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09/01/2006 Barrage of Bomb, Rocket Attacks Kills 55 in Baghdad
09/01/2006 Mosquito-Borne Virus Kills Boston Boy
09/01/2006 Police Couple who happened upon rape in Philadelphia are killed
09/01/2006 Man gets 62 years for killing his wife with a skillet
09/01/2006 WA light plane crash kills 2, injures 3
09/01/2006 CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN Worker knocked off platform, killed while painting lift tower
09/01/2006 Man killed after high-speed chase
09/01/2006 Hit-run driver kills pedestrian
09/01/2006 Coordinated attacks kill 47 in Baghdad
09/01/2006 Canals' drawdown for storm blamed in fish kill
09/01/2006 Blasts in Baghdad kill 50
09/01/2006 Killer sisters nurtured by mother
09/01/2006 Rockets kill 50 in Baghdad
09/01/2006 19 soldiers, 5 police sentenced in killings of Venezuelan students
09/01/2006 School shooting suspect allegedly killed dad
09/01/2006 Man who killed parents denied release
09/01/2006 Eulogy today for soldier killed in Korea
09/01/2006 Woman killed in city house blaze
09/01/2006 Baghdad blasts kill 50
09/01/2006 Gene therapy kills tumors in trials
09/01/2006 Sister guilty of abetting Peruvian killer's illegal entry into Japan
09/01/2006 I saw Kebble killing, says vagrant
09/01/2006 Suicide bomber in Afghanistan kills 16
09/01/2006 47 killed in Baghdad violence
09/01/2006 Arsenal Barrage Kills 54 in Baghdad
09/01/2006 Lanka forces accused of mass killings
09/01/2006 Black Friday in Pak over Bugti killing
09/01/2006 Stem cell experiment killed embryos, researchers say
09/01/2006 Chemo error kills patient
09/01/2006 Pakistan military jet crashes, pilot killed
09/01/2006 Father drowns children, kills self
09/01/2006 2 state soldiers killed in Iraq
08/31/2006 Oconee County man gets life for killing father, brother
08/31/2006 Man Under "Voodoo Spell" Drowns Children, Kills Self in NY
08/31/2006 Goon killing farmer walks free
08/31/2006 Abducted armyman killed, Maoists reveal in Nuwakot
08/31/2006 17 people are killed on State's roads in August
08/31/2006 Woman killed in hit-and-run accident
08/31/2006 Israel kills top militant
08/31/2006 Israelis kill militant leader
08/31/2006 Two US troops killed in western Iraq
08/31/2006 Pakistani military jet crashes near Karachi, pilot killed
08/31/2006 Nationwide strike in Pak against Bugti's killing
08/31/2006 Police Woman killed by girlfriend's ex-husband
08/31/2006 Blasts Kill at Least 66 in Baghdad
08/31/2006 Child killer free as decent man rots in jail
08/31/2006 Fishing industry slammed for seal kill
08/31/2006 Seals killed 'to protect fishing'
08/31/2006 Ex-Saddam general killed in Ramadi
08/31/2006 Spate of attacks kills 68, wounds scores Rebecca Santana / ASSOCIATED PRESS
08/31/2006 Child-rape suspect kills himself after chase
08/31/2006 Standover man's killer granted release
08/31/2006 Burns says US faces terrorists who drive taxis in daytime, kill at night
08/31/2006 Bugti's body recovered, burial today
08/31/2006 Venezuela Sentences 24 for Student Slays
08/31/2006 Four killed in blast near Bangalore
08/31/2006 Baghdad attacks kill dozens Thursday
08/31/2006 Pain Killers and Other Medications Stolen During Robbery
08/31/2006 Suspected dugong killing 'senseless'
08/31/2006 Goon killing farmer paroled
08/31/2006 Man killed in head-on collision
08/31/2006 Police expand search area for student suspected of killing classmate in Yamaguchi
08/31/2006 Man killed in home invasion
08/31/2006 Pardons board refuses to release man who killed his parents
08/31/2006 Sources Say State Trooper Killed, Another Wounded
08/31/2006 Student's alleged killers were also his teammates
08/31/2006 Single punch killers imprisoned
08/31/2006 Seven Palestinians in Gaza killed by Israel
08/31/2006 Gene Therapy May Bring Cancer-Killing Cells
08/31/2006 Libya Gaddafi urges backers to kill enemies
08/31/2006 Killings by security forces must be fully investigated
08/31/2006 Road accidents kill 4
08/31/2006 6 to die for killing son, mother
08/31/2006 One killed in Ctg gas explosion
08/31/2006 Mainstream News Death penalty option dropped in U.S. Iraq killing
08/31/2006 Dutch pilot killed in F-16 crash in Afghanistan
08/31/2006 Libya's Muammar Gaddafi urges backers to 'kill' enemies
08/31/2006 Rapid-fire attacks in Iraq kill 47
08/31/2006 Attacks on Shiite Area in Baghdad Kill At Least 43
08/31/2006 Blasts kill 46, wound 118 in Iraq
08/31/2006 Old Military Shell Kills 2 Calif. Kids
08/31/2006 At least 45 killed in wave of Baghdad attacks
08/31/2006 Attacks in Baghdad kill 39
08/31/2006 Rocket barrage kills 46 in Iraq
08/31/2006 At least 95 killed in Sri Lanka warfare
08/31/2006 UN To Stay In Sri Lanka Despite Killings Blamed On Government
08/31/2006 Sri Lanka aid killings may halt UN mission
08/31/2006 U.N. warns may halt Sri Lanka work after aid killings
08/31/2006 Cult 300 Students Killed So Far in 5 Yrs
08/31/2006 Rocket barrage kills 46 as Iraq eyes U.S. handover
08/31/2006 Dozens killed in Baghdad attacks
08/31/2006 Bombings kill at least 18, wound 75 in Iraq
08/31/2006 Killer jailed for 12 years
08/31/2006 Africare Ends Life Saving Skills Workshop in Bong
08/31/2006 Lawyer killed neighbour after child abuse claim
08/31/2006 SAE workshop enables teachers to sharpen skills
08/31/2006 Call to upskill existing workers
08/31/2006 Three officers shot, man killed in shoot out at Pocatello home
08/31/2006 British soldier killed in Afghanistan
08/31/2006 Dutch F-16 pilot killed in crash in Afghanistan
08/31/2006 Dutch F-16 Jet Crashes In Afghanistan; Pilot Killed NATO
08/31/2006 Man killed in Durban shooting
08/31/2006 Rocket barrage kills 50 in Baghdad
08/31/2006 Red Cross worker killed in Darfur after abduction
08/31/2006 United Nations Condemns Killing Of Aid Worker In Darfur
08/31/2006 Raleigh County Child Killed In Drunk Driving Accident In Boone County
08/31/2006 UNSOLVED CRIMES Killings fueled by gang domination
08/31/2006 Pakistani apartment building collapses, killing four people
08/31/2006 22 bombs explode in Thailand 2 killed
08/31/2006 Flooding in Mogadishu Kills Two Children, Displaces Hundreds
08/31/2006 Killer Network Interface Card Ships
08/31/2006 Sheriff Pharmacist killed at his rural Colby home
08/31/2006 Landslide in western Nepal village kills 10 people
08/31/2006 Man who killed colleague says it was unintentional
08/31/2006 Man in court for drunken killing
08/31/2006 Somalia Flooding in Mogadishu Kills Two Children, Displaces Hundreds
08/31/2006 Painkiller linked to New York deaths
08/31/2006 Flood-hit India boosts monsoon tracking skills
08/31/2006 Number of people killed by drugs soars to 10-year high
08/31/2006 US soldier killed by roadside bomb in Iraq
08/31/2006 Israel kills top militant in West Bank
08/31/2006 Man gives kids 40 mm shell to play with; 2 killed, 5 hurt
08/31/2006 Attacks on Shiite neighborhoods kill many
08/31/2006 Rangers kill rogue jumbos after human attacks
08/31/2006 Security Forces Torture, Kill With Impunity
08/31/2006 Attacks Across Iraq Kill 61
08/31/2006 Only on 8 Killer called 'coward,' 'scum' in court
08/31/2006 Baghdad attacks kill at least 46 people
08/31/2006 Connecticut attorney accused of killing neighbor over molestation suspicion involving daughter
08/31/2006 Maine Man Convicted in Brutal Coffee Shop Killing
08/31/2006 N.Y. Man Claiming Voodoo Curse Drowns Kids, Kills Self
08/31/2006 Special Interest Politics Kills Consumer
08/31/2006 Board of Pardons rejects commutation plea from infamous killer
08/31/2006 Refs require mental skills
08/31/2006 Killer sisters must hang, says SC
08/31/2006 Shock at mass seal killings
08/31/2006 Call to upskill existing workers
08/31/2006 Sixty-one killed as Iraq prepares to take charge of military
08/31/2006 Sudanese Aid Worker Killed in Darfur
08/31/2006 Attacks Kill at Least 51 People in Iraq
08/31/2006 Kidnapped Brothers Killed in Venezuela
08/31/2006 US will not seek death penalty against Marine in Hamdania killing
08/31/2006 Nigeria Cult 300 Students Killed So Far in 5 Yrs
08/31/2006 Bounty Killer pleads not guilty
08/31/2006 Musharraf losing grip after chief's killing
08/31/2006 Series of attacks kills at least 46 in Iraq
08/31/2006 75-year-old man shot, killed while on couch
08/31/2006 At least 46 killed in Iraq violence
08/31/2006 N.Y. Man Kills His Children and Himself
08/31/2006 Did Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling Receive Justice?
08/31/2006 Nine Palestinians killed in Gaza
08/31/2006 Rocket barrage kills 46 as Iraq eyes U.S. handover
08/31/2006 Family Remembers Marine Killed In Iraq
08/31/2006 Africare Ends Life Saving Skills Workshop in Bong
08/31/2006 Bombs kill at least 18, wound 75 in Baghdad
08/31/2006 Nigeria DHQ And N/Delta Killings
08/31/2006 Court orders new trial for man convicted of killing wife
08/31/2006 Two rabid foxes killed in Rollinsford
08/31/2006 Soldier killed in crash while on leave in Wisconsin
08/31/2006 Brush cutter accident kills Niota man
08/31/2006 Man accused of killing Carson-Newman grad
08/31/2006 Sex abuse claim checked after dad kills neighbor
08/31/2006 Police Search For Serial Killer After DNA Links Victims To Same Man
08/31/2006 Series Of Attacks Kills At Least 39 People, Wounds 115 In Baghdad
08/31/2006 Insurgents kill 15 in Iraq
08/31/2006 Thirty-two killed in Iraq
08/31/2006 Supreme court should take suo motto notice of Akbar Bugti killing APC
08/31/2006 Dutch F-16 pilot killed in crash in Afghanistan
08/31/2006 Sri Lanka aid killings may halt UN mission
08/31/2006 Lawyer kills daughter's suspected molester
08/31/2006 Cluster bombs fired by Israeli military still kill and maim after war's end
08/31/2006 Burlington man killed in crash
08/31/2006 Bombings in Baghdad kill 18 people
08/31/2006 Bangladesh Killings by security forces must be fully investigated
08/31/2006 Car Crash Kills Wis. Soldier On Leave
08/31/2006 1 killed, 1 injured in shooting
08/31/2006 MP Blames State Over Killings
08/31/2006 Man arrested in Texas for crashing plane, killing girlfriend in 1982
08/31/2006 Teen girl gets 53 years for killing romantic rival
08/31/2006 The categories have been killed
08/31/2006 Police Say Man Killed Over Sex Allegation
08/31/2006 Israeli raid kills a top militant in West Bank
08/31/2006 Teen gets 53 years for killing, dismembering rival
08/31/2006 Driver thrown from Jeep on I-95, killed
08/31/2006 Man Killed after Allegedly Attacking California Officer
08/31/2006 2 bombings in Baghdad kill 18 people
08/31/2006 Two bombs in Baghdad kill 18, wound 75
08/31/2006 Bullet Fragments in Animal Carcasses Killing Condors
08/31/2006 I saw Brett Kebble killing vagrant
08/31/2006 Two killed in horror crash
08/31/2006 Eyewitness to Kebble killing
08/31/2006 Worker killings threaten aid work
08/31/2006 Bull kills New Zealand man
08/31/2006 Pedestrian Killed on Route 309 in Bucks County
08/31/2006 Toddler Killed After Running Behind Mother's Car
08/31/2006 Cops Dad killed neighbor he thought molested daughter
08/31/2006 Man Sentenced For Killing Wife With Skillet
08/31/2006 Document Man Says He Accidentally Killed Woman During Sex
08/31/2006 Officer Shoots, Kills Man After Family Stabbing Incident
08/31/2006 Trial for son accused of killing parents reset for November
08/31/2006 Single punch killers imprisoned
08/31/2006 Rebels kill 15 as Iraq prepares to take charge of military
08/31/2006 Neighbor killed; police check child molestation claim
08/31/2006 Advo shares drop after Valassis sues to kill 1.3 billion merger
08/31/2006 Scottsdale officers shoot, kill man at Mesa home
08/31/2006 UN moves to end killings in Sudan
08/31/2006 Scottsdale officers shoot, kill Mesa man
08/31/2006 Old Military Shell Kills 2 Calif. Kids
08/31/2006 2 Marines Admit to Abducting, Killing Iraqi
08/31/2006 Suicide car bomb kills two at Baghdad gas station
08/31/2006 Pakistani apartment building collapses, killing 3 family members
08/31/2006 TechSelect Member Killed In Comair Plane Crash
08/31/2006 Prosecutors drop case against man in child beauty queen killing
08/31/2006 Bike Rigged With Bomb Kills 12 In Iraq
08/31/2006 Suicide car bomb kills 2 at Baghdad gas station
08/31/2006 Confessions Central To Case Against Marines In Iraq Killing
08/31/2006 Cambodian flash floods kill at least eight
08/31/2006 Judge Gives Ind. Man 62 Years for Slaying Wife With Skillet
08/31/2006 Search for body of killed tribal leader underway in Pakistan
08/31/2006 Pakistan's multi-party alliance protests against Bugti's killing
08/31/2006 Pc killer seeks leave to appeal
08/31/2006 Number of people killed by drugs soars to 10-year high
08/31/2006 Young boxer killed in car crash
08/31/2006 Accident kills CDOT worker
08/31/2006 Another American Killed In Iraq; More Bobms Target Civilians
08/31/2006 Another US soldier killed in Iraq
08/31/2006 Israeli forces kill Fatah activist in W. Bank, end Gaza Strip raid
08/31/2006 Eighth Palestinian killed by Israeli fire in Gaza
08/31/2006 Israeli fire kills six Palestinians in Gaza Strip
08/31/2006 Abbas sides with angry civil servants threatening strike; 8 killed in Gaza
08/31/2006 Israeli forces kill five in search for border tunnels
08/31/2006 Nablus bombmaker killed
08/31/2006 Aid Worker Killed After Abduction in Darfur
08/31/2006 Monitors Say Troops Killed Aid Workers in Sri Lanka
08/31/2006 Three guilty in commando-style home invasion killing in Vancouver
08/31/2006 Ten killed in Pakistan road accident
08/31/2006 Teen confesses to killing father
08/31/2006 Police officer, two robbery suspects killed in shootout
08/31/2006 Fire kills brain-damaged man
08/31/2006 3-vehicle wreck kills Shelton man
08/31/2006 Bombing spree in Thailand banks kills two
08/31/2006 Rangers kill rogue jumbos after human attacks
08/31/2006 Bombing kills 2 at Baghdad gas station
08/31/2006 Special Interest Politics Kills Consumers.
08/31/2006 Man who killed parents in 88 wants freedom
08/31/2006 Red Cross worker kidnapped and killed in Darfur
08/31/2006 Homicide Bomber in Baghdad Kills Two
08/31/2006 Parents fear 'killers' next door
08/31/2006 Suicide Car Bomb Kills 2 in Baghdad
08/31/2006 Violence kills more than 50 people today in Iraq
08/31/2006 Marines in court over man's killing
08/31/2006 Afghan forces kill Taliban commander, arrest 3 others
08/31/2006 Red Cross says aid worker killed in Sudan's troubled Darfur
08/31/2006 Training staff is key to reducing skill shortages
08/31/2006 Government puts the squeeze on skills shortages
08/31/2006 Man gives kids 40 mm shell to play with; 2 killed
08/31/2006 Suicide bomb at Iraqi army recruiting center kills 20
08/31/2006 School-shooting suspect says he killed his father
08/31/2006 Sri Lanka bomb kills six
08/31/2006 Six killed in Sri Lanka blast
08/31/2006 28 killed in Sri Lanka
08/31/2006 U.N. threatens to halt Sri Lanka work after aid killings
08/31/2006 Sri Lanka aid killings jeopardise U.N. mission
08/31/2006 Bugti killing tragic, says Rajnath
08/31/2006 Israeli Troops In Nablus Kill Militant Leader Witnesses
08/31/2006 Israel kills top militant, ends major Gaza raid
08/31/2006 Palestinian Killed and four Injured in an Israeli Assassination
08/31/2006 12 killed in Iraq bomb attack
08/31/2006 Pakistani Building Collapse Kills Three Family Members
08/31/2006 Sheriff Says School Shooting Suspect Also Killed Father
08/31/2006 Sri Lankan troops accused in killing of 17 relief workers
08/31/2006 Man gives kids 40 mm shell to play with, 2 killed, 5 hurt
08/31/2006 Four killed in blast near Bangalore
08/31/2006 Briefing about killings delayed
08/31/2006 Two Marines Admit Killing Iraqi Man
08/31/2006 Sri Lanka Accused of Killing 17 Aid Workers
08/31/2006 Eastlake senior is jack-of-all football skills
08/31/2006 Woman among five killed in fresh occupied Kashmir violence
08/31/2006 U.S. military says one of its soldiers in Iraq killed by roadside bomb
08/31/2006 Building collapse kills two in Muree; woman pulled out alive
08/31/2006 Violation of trust in Iraq Hospitals new "killing fields"
08/31/2006 Great escape threat to kill guards
08/31/2006 7 Palestinians killed in Gaza Strip
08/31/2006 Israel attacks kill nine Palestinians
08/31/2006 Military won't seek death penalty for Marine in Iraq killing case
08/31/2006 Pak to ferret out Bugti's remains
08/30/2006 Mine rescue skills to be put to the test
08/30/2006 Child-killer conviction fight in court
08/30/2006 Shoalhaven River pumping killing mangroves, says local ABC
08/30/2006 NPA rebels killed in Quezon clash
08/30/2006 Man gets life in killing wife, infant stepson
08/30/2006 Two communist rebels killed in clash in eastern Philippines
08/30/2006 Israel kills top Fatah militant commander
08/30/2006 Dad kills daughter's accused molester
08/30/2006 Pedestrian Killed By Bus
08/30/2006 Dad kills man who molested his two year old daughter
08/30/2006 Sex offender found guilty in killing of N.D. student
08/30/2006 Death penalty for serial killer sisters upheld by SC
08/30/2006 Israel kills 7 Palestinians in Gaza Strip
08/30/2006 Blast kills 1 in Turkish city
08/30/2006 Three killed in Turkish blast
08/30/2006 Afghan attacks go on; coalition kills 18 rebels
08/30/2006 Alleged School Shooter Charged With Killing Father
08/30/2006 Israeli troops kill eight Palestinians
08/30/2006 Israeli cluster bombs still killing Lebanese UN
08/30/2006 Bombs Kill 40 in Iraq Despite Clampdown
08/30/2006 One NATO soldier killed, one wounded in Afghanistan
08/30/2006 Bartender describes killing
08/30/2006 Israelis kill Palestinian militant leader in West Bank
08/30/2006 Troops Killed 17 French Aid Workers, Say Lanka Monitors
08/30/2006 Authorities Reach Out To The Spanish Speaking Community To Help Find A Killer
08/30/2006 Sri Lanka military offensive kills 28
08/30/2006 Monitors blame Sri Lankan military for aid worker killings
08/30/2006 SRI LANKA Monitors Accuse Military of Killing Aid Workers
08/30/2006 Predators killing prized sheep, goats
08/30/2006 Police School-shooting suspect confessed to killing his father
08/30/2006 Lawyer accused of killing over molestation suspicions
08/30/2006 S-burg man killed in work accident
08/30/2006 Mother of arson-killer jailed; accused of coaching daughter to shoplift
08/30/2006 Indian convicted of killing wife in US
08/30/2006 Sudan Red Cross worker killed in Darfur
08/30/2006 Where are Ujjain prof's killers?
08/30/2006 12-year-old girl killed when car driven by 10-year-old crashes
08/30/2006 British media lauds Hrishida‚s film-making skills
08/30/2006 Israeli Raid Kills 9 in Gaza; Tunnel Is Found
08/30/2006 US to help Moscow find killers of Russian diplomats in Iraq
08/30/2006 Cops High School Shooting Suspect Admitted Killing Dad
08/30/2006 Danish footballer killed by lightening
08/30/2006 Five Killed in Train Crash
08/30/2006 Flood-hit India boosts monsoon tracking skills
08/30/2006 Melo commission starts probe of media, political killings
08/30/2006 Russian acrobat killed in circus accident
08/30/2006 Kentucky Marine killed in action
08/30/2006 Five killed by WWII bomb in Philippines
08/30/2006 Bugti's Killing Sparks Mass Arrests, Violence
08/30/2006 Militants killed in W Bank clash
08/30/2006 Dialogue Skills for Asir Women Educators
08/30/2006 Iraq army centre blast kills 12
08/30/2006 S.D. governor halts execution of killer in torture case
08/30/2006 Iraq bombs kill more than 40 despite security drive
08/30/2006 Sri Lanka troops responsible for killing 17 aid workers monitors
08/30/2006 Bullet Fragments Killing Condors
08/30/2006 Thai PM accuses military officers of plotting to kill him
08/30/2006 Doubts about attempt to kill Thai PM
08/30/2006 Serial Killer suspects charged with arson
08/30/2006 Israeli Troops Kill 8 in Gaza Operation
08/30/2006 Israeli fire kills five Palestinians in Gaza
08/30/2006 Detroit man charged in prostitute killings
08/30/2006 Military Won't Seek Death Penalty For Marine In Iraq Killing Case
08/30/2006 Family Of Woman Killed In Big Dig Tunnel Files Lawsuit Accusing Builders Of Negligence
08/30/2006 19-year-old shot, killed by San Marcos officer
08/30/2006 Sri Lankan troops killed 17 aid workers, truce monitors say
08/30/2006 Israel kills 7 Palestinians in Gaza Strip
08/30/2006 Man charged in four killings seeks psychiatric defense
08/30/2006 Jeffs Followers Believe He Could Be Killed in Jail
08/30/2006 Death penalty option dropped in U.S. Iraq killing
08/30/2006 Tri-State Marine Killed In Iraq
08/30/2006 US to help Moscow find killers of Russian diplomats in Iraq
08/30/2006 IDF forces kill 9 Palestinians in Gaza
08/30/2006 Israeli occupation forces kill eight Palestinians in eastern Gaza City Wednesday
08/30/2006 Six Palestinians killed in Gaza by Israeli fire
08/30/2006 Israeli cluster bombs still killing Lebanese UN
08/30/2006 School shooting suspect charged with killing father
08/30/2006 Man charged in crash that killed mother, son
08/30/2006 Former nurse who admitted killing 29 patients donates kidney to brother of ex-girlfriend
08/30/2006 Iran defies world opinion, Scores killed in Iraq violence

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