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06/12/2006 Boy Burned at Yellowstone Released from Hospital
06/12/2006 Indy VA Hospital To Treat Wounded Soldiers From Iraq War
06/12/2006 New St. Mary Hospital to open on schedule
06/12/2006 Boy burned at Yellowstone is released from Utah hospital
06/12/2006 Keralite battling for life in Bahrain hospital
06/12/2006 Late-night crash in Lincoln sends 4 to hospitals
06/12/2006 Former Malta horse farm to be used for Saratoga Hospital expansion
06/12/2006 Randolph Hospital gets OK for cancer center
06/12/2006 Telgi falls unconscious in jail, admitted to hospital
06/12/2006 Schuylkill County Stabbing Victim Hospitalized, Suspect Charged
06/12/2006 University of Kentucky officials unveil hospital designs
06/12/2006 Shriners Hospital hosts day of athletic activities for patients
06/12/2006 2 girls still hospitalized after truck hits group
06/12/2006 Indianapolis VA hospital to treat wounded soldiers from Iraq war
06/12/2006 Stroger To Be Released From Hospital This Week
06/12/2006 Jailed Moldovan minister transferred to police hospital
06/12/2006 Specialist fails to sway Govt on new hospital
06/12/2006 Local hospitals guard against tainted tissue donations
06/11/2006 Indy VA hospital to treat badly wounded Iraq vets
06/11/2006 Former U.N. chief released from hospital
06/11/2006 Myanmar Suu Kyi Released From Hospital
06/11/2006 Former U.N. Chief Released From Hospital
06/11/2006 Mercy hospital construction on schedule to open in late 2007
06/11/2006 Two Mass Shooting Victims Remain Hospitalized
06/11/2006 Trotter John Stroger Is Hospitalized
06/11/2006 One Person Hospitalized After Accident In Appleton
06/11/2006 Poor handwashing puts hospital patients at risk study
06/11/2006 Couple weds in Paragould hospital room
06/11/2006 VEEP inspects multi billion-dollar hospital project
06/11/2006 11 sent to hospital following car crash1002 AM
06/11/2006 Fifteen taken to hospital after gas exposure
06/11/2006 Suu Kyi hospitalised, discharged
06/11/2006 Stroger in hospital again, source says
06/11/2006 Rajasthan to monitor private hospitals, nursing homes
06/11/2006 Children Struck By Truck Still Hospitalized
06/11/2006 Nortel Networks builds out network at Dr Erfan & Bagedo new General Hospital
06/11/2006 Hospital site's future worries Medfield
06/11/2006 Doctors take page out of hospital's book
06/10/2006 Doctors take page out of hospital's book
06/10/2006 Doctors threatened with loss of privileges
06/10/2006 Injured worker killed trying to drive to hospital
06/10/2006 Chemical Spill Causes Scare at Hartford Hospital
06/10/2006 Chemical spill at Hartford Hospital causes minor evacuation
06/10/2006 Injured worker killed as he tries to drive himself to hospital
06/10/2006 2 children in Waller County flown to hospital after accident
06/10/2006 Hospital denies fudging facts
06/10/2006 Shriners Hospital hosts day of athletic activities for patients
06/10/2006 Korn frontman hospitalized in Britain
06/10/2006 Catering coordinator even makes hospital meals come alive
06/10/2006 Officer airlifted to hospital after head-on collision
06/10/2006 Burma Police Chief Democracy Leader Sick, but Not Hospitalized
06/10/2006 Myanmar Democracy Leader Suu Kyi is Hospitalized
06/10/2006 Myanmar Democracy Leader Suu Kyi is Hospitalized
06/10/2006 MCP Hospital site sold for 11 million
06/10/2006 Jolt sends man to hospital
06/10/2006 Burmese democracy leader in hospital, colleagues report
06/10/2006 Hospital avoidable for some elderly with pneumonia
06/10/2006 Myanmar's Suu Kyi treated in hospital exiles
06/10/2006 Suu Kyi hospitalised, discharged
06/10/2006 Demo over hospital downgrading
06/10/2006 Suu Kyi recovering after hospital visit party
06/10/2006 Israeli hospitals decline to treat 4-year-old Palestinian
06/10/2006 1-car crash leaves one hospitalized
06/10/2006 Myanmar's Suu Kyi treated in hospital
06/10/2006 Texas Hospital Association on Board to GO2Q
06/10/2006 Injured teacher leaves Vegas hospital
06/10/2006 Girl Hospitalized After 2 Pit Bulls Terrorize Students, Staff at School
06/09/2006 Teenage party turns violent, 1 man in hospital
06/09/2006 Two More People in Hospital with ATV-related Injuries
06/09/2006 Police officer taken to hospital after crash
06/09/2006 Myanmar's Suu Kyi Released From Hospital
06/09/2006 United States says it cannot confirm whether Suu Kyi is hospitalised
06/09/2006 Suu Kyi hospitalised
06/09/2006 Union Hospital CEO Project will boost Valley economy
06/09/2006 Plans for Oregon State Hospital move forward
06/09/2006 Party denies Suu Kyi in hospital in Burma
06/09/2006 Plans for Oregon State Hospital move forward
06/09/2006 Party denies Suu Kyi in hospital in Burma
06/09/2006 President John Stroger Hospitalized Again
06/09/2006 Shriners Hospital hosts day of athletic activities for patients
06/09/2006 Myanmar's Suu Kyi hospitalized
06/09/2006 MPs criticise Agency hospitality
06/09/2006 Stroger back in hospital
06/09/2006 Nobel laureate Suu Kyi hospitalized, house arrest extended one year
06/09/2006 Search Is On For Man Who Escaped from Hospital
06/09/2006 Man who led police on chase flees hospital following accident
06/09/2006 Quebec announces plan to control hospital infections
06/09/2006 US concerned by reported hospitalization of Aung San Suu Kyi
06/09/2006 US concerned Burma's Suu Kyi in hospital
06/09/2006 N.J. hospital's nurses ditch union
06/09/2006 Hospitals sue Pataki over health funding cuts
06/09/2006 Myanmar democracy leader hospitalized
06/09/2006 New Animal Hospital At Cincinnati Zoo
06/09/2006 West Valley Man Flown To Hospital After Stabbing
06/09/2006 Myanmar Opposition Leader Suu Kyi Hospitalized
06/09/2006 Myanmar's Suu Kyi hospitalized
06/09/2006 Two still in hospital after May crashes
06/09/2006 Two Girls Hospitalized After High School Fight
06/09/2006 Myanmar's dissident Aung San Suu Kyi hospitalized US
06/09/2006 Aung San Suu Kyi hospitalised
06/09/2006 Trade group Hospital impact worth 91.5B
06/09/2006 Denied hospital bed for stillbirth, B.C. woman says
06/09/2006 Royal Victoria Hospital destroys protected green space for parking lot
06/09/2006 Dupont Hospital Opens Fitness Park
06/09/2006 Parliament alert man in hospital
06/09/2006 Public hospitals grind to a halt ...
06/09/2006 Apollo Hospital booked for false info
06/09/2006 Federal lawsuit seeks payment from hospitals for mistakes
06/09/2006 Evansville's Smoke-Free Hospitals Honored
06/09/2006 Union Hospital Health Group eyes closing block permanently
06/09/2006 FIR registered against Apollo Hospital
06/09/2006 3 men taken to hospital after drive-by shooting
06/09/2006 Sarasota Memorial Hospital board seeks to replace member
06/08/2006 Pak hospital to be named after Sikh general
06/08/2006 Gas Leak Creates Tense Moments at Hospital
06/08/2006 Residents Hospital plan prescription for problems
06/08/2006 Should mentally ill people be jailed or hospitalized?
06/08/2006 Teen beaten with hockey stick released from hospital
06/08/2006 Govt urged to recognise regional hospital needs
06/08/2006 Traffic Accident Sends Six People to the Hospital
06/08/2006 Rising Construction Costs Affect Hospital Plans
06/08/2006 Plans on tap for 278M replacement hospital in Murfreesboro
06/08/2006 Portage boy hospitalized after school pool accident
06/08/2006 Research institute arises from hope of hospital trustee
06/08/2006 Army reserve support hospital deployed
06/08/2006 Caregiving Ah! A quieter hospital
06/08/2006 Experts say baby abductors shifting focus from hospitals to homes
06/08/2006 Fla. hospital admits error in patient death
06/08/2006 Apollo Hospital maintains innocence, police lodge FIR against it
06/08/2006 Study Aims To Cut Deaths From Severe Infection In Hospital Wards
06/08/2006 Queen's royal hospital visit
06/08/2006 Two go to hospital after stabbing, then one to jail
06/08/2006 Officials Hope To Break Ground On Elgin Hospital
06/08/2006 Charges Dropped Against Woman Accused of Using Stolen ID at Hospital
06/08/2006 Neshoba Co. applies for 14M federal loan for hospital project
06/08/2006 Danish queen leaves hospital after knee surgery
06/08/2006 CBS Reporter Injured In Iraq Transferred To US Hospital
06/08/2006 Health funds to ease city hospitals' burdens
06/08/2006 Hospital in memory of Sikh general in Pakistan
06/08/2006 We have proof to book Apollo Hospital Police
06/08/2006 Hospital earnings miss goal
06/08/2006 Children's Memorial Hospital to sell health cost management unit
06/08/2006 Why Can't Poinciana Have a Hospital?
06/08/2006 Georgetown boy hospitalized after he hit by truck
06/08/2006 Drainage plan for hospital results in savings for county
06/08/2006 Hospital wins suit over doctor
06/08/2006 Study Finds Improper Medicare Coding of Hospital Emergency Services
06/08/2006 Train Chartering & Quintus Hospitality Tackle the Rugby World Cup 2007
06/07/2006 Trajedy brings wedding to hospital
06/07/2006 Wife puts spouse in hospital
06/07/2006 Woman paralysed, hospital accused
06/07/2006 3-Year-Old Recovering In Hospital After Dog Attack
06/07/2006 Analysis Rx for hospital infection rates
06/07/2006 Des Moines Hospital Reaches Settlement in Billing Lawsuit
06/07/2006 Dayton Heart downplays Kettering announcement
06/07/2006 Richland hospital wins 4 million verdict against La. hospital
06/07/2006 Sophie Delezio leaves hospital with a smile
06/07/2006 Regina has lowest hospital death rate for strokes report
06/07/2006 CBS reporter injured in Iraq returns to U.S.; taken to hospital
06/07/2006 Lineman in hospital after massive jolt
06/07/2006 Delezio to leave hospital
06/07/2006 Full cooperation extended to probe Apollo Hospital
06/07/2006 Dispute hospital refuses patients
06/07/2006 3 city hospitals get clinic grants
06/07/2006 Area Hospitals To Be Totally Smoke-Free
06/07/2006 New heart hospital to include 'preventive cardiology'
06/07/2006 Crash sends motorcyclist to hospital
06/07/2006 Concern over future hospital plan
06/07/2006 Rooney leaves hospital after foot scan
06/07/2006 Harvard, Children's Hospital to Embark on Embryo Cloning Project
06/07/2006 Study aims to cut deaths from severe infection in hospital wards
06/07/2006 Man charged in alleged murder conspiracy sent to state hospital
06/07/2006 Children's Hospital lands millions from local companies
06/07/2006 Field hospital planned near volcano
06/07/2006 Field hospital planned near volcano
06/07/2006 State Rejects Hospital's Plan To Cut Services
06/07/2006 Woman Shot, Shows Up At Hospital
06/07/2006 Fence ordeal OAP dies in hospital
06/07/2006 Montgomery out of the hospital
06/07/2006 Alleged holdup attempt sends suspects to hospital
06/07/2006 Woman hospitalized after wreck
06/07/2006 Teenager in hospital after crash
06/07/2006 Boy Hospitalized Following SF Drive-By Shooting
06/07/2006 D.M. hospital agrees to end contested billing practice
06/07/2006 Apollo Hospital's conduct under scanner
06/07/2006 State rejects Bethany Hospital proposal
06/07/2006 Kettering Medical to build 45M heart hospital
06/07/2006 New Addition To St Joseph's Hospital Opens June 7th<!--London-->
06/07/2006 Mercy Gilbert hospital opens to rave reviews
06/06/2006 Tentative deal reached for Glades hospital site
06/06/2006 Driver hospitalized after Rt. 611 collision with bus
06/06/2006 Harvard, Boston hospital to attempt embryo cloning
06/06/2006 St. Luke Hospitals Vote To Leave Health Alliance
06/06/2006 Woman says hospital forced her to strip
06/06/2006 Auditor, AG Hopeful Montgomery Leaves Hospital
06/06/2006 Food poisoning MSP in hospital
06/06/2006 Charges at hospital car parks are morally wrong, MSPs told
06/06/2006 Dundee children's hospital opens
06/06/2006 District Headquarters Hospital in Chakwal 'Infighting claims 2 children’s lives’
06/06/2006 N. Texas Hospitals Serious About Nursery Security
06/06/2006 St. Luke hospitals move to leave Health Alliance
06/06/2006 Sunrise Hospital Opens Breast Center
06/06/2006 Gas Leak at Local Hospital
06/06/2006 Program reduces hospitalizations and costs for nursing home residents with pneumonia
06/06/2006 Pneumonia can be treated effectively in nursing homes, reducing transfers to hospital
06/06/2006 Special Care Keeps Nursing Home Residents Out of Hospital
06/06/2006 German hospital uses RFID to track medication
06/06/2006 Strike creates congestion at 37th Military Hospital
06/06/2006 Police warn of GHB dangers after couple hospitalised
06/06/2006 Burn victim out of hospital
06/06/2006 Bob Weaver Battling Cancer And Hospitalized
06/06/2006 Polly Umrigar hospitalised
06/06/2006 German hospital to track meds the RFID way
06/06/2006 Children's Hospital begins creating embryonic stem cells
06/06/2006 Prez Palace To Be Used As Hospital
06/06/2006 Prince William's hospital visit
06/06/2006 Polly Umrigar admitted to hospital
06/06/2006 Hospital will broadcast minimally invasive surgery
06/06/2006 Children's Hospital plans classes for baby sitters
06/06/2006 Accident sends Rogers man, 18, to hospital
06/06/2006 Blair Warns Schools And Hospitals
06/06/2006 Three-car crash sends five to hospital
06/06/2006 New lottery for hospital
06/06/2006 Refuge ends, cops take away Rahul from hospital
06/06/2006 Rahul Mahajan discharged from hospital
06/06/2006 8 escape fire in New Albany; woman hospitalized
06/06/2006 Rahul Mahajan likely to be discharged from hospital
06/06/2006 Rahul to be discharged from Apollo Hospital
06/06/2006 Delhi Hospital fined Rs four lakh for defunct respirator
06/06/2006 Police to seek Rahul's discharge from hospital and his custody
06/05/2006 Filmmaker Hrishikesh Mukherjee hospitalised
06/05/2006 Amgen and Massachusetts General Hospital settle royalty payment
06/05/2006 Hrishikesh Mukherjee hospitalised; critical
06/05/2006 Hrishikesh Mukherjee hospitalised
06/05/2006 Missing Baby Taken To Hospital
06/05/2006 Man accused in thefts flown to hospital
06/05/2006 Foundation status hospitals owed 24m by trusts
06/05/2006 Rahul Mahajan arrested, booked on hospital bed
06/05/2006 Rahul Mahajan arrested from hospital on drug charges
06/05/2006 Injured suspect leaves hospital before police can get there
06/05/2006 Hospital says missing TX newborn found
06/05/2006 Missing Texas baby found, hospital says
06/05/2006 Sea Turtle Hackers Strike the Hospital!
06/05/2006 Hospital Missing Texas baby found
06/05/2006 Hospital Missing baby found
06/05/2006 Carlsen Twins Released From Hospital; Family To Fly Home
06/05/2006 In hospital, Rahul arrested under tough drugs law
06/05/2006 Indian ‘spy’ dies in hospital
06/05/2006 Gilbert gets new hospital
06/05/2006 High speed Chase Sends Police Officer to The Hospital
06/05/2006 4 hospitalized from noxious fumes
06/05/2006 Re-examine the approach to treatment decisions of the frail elderly in hospitals
06/05/2006 Nuxhall Released From Hospital
06/05/2006 Former Conjoined Twins Leave Hospital
06/05/2006 LifePoint renegotiates purchase of hospitals
06/05/2006 Rahul Mahajan arrested on drug charges; to spend night in hospital
06/05/2006 Building Fumes Send 11 People to Area Hospitals
06/05/2006 Wesley parent makes new deal for sale of hospitals
06/05/2006 Break the law, take refuge in hospital
06/05/2006 Rahul Mahajan arrested, booked in hospital bed
06/05/2006 Hospitals Expand Videoconferencing
06/05/2006 LifePoint, HCA sign four-hospital sale deal
06/05/2006 Apartment fire sends 1 to hospital
06/05/2006 VA hospital seeks
06/05/2006 Somalia Hospital Capture a 'Gross Violation' UN
06/05/2006 Chad State Sector Strike Slows Hospitals, Govt Offices
06/05/2006 New Hospital
06/05/2006 Abercrombie & Fitch donates 10 million to hospital
06/05/2006 Columbia Memorial Hospital impasse with union continues
06/05/2006 Man Beaten, Hospitalized in Lehigh County
06/05/2006 Fortune Bay hosting hospitality training
06/05/2006 Lehigh hospital helps families stay in touch with Iraq troops
06/05/2006 Hospital strikes continue
06/05/2006 Hospital seeks top trauma status
06/05/2006 Mother sues hospital for letting son die
06/05/2006 So many patients and too few dollars
06/05/2006 Hospital marks 80 years of treating kids for free
06/05/2006 Head-on crash sends three to hospitals
06/05/2006 From hospital to police station
06/05/2006 Simply Retail Helps Bring Health Care Retail to Life at Woman's Hospital
06/04/2006 Police team reaches hospital to interrogate Rahul
06/04/2006 Injured baby boy dies in hospital
06/04/2006 Twins leave hospital
06/04/2006 PLUK leader hospitalized after fall
06/04/2006 Rahul fit to give a statement, police arrive at hospital
06/04/2006 Girl struck by car taken to hospital
06/04/2006 Maintenance Team Gospel Choir Brightens Hospital
06/04/2006 Private hospitals get more charity money
06/04/2006 ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital Visits Canada Before Saving Sight in Africa
06/04/2006 Former conjoined twins leave hospital
06/04/2006 Two dead in apparent murder-suicide at Paducah hospital
06/04/2006 Gubernatorial Candidate Hospitalized With Kidney Stone
06/04/2006 Car Rolls in Grantsville, Sending Three to Hospital
06/04/2006 Injured boy dies after days in hospital
06/04/2006 Medical Records Go Electronic At Sentara Hospitals In Hampton Roads
06/04/2006 HPD Man on way to hospital hits pickup
06/04/2006 Former conjoined twins leave Mayo hospital; prepare to go home
06/04/2006 Shooting in Newport News sends 1 to hospital
06/04/2006 Abused Infant Dies At Tacoma Hospital
06/04/2006 Art salvaged from hurricane-ravaged hospital
06/04/2006 Overnight shooting sends man to hospital 0937 AM
06/04/2006 Tulsa hospitals, clinics to ban tobacco
06/04/2006 Cerak's friends visit her in the hospital
06/04/2006 Robots help hospitalized kids keep up with their classwork
06/04/2006 Recovering Heart Attack Patient Placed In Hospital Ward Dealing With Viral Outbreak<!--Calgary News-->
06/03/2006 Indonesian nurse with bird flu-like symptoms hospitalized
06/03/2006 Wreck on 611 sends six to hospitals
06/03/2006 Formerly conjoined twins leave hospital
06/03/2006 Houston Hospital doctors perform facial surgery on Kenyan boy
06/03/2006 Child dies at hospital
06/03/2006 Badly injured man dumped at hospital
06/03/2006 Child Allegedly Beaten By Father Dies At Hospital
06/03/2006 Private hospitals, dairy, poultry to get incentives in budget
06/03/2006 Tour provides inside look at new children's hospital 434 PM
06/03/2006 Tour provides inside look at new children's hospital 434 PM
06/03/2006 Hospitalized school kids use robot replacements in classroom
06/03/2006 Rahul tests negative for narcotics hospital
06/03/2006 Oconomowoc says it'll appeal hospital ruling
06/03/2006 Democratic gubernatorial candidate hospitalized
06/03/2006 Oconomowoc Says It Will Appeal Hospital Ruling
06/03/2006 Robots Help Hospitalized Students Keep Up
06/03/2006 Hospitals Using Classroom-Robot Program
06/03/2006 Hospitalized school kids use robot replacements in classroom
06/03/2006 Robots Help Hospitalized Students Keep Up
06/03/2006 Hospitals Using Classroom-Robot Program
06/03/2006 Somalia hospital capture a 'gross violation'
06/03/2006 Two dead in shooting at Paducah hospital
06/03/2006 ESI to set up four super speciality hospitals
06/03/2006 Wells Fargo Financial Corporation Canada Proudly Supports BC Children's Hospital
06/03/2006 Somalia Somalia hospital capture a 'gross violation'
06/03/2006 An Overnight Accident Leaves Three Young Men in the Hospital
06/03/2006 Somalia hospital capture a gross violation
06/03/2006 Stabbing at Roxbury pizza parlor leaves 2 hospitalized
06/03/2006 No cocaine in Rahul's blood Hospital sources
06/03/2006 Hospital hope for Palestine
06/02/2006 New SEV hospital to diffuse load
06/02/2006 Roadwork near hospital to continue
06/02/2006 Banner hospital for kids could redefine west Mesa
06/02/2006 Parents thank Children’s Hospital staff for little miracles
06/02/2006 Two Dead After Shooting At Paducah Hospital
06/02/2006 Gunmen Seize Somalian Hospital
06/02/2006 Somalia hospital capture a "gross violation"
06/02/2006 Two dead in shooting at Paducah Hospital
06/02/2006 Animal Hospital Looking for Home for Snapping Turtle
06/02/2006 IDF arrests injured Palestinian at Nablus hospital
06/02/2006 Engineers add wing to Salvador hospital
06/02/2006 Somalia hospital capture a "gross violation"
06/02/2006 Dawnay, Day forays into hospitality sector
06/02/2006 Toddler Hospitalized After Being Hit by Car
06/02/2006 Foot Infections Raise Hospitalizations, Amputations, in Diab
06/02/2006 Lutherans urge support for hospital in East Jerusalem
06/02/2006 IDF nabs injured Palestinian at Nablus hospital
06/02/2006 IDF grabs Palestinian at hospital
06/02/2006 Trooper in hospital after fall from tree
06/02/2006 Three people still in hospital from wrecks
06/02/2006 Nurse with bird flu-like symptoms hospitalized in Bandung, W Java
06/02/2006 Hospitals prepare for growing ranks of obese
06/02/2006 Australian PM nixes hospital takeover
06/02/2006 CMS posts hospital prices on Web site
06/02/2006 St. David's Hospital Needs Volunteers
06/02/2006 Man in Hospital After Truck Catches Fire
06/02/2006 Highland Hospitality buys new Gaithersburg hotel for 29M
06/02/2006 Pride Enterprises in dispute over land for hospital
06/02/2006 Medicare payment to hospitals to be posted
06/02/2006 Man hospitalized after hitting underground power line
06/02/2006 Hospitals prepare for growing ranks of obese
06/02/2006 IDF grabs Palestinian at hospital
06/02/2006 5 hospitalized after big bar fight in Unity
06/02/2006 Boutros-Ghali hospitalised in France
06/02/2006 Bar patron upset by questions of family name sends five to hospital
06/02/2006 Randolph Hospital opens new MRI Center
06/02/2006 INTERVIEW-Grim prognosis for Gaza hospital
06/02/2006 Veterans warned of possible virus exposure at Milwaukee hospital
06/02/2006 2,000-plus vets told of possible exposure at Milwaukee hospital
06/02/2006 Cabbies Sent To Hospital Following Downtown Brawl