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State of Emergency
02/08/2016 [-] Zika virus infection – Maldives
02/08/2016 [-] Maldives Arrests Judge, Former Legal Official Over Court Order
02/07/2016 [-] PIX Abhishek Bachchan celebrates birthday in Maldives
01/31/2016 [-] Why Modi needs to focus on the Maldives
01/29/2016 [-] Maldives says sanctions call would be irresponsible
01/29/2016 [-] Maldives ready to extend Nasheed's prison leave
01/29/2016 [-] Maldives hopes jailed ex-president will return from Britain
01/28/2016 [-] Britain Could Use Sanctions to Pressure Maldives on Political Prisoners
01/27/2016 [-] Britain could use sanctions to pressure Maldives government
01/27/2016 [-] The Latest Maldives-related Zika case found in Finland
01/27/2016 [-] Former Maldives president calls for sanctions under alleged terrorism threat
01/26/2016 [-] Maldives' ex-president accused of politicizing medical leave
01/25/2016 [-] Former Maldives' President Calls for Sanctions Against Government Figures
01/25/2016 [-] Maldives slams jailed Nasheed for UK 'publicity visit'
01/25/2016 [-] Ex-Maldives leader says he may not return after UK treatment
01/24/2016 [-] UK to pressure Maldives govt over jailed ex president
01/22/2016 [-] Maldives ex leader lands in London after prison release aide
01/22/2016 [-] Amal Clooney welcomes Maldives ex-president Nasheed to London
01/22/2016 [-] Bungalow Bliss Inside The Maldives' Newest Presidential Villa
01/21/2016 [-] Amal Clooney Welcomes Maldives Ex-President Mohamed Nasheed to London
01/19/2016 [-] Maldives allows jailed former leader to travel
01/18/2016 [-] Maldives to Let Jailed Ex-President Go to Britain for Surgery
01/18/2016 [-] Dispute Over Maldives Ex-President's Medical Travel Resolved
01/18/2016 [-] Maldives former President Nasheed cancels medical treatment abroad
01/18/2016 [-] Maldives 'disappointed' Nasheed won't travel to Britain
01/18/2016 [-] Maldives OKs jailed ex-leader to get surgery in UK
01/17/2016 [-] Attorney Maldives breached terms with jailed ex-president
01/17/2016 [-] Maldives give jailed Nasheed 30 days' leave for surgery
01/17/2016 [-] Ex-Maldives president leaves jail for UK
01/16/2016 [-] Maldives permits jailed ex-president to have surgery abroad
01/01/2016 [-] News Flash India beats Maldives 3-2 to enter final of SAFF Cup
12/31/2015 [-] Mandira Bedi holidays in Maldives
12/13/2015 [-] Ex-Maldives President Nasheed to appeal jail sentence in Supreme Court
12/13/2015 [-] Climate change inspires fear and hope on Maldives
12/02/2015 [-] Bill McKibben Condemns Jailing of Ousted Maldives President, A Hero of Climate Movement
11/28/2015 [-] Maldives Police Break up Opposition Protest for a 2nd Night
11/27/2015 [-] Maldives Police Break Up Protest for Ex-President's Release
11/27/2015 [-] Maldives police break up protest for ex-president's release
11/27/2015 [-] Maldives opposition demonstrates for ex-president's release
11/12/2015 [-] Racial discrimination in Maldives
11/11/2015 [-] Maldives sacks public prosecutor for refusing to charge VP
11/11/2015 [-] Republic of Maldives lifts state of emergency
11/10/2015 [-] Maldives president revokes state of emergency early
11/10/2015 [-] Maldives Lifts State of Emergency
11/10/2015 [-] Maldives lifts state of emergency, foreign ministry says
11/10/2015 [-] Maldives announces end to state of emergency
11/10/2015 [-] President Mukherjee greets Maldives on eve of their Republic Day
11/09/2015 [-] Maldives says state of emergency may be lifted early
11/07/2015 [-] Maldives arrests foreigner accused of targeting president
11/07/2015 [-] Sri Lankan charged with new assassination plot in Maldives
11/07/2015 [-] Maldives arrests Sri Lanka man allegedly targeting president
11/07/2015 [-] Hong Kong to play in politically restive Maldives
11/06/2015 [-] Maldives State of Emergency Is Called ‘Precautionary’
11/06/2015 [-] Maldives State of Emergency Is Called ‘Precautionary’
11/06/2015 [-] World Briefing Maldives Vice President Is Impeached
11/06/2015 [-] Maldives impeaches vice president for alleged assassination plot
11/05/2015 [-] Maldives impeaches VP while the pressure to lift emergency mounts
11/05/2015 [-] MOFA ups Maldives travel warning after 'state of emergency' declared
11/05/2015 [-] Maldives impeaches VP as pressure to lift emergency mounts
11/05/2015 [-] Maldives Parliament Impeaches Jailed Vice President
11/05/2015 [-] Maldives impeaches vice president under emergency law
11/05/2015 [-] US expresses concern over emergency in Maldives
11/05/2015 [-] Maldives impeaches VP accused of plotting to kill president
11/05/2015 [-] Maldives declares state of emergency ahead of major anti-govt. protest
11/05/2015 [-] U.S., rights groups call on Maldives to lift state of emergency
11/05/2015 [-] Maldives declares state of emergency following assassination attempt

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