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06/21/2006 Ichilov Hospital Palestinians Cleared llham Rania's Body of Fragments, Endangering her Health
06/21/2006 Suzman stable after fall hospital
06/21/2006 Hospitality student off to study at Swiss school
06/21/2006 Houstonian stabbed in N.Y. is out of hospital
06/21/2006 Schwarzenegger Is Urged to Expedite Reopening of Santa Paula Hospital
06/21/2006 Critical Access Hospitals Purchase Chargemaster Toolkit – CAH
06/20/2006 Woman hurt in accident near hospital
06/20/2006 Two teens hospitalized after car flips over
06/20/2006 Suit Claims Hospitals Fixed Nurses Pay
06/20/2006 One in Hospital Two In Custody After Wild Night in Reading
06/20/2006 Stabbing Victim Leaves Hospital, Filled With Forgiveness
06/20/2006 Man mauled by tiger remains hospitalized
06/20/2006 Sale of hospitalís Decker campus delayed
06/20/2006 5 Adults, 7 Children Hospitalized After Crash
06/20/2006 Mother fights Dallas hospital to keep baby on life support
06/20/2006 Person Reportedly Shot At Local Hospital
06/20/2006 Seven taken to hospital after roof collapse in NC
06/20/2006 Naked, cuffed suspect flees from hospital
06/20/2006 Chemicals in suspected meth lab send mother, son to hospital
06/20/2006 Texan Who Was Stabbed in Subway Leaves Hospital
06/20/2006 Hospital Vote
06/20/2006 Lawsuit alleges hospitals conspired to suppress nurses' wages
06/20/2006 Man Left In Hospital Room With Dead Body For Six Hours
06/20/2006 STAT Medical News Going To Hospital Too Early Increases Risk of Having C-Section
06/20/2006 US hospitals sued in class action over nurse pay
06/20/2006 Seven Taken To Hospital After Roof Collapse
06/20/2006 Man accused in wife, son's murders released from hospital
06/20/2006 Hospital to begin collecting patients' DNA
06/20/2006 Hospitals sued over nurse pay
06/20/2006 Area hospitals sued over nurse pay conspiracy allegations
06/20/2006 Hospitals start filling up as striking doctors return
06/20/2006 2-month-old baby dies, 2-year-old sister hospitalized in Phoenix
06/20/2006 Hospital Release To Jail For Union Twp. Suspect
06/20/2006 Woman gives birth, abandons baby in hospital in Vancouver
06/20/2006 Woman gives birth, abandons baby in hospital
06/20/2006 Woman gives birth, abandons baby in hospital in Vancouver, Wash.
06/20/2006 Eight Hospitalized After Sam's Club Freon Leak
06/20/2006 Racing commentator leaves the hospital
06/20/2006 Man Hospitalized After Everglades Boating Accident
06/20/2006 Ark Valley hospital to open dental clinic
06/20/2006 'Proud' Zeta opens child hospital
06/20/2006 MedCath selling stake in Ariz. hospital
06/20/2006 Turnpike crash sends two to hospitals
06/20/2006 Hospitals gamble on big-loot lotteries
06/20/2006 No work at Ho Municipal Hospital
06/20/2006 Zeta Jones opens child hospital
06/20/2006 Man accused of killing family still in hospital
06/20/2006 Holyrood hears pleas to keep crumbling OAP hospital open
06/20/2006 Floyd hospital to have health, education events
06/20/2006 Suspected street racer dies in hospital
06/20/2006 Fundraising launched for chapel at hospital
06/19/2006 Zeta to open children's hospital
06/19/2006 Hospitalís diagnosis could be expansion
06/19/2006 Hospital Performs New Heartburn Technique
06/19/2006 Hospital to Decide on Face Transplant
06/19/2006 'Dolemite' Admitted To Hospital
06/19/2006 Walker moved to jail after release from hospital
06/19/2006 Hospital car park costs 'a lottery'
06/19/2006 Newborn Left At West Side Hospital Saturday
06/19/2006 Govt rejects Opposition's hospital idea
06/19/2006 New Report Card on Hospitals in NYS video included
06/19/2006 Arkansas Children's Hospital stressing ATV safety
06/19/2006 Child In Hospital From Near Drowning
06/19/2006 Two Men Charged With Murder Of Man Who Drove Proof To Hospital Mike Winslow
06/19/2006 Four in hospital after house fire
06/19/2006 Wachovia commits 1M to Levine Hospital
06/19/2006 Hudson hospital workers threaten to strike
06/19/2006 Jerry Lewis Released From San Diego Hospital
06/19/2006 Veteran's Hospital To Remain Open For The Time Being
06/19/2006 HTP Expands RevRunnersm Hospital Revenue Cycle Enhancement Suite to Increase Revenue from Self-Pays
06/19/2006 Fundraising underway to build chapel at State Hospital
06/19/2006 Two People Hospitalized After Van Overturns on Interstate
06/19/2006 Haydon to leave hospital, Rizla seeks replacement.
06/19/2006 Crash Sends Eight to Hospital
06/19/2006 IRS Looks At Non-Profit Hospitals
06/19/2006 Hospital chapel goal of fundraising campaign
06/19/2006 Capirossi is OK to leave hospital
06/19/2006 Patient to Ask Review Board for Early Hospital Release
06/19/2006 ĎSemper Fortis' Hospital honors fallen
06/19/2006 Souder Requests Veterans' Suggestions For Fort Wayne V.A. Hospital Study
06/19/2006 Man will ask review board for early hospital release
06/19/2006 Hospitals Seeing Increase in Charity Care
06/19/2006 Health Dept. Submits Plan for New State Hospital
06/19/2006 London Hospital Plans Four Partial Face Transplants
06/19/2006 Bethesda Memorial Hospital and Virginia Mason Medical Center Websites "Go Live" With MEDSEEK Solutions
06/19/2006 UK hospital plans first full face transplant
06/19/2006 Two child drinkers a week land in hospital
06/19/2006 Robots make learning come alive in hospitals
06/19/2006 6 D.M. hospitals set for huff amid puff ban
06/19/2006 Now future in the hospital begins
06/19/2006 Hospital's plan to move sends shock waves through its current neighborhood
06/19/2006 Hospital aid faces sex charges
06/18/2006 AHCA says no to satellite hospital in Poinciana
06/18/2006 Man Dies of Bacterial Meningitis at Central Baptist Hospital
06/18/2006 I.R.S. Checking Compliance by Tax-Exempt Hospitals
06/18/2006 8 People Hospitalized After Accident
06/18/2006 Animal hospital evacuated
06/18/2006 British Hospital Approves Face Transplant
06/18/2006 Fast-food shop workers in hospital after gun attack
06/18/2006 Hospitals seeing increase in charity care
06/18/2006 Hospital to decide on face transplant
06/18/2006 British Hospital May Offer Face Transplants
06/18/2006 Hospitals that raised their standards reduced deaths
06/18/2006 Face Transplants May Be Offered At British Hospital
06/18/2006 Police faults Apollo treatment; hospital says charges motivated
06/18/2006 Rahul row Cops faults Apollo treatment; hospital says move motivated
06/18/2006 London hospital plans world's first full face transplant
06/18/2006 Animal hospital to offer free sterilisation for stray cats
06/18/2006 London hospital prepares for four face transplants
06/18/2006 Low infection rate for 4 area hospitals
06/18/2006 Statesville shooting sends man to hospital 0937 AM
06/18/2006 Hospital visit woman found dead
06/18/2006 Shot boy walks into hospital
06/18/2006 New group could keep doctors out of Monroe Hospital
06/18/2006 Report card for city hospitals
06/18/2006 Report card evaluates LI hospitals
06/18/2006 U of L medical complex relishes University Hospital is in good financial health
06/18/2006 High hopes at hospital
06/18/2006 What does the future hold for hospitals?
06/18/2006 Hospitals may get new management
06/17/2006 LI hospitals try to make the grade
06/17/2006 Hazmat Called to Hospital Due to Diesel Fumes
06/17/2006 UK hospital plans world's first full face transplant
06/17/2006 Hospital Performs New Heartburn Technique
06/17/2006 Telethon Raises More than 1 Million for Kentucky Children's Hospital
06/17/2006 Hospitals coping with doctors strike
06/17/2006 Hard Landing Sends Skydiver To Hospital
06/17/2006 Mobile phone ban to be lifted in hospitals as ward costs rise
06/17/2006 Hospital Casts Doubt on Israel's Version of Attack That Killed Seven Palestinians
06/17/2006 NSW dismisses plan to control state funding of rural hospitals
06/17/2006 Injured twin baby boy dies in Starship Hospital
06/17/2006 Two taken to hospital after crash
06/17/2006 Fifth N.O. shooting victim dies in hospital
06/17/2006 Monroe Hospital plans to open Oct. 1
06/17/2006 Federal investigation under way into Oregon's state hospital
06/17/2006 Hospital casts doubt on Israel version of attack that killed seven Palestinians
06/17/2006 Hyderabad kids' hospital in poor shape
06/17/2006 Man Hospitalized After Hit & Run In Ashwaubenon
06/17/2006 BWC seeks to cut hospital payments
06/17/2006 Stony Brook Hospital interim CEO out
06/17/2006 From hops to hospitals Ex-brewery workers retrain
06/17/2006 Ghana Prof Akosah Declares Two B/A Hospitals Unsafe to Offer Medical Services
06/17/2006 Hospital Staff Experience Heart Attack Simulator
06/17/2006 From hops to hospitals Ex-brewery workers retrain Men turn to nursing after 2003 closure
06/17/2006 State tells Nemours no on kids' hospital
06/17/2006 Illness linked to hospital
06/17/2006 Motorcyclist Sent to Hospital <!--Windsor-->
06/17/2006 Hospitality Triple Play Iskratel's Solution for the Peter I Hotel in Moscow
06/17/2006 L.A. County Hospitals Opt Out of 'Report Card'
06/16/2006 Hospital grant aids college nursing program
06/16/2006 Hospitals bolster backup measures to prevent crises in storm
06/16/2006 Suspect moved to jail after release from hospital
06/16/2006 Govt plans to control state funding of rural hospitals
06/16/2006 World`s tallest woman leaves hospital
06/16/2006 Hospitals coping as strike enters third day
06/16/2006 Men Shoplift from Hospitals
06/16/2006 Central Baptist Hospital developing plans to move
06/16/2006 Hospital's plan to move sends shock waves through its current neighborhood
06/16/2006 Hospital Performs New Heartburn Technique
06/16/2006 Darwin hospital defends emergency dept treatment delays
06/16/2006 Molesting suspect's hearing delayed while accuser is hospitalized
06/16/2006 State agency denies Nemours plan for hospital
06/16/2006 Aventura hospital cleared by feds
06/16/2006 Regulators reject hospital plans in Wesley Chapel
06/16/2006 Survey Most TN Hospitals Not Ready for Emergency
06/16/2006 State denies Nemours' bid for children's hospital
06/16/2006 TBZ does in hospitals mobile
06/16/2006 Schneider Motive at issue in patient's blood draw at Sparrow Hospital
06/16/2006 Jackson hospital aid faces sex charges
06/16/2006 Heart Hospital nearly doubles revenue, cuts loss
06/16/2006 City Council wants traffic study before vote on Union Hospital's plan
06/16/2006 Regional Hospital CEO departs after two and half years of service with hospital
06/16/2006 More Lay-offs At Wheeling Hospital
06/16/2006 New CallTower Hospitality Voice/Data/Internet Suite Delivers Revenue-Bearing Services to Hotels
06/16/2006 Another patient dies at troubled Los Angeles hospital
06/16/2006 Monroe Hospital plans to open Oct. 1
06/16/2006 Lexington hospital considering move
06/16/2006 2 killed, six hospitalized in household gas blast in Moscow
06/16/2006 Hospital to rent out op theatres
06/16/2006 Fortis to expand hospitals capacity to 25
06/16/2006 Another Unexpected Death at Beleaguered King/Drew Hospital
06/15/2006 Wisconsin Heart Hospital posts jump in revenue in 05
06/15/2006 Hospitals Cut Errors, Save Over 120,000
06/15/2006 Two People Dropped Off at Methodist Hospital; No Explanation Known
06/15/2006 One hospitalized in fire
06/15/2006 Central Baptist Hospital developing plans to move
06/15/2006 Prisoner escapes on hospital visit while having an X-ray
06/15/2006 Feds NJ hospital co. to pay 265M in Medicare billing settlement
06/15/2006 Accident Victims Are In The Hospital
06/15/2006 How often are Louisville hospitals diverting patients to other emergency rooms?
06/15/2006 Stabbing victims flown to University Hospital
06/15/2006 N.J. Hospital Co. to Pay 265M in Medicare Overbilling Case
06/15/2006 VA to name administrator for Walla Walla hospital
06/15/2006 Conjoined twins recovering well Hospital
06/15/2006 States not to have control over ESIC hospitals any more
06/15/2006 States to lose control of ESIC hospitals
06/15/2006 Maudhany to be admitted to Coimbatore hospital
06/15/2006 New ER at Aberdeen hospital
06/15/2006 Hospital patient sent home with broken bones
06/15/2006 Llano Officials Sue Community Hospital
06/15/2006 Rochester-area hospitals announce complete smoking ban
06/15/2006 Steelers Roethlisberger released from hospital
06/15/2006 Injured Steelers QB leaves hospital
06/15/2006 Hill out of hospital in time for Snetterton.
06/15/2006 Roethlisberger Released From Hospital
06/15/2006 Roethlisberger leaves hospital
06/15/2006 Committee looks to link KU with KC hospitals
06/15/2006 Hospital releases Pittsburgh QB
06/15/2006 Nurses set June 24 strike at Kaua'i hospital
06/15/2006 Three hospitalized in Waipahu accident
06/15/2006 'Big Ben' Roethlisberger released from hospital
06/15/2006 Roethlisberger Released From Hospital
06/15/2006 Roethlisberger sent home from hospital
06/15/2006 Roethlisberger Is Released From Hospital
06/15/2006 Steelers QB Roethlisberger Leaves Hospital After Surgery
06/15/2006 Teenager released from hospital following elevator accident
06/15/2006 County detectives investigating jail beating that sent inmate to hospital
06/15/2006 Steelers QB Released From Hospital
06/15/2006 Roethlisberger out of hospital
06/15/2006 Hospital Confirms Roethlisberger Released
06/15/2006 Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger released from hospital
06/15/2006 Steelers' Roethlisberger Leaves Hospital
06/15/2006 Reports Steelers' Roethlisberger Leaves Hospital
06/15/2006 Steelers' Roethlisberger May Leave Hospital
06/15/2006 Researchers investigate hospital sepsis cases
06/15/2006 Pet shop worker rushed to hospital after king cobra bite
06/15/2006 Push to reopen 2 N.O. hospitals hits snag Reg Req'd
06/15/2006 Teams reduce avoidable hospital deaths
06/15/2006 Hospital campaign saves 122,000
06/15/2006 Hospitals' bid to heal selves saves thousands
06/15/2006 Hospital campaign estimates it saved 122,300 lives
06/15/2006 Conjoined twin girls separated at Los Angeles hospital
06/15/2006 Hospitals plan smoking ban
06/15/2006 Hospitals have reduced errors, saved lives
06/15/2006 De Klerk wife admitted to hospital
06/15/2006 Jordan ready for the hospitality boom
06/15/2006 Problems Found in Another Hospital Kidney Unit
06/15/2006 Hospitals cut errors and save 120,000 patients
06/14/2006 Roethlisberger may be out of hospital by week's end
06/14/2006 San Antonio hospital could be source of deadly Legionnaire's Disease
06/14/2006 Hospital suspected source of rare form of pneumonia
06/14/2006 Hospitals succeed in reducing lethal mistakes
06/14/2006 10 cases of Legionnaires' disease diagnosed at San Antonio hospital
06/14/2006 Parade Saturday at Mayview State Hospital
06/14/2006 Accident sends kids to hospital
06/14/2006 Hospital Has Legionnaires' Disease Cases
06/14/2006 Hospital deaths reduced with new procedures
06/14/2006 Heart surgeon's role earned hospital name
06/14/2006 Regional Hospital CEO two and half years of service with hospital
06/14/2006 Rogers woman dead, another hospitalized after being hit by SUV
06/14/2006 Harrison publisher emeritus Dunlap in hospital after neck injury
06/14/2006 Campaign against hospital mistakes says thousands of lives have been saved
06/14/2006 Roethlisberger gets out of hospital bed
06/14/2006 Nurse calls for action on hospital parking
06/14/2006 Fury as two Borders hospitals axed
06/14/2006 Hospital Picks Up Former Olympian a New Doctor
06/14/2006 Box Hospital Campaign Saves About 122,000
06/14/2006 Hospitals cut errors, save over 120,000
06/14/2006 Louisville Marriott Downtown and Inn at Jewish Hospital being sold
06/14/2006 Knoxville's Baptist Hospital to partner with Texas company
06/14/2006 Roethlisberger may be out of hospital by end of week
06/14/2006 Baby in hospital after swallowing methadone
06/14/2006 KC wreck sends three to hospital
06/14/2006 Windsor Woman Offers Access to Detroit Hospital<!--Windsor-->
06/14/2006 Report Gunshot Injuries Increasing In Children
06/14/2006 BREAKING Regional Hospital CEO resigns
06/14/2006 Newspaper article reunites hospitalized man with dog
06/14/2006 Wounded Burglar Escapes Hospital, Naked And Bloody
06/14/2006 Girl takes mother's baby from hospital
06/14/2006 Early Morning Fire Sends Teen To The Hospital video included
06/14/2006 Former hospital fund gives 101,000 in grants
06/14/2006 Hudson hospital workers take up strike vote
06/14/2006 Staff doctors in B.C. hospitals threaten to quit
06/14/2006 Bellwood blaze sends workers to hospital
06/14/2006 Hospitals need to do more to prevent patient infections
06/14/2006 Campaign Against Hospital Mistakes Says 122,000 Lives Saved
06/14/2006 Nurse fights hospital parking fee
06/14/2006 Mercy Hospital Mount Airy names president
06/14/2006 Hospitals cut lethal errors rate
06/14/2006 Girl accused of taking mother's baby from hospital
06/14/2006 McDonald's arsonist sent to state hospital
06/14/2006 Western Mass. hospitals move closer to affiliation
06/14/2006 U. of C. restructures hospital leadership
06/14/2006 Roethlisberger may be out of hospital by week's end
06/14/2006 Three hospitals to ban smoking
06/14/2006 In Harm's Way at D.C. Hospital?
06/14/2006 Man survives elevator ordeal with cookies
06/14/2006 Toddler hit by gunfire released from hospital
06/14/2006 How I lasted 3 days in broken lift
06/14/2006 German pensioner survives lift ordeal
06/14/2006 Welcare Hospital appoints new Hospital Manager
06/14/2006 Imran to visit US to raise funds for his cancer hospital
06/14/2006 Watchdog criticises hospital plan
06/14/2006 23-Year-Old American Dies at Bangkok Hospital Under Mysterious Circumstances
06/13/2006 Myrtle Beach Fire Sends Residents to Hospital
06/13/2006 Hospital's Garden of Sobriety May Sprout Rows of Cars
06/13/2006 In Harm's Way at Hospital?
06/13/2006 INS ASHVINI bags trophy for Best Armed Forces Hospital
06/13/2006 Ben Roethlisberger Out of Hospital Soon, Should Play This Season
06/13/2006 N.J. hospital tax hits massive resistance
06/13/2006 Naked, Cuffed Suspect Flees From Hospital
06/13/2006 Hospital Nurse Admitted Molesting Child
06/13/2006 Leaving hospital, L.A. officer shot by suspect thanks colleagues
06/13/2006 Greg Rice Sues Hospital Over Twin's Death
06/13/2006 Raiders Helmet Saves Life At Hospital
06/13/2006 Japan oldest man dies in hospital
06/13/2006 Doctors Suing Hospital For Racial Discrimination
06/13/2006 Houston Healthcare opposes Peach Regional's new hospital plans
06/13/2006 Sharpe Hospital Prepares to Open New Transitional Facility
06/13/2006 Death of a patient Court summons Social Security Hospital doctors on 26th
06/13/2006 Healthcare Realty to pay 65M for Indiana hospital
06/13/2006 Motorcycle Crashes Alarm Hospital
06/13/2006 Manual chest compressions are better than automated for treatment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
06/13/2006 Western Mass. hospitals move cloer to affiliation
06/13/2006 Naked, Cuffed Suspect Flees From Hospital
06/13/2006 Conjoined Twins to be Separated by Surgical Team at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
06/13/2006 Court Documents Say Hospital Nurse Admitted Molesting Child
06/13/2006 Medical University links to GetWellNetwork at children's hospital
06/13/2006 Fugitive alters appearance; Trooper released from hospital
06/13/2006 MUSC links to GetWellNetwork at children's hospital
06/13/2006 Paramedical staff of Oda Govt Hospital on strike
06/13/2006 Police Fugitive alters apperance; Trooper released from hospital
06/13/2006 Ore. State Hospital tries to move patients&#8217; ashes
06/13/2006 Shooting victim released from hospital
06/13/2006 Driver hospitalized after car plows into home
06/13/2006 Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger hospitalized after motorcycle accident
06/13/2006 Child porn victim hospitalized, might affect sex abuse case
06/13/2006 Artist Assaulted by Anti-Gay Youths Leaves Hospital
06/13/2006 MP fears health boards merger to close bush hospitals
06/13/2006 Suspect flees hospital naked
06/13/2006 Hospital says nine dead, including two children, in Israeli air strike
06/13/2006 Losses up at hospital phone firm
06/13/2006 Indianapolis VA hospital to treat wounded soldiers from Iraq war
06/13/2006 Callous thieves take hospitalised boy's £700 three-wheeler
06/13/2006 9 Palestinians dead in Israeli strike hospital
06/13/2006 Rise in violent hospital attacks
06/13/2006 Hospital 9 dead in Israeli air strike
06/13/2006 Hospital 7 Dead in Israeli Air Strike
06/13/2006 Hospital 7 Dead, in Israeli Air Strike
06/13/2006 Somerset hospital plan to boost health sector
06/13/2006 Teen accuser in Internet porn case hospitalized
06/13/2006 Couple out of Michigan hospital after crash
06/13/2006 Providence named a top-100 hospital in nation
06/12/2006 Houma hospital seeks help to deal with psychiatric patients
06/12/2006 Hospital commander moving on
06/12/2006 Child porn victim hospitalized
06/12/2006 Boy out of hospital after slip
06/12/2006 Crash sends 4 teens to hospital
06/12/2006 Hospital expansion gets council's OK
06/12/2006 Rice twin sues hospital, alleging 'outrageous' acts in brother's death
06/12/2006 FAU nears lease for new teaching hospital
06/12/2006 Gay singer Aviance leaves hospital after beating
06/12/2006 Indianapolis VA Hospital To Treat Iraq War Wounded
06/12/2006 Hospital Nurses Sue Over Lunch Pay
06/12/2006 Singer leaves N.Y. hospital after beating
06/12/2006 Man hospitalized after being hit by city councilor
06/12/2006 EXCLUSIVE Hospital removes wrong kidney from patient
06/12/2006 Car-tree crash near Eminence sends 4 to hospital
06/12/2006 Hospitality Properties offers 275M debt
06/12/2006 Motorcycle Accident Puts Pittsburgh QB In Hospital
06/12/2006 CHS appeals Fort Mill hospital decision
06/12/2006 Pittsburgh QB Hospitalized After Motorcycle Crash
06/12/2006 Indianapolis VA Hospital to Open Rehab Center for Wounded Soldiers
06/12/2006 UK Announces Plan For New Hospital
06/12/2006 Houma hospital overwhelmed with psychiatric patients
06/12/2006 Wa Hospital laboratory staff on strike
06/12/2006 Apollo Hospitals pays Rs. 4.50 per share
06/12/2006 Telgi collapses, hospitalised
06/12/2006 Korn's Jonathan Davis Hospitalized With Blood Ailment; Tour Canceled
06/12/2006 Catering coordinator even makes hospital meals come alive
06/12/2006 More McHospitals for Merseyside!
06/12/2006 Cut over, hospitals prepare for strike
06/12/2006 Packers President Hospitalized
06/12/2006 News VA hospital in Indianapolis to treat wounded soldiers from Iraq war
06/12/2006 Boy Burned at Yellowstone Out of Hospital