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05/12/2006 Man riding bike hospitalized after getting hit by car
05/12/2006 Hospitals on the skids, says unionist
05/12/2006 Debt hospital to close half site
05/12/2006 Hospital Scanned Bubble Boy David Blaine For Brain Damages
05/12/2006 Hospital staff aged by 'old suit'
05/12/2006 Reaction to drugs putting 250,000 in hospital a year
05/12/2006 Five of 16,000 evacuees of a chemical blaze, still in hospital
05/11/2006 Hospital Ship Mercy Deployed on Proactive Humanitarian Mission
05/11/2006 Doctors speak out about hospital bed shortage
05/11/2006 Defense bill named for hospitalized Montgomery
05/11/2006 Baptists consider selling hospital system
05/11/2006 Former Congressman Montgomery hospitalized in Meridian
05/11/2006 Bill would give more scrutiny to nonprofit hospital sales
05/11/2006 Mental Hospital escape
05/11/2006 Inmate hospital shooting
05/11/2006 Rolling Stone Keith Richards leaves hospital Roundup
05/11/2006 Inmate Escapes During Treatment At Hospital
05/11/2006 Space Technology To Help Hospitals Contain Spread Of Avian Flu Infection
05/11/2006 Keith Richards Discharged From Hospital
05/11/2006 Keith Richards Leaves The Hospital
05/11/2006 Haywood Inmate Escapes Hospital
05/11/2006 Waupaca Hospital To Partner With ThedaCare
05/11/2006 Haywood inmate escapes during treatment at hospital
05/11/2006 Keith Richards released from hospital
05/11/2006 School Soccer Brawl Leaves Four Girls Hospitalized
05/11/2006 Hospital Van impounded in Behrman case
05/11/2006 Inmates hospitalized after possible drug overdose
05/11/2006 Hospital Plan Backers Jam Hearing
05/11/2006 New Orleans hospital drama at Atlanta Journal-Constitution
05/11/2006 Grey keeps the hospital genre viable
05/10/2006 Pewee Valley inmates hospitalized after suffering seizures
05/10/2006 Stones' Keith Richards Discharged From Hospital
05/10/2006 Rolling Stones' Richards Discharged From Hospital
05/10/2006 Rolling Stones' Keith Richards discharged from hospital following surgery
05/10/2006 Keith back in hospital
05/10/2006 Rock star Richards discharged from hospital
05/10/2006 Stone Keith Rolled Out Of Hospital
05/10/2006 Keith Richards released from hospital
05/10/2006 Keith Richards released from New Zealand hospital
05/10/2006 Keith Richards Discharged From Hospital
05/10/2006 Keith Richards out of hospital
05/10/2006 Fears of more virulent E coli strain as fourth nursery child taken to hospital
05/10/2006 A call for interpreters at a local hospital
05/10/2006 Students Take Pills, End Up in Hospital
05/10/2006 Teen In Berkeley Slashing Sent To Psych Hospital
05/10/2006 Meningitis scare pupil hospitalised
05/10/2006 Virtual deaths used to test hospital staff
05/10/2006 Whirlpool pullout leaves hospital, prison as top Newton employers
05/10/2006 Harder to get hospital volunteers
05/10/2006 Space technology to help hospitals contain spread of avian flu infection
05/10/2006 Wyoming construction injury lands man in hospital
05/10/2006 Community hospitals to close
05/10/2006 Gloucestershire hospitals to close
05/10/2006 210 taken to hospital after ammonia leak
05/10/2006 Baptists look to sell debt-ridden East TN hospitals
05/10/2006 62 workers rushed to hospital after leak
05/10/2006 Hospital recognizes its top nurse
05/10/2006 Aid Arrives at Arizona Hospital as Immigrants Dry Up
05/10/2006 Kaiser To Pay For Transplants At Outside Hospitals
05/10/2006 Two men hospitalized after car chase
05/10/2006 Teens Car Stunt Ends in Hospitalization
05/10/2006 Tenn. Baptists vote to move toward selling Knoxville hospitals
05/10/2006 Woman Hospitalized After Uptown High-Rise Fire
05/10/2006 Newborn finds haven at hospital
05/10/2006 Pretoria Hospital refutes dead babies claim
05/10/2006 QHR Helps Hospital Clients Achieve Solucient Top 100 Performance Improvement Leaders Awards
05/10/2006 New Training Offering Helps Hospitals Manage Costs
05/09/2006 Son of All Black in hospital after rugby injury
05/09/2006 Chattanooga hospital gets relief staff ready for 20 pregnant nurses
05/09/2006 Blaine out of hospital after tank stunt
05/09/2006 Mercer County Accident Victims Remain Hospitalized
05/09/2006 Traffic board wants more patrols in hospital zone
05/09/2006 Gang stabs drug dealers in hospital attack
05/09/2006 Brief Bot herder pleads guilty to hospital hack
05/09/2006 Pekin Hospital Names New CEO
05/09/2006 Students Hospitalized After Bus Crash
05/09/2006 Cash-strapped Gaza hospital cuts dialysis, cancer treatments
05/09/2006 Off the wire Bot herder pleads guilty to hospital hack
05/09/2006 David Blaine out of hospital
05/09/2006 Clinton motorist, passenger airlifted to Indianapolis hospital after accident
05/09/2006 David Blaine leaves hospital
05/09/2006 Blaine Leaves Hospital After Rescue
05/09/2006 New designs make hospitals safer
05/09/2006 Kids hospitalised in nursery E.coli scare
05/09/2006 Accreditation for 3 Apollo Hospital branches
05/09/2006 'Reckless' hospital doctor banned
05/09/2006 Blaine Leaves Hospital After Rescue
05/09/2006 Childrens Hospital Los Angeles' Institute for Maternal-Fetal Health Sponsors Symposium
05/09/2006 David Blaine Leaves Hospital After Failed Stunt
05/09/2006 Cash-strapped Gaza hospital cuts dialysis, cancer treatments
05/09/2006 Breathless Blaine out of hospital
05/09/2006 U.S. Hospital Bill for Alcohol Abuse $2 Billion
05/09/2006 Elementary Student Hospitalized After Being Hit By Car
05/09/2006 David Blaine Leaves Hospital After Breath-Holding Stunt
05/09/2006 David Blaine leaves hospital following giant fishbowl stunt
05/09/2006 David Blaine out of hospital
05/09/2006 Feds pressure Tenet; hospital may close
05/09/2006 California hospitals sue WellPoint
05/09/2006 Clinton motorist, passenger airlifted to Indianapolis hospital after accident
05/09/2006 Gang stabs drug dealers in hospital attack
05/09/2006 Construction starts on hospital expansion
05/09/2006 Hospital cant keep track of jail inmates
05/09/2006 Hospital infection reporting laws spread across the country
05/09/2006 Undercover police patrol hospital
05/09/2006 Hospital says MRSA under control
05/09/2006 Stun-gun used in hospital siege
05/09/2006 Snohomish soccer player returns home from hospital
05/08/2006 Hostage man remains in hospital
05/08/2006 Mass. hospitals end formula freebies
05/08/2006 Zombie hacker Christopher Maxwell pleads guilty to hospital infection
05/08/2006 New designs make hospitals safer
05/08/2006 'No shows' costing hospitals 53m
05/08/2006 Arrested Bangladeshi woman admitted to hospital
05/08/2006 Gunman killed, two officers hospitalized in shooting near police station
05/08/2006 Gunman killed, two officers hospitalized in shooting near police station
05/08/2006 Torah a comfort to hospital patients
05/08/2006 Older hospital admissions alcohol linked
05/08/2006 Senate OKs bill to eliminate tax on hospitals
05/08/2006 Milwaukee's St. Michael Hospital to shut down
05/08/2006 Johnny Paris of Johnny & the Hurricanes dies in Michigan hospital
05/08/2006 Hospitals prescribe infotech
05/08/2006 Johnny Paris of Johnny & the Hurricanes dies in Michigan hospital
05/08/2006 Macon woman remains hospitalized after tree falls on her
05/08/2006 Beaten teenager dies in hospital
05/08/2006 Hospital porter's rooftop protest
05/08/2006 Minnesota ponders hospital cost estimates
05/08/2006 Colorado lawmakers OK bill requiring hospital infection reporting
05/08/2006 Axe killer to be held in hospital
05/08/2006 Man Hospitalized After Stabbing in Gresham
05/08/2006 Hospital bars foetus photos man
05/08/2006 Hospital wins national honors for patient safety initiatives
05/08/2006 Inspection finds zero deficiencies at Bloomington Hospital
05/08/2006 Missed hospital appointments rise
05/08/2006 Bangladeshi Finance Minister discharged from city hospital
05/08/2006 Two Steaua players hospitalized
05/08/2006 Some hospitals forgo baby-formula handout
05/08/2006 Man hospitalized after from Crow Hill cliffs
05/08/2006 Man dies in hospital after blaze at home
05/08/2006 Man hospitalized after stabbing Police Blotter
05/08/2006 Former Prime Minister V.P. Singh hospitalised
05/07/2006 At Katmandu hospital, a close-up of disorder
05/07/2006 Energy expenditure of acutely ill hospitalised patients
05/07/2006 Rebate backed for rural hospitals
05/07/2006 Former Indian PM VP Singh hospitalised
05/07/2006 Hospital computer keyboards are source of infection
05/07/2006 Abandoned baby discovered outside Cy-Fair hospital
05/07/2006 Fats Domino taken to a hospital
05/07/2006 Better gynae units demanded for teaching hospitals
05/07/2006 Fats Domino sent to hospital
05/07/2006 V.P. Singh hospitalised
05/07/2006 VP Singh falls sick, in hospital
05/07/2006 State looking into return of disease at hospital
05/07/2006 IT/ITES driving realty, telecom, hospitality sectors
05/07/2006 Brian Rudman Let taxis use Grafton Bridge to ferry the sick to hospital
05/07/2006 Palestinian hospitals struggle to survive aid cutoff
05/06/2006 News Wheelchair hockey benefits local hospital
05/06/2006 Sri Lanka's injured Army chief moves to military hospital
05/06/2006 Animal hospital open house is Sunday
05/06/2006 Shooting at East High School leaves two hospitalized
05/06/2006 Hospital expansion to begin
05/06/2006 Safdarjung Hospital probe doc lapse
05/06/2006 Hospitals willing to deliver drugs paid for by patients
05/06/2006 Botnet chaos shut down hospital
05/05/2006 Canadian may have been moved to hospital
05/05/2006 Two Flown to Hospital After Penn Township Accident
05/05/2006 Construction to start on hospital delayed by moratorium
05/05/2006 Two children hospitalized after being locked in car
05/05/2006 Five Spanish hospitals in international phase III trial with H5N1 influenza pandemic vaccine
05/05/2006 Man shot while getting hair cut remains hospitalized
05/05/2006 Botmaster pleads guilty to govt., hospital hacks
05/05/2006 Mooresville hospital project to start
05/05/2006 Suharto hospitalized with internal bleeding
05/05/2006 Bangladesh finance minister hospitalised in Hyderabad
05/05/2006 Victim of possible shark bite recovering at hospital
05/05/2006 Former Indonesian Leader Suharto Admitted to Hospital
05/05/2006 Calif. Man Pleads Guilty to Hacking Defense, Hospital Computers
05/05/2006 Triple Shooting, Suicide Near Florida Hospital
05/05/2006 'ER' Moves From The Hospital To Darfur
05/05/2006 Bangladesh minister takes ill at ADB meet, hospitalised
05/05/2006 Four Hospitalized After SUV Crash
05/05/2006 Medicare reimbursement rule change could hurt specialty hospitals
05/05/2006 Medicare reimbursement rule change could hurt speciality hospitals
05/05/2006 Gunman kills 2 former relatives at Fla. hospital
05/05/2006 Hospital zombie attacker pleads guilty to disrupting computer systems
05/05/2006 Nasty surprise as MEC visits hospital
05/05/2006 Job cuts at four more hospitals
05/05/2006 Gunman shoots 3 former relatives at Fla. hospital, killing 2, then himself
05/05/2006 Former Indonesian president Suharto hospitalised
05/04/2006 Former Dictator's Hospital Ordeal
05/04/2006 Baby found abandoned Easter Sunday leaves hospital
05/04/2006 Suharto back in Jakarta hospital
05/04/2006 Ishpeming hospital plans new facility
05/04/2006 Routine Haircut Ends with Trip to Hospital
05/04/2006 Former Indonesian leader Suharto in hospital
05/04/2006 Ex-Indonesian strongman Suharto in hospital
05/04/2006 Suharto admitted to hospital
05/04/2006 Indonesian ex-president Suharto hospitalized for bleeding
05/04/2006 Jailed Iranian-Canadian now in hospital, friend told
05/04/2006 Three People Hospitalized in a Drive-by Shooting video included
05/04/2006 School bus crash sends three to the hospital
05/04/2006 News Five-year-old dies in hospital
05/04/2006 Gunman Shoots Three Relatives At Fla. Hospital
05/04/2006 Former Indonesia dictator Suharto hospitalized
05/04/2006 SoCal Hospital Linked To Possible HIV Exposures
05/04/2006 Two Dead In Hospital Shooting
05/04/2006 8 Hospitalized After CTA Bus Involved In Accident
05/04/2006 Gunman kills two at US hospital
05/04/2006 Fla. Hospital Shooting Leaves 2 Dead
05/04/2006 Gunman Kills Two At Hospital Before Killing Self At School
05/04/2006 8 hospitalized after CTA bus accident
05/04/2006 iPods bring down hospital servers
05/04/2006 Gunman kills two at hospital before killing self at school
05/04/2006 Gunman Kills One at Hospital
05/04/2006 Former Indonesia Dictator Suharto Temporarily Hospitalized
05/04/2006 Children, mother hospitalized in drug overdose
05/04/2006 Former Indonesia dictator hospitalized
05/04/2006 Hospital to open satellite ER in Philipsburg
05/04/2006 Women's hospital cuts 95 jobs
05/04/2006 Gunman Shoots Three Relatives At Florida Hospital, Killing One Before Killing Himself
05/04/2006 One Oskaloosa Teen Dead, Another Hospitalized After Shooting
05/04/2006 Japanese Prince Hospitalized Again
05/04/2006 Gunman Kills 2 Outside Fla. Hospital
05/04/2006 Gunman opens fire in hospital, killing one and injuring two
05/04/2006 Gunman kills 1 at Florida hospital; shoots self
05/04/2006 2 killed in Florida hospital shooting
05/04/2006 Fla. Gunman Kills 1 Relative, Injures 2
05/04/2006 Man Kills One at Florida Hospital, Shoots Himself at School
05/04/2006 5 Spanish hospitals in international phase III trial with H5N1 influenza pandemic vaccine
05/04/2006 Gunman kills one at hospital, then takes his life
05/04/2006 Fla. Gunman Kills 1, Injures 2 at Hospital
05/04/2006 3 Hospitalized After Eating Poisonous Mushrooms
05/04/2006 Three hospitalized in Olympia after eating poisonous mushrooms
05/04/2006 Gunman Opens Fire At Hospital, Kills Self At School
05/04/2006 Man Shoots Self At School After Opening Fire At Hospital
05/04/2006 Florida Gunman Shoots 3 At Hospital, Self
05/04/2006 Gunman Opens Fire At Hospital, Shoots Self At School
05/04/2006 Unsterilized instruments cause hospital HIV scare
05/04/2006 Fire leads to questions of hospital safety
05/04/2006 Ocean Springs officials asking governor for help in hospital fight
05/04/2006 University Hospitals rates jump 8 percent
05/04/2006 2 Oskaloosa teens hospitalized after double shooting
05/04/2006 New owner renames Ponca City hospital
05/04/2006 New hospital for birds who fly into buildings
05/04/2006 Chicago Hospital Opens to Treat Birds Hurt in Accidents
05/04/2006 Hospital Treats Bird Trauma
05/03/2006 Building evacuated after pesticide spill; 14 go to hospitals
05/03/2006 Hospital Mishap May Have Exposed 300 Patients To HIV Or Hepatitis
05/03/2006 Hospital reveals 8m budget gap
05/03/2006 Five Spanish hospitals test anti-bird flu vaccine
05/03/2006 News Six-year-old remains mysteriously hospitalized
05/03/2006 Dangerous man on run from hospital
05/03/2006 Political support persists for new Lexington heart hospital
05/03/2006 Hospital Concerned by Unsterilized Tools
05/03/2006 Regents approve rate increase for U of I Hospitals
05/03/2006 Sanford vetoes bill letting Lexington hospital open heart center
05/03/2006 SaraCare equips kids' hospital rooms with TVs
05/03/2006 Elkhart girl in hospital; police called to investigate
05/03/2006 Khodorkovsky Hospitalized After Hunger Strike
05/03/2006 Reform Introduces Quality Competition for Hospitals
05/03/2006 Bus, Van Accident in Indianapolis Sends Three to Hospital
05/03/2006 Hospitality Properties first quarter performance rises
05/03/2006 Man Hospitalized after Fall down Lockport Cliff
05/03/2006 Connecticut lawmakers send hospital infection bill to Governor desk
05/03/2006 MPs condemn PFI hospital consortium
05/03/2006 Bird Hospital To Open In City
05/03/2006 Teen taken to hospital after being struck by truck
05/03/2006 Thailands Health Care Plan Creates Challenges for Hospitals
05/03/2006 Patient Who Set Hospital Room On Fire Dies
05/03/2006 Mahajan's body taken to GT hospital for post-mortem
05/03/2006 Two deaths linked to hospital bug
05/03/2006 Hospital patient blamed for fire
05/03/2006 PAR says scrap costly charity hospitals
05/03/2006 Pramod Mahajan dies in hospital after 12 day struggle for life
05/03/2006 Death is linked to hospital bug
05/03/2006 Khodorkovsky lawyers confirm he is in prison hospital
05/03/2006 State Mental Hospital Reforms Ordered
05/02/2006 Channel 13 Investigation Hospital Inspections
05/02/2006 British patients tying up hospital beds
05/02/2006 Injured Mother In Bear Attack Released From Hospital
05/02/2006 Medical Cyclotron Centre for premier army hospital
05/02/2006 Keith Richards no longer hospitalized
05/02/2006 Sanford plans to veto bill sidestepping hospital regulations
05/02/2006 Medicine blunder puts nursing home patient in hospital
05/02/2006 Mayors Get involved with new children's hospital
05/02/2006 Fears continue over hospital cuts
05/02/2006 GE Worker Hospitalized With Serious Burns After Accident In Building 5
05/02/2006 MPs attack private hospital deal
05/02/2006 Bear Attack Victim Released from Hospital
05/02/2006 Reports of theft from hospitals
05/02/2006 Alcohol-abuse hospital visits cost 2B
05/02/2006 PFI hospital deal was unacceptable face of capitalism
05/02/2006 Patient critically burned in hospital room fire
05/02/2006 Shot Man Driving to Hospital Crashes Into Van
05/02/2006 Cervical cancer checks ordered after hospital failures exposed
05/02/2006 Budget cuts outrage doctors at East Van hospital
05/02/2006 Accident at GE plant sends man to hospital
05/02/2006 Fumes send 9 students to hospital
05/02/2006 Proposal being considered for Zeeland Community Hospital
05/02/2006 Preliminary Hearing for Hospital Rape Suspect
05/02/2006 PISA Launches Security Software for Hospitality Industry to Fight Identity Theft
05/02/2006 Two out of hospital as police probe triad link to park battle
05/02/2006 Keith Richards Leaves Hospital After Fall
05/02/2006 Rolling Stone Richards Out Of New Zealand Hospital
05/02/2006 One Person Hospitalized After I-5 Crash
05/02/2006 Keith Richards Released From New Zealand Hospital
05/02/2006 Hospital Dress Code Irks Workers
05/02/2006 Tense hours in hospital; Mahajan very critical
05/02/2006 Vigil to save threatened hospital
05/02/2006 NLRB rules for nurses in dispute with hospital
05/02/2006 Keith Richards Leaves New Zealand Hospital
05/02/2006 Children's Hospital Boston presents at the 2006 Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting
05/01/2006 Keith Richards discharged from hospital
05/01/2006 Keith Richards leaves New Zealand hospital after recovering from palm tree fall
05/01/2006 Hospital accused of ignoring pap tests
05/01/2006 In U.S Hospitals, Emergency Care in Critical Condition
05/01/2006 CMS hospital fund to go bust?
05/01/2006 Analysis CMS hospital fund to go bust?
05/01/2006 University Hospital Psych Unit Probation Ends
05/01/2006 Hospitals Seeing Number of Lawnmower Injuries
05/01/2006 Dover man hospitalized following stabbing
05/01/2006 Norwalk hits Halifax hospital
05/01/2006 Reps weigh what to give private, charity hospitals for uninsured
05/01/2006 Dress code at Tucson hospital draws some praise, some grumbling
05/01/2006 Nurses, hospitals agree on broad outlines of staffing bill
05/01/2006 Security Is Tight At Richards' Hospital
05/01/2006 13-year-old hospitalized after two crashes in one day
05/01/2006 Student Allegedly Attacked By Teacher Still In Hospital
05/01/2006 Hospital falls down on smear test results
05/01/2006 Children's Hospital uses latest CT technology in ER for better diagnoses
05/01/2006 Suryanarayana wife makes suicide attempt, in hospital
05/01/2006 Arkansas Children's Hospital launches online reference guide
05/01/2006 Man shot, crashes driving to hospital
05/01/2006 Keith Richards Still Hospitalized After Reportedly Falling O
05/01/2006 Community Hospitals Giving Free Care For Children
05/01/2006 Increase in obese patients puts strain on hospital workers
05/01/2006 Keith Richards Hospitalized Falls from Tree, Crashes Jet-Ski
05/01/2006 Anderson officials consider closing meeting on hospital's tax status
05/01/2006 Fergie's hospital visit
05/01/2006 Rapid lung function decline raises risk of death and hospitalization
05/01/2006 Man Hospitalized In Grand Rapids Shooting
05/01/2006 Keith Richards fans gather around hospital
05/01/2006 Chemical found leaking through roof at hospital
05/01/2006 Two charged with murder after man dies in hospital
05/01/2006 Possible Hostage Situation Sends One Man to Hospital
05/01/2006 Boston Scientific Transacts Electronically with Hospitals through iCongo's MediChain Electronic Document Exchange Platform
05/01/2006 Hospital Plan Still In Play On Council
05/01/2006 Prison van flips six in hospital
05/01/2006 Rolling Stone Keith Richards still in hospital after tree fall
04/30/2006 Boise family has small victory in ongoing hospital suit
04/30/2006 Hospital Agrees To Pay Millions For Botched Birth
04/30/2006 asbestos at Oregon State Hospital could bring fines
04/30/2006 Shooting victim drives himself to hospital
04/30/2006 Hospital boss fired for overcharging family
04/30/2006 Stones fans gather at Richards' hospital
04/30/2006 Rolling Stone remains in hospital
04/30/2006 Hospital agrees to pay 17 million for botched birth
04/30/2006 Local hospital and bicycle club team up for helmet giveaway
04/30/2006 Teen remains in hospital after shooting
04/30/2006 Norfolk shooting sends man to hospital
04/30/2006 Keith Richards hospitalized in New Zealand after falling out of tree
04/30/2006 Keith Richards Hospitalized
04/30/2006 Hospitals battling obesity in kids
04/30/2006 Stones fans gather at Richards hospital
04/30/2006 Keith Richards in hospital after cracking head in tree fall
04/29/2006 Hunting Accident Leaves One Man in Hospital
04/29/2006 Teens tried to abduct baby from hospital police
04/29/2006 100-300 per week cost of local hospitality
04/29/2006 Registration of private hospitals made compulsory
04/29/2006 Rolling Stone in Auckland hospital
04/29/2006 Keith Richards Falls From Tree, Hospitalized
04/29/2006 A Rolling Stone Hospitalized After Fall From Tree
04/29/2006 Fall from tree hospitalizes 'Stones' guitarist Richards
04/29/2006 India to introduce rating system for hospitals