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07/06/2006 Pakistan urged to ratify International Criminal Court
07/06/2006 Victim's girlfriend sobs in courtroom
07/06/2006 Dr Venugopal moves Delhi High Court against his ouster
07/05/2006 Pair honoured for helping police with arrest
07/05/2006 French Court Fines Winery for Fraud
07/05/2006 Appeals court rules individual OHSU doctors can be sued
07/05/2006 NUM leader alleged killer case postponed
07/05/2006 Cop gang preys on gamblers
07/05/2006 Duo takes court for first, last time
07/05/2006 Racetrack battle moves to high court
07/05/2006 Syringe hijacker says fear made him do it
07/05/2006 DA's case for court zoning
07/05/2006 Court says burn ban should stay in place
07/05/2006 Policeman badly injured in five-storey plunge
07/05/2006 Orleans Parish Civil Court will reopen Thursday
07/05/2006 N.C. appeals court State worker didn't get rehiring priority
07/05/2006 Court Affirms AIDS Liability
07/05/2006 Bonds' Trainer Faces Another Court Date
07/05/2006 Town takes developer to court
07/05/2006 Terror suspects High Court plea
07/05/2006 French court convicts Chirac associates in housing kickbacks scandal
07/05/2006 Courthouse Security
07/05/2006 PDP, Police Ask Court to Dismiss Splinter Group
07/05/2006 Appeals Court Meth case defendant deserves new trial
07/05/2006 Court Rules ID Need Not Be Proven For Convictions
07/05/2006 Courts Pick Apple in Stock Options Probe
07/05/2006 Double bigamist who 'did not realise' freed by court
07/05/2006 Sheridan had an affair with former prostitute, journalist tells court
07/05/2006 Wimbledon security fears as protesters storm Centre Court
07/05/2006 International Court Wants Uganda Rebel Leader Despite Amnesty Offer
07/05/2006 Supreme Court Intervenes In 17-Year-Old Cross Battle
07/05/2006 Belgian court condemns two men for online revisionism
07/05/2006 Inmate Threatens Police Officer While In Court
07/05/2006 Appeals Court rules Meth case defendant deserves new trial
07/05/2006 Suspects caught in the act while out on bail
07/05/2006 Old wounds prove fatal for security guard
07/05/2006 Risky sexual history should be bared to partner top California court
07/05/2006 Appellate court sides with speedway in post-race bridge collapse
07/05/2006 Michael Jackson Phone Message Played for Jury in Court
07/05/2006 Standoff Suspect Charged In Court
07/05/2006 Steven Avery Back in Court for Motions Hearing
07/05/2006 Television cameras now able to document courtroom drama in Indiana
07/05/2006 Former Federal Fugitive In Court
07/05/2006 Knox County Wants Supreme Court to Rule on Charter
07/05/2006 Israel court hears fence route objections
07/05/2006 Court ruling upholds tax on software
07/05/2006 Appeals Court Sides with Speedway
07/05/2006 County asks Supreme Court to rule on charter
07/05/2006 The Supreme Court Guantánamo Ruling How the Administration Should Respond
07/05/2006 Nigeria Asari Dokubo Goes to Supreme Court for Bail
07/05/2006 Nigeria PDP, Police Ask Court to Dismiss Splinter Group
07/05/2006 Courts When Is A Concerned Mother A Kidnapper?
07/05/2006 Kidnapper? Concerned Parent? Courts Tested
07/05/2006 Hutchinson in Court
07/05/2006 State official alerts potential court candidates about new posts
07/05/2006 Islamic Courts Vow to Institute Sharia Law
07/05/2006 Court battle tests roles of parents, doctors
07/05/2006 Court denies class status for Orkin suit
07/05/2006 Charlottetown considers court action over new P.E.I. electoral map
07/05/2006 Kansas Cops Taser Man In Court
07/05/2006 Apex court rejects quota for Muslims
07/05/2006 Apex court to hear quota case on Friday
07/05/2006 Liberia War Crime Court Left With Govt, Annan Says; Lauds Media
07/05/2006 High Court notice to Centre, AIIMS
07/05/2006 Be a model employer, court asks Centre
07/05/2006 Shunglu report to be filed in apex court today
07/05/2006 News Thursday, notorious murder case heads back to court for third time
07/05/2006 Paris Court Convicts 38 on Political Corruption Charges
07/05/2006 Sobeys moves Sunday shopping battle to court
07/05/2006 Namibia Second Court Walkout in Treason Trial
07/05/2006 Suspect in 1998 rape appears in court
07/05/2006 Court convicts dozens in corruption case
07/05/2006 Class status sought for Ark. derailment court actions
07/05/2006 Appeals Court Manitowoc Co. Turbine Park Was OK
07/05/2006 Court Law didn't elevate marriage over other relationships
07/05/2006 Cops Use Taser On Man In Court
07/05/2006 Court deals blow to Carmel mining law
07/05/2006 Appeals court says injured fans can't sue speedway
07/05/2006 Appeals Court Says Injured Race Fans Can't Sue Speedway
07/05/2006 Disorder in the Court
07/05/2006 State awaits court decision on Davis' execution stay
07/05/2006 Mandela Bridge becomes crime hotspot
07/05/2006 Court allows schoolgirl to wear nose stud
07/05/2006 Shell to fight court rebuff over Maui field
07/05/2006 Retail project gets go-ahead from state appeals court
07/05/2006 Delhi High Court serves notices to Centre, AIIMS
07/05/2006 Appeals court Manitowoc County turbine park was O-K
07/05/2006 Somalia Islamic Courts Vow to Institute Sharia Law
07/05/2006 Md. Tax Court Upholds Cell Phone Fees
07/05/2006 Apex court to hear pleas on two states' quota policies
07/05/2006 Moscow court again remands French psychiatrist in custody 1
07/05/2006 'NatWest Three' facing extradition from Britain in Enron case
07/05/2006 Apex court to hear pleas on two states‚ quota policies
07/05/2006 Wimbledon centre court may be fenced
07/05/2006 Fire outside old courthouse put out by workmen
07/05/2006 Tories urged to send Sunday shopping issue to court
07/05/2006 Kidnapping Suspects Appear In Court
07/05/2006 No Blank Check to Bush Says Supreme Court in Gitmo Ruling
07/05/2006 Psagot Ofek CEO wins victory in Tel Aviv court
07/05/2006 Toni-Ann killer almost got away with perfect crime, court told
07/05/2006 Dutch Court Releases DHKP-C Terrorist Kimyongur
07/05/2006 Court Man in stabbing case still needs supervision
07/05/2006 AFK Sistema turns to courts to uphold Kyrgyz cell phone rights
07/05/2006 Snowmobilers drop sticker suit following court fee
07/05/2006 Court HIV Positive? Tell Your Partner
07/05/2006 Gaming industry waits for high court's decision
07/05/2006 Swinger spotted Sheridan in sex club, reporter tells court
07/05/2006 Drug accused pair have criminal records
07/05/2006 Teen held for murder of 63-year-old woman
07/05/2006 Court fine Bowyer over Dyer fight
07/05/2006 Former speaker court case postponed
07/05/2006 SCO takes IBM on in court over code
07/05/2006 EU takes Italy, Luxembourg to court over tax laws; sends request to Spain
07/05/2006 Dwyer takes over in Greene Circuit Court
07/05/2006 Court Man in stabbing case still needs supervision
07/05/2006 Zuma trust angered by media bias
07/05/2006 DA to demand answer on police deaths
07/05/2006 Supreme Court rejects Andhra's Muslim quota petition
07/05/2006 Supreme Court rejects Andhra‚s Muslim quota petition
07/05/2006 Bellamy in court on assault charges
07/05/2006 Two dead, one injured in shooting
07/05/2006 N2 Where are the police?
07/05/2006 Cameras back in courtroom
07/05/2006 Aftab drenched in rainy memories
07/05/2006 Court restricts U.S. Navy war games
07/05/2006 No more arrests of East Rand security gang
07/05/2006 Amar Singh cites Supreme Court verdicts in defence against OoP charges
07/05/2006 Brace of hearings on Boland rugby violence
07/05/2006 Streetchildren targeting Isipingo shopkeepers
07/05/2006 "Bikini Killer" appeal to Nepal's Supreme Court may be delayed
07/05/2006 Legal heirs can move trial court to pursue a complaint Supreme Court
07/05/2006 High Court issues notice to Government, AIIMS
07/05/2006 Supreme Court pulls up Centre on striking doctors' salary issue
07/05/2006 Work in west Uttar Pradesh courts hit by lawyers' strike
07/05/2006 Saying Goodbye to Court of Champions
07/05/2006 California Court Allows Defendant's Sexual History Into HIV Case
07/05/2006 Jill Porter A success story from Family Court
07/05/2006 Star Player In Court Over Attack Claim
07/05/2006 Dying boy told gran he didnt steal liquor
07/04/2006 Footballer In Court Over Pitch Brawl
07/04/2006 Man charged with murders of two lovers
07/04/2006 Supreme Court to hear anti-quota medicos' plea for not deducting salaries
07/04/2006 Maoists agree to halt people's courts in urban areas
07/04/2006 Gaming hopes are riding on court ruling
07/04/2006 Court 'trampled over' rights of victim
07/04/2006 Courting revolution
07/04/2006 Hackers leave grandmother virtually broke
07/04/2006 Raids by Scorpions were legal, says judge
07/04/2006 Bush surgeon was killed with a spade police
07/04/2006 Pretoria car licence scam probed
07/04/2006 Man accused of killing Alicia Ross in Ont. court
07/04/2006 New York's Highest Court to Rule on Gay Marriages
07/04/2006 ACCC wins court action against LG
07/04/2006 Europe rights court says eight years solitary for 'Carlos the Jackal' no violation
07/04/2006 Courting trouble
07/04/2006 U.S. eager to court thorn in Russia's side
07/04/2006 Europe rights court says eights years solitary for 'Carlos the Jackal' no violation
07/04/2006 New York's Highest Court Set to Rule on Gay Marriages
07/04/2006 PLDT to set up broadband Internet for Supreme Court
07/04/2006 Marion County Courthouse reopens following crash
07/04/2006 Md. Tax Court Upholds Cell Phone Fees
07/04/2006 New Yorks Highest Court Set to Rule on Gay Marriages
07/04/2006 Supreme Court orders status quo on perks for disqualified BSP MLAs
07/04/2006 Court To Hear Arguments For Gay Marriage
07/04/2006 French court fines winery for fraud
07/04/2006 Court To Hear Arguments For Same Sex Marriage
07/04/2006 People at high risk for HIV have to inform their partners, says Court
07/04/2006 Yemen denies arms supply to Somalia Yemen denied offering funds or arms to the Islamic Courts Movement in Somalia.
07/04/2006 Human rights court dismisses Carlos the Jackal's appeal over solitary confinement
07/04/2006 Colorado Court of Appeals Rules in Archangel's Favour on Forum Non Conveniens
07/04/2006 Man in court over family murder
07/04/2006 Supreme Court saves San Diego's cross
07/04/2006 Man accused of killing neighbour in Ont. court
07/04/2006 EU court rejects prison complaint by terrorist 'Carlos the Jackal'
07/04/2006 EU Court Dismisses Carlos the Jackal's Appeal
07/04/2006 Hwang admits falsifying stem cell study in court, wants blame shared with others
07/04/2006 RIGHTS-CAMBODIA Khmer Rouge Victims Demand Day in Court
07/04/2006 Appu Ghar to move court against Delhi Metro
07/04/2006 Americans Exit Court
07/04/2006 Security tight as Melvin appears in court
07/04/2006 Limpopo armed robbers still at large
07/04/2006 Court Rules Against Carlos the Jackal
07/04/2006 RIGHTS-CAMBODIA Khmer Rouge Victims Demand Day in Court
07/04/2006 Court stops work around Hyderabad palace
07/04/2006 Apex court rejects plea for electronic media regulation
07/04/2006 High Court Declines to Hear Death Row Case
07/04/2006 Court raided girl privacy
07/04/2006 Warrant issued for baby-kidnap accused
07/04/2006 Guard shot dead during robbery
07/04/2006 Mauritania court charges 8 with ties to al Qaeda
07/04/2006 Cross gets high court reprieve
07/04/2006 Court hears prosecution witnesses in AIDS trial
07/04/2006 EU court throws out easyJet challenge to Air France-KLM merger
07/04/2006 S. Korean court rejects Microsoft request on antitrust case
07/04/2006 Wimbledon Tennis Outside Center Court, a bit of history is made
07/04/2006 Charlottetown considers court over province's electoral map
07/04/2006 Africa AU launches peopleís court
07/04/2006 Liberia Liberians demand war crimes court
07/04/2006 EU court upholds Air France, KLM merger; rejects EasyJet appeal UPDATE
07/04/2006 Roy moves court over Jet-Sahara strife
07/04/2006 Supreme Court More Conservative, Fragmented
07/04/2006 S. Korea court rejects Microsoft request
07/04/2006 Microsoft Says Korean Court Rejects Appeal
07/04/2006 War, Piracy, Al Qaeda and the US Supreme Court
07/04/2006 Parents apologize in court for killing
07/04/2006 Cape cashvan heists soar
07/04/2006 Police cant link car to hijack after 3 weeks
07/04/2006 Supreme Court gives Metro Manila judges broadband Internet
07/04/2006 Calif. high court expands legal responsibility for HIV infection
07/04/2006 EU takes France to court over transposition of EU energy tax rules
07/04/2006 Court acquits officer facing corruption charges after 16 years
07/04/2006 The Kennedy Court
07/04/2006 EU takes Germany to court over pension savings grant
07/04/2006 High Court chooses three eminent neuro-surgeons to examine Shahabuddin
07/04/2006 Supreme Court dismisses PIL seeking guidelines for electronic media
07/04/2006 Violent spectators stop rugby match
07/04/2006 Court to sentence Mumbai rape accused
07/04/2006 Court of appeals affirms embezzlement conviction
07/04/2006 Prayers for justice as Khmer Rouge court sworn in
07/04/2006 Court Man not ready for release after post office stabbing
07/04/2006 Dubai Court Gives R&B Producer 4 Years
07/04/2006 EU court upholds EU Commission 12.6 mln eur gas cartel fine vs Hoek Loos
07/04/2006 TDC Switzerland Federal Court Ruling
07/04/2006 Court lets cross stay amid appeal
07/04/2006 Liberians seek war crimes court
07/04/2006 Scorpions search warrants lawful high court
07/04/2006 Hamas to drag Israel to court
07/04/2006 Officers subdue Moore after courtroom outburst
07/04/2006 KANSAS SUPREME COURT GOP hopefuls push new way to pick justices <span class="post_balloon">
07/04/2006 EU court upholds Air France, KLM merger; rejects EasyJet appeal
07/04/2006 Cross gets a reprieve from high court
07/04/2006 State Supreme Court Declines To Hear Death Row Case
07/04/2006 High court justice delays removal of Calif. cross
07/04/2006 Court refuses to re-evaluate county's impact fee case
07/04/2006 State Supreme Court declines to hear death row case
07/04/2006 Court lets cross stay amid appeal
07/04/2006 Colvilles can sue Canadian firm, court rules
07/04/2006 Subrata Roy moves court over Sahara-Jet battle
07/04/2006 Court sees a duty to warn of HIV risk
07/04/2006 Court halts Navy use of sonar over whale issue
07/04/2006 AIDS case back before Libyan court
07/03/2006 Appeals court allows lawsuit against Canadian smelter
07/03/2006 Top court blocks removal of cross
07/03/2006 California high court broadens responsibility for informing on H-I-V
07/03/2006 Court to convict Mumbai rape accused
07/03/2006 Katara case Supreme Court to hear Vikas Yadavís bail application
07/03/2006 Court HIV Positive? Tell Your Partner
07/03/2006 Court will not call under-age prostitutes as witnesses
07/03/2006 High court issues stay in removal of cross
07/03/2006 Woman's accused killer to appear in Ont. court
07/03/2006 AFRICA AU launches peopleís court
07/03/2006 Calif. court expands HIV responsibility
07/03/2006 High Court Intervenes To Spare San Diego Cross
07/03/2006 Court clears way for 50 affordable housing units in Barrington
07/03/2006 Supreme Court Gives Cross in San Diego a Reprieve
07/03/2006 Sexual Secrets Court Ruling Goes Into The Bedroom
07/03/2006 Calif. court expands liability for HIV infection
07/03/2006 Community court brings justice home
07/03/2006 Accused Ross killer to appear in court Tuesday
07/03/2006 Cameras allowed in criminal courtroom
07/03/2006 Cameras in Indiana courtrooms
07/03/2006 Appeals court upholds Detroit Mafia figure's sentence
07/03/2006 Egyptian court's trial of sunken ferry suspects adjourns until Sept.
07/03/2006 Hamdan, Redistricting Rulings Mark New Roberts Court's First Term
07/03/2006 Dejected Murray fails to shine on a scorching Centre Court
07/03/2006 Court To Synagogue Decide On Offer Or Face Trial
07/03/2006 Court staff taken to hospital after powder scare
07/03/2006 Britain's Countess of Wessex in court over company debt
07/03/2006 State high court expands legal responsibility for HIV infection
07/03/2006 Appeals court allows suit against Canadian smelter to go forward
07/03/2006 Judge Calls Courtroom Experiment a Success
07/03/2006 Prachanda blinks, says no more kangaroo courts, ready to contest polls
07/03/2006 Court Intervenes in Calif. Cross Fight
07/03/2006 Move cautiously, legal experts urge Congress following Supreme Court ruling
07/03/2006 KANSAS SUPREME COURT GOP hopefuls push new way to pick justices <span class="post_balloon">
07/03/2006 Cross supporters win time from high court
07/03/2006 Court To Synanogue Decide On Offer Or Face Trial
07/03/2006 Florida Supreme Court Delays Net Access To Files
07/03/2006 Suspect in Court Items Stolen from Gravesite
07/03/2006 Coast Guard to stress rules of fraternization following recent court martial
07/03/2006 Nepal Maoist rebels suspend parallel courts in latest reconcilation move
07/03/2006 Knights of Columbus asks Maryland Appeals Court to Reverse Decision on Marriage
07/03/2006 Supreme Court sides with CL&P in ferry dispute
07/03/2006 Supreme Court ends term with a bang
07/03/2006 Sierra Leone Annan Visits War Crimes Court
07/03/2006 PanAfrica AU Launches People's Court
07/03/2006 Court Allows Suit For Failure To Disclose Aids
07/03/2006 Microsoft appeal is high-stakes case for Europe court
07/03/2006 High Court Intervenes in Fight Over San Diego Cross
07/03/2006 Update Railroad asking courts to bar Indian blockade
07/03/2006 War vet charged with rape, murder appears in court
07/03/2006 Supreme Court sides with CL&P in ferry dispute
07/03/2006 Summary Court Intervenes in Cross Fight
07/03/2006 Court Partners Must Disclose Risky Sexual History
07/03/2006 Apex court will not stay curbs on tabling Banerjee report
07/03/2006 Nigeria London Court Refuses EWL's Request on Celtel
07/03/2006 Wilcher's attorney asks federal appeals court to block execution
07/03/2006 Supreme Court Saves San Diego Cross
07/03/2006 Prachanda for suspension of people's courts
07/03/2006 Cameras In Court Monday Trial
07/03/2006 Supreme Court Issues a Stay for San Diego Cross
07/03/2006 High court to consider San Diego's memorial cross
07/03/2006 Appeals court keeps case against Canadian company alive
07/03/2006 Cameras, microphones allowed in Vanderburgh County courtroom
07/03/2006 Former Guantanamo detainees face French court
07/03/2006 High Court Stays Calif. Cross
07/03/2006 Supreme Court Stymies Atheist In Cross Issue
07/03/2006 Saharashri jumps into Sahara-Jet battle in court
07/03/2006 Hilltop Cross Wins High Court Reprieve - For Now
07/03/2006 Supreme Courts Issues Stay For San Diego Cross
07/03/2006 Winnipeg group loses 'Harry Potter' court battle
07/03/2006 Supreme Court issues stay to protect giant cross
07/03/2006 Pak Court dismisses petition on demolition of Krishna Mandir
07/03/2006 Supreme Court sides with CL&amp;P in ferry dispute
07/03/2006 Farmer in court after boy shot dead
07/03/2006 PA government set to file criminal lawsuit against Israel before international court
07/03/2006 African Union to Launch Human Rights Court
07/03/2006 High Court Intervenes in Fight Over Cross
07/03/2006 Court sides with Carcieri on ballot issue
07/03/2006 UN Officials Meet With Somali Islamic Court Leaders
07/03/2006 supreme court reins in right to sue
07/03/2006 Somalia Celebrates Independence Anniversary Under Islamic Courts
07/03/2006 Chief magistrate picked for Md. federal courts
07/03/2006 Uganda High Court Summons Same-Clan Couple
07/03/2006 Apex court to hear Reliance appeal July 18
07/03/2006 Alleged Uecker Stalker Has Court Hearing Monday
07/03/2006 BPI Sue AllOfMp3 In British Courts
07/03/2006 At term's close, Supreme Court begins to show new character
07/03/2006 Somalia Ethiopian Prime Minister Calls Islamic Courts 'Mixed Bag'
07/03/2006 Cash-for-query scam apex court nod sought for by-polls
07/03/2006 Cop, robbers wounded in jewel theft
07/03/2006 Coffman trumped by important Supreme Court announcement
07/03/2006 Escapee gangster addam Hussein sentenced
07/03/2006 Man killed trying to save family
07/03/2006 Men arrested after foreign missionaries raped
07/03/2006 Supreme Court upholds stay on Godhra report
07/03/2006 Prachanda calls halt to extortion, kangaroo courts
07/03/2006 Court Brief
07/03/2006 Supreme Court Strikes a Blow... for Terrorists
07/03/2006 US eyes next step after court ruling on Guantanamo
07/03/2006 High Court seeks names of neurosurgeons for Shahabuddin's treatment
07/03/2006 Signal interferences prompt cellphone ban in Conn. courts
07/03/2006 DA wants Jeppestown-shooting probed
07/03/2006 Murder suspect due in court today
07/03/2006 Supreme Court refuses to stay Guj High Court order on Banerjee Committee report
07/03/2006 Reed speaks on Supreme Court ruling
07/03/2006 Russia Supreme Court upholds acquittal of two in 2002 bombing
07/03/2006 Fine-dodging city criminals cost courts £1m in past year
07/03/2006 Court upholds e-mail predator's conviction
07/03/2006 POLITICS-US Courts, Congress Resist Growing White House Power
07/03/2006 Court Crunch
07/03/2006 Grass is growing on clay-court champ Nadal
07/03/2006 Videocon gets High Court approval for merger
07/03/2006 Supreme Court to hear airport privatisation matter on July 18
07/03/2006 Election Commission seeks Supreme Courtís consent for elections to 10 vacant Lok Sabha seats
07/03/2006 Police arrest 90 in Hillbrow swopp
07/03/2006 Tanzanian dies in Richards Bay tavern
07/03/2006 Navy lawyer who won Supreme Court case expects to lose job
07/03/2006 Supreme Court Ruling Troubles GOP Senators
07/03/2006 Moscow court to announce verdict in Aeroflot fraud case
07/03/2006 Election Commission seeks Supreme Court's nod to hold polls to cash-for-query Lok Sabha seats
07/03/2006 Congress must act on court's terror war rule, senators say
07/02/2006 Keating's son faces court on assault charge
07/02/2006 KANSAS SUPREME COURT GOP hopefuls push new way to pick justices
07/02/2006 Budd link in Bloem attempted suicide drama
07/02/2006 Court ruling jeopardizes water rights
07/02/2006 Court ruling favors legal immigrant
07/02/2006 GOP senators Rein in court ruling
07/02/2006 Court adjourns animal cruelty case
07/02/2006 News New pilot program&#160;gets approval to have cameras in some Indiana courtrooms
07/02/2006 Court rules in SS case
07/02/2006 Alleged Murderer Goes To Court
07/02/2006 Nqakula urged to probe Jeppestown tragedy
07/02/2006 Driver haunted by the faces of crash victims