed in Iraq
09/26/2006 British soldiers kill bin Laden protege
09/26/2006 UK troops kill fugitive al-Qaida leader
09/26/2006 Suspected serial killer drops insanity plea
09/26/2006 Philippine ex-general denies extra-judicial killings
09/26/2006 Afghan Attacks Kill 20 People
09/26/2006 Afghan bomb kills foreign soldier police
09/26/2006 S. Florida Marine killed in Iraq blast
09/26/2006 British Kill Senior Al Qaida Leader
09/26/2006 British forces kill leading al-Qaida terrorist in Iraq
09/26/2006 Suicide bombing near governor's compound in Afghanistan kills 18
09/26/2006 Taliban bombs in Afghanistan kill 20
09/26/2006 Iraqi Violence Kills at Least 9 Around Iraq
09/26/2006 1 killed in shoot-out at Cresta
09/26/2006 British forces kill al-Qaida terrorist, prison escapee
09/26/2006 Teddy bear is a killer
09/26/2006 Six rebels killed in would-be Afghan suicide attack
09/26/2006 Idaho wolf-kill plan doesn't convince feds
09/26/2006 Cops link killing to gangs
09/26/2006 Italian, Afghan soldiers killed in bomb blasts
09/26/2006 * Ho-hum response to cat-killing makes German pair see red
09/26/2006 Sri Lanka sea battle 'kills 70'
09/26/2006 Semi Crash, Fire Closes I-69 Near Anderson; One Person Killed
09/26/2006 Man killed after his car collides with train
09/26/2006 Army officer killed in gunfight with militants
09/26/2006 Man, she would kill me.
09/26/2006 Taliban forces kill women's advocate
09/26/2006 Bomb under bridge kills Italian soldier in Afghanistan
09/26/2006 Man shot and killed outside Fall River apartment
09/26/2006 Men confess to killing Ngoepe grandchild
09/26/2006 Man confesses to some 30 murders, kills himself
09/26/2006 Long tumble into chute kills climber on glacier
09/26/2006 Teddy Bear Kills Fish
09/26/2006 British Forces Kill High Profile Al Qaeda Leader in Iraq
09/26/2006 Roundup Bombings rock Afghanistan, killing 19 Afghans, ISAF soldier
09/26/2006 Suicide bomb kills 18 in Afghanistan
09/26/2006 Imam killed, policeman wounded in Kislovodsk
09/26/2006 Asia al-Qaida leader reportedly killed in Iraq
09/26/2006 Taliban bombs in Afghanistan kill 20, including Italian
09/26/2006 Man killed by falling tree
09/26/2006 Escaped al-Qaeda figure reportedly killed
09/26/2006 Suicide attack kills 18 in Afghanistan
09/26/2006 Suicide attack kills 18 in S. Afghanistan
09/26/2006 Man killed as car collides with UK train
09/26/2006 UN report on Hariri killing Syria cooperates, attack carried out by suicide bomber
09/26/2006 British report killing of top Al Qaeda aide
09/26/2006 Marines charged over Iraq killing
09/26/2006 70 rebels killed as navy sinks 11 LTTE boats
09/26/2006 Twelve killed in Afghan explosion
09/26/2006 Friends, Family Remember St. Louis City EMT Killed In Iraq
09/26/2006 Iraq British forces in Iraq kill senior al-Qaeda member
09/26/2006 Cops used 7 rounds to kill dog
09/26/2006 Nato soldier killed in Taliban attack
09/26/2006 Counts filed in cop killing
09/26/2006 Three killed as Thai separatist violence resumes after coup
09/26/2006 Afghan Attack Kills At Least 18
09/26/2006 Good Samaritan, killed aiding stranded driver, spent life helping others
09/26/2006 Italian soldier, Afghan child killed in Kabul blast
09/26/2006 At least 18 killed in Afghan attack
09/26/2006 Sri Lanka says 70 Tigers killed in sea battle
09/26/2006 70 Tamils killed in sea battle
09/26/2006 70 killed as Lanka sinks 11 rebel boats
09/26/2006 Police name man killed by truck near Hurunui hotel
09/26/2006 2 Americans Killed In Nepal Helicopter Crash
09/26/2006 Grandmother killed hours after dog-attack
09/26/2006 Women's affairs chief, 10 Taliban killed in Afghanistan
09/26/2006 Coalition air strikes kill 20 insurgents in Afghanistan
09/26/2006 Two Americans killed in Nepal helicopter crash
09/26/2006 Suicide bomber kills 18 in Afghanistan
09/26/2006 Cyclist killed in Ngaruawahia bus collision
09/26/2006 Golfer's sister one of those killed in flooding
09/25/2006 Killer TB needs collective approach SADC
09/25/2006 Afghan suicide attack kills 18
09/25/2006 General News Afghan suicide bomber 'kills 18'
09/25/2006 Sailor killed in Iraq is honored here
09/25/2006 Senior militant 'killed in Iraq'
09/25/2006 3 Killed, 24 Hurt in Bus Accident
09/25/2006 Hariri killing linked to 14 other Lebanon assassinations
09/25/2006 Accused killer weeps on witness stand
09/25/2006 Pedestrian killed trying to cross freeway
09/25/2006 Man's killing shows spread of violence across Haiti Miami Herald
09/25/2006 Three killed as bus meets accident in Rautahat
09/25/2006 Ecuador bus wreck kills 47
09/25/2006 'Suicide attack killed Hariri'
09/25/2006 One killed, five injured in road accidents
09/25/2006 Brother-in-law's killer awarded life sentence
09/25/2006 Afghans, NATO say dozens of Taliban killed
09/25/2006 'Forty killed' in Afghan clashes
09/25/2006 Air strikes destroy suspected Taleban base and kill 60
09/25/2006 Women's affairs chief, two police killed in Afghanistan
09/25/2006 Afghan women's rights leader killed
09/25/2006 Italian soldier killed in Afghanistan road accident
09/25/2006 KABUL, AFGHANISTAN 19 construction workers killed when gunmen attack bus
09/25/2006 NATO, Afghan forces kill 40 militants in Afghanistan
09/25/2006 8 Taliban militants killed in S. Afghanistan
09/25/2006 KABUL, AFGHANISTAN NATO reports no casualties, at least 60 insurgents killed
09/25/2006 Armenia Accuses Azerbaijan Of Killing Soldier
09/25/2006 Gunmen kill women's rights activist in Afghanistan
09/25/2006 Female Belgian embassy staff member killed in Delhi Middle East Times
09/25/2006 Pope pays tribute to Italian nun killed in Somalia
09/25/2006 Pele the elephant flaunts skills
09/25/2006 Teen charged with killing dad
09/25/2006 British troops track and kill al-Qa'eda escaper who taunted Americans
09/25/2006 Kidnappers killed after vehicle chase
09/25/2006 Brutal El Salvador priest killing mystifies police
09/25/2006 Gunmen kill Afghan women's official
09/25/2006 Qaeda Operative, an Escapee in ’05, Is Killed in Iraq
09/25/2006 Scores of rebels killed in Afghanistan
09/25/2006 New port could kill marine life EPA
09/25/2006 Clinton Tried To Have Bin Laden Killed
09/25/2006 Stone's statement that he wanted to kill people ignored
09/25/2006 Man 'tried to kill unborn baby'
09/25/2006 Woman killed, her husband hurt when truck hits car near Haifa
09/25/2006 20-year-old Marine from Miami killed in Iraq
09/25/2006 Customer Turned Killer? Cab Driver Shot To Death
09/25/2006 Plan to kill Idaho wolves on hold pending federal approval
09/25/2006 3 Killed, 24 Hurt in Bus Accident
09/25/2006 British Forces In Iraq Kill Al-Qaida Terrorist, US Extends Combat Tours
09/25/2006 Fish and Game to kill more Idaho wolves blamed for livestock deaths
09/25/2006 Asia al-Qaida leader reportedly killed in Iraq
09/25/2006 Taliban kill top Afghan woman
09/25/2006 Gainesville Serial Killer Gets Date With Death
09/25/2006 U.N. Investigating New Leads in Lebanon PM Killing
09/25/2006 Surveyor killed in Lisbon
09/25/2006 Cyclist killed in tour bus collision
09/25/2006 No appeal for ex-cop who threatened to kill PM
09/25/2006 Miami Marine killed in Iraq
09/25/2006 Tests indicate Hariri killer was 20-25 years old, not Lebanese
09/25/2006 Al-Qaida leader said killed in Iraq
09/25/2006 Profiling women who kill
09/25/2006 Drunk driving son sentenced in crash that killed mother
09/25/2006 British forces kill leading al Qaeda terrorist
09/25/2006 Three U.S. marines to be court-martialed for killing innocent Iraqi man
09/25/2006 Policeman killed in attack on Iraqi police station Roundup
09/25/2006 UN investigation identifies possible Hariri suicide killer
09/25/2006 Slain teen's kin refuse to meet killer's mom
09/25/2006 Attackers Kill Student in St. Petersburg
09/25/2006 Two Killed in Overnight Crash
09/25/2006 Uncertified Driver Killed in Car Crash in Bulgaria
09/25/2006 Two Camp Lejeune Marines killed in Iraq
09/25/2006 Sentence 'Johnathan's' killer as an adult Crown
09/25/2006 UN Report Suicide Bomber Killed Former Lebanese PM
09/25/2006 Man 'tried to kill unborn baby'
09/25/2006 Stone's statement that he wanted to kill people ignored
09/25/2006 Somalis killed in protests against Islamic militiamen
09/25/2006 Woman killed in attack on grandfather of baby mauled by dogs
09/25/2006 British troops kill al-Qaeda fugitive hiding in Basra
09/25/2006 Climax woman killed in Illinois van crash
09/25/2006 Clinton 'nearly killed' Osama
09/25/2006 Suit Blames Video Game for N.M. Slayings
09/25/2006 New tests show suicide bomber killed Hariri
09/25/2006 Head of district municipality shot and killed in N Caucasus region
09/25/2006 Cute teddy bear turns into fish killer
09/25/2006 Police Arrest Man Wanted For Killing Wife
09/25/2006 British Troops in Iraq Kill Senior Qaeda Figure
09/25/2006 Gunmen kill Afghan women's official
09/25/2006 Man killed in truck crash
09/25/2006 Schofield man killed in car crash
09/25/2006 Indian student killed in St. Petersburg
09/25/2006 Woman official killed
09/25/2006 Killer Mountie ordered to jail
09/25/2006 Gunmen Kill Women's Rights Activist In Afghanistan
09/25/2006 Rep. Kretz's horse killed at home in Okanogan County
09/25/2006 Girdwood man killed in glacier fall
09/25/2006 Hariri 'killed by suicide bomber'
09/25/2006 Gunmen Kill Afghan Women’s Advocate
09/25/2006 Mass. man accused of R.I. killing shot by police in New York
09/25/2006 Philadelphia five-year-old girl killed by stray bullet while in car
09/25/2006 British forces kill leading al-Qaida terrorist
09/25/2006 Clinton "I Tried My Best to Kill bin Laden"
09/25/2006 Escaped terrorist reported killed
09/25/2006 UN uncovers new leads in Lebanon PM killing
09/25/2006 5-Year-Old Killed by Stray Bullet in Pa.
09/25/2006 Man wanted in domestic violence shelter killing still at large
09/25/2006 Will the giant killer Progress further
09/25/2006 Prosecution wraps up in cop-killing trial
09/25/2006 ULFA militant killed by army
09/25/2006 23 killed in Bihar rains
09/25/2006 British forces kill high-profile al-Qaida leader
09/25/2006 Senior Al-Qaeda Fugitive Killed In Iraq
09/25/2006 Women's affairs chief, two policemen killed in Afghanistan
09/25/2006 Man killed in Lake County wreck identified
09/25/2006 5-year-old Philadelphia girl killed by stray bullet while in car; possibly caught in crossfire
09/25/2006 'closer than anyone' to killing bin laden
09/25/2006 I tried my best to kill bin Laden Clinton
09/25/2006 Batten Kill will stay wild
09/25/2006 19 killed in Iraq attacks as Ramadan begins
09/25/2006 British troops in Iraq kill bin Laden lieutenant
09/25/2006 Severna Park Soldier Killed In Iraq
09/25/2006 Brammertz' Report New Tests Corroborate Hariri was Killed by Suicide Truck Bombing
09/25/2006 8 Killed, 14 Corpses Found in Iraq as Monday Marks Start of Ramadan
09/25/2006 Dispatchers say three killed in wreck in Mingo County
09/25/2006 Soldier, 19, killed at army base
09/25/2006 Why The Muslims Want To Kill You
09/25/2006 Widow Of Morgan County Man Killed By Dogs Blasts Plea Deal
09/25/2006 Jury Death for college student's killer
09/25/2006 Bill Clinton I got closer to killing bin Laden
09/25/2006 5-year-old Philadelphia girl killed by stray bullet
09/25/2006 Armenia Accuses Azerbaijan Of Killing Soldier
09/25/2006 Three teens remain hospitalized after crash that killed two
09/25/2006 Beaver County dam accident kills two
09/25/2006 Police I.D. Young Man Killed in Drive-By Shooting
09/25/2006 Murder, kidnap charges filed in Colo. dragging death, suspect accused of killing girlfriend
09/25/2006 Formal charges to be filed against alleged cop killer
09/25/2006 Two killed, two injured in Nigger Lane siege
09/25/2006 Alleged cop killer caught
09/25/2006 Philadelphia girl, 5, killed by stray bullet
09/25/2006 Tests Show Hariri Killed by Truck Bomb
09/25/2006 Orsolino killing has new suspect
09/25/2006 Senior al Qaeda figure killed in Iraq
09/25/2006 Teenage soldier killed in accident
09/25/2006 Killer Teddy Bear Leaves 2,500 Fish Dead
09/25/2006 Aussie killed in Nepal chopper crash
09/25/2006 U.S. military says 10 suspected Taliban killed
09/25/2006 Sri Lanka claims having killed dozens of Tamil Tigers
09/25/2006 Clinton 'closer than anyone' to killing bin laden
09/25/2006 Transport, skills and red tape top wish list
09/25/2006 Lawrence man killed in motorcycle wreck
09/25/2006 Brother of local NFL star Reggie Wayne killed in traffic accident
09/25/2006 One ULFA militant killed encounter, two linkmen arrested
09/25/2006 Sri Lanka sinks 11 ships and kills 70 rebels at sea
09/25/2006 Details sought on 3 killed by truck on Alcoa
09/25/2006 Inquiry after baby killed by dogs
09/25/2006 Pope praises slain nun for pardoning killers
09/25/2006 Three charged in Phoenix serial crimes head to court
09/25/2006 British kill man described as leading terrorist
09/25/2006 Indian police arrest suspected killer of Belgian Embassy secretary Pravda
09/25/2006 Women's affairs chief, two police killed in Afghanistan
09/25/2006 KABUL, AFGHANISTAN NATO reports no casualties, at least 60 insurgents killed
09/25/2006 British forces kill Al-Qaeda fugitive in Iraq
09/25/2006 Seven killed in occupied Kashmir violence
09/25/2006 American troops kill 10 suspected Taliban insurgents in eastern Afghanistan
09/25/2006 Islamist Militia in Somalia Fires on Protesters, Killing at Least One
09/25/2006 Eight killed, 14 corpses found in Iraq
09/25/2006 Teddy Bear Kills 2,500 Fish In New Hampshire
09/25/2006 Police Good samaritan killed, another injured by drunken driver
09/25/2006 U-S Military Ten suspected Taliban killed in fight
09/25/2006 Army operations against ULFA on, one killed
09/25/2006 Girl killed after roof collapses
09/25/2006 Three killed as tropical storm lashes central Vietnam
09/25/2006 East Africa Don't Kill EASSy
09/25/2006 Bus Crash in Ecuador Kills 47 People
09/25/2006 Islamic Militia Kills Somali Protester
09/25/2006 Ebensburg, Pa. Officers Shoot, Kill Inmate in Hostage Attempt
09/25/2006 Pennsylvania Man Walks into Police Station, Says 'I Just Killed My Wife'
09/25/2006 British troops in Iraq kill top Qaeda figure
09/25/2006 British troops in Iraq kill top Al Qaeda figure
09/25/2006 Senior Afghan Woman Official Killed
09/25/2006 Provincial women's affairs director killed in Afghanistan
09/25/2006 UK Senior Qaeda figure killed in Iraq
09/25/2006 Teddy bear clogs water, kills 2,500 trout at hatchery
09/25/2006 Top UK conservationist and staff killed in crash
09/25/2006 Two teens killed when SUV plunges into water off West Seattle
09/25/2006 Playskool Toy Recall Toddlers Killed
09/25/2006 Woman killed for educating girls in Afghanistan
09/25/2006 Gunmen Kill Director of Women's Affairs in Afghanistan
09/25/2006 British forces kill Al-Qaeda fugitive
09/25/2006 New Orleans doctor defends self in mercy killing accusation
09/25/2006 Man kills girlfriend while pair in casino's parking lot
09/25/2006 Man killed in West Carrollton neighborhood
09/25/2006 Sri Lanka says 70 Tamil Tigers killed in sea battle
09/25/2006 8 Taliban militants killed in S. Afghanistan
09/25/2006 UK says it kills senior al Qaeda figure in Iraq
09/25/2006 Ecuador Bus Crash Kills at Least 46
09/25/2006 Ecuador bus crash kills 47, including 17 children
09/25/2006 Ecuador road crash kills dozens
09/25/2006 Ecuador bus crash kills 46 people
09/25/2006 Roadworks fall kills pensioner
09/25/2006 Baby killed by Rottweilers is named
09/25/2006 Charity backs report on killer
09/25/2006 Stone told nurse of 'need to kill'
09/25/2006 British aristocrat had no excuse for killing poacher, court told
09/25/2006 New Orleans doc denies mercy killings
09/25/2006 Idaho wolf-kill plan doesn't convince feds
09/25/2006 Wayne's brother killed in accident
09/25/2006 Senior militant 'killed in Iraq'
09/25/2006 US doctor denies mercy killing claims
09/25/2006 Top Afghan woman official killed
09/25/2006 Bastrop runaway killed on railroad tracks
09/25/2006 Policewoman killed in Kashmir attack
09/25/2006 Pope pays tribute to Italian nun killed in Somalia
09/25/2006 Mali bus collision kills 25, injures 30
09/25/2006 Police Shoot, Kill Man During Confrontation
09/25/2006 Pentagon IDs 3 soldiers killed in Iraq
09/25/2006 Sri Lankan navy kills 70 Tamil rebels in battle
09/25/2006 Afghan women's director killed
09/25/2006 Stray bullet kills 5-year-old-girl
09/25/2006 Ecuador bus crash kills 47 family members
09/25/2006 Biker Killed In Lawrence
09/25/2006 Alleged informant killer in court Monday
09/25/2006 Now, kill Ravan on your Airtel phone
09/25/2006 2 Teens Killed in SUV Accident
09/25/2006 Women's Advocate Killed in Afghanistan
09/25/2006 Bypass road 'kills more people'
09/25/2006 M-way crash kills motorcyclist
09/25/2006 Funeral for gunner killed in Iraq
09/25/2006 Killer tried to burn woman's body
09/25/2006 East St. Louis children killed by drowning
09/25/2006 Gunmen in Afghanistan Kill Top Female Official in Kandahar
09/25/2006 Women's Advocate Killed in Afghanistan
09/25/2006 Security guard, 23, shot to death at night club
09/25/2006 Woman constable killed, five hurt in Kashmir grenade attack
09/25/2006 One arrested, one still at large in 9-8 Baton Rouge killing
09/25/2006 All People on Board, Including 2 Russians, Killed in WWF Helicopter Crash in Nepal
09/25/2006 Two U.S. marines killed in western Iraq
09/25/2006 Girl, 5, killed by stray bullet
09/25/2006 Bugti killing, nothing personal about it Musharraf
09/25/2006 Man killed by train in Highlands
09/25/2006 Woman killed in fall on mountain
09/25/2006 McConnell in skills training plan
09/25/2006 Police say man accidentally kills neighbor while cleaning rifle
09/25/2006 Teen charged with threatening to kill
09/25/2006 Air show crash kills pilot, father, son
09/25/2006 Three Held As Search Continues for Nun's Killers
09/25/2006 French report Typhoid fever kills Bin Laden / Paper quotes memo; U.S., others doubtful
09/25/2006 Milton woman killed by falling tree in storm
09/25/2006 Three farmers killed by left-over shell from Vietnam war
09/25/2006 Police Woman Drowns Kids, Kills Their Mom
09/25/2006 20 killed in Iraq Ramadan violence
09/25/2006 Forty-seven people killed when bus overturns on mountain road in Ecuador
09/25/2006 Bus Crash In Ecuador Kills 47
09/25/2006 Oklahoma City Teen Killed In Car Accident In Canadian County
09/25/2006 Indian national killed in freak accident
09/25/2006 Six killed in Free State bus crash
09/25/2006 Farmer armies in the killing fields
09/25/2006 Pilot killed in airshow jet crash
09/25/2006 West Rand mob beats up alleged killer
09/25/2006 Two men killed in weekend violence
09/25/2006 Woman cop killed in Srinagar blast
09/25/2006 Gunmen Kill Afghanistan's Director Of Women's Affairs
09/25/2006 Joshi car kills child
09/25/2006 Sri Lanka 70 Sea Tigers killed in battle
09/25/2006 Sri Lankan navy attacks rebel fleet, killing around 70
09/25/2006 Mum admits killing baby
09/25/2006 Six killed in China coalmine collapse
09/25/2006 Road accidents kill over 10,000 in Uganda in five years
09/25/2006 Family killings a gruesome tragedy
09/25/2006 Woman constable killed, four injured in grenade attack
09/25/2006 NATO says dozens killed in Afghan raids
09/25/2006 Afghan provincial women's affairs chief killed
09/25/2006 Skills schooling plan for teens
09/25/2006 Two U.S. marines killed in western Iraq
09/25/2006 8 Taliban militants killed in S. Afghanistan
09/25/2006 Talent, McCaskill split on four hot issues
09/25/2006 Pilot killed at air show well-known
09/25/2006 Motorcycle Crashes Kill Two
09/25/2006 4 killed, 5 hurt when trucks falls into ravine
09/25/2006 One killed in mishap
09/25/2006 Four killed as wall collapses
09/25/2006 Four newly-wed women killed in Mainpuri
09/25/2006 Indian medical student killed in St Petersburg
09/25/2006 Early-Morning Fire Kills Elderly Man
09/25/2006 Iraqi and U.S. forces kill two insurgents
09/25/2006 Clinton says he 'worked hard' to kill bin Laden
09/25/2006 Afghanistan's Director Of Women's Affairs Shot, Killed
09/24/2006 Ecuador crash kills 47, including 17 kids
09/24/2006 Indian student killed in St Petersburg
09/24/2006 Sri lanka navy claims sinking 11 Tiger boats, killing over 70
09/24/2006 70 LTTE rebels killed in Trincomalee sea battle Lankan Navy
09/24/2006 Indian student killed in Saint Petersburg
09/24/2006 Afghan province's women's affairs chief killed
09/24/2006 47 killed as bus overturns in Ecuador
09/24/2006 Sri Lanka says 70 Tigers killed in sea battle
09/24/2006 Man kills girlfriend while pair in casino's parking lot

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