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08/10/2006 Officer 'not to blame' for Kovco theory
08/10/2006 FOP Releases Family Statement on Reading Officer's Murder
08/10/2006 Thousands Pay Tribute To CHP Officer
08/10/2006 Las Vegas police officer shoots, wounds armed robbery suspect
08/10/2006 Fayette County Police Officer Resigns
08/10/2006 Portland Police officer faces burglary, domestic charges
08/10/2006 Patrick public safety plan would add 1,000 new police officers
08/10/2006 CHP Officer Remembered At Service In Concord
08/10/2006 Government to Co-Operate With Mozambique in Police Officers Training
08/10/2006 Officer charged with soliciting sex from a minor
08/10/2006 10+2 technical entry of the army becoming ground to recruit combat arm officers
08/10/2006 Promoted THP officer once shot out girlfriend's TV
08/10/2006 Policeman Accused of Raping 4 Indicted
08/10/2006 Reading Police Officer Scott Wertz Laid To Rest
08/10/2006 Police sergeant accused of rape indicted
08/10/2006 Navy officer charged with espionage
08/10/2006 THP officer once shot out girlfriend's TV
08/10/2006 Illinois Police Officer Charged With Raping 4 Women
08/10/2006 D.C. To Begin Installing Surveillance Cameras
08/10/2006 Central Florida Man Dies after Taser Strike
08/10/2006 Suspect in California Highway Patrol Officer's Fatal Hit-And-Run to be Formally Charged
08/10/2006 Traffic Stop in Ohio Nets Two Alleged Terrorists
08/10/2006 Baseball Team Move Could Affect California City Police
08/10/2006 Alabama Department May Collect Money from Car Accidents
08/10/2006 Alabama Chief Rescinds Controversial Letter
08/10/2006 Undercover New Mexico Officer Kills Suspect
08/10/2006 Officer Arrested for a Fourth Time
08/10/2006 Auction will help paralyzed police officer travel to China for surgery
08/10/2006 Red Light Run Caused San Francisco Cruiser-to-Cruiser Crash
08/10/2006 Man Crashes Through Airport Fence With Officers In Pursuit
08/10/2006 CIA interrogator flew into rage, Ex- Army warrant officer says
08/10/2006 Fort Worth, Texas Man Arrested after Allegedly Making Traffic Stop, Shooting Driver With Taser
08/10/2006 Georgia Police Taser Naked Man
08/10/2006 Tip Leads Jacksonville, Florida Police to Arrest in June Slaying
08/10/2006 Houston Man Shot after Allegedly Shooting at Undercover Officers
08/10/2006 DEA Busts Sizable San Diego Marijuana Farm
08/10/2006 Ohio Police Make Arrest in Apparent Gang-Related Shooting
08/10/2006 Boston Police Chase Ends on Rooftop
08/10/2006 Police seize officers not cocaine
08/10/2006 State police complete probe into ex-officer
08/10/2006 Officer Wertz Laid To Rest
08/10/2006 Reserve officer charged in death of daughter in hot car
08/10/2006 Hundreds pay respects to slain police officer
08/10/2006 CIA contractor beat Afghan, officer testifies
08/10/2006 RBZ Blitz Nets Senior Police Officers
08/10/2006 Kenyan police officer accused of age falsification
08/10/2006 UNESCO chief condemns killing of Chinese reporter beaten by police officer
08/10/2006 Iowa man arrested in Anita heist is ex-officer
08/10/2006 Prospect officer takes van hit
08/10/2006 Officers moved from Goulburn Police College
08/10/2006 Seaford officer hurt in crash
08/10/2006 Raj ACB conducts raids against four officers
08/10/2006 MSDF officer being questioned for unauthorized travel found dead on ship
08/10/2006 CIA contractor beat Afghan, officer testifies
08/10/2006 Officer once arrested man held in his killing
08/10/2006 IPD officer shot in the face will soon return to patrol duty
08/09/2006 Alleged hit-and-run driver charged in death of CHP officer
08/09/2006 Retired GPD officer caught in sting
08/09/2006 ONGC officers not to attend company's Golden Jub celebrations
08/09/2006 Buffalo Teacher and Police Officer Go to Court
08/09/2006 Hundreds mourn slain Reading police officer
08/09/2006 Fired Plum police officer asks for his job back
08/09/2006 UNESCO chief condemns killing of Chinese reporter beaten by police officer
08/09/2006 CIA officer contractor had volunteered to interrogate Afghani about rocket attacks
08/09/2006 Woman facing charges for hitting officer
08/09/2006 Community Can't Believe Officer is Gone
08/09/2006 Officer Wertz Laid To Rest in Reading
08/09/2006 AIDS complacency partly to blame for rise in Ontario cases; chief medical officer
08/09/2006 Men Accused of Planning to Kill CHP Officer
08/09/2006 Officers Testify Against Man Accused of Shooting Them
08/09/2006 Hearing officer to decide rape evidence
08/09/2006 Fla. Officer Apologizes for Comments
08/09/2006 Brother faults officer in crash that killed man
08/09/2006 Prison officers assaulters by inmates
08/09/2006 Kalispell police officer suspended without pay
08/09/2006 New police officers posted to New England
08/09/2006 State police complete probe into ex-officer
08/09/2006 Security officer goes missing
08/09/2006 PHOTO GALLERY Images of Emotional Farewell to Fallen Officer
08/09/2006 Fallen Police Officer Laid to Rest in Reading
08/09/2006 CIA Officer Man Asked to Query Afghan
08/09/2006 Slain SSS Officer's Family Grieves
08/09/2006 Police Officer assaulted with bleach
08/09/2006 4 Magdalo officers want seized evidence quashed
08/09/2006 Shots Fired at Wisconsin Officer
08/09/2006 Fort Lauderdale officer kills pit bull
08/09/2006 Update On Sheboygan Officer Involved Shooting
08/09/2006 Police Dog Bites Suspect Hiding From Officers
08/09/2006 No Manslaughter Charge In CHP Officer Death
08/09/2006 Tamil Nadu's decision to send back Sri Lankan police officers hasty, says Anandasangaree
08/09/2006 Law officers to target drunken driving
08/09/2006 Golden China Appoints Chief Financial Officer
08/09/2006 Ark. wildlife officers demoted for illegal hunting in Tenn.
08/09/2006 Alleged Gang Member Arrested in New Jersey Officer's Murder
08/09/2006 Alleged bank robber is former police officer
08/09/2006 marcus evans’ Tax Officers Summit Final Program Announced
08/09/2006 Cal. City to Vote on Tax Hike
08/09/2006 Fleeing Massachusetts Suspect Jumps in Unmarked Cruiser
08/09/2006 New Nationwide Immigration Fugitive Teams In Action
08/09/2006 Communication and Research Officer appointment
08/09/2006 Former Jaffrey officer acquitted of witness tampering
08/09/2006 Judge dismises lawsuit filed by former police officers
08/09/2006 Nebraska Jail to Begin Using New Procedures
08/09/2006 Emergency Status Has Little Affect on D.C.'s Crime Woes
08/09/2006 Thousands Paying Respects to Officer Wertz
08/09/2006 Muslim officer warns about new laws
08/09/2006 Judge Dismisses Federal Lawsuit Filed by Former Police Officers
08/09/2006 Ex-Maryland Officer Admits to Civil-Rights Crimes
08/09/2006 Moment of Silence For Fallen Officer At FirstEnergy Stadium
08/09/2006 Fallen Reading Police Officer Will be Laid to Rest Today
08/09/2006 City settles with two black officers
08/09/2006 Three Jackson police officers await results of disciplinary hearing
08/09/2006 Judge dismises federal lawsuit filed by former Ashland police officers
08/09/2006 Officers on leave after man hospitalized
08/09/2006 Veteran DPD officer fired by Kunkle
08/09/2006 Judge dismises federal lawsuit filed by former police officers
08/09/2006 Tax officer under probe
08/09/2006 PEF elects new officers
08/09/2006 Officers hurt in two-up fracas
08/09/2006 Ark. wildlife officers demoted for illegal hunting in Tenn.
08/08/2006 Ark. wildlife officers demoted for illegal turkey hunting
08/08/2006 Top officer in Stockwell shooting in line for promotion
08/08/2006 Arraignment reset for 6 rebel officers linked to failed coup
08/08/2006 Caught on Tape Officers Fire Rubber Pellets at Suspect
08/08/2006 Sierra Leone Senior Army Officer Fired After Completing a Year Intensive Course in China
08/08/2006 Dewey Beach investigates officers on ‘Girls Gone Wild tour bus
08/08/2006 Officers Screen
08/08/2006 Seattle Officer Accused Of Unnecessary Force
08/08/2006 Officer Skerski's family faces 3d tragedy
08/08/2006 Ex-policeman admits civil-rights crimes
08/08/2006 Bonuses for Some Raleigh PD Officers
08/08/2006 Officers honored for saving 2-year-old
08/08/2006 Louisiana Officer Accused In Fatal Accident
08/08/2006 Community Reacts to Death of Reading Police Officer
08/08/2006 Officer shoots man who was stabbing woman
08/08/2006 Officers confiscate dogs, horses in Upper Peninsula
08/08/2006 Man charged in standoff with officers in Upper Peninsula
08/08/2006 Sheboygan Police Officer Shoots & Kills Stabber
08/08/2006 Officer Skerski's family faces 3d tragedy
08/08/2006 Ghana Custom Officer Boosts PSI On Distance Education
08/08/2006 Denmark Demands Extradition of Former SS Officer
08/08/2006 Fugitive Surrenders to New York Police after Decade on the Run
08/08/2006 NADMO Officers Sacked, One Reposted
08/08/2006 San Francisco Cruisers Collide During Chase
08/08/2006 Middletown HS to get police officer
08/08/2006 Veteran officer sees light in new role as police chief
08/08/2006 Ghana Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam District Appeals for Medical Officers
08/08/2006 SF Officer Injured After Cars Collide
08/08/2006 Washington Police Detonate Bomb in Parking Garage
08/08/2006 Florida Officers Balance Duties with Outside Work
08/08/2006 San Diego Police Launch 'Stop On Red' Week
08/08/2006 Denver Standoff Ends Abruptly
08/08/2006 911 Dispatchers Describe Wacky Calls
08/08/2006 Alleged Cop-Killer Apprehended in Oakland
08/08/2006 Florida Officer Shoots Suspect after Taser Failure
08/08/2006 Muslim officer warns about new laws
08/08/2006 Army college officer probe
08/08/2006 Orlando Undercover Police Sting Nabs Sex Crime Suspect
08/08/2006 Kenya Officer Claims Court is Being Too 'Lenient'
08/08/2006 Jersey Police Officer Is Fatally Shot
08/08/2006 Officer may have put ad on adult site
08/08/2006 Officers share information on safety issues
08/08/2006 William academy officer suspended
08/08/2006 Fired officer wants job back
08/08/2006 Case of Fayette County Officer Heads to Grand Jury
08/08/2006 State No discipline of officers for prom criminal checks
08/08/2006 OPP blitz nabs hundreds, makes officer a celeb
08/07/2006 Annual Asia-Pacific Program for Senior Military Officers opens
08/07/2006 Promotions, Transfers Of Senior Government Officers
08/07/2006 Officer Tasers, shoots armed man at taco bus
08/07/2006 Bethlehem Officer Shot Last Week is at Musikfest
08/07/2006 Community Reacts to Death of Police Officer
08/07/2006 Housing shortage delays new police officer arrivals
08/07/2006 Manchester Deploys More Officers On Streets
08/07/2006 Officer may have put ad on adult Web site
08/07/2006 Time taken to suspend accused transit officer 'unacceptable'
08/07/2006 Suspect's silence frustrates officers in W. Columbia missing persons investigation
08/07/2006 Police officer fined after Goulburn club incident
08/07/2006 Suspect killed, Officer injured during arrest attempt
08/07/2006 Crackdown Nets 100 Seattle Boating Arrests
08/07/2006 Orlando Army Surplus Store Rammed, Guns Stolen
08/07/2006 DPD Offers Mental Health Officer Training
08/07/2006 California Officers Faces Assault
08/07/2006 New Braunfels officer charged with child porn
08/07/2006 New Braunfels officer accused of child porn
08/07/2006 NUGS fixes date for election new national officers
08/07/2006 California Sheriff's Program Pushes Prints
08/07/2006 Retirees Cracked Col. Serial Killer Case
08/07/2006 Officer Loses Control of His Car
08/07/2006 Senior British Police Officer Says Anti-Terror Efforts Alienating Muslims
08/07/2006 Officers hunt bogus prayer woman
08/07/2006 Westerly officer pleads not guilty to sex assault
08/07/2006 Aspen Appoints Stuart Sinclair President and Chief Operating Officer
08/07/2006 Ohio Man Wrecks Stolen Police Cruiser
08/07/2006 Denver Police Catch Suspect in Hospital Assault
08/07/2006 Ohio Officers Shot At While Investigating Shooting
08/07/2006 San Diego Officer-Involved Crash Injures Two
08/07/2006 New York Officer Cleared in Assault Case
08/07/2006 10 IAS officers transferred in Haryana
08/07/2006 Horry County officer in stable condition following crash
08/07/2006 Aid workers, top anti-terror officer slain in Sri Lanka
08/07/2006 Cingular, Panasonic design new specialty wireless notebook for police officers
08/07/2006 Florida Sheriff Apologizes for Illegal Aliens Comment
08/07/2006 Indianapolis Police Say Drunken Woman Struck Officer's Motorcycle
08/07/2006 Pennsylvania Officer Charged with Giving False Information
08/07/2006 California Tribal Council Helps Equips Deputies
08/07/2006 Jury Calls for Invesigation into Georgia Training Fatality
08/07/2006 Chicago Officer Allegedly Attacked With Ax Kills Rottweiler
08/07/2006 Arkansas Judge Rules 2 Officers Should Be Reinstated
08/07/2006 Miami Police Arrest Suspect in Tourist Slaying
08/07/2006 Plainclothes officer is killed in Reading
08/07/2006 Asian officer assails anti-terror laws
08/07/2006 Suspect In Custody In Fatal CHP Officer Hit-&-Run
08/07/2006 Police officer in Reading, Pa., fatally shot near City Hall
08/07/2006 Top Officers Say Police 'Still Racist'
08/07/2006 Senior police officer killed in Sri Lanka blast
08/07/2006 Officer shot with own gun
08/07/2006 3 Chinese peacekeepers injured in S Lebanon Chinese officer
08/07/2006 Capital officers in cycle patrols
08/07/2006 Army officer, NPA fighter killed in clashes
08/07/2006 Emotional Fundraiser Held for Injured Fresno Police Officer
08/07/2006 Plainclothes officer is killed in Reading
08/06/2006 Military Officers Attempted a Coup in Iraq
08/06/2006 Detainees G.I.'s Say Officers Ordered Killing of Young Iraqi Men
08/06/2006 Officer of the year, with a twist
08/06/2006 Decision to be made on fate of former police officer
08/06/2006 Top News Police Officer in Reading, Pa., Shot, Killed Chasing Suspect
08/06/2006 Senior police officer killed in Sri Lanka blast
08/06/2006 Belleville, IL Officer Hurt During Arrest
08/06/2006 Officer shoots, kills dog after being attacked by juvenile
08/06/2006 Police Officer in Reading, Pa., Shot, Killed Chasing Suspect
08/06/2006 Pa. Officer Gunned Down Near City Hall
08/06/2006 Officer kills dog after being attacked on West Side
08/06/2006 Chicago Police Officer Shoots, Kills Dog
08/06/2006 Officer arrests men caught napping in drive-through lane
08/06/2006 CHP officer dies after hit-and-run collision
08/06/2006 Police officer in Reading, Pa., killed
08/06/2006 CHP Officer Killed In Oakland Hit-And-Run
08/06/2006 Intel officer could be next NCR cop chief
08/06/2006 Officer's shooting under investigation
08/06/2006 More Top News
08/06/2006 Ohio Police Rescue 100 in Flood
08/06/2006 Border Patrol Agent Imprisoned for Smuggling
08/06/2006 Maryland Inmates Charged With Killing Guard
08/06/2006 Alleged Toilet Paper Theft Cans Dallas Detective
08/06/2006 Washington Police Gave TV Station Slaying Files by Mistake;
08/06/2006 Florida SWAT Officer and Deputy Wounded During Drug Raid
08/06/2006 Texas Officer Fired after Hitting Woman
08/06/2006 Gunman Shoots 6 at Seattle Jewish Center
08/06/2006 Capitol police officer accused of taping sexual encounters with teen
08/06/2006 Two charged after officer stabbed
08/06/2006 Suspected rebels gun down Army officer in Visayas
08/06/2006 Capitol Police officer charged in teen sex case
08/05/2006 Woman arrested after assaulting police officer
08/05/2006 Two Moss Point officers suspended after jail death
08/05/2006 Top Ark. health officer praises effort against child obesity
08/05/2006 Former officer in flashlight beating case sues LA police chief
08/05/2006 Officer charged with DUI
08/05/2006 Senior police officer sits on dharna near holy sangam
08/05/2006 Court says IPS officer's presence should be ensured in court
08/05/2006 On patrol with Officer Baez during a crime emergency
08/05/2006 Police shoot man pointing gun at officers
08/05/2006 Two quizzed over stabbed officer
08/05/2006 Former Argentine officer sentenced to 25 years for rights abuses during dictatorship
08/05/2006 Officers hunting serial killers in US arrest two 'monsters'
08/05/2006 Ex-Officer Sues L.A. Police Chief
08/05/2006 Two quizzed over stabbed officer
08/05/2006 Nuangola backtracks; officer won't inspect sewage
08/05/2006 Fired officer faces federal gun charge
08/04/2006 SVB identifies 69 'middlemen' and 25 'corrupt' officers
08/04/2006 AAI officers support 36-hour mass casual leave on Aug 17
08/04/2006 No Funding for School Resource Officers
08/04/2006 Ex-Argentine officer sentenced for abuse
08/04/2006 2 Law Enforcement Officers Arrested In Round Rock
08/04/2006 Jet Ski Accident Leaves Officer In Hospital
08/04/2006 Police investigate overzealous officer
08/04/2006 Ex-Argentine officer sentenced for abuse
08/04/2006 Kingston Hires 10 New Police Officers With McGuinty Government Funding
08/04/2006 Girlfriend of retired cop also involved in child rape case
08/04/2006 Two officers arrested in unrelated incidents
08/04/2006 Bethlehem Police Officer Released from Hospital
08/04/2006 Springbok officer died in Taleban ambush in Afghanistan
08/04/2006 Retired officer's girlfriend charged in child sex case
08/04/2006 Officer charged with DUI
08/04/2006 Indiana Jail Officials Say Heat Contributed to Inmates' Deaths
08/04/2006 Meshtech Wireless, Inc. announces Roy Mers as new Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
08/04/2006 Two People in Custody After Suspect in Officer Shooting Shot and Killed
08/04/2006 Two Fort Smith officers reinstated after violence claim
08/04/2006 Indiana Police Make Progress in Sniper Shootings
08/04/2006 Ottawa Hires 95 New Police Officers With McGuinty Government Funding
08/04/2006 Petty officer held in secret for 4 months
08/04/2006 Ogden Chief says Checking Officer's License Plate was Legal
08/04/2006 Raid officer already back on duty
08/04/2006 Jammu and Kashmir officer among 5 arrested in kerosene black marketing
08/04/2006 No double standard for Marine, Army officer
08/04/2006 Nine Marine officers charged with involvement in failed coup
08/04/2006 Arizona Police Arrest 2 in Serial Shootings
08/04/2006 Bold Suspect Takes Gun, Squad Car From Police Officer
08/04/2006 Memphis police officer carjacked; Suspect on the loose
08/04/2006 Police officers decide whether to extend work day
08/04/2006 Wylie officer hurt during chase
08/04/2006 NZ officers to assist Risdon set-up
08/04/2006 Officer cleared in teen's fatal shooting
08/04/2006 Stabbed officer speaks to family
08/04/2006 Protesting oil sector officers detained
08/04/2006 Court Driver must be told if officer is taping
08/03/2006 Three Nepal Army officers face suspension
08/03/2006 Big Dig safety officer admits he sent memo to newspaper
08/03/2006 Wife of Army officer reached out to others
08/03/2006 Police department welcomes 16 new officers
08/03/2006 Web site honors fallen police officers
08/03/2006 Police Association backing officer in drink-drive case audio report
08/03/2006 Officer Charged With DWI
08/03/2006 Photo / police officers get the feel of a taser
08/03/2006 Injured Officer's Family Talks Publicly
08/03/2006 Raid man held as officer cleared
08/03/2006 No double standard for Marine, Army officer
08/03/2006 Nine Marine officers charged with involvement in failed coup
08/03/2006 30 police officers head for Sudan
08/03/2006 Fijian security officers train locals at Solomons mine
08/03/2006 Fijian security officers train locals at Solomons mine
08/03/2006 Charity trust hit by fraud of officer
08/03/2006 Police officers found in pools of blood
08/03/2006 Japan navy officer took data home, visited China media
08/03/2006 CRN Interview Cisco's Chief Security Officer Explains NAC Strategy Shift
08/03/2006 Uganda Army Apologises for Sick Officer's Behaviour
08/03/2006 A Message to the Gambian Security Apparatus Officers, Men And Women in Uniform
08/03/2006 Côte d'Ivoire Local Government Officers Return to Rebel-Held North
08/03/2006 New Chief Executive Officer for Zimtrade
08/03/2006 CHP Officer Fatally Shoots Suspect
08/03/2006 Officer remembered for young lives he changed
08/03/2006 Phoenix Police Turn to Spanish-Speaking Community for Sniper Tips
08/03/2006 Oakland Officer Prevails in Fatal Standoff
08/03/2006 North Carolina Police Arrest 3 in Slaying
08/03/2006 Cincinnati Police Arrest Man Who Tried To Steal Officer's Gun
08/03/2006 Colorado Deputy to be Charged in Fatal Crash
08/03/2006 North Carolina Police Arrest 3 on Drug Trafficking Charges
08/03/2006 Ohio Officer Injured During Foot Chase
08/03/2006 Former Gentry police officer sentenced to 7 years in prison
08/03/2006 Five Russian soldiers, two police officers killed in Chechnya
08/03/2006 British police officers cleared over terror shooting
08/03/2006 Retired Tacoma police officer accused of child rape
08/03/2006 Crowbar attack officer 'critical'
08/03/2006 Fijian security officers train locals at Solomons mine
08/03/2006 Council suspends second officer
08/03/2006 Off-Duty Dekalb Officer Kills Home Intruder
08/03/2006 Suspect caught in death of C. Fla. officer
08/03/2006 Officers, mayor disagree on Bonney Lake chief pick
08/03/2006 Retired Tacoma officer, 61, arrested
08/03/2006 BSF officer among 4 injured in grenade attack in Jammu and Kashmir
08/02/2006 Former officer gets probation for firing into fleeing car
08/02/2006 Suspect in Officer Shooting Tied to Debbie Hawk Case
08/02/2006 Union to act for officer on drink-driving charges