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08/16/2006 16 killed in Iraq violence
08/16/2006 Australian church, Asian rights group slam RP on killings
08/16/2006 Murder charges for a suspected killer caught in Missoula
08/16/2006 Man ordered to stand trial Nov. 27 for deputy's killing
08/16/2006 Man convicted of killing stepdaughter wants new trial
08/16/2006 Baby killed by stray bullet
08/16/2006 Killer Heat Waves Do Discriminate
08/16/2006 Two killed in Israeli air strike in Gaza
08/16/2006 Tamil Tiger rebels killed in Sri Lanka gun battle
08/16/2006 Baghdad bombing kills eight civilians
08/16/2006 Israeli strike kills 2 in Gaza
08/16/2006 Baghdad blast kills 8 as clashes erupt
08/16/2006 More than 700 killed or missing in Ethiopian floods
08/16/2006 Snake bite kills 69-year-old man
08/16/2006 Man jailed for pigeon row killing
08/16/2006 Police Man runs over two people, tries to kill himself
08/16/2006 Suspect in Detroit prostitute killings arrested
08/16/2006 Police DNA links man to 4 Mich. deaths
08/16/2006 Ethiopia Ethiopian floods feared to have killed 700
08/16/2006 Motorcyclist Killed In Crash On Stevenson
08/16/2006 Motorcyclist killed on Stevenson
08/16/2006 Two killed in Gaza missile attack
08/16/2006 Blast Kills 8 Laborers, Wounds 28 in Baghdad
08/16/2006 Police shoot, kill fleeing I-95 driver
08/16/2006 Car Bombing in Baghdad Kills 8
08/16/2006 1 Ukrainian killed, another injured in Siberian avalanche
08/16/2006 Baghdad Bomb Blast Kills Eight
08/16/2006 Highest Death Toll Yet Over 3,400 Iraqis Killed This July...
08/16/2006 Man killed by anthrax
08/16/2006 Russian border patrol kills Japanese fisherman near disputed islands
08/16/2006 Ethiopian floods kill up to 700
08/16/2006 Car bomb kills 8 in Baghdad; gunfight breaks out in Mosul%
08/16/2006 Migrant scheme fails to fix skills shortage ALP
08/16/2006 Funeral held for teen killed by gunfire
08/16/2006 Israeli air strike hits house in Gaza, killing two, wounding four
08/16/2006 Skateboarding challenge lets kids show their skills
08/16/2006 Indianola boy, 6, is hit, killed by van
08/16/2006 One tribal killed, three policemen injured on Ranchi outskirts
08/16/2006 Baghdad car bomb kills 8
08/16/2006 Convicted killer denied early parole
08/16/2006 Car bomb kills 8 in Baghdad; gunfight breaks out in Mosul
08/16/2006 Indian security forces kill seven in occupied Kashmir
08/16/2006 Car bomb kills eight in central Baghdad
08/16/2006 Car bomb kills eight in Baghdad
08/16/2006 Senior Hezbollah leader killed Israel
08/16/2006 A suicide bombing and street skirmishes kill 16 in Iraq
08/16/2006 Roadside bomb kills eight in east Baghdad market
08/16/2006 Hunting drive-by killers on patrol in Baghdad
08/16/2006 India says kills five infiltrators from Pakistan
08/16/2006 Car Bomb Kills 8 in Baghdad
08/16/2006 KC man, 61, killed when car falls on him
08/16/2006 Israel Claims Chief Killed; Hezbollah Balks848 pm EDT August 15,2006
08/16/2006 Japanese fisherman killed in firing by Russian patrol
08/16/2006 Roadside bomb kills 7 in eastern Baghdad
08/16/2006 Family, friends mourn firefighters killed in Idaho copter crash
08/16/2006 Typhoon Saomai kills 319 in China
08/16/2006 Man guilty in killing gets new trial
08/16/2006 Baghdad bomb blast 'kills seven'
08/16/2006 Man who tried to kill Reagan asks to spend more time with family
08/16/2006 Confessed Killer Testifies in O.C. Love Triangle Murder Trial
08/16/2006 Boy kidnapped, killed by friends
08/16/2006 Militants kill two Tripura tribals
08/16/2006 Highway worker killed on I-55
08/16/2006 Man who killed wife after years of abuse gets 30 years
08/16/2006 Coverup Alleged in Kazakhstan Killing
08/16/2006 Council kills arena proposal
08/16/2006 Japan protests after Russia kills fisherman
08/16/2006 Russian border patrol kills Japanese fisherman
08/16/2006 Nine killed as suicide bomber targets president's party office
08/16/2006 Russian Patrol Boat Fires on Japanese Vessel, Fisherman Killed
08/16/2006 McMinnville killer 'wanted to know what it felt like to be God'
08/16/2006 BRIAN DICKERSON To kill state recovery, fan fear of immigrants
08/16/2006 Suspect in serial killings arrested
08/15/2006 Israel Claims It Killed Senior Hezbollah Leader
08/15/2006 Killer invites 45 to his execution
08/15/2006 Bird Flu Kills 1,800 Ducks in China, 210,000 Culled
08/15/2006 Killer's disclosure chilling
08/15/2006 Two Palestinians killed in Israeli raid in Gaza
08/15/2006 Israel killed senior Hizbollah man before truce-army
08/15/2006 One killed as Russians fire on Japanese boat
08/15/2006 Four boys killed in explosion of Vietnam War-era mortar shell
08/15/2006 Suspected Reds killed, cop hurt in Surigao del Sur
08/15/2006 Soft on cop killers
08/15/2006 Lightning kills two people
08/15/2006 Russian Patrol Kills Japanese Fisherman in Disputed Waters
08/15/2006 Thousands of ducks killed by bird-flu in China
08/15/2006 Portsmouth Officer Kills Dog
08/15/2006 Man killed in police firing
08/15/2006 Tribal killed in police firing; four policemen suspended
08/15/2006 Alleged axe killer's case postponed
08/15/2006 Man killed Monday in two-car crash on Shelby County road
08/15/2006 Man who killed Terre Haute woman in '81 arrested in new case
08/15/2006 ONLY on FOX Murder Suspect Says Sorry, Plays Dumb About Killing
08/15/2006 Two Teenagers Killed in Explosive Blast
08/15/2006 61 schoolgirls killed, 129 wounded in airstrike
08/15/2006 Russian patrol kills Japanese fisherman
08/15/2006 Country star charged with killing tame bear in pen
08/15/2006 Will Mossad Ignite a War with Syria by Killing Fouad Siniora?
08/15/2006 Man who killed Terre Haute woman in ‚81 arrested in new case
08/15/2006 Florida deals with nuisance alligators
08/15/2006 Wife accused of killing pastor posts bail
08/15/2006 EXCLUSIVE KCTV5/SURVEY USA POLL McCaskill, Talent Tie in Fierce Fight for U.S. Senate
08/15/2006 Israeli strike on Gaza kills two
08/15/2006 Dozens Of Puppies Killed In Horrible Accident
08/15/2006 60 Puppies Die in Mass. Trailer Fire
08/15/2006 Troops killed top Hezbollah man minutes before cease-fire
08/15/2006 Bus crash in Guatemala kills 23, leaves dozens injured
08/15/2006 Four detained in Dhaka for plotting to kill Hasina
08/15/2006 Hezbollah Says Israel Didn't Kill Its Leader
08/15/2006 Killed Leading Hezbollah Figure Before Cease-Fire
08/15/2006 Hezbollah commander 'killed before truce'
08/15/2006 IAF strikes strikes Gaza house, killing one, wounding 4
08/15/2006 Six killed in clash in Philippines
08/15/2006 Amnesty blames military behind Philippine killings
08/15/2006 Australian killed in Iraq 'knew risk'
08/15/2006 Peruvians warned after fake magic potion kills man
08/15/2006 Five Afghan soldiers, 20 extremists killed in latest attack
08/15/2006 Taliban attack kills five policemen, injures three in western Afghanistan
08/15/2006 Al-Qaeda suspect killed, 13 detained in Afghan raid
08/15/2006 Six Afghan cops killed
08/15/2006 Three killed in Gaza on pullout anniversary eve
08/15/2006 Israel says it killed senior Hezbollah leader; U.N. peacekeepers assemble
08/15/2006 Thousands of ducks killed by bird-flu in China
08/15/2006 Country singer faces federal charges for killing bear
08/15/2006 Israeli Air Strikes Kill at Least Four in Eastern Lebanon
08/15/2006 - Israeli Forces Kill Hezbollah Leader
08/15/2006 CORRECTED Israel killed senior Hizbollah man before truce army
08/15/2006 Four killed, 35 injured in suicide bombing in Iraq's Mosul
08/15/2006 Palestinian Sources Israeli Airstrike in Gaza Kills Two
08/15/2006 Corpus Christi native killed in Afghanistan
08/15/2006 Acquittal in crack killing
08/15/2006 Woman killed in crash at airport
08/15/2006 AL man killed at feast for the destitute
08/15/2006 Charges framed against 10 in journo Gautam killing case
08/15/2006 Contra Costa Deputy Kills Suspect in Traffic Stop
08/15/2006 Farrington confesses how he killed Robins
08/15/2006 Ugandan rebels say they remain in peace talks despite reported killing of commander
08/15/2006 Sri Lanka rebels accuse government of bombing orphanage, killing 43
08/15/2006 -Dozens killed in Sri Lanka air raid, capital blast
08/15/2006 Hezbollah says none of its fighters killed after ceasefire
08/15/2006 9 killed in suicide bombing in Mosul
08/15/2006 * Taiwan Quick Take Man held for drunken killing
08/15/2006 Israel Senior Hezbollah leader killed just before cease-fire began
08/15/2006 Pedestrian killed in collision with car
08/15/2006 Doctor addicted to painkillers admits forgery
08/15/2006 Turkish head-scarf killing trial halted
08/15/2006 Five Hezbollah men killed
08/15/2006 Kalaazar Kills Two More As Over 40 Admitted
08/15/2006 Gov't Says 13 ONLF Members Killed
08/15/2006 Jury decides on killed neighbour
08/15/2006 US military confirms three American soldiers killed in Afghanistan
08/15/2006 11 militants, 1 policeman killed in Afghanistan
08/15/2006 City soldier killed in Afghanistan had warned wife
08/15/2006 Violence in Afghanistan reaches new level as 18 killed
08/15/2006 Six policemen killed by militants in western Afghanistan
08/15/2006 Thai rebel blast kills 2
08/15/2006 Two soldiers killed
08/15/2006 Nurse Lunn's killer gets life sentence
08/15/2006 Driver killed in accident
08/15/2006 Body of Canadian medic killed by suicide bomb returns home
08/15/2006 Funeral service held near Edmonton for soldier killed in Afghanistan ambush
08/15/2006 Vancouver man killed when truck rolls on driver's side
08/15/2006 Teen kills self as police probe incident
08/15/2006 Seven killed in Colombo explosion
08/15/2006 Sri Lanka air raids 'kill girls'
08/15/2006 Tigers say Sri Lankan air strike kills 43 orphaned girls
08/15/2006 50 schoolgirls killed in Sri Lanka bombing
08/15/2006 Tamil schoolgirls killed in bomb attack, website claims
08/15/2006 50 killed in Sri Lankan violence
08/15/2006 Dozens killed in Sri Lankan bombings
08/15/2006 Dozens killed in Sri Lanka blast
08/15/2006 Head-on crash kills two
08/15/2006 Israeli forces kill Hezbollah leader
08/15/2006 Hezbollah leader killed by Israelis
08/15/2006 Stop the killing urges Bahrain
08/15/2006 Police Women mistaken for men linked to crime spree, killing
08/15/2006 Killer wants 45 relatives to watch his execution
08/15/2006 9 killed in suicide bombing in Mosul; fierce gunbattles in Karbala
08/15/2006 Bus crash in Guatemala kills 23
08/15/2006 Gunmen kill two, wound five
08/15/2006 Girl killed during lovers' quarrel
08/15/2006 193 Palestinians killed, 790 wounded, including 83 children since July 26
08/15/2006 Woman, 86, killed by car
08/15/2006 Man pleads guilty in Minneapolis killing
08/15/2006 Car Kills Grizzly In Grand Teton National Park
08/15/2006 Crash kills two Orange County teens
08/15/2006 Suspect in crash that killed officer has long police record
08/15/2006 Israeli Army Kills ‘Three Hezbollah Fighters'
08/15/2006 Wife accused of killing preacher gets bail
08/15/2006 60 Puppies Killed In Truck Fire
08/15/2006 Doctors Accused Killer Faking Insanity
08/15/2006 Bird flu kills 1,800 ducks in China, 210,000 culled
08/15/2006 Alleged axe killer case postponed
08/15/2006 ATV accident kills 9-year-old
08/15/2006 Spancrete Employees, Pilot Killed in Plane Crash
08/15/2006 2 shot, 1 killed in shooting
08/15/2006 Novell's giant killer Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
08/15/2006 60 puppies perish in trailer fire 101 PM
08/15/2006 Quit killing the airline industry
08/15/2006 Pedestrians killed in late Monday accidents identified
08/15/2006 Father and son killed in eastern Kentucky fire
08/15/2006 Killed Aussie contractor 'due to leave'
08/15/2006 British hunters kill 22M birds each year
08/15/2006 Police Uncover Pirate Factory Producing Marijuana-Based Painkillers
08/15/2006 Manila urged to stem political killings
08/15/2006 Accused Child Killer in Court
08/15/2006 Taliban kill six Afghan policemen
08/15/2006 Govt to address skill deficit
08/15/2006 Israeli strike kills three in Gaza
08/15/2006 Military might be behind Philippine killings Amnesty
08/15/2006 Fla. Deals With Nuisance Alligators
08/15/2006 Wife accused of killing preacher walks out of jail
08/15/2006 16 Killed in Bombing, Gunbattle in Iraq
08/15/2006 Five killed in car bomb explosion
08/15/2006 Wisconsin company says plane crash killed 3 employees
08/15/2006 Man kills family, shoots himself
08/15/2006 Federal magistrate rejects pipe bomb killer's sentence appeal
08/15/2006 Father and son killed in E. Kentucky fire
08/15/2006 Talent, McCaskill agreed to Sept. 15 forum
08/15/2006 Nigeria Riots follow killing in Nigeria
08/15/2006 India's PM calls for end to killing of unborn girls
08/15/2006 Father and son killed in fire; another dies in separate blaze
08/15/2006 At least five killed in bombing attack
08/15/2006 EXCLUSIVE KCTV5/SURVEY USA POLL McCaskill, Talent Tie in Fierce Fight for U.S. Senate
08/15/2006 Reform youth Condemn civilian killings
08/15/2006 Suicide bomber kills 4 in Iraq's Mosul
08/15/2006 Suicide bomb at Iraq party HQ kills 9, injures 36
08/15/2006 Suicide bomb at Iraq party HQ kills 9
08/15/2006 ADL and AJC Running Pro-Killing Brown People Commercials on CNN
08/15/2006 At least 15 killed in Iraqi attacks, Shiite shrine targetted
08/15/2006 Man Killed On Garner And Foxx Movie
08/15/2006 Vultures At Risk From Deadly Traces Of Pain Killer
08/15/2006 Police Man runs over two people, killing woman
08/15/2006 Father And Son Killed In Fire
08/15/2006 Fire in truck kills 60 puppies
08/15/2006 Blast That Killed 63 in Iraq Is Now Called an Attack
08/15/2006 Child Struck, Killed By Mother's Van
08/15/2006 Parole for Moffittís Killer
08/15/2006 Four Wisconsin residents killed in plane crash
08/15/2006 Bigfoot Networks Killer Nic Card Seen For The First Time
08/15/2006 Coroner seeks identity of man killed on interstate
08/15/2006 Nigeria Another PDP Aspirant Killed
08/15/2006 The Truth About ABS It's a Killer?
08/15/2006 Two teens killed in crash
08/15/2006 Young child killed in ATV accident
08/15/2006 9 killed in suicide bombing in Mosul; fierce gunbattles in Karbala
08/15/2006 Suicide bomber kills 9 in Mosul
08/15/2006 Suicide bomber kills nine in Mosul
08/15/2006 Police Pursuit Crash Kills Virginia Off Duty Officer
08/15/2006 Suicide Bomb Kills Four In Iraq
08/15/2006 Apple kills off one in three Taiwanese sales people
08/15/2006 Woman killed in Parkway West crash
08/15/2006 Sri Lanka bombing kills 43 schoolgirls
08/15/2006 One Reported Killed in Landmine Explosion
08/15/2006 Tractor-Trailer Fire Kills Dozens Of Puppies
08/15/2006 Teen killed, others injured in high-speed crash
08/15/2006 Sprint car driver killed at Mansfield track
08/15/2006 6 Dead as Afghan Insurgents Ambush Policemen; Al-Qaida Suspect Killed in Raid
08/15/2006 Louisiana Officer Killed in Motorcycle Accident
08/15/2006 Officers kills 3 dogs after they attack man and child
08/15/2006 Dozens Of Puppies Killed In Tractor-Trailer Fire
08/15/2006 Brothers Attending UF Killed In Virginia Crash
08/15/2006 9 Killed In Suicide Bombing In Mosul; Fierce Gunbattles In Karbala Leave 6 Dead
08/15/2006 ERITREA One reported killed in landmine explosion
08/15/2006 Small plane crashes near prison; four onboard killed
08/15/2006 Suicide truck bomb outside Iraqi president's party office kills four
08/15/2006 Tourism practitioners develop marketing skills
08/15/2006 Manning man charged in wreck that killed passenger
08/15/2006 NKorea pays tribute to Russian soldiers killed for its liberation
08/15/2006 Gunman killed in attempt to shell military compound in Buinaksk
08/15/2006 Iraq Suicide Bomber Hits Office of Talabanis Party; 9 Killed
08/15/2006 47 feared killed in Madhya Pradesh floods
08/15/2006 9 Killed in Blast Near Talabani's Office
08/15/2006 Who is Killing Nature Precious Bees?
08/15/2006 15 killed in bombing, gunbattle in Iraq
08/15/2006 Iraq Suicide Bomber Hits Office of Talabani's Party, 9 Killed
08/15/2006 43 kids killed in airstrike on Sri Lanka, says LTTE
08/15/2006 Fire that killed four 'suspicious'
08/15/2006 125 people killed as new flooding hits Ethiopia
08/15/2006 Man sentenced in crash that killed his best friend
08/15/2006 Amnesty warns Philippine government to halt political killings
08/15/2006 6 Killed in Fierce Clashes Between Gunmen, Iraqi Soldiers
08/15/2006 Fire that killed four called suspicious
08/15/2006 Five killed, 15 wounded, in Iraq suicide bomb attack
08/15/2006 Texan among 3 soldiers killed in attack in Afghanistan
08/15/2006 Mine collapse kills 2 in Turkey
08/15/2006 Six policemen killed by militants in western Afghanistan
08/15/2006 Blast in Iraq kills GI who was native of Hillsdale
08/15/2006 Fire At Hidden Homeless Camp Kills 1
08/15/2006 Police Uncover Pirate Factory Producing Marijuana-Based Pankillers
08/15/2006 Amnesty warns of 'retaliatory spiral' in Philippine killings
08/15/2006 Bomb kills 5 outside Iraqi president's party office
08/15/2006 Landslides, floods kill 25 in Mindanao
08/15/2006 Riots follow killing in Nigeria
08/15/2006 Taliban kill six Afghan police in ambush
08/15/2006 Suicide Bomb Kills 4, Wounds 35 in Iraq
08/15/2006 Suicide bomber kills 9 in Iraq's Mosul
08/15/2006 Trio of killings hit The City, putting '06 homicides at 54
08/15/2006 Gloucester brothers killed in Virginia crash
08/15/2006 Freak accident kills crewmember of Jamie Foxx-starrer 'The Kingdom'
08/15/2006 Suicide Bomb Near Iraqi President's Party Office Kills 5
08/15/2006 Indian Prime Minister calls for end to killing of unborn girls
08/15/2006 ‚Leniency being shown to convicted Mujib killers‚
08/15/2006 Sri Lanka raid kills schoolgirls
08/15/2006 Student leader's killing sparks tension in Manipur town
08/15/2006 HOOKING A BIG ONE Detroit fishing camp teaches skills to kids
08/15/2006 Iraq Blasts Kill At Least 48 In Baghdad
08/15/2006 A Guide to Effective Leadership Skills can be Found in an eBook
08/15/2006 Afghan, U.S. troops kill suspected al-Qaida operative, arrest 13
08/15/2006 Five policeman killed in west Afghanistan by militants
08/15/2006 Journalist in Iraq 'asked to be killed by gun'
08/15/2006 U.S. 2 crash kills 2
08/15/2006 Voorhees woman among 4 killed in turnpike crash
08/15/2006 Skilled, over 45 and don't go clubbing You'll be fine
08/15/2006 Knife-wielding Taiwan man kills two
08/15/2006 Bus crash kills 23 after church event in Guatemala
08/15/2006 New Jersey Turnpike crash kills 4
08/15/2006 Delco judge upbraids killer at sentencing
08/15/2006 100 NPA rebels storm police station in Surigao Sur; 2 killed
08/15/2006 Killing brings lawsuit
08/15/2006 Tazewell County Accused Killers Have Hearing Dates
08/14/2006 One killed in shootout outside Shah Rukh‚s house
08/14/2006 Nigerian Politician Killed in His Home
08/14/2006 Police say man killed his wife
08/14/2006 Soldier from Huber Heights killed in Friday attack in Afghanistan
08/14/2006 Lawyer says teen does not deny guilt in 'senseless killing' of youth counselor
08/14/2006 Undercover Kitten Killed By Car
08/14/2006 Azad assures end to killing of innocents
08/14/2006 Flooding in Bhopal, 10 killed
08/14/2006 Skilled migrants scheme working Vanstone
08/14/2006 Two killed in head-on collision
08/14/2006 International media group slams continued killings in RP
08/14/2006 Multiple bombings kill at least 57 in Baghdad
08/14/2006 Suspects sought in killing, possible kidnapping in Newton
08/14/2006 Debris falls 19 stories, kills 2 at Merc work site
08/14/2006 Between stints in prison, man killed women
08/14/2006 Wanted LRA Leader Killed

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