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07/11/2006 At least 140 killed in Mogadishu battle hospital
07/11/2006 Teen Rushed to Hospital; Police Investigate
07/11/2006 Hospital To Hold Bash
07/11/2006 Hospital deaths charges possible
07/11/2006 Two girls hospitalized after fight, shooting in Atlanta
07/11/2006 Mushroom Drug Produced Weeks-Long High in Hospital Experimen
07/11/2006 Car accident sends two to hospital
07/11/2006 Career camp sends students to hospital
07/11/2006 Ailing Kilpatrick remains in hospital, told to watch diet
07/11/2006 Wilkes-Barre fire fall victim released from hospital
07/10/2006 10 people hurt by Siberia air crash discharged from hospitals
07/10/2006 Death outside hospital a 'misunderstanding'
07/10/2006 Columbia women hospitalized after bartender's mistake
07/10/2006 E.C. Row Rollover Puts Teen in Hospital Windsor
07/10/2006 Impeached Nevada Controller in a Coma
07/10/2006 New drug to fight MRSA gets go-ahead for use in hospitals
07/10/2006 Hospital Says 1 Conjoined Twin Dies After Surgery
07/10/2006 Mainstream News Dallas hospital plans to bill Mexico
07/10/2006 New surgeon-in-chief at Albany Med's Children's Hospital
07/10/2006 Hospital Offers Free Test For Infants
07/10/2006 Best Hospitals
07/10/2006 CTA Worker Hospitalized After Falling On Tracks
07/10/2006 Murder suspect remains hospitalized
07/10/2006 Livingston Standoff Suspect Released from Hospital
07/10/2006 Augustine Hospitalized After Heart Attack
07/10/2006 Over 100 women raped, assaulted in UK mental hospitals Report
07/10/2006 New residency program announced for West Jefferson Hospital
07/10/2006 Hospital glues boy's eyelid shut
07/10/2006 Dallas Hospital Bills Mexico for Illegals Services
07/10/2006 Gas leak puts 164 Chinese in hospital
07/10/2006 Oshkosh fire victim dies at Milwaukee hospital
07/10/2006 UK hospital uses manuka honey to fight superbug
07/10/2006 Early-morning stabbing leaves Wilmington man hospitalized
07/10/2006 Hospital Says 1 Conjoined Twin Dies After Surgery
07/10/2006 UK hospital uses manuka honey to fight superbug
07/10/2006 Propane Tank Explosion Keeps Two In Hospital
07/10/2006 Hospital's cash plans are delayed
07/10/2006 Binghamton hospital damaged in flood reopens
07/10/2006 Women still get lower-quality heart attack care than men, despite hospital improvement efforts
07/10/2006 2 still in hospital after Son of Beast mishap
07/10/2006 Carbon gas sends kids to hospital
07/10/2006 Mag Names Best Hospitals
07/10/2006 Medics Rush Shooting Victim to Children's Mercy Hospital
07/10/2006 Police I.D. Homicide Victim Dumped at KCK Hospital
07/10/2006 Magazine Names Best U.S. Hospitals Johns Hopkins Tops Ranki
07/10/2006 Tangipahoa hospital system planning huge expansion
07/10/2006 Pilot in Rowan County plane crash out of the hospital 1100 AM
07/10/2006 Silver Cross Hospital Upgrades Emergency Department With MEDHOST
07/10/2006 Magazine's Best Hospital List
07/10/2006 Four Hospitalized In Sunday Oakland Shooting
07/10/2006 Hopkins Tops 'Best Hospitals' List
07/10/2006 Kenya A Hospital Too Far
07/10/2006 Man dropped off at hospital with gunshot wound, dies
07/10/2006 E.coli puts 12 people in hospital
07/10/2006 Shanghai hospital says one of conjoined twin girls separated last week dies
07/10/2006 Healthnostics Announces First Hospital Client for MedGuardian System
07/10/2006 Worst hospital has chronic staff shortage
07/10/2006 NRI health body to establish hospital chain
07/10/2006 5 escape mental hospital
07/10/2006 Man taken to hospital after crashing motorcycle while doing a trick, said police
07/10/2006 Two hospitalized after shooting
07/10/2006 Rollercoaster Sends Many People to Hospitals
07/10/2006 Germantown shooting sends two to hospital
07/10/2006 Kilpatrick 'doing well,' remains hospitalized with diverticulitis
07/10/2006 Community hospitals given OK to do angioplasties
07/10/2006 China toxic leak hospitalises 160
07/09/2006 Use common sense to plan hospital stay
07/09/2006 Clarksville's new hospital faces hurdles
07/09/2006 Fire in Greenbrier County Sends Man to the Hospital
07/09/2006 Indiana Hospital Readies Voice-Over-Wi-Fi for Nurses
07/09/2006 Gas leak sends 164 to hospital in China
07/09/2006 Chlorine Gas Leaks Sends 164 to Hospital in China
07/09/2006 Dead girl quits hospital
07/09/2006 100 women raped or assaulted in hospital
07/09/2006 Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick taken to hospital
07/09/2006 Kilpatrick 'doing well,' remains hospitalized with diverticulitis
07/09/2006 Court overturns 1.25 million verdict in hospital assault
07/09/2006 India gifts AIIMS-level hospital to Bhutan/t
07/09/2006 Kiwi sexologist dies in US hospital
07/09/2006 Wisdom of the ages Hospitals seek out older volunteers
07/09/2006 2nd Maui hospital predicts full staff
07/09/2006 Hospitals work on reducing infections
07/09/2006 Medical aid rejects pensioner hospital bill
07/09/2006 Two police officers hospitalised after attack
07/09/2006 124 bodies recovered, 71 people in hospital in Siberia air crash
07/09/2006 Netanya girl, 16, hospitalized with severe alcohol poisoning
07/09/2006 Mayor hospitalized in Houston
07/09/2006 Flood damage at Binghamton hospital could top 20 million
07/08/2006 Bucks night prank leaves two in hospital
07/08/2006 New rules, standard report proposed for nonprofit hospitals
07/08/2006 Hospitals' tax-exempt status scrutinized
07/08/2006 Kilpatrick hospitalized with diverticulitis
07/08/2006 O'Connor released from hospital
07/08/2006 Jail inmate hospitalized for self-inflicted cuts
07/08/2006 Groundbreaking for new hospital highlighted by remaining issues
07/08/2006 Shanghai hospital separates conjoined twins
07/08/2006 Mounties Recover in Hospital
07/08/2006 Cyclist Hospitalized After Hitting Deer
07/08/2006 Two Sask. Mounties in hospital after shooting
07/08/2006 6 Houston hospitals on top 10 lists
07/08/2006 Program tries to cut hospital ER costs
07/08/2006 Lingle backs private acute-care hospital on Maui
07/08/2006 Fears over patient care after massive cut in hospital beds
07/08/2006 Colin Powell Sent To Hospital
07/08/2006 Smoking to be banned at state mental hospital
07/08/2006 Hospital sets up patients ' affairs division
07/08/2006 Protest rally over hospital plans
07/08/2006 Hospital rolls out red carpet
07/08/2006 Protest rally over hospital plans
07/08/2006 Six Houston hospitals on top 10 lists
07/08/2006 New clinic to replace aging VA hospital in Walla Walla
07/07/2006 O'Connor to spend second night in hospital
07/07/2006 Stabbings leave three in hospital
07/07/2006 Veterans Hospital Will Stay in Walla Walla
07/07/2006 Hospital gets its own police
07/07/2006 We must reverse fall in number of hospital beds SNP
07/07/2006 Trial Begins In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against University Hospital
07/07/2006 Accused murderer at University Hospital
07/07/2006 Hospital Entrance Closed
07/07/2006 Magazine Ranks Chicago Hospitals At Top Of List
07/07/2006 Colin Powell briefly hospitalized in Aspen
07/07/2006 Quartet of Arizona hospitals make 'U.S. News' rankings
07/07/2006 Best hospitals identified
07/07/2006 Albany Med hospital CIO to lead board of national society
07/07/2006 Wake Forest named to U.S. News best hospital list
07/07/2006 If they have no hospital, let them go to a gym Rahul Gandhi
07/07/2006 Florida Hospital named among the best hospitals for endocrinology
07/07/2006 Colin Powell Briefly Hospitalized
07/07/2006 Union to picket Newfane hospital
07/07/2006 MGH, Brigham & Women's earn top hospital honors
07/07/2006 University Hospitals ranked in top 10
07/07/2006 Dallas hospitals make 'America's Best Hospitals' list
07/07/2006 Sixty jobs to go at debt hospital
07/07/2006 Publication cites three area hospitals among the best
07/07/2006 Water restored to Corner Brook hospital
07/07/2006 Tenor Luciano Pavarotti hospitalized for pancreatic cancer
07/07/2006 Bloomington Man Comes Home from Hospital and Finds Intruders Living There
07/07/2006 Hudson hospital employees to vote on contract ratification July 12
07/07/2006 Triumph Modular Completes Award-Winning 1.2 Million Mammography Center for Cambridge Hospital
07/07/2006 3 Workers at Ford Plant Taken to Hospital Windsor
07/07/2006 Local hospitals honored for oral health programs
07/07/2006 Accident On I-70 In Wheeling Sends 4 People To The Hospital
07/07/2006 Colin Powell Makes Hospital Visit After Falling Ill
07/07/2006 Man taken to hospital after crashing motorcycle while doing a trick, said police
07/07/2006 Hospital beds cut by 11,000 in ten years
07/07/2006 Four Cincinnati hospitals among 'America's best'
07/07/2006 Hospital handing out sunscreen, safety tips
07/07/2006 Powell Briefly Hospitalized After Illness In Aspen
07/07/2006 Public get their say on hospital
07/07/2006 Snapshots He brings five-star flair to hospital food
07/07/2006 Noted Surgeon Criticizes Leaders of L.A. County's King/Drew Hospital
07/06/2006 Chicago Home to #1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America for 16th Straight Year
07/06/2006 Texas Children's Hospital Ranks in the Nation's Top Five for Seventh Consecutive Year
07/06/2006 O'Connor enters hospital
07/06/2006 Shanghai hospital divides conjoined twins
07/06/2006 Nurse Accused Of Stealing From Hospital, Gyms
07/06/2006 SNP vows to fight for hospital A&E in poll campaign
07/06/2006 Trooper shot five times released from hospital
07/06/2006 Newborn Left At Gaffney Hospital
07/06/2006 A new VA hospital
07/06/2006 Indiana hospital eyes voice-over-Wi-Fi phones for nurses
07/06/2006 Duke places seventh in U.S. News hospital rankings
07/06/2006 SIA Joins Other Latino Greeks to Raise 4000 for St. Jude's Children Hospital
07/06/2006 Boy Taken From Hospital By Mother Sent Home With Father
07/06/2006 Hawaii Woman in Hospital After Brown Bear Attack
07/06/2006 Baby rushed to hospital after 2 hours in hot car
07/06/2006 Hawaii Woman in Hospital After Brown Bear Attack in Alaska
07/06/2006 Spring Hill Hospital supporters line up community backing
07/06/2006 One NHS patient in 10 'is harmed in hospital'
07/06/2006 Husband kills wife, self in hospital
07/06/2006 Injured trooper to be released from hospital today
07/06/2006 US based company supports four hospitals
07/06/2006 Moore looks at electronic hospital records
07/06/2006 Hospitals protest Medicaid citizenship law
07/06/2006 Meriter Hospital Finds Success With Pentadyne's Clean Energy Storage Systems
07/06/2006 Vanderbilt Children's Hospital receives Dell grant
07/06/2006 Coordination of primary health care and hospital care reduces readmission in COPD
07/06/2006 Court Individual doctors at Ore. hospital can be sued
07/06/2006 Winnebago Co. Crash Sends Five To The Hospital
07/06/2006 Man Fatally Shot Wife, Self At Hospital, Police Say
07/06/2006 U-M hospitals division promotes interim CEO Strong
07/06/2006 Police Man Fatally Shoots Wife, Self At Hospital
07/06/2006 US Marines take over Iraq hospital
07/06/2006 Firefighters in hospital after blaze
07/06/2006 U-M hospitals division promotes interim CEO Strong
07/06/2006 US Marines take over Iraq hospital allegedly used by insurgents
07/06/2006 Body is found in hospital grounds
07/06/2006 Biko son tells of rights abuse at hospitals
07/06/2006 Bomb Kills 12 Near Shrine; Marines Raid Iraqi Hospital
07/06/2006 84-year-old kills wife, self at Killeen hospital
07/06/2006 Hospital believed used by insurgents is seized
07/06/2006 Suspected conwoman out of hospital
07/05/2006 Strike spreads to other Delhi hospitals
07/05/2006 Doctors on strike at key Delhi hospitals
07/05/2006 Pregnant alleged conwoman in hospital
07/05/2006 Police Man Fatally Shoots Wife, Self At Hospital
07/05/2006 Man Fatally Shot Wife, Self At Hospital, Police Say
07/05/2006 Police Man fatally shoots wife, self at Texas hospital
07/05/2006 Man Fatally Shoots Wife, Self at Hospital
07/05/2006 Good Samaritan Hospital's Level II trauma center to close
07/05/2006 Four-year-old shot by playmate released from hospital
07/05/2006 Doctors Angry as Marines Storm, Occupy Ramadi Hospital Cited as Militant Haunt
07/05/2006 Angry stand-off with medics after US marines raid Iraqi hospital
07/05/2006 Elderly Couple Hospitalized After Accident
07/05/2006 Cleveland hospital tries cardiac comeback
07/05/2006 Troops raid hospital for insurgents
07/05/2006 N.C.-based Marines struggle for control of Ramadi hospital
07/05/2006 150 VA nurses, other workers to help other hospitals
07/05/2006 Marines Storm Hospital Cited As Militant Haunt
07/05/2006 U.S. Marines Struggle With Iraqi Insurgents For Control Of Ramadi Hospital
07/05/2006 Marines gain control of Iraq hospital
07/05/2006 Boy, 5, taken to Children's Hospital after near-drowning
07/05/2006 Murder-suicide at Killeen hospital
07/05/2006 PrimeMessage Announces Release of Customized Mobile Solutions for Hospitality Industry
07/05/2006 GE Healthcare centre at Manipal Hospital
07/05/2006 Young gunshot victim released from hospital
07/05/2006 George Fernandes discharged from hospital
07/05/2006 Tentative contract reached at Hudson hospital
07/05/2006 KKE Architects Opens New West Coast Hospitality Division; A.C. Atherton Joins KKE as Principal
07/05/2006 Hospital ready to open new facilities
07/05/2006 Four still hospitalized after Regatta accident
07/05/2006 Community hospitals to receive 750 million
07/05/2006 Green Bay Fire Sends Two-Year-Old To The Hospital
07/05/2006 Widespread illegal experiment on Arabs conducted at Israeli hospital
07/05/2006 Iraq Six die as US forces raid hospital
07/05/2006 Hundreds Hospitalized in Usak with Symptoms of Poisoning
07/05/2006 One Hospitalized in House Fire
07/05/2006 Fernandes discharged from hospital
07/05/2006 Community hospitals given extra 750m
07/05/2006 Four taken to hospital in duplex fire
07/05/2006 U.S., Iraqi Forces Raid Hospital for Insurgents
07/05/2006 Huntsville man, 43, in hospital after being ejected during rollover accident
07/05/2006 Several regatta crash victims still hospitalized
07/05/2006 US, Iraqi troops raid hospital to hunt insurgents
07/05/2006 US, Iraqi forces raid Ramadi hospital
07/05/2006 Hospital blood work done by machine
07/05/2006 Choking Bnei Brak baby hospitalized in critical condition
07/05/2006 Adams supervisors to explain hospital tax at public hearing
07/05/2006 U-S, Iraqi forces raid Ramadi hospital suspected of use by insurgents
07/05/2006 Hospitalized Ebert getting better
07/05/2006 US, Iraqi Forces Raid Ramadi Hospital Used by Insurgents
07/05/2006 More missing wheelchairs frustrate stores, hospital
07/05/2006 US, Iraqi troops raid hospital to hunt insurgents
07/05/2006 U.S., Iraqi Forces Raid Ramadi Hospital for Insurgents
07/05/2006 U.S., Iraqi Forces Raid Hospital for Insurgents
07/05/2006 U.S.-led forces raid Ramadi hospital
07/05/2006 U.S., Iraqi Forces Raid Hospital in Search of Insurgents
07/05/2006 Widespread illegal experiment conducted at Meir Hospital
07/05/2006 Pay rise anger of hospital cleaners
07/05/2006 Weather Wise Who was the first U.S. president to be born in a hospital?
07/05/2006 U.S.-led forces raid Ramadi hospital
07/04/2006 Editorial Hospital-Caused Deaths
07/04/2006 Nepali PM advised to stay at hospital for 10 to 14 days
07/04/2006 Jet Ski Accident Sends One To The Hospital
07/04/2006 Traffic study to begin for Union Hospital project
07/04/2006 Terre Haute woman hospitalized after crash
07/04/2006 Nepal starts construction of civil servant hospital with Chinese aid
07/04/2006 Thunderbird hospital investigating total smoking ban on its property
07/04/2006 Results of hospital performance measures do not always reflect patient outcomes
07/04/2006 World Cup Roundup 'Fan Mile' crasher is held in hospital
07/04/2006 News Three-car collision sends one person to hospital
07/04/2006 Roger Ebert Recovering In Hospital After Operation
07/04/2006 Fernandes hospitalised after breathlessness, chest discomfort
07/04/2006 George Fernandes hospitalised
07/04/2006 Fernandes admitted to hospital, released
07/04/2006 Koirala to remain in hospital for two days
07/04/2006 Teen Shot By Cops Recovering In Indiana Hospital
07/04/2006 Harrison County names hospital board member
07/04/2006 Two hospitalized after airplane crash in Union County
07/04/2006 Hopkins County marine hospitalized in Germany
07/04/2006 George Fernandes admitted to hospital
07/04/2006 Tractor-trailer wrecks on I-64; driver, passenger taken to hospital
07/04/2006 US tourists admitted to hospital after yacht rescue
07/04/2006 Hospitalized Nepali PM to skip parliament
07/04/2006 Koirala hospitalised, complete rest for 48 hours
07/04/2006 Nepal's ailing PM hospitalised
07/04/2006 Darwin hospital praises staff performance
07/03/2006 Nepal PM Koirala in hospital with chest pain
07/03/2006 Over 300 buildings, hospital blacked out by cable fire in Moscow
07/03/2006 Man hospitalized after dive into pool
07/03/2006 Crash sends motorcyclist to hospital 1153 PM
07/03/2006 Nepal PM in hospital, to skip parliament address
07/03/2006 Traffic study to begin for Union Hospital project
07/03/2006 Terre Haute woman hospitalized after crash
07/03/2006 Nepali PM suddenly becomes ill, admitted in hospital
07/03/2006 Boost remote services to ease hospital load AMA
07/03/2006 Nepal PM hospitalised after chest pain
07/03/2006 Former KKK Grand Dragon Hospitalized; Son Wanted in Beating
07/03/2006 O'Grady leaves hospital after heart surgery
07/03/2006 Court staff taken to hospital after powder scare
07/03/2006 Nursing school will curb staff shortage, hospital workers say
07/03/2006 NT hospitals 'busy but well-funded'
07/03/2006 Nepal PM Koirala taken to hospital
07/03/2006 Koirala in hospital
07/03/2006 Water incident on Montville sends one person to the hospital
07/03/2006 At Katmandu hospital, a close-up of disorder
07/03/2006 Health Minister cuts sod for construction of Hospital
07/03/2006 Two Akron hospitals to ban smoking to property line
07/03/2006 Two hospitalized after airplane crash in Union County
07/03/2006 Ammonia Leak Sends Deputy to Hospital
07/03/2006 Nepal's Prime Minister Koirala hospitalised
07/03/2006 IOF storm Palestinian hospitals, wreak havoc in civil society institutions
07/03/2006 Boy, 9, Hospitalized After Being Accidentally Shut in Car Trunk
07/03/2006 Two in hospital after tomahawk attack
07/03/2006 Six-car pileup sends 10 to hospital
07/03/2006 Injured rushed to hospital in Spain
07/03/2006 Four in hospital day after boat race car crash
07/03/2006 Saint Thomas wraps up DeKalb Hospital sale
07/03/2006 Hopkins County marine hospitalized in Germany
07/03/2006 Man taken to hospital after near-drowning
07/03/2006 Bride-to-be injured by fireworks to be released from hospital
07/03/2006 Fireworks Start Grass Fire Behind University Hospital
07/03/2006 Clinton calls for both parties to negotiate in hospital, union dispute
07/03/2006 UNC Hospitals To Focus On Women's Mood Disorders
07/03/2006 Three Hospitalized After Separate Crashes On I-65
07/03/2006 Separate wrecks on I-65 send three to hospital
07/03/2006 Six hospitalized with smoke inhalation after Malden blaze
07/03/2006 Melandri Hospital to podium in two weeks.
07/03/2006 Ebert in serious but stable condition
07/03/2006 UNC Hospitals To Focus On Women's Mood Disorders
07/03/2006 Hospital bed shortage worsens
07/03/2006 Nurse stabbed in hospital attack
07/03/2006 Ebert hospitalized-- In Serious Condition
07/02/2006 Hospital bed shortage worsens
07/02/2006 Roger Ebert hospitalized after cancer-related surgery
07/02/2006 Stroke team established at hospital
07/02/2006 De Klerk set to return home from hospital
07/02/2006 Raleigh General Hospital Officially Sold
07/02/2006 UNC Hospitals to focus on women's mood disorders
07/02/2006 Ebert in serious condition after surgery
07/02/2006 2 in hospital after stabbing
07/02/2006 Roger Ebert hospitalized
07/02/2006 Paul O'Grady to stay in hospital
07/02/2006 IOF storm Palestinian hospitals, wreak havoc in civil society institutions
07/02/2006 Five People Sent to Hospital After Van Rolls Over
07/02/2006 Separate accidents on I-65 send three to hospital
07/02/2006 Movie critic Ebert has emergency surgery
07/02/2006 Two Hospitalized After Union County Plane Crash
07/02/2006 Two hospitalized after airplane crash in Union County
07/02/2006 California hospitals could find reprieve in seismic inspections
07/02/2006 Israeli Troops Storm Nablus Hospital
07/02/2006 Seeking Militant, Israelis Raid Palestinian Hospital
07/02/2006 4 hospitalized after head-on collision
07/02/2006 IDF troops storm Nablus hospital in hunt for wanted Palestinian
07/02/2006 Five Palestinians wounded in Israel hospital raid
07/02/2006 Exeter Hospital expanding
07/02/2006 Toddler death suspect in hospital
07/02/2006 5 charged, 12 taken to hospital after Sydney rave
07/01/2006 Jharkhand man turns beggar to pay hospital bill
07/01/2006 Hospital parking charges up 320%
07/01/2006 Two-year-old hospitalized following car wreck
07/01/2006 New VA hospital to be built in Louisville
07/01/2006 New Delhi hospital cares for injured birds
07/01/2006 Lift GP numbers to ease hospitals' load Smyth
07/01/2006 Hospital boss doubts rating scheme's effectiveness
07/01/2006 New Delhi Hospital Cares for Injured Birds
07/01/2006 Hospital boss doubt rating scheme's effectiveness
07/01/2006 Hospital's final birth ends in the pink
07/01/2006 Undercover Cop Hospitalized After Routine Pullover
07/01/2006 News Community Hospital of Bremen hosts health fair
07/01/2006 Korle-Bu Hospital and others receive hospital supplies
07/01/2006 Four Hospitalized After Lake Shore Drive Crash
07/01/2006 Two more teens hospitalized for excess drinking in the Flathead
07/01/2006 Rule Changes Proposed To Make Hospitals More Accountable
07/01/2006 Suspected shoplifter stabs Mall 205 guard, sends cop to hospital
07/01/2006 Cheney Leaves Hospital After Physical
07/01/2006 O'Grady 'comfortable' in hospital
07/01/2006 Cheney heads to hospital for checkup
07/01/2006 UCF President Released From Hospital After Heart Attack
07/01/2006 Cheney Hits Hospital For Check-Up
07/01/2006 Cheney Makes Trip To Hospital
07/01/2006 Cheney Enters Hospital For Annual Physical
07/01/2006 NHSFirst in petition bid to cut hospital violence
07/01/2006 Veterans hospital to be replaced
07/01/2006 Hospital in Lansing delivers 6 sets of doubles