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05/24/2006 Hospital discharges third shooting victim
05/24/2006 Government hospitals facing staff shortage
05/24/2006 Vibra Healthcare acquires Dallas hospital
05/24/2006 US Hospital Ship Deploys to Asia
05/24/2006 Firefighter, injured during transit strike, leaves hospital
05/24/2006 Agent Jazz pianist hospitalized in New Orleans
05/24/2006 Hospital may cut matrons
05/24/2006 Missing Elgin hospital man appeal
05/24/2006 Hospital clears E.coli children
05/24/2006 Hospital Groups Blast New Jersey Bed Tax Plan
05/24/2006 Hospital Chief Faces Harassment Charges
05/24/2006 Pianist Hilton Ruiz in Critical Condition
05/24/2006 Embattled hospital administrator has no plans to step down
05/24/2006 Hospital to reopen
05/24/2006 Hearings begin into future of Lachine Hospital
05/24/2006 Naval Hospital Confirms One Case of Pertussis, Takes Preventative Action to Prevent Future Cases
05/24/2006 Philippine hospitals suffer as workers leave
05/24/2006 Hospital infection data low; too low?
05/24/2006 Bangla president admitted to hospital
05/24/2006 Stabbing victim hospitalized
05/24/2006 Hospital 'to cut matron numbers'
05/24/2006 Hospital volunteer honoured
05/24/2006 Ex-hospital exec grabs lead in Republican House race
05/24/2006 230 new hospital beds for WA
05/24/2006 Patients get the silent treatment
05/24/2006 Twin Falls says "yes" to hospital merger with St. Luke's
05/23/2006 Concrete poured for hospital's 3rd campus
05/23/2006 Hospital's new chief helps turn new facility around
05/23/2006 Children's Hospital To Build New Facility In Liberty Twp.
05/23/2006 Brownsville Hospital on way back
05/23/2006 Hospital car parking probe
05/23/2006 Scottish-made lino proven to kill hospital superbugs
05/23/2006 Kosair hospital sees rise in childhood gunshot wounds
05/23/2006 Outrage as man, 88, left lying on hospital floor for four hours
05/23/2006 Mission hospital cancer study panned
05/23/2006 Health group predicts hospital to turn away more patients
05/23/2006 McKenna gives hospital 100,000 on behalf of TD Bank
05/23/2006 Palestinian casualties moved to Israeli hospitals
05/23/2006 Tenet names new CEO for El Paso hospital network
05/23/2006 Logo unveiled for new children's hospital
05/23/2006 Woman Sues Hospital After Miscarriage
05/23/2006 Adults, Children Hospitalized After Parking Lot Attack
05/23/2006 Two children, two adults hospitalized after McDonald's parking lot attack
05/23/2006 Adults, Children Hospitalized After Parking Lot Attack
05/23/2006 HCA unveils name for new Pasco hospital
05/23/2006 Bangla president admitted to hospital
05/23/2006 Another Council of State Judge Discharged from Hospital in Ankara
05/23/2006 Israeli 'Physicians for Human Rights PHR' Calls for Donations to Aid Palestinian Hospitals
05/23/2006 NSAIDs Increase Risk of First Hospital Admission
05/23/2006 Four Triad hospitals named to insurer's list of heart centers
05/23/2006 Hospital giving patients the silent treatment
05/23/2006 Independence hospitals going tobacco free on June 1
05/23/2006 West Bengal to appoint hospital watchdogs
05/23/2006 Stolen-car chase connected to hospital holdup
05/23/2006 Clarksville to get private hospital
05/23/2006 State probes death of tot at hospital
05/23/2006 New hospital CEO says hello, goodbye
05/23/2006 Hospital in PNG's Enga province denies cyanide reports
05/23/2006 Vets to rally outside Kerrville VA hospital
05/22/2006 Breach of free treatment norms by hospitals, High Court sets up panel
05/22/2006 Israel to channel money to Palestinian hospitals
05/22/2006 City Assemblyman remains in hospital after surgery
05/22/2006 Health minister urged to intervene in Western Isles hospitals
05/22/2006 Israel to give Palestinians 11 million for hospitals
05/22/2006 Hospital infection data low; too low?
05/22/2006 Computer information systems in hospitals What works and what doesn't?
05/22/2006 Mentally Challenged Teenager Says Bullies Sent Him To Hospital
05/22/2006 Airstrike Victims Hospitalized
05/22/2006 8 students hospitalized after pepper spray discharged
05/22/2006 Hospitals joining forces for ICU care; CU reaches out to women
05/22/2006 Hospital pharmacists work with patients
05/22/2006 One girl still hospitalized, two treated and released after wreck
05/22/2006 Hepatitis C Outbreak Worries Hospital
05/22/2006 Hospital cutting 145 more posts
05/22/2006 Students Hospitalized After Another Sprays Mace
05/22/2006 Healthy Hospital Food Prognosis
05/22/2006 Two hospitalized after Lake Travis accidents
05/22/2006 Valley-area hospitals report profitable 2005
05/22/2006 Fiery crash sends two to hospital
05/22/2006 Officer To Be Released From Hospital
05/22/2006 Explosive Crash Sends Two To Hospital
05/22/2006 Pedestrian hit by car recovering in hospital
05/22/2006 Israel to give Palestinians 11 million for hospitals
05/22/2006 Hepatitis found in Toronto hospital's dialysis patients
05/22/2006 Zimbabwe Rural Hospitals Bear the Brunt of Health Crisis
05/22/2006 Militant involved in 1995 hospital attack gets 12-year jail term
05/22/2006 Hospital bed cuts 'a sign of progress'
05/22/2006 Donations keep pouring at Red Cross hospital
05/22/2006 Colorado teen gives graduating speech from hospital
05/22/2006 Three California crashes near Alta send 32 to hospital
05/21/2006 WHO chief recovering from surgery in Geneva hospital
05/21/2006 St. Petersburg baseball-bat attack leaves 7 workers in hospital
05/21/2006 Pharmacists go beyond the counter to help hospitalized patients
05/21/2006 Mother, son killed in Clarksville wreck; 3 taken to hospital
05/21/2006 QRC call for aid to Palestinian hospitals
05/21/2006 Israel to drip feed Palestinian hospitals with €8m in supplies
05/21/2006 Common painkillers associated with increased risk of first hospital admission for heart failure
05/21/2006 Turkish-born German politician hospitalized after neo-Nazi attack
05/21/2006 12-Year-Old Rushed To Hospital After Homemade Bomb Explodes
05/21/2006 WHO head hospitalised
05/21/2006 Key Suspect Left near Hospital Wounded
05/21/2006 Council of State Member Discharged from Hospital
05/21/2006 Man Shot Dies After Driving Self To Hospital
05/21/2006 Girls still hospitalized after buggy crash that killed mother
05/21/2006 Prison Officials Seek Hospital Funding
05/21/2006 Israel to free some Palestinian tax for hospitals
05/20/2006 Head-on collision sends two to hospital
05/20/2006 Cope remains hospitalized with pneumonia
05/20/2006 Hospitals Try to Bring Down the Decibels
05/20/2006 UN health agency chief hospitalized
05/20/2006 Shooting puts 1 in hospital
05/20/2006 UN health boss rushed to hospital
05/20/2006 Hepatitis prompts warning at Scarborough Hospital
05/20/2006 Cuba donates hospital equipment
05/20/2006 The Scarborough Hospital Comments on Hemodialysis Situation
05/20/2006 Services hit in Bihar hospitals
05/20/2006 Man United owner Glazer hospitalized again after stroke
05/20/2006 Hepatitis Warning At Scarborough Hospital
05/20/2006 Portsmouth shooting sends man to hospital
05/20/2006 Israel To Buy Supplies For Gaza Hospitals
05/20/2006 Four in hospital after house fire
05/20/2006 Sports Tycoon Glazer In Hospital
05/20/2006 Kettering High School student hospitalized after being shot
05/20/2006 Singer Freddie dies in hospital
05/20/2006 Police investigate possible rape at Rhode Island Hospital
05/20/2006 Administrator concerned as hospitals see changes
05/20/2006 Hospital Official Retiring
05/20/2006 Israel to buy supplies for Gaza hospitals report 19-05-2006
05/19/2006 Prison officials seek long-awaited funding for new hospital
05/19/2006 Man with multiple gunshot wounds drives to hospital
05/19/2006 Genital shredder was AWOL from mental hospital
05/19/2006 Cope hospitalized
05/19/2006 Prisoner and wife 'had sex at hospital'
05/19/2006 Hospital rejects asbestos clean-up request
05/19/2006 Bucs Owner Glazer Remains in Hospital
05/19/2006 Quick judgment call gets girl to hospital alive
05/19/2006 St. B. Hospital cuts circumcisions
05/19/2006 Five boaters released from hospital
05/19/2006 Dump Truck Smashup Sends Man To The Hospital
05/19/2006 Hospital workers going unpaid in Liverpool
05/19/2006 Weather, lack of snow, decreases hospitality jobs
05/19/2006 Jewish Hospital physicians group opens Bullitt County office
05/19/2006 Man leaves 2 bodies at S. Ind. hospital
05/19/2006 ‘Baghdad ER’ offers a look at a U.S. military hospital
05/19/2006 Combat Support Hospital Still Saving Lives
05/19/2006 Mother arrested at hospital after altercation
05/19/2006 Genital shredder was AWOL from mental hospital
05/19/2006 New technique allows patients to leave hospital hours after procedure. 5/19/06
05/19/2006 Auxilia shows off its portable hospital unit
05/19/2006 Man Drops Off Bodies of Two Corydon Men at Hospital
05/19/2006 PFI hospitals face huge overspend
05/19/2006 Food Lion CEO named to hospital board
05/19/2006 Man drops off bodies of two men at hospital
05/19/2006 Watchdog slams£15 million hospital failure
05/19/2006 Saint Thomas specialty hospital maneuvers through the cracks
05/19/2006 Infant Hospitalized After Severe Beating
05/19/2006 Earl K. Long Hospital to halt baby delivery
05/19/2006 Patient's family accuses local hospital of negligence
05/19/2006 Biggest hospital revamp begins
05/19/2006 Hospital rejects asbestos clean-up request
05/19/2006 Friend brings bodies of 2 Corydon men to hospital
05/19/2006 Israel to buy supplies for Gaza hospitals report
05/19/2006 John Stroger out of the hospital
05/19/2006 Kick-a-thon to benefit kids' hospital
05/19/2006 Patients flock to hospital for procedure
05/19/2006 Anti-quota protest Medicos perform prayer at hospital to ward off evil
05/19/2006 Susilo visits Soeharto at hospital
05/18/2006 NHS Urged To Stop Hospital Bullies
05/18/2006 Asbestos find prompts hospital clean-up call
05/18/2006 Suharto 'gravely ill' in hospital
05/18/2006 Work on 'biggest hospital' starts
05/18/2006 Israel Will Buy Supplies for Gaza Hospitals, Premier Says
05/18/2006 Hospitals share the details on charity, other care
05/18/2006 State auditor hospitalized with nerve inflammation
05/18/2006 Bring medication list with you to hospital
05/18/2006 Rare Brain Disease at Colorado Hospital
05/18/2006 Work on 'biggest hospital' starts
05/18/2006 Israel Will Buy Supplies for Gaza Hospitals, Premier Says
05/18/2006 Missing hospital patient falls to his death
05/18/2006 'Super hospital' failure slammed
05/18/2006 Hospital Expansion Ready for Patients
05/18/2006 Stroger released from rehab hospital
05/18/2006 Anger as disabled are forced to pay for parking at hospital
05/18/2006 Overspending on new hospitals lifts bill by £3.5 billion
05/18/2006 Hospital docs cancel abortion service
05/18/2006 Israel ready to free cash to Palestinian hospitals
05/18/2006 5 Maupin students taken to hospital in bus crash
05/18/2006 Adult dead, child taken to hospital in shooting
05/18/2006 Food Lion CEO named to Duke Children's Hospital board
05/18/2006 Stroger out of hospital
05/18/2006 Hospitalized husband says wife shredded his privates
05/18/2006 Ottawa Co. Jail Food Illness Sends Two Inmates to Hospital
05/18/2006 Portnoy given reprieve to deliver baby in hospital
05/18/2006 Donation gives hospital new tools to help hearing-impaired kids
05/18/2006 Zimbabwe Referral Hospital Runs out of Coal
05/18/2006 Student artwork brings a little sunshine to the walls of Allegheny Valley Hospital
05/18/2006 Revamp for hospital parking costs
05/18/2006 HCA Midwest names new Independence hospital
05/18/2006 New hospital gets a name Centerpoint
05/18/2006 Police EMS treats stabbing victim, who later dies in hospital
05/18/2006 Men infected with tuberculosis ordered to hospital against their will
05/18/2006 Betty Montgomery in the hospital
05/18/2006 Frankfort Crash Leaves Four Teens Hospitalized
05/18/2006 Gauteng hospitals unaffected by Cosatu strike
05/18/2006 Hospitals' breakup argued at FTC
05/18/2006 Corydon hospital work evolves after rocky beginning
05/18/2006 Hospital in Doubt, but Medical Complex Isn't
05/18/2006 Resident doctors of MCD-run hospitals hold anti-quota rally
05/18/2006 India's hospital strikes continue
05/18/2006 Healthcare services crippled as more hospitals join medicos' strike against caste quota
05/17/2006 Scientists discover antibiotic to fight hospital infection
05/17/2006 New hospital gets 2.5M from Lunds
05/17/2006 Lunds give 2.5M to new hospital
05/17/2006 Hospital preps for baby boom
05/17/2006 Car left running in garage lands couple in hospital
05/17/2006 Hospitals Sued For Charging Uninsured Patients More Than Insured Patients
05/17/2006 Medicos stir HC notice to govt on medicare in hospitals
05/17/2006 Army, Railways doctors sought for Delhi hospitals
05/17/2006 Hospital parkers face £15 charge
05/17/2006 Hospital parking costs may go up
05/17/2006 Roommates hospitalized after shooting each other
05/17/2006 IRS may close Anson hospital
05/17/2006 School bus fights sends seven students to hospital
05/17/2006 Happiness is a warm hospital gown
05/17/2006 Update Two Afghan Hunger Strikers Hospitalized In Ireland
05/17/2006 Shooting Victim Dies After Being Sent Home From Hospital
05/17/2006 Hospital performs stem cell implant
05/17/2006 New antibiotic sets sight on hospital superbug
05/17/2006 Baghdad ER Documentary On US Military Hospital in Iraq Gets Cold Reception From Army
05/17/2006 One shooting victim still kept in hospital
05/17/2006 HBO Film 'Baghdad ER' Examines Combat Hospital
05/17/2006 Four taken to hospital after mining accident
05/17/2006 Transit bus crashes on Miami Beach; two sent to hospital
05/17/2006 St. Albans hospital vaccinating for whooping cough
05/17/2006 Six Students Hospitalized After Two Buses Collide
05/17/2006 Six students taken to hospital after two buses collide
05/17/2006 The Hospital Identified
05/17/2006 Woman hospitalized after fight with boyfriend
05/17/2006 Deck Collapse Puts Man in Hospital
05/17/2006 DTCM focuses on best practices in the hospitality sector
05/17/2006 Backers have a beef as injured cows are carted off to hospital
05/17/2006 Bloomington Hospital gets some high marks
05/17/2006 Union concerned at PFI hospital
05/17/2006 Bellevue backs effort to leave hospital district
05/17/2006 Hospitals need true racial data
05/17/2006 US hospitals lose Saudi patients and income
05/17/2006 Hospital says water is free of legionella bacteria
05/16/2006 Doctors in 14 Delhi hospitals withdraw strike
05/16/2006 Ex-hospital CEO gets 4M deal
05/16/2006 US restores aid to Palestinian hospitals
05/16/2006 A wounded Iraqi is rushed into a hospital in Baghdad. At least 14...
05/16/2006 Are Hospitals More Deadly Than Car Wrecks?
05/16/2006 Woman flown to Christiana Hospital after Wilmington stabbing
05/16/2006 Child Hit by Truck Dies in Hospital
05/16/2006 £300m PFI hospital plan unveiled
05/16/2006 Former Governor Released From Hospital After Heart Procedure
05/16/2006 Elderly are one-third of hospital visits
05/16/2006 Pricier hospitals get no better results
05/16/2006 Hospital campaign at Senedd
05/16/2006 Road closed near Christiana Hospital after serious crash
05/16/2006 DM police track stolen hospital computers
05/16/2006 3 teens hospitalized after Newport brawl
05/16/2006 Ironwood hospital preparing for summer expansion project
05/16/2006 Patient at Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital dies after altercation
05/16/2006 Nigeria Police Comb Hospitals for Survivors of Pipeline Fire
05/16/2006 Doctors in 14 Delhi hospitals withdraw strike
05/16/2006 Fire In S.F.'s Richmond District Hospitalizes Two
05/16/2006 Docs in 14 Delhi hospitals withdraw strike
05/16/2006 Hunger strikers taken to hospital
05/16/2006 Patient denied admission to hospital
05/16/2006 Road smash puts Fauldhouse woman in hospital
05/16/2006 New children's hospital proposed
05/16/2006 Ahmedabad hospitals to join medico stir
05/16/2006 Fomer hospital site to be memorial park
05/16/2006 Flu scare prompts limits to hospital visits
05/16/2006 Hospital fires foreign trained doctor
05/16/2006 State's Mental Hospitals Turn to Experts
05/15/2006 Children's Hospital on Hard Head Patrol
05/15/2006 Terre Haute woman hospitalized after Sunday crash in Vermillion
05/15/2006 Last Place You Can Still Get Fleeced For Phone Calls Hospitals
05/15/2006 Suspect shot during home invasion released from hospital
05/15/2006 D.C. Exec Admits Lying About Contributions
05/15/2006 New Hospital For The Heart Of The Triad
05/15/2006 Hospital trust 'spending to save'
05/15/2006 Naik in hospital, Khot still at large
05/15/2006 Czech hospitals miss money to replace beds
05/15/2006 Children's Hospital Expands Clinic
05/15/2006 Forsyth wants to build 84M hospital in Kernersville
05/15/2006 Holidays cancelled, doctors recalled in Delhi hospitals
05/15/2006 British hospitals overcharge for calls
05/15/2006 Parents charged with molesting newborn in hospital
05/15/2006 'Anatomy' of a hit Sex in the hospital
05/15/2006 Hospitals may seek patient info on race, ethnicity, education
05/15/2006 Zimbabwe Hospitality Association Mourns As Tourism Continues Downward Slide
05/15/2006 Twins On Ventilators, Doing Well, Hospital Says
05/15/2006 Woman jumps from bridge, is hospitalized
05/15/2006 Strikes disrupt hospital work across India
05/15/2006 Walsenburg hospital earns medical education status
05/15/2006 Patient disappears from hospital
05/15/2006 Surupsingh Naik admitted to hospital
05/15/2006 Two hospitals under threat in NHS shake-up
05/15/2006 About 17,000 babies expected to be born in Orlando hospitals this year
05/15/2006 Hospitals to ask more than usual patient data
05/15/2006 Private hospital medics join Delhi strike; services badly hit
05/15/2006 Resident doctors on strike, patients suffer in hospitals
05/14/2006 Double hospital 'downgrade' fear
05/14/2006 As poverty cuts hospitals’ aviability, poor lose access
05/14/2006 Hospital guard tab rises
05/14/2006 More funds needed for hospital revamp Opposition
05/14/2006 Woman out of hospital after alleged attack
05/14/2006 Strong batch of heroin may be to blame for hospital admissions
05/14/2006 Woman sent to Hospital after Route 2 Accident
05/14/2006 Community Says There's Critical Need For Hospital
05/14/2006 Most hospitals' pet therapy dogs carry bacteria
05/14/2006 A U-S Marshal is Dead, Memphis Police Officer Hospitalized
05/14/2006 Punjab withdraws Rs 60m meant for Layyah hospital
05/14/2006 Woman flown to hospital after 2-vehicle crash
05/14/2006 Man hospitalized after trying to stop grease fire
05/14/2006 Afternoon fire hospitalizes woman
05/14/2006 Spokane hospital warns patients of possibility of tainted human tissue
05/14/2006 Doctors strike at India's government hospitals to protest affirmative action plans
05/14/2006 Army retreats from HBO film on combat hospital in Iraq
05/14/2006 In NW Ark., hospital needed for those with acute mental-health problems
05/14/2006 Family Stops Hospital from Taking Boy Off Life Support
05/14/2006 Drug overdoses leave 1 dead, 21 in hospitals
05/14/2006 Pvt hospitals to go on strike in Delhi
05/14/2006 US Hospital Ship Mercy Sails Off To Four Countries
05/14/2006 Doctors strike at Indian hospitals to protest affirmative action
05/14/2006 Investors purchase Richmond hospital campus
05/14/2006 Boy on bicycle struck by auto, hospitalized
05/14/2006 Hospitals told to maintain services in Delhi
05/14/2006 Bad heroin kills 1, puts 21 in hospital
05/14/2006 ‘Baghdad ER' offers a look at a U.S. military hospital
05/14/2006 No Bible ban in Qld hospitals
05/14/2006 ‘Baghdad ER’ offers a look at a U.S. military hospital
05/13/2006 Pranks in Frankfort Send Three to Hospital
05/13/2006 Accident in Bucks County Last Night Leaves Two in Hospital
05/13/2006 Hospital warns patients of possibility of tainted human tissue
05/13/2006 Hospital stops admitting patients
05/13/2006 Hospital opens adolescent patients unit
05/13/2006 Boone Co. Gunshot Victim Flown To Hospital
05/13/2006 Local investment group buys Reid Hospital site for 3.4 million
05/13/2006 Hantavirus hospitalizes elderly Gardner man
05/13/2006 Children Hospital to expand
05/13/2006 Texas boy hospitalized with rabies dies
05/13/2006 Patient eases kids' hospital stay
05/13/2006 Madison County Missing boy found, hospitalized
05/13/2006 Woman remains in hospital
05/13/2006 £25m... The costly bill for Tees hospitals
05/13/2006 £25m… The costly bill for Tees hospitals botched ops
05/13/2006 Leading Hospital Cuts 430 Posts
05/13/2006 Commentary by CHUCK FREDERICK A ride to the hospital filled with surprises
05/13/2006 Venice students still in hospital after crash
05/13/2006 The International School of Hospitality Introduces the UNLV/TISOH Wedding Coordination & Design Certificate Program
05/12/2006 Robbery suspect in hospital after car slams into fence
05/12/2006 TH official concerned Union Hospital not giving ‘big picture’ view of its expansion
05/12/2006 Tennessee agencies and hospitals develop bird flu plans
05/12/2006 Nurse staffer sues 2 area hospitals
05/12/2006 Put medics in charge of hospitals Frazer
05/12/2006 US terminates part of major Iraq hospital-building contract
05/12/2006 Battle Creek student in hospital after being dropped on head
05/12/2006 Fifth child in hospital with 'E.coli'
05/12/2006 Fragile Ore. quints have long hospital stay
05/12/2006 Supertel Hospitality, Inc. Reports Increased Revenues for the First Quarter 2006
05/12/2006 One dead, one hospitalized in Wilmington car crash
05/12/2006 Plans for Swedish's Ballard hospital irk neighbors
05/12/2006 At Gaza hospital, cutoff of foreign aid creates shortages
05/12/2006 No sign of relief in hospitals overcrowding crisis
05/12/2006 Bullitt County gets new medical facility
05/12/2006 Creston Hospital to lose nighttime ER
05/12/2006 Teen hospitalized with rabies infection
05/12/2006 Hospital to axe jobs to save £84m