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05/03/2006 Teenager's killers get 12 years
05/03/2006 Gretna man pleads guilty to killing Houma resident in 2004
05/03/2006 Armenian plane crashes off Russia's Black Sea coast, killing all 113 aboard
05/03/2006 Conviction in killing of cab driver
05/03/2006 Baby, two adults from New York killed in Tenn. crash
05/03/2006 Sentencing Day for Killer
05/03/2006 Surfing star mourns son killed in prank
05/03/2006 Armenian plane crashes off Russia's Black Sea coast killing 113
05/03/2006 Sri Lankan president vows killers at newspaper will face justice
05/03/2006 Suicide bomber kills 15 Iraqis
05/03/2006 5 Iraqis killed by suicide bomber at police recruitment center
05/03/2006 Suicide Bomber Kills 17; 37 Bodies Found in Baghdad
05/03/2006 15 Iraqis Killed by Suicide Bomber
05/03/2006 15 Iraqis killed in police recruitment line
05/03/2006 Shop Fire Bombing Kills Second Man
05/03/2006 113 Killed in Russian Plane Crash
05/03/2006 Plane crashes off Russia's black sea coast, killing all 113 aboard
05/03/2006 Day Of Mourning Declared For 113 Killed In Armenian Plane Crash
05/03/2006 15 killed in Iraq suicide bomb attacks
05/03/2006 Divers Search For 113 Killed In Plane Crash In Black Sea
05/03/2006 18 killed in Iraq suicide bombing
05/03/2006 US, Iraqi forces kill 100 insurgents Iraq, Afghanistan on 'failed states' index
05/03/2006 First Aussie soldier killed in Iraq is buried amid mystery over death
05/03/2006 Nine girl students killed in Oman accident
05/03/2006 Five killed in Iraq suicide blast; bodies found in Baghdad
05/03/2006 At Least 15 Killed In Iraq Blast
05/03/2006 113 killed in Russian plane crash
05/03/2006 All passengers, crew killed in Armenian jet crash
05/03/2006 Elderly Woman Visits Grave, Gets Killed By Own Car
05/03/2006 Young killer to leave training school for juvenile camp
05/03/2006 Suicide bomber kills at least 18 in Iraq
05/03/2006 GIs raid al-Qaida hideout, kill 10 insurgents
05/03/2006 More Than 100 Killed in Armenian Airliner Crash
05/03/2006 Moonshine kills 15 Iranians
05/03/2006 Altaf flays killing of Hindus in Doda
05/03/2006 Black Sea plane crash kills all 113 on board
05/03/2006 At Enron, was Skilling a crook or just a fool?
05/03/2006 Black Sea crash kills 113 passengers on board Airbus
05/03/2006 Gunmen kill Honduran politician
05/03/2006 Falling silo killed man
05/03/2006 May 15 trial set for man accused of killing neighbor
05/03/2006 Armenian plane crashes off Russia’s Black Sea coast killing 113
05/03/2006 Armenian plane crashes into Black Sea, killing 113
05/03/2006 Armenian jet crashes off Russia, 113 killed
05/03/2006 'Johnathan' doctor to examine killer's sketches
05/03/2006 Baghdad bomber kills 15
05/03/2006 Update Azerbaijani citizen killed in shootout in east Moscow
05/03/2006 15 Iraqi Police, Recruits Killed By Suicide Bomber
05/03/2006 Gaza blast kills two security officers
05/03/2006 Police hunting Sinai bombers kill three suspects
05/03/2006 U.S. troops kill 10 insurgents in raid
05/03/2006 Suicide Bomber Kills 15 Iraqi Police, Recruits
05/03/2006 Athlete shows seven skills
05/03/2006 113 killed as Armenian plane crashes over Black Sea
05/03/2006 Armenian jetliner crash kills 113
05/03/2006 Armenian plane crashes off Russia's Black Sea coast killing 113
05/03/2006 15 Iraqis Killed by Suicide Bomber
05/03/2006 Bangladesh boiler blast kills nine
05/03/2006 Indian bus crashes off bridge, kills 19
05/03/2006 Bombing Kills 5 Iraqis, 14 Bodies Found
05/03/2006 Armenian jet crash kills113
05/03/2006 Armenian plane crashes, 113 on board reported killed
05/03/2006 Bombing kills 5 Iraqis; 14 bodies found
05/03/2006 Armenian plane crashes into Black Sea, killing all 113 aboard
05/03/2006 10 insurgents killed in U.S. raid on suspected hideout
05/03/2006 Suicide Bomber Kills 15, Wounds 30 Near Fallujah
05/03/2006 Suspected Taliban kill court official in Afghanistan
05/03/2006 Four militants, three Indian security men killed in occupied Kashmir
05/03/2006 Gunmen storm Sri Lanka news office killing two
05/03/2006 Iraqi provincial governor unhurt in kill attempt
05/03/2006 Suicide Bomber Kills Police Recruits
05/03/2006 113 killed in crash of Armenian plane
05/03/2006 UNICEF Poor nutrition kills millions of kids each year
05/03/2006 Fiery Arizona crash kills 7
05/03/2006 U.S. raid on safehouse kills 10 Iraqi insurgents
05/03/2006 Armenian jet crashes, 113 killed
05/03/2006 Two soldiers, 5 others killed in J&K
05/03/2006 GIs kill 10 in raid on al-Qaida hide-out
05/03/2006 Hindu forum in Britain condemns Kashmir killings
05/03/2006 LATE NEWS Blast in Gaza kills 2 security officers
05/03/2006 Gaza Strip At least two Palestinians killed by Israeli artillery shell
05/03/2006 Five Iraqis killed, 14 bodies of Iraqis found
05/03/2006 Killer execution set for May 19
05/03/2006 113 Killed in Russian Plane Crash
05/03/2006 Would you kill 5 people to save 1 person?
05/03/2006 Lookout Youtube! UN Cooking Podcast-Killing Treaty
05/03/2006 150,000 to kill crime boss
05/03/2006 19 killed in UP bus mishap
05/03/2006 Our members and leaders are being killed
05/03/2006 Malnutrition kills 10 children every minute
05/02/2006 113 killed in Armenian jet crash
05/02/2006 10 killed as lab steam engine explodes
05/02/2006 Senate move may kill Riviera redevelopment
05/02/2006 Jet Crash In Black Sea Kills 113
05/02/2006 India hunts for killers in Kashmir
05/02/2006 Armenian Passenger Plane Crash Kills All 113 Aboard
05/02/2006 Sunrise Mtn. auto skills team wins
05/02/2006 Officials Jet crash in Russia kills all 112 on board
05/02/2006 Indian troops kill four militants ahead of Kashmir talks
05/02/2006 Cold Case Mystery Searching for Diana Willmeth's killer
05/02/2006 Crash kills Bridgeville woman, injures infant
05/02/2006 Black Sea plane crash kills 113
05/02/2006 Palestinians killed by Gaza shell
05/02/2006 Armenian Passenger Plane Crashes in Black Sea, Killing 112
05/02/2006 16-Year-Old Boy Executes His Father's Killer In Somalia
05/02/2006 Safety Board suspects icing in Colorado crash that killed Ebersol's son
05/02/2006 Hitman jailed for underworld killings
05/02/2006 9 Story Fall Kills 3-Year-Old
05/02/2006 Two killed in Sri Lankan shootout
05/02/2006 Two contract killers arrested
05/02/2006 Masked man kills woman in her front yard
05/02/2006 WPC killer scandal
05/02/2006 Teacher accused of trying to kill student and leaving her for dead
05/02/2006 Sri Lankan Gunman Kill Two in Newspaper Office Raid
05/02/2006 US troops kill 10 suspects in raid for al-Qaida in Iraq official
05/02/2006 MI Crime Spree Killings UPDATE
05/02/2006 Somali teen executes his father killer
05/02/2006 Chronic diseases to kill hundreds by 2010
05/02/2006 10 Terrorists Killed by Coalition Forces in Iraq Safe House Attack
05/02/2006 Ski Champ Rey-Bellet, Brother Killed
05/02/2006 Officials Name Man Killed In S.F. Castro Crash
05/02/2006 Two PA security elements killed in Israeli shelling
05/02/2006 Amjad Bosan, 2 accomplices killed in encounter
05/02/2006 Seven killed in Afghan violence
05/02/2006 LATE NEWS Blast in Gaza kills 2 security officers
05/02/2006 Constable killed as outlaws free prisoners from police custody
05/02/2006 Four people killed in separate incidents
05/02/2006 Teen allegedly text-messaged killing boast
05/02/2006 Funerals for family killed in Medicine Hat
05/02/2006 8 Tamil Tigers Killed In Sri Lanka
05/02/2006 US troops kill 10 insurgents in al-Qaida hunt
05/02/2006 Tory budget kills Kelowna deal
05/02/2006 Mainstream News Boy, 16, executes father's killer
05/02/2006 Reward for Information on Goat Killers
05/02/2006 Man gets life sentence for New Year's Day killing
05/02/2006 Barrington remembers teens killed in car crash one year ago
05/02/2006 Wildlife officials kill second coyote
05/02/2006 Killer of 12-year-old boy gets maximum sentence
05/02/2006 Police killer suspect was allowed to stay in UK
05/02/2006 Soldiers killed in combat remembered by those at home
05/02/2006 Roadside Bomb Kills Soldier; DoD Identifies Earlier Casualties
05/02/2006 Foreigners Taken Hostage, Killed in Iraq
05/02/2006 Ice Age Horses May Have Been Killed Off by Humans, Study Finds
05/02/2006 Teen Admits Shooting, Killing School Bus Driver
05/02/2006 Execution date set for ax killer
05/02/2006 Suicide bomber kills 10 in assault on governor
05/02/2006 Ice Said to Cause Crash That Killed Teddy Ebersol
05/02/2006 News Fort Wayne man accused of killing family may face death penalty
05/02/2006 Blast at Palestinian national security headquarters in Gaza town kills two
05/02/2006 7 US soldiers killed in Iraq
05/02/2006 Iraq Coalition Troops Kill 10 Militants During Hunt for Al-Qaeda Leader
05/02/2006 Somali teen executes father's killer under Sharia
05/02/2006 SUV mowing suspect kills himself
05/02/2006 Roadside Bomb Kills Soldier; DoD Identifies Earlier Casualties
05/02/2006 10 Terrorists Killed; Suicide Vests, Weapons Destroyed
05/02/2006 Lawyer tells jurors teen was depressed, didn't plan to kill school bus driver
05/02/2006 One farmer killed in Balochistan land mine blast
05/02/2006 Boy, 16, executes father's killer
05/02/2006 Social groups, rights activists condemn Kashmir killings
05/02/2006 Arbitrary fire kills civilian after road blast in Baghdad
05/02/2006 Man killed in Mesa hit and run
05/02/2006 India condemns Kashmir killing
05/02/2006 Mother Accused of Killing Babies Denied She Was Pregnant
05/02/2006 Lawyer Teen Didn't Plan Tenn. Bus Killing
05/02/2006 Foreigners Taken Hostage, Killed in Iraq
05/02/2006 Killer executed the hard way
05/02/2006 British soldiers accused of killing young Iraqi by drowning
05/02/2006 Number of jobs in skilled trades on the rise in Arizona
05/02/2006 Illinois Marine Killed In Iraq
05/02/2006 Italy Honors Its Soldiers Killed in Iraq
05/02/2006 Ethiopia Watery diarrhoea kills eight in Gambella
05/02/2006 Lawyer Man wants to plead guilty in 3 killings
05/02/2006 Suicide attack on Iraqi governor kills 10
05/02/2006 Woman Killed In Car Crash On River Road
05/02/2006 Accused killer says he's reformed, wants freedom
05/02/2006 Killed At Cemetary
05/02/2006 Trial set for teen accused of killing nephew
05/02/2006 Van Driver Killed By Falling Tree
05/02/2006 Undernutrition Kills Million Of Kids
05/02/2006 Agency suspects icing in crash that killed Ebersol son
05/02/2006 Honduran congressman killed at home
05/02/2006 If people have the skills,we have the patience and tolerance
05/02/2006 India hunts for rebels after dozens killed
05/02/2006 Motorist killed by falling tree
05/02/2006 Indianapolis Man Killed When Tree Falls on Van
05/02/2006 8 Tamil Rebels Killed in Attack on Sri Lanka Camp
05/02/2006 JAFI honors Jews killed abroad
05/02/2006 10 killed Bangladesh rice mill boiler blast
05/02/2006 One killed, one injured in Ehrhardt crash
05/02/2006 Janjaweed raid kills 4 Chadian villagers near Sudan border
05/02/2006 NTSB suspects icing in Colorado crash that killed Ebersol son
05/02/2006 Ramadi suicide bomber kills 10 in assault on governor
05/02/2006 Two Palestinians killed in mysterious explosion in Gaza
05/02/2006 Jammu killings will not affect Indo-Pak ties Govt
05/02/2006 Eight LTTE activists killed in rebel faction attack
05/02/2006 Australia farewells first soldier killed in Iraq
05/02/2006 Ohio executes convicted killer after trouble with lethal injection
05/02/2006 Bomb Attacks in Iraq Kill 3 Civilians, US Soldier
05/02/2006 German Mother Accused of Killing Babies Denied She Was Pregnant
05/02/2006 Three killed in suicide attack
05/02/2006 Fire continues to burn in Catskills park
05/02/2006 Judge denies NW serial killer's request
05/02/2006 Landslide Kills Vacationing Family
05/02/2006 Study Songbirds Can Learn Grammatical Skills
05/02/2006 Senate Republicans Kill Tax Proposal
05/02/2006 G.I. Journos' Killer War Doc
05/02/2006 Friends remember Fort Campbell soldier killed in Iraq
05/02/2006 15 killed in Congo attacks
05/02/2006 Third man arrested in Little Rock killing
05/02/2006 Trial dates set for five charged in killing of Morrilton resident
05/02/2006 Two killed in Gaza blast
05/02/2006 Iraq Bomb Attacks Kill Several Iraqis, US Soldier
05/02/2006 Houston rapper shot to death
05/02/2006 Indian reinforces hunt for Kashmir killers
05/02/2006 Pakistani Teen Clings To Life After Attempted 'Honor Killing'
05/02/2006 Police Think Dad Killed Baby For Religious Sacrifice
05/02/2006 Three killed in Baghdad attacks
05/02/2006 Accused killer wants freedom
05/02/2006 Bus falls into river, 28 killed
05/02/2006 US private guards kill Baghdad ambulance crewman
05/02/2006 Pakistani Girl Shot In Attempted 'Honor Killing'
05/02/2006 Two killed in security base blast
05/02/2006 US, Iraqi forces kill over 100 insurgents in Ramadi
05/02/2006 Bomb Hidden in Minibus Kills 2 Iraqis
05/02/2006 Teachers look to future of skills training
05/02/2006 Two killed in suspected suicide attack
05/02/2006 Over 100 insurgents killed in Ramadi
05/02/2006 Canadian Troops Kill 20 Afghan Rebels
05/02/2006 Explosion in Gaza town kills 2
05/02/2006 Schoolchildren protest Suryanarayana, Doda killings
05/02/2006 10 killed in Uttaranchal paper mill blaze
05/02/2006 Pointe killing case in court
05/02/2006 Indian re-inforces hunt for Kashmir killers
05/02/2006 Eighteen killed in Egypt resort blasts
05/02/2006 Funeral plans change for soldier killed in Iraq
05/02/2006 Roadside Attack Kills 1 U.S. Soldier, 7 Iraqis
05/02/2006 Suicide car bomber targets coalition convoy in Afghanistan, kills bystander
05/02/2006 Love triangle killer gets life
05/02/2006 Office colleagues shy of sharing their skill-sets!
05/02/2006 Slide Show Skill Seekers
05/02/2006 Teen sentenced in mom's killing
05/02/2006 Roadside bombs kill two Iraqis, a U.S. soldier
05/02/2006 27 militants reported killed in Afghan battles
05/02/2006 New deadline presses Darfur parties for a deal
05/02/2006 Wave of Kashmir strife kills 35
05/02/2006 Egyptian forces kill 3 resort blast suspects
05/02/2006 Roadside Bombs Kill 3 People in Iraq
05/02/2006 Man held over arson attacks
05/02/2006 Afghan, bomber, killed in attack on Canadians
05/02/2006 Bomb Hidden in Minibus Kills 2 Iraqis
05/02/2006 Indian bus falls into river, 18 killed
05/02/2006 <b>More troops sent to Doda to hunt killers</b>
05/02/2006 One Killed In Semi-Van Crash
05/02/2006 Bombs Kill U.S. Soldier, Several Iraqi Civilians
05/02/2006 Catskills fire grows to 400 acres
05/02/2006 U-S soldier, civilians killed in roadside bombings
05/02/2006 Bus falls into river, 18 killed
05/02/2006 Police make arrest over London arson killing
05/02/2006 India engineer killed in Afghanistan/titl
05/02/2006 Two killed, four injured in air crash in China
05/02/2006 Pakistan media blames India for Suryanarayana killing
05/02/2006 Father convicted of daughter's mercy killing gets parole
05/02/2006 U.S. Insurgents killed in Ramadi
05/02/2006 How Mnemonic Strategies Can Improve Your Child's Memory Skills In One Evening
05/02/2006 Killed in Iraq
05/02/2006 Feds Go All Out to Kill Spy Suit
05/02/2006 Kashmir Militants Kill 35 Hindus
05/02/2006 Suspected suicide bomber kills self, one other in Afghanistan
05/02/2006 Roadside bombs kill 3 people in Iraq, including a U.S. soldier
05/02/2006 Family of woman killed wants garage closed
05/02/2006 Lindbergh baby killer ghost gets blame for lights flipping on, off
05/02/2006 India rushes more troops to hunt Kashmir killers
05/02/2006 Another killed in Vadodara violence
05/02/2006 India sends more troops to hunt Kashmir killers
05/01/2006 Afghan suicide blast kills two, wounds Canadian
05/01/2006 Israeli occupiers killed another Palestinian woman
05/01/2006 Funeral for first Australian soldier killed in Iraq
05/01/2006 Suicide bomber, passer-by killed in Afghan blast
05/01/2006 Neurologist, son killed in plane crash remembered
05/01/2006 Classmates mourn spiritual surf buddies killed in crash
05/01/2006 1 killed, 2 injured in shooting outside concert
05/01/2006 Troops Kill Enemies, Destroy Weapons Caches in Afghanistan
05/01/2006 7 Killed in Crash on Arizona Interstate
05/01/2006 Cyclone Mala Kills 2 In Burma
05/01/2006 Paper Mill Fire Kills At Least 10 In India
05/01/2006 Four Chinese killed in tanker blast off Malaysia reports
05/01/2006 Five girls killed in mudslide in Nepal
05/01/2006 Limbaugh, prosecutors fraud case deal
05/01/2006 2 Fort Hood soldiers killed in Baghdad
05/01/2006 StatsCan urging bilingual francophones to ignore call to fudge English skills
05/01/2006 Judge denies serial killer's request
05/01/2006 Loyal Mourner Killed By Own Car
05/01/2006 Man kills himself by cutting parachute lines
05/01/2006 Starlings' Listening Skills May Shed Light on Language Evolution
05/01/2006 Kennedy cousin's defense identifies two men implicated in killing
05/01/2006 Killed man, sow grizzly, cubs shot for 'humane' reasons
05/01/2006 More Fijians killed in Iraq
05/01/2006 Canoe lessons At-risk kids get hands-on skills
05/01/2006 Skakel's Defense Implicates 2 Men In Killing
05/01/2006 Twenty-two Hindus killed in Indian-controlled Kashmir
05/01/2006 Kennedy cousin's defense names PDX man in killing
05/01/2006 14 Deer Killed During UWGB's Deer Hunt
05/01/2006 Factory blast kills twelve in Uttaranchal
05/01/2006 Sonia Gandhi expresses shock and pain on Doda and Vadodara killings
05/01/2006 Queens soldier killed in Iraq
05/01/2006 Bombing suspects killed
05/01/2006 Lorry carrying mangos topples over, killing 20
05/01/2006 Islamic militants blamed as 35 Hindus are killed
05/01/2006 Pledge to close benefits loophole that gives killers £95 a week
05/01/2006 Kennedy cousin's defense identifies two men implicated in killing
05/01/2006 Students killed in car crash
05/01/2006 Tribal elder killed in Waziristan
05/01/2006 Four killed in Gujarat riots
05/01/2006 34 Hindus killed in Kashmir
05/01/2006 Eight killed in fresh Iraq violence
05/01/2006 20 Taliban killed in Afghanistan
05/01/2006 Local Soldier Killed in Iraq Remembered
05/01/2006 U.S. Ramadi battle kills 100-plus insurgents
05/01/2006 Landslide Kills Four In Italy
05/01/2006 Outback Train Collision Kills Two
05/01/2006 Police Girl killed was to be raped and eaten
05/01/2006 Scott Crossfield killed in plane crash
05/01/2006 Militants kill six Afghan policemen
05/01/2006 8 Americans killed in Iraq this weekend
05/01/2006 Egypt police say kill 3 from Sinai bomber group
05/01/2006 Egyptian security agents report killing three terror suspects in Sinai sweep
05/01/2006 Man Charged With Killing Toddler With Cough Syrup
05/01/2006 Wildlife officials remove remaining traps for killer black bear
05/01/2006 Mainstream News Bush Rejects Killing FEMA Urges we Pray for No Hurricanes
05/01/2006 Sectarian violence kills 200 in Sri Lanka
05/01/2006 Kennedy Cousin's Defense IDs 2 in Killing
05/01/2006 Man killed in Yukon grizzly attack
05/01/2006 3,051 killed in road accidents in 2005
05/01/2006 Seven killed in "LTTE attacks"
05/01/2006 Four killed in Vadodara
05/01/2006 News Kalamazoo soldier killed in Iraq
05/01/2006 Grizzly bear kills man in Yukon
05/01/2006 Former Marine Who Served In Iraq Killed In Chicago
05/01/2006 1 killed, 1 hurt in clashes in Lebanese Palestinian refugee camp
05/01/2006 Car bomb targets US patrol, kills Iraqi civilian Roundup
05/01/2006 Egyptian security forces kill three further Dahab suspects
05/01/2006 Convicted Killer Asks Judge to Return Porn Tapes
05/01/2006 RIAA I mean Epson trying to kill off third-party ink cartridges retailers
05/01/2006 Woman, 45, and seven-year-old boy killed in Rahat road accident
05/01/2006 Limbaugh OKs deal, will have drug tests
05/01/2006 Bonne Terre woman charged with killing 2-year-old girl
05/01/2006 Egyptian Agents Report Killing Three Terror Suspects in Sinai Sweep
05/01/2006 Hong Kong desperately seeking skilled labour
05/01/2006 Motorcycle Crash Kills Bragg Soldier
05/01/2006 Maryland man sentenced for crash that killed 18-year-old woman
05/01/2006 Kashmir Violence Kills 35
05/01/2006 "Militants" Kill Kashmir Hindus
05/01/2006 Four Iraqis killed, protesters demand better security in Baghdad
05/01/2006 Suspected Islamic rebels kill 22 Hindus in village
05/01/2006 Former Swiss ski star shot and killed at parents' home
05/01/2006 Egypt police hunting Sinai bombers kill three
05/01/2006 Girl accused in killing of an Alberta family transferred to Calgary
05/01/2006 Jailed serial killer now spiritual guru
05/01/2006 Police Suspected Islamic rebels kill 22 Hindus in village; 13 bodies found elsewhere
05/01/2006 Egypt police hunting Sinai bombers kill three
05/01/2006 Truck accident kills 20 workers in India
05/01/2006 Renewed Violence In Sri Lanka Kills Five
05/01/2006 Pregnant woman killed in crash
05/01/2006 Teens Enlisted In Search Of Tree-Killing Bug
05/01/2006 Egypt Forces Kill 3 Resort Blast Suspects
05/01/2006 Nine killed in Uttaranchal paper mill fire
05/01/2006 One killed, four wounded in blast in Kashmir
05/01/2006 9 killed in factory boiler explosion in Uttaranchal
05/01/2006 Cong condemns engineers killing, that of Hindus in Jammu
05/01/2006 Girl killed by Dy Speaker's car
05/01/2006 Coalition kills 27 militants in Afghanistan
05/01/2006 20 killed as bus overturns in AP
05/01/2006 Up To 27 Militants Killed In Afghanistan